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UNSEAL IT: Trump Dares Garland to Release Warrant, Now We Wait

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 12, 2022 12:45 pm

UNSEAL IT: Trump Dares Garland to Release Warrant, Now We Wait

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 12, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Dr. Mehmet Oz

[00:18:35] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

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[00:55:17] Carley Shimkus

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Why is New York City Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me right, I will not so division but I will point out where I am due different from what's going on right now that the Department of Justice I will bring to me Dr. standing by Adm. James W. 2003. Mao, I am aggravated with the bottom of the latest on the surrounding until we seem to be walking blindly into and were helpless to stop it and were dealing with the Russians horribly trying to assassinate her officials were still doing this terrible deal because his ministry she wanted done and then were going to be talking to Dr. so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three to place someone on the bus 45 hours without medical care without water, proper sanitary conditions and just send them to a city that they know nothing about that is traumatic for anyone really did they know anything about McAllen Texas or the Rio Grande Valley with their seeking into a legally broken border brawling lawmakers leads to chaos in a flood of illegal into our cities, towns, and specifically schools and shelters unless by Ms. party pay a price. November this will never get fixed.

It's been a very good week for us, but it's also been a good week for American families mean we are on the cost of passing the inflation reduction act and having it come to the present set that is a very happy key. Bedingfield and Teresa Jean-Pierre are talking about the Biden agenda about the past. That's were tapping in the house for matching humor spending monstrosity named the inflation reduction act will not reduce inflation now present vital to get a victory tour could move Justice Department filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida to unseal search warrant in property receipt relating to a court-approved search that the FBI conducted earlier this week. Go ahead and do it. That's the message from the trunk When it comes to the warrant to raid Verilog always rumors fly and the reason the FBI did the raid to begin with. Clearly merit garlands game in the DOJ is on their heels in the Trump team knows it all. Explained at about 3 o'clock today by that deadline.

The magistrate judge said a Trump team tell me if you get a protest if I release the warrant the affidavits. The list of things that we talk on Monday and they not only did the Trump team not wait till 3 o'clock, they would head out to social and put out to dinner. Let everything out documented eyes. This is the madness that you are campaigning to be a part of as a doctor you could've done anything as a talkshow host your the top of the heap. When you see this craziness. Are you wondering this is worth it.

Not at all like your complexity. Not that my whole life believing in people.

Given the right information to make the right decisions and what surgeons do to make the bold action when needed to tell the truth I got exactly what we need in Washington. Attached while it represents a shocking what we're seeing here and whenever you do something that raises more questions and give you answers like this raid in my Lago inside edge that you give up to the top of your talking points. It is stunning and he just doesn't take us in the direction what we need to get your China right now you're licking your chops watching us know two things that don't seem to advance the bigger challenges that we get overdressed and we keep making the same thing over and over again. We can sensibility. I would hope so.

This is a war supposed reports of the presidents had on the compound according to a tipster. I had planned a nuclear right, nuclear plants, whatever top-secret nuclear plants. I have no idea whether that's true or not. I did speak to people in the Trump camp yesterday and they laughed at all unless a doctor is a song about union was once high profile primaries hard-fought win over Dave McCormick very successful business person, but word is the Republican Party is not consolidating around you. Number one is a true number two with it is how you fix it consolidating good time whenever you have a hard-fought battle, people, people with the rules, but Dave McCormick assaults a professional is endorsed.

He actually donated to my campaign. And by the way that very important thing if you're writing about the courtship of is a website that you care more about the candidate I'm going to guess you want to support me to please do it. Dave McCormick and many others.that Candace had done the same thing that the publicans know the story here. This is this is a a radical candidate.

I'm going to get the purpose far left radical candidate in any contested Senate race in America dish this year, the most radical candidate ever tried to be Sen. from Pennsylvania. We look across to shipping purple you have one of each write one Democrat we have one of those impact to me was that the public interest up and down.

It should be a sheep. The Republican cells, but this fellow government is fascinating he will not campaign he doesn't leave his home. He had a stroke prior to the primary is primary story uncontested with a lot of money saved up which he can attack it with any hotels or stories and being a moderate happy-go-lucky guy not the case, and it's interesting that he paints me is the elitist when my dad grew up in a drawer for this country and I was blessed to live the American dream, which is why I was able to achieve the success that I have and I worked hard at doing the things that I've done in my life because I writing you I believe you can be the best person in your life. I give you the tools you need at least that is a doctor and surgeon. I give it to my patient continually and as a talkshow host. I did the same with you what you try to do my opponent lived in the lap of luxury by his own admission in which his parents paid false expenses until very recently and crazy thing is when you twist the truth you could you to think on people but that's the job we have a Notary Public if we don't have as much praise Democrat. We don't need as much money all you gotta do is make sure the best candidates which we build in the best ideas and what we stand for party is simple, thoughtful way to address the biggest challenge to give it to quick examples energy policy where there's just no way to green new deal with my apology as an advocate for good work. He believes fracking is a stain on Pennsylvania. I know he's against tracking he's against fracking Pennsylvania yes what you think that he signed the document with a lot of fanfare to ban fracking Pennsylvania attorney with 90 here now.

You can't use the electric grid is coming from natural gas and other sources not come from green sources green sources are less than 3% of good right now so you have to be. You can't just be a far left radical and just blow things out there and the three things that are insulting you actually have to have policy ideas to campaign.he will not do that today for the first time. Hopefully he's going to go out to say something publicly. He doesn't take questions from reporters. He is and I challenged him to the base we got five debates that we just agreed to from respected mainstream outlets here in Pennsylvania debate that most candidates still no answer from his side and I'm gonna say if you know order today to tangle right so in America.

We expected in our democracy for both candidates go out there and talk to the people answer questions.

Here the concern addressed issues. You really won't do it. John Fetterman did endorse Bernie Sanders as we stand together in 2016. So I'm not sure that I do not know Pennsylvania would look for a Vermont Democrat or socialist Democrat, but that is different than he portrays himself as a working class guy. He has not been evident campaign trail.

You mentioned he had a stroke while he actually has an event will host an event tonight in Erie County expect to open up for the first time since that stroke so he was doing the Biden campaign strategy which got them the wind from his basement. But now is going back. Oh so do you believe front, I guess your doctor yet. His doctor, but use it at 52 years old. He's got some serious issues but he also is a serious advantage over you Dr. Oz. It seems as though he's got a he's got a 47 to 30% advantage with 23% undecided. How did he open up that type of lead in such a contested state wide November. But he has the lead, but thought it usually and, more importantly leaders based on a fiction. He had a lot of money saved up didn't have a contested primary we start hammering me as I was waiting my and he's run ads saying that I'm right elitist disconnected and in that he is this man of the people.

It's the opposite.

And this is the is a full populist. He's trying to calm people to sleep bigger indictment of how campaigns are being run right now.

What basically is occurring is the Democratic candidate sediment hiding letting advertisers culture play a hologram of trade, a fictional character that a lot of people say what the ideal book for that guy, but it's not the truth.

And when you get into office and you can't deliver. Because yes, ever delivered in research.

Lieut. Gov. now is called lazy shark is doesn't do his job is been thrown out of the chamber.

I need to pull down the US flag and put up a pot flag. I just got the endorsement of the fraternal order of police, the woman Kate stood up during this huge event. Hundreds of cops around me that your start debate with him but did endorse cancer got and she conducted I'm from the capital please I'm from Harrisburg where he is now serving. I have never been so disrespected by by man in my life.

He treats us all about ethical pieces of of stuff stuck on the bottom of your shoe you walk out of the dog park idly and it became a unanimous vote to endorse me so polarizing for the candidate who told his before stroke when he was actually out once a while talking. He told a group of people. If you like. Joe mentioned to not vote for me think about what he say when things I'm so far left.

I really want to talk to people who like a centrist Democrat. I want to do with that his job he says go on their bus to Phil about which the guilt pack the Supreme Court make it so that the country is that much further polarized. I think I am a doctor, I know how to cure my whole career. I know how to bring people together. Focus on the values that unite us and allow us to defend ourselves against existential threat of China and other forces that are much more risk than the thing to Fetterman's focus.again he won't come out and camping actually share with his ideas of what sort expressed so assume one thing is pretty good. The survey monkey had that pole not sure that that is the next coming of Gallup another Paul has thinned with 11 points of 4736 a lot of people. For example, don't CJD Fancy don't see Tim Ryan think I don't really see Fetterman because he's not campaigning and know too much of you.

That's because that's the nature of the Senate campaign is one of the people Pennsylvania Eunice really want to win the rating trays for the country so Yuri, how many events are you doing a day hundred and 30 events in July while 56 event today and continuously all the time and all of us to. I was with JD Benson Bodden, Herschel for an event on Wednesday know we are traveling continuously to get our word out and I do do a lot of me dozens and dozens of interviews, but I do the local media in Pennsylvania because that's where the voters are and I come to visit with you because of your fan of this program and and I do Fox News periodically, but it's not the main focus. The main focus for me to get the moderates, conservative Democrats, the people that will bring over and vote for it. That's the fundamental reason I was the primary public and voters that you know your is a is a kind candidate that can get across the aisle and bring people together as we are in America. What we need folks to actually fight with powerful rhetoric, bold voices, to say the things we ought to hear but united the same time right so right now he is not accept any of the debates you accept all the debates. He is now campaigning for the first time coming out again.

She went out healthy is everybody which is in the best but you got it you that I like somebody healthy look with having the White House now, you mentioned about socialism and Fetterman's track record weeds there.

He evidently lived his home to his 40 years old was bought a house from his sister for a dollar so is not exactly a barnburner is a capitalist and some people worry that this whole country is got more socialist of only six or 10 of us are back to work a work force participation rate is almost an all-time low. John Mackey was on the reason podcast is the Whole Foods founder and CEO. This is what he says he's worried about cut 22 concern is that I feel like socialist or taken over there marching through the institutions or taken everything over there and take over education look like it taken over a lot of the corporations looks like they taken over the military and and is just continuing so I'm not deeply concerned about know I'm a capitalist heart and on the live I believe in liberty and capitalism are you is is is he singing your song. Is this what you are seeing to put a little different take on it. I think what America needs remember the last words of the home of the brace can't be free. If you're not brave and all the institutions that Mr. Mackey mentioned we have brave people, but they have to say what they see they know it's not right what's happening in higher education. They know the military's biscuits, but we can't talk to teachers and school saying they don't want to teach gender issues to your five euros and six-year-old. But it's hard difficult to say what you see when you know you get attacked mercilessly. You might actually get ostracize you lose your job.

