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Is He Even Trying? Biden Mocks Oil & Gas CEOs' Response to His Demands

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 22, 2022 12:45 pm

Is He Even Trying? Biden Mocks Oil & Gas CEOs' Response to His Demands

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 22, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:29] Rich Lowry

[00:37:11] Larry Kudlow

[00:55:13] Lanhee Chen

[01:13:31] Chris Christie

[01:30:07] Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum

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Live from Fox news New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me bye-bye thanks much for being here is the brain kill me Joe Rich Larry comes up at the bottom of the hour, and of course your calls always welcome. I look forward to the 186-608-7669. We have a lot to discuss a taste of the present has on his agenda meeting with Billie Jean King joined a celebration of title IX gives women shot in sports, it did eliminate a lot of minor men's forces men and women had big opportunities in every college situation, but is given women opportunity were not afforded and present by will deliver remarks on gas prices. I guess we'll do he'll blame Vladimir Putin, which is totally responsible. We'll talk about that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three overnight. The Senate took its first steps towards passing major gun related legislation. The bill is a bipartisan deal that would expand gun background checks for people under 21. Allowing up to 10 days to review juvenile and mental health records. It provides federal money for states enacting new red flag laws designed to temporarily seize guns from people deemed dangerous, and it closes the so-called boyfriend loophole. Yet the red flag laws. The most wide red flags going up by those are pro-gun guys. I do believe that this is a step in the right direction gun reform is chewed up and ready to be released this week and may be voted on money for school security, mental health incentives for states to component red flag was his hope boyfriend because I need some clarification on do you think this will make us safer answer that question. Biden is capable.

He will try to run again, he's actually working at the job. The danger for the world is that the United States, instead of having a commander-in-chief as a comedian in chief is very dangerous for us and for the rest of the world anything sarcastic, nothing funny about Joe Biden primaries in the presidential run. We will bring you the latest from the primary season, and the results from Virginia, Georgia and Alabama what it tells us about the power of trump all GOP heavyweights evaluate a possible field of candidates who could buy against trump, which I'm sure I'll declare for the nomination is unbelievably need more refining capacity Biden showing anything but leadership as he mocks the oil and gas executives who gave a formal response to his barbs and complaints and the American people pay the price of the pump. He wants everyone to celebrate his he's going to say that extra 18th-century pain per gallon will put that on hold until September. Who cares what is at a dollar a second beaten up right now gas is roughly 495, or 505, wherever you are. Some places 776 or so one night in California up to $10 a gallon.

Well, I could save $0.18, honey, we can put defecation back on our calendar not to happen but instead of taking it serious.

Finding out what it really takes to get more oil and gas almost like a operation warp speed in order to help our war effort in Ukraine and supporting Ukrainians against the Russians. We think you still know he's given Vladimir Putin wind at his back to St. Louis and I'm hurting the West people I know your suffering without food and basics, but we are and we had so many people in your family and have dead thanks to my stupid war in Ukraine and settings a look what I'm doing to the west, Joe Biden's even admitting that is to Putin price hike. That's putting pain. The understand the flipside of what he saying listen to this quick exchange for a responsible person spends every weekend on the beach. Cut one look. We need more refining capacity side view that have little to drill bring up simply not true. It is true they are making profits. That is true but you had them convert the refineries have added a new one built I think 40 years yeah and then convert their refineries to some type of natural use clean burning not talk about gas talk about some type of green energy, component, or using vegetable oil. These been converted and now you say quickly ramp up quickly ramp up how you supposed to do that when you're being vilified on a regular basis. Remember what they've done, you know, does remember what they've done in terms of pure policy Michael Schnellenberger. He is out with with Laura last night and he is talking about the apocalypse. Never he talks about. There is knocking to be any major glue climate change is going to be cataclysmic for the planet. Case in point. What this administration has done to increase the pain on Americans cutting you. I wish I could brag about my investigative journalism skills, but the lies he keeps making her so easy to debunk. It doesn't take any skill last week. He said that the oil companies were holding back with the oil they were refining today. He then said that they needed more refinery capacity say literally contradict himself in a few days then said that they didn't need to be drilling in Alaska. In fact, the oil companies and they did want to drill in Alaska million acres. There is little know that he killed a huge refinery expansion proposed for the US Virgin Islands could have processed hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. And he hasn't approved any onshore oil and gas leases since he took office, so this is a guy says he wants to end the fossil fuel industry and he asked shocked that the oil and gas industry isn't on board with expanding investments in production. See Woody Allen and so this is know if you really trying to solve a problem you don't vilified the people mock the people who are writing you a letter in response to your challenge to refine more to drill more. I use a 9000 leases will take a boy take them away because with all the regulations I can be able drill anyway and with your trying to prevent major investment firms from investing in oil and gas thereof the money to do it anyway but you can vilify them now is talk about happen in the primaries that policy oil and gas policy. The ridiculous tax holiday for the next three months getting rid of all reserves is that this kind of trade affect anybody's lives as we get more oil and gas oil into the world market. I look it was happening in Virginia, was there yesterday. The second and seventh as they say is bellwether for the country you have a woman of a diverse background. Salvadoran immigrants owe a child of Salvador Ingram and were immigrants who fled the Civil War back in the 1980s has won the Republican nomination to represent Virginia seventh district for the Republican party is she out pointed Derek Anderson, who was a Navy she is me an Army Ranger and he only was by percentage points, but the deer targeting Abigail Spain Berger, who kept says she's a moderate but is not so they redistrict make it more favorable for her and that could go in Virginia very purple that could go very red.

We also understand that Jen Kiggins is a very strong candidate to win away overall against Elaine Luria was remarkably unpopular Virginia and the second district been redistricting that leans more to the right. Jens Kiggins quite impressive. A nurse practitioner former Navy pilot who wants to serve in Congress. What could be wrong with that Republicans not only have openings. They have strong candidates. Not good for Donald Trump. They have another candidate lost that he supported you have a Michael Collins who defeated the Trump back Vernon Jones. I would really like Vernon Jones. He was a Democrat state Democrat in Georgia converted to Republican big Donald Trump supporter was to run for governor backed out ran for Congress. Michael Collins pounds and by about 50 points to be the Republican nominee.

Not good. Rich McCormick defeats a trunk back candidate Jake Evans in Georgia, Mr. Pres., you not to do well in Georgia unless you change your approach their gutter Much more popular. There even Herschel Walker says to Donald Trump never contacted him and tell him to run. He made that decision by praying with this is what is good for Donald Trump. This he turned on Mo Brooks as Mo Brooks one time said let's move past the 2020 election, which by the way is good policy Katie Britt former Chief of Staff for Sen. Shelby and she will be the nominee. She winces to buy a substantial amount over Mo Brooks, Mo Brooks was backed by Trump and Katie Britt was backed by Trump. She accepted.

So now we watch to member dies who use Donald Trump support to propel him to win over David McCormick to get that Senate nomination in Pennsylvania now. Member dies you notice is taking a lot of the Trump stuff off his website, and focusing more on running like Glenn Junkin in Virginia. Happy to have the president support.

But I'm here. Focus on the people of Pennsylvania.

Why, because these battleground states. It's not clear of Trump helper hurts yet. She just one of win or lose on your own merits. I'll talk to Rich Larry about that is it.

I find it really intriguing and gives you clues on how the midterms will go. Here's Katie Britt cut 12 and has spoken we want new blind. We want fresh slide.

We want someone who will fight for our Christian conservative value the freedoms and liberty. This nation was founded on and will find the American dream for the next generation and the next. Here is good news for Democrats Henry Cuellar one if he did not win the runoff against the extreme AOC like candidate in in Texas. He's pro-life is moderate. He's really strong in the border then I think Republican's were taken at sea. They have a hard time upending Henry Cuellar in the general so Bennis Republicans because it is for the country and if you talk to guys like who are to the left like Bill Mark even think it's possible for a guy like Henry Cuellar, a so-called moderate even exist in his party cut 16. If Biden does step down per se skip a step down and the Democrats have removal notice this problem like but who and he mentioned who was there Bill Clinton who's going to come along and I thought okay while Clinton and Obama. Obviously the last two successful Democrats is is there a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out there or is such a broadly centrist Democrat no longer even really possible. I challenge them on Barack Obama being a centrist Democrat Bill Clinton ended up being that way because he's a political survivor a said by getting anything done. I gotta work with these Republicans did integrate afford economy soared.

The deficit shrunk and he ends up a very popular president. In fact, if he doesn't give that killer speech in 2012. I'm not sure Barack Obama beats Mitt Romney so that is true, but there is a place for moderates.

I think I'm in is a place for moderates the Republican Party look at Gov. Hogan. No question about it me that guys out moderate Sen. Mitt Romney's non-moderate really pretty moderate to me.

186-640-8766 that we have a lot to discuss today. Don't forget, get ready for one nation on Saturday spent the day with Glenn Junkin, a rising star in the Republican side as he becomes governor of Virginia. One term in your dawn that goes come back after four years, is that many run for president will discuss that on one nation on Saturday night, but we're still looking at Wednesday Brian kill me show back with you because just a moment and use that thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian kill made Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine. Fox News contests network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and ended her of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show we are in danger of becoming a party of the very high in the very low if you pull out the working class you got people are very well educated and very well-off both people talk funny Latin X I've never met a Latin X never met up by Pok. I've never met me all the weird stuff that is highly educated people say it's bizarre.

Nobody talks that way. The barbershop nail salon other than the grocery store on the creamy center, but that's how we talk left weird and then the people who work very low down on the economic ladder need a bunch of stuff you wind up overpromising of your reparations that the people at the bottom of the economic ladder talking weird to appeal people, a topic that went better in the work that walk away from that is the danger we face. And that is why Republicans have not been pushing back against the raising the corporate tax rate. They really haven't even went down Trump would be protective of it because we probably superbly happy to get a working class voter there more comfortable with it. After all, how you explain all these woke executives from Wall Street giving to Democrats. So why are Republicans fighting for these Wall Street firms and end at the same time Democrats getting all the money and the contributions so why fight form and that's Van Jones who's an Ivy League grad target about nobody talks like this.

