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Inflation, CRT on the Ballot for 8 Primary and Runoff Elections Today

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 21, 2022 12:45 pm

Inflation, CRT on the Ballot for 8 Primary and Runoff Elections Today

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 21, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Betsy DeVos

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive kill me. I very well just sitting in for Brian kill me. Brian I in Virginia and Oliver Fox at a diner primaries going on in Virginia so I'm sitting in the seat for Brian and one of the big issues in Virginia. As you know I is is schools and school choice and what was happening to our kids during coven and they really come up with the fire under all of that so cool.

Best to start the show off with than Betsy DeVos.

The former education secretary and the author of a new book out called hostages no more, the fight for education, freedom, and the future of the American child so timely. Betsy DeVos, thank you for joining me on Mary, it's great to be with you.

Thanks for having me. I have a stack of things to talk to you about because this is such a hot topic.

Now you know in your book you talk about curriculum transparency something appearance up until coven had no clue with the kids are learning in school and I blame the parents for that is, school choice, super hot right now the president deciding whether he's going to extend in a student debt forgiveness and all of that is addressed in this book up what I wanted to start out with you. That was an interesting thread that I found on twitter so please bear with me as I is I tell you about with this young man had to say. He's 18 years old and so he's original five years ago I was in junior high school and he says I imagine you're in eighth grade boy.

You're beginning to be told by teachers the media and maybe your parents that your privilege because you're a boy it's a bait basic truth. If boys are privilege the wider the girls in my class get better grades. Why are there more girls than boys in my advanced classes where the girls more well behaved and focused. Why are some of the girls preparing for college applications. Early racism and the fast forward.

It's a really long thread, so I just cherry picked it to get the gist of it. He says by the time you get to high school, your confusion only grows your friend who you used to go to church with has become addicted to porn another friend whose parents have recently divorced and started using drugs. Your friends start appearing unmotivated and demoralized. Meanwhile, the girls continue to be overrepresented in honors classes get better test scores and grades and then he says college acceptances come out, you notice more girls than boys get into top university.

More girls are going to college in general but for some reason all you hear is the girls are underrepresented in higher education and it's confusing when you start to search for college apps, college scholarships, you find hundreds that are open to only women and you do research and you'd start to discover that men are more likely to become homeless to go to prison to become alcoholics to struggle with isolation and loneliness die of drug overdose and commit suicide but all you hear about for some reason is something called the gender pay gap and this is now do all of that and assume you're at white eighth grade white boys, on top of the alienation you experience for merely being a boy. You're told by teachers the media and maybe even your parents that you should feel some form of remorse for being white you're as privileged as it gets it. This doesn't make much sense to you.

Why should you feel bad for being white something you can't control any ends by saying as you get older you feel increasingly unwelcome by society so you turn to the Internet where you feel welcome by videogames and right wing forums younger and younger white males are following this path. They feel there simply unwelcome by society and escape to a select few communities and websites for the first time in America's history, the founding demographic is dropping out of society in massive numbers. I thought that that threat is is that there's a whole lot more to it, but that just encapsulates basically what his journey has been.

Why are we doing this to our boys in our schools. This is institutionalized well Mary, it's a very good question and the question more broadly is why are we continuing to do to our kids.

What the system has done for over hundred 75 years. Put all of them into a one-size-fits-all box this last two years, parents, and fend grandparents and friends and neighbors have a had a front row seat to the failings of a system that many of us have known long before the pandemic hit and what is happened is it's betting on all of the failings have been laid bare in a way that has aroused parents interest and higher and determination to do something different and better on behalf of their kids know the months and months of wall of lockdowns the mandates the in and out of in person. Distance learning the critical race theory and all the other curriculums that parents viewed firsthand coming into their homes. The second sexualization of young children, these things and others have continued to raise up this issue. The issue of education and the future of our children in a way that I've never seen in the 35 years I've been involved with advocating for kids and their futures. And I believe it's a good and prime moment for policy change that will support parents ability to direct and control their children's education.

And that's what that's what parents what so we get here how her parents so asleep until coven. When they started seeing what was being taught to their kids because the kids was in the that they were in the kitchen and so they could hear what was being taught how to parents not know until then. Well lets you know let's be honest, there is many, many parents across the country who have moved to good quote unquote good districts to good locations. They paid higher prices for homes to do it to put their kids in schools that they thought were going to Ed to train and educate them well and and get them prepared for adulthood. But the reality is that, well before the pandemic. There were a lot of warning signs and many of us have been seeing them for years, students not being prepared not actually learning the things that they need to learn for a successful adult future, but instead being, you know, being subject to a lot of these a lot of these theories and a lot of the teaching and a lot of the curriculum that is not core to their ability to function as adults and in many cases is antithetical to what the family values are you absolutely which is why think you're seeing as were seeing since the pandemic this rush to private schools to Catholic schools ought to get the kids into an area that is gonna teach more towards their values will evaluate you know during the pandemic. Again, many families who chose to move to good areas. Quote unquote saw their schools remain closed. While many of the charter and private faith-based schools open back up and they're saying what's up with this wired our kids get getting back into the classroom where they need to be and it and the ones who were kept out the longest and have the most lasting negative impact are the ones who are the most vulnerable and did did the did the left overplay his hand as they often do. I mean they push, but they're smart to push for a mile, but the bill take a yard you know that these incremental gains that we have seen over time there smart in that way. Have they overplayed their hand, though in this time because when it comes to kids.

I've been saying this for years now when it comes to your children. It doesn't matter with you. You have a D or an R after your name. This is something that brings everyone together because now you're talking about my kids, and only the far left organ to be okay with the whole whiteness and CRT and all of that stuff that everybody else for this. Do you see enough of a groundswell from the American people for a pushback to have change well II do I do see the intensity and the attention that's being paid to what is actually happening and then you know many parents who want to go and ask questions of their schools and they go to the school board meetings and then they are AL publicly ridiculed or or castigated and you to the point of being called and referred to as domestic terrorists with the FBI being sent in to investigate.

I mean these things. It is the system and end and headed up by the school unions overplaying they have continued at every step to be on the side of their interests, and a system rather than the children that they're supposed to be be serving and families have awakened to this and many beyond families have awakened and were seeing moves in states across the country to pass legislation implement policy that is going to give parents the ability to control those resources and I use the metaphor of a backpack often kids go to school every day with backpack full of the things they need for the day. We need to metaphorically attached to each child's backpack. All the resources that are being spent on that child. So, on average, we spend about $15,000 per child per year in K-12 education. Some places way more other places less, but let's just say it's about $15,000. We need to attach metaphorically attached to those monies to that child's backpack and let the parents decide if their assigned school is working for them or not. And if it's not give them the opportunity to choose a private school or a homeschool or a learning pod or a virtual school, or any combination of those and let them find the place that their child is going to thrive.

That is the imperative now you absolutely and there are so many things that I know you wanted to do that you didn't get to do as the education Sec. and were to talk about some of that as well. School choice and also I like to explore this ad. Exodus of teachers from our system and now we don't have enough of them, and that is a problem as well. Seems almost like a perfect storm more with former education Sec. Betsy DeVos coming up on the Brian Kelly Joe learning something new every day, for I am Joe Michaud's personal is America's home of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and was the metal influx is the largest river. You did your project, Fox news broadcast network under Domino's Fox News contributor and editor of the newsletter inviting you to join the conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast smell by doing a Fox news blog information you want truth you demand. This is the Brian Kilmer show about security. It's not saying slavery didn't exist without saying that we didn't have Jim Crow. What should people know when they talk about CRT critical race theory as a lens so it's a bit. They instruct teachers to look at which of the myth of meritocracy colorblindness here.

We don't want to do core Vargas anymore. We want race consciousness and the permanence of racism. We discovered from Pacific educational group which is where these equity consultants that have a whole list of things a bit presented to the different school system in Pennsylvania talk about things that are habits of whiteness.

It is hard work.

The scientific method being polite what those are true. Those are things for everybody right a minute to assume that that's a somebody that's why it's appalling. Mary will turn for Brian. Can we do her Brian there with Ian Pryor in Virginia today. Brian is down there for other Virginia primaries and you know Ian was one of those people who was really at the forefront of this explosion of parents getting involved being outraged with their kids are learning a during the pandemic and I am here with the former education Sec. Betsy DeVos. Welcome back Shields was a new book out called hostages no more, the fight for education, freedom, and the future of the American child you heard Ian Pryor there is Tina talking about colorblindness and we started this I read that thread to you from an 18-year-old young white man talking about how damaging it is that were telling our young boys that their privilege and if you're white you have the ultimate in privilege and how they they kinda drop out of society because it felt like they're not welcome. What are we doing this and in the other part of this to me it's very racist to tell our black children that you know will you know it being being polite is is whites you don't want to be polite you want to be on time. Those are things that set you up for failure in life. While all of these whatever iteration of critical race theory were talking about what it does is serve to set one group of people up against another, and it it's just it it it does its bottom line.