I get it. I did want to get in the politics I left a great show the artist and I did everything with her makeup. It was a nice company with you guys all the time it what I'm doing is difficult, but it's what must be done by patriotic Americans.

I asked everyone right now please go to Dr. try support but in your own daily life. Say what you see, if we do that, I do realize that people on his walk as you think they are there few people can do whatever they want because the one critical course correct option, but if we don't put your hands up all of us to want not wonder time to build your input your head up you get shot. We all put our hands up once they know that's not why I don't want happy my kids and I don't want my tush is taken over by the purchaser doing damaging to our country and casino for people to Dr. Oz.

We have five stations in Pennsylvania so this your actually doing local and national.

At the same time Dr. Russell feel good about your campaign. Dr. Oz here we are in the middle of August, getting his campaign is going full steam ahead.

Dr. resolute photo talking to one nation this weekend. I look forward to be a blessing. Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania worked his way up as Fetterman finally comes out of the basement.

I guess he feels well enough to do so we come back I'll take your calls. 186-640-8766. I'll tell you with the present United States using his true social website is just said about the investigation and the raid on his compound don't move newsmakers and news breakers. First, trying to kill me and show Fox News podcasts network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's losing in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscriber list of mailing Fox News or wherever you get your project fastest three hours and radio is your right hand kill me copies of one of the FBI property was provided on the day of the search for Presidents Council was on-site during the search. The search warrant was authorized by federal court upon the required finding of probable cause. The property received as a document that federal law requires law enforcement agents to leave with the property owner that was a miracle yesterday doing his best to spin his way out of what I think is over skis. We do not know all the answers, but they wanted. Tomorrow I go on Monday and there's not been one moment of peace, since nobody's really talk about anything else. Even if you love or hate trumpet doesn't matter a lot of intrigue about it when I find out what warrant they had to get them in and had to get in but get this, if there warrant is for Monday okay going right away it's an emergency. Would you met with him in June 6 you get this tip June 22 you get the warrant days before and you wait and going on a Monday how what kind of emergency is that Travis will see in Pensacola hey Travis. Brian McCall, quick question for you. I believe Trump.

Came out made a statement that he didn't do anything wrong and I think after last for five years is been investigated so much, but I trust what he says I don't think you did anything wrong number two had a question for you. Really the chilling effect of everything FPR has no credibility at all that's left over.

How can we replace the higher echelon of what you're going to take who hires and fires.

Well we have to do is Republicans. This way I would say this the caves out there anymore stock is not there anymore pages out there anymore think is not there anymore, something more. If you get in there and you get the whistleblowers to come through and say let me do my job these guys a corrupt. I think that would put us on our way because we need the FBI to be effective 35,000 men and women do extraordinary things to suffer once we've seen Fox News contrast network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download mailing Fox News or wherever you get your favorite will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

So just subscribe and listen no Fox News contests talkshow that's getting you kill me personally so I don't want to scale a lot of preparation to doing this. This will turn out to be effective turning point in the war Ukrainians take back territory that the Russians have seized and move international community continue to support them. As a result of that. If they fail to take the territory back. Craig is very concerned that the international community will begin to walk away not precipitously immediately but over time, that is the fundamental concern.

Yet another word about the nuclear power plant the word about taking back territory and your son means a lot to try to keep everything down in the progress you're making low they're also trying to infiltrate areas that Russia stole my Crimea and the New York Times reporting that Ukrainians take responsibility for it blowing up nine planes inside Crimea. One of the sabotage operations that would their goal is to make every bit of land that you could that rush is taken and try to annex and make them up, make them fear for their lives on a daily basis.

If they can take it back. Make them be impossible to settle and will James Chevy disposal about a 16 supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO author risk it all nine conflicts in the crucible crucible of decision Adm. welcome back who could you tell me about this more particular because I think something's changed since we spoke. Two weeks ago and I'm not seeing much land. Much land grab my many many miles of land grab by the Russians. You and I am checking talked about a couple weeks ago is really grinding slowly, if at all, and what's happening in courses massive losses. US intelligence now estimating 70,000 Russians either killed or wounded off the battlefield that roughly half the combat strength started with 25% of all the equipment he went in with destroyed probably a bit more tenancy just point out this kind of stoning behind enemy lines, the dirty dozen kind of rain against the airfield in Crimea taking out a substantial chunk of the workplace. So things are kind of moving in Ukrainians correction with Gen. Jack, we need to watch what happens around this town of Terrace on inch-thick gateway to Crimea controls water supplies into Crimea. If the Ukrainians can pull that one off taking that territory back.

I think they will have a great deal of momentum headed into the fall campaign. How close is this Iranian field Iranians and European Union are seen to be hammering this out. The Russians are dealing directly as well.

Could you tell us about it and how concerned should we be well. I spent a lot of time in the Middle East and have often bought carpet there but rugs many of which are made in Iraq Persian carpets and whenever you're in a transaction about buying a run in the Middle East to include in a ranch it's going to be very hard to ultimately close the deal and what you're seeing is the Iranians say that looks good that looks good were very close Wait a minute. We got one more thing we want nail down here now where we this morning the Europeans appear to be crafting some kind of agreement that would take one of the big hard stops for Iran off the table. That's the inspection of their nuclear program and if they do that if the Europeans are successful with your radiance that I think you have probably at two and three chance of this deal coming through, which is way up from where I thought it would be six months ago so we caught him cheating. They want to stop the investigation into the cheating and that we would agree not even look into that site. What if what a joke. Eileen, how is this the best interest of our country. I know it's rhetorical and that provision where the Russians hold the weapon eyes uranium and they give it back. If we do if we tear up the deal like trumpets of the Republican walks in. Marco Rubio becomes president.

He is he I hate to steal and rip it up so the Russians coming with uranium and give it back to the Iranians, but the unbelievable I agree with everything you said this deal has more holes than Swiss cheese. And it particularly is distasteful in a period of time when Putin becomes a guarantor if you will. While he's invading Ukraine and by the way is being hosted repeatedly in Tehran by his new best friends. The Iranians doesn't look like a like a good landing to me. So the symbol everybody's watching Taiwan and the speakers visit in Taiwan was really surrounded in a series of war in wargames or or military exercises that gave us an idea of how the Chinese might invade Ukraine might invade Taiwan. What is your take away from that and will could you tell us about these DC wargames that have US and China fighting over time. Treatment take away from the Chinese reaction to the Pelosi visit number one that they've given us a pretty clear look at their work plan and this is what US intelligence is postulated all along it will be blockaded long-range ballistic missiles. But the only thing we didn't see them exercise was the energization of 1/5 column that undoubtedly is built in the Taiwanese society, special courses, targeted assassinations, explosions all over the island so we got a good look at the work plan number two we see that US is going to have a very challenging time pushing this back and will come of that one. Check in with wargames and number three little noticed but the Taiwanese response their military exercises which are going on over the last couple of days. Kind of in response show very capable, very motivated force. Bottom line, we need to do more to ensure that Taiwanese are ready to fight. In a way that Ukrainians were not and we had low weapons in very late game. Let's do that earlier yes to the wargames simply grind they show how tough fight. This will be I think many Americans think the U.S. Navy would just fall over the Chinese maybe that's not how this is going to come out to meet huge losses on both sides of the outcome. I still Adm. still rather have the American hand of cards to play in this Chinese one, but it's going to be hard-fought with a lot of casualties 18 to 22 rounds of game played with it that this points Chinese missile sink. A large part of the US and Japanese service fleet and destroy hundreds of aircraft on the ground. However, Allied air and naval counterattacks hammer the exposed Chinese amphibious and surface fleet. The reason for the US losses is that the United States cannot conduct a systematic campaign to take down Chinese defenses before moving in close the Ice Age must send forces to attack the Chinese fleet to get a sense of the scale. The losses in our last game iteration United States was over 900 fighter attack aircraft in a four-week conflict. That's about half the Navy and Air Force inventory, but they do believe that the Taiwan could repel an invasion correct and if you think about it. I wanted a topknot to crack an island that has an 80 mile boat right in front of it, in and of course the vast Pacific Ocean. On the other side in the island.

If you've never been there.

I have is very mountainous. It covered with forests on the Taiwanese have plans had up fallback if they need to even it that Chinese could get a total hold. It would be a very tough fight on the island itself. Bottom line client. One thing to worry about that we haven't mentioned and was explicitly excluded from the word gate was what if the Japanese don't let us use the basis that would be very significant, and a second thing is, it was no use tactical nuclear weapon, something that I explored.

As you know in my novel 2034 novel of the next world war, a book about a war between the US and China. So even with massive losses were talking about. There are other twists of the wheel of faith that could undermine this campaign. It will be very challenging.

Once he tries me nuts is that we could talk about what do you Taiwan need to defend itself. I have not heard any consummation of any of these requests for defensive weapons that would repel China every week you that they we know exactly what they want to know exactly what we can give him for not doing it. What is the hold up. I think at this point the light is going on across the political aisle that we have to do this. It's been in a back-and-forth stage, but I think Brian this is something that there is agreement from Pelosi on one side and Mitch McConnell on the other side. And frankly, the war in Ukraine ought to tell us if we put the weapon systems in there, we can deter China and avoid a war so I think you're good to see motion on this pretty significant in the fall. And in that sense we can hopefully get ahead of the curve in a way that we weren't in Ukraine all right will see how it goes. Any word is the Russians are paying an economic price is significant as they need to to revisit the wisdom of this war slowly but steadily.

These sanctions are biting. But let's face it, it's going to take time for those economics to come into play that thing the one thing there'll put to the negotiating table is actually not the sanctions that will be helpful.

But the thing that will push it will be that combat losses he saw Frank Ukrainians are making the Russians paper every inch of territory Crimea could end up soaked in Russian blood. That is what is going to get to that table and that's what we need to put in the hands, Ukrainians or tools to accomplish you the numbers 85,000 wounded or killed is that correct. I think absolutely and let's make a point that US intelligence which historically is very concerned it and how they make those kind of assessments British intelligence process numbers even higher.

