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Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act... that doesn't reduce inflation?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 17, 2022 1:00 pm

Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act... that doesn't reduce inflation?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 17, 2022 1:00 pm

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Why is New York City Fox and friends.

So America's receptive Brian Kilmer here, hereby bring to me Joe, hope you had a great Tuesday. There were back in action on this Wednesday occupy guide.not back in action. The present United States goes back to Wilmington after Sonny's big piece of legislation is to destroy us all. You know this, get this, the present has spent 16 weeks in the White House 67 weeks elsewhere, weekends and trumpet 31 weekends at the White House. You want elsewhere and I thought Trump traveled a lot this guy was like trying to the White House does want to stay there. What is going on, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three primary election is over that now the real work begins.

Lincoln ultimately prevailed. He saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history. I unlike unlike most Republicans, conservatives don't hate was Cheney.

I have no problem with Liz Cheney but she is a little out of control. Putting yourself in Lincoln's category after losing by 30 points in a primarily primary, Palin and Murkowski survived. While Liz is destroyed as a trump endorsed candidates rack up a another win. Overall, Trump is 187 victories in 195 opportunities. I believe presumption of innocence. Everybody including garlic I want to presume he did the right thing, but the affidavit is the essential point yeah and the affidavit will find out about on Thursday for continues from the Mira log arrayed two Mondays ago on all sides to a hearing Thursday to debate the release of the affidavits which will tell us exactly what they were looking for for nine hours and would reveal the FBI's true intentions. What's wrong with that. Every single Republic. Every single one vote against tackling the concrete flooring are energy crop, creating good paying job right that your interpretation of a bill that the headline is deceptive and its contents signed into law the deceptively named inflation reduction act in bold inviting to call out Republicans for not backing it.

That declaration will not be argued by the GOP. They don't like it and they shouldn't.

I hate it and you should too. Unless of course you're John Kerry's relative or you somebody involved in the green industry. The world is not ready does not have the infrastructure for electric cars is not ready to convert from natural gas to solar panels. We do not have windmills to power our cities in our street. It just is not going to happen. We are not ready for yet will put in three to $69 billion in the middle of what I think is a recession with two -2/4 of negative growth with letting all this money on a pure agenda that the Democrats want to get done you can say to the people inside addressing emergency it's not building up our defense because of the rising threat of Russia, Iran and China. It's not addressing inflation and just about everybody agrees that including the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania, but the bill is a climate bill. Listen cut one also provides tax credits that can create tens of thousands of good paying job clean energy manufacturing job solar factors in the Midwest and the South wind farms across the plains off our shores clean hydrogen projects and more all across America every part of America. This bill is the biggest step forward on climate ever so why did you name it. The climate bill if you so proud of it.

Why did you wait to sign it to talk about that 369 billion. Did you know right now this is not the time to talk climate the people competing with Arnie Justin climate with oil and clay gas with respondent behemoths. We do it responsibly and effectively in the time in which our allies needed where building windmills and our allies are now firing up coal plants and start doing nuclear plants that to me is what we should be doing. So what else is in this bill. While part of this thing. I did not know is $60 billion for a climate enforcement team really climate enforcement. She a go around finding small businesses for not having solar panels on the roof. Are you going to go see the exhaust is a good measure, the exhaust and some kidneys and some pizza kitchens.

I don't know, are you gonna walk around to different people and find out if they are, and that their home abusing it is that with this climate team is going to be doing a 60 billion for environmental justice 15% minimum corporate corporate tax on everybody says this lowers healthcare costs. Okay, thereby, like lower healthcare costs but it's got a stay in the free market principle because if you just put a cap on cost, someone's gotta pay or the gonna stop making the medicine.

Don't they understand that and of course we've been over this from day one $87 billion and 85,000 new IRS agents 87 billion.

What you do with that. And don't tell me you going to do it just to go after the rich is only 700 billionaires in this country. Here's Kevin Brady who wrote the last tax reform as chairman of Ways and Means got eight. It really discourages companies that build an American manufacturer America get to it with one of the biggest backside small businesses who already facing huge inflation and a worker shortage gets hammered with $50 billion as well. In the course that the Obama care subsidies in this extension is so lavish that of the University of Chicago estimates about half a million Americans will see better, more portable healthcare, jobless and reconnecting work so that the issue of prosperity and opportunity.

We need workers, we need them reconnected. This bill does the opposite.

Would you do about the labor bill me would need to let the labor shortage in our country. Anything you try to inspire people to get off there but get a job. 74% of this country is working under 65 mannitol Marriott retirees job people at work and that's inspirations can convert from above top you'll part of this new green deal was guaranteed income.

They try to diminish the work ethic in our country. A lot of people think that party capitalism is inhumane, not me. It actually feels our country and our innovation.

Everything from medical to energy, so it what this doesn't do is touch the deficit, Grover Norquist and Larry Kudlow cut 10 by the Democrats call this the inflation reduction legislation which means they've now confessed that they actually did create this inflation and it's so bad you need a massive bill. The downside of their confession that they we do actually have inflation. It's not transitory it's not prudent it's not over by last December, and it showed a weather that we need to do something about it is that their solution is more of the same higher taxes were spent. Yeah, I own a move on. I wanted to about would have with the FBI rate from two weeks ago so the FBI admitted Nora. Donna was wrong when she came out and announced yesterday that the FBI did not take the prisons passport city made that up or turns out they returned him they did make it up. They took him why you had a team there to decide with the sanitary team to decide which be taken which shouldn't be after nine hours she still took absolutely everything. You basically ransacked the place, including going through the former First Lady's closets, it's a joke. Now we have a little bit more information about what exactly took place leading up to this Evan Corcoran along with the group suggested the Trump resolve the matter with the Justice Department.

Why because the archives division found out the prison took some boxes.

A thought belonged to them, to the present Mueller return 15 boxes of the adjusters they will adjust to the got 15 boxes back right away. So when they started inquiring more about what they had. They went to the White House counsel Pat simply only this guy name Patrick Philbin, the deputy they question them is about boxes of classified information. There were kept at the Florida resort. He did not. So we did.

Return 15 boxes they were debating to go back and forth about what they should return to every Corcoran is one of the attorneys and another one is Christine Bob. Also there when they finally visited in June, and evidently according to report the New York Times and I anonymous report. There were given a sheet to sign that all classified information was taken out in June.

In May they aspirate back in June. They had the meeting they go to Merrill.

Argo, the present job spices guys doing a great job and that's it. The New York Times reported Philbin was interviewed in the spring going to two people familiar with the situation and then in this thing to people familiar sounds of the Russian investigation right so two people familiar.

They have a little excerpt a little blurb in the New York Times.

How we decide if these sources are for real and I have a believability problem as investigators reached out to members of the Trump circle to find out about the 15 boxer material. Some of it marked his classified minutes way tomorrow Argo people want to know how it got there it was unclear when simply only, was interviewed simply only and Philbin were two of the trumps reps to deal with the national archives they would need to position shortly before the president's term ended in January, 20, 21, another was Mark Meadows. At some point the archives officials realized they did not have trumped documents and that's when they started looking into it. To me this should be a non-issue you subpoena, you enforce the subpoena. It just seems to be the logical way to do it and then somebody writes a column out Trump never should've taken the step to begin with and compared it to Obama and others that would've been it. Alan Dershowitz cut 11.

We need to know why, in light of what the Atty. Gen. said that the general principles of the Justice Department or use less restrictive, less intrusive methods that searches in less necessary. Why was it necessary why eight months later why after giving subpoenas.

Why even wait three days over the weekend after you've gotten the search warrant. These are the questions that the affidavit may very well answer.

Look, I believe presumption of innocence. Everybody, including Garland. I want to presume he did the right thing, but the affidavit is the essential point to the affidavits and expressly talk about what they had going and what they have going out with the reason why merit Garland does not want release and have a hearing on Thursday. He says it will show their approach on the investigation. The criminal investigation. So they're investigating the president criminally really over documents taken that staying in the vault or abasement and Merrill Argo Jupiter Prego person for that and was such an emergency at this in the FBI and because you had a source right okay such an emergency will you get it on Friday this the warrant you hold onto it till Monday. Why it was such an emergency. Then we find out the girl and thought about doing this for weeks before he finally pulled the trigger.

What is the emergency. If you can think about it for weeks. I'll answer it for you. There is none. Usually Tucker said last night, cut 14.

By all accounts, Atty. Gen. Mark merit Garland was shocked to hear criticism of the raid on Mara Longo last week.

It turns out that our lives in such a tiny airless world of left-wing activists and sycophants that had never occurred to him that anyone might object to sicking the FBI on Joe Biden's political opponents when woke twitter and the New York Times are only sources of news police state politics seems perfectly normal. Trump is find a reason to arrest him. 1-866-408-7669 book to me.

Don't take the documents I get it.

Trump you know the way he profiles he was not sitting there pointing out all these file boxes for his minions to take input into air for active Marine one not in a million years. Maybe there was some we want to keep right.

