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White House Continuing to Redefine "Recession"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 27, 2022 12:44 pm

White House Continuing to Redefine "Recession"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 27, 2022 12:44 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio's New York City office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me, welcome to the Rykiel meet Shell with Allison and Eric, my name is Harry Hurley in honor of privilege for billing today for Ryan, who will be back tomorrow. Welcome to the Rykiel Michaud who holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of war most important talk radio programs in America today and in my estimation is not number four talkers Magazine rates Ryan as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America today. Follow and Brian kill me and in the in in Brian's brand you will you will have the retail store, you have the opportunity to buy his great books.

For example, the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America. So Brian will personalize it so you can get it is a nice gift for someone and it will come to you when you can presented to them autographed and personalized than Brian does a very very special job with that. Of course Brian Daly on Fox and friends doing a great job for so many years and he has launched a very relevant television program on the Fox News Channel, one nation with Brian kill Mead that Saturdays at 8 PM with an instant replay classic at 11 PM. Welcome to the Rykiel Michaud were to be visiting and talking in the segment about what's happening at the border you could say the southern border, but there are many different borders. The best in our business and my estimation is the Fox News Channel national correspondent in a very long time friend of mine Rick Jenkins who was on the Rykiel Michaud newsmaker hotline gridlock in the Brian show hey Harry, good morning and let's talk border. My friend is an important issue. Let's do it and I want to because you and I haven't had a chance to talk about since on that nasty Friday late and wrong when although they could bring no criminal charges against the border patrol agents of the. The horse patrol unit. They certainly found a way to make them look bad. My my feeling is this song on the topic when the president of the United States puts his thumb on the scale and second one says people working to pay and they have determined that whippings took place in all these things that we know are just patently false.

You know when the end and they took a long time to do this. Nothing burger but it's not nothing. When you mess up somebody's employee file with a reprimand.

However, they did it. Whatever discipline will be meted out that this was bad form, they have been terrible from the president to Alejandra may work as the homeland security secretary so they couldn't do anything criminal. They were, I think they would've liked to but there was no there there, but they still found a way to act like they're wrong and is my understanding you'll you'll correct me if I'm wrong or if this horse patrol unit is disbanded, which had been used so successfully.

So in that rough terrain where that was the perfect way to conduct law enforcement. They take that tool from the border patrol is just awful. So before we get into actually a border that's leaking terribly. Even though the secretary says that we have a close border, which is absolutely laughable and intellectually dishonest. What is your take is your an objective reporter on how these border patrol horse patrol unit employees were treated. I think they were treated abysmally.

They were they were but basically verbally flogged in public from the second this happened never fully vindicated because eight just leave it sketchy and like okay well then I could have criminal charges but are still bad guys and he still did bad things.

I think this is an awful way to do business.

Your thoughts will abysmal is the perfect word to use, and it's one that I have heard before you in talking to some of my border control sources because while it is a isolated incident it really perfectly lays out the disregard that this administration as for the dedicated men and women in green in the border patrol that have spent their entire many of them adult professional lives committed to the service of protecting our nation on that southern border and have chosen not to be political. Whoever was in office, whether it was Obama. Whether was George W. Bush or Donald Trump and Mel Biden.

They just said well you know what working to carry out you know the order borders that are in the policies of nutrition, but ultimately we are going to achieve that goal of securing the border, and the larger macro picture when I get into your second. It is been an absolute disaster. There is when Sen. Marcus is the border is secure. There is no statement he could make it would be more inaccurate. The border is wide open. I am about to go back for I don't even know how many times a been down there in the last couple of years. I'm about to go back again on Monday. I'll be there all next week in the Rio Grande Valley sector, but the I will show you every hour of the news.

They put me on just how horrifically unsecure it is. The horse patrol unit incident shows that politics in appearing to be anti-border patrol anti-secure border is is is laid bare and you know many were watching to see okay. They talk tough game. Now the gun investigation and they found what all of the board: they would find which is the HP you are horse patrol unit did nothing wrong. We get first saving phase for the sheer image of politics they needed to appear that they did something you did ask if it's actually disbanded the horse patrol unit so that our listeners understand our eight political unit because those horseback officers can go into areas in thick deep mountain terrains in a harsh brush where you cannot go in a car the helicopter to get there. You can get there by boat and ATV. In many cases can get in there, but you can get there on a horse and when they do they rescue they save the lives of migrants horse patrol unit. By and large, does more rescues than any other specific unit of the board: many areas that's why they're a vital tool so they haven't actually stopped having the horse patrol unit do the rescues are doing. They just disbanded to make it look like they were doing enforcement as you saw back in that del Rio incident but if the larger macro picture. You know, I just reported here yesterday that we just crossed DHS sources just told us this week that more than 500,000 migrants illegally cross the border evaded capture and disappeared in the shadows.

Those are called got away more than 500,000 that's enough people to fill last year's Super Bowl hearing within seven times and that's more than the fiscal year 2021, which had roughly 400,000 added together you're talking upwards of a million people that are in this country illegally. We don't know who they are, why they're here or where they're located, think that we have 56 individuals.

This is clear of hit the terrorist screening database, and so on the one hand the number of migrants coming is overwhelming. The border patrol in absolutely exacerbating our resources is also making the nation less safe. That's not an opinion that the sheer fact we look at the crisis. No doubt Fox news channel national correspondent Chris Jenkins on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotlines. Let's go to a topic that other than you and some of your colleagues at Fox news is not being covered, and I remember when there were two deaths along the border and you had Democrat members of Congress flying in flipping out going crazy not look to dust is terrible.

I don't want there to be and you don't want to be any doubts, but Griff the number of deaths under this administration is off the charts and nobody talks about except you and a few of your colleagues. It's like it's not. If we don't talk about it. It didn't happen. What they don't they don't want it out there and sad reality just a few weeks ago when I was down in the del Rio sector and you had the 63 died in the horrific human tragedy in that tractor-trailer on a Monday. By the time I left del Rio on Friday they been to other deadly incidents they killed six total seven total migrants into other human tragedies and the CVP indigenous still will not put out the number of migrants that have died this year and it is just it's unbelievable with his you know if the day. This was the administration said they would be the most transparent of all administrations and yet they don't want to release the tragedies when they happen and you know who that benefits ultimately if you walk it all the way out. It ultimately benefits the cartels because they're going to keep sending people, particularly they can keep the worst case scenario consequences from being populated.

Griff two minute drill two minute drill when when you hear the secretary and and even others. I'm sure that the White House spokesperson and others, and they they actually say with a straight face that were doing a great job. The border is closed. I mean when that just doesn't pass any legitimate smell test whatsoever is unbelievable to hear when you've been there and you know that not only is that a false statement, but the exact opposite is the truth you I greatly bit hesitant to just say that the administration was out right lying because as a reporter.

That's not my job right that pundits can choose to to use such strong language, but if there is an accuracy every single time he pointed out. But this point as we get farther and farther into this crisis. It's now been going on for 17 months.

Remember, the border has been that the number of encounters been rising since the day by Dick office. We had four straight months now of more than 200,000 migrant encounters which is unprecedented and currently this fiscal year with over 1.7 million we are in uncharted territory, and I said the other day that DHS enter Marcus is starting to sound like Baghdad Bob, if you remember Baghdad but I do.

There is no American presence here in Iraq as Apache helicopters were flying over is having it's it's really it is approaching Baghdad Bob territory because it's a farce and you know I won't ascribe a motive as to why they're doing it but they're doing it it it is an absolute abdication of the truth and what's really interesting perhaps telling that is that you you just really get the mainstream media to also pick up on it. If it was any other topic you have them all over the place, but they're not on this topic and they're not really there Fox news. In many cases not always, but in many cases where the only ones there held by some that horse patrol unit coming full circle to remember those images were so massive that other news organizations couldn't ignore this. What sins that happen. It's gotten way worse where they today, nowhere, nowhere to be found final 45 seconds 18 months into this MS 13 gang members, human trafficking, drug trafficking, all kinds of issues. I know it's tough to put a percentage to order anything definitive, but how much danger has this Biden policy of opening the border faking it and saying out loud that we have a close border, but he has the exact opposite is in place. How much more dangerous is America because of this open border situation. Well, it's an accurate statement Mary to say it's never been this dangerous.

Never before have we had dozens of MS 13. Another gang members coming across our borders every week and I'll talk to you after a spin next week. There promise you I'll be able to report that we will have yet another dozen or more coming across in an RGB sector where I'm headed. You do great work. Be safe my friend honor to present you will Brian show the great Jenkins. Thank you Griff the great Harry Hurley thank you my friend have a good one you to my friend.

We will be back because this is the Brian kill me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show just fine.

Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Dean or where ever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine nice person is America is losing all of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen ON Fox News or wherever you get your project talk show that's real. This is the Brian kill me show the size what section is a broad-based contract and even if that number is we are not in a recession now, as inflation peaked. I think probably this sounds much out of our control.