This is a massive loss of personnel in in final thought. Brian Putin has thrown open jail cells in Russia saying to felons, murderers, themes, hey I will commute your sentence from 15 years or 20 years down to six months and give you time served. If you will go and fight in Ukraine. Think about that desperate is that I will. He will not have a draft of a boomerang on them and Tim Servetus. Thanks so much Eventbrite have a great weekend. That's a lot of knowledge I just don't know who first two people in the country can talk to to give you a more solid update on a chance of winning a war against China. What's actually happening. Ukraine how bad this Iranian deal is soft with that we laid the groundwork and were also following this story the press United States medically through his website to socials looks like twitter that he has no problem releasing the warrant, no probably some affidavit that was handed to him as the FBI decides to grade to grade Mara Lago on Monday what they talk what they were looking for and why the Trump Is convinced that the Atty. Gen. is way over his skis.

There is a report that he had nuclear plans and details on nuclear weapons in his possession. I have not seen that confirmed where was that in June. If you do about June 22, why did you wait till August. This is the brain to meet you in your knowledge base.

Brian is so busy he'll make here and kill me here. Understanding that there were not documents related to our nuclear capability or nuclear issues that have national security implications in the present possession when the agent showed up in my log. I don't believe they were enough. Her nephew spoken in the present about the present about what nuclear materials may or may not have been and I do not believe there were any in their legal team has done a very thorough search and had turned over we been very cooperative so that was one of the attorney for Donald Trump who was happy to be on the scene when Verilog was rated and Laura Ingram did a great job last night trying to ride the news I was hosting talker. When the news came across. Check the Washington Post. I looked to my right.

Washington Post has a story. One of the reasons the FBI rushed in this because it was nuclear secrets that evidently they believe according to whistleblower among the Secret Service, there were in town. Trust possession. He doesn't think so, and if it was true if you got the if you knew about a June 22 why are you going in August 7 on Monday. Why did Webb do you got the warrant.

What you wait three days to go. And if it's that much of emergency book ill iffy.

I want those boxes going out to the helicopter of paperwork that's going on Marine one to Donald trumps house. If anyone had a problem.

Set up a system to go through it.

I'm telling you right now. What would Donald Trump want with our nuclear code, you will easily sell needs money been in Michigan had been a Brian radar you talk about.

You want to build on which David says that Rita said go ahead and yes I do listen I'm retired Navy and I just want to say I agree wholeheartedly.

When he mentioned about what would happen if they became Chinese maybe yes we may prevail, but we would deftly get our nose bloodied. The first thing that will go. I'm telling you right now will be the carriers that their number one order of battle is where are the carriers the same as the Russians was back in the Cold War. This new loan. This drone attack. The ditches goes after just created to go after aircraft carriers. To me, of course, you guys would have defense to that, but this is something new I my question is what are we doing what kind of overtures are we trying to India but you brought this up to about three months ago in the everybody note there is no love lost between India and China India hates China.

I understand it, to bind the Russian oil, Indian, Chinese hate each other's guts what kind of overtures are we told India so we can kindly create a diversion to get Indian bond within India has a huge military and I guarantee you get them involved on our side. Just saying. I went at this Japan is beginning to pivot all said all of the world post-World War II military doctrine. I think they got a bug up again and I think that's got it. That's gonna happen right away and if they can fight and that they would know how to put that into their system. You get India learning how to fight, only to have any discernible Navy, but then you get Japan and you know Australia can fight even though they have the biggest enforcement and then all of a sudden maybe China is the one penned in Jerry WND be in Daytona hey Jerry and Brent are copied on our character feel my conservative Democrats interested in helping Brett Clark lost, but still no no certain post accounts look nobody wants 87,000 IRS agents how Job mansion and everybody else sign off on this is insane with her doing with most of the billions. They're not even upgrading their software they're still using COBOL from the 60s. The gig evidently get 1200 increase a second into the IRS and a small portion of all this money that we don't have is going towards the IRS that I have so many agents out there. I know a lot of you started to do my taxes were to be deal with this complex tax system. You could be doing the most sincere job possible with the most sincere account possible if they want to get you. They will get you on something and in the meantime, the torture, the penalty is the process to relive reclaim rediscover everything from 45 even two years ago is present with the pandemic that's wood siding uplift was signing up for today. Fox News radios to New York City you opinions and facts with a positive approach.

Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here by the brain to me Joe 1-866-408-7669.

We have a lot because the covered 48 and six and we know this morning I'm covering that the drop-off of the Texas bosses of illegal immigrants. That became a national story.

The mayor here New York City against the governor of Texas.

Now the mayor of DC against the governor of Texas to bull bear's agon present bind, give me money for a few thousand illegal aliens.

How about the 4 million delivered come into our country. Believe it or not, and things that matter most to Americans. That's like fourth will be joined by Geraldo in about matter of moments. But before we do that bottom of the hour Co. Shimkus would be joining us right in the breaking news at any moment the Prez United States could be releasing some of the judge can release the warrant that allowed his marrow Lago compound to be rated.

The president of former president is not standing in the way.

So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three to place someone on the bus for 45 hours without medical care for the proper sanitary conditions and just send them to a city that they know nothing about that is traumatic for anyone. What a shame. It's really traumatic really coming going from Bolivia or Venezuela to our southern border so traumatic they getting an air-conditioned bus and go to cross the best country in the world is traumatic. What is wrong with this guy broken border brawling lawmakers was present, bind his party pay a price in November.

This will not stuff it's been a very good week for us, but it's also been a good week for American families. We are on the cost of passing the inflation reduction act and having it come to the present staff they go.

Keep Bedingfield away again.

She's a presbyter present spokesperson about the past that was happening with the house and the mentioned tumor spending monstrosity named inflation reduction bill but doesn't do anything with with inflation. Now the present will begin a victory tour is not a good move.

Justice Department is filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida to unseal a search warrant and property receipt relating to a court-approved search that the FBI conducted earlier this week. I don't know why it took us an extra 45 minutes to get that seven minute press conference that was Merrick Garland took no question. Go ahead and do it. That's the message from the trunk When it comes to the warrant in the affidavit and the list of everything taken from marrow Lago as rumors fly and the reasons the FBI read the compound to begin with.

Clearly Merrick Garland's game of the DOJ's on their heels and trump team knows it and I'll explain. Geraldo Rivera joins us now just talk to someone higher up in the trump team. Geraldo you know you could send sometimes when they're angry or worried.

They are, they are not worried at all.

I mean from talking to Eric on Monday and very high-ranking trump officials yesterday.

They think that they are thoroughly over their skis and they got caught and he can't wait for this affidavit to come out well. I don't know why. Then Brian he doesn't release it himself. He certainly is legally able to have been right from the get go. And I II think that it's a question of put up or shut up. Why didn't they raise him. Why should he put up because he has the documents and is legally and constitutionally illegal approved to distribute them as he sees fit, or to keep them private as he sees fit. So why wait for the government. I think it the way I thought I thought that the president having been so offended as he should be by this extraordinary unprecedented rate. The first time ever, president, resident has been rated. It was it was like a joke yesterday of the librarian sending a SWAT team through treatment overdue library book. It was absurd on its face. What happened unless and until there is a showing that there what if there really were nuclear secrets being In in in a place that was far less secure than was appropriate. If that's the case then you understand why after they have defied a subpoena per month earlier, the federal authorities might feel it incumbent to do something as dramatic and again as unprecedented as this is so let's play that out.

Let's say it's let's see the Washington Post story that how was hosting took a lesson became crisp at 805. Washington Post says that according to a source that they have that the reason why they had the raid was because they found out the resource that he had nuclear secrets and his marrow Lago compound so way. This I understand it they got the warrant days before it was such an emergency one you going right away. Number two Jan June 6 a of this great meeting to sources say he came by June 6. During the meeting and they said guys just want to say I appreciate everything you did.

That's the president going by marrow Lago meeting with officials at which time we even have a name, at which time this guy's name is who it's right here while finding this guy's name comes a gets to me favor taking the lock on that door because as we go through the documents what you want and I understand this, the more you look into it the more you research to find out Barack Obama took 33 million documents, at which time he says I will hold onto going to digitize it. I love you heard, but he's not present a more has been for six years hasn't digitized one thing so June HJ Brad made a written request to calories a counterintelligence officer.

He said to me favor, put another walk in the door. You know the trump team did put another walk in the door.

Days later they get a tip saying there's more documents June 22. That was the latest development and that was the last time they communicated to the trump team until the raid on Monday the seventh and then it leaks somebody leaks to the Washington Post, wait a second it's nuclear secrets okay. Newsweek had a story hours before America relative to the microphone to America. Garland was even informed about it so I'm not sure these so-called no insider sources. I'm not sure the role panning out. Now you know present trump, what would he want with nuclear secrets. I don't think that he had any various motive whatsoever. I believe that he is an honorable person and I also believe that there is that kind of inertia screw these guys. I hate this barn administered justice partners rate they did Russia Russia. They harassed me for year them not to cooperate with them. Screw them.

I have taken the steps that I deemed necessary to secure these secrets.

I'm not going to comply and I could see him doing that I could see him digging his heels and being stubborn operating any ridiculous national security review of the text seldom just let them but and then I on the other hand, I see Merrick Garland name. They say we subpoenaed the God he says he has the document. Yet the ability to control them. We say they belong to America.

We want them back that I get to an impasse leading to this extraordinary event that the chuck so many of us, but I I go back to where I started the way the president can continue to play out the sand and the winning manner is to say, okay America is what it was. His mother was. I know I'm not a spot you know me you know how these people arrest me with the Russian bookers peeing on me and the Ritz-Carlton locked out all the other dirty lies that obsessed my ministration wrecked my present early years of my presidency distracted me and made me angry and introverted person that I will not come out to play ball with these. These are my enemies, but United the enemies his enemies have the law on their side his enemies.

If this warrant says what we think it says will be ultimately justified.

And he will be ultimately embarrassed, or at least he will feel the tinge.

The sins I should say of the adverse court ruling. He will Let you know those doctors were retrieved.

I will get them back. And you know where he got there with its open goes from there. I did the police presence hold onto these records. I don't know why they take a cup and saucer in the email from Mike Cronin" means a love letter in the jungle and all these other units in the library.

I don't even know the present trump unseasonable libraries you did is conducive to social to sell everyone's reading it. He wrote this. That's his version of twitter nuclear weapons if she was a hoax just like Russia was a hoax.

