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Democrats Won't Commit to Biden in 2024 as Inflation Sets Records

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 14, 2022 12:30 pm

Democrats Won't Commit to Biden in 2024 as Inflation Sets Records

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 14, 2022 12:30 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me.

Thank you, but to be in your body is the right kill me, Joe, we have a lot to go over Charles Realty is getting out of the shower he's gonna give us five great minutes within a Col. Allen West at the bottom of the hour, and of course you would, 1-866-408-7669 happy to be with you on this Tuesday and in terms of discussing we could say this so for the markets up 104 point I couldn't say the markets up at all on Monday was good to the victory.

Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three Pres. Biden. He is saying.

He's going to run again in 2024. We support him enough.

The president had to run 2024. I mean first of all, starting right now preserving majority fifth year in 2020 will cross that bridge when we get to it to happen. By the way, Biden bumbling has Dems virtually guaranteeing he will let be a lame-duck status shortly especially that of a blow after the midterms was at me first party and trumps rebirth who who by the way, virtually admitted he's running again yesterday. I think there's a legitimate reason for having a relationship with Saudi Arabia. If you're the president of the United States. Is there a legitimate reason for Phil Mickelson to have this relationship with Saudi Arabia for Greg Norman to know there's no serious purpose for it again.

This is simply greed no more, no less. Really hypocrisy is the only consistent thing in the PGA live controversy purchase limit the Saudi base live leave but they say nothing when it comes to the relationship with the PGA and NBA. And what about all the soccer teams around by Saudi's or royal family members of the UAE and China break down the double standard. Allen said this week that quote. There is nothing to suggest the recession is in the works to agree with.

Now I go when inflation is as high as it is right now unemployment is as low as it is right now.

It's almost always been followed within two years by recession.

Yeah, Lawrence Summers, continuing to write a hot streak to better the truth hurts so much to every American economy stressing this nation is stressing the station away. Have not seen before.

Not only is Joe Biden not getting it passed from Republicans is not getting much more for Democrats either. Does anyone have any answers. That's what I'm tried turning now to chose desperado of FBN Charles, do you have any answers from the inflation rate to the price of gas.

Please provide your audience some answers well. I think the best way to put harsh okay and in all the cancer survivors like little bit about this when you get a bad case of cancer, you have to get chemotherapy get rid of it nasty.

It's not fun. Okay schooling but it's necessary okay and that's kind of what US economy is likely to go through in the next six months to a year. What's necessary to get rid of inflation because inflation is worst our session. You could have up. If you have mastered inflation that just keeps moving forward and not tamp down, it leads to a recession anyway. Working up okay you cut back if it vicious cycle get inflation and a recession. So what policymakers try to do is try fix off land recession planned economy, create a smaller recession or slowdown usually don't do that usually ends up to be a modest recession as they read interest rates things come down to go after prices come down because he goes from 60,000 to 20,000 or less. Your meat stocks that should never treated at AMC at $77 comes down to seven dollars and that's what's happening now. Housing prices come down because ball records come up, and economy normalizes the best case scenario. Now here's the scenario that I talked about my account today. You know it doesn't try to do this. Okay the policymakers, the bond market will do it for you trade all bonds trade off they go down in price. The interest rate goes up and that's like dramatically all the interest rate on everything you borrow each corporation all at much higher rates that expand housing prices come down because people can't borrow at a reasonable rate bond market will do it for you and here's why. Bond investors know that it nation if they keep buying bonds actually show.

Fixed income investment they pay will you get back your money yet the return 10 years 30 years plus you get a fixed amount of money every quarter inflation. Each school that's why bonds are so important you overlook what I wrote today try to land a little bit of harsh landing. The bond market will lot harsher down right chose Casper your guests. By the way the Fed is up to them to raise interest rates.

Are they doing it because what we're experiencing now Mohammed Al Arian waiting over the weekend. He's the alliance Leno's chief economic advisor here cut seven is possibly avoidable on numerous economic, social, institutional consequences, and most of it could have been avoided had explained to us why it got its full, so wrong for so long and plays part of the reason why the race did not go up and that the Fed's been wrong is because how would Nick kept his job. Had he ran a jacked up rates right when Pres. Biden was evaluating them out little baby I'm talking cynic right now. Yeah, we parted company cherry popout economist that you know when and if you could you go back and listen to some of the things he was saying over the years. He was actually talking about how good the modern parted modern monetary benefit of economics really blows next, where it says that point I much outlook take interest rates at which we spend, they could just keep buying the estate the debt of US have in place.

He really was. He was really embraced at bottom modern monetary. Social competence job in the way he screwed up. But the reason why he really screwed up.

He actually divorced some of the stupid spending that was going on and and you don't get a blame truck still because I was struck that was put the pedal to the metal as he was leaving office. What was pretty clear the economy pretty firm footing. We had vaccine that will open up the economy okay right, complicate what the first two parent and opened up so that was itself. So Trump started pushing some spending at the Biden whole hog into it and not double combined massive amounts of spending from mostly Biden some bigger trunk and monthly monetary of Powell that he had no idea this would cause a recession massive inflation keep on going back to work at that point to the pandemic was still scary as were opening up he really missed the boat so now you pickle there's really nothing is lighthouse panic there Charles. They are the delight you don't think they'll get stuck in a box here is the interesting thing where you need now is whether the claimant deposited the trunk truck with the general public, they would probably cut taxes. They were probably regulations. They would do stuff that would increase what's known as the supply side of the copper try to goose it that way. It happened like essentially slow everything down to get inflation of the controller, remembers the bad supply right if the demand outweighs the supply can try to increase the supply of goods right way to do that local regulations and less taxes. I think that's what Republican Congress that Trump would do to take some of the load off the Fed so it doesn't have to depress the aunt site so much because that policy is off the table.

The Democrats will not trip Democrats will not cut Democrats will not increase shortly. All the opposite of that town right now that the decrease demand decrease, but that is essentially impose economic austerity recession run by got last question, I thought about you on Friday with the Prez United States is to game at Exxon in all the oil and gas companies are making profits and Bernie Sanders yesterday saying I time to call them in and demand some of their profits would know the reality of oil and gas not being selfish and marginalized, and now the price is going up but between the permits and they have the leases that they have the cake. It permits for so it doesn't benefit them to start drilling.

They don't know you have a president in office that put them out of business. Jennifer Granholm, Sec. electric vehicle plus mechanical electric vehicles that so okay does that average people right now cannot electric vehicle we just turn on the switch we need a transition.

If you want to go to zero carbon footprint in the future.

This just shows you how crazy Democrats are really need a transition everybody yesterday wants the light switch off, not because that's what the environmental lobby control so in the absence of war. Supply of oil which they which government is actually control the oil companies drill you have oil which is traded on the open market. Essentially going up in price. That's just that's just the reality they really get it with self-regulation and body weight. That doesn't mean oil will immediately but because the markets trade on the futures on the future of oil they would trade oil would go down the pricing, future supply, just the way capitalism works market-rate probably not a technical session.

The markets are pricing in a recession and that's how capitalism works. Now I think Joe Biden would think that he would know what in the mid-70s little bit about, but if you think about it. The creature told family benefits crony capitalism do not like entrepreneurs in this field based on government contractor connection so really is a bad president.

For this moment and Kemal Harris is probably worse and with people like it so academic you a clue what's going on Brian P not natural, counsel.

Essentially, Jared Bernstein, right if you look at me work that BlackRock what a money manager.

The guy that was forcing the money managers to adopt ESG into their money management decisions which is which is like environmental social governance screened in their decision so they would go Exxon say well buy a stock at this level proxy try to change your check changed the door.

The board, if you don't cut back on your carbon footprint that guy is, sense that in the White House. I just have a survival instinct put somebody around me that, for example, breaking Reagan had put his hand put great people around him. No one expected him to do everything and be in a minute by minute guy like Carter I thought he would just surround himself with what you consider in a team we don't have that all and it's a good survival instinct. Charles and Obama were Larry Summers was part of his Can't remember exactly what he did during the Obama years, but I can't.

But there are so what you want about this progressive outlook that could pose these policies economically, so it is a scary situation at the company president. Obviously, competent people is number two was pretty suffering because yeah you know that's the way politics works to get rich people go to the sky. Now, I don't think so much appreciate his commentary and in the New York Post once more the general Charles, thank you) you got a Lieut. Col. Allen West the bottom of the good news. Your next 1-866-408-7669. This is the brain to leach out holding our politicians feet to the fire. No matter who they are. Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet team podcasting Fox News where ever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine nice person is America's weather team in the palm of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen Ellen Fox News going to start, for wherever you get your project information you truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show. I know that many of you have strong. Many people have strong opinions, emotions about my choice to go forward with live golf and I understand I am incredibly grateful for the PGA Tour and for the many opportunities that is providing me through the years, but I am excited about this new opportunity as well so that was up Phil Mickelson.