And there's more working class middle-class people in this country than there are upper-class people obviously so you vilify the top 1% for not pay enough taxes. Instead of defending the Republic okay about it. Go ahead you go after him it's okay I'm gonna push back your head go and fight the rich guys and you go do that and when I couldn't even take an opinion on but I see that you talk about a wave you thought the tea party was a wave the pushback against prison Obama, not against him personally, but specifically against Obama care and the apology tour that will a burst of tea party, but this with inflation with our foreign policy. Afghanistan evacuation and you locate gas prices mean everything. Joe Biden's touch is gone to hell, and personally he's been a mass photo. Despite falling upstairs you think the way the sky wave is going to come heart big time so with the Democrats have is a compliant media, and they have January 6 January 6 is only got and it's compelling but there's no counterargument.

So it's neutralized. Republicans have basically been told like the vaccine not go jump in the lake.

Okay fine you keep your vaccine and I'll keep my job a unifier me. Good luck with that seal that resonates between the pandemic lockdown shutdowns. The mandates between the school system Democrats try to control that in the curriculum, putting parent and second, along with their the I just mentioned it is not can it be a good it's not can be a good election cycle for Democrats nor should it be where that was interesting yesterday as Gov. Christine who's gonna be on the show today in a different hour was our David Murray works for ABC and they're just on my January 6 and they know that Chris Christie is been a critic of the present when it comes to January 6 a that a fall at since but listen to this exchange to show you how surprised they are when David Moore who just likes easy interviews and tossed reporters said this cut 17 this goes all the way back to 2000 with George W. Bush. When you have supporters of Al Gore who even after VP Gore conceded the election and certified himself as the president of the Senate refused to accept George W. Bush's legitimate event Hillary Clinton say that she still doesn't accept the 2016 election results as legitimate missing, very dangerous thing this country which is brought to a new level in 2020, but I you also know, Gov. Al Gore stood before the nation and actually conceded and did something very different and not just on her audience to think that I'm not aware that there isn't a real equivalency here when you have a former president who is sowing the seeds of doubt.

So that was the pushback that everything trending on twitter I went and checked it out and there we go. So I think the Chris Christie did a good job outlining another side. They're not used to having another side. No one ever acknowledges that Hillary Clinton doesn't acknowledge the Donald Trump one.

In fact the first time I ever heard people regularly say Donald Trump. One is in 2020 election people say. Remember, everyone did give him a shot last time anyone look out your binder is that this thing locked up yet so I thought to myself, did you subtly admit the Donald Trump one. It didn't start with them down Trump to get to extreme absolutely, but the January 6 hearings we going to do this and this person said this and Ron Johnson did that in Rudy Giuliani said this in this election worker felt harassed true, but you need to have is a Jim Jordan or Congressman Banks ago which is also important to know is present. Trump felt X, Y, and Z because, and this is not, there is been blown out of proportion and this is not correct and there were other threats to Donald Trump supporters in these other markets, but you don't get that you think it doesn't exist other people know is exist sees it. Not in this hearing and are just not gonna watch Rich Lowry be with us talk about what we were for the midterm. So far, and Gov. DeSantis with 100 million in the bank. Precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast radio show like no other and kill me as we need more refinery capacity side view that new have world drill bring up simply not true.

Unbelievable right he's talking about. We need more my refining capacity when he is doing everything to destroy it and he thinks it people who were busy in their lives will think these got a point. He doesn't rich Lowry, editor of next review joint just now rich me. He really thinks that the oil, gas companies are the bad guys in the situation and think that the word hath applied ministration in the most apt word ever since the Afghan withdrawal is pathetic cute overwhelmed by events. You won't acknowledge reality and has no idea how to make it better. And the idea that you know during the pandemic. What type of oil is negative. Recently, right. I think they are greedy, then right bye-bye connect bike prices, then it just makes no sense. It at any level. They they've made it possible to build refinery in this country having a major one has been built since the 70s.

You can't build your people that might hurt people. He can't build it away from people because Mike Kurt. And by the way, if you have an refinery you need to use it limited the bio blender or whatever or pay pay after credit if you don't think just done everything I can to destroy this industry and how that blaming the victim. I want to do. Mike Schnellenberger says Shellenberger said who wrote this book. The apocalypse never cutting should brag about my investigative journalism skills, but the lies he keeps making her so easy to debunk. It doesn't take any skill last week. He said that the oil companies were holding back with the oil they were refining today. He then said that they needed more refinery capacity say literally contradicts himself in a few days then said that they didn't need to be drilling in Alaska.

In fact, the oil companies and they did want to drill in Alaska million acres. There is another he killed a huge refinery expansion proposed for the US Virgin Islands could have processed hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil. And he hasn't approved any onshore oil and gas leases since he took office, so this is a guy says he wants to end the fossil fuel industry and he asked shocked that the oil and gas industry isn't on board with expanding investments in production and explained that they didn't have oil, gas, executives go there. He can rip Chevron and be sarcastic about Chevron statement thoughtful statement in response after use the bully pulpit to blitz the oil and gas industry. Why don't think was getting any bailouts during the pandemic. I got a look that up again but he's not even meeting one-on-one with these guys that occurred however that work but you just can't Shellenberger so that you can't tell and infuriate that you wanted to be destroyed and go out of business and fade away and then came back they want the best mortgage you can do. They need a reliable environment that they can trust in, and these are huge decisions that the company is making a make and dollar decisions that have a long timeline and if you come in and everything thing and now we got a transition away from oil and gas that he shouldn't be saying this is an important pillar of the American economy and it will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future, but they they want say that because that that's not what their ideology. It again. It just the whole thing is pathetic that the you would remember better to tea party came to light because of Obama care and the apology tour and they just motivated people in the midterms. Compare that to gas prices, the, the way we left Afghanistan compared to inflation. The challenges we have coming out of the pandemic. The differences in schooling, there will unwillingness to stand up. The unwillingness to stand up to to the teachers unions. This is going to be a route like no other. You would think. Do you feel that way everything thing that could become down the track, which is a recession. The fastest growing economy in the world. -1.4 the first quarter. Some people have the patent right around that zero in the second similarity session on top of all the pain and promote at this point is somewhat unimaginable help battle. Now it's Republican could pick up today already picked, 20, 2550 feet and you get the biggest house majority Republican since the 1920s. They sent a cannon fire pump inside look little shaky but I don't think it can matter be a complete debacle for the Democrats.

Let's talk about some of the Senate candidates Dr. Oz, is pulled down a lot of these trump branding office website is going to win the general against Fetterman right now is trailing by about five or six points number one was that a good move because trump really propelled into the nomination number two if you're the Oz Are you concerned concerned and in and year given to Pennsylvania's winnable state statement demonstrate by trump them stated by Pat Toomey and multiple races and in your behind to God as a major health issue and is basically a Bernie Sanders left if that's not good. I very much would not count out, but that's not good. And then you just have this this tight rope where you you you want to be the most trump the candidate in the primary, but be careful about that with suburban voters in the general and requires a certain kind of deafness than a political touch.

I'm not hundred percent sure I'll have that but that's what happened there can be a close race and probably closer than should be well what about as you look at Herschel Walker and the revelations about three kids.

He says it will written up doesn't talk about it much, but is never denied their existence is that a problem yeah the problem again. You helped the environment and what can happen down in Georgia, where I think Brian Can win in church. Georgia turns quite handily, and the gubernatorial race kinda brings Herschel over the top and just you know of a legend, but it shows show signs of not being particularly well prepared for the political arena. Okay listen about some things.

I spent yesterday with Glenn Young to have this feature with them on one nation and on and on Fox and friends on Monday. These not to ease not rejecting running for president. He's only got one term as governor is he legitimate contender Ron DeSantis is $100 million.

We poorly didn't even ask Donald Trump for an endorsement of his gubernatorial reelection campaign. When these things happening among the Republican side. Well, think again with my expectation at the beginning at 620. I think it probably move the needle a little bit in a way that matters most. Can you convince Republicans who voted for Trump twice loved policies like the guy be eternally grateful for the sprinkler pics and for defeating them, you know, maybe it's time to move on. May we don't relitigate all the stucco and I think anecdotally I hear you know that maybe they have moved the needle there the girl in the Roman and his decisional matter a lot you can have huge field. DeSantis will be the front runner matching New York people have done much but you are naturally outgoing guy, a rich teacher.

You bring up pretty bad that I you just say yes. He doesn't know if he is, he doesn't run the whole thing opened up.

But if he does run and you are able to beat down trump if he leaves the scene with his 38 to 42%. You have no shot to win the general party and this is a really tricky thing it out.

If you if you get to say okay I hope you beat that the Democrats are, you know, you get to be disaffected, not running. You don't want. You want to keep him and his brothers on board so require a lot of a lot of deafness right Larry, thanks so much Nash review.

Exciting times in this book the following what's happening at the White House, leaving a lot of Democrat scratching their heads to rich thank you appreciate 1-866-408-7669, when we come back. I want to find out what you think about this also.

What you think that some we have not discussed much about yet and that is what is happening with gun reform will go into detail what they're proposing. What will sink Republicans and Democrats will vote on and see if you can get behind and more importantly will it make us safer. Brian kill Nietzsche in your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list just the more you listen Memorial know Brian kill me that I wanted to hear about Jimmy thought hearing on golf. That is an interesting call is not like the angry mode on what type of business you the light left-leaning or Democrat in your previous biases are just in your office calls and maybe is that what it; whether human function (Calls and but will interest me as a Fox news channel that we continually rewrite it and buy it when it was on Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and all those guys is to torment them about their stalls on numerous issues but nowadays if you want to channel this can criticize big business big tech big corporations. Mainstream media generally broadly accumulate your most likely to find out Fox news why we have a leftist mainstream media outlet that would showcase a voice like Jimmy doors why is that what has become of the left. Should, by the way Bill O'Reilly would always go against big business you take on corporations but I understand his point. By the way, good vocabulary.