The molar investigation a hoax. The much more the same same sleazy people involved. Why would the FBI allow the inspectors of areas of marrow Lago with our lawyers or others present made them wait outside in the heat when let them get even close. It absolutely not planting information. Anyone reminds me of the whole dossier situation between this at my poll numbers are the strongest they have ever been fundraiser for the public and parties breaking records the midterm elections are fast approaching the unprecedented political weaponization of law enforcement is inappropriate, highly unethical and also this source told me they screw this up like they did Afghanistan. These people only think about politics and should run the country enough politics run the country and that's how he really feels.

Now you know we had a clean sweep on those primaries. A lot of them were very tight. You know these got 93% of the people he endorsed have gotten through everybody except one that voted for impeachment has lost in Liz Cheney's about to get trounced so do you believe that he's gonna run again. I do, I do believe it. I'd always believed it. I think that he feels that he got shipped they legitimately feel chipped although I will also believe that you are intentionally aggravated and exaggerated the irregularities having to do with November 2020. That's what I broke up with them in mid November, 20, 25 because he didn't like the constitutional process play out, but nevertheless I feel that he sincerely believes he got ripped and wants that and believes that he is the natural born President of the United States. My fear would be that he gets elected, and those four years from 2024 meant that he doesn't want to leave again. You know it says that there are no such some some other screw up. But you know you can't, having once you kick the Constitution and the knots you know we could then go back again that he should have just as I urged him to do. I urged him to take a victory lap get a great president. The hugely underrated new accomplished so much white school around with the loss of law when it went bigger next but but now you know it does think that sometimes as thick and sticky. Michael on the opposite election out multiple rounds, but nothing like why not release these documents is coming out today, but I could see especially the profiles away. He is great you read my place and I know it's for nothing he believes is actually for no reason. I told you we were in conversations we have in fine arrangement you would deal with my attorneys. We gave 15 boxes that you already see rate I please destroy Mike you destroyed my wife's closet you will you opened up my safe and now I'm going to get you off the hook by releasing the warrant know what you twist in the wind.

That's his mindset today paper paper one paper and here's how to build the bomb nuclear bomb used of the drone that we could send the and you do that equals a squared is a picture of it. Holy crap. This was in the closet and mall Lago you know it could be equity now. If it's not bad.

It's not that, if it is always autographed photo of Vladimir suntanning in Crimea. So I've been America should be embarrassed that was. I also think this thing in Ohio here in Ohio where the other guy shot up the FBI office and got killed in the cornfield I made it for going to have a world of country where people are taking AR 15's and shooting FBI now we have to stand together in my resident has announced that no one certain that would be great if he did, and I hope he does.

And you know what that's why you can play politics with the intelligence agencies. If that indeed is the case that's great point so the last thing going change topics both stick with it. Pride Hillary Clinton's private emails contain special access a special access programs. Intel and the FBI found the Intel stored and transmitted on her server was compromised by foreign governments or intelligence services, and you know she was. Not rated you know she still ran you know that you want to head is been proven, got ahead with the still dossier God Christopher stealing all this stuff to Solly and staying present trump. She was never taught a lesson. She was never and she is and she is bound red-handed as the day is long and is sought on Anthony Weiner's laptop how slipshod she was with private emails while Secretary of State so anyone who says well trump doesn't care. He does this. What was she doing so. There's a document in there that shouldn't be joined the club and I'm short of the 33 million Obama has. There's probably some really terrible like hair-raising stuff in there to so I just think I think that was already so effectively she law that she was banished from American public life, Hunter Biden.

I agree with that comparison. Also the hell happened in this place been rated you know when he was dealing with Chinese and you can say something to say.

Trump loss to but this house was raided and ransacked is only one time the house was raided and ransacked and it was the rich guy who has a compound but and has instead hired II wishing the best that I was needed. The life of someone who really cared for him and watch them grow from when he was in his 20s. I've known for over 40 years is very very distressed by what happened after the election, and I wanted to have a peaceful, successful life and I wish that he could work like I want everybody to get along and sing together. The same song so much. Both sides all information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show now. I think Democrats are having some regret going all in on this IRS because we have proof nonpartisan proof that you are five times more likely to be audited is because I'm poor and taxpayer and center Mike Crapo of Idaho put forward an amendment to spell St. let this law that no one making under $400,000 a year will get every Democrat voted now, why would they want to know now well because in order to pay for the inflation reduction act.

They find the money somewhere where is the money going to come from come from you is going to come from these audits and that's why they had to do this coming back for more. Pretty soon the audit the poor to buy the rich. She ended that is the least I guess inflammatory commentator on any news channel Dana Perino. Just the facts. That's a topic with the building capacity. I'm not discuss that much. The inflation reduction act, which doesn't on any course any nonpartisan examination reduce inflation in Jesus saying with the IRS that are just going to Jeff Pazo's he's done everything right. They got all the billionaires and millionaires in the idiots they have great accountants. They can be fined euros I can be fine and I can be fun to go to Brian kill, especially if you're in Albany, especially if you're in Brandon, Mississippi, especially here in Tulsa Oklahoma live on stage taken back our national story a thousand people at a time. Brian kill from his mouth to your leaders Brian kill me. We already know the shelter system can accommodate New Yorkers, let alone people with thousands of people coming to this town talk to Pres. fighting and said basically we need to reevaluate this policy are we going to do like I've stated before time in office. We should these of the crises as they come towards us. We did with COBIT monkeypox box and everything else that we have been facing you look at the large number of migrants and asylum-seekers. Oh, we have house almost 5000 this fall since around May to do so and just we spoke with the White House to discuss this issue and state that we need help to get us through this moment. I believe our mayor Eric Adams, the poor guy's got 5000 extralegal immigrants they get 7000 a day in Texas and their being ignored by the White House. He's got 5000 of the course is 67 wanted to crisis and they do it with the like monkeypox, the fake crisis only go only affecting a certain group of people with me right now: Shimkus she's at the mayor of any city could be if she chose. Why don't you run for office calling to lab pressure too much pressure and low pressure problems let me this is that the battle I'm were on WBC now is a New York story that the national story yes and and Mayor Adam sister is crying foul. But it's I mean it. It doesn't pass the left. Hilarious. Actually, so now I love the governor added stealing and I think it's working out great for him. I think it's raising his popularity within the state and if you think about it should haven't seen Posa reflect that if you in my own personal Paul become a rook seems to be within single digits which stuns me yeah and access what you think you think you have a chance single digits really rock that I want take your guns that will be shot in the wall down is flip-flopped on that until he's also flip-flopped on guns.

He's like, well, maybe from running for governor in taxation want to take people guns away when he really can't wait because the stuff that it's doing billing in different in New York and Washington DC. He's really following the law. The lies catch and release some kind of the border and then he's releasing the immigrants where they want to go most law-abiding thing to do.

That is the law of the land that's usually when you put it, because one thing is doing is unleashing the Texas Rangers the National Guard putting up a wall on his own, leading them back at the port of entry. I'm sure they go from there, but is almost as if what else do you want me to do. I guess Austin that unclear liberal enclave, but okay you little liberal enclave in your liberal person. How many homeless people does it take for you to realize these policies of welcome the homeless are working, how many illegal immigrants have to destroy a ranch of the home, or make you scared for your teenager to go out of your eight-year-old to go get the paper at night and before you realize by liberal policies are really working out. I just don't think there's any other country in the world that would allow 4 million people to come down illegally.

Any such national security issue and the fact that there are no Democrats other than Henry Clay, Claire, they're talking about. This is unbelievable. He think about what 56 people that were on a terror watch list that were caught trying to get in and then there are almost a million guideways since that since Pres. Biden has been in office at scared it really does feel like a ticking time bomb doesn't are you doing outnumbered in the big show where you will see doing revamping up and I know okay, should you promote, kill, I'm doing you are Shouse to watch one day Shayna called exactly and also doing. I got out tonight is your career. I'm course down in the room.

Yeah, I mean why she doing it elsewhere and off on that I smear him before I move on to talk about the breaking news we been all over and you been with Fox and friends first weekend about the breaking tomorrow Lago I want to hear Laura Wilkerson on this illegal immigration system.

Her son was killed by illegal immigrant cut 27 to keep doing it every wealthy neighborhood in the country and in their schools where the kids go and see what went Bella let something no other kids and see exactly what we felt like kids. He is laughable.

What a crybaby you want to do taxes. I don't think the locket is not heartbreaking to hear a mom was obviously gone through so much trauma over the illegal immigration crisis and I was I was speaking to another woman who lives right on the southern border recently and she has two young daughters, and there are illegal immigrants that crossed her her pop property near her house all night long and you talk to strangers that are in your yard and you have your taxpaying American citizen and no abiding ministration is just turning such a blind eye to this out. She and her husband have already taught their young daughters had he's gotten everything that young teenage I didn't tell you this.

Nobody is it Eric or Allison.

So while I'm away at 3 o'clock in the morning my ring doorbell.

My neighbors ring doorbell seven guys dropped off in my neighborhood. They start going for all the cars and they just try to get it suffered because they got so that my neighbors car. Thankfully Mike doors like automatically unable to do but just to see these people in your driveway and normally I'm up at 230 him out the door to 50, and I would've been walking out right when they were there.

Gary and I would say upper-class neighborhood in Massapequa. It's very working class, you have a Google house by the water extremely nice, no house were probably worth more than two $3 million.

Some like in between there and to think they're going to flood this area and go put your silly idea where the where the criminal elements going so present. I'd say to bring it on this good news for true social will isn't he sitting at his messages like he used to do on Twitter.

Here are two social Sabrina on go show the warrant show everything washed imposes a story last night saying this is about a nuclear these about nuclear plans America Harlan came out earlier and said I am calling for the release of the warrant. They're playing cleanup catch up.

Here's Jonathan Turley last night, cut seven Atty. Gen. Castaway in that context. This country is a tinderbox and he has an agency in the FBI that has a documented history of false statements, a documented history of misleading courts and you have to consider that before you approval rate of this kind.

Yeah, everything a big lesson right now in Warren's affidavit is and what they all mean. Apparently the warrant in the list of items that the FBI took it to come out.

Maybe even later today. Although Lenny Fox and Friends Are Saying That A Lot Of It Can Be Heavily Redacted Sell A Lot Of the Things That the FBI Talk. It'll Be a Generic Language so We May Not End up Learning A Lot. Later I Thing That I Think It's Very Interesting As Laura Tromp Was on Fox Last Night. It Might Have Even Been Entering Brian That You Did, What Did You Eat She Said on Your Time, Not Tucker That Trumpets Receive More Donations Now Than Ever before. Always.

