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Media flat out hoping for a "red wave" failure

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 29, 2022 12:45 pm

Media flat out hoping for a "red wave" failure

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 29, 2022 12:45 pm

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Ancient magic at St. Vladimir's Academy threats inside the gate and out vampire Academy new episodes stays strained now man peacock the limited time to peacock for just a dollar 99 a month for 12 months. Eligibility restrictions in terms apply as if he got to for complete details €40 New York City function for America's receptive voice killed by Georgia being your buddy is the right to me Joe 1-868-408-7669 so good you're here.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend last weekend of the summer unofficially drawing hers in studio if you watch Fox News Museum and Julliard to the bottom of the hour, Troy could've been a center we did not want to run, he gets paid more to be in TV and to write for a living, to Charlie Salo several nose on the line.

I really hear right so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three.

Most economists look at is that it's not going to increase inflation.

Well, that's what they're thinking, most economists are wrong. Don't slow the economy down by forgiving and giving people. Another $24 billion to spend. Forgiveness fallout interplay never to buy votes in my view, Joe forgive student loans now leaving those who paid there is exasperated Americans who didn't take one flummoxed or didn't go to college and scream foul. We will present all sides to what I read all of the unredacted material makes a strong case against a search warrant. There was no urgency if they wanted a search warrant is it was so urgent.

They could've gotten it five months ago, Mara Lago, madness, judges, courts, legal teams and documents.

The drum intensifies that the FBI raid scrambles to show it was all justified is the story the still swapping just about everything else. The pollsters do this for the Senate races every cycle in August. They predict somehow Republicans gonna lose all these races. This is their dying gas to try to try to make the Senate and play momentum lost. That's the narrative from the mass media or flat out rooting for a block on the assumed the red wave, we will examine the reality and the numbers as the midterm push starts in earnest. So that's will go.

I was just shocked. First of which you did with on the Sunday shows should be taught about Afghanistan. I mean, there is no justification to put a run down together and not say one year since the biggest disaster in American military history and was all self-inflicted entirely and and it also reveals himself not only to not be serious but also to be willing to absolutely do anything that they have to prop up this administration there is. There is no way you this is the biggest story and you know it's it's you know you you can't.

I and I guess that the at the end of the day. The reason that they don't do it is because there's no point. There is no way to spend a hell of Afghans running after a jumbo jet hoping to get on.

Grabbing onto up wing falling to their death or jumping in the engine and then in the administration's effort to try to blame the previous administration which is of course absurd, but but in a course is also not forget Joe Biden is for 20 year for longer than that has been the reigning expert in Washington on foreign policy and the this is the step that that right there is the sum total of his expertise in Washington as a foreign policy he's had the power he just is expertise right now he's it exactly.

And he's been wrong about everything, every single is foreign policy proposals over the abutment. Remember, we wanted to break a rack up in the three parts.

He didn't want to go after Osama bin Laden, the list goes on and on. Where of examples where he was completely wrong about about these things, but in Washington you know your you become an expert because your wrong about everything. So Charlie let's say way back to momentum lost.

One thing is clear Dobbs decision in Roe V Wade did change things a little bit, especially with governors race because it because the powers in the states, so the devil Republican message him if you back me on this seems to be this on pro-life but I'm not going to forward have zero abortions they are for reasonable something reasonable within their that seems to be the message. Yeah, I mean, you know, I think that maybe to refined a little bit smarter message is look and I'm pro-life but I understand that my neighbors feel differently about this and the only way to arrive at a reasonable just conclusion solution for this is to put it up to state legislatures and and I think it's a reason and and and and that's where I am on it. You know I I I think that the injunction the great injustice here was that the Supreme Court took this issue that this position this issue away from voters for 50 yeah and allowing voters to tailor how they see this issue and the way they wanted is a very important issue. Nobody no sensible person doubts that it's a moral issue and that it's an important moral issue and having that having a important moral issue and decided I legislatures and your neighbors you your you may not be happy with this is that the final solution but it's better than being having edict from nine unelected dudes, mostly dudes at the time anyway. Are all dudes at the time. No, it's better it's better than that week we can let you know that democracy is is messy, you have to accept things he don't like but that's okay we don't live in a autocracy run by railroad family member that that great unifier present by don't hate the by the residence or in a different party so I want you to listen to Brendan, the evidently, this was not made view of different sources. This was on the Teleprompter's use of the word fascist is cut to how extreme are these mega Republicans just take a look what happened since the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade in red states after red state is a race to pass the most restrictive abortion limitations. Imagine even without exception for rape or incest.

These mega Republicans don't stop there. They want a national bank they want to pass a legislative national ban in the Congress mega Republicans when control the Congress, it won't matter where you live won't have the right to choose anywhere so not true.

Mega Republicans, the evidently this been battle tested. It's been. If you want them all they asked you to sit down in front of a roundtable and into doing a bit of a test about how that rut resonates yet. It's interesting.

He talks about how on the national level.

Republicans want to do this will Democrats ever present had umpteen opportunities to tailor federal immigration regulations that would've been sensible and that would've been more appealing to took to more people and they failed to do it as well, but no eat. He is no eat any and he forgets that whether he likes those people are not those 65 70 million people in this country or not he still works for any doesn't act like it when he says things like this and then when he goes even further interest argument for calling of fascists or semi fascists. These are the people you work for, whether you like him or not.

Yeah and and there's this if you really think he believes that he believes anything.

He and I really don't I was ever 4 million people voted for Donald Trump. Is he willing to call them all know I semi fascists.

Willie did and he does and I think that he'll sit by but he'll say this is the story the guys career. He's always said whatever he has to say. I remember covering them for years in Congress you if you needed a quote for a story you'd go to Joe Biden. You could get him to say anything right. Everybody sort of rolled her eyes. When the guy walked in the room because you eat, he would literally say anything, including Pres. Obama, we heard for the last eight years and everything about why did Pres. Obama pick up Pres. Obama wanted a sort of a a harmless old white haired white dude to sort of work the Senate and get things passed an end to temper the very newness and novelty of what a lot of other Pres. Obama will or then Sen. Obama was bringing to the table is that that's one of that that nice and you and you know we passed is nothing do with him that bipartisan infrastructure legislation. Whatever you think of it that passed in the Senate. He almost blew it up and then when you get the chips bill that was originally at a Republican idea that passed in the Senate.

He almost blew it up and then you have the gun legislation which I think it does, Sen. Cornyn came in and said he has some reasonable things that he put into their some Republicans in like it had nothing to do Joe Biden if actual but was in the middle of putting down Republicans say in their program. They want to shoot you when this got work behind-the-scenes. The idea that somehow Joe Biden is a master negotiator in the Senate that is the most laughable thing again if you get a threat as a career. People were literally senators roll their eyes when the guy would walk in the room when you know you been in the inner Judiciary Committee hearings or foreign relations hearings. The guy would walk affirmatively sure comes you and I can say whatever he can say stupid stuff he wants to hear them talk with her here in the past.