I never heard him talk before.

Really, just a few lines and then I know he was terrible as author and a great many says they mean he had a recorder you sit near with the tape I now try to get Sean Hannity of anything outside the building just as always he do his new comedian and actor.

I was wonder what happens actors when the there they become famous. And then there just I don't seem anything like who pays them is their safety net. I think that me LOL I know the last thing he was and that I can recall the time I had a stating Sarah Marshall and he was a very funny and fuzzy. I know one woman.

We both know I just said he was unbelievably attractive said that into you meet them in person. He's got this unbelievable Christmas. I was in that day.

She's no longer here that doing to Russell Brand came in. I've never heard her forge that this guys unbelievably charismatic uses when he looks at you. You just feel like the world is changing so you would say maybe like Pete Davis in that regard.

70 don't necessarily see initially is even thinking attractive. I think I would be good. That would be a good answer. I don't know if P Davidson been described that way. I just think that he dates older women right yeah think A-list crazy beautiful look at the woman before Kardashian you like in her 40s now heat. It was all my gosh she's came back and tell the stunning was older though right.

She still like the enemy of beauty having. She states she characters might agree with this agreement that the quickest teeth every Ashley is stunning. She was your model. She's an actress and model.

She is also on Howard Stern right when we play the cotton people criticize her for her IQ follower in inscriptions, very funny, but was eventually criticized for having a high IQ called him on the check IQ engineer sort of backlash about it. Not only she's stunning. She's smart as author.

Then the girl that licked the doughnut and Anna Grande yeah and they'd like they met and got engaged in a week. There is hot, heavy, quickly a lot of high-level people and forgetting all of them. I keep forgetting about my life is so carbon, so I revised and I should start paying more attention to my life initially announced her audience includes the new addition to your family right will have another dog you think about that first night I do yes have another dog. Willow has joined the great Pyrenees family of three. Now so will always join Rocky and Apollo because nobody wanted Adrian no one like that name. I think that even at great length video.

He is opening your front are yelling Adrian looking for the dog yo Adrian hey Donnie, listen W LAD hey Donnie and Brian, our neighborhood would say mine about the gun stuff you're talking about with gun guy actually blind to give me one and get myself in trouble but anyway all the surface looking at doing that on top of the surface to know that's good and everything. Background checks are, you know, I think the better pay a little more attention to their blindfolds often look underground a little bit because B like bootlegging you taken away just get Constantine's want to give you an idea with a vote of 464 34 to bring this to debate $750 million to fund states part in to put in place red flag salute, give them a portion of money if the states decide on their own to put red flag laws.

And so, doesn't have to do in New York can allow for firearms to be removed if they are deemed dangerous if these people are deemed dangerous, that that's for the red flag or close boyfriend close the boyfriend loophole. I am not really sure on that. So if you're in a relationship ends up abusive and they're not married. Somehow they person was able to escape be able to keep their firearm, yet they sometimes woman felt threatened. The boyfriend loophole will now be closed okay for five years will be able to have guns.

If you threaten somebody with a gun for five years and if of good behavior grant grant states money for mental health services for schools to the tomb of 1.3, $35 billion. Do that and as well as additional money for securing the schools will see where this goes. It looks like Schumer is tearing up a procedural vote. They want to get this done before July 4 Senate Cornish getting some blowback. Your get booed over the weekend so we'll see where this goes is God of God. More details and is gotta be drawn up. He is going to come on here and talk about it when it's done Roy lift listening over in Georgia hey Roy good to remind where all one more crack in the dam for the floodwaters take away the Second Amendment is just one more chance that they're not gone well in Valdosta. Every school is rich your Valdosta, Georgia. Would you before providing funds to provide security for the schools. So the lesson the next lunatic 18-year-old can be stopped you for that law school now.

The next one would be money for mental health services in schools not a time. Schools at the sheer school psychologist now in theory they won't you for that one right don't you about this.

The kid turns 18 that at least 10 days to thoroughly look into a background check to make sure it's not next Buffalo shooter and get 10 days if they turn 18. Want to buy going to have to wait and you do have to call the local police to see this any incidents or you for that case that that's three for these three quarters of Woodson, Sen. Cornyn's bill red flag laws is where the rubber hits the road for a lot of people so I can ask him houses can be implemented because of you know that kid is crazy down the block and you know we just turned 18. You know, we just got a gun in the classmates know that they he's actually said to them, he's going to act what legislative delay legislation you have on the books. It allows the cops to step in. That's the question we need to answer right why FOXNews is fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me.

Thanks much for being here buddy throwing to me Joe, you're from midtown Manhattan, but heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine. Others are joined in a matter of moments by Larry Kudlow and then Lonnie check the bottom of the art you want.

You may know, he was working with the Romney campaign, but now he's running for California State controller not easy to be Republican and try to win California but he believes things of God to the point whether to change and he believes he's the guy to get a breakthrough. And I think he could be two extremely intelligent guy, as is Larry Kudlow. So rather leave Larry Kudlow hung up I know is looking forward to Billie Jean King being honored at the White House today to honor. I think 50 years since title IX while were going to put that on hold for second and bring you the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file I faxed save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three overnight.

The Senate took its first steps towards passing major gun related legislation. The bill is a bipartisan deal that would expand gun background checks for people under 21. Allowing up to 10 business days to review juvenile and mental health record.

It provides federal money for states enacting new red flag laws designed to temporarily seize guns from people deemed dangerous, and it closes the so-called boyfriend loophole. Yeah, there is a gun reform queued up for release this week money for school security, mental health, incentive for states to implement red flag laws boyfriend causes her on the table. We need to see the details where you stand.

Will this make us safer if Biden is capable. He will try to run again when it's not like he's actually working at the job. The danger for the world is the United States that instead of having a commander-in-chief as a comedian in chief is very dangerous for us and for the rest of the world by Newt Gingrich target about your buying primaries in presidential front will read the latest from the primary season, and the result from Virginia, Georgia and Alabama what it tells us about the power of trust for the GOP heavyweights evaluate a possible field of candidates who could challenge him for the nomination and is we need more cash. Such a simpleton present by showing something, anything, but leadership as his. He mocks oil and gas executives gave a legitimate thoughtful reply response to his many barbs, and the American people pay the price because he will not lead or even meet with them one-on-one was pretty Larry Kudlow former White House economic advisor hosted Kudlow and FBN you watch him every day at 4 o'clock.

Larry welcome back. I just wanted to know those endorsements you had at the top people voluntarily do we know Allison, do we know if we are paying sponsors to be her sponsor. I believe in the price. I met I met the people of the individual grandchild radio all those people who paid bills are paid, absolutely.

I for the that hurts my feelings. You don't think there's three people in the country who feel that way that jealous you might open up Kudlow with other people. Random people go endorsing you all. I was very Kudlow the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I don't even know how to handle it.

It's really throw me off my game with you. You know I really in high school, played with Billie Jean King and her double partner wrote you could sell because we had been coach really got a guy named Frank yeah yeah route 17 of you know my goal in life are knocking to make it but with that's how much you clean how many times a day a week were you planning every day I work hard. I played in high school and college.

I may not go quite that sort of but yeah I played with the and she was lovely woman. She was really superwoman and a couple about used to carry the players meal are filled tournament, where they have the thing in the amateur day we drive the players back and forth from New York City out to Forestville Gardens Westside club it's web-based so when you mentioned Billie Jean King title IX thing about politics.

All I know she was. She was a path breaker for woman's women's status and yeah but played with her thought is pretty amazing title IX. What he did. He gave the women the opportunity to play the next level. The one thing I did love the title IX did in an effort to make it equal for men and women, as many athletes on both sides.

Since women didn't play football you 45 people. The football team. He realize how many more men athletes you have so to get it down to size and cut wrestling in gymnastics and I may be any of these other smaller sports that were in revenue-generating. That was one of the bad sides of it, but overall is good opportunity for women.I would agree. If my memory. Brian Billie Jean what he wanted the originals on the professional Virginia tour. I think she sounded. I really do. Yeah I yeah I don't think she's present but still I think team tennis yeah right so she would Break room anyway but she was also a great serve and volley are wired. Old style which to this day I still love you don't see much of it anymore.

But she was mighty good and then I remember when she looked Bobby Riggs, who was a real jerk right or pretended to be sexier to listen. I would love to talk tennis with you. Lots and I love to just play on the fact that I have no finances. What you're trying to say my open I just want to know you serious.

I want you here Joe Biden respond to your question because the Chevron people put in writing exactly the problem they had with his cut. The condemnation of the White House listen to Joe by direction cut one. We need more refinery capacity side view that have little to drill bring up simply not true. I don't understand the condescending tone and I wonder what Larry Kudlow's responses while I would agree with you sent me one thing I know might work well is a very smart guy and locate guy and he is a bit and he's just trying to get out do his job. Chevron oil company looking know they insulted Darren would Exxon Mobil it was also Biden so condescending and if you dig into this story.

You have a leg to stand on because actually, his very severe green new Deal environmental restrictions climate change nonsense when they want to abolish fossil fuels abolish all fossil fuels.

He campaigned on that and he still believes that he has caused a major cutback in refining and two-way number one is actually close 11 refineries ministration I got there he closed fighters on so-called you know, clean air, clean water Dnieper ground and number two that eventually created incentives so you have to refine various renewal goals okay and renewable formulas so you're not producing gasoline from his own EPA and a lot of the states by the way, the biggest date. California has had a very major move to order mandate refining renewables, not gasoline. So these are called inflicted wounds.