Some of the hypo. One of the high-profile players it decided to play the live tour which is about eight events get to be this year's by by Saudi one money and it's also where Greg Norman heads up. The shampoo was in their pricing to Jimbo was in there. You have Dustin Johnson's over there.

You have Sergio Garcia over there and they been suspended by the PJ but not Phil Mickelson because he got a lifetime exemption not only to be on the tour but specially play in the U.S. Open next week. He says he expects to play but I just find it unbelievable that everyone's been so sanctimonious about Sally's with the present I dates going over there to beg them to pump more. We had the previous present talk with Saudi Arabia in order to combine with Israel to isolate Iran and recognize Israel right to exist in established relationship do so outraged that with actually it's murderous brutal. They had a bunch of hijackers. There was horrible but we will reestablish relations with them.

You go in and not see Sheffield United over in England. Looks like I think Aston Villa will excuse me Newcastle FC. It looks like one of the royal family. The Saudi royal family spots by Newcastle FC, Manchester city is owned by UAE Prince. So why all of a sudden you jump up Phil Mickelson. It didn't stop Rory McElroy from going after him.

Cut 16�21st will more than someone else. That was just one more thing. Mickelson like a scissors referring to choose the one where the Greg Norman okay that's pretty interesting. Also, great normal never won a major here.

Greg Norman was pretty was always pretty impressive as a golfer.

One of the finest athletes. I look forward to talking to him about it but right now, spin a PR challenge for everybody, including the PJ to try to stay above it but yet identified as a league, threatening, much like the USFL did the NFL, the worldly did the NFL that we've seen with other sports the ABA in the NBA will see who's going to prevail here. I'm writing to me when we come back and live Joe by Lieut. Col. Allen West, which with Ukraine how they get back on the offensive and reestablish the optimism they had only run of this work will discuss in the right tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me really on the exact day five years ago when Steve's police was nearly assassinated by Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter Cory Busch is an embarrassment to all of Missouri if they were sober enough to understand that she represents the defund the policewoman made those statements in Washington yesterday joining me now Lieut. Col. Allen West American constitutional rights union executive director Congressman welcome back is always good to be with. Happy Flag Day and today is the 247th birthday of United States Army right and first off, what about the marching orders Cory Busch just said the killer in Buffalo was indoctrinated by Tucker Carlson and inspired by Fox News that is absolute. This egregious statement.

But let's tell the truth about Cory Busch. Cory Busch is the individual that was leaving the violent marches and protests there in St. Louis that was ended with the death of David door. The police captain that was there.

She also led the violent mob against the McCloskey family, not just once but a second time when when they came back and they were threatening to murder them to burn down the house and able to write her and so the fact that she is now a member of the United States House of Representatives incredible indictment on this Democrat party. This progressive Socialist party that embraces the mob that embraces violence and let's remember that it was vice president, Harris the senator was out there raising funds to bail money to get the violent protesters release so to try to indict Fox News and Tucker Carlson everything. This is absolutely horrific. But again, look at the history of the background record.

Busch right now. Yet, she's embarrassment to fund the police person never backs off and embarrasses the whole party and for some reason that the press is willing to give her a pass. Joe Biden ever since. Defund the police but she never he never condemns her for saying it.

Someone for you to this gun legislation at work I just give people and at home with the outline looks like it would incentivize states to use past red flag laws designed to keep guns in the hands of individuals who pose a threat support for state crisis in intervention orders investment in children and family meant that the health services protections for victim of domestic violence funding for school board mental health and supportive services for school safety resources clarification on the definition of federally licensed firearms dealers and hundred 21 you have an enhanced review process that would allow you to look into juvenile and mental health records from what you see. Do you think this is progress, not really. Brian, you know, we have lost it on on the books is just about you know, following those laws, and I give you great case in point, the sugar down and you Bobby Texas first and foremost for five or six callouts to his house. That's an indicator warning, but the other thing that is very disturbing is the fact that he was living with his grandfather. His grandfather had a criminal record that his criminal record meant that he could not his grandfather could not purchase weapons. They could not have weapons around him.

That's the exact same address that issue to put down on his background check form know why that address not send up some type of indicator warning and denying them the ability to bear the purchase weapons and is just the same thing as what we saw in Parkland 20 some callouts is processed as universally with gun purchases and ownership Col. I walk in a gunshot and as I maintain did not look at my juvenile record which is nuts. We have to change that.

Don't you agree that absolutely not. That's one thing that I think should be checked so that you must like the fact that protections you must like the factors can be investment in children family mental health services of funding for school-based mental health and supportive services funding for school safety resources that stuff you like right, absolutely. I made one of the things that were trying to get going on your Texas school Marshall program so you think about the day been armed but I think about all the Army veterans that are out there that you get hired to go and do the job you are in our schools soil for the under 21 enhanced review process. I know my next screen.

They didn't panic other insane can have an AR 15 they said extra scrutiny for to make sure there's nothing a background that would stop the shooter Buffalo said a year ago. They were brought in for intense questioning for two and half hours by state police so that would be they'll be something that might be apposite with a did reject is the 21 day waiting.

They were did reject the ban on high-capacity magazines. They did reject universal background checks safe storage requirements. Terminal penalties for storing farms properly and not storing firearm arms, probably in her home and a license requirement to purchase an assault weapon so that substantive corner wouldn't agree to. So this is with the going to bring forward.

Here's what you hear without Chris Murphy said cut 40 heavy lifting. Here we have 10 Republicans signed onto this framework framework that's gonna save lives.

These are five important things in our gun laws plus billions of mental health funding. My belief is that we can add Republicans from here on out to what he thinks. This passage would you think they'll be something that you could not support the final legislation because conservative Bill capital he'll understand how people can manipulate language and input things in there that get them back to their original position and I think that the progressive Socialist left is not going to agree with it. They want to see panic.

They want to see restrictions on rights to own firearms for me.

I want to make sure is that we don't go down the path of these red flag laws.

Like I said to you before, Gary J. Willis, 61 years of age, Ferndale, Maryland, was killed in his home because of a red flag award was served against him at 5 o'clock in the morning so we don't want to see more repeats of that understood so I want to change gears. I can talk about the January 6 series I think is actually hurting them that they don't have Republicans interning Democrats because it looks like a infomercial for whatever viewpoint of US UG do not ever have hearings you have you have any packages almost almost too good. You want to everyone to understand that it's Donald Trump's fault. Here's would bring you the January 6 and everything else is preplanned.

Here's what Britt Hume said that Republicans in your monks them. Your Republican I mean I really want to spread is that if they succeed and invite damaging staining him, such that he is either unable or for legal or political reasons. To run again they might end up finding out that the Republican Party a great service because I think it greatly.

Republicans think they can win the top of the head of the ticket again. They're afraid of his supporters and one come out against him directly what they like you to go away is the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away.

I think a great many Republicans would privately be very glad well is is that true privately publicly that the public is when you turn the page from from you when I look at the Democrats wasted all of these resources and effort because this is not about truth is about Pres. Tromp. Then all of a sudden there was a lot of political capital and what if it ends up being Ron DeSantis and what do they do and the other thing is, they're spending a lot of taxpayer-funded money for like you said an info for commercial infomercial and this is not about you don't reveal what happened in this continuing use of the word insurrection. Insurrection makes people caring weapon right arms of faith that matrix if this was an insurrection. It was poorly planned and deftly poorly executed. So I think that the Democrats yes they really are doing themselves more damage, more harm, and the American people just don't focus on January 6 American people focus on gas prices on inflation that their focus on the fact that they can get baby formula. I have a one-year-old grandson. That's a concern for us. So these everyday kitchen table issues are what the American people want to resolve that going back two years ago, something that many people are moved past right those ugly day in America's history and you agree with that. You center Chris Coons. He sees different panel. Listen to this 30 what I think about what impressed me about those January 6. Hearings about the first hearing that I watched was how clear and nonpartisan and thoughtful and directed it was. I certainly don't think that Congresswoman Chenier Congressman Kinsinger were trying to impact the midterm election chances of Democrats you think that absolutely were, you know, first of all, it is one of the very few that was watching the other thing is that Jamie and Congressman Kinsinger are hardly the definition of bipartisan means that they are really more personal to them than anything else. And the fact that the individuals that Kevin McCarthy had put to be on that panel rejected by the Democrats to show today. Cherry picked everyone to be on this spell.

This is not a hearing. This is a production that's why they brought in the former ABC executive who represented excuse these beliefs is that very pertinent question. Who is paying this guy you know in here if you so-called doing this thing a time.

