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China Throws a Fit, Fires Missiles into Taiwan Strait

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 4, 2022 12:41 pm

China Throws a Fit, Fires Missiles into Taiwan Strait

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 4, 2022 12:41 pm

[00:09:18] Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)

[00:18:40] Carley Shimkus

[00:37:11] Marc Thiessen

[00:55:09] Mike Rogers

[01:06:14] Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)

[01:13:30] Josh Kraushaar

[01:32:01] Josh Rogin

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Five euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian kill me was reading your buddies, the right to me Joe us are to meet you yesterday I had a duty to shoot just know most times when I'm off I'm not actually all student shoot that I think you love on Saturday on one nation will bring here the radio show unedited Elvis week next week 45 years since his death and of course the movies runaway blockbuster bestseller bestseller box office smash and there's new interest.

I thought I go down to Memphis and see what everything is like just what everybody's talking about it's not about Elvis and Evan fun crime same thing in New York City where we are crime our number one issue, but that's not all. Which brings us to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three say the difference definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly but expect different results. Although criminal justice system is in same. That is Mayor Eric Adams insanity is right. New York City reveals what we know to be the hard and violent facts. The same people committing all the crimes are causing massive dangers and personal destruction in cities, big and small.

I'm talking about. Luckily, this what 10 people are able to do commit 500 crimes. Why don't we arrest them and keep them in jail. Raises taxes increases the burden of taxation on lower income people significantly calling an inflation reduction village rather laughable mansion Schumer climate bill not done yet. It is not. I only want to say it inflation reduction built the holdout center cinema but the she want will tell you about that.

The clock is ticking right before recess also found the breaking news from Capitol Hill on the CBO and with the CBO scoring says I think you're going to think China launched rockets over Taiwan. I think part of this is messaging running part of it is to make something very clear signal to leaders in Taiwan and to military leaders I want and that is that if we decide to take you by force. You will be able to stop us.

Let the exercises begin.

Speaker Pelosi's visit to Taiwan came and went.

China is incensed and as promised a response is beginning with the shooting around and perhaps over the island of Taiwan is much as I support her going. I just wonder if anyone thought this through anyone at all what China is overreacting and has been speculated by McCarthy was with me on television this morning. The part of the overreacting was due. To present.

She and China having huge economic problems. Being a million people shut down and move on in the matter of days. They cannot shake the pandemic that they started and young people are DR are a lot of them are unemployed. Not sure what happened but it was the pullback on capitalistic principles and the crank that crack down on people like Jack Martinelli, baba. So having said that, the also the housing problem so if you have a housing problem. If you have economic issues. If you're worried about getting your lifetime term in any society, any government what you do is create an enemy. Maybe this is opportunistic and that's fine. I am not making excuses our speaker.

Our delegation should be able to go anytime anywhere to Taiwan. My goodness Mike Pompeo was just there.

They also had congressmen and women there. We got soldiers on the ground training Taiwanese to use some electronic weaponry that we sold them both on the ground training them to fight off a would-be invasion got 23 million people. That's no that's bigger than hungry. So having said all that, I just wonder if you know all this is happening and you have intelligence to show that China could be reacting like this is anyone on the same page say this is our strategy at stake in nuclear war. Never thing you know I never think we should back off. So Pelosi lands. She's out now South Korea where she is right now. She's going to go to the DMZ line fine their present does want to meet with their freight reportedly afraid of it getting China meant that that worries me. The South Korea is worried about taking this third ranking person to meeting with the third ranking person in the US it shows you there not to secure that will watch their back. Even though we have a missile defense system. They are the very least, in about 25 to 35,000 soldiers so China is now surrounding the island exercises within 12 miles of their sure the Sea of Japan evidently got a errant missile that hit right by their coast. Obviously they're going to make mistakes in all exercises there. There they are drills. They are practice.

They are built to make mistakes.

Here's Pelosi on the ground: I think it's important to nine, and inform others of how we are here 43 years ago, but it Taiwan relations act, American native bedrock promise to always stand with Taiwan and on this strong foundation we had built a thriving partnership today and delegation which I'm very proud came to Taiwan to make unequivocally clear will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan and will proud of our enduring friendship.

Good I got it, but the Pentagon has discriminant resources to defend now we see military exercises so a whole aircraft carrier group is gotta stay in town, cost us millions. The speakers entitled to do all this but the White House not on board with this from the same party. It's insane as Lindsey Graham told us on our show two days ago to say it's the Keystone cops would be an insult to the Keystone cops. If I could quote Pres. Biden. No joke. Jack Thomas Friedman thinks the whole thing is a liberal editorial and liberal columnist for the New York Times who has tremendous influence with Biden cut five right now is the time for good relations with China open dialogue and not doing anything to provoke them because eyes on the prize.

The price is Ukraine pushing Roger out of Chuck out of Ukraine and for that China is helping us. I wouldn't be poking the bear right now they're not helping us that's a mistake.

That's a misstatement. They are not selling them weaponry.

They are buying their oil that and an example of this is Iran is selling or give selling Russia drones and rhinos.

China makes most of the drones would've been easy for China to sell it to them, but they're not.

So that helps, but you never go easier China and they are number one enemy. I understand controlling rush. I am fully on board with Ukrainian been successful in bleeding Russia dry here Sen. Tom cotton cannot blame China via our farmland, our food companies is a massive strategic mistake like the simple facts of this China cannot feed itself. The United States cannot only feed our own citizen, but the much of the world thanks to the productivity of our farmers and ranchers, why would we ever want to surrender that huge strategic advantage for China in the time Congress talked about the buying of huge tracts of land in Oklahoma in South Dakota and will some little bit around our military bases and so was Bill Gates what is Bill Gates doing I have no answer to it. I just put it out there is a huge risk. I was just talking to Marco Rubio, MTV2. He is very concerned about this Marco Rubio had a very good statement. He said you you may think that America's fractured boy comes to things like this were under percent on the same page. I love that message. I think we need to hear more encouragement Jim Banks is coming next and have them expand on that shortly. I also want to talk about the inflation reduction bill, which is anything but a Joe mansion, who have a lot of respect for, has signed off on all this climate crap in order to get pipelines built in permitting process eased when it comes to fossil fuels. He also says it's going to reduce the deficit, getting into detail yet, but the CBO just to look at it and even though they list they going to take 300 billion over 10 years off the deficit. It's really 100 billion how many other math problems are wrong and how concerned are you that they going to put 85 billion to put the higher thousands more IRS agents.

You think they're just going after billionaires. Not a chance.

Use in the brain kill me show radio show of people for the kill made Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine's personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast fastest three hours and radio your Ryan kill made all of us were somewhat shocked by the remarriage and reversal of position to restore his last week against raising taxes versus doctors increases the burden of taxation on lower income people significantly calling and inflation reduction bill is rather laughable independent analysis indicates it actually increases inflation arch. Version and may have an impact over 10 years and their policies from last year reported produce 40 or high inflation so it's a terrible package. It appears as if there all along that one will be up to center cinema from Arizona is quite independent to determine what the final conquerors. The bill and that her problem is she wants more of green money for water distribution because that's what Arizona suffering from and she was here the carried and she wants to make sure carried interest remains as is get eliminated cursing Jim Bank joins us now. Of course this is Senate issues, but it revolves around our country is and how servicer honed House armed services committee ranking member subcommittee and cyber enchantment Republican study group Carson welcome back your thoughts about what happened last week and sends it to get past this week well on the mansion, Schumer Bill Cropp mansion up on a pedestal. He always is doing the wrong thing and this is another example. Here's a case where he's completely flip-flopped back and forth on this massive reconciliation about the same time. Keep in mind that we are in the first recession in American history. This print directly caused by excessive government lending all at the hands of the Democrats control Congress and Pres. Joe Biden and their solutions to spend more and tax more to get us out of inflation when every high school economics or college economics textbook would tell you that the result of that will be more inflation so I I'm skeptical that at this point that they're going to pass the so-called reconciliation or whatever whatever they're calling it today.

Bill soon enough that the house will go back in the session next week. Like it was previously rumored, but who knows with the Senators at the end of the day right cinema if it all depends on cinema. She wants to spend more, not less. I imagine if the way things are going to get away. You know the care act and so there was that was a push when on the title would later be known as Obama care, but to say this is inflation reduction is almost under no circumstances. This reduces inflation and release: the climate bill and then we say okay they found the Democrats found a way to pass a climate bill but is totally mislabeled. You were theirs and the American people not do don't do this for a living like you or I to be due by that title. I don't think so. November is a result of the Native American people are stupid or paying attention. They know that their suffering, especially the working men and women of this country who go to work every day in and put in a good day's work, and realize that they're doing their they're doing much more poorly under Democrat-controlled what it works. A couple years ago Donald Trump was in the White House so the American people get they get that part of it. But you're right, the Democrats a really good slot titles on the spells that should be it should be criminal to get away with what they get away with when they put names and what whether it's tough on China bills that are actually helping child or inflation reduction bills actually drive up inflation� Obama care and affordable care act that actually made healthcare more expensive and less accessible for the American people. I think by this point the American people caught on and that's why they're desperate for a change of leadership that they know that what the Democrats are selling isn't working is making it, making it harder for the American people. I'm sure you know, following everything to do with China. It looks like Taiwan's been surrounded by on every side by China as a having military exercises to send a message never to accept.

I guess Nancy Pelosi or a high ranking of American official there again is that the message they get as close as 12 miles from the island of one of the rockets landed the Sea of Japan and theirs exclusively we have some sources and say there's a fear that China could invade Taiwan and try to take it within 18 months.

Would you hearing what is your take on the trip support figure. Pelosi don't I want to show of America to show America support for the sovereignty of Taiwan for their people are not to be deterred by the bullies in China. But the biggest problem here is that China recognizes that we have the weakest commander-in-chief of the last paragraph before and and as a projection of that weakness. Yet Joe Biden threatening Nancy Pelosi not to go in the first place of drawing more attention to the visit and and drawing more attention.