Information the global problem when you're creating almost 400,000 jobs a month. That is not a recession.

This is not an economy that's in recession but when the period of transition. Those indicators do not show that we are are in a recession or even a pre-recession almost beyond words. Welcome back to Brian kill me show with Alice and Pete and Eric on Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian who will be back tomorrow.

That is if Brian were here doing the begin of the big three or just riffing on those words that that challenges the English language. Don't forget from Janet Yellen to the whole Peanuts gallery there. They're all the same people that said inflation was transitory.

We had no worries. Pres. Biden said over a year ago that inflation was over there wrong, spectacularly wrong about everything. That's the problem.

There just wrong present Reagan once said about that the holes other side of the political aisle is just everything they know is wrong truly incredible times now, here's another audio clip.

The Brian kill me.

The universe should listen to and it's the White House press secretary you heard a little bit from Karine Jean-Pierre in the last clip Erica 26 recession. Again, we don't we don't. I'm not going to define it from here. I'm just going to leave it to the NBI's as we have stated how they define ascension recession. I'm just saying that were just not that the MBR, the Nash national Bureau of economic research had to have years we've mentioned that a few times now. I will define it for you since she will not because nobody had a problem with this we could play a montage of everyone saying two quarters of negative GDP has always always always always constituted a recession.

Like everything else Joe Biden is not responsible for the increase in the price of a gallon of gasoline. They come out and torture us with words that say presidents have no control.

Then, as prices have gone down 40 $0.50 during this past month. They take credit for the decrease and actually want credit that you're still paying twice as much as you did before they got there, but there responsible for the price is coming down prudent is to blame for the prices going up. They put out a torturous piece on what is a recession blaze and gentlemen, the media is not going to play soccer for this. A recession is two quarters of negative GDP. They must think that's what's coming tomorrow morning because they work so hard this week to change.

We will be back in just a little bit. This is the Brian show Fox News contests network � Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast listen no Fox News five will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen ON Fox News contests radio show like no other, kill me back if this is the Brian kill me show without us and Pete and Eric on Harry Hurley filling in just for today. Brian will be back tomorrow. I got a great guest coming up so you two minutes what's happening right at the bottom of the hour break, but let's use this precious time to fill you fill you in on something that I think is very important because there are really responsible leaders in our government that truly believe that the Department of Justice is highly politicized and you now have and when it was Alexander Col. Alexander Goodman and other whistleblowers. I mean, they're given such deference, such respect.

We have Department of Justice whistleblowers right here right now that are quote fed up with corruption."

Fed up with partisan politics quote" you have Senators Ron Johnson, you have Sen. Chuck Grassley and they are all over this Sen. Chuck Grassley and in my hand right now.

He's written a four page letter to the Hon. Mayor Garland Atty. Gen. apartment of justice and the Hon. Christopher Ray, director of the federal Bureau of investigation and it's all about these some sort of selective prosecutions and selective omissions of investigating serious matters. So in other words, in the, the Department of Justice, the allegation is that it is weapon eyes that that goes against our Republic.

Let's listen to some of these people that are on this right now. Erica 13 power find out from his whistleblowers of the FBI actually had built this site know what you would call it, but individuals are specifically taking derogatory information about against hunger by downgrading it to and the investigations were great were they responsible talking to their intelligence or sisters of the 51 intelligence officials and came forward and engage their own information operation when they serve a higher lot by his laptop will have all the earmarks of the Russian information operation. This is dirty this is corrupt. We need answers that Sen. Johnson, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and we continue on this theme is very important because we can't have this in our country. I mean that that the law wasn't didn't you know politics didn't protect Pres. Nixon. How is this allowed to go one cut 14 Eric want to come to harder Biden with plenty of concrete information that was shut down.

It's pretty simple.

We have evidence that some of these people have exhibited this political bias over a long period of time because there's a guy by the name of Diebel that the whistleblowers told me about talking directly to Ray.

I guess you done this 31 regional press release on but I talked to him about it to thank him because he moved that guy out of the decision making of which investigation should go ahead and which one should be stopped. But that gives you an example of political bias that hurts the integrity of the FBI units Chuck Grassley Sen. Chuck Grassley, longtime chairman of the judiciary committee probably will not be when some say if but I do believe this is going to be a wave election on November 8 and the people's house will certainly change hands to see Republican chairman that will have subpoena power and a lot of this slow walking him in this whole hundred Biden stuff. I mean, my goodness, remember when Miranda divine, and she's been on the Brian kill me show many times in the past. She's an absolute superstar. She came out with the truth. The truth was turned on its ear and called a lie if you told her. Truth you would be D platforms from social media. You have 51 people, including people like former CIA director, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta actually saying that the hundred Biden data. The laptop in all its data was fake that it was Russian disinformation know you look at these hearings that we are being tortured with don't you think that would be a rather important committee to start subpoenaing all of 51 people as excuse me, you sign the letter. You were all spectacularly wrong.

The hundred Biden laptop. The hundred Biden hard drives are all completely vindicated, validated, whatever you want to call it as accurate.

Hunter's own sort of obsession with sort of like the movie the Truman show or something D documented everything his whole life. Even when he was doing things that were either immoral or improper or illegal. It's all there. You would think there would be a supreme level of intellectual curiosity to investigate any bill, charge, see Bannon with process crimes, you know no one's ever ever going to jail for stuff like this. Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress. They didn't present him before a grand jury. He didn't give what he was supposed to give to the to the Congress. He was formally found in contempt of Congress, but they didn't present him to to to destroy his life and to give him a criminal record. You know those counts are one year each.

I don't think you would get one year each, but it'll be 30 days each or something like that and you then have a criminal record that you lied to the federal government and working and convicted of it, that the weaponization and a select weaponization of the Department of Justice. It is breathtaking. It is dangerous.

I I've had a long time prediction because there's so much they are there, you cannot. It's not a magic act. It's not David Copperfield making a a 747 or 757 or 767 disappear on the stage. My God, where the plane go. It was just here it's gone.

You can't make there's too much. They are there, but I think what is going on is a whole lot of home cooking and they're gonna work this thing out as cushy as they can. Let me say what I think the final result will be president Biden will not run for second term. He says he will he will not. If he ran for second term, he would not win. And after the election anyway till after the election probably maybe he would do it sooner.

You picture if you have the power you pardon your son to go pardon his son. His son is to be found guilty of something. It will probably be very minimal, but they can't make it completely go away because are just too much. You look what they did to Dinesh Desousa for a campaign contribution.

No one in the history of the Republic had ever been charge that was always considered a civil matter, you pay a fine. Probably you hopes you you contributed too much and you you you know you're found guilty of something, but very very minimus and and civil, not criminal he did hard time you heard them O'Brien show and we note Dinesh as well. It's terrible. So they're going after Roger Stone Steve Bannon Dinesh Desousa anybody in the Trump orbit but yet nothing here crickets for years and years and years. So any reasonable person knows that there's home cooking going on here. I predict that because there's so much that's known, from crack to prostitutes to foreign dealings. If he's not registered to do dealings like that you just cannot make all of it go away if taxes were not paid in it and we know there's some $2 million amount that was provided by someone to Hunter to pay back taxes and things like that. Remember when you pay the back taxes after you're caught if you rob the bank and turn the money back in. It doesn't make the alleged crime colorway so I might long prediction held prediction is hundred Biden will be found guilty of something they'll make it as minimal as they can, but they'll be other say look, the law, the president's son could not escape the American justice system in our country we prove our country works in be completely corrupt and then I'll throw the last prediction back in the father. Pardon the sun and I believe everybody listening to Brian's program. You would do the same you would pardon your son as well. I won't even criticize that when it happens because it will happen and I think I need and there's no question. I disagree with his politics, he's been wrong for 50 years but he's a good dad and he loves his family when we come back in just a little bit. We will be joined by one of the best in the business. Edward Lawrence from the FOXBusiness channel the White House correspondent next on the Brian kill me show diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me. Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news but just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite, the more you listen no more. You'll know Brian kill me that our economy is more resilient to the types of challenges faced example you were a net exporter of commodities is high prices are hitting Americans very hard but in a way that is different from some places that are facing famine. For example, while so we are faring better off than some places that are facing famine. The new the bar has been set. Wow, just wow. Welcome back to the Brian kill me show with Dowson Pete and Eric. I'm Harry Hurley and just for today.

Brian will be back tomorrow so let your heart not be troubled. In that regard, we are joined now on the right kill me show on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline by Edward Lawrence White House correspondent for the FOXBusiness channel.

This is pretty amazing. I guess Edward they they are very convinced either. They know or they think they know by all these estimates that we will have a second consecutive quarter of negative GDP.

