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Jobs Report Perhaps Finally a Good Sign For the Economy?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 8, 2022 12:45 pm

Jobs Report Perhaps Finally a Good Sign For the Economy?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 8, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:08:43] Admiral James Stavridis


[00:18:23] Carley Shimkus


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Live from a Fox news Rios New York City set up Fox and friends. So America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me.

Thanks. Which would be very broad is the Brian Kilby Joe Og Adm. James diabetes and about 12 minutes need is big on the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe of Japan Co. Shimkus to the bottom of the output voltage breaking is a perspective a lot to be going on today. The prison United States to be announcing some type of executive action as relates to Roe V Wade and we also know he's here to do that today the White House and we also know a little bit later on this afternoon. We also know the present trump will deliver remarks at an event for Nevada candidates in Las Vegas really believes that he's good. They had a shot at taking the Senate there if they can take the Senate, you need that Senate seat of right now Democratic cancel. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 I'm not going to second-guess the district attorney for his actions. My heart goes out for their heartbroken honest New Yorker where a person came in and went behind the counter and attracting. Thank you Mr. Mayor for at least saying the right thing. Now go condemn your district attorney for doing the wrong thing and put them in Rikers victim so more of a data or owner stands up to an attacker New York City and chose a career criminal.

He goes to jail.

That was the story, but I was changing the public outrage is the reason we will bring you the watershed moment, so what Texas is doing the unprecedented and that is Texas law enforcement and National Guard.anybody that Abraham come across the border illegally.

They will be returning to the board yeah governor desperate to do something in Texas grant state authorities the power to return illegals to the border at binder as Biden quietly built a trump wall in California that we paid for this. After 5000 apprehended in Texas just last week alone, I bring you the latest 80 people in this country on the wrong president understands what the American people are going through. He understands that gas prices are high because of the enough with that binds economy sucking wind and the ministration seems to be there just seems to just be sucking overall and the Dems are furious yes dams, we can look at the economy in the presence actions and new jobs numbers threaten the cloud is only sunny spot for the new jobs numbers are just and I just got in 372,000 are the jobs added they expected to 268 so this is more than that, but less than last month plus jobs good news for this country that I'm cheering for the economy. I don't care who the president is 62.2% participation rate overall. That's a little low. I mean, that also continues people that are retired so I keep that in mind both said this to the fact of the unemployment at 3.6, which is great, which I we just arise because people gunning for have more positions open than they have workers. In fact, last month at 11 million open position. 7 million without a job. It seems to me a lot of people could be employed Tuesday if they choose to be employed. It also knows a better quality jobs are probably available but we will not have sooner or later. If we keep on squeezing the economy with the inflation we will not have these job openings.

So for the present. He will trumpet these numbers today, but for the most part by far the number one issue continues to be inflation and I am not convinced that they have any coherent plan.

Neither the David Axelrod's of the world neither neither are allotted Democratic leaders cc the present with empty schedules, three-day weekends, and they wonder where is the where is the urgency to act uses terror terribly overwhelmed press secretary: when you look at inflation. We look at where we are economically and we are in a strong we are stronger economically than we have been in history when you look at the unemployment numbers at 3.6% when you look at the jobs numbers more than 8.7 million new jobs created. That is important is important but just so you know many of those jobs were emptied out because the pandemic so these numbers are wildly inflated like the growth numbers just like when people say what we were in a recession, when present trump was because we will force ourselves in recession because of to the China virus. That's a big difference. So are you convinced that the presence got the message when it comes to oil and gas.

I am not and then we have the revelation that will use your strategic oil patrol according to Reuters, much of it is going to China and India and evidently in the oil world we got the best we find the best we have the best natural resources. It's the most, but it's the most preferred and we do something that makes us insecure and doesn't bring the prices here and helps our enemy. It makes no sense. Here's Daniel Turner last night. He's in oil and gas export cut five reprobate crackhead son invested in the company that is buying our strategic reserve. What will pay more than five dollars a gallon at the pump. We had an impeachment hearing about a phone call with Donald Trump and President-elect because Jerry Nadler and doesn't call Adam Schiff to ask some questions for Congress to do its job and wonder how the Biden crime family property while the American people are suffering. I don't understand if there is a more offense that is worthy of investigating or impeachment it unpatriotic and ashamed eventually come out. I assume we what I did not add is that wrinkle that the company in China that is buying our oil for that country is as as a business relationship with Hunter Biden. Is that insane and we know from the voicemail and we know from logic. Obviously, the presence involving her Tony Bob Linsky and we know is the big guy so if this was the term pet even a fraction of these connections.

Adam Schiff would be on chart on the air 24 hours a day. Needless to say, were also I want to share with you what happened. We got up to this morning.

The assassination attempt worked there in a home without using a homemade rifle looks like a double barrel using to look like out of the plumbers tubes that you might use for your sink, a homemade gun was made for a 41-year-old assailant Navy veteran Japanese Navy veteran to walk up behind former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinto Abe and shot him in the neck and shot in the back and killed him. He was basically out of it. By the time they got into the ambulance and he passed away he is dead.

The most are usually the most nonviolent society on the planet with gun restrictions are off the charts did not stop the assassination of this leader, who was known as an innovator wanted to get China excuse me Japan back off to this peace initiative back on building up their own military again wanted to get their economy rolling again. First time since the late 80s was doing all these things to jolt their economy had to step aside in 2020.

Because of physical problems campaigning with an election looming, and then he gets gun down just awful present trump everybody is written down glowing statements about the leader but I think a lot of people freaked out to get themselves if this can happen in Japan really could happen anywhere.

I'm in a talk and with Jim Servetus about that right use of the brain to meet you. We have letter breaking economic news international news and we also will find out what is on the admirals mind former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO ally in wake of the fact that the Russians basically admitted there in a pause in Ukraine.

What should Ukraine do will ask in a moment.

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This is the Brian kill me, show one of those aspirations was actually the revised Constitution that was renouncing war and all of that as a result of World War II and he felt the Constitution needed upgrading the face the realities and threats that the Japanese people undertake. That is a general keen who talked about Prime Minister Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated by a 41-year-old Navy veteran didn't like his policies that according to the reports I believe out of the daily mail that was what you said to say they found a homemade rifle and it look like to tubes you might have under your sink later's house and took out this leader is one of the safest countries in the world. It's known as Adm. Jim Servetus the 16th supreme Allied Cmdr. NATO Adm. your thoughts on Abe's death. Just a tragedy. Brian and of course I spent over at my career in the Pacific, got met with the Prime Minister remarkable man. Let Japan through some challenging. I believe the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history and really a visionary as Gen. Jack was just telling us she knew that Japan had to step up and face China and he did initially in his career. He tried a bit more working with China and then it became clear to him that this was a danger zone for his nation and so he aggressively improved with each these defense forces, and that in addition to what Jack said.

He also pushed to change a thing That the Japanese had in their policy and their constitution of spending only 1% of their gross domestic product on defense and don't forget Brian Japan is an enormous economy. It's the third largest in the world after the US and China. Of course, so his legacy will be clear eyed realist who helped China who helped Japan faced the challenges of China, so he passed away.

The G 20s meeting right now. If you are the G 20, and a chance to lead so talk to love Rob would you and what would you say unpleasant as it would be to speak to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei lab Rob again not met with him on many many occasions he was of course in that position when I was supreme Allied Cmdr. less than a decade ago. He speaks perfect English.

By the way, although you don't not often see him deploy that publicly, I think we do keep communication channels open. I think I would push him hard. Obviously on the war criminal behavior were saying, and I would say to him, look, you are leading your nation down a strategic bolthole here and you're not going to get out under the sanctions you're not can find your way back into the global comments in until you reverse course here and eat you know he he is not a powerful figure in Russia but he does have influence.

He's been in the job a long time.

He can help carry that message back to Vladimir Putin said we have not really begun yet to fly. We haven't really been we got in, started in action. He called on. He wants keep you better accept the deal. I didn't know there was still out there, or things will get worse for you. And he said operate what we could term an operational pause now. So what would you make of his bluster yet I think it's bluffing. I think it's bluster he's burning through assets. He had thousands and thousands killed in action, his equipment is getting shot up constantly. He knows more and more heavy and advanced weapons are going in the hands of the Ukrainian Ukrainian flag is flying proudly over snake Island where there is a long history of bitterness in a very strategic location and yeah he has ground out a few more kilometers of territory, but I don't think he's got a lot in the bank. Brian and the next step for him he will have to declare a mobilization and start conscripting grafting young Russians that he knows even his levels of control may start to waiver in the face of that so III wouldn't want his hand the cards and I think that he's trying to push the Ukrainians to take some kind of a negotiated settlement.

So I think last week he took Lujan's province of this, one of the two promises of makeup the Don bus region and he seems to be making progress in taking the cities that he wants even though it's a great cost but it doesn't doesn't pay the price for the political opinion he arrests people that have a negative opinion about about what's happening there. So even always paying the price. He seems to be making gains would you agree, I would agree making small incremental gains. But Brian, you gotta measure it against his strategic intent. What he wanted to do was to conquer the entire country is in possession right now. If something like 19, 20%, and frankly the Ukrainians as they get more weapons, heavier weapons, more accurate weapons. Long-range cruise missiles that can knock out the Black Sea fleet II wouldn't I wouldn't bet on Putin's ability to really gather a lot more territory. So I think a negotiation is coming here.

