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LIVE at the Opening of the Michael Murphy Navy SEAL Museum

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 28, 2022 12:45 pm

LIVE at the Opening of the Michael Murphy Navy SEAL Museum

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 28, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD)

[00:18:33] Michael Sauers

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me.

Thanks what you mean everybody at the range only job you will have 46.

It will give me for me at the 15th or don't. I'm not there, but my privilege to be at the opening of Lieut. Michael P. Murphy Navy shoe Museum is the grand opening on June 28. That'll be happening publicly in two hours yet about a thousand people here VIPs. The second seal Museum in the entire country were privileged to be here.

Michael Murphy grew up on long island depicted in lone survivor based on marked patrol story. Marcus is the only survivor 19 lost their lives that day and built off this and you get to see the entire legacy of all the seals dating from 1942 to present is really remarkable in 5000 ft.². We'll talk about that this hour also be joined by by Michael's was Sauers who is with the museum and is very much a part of all the pageantry here today he is. Michael is also retired Navy seal and CEO of forged and started the Merv challenge, which is that it's picture crosstraining to the 10th power. Something that my next guest is very familiar with because she seems to work out all the time. That is Gov. Christie known.

But before we get to the governor's out of South Dakota. Let's get to the big break now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

This is more death on the hands of the president. I can't think of anything worse than these people in that 18 wheeler suffocating. I agree Lieut. Col. Lieut. Gov. Dan Patrick. You cannot believe what is happening. Dozens of stacked bodies found in a tractor-trailer is a legal die horrifically in San Antonio. All because this ministration cracked out of the border and the word is out. If you come you get in detail about their parking article online one, clear Italy. This is the voicemail of Hunter Biden that is the voice of Joe Biden. He is a liar.

That's were present. Biden is proven to be when it comes to the knowledge of Hunter Biden's business dealings in my opinion, it's not my opinion it's his own words. I will ask a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes without doubt or hesitation. Republicans care about life until the child is born, that is true, the latest on the abortion rights and bands and rhetoric eats up in places begin to overheat into violence in the streets both sides playing politics with life and choice, and with that was bringing Christie known she's a proud author of a brand-new book out today: not my first rodeo. Lessons from the heartland governor during studio not and I'm jealous of that I was love seeing you in person.

Congratulations on the book. I'll Brian I got here started looking for you and found out you weren't here is why I don't.

I thought if you knew ahead of time until tomorrow so I just said no, that's not fair to your publisher governor.

First off, just on what's going on.

They stayed essentially all those trigger bands on abortion that would happen if Roe V Wade was overturned when it was they did. And then the trigger was stayed which a reaction on South Dakota. We have a trigger law that was in our statute as well and thickened abortions are not happening in our state right now and that that law actually says that the only case that an abortion would be allowed would be to save the life of the mother.

So this is something I'm proud of South Dakota for standing for life as we look from state to state in others can be different decisions made and obviously now are seeing court action as well. It'll continue to be a conversation about what the Supreme Court did was right a wrong decision that was made many years ago to make sure that this went back to the states to have been debated by those elected officials that are closer to the people's I'm thankful for what the Supreme Court did their there letting us do our jobs right do you feel as though politically, this is going to play out against the Republican party because this is a law that stood for all those years. It's something that Pres. Trump feels as though could in fact be the case. Well, it's possible that we as Republicans are those of us that are pro-life really need to get out there and start talking to people having this conversation about what we know about babies in the womb that science and the technology what it's revealed to us about the situation. The fact that this life and this baby feels pain and how doctors treat these babies in the womb to surgeries on them. Call them patients give them patient's rights. If that is a patient that has rights. How is that not a human being than at that point in time. So those are all debates that we need to be happening having with people that are out there showing up to vote this fall. If it's on ballot initiative if it's going to be voting for other people that are out there running for office.

They need to make intelligent, informed decisions and were much more informed today than we were 10, 15, 20 years ago on the issue of abortion.

I want you here Michael Steele said, as you know, he was RNC chair when Mitt Romney is trying to be president cut six the house and the Senate that they will pass a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes without doubt or hesitation will set the marker that they have the house and the Senate filibuster to do it absolutely because it's in their bases interest to do so absolutely a national ban on abortion will be one of the first pieces of legislation probably mixed to open preaching July so Michael Steele is not really Republican help anymore. If he ever was one.

But Michael commences that the goal I think that's what they'll try to do definitely.

I do think that while we have these conversations at the talk about who is the appropriate person role of government which government should be making this decision should be at the federal level or at the state level and and the Supreme Court obviously agrees it should be done at the state level. That's what we need to do and take the fear and the sensationalized rhetoric out of the conversation and really go back to what it is that the impact is that the Supreme Court has had in this country so you don't think that there were three agenda for the Republican Party be a national abortion ban agenda is to leave it to the state.

I believe it should be. That's why you've seen me out there talking about the so much the last several days since this decision came down is Republicans need to wise up. Get smart. I don't believe the Republicans will come with a national ban just because it does divide their base and I will cause us to fail and write more now than ever are our country can't let Republicans fail. We literally are the only hope for preserving this Republic that we have in their founders gave us so you you came out in your congresswoman.

You really made an impact. People noticed you and then the Gov. slide open. You did it and you got it. Did you aspire always have political aspirations like this.

Did you say growing up a little run the state. No, no, I would say we were not a political family and also my dad was a cowboy and we had a large ranch in farming operation is and go to school come back home and be in business with him. The rest of my life. It wasn't until he was killed in an accident and we got hit with death taxes and almost lost her entire family business. Think that I got involved in government politics. It made me angry.

I was 22 years old and a tragedy to happen to our family and all the sudden now. I owed the federal government hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that I couldn't pay outside to start showing up at meetings and and talking about tax reform got very passionate about tax reforming reform and got involved you know my dad praised this kid saying you don't complain about things you fix them and so I couldn't very well keep complaining I needed to do something about it. So here's an excerpt from your book it says this growing up in a form of South Dakota there's always plenty that needed to be fixed. The same is true for our world. God gives us all different talents to work her own personal little corner of it, we ought to do so humbly and know our society is so hungry for that. But we shouldn't shy away from the debate and we shouldn't settle for any easy out.

That leaves the job for someone else later. Now I know you lived up to this because I watched you on the Sunday shows this past weekend and you were pretty much attacked no one goes after Republicans like the Sunday shows you knew you had to be attacked right now absolutely yeah it's not necessarily a friendly environment when you're on there with Martha Margaret on ABC and CBS but you know we have to be engaged in the know be in the arena like Teddy Roosevelt talked about. This is something that now more than ever, I'm shocked in our country changed and how people just rolled over and gave up their freedoms so that that really opened my eyes to how quickly things can change overnight and that we have to have a lot of good people who just show up in your most people would say they think about me to hear my name. I think I'm contentious that I like to fight. I don't Brian I am. I tend to be an introvert.

I want everybody to get along but but I also know what's right and and that you have to be make a difference and show up and get the job done and I'm a decision-maker, so we need more people like that.

Across the country that on these important issues really do understand what special about America and when we come back. I do want to ask you about about 2024 and the chances of you may be getting in the race but also who well says I want to get in the race why you keep what you keep asking me wanted to take yes for an answer that Joe Biden before we do. What was it like growing up as Christine known what was your life like you know I was a tomboy. I am, I was outside loved animals all the time wanted to be with my dad so I would say that you know I've spent my whole life in a man's world and I drove trucks and chase cows and rodeo and then when I got to the legislature. I was one of the few women there Congress as well. Definitely in the minority, and I was the first woman to get elected as governor South Dakota so my life was wonderful.

I think America is curious about the American West.

Right now, and I had a very special upbringing with my entire family but I think all of that equipped me and gave me the value system that that has helped me make decisions throughout tough times, even in elected office and I don't think all that was easy, but it certainly wasn't my first rodeo. Either the other difficult things I've gone through in my life prepared me for whatever challenges were going to come our way in the state in our country always walk away of the pandemic era. Hopefully it's in her rearview mirror of you and Gov. DeSantis. In particular, saying I trust my people to make the right decisions with the information I gave them why you keep what you have a problem with that almost every Democratic state didn't and they look it out for us and because of that they fired people because it wouldn't take a vaccine, they prevented people from going to school, they prevented people from going to work. They told him to what will pay you not to work and were still trying to work our way out of that South Dakota just does not have those problems. We come back will have more with Christie no hope book is now out as of today it is cold that my first rodeo. Lessons from the heartland to go pick it up when we come back. What is 2022 and 20, 24 look like for the Republican party and for Christie no pacifically I come to you from the Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum which is about to open and where here for it. Don't move.