So there reinventing everything the English language. One plus one now equals eight and saying that that no no no. Two quarters of negative you know, some say negative growth which I was fine. Oxymoronic but negative GDP no longer constitutes a recession. I don't see any serious person buying this. Your thoughts and welcome to what the past several weeks actually lipid-lowering expectations without currently the expectations are doing better than a country that has a famine but were there lowering expectations going forward is what the White House of the doing and in every administration officials that on on TV has been doing it, and without lowering the expectation they also try to change the economic advisors have shifted the definition or try to ship the definition of what a recession it now were hearing that that there renaming what the recession there in a transition.

This is not a recession could be a trend towards stable growth and and I've yet to be able to nail them down exactly what more stable growth is, although a senior administration official to tell me they expect stable growth to be under 2% which is about where the Obama years war and you may remember the former president.

Pres. Donald Trump at before the pandemic. I was above 2% for economic or for every year before the pandemic event of the governors to crush the economy but that's what is at the lowering of expectations you know it and I also cover the Federal Reserve, which therein right now I'm standing outside the building there in their inside intermediate debating on how high the generate interest rate.

She got a one-two punch coming. Were you starting to see consumers possibly slow down their spending. Walmart has said there's a customers make choices in their inventories are rising so not buying those others items all the items that they want and you also could you possibly interest rate hike, a big one today and as you know in your reporting.

You know it's it's very problematic when you go from a healthy economy to where people are making choices between need buying only, and once buying which they were willing to do but now won't be willing to do. And of course it hurts everyone that Hertz car dealers and there's a whole problem there.

You know, in terms of everything supply all of that and and and certainly people we now find out that there are Americans that are skipping meals we just can't imagine that 18 months ago we were energy independent. A net oil exporter highest wages ever and even people that are getting an increase right now Edward they're not getting an increase getting a decrease because their increase is not keeping up with the inflation so it's it's really it's not a one-two punch it. It is just all over the place.

Eric if you would, let's set the tone because Janet Yellen I consider to be a serious person, former Fed chair, Sec. of the treasury and she's playing this game of were not in a recession. Tell that to the American people that don't even care to wait till tomorrow.

If it's negative growth in the in the second quarter to join the first quarter. The estimates or something like -1.6 what I get I guess would be the same as Edward I quarter but she's yelling the game of a recession is a new definition and I love when you brought up and he said it so well that just like the price of gasoline.

I don't have a problem it's it's transitioning to a new economy were transitioning to to this issue here Eric up three economists expect second-quarter GDP to be -1st quarter was negative so we could see that happen that will closely watch, I will be would be amazed if Stephen BER would declare this. To be a recession, even if it happens to have two quarters of negative growth because as I were no say. Don't declare until the recession is over, so this is completely intellectually dishonest and I hold her accountable for that because she's too smart to act that stupid on top of that, Eric. Cut to Brian Deese definition of recession which is been an issue that I know many of you have reported on as Sen. Yellen said on Sunday to negative quarters of GDP growth is not technical definition of recession. It's not definition that economists have traditionally relied on ever the terrible trying to pull this off to think were so two-point look at the messenger here. The secretary Yellen you very well respected as the Fed chairman yelled as Treasury Secretary.

Her track record that horrible you look back to March of last year.

She said inflation would be end-of-the-year 2% 2021. Three months later. She said inflation would end the year 2021 at 3% and ended September where she stopped giving predictions after that. She said inflation would end up 2021 at 4%.

8.9.1 percent so you look at the messenger on that front you the second point the Federal Reserve but you as they come in and do their their business or that they have a hammer just to shut off the economy. They don't have a can't going to surgically bring down prices in certain areas.

They have to come in and go whack. This is our to get the economy to slow down raising interest rate lowers demand and when you lower demand, it could push us into a recession even further. You know you talk about the two quarters it in 2007 to December 2007 that group, the National Bureau of economic research said that we were in a recession not make that determination until 2008 until December 2008, so that was a great recession.

As we all know, so it takes them a year to do their job. So it is disingenuous to say were to wait for these folks because you administration the White House knows all what you well take them a year to say oh yes back in the first quarter of 2022. We were in a recession and we always accepted in the media would would go with it and reasonable people would accept it. That two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. We know are in a recession, you don't have to tell her ask the American people that they know what 30 seconds to heartbreak closing comment.

Edward yeah and I think we need to prepare corporate to get pop probably a negative number on Thursday will probably go get interest rate hike and that one-two punch is going to cause problems for the economy and the consumer going forward on what you can buy women visiting with Edward Lawrence from the FOXBusiness channel White House correspondent.

Keep up your great work.

Have a wonderful day. Take care. You're welcome, sir.

Thank you, thank you for doing such a good job much more important content straight ahead because it's a daily occurrence on the Brian kill me till one of the most relevant radio talk shows nationally radio syndicated talk shows in America with Allison Pete and Eric, my name is Harry will be back right after this. It's the flying live from the Fox news is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me, welcome to the Brian kill me shell partnering with Allison Pete and Eric, my name is Harry Hurley doing it today for Brian who will be back tomorrow so he'll be right where he belonged. Hi on the Mount Rushmore of the most listened to radio talk programs in America today, talkers Magazine rates Brian kill Mead as the most important radio talkshow host in America which obviously put some amount Rushmore. You can follow Brian and Brian kill and Brian kill me and watch Brian. Of course, weekdays, Fox News Channel, Fox and friends Saturday nights 8 o'clock and then there's an instant replay classic at 11 PM, one nation with Brian kill Mead if you go to Brian's website.

You can go to Brian kill all his books. He'll autograph them for you. There's a great retail store right there where you can make a very valuable purchase because Brian does such a great job with history and unfolds of lot of things and connects a lot of dots, for example, the president and the freedom fighter. Brian tells the story of the coalition of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and their battle to save America's soul. It's awesome and he'll autograph it for you personalize it you can get it for yourself. Get it for a friend or loved welcome to Brian kill me show on the Brian kill me, show newsmaker hotline is is really a terrific cast-iron porch or retired New York Police Department lieutenant and a criminal justice professor at pace University's twitter handle Dr. DR Darren DAR are IN porch or PO RC HDR at Dr. Darren Porter well Lieut. Welcome to Brian's program. We have a lot to talk about how are you today great Harry thanks for having you as a guest and I look forward to contributing to the program what you always do when IIII don't think you got me surprised where I'm going to begin because I cannot wait to get your take for Brian's listeners. I like to pose questions and I believe Brian's listeners will be posing if they were here interviewing you, Darren, and it is this the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who jailed this is before the grand jury was even meeting. They were to meet next week.

All this was going down jails and innocent bodega clerk Jos� Alba who got stabbed three times by a woman who still never been charged for anything hideous bail. The fortunately, a judge lowered to $50,000 so that Jos� Alba's family was able to put the five grand together to get them out of one of the worst places you ever don't want to be Bernie care quote unquote said that to me. You don't ever want to be there Rikers prison on Rikers Island prison. So what kind of justice.

Is it when there's ample videotape supporting that Jos� Alba was an innocent man who was attacked by a career criminal.

I think he'd been through the.

The system multiple dozens of times a real bad guy. He gets stabbed by the woman who went got this other guy who came in and got into the spoken deathmatch with Jos� Alba.

What I mean I understand your sorrows justice and socialism, and they hate cops. And then they want to completely destroy all norms in our society.

But what the heck is going on here.

The Jos� Alba situation is presented in a tremendous challenge to us as New Yorkers in the wake of the miscarriage of justice. This is clearly a common citizen that was protecting himself and he was on the defensive, not the offense, or so the question comes to what is the lens that Alvin Bragg is looking through a connection with being Manhattan district attorney. I feel that he's in diametric opposition to upholding the rule of law in the wake of Bill reform in the catch a movie screen is being operated in the County of Manhattan, but when we look at him going after a bodega worker in Waco protected them. So it really presents a questionable notion as to what is his presence as the Manhattan district attorney and is clearly something that we can't figure out.

I can't figure out is a prior law enforcement practitioner as well as the 8 1/2 million residents to reside in the city of New York. Well said, and I'm really trying hard to like Mayor Eric Adams. I liked his law enforcement background as a candidate and was out when it was self-evident that he was going to when I thought, at least from a Democrat you're going to get a Democrat on him in this particular election cycle. You let it be one that's pro law enforcement and Odyssey. With his experience in law enforcement, you would feel that you would get that he seems to walk right up to the line and say most of the right things, like he kinda said hey I think the guys you know was defending himself.

But I don't want to question the DA so that that doesn't how that's not helpful that's like you know I agree with you, and I also agree with him and that starts to get you note troublesome over time. Let's take a listen. This is sort of typical from Mayor Eric Adams. He says the right things are almost the right things but then something seems to get lost in the execution. The translation of it all Eric cut 10 release. Repeat this person was arrested for robbery a few days ago.