I Think She Was Always in a Run for President, but I Just Wonder If This Is to Motivate Him to Announce Even Sooner. Maybe Even before the Midterm Elections Because When He Feels like Somebody Is Trying to Stick It to Him. He Wants to Stick It Right Back and This Could Be a Huge Motivating Factor for Him to Announce within. I Don't Even Now, Wait Even within the Coming Weeks Is Just Speculation on My Part, but If You Hear What He Sang with the Family Saying It's He Clearly Is Extremely Angry That What Happened and I Think That Will That This Will Motivate Him Possibly to Announce Even Sooner. They Sets Would Basically She Went on to Say the Families Night about a Business Story That Yvonne Is Right Yes Yes the MRI There Was a Store That Evocative Monia Came out in a Story and Said They Try to Convince Him Not to Run and Then She Said This Cut 13. I've Heard from so Many People Riding All across This Country.

People That Are Even Republicans Are Horrified by What We Saw Happen on Monday Because This Was Not Just an Attack on Downtime That Wasn't Just Rain Tomorrow Lago about Former Presidents Home. This Change the Way That the American People See Our Country. We Cannot Operate in a Civilized Society Not Trust Our Department Of Justice. Unfortunately We Are Not Clear That More Questions. Now the American People. I Learned about Yeah I Mean I Did Speak to the Trump Family All A Lot Of Them Yesterday and I'm No One There Ticked. I Know When the Nervous They Are Not Here and They Can't Believe What's Going on, but There Were There Were Angry Monday Today the like with Dave.

Dave Don't Know What They Unleashed.

They Don't Understand How Salient It Was You so Have the FBI If Some Lunatic Trusts and Goes into the Yacht You Don't Want That. Now I Just Doing This like to Doing It. You Have a June 22. Evidently That's When You Got Your Tip the Trump Evidently Reportedly Is Holding Something Back, and Then in August, You Don't Talk to Him until August 7 Now and the Makers That Are Handling It Poorly like That PIH and Say Every Residence Traveling There Just Doing Her Job, and They're Just Following Orders I Musicals IP Stay on the FBI Make You Believe That the FBI Planned the Rate Purposefully Falling down from Wasn't Home yet. I Want to Keep a Low Profile and a Crack Open a Safe Using a Safe Cracker. They Rummage through Malaga Trumps Close They Do and That Is so Early in the Morning That It Still Night Time in My 30 FBI Agents Roll up and They Don't Think That That's Going to Cause a Stir Getting Me Why You Need Nine Hours of You Got This Great Tip. What You Need Nine Is Really Going on Here. Brian Is There Something There so Many Different Theories. One of Them Is the Washington Post Theory That It Had to Deal with Documents Related to Nuclear Weapons Other People Feel like It Really Could Just Be a National Archives and the FBI over Stats and Then There's Another Theory in the Avocado. Congressman Anderson and Perry, Who Is a Close Ally of Donald Trying His Cell Phone Was Confiscated by the FBI Day after This Trump Raid and He Is Wanted for Questioning by That House Democrats Are Related to January 6 so Could Those Two Things They Related Recently to You If You Said to Me, I Need a Theory That I Needed Now and You Just Put Your Money down Yeah I Think so. By January 6.

I Don't I Don't Think It's about Later, We Heard about Nuclear Nuclear Secrets Really Present from Nuclear Secrets to so I Ran Nuclear Secretly before Paulino Could He Have Been a Little Bit Tighter Lift with the Russians with the Saudi Absolutely Where You Know That We Know That God Understood What You Tell Me All the Suddenly Realize Nuclear Plans with Mara Lago, When You Asked to Put a Lock on the Door Is Not Even There. How Is It in Jeopardy. Are You Worried about a outside Force Coming in the Saudi's Coming in the World or the Russians or Iranians Coming in and Taking Nuclear Secrets out Tomorrow Lago Auto Movie That Sounds like a Plot You Know I Also Want to Come to the Timeline Things. He Said That Rate Was Nine Hours Long and Now and Obviously When the FBI Tip You Need Nine Hours Ago Tomorrow Is a Big Place, but You Know If the FBI Is Coming through Documents to Obtain Criminal Evidence and They Just so Happen to Claim Other Evidence for Something Else. I January 6 That's Valid Cell.

I Can Absolutely Be Related to That before You Got What You Hear Me Dylan Was on with Me Last Night to and She Said in Candor.

She Does Work for Prison Trump on Different Areas Not in This Area Cut Nine. In My Opinion I Said Publicly the Warrant Itself Is Really Not the Where the Meat Is Where the Meaning Is As the Affidavits That Underlie the Warrant.

That Is What the FBI Told the Magistrate Judge in Order to Get This Warrant and That May Have Been More Than One Affidavit, and so It Is Unclear to Me That the DOJ Is Offering to Unseal Those They Don't Usually Unseal Those until There Is an Indictment and I Think If the Warrant Tells an Incomplete Story. It May Not Be to the Advantage of the Trump Team to Unseal It at This Time the Whole Story Needs to Be Told and I Think That the DOJ As You Said in Your Intro. Brian Is Really Stumbling There Playing Defense. They're Trying to Do This the Opposite Way That It Should Be and so the Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart Is Compromised.

In My Opinion Said This United States Will Merely Serve a Copy of the Motion on Counsel to Form in Front of for Former Prison.

Trump, on or before 3 PM Eastern Today United States Will File a Certificate of Conferring for Conferral Advising Whether Prison Trump Opposes Government's Motion to Unseal.

So Here's What Prison Trump Said. Not Only Will I Not Oppose the Release of the Documents Related to the Un-American, Unwarranted and Unnecessary Raid and Breaking a Biome in Palm Beach. I'm Going to Stake a Step Further by Encouraging the Immediate Release of Those Documents Even Though They Have Been Drawn up by a Radical Left Democrats and Possible Future Political Opponents Who Have a Strong and Powerful Vested Interest in Attacking Me Much As They've Done for the past Six Years Came on Absolutely and Mayor Carlin Also Said Yesterday That It Wasn't Possible to Use Less Intrusive Means.

That Means That What They Were Looking for Was so Urgent That They Needed to Go Now but Then You Hear Trump and Translators and He Said I Was Having a Great Working Relationship with the FBI. They Asked That They Thought They Subpoenaed Me. I Gave the 15 Boxes Master Plan Padlock on the Room. I Did Just That. Salina to See the Subpoena Again.

Andrew Cuomo Is Tweeting about That Yes Industries Are Good, except That He Said DOJ's Credibility Is As a Nonpolitical Entity Is Especially Critical with the Importance of January 6 Investigation Pending Now.

The Remaining Question. What Did They Recover and What Is It Worth the Public Cost. What Did They Recover and Was It Worth the Public Cost That Is That's the Main Question Here Back in Something New Every Day, for I Am Kill Only Show Talk Show That's Real. This Is Brian Kill Me Show Replace the Female Minister in Charge of Reversing the Country's Phone Birthrate with a Man Who Was Never Had Children Messing up for Us to Gain an Understanding of the Issues Facing Expectant Mothers by Wearing a Simulated Pregnancy Belly for 24 Hours, Telling Reporters That Wearing the 16 Pound Prosthetic Left Him with Sympathy for Women and Back Pain Having a Big Family Helping Men Understand Women Patriarchy Would Be Long Gone. What Japan Is Trying Everything to Figure out Why Their People on Having More Babies Look, I'm Not a Scientist, but If You Lost Me Famous Because They Invented the PlayStation May Be so Welcome Back, Everybody: Shimkus Is Here so You Probably Japan. No One's Going There No Was Immigrating There and They're Not Having Kids Really Write This Is the Way to Which I Tolerate. That's Kind of Weird. Very Clean Country Yeah Clean Streets While Organized Meeting Is the Only Real Fact That Japan the Bank Of Japan Official Micah Saudi Agoura Replace the Female Minister Seco Nada, the Young and Fresh Perspective. I Do Think the Women Know More about Pregnancy Than Men. Why Want a Man Wearing a Fake Pregnancy Belly Encourage Women to Give Birth. That's the Question It Makes You Wonder If We Need to Know More with Carly Shimkus Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream. Yeah She Got the Job Beginning September 11, the First Woman Anchor the Program in the 26 Year History with Tony so That Chris Wallace so I Think She's the Perfect Pick. She Is so Smart to Get the Legal Background She's Indefatigable As a Worker. The Bad News for America Is Chic and Poster Show Would Admit I Now I Now Sell That Spot. Now I Don't Know I Wasn't in the Room When They Made the Decisions I'm so Happy for Her. She Really Is the Total Package. Smart, Beautiful and Greater Job Delivering Some Kind Right but Sometimes You Be Tough Next Greenway Conservative Dating Back by Peter Teal Was Announced the Launch of Next Month. It's Called the Right Stuff on It Seeking to Open a New Door for the Political Right Look to Find Like-Minded People in the Romantic World and Find Facts. The Person Started the Right Stuff Is Caving Back in 86 That's Amazing. And Even If That's Not True. It's Even More Amazing That It Is True.

If You Made That up.

I Would Say That's Remarkably Creative.

I Would Say This Normally Go at This Time. Initially, I Actually Think Is Necessary. I'm Single like the Less You Want Here Is by the Way, I Don't Shower. I Grew My Armpit around about the Political Yes I Follow the Grateful Dead. I Smoke Pot That Would Deftly Relationship Will Never Work, Live from the Fox News Radio's Fracture of the Set of Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Right to Me till I Come to Midtown Manhattan for Her to Run the Country around the World, Especially in Ukraine As They Fight to Make Their Life Russians Life in Ukraine, a Living Hell Standing by Bill Levine Will Be with Us for Mayor of Miami Beach to Talk about His Replacement.

Mayor Suarez Running for President on the Republican Right. Obviously, with the Donald Trump Runs or Not He Is a Very Impressive Guy's Been Our Show Many Times before You Brought Help Bring the Tech Center to Miami.

But for Now Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Please Someone on the Bus 45 with Medical Care, Order Proper Sanitary Conditions and Just Send Them to a City That They Know Nothing about That Is Traumatic for Anyone. Yeah, Traumatic Real Traumatic Broken Border Brawling Lawmakers Leads to Chaos and Affordably Goes into Our Cities Unless by the Party Pay a Price.