The question is what are the Ukrainians willing to give up about what we gotta get that weed out and I think that we should get NATO in action. The say this is a humanitarian mission where going guided out or people will starve to death that are involved in this conflict we have to do that. It's not even being talked about that. I can tell Michael go ahead, you wonderful, not just I was good to say Brian because this is a nautical topic and you do have an Avalon I would say we had. I have been pushing many maritime experts have been pushing this and as you know, Brian. We done this before we escorted Kuwaiti tankers full of oil through the Strait of Hormuz, when Rand wanted to close it in the 1980s young lieutenant stab greatest was involved in those operations Adm. Stan Regis would tell you today. Take a page from that playbook at the careen out escorted NATO's a good place to start thinking about and you begin by mind sweeping. We had that capability. This is within the grasp of the international community we should do it right here is what Michael Weiss says he's with newsline magazine about what's happening on the ground for 20 Ukrainian counteroffensive limited though it has been in her saw this was the first population center. The Russians talk in late February and early March.

Leasing reports now that the Ukrainians feel the wind at their back of Ukrainian military officials saying there within sniper range of Russian troops in her son that is an unprecedented development in the last several months.

Already we have seen Jonathan, the devastating effect that the Ukrainians are made of Western supplied long-range artillery systems, including the high marks I've seen video footage of these things striking deep within a Russian occupied territory into a guest of Russian soldiers on social media platforms such as telegrams been complaining that now they're facing a NATO standardize military something they hadn't seen before going back eight years of war against Ukrainians. So these are some of those high bars seem to be making significant gains. Are there enough, there are not enough and we need to get more in their hands. I think there's roughly a dozen there. Now we need to cripple that out of minimum, given the follow-on rockets launching this from around rockets and Brian everything he said I agree with and let's also add in.

You know what's going to happen next. In those occupied territories.

It's going to be a very spirited, very effective Ukrainian resistance movement, and Russia is going to find dead soldiers around corners. They're going to have to retaliate there to see targeted assassinations against puppet Ukrainian regimes. I think that the Russians target having very virulent insurgency there and have to deal with.

In addition to that NATO capable Ukrainian conventional forces, net so don't believe the bluster is in trouble. That's my bottom line and I think if you parse his statements closely. He's talking more about negotiation then is about some kind of sweeping military victory. The admirals books go wristed all nine conflicts in the crucible of decisions. You also see some of the great books.

Adm. has out.

Always great to talk to Sir Brian talk to 1-866-408-7669, the latest on the breaking news and the job numbers in just a moment.

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Am I going to second-guess the district attorney for his actions would that say my heart goes out for their heartbroken on this New Yorker that was doing his job in his place of business where a person came in and went behind the counter and attraction.

Yeah, we saw the video and I give the mayor credit for saying that. But why not attack the DA because I guess that both Democrats. Perhaps I do know it makes no sense to me because of Europe, said by crime in this in your city, which is up 33% overall.

The only thing that out of the seven major crimes or murder. And that's not down significantly, but there down every thing else Grand Theft Auto everything assaults murder of Alzheimer and rapes all the stuff is up, and then you see an opportunity for somebody to fight back.

And you know the part of the reason is it's recidivist criminals. They keep going in and they come at the same people commit the crimes that's going you please Commissioner use as an opportunity to say something going. She abuses Shimkus is here. She wants to say something goes to Fox and friends fresh up to your great special on Fourth of July plastic with Lawrence Jones calling first off your reaction to the mayor holding his fire on the DA but siding with the bodega owner.

I'm so glad that he dad and I feel so that everybody feels that for this bodega owner Eisenstein.

The security camera footage. Thank God Del Brian. It was caught on camera because, could you imagine it wasn't with the camera footage alone when he was put in Dragon originally set his bail at $500,000 and then went down to $250,000. He couldn't make it.

His family doesn't have that kind of money after the New York Post, and thank God they did started covering the story.

There is so much outrage over this that they finally lowered the amount of 50,000.

He's out of Rikers. He should've never been there to begin with. He stood there after this would happen as his son owns the bodega they have a bodega Association. He said I think it's 139th St. and Broadway in Harlem and what happens is this guy, this guy's girlfriend walks in and has a as a card for EBT card is a cold. That is a sampling. She is nothing on so you just can't buy the snack you nothing on it to start screaming out as he tries to steal it apparently is trying to steal a knife to me just have a few times I'm getting at my boyfriend guy comes back, he's got a huge criminal record. He's got three and $50 T-shirt.

I didn't know what a three and $50 T-shirt looks like or is even made as got gold earrings gold necklace comes in such threat in the God you can hear the audio roughs him up. But then when he stood up he got a knife and a knife. The guy in the neck and knifed him again and he died.

And here's the thing that the data worker did nothing when he was getting pushed around, and then he tried to walk away and you can see him actually trying get away and then the guy who ultimately ends up dying front and back hold him back in and that's when he grabbed the knife because he was thinking in his head. I think a minute on right now, my gosh, and you can completely understand where he's coming from and then you know Alvin Bragg. You don't really hear about him that much. I think that's really because when he was first elected. There was that leaked memo of realities plan and how is it handled the district attorney's Adventist attorneys position that he was elected tail essentially said he was going decriminalize everything except for hard-core murder. That was how he jumped onto the scene yet so much backlash that he sorta went into a hole. You don't hear from him that much. Currently, behind the scenes of he still making these horrific decisions and people of left just left in a left-wing city there tees to lift for them other guys name is Jos� Alba and the guy that is now dead.

The killer is name. I had it right here. Yeah, let me know what can I say something O'Brien you started this bylaw since Amish is Austin Simon 37 years old. Ex-con is one of attacked him and is dead right now and you were talking about how they're all these repeat offenders on the street so trail in Chicago police know who these guys are 1400 people in Chicago gang members. The repeat people who steal stuff and get out they commit 86% of the crime in Chicago and they're just constantly back out on the street. It's the revolving door system. Imagine how much safer that they would be if they eventually locked this small pool of people out and it really is small, the number of people who are capable of committing a violent crime is very small. The problem is that they feel emboldened right now. The other issue with areas that are high crime areas is that there is like this anti-snitch culture some nobody talks to cops slathering a Chicago Sun-Times article member is actually last summer and it said over the course of six years there have been two people committed of market convicted of murder over six years of mass murder only to convictions that is not and I could Believe that Caesar thing is given to law enforcement reform and we hear about criminal justice reform hear about all the time you would once their incarceration. Don't put them back on the street and Sam giving them another chance. The infrastructure is not the only opportunities out there.

If you are sincerely looking rehab your life. Perhaps you would behind bars because don't sit them back out on us because it makes everybody look bad. Nobody wants to come to your city you not to get reelected and you're not helping the person.

Sometimes people just evil. Yeah, I know you have a hard time believing that the bright side of everything. I know that there are bad guys that are fresh air and then you have good George Gascon. The big news this week was at the recall effort is moving forward in the fact that they got over 700,000 signatures so that 200,000 more than what was needed.

They need a buffer zone just in case any the signatures turned out to be fraudulent and gorgeous Kathleen see if he goes the way of Chase, Aberdeen, Nederland and breed in San Francisco just announced Jason Ledeen's replacement was a woman that worked in his office.

Not thinking, all blank will guess what she left Chase Monique Putin's office and started working for the recall campaign against okay good so maybe that said he has a chance, absolutely. So I will talk about that first off the job numbers came in, much more than they thought that 100,000 when they thought was come out to 372 other job numbers are so the other promises of 3.6. What do you think that does that change anything in in the country you think we should feel less doom and gloom. What I think it is good report for now by himself still have a lot inflation is still there. Gas prices are still extremely high but I guess it does show that the biggest share with the Federal Reserve raising the interest rate is that it's obviously going to slow the economy and people are can be either I can be at as much job growth as we have right now but I see the economy is just because this this one particular report was better-than-expected doesn't change the way that people are feeling right and what you know really what you're referring to. Also, is not so much were Republicans feel were skeptics of Joe Biden filters with fellow Democrats feel they evidently feel as though that they are just so lost. David Axelrod talked about it in politico today, they say, many progressives, including some within the administration say Biden's all-out messaging war against Viking prices is making matters worse, they fear his administration's unswerving support for the Federal Reserve's campaign to choke off inflation will slam the brakes on the economy undercut the few things the White House is moving in its favor like housing, like with interest rates are high for recent times, but not high.

Overall is going to hurt the housing market and eventually going to stop hiring the inside demonstration. The debates are getting more intense they say is the midterms approach by his approval rating at 30 between 36 and 39% quote a lot of the frustration with the role of either rollout and by the idea that they were going to try to do a Paul Volker our way out of the problem is the problem. Courtney was senior official Paul Volker put inflation put interest rates into double figures. In order to outstrip inflation. No inspiring note for note that first-time buyers might affect people with cash to buy houses so that's got to be that's going to ripple down credit card purchases you sell. Things are it's demonstration is by its own design.

Also, defendant not help.

I just continued to pump money in a situation, but right now they're caught between a rock and a hard place and I really think that with this administration it set messaging and messenger problem dear member a few months ago and the administration went through this like great reset and he said okay this is what you do to raise their approval rating work and have Pres. Biden glad on the road more and talk to the people because nobody can sell the message quite like Pres. Biden so he was in Ohio this week making a speech actually really surprised by what he and I get the union thing and all that pensions AME that the really small sliver.

A society that cares compared to the major problems at hand. Inflation gas prices and brine.

