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Joe Biden Says Of Course He Is Running and Senator Hawley Accused of Transphobic Questions

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 13, 2022 12:45 pm

Joe Biden Says Of Course He Is Running and Senator Hawley Accused of Transphobic Questions

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 13, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends is receptive. Brian regularly regularly.

Joe Ryan Zink beyond 15 minutes out of the hour.

Sen. Ron Johnson and of course you by your phone number 1-822-408-7669. We are the Wednesday edition have a lot going on, the inflation numbers are just in their stunningly by 9.1% in the present as landed in Israel will talk about that impact the market is down almost 300 points, and is just opened up.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three Goldstein Apple showed that 92% of Democrats 11 revocable majority of benefited going to run again in 2492%. You are all the same Jack in denial. That's what Joe Biden is right now as he claims Democrats to want him to run for another four yet will bring you the state of the game and how he matches up with Trump and how trust matches up with the possible primary field progress on peace talks. You got a caretakers really government going to have the fifth round of elections in a couple of years in Israel and a month now and have a big agenda present Providence Journal plans in Israel and in Saudi Arabia. The problem they are still focused on around threatening to destroy amazing gains of drums for years. Joe if it ain't broke, just don't break it and stop begging for foreign oil that we have our own 9.1% year over year, much harder than expected 1981 as the last time that we have seen an inflationary number. This high. It is true that Ashoka Sony on Appian inflation nation 40 year high as the cost of the cost of everything soars the Biden team's reaction numbers their old no joke.

I'm not kidding seizing up getting that's what they were saying yes or yeah the numbers can be a little bit higher when it comes to inflation they projected. They probably knew but it's only because they didn't take into account that gas is dropped. Yes, that's a guess averages 463 starring but it's less then 501, which was last month and factor in that when inflation was 8.6% notes 9.1%. No one's buying that it's an old number and that's what gets people concerned. This is numbers going up, the presence counting on the Fed to up interest rates, which we know as maybe the macroeconomic expert next door you says that's the right thing to do. But if you try to buy a house, get a new house credit cards first house.

These interest rates are affecting everything you do as well, so never to control inflation that increases prices on goods they increase interest rates would stop you from maybe going out to dinner, maybe Batna getting a house Ethan Harris Bank of America.

He said he's an analyst. He says that this on the array on the recession possibilities we see, if you forgot here is that inflation is sticky slow moving variable it spikes to reverse quickly, but underlying inflation tends to move in a gradual lag in fashion with respect to the economy is going to take time to cool off the labor market even more time to lower labor costs that are driven by inflation so that some of the things to keep in mind as we talk about where the economy is right now we want to present United States numbers are not great and this is the problem.

The combination of that him not passing that radical left-wing agenda like go back better be able to pack the court blow up the filibuster is one of his crazy left-wingers are mad at him, looking at his numbers. He has 26% of Democrats want to run another four years, 92% of Democrats under 30 don't want them to run. The only thing he does have against Trump in this New York Times Siena poll he be trumped by three points and he says the poll reveals that he was to run against Trump again. 92% of Democrats would vote for. And that's what he's holding on to cut one Democrats are going to run again all you guys always say all show that 92% of Democrats in Iran with the majority is going to run again in 2024 92% said so that's what he wants. Hold onto. I guess technically it's accurate but the follow-up would be for the questioner would be, but that's only if you read against Trump, 92% would support you and 95% of Republicans would support any Republican the red against Joe Biden means nothing and does not even surprise me that 92% would vote against Donald Trump.

That's how we got in the first place. Here's the really disturbing thing.

Two thirds of independents disapprove the present job performance overall Democrats and give them 70% approval but overall he's at 33% because nobody else thinks he's doing a good job.

So these are some of the numbers that has the presence glad he's in Israel right now but present buying not backing off.

Juan Williams has got his back on special report. Believe it or not, he found some good cut to clearly bad. There was about the number of Democrats who are now despairing about Biden, and don't really want him to run, but he's right else does give credit where credit if Iran's and it's against Donald Trump.

He's right 91 to 92% or something would vote 92% Democrats would vote for. I mean, you gotta realize that, in part, this is a dilemma. What we saw in that New York Times Siena poll was theirs like half of Republicans who are still behind Donald Trump at half were not especially younger Republicans, college-educated Republicans, that's a big challenge percent are Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader China get a majority in the Senate Kevin McCarthy in the house because they got a balancing act. How can you can't lose either one of those contingencies and then expect to win them in terms yeah, and they're not in, but by the way the numbers are kind of equaling out a little bit in these overall New York Times polls when it comes to who you prefer and power Democrats Republicans within a point of each other, which is stunning.

But if you consider two things guns and a Roe V Wade swung the balance a little bit back. For now, in July, two Democrats put them back in the game. Some say but ton of money is coming into McCarthy's coffers.

Big time. So what is that mean in the big picture means a present need some wins and will come up with a one year anniversary as the biggest loss. That's just evacuation of Afghanistan. We lost lives and the way out all our allies were caught behind enemy lines we have used retired guys to get people out.

Meanwhile the Middle East were to state the presence ridiculously is still holding onto the running until alienating him from any deep thinker in Israel and most of the Sunni Middle East, which is most of the Middle East so outside Syria, for example Richard Haas on the president's prospects for big breakthroughs cut seven doesn't really have much in the way of objectively for so long is really our fault line Israeli-Palestinian fall line was the defining line of the Middle East it isn't anymore. The snow prospects for progress on peace talks.

You got a caretakers really government going to have the fifth round of elections in a couple of years in Israel and a month now he doesn't have a big agenda but talk a little bit about coordination on Iran maybe about the potential potential, one day for some breakthrough with Israel, Saudi Arabia relations, but nothing can happen on what we used to call the peace process right that Richard Haas we know from foreign policy.

So listen when we come back a minute. Talk to Ryan thinking about that was happening overseas. The fact is the president a ridiculous move had his State Department come out with the state statement saying words White House communications team present will be shaking hands overseas because he's worried about covert that according to doctors, really. So the day before yesterday he shaking hands with hundreds of people on the White House lawn. He shook hands with everybody.

The G7, but now them in the Middle East. I don't shake hands. Why is that he does not want to be seen shaking hands with MBS a man he called a pariah. I sense the Saudi's might try to corner him. This is the brain kill me chose so glad you're here, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me.

Fox News contests network Siena steam Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox News network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast.

Listen now by going up Fox News five talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show Middle East so is not seized by the Ukraine Russia to the extent there is now a common concern in much of the Middle East to Toronto for years. As I was saying to Willie, it was Israeli-Palestinian dispute is really our district and it was a rock under Saddam Hussein. Now the real concern is rock and Russia is a economic partner to some extent which Saudi Arabia the Israelis have been coordinating with Russia on Syria. The word about the large Jewish population in room Russia so the president is not in a good great support for the Ukraine policy. There is true of much of the rest of the world. Much of the world is not lining up with us. We frame this as a matter of democracy against authoritarianism. Much of the world is not democratic. Yeah, no kidding, and he also continues children's with the Iranian deal inexplicably Ryan seek it from your secretary of the interior. Former Congressman from Montana wants to be back there in Congress in the new first Congressional District join just now Carson welcome back good morning right so this coming we know what it looks like were located across the board. Sometimes you know your look at successful success would look like. We need some success with this administration.

I don't think any of them singing like so you did win the nomination on the right and you going against Monica for now I guess you had that say say her name in Montana. Best of luck in the spring to been there before us. Are you strongly favored to win so he lands in Israel right now. They have an interim government so there's not much controversy to present to care that you think he's gonna look to undo that the foundation of the Abraham Accords always certainly taken a stab at it and try to uranium nuclear. It was bad in the beginning it would exit the worst thing of everything we we gave a legitimate pathway for to acquire ICBMs to acquire delivery vehicles without impediment.

They were launching. And remember, they were launching ICBMs wears kill death, Israel painted on the side of it and their centrifuges continued to go and they are building a nuclear weapon. There is no doubt about his member. The inspection of the sites also was limited because they moved the facilities to military custodian and they don't allow any anything. No foreign inspectors to those facilities. It is a bad deal that will result in Iran having a nuclear weapon which will, in my opinion, will cause an arms race in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is not good standby lawyer rent has a nuclear weapon and Saudi Arabia holding a beacon of democracy. We know the do some horrific things, but they are a better ally in the region in the real political world so would we look at Saudi Arabia was on the doorstep of recognizing Israel as a right to exist and setting up trade relations that has to go on hold until he can get some trust in this administration. How do you approach it, you been behind closed doors in high level high-level talks how you approach if you present buying when you get to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia.

I would enter negotiations about Saudi Arabia entering the Abraham Accords. That certainly would be a game changer in the Middle East as you point out there are not a democracy issues at the top, but may have been more than now. I did not overrule the course of time, and they are an integral part of the Middle East. Certainly they provide a counter to Iran and given the threat in the Middle East.

I think it ran remains number one still the number one sponsor of terrorism worldwide nonsensitive morale because I rant personally funded logistics tactics, techniques and equipment and explosives. US servicemen paid the ultimate price for a course in the former Navy seal in case people do not know this number just came across inflations instead of being a .8 above the 8.6, which is horrifically high.

The, the new inflation number. You may not know is now 9.1% energy is up 7.8% month-to-month 41% year-to-year gas is up 11% month-to-month 60% year-to-year. The market is responded by dropping 350 points. The president overseas in the trip that we do that we know this big downside because he's got an agenda visits counter to the previous administrations maybe just for that reason, which a reaction to these numbers were I in Montana.

I think you place numbers are probably longer or longer work in the supply chain, but it seems like nothing is working across the board you have high price of gas and gas should be about two bucks ago and have groceries that for a lot of Americans feel that they no longer can buy chicken I have to make a very very critical choices. Baby formula United States of America.

We can't figure out baby formula, but these things are are are are fixable with good leadership in the bike administration is. It's almost like Ghostbusters were all of a sudden every norm and DURING the dogs who always want to be girls.

It seemed like a good every standard and every traditional United States is beginning to crumble because this administration. I don't think has the right vision for this country and socialism doesn't work. It does not work so here is Josh Holly.

This is referring to yesterday speaking to this Berkeley professor in a meeting about Roe V Wade, the aftermath and implications listen to them get into a gender defining conversation cut 24 you refer to people with the capacity for pregnancy with every women. Many women, since women have the capacity for pregnancy. Many women do not have the capacity for pregnancy on their author transmission who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people are capable of pregnancy.