November This Will Not Be Stopped. It's Been a Very Good Week for Us, but It's Also Been a Good Week for American Families.

We Are on the Cusp of Passing the Inflation Reduction Act and Having It Come to the Present Staff Yeah Yeah Okay Bedingfield Talk about the Prison on the Role Should He Take a Victory Tour As He's about to Pass This New Green Deal Mansion Schumer Spending More You Look at It Mansion Got Next to Nothing. What Was He Thinking the Justice Department Is Filed a Motion in the Southern District of Florida to Unseal a Search Warrant and Property Receipt Relating to a Court-Approved Search That the FBI Conducted Earlier This Week.

Mayor Carlin Always Inspirational. Go Ahead and Do It. That's the Message from the Trunk When It Comes to Releasing the Warrant in the Affidavit and the List of Things Taken from His Mar Lago Compound. Clearly, Mayor Collins Game of the DOJ's on Their Heels in the Trump Team Knows It Will Explain, but First Shannon Bream and Now Brian Kill Me Show Welcome Back to Their Newly Crowned Himself Fox News Sunday. I Am Term of Your Uncontrollable Fox News Is Unflappable Chiefly Make It Rain and the Radius to Serve Friday Night Dance Party Dance Sunday Morning and My Heart an Excellent Dancer Doesn't Translate into Reality Graduation Shannon Dance like No One's Watching Even Though Millions Will Be Dance in a Tight Outfit That I Have Chest Hair That Is so Cool Yes You a Brand-New Host of Boxes Sending the First Female to Ever Try It to Do an Extraordinary Job of the Last Year Billions Chris Wallace Went Elsewhere. Shannon, How Do You Feel about Getting This Job. Congratulations so Deserving. All How Great Is That Eric, Derek and Frank Put That Together My Right There on Cell Meeting Team and I Just Love That You Know and I Wanted to Add New Accenture and so I'm up Early. Brian Just Went to Some Weekends Right Now Three and Get up That Link That's Built so I Got a Flip That I Can Get the Three That It Yeah I Mean It's a Well-Deserved. I Mean, It Is Hard to Do It to Do Well. Everyone Can Do It but to Do Well Because You Want to Make News on That Show and Pressure Yeah and It's Network so That Means People with Antennas They Don't Need Cable Subscriptions.

People Would Just Antennas on Their TVs Can Get You to Try to My Mom You Fox News Fancy Club Here.

Everything I like, but Networking Channel Where You Watch American Idol Turnout on Sunday Morning He Will Come down on Thompson Afternoon to Be around 2 O'clock. The Church Anyway. I Think You Understand My New Job and Not Sure about This Week. I Just I Want to Talk to Mom but Don't ~Follow American Idol That's ABC. I Don't like This Week with One Point When It First Started Right. But Right Now ABC Has Up-To-Date I Am.

I Think That Washington Culture Phenom so Give Me an Idea. So Who's Taking Your Show yet Taken around Not Being There yet Final Yell Drinking. Plaintiff the Night through the Night and See That Ticket That Began Friend First Me That the Fox and Friend in the Morning so If You Go Anywhere.

I Don't Know Who Will Be at the Helm. I Think It Could Be Rotation, but the Same and Meeting Team Shut down behind It and Still Creating Excellent Work.

But before Great.

So so Shannon, You'll Take September 11 Right. First Things First Two Weeks Back with Your Legal Background Award to Say I Heard Lower Your Expectations.

It's Not Too Explicit.

Is That Correct Yeah That's Correct for the Atty. Gen.

Go Ahead and Unleash It on Unseal It.

If That Weren't the Same.

When They Left of the President's Attorney That Will Say Where to Look for the Items That Need Location and Development That You Limitation Left. That's What They're Supposed to Do Anything like That That Whatever the Stock Which Is the Underlying after David Had to Take This Magistrate Judge Day Here. All of Our Sworn Allegations about What They Are, What Were Looking for to Look at That There Are Private Requests into the Judge to Release Your Kind Judicial Watch Another Local Paper for Everything You Know That What We Think, Potentially Will Get Unsealed Today If Possible. The Magistrate Could Do That As Well. They Put in Their Petition the Government to Answer the Petition by Monday at 5 PM There Really Pushing for the Good Stuff That's Not What Will Get Today by Answering the Petitions Mean Petitions in What Respect We Filed a Motion to Unseal Everything Not Warrant an Itemization List Which, Get Today Potentially Get Today.

They Want Others Underlying Documents That Would Have Allegations of the Testimony by If Somebody Went to the Client That I Think Need Boxes Directing the Document Stuff Media Organizations Are Trying to Get Well That Would Be Something That Motioned with with That Judge and Felt like It That He Felt the Government You Got a Motion by Monday I Will Fight It Because There Could Be A Lot Of Important Information in There Trying to Put Together a Case There Could Be Conscious, Confidential You Know People Who Came to Town and You Could Still Excised the Classified Material Out Of That We Make It What You Don't Get the Result of Something and Every Page of Blackout except like One Look at That Nearly Fighting to Get the Rest of the Present Stance First. He Was Quiet Similar Out There and Then Finally Said, You Open up Everything about the Way That Many Interesting Next Story, Which Came out Last Thursday around 8 O'clock Eastern Time. That Said That Martian Post Had It That the Main Thing the Got the Deer Chose Her Concern Is Nuclear Secrets and Might've Been Found O'Mara Lago Due To Secret Service Whistleblower and Then the Present One Right at That's Is You Kidding Me Same People Are Probably the Russian Hoax. These Same People Making up This Story. There's Nothing There That Shaking Right Now Because People Weren't Delicate with an Attorney Actually Got in Trouble for Lying Doctoring Documents for Online the Underlying Claim Working till after the Former President Felt Completely Understandable Why People Are so Ethical about That Evening and within Everything Perfectly Right This Time at Their Underlying Foundation for What They Did All of That People Are Just Going to Be Ethical Because They've Been Burned so Much the Last Couple of Years to Think It Be Okay I Think It Get to Me. I Can't and I Can Actually Eat like Loki and It Wouldn't Look like and How Attention the Last Couple Years That They Really Really Thought That Right. I Had a Chance to Talk to so Many People in the Trunk Camp This Week like It Was Almost 2018 Again Were 2020 and Their Size and Their Upset Stressed Angry, yet Angry, Was Monday, but They Were Almost Kickback Getting a Kick Out Of the Fact That the DOJ Is of This Is the Term That Was Used To Me over This Case.

Let Them Figure It out. They Started This Now They Were in a Mess That Let Them Figure It out. So I Just Think That's Interesting Stance and It's Kind of the Stance the Average Person Would Think You Take If You Don't Have Anything to Hide.

Here's Jonathan Turley on What He Thinks What He Thinks of the Raid and the Ramifications Cut Seven. The Atty. Gen. Has To Waive That Context.

This Country Is a Tinderbox and He Has an Agency in the FBI That Has a Documented History of False Statements, a Documented History of Misleading Courts and You Have To Consider That before You Approval Rate of This Kind. So He Didn't and There's No Doubt about It. He Didn't Unless They Pull out Literally a Ticking Time and If They Come out to Other Some Documents Either Highly Sensitive Auto like Hillary Clinton's Documents Were Really Highly Sensitive That They Did Claim Were Compromised, and in the by by Foreign Intelligence Sources and Other Countries so They Didn't Write Her House and It's Hard to Believe Shannon Is No Highly Sensitive Decline Classified Documents in Barack Obama's Soon-To-Be Library Whenever He Decides to Open It up.

Evidently He Is 33 Million Documents.

I Don't. I Didn't Hear Writing Google Just Now, but over the Last Five Minutes. I Haven't Seen That He Was Rated Well.

People Feel like There Is an Incredible Double Standard When It Comes to Donald from the Think Back about Former Sec. Hillary Clinton on Such a Thing That People Easily Call to Mind When She Went in for the Interview with the Latter to Take Attorney Yes It Didn't Record It.

It Was like over and Done on a Weekend Coming. We All Know Donald Trump Would Not Be Treated That Way If You Want to Get That down the Conversation to Legal Team Went down Date on Everything Was Okay.

So, I Think, Because the Cases Are out There so Publicly with Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama People See That and Say Okay If You're Really Hard on Everybody about the Document in Every Great, At Least We Know There's a Certain Painter but If It's Going to Be a Completely Different World for the Former President and His Legal Team on Any Other Characters Your Tripping or Chipping Away Our Ability to Believe Anything Neutral Is This Stuff Works. If You Get a Warrant and Send Emergency. How Unusual Is It to Wait Days to Actually Execute the Invasion. The Raid, and If There Was Such an Emergency. Why Do You Wait Because That's What Happened.

They Got They Got the Warrant Days before His. I Don't Want to Wait Number Secure. We Think It Is. Remember That Former President That They Wanted a Special Pocket Family That Anyone Special Padlock in the Area and We Did Really Hear Anything for Weeks after That Initial Rate to Make Sure He Wasn't There Anything You Wanted the More Lucky I Wouldn't on the Weekend on a Monday Morning, but I'm Not Running the I May Know, I Don't Know If You're Right. Yesterday Atty. Gen. That We Try to Do the Least Intrusive Means Going to the Kind of Thing on Which You Can Spark People and Say What It Was Such National Security Import I Can Get the Document Signed off on. I Think It Was Friday and Did Not Do the Right until Monday Felt More That We Hear from the AG and SBI, Which I Hadn't Been Much Different, More Questions and When You Leave That out There on Answer Just Creates More Room for Speculation and Narrative on That Statement. The Driver Seat. Now That They Haven't Given Us A Lot Of Information from Your Experience When You Expect to See Something I Know Three-Car Teresa Cut off Blood You Think Straight Today Because You Got Both the DOJ Wanted to Warrant Working till It Were Not, in Fact I We Support It so That You Really Have No Reason Not to Really Think Warrant an Itemization Has Classified Information in It It It Can Be Something That Will Be Equally Great Beach without Having to Go through Bunch Protections or Anything like That. We Would like to Get This Afternoon. All Right, Shannon. Congratulations Again I Look Forward to the Build up to Now You Can Take Some Time off. You Goes to Show to the End of the Ground for As Long As the House Me on Night but Then I Can Start Working on Getting the Choreography for Sunday on the Little Bit of That Universal Break and You Have Abandon Comedians Well If You Come Right For Me to Get You a Tape Is I Want to Be in Your Panel Okay Leaving a Cardboard Box like a Little Beatbox and and I'm Thinking That since You Ever Take Me Seriously As a Deep Thinker and Intellect That Could Raise the Standard of Show, You Will Be on the First Right That This Is What You Got to Get Ready to Go Okay Brian What You Think. That's All You Need to Do the Panels and Take It Away and I Will Not Let Him Talk. I Love You for Thank You Very Much and Bring You to What You Got 186-640-8766 in Which Anna Bream Is Referring to Is Saturday at 8 O'clock One Nation. Watch One More. Brian Love the Podcast Had Brian Every Episode, Exclusive Interviews on the Man More Kill Me Coming up Radio Show like No Other Book Back Everybody Got a Couple Minutes Here and Don't Forget to Watch Is a Mystery for One Nation I O'clock a Monster. Guess I Want to Graceland the Magic of Elvis Is Caught in the Big Screen the Award-Winning Show Was an Unbelievable Movie Best One I've Seen a Long Time and It Brought Elvis's Musical Way Back Graceland's Expanding. I Thought Let's Go to Memphis and Seal It Affected the Town Part One of the Two Border All Be on This Saturday. We Also Have a Police Chief Bratton As Well As Dr. Oz and Co-Shimkus Would Do the New Stools Can Be a Big Show Eric Lucent WDB O in Beautiful Orlando Florida. Eric Brian Looking for.