Now he's back as soon as we catch them.

The system releases them and they repeat the action that is just what I say with a laughingstock of the country. This is what I'm talking about and we get out on top of that you were well aware of Congressman Lee Selden attacked with a guy with some kind of I don't even know what it was Felix the cat pointing you know knuckle knife or something with two points on it. Fortunately he had a good move there with his his training that he has anything he took the guy down with his right hand. He took him down to the ground. He went down to but and then of course there are federal charges.

But this guy's an end.

Of course, Congress and Zalman sets. Selden said hey he's going out in a few hours. And of course he was this this has to change.

Darren you absolutely right is going back to the first component and connection with Mayor Eric Adams. I think that he's trying to satisfy the spectrum. That being the conservatives and that being the extreme left in terms of the progressives.

This is the time that you need to drill down hard and focus on in Washington because were in the state of chaos.

When a state of emergency in connection with public safety here in the city of New York and Mayor Adams has understand during your first year is okay for people to hate you if you're doing what's right because Bill remember the results after three years or I should say at the end of your tenure with the running for reelection.

I'll say okay he came in and it was like a bat out of hell he was really clamping down on crime, but at the same token, so precipitous drops in crime he did not have the understanding you can't satisfy both ends of the spectrum. Now were in a state of emergency, but unfortunately operating as this is Bill de Blasio 2.0 crime is going up, as opposed to going that's very well said Darren. And when you do what he's trying to do dance on the head of a pin. Whatever you want to call it, walk a line you get both sides unhappy with you because you come out just inauthentic and no matter what he does any support of the police and the left is not gonna like it. I don't know why they want things to be the way that they seem to want them to be but that if you say some of the right things but then you don't take action, then the other side says that you just you speak words, but you don't. They don't amount to deeds and so you get everybody mad at you I think he's well on his way to all sides, not liking him when he behaves like this you get this right on the head. It seems as if we have Alexandra Cratchit click because this at the forefront of public safety in the wake of Eric Adams being the man experiences the time.

Where is you need to focus on what of the mechanisms in law enforcement to drive down crime.

It's really not that difficult to look at the hotspots throughout the city. You look at the places where you have the greatest increases in crime unless you deploy something when Fritz was intact and merely what it is is officers in uniform standing and presenting his army presence in the areas that have the greatest increases in crime. The impact zones have worked well in the past however of the de Blasio administration. Sleep since been removed. Now is the time that Eric Adams controlled his experience as a practitioner law-enforcement inning games that criminal faction, but it's just not happening and he goes back to what you said and what I mentioned earlier, you can't satisfy both spectrum.

The time is now for you to drill down and gave some results if you don't the crime is good to continuously go up. I'm going to give you prophetic protection. Next weekend we go to have a meteoric rise in crime and you could see Eric Adams at the pulpit, stating that we need to do something. However this is not good to be an execution strategy to follow. That's that that's the issue you are listening to retire New York Police Lt. Darren Porter who is a justice professor criminal justice professor at Pace University.

It's the Brian Kim each show.

This is a good little set up for you to comment. Darren will become back in just a moment. This is a former Dallas police Sgt. that I think absolutely nails where we are today the job. A police officer never more dangerous record and it's not just New York but we know record numbers of police officers that would've in days gone by state. Four. Longer they are leaving. If they can people that would've taken the job and and enthusiastically want to be a police officer don't want anything to do with the job because they see that you, you could wind up being the one that gets criminally charged while the criminals basically assault police officers and either they don't get charged or their let go within a couple of hours before the ink on the paperwork is even dry.

This is an appearance on this on the Sean Hannity program on the Fox News Channel recently with Sgt. Trey penny cut 12 Eric there is no credibility in our justice system in it for anymore. Unfortunately only this is the criminals know that they're going to get away with this crowd, which is one reason why I spent today lobbing that the Senate Judiciary to help us transfer certain crowns over to the federal jurisdiction so we can get certain people often up the street so mechanically can't let these people run around and victimize our communities. We have to do some about your comment Lieut.

Well I have a bias, because you happen to know Dr. Trey penny and he was running for Congress down the neck in the condition. Congressional district down in Dallas and I think he really has the right message.

The bullet trajectory needs to be the support of public safety and that being law enforcement that can support that. If you're not willing to buttress law enforcement in the equation. It's not going to work is going to bottom out and if not just happening in places like Dallas, Texas. This is become a national phenomenon where was more fortunate has been demonized. We now have to get behind law enforcement and the one thing that I'll say about Joe Biden. I don't think he's an anti-cop person.

I think EKG laying on the position of being a moderate but at the same token there's no gas in the tank.

You can step to the podium and say whatever you want. However, if you're not funding it appropriately. You're not going to get the results that work for us is the American public.

So when you look at a lot of the stuff cities say the major metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, you see these progressive liberals at the helm that are not putting in place the necessary entity to grade a get a greater presence of more enforcement and no one wants to take the job and that's what we having a lot of these problems were to follow-up on this right after the break Lieut. retire down fortress to stay with us for one more segment, I would only add to what you said I would just second that and simply agree with it but the Biden situation.

Pres. Biden situation is even worse. He was very pro-law enforcement.

He signed many of the groundbreaking federal laws in terms of minimum mandatory sentencing and many other police initiatives he's had to disavow all of them. To satisfy this insatiable woke hard left, so he's had to completely go back on everything that he believed in. He is had to do a complete 180. So II say it's beyond just his present mental acuity and all of that is about the radical left socialist philosophy of hating police doing everything you can to disrupt to be very pro-criminal. It's it's it's bizarro world. It's everything that we shouldn't have will be back with Darren Borchert in just a few minutes.

This is the Brian Kim each show learning something new every day, for I am killed each show. If you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about it as you're with Brian kill back with Allison Pete and Eric on Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian. This is the Brian kill me show. Brian will be back tomorrow. We are visiting with retire New York Police Lt. and criminal justice professor at Pace University Dr. Darren Porter and the question I say for you.

For the final many segment that we have Darren, is this. You've got this bodega worker there and I don't think this is unique to just his situation. Jos� Alba is too scared to even leave his home after the murder charge was dropped. This guy was in Rikers Island prison. He was facing possibly going to jail for the rest of his life he was experiencing bizarro world where the innocent gets you never think this can happen in America, an innocent man fighting for his life defends himself and finds himself charged for murder. He gets stabbed by somebody three times nothing happens to her and I guarantee you nothing's ever going to happen to her. That's just forgotten that's just a free 33 stabs and you're free so what does this do in your estimation, your you're one of the perfect people in America pose this question to Darren because you were superior officer you were police officer before that and your professor that teaches our criminal justice so you know the psychology of a victim that goes through Alba will never be the same. He will never be the same if it would've went the way it should and he just would've had to deal with the fact look, I die. I had to kill the guy. He was gonna kill me.

You have to live with that but he had to live with all this other junk on top of that, then you take police officers who know that it any moment in these major cities. These well crazy people want to put them in jail.

And so it you know this better than me on the identical twin of a career retire police officer.

So as a layperson. I'm a little bit of credit but not not nearly enough to brag about it, but my point is, if an officer hesitates their dead or something bad is going to happen, but they all have to worry now, if I take action which would've been fine in my entire career, but it might not be now what does this do to the whole system. Darren Jos� Albert situation sets forth a bad precedent because when we look at Mr. Alba. He was victimized to crunch the French front of violent criminal and attempted to assault him while he was in the place of business. The second front when the Manhattan district attorney for to prosecute him based on merely protecting themselves and we look at police officers in a place like New York City under the Blodgett administration qualified immunity was removed from the officers.

Therefore, the officers are now held accountable legally. After taking action in one of these individuals attempt to sue them so we are in a bad place from the sentiment of public safety and it's just so unfortunate the social contract is not being upheld or government officials. We need a revolution and we needed to happen fast once a revolution meeting a revolution in the lives that we view more enforcement of public safety through and we need the right people and all for just the right the ship to get it moving. According Darren, thank you, thank you for being on the right kill me shall have a great day. Continue your good work. When we come back please speak Fox News contributor will join us. This is the Brian kill show radio that makes you say this is the Brian kill show welcome back Harry Hurley with Allison Pete and Erica filling in for Brian. Just today back far welcome back the right show on the right hotline's list. He Fox News contributor and a calmness for Fox and the hill in her Twitter handle social media at Liz LIC peak EE K at Liz peak were to cover a few articles that Liz has recently written were to start with an article about Florida Gov. Rhonda Santos. I'm very interested in this one and were going to cover a lot of ground and loses available to stay with us until the top of the hour so were going to get a lot of important content in all Brian show Liz welcome good to visit with you.

I'm always delighted to join you. Thank you. You're welcome.

Now I like this column why Florida's DeSantis could be the cure for an ailing America.