So this isn't really a women's rights issue. It's we can recognize that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts at the scripts though things are not mutually exclusive. So your view is that the core of this this right then is about what so I when it recognizing your line of questioning is chance phobic and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing how you say that I'm opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women pregnancies.

Do you believe that man can get pregnant. No I don't think I met Lisa violence I mean can you wrap your head around that will look at what the quarries here. This administration wants to change the fundamental traditions of America.

Whether it's mothers identified having children identify themselves as whatever before there before the retain in children.

If you could say the same thing about if you want a child to determine breakfast in the morning will probably Cap'n Crunch and lucky charms. That's why your children and you need an adult and a lot is quite frankly, Brian is a breakdown of family and if there's one thing I think American again. It was Focus on the Family Bilal because what our parents were gone without a place for children to have a nurturing environment. You see the consequences right.

Can you believe that people painted in Berkeley to hear idiots like that speak and you believe these the same people that want to rewrite our history when we write gender roles would a boy and girl is Supreme Court justice wouldn't move.

Go can identify a woman and now we also want to put down Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the historical homes final thought that well you know it's not going to happen because when you fall working to defend the Constitution United States organ at work. I have an agenda that the American public looks that in support 111 to take our country were to take our country back and do the right thing to concentrate think he wants back in.

Make sure you support them.

Thanks so much Congressman Sen. Ron Johnson next person is America's socks weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and saw space-time or wherever you did your project will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen just a radio show like no other. We will continue to see these numbers go up enough enough there. It's accelerating in this thing is out of control.

It affects their everyday family course by pine groceries by finding their wages often have fixed the stock market down. Some of them about welfare checking account.

All of those are being eaten away by this inflation at an ever-increasing rate just for the record, I'm old enough that I lived through all that.

Before I was with Reagan and I was before that with the Nixon administration and so I solve inflation first. This is about as bad as it gets combined with the numbers which are not good for this evisceration.

I don't see how they pull out your unemployment is good, but there's so many open jobs. It blunts the success many would feel 9.1% is the inflation number that had art laugher beside himself. Sen. Ron Johnson was in the real world before he decided politics a tremendous success. There is going for six more years in Wisconsin Sen. welcome back. I got to get your businessman reaction to the 9.1% inflation. Can you put that in real person terms well incredibly harmful for economy really harmful for fixed income people at the lower end of the spectrum of Everybody but Incredibly Regressive Tax on Fixed-Income Glory and Economic Spectrum Cyclic Very Difficult to Break the Predicting Stagflation for Well over a Year When Democrats Pass Your Hundred Percent Partisan $1.9 Trillion Relief Package for $700 Billion Will Be Spent for the out Your So-Called "Belief Which Is Overseen by the Economy to Really Spark This and It People like That, Ronald Reagan Called Volker to Break the Inflation Portal 40 Years Ago.

I Don't Think I Will See We Got to Go Back Level, Intellect, or That Local Political Courage, Do at This Time so I'm Fragrant for Really Rough Right so Damaging to Individual Families That Enter Our Economy Really Bad Sign. I Was I Was Hoping to Meet Particular to Start Coming down to Another Peak. It's Frightening It Is. I Understand When It Comes to Pot Economics Play Politics Should Be Set Aside Don't You Be Cheering High Unemployment Numbers Are High Inflation Numbers but Is Devastating for a Party That Took over Washington with Low Inflation Was Almost Invisible and with Economy That Was Coming Out Of the Pandemic. He's Taking Full Credit for the Jobs Added When New. They Were Told to Step Aside Other Things Energies up 7.5% Month-To-Month 41% Year-To-Year Gas Prices up 11%, 60% Year to Year. So When People Try to Get Houses When People Use It to Decide Whether Not to Use Credit Cards When People Decide That They Want to Fly Gone Vacation. Of Course, Travel. It's All Going to Be Affected and It's Going to Affect the Economy. We Depend Could You Have Such Great Economic Mine. Do We Depend on the Fed Just to Raise Rates. Is There Any Sentiment to Cut Spending. Along with That Power Quick Jobs Created or Not.

It Would Not Create Jobs.

What Were Doing for Filling Them Completely Different. So We Have a Low Unemployment Rate, but That's Because so Many People Sidelined and or Growing Our Labor Force Enough to Fill the Jobs That Are Available and Doing Those Jobs Are Not the Product. We Have All the Supply Chain Dislocations, but That's Often Feeding into a Slowing Economy Start Right Now. Our Economy Mass with the Inflation and Unfortunately the Democrats Answer Is More Deficit Spending the Insane Inflation Is Pretty Easy to Find Extremely Dollars Chasing Too Few Goods You Throw in the Fact That They Have Worn Fossil Fuels across the All Energy Record Gasoline Prices. There's a Triple Whammy Your Printing Dollars with Deficit Spending Strangles on Programs That Allow People to Finalize the Ad Valorem Labor Force Pure Products Which Break out Your Good Tour. High Energy Prices so Distinctive Happened.

All of These Disasters. All This Construction to America, to Our Economy. Bad Luck on the Part of the Bike He Caused All of This, Open Borders, Worn Fossil Fuel. High Energy Prices Are Always High. Deficit Spending That Embarrassing and Dangerous Surrender in Afghanistan Tempted to Invade Ukraine. All of This Was Because by by Policy by His Radical Left Ideology and People That He Is Surrounded with Child Is a Doubt about It, and for Some Reason He Still Got Fed up with Approval Ratings from Democrats Who Are Mad That He Didn't Pack the Court Mad That He Didn't Get Rid of the Filibuster Mandated and Passed Bill Back Better in Real Reality Terms We Hear behind the Scenes to Many Bill Back Better. That Will Show, among Other Things, a Prescription Drugs Prescription Drug Reduction They Claim, but Also Raise the Corporate Tax Rate. A Mini Bill Back Better with Joe Mansion Is Being Worked on with Chuck Schumer Will Can You Tell Us in Peppered with Tapping the Senate Rumors. I Hope You Realize If You Increase Taxes on That Also Be Inflationary View Taxes. The Cost and They Just Passed Cost Increase Costs onto Consumers so You Can Increase Taxes on on Business near the Ad to Be Inflationary Pressures Not Not Decrease Them to Reduce Economic Activity Even Further To Recessional Get the Figures This Month but We All Had Negative GDP Growth in the First Quarter People Predicting Flat May Be -2/4 of Negative Growth Is Recession and That Is Deftly Stagflation Which Again Is Horrible. I Met I Lived through It in the Late 70s Early 80s Very, Very Difficult Instructor Cycle to Break. I Went to Prison. Obligor Said Yesterday the Message He Should've Sent in My Humble Opinion Is I Need You to Put Those Marines Back at Your Southern Border. I Need You to Settle Things on Your on Our Southern Border and Start Backing up Security of Reverting Paid for Weaver to Pay for the Wall Which Were Not Using It She's Rusting and We Gotta Stop. You Have To Stop Incentivizing People to Come across. Instead, the Prez United States Just Made Nice and Here's with the President of Mexico Said We Should Do with the Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals 3 Million At Least That of Come Here since Present Buying Took over Cut 11 Years and Development Going to Be Screaming.

Even Program so What You Thought on the Translational Laboratory Telling Us Just to Give Certainty to the Illegals That Are Here to Open Borders and I Talked about How America Mexico Completely Controlled by the Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers from the Evil People on the Planet. I Can't Even Tell You about Depredations over the Radio Flooding in This Country Illegal a Flood of Illegal Immigrants Fed by Human Traffickers.

A Multibillion-Dollar Business Model Being Facilitated by by Deadly Drugs from This Country. I Have Gang Members like the MS 13.

Doing No Harm to Our Our Our Cities by Policy That Every Democrat President Candidate February Stop Deportations and Offer Free Healthcare.

That Was a Magnet for People You Have the Terracing from the Root Cause. Just Walk in the Oval Office Yourself.

You Are the Root Cause of This Went Pretty Well Shut down Flow of Unaccompanied Children and Family Units. Even the Single Adults Were Dramatically Telling the Racing Then You Had Democrat Primaries. Mr. Talking about the Open Borders and Then Buying Took Office, Dismantle All Programs out over 7000 People per Day on Average Cross Airport 7000 during Obama's Mentoring Produced 2000 per Day Where We Are along the Wall of One of the Quarter Million People Last Year, Which Is Number Larger Than the Population of Eight States the Government Everything That You're Basically Letting in a Houston Every Year. This Is Major from Major Nationals. You and I Wave It All off and Maybe Democrats Are so Detached from Reality from the Truth and Forcefully Filter Media Are Biased Media Is Complicit in This, They Are so Corrupt.

That's Why so Many American but I Guess You Could Buy and Ready to Be 30% Know We Should Be Proving the Best Thing Is Something She's Doing Now. Some Say Well the Democrats Are Really for That. That's Just a Small Friends Will Where Are the Sen. Wonders of the World.

Where Are the So-Called Moderates a Tester Here, Where Are Other People Christian Cinema and Joe Mansion When Speaking up, but If There Are Others.

Angus King, That Should Be SAG. I Said This Whole Not Really Know Offshore Drilling Not Love These Environmental Standards. The Slow Walking of All These Leases, the Stopping of the Pipelines.

It's Not Now.

This Is Not the Time to Stop That We Are Somebody with the Courage No One Had Any Problem Speaking up and They Did like a Trump Policy or Bush Policy.

Where's the People Are Going to Speak up If Biden Is Not Doing Exactly What They're Saying. Which Makes Me Think They're Doing Exactly What They're Saying Is Any Way Wishing Whispering to Ron Johnson Any Democrats Telling You What They Really Think That Really Filibuster the Only Democrat to Complete Building the Wall Units Cost Us More, Not to Build the Wall to Actually Complete It like At Least Three Opportunities. I've Given Them in Committee and I'm to Have To Remember to Complete the Wall That Was Contracting for and Only Joe Mansion Joined Us in Voting to Do That Very Lockstep behind the Present Buying Power like You Can't Be. I Don't Care What Greg} My Election.

Every Democrat on My Face.

Don't Believe Anything They Tell You about the Party against the Family, They Will Be Unlocked Supporting Pelosi and Schumer and Biden on All These Policies That Are Creating Such Disasters.