He said, and it is like a nitpicky thing, but it was so annoying he said he is afraid it's not a joke. 50 times right now. We had a girl economy from the top up in the let's not joke, folks. I'm doing more for the economy than any other president history, not joke, folks like he stuck on repeat I know I'm he says all the time. No hyperbole. The other one. He always says, but no joke. Using his his arms to give a speech is, those people were enthuses enthusiastic that they were there and they would every time he gets cheers. He trusted like shut the cheers to what I think I found out I was okay because I don't like like so Jim Jordan of Ohio said this about what he seeing so far, cut seven is frankly no one wants to talk to that, the sitting president to Joe Biden anyway look like a kid on the playground had no friends, and it's it's it's always sad I felt sorry for the individual what the country sees that in the country deserves the right kind of leadership right of the leadership we had on the previous president but it's not just that it's decisions he makes me the idea with learn today that almost a million barrels from our strategic reserve was sold to China. The first question is why we doing that at the time we got five dollars gas but we also learn that the company that bought this that of this, but this oil was sold to Hunter Biden had a financial interest in at one time.

So that's that's problematic to so it's not just the concerns we have about you know, can you put two. Since the other can actually lead but also the policy decisions that are being made. Yeah, I know you got to me that China story is just so bad yeah and it really isn't getting as much attention as it probably shied. I think I read somewhere that when you're when you're dealing with oil on the global market.

The highest bidder. It does actually have to the highest bidder has to purchase that while I don't that's the same rules with the strategic reserve. But if that is the case that may explain why some of those barrels went over slowly see the expiration rather not having her that that's what Karen John Piazza is okay to do it is the now and in that book right about cream come down if defendant on.

I don't think she's cut out for the job. Like say that falling on, I wouldn't be either. It's just too intimidating for me but she does have a very sweet presence right of my problem is I saw a very nice person right as she comes off of Pleasanton on MSNBC just spewing venom as president so I know you got the others I haven't I haven't seen that thing is I just get the sense I really want to put the soundbites in his white. I got the sense Jen Saki was in on the decisions knew exactly what was going on.

In fact, she sometimes I think would try to lead the president by her statements because it will full of what I think were factual things about the administration she's just trying to answer questions by print by the printed. I wonder if she's going to be out and then I don't know. Maybe John Chi John Kirby is very good at. When he dies he could be somebody that would that would I think be a much better press secretary for Freddie administration oil is I was reading that my administration is saying no more offshore drilling in the Pacific and the Atlantic is joking.

They have made that officially I think I think that I think they announced it, and maybe that maybe it was like a plan that was there a plan going into what I think the EPA has to release that report and it came out on Friday. We can work that out. Let's do a little production during the show, but I do, but that the issue with that is that present I got criticized by all the progressives he said that it didn't go far enough because he still allowing some drilling in Texas and New Mexico to Alaska and I may be size the border you know you do this to sometimes new stories that are naming other people, but it you got the cat. I carry them home that using the strategic oil reserve and having China and India by India.

India was not propping up Russia W more Ukrainians alive right now and they are not even the victim of secondary sanctions they are paying no political price for that and they are buying our oil and I ask you this.

If the American people news our strategic goal reserve was going into the world market as opposed to American American gas tanks and homes you think would feel about that was remaking ourselves, let's secure at the same time woman pouring into a world market and maybe taking three cents off a gallon for gas.

Not just any oil oil that will but it's also the oil reserve fits apologetically In the United States for hard-core emergencies, right and natural disasters right we we come back with you to find out if Carly needs to know more ally with Lord you are also in Nassau County, Long Island. I cannot have a starry night that story and more with Coley Shimkus and then she starts partying like there is no tomorrow. I do believe that no one baby and she starts her weekend you were chemistry days.

Standard 50 really work over the weekend to I can remember why Joe I really love yes I have really long Friday because I was on Nassau County until until almost midnight. I don't and she felt at builders. Our friendship is so strong you didn't contact. I know Brian so much more now after this without you. I yes diving deep into today's top story.

Brian, kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. They were back oh Shimkus. We have a few minutes to talk before we do more than what to Nassau County and you now know I went to college there hopefully live ivory names Nassau County County County okay. Here's why. Because I went there till film little story that ran on Fox and friends for the child to this final fireworks package which Madeleine Westberry New York which is on NASA out on Long Island in Nassau County. Huge fireworks show did you know that today was his son. It was on Friday last Friday. So before we had them. It's amazing, and the Nassau County police. By the way are my new best friends took me around there anything they did a great job. Every safe anyway. People approach me throughout this whole thing I'll maybe watch Fox and friends bursting out great and that everybody's like tea to counter Brian can they didn't care. I talked about you for four straight hours available. I'm not wanting your college friends I met somebody who you coach soccer with or something like that and in the world of soccer and that somebody can't meet your son's high school friends were getting to a second County generation there and another guy who went to high school with you the icing on the top of the cake was the main guy was there to interview his name is still reaching the Owens crew chief Ira college with him. Okay he got after the interview Brian we did his interview that fireworks is fine he was. I got to walk away trying to meet in college I was like I can't get away from the Galway Gucci Junior that I would graduated college with because they also that explosion. I know I libel I heard about it after the fact that there was that bold date. Great work now, but that was a big thing that happened on Long Island with two fireworks show wow yeah I was really cool so that gritty fireworks as I know a lot about them, but they done every presidential inauguration from Reagan to Trump they dine Olympics. They had a lead in Guinness world records. I did not know any of that.

Now it is now that that becomes a national dog. I'll shoot that I screwed up with my fireworks story okay the Legion of fat fans in your hometown ran a lot of them and I'm with Coley. I think it's have you moved and that's okay. Should we talk about it. I will get you a realtor that sounds good.

I would need one of dollars in your basement that we good okay don't have on the New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me.

I will write you leave here. Thanks so much for writing to me joking with you from six in midtown Manhattan but heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine, we have this arrogant rejoined by the former CEO of Home Depot, the former CEO of Chrysler Bob Nardelli to put in perspective how this company is really rolling matter of moments. Geraldo also couple notes news and notes first of the horrific news observations old Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan is been assassinated happened by this 41-year-old Navy veteran decided he didn't like his policies.

He was campaigning for his party was the prime minister resigned. He had colitis and was when your distressing situation with colitis you don't, you go through hell he decided to resign but he was campaigning for his policies and his party and he was going down with a homemade gun looks like two pipes that you might put below your sink tape together. Firearm made in the shot hit neck and back dead almost before he hit the ambulance a tragedy in one of the most peaceful countries in the world will talk about that and also we added a 372,000 jobs above the 286,000 expected, but below last months the least added since Pres. Biden took office, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is three, number three, I'm not going to second-guess the district attorney for his actions.

My heart goes out for the heartbroken on this New Yorker where a person came in and went behind the counter and attacked yes thank you, Mr. Mayor, but I would condemn the DA why not victims know more about Daigle owner stands up to an attacker New York City and kills a career criminal, and he goes to jail. What that was the story, but now is changing the public outrage is the reason we will bring you the watershed moment, so what Texas is doing the unprecedented Texas law enforcement and National Guard anybody that Abraham come across the border illegally. They will be returning to the board. Good going.

Governor you have to do something. He's had enough.

The governor grants state authorities the power to return illegals to the border is Biden quietly billed to Trump wall in California that we paid for already.

If you want bandages 5000 apprehended in Texas just last holiday weekend will bring you the latest 80 countries on the wrong. The president understands what the American people are going through.

He understands that gas prices are high because of his economy sucking wind in the administration seems to be bare just sucking overall and the Dems are furious. We look at the economy in his actions as new jobs numbers are threatening to cloud the only sunny spot on the economic landscape with 3 to 72,000's fine it's great if we did have a pandemic we are still over 500,000 jobs short of where we were prior to 2019, when China pours in the world. Geraldo Rivera's with the stale cohost of the five know he grew up in New York and knows the New York B as well as anyone, but this was Geraldo.

This was 139th St. and Broadway at a bodega if you want a bodega shop you grinding every day. This was the dad of the owner just working for his son and he ends up having to stab his way away from this criminal your thoughts about how this all went down. I know the neighborhood very well by my potential perspective grade cited the Trinity are at their program shot a movie there in a bodega with little more to go.

I know the area very well. I remember the day when bodega just to be protected by a gunman with shotgun who was on duty 24 seven, just behind the cashier and was known to man up. It was a robbery regard to mounted the potential perp didn't surrender immediately.

He was shot and none of those shooting anything other than the 50s the 50s and 60s yeah oh yeah shotguns absolutely and cops use to be employed very often to do that task, and the NYPD add a task force specifically to protect bodega because they are so vulnerable, open, no late hours. I cast business and support. But in this case, it was shocking to me when I heard that the charge was murder and second-degree manslaughter, and maybe it never gets tropical consult for [district attorney of New York County in office.

I know well is to work as an intern back in the back in the day.

I'm sorry my daughter. It is there for them to work for Brad dear County DA to charge murder is speaking to a constituency that he does not understand. You know American people.

New Yorkers want to root for the people who fight for their rights.

This guy to me.

Although euro he was pushed around by a much younger man and ex-con who knew what was going to happen next. He took the knife out and then even in the act of defending himself. He was there apparently will reportedly by the woman who started it all by complaining to her boyfriend that the guy had you know not to honor the credit card that was expired or some such as card whenever the EBT card.

There was Austin Simon in the in the Z bodega guy that was working there was a Jos� Alba use with the mayor said yesterday cut 15 is obviously is was here broken provided for his family.

Sorry sorry video I saw here inside the store.