A Real Theory Well Put It This Way.

If I Were a Former President and All of My Documents Were Sealed. I Want to Know What Donald from Have. Let's Just Put This a Rhetorical Question, How Does a Man Admittedly Born Barry Santoro Get a Birth Certificate That Says Barack Hussein Obama Your Take on That. I Was so Talking about Jim WJR Be 95 One Georgia Jim, Thanks so Much for Taking My Call. I Will Not Be Inspired by Geraldo Rivera for Anything, but in Response to His Comment. I Think Chris Very Smart in Forcing the FBI to Justify the Rationale for Conducting That Right. I Think the Public Spotlight Will Be Right on Think He Is Very Smart and Letting Them Make the Announcement and I Just Wondered What You Thought.

I Think He's Been Playing. I Thought Prison Trump to This Real Well, It Depending on What They Have That They Don't Have Anything to Play the Perfectly People Right That Brought Job I'd Have a Great Week in Prison. Trump Isn't Not Really Good to See James Be Going after Him for Two and Half Years.

It Finally Came to a Head. Good Luck with That Is, Companies Doing Great.

Number Two Is Going after Merrill Lago As United Republicans behind Him. He Had a Huge Day on Tuesday and I Think 93% of All of His Hand-Picked Primary Primary Candidates All 193% of These 117 in a Row to so I Think He's Doing Good Present Bible Get His Political Wing Today for Long-Term This New Green Deal Will Kill Him until That Point Because It's Ineffective the Infrastructures out There. We Are Not Ready for You, Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian Kill Me, Let Alone People Coming to This Town Talk to Pres., I Basically We Need to We Going to Do Side Time in Office Should Use of the Crises As They Come Towards Us. We Did with Covert Monkeypox Box and Everything Else That We Have Been Facing You Look at the Large Number of Migrants and Asylum-Seekers. Oh, We Have House Almost 5000 This Fall since around May 2 so Yes We Spoke with the White House to Discuss This Issue and State That We Need Help to Get Us through This Moment While Get You to the Moment, with 4004 Months Can Imagine 7000 a Day. That's the Story in Texas That's Mayor Eric Adams with Rosanna Scott on Channel 5W NY W New York I Would Be in Studio Is One of the Most Successful Mayors.

He Did This Thing Called Have A Lot Of Success in the Private Sector, Giving Back His Time and Energy As Mayor of Miami Miami Beach That Is.

Philip Levine Joins Us Now Great C Misdemeanor Thank You Brian. Great to See You to the Building Wealth. The Building of Just Doing Another Show of Your Network This Morning on Wall Street at Large, Which Is a Great Show for Internal Yes Wall Street Journal Here This One-Stop Shopping at the New York I Was Here That People Are Actually Back in the Building Is and You Even Have a Place in New York. I Sure Do Love Coming up so Would You. I'm Just Curious before We Dive into This Issue with You on First Blush It Been Here a Year. What's Different Is Challenging. I Think the City Is Facing Tremendous Challenges and I Think That Unless They're Able to Allow Mayor Adams to Do What He Needs to Do Unless the DA Is Change Unless the City Council Somehow Take Somewhat of a Shift.

Maybe Towards the Center. It Can Be Very Difficult to Clean up the City.

I Feel like I'm Walking in the 1970s, Brian. I Think It's New York City in the 1970s Doesn't Feel like. Unfortunately, to Me Right Now.

I Remember As I Was Much Younger Than You Would Go in the City without.

If You Are Anywhere under 18 Wouldn't Do It If You Drove into the City Expect to Lose Your Stereo Dishes. No Doubt about It. You Always Got the Squeegee Thing a Crime Was Everywhere. 42nd St. Was a No Go Zone.

Have Your Family Found You There. You're in A Lot Of Trouble That's Done for the Last 25 Years and Now It's All Bubbling Back and Allow Us to Do a Mayor De Blasio Disempowering with the Great NYPD and Now I Think They Have Trouble Getting Back on Track.

May Erica Eric Out Of Just Saying to Rosanna Scotto. How Can You Complain about 4000 Illegal Immigrants.

We Know It's Happening at the Border. It's a Real Challenge. I Think What Has To Happen Is This Coming from Florida I Understand Illegal No Migration into Undocumented People Coming at 100 Unfortunately Have a Haitian Situation Right Now Are Haitians Are Losing Their Life at Sea before They Get to Miami It Must Happen in Washington but Instead of Being a a Mayor in Line. I like Eric Out Of I Support Mayor Adams I Wanted to Be Successful. Mayor Bowser, Washington DC. They Need to Engage These Southern Governors and Mayors That Are on These Borders Directly Help Them. Don't Be Criticizing.

Don't Try to Do Go down There and Say Your Problem Is Our Problem Was. I'm Walking around the City. I See the Problem. We Know Where It's Coming from. Why Don't I Get a Mayor Adams Go down and Actually Work with Gov. Albert and Figure How Can I Help You. How Can I Help You Washington.

How Do We Encourage the President to Pass Stronger Immigration Laws Is Good for Everybody in This Very Interesting Is Bill Clinton. This of Course Is That Barack Obama Did Allow the Site and What Happens Is We Say How You Enforce It. I Don't like to Wait and Now It's Zero Enforcement When I Feel so Bad about Is the Border Patrol Agents Who Live in the Middle of Nowhere, Sacrifice, or Personalizing Their Families Live in a More Populated Area or They Sit in the Middle of Nowhere and the Families Living with Them and They're Being Totally Underpaid and Underappreciated. There an Impossible Situation. Only 30% on the Border When You're in the White House. Why Does It Because Your Democrat. Why Does It Work Today Believe to Their Advantage to Ignore the Problem, Because Somehow There Is Something in the Democratic Mind That They Think That They Can Win a Hispanic Vote by Allowing Undocumented Hispanics into the Country.

My Wife Is Cuban-American.

They Do Not Want This.

There Are Many Hispanics in Our Country. As You Know, the Democrats Are Losing Hispanics Because They Living in This Echo Chamber Brian Which Is the Wrong Echo Chamber to Be Living in.

People Want Strong Borders and and and I Think That This Is a Losing Issue for the Democrats Is a Winning Issue for the Public, We Would. I Know from We've Been Talking for the Last 10 Years, Six, Eight Years with Your Political Fortunes to Set. I'm Going to Politics Our Kosher Good Friends with Bill Clinton Had a Sense of What It's about. You Post A Lot Of Fundraisers Care about the Country. Are You Want to. You Went to a Great School over in You Got Your Masters Degree in University Of Michigan Political Science Undergraduate Not a Political Scientist Supposedly Read Course to See Made a Thousand of That Great Courtyard and Tops with Adm. Chevy Is over There so He Said He Was Just on Two Hours with Plastic so I Never Thought in My Lifetime We Would See.

I Thought There Might Be an Incremental Growth with Hispanic Vote.

Just a Thought Would Be the Black Photo I Incrementally Would Come Back to Republics of the Main Effort but Is Coming Back Massively, Not Just in the Cuban Hispanic Community but Generally You Do You Talk to Wife but the Hispanic Community Seems to Be As Diverse As Any Community Country?

So What's Happening. We Don't Have a Reason Once It Was a Really What's Interesting about a Hispanic Person. It's Crazy, but They Actually Want Capitalism They Actually Want Safe Streets That She Want Police That Enforce the Law. They Actually Want to Have Their Children Have a Better Life Than They Did. That Doesn't Mean That We Should Have Porous Borders and Everyone Coming across and They See That and That's What Were Seeing a Bit of a Shift with Hispanics to the Republican Private Matters to Us What You Think Crime Absolutely Matters in a Look at the City of New York Were in Right Now. I Mean I Could Tell You This Miami, Florida Mrs. Bill De Blasio. We Wanted Him for 1/3 Term Because If He Got 1/3 Term.

We Could Cut Our Entire Marketing Budget for the State of Florida Right Everyone Moving There.

It Was Crazy Is in Your Dollars Guy.

So When When You Lose Your Tax Base and the Richest Most Successful. Their Answer to Time to Raise Taxes on the People That Stayed so It Makes People Feel like Suckers When They Can't Stay. They Can't Move or Frustrated the Ones That Can Move Because Just As They Have Money.

It Doesn't Mean They Want to Give It Away Hundred Percent True When You Look at New York City Look at These Institutions. You Look at These Amazing Buildings. Everything That's Here for Everybody That Was Built by Capitalism. It Wasn't Built by Socialism. It Was Built by Capitalism and What I Don't Understand Is How They Can't See This in the City Because Florida Sees It and Miami Season. There's No Question. I'll Tell You the Break, but I Did Get a House in Florida and with One of My Affiliates Is Right There and the Feeling in Florida That Was Even There Five Years Ago Is Wearing a Safe Space Enough Republics Are Democrats but Allowed to Live Our Lives. I Know Is Going to Demand a Booster Going to Building Me up at Masco Get a Booster If You Wanted Live Your Life. Here's the Intelligence Go with It, As Opposed to Mandated Now All Of A Sudden Some of Things I've Been Thinking and Saying. Ford's Been Doing and so Is Texas.