American weakness on the world stage so the fact the matter is they know they have a window of time with a weak American president to invade Taiwan and just like Russia debating your client and note that the time is running out that they need to activate that they that weakness is going to last for a small period of time before replace Joe Biden with a stronger American president and commander-in-chief.

The week we have to protect Taiwan. We have to show that show our support for Taiwan and we need to follow closely the activities that are occurring at this moment. I wish I had more faith in this commander-in-chief to act out in and show strength at this point I don't disowning these yesterday Congresswoman and you become to make sure that Jackie will our ski as I passed away, killed in a head-on collision with another car that other driver got into her lane will turn to other staffers you reaction them to somebody when your colleagues very close colorguard. Our districts are right next to each other and should that Jackie was a dear friend and mentor them anyways in the Congress of a great person.

Great colleague is very passionate, shipshape person.

She was very a giant on the house floor and and are speaking out for the unborn fighting for veterans and their children disadvantaged children around the country. She was a missionary in Romania serving the Indiana state houses on a dead end bends and served in Congress for the last over eight years. So a tremendous example of public service and adventure dearly and that the two US staffers who were killed in that accident as well close to my staffers as is our districts that were closely together and shared a number of communities.

So a big a big loss for our country for my state and a friend to him and miss dearly when we go back to Washington in a few weeks. It just won't be the same, so no going back to Austin you've rewritten the letter written November as the ranking member of the Republican study committee to Secretary of State Anthony blinking want to know if he's using tax dollars to spread the word of atheism around the globe to disadvantage places in Central and South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, reallocating dollars to make sure that atheists right source protected by up to $500,000 grant for the State Department is awarding you organizations to spread atheism and parts of the world where they have Muslim populations Catholic populations in America is funding efforts to spread it so we sent a letter to Sec. Blanca to demand answers about there was benefiting from the securities organizations that are receiving these grants will slip the process of they're going to be awarded the grant. Of course been complete silence for the Biden administration about this is they don't want to draw attention and edit yet another example of them spreading radical radical locus are not just all but around the world as well. So I did just an example of how radical out of touch with administration is in and that another example of their hypocrisy to Bryant.

If you could get your magic. Sec. Pompeo Trump administration awarding grants to spread Christianity throughout the world with a liquidated echo after the Trump administration as they would've done that yet here they are spreading atheism and that defending atheism and and that part of Africa and in other then the respondent means you have a procedures title yet a lot of power and they been released explain themselves. Thanks, thanks so much for giving today is another reason to put the publicans back in power, tasks, networks, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is Ben Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you kill me when he went the main line and gas prices in over a decade. Prices are now down $0.86 a gallon from their June peak fading American families with two cars on average over $90 a month on gas and drivers can now find gas but the first (399 99 a gallon more than half of all gas stations across the country time to rejoice gases down in some places 399. She clueless. They understand the most part gases doubled for where and when you took over the country and it was as high as five with historic Kaiser never thought we'd see.

So now the same. Look at how little we've done so I guess Vladimir Putin thanks because you jacked up the price before.

Thanks for lessening it weight.

The war still going on. The oil is still the same, but the price per barrel has dropped thanks Vladimir Putin for doing that Colin Shimkus is here with more how much did you pay for your barrel of oil well luckily for everybody on the streets everywhere.

I haven't driven in tenure so you have and when I was trying out my thinking right now to keep me off the record, I can adult and said that what he means is I'm Chi Chi Drive every day. I mean, most people listening to us right now. Drive every day in New York City at the fake town.

No one lives like the SSI people in New York State so you really car in New York City. You have to be a billionaire because parking cost as much is rent right parking garage like $4000 a month.

Can you believe that yeah I mean I guess there's a reason. Of course, right exactly use my feet, but if you wouldn't suburbs a test suite. So what you think about that and gas prices are down is good for the Biden ministrations over inflation fierce, but that's not something that obviously they want to address price probably a price for per barrel of oil is down now because of releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve or president.

Biden is doing it just because the economy is in such disarray that people are pulling back in and down and get the price per gallon is down because of that on and then there was that announcement from OPEC plus yesterday and they said that they were now only release hundred thousand barrels more per week. You know that's almost nothing know it really literally is in effect. Nothing that it naturally thanks to show the reason for the trip that was that's exactly right. Since that is the outcome of Pres. Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia. I wonder if they actually did that as I kind of screwed unified and absolute everything will will up the ante a little bit. But that means nothing to think about this Israel command said we have a difference.

You think you can talk and negotiate with Iran.

We know you can type and number two is when said one thing we got was his now flights from Israel to Saudi Arabia said no we were doing this now entry with us yet we were doing that and by the way, Abraham accords with it with the glide path should we mention every other word should be. Abraham accords. Instead, they try to do descriptor rather just use the title and they said what we got a truce with Yemen and Saudi Arabia needed is no truce. So Leslie on this want you here with Amos Hochstein said because you are saying me for land. I'm not, what is the best thing about him in his first name. His cologne. Thank you.

I don't the prices start going up as soon as Putin starts intervening in Europe know know they actually worked were going up they were going know that's affecting untrue date.

The main increase in prices was as the starting to intervene in the markets in the early fall of last year and then one before the invasion, but when he started intervene the markets by increasing the security premiums. Those went up to see if I was in your corner at this infuriating thing I've written while he knows that gas prices were up for this springtime Russian design because they welled up troops they went up there going up before that they were welling up to speed for their doing exercises. They said we had to give money towards the security. That's the problem not understand what you started.

Now it's that everything is the reason gas prices are apt is because they're such uncertainty any oil industry because of things like the Keystone and etc. etc. you are wrong because Amos was speaking even further in more to say that 80 now why the going down of the war still raging is a great question and answers because relaxing taken a lot of actions different actions in order to bring those prices down. Unfortunately, we live in a an era where we want to have instant gratification that when you take an action, you see the reaction immediately sometimes takes time in the market and all these actions put together having that impact we want them to be to go further. But there's no doubt that the action be taken are part of the reason these prices are coming down now I get to go be reformed by the way they jeopardize our security right year and half will be out. I know anything is blank range on here said about gas prices, I think.

Actually the clip that you are playing into 2 May we did. That was the same clip is where she said that the gas prices started to decrease when Pres. Biden ancestor exercise idea who it's crazy just like throwing darts at a walnut that will be the excuse that we get this time you will say that it is right so that's with the doing of the economy. And what about making heads or tails at about with Joe mansion has done in his plan.

So first off we would do you subscribe to the thought that Mitch McConnell was outmaneuvered on this Mitch McConnell because he worked behind the scenes after they did the chips bill and the journey away like I worked out Mitch McConnell be very angry that this is click on a thrill but I don't know that well because Christensen and I still have a hold out and it would really stink to be in her position right now because no matter what she does have to countries can you think you're off like a sheet to care more about what her constituents think and that's why she said that she wants two things she wants to hear that was attacked when the tax loopholes with the called need to know know the truth and live a the carrier carried an interest rate that helps companies invest, but some people think it just helps rich people directly. She wants to get rid of that. Also she wants drop protection for estate 5 billion so I don't know.

I mean that those are very small asks for something that could give Democrats a much needed positive new cycle so I have a feeling that this is something that is going to go through will latency when I was I thinking national baseball game. A lot of Republicans have were talking to her sink interesting things about at cinema versus mansion and they said that cares much less about what people think about her and mentions just more like your standard politician so they were thinking that she might hold out on it, although I would argue that that's not true mansion instead in the way a lot of things I don't seem to have a pretty tough spine, right not to forget that this is reason why DC is not a state stayed in this really master the filibuster still around and they didn't pack the court any so so I think that you can't run away from that of the fact this was to be $4 trillion. So with the ditties he got some fossil fuel things in their own permitting and he got his pipeline done which interesting thing that was brought up in a minute. Also, Joe mansion weight answers were totally wrong to say this raises taxes although there's two separate positive said that it will actually raise taxes to the tune of 16.7 billion for people make under 200,014.1 billion from you be people who make between 200 and 500,000 so I thought this was interesting. If you are senator from what's a Montana and ablution like you have a red state like Arizona or perceive red state if you are in a red state a Democrat like you are with Western you have leverage so John testers in red state like Montana and Steve dangers spokesperson said, it seems mansion went back on his word to move forward with the bill back better plan got a pledge to finish a pipeline in his state.

She said putting your feelings aside quid pro quo. You ask yourself why Montana senior Sen. didn't try and make a similar do the Keystone XL pipeline to create right through it would be jobs instantly. People say that's legitimate. And guess what would've helped if I could do the Joe Biden helped Lou would've looked like he was doing some For Republicans in order to get them more involved, and made it harder for Republicans to resist all that was an executive order so I don't know if any Sen. could have stopped fighting, signing, and will because if you put that in the bill he could refuse to sign the bill, yeah, go ahead. You want to keep your executive will keep them so so that that's one thing so cinema goes to pre-try standing at a water issue with the water issue now so if I'm Sen. Warner. Evidently he cinema.

He's a moderate.

People say okay center Kelly came in as moderate wear wears weary name where they doing their mansion. I now I know you're actually right and then when it comes to that. I first of I think a lot of that is fear exactly why people are saying now that Kiersten cannot doesn't care what people think because you don't want to be the one person on lonely island when your whole entire Caucasus and how dare you not signed yet they chase into that and they chase you on your house motor whenever I mansion has nobody wants to be in a position so you can just go along with the rest of the group and it's a sort of human nature on the tax increase front. I feel like what this like the joint committee on taxation when they said that it would increase taxes. I think they're talking that indirect taxes right to be an indirect tax because what it would deal with it would get rid of the 15% it would get rid of it would have a minimum tax for companies a 15% some companies can get around so what those companies are just pay that their Internet make things more expensive.

So that's I believe where that price increase.