This is the difference he's angry and he's never had about he finally got the job.

He wanted since the 80s and he's always angry he's always angry and his his answers to reporters are never insightful or interesting gears so he says this and people are noticing well is that a unifying two or seven of us, and I notice the Meet the Press, Chuck Todd said the same thing. Is this really smart. Alexander and NBC I thought was interesting. He said this country was interesting about this when he is you describe is the word semi fascism to describe the mega philosophy this week, let's go back to March when it was in Poland instead of Vladimir Putin that he couldn't stay in power that became controversial. The White House and out backpedaled on that lot that that there's no backpedaling on this. It's clear that there is a more aggressive strategy. We talked about the way that they were handling the debate over student loans they can as I did think someone said he should say fascism anything on this was another. This was a telephonic space. This is what is been thinking the edit out loud.

This was done not on camera. It fires up Democrats and juices at the base because they want to see him be more aggressive on that but also does become problematic because this is a guy who said you want to be unified. So when NBC reporter says is problematic because of that other people want to see and be tough to be a leader happened to leaving for an end to be actually serious about something and actually talk about stuff that you believe in that. That is important to people, but this is the problem with a guy that is been in Washington for 50 years he's been running his mouth the entire time and but but you get to write fake checks when you're in Congress because nobody's really paying attention to you, especially for Joe Biden, and suddenly you become Pres. and every check you write has to be cashed and he says this stuff and people are actually listening and take them seriously. They write it down and they're like oh my gosh just called half country fascist.

I want to hear. I want to date. I want to get your take on Bill Marson on Friday so men take a break now. My last thing for you is I do believe he thinks he's running again only occupy what he was saying last week. There's no doubt he thinks he's running again. I don't know how many other people on the left or will they let him run unopposed wet wet I'm sorry and I and I hate to be harsh about it but it because delusional and he says things that they are unconnected to reality.

At what point is he suddenly going to have this moment of clarity are simply ready, according to his. According to the NBC bow folk if I perseverate okay that's what again you he has to have the moment of clarity to decide not to run again. Where's the clarity I see no clarity unless there's something happens around him where his wife or his family and of course I thought like Barack Obama or but even then I don't. I don't know that he's listening. I guess I mean but but why do these people let them run in the first place in the US. This didn't happen overnight exactly they had no choice in an end, but that is my exactly my point that goes back to the original problem. The problem that they had in 2020. That got him nominated based Democrats still have there's nobody else to go with burning midnight, I think they'd be better off going with Bernie as the highest two rating among Democrats. That's one story came out today was denied. I can get Charlie to weigh in on what Bill Moore said to Rob Reiner a conversation you would think I care about, but I think you will don't move giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me. Fox News contests network IGN esteem Fox News senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast describing. Listen now by doing a Fox News five he's so busy he'll make your hats for Brian kill me. It's a little bit of the thorny question because once you go down this road. This is where we are in this country. The other side is so evil anything is justified in preventing them from taking office visit. Now you know it's not justified using armed violence broke. The question is when we get to bury the hunter by the press doing that he's saying that's what they did and that is what they did.

They buried the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were like, we can't risk having election thrown to trump will tell them after the life and we know for fact that that's what they did.

Of course you don't know for a fact that that's something I don't know what they did. I know because you only watch MSNBC a city watches Fox Reiner, Charlie Hurt is here till you weaved to have this conversation and was under percent right, even though it is like trump he's like there's this elite skin scary for him to see that this happened and is scary for any clear thinking person to see that this happened, the better the story that Mark Zuckerberg says what he said to Joe Rogan on wit which aired on Thursday know it's it's weird because you note some of the media is also its credibility, especially among people like us who follow the stuff closely and people who follow all the stories that we care about and their very important stories, but you note the thing to remember is the media is still incredibly powerful and you have a guy like Rob Reiner who has access to all the information that he could possibly what is I don't know that he's pushing know that the exact well I is immense, and was tripped, whether he does or not. I don't know their art, but I do know there are still people who read the Washington Post and New York Times every single day. And those people and they still believe everything they read in those newspapers and those people have been lied to purposefully lied to with weapon iced stories for years I've I've read the New York times my entire adult life up until about five years ago I canceled my subscription I somebody sends me a story from one of those publications I deleted, do not read it. I don't read it for defensively. I don't read it all because you you no longer know what's there defensively okay and I get that but I just I don't at this point, I sort of youth at some point you just sort of jumbled and you're like I'm not gonna fill my brain with this pollution because I not only it's one thing you were you and I spent all of our time in the media so we are pretty sophisticated about assessing out what's fake or what's real and what's false and an indoor what's misleading whatever but there comes a point where you realize there intentionally doing it. This is weapon eyes propaganda and then it gets a whole lot harder for you and me to use our senses is an example of the subtle way they do it there writing the story about Donald Trump and Malaga. Yeah and send this distrust among the right of the FBI, never saying, in context, why right because of the molar report because of misinformation because of James.

Call me what he did because of the Peter struck getting a network contract when he is caught lying and biased. Any still lying on the network. People sealant at the very least, list the three reasons why the Republicans are distrustful right or the other thing that drives her crazy and Rob Reiner just to talk about the armed insurrection, armed with what flagpoles are you okay let's say that there were people in the audience in the crowd that were actually armed with weapons was a single one of those weapons used know this to kill Ashley Babbitt was the Secret Service right but they want to say armed because they want to ratcheted up and they want to colorize the coverage absolutely and and lastly, Mark Zuckerberg came out so Bob Reiner should know if he's listening okay mountains like the FBI came to me and so we got a suppressive story has a similar direction. My terrifying story I and and he said it with a straight face almost get out of the way and I think I don't and I think he was trying to get a five thanks you precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast will gain close to Fox and friends, we can hear my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five test information you want to truth you demand. This is the Brian kill me show problem is not with Reiner.