Go ahead, you can debate that that could be Trump I you know he likes to tear things up, hold onto things that he want to keep Kim Jong on's letter is that a criminal and this is Ed Reed is a criminal know he's proud of it. He wanted to keep Barack Obama's letter is that criminal we should be taking it okay but he's proud of it that ends up the original ends up in libraries all the time. Gerald Ford's library was there why these documents are regional they want to be organized. I understand for the archives respected out of all the controversy drew Trump on January 6.

Everything else, this should not be a big deal.

Instead, CNN and MSNBC are able to talk about this and not a horrible one year mark since we left Afghanistan and embarrasses come to country and away. I didn't think was possible not talk about 8.5% inflation and not talk about the present, not running for reelection and looking old beyond his years. The ineffective vaccine where when I attach the variance inconsistency in the new CDC guidelines all the stuff we'll talk about that because you have a chance to talk about Trump. Everybody has a chance to talk about Trump and they love it. 186640876698 Romeo Brian kill and I'll try to especially if you're at work or at school. You know you can't really pick up the phone will move our radio show other people for the Brian kill me, Fox news broadcasts network find and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominick's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now in Fox News or wherever you get your podcast the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill made with regard to the escalation by China when you think was an overreaction to Speaker Pelosi's trip members of the house that it had visited Taiwan almost every single year in the past decade, so I think this reaction to her trip was on call for continuing the message that the Chinese through all channels trying to see if we can have some de-escalation here. It is our hope to have a law face-to-face meeting to present Biden presidency later this year.

I have nothing specific to announce about that right now in terms of a date or place for you think would be useful for these two leaders to be face-to-face and some we can pursue something we've been pursuing for the Chinese government were to continue to pursue nothing ever changes have all this meeting. They had their Pacific Pacific meeting on the West Coast in their meeting with Central and South American countries.

Many boycotted he got a total pass on that. It was an embarrassment that he is meeting with Mexico. Nothing happens he never pressured Mexico to put people on their southern border so we don't have over 2 million coming a year from our southern border. Nothing changes. Wagner Pune invaded anyway.

Nothing happened was Saudi Arabia. We never got the increased oil.

He said a bunch of meeting soon calls to present sheet. The guys only got more belligerent.

Let's face it one-on-one is just the opposite effect of Trump policies Trump was unorthodox to make people very upset sometimes. Justifiably, but one-on-one. He was extremely strong and somewhat intimidating. Marty was NW DB owner Lando Marty Ryan my morning on the potential threat and why the president by the fly from South Carolina up to Andrews, the helicopter over to the White House to find a climate bill to helicopter back and fly back to vacation me to beat beat Veronica believed them, then they need to start walking the walk don't have the credibility because they don't live the way they want us to.

You know if these morning. We cannot let them get a pass on this that will ease pressure on the celebrities get off your private jet while condemning us for not having one note getting healed using the running around with your combustion engine SUVs overstaffed security out to was you and instead you will have an electric SUV. Why not, or a hybrid. Why not at least you can send example and then people that say well it's so expensive we can afford it.

I can't even get to it. Such an extent it's too expensive because there are even trying to live by with their demanding we do a nose worse. Bill Gates and John Kerry. They sin the backdrop both multimillionaires. John Kerry inherited most of his money and they tell us, is a go from there. Got to their private jet. How would polluting the world we gotta change we should not take this.

This is not proven, I think we should feel strong enough to step up and if you talk to anybody in the energy industry. They feel more pressure from within to do things responsibly environmentally as is responsible as possible so they don't need these regulations.

But what's happening is you're forcing the divestiture for people in those in these energy companies number one and number two there discouraging any young man or woman for getting into the energy oil and gas business. So they trying to cut it from within the trying to infiltrate these boards in these major companies with the environmental green maniacs and destroy Exxon and Shell from within and we got a push back on it because it's going to be like to fund the police two years ago I was to fund the police.

The cops are bad okay have added Seattle have added New York go for a go forward Chicago. You're on your own Orlando and guess what.

Now everybody wants more cops to pay more.

You can get up as a quick same thing is going to happen with energy, you say goodbye oil and gas to get to leave the industry and you can realize way to second we needed to make our genes to lubricate our keyboards and to run our cars and to continue our space program.

Fox News contrasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast will gain close to Fox and friends we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business. So will James subscribe and listen now in Fox News contest.

The talk show that's getting you your with Brian kill me. This fortune was finally full line was finally DeSantis was bathing in the polls in the sense of self. I have this in the bag and now I gotta run against Pres. Marder and this is saving Trump politically.

You think that's Bomar Amini has not been wrong much of the last year which Larry joins us now editor of the Nash review author of the case for nationalism. Rich, I read your columns and you just can't believe I'm a miracle. The FBI really on the line here. Anything that you find most surprising, which Tucker brought up last night's they didn't understand really what they're getting into when they did this with the facts as we know them today.

Yeah it hard to believe it's ever going to look proportionate and why and but I don't think we'll ever know know and to likely we see everything will document rank. You just can't trust someone prescription wealth related to the nuclear program. What is that mean it it a nuclear fire encoder is it a distant cousin of the nuclear program so it can be hard to know, but this certainly is set half country light.

It has deftly helped Donald Trump. It wouldn't agree with Bill Martin that DeSantis had it in the bag. Prior to this, but there was some Trump slippage and this this has boosted him put them front and center. And I just I thought a sick feeling in my stomach about what Garland may be considering doing in terms of an indictment which will inflame the country further will probably be an adventure adventurous indictment and illegal stretched and it just it. It could be a tragic mistake, I believe, to go down that path and I think that's Pappy, not just couple things. We sent out yesterday miracle and thought about this for weeks before he did excuse me. Those emergency I thought you couldn't enforce a subpoena. I thought you could go visit Malaga get you an informed decision to move right away that we are nuclear codes in that story, one away. Then we had to move right away, for which the one on Friday.

Wait till Monday because of emergency is that we can put windbreakers on it was on a rate which gives me you wouldn't have the guys on the outside had gone to stay there for nine hours so they're all over the map on just the facts. And as we know them so you would feel extreme urgency.

You would think if, again, had like the blueprint to hypersonic missile in his sock drawer and a people coming in and out of his closet and/or you know he's planning to sell even having conversation about how you can sell these plants from foreign power or something like that then you like like him right away, but obviously with something much short of the kind of science. Science fiction scenarios after the put a lock on the door.

They put a lock on the door lasted you to see the video footage they see the validity of video footage and now maybe they're concerned that that box has been taken in or out, but it's hard to see, even if the negotiations were difficult, even if they thought no maybe napping fully forthcoming. If it's difficult for me to see how you get to this to this point prudently, just as a matter of prudence so couple CCO single cable is that their political daddy to remember what happened in the spring. Mayor Carlon according to reports, was frustrating, the present because he thought the print, the former present should have been entitled already. I don't know for what may be singing January 6, so he thinks about it for weeks. They have this series of interventions when it comes to the national archives and you finally decide to raid the place last Monday.

She seemed to raid the place. Everything seems to have caught them by surprise. Plus, the people, the rest to raid the place or back in the hot seat. The FBI, why wouldn't Christopher I say listen Atty. Gen. you can put my guys back in there again. Yeah, I think that what K tell that this was a mistake or lease they were surprised by it is all the chatter and everything were getting from DOJ after initial rate of Mayor Carlon.

He to buy the books guy. He is highly professional. He's aware of the change coming example and coming when Alan felt he had to defend his decision not to indict Hillary Clinton and broke broke protocol and the ground rules and got rebuked by everyone is angry is not to do that and only 48 hours later even a press conference saying the warrant should be relieved and double dog Doering Donald Trump to object to the warrant being released the relief and playing that high-stakes PR game so that just shows how Bernie was by the reaction to this and it did not fully account for and and not that's not a separate comfort. I will say this I talked to the high reaches of the Trump camp in the South is actually off that day and I went and I've seen before in the eye of the storm.

I see them as a candidates have seen this presidents I talked to everyone and they were just befuddled angry and astounded and felt like this. Okay, buddy.

You just over so overreached your overuse keys on this. There's nothing there and I've seen.

I knew we now we all know there's not there with Russia and they are even more confident about this and when they said okay release the go ahead release the warrant and now they say release the affidavit and now miracle… It would it would do corruptly in the criminal investigation really criminal investigation. You invite your investing and criminally for taking boxes that you will talk to them three times about hearing the same thing that that they believe it basically Momento type material.

Now you know that they have been sloppy and sort and other stuff here that the definition of a mom memento be in contention. You can Trump consider a transcript of a call with micron as Momento conflict look at and stuck it to the space for an SS SLB were they in the government doesn't yet but but the Trump people seem fairly confident that it's Momento type stuff if we all knew every single item what it was we would not be outraged and shocked by it. To the extent that we would consider this. This rate justified will never notably we see the stuff and and and I do think eventually have to be some really detailed accounting of every single item they took silk uses attorney Alina Haber talk about the chances this affidavit be released by the judges seems to be partisan and knows the miracle doesn't want to released he he is going to decide if you have a hearing for both sides. So this is what the attorney said cut 12 don't think I attach Reinhart as the same magistrate judge that recused himself from my Hillary case, about a month the cow. He is definitely not going to be a family charge necessarily and there's my retainer is highly unlikely as I can see the DOJ is already paying that they do not want us to see what was in the affidavit.