I'm not a tax attorney but a lot of times what people say is what gets me a deduction gifted to charity will give me a deduction blitzing my state gives me an incentive to build on to my place to get a big so what happens is a lot of these a lot of these corporations come to the end of the year and they say you know what little rich man.

I'm going 1000 purchase and yet I think I'm about to spell that just drives me up a wall is the $7500 tax incentive this that I to get an electric vehicle get a tax break for RI $7000 to get it to get an electric vehicle on the date they wanted to buy an EV like you giving money to people to families that make over $300,000 right silent people. There's like there is recently a poll that said that four in 10 people are buying fewer groceries if you really think that this is something that is on the on top of mind for them and oh by the way, where does the electricity come to charge those vehicles from the electric power grant that is fired up by fossil fuels this country so there is also that and then it's a total gift to China because China's mining these rare earth minerals that go into these electric vehicles should we be intertwining. Our economy more to China right now and they decided they were in a shoot down Nancy Pelosi's plane and their surrounding timeline and you know all around the island. I don't think so Erica and NP that she should.

We should really refer other subjects ahead of time. This we should be more prepared just a mental note, you got that dumpy next time we were running them. I could use Joe mansion. How were totally wrong to say their tax increases. In this, the bottom line on tax and let me know the bottom line on that Harrison, one of the bottom-line joint committee on taxation. That opinion was only written by my friends on the Republican side was not done by the whole joint committee so that is unfair to so let's be accurate. What were doing here.

Are you saying that Mitch McConnell and others in the Senate are wrong about those numbers and that Americans taxes are not going to go up totally on point totally, absolutely course, this is his balance that mansion rebel. One thing that we haven't brought up yet now is that were raising taxes and spending more when we are in a recession.

So there's like there's just also that this is also that on top of everything we've Artie said when we come back we'll talk about something else. So let's to have you cared for something so excited little brain to meet you, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made Fox News contests network.

These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite part just so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me, I welcome back everyone trying to meet here with Colin Shimkus for a few minutes to call based on the news all morning for two hours when anchor than she did on the news for three hours as an anchor and now my quest is through Peter and Eric and Allison to give you news. You do not know know Carly Shimkus. Let's start with this policy. Of course in the news.

He may know that, but you may not which is like arguing, I pled not guilty to DUI DUI charge in California, prosecutors actually walking them for drug because yesterday there was letter pointing out that there was a drunk and insist on reason and yeah now they're saying now that was like an auto generated boilerplate language for guessing a DUI and randomly put a drug in his system as well so that's the story they are sticking to it. He pled not guilty, but no another car any person heard the person sent me an interview somebody over absolute lifesaver and seriously next a passenger find $1874.52 undeclared McMuffin's were found in his luggage to valiant and easy to Australia has found themselves paying a hefty fine.

The unnamed travel was handed a fine of 2006 from AU$64 verdict 1800 after two undeclared egg and beef sausage McMuffin's in a hamper side were found in his luggage. Do you think this is the crime of processing at the most expensive meal. This passengers ever have the incident came days after Australian authorities brought in tough new bio security rules for foot-and-mouth disease. All prowess that have that is, if it's something that's when you say something you should feeling sometimes you get foot-and-mouth every day I will be back. I many Americans are ready to hit the self-destruct button when bugs invade their home. One in three people, 34% Lane that actually considered burning down their own house after finding an infestation of my goodness, I can kind of relate to this in a way I told you the serial storylines that I but I do live in New York City. This was when I was in my early 20s has no reflection on my roommate hygiene but she found that bug in her bed and I was so horrified and just that we should just move the process of fumigate the whole thing. You know you can live daily found one and I'm sure it was. He was on a trip up a block, I was just like you know what, let's just leave that life and move. Now you can frequently not thousands, but that's how you feel. I cry relate to this.

Yeah, I know that my wife is move entire soccer teams out of hotels when she found a bedbug is nobody wants to stay.

As you know all fall next organizer festival in England broke the Guinness Book of World Records by gathering nearly 600 people to death simultaneously to dance to disco music.

The adjunct or was on hand to verify the dance that broke the previous record 324 dancers which were set in London in 2018.

Claire Hodgkinson, who lived the camp festival dance held rehearsal workshops online in the lead up to this event. The record attempted raise money for the L MacArthur cancer trust move, but I thought you told you that I that's a high number that's breakable what we went for 598 okay right for a good cause at the dance and that would have you know what I read the job jogging in the piece that you did with Herschel Walker. Never seen you like. Please very better to better shape than Herschel naturally Fox News radio studios New York City you opinions and facts with a positive approach. I come to you from 46 in midtown Manhattan. The Brian kill me. Joe, thanks so much for being here heard around the country heard around the world markets and standing by Mike Rogers, former FBI guy and chair of the House permanent select committee and then Tom cotton big our hold on tight to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three say the difference definition of insanity is the same thing repeatedly expect different results follow criminal justice system is insane. Yes, because the same people getting arrested committing these crimes to the tune of how about this, all crimes the massive number of crimes in New York City are done by the same people 500 crimes by 12 people. No joke versus doctors increases the burden of taxation on lower income people should know: inflation reduction village laughable. Yeah they go Sen. Mitch McConnell mentioned Schumer climate filled not done yet. The holdout center cinema. What does she want. We will tell you, as the clock is ticking before their recess will follow the breaking news from Capitol Hill at the CBO does some scoring. I think you're going to see China launched rockets over Taiwan.

I think part of this is messaging running part of it is to make something very clear signal to leaders in Taiwan and to military leaders in Taiwan and that is if we decide to take it by force. You will be able to stop us. That's the message.

25 million don't usually stand by and Taiwan can fight. We understand what the exerciser begin and they have Speaker Pelosi's visits Taiwan came and went. She is now in South Korea, China, incensed as promised. They basically surrounded the island and are having exercises in and around within 10 miles of the island as much as I support her going. I just wonder is anyone thought this through anyone at all White House, State Department, Pentagon, speaker, Marti's and George's now hey Mark, so Mark would never seen an island to island of Taiwan, Taiwan, surrounded by the by the Chinese with the military exercises put together in a matter of moments, and one of the rockets when the stands went in this sea of Japan so a lot could go wrong. I agree with Speaker Pelosi on pretty much everything I hundred percent Taiwan. I think she was going to do it courageous to do it and she did it in the face of opposition from the Chinese Communist Party, the Pentagon and her own president so credit where credit is due.

She did the right thing if she had not gone it would've been such a signal of weakness on the world stage, giving brightness of the signal weakness.

The idea that the Chinese Communist Party Ct. by threatening America stop the speaker of the house from visiting a democratic nation is just appalling idea. So she did the absolute right to mark the right strategy because you want, she could pick up the phone just Austin on the phone say guys I really want to go and do this in the spring at what's the best way to approach aim is to present I'm in a do it now. They both pushed back and said you better not and she want to go anyway understand it with the fact that there winging it makes me really concerned because the stakes are high and we need to be on the same page on this Taiwan and they had a policy of sending higher and higher ranking people to Taiwan December signal is normal. This is actually the way a continuation of the current policy towards not want tell her that we were we. I know you even want a carbuncle once in a while she we have to give her credit she is been going on China.

Her entire career and I work with Sen. Jesse Helms in the 1990s and he opposed the bringing China into the WTO and giving them normal permanent normal trade relations that is been his biggest ally was Nancy Pelosi and Bateman actually proven right on about bringing China into the WTO been an absolute disaster. Gold is done is enrich them and democratize them and it started American businessman to lobbyist for the Chinese Communist Party so you know they were to share the good record on this issue. It may be the only one butter but she got up, but the problem is that we need to be able to backup our our policy with the kind of capabilities that vent say to China. You cannot only invade Taiwan unit. One of the differences between Ukraine and and Taiwan is that Ukraine has a long porous border that show the rush of method strips and go over across the Taiwan Strait to get to the Taiwan anything to do and it's the thing that we can deny them the capability of doing thanks to Donald Trump, Donald from withdrew from the international intermediate range.

Ms. INF treaty that banned intermediate range nuclear and conventional missile treaty with Russia and was designed for the Cold War because we withdrew from that.

That means we can now deploy intermediate range missiles in Asia.

We can apply them in Japan we can deploy them in wall we can before them in the Philippines and we can detergent we can send a message to China that you can't get across the Taiwan Strait. We will be able to deny you the ability to reach Taiwan. We gotta get those weapons to provide the capability to Taiwan so we were doing the right thing and saying the right things were not deploying the right capabilities in order to back it up as a marker will be told told us on Fox and friends about most people concerned about him shooting now over Taiwan. That's what they could be doing maybe for the first time cut 11.

I think you're going to see China launched rockets over Taiwan Sanchez potential airfare military airplanes fly over Taiwan and and and I think part of this is messaging running part of it is to make and send a very clear signal to leaders in Taiwan and to military leaders I want and that is if we decide to take it by force.

You won't be able to stop us and therefore you might as well begin to negotiate with us the terms of your surrender.

I think there's no doubt about it, but that's can happen. I worn out last night and you know he's always got good instincts on foreign policy and the retweet saying we may have divisions at home but not when were dealing with a common enemy so that just to paraphrase that so listen now she is in South Korea and the South Korea prison reportedly will not meet with her because he's afraid of anguishing out a note to those leaving the country right now afraid of gangrene, China, so she's going to the DMZ line alone and in the president of South Korea's I can do that week, but I'll tell you, you know the what we need to realize right now you know when you can and they have a temper tantrum and what's what you're supposed to do it. Just let them what you have a lot in the form of banging their feet and yelling.

I got to do is not to yell at work to confront them just let them have the tantrum right out of the system and it's over. That's what's happening with China right now China is not going to invade Taiwan overflows.

Here's why I think it won't happen because China's hope is that the binder ministration in the American and in future ministration will not respond militarily if they invade Taiwan that we will do what we did in Ukraine with all troops away. Give them weapons may be, but we will not get involved in the direct confrontation with them if they were to invade her attack Taiwan over the speakers visit. We have no choice but to get involved because it was our fault that we provoked and so we would have to come to Taiwan.