But let me make it fun and pushback for mom is very well written, that the content is excellent. A lot of great points.

I think DeSantis is East Central casting special forces hero. I mean the whole deal accomplished. Gov. everything he did, and the pandemic was right. Florida is is you know doing so well everything that the woke social Democrats of the hard left did was wrong and we we know it because even Deborah Burks is now admitting ops vaccine was never going to stop you from getting it all upset, all these things we said yeah she's it's like she's just copping a plea to everything they did was was not true so just a lot. There's a lot going on at the present time. And here's the pushback I want to give.

I think it is not you. I think the media desperately wants to take down Trump like they want to take Biden down. They want to turn the page on old white guys. They want to turn the page be done with it.

They don't want the mean tweets they don't like Trump. They took Biden just to get rid of Trump. I don't think we have a disagreement on that. He's been abject failure and a disaster. But here's my experience with my former boss, Pres. Trump, the media crushes him, but every time people vote he over performs which really is not true he was going to perform. Anyhow, it looks like he's over performing because I got help this many people will win.

How did you get this many votes a second time and I DeSantis is winning everywhere except the first time anybody actually voted. Trump got 78.7% of the vote. So I'm making the case to the greatly speak that Trump performs much better than the media that he gets so I think that's an interesting point entered late Trump has outperformed and surprised on the upside, except in 2020.

He did lose the election. And so I think you know my might come back to you would be. Do we really want to take a chance on that and more importantly here's how I would view this thereto trumps right now. One is the bitter, angry, backward looking at 2020 election grievance laden president who cannot move on yesterday. I have to say we thought the other Trump yes the trumpet is speaking a language. People want to hear addressing the concerns that people legitimately have about what's going on in our country. A lot of it was a bit extreme, perhaps, but the truth is people are extremely angry and upset and worried. So you know you tell me which Trump is going to be on the campaign trail which one is going to talk to the American voter because they say I have an answer for this week passes prologue and plus I work for him, and I've known for 40 years to get both. You don't get the one you want and you don't get the other one all the time you get both, and I think the American okay no I will push back to you and getting into thousand 16 when he ran for president. We only saw one Trump I don't I don't I don't know. I disagree.

When Kelly and Conway came in and almost save the day. The campaign was not going well at one point they switch horses Kelly and Conway and Pres. Trump.

Together they did stay on message for the remainder of the campaign, but if you go back in time that campaign was disjointed. At one point and it was it was rescued by that discipline and I will I will say this from personal knowledge. Pres. Tran for extended periods of time is extremely capable of staying focused staying on message and not wandering to some of that other stuff that because I'm in total agreement. Nobody wants to relitigate 2020 and I would say one of the thing about the earlier point Trump did lose but he also got more votes in any Republican in history, and I've never bought into the that the release the crack in city Powell and Rudy Giuliani thing was terrible they kept saying to going to release the crack in and there was no cracking so they couldn't release it and we know that because I didn't so they kept saying that and yet you never want to promise big stuff and then deliver nothing but this much I do know that was an unusual election we had voting in a way that will never see again a lot of vote by mail that took place and increased the Democrat advantage because they are better at it then Republicans were.

I think Republicans are catching up and so I think you could make the case that look 40,000 votes in three states just like you say, with Hillary and Trump is serving a second term right now.

Were not talking about the Liz peak column on that topic of DeSantis.

So what you say to that comeback. Well, I think. I think that reasonable. The other thing that I didn't say in this piece but I think it's important what we've seen is that for years is not enough Trump is only able to serve four years.

DeSantis could serve eight and a lot of the things that need to get done in this country take eight years and I'm talking about things like energy policy. One of the huge cataclysmic failures of the Biden administration's.

They don't understand that it can take a decade to create new energy sources and lay the groundwork for all this climate stuff they want to do you know to build the refinery to build a new pipeline, whatever. It doesn't take four years it takes maybe eight or 10 and I think it means so frankly I think the longevity the potential longevity of DeSantis in office is a real selling point for him.

Now you know I think you make a lot of good points but II think Trump Trump is very smart and he I think yesterday showed that he's gotten the message. People are tired of the anger and the whining about 2020. But I gotta tell you, it took a long time for him to get there and you know I'm not sure he won't revert to that and I really know somebody on twitter several years is representing Wall Street point of view. I really am not I'm talking I'm talking all the time to people about politics and Trump taxi drivers and people work in gardens and stop guess what people like Trump. They like what he did but they really are ready for someone else to carry that banner. I think that's true but you know what will see your listening ballistic on the Brian kill me show and Liz. I will back you up every single time you have tremendous credibility you been fair you've not been somebody that has attacked Trump or anything like that. I find you to be very objective I find you to be a fair official if you were in a sports arena someone that they would say calls balls and strikes fair. If you categorize Taylor called a strike yet you � do I think on Trump though. I think it's easy for him to get a bad rap because he's polarizing.

You either love him yet or you hate him.

There's very little in between so he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, like some people, but I do.

I do echo a point, I repeat a point that I made this got me a reason why DeSantis why and I like DeSantis I think he's absolutely the future. I even though Trump doesn't need him for Florida because in Florida is in good shape. I think a be a great ticket and that it would be a guaranteed one term which everybody will know up front and DeSantis would absolutely be the future. I think it's not too early for DeSantis, but in innate and it Trump still in the game and he said as recently as yesterday that he just can't leave at this point. So yeah, I think you know people asked me this every day.

You know busy running ice and of course he is running he thinks he one last time and he dictates to lose more than anybody you ever meet in your life and and despite what people think he does love America and he hates to see his accomplishments on Don the way they've been in a lucky say about you need eight years. Look what can be done in 18 months.

We were energy independent net oil exporter to dollar a gallon gasoline lesson 2% inflation so you can do a lot of damage in less than four years as well yeah what you can't do it drain the swamp and actually nobody's ever going to totally drain the swamp but I have to say, you know, I look, I am totally on board to the Trump agenda.

I think off a lot of the country is but then you are, so they have to step back and say okay then why did why did he not win, partly by the way, I think he didn't win because the animus towards him was so enormous. I think that's an issue. I also think people had gotten used to the fact that jobs were plentiful, that inflation was low. Everyone a sort of riding a nice roller coaster of economic good times and so the fact that the Trump agenda included lower taxes, less regulation, and that that had spurred growth beyond what anyone had anticipated when he took office. Remember even neutral if there were such a thing. Economists were talking about a period of slow growth well guess what this Steve Moore art Laffer Larry Kudlow economic Trump agenda did indeed and inspire higher growth and it was expected that can happen again. I mean that the tragic the tragedy of the Joe Biden experience is he basically came in office with only one Norstar and that Norton was undoing everything that Donald Trump did and so here we are either in or on the cusp of a recession so unnecessary with all the things that trumped it to make our economy more vibrant things.

By the way there advocated by world bodies like the World Bank it is told France and the IMF tank to undo your labor laws because it's choking your current economy need all these things Americans you know really need to start looking around the world and see what works, what we were doing then worked and we need to go back to those policies so desperately. All I care about is picking a candidate in 24 who can win at all I care about who has this agenda. I do believe that that is going to be the litmus test yet publicans, one a winner independence that think all my gosh, what did I do here might look good.

Your people coming out of retirement because they have to your people who could retire that now can't you have actually Americans that are skipping meals, one or more meals a day because were where we are right now runaway inflation. We could go on and on and on.

If you told the American people all by the way I and I think also to if if the hundred Biden stuff would've been allowed to be true before the election. Biden also would've lost wasn't a pandemic. Biden also would've lost and I believe without a pandemic, the Democrats would not allow Biden to be the nominee because they knew that he wasn't up to it, but in that environment.

He's like yesterday with with covert.

He's the perfect Jesse Waters is right. He's the perfect basement. I works for him because there's no accountability can sell it on his large zoom video screen list one more segment.

I'm so happy because normally be saying all this are so much more. We gotta go. Were going to come back in a few minutes. Much more with the great Liz speak. This is the Brian Kim each show both sides.

All okay until breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill show welcome back to the Brian kill me show with thousand and Eric Harry Hurley billing and Brian will be back tomorrow to write a newspaper hotline.

One last question is other breakdowns on Biden's age never believe that age is chronological and biological never believe the age is a problem, but his is apparent lack of mental acuity is a big problem and also the Biden recession, which even if they won't admit it. The American people will but were you surprised that all these folks came out to turning point USA they do the straw poll there in Florida.

By the way, but of course his people from all over. So is not just Florida. People voted, and Trump wins by 60.60 78.719% because based on all the gushy coverage that DeSantis guess I don't.