Following the law should not have been approached in the manner that he was approached and yet he will condemn the DA in his actions. If the if you can sit there look at the video.

Why would you put somebody in Rikers Island for a night and put 250,000 bail on them and then dismantle the good fun to go fund me page. So this was an unbelievable series of events that mean that's world that's what cops are up against the matter what time you die or who you rest. They get out, or they arrest the wrong people.

I totally get your frustration, but I think you can't bury the lead that that was the mayor of the city of New York, who is condemning the arrest of all the Plenum and the murder charge may not have taken on the DA but that was really a seminal event with American New York New Yorkers have the right to defend themselves. Knowing that in the air era like this is not always a cop on the corner. Sometimes you gotta do it yourself and I thought and I think the mayor is exactly right so the video and watch that very carefully as well.

This guy was minding his business.

He was a failed he was threatened he was physically assaulted elbow was was a gun they wouldn't even think of discussing the factors in life is what makes it unique is gone now. Should we have a legal firearm and shot him. I don't but I don't think he would have had as much trouble as he is having right now but I believe that it was caught in Carmichael.

I believe that Greg has no choice now that the mayor of the city of New York in the near close and very substantial hunk of the New York for the establishment is behind the shock. It was the bodega Association put up his bail. You know it's in that he is not alone. I'm sorry you spent the night in Rikers.

I'm also sorry that this young man is dead.

You know girls affected boarded on himself, but will try right so you see the chief of police had oppressor at 4 o'clock that I hear great things about chief stool from the people she worked with the Nassau County by never hear from her and I want you suggest the Bretons to great Kelly's of the world speaking more but she doesn't say. Maybe she wants that the mayor speaks enough. Who knows maybe can use to the job, but it looks like crime is up. All throughout the city. Overall, about 35%.

The only thing this down.

It's only slightly as murderers and she said that they are finding that is the same people over and over again. Geraldo if this is not tough.

This is not calculus, why are we pretending as if the Nobel laws all working when we know that the studies have revealed even with the new administration that the same people committing crimes again for your own political survival. But on the survival of New Yorkers. Why not the policy.

Absolutely I maybe it's from a broken old man. But I look fondly back on Kelly and Bratton in the end the chief during Giuliani and Bloomberg made for Dick for the owner. The safest big city on earth and you we need that we harking back to the data can't be great. It can't be great if you're afraid to become at your bodega and beat you up if you will choose to give them the beat him up or do something worse because of the his refusal to allow you to walk out and we seen these outrageous petty thefts in grand theft certain that smash and grab them and things that were unheard of in my day. Growing up you'd never had people soap soap flagrantly flaunting law and human decency.

You know, pushing people on subways to bring up the sides. Crime in Los Angeles.

Now the national education Association resolution is put forward, they're going to change the vernacular and telling teachers to start assessing mother say birthing parent consider saying instead of instead of number one the everyone's got to go back to the pronoun sentences the national Association resolution using the contract language members need now to not worry how a Board of Education defines maternity leave mother or father languages, and inclusive reflection of the LGBT Q you a you think birthing people is better birthing parent is better than mother. I absolutely don't know why people pick fights they don't have to explain is that enough to deal with in terms of successfully integrating transit and other people into the broader society. I mean we have real issues to face to make a fake issue that's like Latin X nobody nobody speaks Spanish and Latin X nobody who's banished who doesn't speak Spanish, Latin, X. If it's the same small click of elites who really don't have their ear to the ground.

Do you know they come up with with these monikers that are so absurd I not report the good news. Sometimes you think right.

The last thing was they try to get meritocracy out of the curriculum as well. They believe the meritocracy is code for white privilege because meritocracy everything leads to white people you think that's a good message for schools. I absolutely do not. I absolutely do not.

I do believe that some what I think some consideration should definitely be given to the exigent circumstance under which a kid came up. I think that a kid who had a rough time deserve some some consideration for the fact that he or she survived it so II do think that they should get some props for that income admission process. On the other hand, I think that brought out meritocracy to take the genius amongst us and made it media and make it mediocre because you're afraid to offend the mediocre.

I think it is preposterous. Is Geraldo there again I come back next week I go to work one day in July by birth month, I'm 79 is all I come back to her right so you talked about when you take a plot you said it's one of the areas you are considering a tactic to write and write an account okay why would you do that I would never pick my my gravesite. I don't want to let her worry about tonight's once I get the bodega is on the side of upset okay you pick up lots of view. Also, the other whatever I also know you're you're on the Hamptons is able to really enjoy the summer. No one enjoys life more and Geraldo brother thanks so much Bob Nardelli the bottom of the hour we come back the latest on the fallout after the assassination of the former prime minister of Japan. We also look at these job numbers and how it affects you on a daily basis and the coming apart in the announcement this afternoon of the president's executive executive action to attack Roe V Wade, who could that be will discuss it only here in the brain kill me, Joe, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Brian is talking about with Brian kill me. God cool news. It took a while. If you put everything together because of the pandemic theaters need to get ramped up again get staff find out who their state is going to allow them to do them talking about going on stage. Live with me chance to interact with all of you. I get it on the radio is always great to take calls get emails and I like seeing people in the street, incidentally, but a few years ago we decided it would be great, instead of just having a book signing and shaking a couple persons, and for fear of text shaking the hundreds of people's hands and having only maybe 40 seconds with them would be great to have a live show. We can create our own format get a few hours in their be able to to talk about the war in history. How America is been great from the start. Many respects George Russian secret six. Thomas Jefferson, the Tripoli Pirates Andrew Jackson America of New Orleans, Sam Houston, the Alamo Avengers and now the president freedom fighter Abe Renwick and Frederick Douglass about save America so you talk about that talk about Fox talk about the news and interact with an audience, and we've done companies chose would you say we've done maybe 1515 yes 15 shows live on stage so I'm going to see you have tickets go on sale as of yesterday on these four locations will go on stage. This PIP opportunities regular testing after the before the show.

Personalize your books.

Books can be available after notes on them. After but in LB, Newark, New Jersey, August 27, especially for WABC listeners, but you can drive from all around to hear the theaters fantastic in Albany New York at the egg thanks to WG DJ Marty getting communication about it. You heard about it at 1300 in Albany are coveted affiliate up there was everything the going on with the Cuomo sweepstakes and who the next governor is going to be a great book signing up their phenomena go on stage so that will be September 8 the following week that when the people comes out. The present freedom fighter comes out in paperback. I've integrated these live events in between Brandon, Mississippi, November 12, Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13 K RMG listeners hope to see all out there. Arguably one of the best I shall ever have us in Tulsa Oklahoma.

So no matter what you do big event small event Barnes & Noble Books A Million whatever it is, total, very, very loyal listeners and we always appreciate that. That's a great station so go to Brian kill Just please follow the prompts is click on it, just get tickets where you want an VIP so I can meet you before, and you'll see those opportunities here she's gonna Brian kill excited about that meet the meanwhile real quick on you probably don't have time with only a minute but I will be discussing this is our you know this hundred binds international business dealings are maddening. One of the reasons is he got away with it.

Number two is a people ignoring it up to about a month ago. Now people are beginning to speak out and if you think it's can bed now Hunter is to get really bad if the Republicans take the house like they should, is to get better for the presence guys got a crack in the hot hooker problem got it, but his international business deal has been flagged by the RS hundred in the treasury hundred and 50 times. If you are I got flagged once or twice. It would almost bring all of our banking transactions to its knees from your 401(k) to your pensions to your checking account but he gets flagged 150 times how that story relates to our strategical reserve being bought by a Chinese company hundred binds guide stakes in unbelievable Bob Nardelli next radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you so action on that and that's exactly what you say Christ is everything is focused on practical president was going to keep that going to communicate clearly American that we are making progress we have made enormous economic progress that he's not satisfied that is Brian Deese anything but reassuring over the last few weeks. The guy was doing. I think altruistic work at BlackRock that to something really good.

Turns companies around.

I just think he's ill-equipped for this position.

I think most people in that administration are. If you look at the way they responded and not responded to these economic challenges times really hard to argue with that.

We would say the 372,000 jobs been added.

That's much more in the 286 thought of but were still looking to get back to equal level in 29 where we were in 2019 with you right now is Bob Nardelli, founder and CEO of XO are not X, L, R8 LLC investment advisory company, former chairman and CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler and CEO of GE. Besides that his resume really doesn't look that good.

Bob welcome back Brian is always great to be with you. Thanks for getting the real news out all day long. It's it's very refreshing but it's really worrisome and I think I was the first time I can remember Democrats seem to be as incense maybe for different reasons as Republicans about the ministration that doesn't seem to be a strategy that doesn't seem to be relentlessness. There is empty schedule for presidents, now you know what a CEO does.

That's what we have, the country CEO year.

I mean there's there's perception there's there's messaging and there's action where you seen from the White House. Brian I I was listening to Ryan's comments. It was the economic advisor, not II know I recall Brandy's from my days at Chrysler he was part of the cars are organization, so I think your comments are certainly grounded and found it relative to the contribution that he and his team is making its there's a lot of bantering. There's a lot of words going around but the thing I learned over 50 years is is it's all about execution and I certainly don't see that happening. If you think about energy.