So China has no interest in attacking Taiwan right now because that would do the opposite of what they want which is to one day invade Taiwan and not have the military come to fact is though this is what bothers me is that they put themselves on a limb.

They promised a violent reaction if she did this, they didn't say there will be repercussions for the filing a means of pledging some type of military response could be like our little girl coming on for plans over Taiwan. Again, let them have the tantrum wanted to take military action. We don't respond we got a good position to respond, but there there.

I don't think it maybe lots of dictators do things that are not in their self-interest like Saddam Hussein you know. There dictators miscalculate all the time but I think they understand that their goal is to retake Taiwan without getting the United States. Without provoking a military response of the United States at this time we would have to respond. We would we would have a choice of sitting on the sidelines if they attack over speaker below.

We talk anymore to see Marxism talk up our relations with Mike Rogers and Tom cotton.

I do want to get into this mansion. Bill dimension Schumer Bill Kristin cinema is evidently holding out to you really carried interest is evidently holding out to get some more green money for all water issues they're having in Arizona are you hopeful that she will hold the line and not sign off on this. Sending this, Schumer mentioned Bill on putting it on ice until they return. You know I II think that I'm portly management (out on the laminate very hard to be the only one to the rest of your entire party.

So I'm not hopeful that you will do that and you probably agreed with a lot of things that are in the bill go you know I have never seen a a person treated the way she has been by the Democratic Party and the idea that her boat is crucial to this and they didn't even bring her into the process and that the product or limit is is appalling, so I'm not confident she's going to kill and I think you Linda, but it probably end up voting for or would be thrilled if she didn't, what do you take from this because Joe mansion swears there's no tax increases where the Wall Street Journal did their study and sins can be 14 billion for people make over 200,000 and between 205 and 2000. There's going to be 16.7 billion over 10 years of additional tax revenue for people make that what was right all the joint economic committee� Committee router which is bipartisan and nonpartisan scrub of it. They found that it does raise taxes on people making up thing it does, which is why I went to work and study which said that it had zero impact on inflation.

So calling it the inflation reduction act of is alive and working group is completely nonpartisan. Their claim to it being to being anonymous fighting inflation is that it'll reduce the deficit in the long run.

It got that years and years from now and I'm sure that that's never going to happen. So that's questionable to begin with but I'm taxes. Why do we have inflation right now we have inflation because demand is outstripping supply which so what we need is less demand and more supply 50% of the tax increases. In this bill are on manufacturer so if you increase taxes on manufacturers who are already getting hit by supply chain issues inflation and got in a labor shortage and on top of that you had a tax increase on you think that's going to increase supply. No decreased supply and so it makes inflation worse because demand is still going strong, and we need more supply and this is a tax bill that is going to purchase a plot so it makes no sense economically regardless of whether you think that the deficit reduction happen in the out years, but will click to see this, was on record saying saying this about the Senate, 42, think it's going to be a very tied with 55% now with a 50-50 nation and I think when the Senate race smoke clears would like to have a very, very close Senate still with either us up slightly, or the Democrats up slightly so that was the most insightful.

But to me that's not leadership.

Leadership is we will turn with America needs us to take back the Senate. We've seen what happens when Joe Bynes got control of Congress.

It is leads to disaster, almost Titanic disaster to change your country forever. Come on. I don't need an analyst, I need a leader, don't you will not nominating and endorsing people who are least likely to win. So maybe the red wave is strong enough that can overcome the weakness of the weaknesses of these candidates are chosen, I got a single poll showing Herschel Walker had a single poll showing Dr. the head.

I don't know how but there's only one pole with Blake Masters and he is losing by nine points in that I don't know if that'll work. I mean we we where the position of losing a lot of potentially winnable races that should've been winnable and we only need one a net gain of 1C to take back the Senate of the fact that that's in question. It feels like 2010. Again, we haven't nominated any which is yet, but the primary season is over.

I will say this I think just any day was Herschel Walker.

Yet he's totally underestimated and I talked to Chris to get ready for it. I was talking to Newt Gingrich.

I say listen and work with them and he was astounded by how much he knew and how dedicated he is to learn and he had that Reagan box in the Reagan box is about 500 flashcards and did and he just has his staff. Testing them all day while doing this while doing debate prep she's going back and forth. He committed to a debate today will go by was out of the debate he printed to be prepping the entire time is within the margin of error by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dr. Oz is interesting much more talented. He is got a he's got an easy opponent. The guy is awful. He's been totally missed misrepresenting himself, and he's got a do it from his basement evidently is not healthy. Federman he is. Bernie Sanders brilliantly yeah people of Pennsylvania do not want Bernie Sanders is no question all Dr. Oz has to do is define his opponent and he wins. I hope you're right. I hope that we I hope you brought a lot of people.

We need to take back the Senate. The good news. Whatever happened in 2022 and 20, 24 were gonna take back the Senate. If we don't do it now because the lead table is so tilted towards towards the Republicans.

The Democrats have have noncompetitive mercy. Third, defending Republican Zero. There's not a single person running in a state that there is a Republican running in the state that Joe Biden one 2020 4K almost certain that the inevitable good will all go take back that much of the question of what right and just like it's inevitable that Joe Biden's can win a second term just a matter of right so much appreciated their home and Marti's and meanwhile at 34 after Mike Rogers good news first time you 1-866-408-7669 AC up Darrell get your calls. We return to you is no basis because you need to kill me information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show all recidivism rates have skyrocketed those who say wave of recidivism wouldn't have studies that claim to show the rate of arrests for violent felonies has not changed since the reforms repairs have one word for you wrong you all wrong exactly came to the front page of your post 10 people, 945 days 485 crimes 485 crimes. Can we just keep the criminals in jail would be out of the woods. That doesn't stop Manhattan DL DA Alvin Bragg a and embarrassment cut 31 working for 20 years about how to improve our system so certainly I think that'll work on everyday.

Improving the system. I am proud of Dave's office. Just mention some of the worker doing really encourage] homicides are down shooting down here today in Manhattan and so, just lots more work to do training in the right direction. Crime is up 37% and I don't say this is a New York story in Chicago's Philadelphia San Francisco it's Los Angeles, it's Memphis I was in Memphis Tennessee. They told me the number one issue crime is because cops are empowered and these PAs are letting everybody out George Soros who financing it says it's working working. If you hate America it's working I don't do don't Mike Rogers does his next from his mouth to your Brian kill me on circle.

Roles we are prepared to management meeting so you could not get an endorsement of the trip in the back into the speaker from the Democratic president of the United States, and she seems always unprepared to answer any difficult question because just put the work into research it and get a perspective and then decide what will learn. I think every question she gets. She's bringing it or reading it on some page in some folder, Mike Rogers, a former chair of the House permanent subcommittee of select committee on intelligence and FBI guy in his past life conquering welcome back Brian.

Always good to be back little unprecedented for sure. You're talking about what you write something need expertise on and I and I would mind being you the perfect guest for this to so you know what goes on behind the scenes and you know it we see so I'm looking at maps now that show major exercises going on on every side of the island of Taiwan for the first time in my lifetime. I believe all are you concerned me and I'm always concerned about China and I'm always concerned it was a bit wanted to pull that trigger of invasion for a long time been very patient but what you see there is just a little bit of an escalation from where they have been the last couple of years. You know that been flying warplanes into Taiwanesemaking them Taiwan strength and practice these Marine landings.

Meaning they're trying to show Taiwan lesson will flop a whole bunch of boats with with Chinese Marines going across the straightening dates I want to want to show you that we can do it. This is more of the same behavior when it was really crazy about this is that you personally have leaked out the 12. The military said they didn't like it. Military; set that might qualify that it's not even the president.

The president actually said that after his Massachusetts speech. Remember you can't advise against it and then the Pentagon says no, we didn't yet while they were trying to hide behind that and again shows how feckless they are. So all the problems you see are generated by this absolutely display from the administration of weakness. The more you try to say we don't want to hold off the Chinese guess what the speed up. And so what they really needed to do is come out and support you can't have China dictate where our senior leadership either in Congress or in the White House go and who we talk to and how we talked of number 90% of the worlds chips are coming off of that island in Taiwan that's important everything that we do here in the United States so it's important that we continue to tell them that they were with you when I know in China take you over.

Of course, take the chip business as well or destroy either one, and so this is again a make. This is a problem that they have created for themselves by this absolutely displays this this display weakness sees using the keep in mind to see how Thomas Friedman did the calmest of the New York Times to mentor and a confidante to Joe Biden.

He writes an editorial saying, this is not the time for Speaker Pelosi take the trip. This is not a good time because China has helped us by staying out of the conflict with Ukraine and letting Russia not getting arms even any drones. What you say up to it that knowing that he's actually speaking for other people, not a guy staring into space, wondering what to write today clearly again deciding that if you just give us will treat you better. China is not like to say that China is not helping Russia in the warm Ukraine is absolutely na�ve there helping them by buying oil by doing certain black market activities across the border between China and Russia which are pretty prevalent so their rhetoric is were not doing anything. And yes maybe they do have it sent groans yet, but they Russia is fairly much a client state of the Chinese communist because of the financial relationship with the built up and when a Western comfort cold out. Guess who goes in a Chinese tech company goes in to these Western companies like Nokia and Ericsson company going out of China. Guess what is going on in Russia. The Chinese companies are going in by order of the China so some notion that they're not helping sustaining and allowing the Russians to do what they do is absolute night that here's the thing that we have to worry about as well. It doesn't recognize that there are going to make all of these bad decisions, including trying to get in the middle of the way of the speaker of the house, going to a country of which we support, and by depend on economically.