And the last thing we need to be doing is encouraging kids to view themselves as something less than no matter where you come from, no matter the color of your skin how much your family makes however way you cut it. What we need to be doing is setting up kids for success and expecting expecting the best from them having high expectations around what kids can do and will do is where we should be going. And yet we see the system really dumbing down things in so many cases or lowering expectations, removing requirements, all in the name of somehow helping kids that doesn't help kids and what will help them is ensuring that their families have the opportunity to again find the right fit for them to get everything from an education and become everything that they can be ill. The system that we are living with today is 175 years old and it's fundamentally unchanged from the time it was founded. The title of my book hostages no more, more, is a direct reference to a reference to a direct quote from Horace Mann, the founder or the father of our system hundred 75 years ago said that educators are entitled to look upon parents as have given as having given hostages to our cause. Our cause.

The cause of Horace Mann and the educators and we've seen in spades today. How many places and ways that our children have been held hostage. They need to be freed and that's what this book is about how we fix American education.

It has great stories from my time in office, but also stories from well before that 30 some years before that of advocating on behalf of students and their families to be where they need to be not in a system that is holding them back or telling them something that they are not, and in having them learn to hate themselves.

Now were seeing a mass exodus of teachers as we are from so many professions people are leaving.

I don't know where they're going. I have no clue how people are making money I'd someone needs to tell me because apparently one of the few people still working up, but teachers are saying that the veteran teachers just can't take it in their leaving, in part due to the scale of mental health challenges that students have brought back to the classroom. After two years of online learning anything these mental health problems have been brewing for a long time because of the what we are telling our children instead of just teaching them were indoctrinating them, and for a lot of them. It just doesn't sit right with them while at you know what is your response to this how if you were the education Sec. How would you handle this right now, while absolutely teachers have been it's been tough for teachers. The last two years as well and it would frankly it's been tougher teachers for many years and while I was Sec. I had two roundtables with teachers who had been teachers of the year in their state or their district.

Yet after their year of the ill going around the state and talking and and encouraging others of their gear their colleagues. They came back to their schools and were basically told to get back in the classroom and just do what you did before, and in no way was there. You know that the fact that they were outstanding and what they did really leveraged and/or celebrated and so all of these teachers have left the classroom after having been on their victory lap for a year.

They had left the classroom and here. These are great teachers. We need to ensure that great teachers have every opportunity to teach kids to teach other teachers who can use their mentorship and to encourage them to find a place and fit that works for them. You know there's been there been many teachers who the last two years out of necessity have gone and or out of desire have gone and started working with a small handful of families that decided to homeschool their kids together or no formal little mini school. Those kinds of opportunities need to be continued to develop for teachers and those need to be viable and good options and they can be. If we move from this stringent one-size-fits-all framework to end a a framework of education freedom where families and teachers are fully empowered to make the right decisions for their kids.


I just wanted were to do one more segment here, but I do want to address the issue of the mental health crisis, and the lack of counselors in schools that seems to be a complaint across the board that there aren't enough counselors and schools to handle these kids you have so many are dealing with so many mental issues, especially after the pandemic rights of war coming up with the former education secretary Betsy DeVos on the right. Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening Dumbo knowing Fox news Bob just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite projects will came close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture to politics and business. Subscriber must Fox News but just from his mouth to your ears kill me very well to sitting in for Brian kill me. We are here with the former education secretary, Betsy DeVos and I will be thinking of calls coming up 86640876698664087669 talking about the mental health crisis that it just seems to be overrunning this entire generation and it started before the pandemic item in the survey from August 2011 to November 2011, 73% of college students reported experiencing some type of mental health crisis during college I find it hard. I find that just amazing that so many kids are experiencing mental health crises and how we address this with our with our students, especially when the complaint is there, or enough guidance counselors, while great question, Mary, and again I think looking at the system and how it responded to the coven crisis. The last couple of years. There seem to be no anticipation that there would be more need when children got back to school and when they were deciding to keep the kids locked out of school for months on end. No anticipation of the cost of the health cost to children from that perspective.

And here today, the, the system sets with having been allocated $200 billion for covert relief. Most of it untouched and unspent and undesignated for something like this very pressing issue. Now it seems to me they should have anticipated going back and in providing all kinds of resources and support for children but again the system has failed the kids. It's supposed to serve you and when and we keep seeing that over and over again which is why you and we we play the piece from Empire with Brian today.

You know and and again EB in the tip of the spear really when it came to that explosion in Virginia of parents going to school board meetings could could the silver lining in all of this be that parents are now getting involved in their children's education.

I do think it's very much a silver lining.

And I think it's also so that policymakers those who are elected to office at the federal and state and local levels are paying attention in ways they have not before up there seeing that parents and and all of their families and and neighbors and friends are saying we need something different. This is not working for our kids and we want to have the ability to control what happens with our kids. We clearly learned, even if we didn't know it before the pandemic we learn the last two years that we've had very little control. If any up with our children's education and that needs to change. Policymakers are getting the message and those who don't better wake up if you were still the education secretary and you were in the position right now. What is the first thing you would do to change the education system while the first thing is I would I would it if I could snap my fingers, I would make sure that the funds for children follow the child to the family so that they are the decision-maker, not the funds going to a system or a building which is how we've traditionally done it.

We need to change our mindset around that and know that we education is about individual kids. We need to be funding them and letting their families make the decision for them. What is best. Absolutely. And that that idea of school choice. I do think is spreading and I think that parents as we we just said are waking up and saying in a way to minute. There's a great school over there but I'm I have to semi-kid to the school because it's based on my ZIP Code. It seems so arbitrary and maybe, like you said it worked years ago, but maybe now not so much on the book that I really think if you are apparently you want to pick up if you really want to check this out so much as addressed in this book. It's called hostages no more, the fight for education, freedom, and the future of the American child is and it's available now correct.

It is indeed today's the day all right today's the day parents. If you are worried about your kids education you need to pick this book up. It's by Betsy DeVos, the former education secretary, thank you so much for joining me this morning. Thanks so much Mary. Great to be with you. 866-408-7669 is my number you you heard what Betsy DeVos had to say here again the book is hostages no more, the fight for education, freedom, and the future of the American child going on sale today.

She talks about you know that the mental health issues in school, which, to me fascinated by the fact that even before the pandemic. So many college-age kids are reporting mental health crises, having had a mental health crisis during college in their college years shocking to me in a college is hard. We partied hard. We studied hard. We worked hard, but you know we all have our moments where we broke down because until we are getting a test under the workload was too hard or whatever but we got through it and eight. I don't think if you ever asked if you ever asked me if I had a mental health crisis in college I would say no, but it's trickling down his younger and younger. And if you missed it, but when we first started the interview with her. I read her. It was a very long thread on Twitter by an 18-year-old man who is going college for the end he 085 years ago I was in eighth grade and he talks about the things he was told in eighth grade. He was told you you start being told because your boy your privileged and that the girls in a but yet I lie look around and the girls are doing better and test the girls are more or better behaved. The girls are getting better grades and and then it goes on and I get that you know high school and I'm told the same thing and that you know there's a gender gap and and then I then because I'm white. I'm told that I have the ultimate in privilege and he talks about how he saw his friends his weight, his male friends become disconnected and start to withdraw because as a group, especially white boys young white boys and there are basically told that they're not welcome anywhere.

They're not there not encouraged to achieve because they have privilege and he's watching the girls succeed, and I'll tell you I have three nieces. The three of them, you know, got into phenomenal college is the youngest. Though because she's white that came into play unofficially from what we found out like yeah sorry but you know she's white liquid look at the school for the SAT score she's insanely brilliant yeah okay but she said a good school should get her dream school, but she is in a great school which which is fantastic. But they eat they also say you know they look to his own. It's really said they do look down a lot of the boys that they go to school with. They're not serious they're not there. There mature. The girls seem to be mature them seem to be double to mature, like they they're so focused on learning and and achieving and there like the boys are in serious daily want to do is party, but the boys clearly are doing well because I got into the school so I just wonder what were doing to our young men and this is been coming for a while and the militant mental health crises that we see in schools. I'm she also addresses student, student debt, student loan debt and you heard the president say that you know he's thinking about extending that the holiday the student debt repayment holiday and when I hear this thing okay that's good you had to pay your student loans for two years so if you are taking the money and putting it away sucking it away. You be earning interest on it which is great. And then when you have to pay repairs you with you in a bit of a whole bunch that debt in one shot. Repaying it shouldn't be a problem for you, so people like I can't repayment student loan debt. What you been doing with the money for the last two years only one who wonders that I know I would think if I got a mortgage holiday for two years in my brain. I would take and if money was tight. It would take at least half the money that I was supposed to pay to the mortgage and put it away and not touch it right and left and then when I do have to start repaying my mortgage. I have more than enough money to repay my mortgage right to start making the maintenance I just don't how many people are doing that you understand that at all, but all of this sheet she talks about end and she also talks about title IX and the whole bathroom selection and gender identity, and all of that so I want to get your thoughts.