This that's against the Federal election commission law right and we look over and we look over in Texas is big story as he did turn the presence numbers is the border and now we have a situation where the biggest caravan maybe ever 36 miles long is Indiana deep into Mexico's, it's close to a border and you see such a lack of strong moral morale and will with suborbital ages because there is a time I was I not be allowed job. So again, this is going to be a huge thing that is affecting Job on progress because this is intentional. This is purposeful there violated the Constitution. Article 4 section 4. They're not protecting this country and the sovereignty and what they are doing is aiding and abetting a drug a human and sex trafficking crisis know the number one thing that is killing Americans right now is Sentinel and Sentinel hundred thousand deaths last year 1845, number one killer that's coming in from China to these transnational doctoral criminal tears. The cartels have been brought across the border.

So what are we dealing with that instead of looking at sending more billions of dollars over Ukraine which we are concerned about the people there but we got some big concert here in our country as well as the country. But Ukraine� Oh, the momentum is is not there right now they need weapons or can be able to combat the artillery said the Russians have backed out of their range and hitting from afar as he cannot beat them in close contact use were present. So he said cut 45 bytes in the battles and Don Bass.

They will surely go down in military history as one of the most brutal battles in Europe and for Europe Ukrainian Army and our intelligence tactically still beats the Russian military were your thoughts about the direction this is having what you know. I put two years in the Army as an artillery officer what we see, the Russian army doing this. What the whole Soviet mantra was just lining up the artillery and just keeping it out of range from enemy fire and pummeling the opposition and bringing your urban centers to ruin at rubble two things that should happen first and foremost we should have been given them the air cover that they wanted with those Ukrainian Russian makes up military aircraft makes a request and that would give them aerial dominance and they could go after the artillery. The second thing is to reach it up and provide them number one long-range radar acquisition systems and then also now are doing it with the MLR S which he owes us weapon system not commanded so that you can have that range parody against the Russian artillery so this is an artillery duel, and they need to have the means by which they can provide the cover for themselves and confront the Russian artillery, which is just and pummeling them all right.

Thanks so much to allow less appreciated all his pleasure and just remember Armstrong today. Happy birthday Army. Thanks so much intentional Allen West. We come back with take two calls 186-640-8766. I don't diving into today's top stories try and kill me. Fox News contests networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest talkshow.

That's real. This is Brian kill me show you now ;-) enjoy the applicant massacres at this point it's a party that you just can't get rid of Republicans like kill Mead's eyebrows that hasn't aged well.

What I do this you that was from Friday that was from Friday's got fell a lot of fun tonight. I think the other side. It was almost highly rated show. I think he had a week big story but as you can. We're doing that you with an audience that studios is amazing if you been in. I have not yet, but they just redid it written yet.

It is absolutely amazing. So yeah they did it really that seats about 100 people packed out so it jamming. It was good before I really think we got a regular basis to be at least three of the four late-night show sometimes all four shows use of another one he shows if I find intriguing because it swimming against the grain is with Bill Moore this 20 7H POS every Friday does it show but every once in a while, but almost every show there's something there really take off. The Democratic Party cut 31 liberals scream something after a mass shooting wire. We also dealing with the fact that the average American kid sees 200,000 acts of violence on screens before the age of 18. Funny, Hollywood is the locus place on earth, and every other area of social responsibility when it comes to the unbridled romanticization of gun violence. Crickets where the only thing we don't call a trigger is the one that actually has a trigger. Very interesting. I mean, the thing that takes off the gun people they don't want any type or red flag loss, but the other thing you gotta do is somehow find a way while not violating people's constitutional right for the Second Amendment. Find a way to get ahead of these lunatics before they do what they did in you Valley by reporting people when they seem out of whack. Knowing that the guys going to be 18 be able to buy a gun. You seem dressing all-black scene of come to his house for five times a please have thing to take some type of would be violence.

Would you know when they turn 18. Their backgrounds automatically wiped out. That's why they bring in some type or red flag law and enhance background check. If you're under 21 years with Sen. John Cornyn said in by the way he had up for Republicans. This bipartisan Africa, 36, 16 states have red flag laws. Texas does not, and they certainly should miss out on access to those resources for crisis intervention is absolutely critical that each and every one of those includes protection that come from due process of law, in particular when it comes to the rights of law-abiding gun owners is not easy in Texas to head up anything restricting any types of gun rights at all year. The AAR third 15. The RA AR 15 is still in play there so much they got rejected were present by one of the 21 day waiting period not there high-capacity magazine been knocking happen. Universal background checks is not to take place safe storage requirements for all firearms in the house but it's assumed the responsible owner to do that are ready for criminal penalties for not storing firearms in the correct place license requirement to purchase assault with all that stuff is not in so these are things are and I know people some people upset by I'm not a good framework you think Brian kill me show my New York City office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian is the right joking with you from your current around the country heard around the world and hopefully others are to be joined by Phoenix at as well as his co-author in a brand-new book released today. David Goodwin told the battle for the American mind uprooting a century of miseducation and rose to a simulcast regarding the you can always catch us on Fox nation before we get to P and Dave into the three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three Pres. Biden.

He is saying.

He's going to run again in 2024. We support him), 20, 24, I mean first of right now wearing 2020 will cross that price only get to that is unbelievable but expected that's AOC buying bumbling's and virtually guaranteeing he'll be a lame-duck especially feed the midterms or blowout which many think they will be like me was that mean first party and trumps rebirth, who by the way, virtually minute he's running yesterday. I think there's a legitimate reason for having a relationship with Saudi Arabia. If you're the president of the United States.

Is there a legitimate reason for Phil Mickelson to have this relationship with Saudi Arabia for Greg Norman to know there's no serious purpose for it again.

This is simply greed no more, no less.

Richard Hasse foreign relations expert weighing in on golf hypocrisy.

That's the only thing you would say with the PGA live controversy. So far, critics are slamming the Saturday base live for the live tour but say nothing when it comes to the relationship with the PGA NBA and China. I'll break down both the double standard and the foreign policy implications as the president makes his way over to Saudi Arabia, Sec. Allen said this week that quote. There is nothing to suggest a recession works now. I don't when inflation is as high as it is right now and unemployment is as low as it is right now. It's almost always been followed within two years by recession. Well, that is Lawrence Summers weighing in the economy, stressing the nation in ways have not seen before and only is joy.

Not only is Joe Biden not getting it getting a pass. Republicans you docketing a passing Democrat either. Does anyone have any answers present speaks they will cover it on Flag Day and the birthday of the Army and as I mentioned in studio Ptech Seth is here is got a brand-new book echo battle for the American mind is also here with his co-author David Goodwin welcome guys thank you Brian. So it's summer good news first toddlers in New York City can go to school down masks is that too risky. I know it never was risk-free school is today. Just resend it to state yeah I was there this week.

They go they start Monday, which I think is only two weeks long accomplishment and I think they got ahead of the work ahead of the curve on that one. The churches have to wear a mask you don't know what I'm ashamed to admit that they did and I would argue for an entire school year. Too long and my wife and I you know Jan when we were embarrassed by it agitated at the school about it, but in the near term didn't have another option. Finally, date they switched and changed, but yeah I mean it's a sin. What we did with all its unbelievable and just a last will and whatever bruises we both know was actually crying in my ear when they extended the master preschoolers is the kids don't want to deal with it. I would hate but elites are protecting them the master over their eyes they have no idea what they're doing with their friends look like or their teachers.

Further to her kindergarten. Write a thank you for having David and I it's not just Flag Day right it's also the Army birthday. Yes, it's also Donald Trump's birthday right. I mean, we demand is a national holiday in our it is in my house, in our contract. It must be the trifecta if it's to be our book launch day as well. He knows going to say David is that there was but there was a 1776 commission on the present Trump to push back in the 1619.

So you're the few people I understand that was not surprised by the 1619 movement you saw the stuff, we did we. I could've predicted exactly how it came but we certainly knew that they'd set the beachhead up and we knew where they were coming.

We just did know what they're going to do when they got there. When did they start attacking the curriculum in schools. Boy, 1915, they redesigned the curriculum from the ground up at about that time for Gary Indiana and model school that they had there. They ran that for a few years.

When was successful enough they moved to New York and that's where a lot of our research came in is what the people of New York were talking about when they brought that here and what year you talk about 1915 1918 to 1990, and then what was the goal. The goal of societal change was a recognition that the traditional values of Western civilization and biblical wisdom prevented the kind of radical social change, atheistic change.

Frankly, they wanted you had to remove God first. Once you did, there was a lot of power in the classroom. In fact, those early progressives talked about studying what Frances Willard did in 1870s when she put anti-alcohol curriculum in third grade classrooms, while 40 years later you had a constitutional amendment banning alcohol the sale of alcohol in America. The philosophy of the school room in one generation can be the philosophy of government in the next progressive study that targeted the school remove God in and then thought did the skies the limit and look at what we see today right and what was they were at one point was drinking allowed in school like the early days. Do you have your research radio no one religion will have you could bring bring to school on Long Island right LOL arrived from Minnesota where they grow bigger me will also. So when did you first come across David. It was exactly product to Fox and friends, you might be able to say that because of Branko Mead and Fox and friends, and diner segments. This entire project came together, and I'm not kidding. I was at a diner in North Carolina I met a wonderful family that went to a classical Christian school there in Whispering Pines.