That's my point. There is a shortage of gasoline ride probably about a million barrels a day short and I might add, were a little over a million barrels a day short of oil production on a pre-pandemic basis because of Biden policies he combined in a complaint, Chevron blame the man in the moon for all I care. The reality is they brought this on themselves.

We don't need five dollars gasoline nationwide. If, but for the incredible restrictions and interruptions and attached our thoughts and feelings which by the way, my last point is 80% of our power in this country, 80% comes from fossil fuels. We have a president that wants to abolish fossil fuels so no wonder these guys don't want to make long-term and it takes years to open up that Bob feel a Larry Kudlow here. Leslie Marshall has a different opinion. She's on her channel and she is from the Democratic perspective doesn't believe the thing you said cut nine, the American people want to blame just Joe Biden just a politician, just as I ministration or my party.

But the problem is the other side of that and those are the oil corporations first quarter of this year record profits for these oil corporations. Specifically, the CEOs really who is to blame at the pump and the president is right when he talks about the opportunity for drilling. As you know this is that there are thousands of permits out there and you for the oil company CEOs saying you were knocking to do it when I can jealous of the CEOs have no problem taking their money and investing in stock markets abroad, not allies in putting money back into this economy and not reducing prices to help the Americans to go to the Palm Beach every day to get to their jobs and to have their livelihood so obviously does agrees. Is she right about that.

The CEOs of the problem know my friend love the part is completely wrong vault. One point you make about the permit. What she meant. I think is what Biden that there are thousands of leases that use this number 9000 leases, which is actually about 3000 leases to high but getting the least important point getting a lease or purchase in the lease is only the very first you have to get a permit so she use that word permit incorrectly.

You can't get permits again because the very strict so-called environmental social cost of carbon, direct and indirect effects cumulative effects over centuries, they have withheld. Can't get a permit to drill can't get a permit to open a refinery you can't get a permit to launch a pipeline they took away just recently they took away actually leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to the richest vines we have ever had in our energy history so again you know the problem is the look in the mirror. The problem is administration self inflicted loan and it's going to be hard right now. It's going to be very hard to pump more gasoline to refineries brought the industry Association will tell you 94 or 95% of capacity. Their operating at virtually full capacity. There's not enough room left so they're doing what they can but they didn't close the refineries and baited stop permitting and they didn't break up the Dnieper timetable process you what I had get out to your Mac, which is what Donald Trump but in the place. Now that's go on outdated use the securities exchange commission to run a 2000 page rule basically would prevent financing lending any capital market activity and fossil fuels. They didn't do that.

They didn't use the Federal Reserve to do the same thing the war on fossil fuels is unbelievable. So now the chickens of come on through gastritis or high diesel prices are high. All prices are high/and mentally the whole thing build up to the Federal Reserve wind up in a recession if already nodded. Larry click close on your show today. We Rick Perry we have Sen. John we have Wall Street analyst Dan Clifton and have a bunch of others.

Are you coming on the show tomorrow or Friday one because I'm doing the five on Thursday and Tucker on Saturday. On Friday, so you could just you could just take whatever they work best for you yet not. We love you we love having you are most popular part is no question those people at the top of the shower right to rip you a little bit, you know, fun, but I'm very sensitive, since Visio companies I give you my thanks so much for coming on Friday and we listen to Larry work six days a week. It is WABC on Saturdays. He doesn't know a radio show because he loves talking and we loved him information. Larry Kudlow and Forza, 4:00 PM. We come back your turn. 1-866-408-7669 antibody hour, somebody else very important becoming UA brain to meet you something new every day, Brian kill ratio if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me get that low when when just not that me that I would so I am so proud that we were above the fray. I'm so probably we just stay with the and that is Vern Jones. He's a Democrat. He turned to Republican big supportive down Trump average American. I decided to not to run for governor run for congressional seat was unable to get the nomination I was be pretty thoroughly by Michael Collins and he's Osama going to go low always a fellow Republican of knocking to do it. Try to know where he goes from here but always a good guy. I know the down Trump really liked him, but his weight does not fly in Georgia I mail it out. We know that Herschel Walker won his nomination down. Trump supported him but never called him and then he governor they didn't want Brian The present didn't and that didn't work.

Try to get the secretary stayed out that didn't work so he is effective in Alabama was able to pick Katie Britt so she wins Mo Brooks does not win present does get some other wins, but he still got a lot of power and a ton of money going to the selection I was staggered to see the Rhonda Santos about to walk over and win another four years as governor of Florida. Jesus overwhelmingly popular has $100 million in his war chest three, 3.4 million from previous Trump supporters who have never that they could tell contribute to a state election a lot of people pushing for the Santos are you ready to go from Trump to DeSantis DeSantis got a run of Trump runs. What about Glenn Young, a young kid. Would he be somebody can get your vote, one thing is pretty sure republics got the momentum of midterms and deftly for you radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show we are in danger of becoming a party of the very high in the very low if you pull out the working class got very well-educated and very well-off. Those people talk funny.

I've never met a Latin next. Never met a bipod I've never met me all the weird stuff that is highly educated people say it's bizarre. Nobody talks that way. The barbershop nail salon other than the grocery store on the creamy center, but that's how we talk weird. And then the people who were very low down on the economic ladder need a bunch of stuff you wind up overpromising reparations to the people at the bottom of the economic ladder talking weird to appeal people, a topic that went better in the work left walk away from that is the danger we face Van Jones Democrat if there ever was one longtime Obama aide Ivy League grad who wants to see Democrats be successful.

Also is a really good analyst he's underwritten right. I don't know where the stuff is coming from.

When I see Bill more people like Van Jones saying I'm wondering if they don't know how my supposed to know what each end might. He said he's running for California State controller. He is a Republican and Dir. of domestic policy studies in public. A public policy program at Stanford. Longtime Hoover guy and Lonnie also tried to get Mitt Romney elected was only successful money.

Welcome back appreciated.

Who's your thoughts. When Van Jones was trying to speculate on what is parties doing really good points that you have a lot of people who don't understand why the politicians in Washington and elsewhere who are tickly in charge recorded in charge of the party are actually focusing on the challenges people face right. I mean, it is amazing how much cultural debate. When in reality a lot of Americans just figuring out how is it that we can get by with this crushing economy how to get by giving all of the challenges that we face on a day-to-day basis. California gastric seven dollars a gallon price of milk is a dollar $52 more now than it was last year.

All of these challenges that we face and it doesn't seem like the delete be our focus on the issue that really matter and I think that he's right about a problem with the Democratic Party, probably public. In particular, both parties have this problem of not speaking to the challenges that people are actually facing and if they don't, I think there's a serious challenge for people in establishment if they're not willing to speak these issues. So you see control you making great inroads expert same political insiders reveal that you are probably getting it had the best chance of winning a statewide vote is Republican than anyone over the last 10 years what you think is new climate now that allows someone like you Republican to have a shot at winning statewide office I set up the ball folks to get elected and don't do what and for years we had people try to get elected at the federal level, the state level that they're going to go and bring accountability for what's happening in state government. Government and people going to become part of the problem here in California we have these massive challenges you know we have unemployment insurance fraud started during COBIT $20 billion went out the door to fraudsters from Russia and China and and and other state you have schools that are failing too many kids you with schools that were shut down possible prolonged period of time during the pandemic and now the fairly open massive learning loss. You got kids from minority backgrounds tickly expanding background fallen behind and yet more more money being pumped in the school one what's happening. So I think people are frustrated because what they're seeing is all of this money being spent all the money going out the door, but the result of the outcomes aren't getting any better and and and so that environment really people being frustrated with what's going on.

The other thing that I'm sure you heard about Brian rising crime here in California you got all sorts of different communities where breaking become common with people don't feel safe and secure anymore. The combination of all these different factors leads people to want change and I think that the reason why we managed to win the primary election. I was the first Republican in a very long time to win statewide in California. We are one of the favorite lookahead here going into the November election and the reason why is because people are fed up. Gavin Newsom not only was it recalled he's maneuvering now Lonnie twofer on the national stage. I guess to try to get the nomination should by not right to run. He was on truth. Social now is that I can account their debating conservatives. Does he really have a shot at the national office 20s in such a terrible job of through the pandemic and beyond.

Well, I think you your the reality is that politics causes people to travel, delusions of grandeur and and and maybe Gov. Newsom Pope in that category.

The problem I think is just that you got all of these problems.

California and that the danger for someone like Gavin Newsom is looking like he doesn't understand that there are some serious challenges. The people in the state and I think politicians run into trouble when they are divorced from reality, divorced from the reality of what people are facing and experiencing interlocking that their attacking fellow Californians really attacking people who disagree with his politics attacking people who disagree with his ideological point of view. At the same time. You've got millions upon millions of Californians were saying wait a second I don't really care about politics right now. What I care about is how can we get inflation out of the way how we make things affordable again how we make sure that we can have a housing market allowed to get quality of portable housing in the place you want to get high.

We make sure that we got schools that are high quality school probably deal with the challenges with crime and break-ins and only issue that it be presented major California and meanwhile you got Gavin Newsom out there just you know attacking and playing the political game and I think that's really why he that they even danger if you focus on running for president focus on being a good governor first and everything historically back has to take care of itself but he unfortunately is not doing that right now and all he's doing is using their position to grandstand as opposed to solving real problems. I was talking Lonnie Chen he's running for California State controller and by all accounts, making great progress Monia, which would happen with would happen with chess about Dean being recalled and now you see the embarrassment which is gas cone and how crime creates the criminal first attitude that's running rampant in California, to the point where this guys can get recalled. I hope to the woke DAs describe how crime is just permissive now in California. It seems the birthplace of the smash and grab will lead to what some people would never happen with what we call a far left progressive district attorney and check the ability by the way that we call it different this will happen just a few months after people in the school had had enough of a overly local school and they got rid of some school board members were more focused on renaming schools and educating kids you had their recall in the spring, followed in June. A few weeks ago by the recall of Chesapeake Dean Guy district attorney is basically allowed crime and any particular crimes that are crimes of property as well as with biblical quote petty crimes, but these are really quality of life you think about people breaking and entering into cars property that assault on the streets. These are the kind of thing the check that the Dean was not interested in prosecuting and so he lost the support of even liberal progressive voters and and you have voters Hispanic background and Asian backgrounds showing up to turn this guy out because they realize that their communities are less state, less prosperous because of someone like me.