86640876698664087669 a Mary Walter and you're listening to the Branko Misha questioning every talk show that's real is that Brian kill me show so it makes moment where we see racial races retrenchment where we see extremist forces on the rise trying to everywhere undermine our democracy. There would be this anti-CRT movement but critical race theory. We understand the relationship between critical race theory and white replete and replacement. There they go hand in because we sought in the latter part of the 19th century as Jim Crow was taking root and ideology of Anglo-Saxon as was overrunning the country that was Eddie glad Junior, and MSNBC is a professor at Princeton and talking about the anti-CRT movement. It's a part of quote racist re-entrenchment. Maybe it's because I do this for a living so I talk about these things all the time and him and you know I I have to keep up with all this tired of this changing of that, the vocabulary and everything out the stuff. The words that are thrown around. Now even know what they mean.

Especially when it comes to like the 47 pronouns and you're no longer heterosexual. It's it's heteronormative what what why does everything have to be changed. What I sound like I'm 10,000 years old and I kinda feel that way sometimes, but this is all very exhausting and if you're a kid in school. This has to be exhausting to you, a parent, especially, oh my gosh, you poor parents, 866-408-7669. We were just speaking with Betsy DeVos, the former education secretary. She is a new book out called hostages no more, the fight for education, freedom, and the future of the American child and we been talking a lot about our our young boys and young boys in school are taught that their privilege so you automatically. You know like your privileged and look down on but at the same time and then that if there why it's even worse there necessary and was an excellent twitter thread by a young man who said you know I follow my peers just drift into drugs and all these other things who were motivated but were basically told that were not welcome anywhere but the message to the black kids is that you are incapable without our help. You are incapable. You have a bigger struggle and make some victims and the whole system I think is horrible but what is happening to our young males I think is really really bad.

866-408-7669 a Julian Gainesville, Florida. Julie you're on the Branko Misha hot. I really and I hope what I started here though in the elementary go all who have become more than likely bring mood week that other type way from the client. What I know that darting in kindergarten girl some reason always been debate about month developmentally ahead of boys. I think the natural tendency and so look some girl lying to Johnny to help him organize him in our work with Penfold where paper to keep him on track. Add enough for Johnny by month and year starting to feel really an adequate all the girls in the class thing that understand that they said Apple not connecting the dots and continue kindergarten first grade 2nd grade and just become the will and security in the young boy and they become very dependent on be go to help keep them organized and the girls are telling very early on yeah and then on top of that if you tell Don that will your super privilege. They look around the liquid unprivileged. I have a minder you literally cite assigned a minder to me, but I'm privileged how does that work is a super confusing message to these kids and they just can't work it out, which I can't blame them.

I can't work it out.

I don't understand what's happening to how you expect a kid who's, you know, 10 years old to figure out that he's privileged but yet he and the girls are doing far better than he is, but he's privileged because is a boy does make any sense at all and not letting boy boys and Apple are and play those so important in the classroom when I taught fifth grade I was one of the few teachers who allowed my children reach that because I knew that after lunch. If those guys didn't have 25 minutes on the basketball court work out frustration. I walked in for the rest of the day they will be ready for social you know I that is so true Julie, thank you so much that is so true.

Getting the play are you gonna be crazy. Every teacher loved to play because the kisses were themselves into the ground which they need. Let's quickly go to California. Rebecca listening on the Fox app you are on the Brian kill me show high and though Mary love listening to your wonderful thank you is you want to say about Betsy about.boys in school and all that stuff. I years ago for about six years ago I had to decide to put my phone into high school, so he graduated eighth grade and he hung out. He was very smart.

He graduated salutatorian of his class thing and he did very well hung out with the girls because they were all smart right of the ones that got all the attention, so I decided to put him into an all boys Catholic high school because I wanted him to compete with boys and not so much the girls because the girls seem to be getting everything getting into better classes and better writers than and it was just not fair now. I put my son in the same high school that Tom Brady went to and in San Mateo Sarah high school and it's very good. My son graduated with a 4.4 heated excellent. Now here's the caveat anything a year. I didn't know this but he was gay and he came out on the intercom at school this with a different set of Catholic high school.

Mind you, and the first one to ever do this.

I'm very proud of him. Notice in all boys Catholic high school. This is really great. I've got one minute.

I'm sorry you and he point in pinpointing appointed. He had other challenges when he is with all the boys and being gay and he had to keep that subdued coming out anything your senior year and was just the point where he did have another challenge not just fighting girls. Now he had to fight his you know being gay right you know, and it was a struggle in it so hard for these boys and I feel sorry for all of I do and thank you for sharing that story and I'm so happy to hear that you and in that he was. He was supported by his parents. Everything is I think that's super important. Rebecca, thank you for sharing that. But here's the thing. I know you have to come out on the on the school intercom to everybody in school. I don't know. We would like everybody's gotta pronounce their sexual proclivities on it out loudly to the public. I don't know why because I think I will look to us to get to the point where no one cares right. Isn't that the ultimate goal to get to that point where no one cares you do you all do will be happy that would be the best in my mind about that's incredible. I Mary Welter for listening to the rank of each of five euros New York City pressure off the set of function for America's receptive voice jewelry yes I Mary Welter sitting in the seat for Brian Kelly Brian Downey Junior for the primaries, morning friends in one of the diners down there in Richmond. Let's go order showing the talk about immigration of one of talk about gun control as well and best to do that to Col. Allen West American constitutional rights Union Executive Director, Congressman from Florida and he is the author of the books hold Texas hold the nation victory or death and also we can overcome an American black conservative manifesto. You can follow him on Twitter at Allen West sir, thank you for joining me on the Brian kill me show high hello sir how are you doing a better world. Good Lord, I will, and so happy that your joining me. I have so many things that I wanted to speak with you that you have peace out called a short reminder of the history, the Democrat party in America, and this is so powerful because I was reading this like well he's totally right and you talk about the 4S words that some of the Democratic Party in America, slavery, secession, segregation and socialism. But then you add another word. It starts with a V. What is that other word or a career do us part out the other word that you add in there. It's not an S word is a V word that has become associated with the Democratic Party was violent when you look at what is the common thread between slavery, secession, socialism, and segregation of this bottle is a mess who they are. That's what we should be playing out here right now and I figured so important. You have the quote from George that the study and understand this this political party and this ideology in real good about creating fear and intimidation of direct coercion and ultimately volatile.

The father tried to get their way of the truck to out lot better, but yet it is a great piece so as I was reading this I'm like okay so were the Republicans and the Republicans formed their party.

As you point out in 1854 as a single issue party and that was the abolition of slavery.

Republicans today seem to not have any kind of backbone any kind of spine and I wonder if they've the leadership in the Republican Party is really no different than the leadership of the Democrat party will bear the frustration as a matter fact you saw this.

We could be Texas GOP convention that John Cornyn was booed because their stricken car. Republicans are going up there and now they're getting a beer with a progressive socialist was whole gun control. Craig implemented red blood laws, which are a violation of the Circuit Court constitutional amendment so you know I don't know what occurred you would with the Republican Party. I don't know what the plan is being there. Talk about your list of majorities back in the house words you plan words your contract with America know Newt Gingrich is out there writing this new majority thing, but where's McConnell and McCarthy standing up for these puzzles. And again, why don't they say these things about this party. When you look at this organization. James Ruben but without their firebombing pro-life pregnancy centers and threatened to save it. You don't disband shutdown in 30 days they're going to be morbid while we put pressure on on this organization. While we bring to light what we said in the mirror: the study fit but watching the judge restrict committee. The committee hears while to deal with no one to deal with and people would prove the domestic Paris organization much like the first benefit or organization "grade was the Ku Klux Klan you know is it's you have Jim Jordan coming out.