For example, Brian. We have a terrible mismatch between supply and demand, and nothing is nothing being done positively, prove positively to improve that if if we really wanted to do something we would get back to allowing more fracking. We would certainly open up the pipeline we have again a terrible mismatch and I don't see that getting better. In fact, Brian. I think it's going to get worse as we see Russia and Germany go at it and Jeremy's going to need more help, not last as as they get into this battle and the issue over over Ukraine so you know the export of natural gas. We had a company at one time Brandon allowed you to. You would need a terminal on the side of the of the country to actually stuff in LNG ship but you there is a technology we have that would allow you to view seawater and basically go from LNG to natural gas right to the pipeline because it but at that point we didn't need it. We had energy independence in this administration decided on day one to surrender our energy independence and make us vulnerable and more dependent on supply from Saudi Arabia and other countries that we kind of held held at arms length advance because of some of their political issues and humanitarian issues, but I think supply chain on a broader scale crying again is inseparably linked, inseparably linked to inflation and again I heard what Brian said about prices coming down you. I just spent an hour this morning with one of our portfolio companies. Again, I deal with Fortune 500 mid-cap and were seeing 20% in Christ increases regularly. I was in LA last weekend. I saw 4% price increase for health and happiness charge for for the restaurant. I don't see this going down at all price increases are almost like covert is spreading like crazy and everybody is rushing to increase prices because I think the door my clothes as we get into a further decline in the second half of this year. Brian, when you running Chrysler.

I know you dealing with maybe well-meaning people do usually militant and impossible to deal with my humble opinion, but these people who want cleanburning fuel these green maniacs so you got it with everybody, especially Democratic ministration that only thinks like that. But there's gotta be a practical streak within you to say one is a hope and what is reality. Germany is facing the reality they are re-firing up coal plants and nuclear plants. Reportedly, we have the ability to fight our way out of this through fracking.

We have stopped offshore drilling through review of reforming the permit process for these leases and not only help ourselves but help our allies and therefore save lives in the Ukraine and my overstating that not not at all. Brian, one of the biggest geopolitical advantages. We had is when we had energy independence where we could actually export LNG and and there's a ample supply of gas in this country, both in the ground and in brine the other hidden fact is, there's tremendous amount of a gas that we are currently flaring from fracking operations.

We were able to collect that gas and then repurpose it not only to run small peak or turbines around the country to make sure that we didn't get the rolling brownouts that are predicted that probably will happen with high temperatures and lot plant lot line sags on the distribution system is a lot of talk about price increases, but one the administration doesn't talk about through May EV vehicles were up 22%. Brian and energy costs are also up commensurate that look. I think everybody one was a mean break that down so we have people buy more electric vehicles. Okay, that's fine that your choice and when we go to plug them in the energy costs are now greater and obviously as stats show most of the electricity generated from coal right yeah so exactly. And I think everybody is in support of reducing the carbon footprint, but it has to happen within a controllable time schedule and in you can't flip the switch and get us to where this administration wants us to be at his causing a crippling effect on on our economy and every aspect of business from small medium to large and and to punish her to go after the utilities. The energy company to go after the container vessels again is simple economics.

Brian, when you have 500 ships floating full of containers and availability is low. People are going to pay more because they're desperate to get parts and in there is report this morning about the auto industry having a parts availability problem with the heat coming on trying to get replacement parts for your HVAC equipment in your home. I mean I'm I'm on a six-month delay right now myself grinding and I'm experiencing price increases me Mike my office phone system went from $200 a month to $700 a month voice over IP so there is this translation which I can give you examples and then there's hidden inflation. I think the number were seen that the administration give is given us is deceptively correct. I would tell you it's at least a point to point to have higher if you really worded to track relation that were seen meet have your audience send you examples of what they're experiencing every day in their common lives as people are rushing to increase prices and they're knocking to go back and is going to get worse in the second half. So I think what you need to do is when you look around and see the C team of economic experts around even if you whatever you do, you got to address your weaknesses in life and you gotta be humble enough to assess yourself honestly and if would I would like to do if I'm writing this country. I need to get out of this. So I be meeting with CEOs I be meeting with small business owners associations I be finding out what they think they would would need to be done with the reality is, for example, on the show Fox and friends this morning.

I talked to a ballpark steel tape a repair shop that has seven different outlets and they talk about the struggle to get things like catalytic converters to get windshield wipers they have to hunt for everything, and therefore people are common and they don't get paid the people they they can get the money to repair their car they can get the parts repair their car so they hustled around as if they're working a junkyard in order to get new parts and he said I never thought I'd be doing this two years after the pandemic. Your two years after they shut down the economy so you gotta meet with the supply chain expert.

You gotta meet with the autoexec Academy with the small business associations I don't see any of that.

I see empty schedules and three day weekends.

Yeah, right. And when you do me you can't meet the group generate these people and you can't get the energy CEOs in an office and tell and scold them how bad they are me you need to reach out. You need to reach out and ask for help me and that's not a sign of weakness. That's a sign of confidence on you go out and I've seen that you know get over 50 years. I was always willing to reach out and ask for advice and help to be able to perform better to meet schedules and meet shareholder expectations of Brian and that's just not be in dunamis they they almost have like a set of blinders on, with a focus on something that's not attainable in the short term and and we are continuing to go in a death spiral in this country. I mean if you look at if you look at some of the analysts are saying will corporate earnings are good right you got asked a really tough question is because of price.

Is it because of mixed because it sure isn't because of volume right and so all these price increases are falling through and putting a tremendous burden on the consumer but it's allowing corporations to show profitability because they're being hammered by their investors. Just look at what's happened to the stock market reported very accurately in it in your morning show and I did see your segment this morning about outer parts myself. I had to personally get on the phone and start dialing for a headlight assembly unit for my wife's car and finally one in the country and because of Mike my relationship. I was able to get that expedited so that so we could have a replacement headlight on the front of the car yes it's that I I'm doing it every day. I spent a couple weeks ago all day Sunday dialing for parts for chips for one of my company so that they could meet their customers expectations the deadbeats that their customers expectations. I call his see-through accountability to the end and consumer and were dealing with this every day and is putting tremendous stress.

Some of these corporations are starting to trip their covenants. What is that mean that means there leverage ratios with the banks and were seen that every day more and more pressure as inventories build because were out of balance were getting 90% of the parts lacking 10%.

Therefore, we see inventory increases in one of my colonies $50 million. Some medium-size company cannot afford to carry that inventory. Brian I want you here with the presence of address was from across the world does come down.

We need the price at the gas stations they charge at the pump come down as well. For example, the last two weeks. The price of oil is fallen by more than $10 a barrel. Normally this reduced the cost of the pump, about $0.25 a gallon yet so far, gas stations only reduce prices by a few cents a gallon.

So what does he not understand what he doesn't understand is is the knee inventory situation. Other words as costs went up a lot of these gas stations were not passing on the costs commensurate with the price increase. They now realize that it's only going to get worse and are starting to see that so again you had some of this CEOs of the banks on your program and in one of them in particular said listen, we were in the ditch for a while now were trying to recover. So we are going to keep inflation rates interest rates higher to try to make up for the whole that we dug why we're going through the first pages of of this recession. So you know prices are up supply chain costs are up the to have that gas delivered to the pump. Brian, you know, I guarantee you I'm seeing it in in my business where your seen fuel surcharges because of diesel cost. So this is not gonna roll back immediately. Me, the $0.18 that he talks about whether it's $0.20. You that's not going to change the price at the pump significantly. What could happen is there was a question asked to one of two pump manufacturers of these pumps at pump Petro at the station and there being asked can you volume millet medical metrically reduce the amount of gas that your painful so another words if you see five dollars a gallon. It may lead to a point where you want to go to get 3 quarts instead of four courts.

Brian and so again there's a psychological thing that we see at the shelves where the price is the same, but that the amount you're getting is reduce outlets ounces and less parts and and and and and what you find on the shelf.

So this thing is just having a compound affect on what were experiencing as an individual consumer producer Brian.

It's incredible was going on. We did add 372,000 jobs, wages are going up there not keeping up with inflation. Lastly, the word is Paul Volker in the 70 in the 80s came in and when he became chairman of the Fed he raise interest rates to beat inflation and a lot of Democrats are fearing that the presence going to go along with the Fed and do that. Is that how you would approach inflation is that the only way to stop inflation to having met by high interest rates to slow down the economy.

I think two things is to go back and we still have 1.3 billion on the payroll government payroll and if were creating all that jobs wisely on wise, the unemployment rate not going lower because again it's it's a it's it's not a correct it's a deceptive reality in those numbers now on the inflation rate.

If you're not willing to do some of the things that you suggested, which I concur with, then the only lever that this administration has is to raise interest rates, which is going to have a compounding effect on the economy and the consumer. If you if you don't increase supply.

If you don't get container ships unloaded.

If you don't increase the flow of material and you're only looking singularly at one solution that's going to be increasing interest rates were already seeing housing were always seen mortgage rates were seeing new autos were seen. Construction permits all collapsing talking to one of my contractors commercial contractors. He can't get P DC piping because it based on petroleum product and oil shortages so this thing I mean the tentacles of destruction. That's because right now in this economy are our unprecedented run unprecedented when I was running Chrysler and 79. We focus on one thing that was the financial institutions were melting down now. I've never seen the complexity that's challenging the CEOs today in my entire career. It's more complex, more diverse, and trying to satisfy such a broad range of constituents you end up satisfying no one.

Brian no one is the CEO of XL are eight LLC investment advisory company, former chairman and CEO of Home Depot, Chrysler and GE Barber until he is always educational talk to an interesting thanks so much.

Thank you Brian very much keep up keep up the great work.

I will try.