They said you gotta meet this guy David Goodwin who wins. These runs the Association of classical Christian schools we connected. I was passionate about education wanted to get more involved in an research he'd Artie done a lot of the research on where this problem came from. And so as we started talking with automatically teamed up. This can be really effective. He runs a network of schools is done the research were in the media world and so his research starts at the beginning Meister might stuff starts today rebate basically pull the threads together of what the progressive movement is done for 100 years. Basically meeting together in the 50s and 60s over the unions and and what the Supreme Court did when you when you added up. It is an intentional project.

The left is been immensely successful in, but what makes this book special is the research that David did and that I did. We did on what the early progressives goals were and you never learned because progressives write the textbooks so you don't know the action and write history so battle for the American mind what so in other words, was this food that they want to gradually get warmer. David, or did it come in blistering hot well when I started this project I heard a lecture where somebody referred to an issue than a new Republic in 1915 and and the word we need to capture the plasticity of the child and that seemed like a weird word to me so I started looking into what they were trying to do. That's when I realize it really wasn't about indoctrination which we hear a lot about today. It was about removing the ability of students to learn to think because if they can't think uniting in the in the old system of classical education or been around for 2000 years. They train citizens how to think through issues so that they could vote and so that they can vote without being persuaded by an eloquent tyrant, if you well and that was the whole thing is that when you train students that way.

They're very hard to control. You can't steer the course you want to steer in the progressives had a very aggressive plan to steer the course is simply why do we even have any Republic like why why are there any conservatives. Why did the conservative movement takes its root in the 80s and many people think poised to reestablish itself in the next midterm plot it. The Lotta Mattis receipt is not working happen gradually and then suddenly I think what Dave and I talked one of the books on the call the Western Christian Paideia and it's a word this long forgotten but it's basically the affections of the vision of a good life amongst our youngest kids. There was enough of a residue from 1776 and churches and communities and schools viewing into a school on Long Island in 1900 there is a Bible in the classroom there's prayer being said, there's history being taught of Western civilization. There was enough residue of that amongst parents and grandparents and others, and then in church and in communities that the instinct of Americans descent of the osmosis and absorbing was there. I want to be free. I believe you know God is good, America is good that could be channeled. You even sought you sought to raggedy sought through trump there that still there. How long can we live off the fumes of that Paideia before and indoctrination of a generation of cultural Marxist turns ounces know God is dead in America is evil. It's tough to undo that when you're two or manner. Women and women or men when you're teaching that to five, six, seven, eight-year-olds, and that's how young they're going at it now right and David, are you surprised, it seems to be the pandemic working to stop this does describe how the pandemic shed a light on this well P brought to the book the idea of the coveted 1619 effect which was that suddenly parents who had previously just like we think of our congressmen write the Congress is evil. But our Congressman's a good guy right well in the same there's a parallel to that axiom about public school. The public schools may not be great, but our public school is good and that was certainly a torn wide open. They were able to see it sitting behind the kids on the zoom camera and see what was actually being taught and that's why you know by by great Providence. Pete and I started this project in March 2020 South all of if you think that everything that's happened since then. We basically just stepped into the right started for all of that was exposed and as for writing this book. We couldn't keep up now and your updating chapter for Things are happening here and there because everything we were writing about seemed to be coming to fruition at a moment and that is the silver line. Brian parents realize a lot more now and what were trying to do with the book is give equip them to make a choice about how to educate there and then look at the universe, it would happen in Virginia. Yes, I mean, isn't that the fundamental with the school board flipped and they said, while Republicans are just trying it out trying to insert themselves in a purple state. Republicans would never be able to organize and target school boards are you kidding yeah and I think it gives me hope that finally the issue of education will translate into a priority in electoral politics just hasn't been. It hasn't been for conservatives, Christians, patriots, and as a result, the Democrats and their union allies have, to I can't underscore this enough have taken over every single institution of education that controls K-12 on the public and government site every single point testing standards, curriculum and pedagogy teachers colleges you name it they control it. Which is why our part of the solution is you gotta consider a tactical retreat leave if you can find alternatives and eventually educational choices can be critical and Republicans can service should be running on that as their top issue because if you lose the kids.

We lose the country and also what about charter schools where you stand on that is that it was at a relevant and ample pushback.

David why think in the battle. As we've called and was great coffee this with her former military guy. I think in the terms of the battle. You've got to use all the resources that you got at your disposal and charter schools are certainly one of those, but I think that we are prescribing the book more of a transformational change than a incremental change.

I think it's it's long past time that we do something transformational in education in America 90 charter schools can help with that but I think at the bottom parents after take much more serious look at things right thing is not being funded and more more the cities or walk away from charter school funding which makes Apsley no scent because they want the monopoly to continue the monopoly undermines the monopoly on the money on kids because outcomes they lot long ago they've known for decades. There schools don't work right. They don't work. They haven't delivered excellent excellence for for half a century and they know it is now about consolidation of that power covert should with union to talk about kids two years old and mask to New York City.

They feel like they got open season to push that control and what Dave is talking about is plain within that system.

You're gonna play within their confines. I went to public school you went to public school. I think Brian yeah we got progressive educations, you may not have known it. I didn't know it. We did every assumption of that education was progressive, which is why the classical Christian schools.

David is is is helming. They've overturned the applecart completely to rediscover a form of education that created the miracle moment of 1776. It was classical Christian education educated are found a lot of Scottish right Scottish and and by Webster letting pay attention school, I would've been totally there you go outside of the Harvard youth pull you have in your book. Only 31% of Americans 18 to 24, a positive outlook on America. That's unbelievable.

It sets also in this we come back, but we'll talk about that, as well as the role of Howard Zinn in all this about, we had your special on a Sunday class.

David is archived on Fox Nation on vaccination right now is called battle.

It sorry miseducation of America got it back in a moment with Pete and David their book battle for the American mind is out now entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me radio show like no other. Brian kill me, a welcome back everybody 1-866-408-7669 will be of culturally a few more minutes. Repeat take Seth and David Goodwin hey guys, you wrote the battle for the American mind where is the common core come in. I remember Jeb Bush read about common core comes in. Toward the end as part of the consolidation of federal control right so we think of schools as having been effectively being local control local school boards. Most local superintendents such as state assemblies are setting the prerogatives common core attempted to tie money toward certain standards that states would enact in order to align with the prerogatives of federal educators and along with that came changes to the SAT rights now aligns to common core, but inside all of that common core curriculum, the prerogatives, with the diversity equity inclusion in all the woke stuff we barely knew anything about. At that time in my debut can add anything that you know well well it's you know it was kind of a back door to deal with some of the disparities in between the various ethnic groups in that by creating a tissue can study for which the SAT was always supposed to be a test that you couldn't study for by creating when you could study for and that's what the common core was is a set of standards when you look at the standards. They don't seem that bad. But when you when you see what they're doing there taking reasoning, which is what the original SAT measured the taking that out because reasoning is not teachable and they're replacing it with content and therefore it's really supposed to be leveling the playing field. But it really doesn't do that. I mean, similar talk as well. Rich people to get people to teach them to how to take the SAT and it wasn't fair. There's always going to be an opportunity to do additional training on reasoning or approaching a test. There's no dye me that that's the reality of money and wealth, and in a quick and inequality.

All that the idea of the of the SAT was to measure not whether or not the. The engine can run but how well it runs and measuring how well you can reason that is a reflection of the type of education you got K-12.

We should do better on educating kids K-12. So the reason the same when they encounter the SAT across all racial backups as opposed to changing the SAT and making it dumbing it down so that it goes to the lower common lowest common denominator will final thought, David, is there a chance that this thing's gonna push back the more you expose people to the reality of your pushback and schools will start taking shape in a way in which benefits the country and the family. Well, I think that the best chance is if people get in the classical schools and see what's going on for themselves they can compare and contrast very easily to spend some time in the classroom is very different when your kids are full of wonder they love, beauty, and they can reason.

Well, that's you will be demoralized when you read this book, but also ultimately hopeful about the for recourse is to have as a parent and grandparent their options outside especially now people reconfiguring thing or they go next year valve for the American mind will help guide you graduation the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me you care great about myself until I heard my introduction only because I tolerate you these not on the air.

People worry that he'll want to hang out and if he finds out is not on TV. He throws more tantrums than Joy Behar when they soon forget their feeding time. Your last name is got the word to words and it killed me.