He's the top Republican on the judiciary committee and he is saying said that within 1/2 dozen whistleblowers have come forward regarding Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland if they win the house there. They're going to mull impeachment of Garland and they're going to take action against him. So I keep hearing this, but I kind of feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy hold the football telling me know if you give us the majority were really going to do something and nothing ever gets done and the Republicans will complain like well the Democrats on the media and if the media doesn't put the stuff out there than you know, we really can do anything and to me, that is just a load, you may not get it televised miniature hearings televised when you can still impeach someone you can still bring people to justice.

Whether or not the media covers it or not. Who cares about your bill about me right now you know marigolds would probably be gone going up to Paris with the most repairs but you don't go outdated people of Majorca. The instructor Homer security should be gone. You know I'm here in Texas and this thing about video or managing the border effectively and efficiently. The law you got millions of people. Both of them in but not illegal immigration issues you go to even keep track of some of the folks who know the terrorist watchlist the comb across the board, so he should be gone without a doubt, let me tell you Joe Biden you will talk about for you.

You want to talk about applicable know about phone call with the fact that you are disavowing your constitutional oath to protect the sovereignty of theAmerica all these things would be a special without borders, purposeful and intentional, and so we want to see the courage from Republicans with no maybe you know McCarthy and McArdle were read that piece it up without a motel hall and maybe they will echo some of thehistoric fund, a big boy. Well, my husband firmly believes that the Republican Party needs more women because the women are the fighters of keys. He said you need more Laura Bo birds anymore.

Marjorie telling greens you need more a least a phonics they need more women who don't care about being reelected, who will go out there and fight and shine a spotlight on the Democrats and they don't care and it seems to me as if a lot of the men you keep mentioning the McConnell McCarthy those two. I personally would love to see them get primary booted out because they don't seem to want to do anything except get reelected. That's my humble opinion well.

You look good Myra Florio who just for special works of down here and what exactly would Lisa be sure to put the people down here. Dr. Christoph Democrats and so we believe that conical fire. We knew gold women of Sparta is no more would go back and talk about that, you know, stand up and encourage those warriors and inspire men be of a good output because right now the status quo was failing him in the Republican Party and so you got to get people to vote for not just to hear something to vote against you know everyone knows that this progressive socialist ideological job is not good, but what are you going to try to inspire people to vote for to be justice.

I married a Fama commander on the battlefield and we got about her coming up and up till but troops were not going to develop a plan because it was such a bet that we know will follow me into that whole thing is just so frustrating and it is one of the reasons I am not a member of the Republican Party because they let me down so often and I think that was the lure of Trump is that he was a fighter and I think the people really want a fighter and they been longing for that and that's what was the appeal of Trump II know you. You had mentioned immigration and you mentioned the terrorists cut 11 Eric this is Tom Homan on America reports talking about the God ways and nobody seems to be none none them here. Some Homan British soldiers hurry to release people not waiting for the Bureau. As you know there's a case where they released a mill hailing from the facility. All the bedding to get back to today's relational event in Qu�bec. He was on the church washed the turquoise falcon and the rest of the home. He more like people back to the 800,000 other ways right that we know usually other thoughts recorded got a restaurant, camera, drug drone traffic. We have beautiful portraits respond recipe for 461 different countries from which country sponsor termination personally be rusted only 300,000 instructor knows what the church leaders have great question and their condo in Texas and Arizona will write you a pot of soup that come with the ones that are out there camouflage dressed in black with backpacks don't want to get caught.

Many of them coming out there through West Texas because it was Focus on the Family units come in the Rio Grande Valley area. You know, Bill, Leo, Eagle Pass better, but let me put this on the comparative analysis you will Tom Homan waddle quite well suited 800,000 giveaways size of an army light infantry division is about 12,000 soldiers. So you basically have. How many times more Army infantry division, could beAmerica and we don't know what they'll get us a very dangerous thing because when you look at this, hold the phone the police when you look at how the left is releasing violent criminals with felons back onto the street. When you look at the illegal operations that are happening here in America were setting ourselves up for something we could be very very bad. In the future, absolutely before I let you go I know your big within into the NRA and your you're interested in got gun issues we have this a bipartisan group that is looking at you. Hello I say this after looking at it or want to say infringing our rights maybe curtailing our right to those of us who are legal gun owners because a criminal committed a horrible and atrocious crime.

This sticking point from what we hear is her seems to be some disagreement over the boyfriend loophole also known as the. The red flag laws and a majority of Americans are for say they're in support of these red flag laws do you think that this bill would pass if it contains some kind of red flag law, no workload laws or violation of your second for coffee crucial members. We know how this will end up in marriage.

You want to look into the case from November 2013 dear Jerry Willis got a 61-year-old man from Ferndale Maryland who got killed by police at his doorway of the code of a red flag laws me about war does put out a gift from look you want to know about a red flag. The shooter is you all do Texas lived with his grandfather. His grandfather had a criminal record, his grandfather could not possess firearms nor could he be around so that she will use his grandfather's address on his 4473 background check that should've created a red flag like that shouldn't stop everything like beer. So we've got a problem with our system. We got a problem.

Boo-hoo, I want to see the juveniles that are out there being no follow criminals, put them in the system so that if you are 16 to 17 new committee facilities back like the cute belt. You know you bother shooting adults with BBs guns. When you become a pain is still there and you fly the cult. That's what I want to see happen met this baby was going to put in jeopardy many of the legal law by being responsible gun. The problem I see with this is I look at the restraining order. See notes because the boyfriend who may be abusive.

This is what were talking about with the boyfriend loophole someone has been accused of abuse or convicted on abuse this piece paper and a lot of them walk right through her number one but on the other side of it. I do think that restraining orders are MPR abused themselves when a woman and women tend to abuse them more than guys do. Sorry ladies but you know she wants to get even with him on many get him for cheating on me. So she goes down to the police department and because she alleges abuse or she's in fear for her life or something along those lines automatically.

You get that Temporary Restraining Order and then there's a cooling off. You get to go to get to go to court but with a red flag law. Your guns are taken away from you and like the case in Maryland he came to his door like 530 in the morning. He had no clue what was going on he think someone's breaking into his house and he was down with his gun right thing to realize again I would use as people to go out there you can pull it down on Autoblog uniform 4473 that you must complete every time you go to purchase a weapon play was me. They don't care a been a member, with Bill Carol to: Army every time a purchase weapon, how to fill out a cold 44 731 of the questions is about domestic violence, abuse, or any charges related to the vested well so let me tell you how the system failed again in the case the shooter and saw the lawn sprinkler shot of the church that Albert blue 2007. He was in the Air Force was convicted of domestic abuse of the best football at the Air Force did not put him into the system so guess what he was able to go out lotto who 44 734 regular AR 15 and then proceeded to shoot up the church and who stopped a train NRA firearms instructor who was barefoot Spiegel Williford with an AR 15.

The weapon we got a problem with the system and the background the mixes from the special I hundred percent I agree with you, and I figured you were going to be against the red flag law because I can see a ton of knobs having your have your firearms confiscated and I just see the left.

Using this now as a weapon against the right because know you are you are the capital in January 6.

Even if you are outside your insurrectionist your threat to America.

You have firearms we have to have the right to know come into your home and take them because your threat so II just see this as a very slippery slope to be used in weapon eyes by the left.

A Lieut. Col. Allen West.

Thank you for joining me. I appreciate your time. It's always great to talk to you so much for your goblet.

You have a great God bless you. 286640876698664087669 your calls coming up on the Brian Kelly show challenging conventional thought and wisdom can only radio show like no other. Go without or patrolled to us about $40 just grouped up the groups from across the majority of families and children to feudal videos. There is only one small area along the border at Stark County, which is the further southern part of Texas just massive groups coming across Mrs. during the late night hours.but I was there and the beetle proposal hundred plus parts about joint accounts are another group of over 100, but the important thing to understand that we talk about the how resources are so tied up in overwhelmed particular group took off. It took six agents to process those individuals they were pulled up the lines that were stuck there processing those immigrants will doubtless take your place. You have a single dose of runners that are trying to get by.

That was attorney Chris Olivarez on Fox and friends, we can talking about the search on the border using the number of people just coming across the night I saw Susan Fox descended enough, the number of unaccompanied minors. Children that have just been sent across the border by their parents with a coyote I were smuggled across humans across the border would fill Anaheim Stadium whose reason these kids we were paying for them, but obviously if you take it you know look 18 years down the road, this kids are to be adults and can sponsor mom and dad and their cousins in chain migration and you know the whole family comes over 866-408-7669.

We are just speaking with the tenant Col. Allen West about that, but we were also talking to him about this proposed this gun legislation that they're working on gun control or the left now calls it gun safety.