Now, the next shoe to drop is going to be the DA in Los Angeles County, a guy named George Who Comes from the Same School of Thought. Check the Goodie Typically Allow Criminals Who Commit What He Believes Are Minor Crimes to Unwrap the Problem with Is That It Creates a Culture of Lawlessness, a Culture of Permissiveness and When That Happens to Many Crimes Go Unpunished and People Continue to Commit the Crime so Crazy. The Situation LA Is Gotten Bad Enough That Major Companies Don't Want to Do Business in LA You Got Major Major Training Company Union Pacific Talked about Actually Making Sure Their Training Don't Go through LA County Because They're Worried Their Conductors and Engineers Are Going to Get Assaulted When They're Trying to Go through Los Angeles so the Kind of Environment We Have and We Shouldn't Be Surprised That Voters Saying Forget It. We've Seen Enough.

We Want People Will Actually Come in Will Abide by the Rule of Law Will Make Sure That Our Communities and Our Families Are 60 He Signed the Republican Infrastructure Is a Legitimate Party Is Rebuilding after the Schwarzenegger Years Very Long Time and They Really Haven't Been Any Focus on Winning Statewide Infrastructure. I Will Tell You I Need so Many Great Men and Women across the State Who Just Want Positive Change Who Want to Bring Accountability Most Popularly Back to Government What They Think in the Overwhelmingly Republican Party in California for Too Long. Haven't Had the Infrastructure. We Haven't Had Kinds of Things You Need Basic Blocking and Tackling to Win.

I Think Things Are Getting Better.

We Got a Great Party Chairwoman Here in California We Have A Lot Of People Want to Make Things Better. The Reality Is That for so Long You Let Me Think about Your Body Muscle Atrophy.

If You Don't Spend Even If You Don't Use It Long. Time That Muscle and What We Don't Have in California Is the Right Muscle Membrane to Win a Statewide Election Part of the Challenge We Face Is How to Rebuild One of the Things I've Been Trying to Do by Going around the State Talking People Thing Hey, What Hope That There Can Be Change Someone Who Wants to Bring Back Accountability and Transparency. Ability to Have a Statement of Money Which Is Why I'm Running for State Control.

But beyond That Leaders Stand up and They Listen We Need to Put Californians First Need to Recognize That There Serious Probably Got and If We Don't Solve Them. Then You No Shame on Us. And Shame on the Republican Party for Not Being Open so I Think That Fortunately We Lost so Many Election in California.

People Walk a Little Bit of Hope, but the Messages Don't Continue to Look Ahead Because the Next Election Is Only A Few Months Away and We Can Turn the Tide. How Real Is This Los Angeles Residence Funding from California Moving to Mexico Because It's Cheaper to Live and They Can Do Telecommuting and Work We've Lost Too Many Californians to Other State and Now It You. You've Indicated Other Country and It's Ridiculous That People Cannot Afford to Live and Work in California in the Place That Was the Cradle of Innovation. The Most Creative Place in the World for so Long and I Can't Tell You How Many Families I Know That Left California Because They Can't Make It Work but Cannot Make It Work Financially Here Anymore the Economy Is Crushing People Gas Prices How the Crushing People. The Worst Part of This Is That I Get an Argument with Some of Our Progressive Friends and Some Democrats Think People Are Leaving the State. It's All a Lie like You Know What I Got News for You. They Are, Lost a Congressional the First Time in a Long Time like Why Do You Deny Reality Is for Your Eyes Instead of Trying to Argue People Are Leaving Fix the Problem. We Make California More Horrible Place to Live but You Know That This Is Part of the Issue We Have in Our Politics Now Is People Deny Very Very Basic Realities like This One. I Want You to Know More Said in Time, Which Is Awaiting an Answer His Question Cut 16 If I Don't Step down Step down and the Democrats Have Will Notice This Problem like but Who and He Mentioned Who Was There Bill Clinton Who's Going to Come along and I Thought Okay, Well, Clinton and Obama. Obviously the Last Two Successful Democrats Is Is There a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama out There or Is Such a Broadly Centrist Democrat No Longer Even Really Possible What You Were Your Thoughts Will Find Me or the League of Alternative in California, That's for Sure.

And I Look around I Think the Market Point That You Know.

If You Look at the National Democratic Party and You Look at the State Party Here in California. The Same Trend There Is a Desire to Move Farther to the Left, Away from Concern That People Actually Have on a Day-To-Day Basis about All the Different Things They Focused on the Last Year. They Focused on Defunding the Police. They Focused on Making Our Country Less Secure. They Focused on How We Can Have Higher Taxes and More Regulation, Less Energy Production in an Economic Environment Where People Are Getting Crushed and You Tell Me Why They Have a Political Problem.

They'll Have a Political Problem. They Have an Actual Policy Problem That Their Solutions Are Bankrupt.

They Are Bankrupt in Their Bankrupt Our Country and so That the Reality Is That When You Talk about Reasonable Folk Very Very Reasonable Democrat. They Can We Please Just Have a Democratic Party That Focused on Economic Concerns Is Focused on Solving the Problem As Opposed to How We Can Spend More Money and How We Can Increase the Role of Government, and I Think That Is the Biggest Challenge That the Democratic Party Faces That They Have Been Co-Opted and Controlled by Some People from Really the Very Progressive Satisfaction When I Think about the My Opponent of the General Election, and in Her Focus Is Really Not Trying to Make California More Accountable and Responsible How We Can Make California More of a Far Left Progressive Paid and and You Know That Might Appeal to Some People. But I Would Argue the Broad Majority of Californians the Broad Majority of American Want That. They Just Want Schools Where Kids Can Learn Communities Warehousing Is Affordable and and and Communities That Are Safe and and by the Way, They Just Want to Work and Play by the Rules and That Were Most Democrats. Unfortunately, in the Party Are Right Now in the in the Leadership of the Party Talking about Blockers and CRT and Apologizing for Whiteness and Then Excuse Me It's Just a Seven Dollars a Gallon Tonight. Can We Tackle This Please and Stop Vilifying the Oil and Gas Companies While Demanding the Pump More Money Chin, It Seems Reasonable and Logical. Maybe That'll Lead You to Victory Hope so.

The Girl Running for California State Controller. Thanks, Lonnie 1-866-408-7669.

This Is Brian Toomey Choate We Can Come Back and Take Your Calls Don't Move Both Sides. All of Breaking News Unique Opinions.

All Brian Kill Me to Show Trying to Announce Today That They Will Be Splitting into Three Separate Companies One Cereals One Focused on Snack One Focused on Long It's Real Is Included in Problem. Thanks for Putting in the Same Is Officially Splitting up. Dunbar Is Not Bill See Each Other Every Weekend. That's Pretty Funny Right and It Is so Weird to See That Headline Kellogg's Focusing More and Snacks Agreed That the Point That the First Cereal Is in Plant-based Foods. Where Should It Go, Not Your Freight Was Financed As More No No Titles 33 Years Old. Everyone's Happy Is Going to Retire but No One Believes It. Do You Believe Is Going to Come Back You Know so Much about Tight Ends and A Lot Of That I Need Never Say Never Heard Your Thing Today My Retirement to Join Brady. I Could See That I'll Be Great on to Say He'll Join Brady in November with Training Can't Get Beat up during the Year to Scope Another Title Run Will See He Was Great on Fox Sports They Should Hire a Personality That Make You over Overlap. I See Him I Know Him. His Commercials Are Great Right yet about This PGA Tour Steps up Response to Rival Live Golf League with Now Jay Monahan Met with Players and to Stay Ahead of This Week's Travel Championship Discuss Changes to the Schedule You Have Limited No Cut Events with Persons of $20 Million or More for the Top 50 Finishers in the Prior Season FedEx Cup Standings. They Quickly Are Increasing Always Prize Money All Response to to Greg Norman's Link That They Said Is Give You Plaintively You Done to Get Brooks Kappa Another Top Five Player Goes to the Live League and Said Suspend Me.

I Don't Care for That Competition Is a 13 on-It Makes You Wonder Why Why Did You Give More Because of the Only Game in Town. I Think I Just Think It's Good for Golfers and I Cannot Believe How Defensive the PGA or How They Can Keep This Way, Fox News Radio Studio City New York City Opinions and Facts with a Positive Approach Brian Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here Buddy Throwing Toomey Choate about Her Moments with a Welcoming Martha McCown and That the Body Are We Going to Have the Bill Have 1-826-408-7669. We Also Going to Take Your Calls Chris Christie Today Only Occasionally. Okay, There We Go Because I'm Thinking Maybe Cut. He Did Make the Cut. Yes, He Does Make Never Know We Have To. We Review All Everybody's Tapes Say Can Make Any Promises. So I See Now As We Have the Wrong Page My Bed Was Good to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Overnight. The Senate Took Its First Steps Towards Passing Major Gun Related Legislation. The Bill Is a Bipartisan Deal That Would Expand Gun Background Checks for People under 21.