Thank you. We come back your chance to talk 1-866-408-7669 learning something new every day, for I am to only show breaking news.

All Brian kill me to show I welcome back guys would try to squeeze as many calls as possible, but to talk to a guy like Bob Nardelli was 13 the best, most successful companies in the country was just too valuable to stop. My apologies Alex listening online to Mountain View, California. Alex particular call I wanted to say that she thought it had a lifelong goal of repealing article 9 of their call. I think the Japanese people should honor his allotment by repealing article 9 converting their self-defense force into a full-blown official military force in establishing it to its independence from the I love that I would just take the pressure off us in the region and we have an ally that knows how to fight and has a history of defending itself. Sometimes, to aggressively Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive approach. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy is the Brian kill me, Joe.

1-866-408-7669 by this error by Canterbury and how I know it's on my list and Allison usually gets these things right encouragement Mike Walster Greenbrae. He is a very active on her defense and also knows the challenges that were having around the world including Vladimir Putin being very standoffish to say the least.

As he says I'm willing to take on any donation of the West and he says he's just going to take a pause, things get worse for Ukraine was to come to the table with a peace deal will get his take on that also of the news Abe should so obvious been assassinated in Japan. One of the most peaceful nations on the planet will rise almost the strictest God gun laws on the planet a 41-year-old Navy vet decide to make his own rifle and killed him on the spot shot to the next shot to the back and we see it on camera. This is devastating to Donald Trump personally was well well you they became very great friends and then will talk about the job number 372,000 jobs added will get the perspective on what that means for overall economy, the market so far likes it were up about 70 point so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

I'm not going to second-guess the district attorney for his actions. My heart goes out for their heartbroken on this New Yorker where a person came in and went behind the counter and attacked yup congratulations Mr. Mayor got half of that right. You write the bodega owner was right to defend himself and kill his assailant that was trying to beat him to a pulp, but on the other thing the AG. The DA should be called out and we'll talk about that because I believe this is a watershed moment the American people are tired of being victims and can't wait for the cops. So what Texas is doing the unprecedented Texas law enforcement and National Guard anybody that Abraham come across the border illegally.

They will be returning to the board okay states taking on themselves as Gov. Greg Abbott had enough Texas governor grant state authorities of the power to return illegal to the board of themselves because the government is not the federal government. This after 5000 apprehended in Texas. Just this last weekend. Will this work on 83 countries on the wrong. The president understands what the American people are going through. He understands that gas prices are high because of tax hike finds economy sucking wind in this administration seems to bear's just sucking be just sucking his Dems are furious. We look at the economy. The president free schedule and new jobs numbers as a threat in the cloud is only sunny spot on the good news is on the premises of 3.6%. The better position to bring joy to me now Fox News legal analyst Ankara Fox News United 12 o'clock. Best-selling author Shannon your reaction. First off to the jobs numbers about 100,000 more than they thought. We all wanted economy for sure and live in the right direction. The patient right where we still have over 10, 11 million jobs that are open and employers, desperate think people will not come back to work so there's a lot to digest any numbers this morning that I think all Americans would agree to a bright spot or positive spot for all that I do. I think that's good. I also think I would love to see the inflation tackled is at the take and we have about but was still 500,000 jobs short of who were pre-pandemic and we know that only a 7% of the country. 10% of the country feel as though heading in the right direction. Perhaps the most maddening thing is affected oil and gas is under our feet. It's in our waters. He stopped offshore drilling of fracking is leveled off LNG is not being exported the same rate it was in our own strategical reserve this revelation that is being sold.

According to Reuters. Places like China and India. So what you would Daniel Turner said he's a founder of the power of the future cut five reprobate crackhead son is invested in the company that is buying our strategic reserves. What will pay more than five dollars a gallon.

We had an impeachment hearing about a phone call with Donald Trump and Pres. call Jerry Nadler called Adam Schiff to ask Congress to do its job and wonder how the bike and cried property while the American people are suffering. I don't understand if there is a more offense that is worthy of investigating for impeachment. It unpatriotic and ashamed. I would think so, and we do about about 150 violations by the treasury on different transactions. It that Hunter Biden is made. But how about that revelation. This story Shannon will follow the trail here on a different kind of company company that all you think about what's going on it, leaving a lot of questions. I know Hunter Allen last name be more people interested in getting to the bottom of the question and we shouldn't here with the last name in their spending that Appears to be off especially many American people are struggling this much over every time they go to the paint pump we should get answers and you know the Republican health oversight committee are trying to get from the treasury is suspicious activity reports.

He mentioned that allegedly there are some hundred and 50 dealing with Hunter Biden and potentially competent mind brother and other trade partner that will not get those and left the Democrat on the committee office signed off, which why would they ever. I mean there's any theory when he did that to remember that if Republicans retake the White House and Congress might eventually leave the minority party, almost defenseless and trying to tell me I just think it's fair to ask you what what what would treasury deal if the laughing was Trump and I just came across the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday prohibited the use of most drop boxes for voters to return absentee ballots given the states Republicans in the state to publish a major victory for three ruling by the court's conservative majority will take effect for Wisconsin primary election next month. Though it's true. Most what most impressed most impact most likely will not be felt until November general election. They want people they don't feel they are safe. They want people to actually go to vote and to be a mailing vote should go to the precinct, it should not go to were to be dropped in the dropbox providers are not convenient for people with weird work hours for other demands and I live. I don't think people think should be monitored like a camera on them. We can't have an undercover police officer in the document any questions. If you're against the kind of protection you need to tell people why the argument that it will intimidate certain voters dropping off your ballot should not be an excuse for not having some kind of monitoring that can have a really tough time you get so many of these new ways of voting on new message came into being during coping. We were very frightened and people were very nervous about this brand and what we didn't now and and contacting the kind of thing happen in many places given that power out getting along quite like a son was content to their state. The print particular cloth. Some of the things back and I think some states probably won't do that. I like to move on.

If I can talk about was generally six committee pets up Leone is going to be in front of them at some point today is the presence attorney. We know a lot of these quotes in the past. I worry about the president. Nobody else they did in the Democratic side seems to worry about that if you can open up to your attorney in your attorney Shannon and say hey you know what, what about this. Can I do this and then find out that all those questions going to be out in front of the public. I think this is inherent problem with that what he thinks could happen today. Brilliant lawyer. Nobody's fool fell because she didn't feel the heat and comfortable when talking with the committee very like I think drawn this out with a very single court battle that kind of thing. So I think if he found a place that he felt that sort of the sweet spot. He can get in there.

Might be helpful. You know, to clarifying the event that began in the present thinking, I can't thank you think I can go in there and get the price I got to question cell L will manage anything to be videotaped and transcribed to the rest of us will get to see exactly what he had to say. But we do on 4 January six committee date these clips onto great and some would argue in front of the TV production quality. The way that they do seem to minute hearings. I think that the bunnies can be very aware of how anything that could be used in sliced and diced right what is your sense about Cassie Hutchinson and Howard testimonies resonating here in Washington felt.

I know a lot of people who worked with her or know her. And I do.

Factions are people who you know.

I don't know her at all. They have questions about things that she sat in and question her veracity.

So one group of people he worked with here in her here in Washington who feel like she had their own motives and you know they have talked quite a bit about the fact that she wanted to go on Kumar Lawndale and work with the public presidency team with then former Pres. Trump and that she wise in their estimation very burned by binding force out of that and not getting to take part in it clear that there was the motivation from her that she wanted to go online and work with them, so she made her concerned. I January think we all agree it was a terrible day that they weren't so onerous to her point that she wasn't pursuing a job with him after the fact felt everybody has their own reason for sharing information. Think until you look at it all through that prism.

So let's talk about the Second Amendment that was sent out according to the court said it was. Not being there was nothing for properly represented in places like New York and six other states. I think so. They nullified so the they nullified the said essentially New York Central nullified the Supreme Court decision because they will put the I think there was a two point there was a two pager put in there by Justice Cavanaugh to say hey when you are tell us some restricted zones that you want to be able to use a concealed carry. Besides that use it everywhere. They put so many restrictions zones in. I would argue that this has to violate the spirit of the law from the places that you can carry guns from statehouses to schools to subways to parks, you basically you can't. You can't carry it anywhere, to the point where I'm sure this can be a counter lawsuit to say you're ignoring this, you're ignoring the rules talking about the contours of a new gun not going to court up in their unit. Think about your social media records and accounts for 2 to 3 years. All of the kind of things lead to the very concerns the court like like okay you can Objective Requirements with the Think Lunch a Subjective Stuff If You're Doing Things That Were Anything Other Social Media Wanted Somebody to Nag You Personally Piloting Overtime Thinking America Great That You Can Say What Their Political Outlier and Extremist until We Can Get Them a Gun and Don't Kind of Things Are to Take This Right Back to Court. New York Knows That Officials Know That They Want to Be Seen Is That They're Doing Something and I Can Push That. I Think It Does Things Will End up Right Back in the Stream Probably Fast-Track to the Supreme Court Who Way When You Disregard What They Just Told You Is Not Really Favorable When You Shop for the Second Time Seeing Art Exhibits, Museums, Public Parks, Sues among the Sensitive Places That Are Put out There so Essentially the This Is Actually More Restrictive Part Perhaps Than It Was before and I Guess We'll Know Where Times Square I Guess No Subways Mass Transportation. So Good Luck with That. So It's Good to Beat It.