We don't take gun control because they know that the right to put the backup about that liquid but cyclic gun safety now and that's that's what they're talking about, but an excellent piece of by ABC news that asserts that according to experts that they interviewed these data proposed federal gun safety measures would have prevented the volley shooting and you heard Lieut. Col. West talk about will they want to do this they wanted this but the the way that that the volley shooter got his guns would none of this would have been prevented by so you wind up with a questionable as he as a Lieut. Col. Allen was pointed out, you know, we need to fix the system. We already have in place.

We know that mistakes were made in pretty much all of these school shootings. Someone didn't close the door of the volley.

Apparently the teacher did close the door, but exposed to autolock anything, it had been broken for a while and they knew it, but they were going to fix it. Never got around to the more you listen, or you'll go right into me on Mary Walters sitting in for Brian Kelly Brian down in Virginia looking at the primaries down there have been some nice diner food Richmond 86640879 is the number if you want to join in. We are just speaking with Lieut. Col. Allen West and he was talking about the border and what is happening down there and the number of people coming across.

It's mind-boggling you're talking about the population of entire CDs that have now been dispersed throughout the United States. Majority of them on you naughty, so there's no cobra testing going on.

Some of them are cobra tested, but the most majority are in the put them on planes and into your ear Townsend into school with your kids and your gonna pay for and we now know that not only is Texas but also Arizona sending busloads of these people to Washington DC know they were to drop them off in front of the White House.

But the most of them are going to a union station where a lot of them are getting on buses and heading elsewhere. The number one destinations.

New York number two New Jersey and I think the other one is Lorna, but I'm not hundred percent sure three but they sent 79 buses full of illegals to Washington DC but if you're leaving and they're not staying, it doesn't really affect Washington that much. And that's the last thing they want to talk about because they sit Democrats play the long game if they can bring 3 million people into this country illegally as well over a million.

Now if they can bring 3 million in the course of four years into this country.

They know that down the road five years from now, even Republicans are to be able to deport all these people do not getting deported.

These people are here to stay and Democrats know that because in a play that this is the only life they know they don't know anything about filling the home country China Italy wherever it happens to be that they're coming from Hunter over hundred and 60 countries being represented there not to be deported and what they think. Guess what, 3 million new Democrat voters. That's what they're doing is up there they can't sell their ideas to the American people, but they can import people who are used to living under these conditions to get them to vote for every mental be rewarded for bringing them into this country.

That's what they're there thinking. The other thing we were discussing. Is this gun bill that is a bipartisan bill and there there hat passionate out the sticking point right now. According to reports. Is this boyfriend loophole also known as red flag laws and a lot of people are against red flag laws. I think for good reason. You're right to due process is gone.

Your ad you are judged guilty. A possible threat to the common take away your guns to strip you of your second amendment rights right away and then you have to prove your innocence. That's not the way the system is supposed to work and I see room for a lot of abuse with this 866-408-7669 in North Carolina.

Brad, you are on the Brian kill me.

Ciao hi. Very I'm doing good so you wanted to talk about the school shootings real quick correlation to going to school. A lot of things going on with the young men in our nation among 37 years old 85 born and I watched the transition of what's going on with the high school you know like the previous call you that her son off to the all-male school when he came out and whatnot I'm saying is this parking for every week. If you do a toxicology report, it could on some type of antidepressant basic audit. You know you kids on drugs meant another know about talking illegal drugs on talking pharmaceuticals men brought more faith in his nation as a whole, parent of three instead of spending more time with our kids, all I see is you know, the phone interface.

The total interface in OPEC do to get them out of my hair sort relating to do. The problem is will bring a generation of kids that are raised right. Look at that. If you look at the toxicology on the tutors. Every one of these kids you know Tony will show me what they were on another telltale sign of what was going on with their mental status the mental instability of the nation. It's a great point and I hear a lot about that that these kids are on a lot of a lot of behavioral drugs. I think the point was made also by that woman that you know we don't allow boys to be boys and I think that's so true behavior that is typical of young boys and I see it really dealt with my nieces and nephews. The girls love to build things a bit really good attention span and they play quietly and in the boys committee just like plow through it and wreck it right you are interested in hunting and fishing in masculine things with the that were now killing art. You're not.

You don't celebrate your masculinity. Don't go break being a man of manhood, and I feel like you know if it's going to be equal rights for everyone the benefit of the same the same playing field, and lastly want to talk on one with the loss of their about the going.

Furthermore, when you get a 13 to turn in all of their firearms in the legal patriots of this nation will turn in their zoning the thing about it is the only thing that these red flag laws need other gun laws are doing is protecting the criminals the patriots of this nation are going to be punished and lose their ability to defend himself and when were facing a massive border crisis right now which unfortunately is what this administration is seemingly playing out there looking for and I will go one step further and polish my tinfoil hat and say yes, but disarming the legal gun owners is the purpose of all of this date.

They understand that they know darn well and thank you I appreciate you kicking off Brad. I think that the politicians know darn well that these laws they pass, piece by piece and they whittle away a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more. They know that it's not gonna stop the shootings in Chicago and all these other inner cities were people are being shot 1020 people every week at the stop taxing of those guns are legally owned. They know that that's what they're trying to stop this is about. In my humble opinion, making it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and then they tell you that you're dependent on the police department and what are they doing to the police department and no offense to cops, but they can't be everywhere. Number one. And if you're defunding the a lot of that we were there is a city with cash. We just found out last week that they run out of money because I have enough money for gas so there doing remote police calls and the only sensibly out of it's like I'm real emergency, but those people who are making those laws enjoys security arm to the hilt who, how are allowed to carry weapons that you and I are not allowed to have to defend ourselves and because their private security. So what they're doing is they've already stripped the African-American population and the poor of their ability to protect themselves unless they choose to do it illegally because the left tells us that black people don't have IDs right and poor people don't have IDs and you need an ID to get firearms so right then and there. The right of the game.

They also have to pay for fingerprinting and background checks and everything else they can afford. So right then and there.

According to the form with the left says about the black population and poor population sedate right there. There out of the game, they cannot legally defend themselves.

The only option they have is to illegally obtain a firearm to defend themselves. That's never once they're working on everybody else. This red flag law.

In my humble opinion opens up a can of worms that allows the left to target people you know the Karen on your street who has hurt you know. I will lives matter Cedar Lake did you ever see the signs. The black and happily black lives matter. I believe science is real. I believe that gender is fluid that that thing she's the one who she knows her. Her neighbor who flies the trunk flag has guns so or she thinks it is the she calls the police and say I think he's at the know he threatened me. He's a menace. He has firearms and then they go to hit he gets. He gets tied by red flag.

They come in they take his guns.

He is another pay for a lawyer to prove his innocence and he can and it can take forever to get his firearms back. So I see where this can be abused in a large way and I think it's a very, very dangerous thing I want safety, I don't want kids dying in school, but I think there are other ways to prevent that from happening.

That's not being discussed.

866-408-7669 Jim in Portland Oregon live listening on freedom 970 hi Jim, Heimer, like designing a car without brakes under that would be allowed to automobile safety, but there crying to put you through. I thought of one other thing. There was a case were citizens to defend themselves in the Northfield, Minnesota. The Jesse James gang made a business trip in Rabobank.

I got repulsed was barrio of Moorefield, Minnesota, Lord, and I wish people would remember about well you know what, there are a lot more, even recent ones. For instance, and I'm glad you reminded me of this. Jim, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that just a file justifiable homicides are rising in Philly as concealed carry searches in that city. They listed three recent incidents in which individuals were legally carrying concealed shot and killed their assailants, they observe the liability yet justified homicides from 67% from 2020 to 20 2122 is on pace to surpass the number of justifiable justifiable homicides witnessed just last year, so you don't have to go that far back, Jim, and thank you for bringing that up.

You have to go that far back because of the left� With the wild West. You were not the wild West were much more civilized and on and on but look at what's happening in Philadelphia, which makes me wonder how many people in places where you can't carry friends like New Jersey, New York, California, these other states, Washington DC.

I wonder how many people would feel safer and be safer if they could conceal carry and don't tell me that the word doesn't go out amongst the criminal element that a lot of people are carrying now in Philadelphia and you start to see maybe a drop in 2021 the number of concealed carry permits in Philly skyrocketed to 7/70,000 and those people are not just shooting people willy-nilly justifiable homicides, 866-408-7669. Believe me, I wish I lived in a world in which I would need to carry all the time but unfortunately if we don't prosecute crime and we keep letting criminals out of of jail over and over and over again or they get convicted.

We let them out on bail over and over again or just don't require bail and just let them walk with the promise that they're going to come back. We're at a greater risk.