Allowing up to 10 Business Days to Review Juvenile and Mental Health Records. It Provides Federal Money for States Enacting New Red Flag Laws Designed to Temporarily Seize Guns from People Deemed Dangerous When He Closes the So-Called Boyfriend Loophole Will Have To See Gun Reform Is Queued up Release This Week Money for School Security, Mental Health Incentives for States to Implement Red Flag Laws You Heard about the Boyfriend Clause Will See How It's Implemented, but on the Surface It Looks like It Does Have 10 Republican Votes Will You Support It Will Make Us Safer. Let's Discuss It. Biden Is Capable. He Will Try to Run Again, He's Actually Working at the Job. The Danger for the World Is the United States That Instead of Having a Commander-In-Chief Is a Comedian in Chief Is Very Dangerous for Us and for the Rest of the World Primaries and Presidential Run. We Will Bring You the Latest from Virginia from Georgia and Alabama What It Tells Us about the Power of Trump and Other GOP Heavyweights As They Evaluate a Possible Run for the Presidency Themselves, with or without Trump in the in the Race and Is We Need More Compassion. Unbelievable Person Buying Showing Anything but Leadership As He Mocks Oil and Gas Executives Legitimate Response to All His Barbs and Claims in the American People Pay the Price at the Pump Because of It. But Don't Worry He's Gonna Take $0.18 of Every Gallon of Gas We Pump Is Going to Cost Us Our Infrastructure.

Join Me Now Gov. Chris Christie of Former Gov. of New Jersey, Author of Republican Rescue to Save the Party from Troop Denies Conspiracy Theorists in the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden, Chris, Welcome Back, but I Know What Happened That in See Him. She Was My Bed. That's All I Need. I Just Need You There All the Time 24 Hours a Day and Stop Focusing on Your Family and Your Future so You Got a Sue Gov. First off, What about Present by You Not Want to Shy Away from Sarcasm and Direct Answers.

But What about Is Who Would Generate His Response to the Letter City Got from the Chevron CEO. I Do Know I Hurt His Feelings. Essentially God Who He Is Clueless about What Do with the Problem the Country. It's Very Easy to Write You Aloud and Keeps the Oil Companies That You Were Not Going to Pull Their Permit to Allow Them to Execute on the Do so Right Away, They Would Directly Infrastructure and Ramp up Production. I in Places like North Dakota Are in Places like Texas You Know It Quite like Alaska Would Do It but the Problem Is That the Ministry Should Made It Clear That They Want to Wage War against Talking Fuel Country and in the Result of That War Is about Six Dollars a Gallon for Gasoline and I Can Tell You That Your Joe Biden Is Strangling the Street through Your Purpose Because He Is Paying Omar's to the Far Left Wing of His Party and the Radical Environment Somehow Obligate Be Able to Work You Don't Get Ourselves Out Of This Problem with Electric Cars and Solar Energy about Dr. Happy but I Remember It Wasn't Too Long Ago When the Tea Party Sprung up after the First Two Years, Barack Obama and Was Because of His Apology Tour Was Because of His Obama Care and That Was Pretty Substantial. The Overturn the Election of the US 63 Seats and Should've Lost the Senate to This Seems Bigger Right This Seems. This Seems Much Bigger Problem for Democrats. My Right You Are Right.

Here Is All across the Country Folks of Every Economic Level Are Being Impacted by What The Incredible Increase of All across the Board Did Everything Get Back to The Truck the Book As Being Just like What We Know, Go to the Supermarket Is Significantly More Expensive Than It Used To Be, and Everything Else. If You Are Try to Buy Country More and We Also Got the Interest Rate Goes up Because It Caused the Recession in the Country so People Are Worried about Whether He Can Still Be Employed. Worried about Have the Ability to Make Money Make Them Spend Less Money Than They Would Have a Little Bit That They Are Willing to Spend Reporting in America. In This, the Rabbit Took the Blame on Vladimir You're out the Play Mitchell Bard's Radical Spending Causes Inflation That Inflation Now That the Rate of Interest Rate and Note Higher Interest Rate. There Are Got a Call to a Section by Suggesting Virginia with Gov. Young Congested Dana Life's like I've Done with DeSantis, Tim Scott and Others Just to See What an Average Day Is like. Also Looked at His Substantial Cat You Know Substantial Stars on the Political Landscape in the One Thing Is Pretty Clear in a Purple State like Virginia. They Get the Sense That Every Seed Is in Play When You Look at New York and You Ran the RGA You Really Didn't Go Get behind Rob Estrin.

You Had No Shot against Gov., Plus My Belief Is That You Can't Get along with You and Gov. Cuomo, Got along. Do You Think It's Different Now. When You Look at Hogle and You Look at Selden. Oh Who Seems to Be the Front Runner on the Right in New York I Think It Worked out in 2022 May Be a Repeat of 20 and You'll Probably Hear You Talk about. We Did Well in 2014 but We Didn't Do Nearly As Well 2010 and 2010.

You Don't Cuomo One in New York in 2010, but That It Could Very Well Be Put in Quite People Don't Know, Hogle, New York They Don't Have a History with Kathy Vogel of New York and Were Happy to See Who Wins the Primary in New York. Still Other Public or Private Certain Result of the Front Runner but There's No Doubt That the RGA Could Remember You Will Allot Your Bike Three Point and I Think Circumstances Are Much More Favorable on Election Day 2022 One.

Election Day 2021 Even More. Thinking of the Public and Are Planing on the Policies. Gov. Christie. Obviously, I Just Got a Little Bit of a Dustup yet. Last Night You Just Do What You Always Do What You Doing Every Sunday Show and You Are Asked a Question about January 6 and David Mirrors the Anchor and He Loved This Is How the Exchange Went Cut 17 This Goes All the Way Back to 2000 with George W. Bush.

When You Have Supporters of Al Gore Who Even after VP Gore Conceded the Election and Certified Himself As the President of the Senate Refused to Accept George W. Bush's Legitimate Clinton Say That She Still Doesn't Accept the 2016 Election Results As Legitimate, Very Dangerous Thing This Country to a New Level in 2020, but You Also Know, Gov. Al Gore Stood before the Nation Actually Conceded and Did Something Very Different.

Just on Her Audience to Think That I'm Not Aware That There Isn't a Real Equivalency Here When You Have a Former President Who Is Sowing the Seeds of Doubt, You Said Even after Al Gore Conceded and Certified the Election Himself.

He Said That Clearly That Will Frustrate You, You Didn't Get to Finish a Thought yet Great Because We Have To Be on the Boat… Why and There Were Democrats in 2001, Stood up, the Congressional Black Caucus Number Butter to Join Them in 2001 and Try to Object to Outboard Certified Election of George W. Bush, despite the Fact That Outlook Started. Then You Get 2016 and There You Had the Candidate for President and Hillary Clinton Saying That She Did Not Follow Trump Election to Be Legitimate despite the Fact That We Know the Tension of Being Able to. This Is a Very Dangerous Thing.

Donald Trump Reported Totally Different Level Is the Problem You Know There Are Folks in the Media and Other Places That Don't Want to Hear the Whole History and You Know I'm Lucky to Go on ABC or Anyplace Else and Not Clear That Al Gore Conceded the Race That Made It Much Different Than What Was Going on with Donald Trump but You Know You Get My Point on That One. You Know the Bride I'm Relentless I Will Point the Truth.

Democrats May Not Want to Hear That They Objected to the Certification of the Electoral Vote in 2000, George W. Bush.

The Fact of What Happened and We Know That Election Was Legitimate Recap of What One Florida Every Part Were Bound to Repeat History. Please Note Directly.

And David Nearly Stop Me from Saying What I Really Think I'm Silly Plus and If I Remember Correctly, That's How You Work for the Bush Campaign Right and Did You Help with the Legal Team to Get to the Election Unless I'm Pregnant Legal Counsel in New Jersey for the Campaign so Very Clear with the Legal Issues in That Case Are Very Clear with What Went on Very Familiar with the Fact That Right up until Yelled Election Certification Day in 2001, There Were Still Elements of the Democratic Party Who Stood up and Tried to Object on the Florida House Certification of Those Boat and They Couldn't Have a Boat Because Not One Democratic Sen. Who Would Say That the Election of Legitimate, but There Were Democrats in the House. Obviously Supporters All across the Country Felt More Who Never Took George Bush Was Legitimate and That the Valve Dialogue for the Last 20 Years Hundred Percent and and There's Video of Joe Biden, VP, Gambling down His Own Senates's Own Senators Because They Wouldn't Agree to Certify Donald Trump Selection in 2016 and He Had to Find My Gavel down Copyright and Back with Also Contribute to Private Practice or Candidate Would Thing That the Election Would Not Do Anything about Stacy Abrams Still Has Not Admitted That You Lost and I Believe She's En Route to Ciccarelli by about 5.2.2 Most Balls. She Is Not Gaining Traction Choose. It Does Not Become a Star by by Losing by Losing and Not Admitting It. In Fact Of Hollywood, Seminole, and That Issue in Georgia Because It's Upset That Stacy Abrams Was Robbed of the Governorship and Tell Me This Is Not a Bad Trend. I Think Both Parties Have To Agree Exactly What You Said Election. Go Ahead and Challenge with Lawyers Don't Go Ahead and Try to Challenge Elections Because Should Be about the Country.

It Should Be about Your Own Political Future. Exactly Right. I Wonder If You like To Glorify the One about What You Mean You Don't Want to Talk about the Democratic Party That They Only Want Talk about the Republican Side of the Victim Republican Side Right Right I Think You and I Both Agree Everybody Have the Right to Challenge Election through the Courts Typically Got a Bit but Once the Court, It Is Time to Move on. That Did Not Happen without Board George W. Bush with Many about More Supportive It Happen without Gore and He Did Concede the Race That Did Provide Open Certification, but Not with A Lot Of Important Part of the History Here That We Are to Acknowledge and Live with the Country That We Need.