I'm not na�ve. He also gets blistered by the Democrat media in particular but they're pushing DeSantis to have the Republicans have this fight because they would love Republicans to cross the Rubicon with each other so I know what I know what the Democrat media is doing but were your very objective for you and not patronizing you were you surprised at that margin of difference a little but you know most of the polls have been in that neighborhood don't think so. It's not too shocking and I think turning point is one of those groups where Trump had a huge influence they've been involved. He's been involved with them and vice versa.

So I'm not totally shocked by that.

I actually there was a CPAP pole and I'm trying to remember what the numbers were exactly that did not show Trump as dominant read his recent one yet. I was more shocked by that seed packet like home turf for Donald Trump. I actually sat CPAP. When he spoke once and he was fabulous.

I mean this is back. I'm trying to remember what year was I think when he was president and yeah what what the media never reported on because they hate him so much. Is he was funny and self-deprecating and you know it. Many made fun of his own hair and so you never see that side of Trump from the media so he can be extremely likable and also say one more thing this Santos does not have. I think that kind of charm and I think that Democrats would be falling on the floor laughing now to think that Trump has charm but he actually does and and he is he is a powerful speaker, but he doesn't have that kind of care is my excuse expression soup but and that's something that Trump really can't haul out and my view is, and I'd be interested in years.

Trump lost in 2020 election. My husband and I were watching that first debate when he came out and he was angry and he was you know push. I think Christie Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani had been his coaches for that debate. I think they wanted to provoke an anger and hissy fit in Joe Biden by coming on really strong in being sort of mean to Joe Biden because Biden does have a history of rising to the Baden's are lashing out.

It failed miserably and in and instead of seeing what we thought CPAP and what you seen all your life. Charming sort of fun president. We saw an angry man and I think that really hurt him badly. I think his polls never recovered from that II agree with you and I I'm on the record as saying I hated that first debate he was bilateral. He was much better the second one he was interruption because Biden was not going to perform great that night, but by interrupting him all the time Biden got the nod they raise his hand like he wins because he never had a chance to do the things he would've done that needed to let Biden speak as much as humanly possible and it just didn't go his way. I only. We have less than a minute. I wish we had more Liz this column on liberal voters want to blame Biden's age. But his progressive playbook is just as much of a problem. I would submit its the only problem it's not as a Godhead comment there and I totally agree with you. Look, there are everyone selling Biden under the bus right now because they don't want his policies to be blames others saying, look how old is this is the New York Times and Washington Post, CNN, etc. it is in his eight a lot of people ready Sanders for Pete sake is about the same age as our present sharp it can be. Yes, it is because he has a terrible progressive anti-working class anti-American agenda. That's why he's in trouble.

Liz speak. I love talking to you.

Have a great day.

Thanks so much.

You're welcome.

Will be back always is a lot of fun.

The much more important content straight ahead because this is the right live from the Fox News radio's New York City show set of socks and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me show with Allison and Eric, my name is Harry Hurley billing in just for today. Brian will be back tomorrow.

Welcome to the Brian kill me show Brian holds a place on the Mount Rushmore of talk radio programs in America that offers magazine rates Brian as the fourth most important radio talkshow host in America. He is followed Brian and his and that Brian kill me Brian is also a New York Times best-selling author's latest book, the president and the freedom fighter, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and her battle to save America soul. Now if you go to Brian Brian will personalize these books for you and yours and they make great gifts and bright is a great job because remember if we don't record history correctly. Radicals will get away with rewriting it.

I mean look what's happening now you see the textbooks being rewritten in all kinds of things, of course, catch Brian Daley on Fox and friends in the morning and Saturday nights because my father told me when I was a little boy long ago if you want something done right you give to a busy person. The other people have no time Saturday nights 8 o'clock Brian kill one nation with Brian kill instant replay classic at 11 PM joining us on the Brian Kim each own newsmaker hotline is FH Buckley who is a foundation professor at George Mason University's skull Leah school of Law.


A former Trump speechwriter and Mr. Buckley or talking to a former Trump executive, a former Trump speechwriter and author of the new book, progressive conservatism. I cannot wait because words mean things when you throw progressive and I know he's so smart and a great writer and this is in an accident. When you throw progressive conservatism. It almost to the wandering eye or ear. Sounds oxymoronic progressive conservatism how Republicans will become America's natural governing party FH how are you I will call the credit I will fry thank you. Good to be with you. Let's start with this and I mean I am not to bury the lead months ago you came out and are against Pres. Trump running again. You stated in very certain terms.

Your argument for it and I did mention and in just describing part of your pedigree that you were a present from speechwriter in 2016. Now you advise that he shouldn't run or that he shouldn't win. However, you speak about it and write about it wherever you speak about it and write about it, but what happened that you were with them before you are against him. Well, it was a slow clinical 2020 election, which he lost big time and you know there are a lot of great people who like Trump to still want to run and I guess my you know what I hear them saying objectively as I'd like Joe Biden would write so you know I like the idea of the Trump agenda Trump agenda can't be carried forward by Trump in my view, which is something to happen but you know he brought all those new voters to the party.

You know that was not enough in 2020, but the parties not going to get anywhere without them and show how you do it. And my answer is, well� There are couple of things. Number one is that I think it would be helpful if he were persuaded that he can't win against Bonnie wants make a lot of noise. Great you know, given the but I'd like him to feel that his message will be carried on by other people in 2024 and he can sit back and say well I don't have to do it other people.

Also, as you say I help great speeches. I also helped craft but the message was in 2016 and I call it in my book, progressive conservatism and what I said as it harkens back to an older party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower right so you know those people thought there was nothing wrong with the idea progressive conservative Eisenhower said the party will be sunk if it's not progressive, Trump brought a lot of new part policies to the party which were progressive. They were kind of your standard right wing ideologue. That's what we need to do and in 2024 and Frank you just you just answered what was to be my follow-up agreement with you, Pres. Trump, even though some listening might disagree.

II know you're correct, you know him and you know what you speak. Trump was a progressive conservative.

He was is not afraid to spend where you need to spend. He also was not afraid to tighten the spec it where he thought there was tremendous government waste sort of Reaganesque in one sense and and I don't think it's a filthy word when you speak it with context. Obviously, Pres. Reagan, as you know, made a dirty word at a liberal now dirty words and made out of progressive. Let me just give up just a flat out upfront question right out.

You and I know I've known it from the beginning because I've known him for 40 years.

Pres. Trump was always going to run in this election are always people say I don't even know Phil run. He hates to lose. You know that and I know that he was always running.

He is running in every one of these speeches when he says I might have to do it again. Or, you know, hence all these things is just a matter of is he go to declare before November 8 which I would strongly recommend. I hope the presence listening strongly recommend not declaring before November 8 because I think this election is teed up and if he declares before November 8 gives a Democrat media bogeyman. Again, orange man is bad and they can just run a negative Trump election in and drown out you know everybody else so I believe he will announce after the November 8 election tease it like heck prior to November 8 almost saying it, which is not already Frank prior to November 8, but that he will announce after November 8 and in your humble estimation because I know you're an honest broker, you tell it like it is you write it like it is. Is there any Republican committee just got 78.7% of the turning point USA vote over the sitting governor of the state where the vote took place who got 19%. Is there any and he's that he is the darling and the, the sort of the next.

If you will, in waiting is there anyone in the Republican Party that you know that could defeat Pres. Trump even if it's a clown car and 20 people get out there. 20 podiums on the stage like there was in 2016 and you for eat at the little table and then you can graduate to the big table if you get this much percent of the vote. Is there anyone on the Republican side that could deny Trump nomination well and what permits and what were missing and here are speakers Boomer is political. Joni Summers, who had a song called Johnny get angry drawing to get meta-deliveries will our guys are wonderful people to people like my parents a perfect gentleman the night sky and the world. No, we like to have somebody with some fire in his belly, which is what Trump provided so you know a great Trump like candidate I think should be somebody who's able to convey the kind of without frightening people away so you know we have some good governors. I kinda like the guy in my state you know you Gov. Duncan also is Luke 2024 is a long time away so we don't know what's going to happen.

I I hope Trump delays his announcement and keeps the land and if he is doing all this kind of flirting with them nomination to make sure we don't forget about about spine. No body doesn't have to run to make sure we don't forget about it should not. If there is a Trump agenda that people are pushing you know and and frankly, you know that there is there are Kodachrome crowds out there right now I don't think they understand the message either want to know the truth, you know, I think these are, you know, these are mostly retreads from the 2012 lower right-wing party right through the mid Romney party break which which is you know your uncle's Oldsmobile. So we want what we want to go live with passion and with the club message. Who can carry the message forward then and I'm you know who is our personnel. I don't know, but I'm hoping he'll emerge see you do you do see a scenario where someone if Trump runs, I'm just to say right up front if Trump runs in my estimation with what I know and who I think will be willing to run if Trump declares I don't think it's gonna be as many people as some people think it it won't be zero.