Brian Kilby, Joe newsmakers and news breakers.

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I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News for talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show shot and killed fighting for doing something doing something that executive action going to protesters and leaders to the White House as far as we can tell, and you have to wonder what issue that's going to make him enter Jason Tinker and say I am not leaving ask his resolute desk until you put something on it that's important for inflation revising climber baby formula now abortion. That's pretty much the story of Job ID is always reacting things she's always very slow.

Whether it's the war in Ukraine. The ridiculous way and embarrassing way.

He left Afghanistan saying that inflation is transitory.

Don't worry about it, blaming inadequate and inaccurately the prudent price site for what's going on right now and now.

Oil and gas industry for not drilling enough for using their leases. It is all a smokescreen for the real story on so many issues that matter most with me in studio is Gov. Christie. No, author first rodeo Gov. What's your take on this administration to this point as we get we are now hundred and 40 days to the midterms.

Riley say that Joe Biden's like the George can stands of politics. Every single instinct he has is wrong.

It's just incredible to me how he has completely made the wrong decision on every single issue so midterms can't come quick enough to put some kind of a break on this agenda that they have it's radical it's a leftist it's goal is to remake the United States of America and the only chance we have to stop them is a very very successful midterm election that wins back the house has a chance it at the Senate and really making sure this administration is crippled so Joe Biden evidently destroying the New York Times last night was so elated that Bernie Sanders he wouldn't run by the way is eating as you would run. He invited over the White House to come for dinner, but every time is going to run no one's really in bracing that you have jumped Democratic friend. Why are they not embracing a president who wants to run for four more years.

What they all realize just how flawed he is and and how difficult it is for him to even do the basic necessities of his job so I know nobody's excited about him.

He I don't believe he'll be running. They just don't necessarily know who to wrap their arms around next.

It's not like him all is any better. She's worse and anybody on their bench is so extreme I don't know who unites the Democratic Party and frankly I'm okay if they keep talking.

The way that they do they fight amongst themselves. More than anything else that's gonna keep them from being successful in 2024 got a lot of people point to you and said you you have national potential and may be aspirations that way, have you thought about running in 2024 and if you were when would it start well. You people bring it up enough that you have to have thought about it, but my goal is to get reelected to be governor South Dakota. I'm on the ballot this year.

I'm hopeful that the people there will, trust me to give to leave for another four years are states doing fantastic.

Number one economy in the country that fastest growing incomes in the country or in South Dakota. Our kids are number one leading the nation in educational outcomes. We just did what conservatives believe in it worked and our people are happier, so I'm focused on that. I think it's critical that we have leaders who do their job and understand what their job is and lead by example talking about. It's a lot people out there talking about running for president. I wish they just get up in the morning to get more work done so in the theory that prison trunk doesn't run. Would you would you run if he does run. Oh, I haven't even thought about that. Brian don't you think there's probably 48 other Republicans that want to run from Hessen I there's so many people talking about it.

It just gets old. It's exhausting so you know what show me what you've done and know that you're to be held accountable on every single decision you made, because we saw a lot of weak leaders in the Republican and Democrat party during the last 2 to 3 years and they have to be held accountable for the decisions they made Fourth of July you want to do a fireworks display. Since present.

Biden got the keys to the White House. He won't let you Willie this year.

No were suing him over it to.

I want everybody to be very clear.

People say when you talk about fireworks so much. It's not that big of a deal. While it is a big deal because the president is violating federal law by denying us the opportunity to host this fireworks over Mount Rushmore in honor our freedom. Honor these leaders and to be your tourism is our second largest industry in the state of South Dakota since our one chance to really market our state and to really talk about how proud we are of the liberties that we have in this country so it's a big deal for our economy. But it's also a big deal because we have a president that is knowingly breaking the law just to punish me and just to punish my state you think.

So what makes you think that I know it for a fact we've had these conversations with administration officials. There's a there's a administrative procedures act that they have to allow us as long as we check the boxes on getting this permit they have to give it to us and we have checked all those boxes met all the requirements and said they still deny Gov. Christie known go out and pick up her book. It is out as of today, not my first rodeo. Lessons from the heartland Gov. sorry I missed you in studio, but so glad you joined the show next time. Anytime Brian, you have a fantastic time. If there's a project there. Glad to be here to opening of the Navy Museum's personal is America's home of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscriber list of Mao and Fox news largest stucco or wherever you did your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics from pop-culture politics and business subscriber list Fox news but just a radio show like no other. So I'm here with my baby soon as you say, I never heard of it yourself. It's opening up today actually about an hour right here in Sayville, New York and hope it will be a destination around the country and around the world with me right now is Michael Sauers he's retired Navy seal CEO affords any sort of the Merv challenge Michael, great to see great to be here to give the skies with your first Kelly right as you were able to come from California last night. Yeah, and that's no easy feat right now like anybody try to travel light and I had a flight canceled and then booked on another flight and then I think we stopped in like Kansas City and then Reichhold. I don't get off the plane ready to send this plane all the way to New York so yeah little bit of a rigmarole but happy to be here. What a beautiful day it is today New York is for Navy seal that's trained to be resourceful sometimes you're out of options when it comes to commercial flights. It's just great and and what we got to the hotel so funny because I texted Marcus because he was supposed to be there. A bark is like I'm not even to hear that.

And then what those guys got to the airport.

It took about three hours to get to the hotel well but it was good little reunion. Once we got in the Seo community. What is this mean today I it is amazing just to see this come to fruition.

When Dan first brought it up to me and Murphy brought up to me couple years ago about his inspiration in his vision of what he was going to put here in Long Island. I want say I thought he was a little crazy but I was like it was such a big fee is only one other in the country exactly you know when Dan goes for something, he goes large. So when he showed a similar blueprint and the layout in a virtual mockup IV. It was amazing and but of course it would be help support the Michael P. Murphy Memorial scholarship foundation through the Merv challenge which we run and he was like well Mike yeah we need to sell little more T-shirts this year because we need to get some more money for this museum but we were totally on board for us. You know, this is just the culmination of fruit for me getting out of the teams and then creating a company and being out to get back and support our brothers and support the community being out to be a small part of growing this museum and raising funds.

Put this Abby or anyone who comes to New York City to see the 9/11 memorial in goes. You see the Statue of Liberty.

I think you need to put this on your list as well. I miss only about an hour outside the city, but you need to come out here and see great little town, so I don't get a chance to see you because you got here last night.

First off your company forward to tell me about what Ford site started forged actually it in 2007 I was deployed to Romani Iraq Marcus L. Morgan Luttrell's brother was in my platoon and that I didn't plan on starting a clothing company. I had 13 years in the Navy already and I honestly I was going to stay and retire at our last appointment it ever Ahmadi we got in pretty catastrophic incident. Some of the guys in our platoon were injured very badly and when we got back stateside couple of inches got together were likely let's make a T-shirt attribute T-shirt for one of our fallen guys subsite.

One of our injured guys and we wanted to raise some money so he can get some specific medical care, so we just started selling shirts around the team and it just started picking up steam at picking up steam in a couple of the guys singles around Christmas time you need to make more shirts you need make more shirt so we're literally just laying him out of the trunk of our car and then it started growing and growing and growing and it really got to the point where I had to make a decision. I either had the chase.

This Ford stage for your dream or I had to let it go and at that point I said you not give it two years get out of the military.

I'll try it out if I can't make it work outcome crying back knocking on the door. Let me back in the teams that fortunately enough it did work out and just you went with with every shirt that we sell. We donate a portion of the proceeds back to military nonprofit organizations. So just being how you doing doing well yeah yeah yeah were doing well. I mean we deal with in the same thing everybody stiff how a supply chain issues and an inflationary everything.