Just the way the world it get more of your calls coming up in the Branko Misha there's is no greater joy to my horse at 866-408-7669 kilometers show. If you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me. Mary Walter in for Brian kill me 88664087669. This gun legislation that they're working on. No caving where we can do this. None of this would stop you balding, shooting, and when you ABC putting a piece saying how we interviewed up a bunch of experts and they say that the proposed federal gun safety measures would have prevented you balding shooting doing what are you doing now.

I give the Republicans credit they are pushing for mental health issues. If for some more resources in our schools to get more guidance counselors right wing guidance counselors in school we have a pendant with an epidemic against a pandemic, but an epidemic of kids in income in school and especially in college reporting over 75% of kids in college thing that they've had some kind of mental health episode encourage, so our kids are hurting and I think that's why you're seeing these shootings in my personal opinion were not taken care of that and you can put as many laws as you want of the books criminals don't follow the law and it was shocking. Let's go to Mark on Staten Island.

Listening a WABC marker on the Brian kill me show hi good morning all, wrote a little while well worth the second world already over 20,000 gun related wars in this country okay for mental health know if something is not in the instant check system whose records are sealed to the doctor say it's all confidential blah blah blah. You can have the information.

So how can we going to look at a guy you know he's not sweet on active notes on Islam and his record will work with and that's that's the point. That's what they say in this piece from ABC is that on the it contains the framework for this law has six proposals focusing on mental health and three gun specific proposals and the experts say that you know measures that are already in place wouldn't prevent the of all the shooting and naturally walk this fine line of mental health records being private but I know a New Jersey when you apply to purchase a weapon or two to get your firearms ID card, you have to give them permission to access your mental health records or you don't get it. So you have to give up your right to privacy in that sense in order to get to even get your firearms ID card and if I'm wrong, and that some he can correct me. I'm sure you will. But I am pretty sure that that's one of the things that you have to do II don't know what the answer is that Mark and thank you for your call. I appreciate you joining me Mark, here's the thing. The vast majority of people who are legal gun owners are not committing these crime's right, and these shootings whether it's in Chicago it's for. Here are Philadelphia with two there were a school they're being carried out by the same group of people, young Nathan, that's the common thread yet we refuse to look at that. Why worry. Maybe that's what we should be doing baby dance we should be looking at an inch. You know who volley the guy had the gun legally Chicago and Philadelphia. It's usually illegal handguns, but but I would say probably 98% 99% of legal gun owners in this country. Their guns never get up and commit a crime doesn't happen so I'm glad they're focusing on mental health with six proposals focusing on mental health. I think that's a good thing, but I don't know if what they're focusing on how they're focusing on. It is the answer I was quickly go to Gary in York, PA. Gary you're on the Brian kill me check a two minutes hi Mary, make it really quick, and an instructor and I know my numbers with point-blank different? Have you write the whole group also like them but talking about mental health.

We are coming close to 3000 which involves particularly veterans. Now some of those have dealt with PTS.

There are antidepressant and there are number of people who are not veterans run antidepressant. They have no choirs.

Where is the line that's the danger in all of this, you could have somebody who was on antidepressant your background well with mental illness. That's what will come up on the record and once again folks have no priors but let's wait and see in the litmus test of the go after there is no good, no boundaries whole process is upside down.

That is such an excellent point Gary thank you for bringing that up. You know, we have an entire generation.

If you watch any of the shows, you know that it that's geared towards the the 2030 crowd. They're all on some kind of medication, whether it's boys full on Ritalin for ADHD. Whether it's the date the Stepford antidepression what whatever it happens to be. They all seem to be on some kind of medication. It's an entire generation.

So maybe this is the way of just slowly weeding out people who would have access to firearms generationally because in the future.

The vast majority of them are going to be locked out because 20 years ago you were on some kind of medication I think that that's an excellent point that just as a whole another layer to this but if we if we continue to go after the wrong thing. You can keep going down this rabbit hole right you just to keep going down this spiral of chasing your tail. Almost any shootings are going to continue to happen.

Shockingly, nothing.

The past is going to have an effect on the outcome in our inner cities of the this skyrocketing homicides of with firearms and also in New York it at 2 o'clock in the afternoon walk across the street some psychos and a copy to stab you, you saw that change in their gonna sit there and those in Washington inside the bubble and the Venice scratch their heads, neck and understanding. They'll have private security paid for by you and me and they can understand why everyone's a violent Mary will turn humans into the right Fox News radio studios New York City you opinions and facts with positive Brian Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me today, 866-408-7669 is my number if you would like to join in. I like to take this time though to speak with Gen. Jack Keane is a retired four-star general, the chairman of the Institute for the study of war and Fox News Senior strategic analyst and say very nice that general key. Thank you for joining me all great burial year with you. I love having you there so much that I wanted to cover with you one of the things that I wanted to cover the first is Biden talking about going to meet with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Solomon I he's busy going to Saudi Arabia next month and he initially said during the debates that he would treat Saudi Arabia as a pariah beak over the murdering of the Washington Post journalist Jamaal Khashoggi but now he's singing a different tune because he has to go begging them for oil.

If you were advising him would you tell him to go over to speak and meet with the Crown Prince absolutely believe that the Bible would make a living doing what foreign policy of their security without their attention to it all began correctly to build on some of the strengths of Pres. accorded to policy deal that would try to enable shortly attempting to also strengthen Baidoa in Europe. I believe you completely strategically misguided agreement with the belief that is why we got a relationship with Saudi Arabia for years begun by Pres. Roosevelt during World War II transition through 14 present Republican strength of Democrats has always operated Marriott what I refer to destruction of national security. What is the best interest of the United States and also a concern for American values because they're very different in Saudi Arabia and our presidents through those 80 years of try to find balance make this relationship work. The Biden ministration came in and out because of the consoles you referred to their BS residence for medical pariah.

What is attempting to isolate them shut down the militarist systems that was hoping to Saudi Arabia. Have you been programmed by the crop of the mystery should do the same to UAB and of course that will turn the substance was principally there to counter the Iranian hegemonic desires to take over the Middle East, but at the same time in the very first 30 to 40 days. The Biden ministration is reaching out to a rock not to the Arabs doctors were about to a rock to go back and reformulate the 2015 guards. Claude, do you thought these actions was strategically, effectively, all what should I list a bit quicker associate affair, and there's no way the world morality issue associated with that lot got the rubric of national security and the security of the American people the stability and peace in the Middle East is misguided in my judgment about that.

You don't hold them accountable but you don't let it the following are foreign policy and national security relationship with this regime so I go to break with the mama been some short version of it is going to be with the leaders of the crawlspace where he's going to hear from. There's a long over on the wrong because that is the major threat that they are dealing with the region and they want United States involvement in this in the United States commitment choices and making those choices that would reach about the Russia China because they feel the United States created a vacuum here and there very concerned about their their own security. So I do. This is a good step. Most of the regional illness.

But here goes out to get all about you place we could do that significantly. At home, but that's another issue.

But the real purpose of the budget. From our perspective, the return of relationship is something that's meaningful in our ability to counter the around Newport now but they did not. DD Saudi Arabians initially rebuffed Pres. Biden when he first reached out to them about a year ago member they wouldn't take his phone call.

So what has changed while I reported to be water trap, and I don't know what do you do okay okay very good reason for that is because of the rhetoric that the Pres. was usually in reference to all the retreatment so it referred to above most of the national provider and on the military assistance that we were supposed to provide.

So yes, in terms of their reaction to something like they care deeply about United States a few weeks ago with Motorola been so mom's brother, Prince Crowley, whose good separate defense minister and also bear a bachelor here. I met with Ben about what while he was United States and asked them very much about this relationship.

There is no doubt a bear market how important the relationship is with United States old security in the region that stability shall be recognized United States interest in the very same thing in the region will put some pressure on the on the present event will likely come from the Gulf states as well. I would be surprised the president so they can be of the security nuclear umbrella of the United States, much as NATO is and also in South Korea are in the Far East vehicle with brochure and I don't believe we would concede to that initially but I actually don't miss. Why the Gulf states of the home had been so long Saudi Arabia would bring that up.

Given the fact that Ron is on what looks like a rapid pathway to a nuclear weapon yeah I would like to also talk about Ukraine because we're hearing reports and I saw them over the weekend that apparently the United States is working to send these rocket launchers, but willing to send them certain winds and but there being delayed and apparently we have like 80 of them in Germany, but they're not being moved to Ukraine. What is the delay with this administration recorded on the knowledge and reported on a couple of weeks ago. I have a manager there.