Average American English Shouldering the Real Burden That Are Suffering under the Idiotic and Insane Policies Absolutely so Furry for You Personally Decided after Long Deliberation That You're Going to Run Again and It's Neck and Neck.

The Matter Who You in a Phase Whether It's Nelson Lies Three Barnes or I Think It's Good Let Loose Key Godlewski Who You Might Be Facing Whoever It Is Is Can Be a Tough Race. So If You Want to See Ron Johnson Get Another Six Years Said When We Go $43.4 Million and I Don't Have an Opponent Mainstream Media Printing out Flat That You Must Go to Ron Johnson for MS Ranjan to out That Website with That WIS Epic ETF If You Want to Get the Truth about All the Wise Store He's Bitter Being A Lot throughout the Ranjan I'm to Need A Lot Of Help.

$43.4 Million Are Spent against Me Leslie I Want You You Would Charge Holly Said Yesterday in a Unit Is Stunning Exchange with a Berkeley Professor There to Talk with the Ramifications of the Reversal of Roe V Wade Turns out That He's Was Called.

He Was Accused of Creating Violence against Transsexuals. Listen to This Exchange Cut 24 You Refer to People with the Capacity for Pregnancy with Every Women Many Women. Women Have the Capacity for Pregnancy. Many Women Do Not Have the Capacity for Pregnancy on Their Author.

Trans Men Who Are Capable of Pregnancy SLS Non-Binary People Are Capable of Pregnancy. So This Isn't Really a Women's Rights Issue Its Lease and Recognize That This Impacts Women While Also Recognizing That It Impacts Those Things Are Not Mutually Exclusive. So Your View Is That the Core of This This Right.

That Is about What so Whenever Recognizing Your Line of Questioning His Chance Phobic and It Opens up Trans People to Violence by Not Recognizing How You Say That I'm Opening the People to Violence by Asking Whether or Not Women Pregnancies. Do You Believe That Man Can Get Pregnant.

No I Don't Think I Met Lisa Violence Weary.

I Mean, I My Jaw Was on the Ground When I Watch This Same Thing Democrat for so Detached from Reality and Try to Force All to Normalize All Believe That Men Get Pregnant to Decant Women Get Pregnant and God Bless Them for Getting Pregnant. We Need to Populate or Note Democrats Again This Is Just Insane but the Media Plays along like This Is All Moral Behavior Apparently Prevented from Providing Gender Blocking Drugs to Children without Parental Notice Is All Okay This Is Saying What the Radical Left. Doing This Country and I Can Only Hope and Pray That Enough Americans Are Willing to Look around the Mainstream Media and Find out What the Truth Is about This and Recognize How Paying the Radical Left Really Is and How Does Corrective. They Are Just Defined It Would with the with the Sprinkler Set Is Figured out in Your State Just to Get Out Of Your Own. Where's Wisconsin Stand on the Democratic Governor and We Know That in Virginia, for Example, a Pro-Life Governor Jan Duncan Moved He Says. My Feeling Is Virginia's at 15 Weeks and I Think That's Was Going to Push the Support. What about You Sen. Johnson. What Would You Be What He Thinks Would Wear Where's Wisconsin Fall Out Of It. All Habitable Portable Record Directly Confirmed the Just Handed down That Correct Decision to Turn 50 Year Debate Can Solve Anything.

It Just Exacerbated by This Country Right.

Here's the Question That We Need to Decide As a Society State-By-State.

At What Point Friday Have the Responsibility to Protect Life. Now I Have My Own Individual Opinion on That.

But I Think You Can Arrive at Consensus That That the Best Way That Should Be Done Democratically. Take Some Time It Might Take Years of Might Think a Number of Elections.

But That Is the Right Way to Decide This Issue and My Guess Is the Consensus State-By-State and Be A Lot Closer to Conception, Then Certainly What's Allowed Now into Court Democrats to Have the Radical and Extreme Policy and Basically Abortion Demand up to the Point of Birth and Some Actually Radical Enough to to Promote Infanticide That Is the Extreme Position. I Just Hope We Can Have This Debate with Information with Compassion, with Sympathy for Your Women with the Unplanned Pregnancy Responded Pro-Life Groups to Be so Much More Reasonable Compassion in This Extreme Radical Proportions. Got It.

Doesn't Ron Johnson. Thanks so Much. Best Luck There. 186-640-8766 That We Gave You A Lot I Want You, We Have To Say Right Brain Kill Don't Move Frank Alicia Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Some Fox News Time Just Network These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Now in Fox News Time or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest. The More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian. Kill Made a Welcome Back Everybody Was Going to Kill with NWC HV in Charlottesville, Virginia, Angel Brian Really Great to Talk with You like I Hear the Pronoun I Heard John Right Here with A Lot Of Reporters Being Other News Organization and Why Don't You Call out and See the Other. I Mean If You Think Would Help. I Do All Placed up down Time from Other Stations That Are Mondays Fox News New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Brian. Kill Me. Thank You Much for Being Here Buddy of the Brain. Kill Me Joe Coming to You from the Dam and Had Heard around the Country around the World, Especially in the Ukraine.

Sen. Joe Lieberman Standing by Member. He Was Ousted by His Party to Get the Nomination Came Back Run Independent and Then Got Six More Years in the Senate Representing Connecticut Ari Fleischer the Bottom of the Hour.

Fox News Contributor As You Know, but Author Brand-New Book, Suppression, Deception and Snobbery and Bias Why the Press Get so Much Wrong and Just Doesn't Care about It and He Goes into Great Detail Also Need to View the Present United States Is Himself Common on the Press Real Interesting Book. We Have A Lot to Cover, Including Some Relatively Breaking News Will Following the Present United States. He Is Landed in Israel Safely. Thankfully and Now Is Taking Doing Visiting the Iron Dome and Iron Beam. These Two Missile Defense Systems, and Then He's Going to Go to East Jerusalem and A Lot Of People Don't like That, Especially Israelis Because East Jerusalem, the Joe Biden Feel Should Be the Capital of the Palestinian Nation. They've Done Nothing to Order to Be Awarded Statehood and Then I Don't Think Jerusalem Is the Place What You Think about That Last Joe Lehman, a Second Big Three Time Stories You Need to Know Ryan's Three Number Three That All All I Need to Go for a Majority of Going to Run Again in 2024 92% in Denial That Joe Biden Shows He's in Right Now As He Claims Democrats Don't Want Him to Run for Another Four Will Bring You the State of the Game and How We Matches up against from This No Prospects for Progress on Peace Talks. You Got a Caretakers Really Government Going to Have the Fifth Round of Elections in a Couple of Years in Israel and a Month Now He Doesn't Have a Big Agenda. The Present United States Rd. Shows in Israel. The Problem Is There Still Focused on Iran Getting Back in That Deal with the Run Back in That Field. There Is No Continuation of the Abraham Cordes As He Tries to Bake the Sallies, the Pariah Nation. In His Words More Oil.

9.1% Year over Year. Much Hotter Than Expected 1981 Is the Last Time That We Have Seen an Inflationary Number. This High and That Is so Showcase Only with the Note with the Relatively New News Came across about 30 Minutes Ago. Inflation Nation 40 Year High. You Heard It 9.1%. Biden's Team Reaction. Those Are Old Numbers. No Joke, but Spring and Sen. Joe Lieberman Said Welcome Back. I Think You Will You the 1970s during the Carter Years in Connecticut and I Was Serving in Hartford Was Such a Buzz Term about That, Had He Been Inflation and Then I Guess We Got We Got Used To Beating Inflation and Now It's a 9.1%. What Is Your Gun That Had Had a People Is That Ripple down to the People Will Hurt People, and You Have A Lot Of Money Complaint for the Higher Price Is Them in Some Way. This Is Not Surprising with Attractive Causes of the Federal Reserve to Slow Tomorrow on the Congress and the President Probably Put Too Much Money in the Economy. In Response to the Pandemic Pandemic Work Bouncing Back from the Pandemic Members Demand Increases in the Supplies of Not Met Her Complexion Problem and Then Throwing the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Oil Prices. Energy Prices Are Higher to Hurting Average People and in a Way That's Why the Presence Trip to the Middle East Is so Important.

I Don't See Much of Anything Accomplished except Goodwill between Religion. Palestinian As a Result, Biden Strip, but the Big Goal Is to Regain the Confidence of Particular February Bill.

But All Their Allies You Got There and Israel That the Biden Administration Has a Plan for the Middle East and Is Not Pulling Back, Which They Think Now He the Most Important Thing the President Could Do That Again. The Confidence of the Saudi's Again Is to Say That Word or Walking Away from the Association with Iran. You Can't Trust Them. It's a Bad Deal, and Our Fortified Our Allies in the Middle East.

Saudi's Are Really with This Much Ability to Fund Themselves As Possible. I Will Do That but I Think That's Probably the Most Significant Thing You Want Is in Saudi Arabia Send Liebman a Couple Things. Why Is He Attracted to Deal It's about to End Anyway.

That Allows around within Two Years to Start Building under the Agreement through Nuclear Program. Think Will Build Nuclear Weapons. It's a Deal That the Horses of the House and Horses Left the Barn and the Guidance to Get the Country That's Helping Us Grow Great As It Would Sit down with Us One-On-One, Which Is Pathetic. The Russians Why Did You Call up You Could Get Him on the Phone.

Could You Talk to Are Actually It Wasn't so Serious It Would Be Funny, but We Have Allowed Ourselves to Be Back to Normal Corner Here and They Seem to Have a Almost Religious Fervor about Agreement with the Iranian Going Back to the Obama Ministration 2015 There Was a Bad Bill Then We Give Them Your Is A Lot Of Money Billions in the Use to Invade Neighboring Countries Support Her Mentally and around the World. They Didn't Give It to Their Own People and Your).

The Requirement Was and Their Nuclear Program, Which Is Why We in Congress on a Bipartisan Basis Adopted Almost Economic Sanctions on Iran. This Agreement Just Put the Foot on the Break for A While Now. We If We Reenter It As You Said, It's with the Old Timetable to Hear the Really Bad Deal That Not Only Doesn't Do It Is Posted in Iran's Nuclear Program Weakens and Our Allies, and It Weakens in the Eyes of Our Allies, so I Gave Him a Competent of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and Hopefully Get Them the Help More on Oil Prices so the Inflationary Impact Here in the US Can Be Can Be Softer and Easier on People Regain Their Confidence and One Thing We Could Do That Will Make That Happen Is to Say King Solomon Crown Prince Mohammed and Solomon Were Given up on Iranians Where with You and and Is Really in the Rest of the Arab World and Let's Go Forward Now.