Usually that's to protect witnesses and other things that have been cooperating with the just SSM cell while I would love to see it and understand why you would ask for a raid with a cooperating president.

Do I believe that this judge is going to reveal it now. I do not. So there will be sitting here with leaks on the gun unnamed sources record the New York Times today said he had nuclear secrets, unnamed sources said he had the cell phone number for Vladimir Putin on the outside of a manila folder that this is going to be the Russian investigation and you know as I'm watching last night I was traveling I looked up at the screen and all three new stations were talking Trump there not talk about this horrendous new green deal that just got past signed there not talk about one year since the Afghanistan withdrawal. The not talk about 8.5% inflation. They're not talking about evens as much the midterms with the fall of Liz Cheney to talk about trump and you know what the ratings even though their dismal precedent they are taking up talking about Trenton and everyone in the media prompt and if you believe the Democrats want to run against Trump and that in the midterms. This helps them, but I think probably the ultimate motive here is there fired by kind a misplaced sense of righteousness and unity think Trump got away with with all the stuff when he is president and I get a nail onto the wall and they're good and they're gonna go and indict him and I think that's what I think Garland is buckling to the pressure and in just that alone will make this such annex extreme, extraordinarily imprudent active indict Trump that we've we've all seen the pressure with all know what a generous six committee was after we've all heard the statement from the Democratic already out that all meant to bend Mayor Carlon to their will and have them go and indict Trump or something and that really matter what it have to be something in us is not the way our legal system supposed to work which you know what matters to matters to his supporters embarrassed the Republicans in general outside the sea extreme anti-Trumper's you know I don't like go, Cassie, for example as anti-shall be voted to impeach him, please, honestly anti-Trump you can see this year. You know I'm off the sideline. I get to go back to. This is an overreach. They try to destroy it would be political opponent so you can galvanize people and divide people is terrible for the country. What role should that be in seeking justice. Should you worry about the reverberations for a country or if you are truly looking for justice you to just be looking straight ahead with blinders on what I think the standard should be first time in our history and indict former Pres. and you know what were going down were opening up a whole new door and we don't know what can be in that room, but likely retaliation will be in that room you have Trenton indicted and Republicans went 20 for a better bet Joe Biden can be indicted for something related to Hunter Biden but but if there's no kidding primed that any reasonable person can look at the law and say okay that's a crime you know the proverbial shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, right above the law. He should be indicted if he does that, but for complex novel if it's ambiguous if it's using some other statute clearly intended for something else. You know, for fraud statute. That is if you're defrauding the government and on a Medicare scheme and try to get Trump on that because he had had electors ready to go if if if he he succeeded any real challenges. That's not a work that that's just the one that the legal theory in their legal merits aren't there into the just the political fact, the effect on the country will will argue against it as well, but I just fear his garlands not to plow through all those Concerta considerations so to see the something candidates you he got involved in hundred 97 races hundred 82 of his people. One, yes, 15 losses, 92% effective, but his biggest win is against his new nemesis Liz Cheney who use the same producer from the January 6 series. No joke. ABC producer to produce her concession speech you lost by about 30 points in Wyoming, a impossibility a year and 1/2 ago even a year ago, you would think so.

Here's a Liz Cheney on this picturesque background in Jackson, Wyoming cut 18 primary election is over that now the real work begins great and original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln was defeated in elections for the Senate and House before he won the most important election of Lincoln ultimately prevailed union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history. I mean it's it's hard not to think she's on Lincoln's path a little much and I admire people they put their principles and beliefs about winning an election and that she she. Clearly she she is passionately sincere about this, but the comparison Abraham Lincoln just shows a certain grandiosity that that's not very flattering, and if she runs in 2024 is a pure practical political manner. She can help Donald Trump right if if you get anyone running against Trump that person can eat every single non-trump voter and in the primary to to possibly topple him and she be siphoning votes away so you know she she can she she should get a TV contractor to give speeches but if she has a vision that show like Lincoln initiate how making it to the White House that can feign she did say to the today show that you look sexy Louisiana run, but she does have a constituency. The one thing I would say I do not want to vilify Dick Cheney and George Bush you could support Trump. If you choose and also support Bush and Cheney. You don't have to make a decision I would say Biden Trump you have to make a decision.

Biden Bushey got a make a decision you could support Dick Cheney who is a staunch conservative short judge George W. Bush questions on this decisions, but you don't have to make a choice. Washer Trump or do you think I'm wrong. I think I think Erratic for most Republicans. What what you say is correct and out. They by the end there pretty disillusioned with George W Bush for obvious reason that I didn't hate him now and they voted for him twice and they voted for Trump twice and they will if it Trump the nominee the bill by large developer Trump if it's defense is dominated by large of hope for defensive. Most people aren't that they aren't in the well or will Trump so than at everything before was horrible, or even where we are with the Republic of the foreign Trump is horrible on so there's some people like that on both sides, but you 90% Republicans and if they aren't part.

Don't feel compelled to make that choice list real quick so are you predicting that the Atty. Gen. will indict Trump.

I think it's more likely than not that I don't have a high degree of certainty. But I used to discount I discounted no more, and I think there's a better than 50% chance he does this.

Larry national review. Thanks so much Rich) come back on little phones 1-866-408-7669 within a stop in Los Angeles go over to Jacksonville and maybe you listen to the brain kill me Joe, so glad you're here both sides.

All of us until he's so busy he'll make dear, kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody 1-826-408-7669.

Encourage everybody, especially WG D a listeners at 1300 AM in Albany. I want to start doing some of these appearances.

I got a paperback coming out November and I'm able to coordinate that with go on stage merely talk about all my books and talked all you guys not only on the radio, which have a chance to do every day which is great, but to see you face-to-face and be able to talk about things that are going on your world, your community or city or town with the station with the show always love talking to people and that's where he states he states shows towing a big red white and blue fun evening of my first one along Toby September 8 and then I'm coming back in Brandon, Mississippi as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma scored Brian are we doing that on the 12th and 13th of November. Let's go out to John listen W okay be in Jacksonville hey John Barry, in Los Angeles, a Barry Branyan so I think the the agreed use overreach on the warrant and the raid were on purpose.

DOJ knows they can't get Trump legally there basically did manufacture some evidence they're going to leak it and give it to January 6 committee and their essays.

Trump, guilty, guilty, guilty, but all due to a technicality. We can't charge them on this, but there is total political hit. Now I think it's.

You actually brought up many reasons why you're saying that everybody's ignoring all of this other stuff that I think they bit. I think it was they did this on purpose perfectly fine.

Cheers would use a push back against my own theory.

Barry is that they wanted to talk about yesterday's bill and yeah I just looked up yesterday I was traveling and every time I looked up and if I put my air pods into listen on on the radio and on my app every summer Trump and they were not talking about this in their battle was not effective and if they really think it's going to be popular prescription drugs and all stuff they couldn't talk about it with listening.

I don't think they really wanted to build a notepad.

They know they know that there know they're starting to green their scanning and scamming the country get it to Larry that is in regard to the green that that that 87,000 directly to Larry what they're doing is they needed for the reconciliation bill 73 revenue so they came up with this fictitious revenue that the they also know the Republicans in the future might defend fire Fox news radio city is New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here about is the brain kill me Joe coming from 46 in the town around the country heard around the world, especially in Ukraine with the findings happening. We have not forgotten about how we left Afghanistan almost a year ago today on this area be talking to all my guess where I have adheres micro he's my only guess you actually do this for living is amazing.

I don't think I this is just old El Reno money.

I mean, I reject when the money comes are likely to make accurate and rigorously lucrative. I miss you baby nothing that just that warm the same thing every time I see I got two shirts, three pants, exit fashions done on by the embrace, the uniform he's got this new thing quietly quitting Kylie quickly not awesome yeah… I come up a monument to passive aggressive to someone saying as he blew a hopeful matter and you know that right you should skip the big three just as microsphere one is instinctive better than mine. The big three. Why was the big three got the big one come out. There's ego looking like because you know I love you tell people what they missed.

They missed me telling you that one of the big stories was the raid monologue of the other big story was the primaries last night and the other big story was was here the bricks that was so big we signed into law the whole inflation reduction act that really were expected. It turns out the only problem with the bill is the title is nothing to do with the bill. If you can't get the title right how we supposed to believe in the actual content is in it looked. We were talk about this the other day on Fox and friends, but it's so true it's it's it's the thing. Nevermind the politics of the thing that is making people fundamentally for racing freeze is that nothing is what it says it is right to talk to my mom later. Her books called vacuuming in the nude. She doesn't really vacuum in the nude. But that's okay. It's a it's a right it's it's a metaphor didn't course $700 billion dollars.

So, okay, what if we passed the wall right now on your show But I just said listen no more names for accident bills.

They get letters and they get numbers.

That's just what it is like a bingo Bracket. It's not sexy, it's not glamorous but guess what it you can't put your thumb on the scale of the thing that is just a couple letters in a random number people could look at it you know it's the same thing happened with the pandemic right is that the China viruses that the Wuhan virus is is that the coronavirus is it covert is it will you know we spent so much time figuring out what to call the thing we forget to look at what the thing is what we could also just be accurate and says of course is the Wuhan virus was the China viruses for the other.