It's Going to Be Another Legal Fight Will Be Probably Never Tell Her the Big Gun Case from Years Ago the Supreme Court Justice Going around Lincoln County Can Put Together Reasonable Restrictions. You Can't Just Going to Gun around in Times Where Whatever You Want to Sell the Argument for Somebody Place Restrictions That They Have the Area but It Found at This Point for Sleeping and Brought It If It Leaves No Place You Can Legally Carry a Gun on the Sprinkler Think That It Apparently Takes a Look at the Show Tonight. Receiver's Analysis. Yes, 186640876690.

Get Your Calls by the Hour Will Have Congressman Michael Walt's One and When We Come Back.

I Got Some Announcements Where I Get a Chance to See You in Person and in All These Places. I Have an Affiliate in Place so We Can Work with the Radio Stations to Make Sure I Get to Go on Stage Interview with the Audience and Maybe Get a Chance to Meet You before or after the Show Is Gonna Be Essentially America Great for the Start Mix with Winning the War in History and Everything to Do with News and Fun and Entertainment. Those Dates Announced in Just a Moment Right Here on the Brain Can Only Show Diving Deep into Today's Top Stories Ryan Kill Me Talk Show That's Getting You Your What We Have Member Provided Is That Had Only Been about Correction. I Have Divided Their Thing That A Lot Of Presidents Have Had with Members and Their Family Doing Sketchy and Corrupt Things Trading on Their Influence and Order Herself and Rich, but in This Case There's No Question As We Know from Those Documents That Were Lied about and and and Claim to Be False When They Were Real That All along, At Least in Many of These Transactions. There Is an Anticipation That Joe Biden Himself Would Be Involved. So Were Not Just Talking about Protecting Hunter Biden Were Clearly Talking about Protecting Joe Biden As Well. And at This Point.

At the Very Least Jesse.

We Should Have an Independent Prosecutor Is Not Beholden to the Chain of Command That Ends with Joe Biden to Make Decisions Not Just about Hunter Biden, but Also about the President Himself, That Is a Glenn Greenwald and He Is Somebody Who Now Lives in Brazil Start His Own Company, They Kicked Him out. There Always Was Writing on Sub Stack It out As a Fox News Contributor Which If You Thought about His Career Lately. You Would Think the Last Person to Be a Fox News Contributor's Glenn Greenwald Is Very Critical of Conservative, Very Critical of.

I Guess Tromping a Little Bush but II Just Think That He Has a Place to Talk a Platform Where Is Not Judge Breaches Sees the Craziness in the Double and Triple Standards Are Free for Reuters to Do Report about Joe Biden Selling Oil Strategic Oil to China and India. The Matter How We Thank God It to Accompany This Link to His Son Hunter and for Them to Think It's Worthy Just Leave It out and Just Focus on January 6 Is Just Insane and That's Really Ended up with Joe Biden Would Still Report about of These of the Show I Have on Saturday Night. On One Nation Just Talked about All the Things That Are Going on the Joe Biden Has Completely Screwed up. These Getting a Pass on Now Democrats Getting Upset with Them Were Trying to Say That That Was How This Guy Profile Going in and Some of the Problems with the Election It Was with Voting Machines. It Wasn't with Anybody Individually Corrupt. It Is Zucker Box Is Problems with Governors Changing Rules without a Legislature at the Last Minute. It's the Incredible Number of Drop Boxes. It Makes One Question about the Sanctity of All This Real Quick. I Told You about Some Live Stage Shows Where I Could Be Seen on Stage of Chanting Direct with You Guys in Newark, New Jersey, August 27. Just Go to It'll Be on Fox Nation Live That I Want You to Be There in Person WABC Listeners, Especially Albany, New York, Albany Can Come down to Watching Go We Go up and See You September 8 at the Egg.

A Special Thanks to WG DJ 1300 Paul Vanderburg to for Getting the Word out. We Truly Appreciated. Tickets Are Going Already.

Brandon Dalby September 8 Brandon, Mississippi, November 12 and November 13 Also Call McKay RMG. Hopefully I'll See All the Listeners out There. I Go to Order Tickets in the VIP Opportunities Where You Get to Hang out before the Show, Carson Michael Walter Standing by Will Bring You and so Tapping with Poor and the Aftermath of the Assassination of the Former Prime Minister of Japan. All What an Explosive Day around the World and Right Here in New York Is so Busy. He'll Make You Kill Me, This Bravado Comes As a Result of His Military Momentum Which They Have Taken the Asian Part of the Bombast Region. The So-Called Lawns Lost Known As a Province, but the Cost of Doing That Has Been Immense There Casualties Are Very Very Significant. They Poured Everything They Had into This One Single Access.

They Stop All Other Offense of Operations to Be Able to Do This One I Made Began in April Is Taken This Long for Them to Complete It. They Actually Thought They Would Have the Entire Bombast Region, Not Just the Eastern Portion of It, the Whole Region to Include the Dollhouse Are Blessed by Now and That Is a General Checking Couple Hours Ago Break down What Exactly the Russians Advantage Has Been in Ukraine As a Take What We Call a War Pause and Now Vladimir Putin Balls Bragging That Essentially He'll Take on All Commerce and That That He Hasn't Even Begun to Fight. Carson, Michael Walt's Charges Right Now Kurtzman, How Would You Assess Things of Right Now in the Ukraine Grinding Away Literally Put Nearly 80% by Some Arguments. 90% of Its Land Forces. He Pulled Him Upright All the Way from Site. From the Door, He Is Fully Committed Grinding Away Any of the Literally Leveling City after City with His Long-Range Artillery and As Long As You Know Is You and I've Just Got Long As Oil Prices Remain High As They Are with This Asinine Energy Policy and Not Unleashing American Energy.

I Think You Can Have the Resources to Keep Grinding for Now the Question Is What Is to Be Left for Him to Cover. Now He's Essentially the Good to Be the Yeah He's Essentially Occupying Rubble at This Point and One of the Reasons Aside from the Historic and Cultural Reason That Is Always Wanted but Don't Box with.

It Was Also Ill Look on the Map, It Looks Relatively Small, but It Was the Industrial Heartland of Ukraine. It Was Where Their Mining Capacity Factory Manufacturing Steel Mills, You Know That That's Incredibly Huge and Significant Loss of Personal and Skin for Really Lost That and Then the Other Pieces That Access to the Blackfeet Immediate. Putin Successfully Connected Crimea with the Dawn Box with the Lambert to Marry Opal and As I've Said Many Times One Can Only Wonder If Biden Had Given the Ukrainians, the Antiship Missile That They Were Asking for Last Year. The Antiaircraft Systems That He's Finally Now Starting to Push in Ukraine If They Have That More Sophisticated Weaponry with It Be in the Position That Is Not How We Did It without Giving the Long-Range Weapon System, but We Need More to Give Them with Authority Making a Difference. I Understand so Would God Vladimir Putin Comes out and He Says We've Barely Started. Is That Just Blustery like You Said He's Using 80 to 90% of His of His Ground Forces Is That Barely Starting Her All over the Place to Be Looking at in Terms of the Number Missile Still Have A Lot Of Long-Range Cruise Missiles Another Depleted Their Stock, They You Are Having to Now Go to Conscription to Where Their Drafting Young Russian Men and Forcing Them to Go into This War, but the Real Question Is That I Have Not Seen a Good Answer Is, What the Hell There Was A Lot Floating out There in Terms of Them Having Some Type of Cancer That Was Affecting His Health. I've Asked for Briefings on That. I Hope to Get Those in the Next Week and Then Yell His Political Support at Home. He Thinks or Solidified to Keep Grinding Away and Feeding Resources and Then Economically Brian, You Know, China Has Replaced Everything That Europe Is Walk Away from, and That Forever European Bank That Is Stepped Away. China Has Stepped in, so I Do Think He Will Have the Resources to Keep Pushing Forward. My Question of the Biden Administration Is One How Long Do We Keep Supporting and to What End Saying It's Just up to the Lenski and Just up to Ukrainians and Russians Isn't Sufficient What Our Interest and How Long Are We Going to Pour Resources into This and to What End Is It Just to Get to a Stalemate or We Going to Help You.

Take Care Tori Back at Some Point and Then Are We Helping Him We Helping Ukrainians with Any Type of Uncertainty and Resistance in the Russian Occupied Areas and That Obviously Will Take a Different Strategy and Finally Brian Gilford to Truly Be Helpful Thing That Has Me Concerned That Were Pushing All These Billion Dollars of Equipment into Ukraine.

We Don't Have Any Advisors or I've Been Here on the Ground Understand How It's Being Spent and Where It's Going. What Type of Strategy That They Have.

I'm Not Advocating for American Boots on the Front Line but I Do Think It Would Be Smart to Get Some Advisors into Their Headquarters into Their Strategic Planning into Their Debt Load and Understand Where All This Equipment. I like to See You Sometime Counteroffensive Because We Know from What with the Iraqis Did to Us with the Taliban Did to Us How They Destabilizing Can Be and When You Know When the Next Citizen. Our Guys Are A Lot Better Than Their Guy's Clearly so One Thing We Could Say to Is That the Stupidest Thing, the Presence Doing This He Thinks It Helps Them Domestically Is Considered to Give Vladimir Putin Credit for the High Gas Prices, High Inflation, Higher Taxes, and for Called Causing the Supply Chain Issues. Was He Talking about That the Last Thing You Want to Do Is Make Him Seem As If He's Punching above His Weight Is a Factor Played Apparel for like Nobody Been Flopping for Years, and Biden Just Played Right into His Hand on the International Stage As Though Now Have the Capability to Lead Me He's Twisting the Propaganda for His Own Use Back Home and That Look Look Our Making the United States Soccer Lookout Were Affecting the US Economy, and Biden Just Playing Right into It.