I Don't Expect That to Happen, but I Will Hope and Pray It Will Present Biden's and Hunting Landed Today and Tell Me Tell Me in Israel. Let's Hear. Here's What He Said Cut 38 Greater Face Greater Stability Action Is Critical Is Critical for My after All the People of the Region, Which Is Why Will Receive Will Discuss My Continued Support. Even Though I Know It's Not a Near-Term or Two State Solution Amazing Might Be the Best Way to Ensure the Future of Equal Measure of Freedom, Prosperity, Democracy for Israelis and Palestinians in Life Is.

It Is That the Best Way and Is Giving You Choose Them to the Palestinians. The Best Way to Work and Fill in the Problem Here Is Really Government Have Tried, Sometimes with the Help of Your Solution with the Leadership of the Palestinian Authority, but They Walk Away from to Make the Agreement and on Jerusalem, That Is to Be Determined That the Negotiations in My Opinion Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel Palestinian Abbott Capital Now in Ramallah and in That Order. The Capital Ever Solution Look the Development in the Middle East and in the Last Years Is Not between Israelis and Palestinians. Grandma Courts That Were Negotiated by Pres. Trump and His Administration, Tremendous Breakthrough, Israel Arab Emirates Meridian Morocco Street in an and Really I Think Pres. Barnett Great Historic Development and Now His Soul Help Focus in My Opinion, Apart from Some Statements about These Really Posted Attract Really Want to Waste His Time.

He'll Work on Getting the Saudi into the Abraham a Court Happen This Time. But If You Get on the Picture Brick Steps in That Direction with Joint with the Arabs Maybe More Sharing of a Common Economy That Will Be a Big Step Forward and Not a Good Credit for Services and Fear Ministration Jared Kushner. Abraham Occurred with the Biggest Breakthrough between Israel and Their Neighbors. I Think since Camp David and Eric Are More Meaningful Reading Travel and Recognition Is Even Getting to the New York Times Story Priya Rob Previewing the Trip Does Not Come Out Of Anybody in the Ministration's Mouth Are Pure Politics. Leslie You Know How to Solve the Problem.

You Know, We Could Start Drilling Here.

You Know the Oil and Gas Industry Gave 10 Things That Help Them out to Speeding up Leases in the Drilling the Environmental with These Environmental Groups.

It Just Drag out These Drilling Permits and You Know Offshore Drilling Is Now Banding the. The Pipelines Have Been Shelved so You Know That This Is a National Security Thing We Have To Provide the Natural Gas Maybe to Europe for the Front Come When You Did to Keep the Sanctions in Place. Yeah, No. Look, I Am.

I Believe the Problem so I Wrote Was Very Our Energy Supply, but We Have a Terrible Crisis Really Heard the American People Talk about the Cost of the Pump out Winter Homes and Therefore I Think We Better Use of Tremendous Technological Developments of Occurred in the Industry to Figure out a Way for Our Our People Pump More Oil. Bring out More Gas Happen Overnight. The Most Thing That Can Happen Overnight on Energy for US Is All up to the Saudi's Right to the Second Biggest Producer of Oil in the World and Some Gas and If They Want No. They Can Help with This. The Person to Go Swimming Here Present Biden Everything You Can Beat up a Longer-Term What We Got to Be Realistic There, People Are Hurting, I Mean in Terms of Inflation and We Got Help Him You Have 26% of Democrats Right Now Who Want Joe Biden a Run Again. He's Got Approval Rating at 33%. This Is by the New York Times Siena Polled Usually Pretty Friendly Democrats.

What Is That Signaling to the Rest of the Party, Well Really Not Good News for Joe Biden Part of It Is a Lack of Confidence in Him and I Know This Is like a Broken Record from ED, Centrist Democrat or an Independent but I Think Part of the Problem Is Been Drunk Too Much the Left of the Party and Not Where He Was. A Lot Of the Time I Was Sent with the Centerleft Democrat so That That's That's Part of the Problem. Part of It Is Time to Be President, Pandemic Inflation or Grand and the People of Lost Confidence in the If I Were Him I Stop Thinking about 2024 and Just Figure out Probably Have To Wait till after the Midterm Elections, and How You Going to Do It. If He Looks at the First Two Years Is to Big Accomplishments Domestically. The Infrastructural Form. Bill and the So-Called Gun Safety Bill Workbook.

The Result of Bipartisan Compromise so If He Wants to Leave a Legacy in the Next Years Which I'm Guessing Ours Was to Move Back to the Center and Start Working with Both Parties in Accordance People from the Republican Party Have To Be Open to Working with a Good Relationship with Mitch McConnell Also Helping Solve Some of Our Problems, but You Can't Do It on the Left or Right. You Gotta Figure out How to Compromise. The Thing I Do after Energy Use Immigration Crisis and the Grammar Is Not at Fault More Border Security, Some Form of the Immigration Rules Can Be Done but Put Together Be Willing to Take the Political Risk Right Now That You Choose It and Throw Stones at Each Other Right Border Is Broke a Team of United against Nuclear Iran and Author of the Center Solution. How We May How We Make Government Work and Can Make It Work Again. Joe Lieberman Thanks so Much.

Thank You Brian. I Was Talking to an Audience Loves You at 186-640-8766 on the Bottom of the Ari Fleischer Your Next Brain to Meet You Both Sides.

All of If You're Interested in Ryan's Talking about It with Brian until Made Democrats and Will Always Say That Paul Was a Majority of It Is Going to Run Again in 2024 92% Right. That Was What He Was Referring to 92% Said They Would Vote for Him If He Was Running against Donald Trump.

Does That Surprise You. I Mean, the Number Would Be Almost As High. Almost Every Republican, but Donald Trump Actually Dredges up That Type of Motion among Democrats Last Thing They Want the Middle to January 6. Hearing That Surprise You but the Numbers It Should Surprise You Is That Two Thirds of Independents to Want to Run Again.

That's a Killer. They Say That Only for His Approval Rating among Hispanics Is about 30% That Could Be a Death Blow. If Even If He Was 20. If He Was 45 Years Old and Wanted to Run. The Only Place That He's Got over 500 Approval Ratings at 64% Is the Black Community and That's Even Low Compared to Where It Was or Is for Most Democratic Candidates I've since Republicans Start to Make Some Inroads There, What They Are with Hispanics but I Think That the Prince United States. His Anger Is Telling Every Time He Confronted Me Doesn't Do Almost Any Individual Test Zero Press Conferences, He Does What I Want with Love with the Doesn't Do What I Want with Anyone Is Somewhat Adversarial with Him When It Comes to the Press and He's Always Losing His Temper.

Member the Blowup after the Vladimir Putin Summit Starts Blowing up a Reporter I Think Was a I Think It Was Collins from CNN to Estimate Just a Question about What Went on behind Closed Doors.

And Again, You Guys Are All the Same. What's with the Flash of Anger Mean Settle down, Guys. Yeah so the Poets Are Great, but I'm Not Concerned at All about 2024. Right Now I'm Right Now Focus on My My Trip Overseas Meeting regarding Israel and Saudi Arabia Getting Inflation down Them Grew Concerned about That Number, Name, and Then We Just Blow It off Because You Are Not up for Election for Two over Two Years and Would You Concern Is to Get Your Party in a Good State to Do As Best As Possible in the Midterms You Sent Your Whole Life Trying to Get This Job. Why You Seem to Hate It so Much.

According to That New York Times Story Also You Work Five Days a Week. I'm Sorry If You the Present United States. You Have To Work Work More Than Five Days a Week.

You Cannot Take Weekends off, but You Vice Presidents Doing That to Go to Bed Early If I Chose Discipline but A Lot Of Times Things Gotta Get Done at Night. The Way It's Portrayed behind the Scenes. Not A Lot Of Energy There Was to the Next Year and Have Looks like Is the Present Goes Overseas Will Be for Shorter Track It.

How Does the Press Treat These Candidates and the Parties Ari Fleischer Next Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Them What You Know Will Lead Us from Your Geography and Your Maps in Your Spelling, Your Geography Known Other Countries. All Those Lives on the Map Only Limit Leaders Know Where Ukraine Is Now Was a Good What I Needed That so That You See Cut from Don Lemmon with Rick Wilson and Another Ponding Talking about down from Voters in Donald Trump into the They Just Expand on with Who They Think Donald Trump Is Who They Have No Respect for and They Have Almost 0 Respect for the People That Support Them so That Comes out to.

I Don't Know 74 Million People and to Sit There and Mock and and and Laugh like That. Got to Ari Fleischer and He Was One of the First Chapters in Sin. The First Chapter of His Brand-New Book That Is out This Week and It Is Called Suppression Deception Snobbery. They Heard the Sabri and Bias by the Press Get so Much Wrong and Just Doesn't Care.

Ari Welcome Back. Congratulations on the Book. Thank You, Brian.

It's Excellent, but I Wanted to Bring That to like This You You Chronicle This. Did You Watch That in Real Time Was a Pretty Potential Know I Watch That Real Time to Write This Book. As I Watched A Lot Of CNET and I Was Repulsed and Just Stood out at Me That This Sums Everything up. This Is the Problem That the Press Cannot Understand Half This Country Can Intellectually Proudly Happily Support Somebody Else Named Donald Trump for All His Flaws for All Strengths That Were Half the Country Thinks That the Mainstream Media Looks down Their Noses and Does Not Understand America Because They Don't like These People. So I Would Say This I Can Ever Picture a Roundtable Mocking Hillary Clinton Supporters but Hillary Clinton Also Mocked by Fox of Hillary Clinton Also Marked Trump Supporters. I Think Your Point. What I Get from the Book Is Not Just about Trump Trumps the Most Extreme Example, but It's Republicans. In Particular, They Just Don't Understand They Don't Understand People Who Were Raised to Go to Church Every Week. They Don't Understand People Who Pray They Don't Understand People Whose Fathers Taught Them How to Hunt and His Grandfathers Taught Them How to Hunt People Who Think That Life Began at Conception and That Abortion Actually Might Be Murder to Some People That We Can Have Disagreements about What My Policies Are.