It is tough to get this simple little things like just getting shirts and enough size runs inside scholars and hats and the things that used to just come naturally used to just call your supplier, vendor, and building yeah is is is been tough but no complaints out to me. I know you you guys will you'll find a way so we have a few more minutes with with Michael Sauers. Now let's talk about the Merv challenge. It's basically like crosstraining. Merv was incredible athlete. An unbelievable shape. How does the Merv challenge help keep his memory alive and go places like this they amazing part of it. I like to tell people it is known as IK. I did the Merv on Memorial day or or what is the Merv that you get a lot of people out there that just try to run it for the time but the most important thing is you got to remember the Merv challenge is more than just a workout the Merv challenge is a tradition that helps push us, humbles us and allows us the ability to dedicate a little bit of pain and sweat in honor of Lieut. Michael Murphy and all the brave men and women at that really that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country so would you do is get sponsors for you to do it. Is that how you raise the money. So if I want to do it. I get people to sponsor me to do this not actually it's it's very easy. The easiest way to do it is just to go to the Merv and its registration is still open. We run it until the end of July so you can go to the Merv you can register on their and you sign up. And so when I pay the fee. That's my donation yeah okay that's your donation if you do have a gym or organization. You can also sign up as an official host. So if you sign up as an official host, you get a banner and a flag that your organization is listed on the Merv challenge website and that way if you want to host events.

If you want to do it on Memorial day Fourth of July operation Redwing Memorial like today, which was the name of the operation of the unit.

They were written exactly when it went down 1 mile run 1 mile run 100 pull-ups exactly how to be in a row know they would interrelate out if if if you if you want to.

If you really see the great thing about the matter.

Now that you know anyone could do 100 people you know a lot of people he can do it. There's not a lot, especially if you do it strict with a 20 pound vast nearly possible. Maybe Goggins could pull it off, but not many guys on the planet they could do that 300 squats yet 200 push everyone so that's important so would you talk about the. The armored run to is that part of this yet and I like to use the run with full equipment, yet it obviously would you have Navy SEALs and professional athletes doing at it can be a little intimidating for your average person. So what we like to tell this yet.

Don't worry about doing it with the vast that if it's the first year you do it right. Janice done, just get it done and if you go to the Merv We have a training workout program on their I don't expect your average person to just sign up and bail that knock it out the next day so we have a specific training program on their people from every fitness level there scaled options on there as well. Michael Sauers is with this former Navy seal whose help with the Murphy seal Museum together which opens up shortly.

Why did you join for free may really I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania.

I was an athlete in high school and athlete I played I played I wrestled and played football. As I was Allstate my senior year in wrestling.

I had bacon yet that is America.

I have had some scholarships to go to college and wrestled with me. I just really wasn't into school anymore. Lawrence Olivier get adventurous life that when my brothers buddies actually went to Bud's and he came home for Christmas break. I think it was about 15 years old and he was at her house and he was telling me I'm in this pledge training site Navy SEALs like that movie with Charlie Sheen. He's like yeah Zach like that said, wrestling team, but we run around machine guns and we blow stuff up and know that sounds really cool and I had a couple uncles and my family that were in Vietnam, so it had a lot of military background in my family. But after really research it and I mean you talking like early 90s that until there was no Internet. I think at one VCR tape is like the delete option or something like that. But I watch it and I was sold as skydiving, scuba dive blow stuff up you guns and like a cell from a small town in Pennsylvania where I got to go to this are likely go to Coronado California has excited me up right now I couldn't get there fast enough, but when you did it. Did you see what was I thinking, because it does seem so tough. If you watch the beginning of lone survivor you get a real clue of what it's like all you ever think yourself on Mica to make this all you first day, but like you said I was Allstate wrestler from Pennsylvania's relatives and I like to tell me I was an instructor for a long time as well so I worked on the recruiting side the house and I would like to tell the kids sometimes like it's intimidate it doesn't I mean we had professional athletes in our class. You had guys who played in the NFL guys to make the baseball players, some of them made and some of them did it. It's so hard that you have to be so committed. It's gotta be the only reason you like your reason for being there has to be the right reason. If you're just like a raise guys like yeah you know I'll try it out.

I want to challenge in my life. You're not going to last long.

I it really takes that commitment. It doesn't matter how good of a natural athlete you are it's you are pushed to your limits and I mean every single day and that's really what makes the seal brotherhood what it is. It is going. You know, through all of those arduous situations and evolutions with the guys next to you it say that you can't really compare that to any other job. Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yes, both what you think about how we left Afghanistan, I mean I see it's it's tough for a lot of guys that I mean even before that I was in the battle of Ahmadi, Marcus Morgan were in there as well. I mean, even when we first pulled out her Ahmadi and we saw you know that get retaken again and then you as we left Afghanistan with you and then they went back into the back is that exactly 80 that was pretty hard for us is we did lose a lot of guys there. Ahmadi and really when we pull out of Afghanistan.

Just the way it went down just not being organized in a we here the greatest superpower in the world and you fall brilliantly you adapted to the battlefield you learn the skills you got the equipment they should be a success story it exactly exactly so and I hope people view with that. What you can control the leader if you could get going throw the fight you you out to do it exactly and I think the real success story was the actual veterans, and even that this something that everybody how they got everybody together and use that network and and I think that that's it really that showed who America is that showed two Americans were not, you know, if we can't rely on the government to do it. Guess what were going to get our own people together and work in and make the situation happen and working to get our friends out of their the people that fought beside us and helped us out were not going to leave them over there were to go get them great to be so glad you did what you do when you continue to get back to the country in this community to be exciting day and you made it though the gods were on your side when the big story saves all the cancellation fight to get his new time high.

Mike Sauer's retired Navy seal CEO of forged host or the Merv challenge go sign up for today and your admission fee becomes the donation of Chris Wiley's next executive director of the Murphy Museum don't move something new every day, Brian kill me show some of Fox news on just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening Dumbo milling Fox news Bob just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite contest. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me that I just talked to Gov. Christie gnome so that you would like to be in studio wearing the West Sayville, New York, on Long Island, WRC and listeners understand that were very close to them were on an actual story because so time in this country we have a Navy seal Museum. It's named after Michael Murphy man that is the executive director of the Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum is with me right now all former Navy seal himself Chris Wiley Chris welcome. Thank you Brian thanks read on television with us today. That was a very, very unique experience love yeah you are natural for you. Somebody here who's been here every step of the way.

5000 ft.² cost millions of dollars to put together your feeling when the opening is just moments away from excited at the same time I don't think it said it you know it.

We've been working here the whole board and the staff years of working diligently to get the to get to this moment and so right now hopefully later this afternoon will actually sink in, and I'll be able to breathe and enjoy it but I'm just so happy that we got here on one nation. Saturday did clock were going to have the tour that you gave me of this museum. But what was your hope. Starting Monday how many people do you expect to come through those doors.

Would you hope they get out of it. I just hope they get a full understanding of the commitment the sacrifice that you Naval special warfare community gives every day and the education that this building is going to give them and provide them and provide the community know it's something that I look forward to experiencing what I can see the young kids come old older people. Everybody come in and see this because every time I've a few family members are people through it there either in tears or astonished with the breath of what seals and unities and and the sweat people have performed and done, why is there only to surprise you. There's only two Navy seal museums. I may have only told it is only 18,000 history of our country to become Navy SEALs that that is correct.

From 1940 to the present day.

That's a go around rounded off number, about 18,000 people, but I believe that it is just there was an education and there wasn't a lot of's talk about seals in the past you know it now became people writing books is a lot more media coverage is a lot more interesting since the bin Laden raid to yes yes so so since all this I believe the demand or the interest is been there for the need to have more museums or education on the seal program. We need more seals.

You know it's an elite group. You're not just be able to replenish you know will seal community.

If we have another operation Red Wings or extortion, 17 were double a great loss of life, and this was built of operation Red Wings loan survival was the movie in the book, but Michael Murphy was on that unit famously stood with a satellite phone that would reveal his location.

He had to go to High Point to get a signal out to try to get his guys out and to do that he had to call back to base and when he exposed himself to cost him his life that that's correct. The gave the ultimate sacrifice trying to save his men and use this story there. There are a few other stories here worth medal of honor recipients that are no from the different errors of the seals from Vietnam forward and all of their stories are absolutely phenomenal but Michael's just resonates in the community in the hearts of you know, just people in general are just one of those stores that everybody remembers and then the movie was made out of the store made it much easier for the work to get out on his heroic feet. If people want to give because this is really driven by private donations. That's correct where you go to Murphy Navy seal and you could donate their you can call we we will facilitate donations and were also looking for people that if you had a sealer unity member in your family were also looking for photographs from back in the 1940s and 50s and six Risa were still trying to gather photographs of people that don't have it in the archives.

Very fascinating 07 cadet program that's correct Michael Murphy test right go out and help Chris Wiley out.