So should people kill you, and that is my question. What I do this you those little leads to interaction from Friday night, which we tape Thursday, but because of what was Thursday again will January 6 on the generally six-year so they put it on Friday.

Kind of interesting non-the first half of the chef. It's funny you know and then I think they got a welcome they just took often great. This is a mature five about.

So you just took off running off quick thing with the other thing we did not really discuss in about 10 minutes ago, Stuart Forney, but Wimberly discussed Joe Biden and the bottom is falling out of his presidency initially by Democrats pulling it out.

He says he wants to run again. But right now his approval rating is at 33% with the Quinnipiac poll. Overall, the average is about 38%. That's below Donald Trump, Adele Trump had not one friendly media outlet in a raging rush investigation, but you look around and see the stock market, you see the economic damages to the inflation is this guy can't possibly still do this job here Rick Klein of ABC on this week which were seven apples got 23 White House perspective they're not too concerned about the dynamic for two main reasons for what is the whispers have become shots of people are saying very loudly and one reason is that there is an obvious heir apparent for a lot of Democrats.

Lot of people feel like, Harris would be a flawed candidate.

So the reason is obvious someone they could they could step in and I think the second main thing is that Joe Biden did meet Donald Trump last time, and if Donald Trump remains a major presence.

There's a lot of Democrats if you like, but there's really only one guy that ever meet him and that's my wow. I mean, that's an interesting that's a fact. But it's interesting way to look at it but you have for years compared to four years and right now anybody thinking soberly knows who present Biden's from Afghanistan foreign policy to how slow he was to arm Ukraine.

The trouble you're having right now, could they write back to that to the fact that Saudi Arabia was alienated before he took office and you see the Abraham courts basically following it to tatters his desperate attempt to get Iran deal going again at home him, destroying or destroying oil and gas to keep the nation cleaner has done nothing except for make us poorer and in the big picture. It might be Susan Rice that's doing all this C word is that according to politico. She's making almost all his decisions and she is now semi-they're looking to maybe be the next the next chairman of the Troy did not care majority to staff, but Chief of Staff and goodbye Ron clean who's Apsley awful boots.

Crazy is he's got a bipartisan infrastructure deal. He has a wood could be the framework for a bipartisan gun deal, but nothing has to do with what he's done. Bring a braided together for the bipartisan deal they came in around with while he was in office. They came in around. He had all his demands. We want to do gun law, almost none of it is in what they finally produced, so he's out there saluting the left every day and listen to the left thing to him. Here's AOC on CNN cut 21 present Biden. He is saying.

He's gonna run again in 2024. We support him to around 2024. I mean first of all, I focused my journey right now preserving majority fifth year in 2020 teams that will cross that bridge when we get to it back on but I think if if the president has a vision and that something certainly were all intact entertain and examine limit on the time to write his vision his vision to be whatever was with seeing his vision. It's it's a plane crash.

That's what his vision is and unfortunately we have to live through his vision, but that's the story. When you lose the left to you been kissing up to.

Thanks to Ron clean leading the charge given up your moderate status or somebody was known to which you can't reach across party lines that's gone and they're not even depressed because he was able to deliver Bill back better and some other things because he was sober people in the Democratic Party. This is all this stuff is unaffordable and makes no sense.

So for the most part you have Republicans who are tougher on crime give Republicans who want to be energy independent. Yeah, Republicans who are not perfect on foreign policy, but you know in the Middle East were heading in the right direction pretty clear. And now you have a belligerent, trying to have a belligerent rush like we've never seen before you ever Ron making inroads into Venezuela. They just set up a trade deal and now you have Russia beginning to land warplanes into Nicaragua. Here's Bill Moore, on the other things like inflation, gas prices and crime cut 24 Republicans appealed on the stuff closer to home, you're stepping in it. Human feces on the street you're stepping in it. Yes, that's going to get people to vote and the fact that gas I know Terry Hines.

I read mobile Park homes are the pricing, I mean having white when your price out of trailer living kidding.

So for Joe Biden's approval rating is hovered around in the low 40s pronounce 39.7 worst and trumps a mention why it matters lines window are two different proving is closing quickly and the midterms. Goodbye Woody was deleting on the January 6.

You think that's the last one day when Susan Nancy Pelosi goes either out to pasture into minority, not a second. In fact, he did a reverse it and find out about all things were left out of the evidence of that day.

Look, I thought on that day.

In particular, you know, I thought about January 6 present. That's not the way you lose losing really defines a character that you are. I don't care if it's big or small.

Whether it's the job you want, or whether the college you want to get into the game you're watching.

If you lose, how you lose to find your character. The press was actually offered off the rails. Since the election results came in on the fifth with everybody around him.

That should be like hey you know what you you know I've got been friendlier while you now. Well, I've been I need you to calm down you're over your skis right here, but instead they walked away.

A vodka walks away. William Barr walks away, but Mulvaney walks away.

Mike pence basically walked away Mike Pompeo one lower profile so anybody around him to stay around with the people like Rudy Giuliani, who according to these reports was drunk on election night get the present look to him as his chief advisor.

Having said all that, there's no proof that would present Joe Trump wanted to do was to take over the capital, and among the people have said that is Rachel Maddow I think her she saying this for a different reason refers what you what you said last night, 31, just the key point there was a per truck rally at which the president spoke and you can we can absolutely talk about things the president said that at the idea that raveling is nothing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaking of the capital capital and the people that you saved in the initial branch that allowed everybody else to come in and everything went of that rally. So she saying you can't tie together yet and with you doing with this investigation. January 6 is without any push back any Republicans for any prodding for Liz Cheney and Adam Cusick or just refused to do their editing the end of the answers they want from William Barr who basically can get the same answers from his book on tape. There's nothing he's saying different that we didn't get in this studio is 23 appear to skewer and told on television, and now we have nobody sitting up pushing back so is that hearing both sides, you save them only hearing one side, I question what I'm hearing because were all gunner antennas up to being manipulated. So I think that the present. The current president is not that I have that live off of work and he's got to live in reality or you have to start cutting deals with the right and I do hold to this. I think I was the first person to say this. The worst thing that ever happened to present by was winning the Senate seats because that put them in the majority and it raised expectations is to get things done. He was never going to get your matches spent all the socialistic spending. I was surprised to Kiersten cinema even was that was standing up so strong in Arizona and I was definitely a very are no heartened by the fact that in the wings. They say that John tested some of the moderates were also not in favor of any of this. So they if they were going to do it than the others working to do it.

Here's Larry Kudlow cut 20 it's about policy and substance of what you're doing and are you helping the country are hurting the country everybody in the country outside of the by the White House understands that the country is vastly worse off, so he can't possibly want. The semi finals is going to be that November is going to get slaughtered.

The cavalry's coming and things are going to get better. The calorie becoming in the house in a virtual worker company can deliver the Senate and JD Vance to hold the seats that will certainly be interesting. Listen we come back with the simulcast on FBM with Stuart Varney on his great show and will talk a lot intend to be able to take your calls. 186640876. Now there Brian kill me show joints. FOXBusiness is Varney and company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill made hey, welcome back everyone 186-640-8766. I promise to be able to get calls right up to this by just a mom we come to you from your critter on the country around the world and will have a chance to go on FBM with Stuart Varney. Surely one of things will talk about is even if you got a big golfer you probably heard the story Greg Norman is fronting up this new league is called the live tour and is financed by Saudi's, but I don't think the end and Phil Mickelson Bryson de Sambo, Sergio Garcia and others have made the trip over there so it's this will talk about Brian kill me join just now I Brian I want to golf. The sound is kicked off the new golf league that were met with anger from 9/11 families is the quote live golfers should be ashamed that helping the Saudi regime sports watch that reputation return for tens of millions of dollars.

The very same time our governments rolling out more damning evidence of Saudi culpability in the 9/11 attacks. They don't like the live golf tour what you stand. Brian, think Saudi Arabia has never been a pure country.

Not many people say why I'm so glad to be doing the Saudi's but compared to the rest of the people in the neighborhood and compared to what else is going on in sports, we right now the present United States is planning a trip to BC Saudi Arabia.

Why to pump more oil and gas. I'm just thinking about it. Newcastle is now being bid on a prince in Saudi Arabia. Newcastle FC does not mean Newcastle fan should stop going oligarch Abramovich. They don't show so they just won the championship all had people feel that an oligarch actually best friends and buddies and supporting Vladimir Putin to Hitler of our day. So why will we go to Chelsea games Manchester cities owned by one of these billionaire from the UAE. I know the whereabouts of the World Cup overseas at the UAE using slave labor to build their stadiums. These people are treated horribly. A lot of them died building the stadiums so in China on a regular basis. The Uighurs are being tortured there being destroyed. It's a genocide we yet were still see nonstop interaction between the NBA, the NFL major league baseball everybody soccer.