I Was Raised in Bryant Right to Respect the Other Side, They Have Different Opinions. Maybe It's Because I Was Raised in a Democratic Family so I Love My My Family.

I Want to Beat Them.

I Wanted to Feed Them at the Elections. I Will Not Mock Them Will Respect Them Right.

Everyone Thinks of This Is Table by the Way, That Usually Gives Republicans. I'm Not Having Tolerance, the Party of White People Men First Women, Second Only Cares about One Race and the Reason Why and Where White People Are Paranoid about Losing the Power That They Historically Had Where You're Seeing Nonstop Intolerance Which She Explains Their Vulnerability to One of the Chapters in My Book Gets into Suppression of the Name, Suppression, Deception, Snobbery, and Biases Because They Deceive People by Putting News on the Air That's Wrong and Then They Suppress News so Battling Leader Work at the Democratic National Committee They Had an Opening at the DNC for Job and She Sent out an Email to All Her Friends Saying We Have This Opening. I Don't Want Any Straight White Males to Apply.

If You Know Anybody Else on the My Why We Have a Job. Could You Imagine Brian Summit. The RNC Put out a Email for a Job Opening and Said the Only People Who Should Apply Straight White Males, or We Don't Want Any Gay Email Get Gay Female Blacks to Apply. How Would a Broken Loose It with the Front Page. Leave the Networks Everywhere, the Chairwoman of the RNC Would Have To Resign but You Know What Happened to Madeleine Leaders Email Ignored by the New York Times nor by the Washington Post, Ignored by CBS, CNN, ABC, No One Covered My Book Is Full of Stories like That about Intolerant, Narrowminded, Bigoted, Wrong Things the Democrats Saying Get Away with It. But If You're Republican You Say One Syllable Wrong. The Press Will Hammer You and When Trump Was Making Mistakes, and Press Try to Hammer Them. He Hit Back Twice As Hard and They Couldn't Handle It. And Then When He Won the Can Understand It, and Their Goal Was to Take Him down Right This Is a Big Part of My Book, One of the Reasons the Mainstream Media. So off the Rails Right Now in the Present Did Speak to You for the Book yet. I Interviewed President Trouble Tight about That, but One of the Reasons Things Are the Way They Are Is Because the Press Took It upon Themselves the Mainstream Media to Right the Wrong That the People Carried out in 2016 by Electing Donald Trump.

The Press Was Part of the Resistance They Never Accepted the Will of the Voters. When People Elected Donald Trump, the Pressure That Accepted It and They Remained Neutral Remained Objective, but They Became Activists to Fix the Republic to Save the Republic from the Risks That They Saw from Their Warped Democratic Liberal College-Educated Point of View, the Trump Was Bad Enough, Trump Should Be Subject to Criticism from a Neutral, Objective Point of View, and That's What Went Wrong. You Might Not like His Tweets but You Have To Salute the Abraham Accords You May, You Might Not. You Might Not like the Way He Approached the Tax Reform during Reconciliation, but You Have To Notice It Did Help Spur on the Economy and Maybe Take Note to People: for Reduction. The Corporate Rate for about 15 Years Including Barack Obama and George Bush. He Got It Done That I Regularly Supported His Policies Defended Him on Collusion Live on the Air Because Collusion Allegations from the Beginning Didn't Make Sense to Me and I Criticizes Behavior Criticizes Tweets. I Will Continue to Call Balls and Strikes. When I Watched Press the Mainstream Media Was Covering Donald Trump. It Fired Me Because I Just Thought They Are so Bad so Wrong. They Are Their Own Worst Enemy. So, My Book Blows the Whistle on Them and It Tells the Tale of How Bad Wrong Deceive in Suppressive. They Are Bulimic at Present a Trump so I Interviewed Him for the Book and I Was at Mara Lago and I Brought My IPad on My IPad. I Had Loaded All I Do Is Hit a Button.

Some of the Worst, Nastiest Coverage of Him. I Made a Much so I Started Talk to Him about the Mainstream Media's Unfair Coverage. Submit When You Went to Japan and You Were Feeling Quite Fresh and CNN Dr. the Video and They Cut out by Mr. Abe of Japan Feeding the Quite Fresh by Dumping His Whole Box into the Water That Cut That out. They Showed You Dumping Your Whole Box in the Water and Made It Look like You Don't Even Know How to Feed a Koi Fish That Was Silly. It Was Frivolous, but It Turned into a Mini Feeding Frenzy.

So I Played for Trump Never Seen It before, and His Reaction Was, I Don't Understand the Press I Did Exactly What My Host by Mr. Abe Did They Criticize Me for As I Was Able to Capture Him Actually Watching How Bad the Presses and Share His Reaction with the Readers What Else Is on the Real on the Real Alumni Yeah on the on That You Showed Him There Were Other Incidents of Terrible Press Covers A Lot Of Different CNN A Lot Of from the New York Times. Some of the Dealing with Collusion and I Would Press Him One of My Favorite Parts Was I Said to Him, If You Would Want a Second Term You Think Things Would Been Different If This Is 2021 That Just Came in 2021. After He Was Out Of Office As to What Would Be Different in the Press. He Said Want to Be Different. They Haven't Learned Their Lessons and Nothing Would Be Different. I Also Said to Him, Did You Ever Think Your Press Coverage Would Be Good.

And How Would That Change the Way You Serve Your Presidency He Said during the Transition in 2016. He Thought He Was Struck, It Really Fair Coverage Really Neutral Coverage and Then He Recognized There Only Here to Bash Me and I Almost Got a Sense That He Would've Told Himself down so You If Things Had Been Fair and Neutral to Him As Opposed to Unabashed Resistance. It Was with a Russian Collusion Thing Hanging over Them to Threaten to Destroy Him, Oust Him from Office Not Drive His Approval Ratings and Drive Him out and Knowing That Knowing What We Know Now and I Read the Whole Report Know We Know Now. Can You Imagine Sitting There Every Day Seeing the Stories Ricocheting around, Not Based in Fact, You Point out Some of Them in Your Book or If I Should Hear Ari Donald Trump Junior for Example, Donald Trump Junior Do. He They Had. They Accused Him of Emails Been Able to Get Email Six Email Emails Ahead of Time with the Special Code That Anything He Had and Such Ricocheting out It's Not Even a Story in the over the Skunk That Becomes a Story in Every Network Every Single Hour and It Would, It Turns out Not to Be the Case in Multiple Sources into Being Two Sources, and Ends up Being Undisclosed Sources Which You What You Point out the Book That Gets a New Life like Never before School Sources Don't Ever Apologize. No One Ever Walked Back to Spend Time Apart. You Know, Writing the Ship. CNN Led the League and Retract the Stories and on the One Your Tom Bell and Martin Say They Don't Necessarily Stop That.

They Just Hope the Nobody Paid Attention Again Is Why I Wrote the Book.

As I Paid Attention on the Blow My Whistle on These People Because It's Wrong It Hurts Our Democracy. When People Cannot Watch the News or Pick up a Paper and Say I Believe, and CNN Largely Did It to Itself. Couple Things to Point out You Discovered It to When You Would with You with George W. Bush and You Go to Columbia and You Just Curious to See Why People Seem to Be Bias and You Ask a Question over the Questions That You Asked Recently at Columbia Was the One Who Was the Result in What Was What Would You First Asked That This Is Something on 98 Wasn't This so Fun in 1998 I Was on Capitol Hill. 12 Students from Columbia Journalism School, Came down the Hill and Had Other Meetings to Talk about Journalism and at the End of My Talk to Them. Like I Said to Them You in the 96 Election Voted for Clinton and How Many for Goal and I Said Clinton First 11 Hands Went up for Bill Clinton Voters. Only One of You Voted for Bob Dole in the 12 Guy in the Room Said No.

I Voted for Ralph Nader, Such 12. Nothing Twice Deleting Journalism School, Arguing the Country around Reputation Very Prestigious Effete Summary the Washington and New York Newsrooms 22 Years Later Motivated Back to Columbia Go to the Campus in New York City and I Asked the Same Question. This Is in 2021 � 2020. But It Was after the 2020 March 2024 Covert Hip so I Said in the 2016 Election.

How Do You Voted for Hillary Clinton.

How Many Voted for Donald Trump 12 Nothing for Hillary 24 to Nothing. Brian Is How Columbia Journalism School's Graduating Students Wise the 12 to 12 Wives and 24 Republicans and Zero Democrats. If You Don't Think the Media Would Be Different. Right Field in the New York Times and Washington Post, ABC Would Be Different If Journalists Were Different.

You Know How Journalism Works and in the Perfect World, Someone Ask You Your Favorite Team Is Uses the Yankees.

But If Your Current Major League Baseball for National Network. You Don't Want to Hear the Humanism of the Play-By-Play so People Listening at Home Might Say a Listing on the Road in the Car Right Now Might Say Are That's True but That's What IPhone 4 Doesn't Mean They Cover with a Bias Proves the Bias of What You Saw on the Surface It Doesn't Mean Necessarily up to Show Your Colors.

Example after Example of Bottles. Brian Ross, You Are Probably Brian Ross of ABC with the in with the Bush Administration. Littlewood, Brian Ross, I Believe Got Suspended and Fired It ABC 40 Did Trump That's That's Correct. My Beef with Brian Ross Started and When I Was Bush White House When He Reported That Saddam Hussein Was behind the Anthrax Attacks Wasn't Saddam Was Not Nothing to Do with Them. I Warned ABC Exit Door Area. It's Wrong. Saddam Had Nothing to Do with It. Where the Bush Ministration Want to Wax Saddam. No Kidding Here Telling Them Saddam Had Nothing to Do with Anthrax. He Aired It Anyway and Then Later You Have To Quietly Retracted. It Was Just Journalists Let It Rip. Without Caring If It's True. If They Have an Agenda and That's One of the Biggest Problems. Some of the Other Things I Did Brian. That Was so Fun.

I Hired Opposition Research for to Pull the Public Voter Registration Records of the White House Press Corps Today. The 49 People Who Sit in the Briefing Room Today under Joe Biden's Presidency and They Found the Ratio of Registered Democrats to Republicans Is 12 to 1. I Guess I Columbia Journalism School, Right. Why Isn't It 66. Why Is It Even Happens If It Was 12 to 1 Republicans Covering Biden to One Democrat, the Press Is Warped Press Starts out with an Original Sin. The People Who Go into Journalism Are so Cut from the Same Cloth the Same College Educated Democratic Voter Liberal Think Alike after like We like Cloth and Then They Think They Represent the Breadth and Depth of America.