We got some really good work in getting weapons to them. As an example for audience 27,000 antitank weapon that is respect going about amenable to not just grab one of over other forms of electronic weapons with thousands of stringers, etc., but wondered Ukraine is again asked Mary for advance weapon systems particular to deal with? Sure they wanted howitzers air defense systems, and then they wanted rocket launchers. Regardless, the Russia rocket launchers that have the learning better. Outgoing Ukrainian auditory windows weapon systems got out the poster just more javelins or more stringers or sponsor boardrooms because it was different in advance weapon system to the national security process of interagency there's people bear will represent different agencies that are very concerned about the war being escalated by virtue of the Col. weapons were given Ukrainian said that it could provoke escalation and bully the decision for number of weeks that it happened more than once with how well his first book, rocket launchers, and that's really unfortunate that we don't have a clear policy that Ukrainians the weapon systems they need to prosecute the war and I don't see any issue here would provoke into escalation based on giving them artillery weapons all rocket launchers directed use the same range largely looks out with that.

The Russians already have and are already using pictures a false issue of all necessary delayed of the other's perspective issue is what behind bars, which are not what people say on television the truckmounted blockers come out of the back of a truck out of outer cylinders fired very rapidly were giving them a much more sophisticated precision guided munitions that brings a certain amount of weight to it. A significant range to excess of 50 miles all sort require some training. The training is ongoing as we speak. And that's the reason for the delay. Training can be done very quickly but ghostlike some time. They are training artillerymen. Ukrainian molds are already familiar with all with the kind of sister but not that particular system. But listen weeks were you born here around Mary. You see what's happened in the war.

The Russians are making some study incremental progress. Ukrainians are arch looking significant casualties on the detective TO lose themselves. They want to be able to stop Russian games and go on the offensive. They got the skill will do it then got the world could do� The people to do what they just made the weapons that is the point we got to get these weapons to the been the numbers they desire.

List of worldly providing for rocket guided munitions to the Brits are only providing three Germans are only provided 31 Zelinski and his generals want distorted neighborhood of 50 to 60 to be able to do this correctly so we got to go ourselves and hopefully that last meeting that Sec. Alston had the last week in Brussels with fortysomething nations hope he was pounding the table but we gotta get these weapons to the now and in the quantities that they need now.

Yeah, I have about a minute and 1/2 year very quickly.

I you had Gen. Sir Patrick Sanders from the United Kingdom. He is the new army chief there and he won the British reddish soldiers hard for me to say must prepare to fight in Europe once again. And a lot of people are saying that that could be a warning about the spread of this wife got about a minute and 1/2 what you think he was saying there Russians are able to succeed here by six 3000 soldiers in Ukraine. Over time, because the war stalemated straight Ukraine economically likely a geopolitical window for Russia at the expense of United States and NATO who supposedly all the help Ukrainians but the Russians if that's the outcome that will encourage the growth for any clearly houses on the Baltics are particularly look look for when you as a neck strap gently mulled over monoline country would would be on that list as well, but I think that's that's the omen that he sees in the future we could not serve on our laurels here, but based on Ukrainian military role. This is going to work. Outdoor satisfaction. That's not yeah we got a protracted war there is huge danger out there US national security interest as well as the birds in Europe with Mark yeah it's it's almost as if he's learning from history and the second world war with the Chamberlain versus Churchville etc. and you see a lot of the history repeating itself. Here we have an option this time around, to learn from history and do something different. Gen. Jackie gotta let you go thank you so much for joining me. It's always a pleasure I get to speak with you regarding the work you 866408766.

I will just made my day, 8664087669F got your calls coming up on the Brian can we show giving you you need to know your Brian kill me radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show Mary Walters sitting in for Brian kill me at 866-408-7669 is my new number. I had a conversation about red flag with her boyfriend Paul as her calling in this negotiation.

This bipartisan negotiation over gun control in the week of the VoLTE shooting by. There are things that they had protocol in place in of all day and it wasn't all followed, you know that that door that the teacher had propped open would find out now that's not how he came he came into that over the teacher had close that door but is supposed to automatically lock and it didn't because it had been broken for a while. That's the latest report that I had seen. Who knows I could change again because the story keeps changing about what happened there.

You we know that the officers was almost an hour before they were finally went into the classroom. There were protocol there's protocols in place if we don't follow the protocol this nighters. All the laws on the books you want, but criminals have a nasty habit of not following the laws and in schools. If were not followed the safety protocols then what's the point it doesn't matter is just a waste of money, but we should take money we should harden our schools. There's all this covert money sitting in all the school districts that was never used. We should be putting in state-of-the-art security we as surveillance locked doors one entrance and there are so many things that we could do was give our kids the same security that they have at a jewelry store or Congress or the Kardashians. Let's go to Brooklyn. Alex's thing in WAC hi Alex, here on the Brian Kelly Chow morning call you no money for schools. Another thing that we could do with the covert money and Obama gave out phones Obama phone suite. We had to go to the American people to really defend them, but I wanted to.

The Democrats not only want that the American people should be able to defend himself want the criminal to be able to defend themselves because they really want to stop the shooting going on this country to go after cracking down on the black market illegal gun trading before they go after law-abiding downloading it only reinforced the Lord but are pleased before you go further on and make it legal for law-abiding to get drunk and abide by the law. Law-abiding citizens not the criminals you're really defending and helping the criminal become himself with the guns away from us and in England we have very few few shootings every year, but they have a lot of stabbings over the Democrats are the reason why that happens few shootings every year. Over the years, because they been gone through. The reason why they have the shooting so low. There is because they will crackdown on the black market and illegal gun trading and really the people in England should be able to have guns and defend themselves from the stabbings that are going on over there so we could be doing the same thing.

We can enforce our laws before making an you know squaring in and putting law-abiding citizens in this type position where they can secure themselves with them could be from the police to help you criminals.

You know the other thing we could do.

Thank you so much else we can do is if we secure our border, we wouldn't have this illegal gunrunning coming across the border defend illegal drug trade also helps to spur this illegal gun trade I Mary Walter and you're listening to the Brian can reach out breaking news.

All Brian kill me show Mary mother sitting in for Brian kill me and if you'd like to join me. 866087669 is my number so you been talking about the red flag laws that apparently are going to be in this compromise, bipartisan bill, but I also ended. This is where it gets me because you know Republicans I think give a lot Republicans cave a lot. Republicans always you know there they work they'll play hardball and and the Democrats do and I want to draw that into this conversation and I want to go to.

Let's go to the fifth he and if you don't mind Eric, I want to draw that into this conversation because Republicans drive me crazy. And this is why I am not a registered Republican because the Republican Party seems to disappoint me at every single turn right against Charlie Brown and the football. I keep the Big Bang promise me every so many years that if you vote for us working to do blah blah blah and I'm waiting to see what comes out with the gun law, waiting to see what comes out with this package before I judge it but I just don't have high hopes that the Republicans are going to stand firm on this and that they're going to quote unquote compromise and law-abiding gun owners are going to lose more rights while criminals will still roam the streets armed to the teeth and not be not be prosecuted for so this is James comber at Kentucky and he was on CBS on the takeout podcast and here's what you hear. He said the promises are starting to calm not just for doctors for the laughter but also for the right. Listen to what he had to say here, you're the chairman hypothetically what's the first item you take up for investigated business for the oversight committee were already doing the groundwork for investigations. In January we and all over the Hunter Biden issue. One reason we think hundred by 100 Biden's first hundred Biden's first week we've just compiled an amazing amount of information with respect to wrongdoing from Hunter Biden. It started out as a probe of Hunter Biden.

Now it's expanded into the entire Biden family so that you vote for me to do.

If we take control were going to go after Hunter Biden and here's the thing.

I just got McConnell McCarthy and the two of them I think are very detrimental to what the base of the Republican Party wants. We would love to see Hunter Biden investigated, because if that were done Junior the Democrats would've spent $40 million and public hearings. And you know bread and circuses for the masses in order to make sure that that happened and I just don't see that the that the Republicans will do that and he was talking to Maj. Garrett there. He went on to say, I believe that his son is corrupt. He accused Hunter Biden of profiting off of his last name. He accused abide to protecting his son's interest and he said any father would probably do that but the problem is Hunter by the national security threat. Do you see that the Republicans will stand strong and pretty much anything not just this this gun law, not just that compromise gun law that their cut gun laws that they're coming out this package of comprehensive gun reform.

Do you have faith that the Republicans will stand strong and you have faith that should we give them the house.