But That Aside, on the Domestic Side of the US Political Placement That We All Know and Everybody See through It. Inflation Was That a 40 Year High in January of This Year Well before the Patient. I Think I Think the Impact I Can Fall in Lot and Work in the Keyboard and See the Results of It in November. Such a Risk and Why Should the Former Chairman of Center Relations Committee Understand the Risk of Making Your Enemy Putting the Will Is Back As an Enemy and Help Him Domestically Make Him Seem like This Behemoth Does He Understand It's Not. Republicans Are Trying to Impress Us That Donald Trump You Want to Denigrate Your Hurting Your Own Because You Getting People Killed Because of That You're Helping Them to Him. His Popularity Sustain Itself. I Will Also Want to Bring You to China This Week.

We Have the Story That China Is Looking to Maybe Take the Moon and Then You Think That Is Even Greater Warning Right Now and the FBI Says Where They Say Every Know Every 10 Hours Is Another FBI Investigation Going on Which I Every Every 10 Hours They Opening Another Counterintelligence American and Discrete International Corporation, You Having the Head of MI Five and Head of FBI Say the Chinese One Way or Another Will Steal Your Technology Will Steal Your Proprietary Processes Will Steal Your Patent You You Cannot Be Attracted to That Honeypot Getting to That Billion Person Market Because of the End of the Day What They Will Do Your Technology. Set up a Competing Chinese Firm States Subsidize It so They Can Put Their Prices in the Dirt and Then Take Your Market Share and Take You out and They Have Done It with Courts around the World a Better Railcar Mining Lithium and Pharmaceutical, and at the End of the Day.

Chairman Lee of China Is Very Clear That They Are Going to Become the Dominant World Power through Technology What to Think They Do with One Day They Create Dependencies Which They Have Now Done in All of the Technological Areas and Then Number Two They Handed over to Their Military through Their Said No Future Program. We've Got to Decouple Brian.

We've Got a Put Better Protections in Place. I Have Protections Pending in Legislation and the Chips and the Other That's Pending in the Senate to Start Increasing Our Security Offices to Start Cutting Back on the Amount of Researchers That We Allow in Our Research Institution. Students That We Allow Nothing Wrong with the Great Wonderful Historic Chinese People, but They Have No Choice When Their Government Tapped Them on the Back and Go Take X, Y, And Z from the Supercomputer or This AI Algorithm They Have To Do It. Direct Violation of Chinese Law and the Chinese Government Holds Their Family Accountable. We We We Have To Tighten up All of the Supply Chain and If We Can't Bring in the United States. How about We Incentivize Them to Go to Central America and Then We Kill Two Birds with One Stone. We We Address the Migration Problem and We Bring Our Supply Chains Back to the Western Private Business. We Gotta Get Them on Board We Have To Show Them What Would They Probably Already Know Their Shareholders. They Feel It Benefits Them. We Gotta Tell Him It's Not in America's Interest Make a Choice or Get out You like Night and Just Say I Rather Be a Chinese Company. Goodbye Time for Choosing What What Happened to Corporate Patriotism. The End of the Day. We Also Have To Show on It in Their Interest. When You Have All of Yes I Being Locked down and They Can Get Their Supply Chains Out Of There. How about We Bring Them Back to the Western Hemisphere, If Not United for Their Own Business Interests Person Michael Walters a Page by the Hour You Be a Billionaire. Thanks and Thanks so Much for Your Time and Always Be the Top of These Issues Are Right in the When Opened by the Right W Okay B Is Very Is a Great Coveted Affiliate There and Congressman Has That Right within His Broadcast We Come Back We Find It This Morning. No, Don't Get One Nation Saturday at Eight Both Sides All the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian Kill Me Back Everybody and My Watch Right Now. Get Ready for One Nation When They Shall Be a Saturday 11 O'clock and Time Everybody Watches As a Precast from Douglas Murray to Jim Britton Starbright in Spain Is Because an Astronaut Who Knows That We're Now Getting Battles at the Space Station Russia and Fighting for the Moon with China Will Bring Us the Reality on Earth, so It's Good to the Big Let's Find out If There's More to Know Said James Contest Is Where the Age of 82. You Know the Great Rosie Play the First Time I Saw Was Brian Song Playing Brian Piccolo but Just to Factors in Total I Played a Great Thug from New York from the Bronx.

There Was a Tribute Offer to of Here Is. For Example, of James Connor, One of His Prolific Moments to Really Had Him Arrive on the Scene in the Godfather Beating up the Husband of His Wife in the Movie All 40 You Will and Must Deal to Buy Twitter Reportedly in Jeopardy He's Not Even Talk about How to Finance It.

Now He Found out That Newly As Valuable As He Thought There's A Lot Of Bots on Their but He's Really Dug These Gotta Pay Billions of Dollars We Doesn't Work out the Deal. Twitter Offered Muscular Steam Axis of the Platform. Spyros of Raw Data on Hundreds of Millions of Daily Tweets Last Month with Three People Familiar with the Matter Told of Our Symbols. The Most Famous Concluded the Twitters Figures on Spam Accounts Are Not Verifiable. Twitter Said on the Call Yesterday That the Spam Accounts Represent Well below 5% of His Act As Users Face Each Quarter We Think about This. I Think It's Great and That's Really Going to Get Some Answers on How Many People Are Really Not Mean That IT Was to Walk Away from the Limited Sense You Use Using Tesla's Value by Twitter and Tesla's Values Is Dropped Because of the Stock Market so It Needs a Little Bit of an Issue. Now I Thinking Get a Better Deal, but If He Walks Away Twitters in Tatters You Think.

Yes, There Also Can Be Left Many More Legal Fights to Walk Away and Say Are Not Allowed to Walk Test That Will Be Interesting Getting on for A While. Next Rockwell Pretty Good Painter. I Hear I Removed His Paintings from the White House Replaced Him with Joe Biden Family Photos. How Ridiculous Is This Evidently for Norman Rockwell Works Featuring the White House Have Been Taken down Political First Report of the Paintings Were Taken down on Tuesday Are Writing to Individuals Familiar with the Matter Said Members of the Rockwell Family Request of the Art Be Returned to Them.

The Request Was Gross Granted Last Year Person Familiar with the Matter Said the Paintings Have Been Replaced with Several Jumbo Photos of Biden, the Painter Said to Be Part of the so You Want to See the President Series That Features Various How Private Profile Americans. I Think He Painted Them in 1943 for FDR's of after He Visited the White House.

Is That Really the Story or the Bidens Getting Semi-Somebody Else Covering for My Question Raised That Really Sort of like a Little Bit of a Cancel Culture. We Don't Want Rock like I Feel like There's Enough Wall in the White House and Had a Family Photos Elsewhere Next to Nearly 100 Years of Existence the Popeye Comic Strip Is Reportedly Getting Awoke Makeover with the Strips Latest Cartoonist Promising More Ethnic Diversity More Characters Who Are Not Heterosexual. The Heterosexuals of the Worst Cartoon Character Popeye Whole Thing Is to Try to Get Olive Oyl Right Girl like You Popeye Try to Get a Guy Maybe Really Want Bruno You Have One Thing Was Great. Popeye Was Great for Selling Spinach Was at Me for about 30 Years Spinach with the Pop Great for Selling and Great for Getting Your Kids Eat It Right Exactly like Popeye with the Problem Is Popeye Big for Optional Biceps. I Don't Want That Type of Build. I Rather Be Buddhist, but Rather Would like Popeye.

Also, I Found Him Was Much Tougher in the Blue Silly Outfit. It Was in the White Line Urinalysis the Popeye Light I Love You. I Really like Popeye Text W NBA Star Brittany Brittany Greiner Pled Guilty to Drug Charges. No Julie Denied That She Had Some Hashish Oil with Their the Question Is Does She Deserve 10 Years in Prison. I Don't Have To Go to Work This out.

The White House Got Themselves A Lot Of Trouble Because They Call Brittany Greiner in Response to Her Letter, but They Never Call Paul Whelan's Family and He's Been There Even Longer That Terrible Organization Resting Family Think Don't Have the Organizational Plan for Greiner Thing.

She Said It Needs to Plead Guilty so That Russian Court Is More Sympathetic Rate. If You Plead Not Guilty. There Court System Doesn't Work the Way They Look at Is More Figures Fitting in Their Faith. And I Get Here I Can Get a Fair Trial and Then the Right Stuff to Get a Law Degree There Next Step Curry Will Host the ASP and SP Awards July 17 Comes a Month after the Warriors Won Their Championship. The Seven NBA Championship. Here's My Worry He's Great Personality, but He's Not a Big Personnel. Great Conversation but Not a Showman. You Do Have To Be Funny on the SP's I Thought Well to Damning Amiability Assigned Him. He Didn't Know Existed. See How Well the Show Is Truly Produced for Producers There Gonna Make Him Great. And by the Way, Congratulations to Vitelli, Clinch Co., the Mayor of Kyiv. He Is Going to Boxing Champion Is Going to Get Our Direction toward Courage Fantastic Broadcaster, Hall Of Famer and College. That's Why Can't I Tell beyond It with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance Is Tense about One Again I'm Writing to Me That's What It All. Make Sure You Listen to Watch One Nation on Fox News Saturday at 11. Thanks, over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources. The Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News Five Just

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