Sorry, took a personal that's where it started right, and murder. Same thing came for the Middle East. Good thing we want to make sure everybody knows Mike work with Mike Rose works foundation is something she contribute to its about rebuilding blue-collar America. Also, you have how America works on FOXBusiness Mondays in clock back of the new season you just season three will be up in September. It looks like 100 and vacuuming the nude and other ways to get attention is not out until August 21. You can get it now. Right it's out as it Brian but we really have to have a talk off-line because you get a lot of information from you, but I'm not sure how much of that sector vacuuming in the nude and other ways to get attention. Hit the shelves yesterday. My mother's special Americas grandmother which is), Fox news that premieres on 21 August at 10 PM my mother yesterday, Tuesday, of course. Of course had to savable Tuesday's big day for books. But it's a nice day for him as well is incorrect. A lot of people hesitate correcting the host a lot of people would not like you know a lot of host would Brett would've stuck to their big three and marched right off the cliff is gradually themselves for not being flexible right lack of self-esteem on my part. You know what I think it's inertia. This is, here's the thing all big three all your items in the big three have one thing in common, which is on the past. This is happening right now that's good point. Thank you for my quality by showing the content in which people here. Thank you. I will say I do I go out of my way to make sure you have on politics but I will say this at this doing a special of only 45 minutes.

You did a whole series I will only guess I do know almost a thing about the business, but I'm humble enough to ask questions and go out George P. Bush, we got to the field to Midland Texas we go out to an offshore oil rig and then we go to the history of the oil Museum and find out what the role of oil and gas as and how they been diminished in our society by people who know nothing about it. Interest in petroleum interchange petroleum in the art keyboards there is to an oil and gas how we won World War II and how and what it means for national security and to tell a bunch of kids graduating college still major and that in high school, don't do it your families did and to tell these great investment organizations that hold success from Blackstone to J.P. Morgan. I don't want do you mutual funds investing in something that will help turn a profit for them. I think it's criminal will look if if if you make fossil fuels. The enemy then you're going to reap a whirlwind of on the intended consequences really really really quickly. I get that a lot of people are convinced the End of Days is coming, 12, 15, 20 years down the road. I get that but there's no proportionality and there's no context and when you talk about flipping a switch and getting rid of oil and natural gas, and even coal that matter, you would you would hasten that Armageddon to an exponential factor China and India alone, or building a coal plant every week for the next 30 years. The second change 30 billion people right now still burning wood and dung to bring them into the modern world, and I could do it with when you conquered the solar you like an adult with Hydro you might do with nuclear. We got real problems with that right France 90% of Internet problems that because you don't want to do responsibly what you have to do it responsibly and you have to do with fossil fuels responsibly, but you can't just go no fossil fuels are the enemy. It's it it's over that that will hurt on every imaginable level in my view TO write a great book is called fossil future in it. He just says look, let's have a conversation. But let's at least understand that fossil fuels have saved more lives over the last hundred years, then anybody is really thinking about you know it.

Fossil fuels have protected us from the climate right right and in so many ways, but it's hard to say that out loud today without it coming back over the net with so much topspin that summaries gonna call you with an iron the conversation and she knows it happen in this is my by the way, I don't. I actually don't mind doing them, you stupid you are and the more the real world than I am actually not. I do travel on to other features that you give myself some credit, get out yet again to thank you she really think myself give myself complement Mike is to me the best analogy is to fund the police from two years ago to find the place yet which we imagine police even in people so you know I have a copy of my car put that up there and no one comes to Yankee Stadium. A time to salute the first responders. The cops out there just a popular guess we have crime taking over every major city, small, big or small in Memphis doing a feature with on Elvis and Graceland and I asked the police to the former police chief was to be Delia's nursing crime like this.

Sam comes on Elvis week same conversation in Baltimore last time I was there. I'll be there this afternoon as well and I'm friendly with some cops and it's the same thing doesn't matter where you go you talk to a good cop to her the same story and I think I think we were talking about right now is the fact that we don't we don't react anymore. We overreact to everything and what winds up coming out in the language is the perfect manifestation of that overreaction. We overreact when we call a bill something it isn't.

That's an overreaction.

When we want to talk about reforming police will talk about reforming the middle week we talk about defunding them just tear it down were in a rush to tear everything down fossil fuels Be problematic. They have to be the enemy and they have to be entered now but see now are experiencing rising crime and other saying you know when you get more money. The cops I never said that in the people like Cory bush that will back off it and we have this thing we have VCRs that were taping just about everything. So we play back.

Having said that, now the crimes of run will like more cops that are coming to Kennecott we KK want to be a cop right so you'd you did that you defame them you disparage them there put their lives in the line they don't get paid a ton. There are some bad ones are some bad talk shows there is some bad firefighters. There is a bad teachers doesn't mean by a long stretch there all bad. We want to put them in that one category if we do this with fossil fuels. If we continue to make them the enemy by not vilifying people to work there and stopping company from investing there in two years little ground. Why does the whole country of rolling blackouts.

Why are we subservient to China correct and then willing to go with the second.

Let's reverse that, but it's got to be hard to get a generation go back to the oilfields is going to be hard to get investment back into this industries right look.

It starts with our institutions and a level of trust or mistrust we have in them.

This is not headline news people talk about this every day.

But here the stakes are incredibly high. If the prognosticators of doom are correct. If the parties over in 12 years will then of course that's going to completely reframe the conversation are things you're thinking right look serious. People who hold serious elected office have looked seriously and earnestly into the lens of whatever cameras around and told us lights out right. We only have 12 years now. If that's true, you have one for conversation, but is it I mean I don't have a crystal ball. I had Al Gore's you have Al Gore's documentary. How is a crystal ball and we feel very survived it and I think 85%. We put in. It does not come true yeah well I did.

I just think that if you want to have an honest conversation.

The minute somebody calls you a denier minute somebody says you're not following the science then we just evolved into this place where the conversation is truly over. Now we have to be left with the fact how would you like your Armageddon today sir, in 12 years we've served up this particular variety. I'm here to tell you you turn off oil, natural gas and coal.

Right now, today, then you'll have to wait 12 years you'll get it in two months you'll get it with empty shelves. You'll get it with gas prices that no one can afford. You'll get it with the bottom will fall out of the textile market.

The clothes you're wearing the computer you're on the electricity that powers your Tesla yeah guess what, there's a turbine spinning somewhere up the food chain. I know it's powering that that would be natural gas, and a lot of people you know better than me are the so-called celebrities who fly around there and there gently goes Leo Leonardo DiCaprio and tell everybody how dear you doing how you did you do this the world to be ending John Kerry's probably the worst offender you even a Bill Gates evidently was the one to persuade Joe mansion to vote for this monstrosity is meant.

It's like you have to. I had to pick on people personally but I would say to all the people you just mentioned are you asking yourself in my persuasive right mean it's up it's a fair question, and it's one that I can I try and ask myself that all the time.

I know I'm not always, but to go out with a message that is as elevated as it could be the end of the world is coming. The truth is inconvenient if you're going to sound the alarm below the klaxon or whatever that is right.

You'd better be walking the walk.

You know, I'll give Ed Begley credit last time I heard them talk about the stuff you still live in a tree right and went right back right so okay okay but 22 to deliver a message that dire and not live to deliver a message that dire and then buy a home on the coast prison about right well with you, people out fine. Find those voice in your head who is if you're going to say a thing. Walk the walk and can't do it well then maybe say less budget. If you want to think we want to tell Mike is you you actually going with everything he said I was just said my you take a break all right left little house on the night went well. I make eye contact with her through the smoky glass and it looks like a break right now would be the only logical thing to do back with more the Brian only show after whatever this is tried sums on your envelope they could close off our educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show states increase the amount they gave an extended extended that have an impact on your workers how to have an impact on our ability to hire a lot of people currently making as much money for more money not working all and so guess what they chose not work and it's been they been reluctant to come back to work and sort of used micro with those micro works yet is foundation you got micro how America works on FOXBusiness Mondays at 8 o'clock rainy season and that was hopeful to yell talk about some dispassionate with you is about work, John Mackey, one of the most successful executives in the country can't get people to work and sit since the pandemic he can't get his mind around what's going on is not alone and he's in a tough spot because he needs workers he can't get a robot to do that he needs workers buddies in a tough spot because he occupies a certain real estate in the conversation, and the fans of Whole Foods.

The people buying large Tryon drill down into their politics.

That's not a message they want to hear from a guy like that but it what choice does he have I don't know of any employer and I know a lot of employers.

Brian especially in the construction world who couldn't hire a dozen people right now anyway goes.

My only question ask everybody how many are you hiring how many could you hire. It's amazing.

We've got 7.5 million open positions 5.8 million people purportedly in the market looking for work. Even if all those people got hooked up with some of these jobs and it's unlikely because the mismatch of skills is egregious, but even if they did you'd still be looking at 6 million unfilled opportunities and somebody somewhere at some point needs to ask this question. Real loud. What does all of that opportunity.