We should never let any nation in the world dictate trouble like that and they just capitulated on that showed the Chinese guess what these guys can be read as I was very telling you been hunting him. You know what he means you know that he was the brains behind that you know he was part of an Orthodox assassination team are you know that he was with the Muslim brotherhood, then got his own unit and then combined with Al Qaeda and that he was been hiding out. I wondered about why we were not going after a more no one really knew his name.

That wasn't as into it as we are and you actually do this for a living. So when he is found in a townhouse in Kabul owns by the economy networks County network interior minister. What are your thoughts as we blow them up reportedly office balcony really bothered yet celebrate that he is gone. He was a very smart logistical planner. Obviously security operations will good up to this point of the phenomenon 2011 been hunting him the fact that should really disturb people is after the disastrous pull out of Afghanistan, where we said hey patella Ben is going to continue to support Al Qaeda and are going to do it and they're going to continue support. By the way the hook on the network, which was also engaged in supporting terrorist activities will guess what. And so we found that not only to think of it, staying in a townhome in Kabul right now.

If you are out in Helmand province that might be something different if he was hiding in a cave something different. He was in town. He felt comfortable enough to be in town that he was walking around that tells you that he had serious clout and Paul and protection from the hot County network and the Taliban senior leadership, which is why it was such a disaster just to pick up and run like hell to the exit and generally allow our allies to take the punishment for this juncture because 33 was harboring this whole bunch of people are on most wanted list take issue premise that we gave whole country Terrace comes again. I will treat permission Terrace just so you question we ask that it makes it sound like we owned Afghanistan a year ago but we said at the time that as we depart Afghanistan were gonna keep going to stay ready and what got to let Afghanistan become a safe haven for terrorists who threaten our homeland so would your reaction to the fact is, it makes the Afghanistan exit look even worse, if that's possible that the right will again. I'm glad they got this guy and it was done through what was left of our intelligence network but remember if he's there you have increasing your leadership meetings. It means he is doing operational claimant is not there on vacation is there to set in motion both the financing recruiting new Al Qaeda members to their mission, including pollination with the Isis numbers and everybody since we don't get along. Yeah that's true on the top page of the people they need to come aboard airplanes apply to the United States to do some back. Guess what is wrong is are killing Americans over there killing Israeli killing Western they don't care what what flag and so this is that the right environment for somebody like him and that's what should worry us so our guests are our network with what was left of it did a phenomenal job just like they did in that long, slow and sometimes painful but very patient, look for, bin Laden, but it tells you he is a network operating we got one guy what you know about the network is now operating out of Kabul and apparently he came from Helmand province what you know about that problem. Is it the way it's set up now, you might get a break, but likely as this is going to be another long and hard slog and had you presented the opportunity for them to get a window to do more terrorist activity around the world and I'll guarantee you when we kill them and we should have guess what they're gonna want to take their gonna want to find a way to respond.

Do we have enough there. We don't have anything other than what the remnants of a college that's what's so confusing for them not to recognize that is concerning for me like I just think so much of the reason. Thanks, we come back sooner. Time conjoined to seek out similar concerns.

He also was told that the expansion of NATO. He's going to be going to family Sweden Dino center Josh Holly not for this expansion, I'm all in.

Are you trying to meet you use makers and breakers.

First, I only show talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show expanding NATO will not make America stronger and will not make America safer.

What will do is commit us to sending more troops and spending more money and devoting more resources to Europe and frankly I think that's the wrong choice we just look at the challenges we face at home with our border and abroad in our overseas talk about our enemies abroad are number one threat is not in Europe it's in Asia it's China and right now we are not where we need to be to protect ourselves from China's rise to protect ourselves from China's attempt to take over our economy to push us around militarily were not in position at all. So my view is let's focus on the things that really are in America's interests focus on China overseas focus on our borders at home, but the expanding NATO. It just hasn't anything to do with any of that is center Josh Holly and I couldn't believe it. I doesn't make any sense to me to think to add to formidable to formidable nations who put investing their military to an alliance I was taught made a stronger center time conjoined is now intelligence norm services ranking member of the subcommittee on criminal justice and counterterror and former US U.S. Army infantry officer center. Do you agree with Josh Holly or you more I Josh Holly and perhaps Turkey or do you will agree with most of the rest of the Senate to admit Sweden and Finland. NATO because it will improve America's security of obviously it's good for NATO partners long been neutral countries after watching what Russia and Ukraine may want strength in numbers is understandable. But of course question for America and what it is a lot because Sweden and Finland bring a lot to our common in your first. I have very strong military spent one in particular because it's right on Rogers border because it shoved for to include personal winter war 1939 and 40 The Largest, Most Well-Trained Words Are in Europe Of the Largest Sweden Has Advanced Doctoral Base, Top Make Both of These Countries Have Companies That Are Really the Only Contenders to China's Walkway and Technology Race.

Erickson and Jeff so Economically and Militarily. They Bring A Lot Geographically like We Told Scotland, Which Means .4.

NATO Allies Are Short Means That NATO Will Therefore Control Access to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Second Largest City Sweden along with Denmark Controls the Strike Which Makes It Once Again for Bleach to Get in and out so Economically and Militarily, Geographically, Sweden and Finland Are Probably the Strongest Patient We Have Added NATO Native Started in 1949 Casework and That's Exactly What We Should Want Tomato We Should Want NATO to Be Stronger in Europe so It Leans Less on European Power Because China Is Indeed Our Number One Sweden Have Been on the Man We Had More Troops, More Claims Aircraft in Europe. That Means That in the Long Run It Should Allow Us to Move More Boats, Resources and Personnel. What Appear NATO Stand More on Its Own 2 Feet. That's Why I Think This Was Very Much in America.

So Is Hungary's Interest in Turkey's Interest Use Are They Going to Try to Stop This to My Understanding That No One in Particular on Working out with Sweden and Treatment Particular, They Will Timidly Ratify Treaties As Well. Hungry, I Do Believe Is on the Path Ratify to Others Already 30 NATO Countries to Take Some Time, but Sweden and Finland. Again, Our Advanced Industrial Democracies. They Don't Need a Long 17 Step Membership Plan. Think before the End of the Year and Maybe the Year Countries Will Brought a Tree. I Hope so.

My Guess Is Not Really Broken Ties with Vladimir Putin@Everyone Is Never Been Trustful. He's Not a Laudable Character Made up Some Coup Attempt Center When You Put Something in China Right Now.

I Know You Get Briefed and I Know You Can Tell Us Everything but What Would Take Away from the Military Exercises Taking Place around the Entire Island. Exercises Are Small Step beyond What Has Already Been Doing in Terms of Threatening Firewall Patient in the Taiwan Strait Sending Aircraft Not Only to the Straight and the Sum of One's Territorial and Economic Waters. These Are All an Effort to Tax the Taiwanese Air Force Scrambled Her Airplanes to Put Stress on Their Operations and Maintenance Schedule.

Also, the Camouflage of a Long Line Operations That Would Precede an Invasion and Try to Dole Taiwan's Building in the Complex. The Operations or Something Bigger Have Been in the past. I Think That's in Large Part Because Joe Biden Doll Matthew Pelosi's Visit up the Devcon One.

I Believe That I'm Pretty Well Informed on This. It Was the Bike White House That Delete Policies Trip Last Month in an Effort to Pressure Her Not to Go and That Is Completely Completely Contrary to Long-Standing Custom and Practice. It's Always Been the Case.

As Beijing Knows Everyone in Washington Meadows That While Executive Branch Officials, Government Typically Don't Travel to Taiwan Legislators. Many Other Legislators Have Trouble Taiwan. Just This Year I've Been There a Couple Times Myself As Well. China Always Preach Complain, but in the End They Understand That This Is in Keeping with 40+ Years of Diplomatic Practice in Custom so It Chinese Communists Were Trying to Move the Goal Posts Here the Altar, America's Relationship Taiwan.

Fortunately, I Played in Their Hands Because He Is Nervous at Rocking Chairs Going Overseas. Best of Luck. Stay Safe by by the Way Chinese Ballistic Missiles Five Landed in the Japanese Government Is What They Call Their Economic Zone Waters Nice Live from the Fox News Radio City Is New York City Fresh off the Set of Fox and Friends, America's Receptive Brian Would Kill Me. Thanks for Being Here by the Right to Me Joe Wanting to 7669 Will Be Able to Take Your Calls at about 12 Minutes, Maybe 15, Josh Rogan for the Washington Post to the Bottom of the Hour. If Anybody Knows More about China. I'm Not Sure Who It Is and about How We Reviewed in China Because at This Moment the Exercises Are Continuing to Send a Message to Taiwan to Have a Litter Speaker There Again Will Not Sure to Be Speaker Again but I Will Say the Messages They Are Way Bent Out Of Shape around the Limb. They Promise of Violent Reaction.

What Would Happen a Visit from a High-Ranking American Is Not the First Time by a Long Shot. So What's Happening There Would Be Happening If the Present United States Just Reaffirmed That He Was in Support of the Mission. He Has Never Said That and That Could Be the Problem When We Have A Lot More to Discuss Were Also Getting a Verdict. It Looks like the Russian Court System. The Kangaroo Court What It Is. His Father Has Found a Britney Greiner Guilty of of Trying of What You Are Deeply Guilty to Art and What That Means I Think the Prosecutor Is Looking for 9 1/2 Years Actually Obscene. Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's 33 Say the Difference Definition of Insanity Is to Do the Same Thing Repeatedly but Expect Different Results. Our Criminal Justice System Is Insane. No Kidding. Insanity. New York City Reveals We All Know the Heart and Violent Facts.