It was with the Atty. Gen. who didn't follow his own guidelines. There should never have been a search warrant requested here. There was a subpoena issued and what I read I read all of the unredacted material makes a strong case against a search warrant. There was no urgency if they wanted a search warrant. If it was so urgent. They could've gotten it five months ago and even when they got a search warrant. They waited two days there was no justification for search warrant so if you want to talk about who's to blame here. It's not Reinhart, it's the Atty. Gen. United States so interesting. Elder shorts so we the Washington Post today know Charlie Hurt can recommend me for saying that. I just want to file like a lot of what they do is have these completely resources to get you places around the world in detail. So he said that what they found out that somebody wants to talk to them. Is it they were having a war with the archives, national archives, so they go back and forth when they were in the White House. They were not getting along. And then they said the word is they made the extraordinary decision to get the FBI involved to get the department skews me to get the Department of Justice involved in the will result in this rate, so they got there 15 boxes in the 15 boxes a so important stuff that also had mixed in with on a point stuff I newspaper could be say. So we need the rest to step back and then we snow the stuff about April and May in a subpoena and in the goes okay come over. Check it out put a lock on it whatever you want to make CO ends up in a rate everything what you talking about trumps negotiating to give it back with her should take in a go-ahead debated but I have never been president and I've never been told I got 48 hours to leave because he never thought he was going to lose regardless you die filled by January 6. Never should happen the prison.

If he acted congenial and said Mr. Deborah's buying go take a tour of the Oval Office you about 50% approval rating right now and to be begging from Ron again. I it's pretty clear to me that I'm right.

So there's gotta be a process from here on in. Where as you leave in the final two weeks is good to be Joe Biden, the national archives comes in and you go. It's PA Chief of Staff for any given and they go to every piece of paper illegal to every boxing overtime.

Yet can keep it cannot keep. In this be up in there be 1/3 party to decide who's right and just remove any controversy was evidently there's always controversy with the know you hear about a year about Clinton and you hear about Nick sending you hear about Pres. Obama and evidently there was no controversy was got 33 million pages from his from his administration. I guess on loan until his libraries done. And here we are six years later, it's not even done… Remove all that.

So Trump makes himself open to because he's Brett brash and he's confident in these defiant and he says I want this paper to write my own book and do whatever you search Ali bring up cross by hurricane on some provable list of existing that could be it now. Similar taurine should be number one story should be inflation, the number two story should be crime. Number three story should be with their doing to our energy independence course if you the subset of that is gas diesel. The fact the baby formula, so an issue that supply chain still matters.

The presence got 45% approval rating does not talk about his job and imports about the mar Lago rate way too much and it's interesting I'm you know I can't get me to duck out of it with Marco Rubio in 1H on Saturday, when the redacted affidavit is out and has stuff in there. It's gotta be a story so the present United States once a label from supporters. Maggots was. I like conservatives.

I still like mega supporters.

Katie pallets sees a bigger story in this in using the term semi-fascist cute so was on the big show big Sunday show cutting just simply an insult.

This is a strategy by Pres. Joe Biden the Democratic Party when they use the term semi-fascists or fascists there doing that so that they can justify any means necessary to squash their political opponents, even if that means using the app behind to go after them, the Department of Justice, the IRS, as we've seen in the past when Democrats are in charge going after their political opponents.

Could this be a strategy. Clearly it's a strategy may bring about a way mega okay make America great again.

The presence of fantastic. I love it and you break it down with who's against it. So bottom line is I do think Democrats to have a degree of momentum, but not the degree which is being portrayed on every single show on every single hour there trying to make it happen.

The trying almost gin up by saying momentum's loss for Republicans, and I think they have to strategize a way out of it by think they're really good spot simply in the present job performance and crime in this country recline broke down his ABC political directories on here a lot.

He breaks down. I would still folly to think Democrats can hold the house, but none the math here is just so stark doors. Even with that victory in a special election. Republicans still need to flip only five Democratic seats this fall.

Most of the battleground continues to be Democratic-controlled seats. What has changed.

George even if most Democrats still don't believe that they will control the house. Some are starting to think that they might be able to minimize the losses that take some marginal seats off the table. Even some of the other dynamics at play. Right now, and their hope at this point is that even if the Republicans do end up controlling the house. It might be a very narrow majority right and narrow was to get control of the house to degree control the purse strings and get some investigations going and not that's not the only reason but did to do it for the most thing the president of the four present has to do is to pour money to Dr. Oz supper money to Herschel Walker start promoting money to JD Vance to Adam like salt out Nevada to macchiato out in Pennsylvania to see Blake Masters in Arizona because he put them there and there was a lot of good candidates there in the present it to his it be his best interest in having their supporters.

Financing these supporters. If he is to get the White House back to know that these guys over there. There is senatorial seat to him, which can't stop now. I know the president is like to spend money but have a choice. A lot of people gave the money. Thinking he would spend it on those guys are use of the brain to let you we come back sooner.

Join your stewardess from Iowa one year since the anniversary of the Afghanistan disaster. We will not forget to bring this up until Michio, your knowledge base needs that Brian Phil made show, Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news, but I'm just done, or wherever you get your favorite podcast from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me present. Biden says he has no regrets about what he did in Afghanistan is a full relatively have a lot of regrets about what he did. I regret the fact that we left thousands of our allies behind who bravely fought along our side. I regret the fact that all the women that kinda believed in us have been turned back over to the Taliban.

I regret the fact that the Afghanistan is going become another breeding ground for terrorism and most likely another 9/11 will emanate there going to a broken southern border now assessing Lindsay Graham can barely hide his anger towards you ministration money. Forget about what happened a year ago, dear.

I found out the report that was written up by defenses never even been read by the president. It got as far as the Chief of Staff. He does not want to know what went wrong because he knows use planes were leaving empty. He knows that he could have had the city and city kept the airport and at least 13 are dead may be more 13 Great American sinner Joni Ernst joined just now armed services committee center where your thoughts. One year later and you were astounded you ministration it has no commemoration of the 13 almost hereto since a loss of lives it abrogate the art technical terrorism that happened 20 years, and for their extraordinary effort to keep our country and we were spent during that 20 year and get a family 13 pollen from anti-gay one year anniversary on 26 August. I am get that the president get not commemorate that lost their lives and trying to rent our Afghan partner Eric Durrant can't win apparent young man that day can pay day can grill out and wearing my family extremely well and warehouse patent by his lot lot… A servicemember president and come forward and say thank you. That ineptly appreciate the sacrifice that they made when an unprecedented that we went to leave a country that way. We can't without even notifying Americans behind each and that it helped that Nate, the broken night By aunt Linda Grant stated that women and girls in Afghanistan in the past 20 years, while the country with progressive way, their rights taken away without a male member will they can't work. We have the trauma band colluding with Al Qaeda and you know how many millions of Afghans are piquant. They have no go on. I was the mistress of the scheme. As you will bog down in Afghanistan. We had to get these resources to Ukraine excuse me, you probably don't have in it, we would never know for sure, but I would say odds are if we showed strength in Afghanistan and we held onto Barbara and we show that we are were not giving up there we probably don't get it without the Russians invaded Ukraine.

Would you think I like Iraq and America pulling out not not light or think about military left behind in a line of credit been transferred to Ukraine and yet we called out the opportunity to reclaim military equipment that all should be ashamed to stand on right now is going to one full anyways 45% one year from the biggest debacle in American military history and we leave everybody behind and we also we have we have veterans come out of retirement to try to get dear Afghan allies out so we'll see how that goes.