He's executive director Michael Murphy Navy New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. I went to Brian kill me come with you from West Sayville Long Island New York normally at 46 in midtown Manhattan on the road for a great reason, the opening up tenant Michael P. Murphy Navy seal Museum today is the day soon. It's no longer to be something on paper that you get exclusive tours for special passes to be open to the public starting in about an hour. The ceremony be about 90 minutes and of course New York is also primary day so people are going to be picking a Republican and Democrat.depending on the party herein to run in November and of course when it comes to the governors race. It's a real big deal this year.

Business sense and I think it's good since the Republicans have a real shot right now.

Obviously, Lee Selden looks as though he is in the driver seat.

Andrew Giuliani also there. Rob asked Reno very well respected the Aryan Harry Wilson, a big-time businessman, but now let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. This is more death on the hands of the president. I can't think of anything worse than these people, and that 18 wheeler suffocating to death can't go on it can continue. Dozens and dozens of stacks of bodies found in a tractor-trailer is a legal die horrifically in San Antonio.

All because this administration will crackdown on the border and the word is out of you, you'll get in detail how you want to talk about the article online one, your really show by is a liar. That's what friends present buying has proven to us with the voicemail that was on that laptop from Dell downloaded from.

You got it.

Hunter Biden's laptop and his phone is iPhone shows he had full knowledge of Hunter's business dealings that was, of course, something he denied. It's not my opinion it's now his own words.

They will pass a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes found out they should Republicans care about life until the child is born right there. It is pillaged on abortion rights and bands in the rhetoric eating up and it places over heats to violence both sides of playing politics with life and choice. We have a bigger story that I believe resonates more with the American public is what's happening with oil and gas because wherever you go, in effect July vacations canceled cards not bought or cars not used.

It's over five dollars a gallon it blows up anyway. Living paycheck to paycheck is now home altering their life. And guess who decides to vilify the oil and gas and gas industry employing them. The president of the United States and that to me is unacceptable and its inaccurate you have the series goal.

What made America great.

One of the specialty comes out on Thursday is on the history of oil and gas in this country and the guy who help me out significantly and gave me great knowledge of the business. I did not know the mechanics of his with me now. He is Jeff Gorski, Chairman of Artemis of production solutions on these, president of the site, Inc. Jeff welcome back.

Brian good morning hey, I just first of what was your reaction when the prison United States came out and said well I'm sorry to hurt their feelings. When he made comments that you guys are basically using windfall profits instead of making sure that we you pump or I got the price oil and gas down well before that one you wanted to you giving the oilfield energy center and highlighting the population. We enjoyed spending the time with the box here in Houston and then subsequently belittle core that you are not good on the ocean star in Galveston. So really looking forward to that program to be out showing highlights all week, also the next couple weeks but Jeff I didn't really listen. I grew up in New York on Long Island.

I didn't know much about the oil and gas industry but I'm I have enough humility to know. Ask questions. I'm amazed you people don't know anything about your job that are telling you how bad you're doing. You talked about grandma during the rate during flight, however, so don't fill your phone stored in terms of knowing what were dealing with knowing the technology that actually dips the spare but specifically back. The point that you may want to go back the current administration can do is willing to tone down the rhetoric in the body of the oil and gas production in US you know what we really need some cheerleaders out there are not talking about you know our lawmakers well that we need to be encouraging capital investment in the oil and gas today. Domestically and really look knockdown rhetoric.

Click start telling the truth about our industry about the terms of the big thing, reliable energy that light, all it doesn't work for radio because it's too low it was captured audio of the present McCrone telling Joe Biden that the Middle East is essentially producing all weekend MBS told McCrone. I can maybe get you another hundred thousand barrels but not much were basically hitting the max: print I don't take Joe pro pump yourself pump your own oil that's the best way to do it with your reaction to that degree. Goodbye reported I'm doing right now baby you are about.

Let's Virginia we have one of the most prolific baby in the lower 48 called Marcel so he doesn't have to get on the plane. Why do you talk to the Saudi national productivity. Why don't you do go to your own state understand what the good people of Bangor doing them trying to bring secure supply of oil and gas to this country. So, quite frankly, the way I see it's really a national security is where we are in the war against Ukraine drug to make that stand out with regard to the importance of our national security by having our own supply. I don't get it. I don't know where everybody's lifting in terms of understanding why we should be doing everything possible to move US oil and gas so suggest that we do need Chile China Jeff Gorski I want to get to the bottom oil guess he's a one stop shopping to do it so it's easy. It's not as easy as you say, and refine more. You have to get a commitment to get investment of about five years right so if you just tell people for five years, I have this type of commitment. You'll be able to get the investment if you stop discouraging the investment in your business.

Why is it that we have so few refineries right now. I may basically work to the point where we need an infrastructure bill focused on not only retooling the current binary but overly more at the end of the day. You know the producers of oil and gas here in the US can find more supply we can drill more rig is more rig drilling more. Well getting more comply with all you got to get that bill refineries bottleneck pipeline. We need more infrastructure pipeline to get back production to the refinery, ultimately, to where we can lower the cost of overall value to the consumer doing the standard. The Russians not having their oil in the world market is not affecting the price is no difference in the amount of oil available. So if that is in fact correct.

What is affecting the price right now little bit of everything. It basically began security of our being that the commodity is traded on the world market right so we talked about this a little bit what current geopolitical market and therefore not so click patient here in the US then were going to be affected by those winds that blow across the world regarding why a good sleep about Brian, the need for energy around the world is not low, it grow and there's a lot about martyr people be looking at the world energy 20 that could increase as much is 45% of what we do today so yeah we not only need oil and gas community. Removable nuclear relieved every type of source going forward because are we supposed to allow developing nations of the world not to continue to grow and prosper and get the same standard of living that the present is a different idea. He still he's bragging about Angola getting his solar panels and he's talking about chopping the grains used for renewables because we needed for food. Boris Johnson Viva 40 is no need for renewable energy. I mean, to me he's a guy he's detached from reality that you seem to be ingrained and what did he tell you when he decide to meet with the win people rather than walk 1 mile down and meet with the oil executives last week. What about the rhetoric that go the Beltway with regard to the evil empire considered the oil and gas industry. I took our countries production down to a importer next to a net exporter so not something that I can tell you when your in your listening group that hey we can do better. We got we barbecue show all the innovation that they are a mystery everything that have been developing unconventional resources were there not mention North America along in South America, there is no natural gas 400 years. So at the end of the day. We have all we need not only toward the north and south and of course Alaska. This is what bothers me is the people who right now are in charge have this view. For example, climate czar John Kerry. Listen to this energy security.

Worry is driving a lot of the thought about all we need more drilling for drilling. This we need to go back to coal the window with absolutely no and we have to prevent false narrative from entering into this or again punted that we are is he right never met Mr. I don't know. I'm taking you to look solution that is the thing that he talked about everybody talking about the new agreement, the or this will happen. I'm tell you about something that one thing this industry is innovative and you have to be dealing with an industry that depends on locally commodity we know how to do so we can get a little bit of help from the current administration streamlining regulatory provide predictable market to operate, which will allow people to invest the hurdle the day of pipeline project and allow the abundant natural gas supply reach to America if you want to talk about green fuel pretty pretty climate by using natural and if anybody else that looked at the switch of our clients, the national debt since 2005 and its positive vision of seeing greenhouse so we have we have the technology delivered to consumers and click talking about please thing open that we believe will happen. However, I do agree we need to continue to look at those technology development.

Once again I'm tell me about that we have done is under our feet here in US and once again we can become a dominant global provisions for boiling the ball in my mind. The number one objective for government national security. Absolutely Jeff Gorski's oil and gas experts business entire career there now is chairman of Artemis production solutions could see him on the history of oil and gas in America on a brand new addition in a brand-new series. What made America great.

We have a brand-new season.

I should say Jeff Gorski. Thanks so much. Listen when the iPhone was present in the blackberry. We left the blackberry, but until there was an iPhone. No one was leaving their blackberry so if they have oil and gas it's ready and electric cars more efficient, Americans will move to works better, which is cheaper and more effective right now we have no alternative for the like it or not. Jeff, thanks so much. Same here.

1-866-408-7669 where at the Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum.

It's about to open up for the first time were excited to be here. Guess who's coming up at the bottom of the hour.