The Same People Committing the Same Crimes over and over Again. A Small Number of People and a Whole Lot of Crime. What Are We Going to Do to Fix It Raises Taxes Increases the Burden of Taxation on Lower Income People Significantly Calling and Inflation Reduction Village Rather Laughable Mansion Tumor Climate Bill More like in the Holdout Center Cinema. What Does She Want Will Discuss Why I Think You're Going to Think China Launched Rockets over Taiwan. I Think Part of This Is Messaging but I Think Part of It Is to Make Something Very Clear Signal to Leaders in Taiwan and to Military Leaders I Want and That Is If We Decide to Take It by Force. You Won't Be Able to Stop Us What the Exercises Begin and They Have Speaker Pelosi Visits Taiwan Now in South Korea with the Present Will Not Meet with the Reportedly Because She Got They Don't Want to Aggravate China Unbelievable with All or Thousands of Troops There and I Missiles They Still Worried about China. If You Want to Buy the Wake Missed the Show Live Want to Get the Podcast Could Bring to Me Was Free. Josh Crush Are the Senior Political Correspondent for Actio's Fresh off His Appearance and Special Report Josh Welcome, so Your Impression about What's Going on Overseas. Why Can't the President, the Pentagon, and the Speaker Get on the Same Page.

The Biggest Political Challenge Challenge Is Trumping Her to Schedule a Trip to Taiwan, and for the White House Democratic Leadership to Be on the Same Page to Be on Her Side. It Isn't Good.

I Don't Think American National Security. When You Have the White House, the Pentagon Sounded from a Different Playbook You Want to Have One Voice, One American Boy Is Very Sensitive Issues and That's One Thing That Still Dogging Our Phone Call International Security. After Reading the Book Return by Going over South Korea and This Is Whole Trip. I Mean, I Could See When Republicans and Democrats Don't Get along. I Remember When That Suppose Went to Syria When George Bush Was in Office. They Thought That Was Undermining Him That I Wouldn't Think That She Do Anything to Undermine Prison. Biden She's Been Nothing but Supportive.

But Once She Committed She Couldn't Walk Back When You Said Sen. Tom Cotton on. He, like Many Others Have Said It Was the White House That Leaked out a Trip.

They Called the Ratchet up This Thing to Devcon Nine Little Unusual in Your Own Party to Have a President Undermining the Speaker on Such a Sensitive Issue Now Worked out the Logistics of Scheduling of a Trip before It Was Announced before the Plans Were Were Were Scheduled but after It Is Artie Done Right Week.

If You Could Back down in the Face of Chinese Bluster, Trying His Country Talking a Good Game but You Know Their Actions, Maybe Not Match the Rhetoric but It Also Underscored the American Division One Happy Divided and It Comes with Such an Important Strategic Threat. So Let's Talk about Not Being Divided.

Democrats Want to Get a Break in the Same Page and Pass This Mansion Tumor with a Saved Inflation Reduction Act, Which Doesn't Really Address Inflation but Just in Cinemas.

The Holdout Which You Want to Reportedly Is to Put Back Carried Interest into This Bill Because She Thinks Is Important for Business.

Like Most Republicans Do, and She Wants Something for Her Water Issue in Arizona.

Do You Think Again the Same Page Today or Tomorrow. It's Hard to See Sen. Cinema As Independent As She Is Been Struggling Package Got the House Moderate in the House Pretty Much All on Board Got Every Democrat Including Obligor Mansion Willing to Back This Thing Want the Political Future.

Arizona Always the Primary Should Find a Way to Get Yeah I Think She's Trying to Negotiate Using Her Leverage Right Now to Deal with the Carried Interest Provision Which Is Opposed to in the past. Maybe Reported Actio Check You Want More Money for the Climate Change Spending Bears on the Paper Threatened by Climate Change. If You Want to Want More Money, Perhaps Him Him in the Legislation for That but I Have a Hard Time Seeing How She Blew the Whole Thing up, Especially Given That the Whole Democratic Party. What Would Really Supper That Could Happen the Same Page. To Do Reconciliation with the House and They Passes Thing Is This a Political Winner for Either Side Whenever Democrat Develop Small Means, but Finally Get a Bill Passed Get Something Done but Get a Bit Plainly, Basically Getting the Climate Spending Part of the Legislation.

I Don't Think It Moves the Needle Dramatically in the Midterm Elections.

Republicans Already Think in a Very Good Political Environment Should the Democrats Run on As We Learn from to the Collection Result of the Abortion-Rights� Climate Change, Not Spending for Healthcare. The Abortion-Rights so I Helped Them Get Not Be Divided Families Should Govern but Having Control House and Senate.

But I Don't Need a Whole Lot of Them in Terms You Point to Kansas in the Referendum They Were Going to 00 Abortion and Think They're Going to Keep Abortion Is Gotta Be Allowed in That State to Some Degree.

Why Is This Significant Republican States in the Country and Republican Beliefs Were Confident That It Was a Good Chance They Could Get Changes into the State Competition That Would Allow Them to Regulate and Outlaw or Restrict Abortion and It Failed by about 18 Point Which Is a Remarkable Number It in Such a Republican State It Even More Worrisome for Republican Turnout Was at Midterm Levels for What Was Otherwise a Very Sleepy and Uninteresting Primary Cycle so That the Warning Kind, Especially with Races Where Maybe the Republicans a Little Bit Out Of the Political Mainstream Publisher You Can Be Pro-I Think about Pro-Lifers Pro-Choice. I Think the Worry That Republicans Have Certain Candidates Who Are Just Pro-Life but They Oppose Exceptions for Rape and Theft Life of the Mother Take Position Better, Even to the Pro-Life, Pro-Life Spectrum Are More to Write about Issue. Who Does That Would You Got You Got Your Dog Mastery on Island, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Arizona Senate Candidate like Master, but I Think Most Arizona Voters Are Even on the Pro-Life Side of Most Voters Are Kind of the Middle on the Porch of My Favorite Restrictions, but They Don't Favorite Outright Ban and Campus Worry Was That There Could Be an Outright Banner or Close to It. Missouri Didn't Have the Quality so Please Send Someone Consult Paul and His Present Bike Race of 39%. For the Most Part Some Lower like for Example Quinnipiac Is a Good Visit 30 and Then Others Have a Little Bit Higher so It Saves 39%. The Generic Congressional Ballot, Though, Has the Dems with a Two-Point Advantage of Republicans, 45, 43, at the Same Time the Right Track. Wrong Track 26% of Voters to Just 26% Say Were on the Right Track Were on the Right Track. Currently, How Do Those First Two Numbers Comport with the Second Were Democrats Now Have a Slight Advantage. What Is That Mean to You Josh. Not Bad Numbers for Democrat Dr. to Be a Good Political Firm for Democrat Biden Approval Number One or Two but Are Still around 40%. That Is Not Good Right Track on Track What You Know Brian, among the Worst Numbers I've Seen in a Long Time for the Right Track Side of It Only Favors Democrat That I Think of A Lot Of Misleading Information Going around That If I on the Generic Ballot. That's Good News in 2010. Democrats Were Closely Tied 2014 There Were Close to Time on the Back Generic Ballot, 19 Senate 2014 Swept the House 153 20 Generic Question Always Republicans Because Democrats Are Concentrated in the Blue State Republican, the More Efficiently Spread out so I Feel like What People Say That Democrats Are Tied on the Generic Ballot.

No Great Actress Told Me That Is a Very Strong Possibility Republican House Couple Things He's Going to Say the Russian Courts Have a Verdict. They Have Found You As Best. Britney Greiner Guilty of Drug Possession and Smuggling Initially Sought the Crime to Be Sentenced to 9/2 Years in Prison Nearly 6 Months after the American Star Was Arrested in Moscow.

They Just Came across so That's What You Could Be Looking at It Looks like the Gopher Swap for This Arms Dealer. Everybody Wants Our Guys out That Arms Dealer Seems to Be a Flight out Imbalance May Lay the Groundwork for More of This with Our Other Enemy Nations like Iran and China. Don't You Agree, Very, Very Problematic Situation. I Think the White House Wanted Negotiations Privately Reptile. They Tend to Work Well Not Litigated on the News Now Pretty Greiner NBA Player but Her Family and Her Allies Were Making a Big Deal about This and the Russians More Leverage and Allow Them to Ask for More to Hold out and Know That We Got Desperate to Get Her Back and to Get Home. We Went Back at the Same Time I'm I'm I'm Effectively A Mistake That That Time to Get It so Publicly That We Look a Little More Willing to Make a Deal That the Russians to Play Hardball.

I Don't Think I You a Little Back to Politics Now Will Set Some News about the Honest Tailored to Go over the Eyes Is Now Going to Charge Those Officers for the Death of Breanna Taylor on That No Knock Warrant Situation in Louisville so Mayor Collins Come Forward on That When the Court When Locally She They Were Not Going to Be Prosecuted. So Just Want to Bring You Two Would Mitch McConnell Celestine a Special Report. I Think It's Going to Be a Very Tied with a 50-50 Senate Now with a 50-50 Nation in a Synchronous Senate Race Smoke Clears, Will I Can Have a Very, Very Close Senate Still with Either Us up Slightly, or the Democrats up Slightly so Not Exactly Mormon Analyst and a Cheerleader You Are Starting to Martha McCarthy This Morning and He's like, Is That Leadership Because You Know You Make Sure That It Goes Your Direction Is Such a Dramatic Difference between How This This One Senate Goes for Zach Somebody That Is Almost Resigned to Not Winning the Senate What You Think That McConnell Made Him Special Report Last Night and Read between the Lines of the Most Productive Example Democrat Could Hold Which Frankly Was Not Even A Few Weeks Ago between the Lines. Brian McConnell Is Worried about Some of His Republican Senate Nominee to See Think They're Very Good.

You Think They're Too Extreme in Some Cases the Most Important Link between Greg and I Understand Why When Republicans Don't like the Fact That Is Playing Pundit Should Be a Party Guy Support and Enthusiastic about Republican Transit, Republican Candidate between the Lines He McCarthy McConnell Feuding with Donald Trump about Candidate Great and That McConnell Was I� That Comment Shows How Prolific He Is Right Now about Gaining a Bunch of Benefit That Looks like Republican Hoping for One or Two Thinking When They Could've Gotten for Five More Optimistic View Matchups Make Sites in Boxing the Boxer Is Tell Me Who Is Fighting and Just Look into These Break This down. We Don't Know What's Happening with the Sun in New Hampshire Have an Opponent yet Doing No Nope Nope One of the Primary Number They Would They Would Have the Governor Would Sununu, Who Would've Probably Been a Shoo-In.