But I don't think it's going to be like it was in 2016 and he dispatched each one of them as he just focused on low-energy jab and jab is gone. Jeb went from one of the most respected governors in America to a joke. You were there, you know, and he just dispatched one after the other after the other. I have said from the beginning. If he runs there is no Republican that's going to deny him the nomination.

I just don't see it deep so you do see a scenario because there is still time and all these things that we don't know that may unfold will see what happens in terms of the midterm election, you could look at it this way to Trump might wind up being very helpful in the midterm election with all the candidates that that he goes out of stumps for and when Republicans have a great victory and I think they will think you can have a wave election and you say it's a long way away, but if you're running for president. You have to know the morning after November 8. If you're running or you're out. You'll be left behind you how this works. Now you can't come in the last year and come in late and wrong. So working to know. I think pretty early on.

Once Trump declares and I believe he is going to declare right after the November 8 election, or shortly thereafter. Maybe he finesse is it because of financing and things that you know about that when you declare things change so we might hold out for that reason only, but I think this is a two-year campaign nonstop for the nomination and then for the presidency. Your thoughts right Trump came out not to years before in 2016 2014 2050 came out. What 16 months off yet you so you know, so it might happen, but so here's what you need God who run against him. There will be people payable to Trump like manner, take him on and so you know, look, much as I respect you sure you lost and we know you lost as we know, you lose again. We need somebody who could know Trump Trump in a debate okay and and were waiting for somebody with that kind of moxie.

Okay and I is are such a person but you know you know I have great faith in Americans to come up and do the right thing.

You know after they tried everything else. Of course, but you know but I don't get it. Never pessimistic about the country and being optimistic means somebody other than Trump winning in 2024. Is there any chance that you see you because there's always a chance and keeps saying that he is, but in fairness to him he can't say he's not because he destroys his one term presidency. I really don't see an opening, the Democrats don't want him. The numbers are absolutely terrible.

As you know, yesterday's polling 25% of Democrats want him to run for second term Pres. Biden. I think he's an accidental president. I think it was anybody but Trump. I think it was the pandemic.

I think it was the change is not the machines. I never got into that voodoo kabuki theater crack in release the crack in nonsense, but I do think the Democrats change rules in Democrat states Pennsylvania Georgia were very little declamation about what's to place so there were ways I think they could've been very articulate in saying what happened and as you know, he did lose, but if you took 40,000 votes in three states combined. He is in his second term, or talking about something else right now so it he did lose what he did get many millions more votes in any Republican in history so I think he can make the case I did when I was very close to second time.

I think you gotta get out of the business of relitigating 2020 if he's the nominee.

Do you think he is just absolutely DLA, he cannot win.

Well it all now you're asking about the dams. The great thing is, have you ever seen a more pathetic party. You become brightness a total embarrassment which everybody recognizes. In fact it on the buyers remorse goes back to saying what the heck forward. You know what, what about the cover-up in the election right down in the press which live for two years about the Russian collusion then proceeded to lie about how incompetent and out of it. Biden was true then you got the vice president right and the thing about the stars you don't Biden at least was able to pass himself off as something other than a crazy in terms of policies right he was perceived to be middle-of-the-road. It turned out he wants government way he was perceived] party is not he was perceived as steady. Remember he sat on that one of those crazies, moderate we got we got the completely hard left new version of Joe we have to go in about 30 seconds to heartbreak. What is your feeling on wood. Can Joe Biden run again with everything we know right now. Quick answer because there is little by way of alternative from an ultralow Democratic Party. I think you're right. Bernie Sanders is trying to be that maybe people do judge would do something very aggressive. I don't know. He just outpolled him. 17 to 16%. As you know in New Hampshire. Frank, this is great honor to present you on Brian show. Keep up your good work and have a good day sir. You're welcome sir.

Good to talk to you will be back. This is the Brian Kim each show you something new every day, Brian show the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian. We pursue justice without fear. We intend to hold everyone who is criminally responsible for surrounding January 6. Any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer power from one frustration to another account. That's what we do tremble to become a candidate for president again. That would not change her schedule or how you forward or don't move forward.

Say again that we will hold accountable anyone is criminally responsible for attempting to interfere with the transfer lawful transfer power from one frustration is NBC news nightly news anchor Lester Holt with United States Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland.

This is the Brian Kim each show and I'm of course with this wonderful team of Allison Pete and Eric who take such good care of you that it's just a privilege to work with this incredible team on the Brian Kim each show.

I'm not buying it because I'm reminded by the four-page letter that Sen. Grassley sent to Merrick Garland and to the FBI director reminded by Sen. Ron Johnson of the great state of Wisconsin and what he is saying they have DOJ whistleblowers who are coming to them and saying that the Department of Justice is corrupt that the Department of Justice is partisan and actually engages in partisan politics and all you have to do is look at the way with such venom almost hatred. They, Trump, and nothing crickets for hundred Biden Army commodity. You just can't kid people like this and with respect to the January 6 committee.

It's a joke it's a show they had a guy from a network put a theater show together no cross examination of witnesses.

It's a star chamber process, which that's not how we do things in America it's all wrong. I'll quote the great Alan Dershowitz who said quote never believe a witness who is not been cross-examined. For example, Cassie Hutchinson would have been refuted. The January 6 committee has intentionally not called Secret Service agents who came out publicly and said it never happened. First off you look at the vehicle, the president, Trump would be in what's he got incredible stretching man.

I forgive the Marvel character is I can see my Members name. Maybe that is his name. There's just no way these things that that were set happened and Secret Service agents were prepared to say that didn't happen, but they don't call because is one-sided all the way when we come back Bobby Barack on the right talk show that you are with Brian Kilmer. Welcome back. This is the right kill me show with Allison Pete and Eric, my name is Harry Hurley going today for Brian who will be back tomorrow on the Brian kill me show Brian kill me children's maker hotline is Bobby Barack lights were out and we have until the end of the program to visit with Bobby so were really going to bring it working to bring a lot of content and of course after welcoming Bobby Bobby welcome to Brian show how are you.

I thought you meant majority.

Great to be with you and tell you I read your piece on Chris Cuomo and it's not lost on me that this poor news nation that wanted to tell the American people. Hey were news nation and were just the news. We don't take any sides were just the news and so they hire Chris Cuomo who I have to say I'm not trying to be unkind. I believe in redemption in second chances and everything, but this guy's a furthest furthest thing away from that statement that you could find anywhere. He was completely ridiculous and in what he was doing weather was stumping for his brother or the typical liberal tripe that would come out of his mouth with no objectivity whatsoever so you wrote about it. For those that haven't yet read your article, Bobby Chris Cuomo joining news nation. Let's let's set the stage. Eric cut 17. I have been obsessed with what happened when what was known and there are a lot of facts that I believe them to come out so yes there is litigation going on but I'm telling you I never lied and there were no secrets. I know I know I I want to I want to believe that but for some reason I don't think Rado is is speaking what I would in my opinion, consider to be the truth, there what is your take Bobby on Chris Cuomo at news nation. Yet the look hundred back a little bit.

I told by the connected sort that I trust her for a while in late June they came to me at eight this thing has a lot of juice that Chris Cuomo.

Talked with news nation like you might note that if you might not be my first reaction was, I know it is good that is a Mickey. That's because like that news nation brand itself as the alternative option to all the other news coverage. They say that they are right down the middle that they don't do opinion that they just report the facts and let the viewers decide what to think which way to lead the initial thought was critical of the guy that holds the cry time on that is going to go to a branded great new network, but the more I dug into it the more it started to make sense, so we had initially reported that the dog had progressed it out reaction I got a lot of people around industries like going the president of new nation. Michael Coren is Cuomo's former youth are ABC and I guess they've maintain their friendship ever sent the guy that led the charge, and a lot of it comes down to corn even though he initially broadened the strategy looked at the numbers Harry and Linda only drawn the child you were thousand if you we need to fight this up with this really says the eight bit away from their initial strategy out of desperation of corn brings in his former body of ABC who happened to ultimately be a prime time HE and Annie got fire so this is a complete 180 from the strategy new nation goal not only their fans. Interviewer, but people inside that building staff producer. The health Bobby on buying what you're selling or listen you Bobby Barack on the Brian Kim each show on the Brian kill me. Show news maker hotline I have to give Dan Abrams credit because this was incredible. At least this piece that were going to hear this clip of the interview. The Dan Abrams did with with as I call him Andrew without Chris Cuomo's brother, the governor's brother. This was journalism and I know the Dan Abrams is capable of that. I've I've seen his work over the years. Not a huge fan, but I'm actually not a hater, and I think he has the ability to do the right thing and I think pressing Cuomo on whether whether he ever contacted the media about his brother is really fair because we know there's these emails we I mean we are are my eyes saw what they saw.

We read what we read soever Eric if you would this'll give us context to my little preamble there and then will get Bobby to comment about it. On the other side of the clip Eric cut 18.