All of that unfilled opportunity say about the country listen to our conversations always change it would be like why we get more people to technical colleges to fill up some of these blue-collar positions and now we say why can't. When the work. So what happened, we went from getting to we have overstaffed in one place. Can he can't fit into acting and in the art.

You can't bring hard-working, a Wall Street, but man, if you're a plumber we are desperate for you. We train will send you school that used to be our conversation, but our new conversation is where's the workforce yeah well it's not really new but it is coming back around the wheel is spinning and that's the thing that's going to land squarely on our on our doorstep work ethic delayed gratification. A decent attitude personal responsibility all the stuff that makes me sound like an angry white Boomer on the porch screaming at the kids to get off as long I'm sorry but that's the stuff that's for sale right now and it's the stuff. My foundation is always tried to magnify. It's the stuff no one wants to hear about it because nobody wants a lecture Brian nobody wants to be scolded.

Nobody wants to be told they're lazy but at some point when you look around and you look at policies that are encouraging people not to work, then go back to our last break. Right when we were talking about. What's the what happens if you make the police the enemy what happens if you make fossil fuels. The enemy what happens if you make work the enemy. This is what happens right and this is what you needed a leader to be. Whether it's a governor and for your state or the president of the country or the leader of your family. You tell people the value and the value of work and you sent stuff that was used to be innate, and I worked all day feel great about myself.

You get that from your family, get that from your leaders. You get that from your peers will get that now we go and we can we can change that but I didn't think we have to consciously have to change that. But somehow through this pandemic. Things got terrible in every which is the same thing. How did we get here where the work will micro the second from his mouth to Brian kill me. I become. I remember I counseling with all and my father that he does not understand our generation and I feel like I become my father I don't understand the younger generation. They don't seem to want to work and I couldn't wait for work for me. After working as I was able to get money to spend thing to think it's they don't want to work because they don't have to. Whether it's their parents or government kind of veteran and and that is more from John Mackey just talking about these just exasperated as in figure where the work ethic went because he was don't we don't know how we got it but I would to me. I remember getting my papers thinking, 12, 13, one more year. I can officially work micro here are talking about his new CD series is back on Monday nights, so Mike what is your take on what John Mackey is asking the question retort not rhetorically wants an answer. What happened well. We have associated drudgery with work all work self-fulfilling. We've made work. The proximate cause of our collective unhappiness.

We believe today that job satisfaction has something to do with the job and it really doesn't.

If it if it weren't that case or guys like Booker T. Washington wouldn't have written what they wrote. If if if it were the case, job satisfaction is all about the job then all garbage men would be equally miserable all Wall Street types would be equally optimistic. It's laughable. All talkshow hosts would be equally engaged in no job satisfaction has something to do with the job, but a whole lot more to do with the person and if you if you start to look at work like this thing is that separate and apart from the man of the woman then then then you sort of arbitrage the fun out of it and and and you just reduce it to action and activity. Why do you think this whole working from home thing is so sensitive right now so it's so fraught right because a lot of people who really favorite. I think feel as though okay finally. Now I'm in control now, I have a measure of control that I didn't have over what I wear or how I see it, or how long my breakers are so forth and so Sue was missing. So it sounds good. I control my nonworking. I control what I do. I decide what I can wear yet I make my house in office yet it is all tracks right up to the point where you're not an entrepreneur.

If you want to be an entrepreneur. If you want to assume the risk that comes with creating a business. If you want to set your own hours. That's all well and good if you're going to accept a paycheck, then then you've made it a bargain is made different kind of deal with yourself and with your employer, you know, you don't have to stick with that deal for the rest your life. But you've made that deal micro want to hear this I think was is it from tick-tock. Was I right this from tick-tock. This is a twentysomething talking about this new term quietly quitting term quietly quitting that people are not going above and beyond not chasing hostile culture and just getting acquired. Essentially, they're doing what they're getting paid to my attention like work life balance look a C+ C you know it's a passing grade.

Right. I mean it's if you work hard when I went to school and probably you to got to grades we we got a grade 4 our accomplishments and her aptitude and we got a grade for our effort. I got attitude was 1 to 5 I remember right, right. So all that stuff really matters. What is your attitude what is your philosophy. What is have you taken the time to think about your relationship with work right like to really think about.

Have you made it the enemy. Have you suggested perhaps that it's the proximate cause of whatever unhappiness you have in your life. Most people have.

So the idea of quietly quitting. I'm sure is very appealing to a lot of people because they don't have to step up and do it publicly, you don't have to risk being ostracized or shamed right you just quietly fade away. And yeah, that's what I'm going to do now but I got I actually really do hear you talk actually to sports. One way not to lose not to play and and if you're afraid to lose to the point we don't play you blame the refs you quit early to do things like that. We don't engage in all, so I will compete on the goal most women wear that suit them, and to try to make a way out, but if I fail, I don't like a failure so I can engage those people are obsessed. These capitalists are obsessed with winning and losing making money with more life than that shortly. That gives you a purpose and to competing gives you a bigger and if you have approach with the right way to test yourself. That takes effort and that takes risk in the way not to have that is to say, those people were terrible and misguided.

I'm out in the way to give them the experiment is to give him a two year break from working pay him not to work and then take care of their apartments we have of forgiveness. Sure, you have to pay. And guess who gets hurt by that everybody else and landlord's who didn't any rent for two years to kick them out loan payments that are not made by what you're reading my mind. We've we've just ask millions and millions of millions of people who have worked really really hard from the moment I got out of high school who've built businesses to create jobs were asking those people to write the check for $1.7 trillion in outstanding student loans from people who went another way, who made another choice to talk about forgiveness. Fine I forgive you but you forget I'm silly, I can pay it off. Deal look, you took me 13 years to pay back question loans with the deferment which had I had to go to the bank and say listen, I couldn't afford hundred $26 a month so they say have 18 months.

So when I came back it was 225 and I did extend that to.

I took loans at every year. Toes 35 adjusting about this morning because I hear that Joe Biden's about to forgive everybody's loan I got two dozen friends with big fat car payments and truck payments who run construction sites they need.

Therefore, 350, they they need the big Dodge they have to have it they bought it. They're paying it off there building your house there building our roads. Is anybody talking about paying off the debt of that truck that they know of. Let me look it up. Nope, no of course not. And by the way, nor should we.

But the all you need to know about where the line is drawn is about what tools we value people on dirty jobs that don't quit quietly when they quit they quit they move onto the next thing and they keep going into anything quietly. They do everything proudly and they do it all the way up like Ernest Hemingway said there's only one way to live all the way up doing it quietly doing something more important thing is more probably ought to do it well. Quitting quietly is just another way of saying whatever it is I've been doing doesn't matter. The idea special and Hemingway can't say that I'm an expert on but doing a special on right for 34 hours a certain time certain day it was. It was those crazies on the say no that was it was a time to write is time to work and there was a time to live life and then write about what you lift. That's right.

And that's really, but he was discipline uses the same typewriter every day in the same room and people not to bother them. So even those people were freelancing out there. You gotta set up a discipline Seinfeld. The best example site the right to assert about a certain amount of time it keeps records meticulously and he lives a life in which he may call his own shots and he does a better anybody else but I would tell you the town aside, it's the work. It's the discipline look this is why working from home is also scary. Most people don't have Hemingway's force of will. White when your home like how it's very very difficult for people to do it. You just describe Hemingway by the way, I love what he said about athletics since you brought that up. He said there only only three sports boxing racecar driving in this mountain climbing. Everything else is again really you call ESPN is currently covering all the wrong stuff covering all the wrong stuff. Hey listen, we come back a special guest.

Obviously the most talented role in the family, Peggy Rowe, the mom of micro brand-new book out yesterday. I knew that vacuuming in the nude and other ways to get attention. Especially on Sunday. This is the bright kill me show when micro left me locked out learning something new every day, Brian kill me show talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show she came late and she sent him walking and I looked at the clock and realized so I jumped right. Fortunately I vacuuming the nude and we were all just someplace on now. I always take shower line right next I never forgot that. But now putting herself right out there. Then she said sometimes he joins me in the shower that is Peggy Rowe. The author brand-new book vacuuming in the nude. You got that talk that's why they're talking like that and other ways to get attention. Her special Americas grandmother about her new book is this Sunday the 21st at 10 o'clock on Fox news Channel 11 and FBM drops on Fox nation and on FB and I should say in on Fox nation will be available to an August 21 go to that app and click on a watch and a time that the commercials and guesses and studio if he smarted the watch Fox nation. Now, Peggy Rowe, mother of micro but you should say you should be the son of patient Peggy because she dirty best-selling author at 80 years old. What was that like pay you to become a bestseller lady all it was exhilarating. It really lies.