It and the Only Way to Stop and Confront the Truth on Both Sides of the Aisle Snuck up on One I Couple Things from What You Know How Close You Listed This Gun Legislation. The Center Corn and Help Shepherd through along with Some Others, and Sen. Murphy. This Difficult Look to Put Some Money Aside to Entice States to Input in Place Red Flag Laws They Going to Put Money Aside 1.35 Billion for Grants for Mental Health Services for Schools Also for Security for Schools in the Some of the Things in There. For Example 10 Days. If You're a Just Turned 18. Then to Get a Background Check and Make Sure You Not Have Mental Problems Likely so the Buffalo Shooter in the Eval, the Shooter from What You've Seen. Even Though We Haven't Seen the Final Legislation, Is There Anything That Would Stop You from Voting for. The Only Thing That Would Stop the Heck Out Of the That You Don't the Legislature Would Put Together Big People.

Legislation and That No Hard to Look at It before They Voted on It. I Think Everybody Should Know Exactly What Conceptually Do I My Happy about the Fact That the Side Mental Health Additional Medical Help Dollars Absolutely Right That All along That We Look at the People Who Commit the Majority of People Actually People. Medical Help and Should Be Given Help to Get Help for the Working for Me, but I'd like Your Guys like You like the Republic Deportable Work That I Hope to Get People to Cry Really Screwed like This before They Go to Bride Because Otherwise the Public Shining Light Never Back to Get the Good Thing and I Am Cursed by the Fact That the Democrats Were Able to Come Together. Talk and Believe That They Have the Court Think Looking for Exactly What I Live Less Than a Minute but I Worry about the Red Flag Law.

You Know the Domestic Partner They Break up. I Know He Loves Guns.

I'm a Go Say That I Feel Threatened.

My Neighbor Hates Guns Knows I like to Shoot While I and He Makes Me Worried.

I Don't You Worry about the Red Flag Law Being Abused. Worry about Waiting for Only Reply Because of the Water. I Know That There's A Lot Of Room to Play with Something a Court Would Gotta Be Very Glad That with People Who Couldn't Breathe Think That You and Also to Keep a Lookout. Any Fire They May Have Political That's Why Gov. Christie Make the Cut.

He Answers the Question.

I Let Him Finish His Answer. Unlike ABC 77 WBC Relax Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're Trying to Kill Me, Bill Hemmer and Martha Kelly Here for a Couple Minutes and Will Only Gov. Christie Lack of Discipline. The Key to Professional Anchors and Never Would've Fallen Prey to Never Have an Extended Surprise He Got These Great Guest Gov. Christie Is a Great Talker Right and Also Doesn't Mind Brought My Part. I I I Think He Likes the Give-And-Take Which Maps a Good Right on the Sunday Shows. In Particular, Is the Only Reason to Watch This with the Choice of Annapolis Because of No More Intrusive and Apples.

Let Them Talk like David Muir and Number Two Is the Only One He Likes the Argument That's When Lawyers Are Usually Usually like They Used To. Debating He Loves That He Loves the Argument and Is Not Afraid to Make It and to Kind of Stick His Neck out Places That Sometimes Makes Some People in His Own Party. Not Comfortable but That's and That's What Makes Him Interesting to Listen to His Unpredictable Write to Bill and Martha Bill You Done for the Day Where You Can Go to the Shower. I Got A Few Things to Do, What Shall I Do You. And Then I Go Do Something after This Already down the Hall and Then We Got a Big Event to Hear about the Rundown Today Based on Results Last Night, but Martha How Long Is It Been since You and I've Been Here with Brian, We Probably Will Probably on the Floor.

Yes, I See Well Enough Talk Show That's Getting You Kill Me. This Goes All the Way Back to 2000, George W. Bush, You Have Supporters of Al Gore Who Even after VP Gore Conceded the Election and Certifying Himself As the President of the Senate Refused to Accept George W. Bush's Legitimate Clinton Say That She Still Doesn't Accept the 2016 Election Results As Legitimate, Very Interesting This Country to a New Level in 2020, but I You Also Know, Gov. Al Gore Stood before the Nation Actually Conceded and Did Something Very Different, Not Just on Her Audience to Think That I'm Not Aware That There Isn't a Real Equivalency Here When You Have a Former President Who Is Sowing the Seeds of Doubt. So David Muir Was Totally Wrong to Go Back in the Taxi Said Al Gore Certified the Election and Still Himself and Still, There Were People That Wouldn't Accept It As in the City Was Illegitimate for the Next Four Years Because He Worked with George Bush Back Then and George Bush One We All Heard by the Way, Bill Hemmer, Martha McCallum Here. We All Heard That George Bush Was Illegitimate President Right If They Can't Get If They Capital, for He Would've Lost and It Was a Supreme Court Justice Gave It to Him but Turns out They Did We Count All Florida and He Did Win Florida. Despite the Fact His Brother Was Governor That's Really When This Challenging of Election Started without a Valid Point, Your Mind, Martha, and I Think You Can Point to a Number of Different Instances Including Hillary Clinton Hill 24 Years. In 2016 Called Donald Trump and Illegitimate President.

She Said He Knows He's Illegitimate. He Knows He Is Not in That Office Because He Was Legitimately Elected. She Said Everyone Knows and He Knows That It Was Russian Intervention That Put Him in That Office. This Gets Ignored by so Many in the Media That She Repeatedly and You Know and Then Later on underneath That Really Because It Was the Basis of It. The Entire Russia Collusion Narrative Hoax, Which Was the Biggest Stain on the US Press in My Lifetime and They Still Keep Their Trophies and the Absolute Absolutely Negative.

They Kept Their Pulitzer Prize As to Not Accept That That Was One of the Most Poisonous Ground Seeping Events That Continued to Put in People's Minds That in Elections Are Sort of Fungible That You Know That They're Not Necessarily What the They Appear to Be Was Devastating.

I Think the Process That's Interesting.

You Are Just Watching These Hearings, and Martha.

You Are Entering the What Was a Day for Yesterday or My Losing Count. I Think It Was Day Four We Have At Least Two More to Go Right. We Have Five and Six and Now They're Saying They're Going to Extend Them Have New Evidence and They'd like to Keep Going Because Jamie Raskin to My Guess Is the Viewership Drops a Little Bit Every Time.

That Notwithstanding, I Thought Yesterday Was Sort of Powerful Hearing from the African-American Woman from Atlanta and Full County Who Said Her Life Was Turned Upside down and Her Mom and That's a Position to That's Pretty Powerful Stuff.

I Think What They Done As They Packaged It Well, but I've Never Known Politicians to Read off a Teleprompter and That's What You're Doing for Two Hours so They're Getting What They Want. I Still Wish Though We Have the Opportunity to Hear Her Account or Opinion Because I Think It Would Make It Even More Interesting Than What They've Expressed so Far and If We Could Get Some of These Questions about Security. What Were You Told What Did You Do What You Did Not Do What Request Came in What Came before Your Task. What Never Reached You. I Think That's Vital to the Future Security of Washington DC Actually and That Would Be Something That You Think Republicans Would Bring up Anil Bring up to. I Watch Other Channels to See How Who's Covering Why What Have You and What They're Saying Is You Have a Republican. It's Adam Kinsinger and Liz Cheney but They're Not Playing the Role Republicans Liz Cheney's Is More Aggressive Than Average Shifts and Shift Should Not Be on That Panel Is Lost All Credibility. While People Pretending That He Should Be Taken Seriously.

He Is beyond Me Why We Get Wise like I Still Have a Job but Is up to the People of California Should Not Be on the Panel, Which Is Why He Deleted the Second Impeachment I Thought. So He Still Asking Questions. But What You're Doing Is Seeing Billy Brought the Best Point They're Producing a TV Show That's Why Teleprompter Okay the Point of View That You like Watching the Channel and I Can Find out with the E Channel Thought about This.

I Am Watching What Democrats Thought Happened That Day. A Lot Of It Is Fact and It Is True. Many Trim People Thought That Donald Trump Was Adams Was Not Basing Any of His Legal Offense on Fact, We Know That the Giuliani Team Totally Let Us down. He Had No Proof to Almost Anything He Was Saying When I Say Us.

I Mean the American People.

The Question Is Better of If You Have a Trusted Lawyer That Tells You You Been Robbed in Six Different States by My Only Multiple Counties and I Will Prove It to You Likely I Believe Rudy Why Don't You Believe Rudy Guys so You Never Heard That Counterargument of People Going on the Present United States Really Trust Rudy Giuliani More Than Anybody Else, and That We Find Out Of Their Funk. I Was Told That Documentarian That the President My Dad's Every Right to Fight in December to Keep Fighting.

So a Vodka Head Was That One Little Edit. She Said I We We Lost but in December She's Telling Documentarian That I Want My Dad to Keep Fighting. Okay so Vargas Is Keep Fighting. Rudy Says Keep Fighting Mark Matos's Keep Fighting the Atty. Gen. to Stop Fighting with His A-Team of Trouble or Say Stop Fighting and Donald Trump Is Problems Losing That's How We Ended up in This Spot I Can't Excuse His Behavior. Let Me Just a Couple of Points on That with Regard to Yvonne, I Think That Story Is Being Misrepresented Because Both of Those Things Can Be True. She Can Have Said to Her Father. Yes, She Was Cheap but Delicious and I'm Paraphrasing a Bit Is You Should Exhaust All Legal Avenues to See If You Are Correct about This to See If There Was Any Election Fraud Right and Then She Said That When She Heard LaBarre Say That He Believed That There Wasn't Anywhere Further to Go That She Accepted That Both of Those Things Can Be Absolutely Trail and the Weight Is Being Played on Other Media Outlets Is That She Said One Thing in This Place and Another Thing in That Place. I Don't Think That's Fair. What I Would Make about an an Appointment Yesterday Which Got Picked up, I Think, and Accurately Is That I Said There Was No Opposition Questioning Going on in This Hearing. True. And It's True Know There's Two Republicans. How Does Martha McCown Realize It Is, of Course, I Realize That I Said There Is No Opposition Questioning and You Know What I Would've Really Liked to Have Heard This Opposition Questioning That the Election Worker Who Was Very Compelling and She Told Devastating Story about the Impact on Her Life and Her Mom Site but the but All of This Is the Fact That We Had Fiftysomething Lawsuits One by Mark Elias during Covet to Expand Voting Rules to a Place Where They Have Never Been before to Expand the Pre-Election Process, How Long You Could Vote Laces Were Every Single Person Who Had Ever Voted Got Sent to Them.