Never even told NATO that we were leaving they had to find out who would let our guys leave the wire of outside Kabul airport to go get people to bring them back some thankfully did so center as we look right now at our defense. It's impossible to see what happened over the weekend and I think it's all related. We go to Poland to refuel our Coast Guard and Solomon Islands. They now have a defense agreement with China and they told us to go pound sand were not allowed to go there. What was the significance of this world, we need to push back make sure that our holiday and unfortunately around the world to partnership matter are so many countries to China.

That's great in a week you need to have relationships with other country wanted sample where this president failed to engage other leaders around the world in a constructive manner and start with opportunity to China eating our lunch when it comes to navigation around the world.

Jim McMaster said about the whole operation Afghanistan he told as talk to you on Saturday is self deceit self deceit based on self-delusion right we created the enemy we would prefer in Afghanistan.

We heard Taliban ensure power to put in a more benign form of sharia between the Taliban and Al Qaeda actually we had this idea with the Taliban against Al Qaeda and other jihadist terrorist groups are completely intertwined. You see that hell are putting all Afghans through an especially women.

It's time to wake up and recognize that we defeated ourselves based on fantasy about about the nature of the Taliban and he's right is me. Well I will start their living in an alternate universe when their military nontechnical plate all electric really a priority making our military people fighting force on the planet. And yet there I met Jan that they're trying to make the world utopian.

I went at Shiloh Banner good enough Brianna someone for you to Ukraine as I can. And we know now that the Russians are taken very little land another in a massive push to get more volunteers to boast of their force.

They lost at least 80,000 Ukrainians was about 100 a day. So it's it's costing both sides but the question is how pivotal is this fall and his time on whose side Amb. Michael McFall. He was invested during the Obama years. No fan of Poon.

I think he tried to kill him that multifold and try to kill pulling the other way around 30 Ukrainians don't want to be a years long conflict that costs a lot 5 billion a year. They're getting from the West. They'll eventually run out of resources military. These high marks are that I'm a server… Just talking about. That's why they want to go on the offensive in the south. The city of her son is what they want to take. They want to push the Russians out for the first time with respect to the Russians they think times on their side and they think the longer the war goes it will play to their advantage and put in right now is focusing on trying to take Don box what striking me. Chuck is easements focused on trying to thing down last for six months and still hasn't achieved that objective that says to me that maybe Poon is wrong about time. Being on his side. When you think center getting military. We need to making sure that they can push back the rest and during the last month, enabling Dunbar out pushing them back keep on in their presence will continue to try in advance where they're going to keep pushing shipping a store or we should really push the Russians and Ukrainians are welling up by supporting them on don't think that the rest of going to keep moving forward. They're going to move into other countries in Europe that are not NATO will not right away because their mess they are in great fear yell out loud that occupy Ukraine will reconstitute 510, March, you can lose this and said I think they say 65% chance the Democrats hold onto the Senate what you think how I don't think that liberal pollster are pushing out all current Republican going to call and get back in my ranking out there saying how I am a chronic yell at one by 8.5 out there want to make sure the public in November and I doubt the candidate to take the place of my center Junior's appreciated. Thank you, Brian Moody, if you want to about history.

Red white and blue and said to 1619 bring to I'm good to go on stage.

Talk about all my books most poorly talk to you. I'll be in Albany, New York September 8 and then of course November 12 and 13th. I'll be in Tulsa and then over to Mississippi and then I'll feed December 2 new work New Jersey right Fox News radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thank you much for being here.

Everybody in the Brian kill me Joe come in here from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world and hopefully in the Ukraine and everywhere else in conflict will you be doing this out by Michael Goodwin, John Stafford from bar rescue to an exciting announcement to make.

And also he tackle something that world dealing with give if you got out to you lately have you asked people and I'm sure you have housing going and they tell you they can't get the help it's still happening. I'm talking about the most popular restaurants in the most unpopular restaurants ones are great for young people and great for open it just to just where were these people. They never got the college serves the usually get the summer little bit help. Not a lot you're hiring him and asked John Taber about that and Michael Goodwin looks at Jared Kushner's book and why is it that anybody, by the way, to bestseller insurance him in the timeless number one or two boys every time someone writes about the near times got a going away just to wreck it because they just don't like Trump did he ever get tired right and stupid stuff. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three. Most economists look at it that it's not going to increase inflation. Well, that's what they're thinking, most economists are wrong. You don't slow the economy down by forgiving and giving people.

Another $24 billion to spend.

I would think so. Forgiveness fallout is a blatant effort to buy votes. Joe forgive student loans now leaving those who paid theirs exasperated Americans who didn't take one flummoxed or didn't go to college scream foul will present all sides. What I read all of the unredacted material makes a strong case against a search warrant. There was no urgency if they wanted a search warrant is it was so urgent that could've gotten it five months ago is still baffling. Merrill Lago madness at sounders which judges, courts, legal teams and documents.

The drama intensifies as the FBI raid scrambled to shows all justified. It looks like a private judge is, head and said maybe we'll get a private master to look at all the stuff and find out what really belongs to Trump and what is a fishing expedition. The pollsters do this for the Senate races every cycle in August.

They predict somehow Republicans can lose all these races. This is their dying gasps to try to try to make the Senate and play momentum lost. That's the narrative from the mass media were flat out rooting for a block on the so-called red wave will examine the reality in the numbers as the midterm push starts in earnest. Right after Labor Day and this is the last week really of the unofficial summer about if you ever missed the show. I got the podcast Brian kill me I don't want you to miss alive, but if you do, there's still hope Michael Goodwin the still hope there is you goes kick us off positively on Monday. How are you so first off you want to the belief that the red wave is been somewhat thwarted ended up a lot of it has to do with the Dobbs decision on Roe V Wade kicking power for abortion to the states theory that Democrats a lifeline, which is what I wrote at the time of the ruling that this was something they didn't have that, you know, there was no argument.

Every constitutional right to abortion under certain limits and not suddenly you didn't and therefore that there was a new a new item for the Democrats to run on. Don't forget, I mean Joe Biden's approval ratings were in the toilet gotten slightly better since, but at that time I meet you at the Afghanistan debacle. He of course you had inflation in the southern border you just had this and Democrats couldn't govern so look, I think that was probably an extreme version of where things really stand between the parties because at the end it comes down to individual races, individual candidates, how they perform the money they, etc. any unforeseen events in the final weeks so I think that it is too early to say that Republicans were going to sweep and too early to say that Democrats have a road that's the way it looks now, but we really won't know until people see is 45% that's stunning to me and to not be accurate but white women. This is what they point to the fact that women are most affected by this yet 45% approval of the 45% vote more for the Dems to 39% approval for the Republicans itself 5441 and with her doing is kicking kicking the so-called power to the states. The Republicans have made enough of an effort to let that clear, no one's band anything everyone is doing something that should have a long time ago you let your governors let you legislature decide Rich Lowry weighed in on this and he said this should be the message he's a pro-lifer obviously and are of national review cut 11. Clearly it's an important change. I think they'll have to realize they can't run and hide from the session try to that's not working and get the finding that in a way or not enough like and you can't. Most places adopt a maximalist position.