When We Look in Pennsylvania. It's Dr. Oz, a Heart Hard-Fought Race against McCormick, but He's Going against Fetterman, Who in All Honesty, Republicans Should on the Surface Feel Good about This Federman Is Bernie Sanders. Only He Doesn't Want to Campaign. Arnold Is Healthy or Not, but He Doesn't Really Go Anywhere. So to Me Could Be Pennsylvania Could Be a Retention and in One Thing about Dr. Oz Got Plenty of Energy and Herschel Walker within the Margin of Error. All with Warnock. To Me That's a Fight That's Not Resignation. Do You My Missing Something Know What Now That the Political Environment That That Is Not Good News at the National at This Rate, You're Absolutely Right Brian That Fetterman Is Welcome the Left Where Most Democratic Are Not the Campaign Trail. You Felt Concern about Republican They Show up Credible Chance to Hold That the Republicans Especially in the Type of Political Environment. I Know That A Lot Of Worries about the Caliber of Campaign and the Campaign Trail Left A Lot Of Public Appearance at Your Right Wing Showed up at Rates Close Republicans like Herschel Will Be up and down in the Cold Margin of Error in a Bunch of Old Strike against Georgia Political Environment. Republicans Are Still Ready for the Bigger Issue Is That I Think the Public Meeting Right Now That within Striking but Performing the Expectation Just Try Sure.

Thanks so Much As When Everyone's Got a Relaxing House. I Just Thank You Back a Moment's Something New Every Day Try and Kill Me Radio Show like No Other. Back Everybody Brain Can Only Be on with Josh Rogan about Five Minutes and Is the Author of Chaos under Heaven Trump. She in the Battle for the 21st Century We Know As We Speak. We Are Understanding That Taiwan Is Able to Witness As Close As 12 Miles from Their Shores Military Exercises of China. By the Way, According to Japan about Five Rockets, Missiles Have Landed in the Economic Zone in the Sea of Japan. So Already, Some Errant Rockets.

I Don't Think They Were Trying to Send a Message to Japan. They Have Nothing to Do with This. We Are Also Following the Story That the Judge in Russia That Corrupt Government Has Just Sentenced the Best Female Best Role Player, America's Ever Produced to Nine Years in Prison for Carrying a Very Small a Very Small Amount of of Illegal Substance Passing through an Airport so This Is Leading to More Tension As the Administration Tried to Get Out Of This PR Nightmare Not Having Relations with Russia.

Basically Nottingham Speaking Terms of Russia Essentially and Needing At Least Two of American Citizens Out Of Their the Russians Are Loving It. While They Are Beginning to Lose A Lot Of Power in Cura�ao on the First Say They Took in the Ukraine Was in the Brain to Michio Good Brain to and out about My August 27 Event in New Jersey in Newark, New Jersey Is Going to Be Taking Back America.

A Thousand People at a Time. I Want to Be One of Those 1000. Frankly, the More You Listen More, You'll Know Brian Kill Me Right Now Is the Time Relations with China Open Dialogue and Not Doing Anything to Provoke Them Because Eyes on the Prize. Ukraine Out Of an That China Is Helping Us.

I Wouldn't Be Poking the Bear Right Now Really the Poking the Bear Not Talk about Russia Talk about China.

He Was Said That Is Thomas Friedman, the Foreign Policy Correspondent, Best-Selling Author and Columnist. I Should Say for the New York Times of the Lotto Influence with Many Administrations, Especially with This President Saying We Should Not Be Sending the Speaker There.

The Speaker Shouldn't Be There. Josh Rogan Joined Just Now Author of Chaos under Heaven's Washington Post Columns Himself. His Article the Real Price over Taiwan Will Start after Posey Comes Home.

Guess What, She's Not Home yet. Josh and Shorty Started She's in South Korea Which Are Take First on Thomas Friedman's Comments yet Totally Wrong. Brian As Usual I Was Prematurely Wrong. I Mean, He Makes to Dig Errors Here.

First of All, He Accuses Pelosi of Being Reckless for Visiting Taiwan Rather Than Applying That Labeler Belongs to the Chinese Calmness Party, Which Is Missing Taiwan and Other Shooting Missiles over the Island.

There, Planning Military Drills All over, All around It. There's They Threaten Their Propaganda Trolls Been Threatening to Shoot Pelosi's Plane and Here That's Reckless. That's What Reckless Is You Know Congresswoman Going to Democrat Democracy Is Not Reckless Okay That's Her Right Now I'm Not Saying That They Did It Well. Nothing but the Binder Ministration Handled It Well. I'm Not Saying That She Got All of Out Of It That She Could Not Think That There Are No Risks There. But to Call Her Reckless and the Chinese Communist Party Is Not Reckless.

That's Crazy to Me That the Other Part Is Wrong about This Is That Unfortunately We We Can't Choose to Confront Only Russia or China It's a False Choice Brian Talked about This before, You Can't See This Is Two Different Things. These Two Countries Are Allies There Working Together Their Best Friends There on the Side of Autocracy and Repression Were on the Other Side Helping Each Other to Battle Us and We Have To See It Is All One Connected Effort and It's Not As If Pelosi Didn't Go That China Would Back off by One of Their Menacing Taiwan.

Anyway There There the Aggressor Were Trying to Hold the Line, Not Provoke Them and Framing It That Way Displays Personal into Chinese Calmness Party Propaganda but It's Also Wrong Because What Happened. I Didn't Start World War III Did It, You Know. Yes, the Chinese Are Menacing Taiwan, but As It Turns out That A Lot Of Their Threats to Confront Author Bluster, Which If You Understood China You Would Understand Why That Is Because She Doesn't Want to War with America.

He Wants to Take Taiwan He Doesn't Want to Provoke Us Either.

So Yeah We Got to Realize That Were a Superpower to Do That When You Say You Is What You Just Said. I Sometimes Think the Ministration Does Understand There Is Embarrassed by We Have To Realize Were Superpower to Exactly. I Mean He Was Really Setting the Agenda Here for Just Reacting to the Chinese Calmness Party That Were Not Doing Our Job As a Leader of the Free World, but More Importantly, We Can't Let the Real Risk of Escalation Which We Should Ignore Right We Have a Crazy Counterpart on the Side of the Chinese, Sorry We Can't Let That Paralyze Us, Because Then They Just Do Everything and We Do Nothing, so You Know This Is an Old Sort of Trope in US Foreign Policy Goes Way, Way Back.

It's like Oh Well If We Just Appease Aggressive Expansionist Dictators.

Everything Will Be Fine and That Never Works. It Never Actually Because There Always Embolden in Their Appetite Rose with the Eating and How Many Times Are Enough to Learn This Lesson, You Note to Tell You Know Nancy Pelosi That. Oh Well, We Can't Put the Barrel of China. Well Yeah I Get It Kind Is Dangerous, but Just Letting Them Run Roughshod over Taiwan Is Not the Opposite of What You Want, Which Is a More Aggressive, More Expansionist Kind That Were Just Enough to Deal with in a More Serious Way down the Line so Josh Couple Things When You Hear Thomas Friedman Is MSAs Deep Thinker, but He's Really Getting a Message for Somebody. So Why Is He Using the Word Reckless. Why Is He Telling Us That in That Column That Were Disappointed so Many Ministration Are Getting Really Concerned about Some of Zielinski's Actions in the Ukraine. How Could He Also Talked about in Praise China for Not Helping Russia during This Conflict.

When We Know They're Buying Their Oil and As Tom Can't Point out to Me Last Hour Every Time a Tech Company Leaves Russia Incomes Another Tech Company from China so They're Not Giving the Military Help, but They Are Giving the Other Help Booklets Go Deeper. Why Would Thomas Friedman Go Public with This. Is He Doing Somebody's Bidding Is It Somebody Policy. Well It's It You Know I Don't Not Side Comes through the Treatment of Those Contacts but yet It Seems Clear That the Specific Arguments He's Making Are the Exact Same Specific Witness Being Made by the Biden White House. Maybe That's a Coincidence. Maybe They Just Have To Walk up and Never Talk to Each Other and Just Came up with the Exact Same Thought to Be Exact Same Order Would Be Exactly Where It Are You Might Be Getting This from the Biden Restriction out When by Attrition Officials Talk to Me That They Make Similar Arguments. That's How I Know That but I Look to My Own Thinking in My Anyway the Point Is That Whether or Not He He Is Carrying Water for the Biden Administration What He's Doing Is He's Putting out This Message That There's Division inside the US Ranks When Actually the Biden Administration.

By the Time They Come Came out Had Already Pivoted Right Here. They Had Already Come out to Say Oh No Doubt Support Her and of Course She Has the Right to Go and Will Take Reasonable Steps to Mitigate the Risk like Flying around the Philippines or Whatever and Communicate to the Chinese That This Is Not an Intentional Escalation. That's What They Did. They Became around to the Right Position, but by the Time They Got There, through Was the Let Their All Position Which Is That She's Crazy Okay Now Again I Don't Want to Impugn Anyone's Motives. I Can Just Say That I Disagree with Thomas Friedman When He Says That China's Holding Back on Supporting Russia and Ukraine As a Favor to Us Is Not a Favor to Us. They're Doing That Because We Threaten to Sanction Them.

Okay, They Don't Want to Get Sanctioned There Acting in Their Own Self Interest.

In Other Words, the Thing That Works up against the CCP Is Coercive Pressure and Threatening Their Money Not Backing off of Their Aggression. On Another Front, and That's the Conceptual Error in Friedman's Thinking.