Tell clinch kid who plays he's the actor who played Michael Murphy and lone survivor and Marcus Luttrell who was the lone survivor don't move Brian Kilby, Joe diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill made it just puts the lie to John by nothing about Hunter's Argosy's business dealings. In fact, he was intimately involved in with his fine voice when he says to his son about this New York Times story. I mean II think you will clean as seen out of trouble. This is, you know, at least evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge and what it sure is is that they were in trouble because the New York Times had come very close to the story about the Holbein family hunch and show and his brother uncle Jim Biden their involvement with this Chinese energy company Brenda Devine is most her head might be ready to explode because she had this story, put it in columns then put it in a book laptop from Dell. On some level she might've been amazed no one took it from her. They told the New York Post the laptop was not real. 50 intelligence experts, CIA directors all said it's a fake. Then two years later they admit it's not the laptop is real even Rosetta book tour that is so when your face for Hunter Biden, and now we find out on that laptop was even a voicemail from his dad talking about a Chinese deal that he was doing with this Forbes 40 rules reaches people under 40 in the world I Chinese businessman who disappeared his partner Devon Archer is arrested they wonderfully trading on the family name. And here is the Perez United States telling his son, don't worry about it one recall not want talk about the article on online one, clear anyway: look, if not urgent, just the Washington Post about to expose the families international business dealings trading on the family name using their country and their power to get the deals done. Not a big deal. Call me when you can write Kilby office of thrift and the man who played Michael Murphy and lone survivor join me live at the Navy seal Museum where I met it's about open in about an hour walk radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show never look back. Everyone with the Navy seal Museum openings the Michael Murphy Navy Navy Museum seal Museum is only the second one of this country is 5000 ft.² all over my right shoulder and of the opening ceremonies cut the ribbon's and will be official open to the public in West Sayville Long Island now. It's another reason another place to stop before you get to the Hamptons or Montauk and no one has to tell that to Taylor kitsch actor and who played Lieut. Michael Murphy and lone survivor or Marcus Luttrell who came all the way from another state to a place he didn't know existed. Long Island, the retired Navy seal certain Afghanistan, author of lone survivor multiple bestsellers welcome guys appreciate you being here after Rona sounded aspirin from cooperation you have to work will I give you one microphone and you would Taylor have to get a lot for just this moment on the radio okay you saving thing about that talk about the microphone what you have to share. That's what you brought in cumulative microphones so so that's that's where you feel about that. Not great, not only hurting quite a bit working at the remedy that soon the introduction says nothing about another state. It's Texas and has a name} that I thought if you know about that. I agree I've lost total control. This interview and he's bigger than me and I really haven't had a microphone. I know what you fill of some walk-through of your podcast to her.

I was on it with your brother Morgan. I appreciate that one and only just met. It was great was I only just now you're all we needed.

But your twin brother is is on the precipice of going to Congress. He won the nomination. You'd feel to that. Yeah. So he takes Kevin Brady seeds retired so and you both mentored by another great politician Gov. Rick Perry yes or so was also Sec. of energy are with me yesterday get his regret. So I talked to a television show. I'll go. It will be more time now. First off tell played Michael how to do great. I actually know if we made this public. Another when it came time to picking the actors for the for the parts I asked how to say and that except for the one he was a playmate have any say in that getting a chance to talk over my thought was if I pick somebody to play me to be remember to walk like Denzil but I don't like my friends know me, I mean what when you when someone says hey, if you're going to be in a movie you would know who you want to play you medially benefits real going on, need to really pick somebody and put some thought into it so it can never talking is a menu you pick who plays me because if I did that on the do it justice.

But when it came time to pick and my connection that was on the handle and that and he was that it was a choice right absolutely lock overplaying you what you think you've known in a way I don't know woman tell you're probably friends with them was Eli could do it apart like that he hired. He likes to get to learn what it takes to be that person. Whether it's a fighter or unveiled a they took the serious once they got in there allows women to get out of it than it was. There was serious business with Markey's great we have a fantastic relationship. I say he's the city version of me and it was only first met about a good chance to meet him right away terrorizing together a long time, and in a few the guys I mean every single day and then now when Mark came into the picture. We kind of circled the wagons brought a manner when started training again and it truly made for family invites the part of us.

Now right when you cut them any slack them and they had to go to the ringers and because that they are in the respect in the place among us, and then finish in the mission. Now the family until he got a movie coming out Friday right yeah show on Amazon and show them so you could be anywhere. I mean, why was important to be here today. I mean I've been lucky to do a lot of jobs play a lot of real life guys with this one.

This experience is give me back more than anything I've done and what why career will Marcus sit right here is a brother mind the whole community. Like you said, I think the most flattering thing, especially when you have a responsibility like this you serve that story and these guys it's to have them.

Thank you and to have Dan Marino and John Murphy be there for you and thank you for that is honestly everything that's why you get to you know take swings like this and be a part of this and this. The torch I'm more than happy to carry and be a part of these these guys lives. And I mean the whole community to be taken in by those guises is it's a pretty fascinating family and I mean I think you know on a day like today on so many levels. It's heavy and then you carry that you feel that there's a lot a lot about here, but were also laughing. Catching up in there is that you like at ease me within 10 seconds of seeing each other again. It's like were just in it again and that's the beauty of right everything was so cool the market to state any input yourself. She stayed in the movie theater on the said so you training these guys and you felt it was a traumatic going through it again.

I mean I was traumatized. I didn't live through it. I am watching that I know how it ends. And I'm still affected by how about using it on the screen request that's a great question and was almost intense therapy because I had to break down every piece of it and they would ask me questions that I hadn't thought about why we doing this. This is what was was he doing with this thought about that and when he says were family. Now that's right because were together on holidays and I'll call him if I have a problem Mike manually. When I got to go, and that, that's how you know that you created that bond and we did that on the set, mainly because the roller coaster ride. They had to go over with the emotions in the death we would pull them right into that I was on set as a bunch of sales onset and then it had to do with the family members and the people on the outside because everyone in America hasn't been doing getting me up that mountain and pulled the guys back you just did is I carry myself the way I do. At all times normal running somebody or something they would bring me back. Not only that, when it came to them as every time someone types in our name. Your face is going to come up for this is where you are you just doing other stuff. Now you're a movie that's that's fine right always reeling back in to see him out there they found a man I'll call him up.

Keep in check.

That's my word about becoming too successful. I'm proud of you worried about you and become real real successful exotic norm a little bit talk to my scheduler driving. It worked out so well in the dynamic because we had them before filming during and after and speculated about staying in touch in our families, but everyone was starting something new.

It felt like. So, when grew together and that mold and because of it were much better now, but it tells it, did you tell Marcus your Canadian or you're afraid of know it is really the spirit of these guys obviously but II want to go back to the family thing and you know I went through a really intense family experience in quite literally his top three that I'll call and I think we all have.

Maybe if were lucky enough to have three people in your life that you can lean on that are unquestionably there and there was moment that you'll never forget you call him and he's quite literally just is like get to the ranch. Let's go you know this is this is just it's not even a question and no matter what he's dealing with, you know I don't. I didn't know at the time, or whatever you know which is open-door and I think that's just you just never forget those moments and that's how that is so cultivated that that relationship and forged you know… There isn't a question about it to locate just where the famous actor who played Michael Murphy in the movie and then Marcus Luttrell, who they based the movie off his book lone survivor Marcus, one thing is pretty clear have had a chance to to meet you since the book came out those years ago. You physically had to re-have a lot you would just disappear for a few months right to work on your back.

How are you doing now physically when it's become a routine so it's a start. Student start to go down live in the hospital for a few weeks to months to get my body right for the year and I just accepted it. Like a lot of people fight some of things that happen soon and so you always be fine and I accepted, like what my routine had to be because of it dialed in and I hold to it. If any part of my day throws me off my routine and pulls me out of it enough to get through that and I'll push myself back in the running to be to keep going, just like Taylor said it's it's when you go through life's experiences. It teaches you go to bed you take something from you design this can help somebody else. When I call on any given moment of amount today.

I'll call him up whatever he tells me is the answer.

You know it to what I need.

I needed to hear the good Lord works right right and so when when you have people like that in your life.

The deeper the strain the fire. I mean I give him any slack at all my drops but here we go, and then I will never let you go I want to let you know you hazard me that some so so Taylor you know where you grew up in Canada you live in Montana and you lived in Austin will will we need to sit so we need people to come by this is a in this Lieut. Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum.