No Run 48 Inches, Describing Being a Journalist Coming Back to the Premise of Your Book and Run 40 Basically Says He. If You Go to Washington Because How Can You Change Things If You Had a Journalist Actually Not Your Job to Change Things Your Commentator Bradford If You're Covering Somebody If Your Do Expose Things by Reporting the Truth Ron Fournier Was the Chief White House Correspondent for the Associated Press. When I Was There. He Later Went Become the AP Bureau Chief in Washington and He Tweeted the Job of a Journalist Is to Move the Needle to Affect Change of Clothes.

Neil Bryant Direction Are They Moving It Left Right Center Know That's Not the Job of a Journalist, a Journalist, Is It Somewhere That I'm Not and I Would like That Journalist. Please Tell Me What Happened Just Tell Me the News and I'll Decide Where the Needle Should Go. That's the Job of the American People. It's Not the Job of the Journalists We Just Need the Facts and the Truth Example. I Think the Backs of the Premise. By the Way Ari Fleischer's Book Is Is Now for Sale Is Called Suppression, Deception, Snobbery and Bias Why the Press Get so Much Wrong and Just Doesn't Care.

And This Is Actually Good for the Average Person Listening to Us Right Now Who Sits There and Engages with Some Democrats and Others May Say Where's the Bias You Actually Have To You Have an Example after Example Given Example Did You Bring up That I Forgot about When Gov. Jan Brewer Confronts Barack Obama and Pointed Him.

They Said How Disrespectful That Is to the Presidency of the United States and How Dear She Was to Quorum like That and How Inappropriate and You Compared to Nancy Pelosi Standing over Donald Trump Yelling at Him and How She Was Lauded for Standing up for Women and to Do What's Right against the Mighty Male Chauvinist President. She Pointed Her Finger at Donald Trump.

The Picture Bent Viral and She Was Praised by the Mainstream Media New York Times Iconic Photo Data Bash at CNN Iconic Photo of a Woman Standing up to a Man but One Is You Plan to Help Gov. Jan Brewer Did It with Her Finger on to Trump What Nancy Pelosi Did Jan Brewer. I'm Sorry Gov. of Arizona Did to Barack Obama.

Just As Nancy Pelosi Did to Trump the Press Slammed. Gov. Brewer Praised Nancy Pelosi. It's Just Another Day at the Office for the Mainstream Media and It's Amazing That It Is so Close Holy Selections in Amazing Right at Me. You Think If the Press Really Had the Power That They Think They Have. This Would Not Be a 50-50 Senate and a How to Flip Any Republican Field of about 12 Really Solid Men and Women That Have a Strong Case to Run for Pres. If It for If or If Not Donald Trump but Is Why We Become Such a Polarized Divided Country and I Lament That I Want to Just Pick up One Piece of News and Say I'm Done for the Day. I've Read and I Accept What Was Happening As America's Dividing and Republicans, Conservatives Were Winning and We Have More Media Outlets. The Tell the Story the Way We Want to Hear It Than the Democrats Do in the Way They Want to Hear It. But If the Mainstream Media Was Fair and Neutral Bryant Republicans to Be Winning Every When We Probably Start Winning Inner Cities As People Are Fed up with Crime and Their Way of Life and They Should Know Better Than the Blame It on the Democratic Mayors We Get Ways to Go. As a Conservative Movement but It Started Right You Should Be Very Interesting. Should We Have Tax Cut in Which We Do in Healthcare How Dear They Have Universal Healthcare, Those with Almost Healthy Good Old Days.

Now, with Which a Man and Woman People Are Our Founding Fathers Are Trying to Get the Foundation of Everything, It Seems Ludicrous and I since There's a Pushback. I Hope in the Root of It. This Is in My Book, Is Our Press Biases Become Cultural Is Not Ideological and by That I Mean Reporters Today Overwhelmingly College-Educated Democratic Voters in One of the Studies I Put into My Book Is the Only Group of Americans Who Think the Press Understands Them. College-Educated Democrats People. The High School Degree. Press Doesn't Understand Them Independence with College Degree or Just a High School Degree. The Part Press Doesn't Understand.

Republicans of All Stripes Pick up His Book Ari Fleischer's out about Will Have Them Back If You'll Have Us Suppression, Deception, Snobbery and Bias Why the Press Get so Much Wrong and Just Doesn't Care. Ari, Thank You, Thank You, Brian Back in Moment Kill Me Flow along with Ari.

You Want to Announce Something Right to Me.

Red White and Blue and You Policy. The 27th of Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Giving You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Answer. Brian Kill Me. Thank You for Being Here.

Everybody Has the Right to Link Showing Matter Moment to Talk to One of the Most Happy People in Politics Match Lab Chairman of the Seatback and Form a Clinical Director Present George W. Bush and Author of This, a Graders Defeating the Canticle to Bob and Reclaiming One Nation under God and Body Are Rich Lowry, Fracture of His Appearance on Meet The Press and You Recovered.

So Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Will All Going to Run Again in 2024 92%, Really. Okay, That's One Portion of the Pole and Can I Add That If You Ran against Donald Trump, 91% of Democrats Would Vote for You Will Tell You the Rest into Now That's Who Joe Biden Is Right Now Will Bring the State of the Game and How It Matches up with Trump Now Trump Matches up with a Possible Primary Field of Opponents.

There's No Prospects for Progress on Peace Talks.

You Got a Caretaker Israeli Government Going to Have the Fifth Round of Elections in a Couple of Years in Israel and a Month Now He Doesn't Have a Big Agenda That Is Richard Haas Talking about the Present.

Arriving in Israel and Then Going over to Saudi Arabia and Meeting with the United Arab Emirates in Four Days. What's at Stake Will Talk about the President Roadshow 9.1% Year over Year, Much Harder Than Expected. Maintaining One Is the Last Time That We Have Seen an Inflationary Number. This High Yeah That Is True and That His New Joker Sony Telling Us Inflation Nation 40 Decades the Cost of Everything We Buy Stores by Demonstration Reaction.

Those Numbers Are Old.

No Joke Match Lap Joint Is Now Matt Welcome Brian Good so I Don't What I Thought the Administration Getting Try to Get Ahead of This News. Even Though Most of Them Are Overseas. Now a Member from Brian Deese Downplaying Concerns over the Gas Prices They Say. Well Those Numbers Came out This Those Numbers Came out before Gas Drop $0.40, so Don't Get Worked up on Inflation at 9.1% You Feel Better Messaging and Communications 101, Which Is You Know You Live in God by The Daily Update Sent Either up or down. That's Not What Matters.

What Matters Here Is That When You Take All the Basket a Good You Got You Got Abided. Take Care Of Your Life. Take Care Of Your Family. Everything Is up Substantially Lacking Number Every Inflation Member You See Is Only Getting a Portion of How Bad It Is Because This Is Happening in Real Time and Look the Last Time We Had Inflation This Bad All the Politicians for Punishment.

What Party They Were Your Gerald Ford Was Punished. Jimmy Carter Became a Laughing Stock in Destroy the Democratic Party for Very Long Time That Joe Biden and His Disastrous Policy, but It's Not Just the Ideology That's Wrong at the Fact That Impractical People Live When You Tell Them As Part of the Green New Deal. I Want You to Pay, You Know, Six, Seven Bucks for Gas and Then When Death Starts to Get There Quicker Not for It in Their Platform for Death to Be Defined What They Want for the Canticle of All the Fossil Fuel Program That Is Unclear on Top of That Small Business Numbers.

They See the Small Business Points to a 40 Year Low in Terms of Worries. Most Business Owners since 1980, Reporting That the Rising Prices with Their Single Most Important Problem Adequate Brand-New Survey. If You Hurt Small Business You've Hurt the Country. If You Cost on Average, the Average American Family $460 Just in Groceries Alone.

You're Hurting the Country and Now the One Thing the President Had with His Unemployment Rate Really Low 3.43.6 with the Other Problem Is We Can't Fill Positions. We Do Have a Labor Shortage Hurting A Lot Of Businesses, Many of Which Have To Close so That Some Unique Challenges Here. I Haven't Seen Anyone up to That Challenge, yet Matt, You Look for Why We Talk about the Challenge. It Why Republicans Are Going to Do so Well in November That Republicans Will Understand about That Right There to Pick up Because They're so Beautiful. That's a Wonder: Everybody Thinks That They Have All the Answers.

It's Just a Repudiation of What's Going on Now and Then the Next Step Will Be One of the Solution so Huge Problem. The Unemployment Rate Doesn't Capture What's Going on the Economy.

I'm Happy That It Lower Than Higher but the Real Problem Is You Can't Find People Who Want to Work like 85 People Who Want to Work Well for Two Years. We Told Him It Was Unfit to Go to Work Looking for to Go to Church for a Particular School.

You Don't Be Surprised If a Certain Psychology Section of Who I Know I Get up Early Every Morning to Go to Work.

I Really Need to Answer What Will Eventually Happen Is Always People Who Are Working around Money Buying Stuff in All This Amazon Spike in All of This Consumer Purchasing Is Going to Drop so Fast That the Next Piece That's Ready to Come Here. I Don't Think the Biden Understates the Church Understands Look Look Looking Very Clear Here When You Hear Karine John Pierre from the Podium and We Sure Biden Minister to People Talk about the Economy You Can, It's Clear That They've Never Run like a Business. Know What You Are Talking about and They Don't Understand the Fight Just Taking What We Have a Big Seatback Coming up in Texas but Benevolent Feedback We Get from People Who Are Always a Part of Our Projects and Programs. As You Note, This Is Horton. It's Hard to Come up with a Couple Hundred Bucks and Buy an Airplane Ticket and You Know It. I Think People Will All Cross Economy Are Feeling Right in That New York Times Poll Is Stunning and Also the New York Times Story about Joe Biden Be Walking Very Slowly, Going to Bed Early and Not Working on the Weekends He Not Been Able to Schedule Them for Two Trips More Than Seven Days.