Maybe the Senate in November that they will stand strong and do something like investigate Hunter Biden, and really do it. You do have some you have Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson. Quiet guys but they have been working this and they now are accusing the DOJ of blocking their efforts to get and answers on this Hunter Biden investigation is apparently one going on. He has been charged. I he sees under investigation for tax evasion and also for possible foreign lobbying violations under fair, the foreign agents registration act and they try to get out find out what's going on with it and they been stonewalled by the DOJ's was that swamp and I don't think McCarthy McConnell are willing to fight the swamp.

I think they're quite happy living in the swamp. I think this is going to get done this mother's. They said they were going investigate his ability tell you that is coming up 866-408-7669 is my number was go to Florida and say hello to Brian. You're on the Brian kill me show.

Hey, good morning.

How are you today do great good, just a couple of things you want to say first of all about the shooting. These kids that are shooting kids. It's not only the problems that they have, but there being bullied while they were in school, the bullies tend they can really psychologically hurt and impair someone's reality of thinking and that's when the parents need to get involved but I don't think about was being said about these kids are being bullied. They have nowhere to go, bullied by self and in school I just couldn't stand it was very hard, the pressing and suicidal tenancies and blah blah they're just taking action on that. The second thing I want to say is that you don't. If these immigrants coming illegal immigrants coming into our country. If they don't register and bring themselves to be an American citizen. How can they vote for anybody don't have to do is fill out a ballot that happens to come to the address at which the living.

I know people who live in Washington live in Washington DC and during the last round. One of them received by ballots to his address so you know if you are in the country illegally and you get that in your not scrupulous. What's to prevent you from filling that out and sending it a good point, but it is coming across the border and then there there are court date weathers both to show up, and looked at they never shall I haven't worn the illegal immigrant that it showed up to their court date is many elements, I think, is the first 25,000. Nobody showed up at about 25,000. The court date and I just found it rather ridiculous knowing that you let a man but showing up so my mother and that's the joke of it in the Democrats know their got not going to show up and that's the point don't care if they show up. They just want to get them into the country so that 510 years down the road when their children have been born in this country and the parents you want separate the parents from the children despite them coming illegally in every excuse in the book, blah, blah, blah.

We wind up with 3 million more people who are now getting amnesty and this is just and there can be on a path to citizenship happens continually over and over and over again because Democrats think that they will vote for them.

That's the game Brian on Friday so there we get rid of. He still there very quickly because I want to take lots of very quickly. You talked about bullying in school.

I find this fascinating because I think everybody gets bullied at some point in time in school.

Everybody's had their you know, for whatever reason you and I wore glasses in second grade and that was the being of my existence by you know you are believing that we've all been through it.

I think today varying degrees. Why is it now with this generation know that the only way they see out is going to school with a firearm and killing a lot of people are killing themselves. Why is that why what has changed in basically a generation when it comes to bullying. My opinion is because it all starts at home with the parents if they are not getting any type of bringing you know what their parents there shying away or sitting in their rooms but not doing anything and that's what happened with Bill and Cleve open his partner with Columbine, they just they were getting.

They were tired of this going on for the regular garage making a plan because the parents weren't around. Think like you said earlier about an hour ago not appear to just brush them off.

You know where they just don't do this so I could do what I need to do that's so true they can pay enough attention to him since I'm going up but I'm a dad now my son gets 100% of my work and my wife and I wanted to get the thank you so much I appreciate you answering the question. Thank you, New Jersey then listening on WPG denier on the Brian Kramer here early July doing well. That last calls of beautiful segue to what I wanted to talk about in a week we heard Kamala Harris in the recent past. Talk about root causes of immigration problems going down to Central America where of course we didn't get it done, talk briefly about what I think the root cause of the shootings and is something that all of these legislators have been talking around and ignoring it has to do with what previous caller talked about the importance of fathers in the home. Father's Day was two days ago we got we had a deal with the short-term and long-term. The short-term couple big ideas what they're talking about with this legislation, giving schools more security and hardening them is good mental health issues through the roof. We need to get on that we need to have a culture that says fathers are good there necessary. There are important because if you look at the profiles of these young men, primarily who have done the shootings you look at their backgrounds look at their family situations and inevitable your five problems abuse, no father, their drug use all kinds of things. That's the root cause that's the long term solution.

Unfortunately, the more the shootings, so we gotta do some short-term stuff but more gun restrictions are not can help. I'm a father or grandfather former police officer and firearms instructor and I've never seen any law-abiding gun shoot anybody exactly I tell the story of the time I'm old enough to remember when you know the hunting season where I grew up hunting season. The first deer season, there was nobody in school and throughout the season. You see in the senior parking lot all pickup trucks and this is a New Jersey and they all had the gun rack in the HUD there. There there Gandhian of the rifle in the back of the shotgun and on the been in the rack at the back and none of those guys ever came out of the senior parking lot and killed anybody was amazing, but point and I'm so glad you brought that point is, I agree with you 100%. We devalue men in our society. It starts when their kids in school and are told that they are privileged and that the girls are underprivileged, and we see the girls perform in Excel because we build them up and build them up and build them up instead of just building the girls up we push the boys down and that's why think we have a very angry generation of young men and it is a ticking time bomb and we are just starting to see the effects of that then. Thank you for joining me and thank you for listening to the Brian Kelly Chow, your calls, 866-408-7669 on Mary Walter in for Brian kill me. Your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me. We are in danger of becoming a party of the very high pull out the working class got very well-off both people talk funny. I've never met a Latin X never met five pot I've never met feel all the weird stuff that is highly educated people say or nobody talks that way.

The barbershop nail salon. Although the grocery store on the creamy center, but that's how we talk weird. And then the people were very low down on the economic ladder need a bunch of stuff you wind up overpromising reparations to the people at the bottom of the economic ladder talking weird to appeal people topic network that are in the work left walk away from that is the danger we face.

You get a little bit of good news here, writes Van Jones on CNN slimming Democrats for talking weird you heard them to working-class voters. Anything that the Democrats are losing the middle class and you saw that with Trump you saw the working class that the people who you know the Democrats within the blue-collar workers were, you know they were the champion of the blue-collar workers and the really not you. The rest of the champion of the African-American and the poor there really not direction very few racist policies are phenomenally racist. Assuming that because you're black when you have an idea but people don't have IDs so we can have your disenfranchising black people from voting in person I know is an ID and and if they're very poor they sign up for all of these these programs that they need without ID hospital without ID and Bill Morrow who tell you Bill are is is becoming more II think she's a Democrat because of the Democrat party used to be like Van Jones was just talking about here he is talking about that that demise of that Democrat in the middle go step down first step down the Democrats hope we will notice this problem. What about who we mentioned who was there Bill Clinton who's going to come along that I thought okay will Clinton and Obama obviously left to successful Democrats is is there a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out there or is such a broadly centrist Democrat no longer even really possible. He's right.

It's a great question is that even possible that there were some in the right who are asking the question as well. Is there such a thing as a centrist Republican. FS magna Republican but I wonder if that cortical magna Republican. It's only people say with such disdain super mega Joe Biden. That's kind of middle America is the people who work who who do the right thing, who responsibly owned guns who show ID when they go to those of the people who believe in you know having him leave me alone. Just let me live my life and I won't bother anybody and I want to work hard and I want to succeed. Those people who believe in the American dream right in my wrong 866-408-7669 Sean listening NW DBL in Orlando you're on the Brian kill me shall hi Sean, all all of you will find was for each of your soul that people, when you see is actually sort of short shopping market and the first thing we did object and people are willing to do the right just to get a sense of security, which is never going to come because they never address the issue leading to the event and nobody's addressing let alone all week to discuss putting Band-Aids on the cancer and nothing happened except the law abiding, giving up the right which most of us review mortals to defend the Constitution exploration. Once there was a cop on one city Council and so the very same thing about the state you will are you going confiscate what they're saying in the beginning in the 1930s when he picked up and start shooting guns. It didn't start with the confiscation of slow death by a thousand cuts and learn from history. This is why you should have the same hardware with the military had become in Ukraine right but never happened in my life.

The thing is to thank you for your service and I love hearing from people who have served to because you never really stop serving you carry that with you and your such a special special breed of people I could never do what you do. So I've met respect for it, but the petitions in this is why I think that if I can't carry if I can't buy an AR 15.

For example, to protect my family if I don't have that right. You as a politician you are security that I pay for should not be allowed to carries an AR 15 to protect you. You are not more valuable then I your children, your family is not more valuable then my same thing for all these people are private security, they should not dare private security should not be allowed to carry any weapons that I am not allowed to have as a law-abiding citizen. I think that's the only way you wind up with some sensible gun safety Mary Walter, listening to the Brian kill me show you religious resources of Fox's personal powerful just

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