Why is the line on this league with Greg Norman heading it up, who's been extremely popular and successful years, businessperson, and yet Sergio Garcia and others going over there. It's not just Mickelson that that's for sure. This big money to to be made in this to Greg noticing three Greg Norman is breaking the PGA monopoly. That's the big picture story here what it what you stand on that. I was texting with them in that city's is my goal is to always have some control and we feel like we have and that they felt like he never really control over his career.

During these days that PJ set up as a nonprofit, but they are the only game in town. Remember, you would notice firsthand. The USFL gave a run of the NFL for a while. The best players Herschel Walker, Steve Young, and others go USFL Jim Kelly going USFL HMD you got changes in the NFL as a assembled with the USFL as he tried to merge the ABA push the NBA to be better with Julius Irving and Larry Brown coaches San Antonio Spurs of the time eventually is a merger either you made the sport better now that Gartner comeuppance you not the only game in town that might be a lot of this. I'm not speaking for the Saudi families for the 9/11 families I get it. No one stood more the war and terror and more study and read more books about that than me, but I also know were back in relations with Saudi Arabia, combining with them to wipe out ISIS and Al Qaeda.

It's complicated, but don't make the stand. This turning my goodness you barred Donald Trump you will you you decide to move PJ out of Donald Trump's courses. Guess what the live tournaments going to be at the row so all this and you want to boycott our president PJ does know it's whatever probably sat in my opinion.

At some point the PGA has to back away from its threat to suspend all those players who go to the live tournaments.

They have to back off from that and accept that there are now two golf authorities in the world.

PJ Dominic still but the likely tourist coming on strong last word to you. I don't get Dustin Johnson to I think you hundred percent right to the PJ wants to defend itself but and the 9/11 families have every reason to speak out and Khashoggi was a brutal murder, but everywhere you go you and a Russian you have the Russian note in the New Jersey Nets when the New Jersey Nets New York Mets for about 1520 years. Nobody spoke out about that. So I am surprised by all this outrage. While the money talks. Doesn't I Brian can watch you on one nation Saturday night 8 PM Eastern only on Fox news channel.

Thanks Brian say like to thank you so yeah 1-866-408-7669 Phil Mickelson's got the keep targeting I'm not really sure why II think is as much as a thesis second when he is golfer of his generation. After Tiger Woods off time I had a thing about 46 PGA wins eyes when he was so I don't use when the U.S. Open yet, but I just think that they just like to beat him up.

I mean, this stuff about my niece Harley walks on water may last over not there is a legally worse overloads to somewhat go over hundred million dollars gambling on different activities so we'll see about that. So will talk about what's going on that league. It's when sports meets real the real world, but most of all I just think it's ironic that people are outraged and I did 9/11 families there too but just be just as outraged as as Joe by Joe Biden going over there to bake the Saudi's in July in a couple weeks bake them to pump more oil because he isolated them. That means that a deal with Iran and Venezuela.

Arguably, just as if not more evil. Saudi Arabia dealing with Israel makes us feeling as though there more amenable to our influence. Perhaps we also provide them with a weapon systems to protect themselves against these missiles and keep on coming over from Yemen thanks to the Iran sponsored Hutu rebels is a complicated world, and for Joe Biden come out and say that they're a pariah nation will never deal with them knowing that we get there. There part of OPEC which controls the price of oil and gas, which is affecting the same people to Joe Biden going to be dealing with today working-class Americans at the AFL-CIO. Happy birthday to the Army.

Happy birthday to the flag armies 247 years I Young today. We had a little salute for them on the veranda today on Fox and friends over your father's days come up you want to book about history that a data love Frank told they're all there almost Fox news radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me to be her body is the brain kill each 1-866-408-7669 this out and be joined by Jonathan Swan of actio rose love that. And of course were following the present I say speaking to the AFL-CIO on Flag Day just for the 247th anniversary of the birth of the American army predated our birth, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three Pres. Biden saying he's going to run again in 2024. We support him to around 2024. I mean first of right now, preserving majority for flaring 2020 will cross that bridge when we get to well.

Biden bumbling has Dems virtually guaranteeing you'll be a lame-duck, especially if the midterms are of a blowout.

Like many predicted, like me, what does that mean for the party entrance rebirthing by the way, virtually admitted he's running again. I think there's a legitimate reason for having a relationship with Saudi Arabia. If you're the president of the United States. Is there a legitimate reason for Phil Mickelson to have this relationship with Saudi Arabia for Greg Norman to know there's no serious purpose for it again.

This is simply greed no more, no less. Is there anything different than going to China and with Lebron James is doing the NBA is doing. Richard Haas wing and hypocrisy that the only consistent thing in the PGA live controversy. Critics are slamming the Saudi back live by the live tour, but says nothing when it comes to the relationship with the PGA or the PJ pulling out of Donald Trump of the sponsored event that he was on his course with the NBA, which China will discuss it. Sec. Allen said this week that quote. There is nothing to suggest a recession in the works to agree with.

Now I go when inflation is as high as it is right now and unemployment is as low as it is right now. It's almost always been followed within two years by recession. The economy stressing this nation away have not seen before and not only is Joe by not getting a pass Republicans. He's not getting much support from Democrats either this. Anyone have any answers let's bring in John this one of actio's John the welcome back. Been a while right.

Hey, I'm doing well January 6 series how you think the resonating today, two rounds in audit question of the door all the appearance would have much of an impact on public opinion. Most people that made up their mind will be extremely polarized politically in the country also mediate consumption. I don't know that it can have that affect and when I talked to the proof that Democrats don't even think that affected you have to advocate the Biden ministration the White House talk about it not been a leading incident. They don't think that this is a message that's going to affect the midterms. One way around out there trying to figure out a message about inflation, think like that. I never thought it would have much effect on public opinion that the separate question from whether it's you know what well exercised intent on covering Patrick. I think it is the Christians about the way to be any conduct itself but not I'm getting generally interested in seeing what they come up with couple of things I think they believe and not get hurt. Not having anybody on the side because it makes you make up your own judge and when you watch edited tapes of montages of interviews that you know lasted for hours and there's no way there's an excuse me I will you. He also went on to say this is one of the say that and the revolution that the revelation that William barmaid could be picked out of his book on tape that's available. Barnes & Noble so I thought a lot of that was they get hurt by not having a Jim Jordan try to hammer his side. Then you can honestly make a decision. We think about that yet again I don't the construct of the committee is going to have an effect on the public and voted to change that mind verily I'm not public polling expert, but I think that because look at the approval rating of early training and not exactly popular Republican voted to think it was interesting the way that they presented senior DOJ officials, Trump will basically say the same thing today told him the date allegations that he was being fed and pregnant patient with palpable I don't know that there was much ameliorating when you talk about people like Donahue and Rose at DOJ pack and Bob, I do know that there was much context. Frankly missing from the way they cut that I take your point. I'm sure know Jared Kushner in a bunk affecting that note wouldn't fit the narrative that they wanted presented hearings are not suggesting it right ugly contextual knowledge as to the record. You know he lost I and I think the way he acted after he lost was the worst. His political career, and the fact that he still holds.

That is going to be going to be really detrimental to them running again resume said this. What strikes me about this friend is that if they succeed in inviting damaging staining such that he is either unable or for legal or political reasons. To run again they might end up finding out the Republican Party a great service because I think it greatly. Republicans think they can win with some of the head of the ticket again. They're afraid of his supporters no more come out against him directly what they like him to go away is the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away. I think a greatly Republicans would privately be very glad your sources.

You think he's think he's right right it's true that Republican elite in Washington and I think a large number, but the party would like to go away to Trump in 2024, that the separate question from whether this committee will have the effect of making Donald Trump politically unviable, legally unviable and count me extremely skeptical that that will happen. I think this is very hard to imagine this committee having such an effect on Republican party public opinion about it now not be a late that that it would disqualify Donald Trump being the nominee in 2024. II just taught me to imagine that happening couple things resume now is that the revelation came out deductively give full Guilfoyle made $60,000 for a two minute speech, and some people inside the Trump world according to Maggie Haberman inside the trunk will not outside, are outraged by it because they raise a lot of small donors donations notified for this election integrity, and SL were they thought it would go that shortly there are a lot of people sharing my own thought that Sherry not paste about Kimberly Gelbart in an interview. What's not clear to me. I know the direction a lot of paella donors who contributed to that particular event on January 6 clear to me that this was small dollar donation.B.there is a big question about the way money was great, not postelection. A lot of these fundraising emails went out to people saying you give give you $20 to stop the steel giving a small� Many retirees have fixed income.

The idea that if they get a bit of money they could help turn the election which would always fantasy so there are real questions about how that money was right.

How that money was used at it and it's a serious line of inquiry bring back to get John this one. I guess obviously child in Utah a chance to talk to Pres. Zelinski offering Thomas since that time the doors not go nearly as well for the Ukrainians where you think that stands for their effort. The Russians are pushing forward and in the East and having some success in just one raw power and long-distance artillery fire.