I've been wanting to have a book my entire life in writing every day for years four years and I've published in magazines and newspapers, but I've always wanted a book and it didn't happen until I was 80, and golly it really has been exciting. It's hard in some ways it requires a lot of energy to go out and do book events and be on television, etc. but you know there are advantages. I've never been part of the meeting movement. Sexual harassment really hasn't been a problem. Is not. Thank goodness, yet having a dissolution of the glass half-full yet right so so Mike, how great has it been you to see your mom become best hugs you knew her ability, talent and dedication. I mean it's the greatest gift letter great things happen to me dirty jobs was sort certainly game changer in like that on the list but watching for as long as I remember my mom gets up she grabs her yellow legal pad and she goes out in the world with a number two pencil. She starts interviewing people, strangers, a cop on horseback. She writes a story you know and the next day it's it's it's stuck to the refrigerator magnet and my dad takes it down and walks around the neighborhood reading it to people you know this is how they live 60 years to 60 years. She wrote without was with some encouragement right there is a Mac there's an article in the horse magazine. There's one in the local paper, but to see her finally become a New York Times best-selling author and 80 yeah personally was gratifying, but to but to see the reaction in other people who aren't writers who are simply doing what we were talking about before trying to find a discipline that Hemingway had trying to find a passion in their life.

My mom proved it's it's really never too late. So what it would do people tell you when they come up to what did they ask you, what are they with a remark about well there first question is what does it feel like to be an overnight success in Haiti and I want to say thank you pardon I've been writing for years. I am not an overnight success and so often people say you know I think I have a book in me.

I think I'm going to start raining and I remind them that they have to do their homework need take writing courses you go to writing conferences, you do join critique groups and you work at it, but most of all, you write every day. That's so important and you if you type or write, I use my computer my wordprocessor made the adjustment indeed. And you know I think about people like I'm a bomb that could lead years ago. She is to typewriter white out and white and all the times I delete I'm so blessed to have a computer, especially because I have arthritis and I think I couldn't use the typewriter representing can hire someone to type for you could just paste around the house and say take this down.

I could kick that while I'm talking you could absolutely win. So where the title come from Mike, did you help or not.

Well, I read her draft and buried in one of the stories was this reference to her friend who vacuums in the nude. You'll hear the whole story on the special this Sunday, but unlike mom you know as as as visuals go, you know that's a title that's a title that people are going to beg the question and the question of courses you vacuuming the nude. Mrs. Rowe not really yes or no answer. I have a social media presence. I have hundreds of thousands of followers and they comment regularly and one woman actually said to me Peggy. I think maybe you're starting a trend I'm going to try that that was not my intention really, but you know I can't help it if America feels more comfortable that way just to get Americans off the couch. We can't be judging now and look. Here's the part of the title that I think is actually more important.

It's the it's the little prick that says and other ways to get attention because if there's a metaphor for these times. That's it right to talk Snapchat Facebook dunamis influencers. Everybody everywhere is crying to get somebody's attention and my mom's from a different age is from a different time and and so too are her friends. The idea you can get the attention of your significant other, just by pushing up vacuum through the living room in the altogether. I mean that's both that's a weird mix of sweet, dirty, and it would be very offputting and I am writing this essay to pay Nancy some about about my we see somebody like to get dirty. Was he similar like a grease monkey. O'Brien as a child I worried about him what had such an aversion to Derek, he would walk around mud puddles, he wouldn't touch Plato because it was a key. Plato is a key and one day we went to her friends and she was having a fingerpainting session and Mike wouldn't even come in the room. He didn't want any part of fingerpainting history like it's true. Worried about him. I was different.

I was a different person.

I made the door bell would ring I like the idea of meeting people shy he would dive under the kitchen table when the doorbell rang, or run into the hall closet and have you figure that out. Why yeah I was I was painfully shy.

I had a weird stammer. I was just… You and stuttered yeah yeah I was a different person growing up, partly because I was traumatized by the sight of my naked mother cleaning the house is yeah right circle is horrifying, but no, no, I I decided in high school literally to work with. With the help of a really gifted teacher to be somebody else know and literally I changed everything I changed where thought about dirt work ice change where thought about people, about talking about everything. I hit the reset button and what is the real you know what else to really feel like this is the real Mike and absolutely yes and you know the other day we were doing an interview on the sidewalk a spontaneous interview and a man walked by and consulted with Mike did a double take any. He just yelled. I love you micro he went on about his way bumped into somebody without like fruit for you as his mom I feel very proud that Mike is so gracious. People feel safe with my thinking he's going to be polite to them is not going to brush them off. But he's also not really nice to me that much, but still vacuuming the nude in other ways to get attention, its outgo by watch Sunday live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me. Thanks. Was to be nearby is the brain to Michelle. Glad to be back in action with you on this Wednesday 46 in Midtown and had run the country for around the world this hour can be cured. Do a simulcast with Harris partner Amburgey here from Talmage Boston, a presidential historian, award-winning commercial litigator who wrote this great calm held by his copying Lincoln Roosevelt in style but not substantive fascinating look on why his approval rating is not budging. Even though he's passing some stuff. Wonder if she knew the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three primary election is over now the real work Lincoln ultimately prevailed union defined our obligation as Americans for all of history, primarily speaking Palin and Murkowski survive while Liz Cheney just heard from is destroyed as Trump endorsed candidates rack up a total of 187 wins at a 92% Cliff or Liz Cheney. I'm pretty sure Lincoln is not the apt comparison. I believe presumption of his everybody including garlic I want to presume he did the right thing, but the affidavit is the essential point fallout continues from our Lago rate on all sides in a hearing Thursday to debate the release of the affidavit which could reveal the FBI's true intentions. What will happen every single Republic. Every single one vote against exactly the kind of person lowering our energy creating good paying job ego signed into law the deceptively named inflation reduction act in bold and bind to call out Republicans for not backing it.

Why that declaration helps the GOP why is a piece of legislation is totally partisan is all about climate change is not about reducing inflation is about weapon eyes of the IRS is about putting 80 billion+ Intuit Republicans want nothing to do with that where if you talk about in theory green energy.

Yeah, that's fine. What does it mean practicality. Not much because the infrastructures not ready, how much you're spending with the going to cost.

That's when the rubber hits the road with their little love Democrat to say look at I got I got many pharmaceutical products down in price. I've Medicare expenses. That's fine. But just so you know this other parts of the economy will pay the price for that insolence down. That's fine. Pharmaceutical companies will gouging then they they would just make less money but that's not the case. If you will talk to anyone at Biotech.

There's a reason why the prices are so high as we are the bile to clear the world and if there's going to be a ripple effect if you The prices on pharmaceutical drugs. We're on drugs where you going to get the other money from it doesn't come at a pure profit comes at a production which happens they don't manufacture again. I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense for me to make that medicine doesn't make me doesn't make sense me innovate here. We no longer have the profits to for R&D were knocking to do it and they would become like everybody else.

That is the downside of what we been witnessing happening with this inflation reduction act, which by the way is should is not aptly named, of all people they know what Sen. Joe mansion listen to him yesterday got six. Why wouldn't one well meal is not, but we never said anything immediately like the turn the switch on and all, but not at all. The Wharton school of business. The Office of Management and Budget perimeter report no effect on inflation Wharton school of business, University of Pennsylvania. No effect on inflation and the you will remember the squad J a Powell come out so yeah I didn't name it should be named that it is the biggest investment in green energy ever, and that's we've been discussing out official and now you have $60 billion worth of environmental climate enforcement really common enforcement. How you do that. Can't wait $80 billion with the IRS for the IRS evidently uses cobalt as a language they need to get out of the dark ages to get 1200 inquiries every second. So they need something to handle it good how much you putting into technology. 5 billion of the 87 billion that is set aside for them. Something's gotta change their I just don't even think you can hire that many people in the country want to be IRS agents for that money and that drudgery and that potential for nonstop conflict use Kevin Brady on what this actually means for the country cut nine we've been down this road and badly you saw the same thing which is subsidies through semiconductors on chips they sent massive amounts of money to departments to build a new innovation, and supply chain issues again, no expertise, no business experience in this you're seeing this this repeatedly in this government, back matter, it is our free enterprise system that makes the biggest strides in researching greenhouse gas emissions reduction in moving to a cleaner environment, but you know under Joe Biden governments answer governments solution and everyone needs to pay for that's what it seems as hard to argue on the other big story, of course, was tapping since the raid on Malaga. Now we find out that the prison was confronted by the archives by his people and they did give up 15 boxes right away and in May they had another additional inquiry there, and lawyers came out and provided more information and there might've been a lawyer. This signed off and may not.

I don't believe everything you read in the New York Times on did all classified information is out and they did meet again on June 2. They did uniform in a June 22. We do not understand how this dialogue one into a raid and now a possible indictment to the point where you cannot expose the affidavit because in the affidavit might expose what they're actually looking for this grand jury now sequestered and get this a criminal investigation now in full stride really on the president for taking documents. You really can do this.

Merrick Garland was such an emergency that you would think about doing it for weeks and when he got the warranty is still waited days, something doesn't add up here in nuclear codes, not Kennecott.

It prison was taken memorabilia mementos maybe should maybe should they resin should never take anything like the furniture maybe should never smash your hard drive like Hillary Clinton or bleach. Wipe it out entirely like Hillary Clinton, obviously were not talking about indicting a sitting president and why are you shocked that this such a poor around it in his Fillmore said in a paraphrase.

Donald Trump was fading you just brought them back. Like it or not we come back some of her thought radio show like no other. It will come back with a new simulcast on the network and all the world. Number one, not just in news but overall, Fox news channel response to the Faulkner focus is on right now and will be listing together with Sherry to US House of Representatives. We have reclaimed loan congressional seat. Cheney told the today show this morning. She's also considering running for president.