I Think More Broadly. It's Just Sort of like Okay Well Look What Happened Two Days Later. How Did That Come Hold up Because You Know She She Went There She Left We Got World War III. We Saw the Problem. The Problem Is China's Increasingly Aggressive over Taiwan, and Now We Have To Deal with That Whether She Went There or Not and Ukraine Were Gone for Years by the Way, 10 Years Fibers. I Hope Not. I Hope We Give Ukraine the Weapon so That They Can Push Russia out Sooner Rather Than Later, but Seem like That's Could Be the Case) so Whatever You Do Not Confront China for the Next 10 Years. As Long As Ukraine Is a Frozen Conflict. I Mean You Just Think about That. It Just Results in a Policy of Paralysis of Doing Nothing of Retreating from the World and Letting the Autocrats Have Their Day and I'm Just against That and I Know It's Not Easy.

I Know the American People Are Weary of These Interventions. But Here's the Good News. You Know the Rest the World Has Woken up to These Challenges.

Now You See Europe Actually You Know, Increasing His Military Spending Is like Oh My God Prudence Crazy and You See Countries All over Asia, Rising to Confront the CCP P Threatened Trying to Help Us and so That's That's the Good News. The Other Good News Is It's Not Really about a Military Conflict That the Economic Ideological and Technological Competition with China for Most, and We Need to Invest More in All of Those Areas so You Know, Everybody Anyone Could Scream World War III and Say Don't Do Something, but It's Just Kind of Lazy and It Doesn't Solve It Doesn't Get You to What We Really Need to Do to Confront These Dual and Connected Threats.

I Just Think There Should Be a Massive Manhattanite Project Push to Get Some Natural Natural Gas As Well As As Well As Oil into Europe Because Right Now Rush I Think Is Foolishly Cutting Them off Because They He's Gonna Lose That Revenue Forever for Some Massive Use.

We Know It's a More Natural Gas and Us.

I Believe in the Claim. The World and I'm Wondering Are We Doing Everything We Can to Get LNG over to Our Our Most Loyal Allies in Russia and We Can Make Them Customers for Ever. By Setting up Her Maternal Permanent Terminals There and All Even Environmentalists of the Will Be Honest Given Sodium Pellets. All They Know It Burns Clean Right with. There's a Million Things We Need to Do. That's One of Them Right and Let Them Build up the Defense Afterwards.

But in the Meantime They Would Get through This Winter with Russia Shutting off the Gas, but They Do Lose That Revenue and I to Meet up Very Short. China, Russia, Support Right.

We Need to Reduce Our Dependence on Russia and China and Encourage Your Friends to Do the Same and If Russia and China Want to Increase Their Dependence on Each Other. I Say Good Luck to Them. You Know How Would You like to Have That Either One of Them As Your Best Friend. That's Terrible for Both of Them so I Say Russia Wants to Sell Its Oil to China and China Wants to Depend on Russia Yeah Have Fun Guys Will Be over Here with All of the Best Economies in the Best Resources in the Best Societies and That's the Struggle That Wherein It's about Whether or Not Free and Open Societies Can Prove to Their People That They Still Are Better Than the Autocracies. I Think We Need to Do More Domestically to Make That Case but If We Do That We Should Win the Day. And You Know We Had to Get past the Rhetoric into the Substance. We Get a List of Companies with Manufacturing in China and Talk about the Wood Would Jeopardize Our National Security Is Much As I Love Capitalism, There's Gotta Be Responsibility with It and We Cannot Have All the Pharmaceuticals or We Can Have That We Can Have All Our Chips in Taiwan or Anywhere Else. There's Gotta Be Certain Parts of Our Economy That the Free Market Can't Rule the Day in China and the Fact Is We Have All This Pushback from for These Financial Behemoths As Well As Places like Nike They Give Us an End and the NBA. They Give It Say Forget about Ethics. We Need to Make Some Money. I Think There You Can Have Ethics and Capitalism and I Think China Should Be Something We Could Unify around Republicans and Democrats. Am I Dreaming Now Actually Brian. Not Only Are You Actually Right.

I Think It's Happening Slowly Right There at the There's a Pushback Now, Especially from Wall Street from the Chamber Of Commerce and from Those Who Are Invested in This Idea That Making Little Bit of Money in China Right Now Is More Important to Preserving Our National Security, Our Prosperity and Our Freedom in the Long-Term and That Is a Very Powerful Group of People.

But Here's the Good News. The Chinese Communist Party Is Making the Case for Doing More by Becoming I'm a Sucker for the Chinese People but They're Becoming More Aggressive, Oppressive, Expansionist, and Interfering in Our Societies, and All Sorts of Crazy and Malign Ways and Even Those US Businesses Were Doing Manufacturing China Are Starting to Wake up to the Fact That They Haven't. They Don't Know What Can Happen Tomorrow and If They Don't Really Own Those Factories and Anything Could Happen at Any Time That They Run Afoul of the Chinese Congress Party and the Wall Street Firms They Know What They're Doing. They Know That There's Speeding up the Funding of Our Enemies War Machine That's Pointed against Us with Our Money. They Know That. So in That Case, It's Good to Take the National Security Community. Hopefully, Congress and Policy Makers to Stop That against the Will of Wall Street Because They're Not Going to Adjust Even Though They Know What They're Doing Is Helping Our Adversaries Putting Americans Future at Risk Just Regular Guest Josh This War over the Ukraine. First off When When It Comes to the High Mars That Are Mailed. There Is Been so Effective and Other Things in Cura�ao Which an Offensive Which Seems to There Seem to Be an Opportunity There for Ukraine to Get Back on the Offensive's Are There Disturbing Things Are Emerging in the Ukraine in Terms of Our Weapons Delivery.

Do We Know This Fulfillment of These Getting to the People That Need Them As If Anything Said under the American Public Support. It's That the Truth Is Brian That Once We Put These Weapons into Ukraine.

It's It's It's like the Black Box Debate to Be Quite Honest US Government Really Can't Track Any of This Stuff and That's a Problem Now in a Bipartisan Delegation Represented Mike Walt's on the Republican Side and Adam Smith Had the Democratic Head of the House Armed Services Committee. They Went to. And I Thought the Both of Them and They Asked Linsky What about This and He Said Want You Put Some Americans in the Embassy That Would Help Us to Get the Weapons It Would Help You to Know That These Things Responsibly and the My Mistress Won't Do It. Okay, so There Is a Way to for More Accountability.

We Need That. You're Right, We Need to Keep the Confidence of the American People Are That the Money Being Well Spent. That's Important for the Political Support for This Effort, but I Think the Main Ops Obstacle Right Now Is That the by the Administration Will Put US Forces in an Oversight, Not a Fighting Notice and Oversight Role in TM so That's Why We Don't Know What's Going on so I Think One of the Best Things for for American NATO Is the Addition of Finland and Sweden and It Was Overwhelmingly Voted for You Positively in the Senate. But Josh Holly Voted against Him. Here's Why. Expanding NATO Will Not Make America Stronger and It Will Not Make America Safer. What Will Do Is Commit Us to Sending More Troops and Spending More Money and Devoting More Resources to Europe and Frankly I Think That's the Wrong Choice and We Just Look at the Challenges We Face at Home with Our Border and Abroad in Our Overseas Talk about Our Enemies Abroad. Our Number One Threat Is Not in Europe It's in Asia It's China and Right Now We Are Not Where We Need to Be to Protect Ourselves from China's Rise to Protect Ourselves from China's Attempt to Take over Our Economy to Push Us around Militarily Were Not in Position at All. So My View Is Let's Focus on the Things That Really Are in America's Interests Focus on China Overseas Focus on Our Borders at Home, but the Expanding NATO. It Just Has Everything to Do with Any I Disagree to You Yeah and Also 95 Disagree, I Mean Have You Ever Seen 95 Salina You Know When I Think What Holly Did Is He Sort of Misread the Political Winds Because When the Ukraine Heat Bill Came up As You Remember. 11 Senate Republicans Voted against It, Ostensibly for over Oversight Reasons That We Just Talked about.

But on This. It Was 95 to 1 Right Because Republican Leaders Republican Lawmakers Know That in the End Unit Left or Right Democratic Republic. It Public American People Understand That It Is a Defensive Alliance That It Actually It Helps Us Stay Out Of or Not Get into Would Probably Be Only Reason That Russia Hasn't Attacked Us Your Our European Analysis Because There We Have This Defensive Alliances of the Parent.

So Does Make Sense on Its Face, but Moreover You As You Know, There's a Struggle inside the Republican Party over Where Foreign Policy Should Be and I Don't Know Where That's Can It End up You Know Where That's Can End up, but It's Not End up on You Know Caving to Russia or China.

And It's a False Choice and I Think Most Americans Believe That We Have To Do Both. You Know We Have To Walk and Chew Gum on This Thing and That Doesn't Make It Easy and That Doesn't Mean We Can't Overreact, but It Means That Because China and Russia See Themselves As Allied against Us, We Have To Acknowledge That Connection and That's the Bottom Line and Leslie Josh Will Have 30 Seconds, but You Believe That Hungry and Turkey And/or Turkey Will Stand in the Way of This, This, Them Becoming Full-Fledged Members in the End They Won't Hungary and Turkey Will Are Problematic Allies They've Always Been Problematic. NATO Allies Will Always Be Problematic. NATO Allies, but in the End, These Medium Power Small Power States Are in It for Themselves and Their Bargaining for Concessions and That Doesn't Mean That There That's a Good Thing That They're Good Allies. It Just Means That You Know Were Still United States We Still Have A Lot Of Influence in What We Wanted When We Put Our Minds to Getting Something Done. We Can Leave the World and Our Allies and Partners.

I Can Fall in Line. Josh Rogan Owes Educational Talk to. Thanks so Much Anytime Back in a Moment More. Brian Love the Podcast Had Brian Every Episode, Exclusive Interviews on Demand More.

Kill Me Coming up. If You're Interested in Bryan's Talking about Your Brian Kill Me.

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