Can you tell people why it's important to put it on the for the Cooperstown for seals. They can't they really else. It really is and it's it's funny as much as I think I knew even about the Seo community and what they go through and being with these guys and clocking it with them and being a part of that community. Now price is very humbling and it's it's done beautifully as well. And there's just you know, this is day one and there's already an incredible energy here.

I don't they realize a thousand people. I Dan Murphy over there through the window. The families foot given our young thing is that we both answer this. There's a difference now since the since 9/11 Navy SEALs no longer anonymous enough to be a member in the Navy now between Zero Dark Thirty that the takedown of bin Laden in real life.

The movie that followed your story. People know Navy SEALs I understand in the community there is a little bit of a disagreement. If the famous good or not.

How you feel about the everyone knowing about the seizure helmet hard for us to do undercover work, but brought up that way to acquire professional if you boys are in keep her mouth so we made it hard for you to suck it up on. New guy has on some operators, you live stuff for us but there there's two parts of it. Obviously, the old warriors telling the stories is what brings the new orders to the table so you have to have that's been around since since were certified clandestine operations. No matter what you think you know about our community, no nothing.

You only know will you see and for the reason why you come visit this museum, not as I've already hit things here in this museum deleted treasures there little hidden Easter eggs and gyms throughout this museum and if you know what you're looking at. Will send you on a journey to venture to find big findings of the first time till we did that on purpose so we did.

Others don't. Seals are notorious for that and there's so many things in here. There are hidden for the general public to find to find other things. I'll give you that little bit and alleviate them. But that's one of the reasons you want to come up are not only just to see this wonderful town.

The people in it but boat what are kind of attorney created well this I mean I just literally met the guy for the HVAC in here and his brother, he lost his brother in Iraq in 05 and it's like it's just this community and these people it's a special spot man and it's it's it really is. And in today's just a day to celebrate and memorialize and and and be together. You know right Taylor kitsch is here it Marcus Luttrell are here hundred percent true. I understand that but I may think this attention to it, but I can't tell you. Many people say I join a movie.

I joined the military because I saw a movie where I met somebody and I I just read today that the Army is lowering their standards to now you no longer have to have a high school education. That's how depleted they are recruiting. Are you worried about that, Marcus. That might seem so to your me, but overall the military recruiting staff signed the time to write transitional. In our country brought were all going through something fun. If you want to make us a family. How would you do that. How would you make everyone in America. Final commonality is right when they do us only made us sick.

We all got sick together about a week and you get battle hardened Sgt. ration after to you two wars 20 years as it did to us. After that the ending sucked our favorite movie have danced around was kind of sterile and then what happened when you got sick sick together. You don't think that's creating the division in a country that's right. That's how you bring us together.

I mean, it doesn't automatically and there are peaks and valleys. The laws and when that when the retention goes down, and recruiting goes down. Don't worry.

Something will happen push that back up okay we have a natural way of correcting ourselves and Americans are great self-correcting contest right mad you can get them happy. Do not pass them off right we don't like that at all. I understand a lot of things don't do that to us right and the worst thing that can happen is if there was (right if everyone stopped really given a day now about what goes on. I have been with them will be in trouble but you know else in trouble. The world is the world needs us to be still a deeper conversation you're actually right on that is were going through our transitional thing that is doable, and are messing with us you want to come in and poke the bear will were going through some stuff right Taylor Marcus, thanks so much. Great to see them so great that you came down to be here and Mark is always great to see I asked you to come here.

Tonight is to come rolling. You did not appreciate ravenous thanks guys appreciated back in a moment. Brian can only show, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show anything else you can do to help bring down the cost of development to say that this is a very real and we have to do something about our highest priority for ministration so there is the piece that is about bringing down the cost of gas, which in large part has exploded because it is were I in Ukraine like wasting time in the hope of coming up with an answer because she has none. How can. How could you, how could you not know how could you not know had that how could you not know how to answer that question quickly putting price hike. I know the administration says that but, Harris asked about the number one issue in America, even more important than abortion, even though I saw a new study that showed that 60% of the country is more likely to vote because of abortion and vote because they want Roe V Wade back so I understand that's a big issue. But, Harris left behind to do interviews me one question is what is worse, the next she was asked his stomach and play it now come up against a break which he was asked about abortion.

She says I was born because of a mother who was brought here because of a mother abortion matters and we will provide vouchers to travel people to get abortions and I think the craziest thing the matter where you are in this argument pro-choice, pro-life, pro-abortion is that I always thought that nobody wanted to have to have an object it to have that option of abortion people chose to have it now people are actually cheering it as if it's something to look forward to having everything get that twisted hey Brian kill me show on the road you hear somebody talking the background Michael Murphy navels Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here buddy if the Brian kill me. Joe proud to be coming to you from the Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum in West Sayville, New York, on long island a special day behind me here some of the announcement the ceremony about a thousand people gathered many of which observed in the past with the teams and many of which are their family members or just benefactors people of the time with the landscapers with their builders. Whether it just checks or there's people here to remember Michael Murphy and all those who served since 19 to Mark Penn is standing by Brett bear the bottom of the hour bread parent bear had a bit of a brawl on the show. I cannot wait to talk about that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three this is for death on the hands of the president.

I can't think of anything worse than these people in that 18 wheeler suffocating can't go on dozens of stacks of bodies found in tractor-trailers as illegals die horrifically in San Antonio.

All because this administration will not crackdown on the border and the word is out around the country and around the world come one and come all and you can stay out the article online one, clear, sooner or later. This is going to have to blow up in his face present.

By not telling the truth. That's what he was has proven to be lying essentially when it comes to the knowledge of his hunter hunt his son Hunter's business dealings. Not my opinion you just heard his own words why they will pass a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes without doubt or hesitation. Republicans care about life until the child is born that nice the latest on abortion rights in band and the rhetoric eats up in places in some places it overheats into violence on the streets is both sides play politics with life and choice with you right now is Mark Penn chair the Harris poll and chief executive of stag will Inc. Mark welcome back. Thank you Marty, first off on on first blush, politically, which is the least important thing out of abortion but politically, who stands to blame, who stands to gain. With the abolition of Roe V Wade well I think things are a little up in the air. The moment but generally true suburban when man who were trending Republican may have second thought. Hello that critical midterm election vote.

I think that it been no more concerned about the pocketbook and inflation and those of the voters I think would come up for grabs. Here Democrats certainly have opportunity because talking about about choices. A better subject than inflation, immigration or crime which is all trending in a bad direction for them. We learn in the period between when this decision leapt out when Leo's papers leaked out as a and that interim.

Until now, did it seem as though people getting used to that factor were things different. Now, well, you know, our daughter until they're done.

I think a lot of polling on that most people would have really come out where Robert they would've heritage that they wouldn't have removed been entirely no most of the public favor, allowing abortion up to 15 we certainly not in the third trimester.

So it is somewhat divided. They probably throw everything in politics and into turmoil really, because the political side, something that it really hadn't decided that the court decided it is pretty good Part of our democracy and how it comes out. Yeah, just ensuring the background as he gets set to officially open the Navy Museum here but you talk about rhetoric a lot now the Democrats are trying to say next up is going to be gay marriage.

Next up is going to be contraception because what Clarence Thomas wrote that clearly seems to be game plan.

They came up with over the last two months to get ready for this day right well I think I open subject out but you really appear to be the loan, and that our you know you in the main decision really shut the door on that.

I do know how to get five overdeveloped addition. But again, not very good politician probably would've been better for Thomas to have Those you felt but he said no and I think that will play politics.

But I don't see it realistically supports the court. I want you here little of Michael Steele who used to run the RNC said that with the GOP will do. Maybe it has everything to do with the generally sign on my truck at six the house and the Senate that they will pass a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes without doubt or hesitation set the market. If they have the house and the Senate filibuster absolutely because it's in their bases interest to do so absolutely a national ban on abortion will be one of the first pieces of legislation, probably next to them preaching July. That's hyperbole.

If I could steal the person's favorite word there's nobody talking about that, but that's where I think the strategy is in saying you think this is bad. It's going to be worse. Yeah, they're going but Robert was overturned. A lot of people thought that that is so unlikely outcome more likely target site but here I don't think I don't think that either extreme is likely to pass Congress. Why be able to do anything at all relative to the state.

Italy again.