So I think they need to do a version 1 Rubio didn't say I want protect every unborn child eventually does a lot of work to do persuasion on that. In the meantime, here's a limit.

I support that actually is defensible and has public support and point at the other side for being extremist for supporting abortion in every circumstance with federal funding and he's talking about 15 weeks. He said I understand I'm pro-life but not if my neighbor necessarily isn't how you feel about but of course it's hard for the rational ideas to hold in the moment every campaign our politics have become so emotional. Now people are so angry at the other side having that hatred is really over the top and I think why it's a dangerous time politically. I'm not sure that the that the ideas of being a rational holding a rational position that you can explain quickly on these on these emotional issues such as abortion, which for many women it is. It's an absolute coming that they're not thinking in terms of restriction, what month there. There is a fear that it will be taken away, whether by the Supreme Court or by state and so I think that these issues are very hard to navigate insensible waves in the heat of the campaign. Of course I think for Democrats what they are trying to do and have been somewhat successful is a link.

Every Republican Donald Trump and that is I think for for them. The clincher as they see it.

For a lot of people that if you can link your opponent to Trump in any way. In particular crossover districts or or states that are pretty evenly split.

You can defeat that opponent because Trump is so unpopular among many people. Certainly not a majority but I think there's a lot of picking and choosing going on in these districts in the states that don't quite fit a national model of how we think they should run because this is really blunt, something that the timing is not a coincidence and he brought up the fact that now all of a sudden, this rate happens, it becomes number one story and every wore the number two story and everybody's newscast and would talk about the special master and were talking about the raid in the affidavit and now you talking about Trump again instead of talk about inflation instead of talking about the oil oil independence but is talking about crime in New York City which you could argue night I did get good beyond argument works. Oh you did. That's the reality matters most to the American people have been very ill and you Donald there. I mean the entire January 6 hearing was designed to be a midterm argument it was. It was they were not to come to any conclusions before this they wanted.

They wanted Trump to be on the 2022 ballot as far as what's on people's minds, a name I think largely succeeded at that Merrick Garland which I think that reality and special weight to his role in this, and since he has come out with the raid and and all the leaking that is going on on it certainly looks like Merrick Garland is part of the Democrats fall campaign and I think that just another thing that frankly I find this so disgusting about this when it any cost idea because if we cannot trust the FBI. If we cannot trust the justice department if there are always going to play politics on this thing with Hunter Biden the FBI going to Facebook and saying beware of this information you know what's amazing about that. Brian PI Hunter Biden's laptop long before the 2020 election. So when they came out and play politics with it.

This is what you talking about Mark Zuckerberg came out with this 90 minutes into three-hour interview Joe Rogan.

Let's listen to the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team is a caped just so you know like you should get high alert. There was we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of of that, similar to that.

So just be vigilant. Wow. And then he said this came in and I don't really believe Zuckerberg 100%.

He's trying to put it on the FBI. This thing popped up and then we said we squelch the story put down the story.

I didn't promote the story was retrievable related to offer but the twin Twitter is one of band the story and the FBI told to look out for it and now we know the FBI absolutely knew was coming because we know the repo the computer repairman they gave it to the FBI just wanted home understands what you're talking about anyway.

And you're right. The little one, clear, blaming the like to know what exactly did the FBI say that they say because you have those former intelligence officials say it smacks of Russian this information we haven't seen the laptop but smacks of Russian. This information is a concerted effort and Joe Biden you use that in the debate to fend off any question about the laptop intelligence experts assigned to really be defamed right now and brought out and be forced to defend themselves and Klapper to Mike Morel what I like to Michael Hayden all these guys to wait in the gist of this is classic rush of this from Leon Panetta classic Russian disinformation really you made no effort to find out if anybody on the other end of that email would say yeah this is real or Hunter Biden 100 Biden of taken a call from the CO Facebook to say I need to know this is really not going to go with this unless you can show me that it's not anybody do that nobody what the Democrats have been doing it didn't work for them in 2016 that it didn't work, along with lots of changing of voting regulations during the pandemic work for them in 2020, but here we go again. Alex 2022 and are up to some of the same tricks because they cannot run on Joe Biden's record, just not enough. It's week.

It's bad. Everybody knows it. The economy is in trouble, you know, the stock market. It looks like it's ready to deflate entirely. So there's all kinds of issues weighing on this presidents record. So what we do this shiny thing over here look at this shop Donald Trump Donald Trump Sonny Ronnie deal so the market with their oil keeping it down to the election day, making us all include especially the Middle East more in peril this last minute Jared coaches book is excellent. I don't care what you think it Trump or his administration were you like Kelly and Conway.

You can learn a lot by reading this book about what we really want hat would happen. Would you would use it. Don't be surprised when all these horrible reviews boring and they did correct Trump but They Take This Book and They Treated like They Treat They Don't Really Read It. I Don't Believe Because You Can Read It and Not Take Away Some Understanding of How Things Worked in the Trump White House. You Know, There Were What 2 Million Authors Who Trash Trump 2 Million Books or Something Ridiculous.

I Am Exaggerating, but There Was an Endless Stream of Books That Trashed Everything Donald Trump Said.

And yet When We Look Back Now at the Abraham Accords When We Look at the Same Trade Deals. That's Right. When We Look at the Difference That the Border Wall Made in Those Areas Right by Having a Wall Built around His House. If It's Good Enough for Him. Why Is It Good Enough for the Country.

All Those Things That I Think Have Gotten Thrown out Right.

January 6 Think It Gives Us a Reason. First It Was Ukraine Impeachment That It Was January 6. It's Always Something to Delegitimize What He Did in Fact He Did Some Very Consequential Things That Jared Kushner Was Central to A Lot Of Them. The Attempt to Destroy Everybody. Dear from Roger Stone to Man Afford. They Took Dated for A While. Jared Coaches Can Be Arrested and We All Know Michael Flynn's Career Was Destroyed.

Michael Cohen's Career Was Destroyed. Credibility Shot and Then Now They Going after His CFO of His Company Because He's with Trump and Any Interest on Its Unbelievable and Should Be Acceptable. One More Thing.Not Got Enough Attention.