They're Saying Let's Loosen up Those Coven Rules Wear a Mask If You Want to Let the Kids Decide Whether to Get a Booster and Feel This Is What Bob Tries Me Crazy Is Because of the Election. If You're If You're the Party. They Told Those Kids to Go Back on Zoom in May That for You Will Continue to Wear a Mask You Really Get Some Real Retribution Come Ballot Day Absolutely and There's No Question Makes Means of Foam Science. Why Think at This Point. Right Now the Most People Realize, and Feel That Covert Is Not What Coven Was and I Think That the Country Has Moved on. Hopefully the World Has Moved on and and Were to See Better Days Ahead for Everybody. You Mention Capitalism, John Mackey, the Whole Foods Founder and CEO Was on a Podcast.

He Said This about What He Thinks Is Having This Country Got 22 Concern Is That I Feel like Socialists Are Taken over There Marching through the Institutions or Taken Everything over and Take over Education Look like It Taken over A Lot Of the Corporations Look like They Taken over the Military and Is Just Continuing so I'm Not Deeply Concerned about Know I'm a Capitalist Heart and on the Live I Believe in Liberty and Capitalism.

My Twin Values.

I Feel like You Know with the Way Freedom of Speech Is Today Movement on on Gun Control. A Lot Of the Liberties That Are Taken for Granted. Most of My Life I Think Are under Threat Is Right to Feel the Way I Think It Should Be I Think Is Right. You Don't Know. I Never Met Him but I Hear What He Says and I Think What He's Saying Is What A Lot Of People Are Thinking. Brian and and It's Not That You Are Being Pro-Business, but You Can Also Be Pro People Being a Capitalist and Being a Democrat Works Beautifully Because the Greater Their Society Grows the Capitalism, the More That We Can Give Back to the Society. That's Called Capitalism and Right and I Think He's Right. Mayor of Philippines Here Is for Mayor of Miami Beach. She Received My Letter Initial Broadcast Certainly on This Channel and Back in the Private Sector in the Cruise Business, Mr. Mayor Couple Things Today. This Can Be a Massive Bill Sign. They Say It's Worth $700 Billion 369 Billion of Which Are Green Energy, Green Technology, Whether It's 7500 to Get up Electric Car or Whether It's Money to You Whether It's Money to Treat People with Black on These Working Coal Plants Do You Believe This Is the Right Move for Our Economy at This Point All I Could Say Is That Thank God for Sen. Joe Mentioned That He Put a Stop to the Build Back Better Bills That Were Going There Was a Portrait Where That Was Going to Big Take on Inflation to Put into a Different Level.

Listen Brian. We Went through the Louis Vuitton Chanel Gucci PPP Program. As You Know, Where We Gave All the Money Basically to Paris for Luxury Products for Everybody to Have This Bills More Reasonable.

This Bill, I Believe It with a 50% Minimum Tax for Corporations. We Have It for People Is Okay for Corporations Affected a drug Cost of Insulin Positive to It and I Think It's A Lot Better Than Where We Could've Been Called Inflation Reduction Is a Bit of a Stretch. I Could Call Inflation Distractions As This Is to Me the First Thing You Do Is You People Well What If He Says What He Means He Means What He Says. Okay, First of the Titles of a Little. It Does Make Sense If the CBO Looked at It Nonpartisan.

No One Says It Can Reduce and Induce Inflation. It's like the Vikings Used To Go into These Islands and Try to Throw People off. I Miss Naming Them and Say Exactly the Opposite Was so a Couple Things the IRS Do the More Money You Make, the More Scrutiny You Get Right. But I Imagine Feel You Could Get Pretty Good Attorneys and Accountants Look at Your Watch Your Back This Letter. Things Want to Hey Can I for This. How Much Tax Possibly Do I Have I Don't Need to Be Tossed in Jail during Putting 85 Billion on to 85 Billion into the IRS Will Treat the Literally Double Its Budget Only 95%. The Weapon I Sees People and to Me That Going after Jeff Pazo's Going to Go Try to Recoup This Money and Say It's Paid for by Going after Average Americans by Wrong to Think That Way I Don't Agree with You on the Brain Actually Believe That the Wealthy Wealthy of the Largest Companies Have a Tremendous Army behind Them of Accountants and Lawyers True in Order for the IRS to Be Able to Have That Same Type of Firepower They Need a Large Getting More Agents Go into the Bigger Company, Absolutely. And for Wealthy Wealthy Individuals That Are Putting Money All over the World Are Paying Taxes with a Should Be Paying Taxes. Here's the Case If We All Pay Our Taxes, Guess What, What You Have More for Everybody and We Can Reduce Taxes so You Believe That This COBOL Technology That Has 1200 Inquiries Every Second into IRS. I Can Keep up with Anything You Believe That If They Just Get More Agents Are Going to Go after More International Businesses That Are Putting Money in the Cayman Islands. I Think It's a Combination of Everything That I Believe That We Need to Make Sure That the IRS Is Able to Collect What It's Due Because It Helps Everyone of Us. I Don't Believe in Going after Folks That Are 400,000 and below It. I Just I Don't See It, You Know That 51% of Those Audited Earned Less Than $200,000 or Not. I Don't of the Statistics Brian but I Do Know That the Wealthiest of Us Have a Tremendous Amount of Firepower behind Us and That the IRS Needs Bill to Match That. I Don't Know. This Is the Right Number or Not, but I Just Know That You, Your Level.

I'll Probably Never Be but There's Money That You Have Did You Pay Tax and You Might Open up Another Business This Morning That You Have Is My Will Put a Strip Mall This Morning That You Had a Solicit Other Tax Break If I Go Ahead and Invest in This Restaurant so There's a Way to Have Money to Maybe Grow Money. So Do You Feel As Though by Go with the IRS Going after These People You're Not Cheating on Your Taxes. You Growing the Economy and You're Not Allowing It to Sit in a Savings and Be Sucked up by the Government into That Abyss Worry about Discouraging People like Yourself.

You of Course I Don't Think That's What This Is about, and I Think That There Are Ways That with the Tax Code Being Simplified but Allowing for Capital Investment Are Not Simple. Find the Textbook. I Got the Key I Think We Need a Simple Fight Because the More Complex the Tax Code Is Easiest for People with the GPRS Make It Simpler Is Better, but I Do Believe That There Allowing for Investment, and I Do Believe That Is Part of the Exemptions That Are in There That Really I Nancy May Said This to Me If You Think This Is Rhetoric Cut 21 7000 Agents. The Third Infantry Is about 21,000 Soldiers Were Talking about for Infantry Divisions IRS Agents That Are Armed There.

Steinmeyer Then Mall Your Bank Account. They Say They're Not Going to Go after Those Making Less Than 400,000 Year We've Been Taught A Lot by the by Administration. It Just Hasn't Been True over the Years People Are Really Angry about That. They Were Hiring Them to Get Their Refunds Faster. I Think We'd All Be Cheering for Joy Because There's a Huge Backlog That the IRS Calls Every Single Day about It Instead to Be Going after Hard-Working Americans. You Agree Disagree. I Believe That We Need Enough Agency Bill to Enforce the Law to Be Able to Collect the Taxes That Are Due the Government, but Maybe We That We Could Take Some of Those IRS Armed Agents We Can Put Them in the in Manhattan on Every Quarter Part of Your Good Thing Right Now Is Nosing All the Runs Were Huge That No Question Crime to Attack Roby You Should Check the Border Will Be Great, but the Normal Issue for Americans Is Inflation.

You Came from Humble Backgrounds You When You Are Born Rich, You Know What It's like When When the Price a Good Gets up 1970 Is All about Inflation Right out the Price of Goods. Also, You Can Make Your Payment so Maybe Put on a Credit Card to Pay Your Phone Bill and That's That's How People Are Feeling Right.

I Think You're Right.

I Think There's No Question We Are Living in the 1970s I See It When Walking in Manhattan Right Now It Feels like the 1970s, We See It with Our Issue with Iran. We See It with the Insulation That Were Dealing with. We See with Gas Prices on the There Is a Lotta Similarities between the, the Malaise of the 70s and the Carter Ministration and What Were Seen Today. Unfortunately, I Feel Great, Seems to Matter. Thank You. Fantastic and I'm Glad You Did the Wall Street Journal Show for Mayor of Miami Beach. You Could Be Making a Comeback in the Meantime Is Helping the Economy Because He Is a Capitalist and Happy about It Back in a Moment to You to Know Basis. You Need to Kill Me If You're Interested in Bryan's Talking about Your with Brian Kill Me Back in A Few Minutes to Remind the Clock Dollars Live so Went out to Graceland. Talk about the Magic and Why This Guy Still Lives What He Means to Memphis. It Will Be on One Nation You Love It. Number Two Is a Guide of Mayor Bratton on You Just Heard Me Talking to Mary Levine about Call Crime and What New York City's like Mayor Bratton's Run Things in Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

If You Want to Get Things Back on Track and Talk to Him Talk to Ronnie Jackson about What's Happening with the President's Health Also Going to Talk about What's Happening in Our Border in Texas. In This Big Fight. We Have between the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of Texas Will Get Him on That and Will Have a Co-Shimkus on the New Store Will Open up on the Latest with the Series of Raids on Everyone from Trump to His Minions Have Been the Victims of These Aggressive Law Enforcement Rates.

This Is Got to Stop Because Hillary Clinton Policies Not so Much the Obama's, for the Most Part, but I Deftly Think If You Look at the Bidens and Hunter.

There's Some Huge Issues at the Other Thing Is, As You Know I've Written Five History Books and Am Able to Get on Stage. Talk about Them Interact with You Guys to Meet You and I'm Got Some Special Events Coming up September 8. Back in Albany Go to Brian.

Kill I Got Some Seats in the Center Still Left.

Not Many in Tulsa Oklahoma on November 13 and on the 12 Brandon, Mississippi Sugar Brian Kill and Get the VIP Tickets If He Can Make Sense for You Because I Love to Meet and Talk to Everyone before the Whole Show Starts. I Am Going to Sit When I Do A Lot Of This with Fox Nation. So in Some Cases to Be of a Stream C on One Nation This Weekend and Are to Be America's Reports in about Two Hours Were Following All the Breaking News on the Records on the Invasion on the Raids and so Much More. Brian Kill Me Show over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not

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