Part of what the home midterm will be about. Is there place. The people are comfortable. Most people become where Robert and out but the Democratic left probably wouldn't be comfortable right probably. Would you be comfortable about so the last word. Looks to me like it's going to go to state more liberal have more liberal provision and let Mark Pendergast Mark a lot of some people speculated. This is really going to affect states more than US seats. Congress eats his Senate seats because states will decide with their abortion rules are going to be. Is that a theory you buy into. I think most likely going to go to bill it will be for out state by state will be an extra dimension to politics. I think the duct is directly intended that their political figure that out, and the political figure that out today kind of up to five year you know state by a battleground on on what provisions will will not work. You never know whether different different court might might get really involved. It was really several other than were not going back to the 1960s because there is no question that abortion will be fully available and she Democratic and in today's world people can often get there and have a lot of companies that provided for employees so there will be choice. However, different Tory Marxist story sure you read that said, the Democrats will take yes for an answer because Joe Biden keeps telling everyone I am running and for the most part they just keep talking as if they're not sure if he's running or not.

What's the story behind the scenes for a guy that knows all about reelections with the click beginning with the Clintons well when you have to collect all Democrat, who would you like me. The next Democratic nominee for president usually get about 85%. In this case present by getting around 30%.

So everybody know that Democrats themselves are skeptical about money. A second term. I personally don't think he's come around second term. When all is said and done, but the midterm I don't think anything that God is running water, is a lame duck Pres. this point and I think the real will be made sometime after the midterm good midterm.

He will run an effective shellacking makes it a lot less like you.

Do you think he should run again with limited support unless he was able to completely wait to see movement to the center game, a leader which is what we did in 19 you know and 96 in the run-up to the election between 94, 96, I don't see any sign that he is willing, able want to do that and therefore money for reelections is unlikely to be to be stressful event based on currently. So yeah, I might like a long read between the lines here when, Harris was asked to 29 Congress Hansen.

Jim Clyburn said last week that present time doesn't seek reelection. You would be first on his list in 2024. Talk to Pres. Biden reelection and when he said Joe Biden is running for reelection and I will be his ticket. So you feel better now what he thinks going on this at the way she should've answered it, given any of that would've been but I think I don't politician are famously inaccurate about their predictions about whether or not they will write you no doubt that by not running. She favorite show below me. I think it likely favorite party. But again, looking very hard to figure out who are you and talk about the likely scenarios like Arial, you know by she is the nominee likely probably only 25% because there are so many other happened. Haven't figured out yet in terms of other Well-funded candidates to come in part so much that could happen, but that likely last question Hillary Clinton last week says I'm not run again. Should we believe in that case I don't think that it should be running out of it?

The other side running, but but public. When I want Hillary Tromp by run again, the answer is no, they actually want.

You know someone here they're done with the politics of that era.

You know I think they're done with Loki who is particularly unpopular know well from losing popularity weekly games with a publican party.

Now I once wrote slogan forward not back for another then I guess I like what I do have one more question. Do you think when you compromise like Republicans… Compromise 14 of them did on this gun legislation.

In this climate is that political peril. Now I think I think it was what I like to party solution when they occur like that. Generally good for the country. I think they found common ground and I think that's exactly what the public will the public is sick and tired of whether crime or immigration. The ability sick and tired of the of the parties not getting get together harder part of the deal discovered only made me feel those who might want to benefit like they're doing their work the country, not just for political gain and trying to take issues. Yeah, I agree with you but to get to the primaries. If you show any type of to this point in the past recent past show any type of given compliance. It seems should be viewed as weakness. Now I can. Country is looking for people that work together and and and I think that the proposal that they agreed upon our cleaning up. I told them individually overwhelmingly positive 70s or 80s so I am a little less familiar with Republican primary dynamics that could occur about possible but I think in this case will see what happens. I went this way will likely gain politically more unfailingly stare and we truly appreciated. I love the analysis is that there is a lack of plenty of points of view.

Oprah she come on Mark, thank you, thank you. I listen we come back your turn. 1-866-408-7669 and behind me see some announcements because you have the Navy SEALs have now peril actually dropped yet they leapfrogged into right outside the seal Museum and they just landed. Now does the applause year in the background wearing Wesley Bill New York on Brian kill made.

This is the brain kill Nietzsche both sides all fastest three hours in radio with Brian kill me. Come out to life American people more secure operation told the board that your policy may your positive court record record ration more people across the board.record record number migratory diving drove by over 746 more to it M Americans have died from across the board nutrition break and a lot of records on the record all back Tom Holman who used to be ice rector borders are.

He is a distinguished career. So the border border better than any time in his entire life and now it's never been worse.

Would you know that already and what he's referring to Marie's why he was booked today on Fox and friends is because yesterday we found out the 46 people dead in a tractor-trailer, 16 others taken to a hospital because these migrant smugglers put these guys into refrigerated truck and didn't turn on any refrigeration because even want to be discovered. Some theorize among the deadliest tragedies to of claim thousands of lives of people across the border. This happens all the time San Antonio police chief said the office received a call 10 minutes before six. They show up and they saw what they saw.

Also interesting, we don't have an ice director why they've taken all the prestige of the position and all the power Tony Gonzales was offered the position and he has turned it down. The nominee is his name is actually Ed Gonzales my bed. He said I'm grateful to present Biden for the honor of nominating me and I wish this administration well as they strive to overcome the paralyzing particle gridlock that threatens far more than her our nation's border. Frankly, the dysfunction threatens America's part and so believe me, it's all him we might have gridlock. This is not example of gridlock. This is an open border. All the monies going to bring these people in and gave them accommodations and I am sick of it.

I hope you are to help the Hispanic community. Since this message to present the talkshow that's getting you your Brian kill me.

I think that this is a seismic decision dealing with for years to come.

I think it's a culture war will happen in the November midterms. I'm not sure we know because I just sent Americans have a lot on their plates. Very concerned about the cost and gas. The cost of food, the availability of infant formula and those are things I think tend to be top-of-the-line when people go to a pole, so I'm not sure about November, but to be talking about this for a very long time to come.

While that was Susan paid last night on bread beer has a show called special report and that was her analysis, no one knows quite what's going on, but they do think it will help Democrats in the short term to energize their base who could be more depressed because of the performance of Congress as well as the president with me right now is that host special report break bear Brett. No one really knows quite what's going to happen, we did see a pull out today that Democrats seem more motivated. Since Roe V Wade was overturned. So I think you see that duckling the short term and to Susan's point. The question is what happens long-term, or in June. By November what happened as far as washing that outed as a political issue as it is today. We don't know we do know that inflation is likely to be around in a significant factor in the end that's what most people are dealing.

I think abortion and Britt Hume said the last night on the show is really going to be fascinating and the battles in each individual state. There are some Republicans knowing that Roe V Wade was in place as kind of a buffer glanced very aggressively and voted for very very stiff strict laws that now look back and say, should there be exemptions lawfully should there be a 15 week sure you note some compromise in the legislation that had passed already and I think that that's where the battle is going to go and maybe that changes the dynamic about the wish on the federal election case.

Yeah. Possibly now, this whole debate about the abortion pill on inactive fascinating debated and one in which the FDA is going to stand and say this this pill is authorized and should be available to everybody in the country and some states are going to say no yeah yeah I mean that's free and we had Gov. no mine and they talked about possibly is again be pushing Republicans to go out get some power and God and ban abortion entirely not even keep it up to the states Michael Steele actually speculated that cut six House and the Senate that they will pass a federal ban on abortion and you believe that what happened Michael yes without doubt or hesitation will set the market. If they have the house and the Senate filibuster absolutely because it's in their base his interest to do so absolutely a national ban on abortion will be one of the first pieces of legislation, probably next to them preaching July I would guarantee you they will not put in the get rid of the filibuster. They get the majority in the presidency and get rid of abortion. I think you did wrong or confident he will do one thing that I see no evidence of that up on Capitol Hill yesterday and talked about some elements and some lawmakers but in the leadership. Nothing I see a focus on energy exploration on taxes on big picture thing that yes, there may be an effort to help launch investigations back in the Hunter Biden and other things that will be a part of all of that but I don't see that as the leadership when you watch Nancy Pelosi push that child you get the sense she pushes other children. This is the first one just caught on camera II know I look at that video call with Congresswoman Flores said about it. I had bigger fish to fry you. I watched the brawl yesterday.

I thought you asked the question that if I I couldn't wait to answer if I was her just to knock it out of the park and say didn't happen.