We think that does her Zelinski in the war effort. The biggest risk for the link right now.

I now probably a month ago three times the first time in the big risk making it basically that the West get whiteboard but that almost right the West effectively loses interest there that intent. If you your change in foreign policy Jeremy Chang about the other, not US getting rally but you keep it kind of way to think about it. Do you think the next time you quite a package goes before Congress. It's going to get the same type of overwhelming bipartisan support (I don't have a lot of opposition to clean the house so I think the challenge that Zielinski is this wall becomes a war of attrition economy. The Russians your truck off the port they a lot of Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day. It just becomes a really lardy painful volleyball and pollution shows a high heat so invested in the whole regime in leadership it tied up in this and his own self conception at the start regard tied up in the start I think that the counselor Zelinski and his wife speaking almost every day to some kind of appearance on television though will outline the heat overtopping to basically every day sway last. Don't debark on me Johnny Clorox stay engaged and it must be exhausting for him, but that that the reality is discussing the bigger picture.

The present schedule better job at selling a regular basis all with the mission is and how it's just Ukraine could be the rest of the East MOC seems like a foreign policy. The present we find out the Nicaraguans accepting Russian fighter jets now that's interesting. Venezuela and Iran of set up a 50 year trade deal that's interesting that China is pushing back, threatening us abroad because of our support of Taiwan as well as threatening us not to form a NATO in their region. Doesn't seem like the foreign policy areas were in the area in which Joe Biden showing the strength necessary. Well you got one Saudi Arabia God had to felt completely down irradiated memory came into office calling Mohammed bin, a pariah and saying that he wanted to effectively isolate in an turned out very quickly. They realized they needed the Saudi's for a number of cyclical oil so they could quietly should know the dad got an saying nice things. MBS behind closed doors and MBS wanted behind closed doors. He wants a public show that affirmation. So now it looks like by indicating that so the Saudi policy had to completely rebut himself on that night. A lot of troubles in many different parts of the world. So let's look at another area which politically. People were debating over the over the weekend whether Joe Biden has a future running for second term you support the bases been kissing up to is been the left-wing the, the squad hears AOC cut 21 Pres. Biden. He is saying. He's going to run again in 2024. We support him at the present.

That's around 2024. I mean first of all, I focused my journey right now preserving majority this here in 2020 teams that will cross that bridge when we get to it that and that I think if if the president has a vision and that something certainly were willing to entertain and examine limit on the time, is an endorsement during Washington John the just go in between the lines and look at the contents of the valves drive one thought experiment is closure. I take it back to 2018 90 and try to imagine a member of the right-wing Burke in the house staying like that about Donald Trump. They would've been pledging absolutely okay you don't want the differences and challenges Biden had gone It be the lack after the base of the party is not enthusiastic about right, the right wing back to the fact that the body was extremely enthusiastic about throughout his presidency and the challenge I will say that kind of equivocation while and maybe one of the rapidly growing effect publicly. It's not confined there are many others who have private private doubts about about the president viability in 2024 and those people are not confined to the left wing of the party scattered throughout the body understood your gut tell you Trump running know it is hard to predict what he started to, but every indication that he's going to announce that he is running efficiently getting that indication people and okay I thought this may not be facilitate. I actually thought he considering doing very very soon.

As recently as a couple weeks ago I was I was quite confident very serial instantly to stop.

I'm not quite delighted, but I'm not quite certain about that practically announces he is running before the midterm election I John this one was insightful.

Thanks so much for coming in 1-866-408-7669 I see you now I see the numbers up there will get to you. I promise we get back and then will actually will have two blocks to do that will do a morning know this a big yet big show don't move Frank Alicia learning something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in it.

Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. Republicans appeal to the growing list of closer to home, you're stepping in it. Human feces on the street you're stepping in it.

Yes, that's going to get people to vote and the fact that gas I know very high. I read mobile Park homes are the pricing, I mean like when your price out of trailer living bill. Listen to WS KY hey Bill, over in Florida only oil reserves run out. The question is not going to be how much is going to be the question going to be asked if they were going to be really know what I'm not even sure we were wrapped with tapping into the reserves, but I just think that overall, we just have a minute of real meeting with the oil and gas companies to find what we need to get away. They did to get away some of the you know some of the red tape that stopping them from drilling getting some permits out there right thanks and thanks for the call. I mean if you talk to people they want to make money, no doubt about it, but who was barely at the oil and gas companies in their losing money they were shedding jobs a year and 1/2 ago. That was the deal. Nello send the monies coming up but is only a finite amount they can pump because of the refinery capacity and because the role you quit. They weren't equipped for this type of fallout so as oil and gas become scarcer member wishes in the middle of the ocean doing absolutely nothing during the pandemic that many people say let's bail at the oil and gas companies now that all of a sudden we need those barges we need report, we gotta get them your quicker and around the world, the demand is up there, the price of oil goes up.

Now you want to take some of their profits away. That to me is at the anti-capitalistic we come back to be joined by Ian O'Connor really talk about some of the fallout from this live golf tour as opposed to the PGA golf to with the realities radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show why do they need us so badly because those players have chosen to sign multi-year lucrative contracts to play in a series of exhibition matches against the same players over and over again.

You look at that versus what we see here today and that's why they need us so badly, you've got through pure competition. That's why they need us. That's what we do, but were not going to allow players to free ride off of our loyal members. The best players in the world. That's a PJ Commissioner talk about what they need. They need to delete PGA players to join the live tour which is headed up by Greg Norman joining us now is your posting.

O'Connor, best-selling author and his latest book is coach K the rise and reign of my Chesky I Ian welcome back, Brian.

Are you a note also have in Jan you come today about Phil Mickelson youth. You say that the editor of the headline says it all. Phil Mickelson won't escape his new legacy. How can you live with yourself. You made a big mistake. I understand you got a lot of gambling losses PS2 account for by his own public admission Brian but to cut a $200 million deal with these people.

I just don't think he needed to do it and he is going to take a massive public relations kit I don't think he realized how big that it was going to be in seeing his face and listening to him yesterday here at the country club in Brookline, Massachusetts. He looked like a haunted man as if he sold his soul here and he wants it back. And he doesn't know how to do that so I think he now realizes he might've made a big mistake. What about the others, well the same thing really Brian, but of course still the biggest star and he got the biggest payday so he's going to take the most heat.

And so maybe some of the other players have escaped this a little bit but now I will say this, I do think they should be allowed to play wherever they want to play and I also think the PGA Tour left themselves open to this kind of challenge because over the years and you know you have a sports background the PGA Tour offers no guaranteed money to anyone, including Tiger Woods.

When Tiger started turning he started with zero, just like the hundred and 26 guy in the field like Lebron James or Mike Trout or Arun Judge running the stars and the other sports. They have guaranteed contract so I think as long as the PGA Tour didn't have that this was inevitable. So you price December oh yeah Patrick read you and Sergio Garcia you Johnson yeah Dustin Johnson REB to guide his you one of the biggest names in the in the sport go over there and as you know we could you have knowledge of global sports. The other Saturdays in the UAE in the midnight hour, barely a UAE cutter all their all their royal families on some type a sports team.

I mean now you have Newcastle some one of these princes is bidding for Newcastle over in England you have for the longest time you're that oligarch Abramovich, you won't show see the just one who just won a championship over there.

I mean, Vladimir Putin, who he keeps empowering pays is one is as evil as evil. Get TF China who is an open market, all while they commit genocide with the Uighurs is open market for NBA of the NFL, to a degree of oil leaks are marketed there with the difference with with with this situation really is no difference. Brian and so it is surprising that they Lebron James and Adam Silver didn't take more heat for their business in China. PGA Tour, by the way also did business with China with the PGA Tour China series and the HSBC champions event which was in China so the tour had no problem cutting that the over deals with that country.

So there's a lot of this. I think the difference is this. First of all the golfers are independent contractors and are not part of the team so I can't hide behind the team and the organization. This is a very individual decision and are out front with the public. And I also think that Saudi Arabia is a little different because of 9/11 and you seen the criticism from 9/11 families. 15 of the hijackers and from that country and Americans have not forgotten By my longshot so I don't think the golfers particularly Mickelson realized that they were going to take that kind of criticism from 9/11 families and I think that's really what's not Mickelson back more than anything else.