Though she has yet to make a decision on that Harris, thank you very much.

Now for that special time in the county radio show is on TV in the Faulkner focus is on his radio show, simulcasting gold, trying to kill me, Fox and friends post of one nation with Brian Kelly. Great to see you today. First of all this, Cheney if she wanted to keep Donald Trump out obviously not a me she was my about 3040 points in a place you want with 70% of the vote last time I me, which I think was Cheney did something that Sen. Cassidy and Sarah Makowski and others didn't do. She voted to impeach. That's one thing which actually leaves the impeachment I mean she's ahead of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff in terms of despising Donald Trump and that's not something you do if you want to stay in politics at this moment was Cheney golf Trump almost a full four years but over 90% of the time they agreed on almost everything. Separate certain areas of foreign policy, which a lot of people on the right disagree with everything to Syria. The talks that led to Afghanistan. But besides that, they agreed with the doesn't agree on something snap to lose Cheney after January 6. But to meet with James Goldstein of ABC, the one whose particularly producing the January 6 hearings who should print countless hours editing these packages together to sell America on how bad Trump is in the to meet with him for the concession speech as a pick Jackson Wyoming overlooking these beautiful mountains. One of the landscape in a jeans jacket. She's producing it again. The concession speech was produced by a guy for the January 6 hearing makes everything seem so contrived errors is a detail that is very fallacious in this whole thing because it talks about a kind of brotherhood/sisterhood on that maybe people don't know about the way you know that she knew somehow that I voted with Trump. 90% of the time on the campaign trail just now came to him, Al Gore ran and try to deny Bill Clinton with his friend right and assisted in authenticity, almost like the inflation reduction act. We know with nothing missing inflation we getting used to the head fake which he could use it for advantage ones that survive the Brian Brian Kim as governor of Georgia was attacked by Donald Trump old almost every day for a while.

He never engaged egg. I got a states run yeah that's it. Sorry, feels that way. Never had a problem with him. That's how you keep your job and stay Republican and went.

That's how you do it with Chase is not on the take them on, but I will personally I don't think you have to make a choice and say, i.e. the like Trump or like Bush and Cheney. I a lot of ladies I have our member Liz Cheney was here for a long time. You know how smart she is confident she is.

I have not forgotten that you had some huge mistakes. For a lot of reasons. I and others would not need to do any of that performative behavior about you know, not denying one side whatever so that you can keep in the middle. Keep her job.

Maybe she felt the pressure of that because of her last name. If you've seen her dad had maybe how the rest of the family would feel politically. There's no way to know we don't sit at the dinner table with them, but I wonder if this is a topic because now is Cheney reportedly had this to say about a possible run for the White House making announcements to this morning that it is something that I am thinking about not make a decision in the coming month to voters about this their next no please no no no no no, we need women, strong women with powerful decision-making and fair. I don't see her getting a whole lot of support from Republicans money and put up a focus group for her so will move on. That was nice. 10 of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump either lost their primaries or will retire from Congress at the end of the current term tell you about Donald Trump the Republican Party versus those 10 couple things you mean he is extremely powerful. He's persuasive in the people to like him don't just like him a love but you only get one vote is not a passion. When a vote for that person plus and nine for attitude doesn't happen so that would Trump would be off the charts jump in the national picture, still between 30 and 42% that's I can get to the presidency but get you a lot in the primary Harris the ultimate verdict. As you know will be for Donald Trump's November. I am not somebody who thinks a lot of these candidates are off the charts by Stratus within five points. Herschel Walker's within two points. Dr. Oz is light-years better candidate than Fetterman, and Fetterman is Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania as soon as is exposed that second a fly so a lot of the people that he supported our lot better off than people are betraying them because they want to minimize him because they're not necessarily household names so I think will truly decide the power of Trump afterwards Bill Moore put it best since his raid the complications with this rate are many. For the Trump team. I get it for the short term as Bill Moore said and laments you've woken up a giant.

He is now popular again people running around to begin.

There were beginning to blowtorch DeSantis. The role think in Trump and Homeric girl and I'm not sure he thought this please reinvigorated the Trump brand there for him because the other networks also know that if they don't cover him legitimacy.

So they're all over the place look some of the stuff there.

I don't watch all of them. All of the time to think you have to come clean about that raid you saw a Democrat joining a Republican atop the Senate with Rubio and Ann Warner getting together in a private letter. We need more information for the American public on that raid. It's it's an interesting situation with Trump because he is back in the headlines. 80% of anything. 8/10 of those who voted for impeachment lost their St. 80% of anything is more than a trend right. Let's move in Alaska to truck back candidates advance the general election congressional candidate Sarah Palin and Sen. Lisa Murkowski's challenger Kelly Chewbacca Murkowski, often Trump critic is fighting to hold on for Hearst to her seat. Palin is vying for an open seat actually is counted Trump's choice and showing the former presidents influences Ryan and I were just talking about and competitive races endorsed candidates have one no Senate primaries. Eight of 918 of 27 house primaries, 16 of 24 statewide primaries. Those numbers don't even include the ones I just gave you from yesterday's primaries. Brian only 92% of all of this over hundred 80 of the hundred 97 over hundred 87 of the hundred 97. The endorsed have ones are pretty impressive but on Alaskan particular member center. Murkowski lost her primary that you want red is independent, one that seat for another six years. She's got a lot of residual power in Alaska and confidence, even if she voted against Cavanaugh.

Remember that.

And she also voted to impeach Trump.

We understand that the other thing with Sarah Palin. I understand I've never been to Alaska but I understand she turned of a lot of people and they still resentful that she walked away after getting reelected as governor, so they were upset that she did that and don't think she's been back to the state enough but still she's in the runoff for that seat to get account mail-in ballots and see who will fill in that seat temporarily, but overall Center Murkowski for to keep to survive. Did it right. Yeah. Voted to impeach him next next question and move on. Your enemy to say this will be above Alaska llama Republican.

This will give people of Alaska. That's what Duncan did is I get her down. Trump supported me, that's great.

I appreciate it, but I'm running as myself.

That is the key in the print is not to make an enemy when you don't know what to say right yet with tingling teenagers that don't have what you need to say to keep it neutral and maybe don't say anything because enemies are tough sometimes simulcast again. It's always a super fantastic thing to do with you. Thank you very much. I know my audience feels the same exact way. Thank you so much see in the hallway Harris or the palms party a long time I go get them. #2. Thank you. 1-866-408-7669 the bottom of the arrow going to take this a different direction will talk about not Donald Trump by Joe Biden. Joe bindings making history. He's meeting with historians like John Meacham on a regular basis and Michael best for us to talk about wow I have the house I have the Senate will can I accomplish in the bottom line is you can get the rescue package done you can on your own.

You could get the bipartisan infrastructure package done on your own electoral college reform on your own. Almost none of that came for the White House was all done in the Senate and the house we did is got out of the way me those cases, but this piece of legislation is pure is pure agenda with the difference between that and FDR. FDR looked at with the people wanted and try to give it to with the people who voted for him wanted understood and that's why his writings were in a pretty one for elections. Why is Joe Biden stuck just below 40% while getting stuff done getting stuff done first party, not the people. That's the premise will talk about it we come back in the brain to meet you. The more you listen, you will know and kill me primary election is over. Now the real work is great and original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, and elections for the Senate and House 41. The most important election of Lincoln ultimately prevailed. He saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history that is Liz Cheney saying that just like Lincoln when he lost his elections. He just primed himself for the one opportunity to become president he would win win again and become the greatest prison arguably ever the most vital time can you make that same comparison Talmage bosses a presidential historian also all-around smart thinker. He is a award-winning commercial litigator to his had a brand-new, out called Biden is copying Lincoln Roosevelt in style but not substance with first on the most is the newest news.

The primary loss of Liz Cheney Talmage is that you can look at Liz Cheney and think Lincoln is a lot like to be a serious request for the truth about exactly what happened on January 6 and obviously to do that as a Republican, a lot of courage. She was supposed come back candidate who leader rather handily thinking that's not going to be the end of her political career working know a lot of people on both those with moderate Republicans as well as the credit are pleased that there are at least some Republicans are willing to try to figure out exactly what the situation was on January 6 and what should be done about it. She's going to be like Lincoln and run for president to sink into years that you have the support well is harder.