Jared's Book Talks about the Democrats What He Calls a Pressure Campaign to Have the FDA Delay Any Announcements about the Yes till after the Election. I Think This Is Me Is an Open Wound. They Really Believe Michael Left It in the Air, but That Is a Very Important Point to Laid the Vaccine till after the Election Believe That the Talk Show That's Real This Is That Brian Kill Me Show You Want to Go on the Side of Working People of This Country. He Should Send All These Colleges and Universities. If Your Tuition Goes up More Than the Rate of Inflation That You Don't Put Any Federal Program, No Student Loans, Pell Grants and No Research Grants Keep Costs at the Rate of Inflation. Your Out Of the Federal Pot That's Chris Christie Laying down the Line on ABC on Sunday Just Saying If You Going to Forgive Student Loans. It Makes No Sense to Do for People 20,000 Pell Grants and and 10,000 for Anybody Who Makes under Hundred $25,000 Because It's Not Fair to the People to Pay the Loans of 50 and 60-year-olds and by the Way, It Turns out That Only about 10 to 15% of Those Who Go to Be Affected Are Hispanic, You Alienate Hispanic Voters Even More Known As Hard-Working and and Moral and and and and Somebody with a Great Work Ethic. Now All Of A Sudden They Don't Go to College or They They Don't Go to College. I Got a Pay Back These Loans from Their Tax Dollars, or They Go to College to Pay Back to One of Us in the Field Go Turn around Every Else Get Their Loan Paid off We Went into These Agreements with Her Eyes Wide Open. We Should've Done Is What Marco Rubio Brought up Will Examine the Interest Rate on It, Examine, Go Ahead, Take Two Points off It Say Listen, Would You Looking to Get You Guys Back on Track.

If You Chance to Pay If You Want but Don't Alleviate People from That Deal Is Hateful to Tell the Next Generation of Wounded of Student Loan Takers Owe Juergen Have To Pay Back Your Brother, He Doesn't Sister.

She Doesn't When You Do Your 1822 Radio Show like No Other. Brian Kill Me to Put an Additional Hundred Thousand Dollars on Top of What I Thought but I Will Only If You Put in 30,000.

Write a Check for $30,000 and I Remodel Your Bar. Don't Commit and I Will Really Prove Himself.

Don't Have the Money so Sober Is I Don't Trust You Because You Are Slime Bucket Is One of the Best Concept of Ever Done and He Told Wow That Is Some of the Reality an Important Part of the Magic Bar Rescue Israel Try to Help People Especially Come Out Of the Pandemic Is Now Much More Different Area Be Put through Help from from Bad Politicians and Bad Policy and on.

Now You Gotta Play the Perfect Game and John Travers There to Help but He's Also There in the Game. He's He's a Long Talk about Now Finally Ready for Action with Tappers, Tavern, Opening up in Washington DC Is Going to Be Right Next to the Capital One Arena When Is Opening Day, John Tapper Next Week with Bear Bryant Incredibly Always of This Restaurant Was Supposed [November and That's an Example of the Supply-Side Issues That We Practice Getting It Built Things like an Electrical Box Brian Which You Should Be Able to Go to a Home by 8 to 10 Weeks to Get Panels for Lighting All Sorts of Things. So Getting This Baby Open Is like a Victory Means A Lot to Us Were Incredibly Excited and BC Is a Great Market so This Is Just the Beginning of This Can Be More Tappers, Taverns, Right All Yes so so Alpharetta Georgia Is Been Open Now for Almost 2 Years.

DC Opens As I Said Next Week Austin and Watertown Just Opened This Week so We Now Have Boston, DC and Atlanta Kappa Is on the Horizon in Las Vegas Is on the Rise and Stop Working Hard to Build Them and Find Franchisees and Partners As Quick As We Kind of Work, Please.

We Have about 27 Restaurants on the Books Now in Various Stages of Development. This Would Make CCTV Seal the Struggles People Having Even When They Did Try to Do Everything Right.

Getting Help You Mention Supply Chain.

The Prices Inflation. What Makes You Want to Get Back in the Game to This Extreme What You People Still Need to Go out If You Look at the Market and I'm a Big Believer in Causing Consequence and If You Look at Markets across the Country Suffered down 25% Sales to Pre-Pandemic Levels Summer Ahead up to 30% in Sales Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels and It's the Consequence from the Cause of Lockdowns in Various Political Restrictions Placed on the Industries in Very Many Markets Successes Coming to Those Who Don't Necessarily Deserve It Because the Marketplace Is so Alive and in Other Markets, Failure Is Coming to Those Who Do Deserve Success Because of the Lockdowns and the Consequences from All the Causes Related to the Pandemic. We Opened We Need about 80 Employees in Boston Writing about 120 in DC and Going to the Hiring Process Is Very, Very Interesting. In Today's Labor Market. We Did Staff.

Both Restaurants 100%. It Took Us Twice As Long As Normal. We Didn't Interview As Many As We Would like to Come up with the Hundred or so for Each Restaurant but We Did.

Staff Effectively Procures What Was Really Interesting Finding Employees Was A Lot Easier Than Finding Management and Were Finding That Management Is Just Not Readily Available Today. I'm Not Sure If They're Looking to Be Entrepreneurs. If Everybody's Looking for That Next Opportunity. I Know the Route Finding Management Is Very Difficult to That I Did Not Expect That Brian That Is Surprising That Everywhere I Go I Was Asked How You Staff and Everybody Says I Everybody Says Any People Got a Little Bit Better in the Summer. Biggest Question John before We Get to the Concept of Tapper Staffing, Which Is Fascinating Is What Do You Think We Did the People Go in 2019 Where They Go. I'm Talking about I Go to Places on the Water in Beach Towns and Having Trouble and You Know How Much Money You Can Make A Lot Of Is off the Book Scheduled to Clear All the Tips That You Are All the Tips You Make. So Having Said That, What Is Your Theory. I Can Understand the Statehouse Plywood People Make Thousand Dollars a Night with Her Struggling to Find People and Jobs You Don't Take Him Home with You That I Get a Good Income Though Stress You Go Home at the End of the Day Yesterday Is Finished. It's Frustrating to Me. The Other Concern Is the Restaurant Industry Has Always Been a Steppingstone for People in Life. Young People Coming to Be in the End It's a Stepping Stone to Get to That Next Level of Your Career Were Not Seeing That That Steppingstone Activity Much Anymore so It's a Powerful Change. Brian I Can Answer Where They Are.

I Scratch My Head All the Time of Working for Them How They Survived, but Clearly the Future of Any Industry Is to Be Based upon Human Resources Today Almost As Much, As Any Other Resource Also Policies Complete Policy Reviews of Human Policy Reviews. For Example, in Our Corporate Office Offices in Las Vegas.