So, couple things out. Mickelson could still play in the U.S. Open, but they suspended the others are all suspended from the PGA Tour, Brian, but the PGA Tour does not run the U.S. Open that's run by the USGA and the USGA came out and said we are going allow these players to compete because they qualified so they might be under PGA Tour suspension but were not going to disqualify people who qualify through our established criteria. So now next year I might be different because the live golf circuit is not offering world ranking points right now, so this this issue is going to come to the fore at the got the national in April the Masters. What is the Masters going to do with the live golfers that is going to be very telling as far as the future of golf's concert. You see, not just to see where this goes the other. The other big story that this going on in the world of sports I think is on the positive note, the best NBA finals I've seen in quite some time. I'm just great basketball. The ratings are through the roof and quit dislike a bunch of great guys and I think it's great to have a storied franchise back in their Boston Celtics.

I think that's helped. Brian honestly and and step carries the greatest shooter of all time. I think there's a bigger difference or gap between Steph Curry and the next greatest of all time. There is between Michael Jordan and the next greatest player of all time, probably Lebron James audience members and any other Carbonite and and Golden State still found a way to win the game. So it's been a very entertaining series. No question. I think that's helping to win Game six Thursday night and it'll be fun to watch game seven yeah I think so too for New York stance and willing W ABC and WRC in here on W LAR with the Rangers to this year was unexpected, and you really saw that the New York fans will be waiting for something to cheer about, and they finally got it.

No offense, the Islanders who got that far. Last year, would you talk about that run. Listen, I'm not a big hockey guy that I've been in that building in Madison Sq., Gardens for the Rangers in their last couple Ron and that place is electric. The garden in New York is electric when the mixer the Rangers make along the Rangers have done it recently in the mix.

Of course it feels like 100 years, but it it's a great atmosphere to great sports town and the Rangers.

They had their chance to go up 30 but I think what Tampa Bay show you the lightning and having won the last two Stanley Cup today have a lot of championship muscle memory, a DNA that ultimately one in that series Yankees. This team eats about surprises.

This is mostly what was time for Cashman to maybe go. Let's break this team up now they're looking like the 1998 Yankees would you and can you put in layman's terms what you've witnessed seen in a long time they compete. You are so many different ways, not just with the home runs or more athletic running the bases better catching the ball better collecting baseball now the 98 Yankees had won most of those guys and 96 so I mentioned championship DNA and muscle memory before 98 hat this group does not. So there could be under an immense amount of pressure in October to win, they haven't done that since 2009 so III think it's all about winning 11 games in October. Let's see if this group can pull that off yeah lastly you all over coach K in his final season and that was seen some established coaches had to the exits was seeing Nick Sabin brawling with could say with with Jimbo talk about whatever the NAL are you get the sense in college sports is changed forever, especially today, but these rooms with name new rules for name, image and likeness. It's chaotic that they want a recent court case stepped away at the keys that publicly otherwise. But I don't believe that it is just unbelievable free agency is come the college sports are trying to figure out how to manage it. I don't know if there's any managing and when you have schooled in coaches getting involved with companies to secretly because they're not supposed to do that but you know it's going on to put together deals for for athletes if the wild West out there so it can be fascinating to watch how this unfolds in major college basketball and football the next five years. I mean, you have enough and sublime.

It was like for dealerships that he had signed footballs on a Sunday evening, making $200,000 Wally studying for physics and philosophy. I mean it will would it take for coming to set up a criteria set up a threshold outside the word booster. I don't see any rules well listen Archie Manning number one quarterback in the next high school class, probably the biggest recruitment history of high school football.

Obviously, the son of Cooper and the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning.

Let's see what an ideal he gets and I'll be okay get me that is going to set all kinds of record. If he wants to do that.

I'm not sure it's very important to him, but the money is completely gone insane in college sports and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

You think he's going to be that good to me from what you seen.

I've only seen him twice and yeah I think he's more athletic than both Peyton and Eli got the arm strength and so that's how you describe by everybody's really coach them and watch them more than I have even more athletic Kate and Eli. That sounds pretty good to me, if a lot of pressure to but he seems like a very levelheaded kid I know his father.

His father, Cooper is a very levelheaded guy. He's done a good job managing this process as best you can.

I can imagine that mean he's the brother got a great personality. See one parcel time. Ian, thanks so much appreciated. Thank you Brian, you know, New York Post, 186-640-8766 I would back a moment, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show as a woman and you have prostate cancer is a guy get a look for the prostate cancer now identify as a woman so I don't have prostate anymore. Okay sir, you have breast cancer in your ball that you are pompous and jerk face.

That is how he describes make show good air bleed to be for the most part you and I really understood. So they go.

That is a little of the got belt from the other night. It was a pretty crazy show which is almost by totally forgot 10 years ago right. Last Thursday, can than three months and I know that it aired on Friday. Then there was this weekend and will see it makes you wonder if there's even more to know so I let's begin with the NBA finals have just measures to Ian O'Connor game. I mean, again, this is a fantastic series. The Celtics was one of 4 to 94. They came all the way back they were trailing early onset fury was not was not great. 722 from the field in the in the end the worriers and no one went away from securing their fourth NBA title game six is Thursday night night, not a clock in Boston.

They force a game seven, all bets are off next. Justin Bieber is updating his fans about this Ramsey fund syndrome. We talked about this thing about this.

Imagine getting up and have to face is paralyzed, he can't blink he can move his nostril to move his lips on one side since he can't even eat because he can't control his mouth want to share a little bit how he's feeling.

Susan reminding.

He knows he says that each day is gotten better and though all the discomfort I found comfort in the one who designed the design me and knows me.

I guess he's taught about God.

Justin Bieber took an Instagram to tell everybody about this thing about the one thing that could hurt him. So the is no control over nothing to his behavior to something. This happens very rare. One of over 200,000 people or something always hopefully at that getting better and how would I guess I need something that has that different from Bell's palsy. Let your faith in something I don't know.

I did betray, but I hear people get that not your you eventually come back out of that vitamin you talk of everyone's good managers canceling concerts. We had a club put dues on video. Next you will and must to attend a virtual all fans on deck meeting with Twitter employees designed to find yet getting there yet. I say said to speak of the company.

He's going to speak to at the meeting this week. It'll be the first time is addressed. Employees since agreed to by the company back in April Twitter confirmed the news and they say this, the meaning set to take place. So in two days you must himself will be will be taking questions from boys, some of whom ever greatly been troubled with this purchase will know that other CEO announced at the meeting on Monday will be moderated by twitters. See MO the chief marketing officer Leslie Berlin was employees have been upset when he wants to find out is he did he find out yet how many thoughts that they were following him. I do not believe that he asked that question that I'm looking forward to when the questions and answers get leaked coming to me right away hacking into this right away and the question is, is he going to be a financial I'm sure you have very good answers but are not care what the emplacement here is another story With the thing is, he's got a get a new valuation with understanding Tesla stock is drop precipitously, since it's always Twitter backdrop precipitously since they actually cut the deal. Always the market droplet is questions legitimate questions of her Twitter. So if he walks away. Not only does he have to pay $1 billion, with twitters at all. I guess just spoke of what was true in all those things plus economy and market overall has also gone down rate so he contributed to that little isolated world, but then overall to the economy. It's very interesting to follow next day Mike Tyson back in the news because Rick where the legendary wrestler will call it a career. Most Mike Tyson send and be part of the roots of a 73-year-old flare going down July 29 in Nashville, Tennessee is a big fight fan.

In fact, Tyson 2.0 cannabis company recently struck a deal with Rick flare drip and the men will be selling different marijuana products are possibly edible. So you watch I don't think so. I just am shocked how many people getting so rich off pot and I think I think it's absolutely hurting America's next generation. I think that that he had the opportunity to get kind of money with it. I would say no. Next, a majority of parents feel no shame in sharing a bed with their little ones in back seven of 10 believe the at the act should be normalized rather signifies that stigmatized what is your thoughts about that one. Posted 2000 parents of kids under 10 revealed that 70% are aware of the pros and cons but they don't care 80% prefer cosleeping with their kids because they believe it makes them feel closer to them.

51% say they close up with their parents as young children, 76 simply the kids today should eventually learn that a falsely independently we will eventually have to fall asleep in the family. That's pretty much that is 19 you let them fall.

Think of you in your bed every night you like help them to come there to what you do.

We have phosphates in their room. It's always a negotiation without my five year old having a thank you for hearing laydown but any defaulting there are nights when you feel right and then he bad and you know if they're sick and you know it is an economic they are cute. You gotta take this number them when you can never know they can be 20. Next Sunday is money. 73% say the weather directly impacts productivity and work.

One in four respondents claim the cool temperatures and clear skies have a connection to being more productive at work and coincides with 43% believe they do their best work in the spring. No surprises. 65% prefer working outside when the weather is nice lifeguards. For example, which we need some there are there is a lake uncharted when the weather gets very nice though people servicewomen Out no idea. I do know I do think people more productive. You know it you can always tell people going to be productive what they choose to wear if they pick out bright colors there in a good mood. If you notice your bed. Would you pick wearing my left side of the small your thanks for listening over 100 meteorologists and the resources of Fox Fox weather podcast process personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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