These Ballots in Some Places Are Stacked up in the Apartment Building Mailroom Right Because the People Here in My Right so We Had an Extraordinary Situation Here Where You Had a Very Different Way of Voting and Not a Clean Custody of These Ballots. This Is All True.

I Would've Liked and Asked That Election Worker Change the Way You Did Your Job. What Was Different This Time around Because of the Way That She Talked about It. We Went out and You Know We We Bring Balance to Be Blunt Disabilities. Living Balance to the Elderly in Nursing Housekeeping Tests and Questions about How All of That Worked Some Great Points Is Excellent. I Think Anecdotally Oh When I Think about during That Week of the Election Is a Friend of Mine Called Me from New Jersey and She Said Her Houses Election to Go. I Said I Guess We'll Find out Together and She Said Well All I Know Is That I Live in the State of New Jersey and I've Been Mailed to Ballots by the State Senate Both Ballot Spelled My Name Wrong, and I Would Go on with My Answer. It's Got All All I Know Is the State of New Jersey. They Sent Me to Ballots in Both Ballot Spelled My Name Wrong I'm There's Just One Case. One Example One House in the State of New Jersey State That May Not Have Mattered Quickly on the List.

Cheney Point I've Been Tracking These 10 Republicans Who Voted for Impeachment.

They May All Be Out Of Office from January 2023, Two or Three Are Still Fighting for the Possibility of Keeping Their Job, but There's a Real Good Chance If They Don't Succeed, All to You Could Go over 10. By the Time Congress Convenes January Right Endless Summer Self-Inflicted. A Very Tireless Cheney Get Blown in the Primary, Martha, to Your Point. My Whole Thing Is Donald Trump Is Absolutely Right to Doubt Because of These New Election Rules That We Got a Go Correct Result Would You Do in Life and I Don't Think I'm Arguing with You Here Is Say I Have Real Problems with What's Going on with These Mailing Ballots in These Anecdotal Stories, so I Put My Legal Team on the Good Looking out over the Next Month. But in the Meantime, Present by Number. Note VP Biden Invite You to the White House Mandatory around Because I Would Get to the Bottom of This and If Not I'll See in Four Years Will Do This Again If You Done That His Approve Ruby about 70% Right Now Most Everything That Donald Trump Did during His Election. During His Presidency Is Being Undone, and We're All Paying the Price for.

I Think That's Absolutely Trail. I Don't Think That Is in the Nature of the Far President I He's He's a Fighter.

I Think He Approached This Situation Not As in a Sort of President United States, but As Someone Who Wanted to Win like He Always Did in His Business Life Right There's Always a Way.

There's Was a Legal Battle. There's Always a Way. And I Think That Just from Just from Observing Him over the Years My Assessment Is That That He Came to It from That Place and the Biggest Mistake and Many People Have Said That Is That They Went down That Dominion Voting Route Right. They Said That the Machines Were Working Right and That I Think Was an Avenue That Obviously Didn't Bear Any Fruit, and That Is Why All of These People That We Hear from. During These Hearings in Republican Office across the Country, Said Look, Give Something I Supported You, I Voted for You Give Me Something to Work with Your Semi List of Dead Voters Right Give Me Something to Get Anything a Male Tried to As Reporters and Anchors on Equities Office.

Please Send Us We Are Talking about. I Be Happy to Look at the Evidence We Have Nothing Either Sell at That Very Problematic. That's Stunning and Wanted That to Lindsey Graham Said If You Show Me 200 and Said It and I'll Say That Representative the €20,000 You Got It You Got Mom This Is Everything. In Hindsight, Albeit Repressed Conferences and Words Right and We Met We Were Given No Evidence or Facts Yesterday Theories but Not Evidence Correct.

I Think You're Right about of Oncoming but Both Can Be True. You Want to Fight to the Very and I Would Wear so Far in That Same Position. Let Me Exhaust the Legal Avenues but When You Got No Proof. You Gotta Call It a Day Prior to Your Point That I Think This Is Find a Look in the Rearview Mirror Because You Rightly Match A Lot Of People Are Paying for the Policies That That This Administration Is Is Brought on This Is Their Choice. This Is Their Decision. Elections Have Consequences. What Trump Could Have Done. On January 19 19th Yelling 24, January 5. If You Want to Go That Early in the Month He Could Call a Press Conference Put All of His Policies on a Board and Said This Is What We've Done over the Last Four Years. Now I Believe I'm Going to Florida to Watch with the New Administration Does and Together Working to See What They Do with the Policies That We've Established for America and I'm Getting Answer When I'm Not Happy with the Decisions They Made Duce Roosevelt Did Decide to Come Back and It Didn't Work for Him Because He Had to Split His Own Party to Do It at This Point He Would've Been Waiting for.

He Would up There Was a Part of the Red Sea, Especially Now. Yeah Right, but Instead Blew It Yeah and I Think the Best Example Is Whatever This Oil and Gas Having Time to Present Trump Open up the Doors of the White House in the Big Guns and Major Issues in Front of Everybody Should Keep the Cameras in Here and Let's Have the Heads of Steelheads of of a Business Is Coming. Let's Figure This out. That's When He Ordered the Oil and Gas and Joe. He Wasn't, by the Way, Keep Reading.

You Know He Was in for against Solar Panels and Wind, He Wasn't.

He's Not One of Those Guys You Think Said We Can't Have Cleaner Energy. We Never Would've Done This in a Million Years of the Problem Is You Can't until You're Ready to Example I Get Is like If You're Going to Renovate Your House Right You Don't Find a House You Live Out Of Your Old House Not Townhouse before You Pass 11. There's No House to Live in with Green Energy yet Okay so We Have To Keep Our House Right Now and We Have To Make Sure That We Have the Energy That We Need until That's Ready and Yes Present Compass and All of the above Person When It Comes to Energy with Interest and Yes, He Would've Open the Doors and Biting All of These Executives. Instead, You Have This Stupid Adversarial Relationship with the Oil Companies at a Time When It Doesn't Serve Anybody in Terms of Lowering Prices Simon and Present Buying Keeps Talking about What C Is All the Time but I Don't See Any Actual Demonstration That Anywhere. Now Listen to Your Listeners. Go Check out the Letter That Was Written by the CU Chaparral Powerful It's Pointed and He Concludes by Saying the American People Are Hurting Because of the Decisions You're Making, and They Were to Be Substance Right. Yeah, in Fact, before You Go to Break Ice Want Everyone to Hear That We Employ the Whole Thing Will Play Some of It. Eric That Is Cut Number One Is an Approach I Is so Help Me. By the Way, It Just As Sober Later. It Isn't like He's Going As a Political Opponent. He Thinks It's Politics. When the Soil Yes but Don't Worry, We Can Save $0.18 a Gallon. But When I Can Have That Revenue We Come Back More Than Bill Will Tell Us What They're Doing. Later Martha, Will You Tell Us What's on Your Show, or You Can Hold out a Check Coming up This Thing Called Mortar Know Is There Not, I'll Find Everything Quiet Floor 18. The Result Is Will Be Well Will Have More to Go on. They Would Give the Public and the Anchors with a One Right to Me Joe Back in Go Right Back Is so Busy. He'll Make You Kill Me, Johnny and I Were Here to Talk about Using the Right Pronoun Is Really Simple Way to Affirm Someone Is a Signal of Acceptance and Respect.

Do Not Pressure You, Giving You Some People May Be Going through the Process of Discovery and Tell You What to Think Something like Hey Guys, You Can Say Hey Everyone, or Hey Team, Some Names Are Very Difficult to Pronounce, but You Know It Is Very Easy to France. She He Unbelievable That's West Point Getting There, Getting There in the Naval Academy to How Unbelievable Is That He Saw about an Hour Ago and He Said Listen When I Was Leading a Platoon in Iraq and There Was Only No One Thing out There That's It. We Are Human Beings with Each Other's Back. There Were No Colors. It Was All It Was All Green Sickening Family. We Bled Red Blood and We Were One I'll Say One Thing in the Whole Thing.

When He Got into the Military. They Give You a Crew Cut and They Give You Uniform and Women Wear Their Hair Back Because the Whole Point Is to Be a Team to Blend in Together Is Not a Individualism That Goes Somewhere Else. Not in the Military More through Severe Inertia. So I Have Today I.E. Elsie Vega Who Is the GOP Many in Texas Very Interesting Story and Comes Right on the on the Back of the Minor Florez Election and That Primary in Texas so I Miss Vega's Virginia Estimate Really Interesting Conversation. Also, John Kennedy and Roland Gutierrez Is with Me. He Is You Know Has Been Leading the Charge on What Happened in Your Valley Which We Been Covering Very Closely and Have Some Brand-New Developments Today All Right.

Let's Find out There's More to Know the First Time I like to Read Together Buccaneers Side and Rob Gronkowski Retires after Winning Four Titles with Longtime Teammate Tom Brady and Tampa Bay and New England's Agent Says Another Return As Possible to View What Is She Drunk Back on the Patriots Is Okay with Me. I Called Back and I'm Willing to Give up Money If You Guys Will to Get Gronkowski into the Fox Old Will You Give Some of Your Salary to Bring and I Would Break the Drunk on Board All Right Back on the Times Too Many. Martha Chicago Please Change Cheese Policies and Will Not Pursue Suspect in Some Cases Not Know. I Really Change People Because Right of Confrontation. Unbelievable. Just Another Reason to Get Out Of Chicago Run Away from Crime in a Way That's a Guy Sadly That's All We Need to Know Love the Music over 100 Meteorologists and Resources.

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