We Just Implemented a Flexible PTO Policy. We Don't Count PTO Days Anymore. People Need Time off That Habit As Long As They Work and Stay on Top but Then We Created a Dog Friendly Office.

We We've Done All of This Research Is What Is It Take to Retain Employees in Today's Market and It's Not Income All Quality-Of-Life Issues That Are Driving People. It's a Real Shift Brian from Just Pre-Pandemic Levels. How Much Priorities Have Shifted off for People. Sentencing Is Micro When Hearing We Talked about His Book and People Just Wanted to Work to His Glory and Work in.

Of Course, the Push Towards Trades As Opposed to Going to College and Get Your Art History Degree, One Which Going to Do with It so That It's the Same Story, but Who's Willing to Work Hard in the Quietly Quitting Thing They Had Asked Everyone Was Told to Go Home.

Not Everybody but Move out If You Were Told to Go Home to Work. I'll Pay You and They Were Frustrated. Then I Looked around and Said Why Am I Working so Hard I Did the Job. I Don't Really Feel Fulfilled in That Job. What You Know When I Can Stay My Unemployment Is Is Extended Invite My Rent Is Forgiven on Hold in My Loan Is Frozen for Now so People Said This Is Quality Life. Why Should I Get Involved in That Rat Race Again When the Financial Pressures Are Listed. One Can Do What They Want to Do Much More Than What They Have To Do Some Concept with the with the Tapper Staffing You You You Talk about What Is Your Teaching Look like and Why and Youth You Would Talk and Have a Camera Set up on Your Kitchen so We Started This As You Know 45 Years Ago We Look Back, Trump Was President.

Unemployment Was Incredibly Well We Couldn't Find Employees.

Restaurants Couldn't Sustain Themselves in Six-Day People in the Kitchen Anymore Brine. The Training Was Too Much.

We Couldn't Find the People, Many of the Employees We Found Were New American so There Will Language Barriers and Training. It Was a Nightmare for Us. Could We Reinvent the Kitchen so We Look to Computer Technologies Robotic Technologies Food Preparation Technologies.

We Selected Sous Vide As a Food Preparation Technique Is Extremely High-Quality Michelin Five-Star We Take a Great Steak. For Example, Brian Receives That We Put It in a Special Plastic Bag and Take That Seasoned Steak Putting the Water off Hundred 35° That Water Often Cooks the Steak to a Perfect Medium Rare. We Then Take That Steak and We Finish It in the Special Combi Ovens That Secure the outside Flawlessly and Finish off the Steak and When When You're When You Need It. It's As Delicious As Anything You've Ever Had, but for Me I Can Do It with Less People in a More Controlled Environment to Create Greater Consistency Should Brine Yourself Stove in Our Kitchen Traditional Stove in Our Kitchen. There Are Traditional Clothes or Fire Control Systems in Our Kitchen. Everything Is High Tech Computerized As You Can Possibly Be in the Result Is Really Great Quality. I Can't Wait till I Can Get You into the DC Right on to Try It Yourself, You Would Have Us As I Get There Actually Were Go to Boston When It Opened up in New York so Working on New York That That's Probably a Good Year Year and 1/2 out by the Time We Got It Done, but the Final Point Is Brine. The Kitchen Is Air-Conditioned, so When You Look at How Do I Retain Kitchen Staff While in Air-Conditioned Kitchen Nice and Cool. That's One Step Forward. They Don't Have the Depth of Prep and All the Things That Other Kitchens Have To Just on the Commissary Kitchen. We Find That We Created One the Most Appealing Kitchen Jobs in the Country Then Because It's It's It's a Snowball Effect since Our Ticket Times or Six Minutes Instead of 12. Our Servers on the Pressure. Everybody Just Seems to Have a Better Energy Level in a Better Dynamic Windows Less Stress on Everyone from Production Standpoint, It's Interesting to Watch That Dynamic Change for People but It's Fun and and the Whole Point of the Restaurant.

This Is When Customer When Employees Are Having Fun Right Customers to Be Successful and Get Bear to Go There like You Preparing to Tapper's Tavern. We Guarantee Success and I Work on That Absolutely Work on That to Be Able to Keep Away What News Is near Wasilla, New York or New Jersey Guy so You Can Have a Catch up to Him and to Look at Those Taxes Now Your Opinion John on the State of Our Economy.

Now People Caught up into Two Consecutive Quarters of Negative Growth. That's How Would You Deal with You You in the Real Economy Dealing with People in the Biggest Sports Bar in the Nicest Steakhouse, All Needing Help.

What You Sense Is Going on in This Country of Volatility.

People Are Scared Brine Everyone You Talk to Feels That This Point That Will Rat Right Now and in the Next 90 Days.

Either We Can Start and Show a Little Better Things You Can Get A Lot Worse and People Have No Confidence, No Certainty If You Will. A Lot Of People I Know Are Getting into That Paul Is about Again Bright Sunlight When the Pandemic Started with People so You Know What I'm Not Doing Anything Right Now I'm Not Investing I'm Not There Some Not Bad about Opening Anything. Sit Tight Right Now and That Caramelization That Paul Scares Me That Hurt Us A Lot over the past Few Years Back into That Had the Saddest Thing Is an Open Going to a Commercial Strip Mall. Whatever It Is a Homebuilding You Got to Get That Loan Unless You Have A Lot Of Money to Pay Cash for That Building That Property When They Are to Get a Cutter Dealing Assigned At Least for Now.

The Interest Rates Are up and Look at Restaurant to Restaurant Costs Four Times More to Build in a Retail Store Because of All the Equipment and Electrical Systems of All That the Restaurant When You Have To Buy That Level of Equipment Blind in the Kitchen. Kaushik $700,000 of the Solution. In the past Is Been to Lease the Equipment or Otherwise Financed Equipment That's so Expensive That That's Not a Viable Option and to Change It to Be More Expensive Again in a Couple Weeks, Though Some of the Fears of Uncertainty That Were Facing Right Now so I Think There's an Uneasiness to Cry Country That Stems from a Lack of Confidence and I Don't Think People Believe in Leadership and If They Don't Believe in Leadership Than They Can't Believe in the Results or Consequences of Leadership. So That's What It Stems from College. Yes, University of Denver to Get along. I Did Take out a Loan I Work My Butt off to Pay It off.

Brian Looking This Morning. If I Could Pull Second on That for on the Financing so I Could Qualify for $10,000 in Free Money but I Can't Get a Second 30 Years in Which a Reaction to This Is Very Unfair. If You Look at Our Economy and Tax Programs over the Years.