10 Days He Brought Them Home in between. And Then You See the Gaps That Were Seeing Now and There Get Worried Behind-The-Scenes but for the New York Times to Go and Write the Story the Way They Wrote It and Then Release This Poll That Show That Only 26% of Democrats Won Him Nominated Again 64% Want a Different Person. Two Thirds of Independents Disapprove of His Performance and for Them to Publish This and Make It a Big Deal Read between the Lines for Me. Match Lap First Thing Is Here Behind-The-Scenes Democrats Have Turned on by. Remember Biden with Shouldn't Really Have Never Got the Nomination Last Time That We Can Have an inside Job. He Wasn't Doing Well in the Primaries, Kemal Harris at the End of It Because of Obama. They Orchestrate This Ticket of Biden and Kemal Harrison Janik about the New York Times off the Hook yet They Turn on Bike Now and That's Why They're Doing This Because They're Trying to Push the Democratic Party to Find a New Standardbearer in 2024 but It Was the New York Times That Led the Parade with the Biggest Lie in the History the Biggest Scandal in the History the Presidency Was That Joe Biden Was up to This Job Physically and Mentally.

She Was Not up to It. He Couldn't Run the Campaign He Could Barely Get through Speeches God Knows What It Took to for Him to Get through This Debate and in and They All Cover for Him Because They Hated Trim so Much Always the Rule in American Journalism. Ever since Woodrow Wilson That They Would Not Cover No Matter What Their Politics or over the Health of the Present Because Woodrow Wilson Had a Stroke. He Could Do the Job Is Why the Friday Night Date Date That That the Dangerous Thing Will Never Allow That to Happen Again and They All Participated in the Great Cover-Up of Biden's Mental Decline in It. It's a Disgraceful Thing That Happened.

It's Going to Be One of the Reasons the Republicans Win This November and Take the White House Back Because People Don't Trust the Media Tells Latte Light I Saw the Pulley Came out It Was to Miniature Pony Might Be Right to Do so, That Says Is Basically a Dead Heat.

When People Rest to the Preferred Run Congress, Democrats and Republicans. Even Though Overwhelmingly People Are Saying That the House Is Going to Flip Substantially You See That Paul, You Have To Look at Worst Case Scenario. Many Cases Right That so What You Think about That. So You Know I I Look at the Average of the Poles like a Real Clear Politics. Republicans Have Had a Steady Advantage on the Generic Ballot for a Long Time High. 8.2 Times but Usually Just a Couple Points. But What We Notice in the Generic Ballot Back to 1994.

Such a Huge Massive Weight but I Think It Will Be This Time. You Republicans Didn't Leave the Lead in the Generic Ballot to the Very End of the Process. Why Is That Well You Know It Post to Call Somebody Who's Home. I Don't Know Many Republicans Were Home That Maybe If the Retired Retired Republicans. Another Pretty Active so You Know You Tend to Get Home. You Know It's Always Cute Democrat and It's Always A Few People Don't Work and It's Always Cute Big City and the Way the Cities Have Gone Public in Glidden Cities Anymore. Their Rapid Rate.

You Will See a Gyration in the Generic Ballot to the Rule from Brian for Your Listenership If the Republicans Are Anywhere Close to Even Have a Big Year and What You're Going to See in All These Poll Numbers.

Is There a Collapse for the Democrats.

While I Predict That There Is A Lot Worse Is What I Mean from Today.

While I Predict That I Predict That Because They Have Nothing They Can. I Keep Going up and down the Issues That They Have Nothing They Can Stay in the Economy. Nothing.

If They Can Say on All the Smoke Stuff Here but They're All in on All All Very Unpopular and You Look That You Took Woke for Republicans to Win in Virginia for Better Term Strong Blue and What Can Happen A Lot These Blue States Is Congress to Get Polling Back. There Were Couple Weeks Away from It, but the Policy to Show Them in Real Trouble and That's What Happened in 1994 Happen Again Because If It Can't Articulate Any Contrary Policies to It. The American People. You Will Lose. I Want to Do This Exchange You to the Woke Stuff. If These Resume If It's Not Raising the Democrat Party They're Not Speaking up Rejecting It. They Really Aren't. So, If People Say and Look at These Handles All the Way. I Would Just Stand up for a Listen I'm Not for the Pronoun Things. I Know What a Man and a Woman Is Call Me Crazy, so Listen to This Exchange That Exposed It All in What Was Supposed to Be. I'm Sure Wasn't Some Respect the New World with Roe V Wade Being Overturned to What It Means for the States. Listen to Josh Holly Engage a Professor from from Berkeley Cut 24 He Referred to People with the Capacity for Pregnancy with Every Women Many Women. Women Have the Capacity for Pregnancy. Many Women Do Not Have the Capacity for Pregnancy on Their Author.

Trans Men Who Are Capable of Pregnancy As Well As Non-Binary People Who Are Capable of Pregnancy. So This Isn't Really a Women's Rights Issue. It's Recent Recognize That This Impacts Women While Also Recognizing That It Impacts That Things Are Not Mutually Exclusive. So Your View Is That the Core of This This Right Then Is about What so I Recognizing Your Line of Questioning Is Chance Phobic and It Opens up Trans People to Violence by Not Recognizing How You Say That I'm Opening up People to Violence by Asking Whether or Not Women Pregnancy See You Believe That Men Can Get Pregnant.

No I Don't Think I Met Lisa Violence You Believe This, Is There Anything More Emblematic of the Idiocy Were We Been Thrust upon Us the Challenge. First of All, This Is Offensive to Anybody Who Believes in Curtiss Wright People Don't Believe in Truth, They Believe That Paratroopers Looked at the Opus of My Trip. Any Treatment, Whatever You Want That Moment. And so They're Making Everything up on Gender Change in Biology Makes Good Politics in Dearborn to Defend All the Stuff to Which Federal Money. Berkeley Get out How Much Federal Money. The University System. Get All Going along, but Because We Let the Chair That the Ballgame Baseball to Basketball Games, but You Know If You Want on Sports Find It University Standard Literally Gone Mad. I Mean Look at These People Were Testifying at the Roby Wade Hearing. These People Are Teaching Your Children Fall in Morally Reprehensible Things That Happened, Not Just at Berkeley Berkeley You're Famous for Being Left Weight. It's Happening at All.

The State School to The Evening. Community Colleges There Is a Woke Well-Funded Effort to Pollute the Mind of Your Kids and Your All Paying for and Demand the New Republican Majority When They Come in to Immediately Stop Turning off the Spigot of Money When the Money Stops Flowing These People Will Get the Message That Were Tired of This Crap See If It Is True, and There Is 40% of the Country, Republicans, and 40% of Democrats Roughly and the Party of 40% Wanted. It's Not Budget and I and I Do Know I Assume That John Testers Okay with This.

I Assume That Sen. Warner Is Okay with This Is Chuck Schumer's Okay with This. We Have a Supreme Court Justice.

It Would Not Even Admit We Did Not Even to Find a Woman and We Also Have A Lot Of People Who Hate Our History. Now, so at the Foundation Put Back a Little Bit on the Polling Which Is I Believe That Whatever These Radical Things That Hold Civilization Splendor Minority of That. Yeah, You're Right. If That Nation Is Split between R&D and Deeds Have Done Better in the Last Couple Years and I for Independent I Can Get That Framework without the 40% of Democrats Is a Splendor Minority That's Pushing All the Stuff You Know You Meet with These Democrats One on One or You Talk to the People Who Advised That They All Admit That the Stuff Is All Crazy When I Say They Have No Choice but to Say It Publicly Abates If They Cross the Line Publicly AOC and the George Soros Funded Entities Just to Go after Them Aggressively. That's Where They Feel and This Is Where the American People Have To Understand It's Not That Almost 50% of the Country Buys into the If the Defendant at the Very Splendor Minority and the Rest of the Democratic System Falls in Line with Because They're Scared There's A Lot Of Fear in Our Politics. That's like with like Yours Are Awfully Important to Put the Truth out There. You Know You Don't Push a Political Line Burned the Truth Quick Teaching Kids That Only to Have Offspring Not True and You Can Pick Your Gender, Which Is Not True Match Lapdog Seatback Is Coming up and You Think They Start Organizing. I Know This Is Wrote to You.

August 4 27 Prison Trump Will Be Speaking Their Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Organ Will Also Speak at Sea Back in Texas and If You Want to Know What He's like.Tucker Sat down with Them Some Substantial Interviews. There Matt Anything Anything Else on Your Mind Occur, or Can I Go to Break Right Now to Say It Amazing That We Have Now Had the Foreign Government Coming to Seatback It Just Shows You Everyone around the World Very Worried about What's Going on in America Put Me among Them. But I Do Think That It's Got Ideas We Got Hit Rock Bottom and Were Beginning to Hit It and Linda Bounce All the Way Back.

Thanks so Much. Thank You Brian Register to Go Is to Be Newsworthy Worth Your Time. Listen We Come Back I'll Take Your Calls.

186-640-8766. I Will Continue to Track the President Overseas and Israel Don't Move.

You Need to Know Basis. You Need to Kill Me. Breaking News Opinions. All Brian Tell Me Show They Look Back Everybody Will Have Rich Marriages around the Fence Got Announcement to Start a War in History Why We Should Win It Really Red White and Blue Evening, One of Which Will Air on Fox Seven Specially for WABC Listeners of Your CN. I Think You'll Really, I Know You Really Enjoy It.

Be Able to Sell My Books VIP Opportunities New Jersey Performing Arts Center on 1 Center St. go to Brian just get all the details. Albany, New York September 8 so the following week at the egg, the Empire State Plaza and then I'll offer couple months my paperbacks coming out of the prison freedom fighter saw Mixon a appearance in Brandon, Mississippi Saturday, November 12 at City Hall live so that'll be great. Starting at 7 o'clock in Tulsa Oklahoma always one of my favorite stops looking at K RMG as a great affiliate over there and such were listeners at the Cox convention center so you can bring to and supposed by chance interact with you. One frustration I have about being in New York most of my viewers listeners are not here there around the country outside WBC WRC entrance gives me a chance into the book tour to meet people. So I thought why don't we just create our own events and that's I'm doing side that is to have live interaction onstage and then before and after. I think you will be.