He click here my thought process right if the Washington Post is doing a story if she think that if she wins the primary Democrats are going to ask that question and debate, or that they are going to focus on that. Why not have the opportunity to address it head on and what she did was attack me a tax function and that prompted me to press further about the original question I have, that's what I do. I ask questions that I've done it since the beginning of covering politics is both sides, Republicans, Democrats, one of the vulnerabilities are the stories out there that are potential problems in a way that allows them to address it. She addressed it head on, said something specific I would've moved on, but you know it that's what happened sometimes and you know we had just been through four questions on the 2020 election and that's one of her campaign.

You know stump speeches is that it's a stolen election of Joe Biden is an illegitimate president will see how that works in the yellow Sea and Georgia but it may work in Arizona working right. Cory Lake is here talking about just as with applause to everyone who knows if you just tuning in, right now I am alive at the Michael Murphy Navy. The opening of the Michael Murphy Navy seal Museum in Sayville, New York. There have official ceremonies behind me. I think about thousand maybe more people behind me and Dan Murphy.

Michael's dad is speaking and singling out different people that are here including Marcus Luttrell and then Taylor kitsch, who played Michael Murphy in the movie lone survivor so just so you know it's not your said were not in a bad situation actually in a great situation with background noise, but here's a little of the exchange with Kari Lake yesterday with you cut 30 this is ludicrous. I'm talking about drag shows in schools. This is what triggered this man somebody who goes to a drag show with female impersonators is one thing we don't want our tax money going into directions in school. Okay – there but his allegations are really really appalled that you would spend time on a false story like that. It's shocking well I think can address things that are coming up that might affect the right instrument. I thought you would appreciate the establishment was here last week he asked her about her votes to allow illegal alien students to get a lower tuition and American student. She did ask her about 75 times that she raise tuition on American students right you masquerade as we get the idea. The back and forth so you just ask your question and she there's pictures of her at some type of auto drag party and your guy drag gringos but barbers have bills that they had a long relationship in whatever date they were friends and she came to parties and and he could she be performed at her house.

Whatever what what point was that the Washington Post story was about hypocrisy is that she talking about drag queen negatively.

He pops up and says wait a second.

This is who she was before she is trying to make it the difference between going to drag shows, and partying with these people and having them with your kids. I don't really understand the issue. I'm not sure. Drag queens were heading to kindergarten classes, but that's where the differential shall cheesemaking he comes up Washington Post story.

I make the assumption that she wants to address it head on, and that's where the battle comes because she says she's appalled so some interviews go off the rails others we could keep on questions in the get people God answered well you got me as I was working at the time I go racing I got up at the sound of fear aloud I go what's going on why you don't, plus a lot of the still pictures of people doing drag I'm I'm never used it with that kind of catching vice cries of the rollover. Every channel so I am very confused about some new cycles. This is one of them and you know what it is now of course now the former president has weighed in and I'm very say is very There very wonderful song to God and he said. There is no truth. Social I guess I just saw click it.

It's part of the political process. The question good politicians don't like and you on books out so can you tell me that you're special now on site and on on Fox nation. Yeah, we got the couple things run the same time right now is the unauthorized history of Vietnam that is really got a lot of acclaim about the research that went into it and people learning even Vietnam experts about some stuff that has been uncovered and that was really really fun project work on and I think it's worth the time to take a look at some numbers from part one is lost ships of World War II, which is really cool underwater exploration of battleships sunk in World War II in the effort to find the romance so to great projects that and what a great day for you out there that maybe she'll yes yes really cool I love this stuff so it's and we have a reason for you to go in Long Island and one of the reasons to the Navy seal Museum and what makes it better. It's adjacent to a golf course everything you want for you Brett.

Absolutely the game of golf has not asked. Matt has asked me to stop both the live tour and PJ both agree I should be golfing you could get some serious money. Broadcasting's and I'm going to start getting $3 billion. That's it. I would need listen. Noah had Greg Norman on that night he put I will see where you go see Fred Behrens on by that tour to read see if there's enough money to lure you back but I don't know Lake Tahoe celebrity classic yard next week so I do.

I am predicting victory. Okay, I'll call you from out there I go get them to be. John Smoltz first break. Thanks so much go to Fox nation to let me say will finish up things at the Michael Murphy seal Museum just a moment.

I'm so glad you hear Brian to meet you use makers and breakers.

First, I only show so busy he'll make dear Brian kill me that Joe Biden transferred under $100,000 and December 2018 and January 2019 and during the same timeframe hundred Biden spent over $30,000 on on escorts that are linked to the Russian bank accounts that video they just set latest Joe Biden wired hundred Biden thousand dollars about two and half hours before that was found. Now, centers are Grassley and Johnson published a report in 2020, saying that hundred Biden had religion that hundred Biden had engaged in transactions with suspected human trafficking or prostitution ring type in Eastern Europe so understand what's going on here.

Today the cover of the New York Post shows that Joe Biden had actually had a voicemail left for his son that was on his laptop for some reason he downloaded to his laptop. That they talked about how don't worry about that story coming out in in the Washington Post at the you get to be okay. And the reality is he should be okay. He's doing international business deals with Apsley no qualifications with a Chinese energy company and a multibillionaire who was gone missing.

Ironically, and then of a partner in Devon archer that gets arrested now in jail for a year because of unsavory activities and this is going to come out in 2018.

Though I suppose writing.

I imagine someone got to the question posed to sanitizing like they do everything they love later would just neutralize the whole laptop until after two and half years. The pressure got to great and that was Andrew Kerr, the Washington Examiner investigative reporter who, saying, why is hundred Biden getting money from Joe Biden in Russia and what used it for looking with the big drink transactions is prostitutes. Now, no one says that Joe Biden knows that he also gave him something like $20,000 to go into a drug rehab which by the way, he seems to have put in his pocket and knocked on Phil Bamford, Joe Biden on that. But why would you put him under stress at the family fortunes on his shoulders as you go to different countries that may or may not destroy your political career. As you use the power of Joe Biden's senator and vice president to get big box. Here's more from Andrew Kerr is not clear at the moment. Whether these payments that were reporting on our links and white centers.

Grassley and Johnson were talking about, but it is important to note that we did pull text messages from a copy of hundred Biden savanna laptop China hundred. Biden was talking to a woman went to the site escort agency saying that hey, I can't make payments to these bank accounts linked to Russian email addresses because the throwing red flags for my bank account and in one instance he said that his bank account was frozen temporarily because he is trying to make payments to Russian email addresses for this these escort services so yes, this is pretty incredible.

The amount of money that Joe Biden was sending hundred Biden then what he was using that money on everything about this is saying if you had. I don't know Donald Trump Junior doing 1/10 of this, even if he was the crazy son that no one could control. It wouldn't matter, they would just destroy the whole Trump business and if Donald Trump had given Donald Trump Junior theoretically if he had some type of problem money. And even though it wouldn't be like anything negative you something for negative, that would be the story but again you have a guy looking the other way and I believe Hunter Biden wants to get caught I think he on some level wants to destroy his family. Here's more from Andrew Kerr this is coming.

This is in a time frame work, Hunter Biden, despite making tens of thousand dollars a month as a director for Marie's peers essentially broke his bank accounts are running in the negative. He couldn't afford car payments and in one instance, he was reduced to begging his sister-in-law to support them over some cash so he could afford ski lift tickets. He was, he didn't have a dime to his name. Yet somehow he still was able to spend $30,000 on on escorts. What is going on. How do you get millions from these countries and have nothing left and and being obsessed with prostitutes, but you want to go skiing with your family. So Josh Boswell is a daily Mail reporter and he talked about this voicemail and the voicemail essentially says is kinda low, but essentially says hey you, I don't think they the 2018 article are supposed to be a big deal. Josh Boswell says this cut 22.

I think this is a really important revelation that we have is coming right from the president's mouth, and I think that it so much more important, what wasn't said to write it. It wasn't a phone call from Joe Biden to his son Cinque.

What the hell you doing like I'm reading about deals with corrupting criminal Chinese businessmen what's going on it's during the clear he clearly knew what was going on. Yes, Josh Boswell, you are sharing our amazement, which we been in a maze with two and half years ago deeper and deeper in this I'm writing to me. Thanks everybody made this Navy seal Museum opening so special. Michael Murphy certainly wasn't his family to open come here and see these great war fighters is fantastic and everyone to put this all together and Allison for making the trip to Long Island. So far from Jersey and keep it here on the brain to meet you over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you did your

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