Let's start with the issue of I never made calls to the press about my brother situation you did right.

I never contacted any media who were covering my brother to try to affect their coverage to people in the media all the time but but the people in my life, but you said I never made calls the press about my brother situation you did make calls the prospective brother situation, but I think the distinction the distinction is meaningful difference. The concern would be not that I called you and said you know what you think's going on here it's me calling you and saying hey tonight segment.

I hope you remember that while I danced to the state's ground. All that's different. I get like it's okay now I II lose a little respect he eats, started strong and he ended with a whimper, but at least he did put Cuomo. I didn't see the the the interview on TV. I did read the transcript and now I've heard the audio a couple of times today preparing for the show and and now live with you Bobby, so he asked. He did put up the right stuff that it's like he kinda took aside like a brother at the end all this is a distinction with the difference you know this very very well. You don't have to call someone directly and ask them to do something you making the call on behalf of your brother says all that you need to say you've made the call to members of the media you did it for a reason you're looking to get you noted to tip the scale and your brothers in trouble and you're trying to help but I don't II said all the time. During this whole double Cuomo dustup that ever anyway love your brother would do anything they could further brother gets very, very tough when you're in a situation where he's a governor and your media person you remember those some toilet bowl things that he use like they were slobs like October 19 slobs Tease tease his brother about his nose. Here's your size you funny it was stick but I'm not buying what Chris Cuomo is selling are you known I like to call you. There was double answers that didn't add up like entire conversation about contacting the reporter. Cuomo really danced around answer. But that if I don't have any evidence to prove I didn't do that there can't Bobby let me just interject Bobby. This is just because I want the listeners to want to underscore this.

This was very Clintonesque when he set out you know I didn't like it.

I never, and I smoke marijuana, but I never inhaled it. I mean really try to torture the English language. Note, Cuomo said no. I never contacted any media who were covering my brother like like that is your get out of jail free that your that your qualifier that's sure that you will why didn't you say so that changes like the Wizard of Oz, you know, they come right Emerald City. Why didn't you say so.

It's a horse of a different color. All you didn't call anyone who was covering your brother will who you call, I segment later in that conversation, Abrams asked Campbell that in the leaked text messages that you had Aleta email reporter what that unit. Cuomo said what could mean anything. What exactly is he talking about off you completely dampen the route the answer off you brought up the room interview. I agree.

I thought Abrams did a good job at it in the right question. Some of his reactions. I thought you let Cuomo up with some background on the contact interview really strange for two reasons.

One is now called Alcala get new patient is a lead-in to each other in prime time into.

They touched on this a little bit grumpy. Cuomo actually personal) in relatively close when I report on the story Abrams affect your driving force also to get Cuomo on new it'll really awkward interview because he sitting down with is now colleague, longtime friend to talk about lowest point of his career. So really great atmosphere. Overall, breaking away think you really Cuomo has no remorse for what you mean by that bit him early on that hate. I might have done the same thing because family often does come before work. I don't begrudge Cuomo for that but the way he handled it is hard even now try to cover for act like a look that big a deal, although I didn't go that far. He comes across very good on it and privilege and standpoint of what I can do whatever I want I should have to answer for this. So I called back. She looking bored doing the interview he did a week ago. A lot of them started for okay well that was six months ago to move on a mile to keep them company favorite flat. I agree. I think he thinks he's so smart they can talk his way out of anything. Again, sort of the Bill Clinton when Bill Clinton is mojo and was you know in in that zone where he could just do anything, say anything and blame anybody do anything and get away with it. Let's take a brief timeout were to come back with this wonderful guest Bobby Barack this is the Brian Kim each show you places you need to kill me. He's so busy he'll make you kill me. This creature denied science and logic intelligence, advice, experience, information for district mathematics for himself, denied them for our country. He is the root cause of all the avoidable impressions of all the avoidable deaths and I do not want to hear platitudes about hell. Of course we wish him a speedy retarder member coverage so we get back to the office and set in place and reinforce policies that will kill 86,000 more of us before New Year's Eve viral transmission accomplished. Wow I have to say and I don't usually say things like this, but it sounded like Keith was like rabid and frothing at the mouth. If it's like he was foaming. I don't say that I say that literally it sounded like he had like a bucket of spit in his mouth. Keith Olbermann trashing trump. I'd love to see the.

The follow-up to this though, because many more people have died over the past 18 months under Biden's watch, then did under Trump's and this is with all the therapeutics and vaccines and everything so I don't even know what to say if he had all that to say Trump is the root cause of all covert deaths. Wow, that's some Bobby that is extra special. Joining us on the Brian Kim each show on the Brian Kim each own newsmaker hotline is Bobby Barack and to reach Bobby his Twitter handle is BU are ACK. His last name Barack Bobby simple enough, B.o.B, VY, and then the_� right after the Y at Barack Bobby_� hate that you have that � Bobby but I know you're popular you can you can you can endure the_� what you think about Chris, I'm sorry about Keith Olbermann just gone berserk. There yes we can joke all we want about Chris, call Molly Goodlatte yet nothing I Keith Olbermann riding around their cars hearing that weight to kill the silk book from Therese lunatic like they might not know who that guy you guys go off the rail Valley blade Trump rarely told the debt he also said that Trump is officially a mass murderer.

He said that Amy Cody Barrett is a math murder. This guy is completely off and I watched some of his video, and I can't tell if you claim the character or not be written up all of the locus people in all of media and get that he received 85% of the vote that held down yet and how low he had become. I have anything like that guy. Unbelievably strange awkward hundred and quite frankly just a couple.

Here's a guy I have always liked. I met him when he was a rookie on the Philadelphia 76ers and I first thing I said to him was its amount around the rebound that was his nickname coming out of college onto the Sixers. Phenomenal NBA player. The Sixers and the Phoenix Suns. Sir Charles Barkley and I've been a big fan of his. I guess that since he was probably 22 years old and he's not afraid to speak his mind. It sometimes gets him in trouble. He compared civil rights concerns in the United States to Saudi Arabia. What is your take on that Bobby guy like Charles Barkley to use "making a great point because he initially set wire people focusing so much on this issue with the other. I made the same point because the media crushes the player for participating out. Thought you badly but they say nothing about the MBA player profiting from slave labor in China.

Think how: the Chinese party which is committing genocide, a Muslim leader who Barkley had a point.

But then he goes. Let's focus on US civil right that it focuses on China. Yet they inject the US and look comparing US civil rights, whatever those are.

Yet they to what school nodded Saudi Arabia alert that a murder journalist and all that distasteful. And again he was so close that you make a powerful point, but why won't you talk about China, but your pocketbook Saudi Arabia but that you said let's not talk Saudi Arabia or China, let's talk about unite anything to me was about him trying to get that get out of jail free card. Oh he's talking about supposed racism in America, so will leave the law incredibly weak by Barkley. You're listening to Bobby Barack on the Brian Kim each show.

I deftly want to get this one I think is really important and it shows the duplicitous nature of these partisan Democrats because I was say there's good Democrats, but there there certainly quiet. I mean, it's the loud ones because you Cortez faking like she's handcuffed, then saying although I wasn't thinking like him handcuffed a look at the video I come on you that liars who lie about lying. So you have the Democrats absolutely ballistic that the television platform, Hulu won't air ads attacking the Republican party's record on abortion and gun control. But of course they love that Republicans basically conservatives get censored on social media platforms and penalized and suspended so they love censoring. They just don't they don't like it. On this occasion right yet the back story here is the Democrats three Democratic organizations contacted Hulu to run the ad nearing the GOP gun control climate change and gun gun control climate change in abortion that now were not good. I run this stuff organized don't want to run toxic political as that might or might not be true and Democrats went to the Washington Post and twitter that hate. Let's boycott Hulu and get that trendy and shredded all day Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Disney old Hulu cave this morning that now the dialogue as very disappointing to see this cool little bit of backbone and crumbling cowards. One day later Bobby 30 seconds left in our program today. I agree with you that history will not be kind. I also like you call the bizarro world history will catch up it will be recorded correctly and it will not like what we've seen 30 seconds yet real quick. I have a column up my twitter page now okay on it. Talk about how you look back at this time in history to leave you with that one day hopefully when were still alive. You can look back and say we were alive at the time would be a president who could speak we couldn't define what a woman it in our media completely lost interest in the truth that is third indictment on the state.

The country Bobby nice visit with you continued good wishes to talk to you as Bobby Barack I am Harry Hurley filling in today for Brian who will be back tomorrow. I want to thank Allison, Pete and Eric and of course Brian for the opportunity to pinch-hit today.

Keep close to Brian most important voices in America. Brian kill Brian kill me Brian will be back tomorrow. This is the Brian Kim each show, urologists, and resources a fox in your box. Whether blood just personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just a

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