Support now and a lot of it depends on the shifting in the Republican Party later it will stay oriented toward comp or it will move away from Trump for the low anger him a couple nights ago said that her senses, many Republicans who until now. Until recently have been supporting Trump are getting Trump fatigue and realizing that the only way that Biden could get reelected. Assuming he runs again. On the Democratic is supposed to, so we can evaluate Liz Cheney's status is a lot of that depends on on the Republican Party and that employee an opening year and ensure building a lot of movement over the next two years before them come election see any way to use is going to reverse it. If you know if you lose Wyoming by 45 points to imagine how that changes rapidly test one of the people in the race are not that farming when you have other people over some totally different a lot of town on that side to your column you you write about this so Joe Biden seen himself look at all the stuff from accomplishing. Look at all the meetings that I would Doris Kearns Goodwin and John Meacham to tell me how great I am, what I have to do to be to be like FDR. Why isn't he wisely of the writings of FDR and the, if not the accomplishments well is not eloquent, like FDR was like Abraham Lincoln, one is not brilliant like FDR was Abraham Lincoln was so you're dealing with with a greatly smaller directive leadership traits that neither of those two giants, but in terms of those matters over which he actually potentially life might have some control and that is to be diligent in trying to figure out what Americans want, not just with the fringe of the Democratic Party want what Americans want is what I think you and others join in that opinion noted New York Times of all media outlets clearly no political – saying he has not Into the working class leading political scientist down here said he is not tapped into the Latino which historically until recently has been supporting the Democratic candidate, so is not done the heavy lifting of find that really were the people are and instead which is remarkable in that he was elected because he was perceived to be the moderate Democrat and not Bernie Sanders and someone who because of that was being delectable over Trump so is his failure to do what would appear obvious to do this is puzzling. The fact that he shared the legislative success recently is underwhelming to me because after all, both houses of Congress are controlled by his party.

If you can't get legislation passed under those circumstances with the person in both houses of Congress are all of the same party that you really in the wrong business. Usually, Joe Biden suggested surpassing $70 billion. We all know is on inflation reduction. That's another thing the titles wrong and nobody thinks it's right cut three remember ever single Republican Congress voted against this bill. Every single Republican Congress voted against lower prescription drug against lowering healthcare costs against unfair taxes. Every single Republican every single one vote against tackling the kind of crisis against lowering our energy cost against creating good paying job so I really Republican beat up said being left off. This bill, but the present is characterizing it that way.

Is that something reminiscent of FDR. Lincoln well thank you I like to work straight with the people you call this new bill and inflation reduction are not being straight with the people.

When you brag about all those things that Biden just mentioned that you don't mention that a lot of that stuff it Medicare cancer for five and six years.

When you ignore the analysis by the nonpartisan congressional office by the Wall Street Journal, and I like your economic analysis of the inflationary factors is absolutely correct when there's all this countervailing highly respected opinions and analysis. Again, it all boils down to how how is Joe Biden when he says all these things when it doesn't take anything to look into the actual facts of the matter and realize that there's a whole lot missing from what he says in anything you are not forthcoming and truthful in integrating your positions. You lose credibility and I think that's a big reason why Biden's approval ratings are so low because of his credibility is so low because at best.

He gives incomplete information and at worst he gives us all to say okay what is my agenda. But then what is a country need. It doesn't matter what Lincoln wanted. He tried to get the country back together doesn't matter with FDR's vision was coming out of the depression were looking straight ahead of the war within a kill. Keep the country good to get the country mobilize to defend itself and stand itself up economically.

We don't see leadership like that we see a lot of people say I want to please. I don't know the left wing of his party, not a silly good help the working class, which you could you could be the reason why his approval rating doesn't really touch 40% these days. My column is ultimately about power and historically the actual ruler of America go to pocketbook and right now America is hurting in the pocketbook because of the inflation the record-breaking inflation which, again, contrary to what Biden said last week 23 rope meaning. Not that it's a rope with a zero increase from the previous month, but still over 8%. This is a count of false statements that cause him to have so little credibility and being so incapable of breaking down any of the polarization that exists and, as opposed to the white Lincoln and FDR did their best to work with everybody listen everybody compromise when necessary, but persuade when necessary. This is what the great presidents do and what Biden has not been doing so, I guess.

Do you think is a mistake for the meet with historians was he just misinterpreting the lessons well I think it's never like to know about history minutes will I write about it, but you have to embrace it from complete angles, not from incomplete angles and so it's always good to know what the best people in any field, it will lurch you with your your heroes are testing over the years.

Her commentary over the years for manslaughter is an extraordinary thing else so it's good to know what the best people good, but most important issue then need to apply and and and execute on it and that's and that typically involves a lot of heavy lifting and diligent and those who think that Biden is I love this paragraph you wrote message to bind from those who elected him stay aligned with the majority of the voters prioritize the issues arising most rolling with them.

That's how Lincoln, FDR went about their business in the soundness of the proposition was also established by Barry Goldwater landside loss and McGovern is 72 they said this woman to do this is who I stand for the American people rejected it didn't mean that something that happened after didn't affect future politicians, but they were true to their school, they put it out there present by one is red is one thing and is doing something else and that's why the American people are so displeased that your Goldwater was considered to be far right. He ran as far right not to let it let you know he was treated as colors and overcome toward the right impression of the Republican Party in many American shifted family, McGovern ineligible his claim to the far left. He got annihilated and and so to be successful as president. You need to be in the business of attempting to unify the country to unify the country if your whole focus is on the extreme right or the extreme left and that's what's so puzzling is surely Biden knows why he got the nomination and who support was in November 2020 as opposed to who can point to every chance he gets worn so tell me where you know you still in Houston, Dallas, Dallas, Dallas, and can you give me an idea of what you see on the ground pulls aside, is it really is is been recruited within single digits of Gov. Abbott when by Carol O'Rourke is run for a number of offices never worn. He is appealing to the people on the outer edges, but I think most people who study what he said and what he's done. Realize that is close to an empty suit and prayers and I belong to flaking out as far as Dallas, and in the Dallas morning news on the morning news for Carrie my work, but the Dallas morning news in all the polls around here showing that that Abbott has a good lead and I do not see that changing understood and lastly on the border. Have you ever seen it worse terrible and that's a huge issue and Biden are O'Rourke or anybody else wanted to start turning the time toward the Democratic Party. You would think they would understand how important maintaining order on the border is yet, but I don't think you get there, and so the crisis continues and grows and going to continue to be a thorn in the of the Democratic Party and and hopefully you got rather than nobody else involved. This is going to start getting some control over the situation down there because I fully Biden, Harris cannot. Lastly, I was over Mayor Adams of New York came down with some other New Yorkers knocked on doors in Texas and told that a boat that's what he's threatening to do that, the effective I don't think so.

Historically like to hear from text and historically don't care a lot about what New York politicians think they know so little about our state so I can certainly plan to do things like that but I cannot imagine that it would have any being very generous and magnanimous and unstable, exhausting.

It's a great calm.

Thanks so much for putting in perspective are appreciated.]

1-866-408-7669 we come back will have more to talk about with you on the brain to meet you and your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about with Brian kill me.

John Fetterman is back on the campaign trail and everyone just wanting him. The guy with the big guy so lovable and likable.

He happens to be a left-wing zealot like Bernie Sanders defined Pennsylvania and then he is by people when the primary we haven't seen anything of them.

Just people tweeting on his behalf. It seems then he went back to the stump he's competing against Dr. Oz to kick it or break the press for some weird reason, listen to Fetterman tell me if you think he's okay Pennsylvania will start the campaign trail. Starting let me tell you two years ago I was talking to the media and saying them votes you want to be the president. You know what I said.

I said tell me one thing.

Tell me who wins, wins every one of those counties more votes 25, 50, 54 more votes more votes in those counties as well to the only government in history to do that and you can count on us terrible limited the filibuster. Let's right great idea, especially when the Republicans have said it is the Democrats and by the way, you probably lose the house 99% chance and he says terrible. I mean how bad is that you could being critical of Dr. Oz.

Dr. is doing 78 appearances a day in Pennsylvania as a national thing with us on Saturday. He's he knows his issues, he knows his stuff.

You might like a show were like him or you might invite Dave McCormick, that's up to you but you can't tell me that Fetterman did Democrats feel good about Fetterman. He looked extremely shaky.

I watched him. I did listen to the whole speech but this was on Sean Hannity last night and you could you see that the guy still struggling, not wishing the best but I mean if you to be center you gotta be healthy. Though we agree on that. If you not healthy. Don't hide it. We sow it out with Joe Biden staying in his basement. I look for him to do very few appearances and just try to win it by vilifying Dr. Oz through printed material and big a big time at though. And right now, people appointed Dr. Oz. They say, is trailing by double digits I doubted in Herschel Walker's now within the margin of error moving up again. Rafael Warnock says were in a dead heat with Herschel Walker. Why is Herschel Walker is not listed the people that are going to vote for Herschel Walker not reading the New York Times and the Washington Post and are not watching CNN to make up their own mind in Georgia and they know these done incredible mental law enforcement, a ton with the military they know is extremely religious. He knows away from extremely poor background from a very black community.

There's no way he's detached from the black community and they know is a fantastic hero for the University of Georgia, let alone what he did in high school so they're not buying anything in the and you should buy the Dr. Oz doesn't know his stuff and is not worthy.

Pennsylvania grew up there and Fetterman you are voting in Pennsylvania. We have a lot of Pennsylvania stations just so you voted for Bernie Sanders if that's okay with you. That's a totally different Pennsylvania that I thought there was that Donald Trump almost one last time and did what in 2016. Hey, go to Brian kill, September 8 to be of the egg in Albany on stage big red white and blue night chance for me to meet you.

And don't forget about will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13, and Brandon, Mississippi, November 12 square Brian kill order tickets is a few tickets left in Albany don't be last over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber. Listen now if Fox is not or wherever you get your

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