I know to be a great time. Brian kill to find out more. Meanwhile, don't forget one nation queuing up for another great show Saturday night at 8 o'clock euros Fox news channel was the brain kill me. Choate don't move fast is three hours in radio with Brian kill me now. I'm proud to say that our relationship with the state is stronger as connections even further unshakable commitment is secure with Israel on the most cutting-edge different systems in the world. Okay that is a pretty United States landing in Israel and giving a speech on the tarmac there now is to get a tour the iron Dome iron beam and that's a missile defense system been expanded and then he was pretty streusel without any Israeli officials got to give the Palestinians some hope that that's good to be their future capital don't think that's wise and he's also bringing to the forefront. I understand his quest to do this Iranian deal. That's about to evaporate. Anyway, Rich Lowry thankfully rages your editor of Nash review of thankfully the Iranians don't know a great deal that staring him in the face. They're not take it that's within it, saving them. He's not dropping this quest is down you dictation with Obama a terrible deal it never would have been approved if it had approve it as a treaty which it was and Biden want to worse version of it than just another indication of this guy terrible judgment that we seen all around the country and all around the world right what you expected to happen on this trip. I mean if he actually had a sense of I get a reverse momentum we would do is say we no longer interested in pursuing the deal until the Saudi's he like to move forward with normalizing relations with Israel because they were on the cusp of doing that now everything is all because of the way we abandon Saudi Arabia and another area were actually things were moving in the right direction under Trump pick up the baton and keep going and that direction of forging is normalization. Normalization agreements with that the Gulf countries in Israel at the Saudi dog is sleeping that the bake on and around and look what they did with Khashoggi was II think it should be condemned to tell the truth about it but just your issues and I long ago reached the conclusion that the Saudi's are just horrible pastors but there's no good alternative and all sorts of reasons.

You know if they went away that the government of Saudi Arabia would be much worse and I still have a lot of oil in it matters so idiotic for Biden say to be a pariah state whatever it was never to be sustainable. So, couple things we like the prison repeats a line and say something extremely I would say ill-advised repeat instructions in the prompter and then you think you'll Biden's gotta go try to mend fences with the one ethnic group, they would seem to be losing more fittings for pie by the day is Jill Biden's remarks in San Antonio Monday community Miami is unique and this is now's so first alternating, wrote that down breakouts when they go on all scripted conscripts, wrote it down and put in a Teleprompter. I get to the Teleprompter and thought it was a good idea so painful for credit worthy. I give her the credit. You can demo the rate that they would they would any Republican who said such idiotic and insensitive and dumb things. But the bigger story here is just how Hispanic voters are eroding away under their feet and there is a poll today. I think that showed that Democrats have high-level support among college-educated whites than they do among ethnic voters and that � is an extraordinary trend and we seen a growing last couple years ago and it might it might be the most seismic shift in our domestic politics absolutely was a quick apology after you read solicitous cut for somebody. The speech want to say this as you know, I won't even say when I went in and succumb since you know we all step and poops from time to time, and so this happens, but this looks really you get here on the stereotype that she sees racial stereotypes. I don't know who wrote that for, but it was such an unforced error.

The humor we get it we understood what you were trying to do just try not to do it again. Tolerance is such a tolerant way he was being loose is your type versus the tacos I mean, it's not the same basic idea everywhere. Couple of things to the prison missed an opportunity with over door weave a disaster the board like I've never seen in my lifetime and I don't think you have either and you could go to the Mexican leader and say you have to get those 20,000 Marines back in the southern border you have to control your northern border because it's costing me my presidency costing lives. It's good having drugs flooded and instead they make nice. Instead, he should've got repute for embarrassing the present. By not showing up at the Americas conference in California. Instead we get this cut 11 years and development are going to be screaming all even program K number one he's recommending weave a path to citizenship. The people here what we just leave the board open. We just pick a country every day and it really helped. Slow and another area where late Trump got more cooperation from Mexico and the tribal country in part because he is willing to rattle sabers and be really tough on them and then when I came to the table and little deafness involved. There is not that hard to understand the need to fear you at a certain level and understand your seriousness and also with what Mexico needs of the country.

Domestic clinical product to be paid if a crackdown on migrant players themselves so they did know that were serious about it.

If there can actually go to the trouble of taking me sort immeasurably she wanted to take it again under Trump they could be sure we are going to take him and under Biden obviously no such thing as close to true sees I just think it's outrageous that that was considered just to make good from when they really siding with China. China is in South and Central and South America Chinese in the Middle East. We don't have an option to bail out of it and he's gotta realize that at some point. I find it just unbelievable is almost unbelievable as this rich pushing my luck one more topic suggestion center Josh Holly in exchange I just can't get my head around, cut 24 with a Berkeley professor there to talk about Roe V Wade cut 24 he referred to people with the capacity for pregnancy with every women many women. Women have the capacity for pregnancy. Many women do not have the capacity for pregnancy on their author transmission who are capable of pregnancy is non-binary. People are capable of pregnancy. So this isn't really a women's rights issue. It's nice that this impacts women while also recognizing that impact the things are not mutually exclusive. So your view is that the core of this this right then is about what so whenever recognizing your line of questioning is chance phobic and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing. Now I'm opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women pregnancy see you believe that man can get pregnant now I don't think I met Lisa violence would do it with Rich. This is what so many debates I read which of your columns over the years now in a debate whose can be open to non-gender politics that the Fed also destroy our history have to be done.

The dismissive of our history and take that a statue or two. What is he doing here at a time when you when you get this or academic speak out into the world and this woman, it might be moderate by the. The standard academia now but it makes no sense what you trying to say everyone that she's referring to when they're there when the biologically women that that that's what I have an athletic and have children and her contravention was amazing and conical area and then this move which they they all make that if you don't agree with them. You are violently promoting violence. You want people to commit suicide and commit acts of harm against them and a shift of bullying, coercive move, and if not sure, let me know when listening to a Senate hearing on C-SPAN and deciding whether they're depressed or not there are so that the problem with this, though obviously it's not just limited academia anymore.

It seeping out into the mainstream discourse and and public poisoning our minds and with justice he says I don't know what a woman is and that's okay going to talk about that anymore and and because she she pandering to the con man and has been that I can inspired by the sort of sentiment why the other side. Thanks.

You know she she was one exchange if you put show that Jim equipped to most people in a 70% of the country with five Holly and the Democrats are in cultural issues in general done on the losing minority radical side of of a whole host of issues like this tells me that match lapses in which Larry says that you know I talked to II haven't seen any indication, the Democrats are upset by these statements by these pronouns by these by the gender choosing. I've not seen. I haven't seen any Democrats to say I love our history of our founding fathers. Despite being imperfectly I haven't seen any that I see silence, so will get where I to be about everyone, he will most debt Republicans agree with you that it's statements like that don't speak for the Democratic Party. I'm hopeful they don't the good of the country. I'm fearful they do know make me think Democrats are kowtowing to this. There's no doubt about it, but banjo on the sea and moderate Democrats are under threat like Abigail stand Berger down in Virginia like we got to stop that stuff is insane and turns people off, but they are they are minority voices are no doubt about Leslie 9.1% inflation is pretty hard to spin this is that there's montages now on the Internet. Talk about all the times are present.

Biden Jen Saki all of his economic team have said this is transitory is a pop-up is going to go away now were at a 40 year high inflation. Everybody listening to me right now they say on average family of four paying extra $460 just in food costs a month so everybody's affected by this step by that number. Rich, no doubt about it might get lower later in the year to be elevated by standard and still mean the Fed's appetite more and and there's a great Commonwealth original today, but if economics writer Greg Greg everyone making on a soft landing. Maybe it happened, but the odds are probably against it. So there's a chance that inflation will continue to be high and that said that the continued strength screws and weary have a economy with medication the swelling down and that the candidate of the Fed not dipping in and into the recession intersection probably are siding the economy amazingly could get worse for Biden before gets better you will, just about DeSantis being the headline is to Santa's not using worse than trump what you mean it whenever there's a new pain immediately worse than what whatever the last Republican was on the St. they have a bunch of people thing around the Santa that the democracy deeply authoritarian and in the liberal critic I can think is down in Florida. Standard Republican is just combative with the media and with the cultural act in a way that I think it is appropriate that this is an absurd line of argument which does appreciate your perspective. Thanks much right to come back and I just got reports that you need to know more places you need to kill me talk show that's getting you kill me is still like that really that's Lebron James it makes me wonder if I need to know more about this in no comes out and makes a statement like that. Britney Greiner, I would even know if I want to go back to America. That's all she wants to do as you know, playing basketball in Russia arrested and pleaded guilty to know if she actually is or not having some foreign substance illegal substance on her body going through an airport.

Here's Leo Terrel in the response. What is amazing to me of James dollars in this country in which he is recommending Britney turned her back on what the problem name reason why Britney is not back is Joan by watching basketball skills translate spell out what he wants to do. If he thinks he is so powerful and do something himself. I agree because it is Allison brought up here in our show. He is so much influence in China have China lead on rushing to get out here give her a break.

Maybe the greatest female best ballplayer ever. Not that that matters, but to the prime of her career she stuck in a Russian cell and now he's just clarified the stories of my comments on the shop, which is a show on HBO regarding Britney Greiner wasn't knocking our beautiful country are simply saying that she's probably feeling emotionally, along with so many other motions, etc. inside the cage. She's been in 400+ days. Long story short, bring her home he treated adding hashtag free PG unbelievable white like ever be positive on anything. The guy is so bitter and angry for a guy that has it all.

What a billionaire now basically how much money countries made him when he will name the global enterprise blowing up teams getting his MBA next Tiger Woods just does not understand why the live tournament exists. He takes his swipe at Greg Norman CEO Greg Norman disinvited from the British Open ceremonies and then here's Tiger Woods on why he will not play for the Sally Bakley got 27. As far as the second part of your question about the players who have chosen to go to live and to play on to play their I disagree with.

I think that what they've done is turned her back on has allowed them to get to this position. Some players have never had a chance even experience it on right for Mama ranks right into that organization and never really had a chance to play out here in two like to play tour schedule in order to play some big events, so that's time to get ready for the British Open hope he does well. The 15 time major champion took a swipe at Greg Norman since he tried to this once before it's true. These high profile guys of come over think 21 of the top 20, 21 of the top 75 players yeah okay so some of the names pricing GD Shem boat Dustin Johnson books, You know that Phil Mickelson you know that Sergio Garcia so will see this is comp good three rounds and set up around.

I hope these guys complain boldly to each other and I think right over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast process personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you

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