There Are Groups That Have Been Targeted in the past, Business Groups and Things like That for Various Types of Relief but Typically Don't Do Those Types of Investments Are Made Because Those Individuals Are Investing in the Economy or Investing in Equipment during Vesting in the Creation of Jobs Etc. I Find This Incredibly Unfair and I Find It Personally As a Way to Placate the Supporters of His Political Supporters in Academe Is a Large Supporter of This Policy and the Party Drives This Policy and I Think You Know That the Money Moves from One Pocket to Another in the Same Pair of Pants. That's Interesting and I Will Say This Free Personally to Colleges. I Want to Go to Syracuse NYU. I Look to the Numbers Even with a Loan I Can Afford It When Someone Else That I Could Tell I You and I Could Afford It and It Worked out so Everybody I Know Dealt with That. Yeah I Got in by and Get a Thank You Enough Money, It's You Know Whatever It Is That's a Higher-End. So If You Get It to George Rush University and You Get 82,000 Hour Billing for Middle-Class Family. You Not Going to Should Watch University Evening and If If You Take a Bunch of Loans You Have To Know What You're Getting into. Now Were Going to the Fundamentals of That Deal at St. Don't Worry about It When You Feel the 17-year-old Go Mom, Dad, Don't Worry about It When I Get Forgiven $22 Billion in College Endowments and You Think You Suck College Endowments or Leveraging Hedge Funds Right There.

Short Selling Stocks Using Every Financial Tool That They Have To Grow These Endowments, They Created an Industry of Managing College Endowments and All Those Endowments Were Created Brine. When College Loans Were Started Years Ago and Colleges Realize Okay This Is Government Money We Could Afford Tuition. This Is Been Caused by the Whole Premise of College Loans College Loans Increase College Tuition to the Level That They Have $22 Billion in Endowments and Their Charging These Obscene Prices to Go to College Every Year. I Think the Solution Should Be There. I Say Some Type of Regulation upon College Admissions. They Shouldn't Be Able to Build Endowments about Level on the Backs of Stones Who Were Borrowing Money to Go There.

I Mean, Some of Them Don't Have the Harvard Yale Endowments That the Stanford Site Getting and Other Ones They Should Be Somehow Justifying Their Price. I Think with Mitch Daniels Who Was Former OMB Dir. and Gov. of Indiana Had Done Headed up Purdue in the First He Said Is I Will Not Increase Tuition Any Cut Other Places. A Lot Of It Was Administration and He Was Able to Keep the Price down to Make It Possible for a Kid from Indiana, Especially to Go so We Just Saw the World's Problems Are, We See the World an Opportunity to Solve Their Problems. I Would See If They Take You up on Every All the Solutions You Offer. John Tapper Also I Think the Power of Conflict, Though Watch Bar Rescue and Then of Course If You're in Washington. If You're in Boston.

If You're in Maryland Go See Tapper's Tavern and Go Ahead Why I Got One Nationwide about.

I Will Show You. I Think It's a Great Format. I Don't Miss It Every Week. Well Done. Thank You so Much John Tapper, an Unsolicited Complement. I Will Pay You Later. Thank You Michelle Radio Show until Made. The More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian Kill Me.

I'm Certainly Pro-Choice.

What I'm Saying Is That You Can Imagine, Life Is Always Practiced Both Little Things That What I'm Saying Is You Shouldn't Say to the Other Side You People Hate Women Don't. They Just Think It's Murder and If You Think It's Murder and You Can't Go. Well, except for People with John They Can Commit Murder. I Don't Think It's Murder, but They Generally Do Do More and I Don't Know What Would Be Tapped into but Just This Is Sense of Rationale, Saying I'm Pro-Choice, but I Understand the People Are Pro-Life What They Think When You Come out and Say Something like Cartoonish That the Republicans Hate Women Were Magna Republicans Say Women We Shut You Shut Them off Okay. Just like I Think of Democrats of the Most Part Just Don't Prioritize Defense Doesn't Mean They Want Us Defenseless, but You Try to Get People's Attention. But the Minute You See the Present United States of the Essay Is Something As a Responsible, As I Don't like Women. They Got Women Mad.

They Wanted to Go Away All Your Rights Take Away All Your Freedoms Is Just the Start Is Just the Beginning That's Winning the Guy like Gilmore Who's a Liberal's Liberal Will Come out and Say Can You Guys Knock It off. Even If You Even the People That Agree with Him Are Taking Him off. I Think You I Think You Will Get That out There and As Much As He Is like Donald Trump. He Cc Extreme Measures Going on Right Now in the FBI Raises Our Lagos State. They Go to Bring to I Hope to See You in It at the Egg in Albany September 8 and Then I Got Two Dates.

Mr. Brenda Mississippi in November and before the Right Have To Be in Tulsa, Oklahoma K RMG Fans Know That in December 2 and Work Your Jerseys to Write to I'll See You There Double Live from the Fox News Radio City Is New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Kill Me. Thanks Much for Being Here Buddy Is the Brain Kill Me, Show 1-866-408-7669 the Number to Call. As We Come to You from 46 in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country Heard around the World and Hopefully Especially in Ukraine and Now Especially in Afghanistan Even Though We've Got Now, but It's Been a Year Just over Year since We Left and It's Just Barely Almost to the Day in Which to the Explosion.

Abigail Caused 13 Americans Their Lives and Hundreds of Afghans Who Were Hoping to Get Out Of This Country Bodily Our Bread Barrel Be with Us in a Matter of Moments. Lieut. Col. Scott Mandel Be Here As You Know, We Conducted Coordinated Task Force Pineapple Group Retired Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Diplomats, Regular Army and beyond Reporters. Everybody Pitched in Because the Government Didn't Operation Pineapple. The Book Is Now out the Incredible Story of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honor, Promised to Afghanistan and My Words Because the Administration Didn't.

So before We Get the Sky Was Good to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Ryan's Three Number Three. Most Economists Look at Is That It's Not Going to Increase Place. Well, That's What They're Thinking, Most Economists Are Wrong and Don't Slow the Economy down by Forgiving That Giving People. Another $24 Billion to Spend Forgiveness Fallout a Blatant Effort to Buy Votes in My View, Joe Forgive Student Loans Now Leaving Those Who Paid Theirs Exasperated Americans. You Didn't Take One Flummoxed or Didn't Go to College.

They Scream Fell Will Present All Sides. What I Read All of the Unredacted Material Makes a Strong Case against the Search Warrant. There Was No Urgency If They Wanted a Search Warrant Is It Was so Urgent That Could've Gotten It Five Months Ago Marla McNamara Log All Madness Judges, Courts, Legal Legal Teams and Documents Will Go through It All, Including the Latest Drama That Overdid Unfolded This Weekend. The Pollsters Do This or the Senate Races Every Cycle in August.

They Predict Somehow Republicans Are Lose All These Races. This Is Their Dying Gasps to Try to Try to Make the Senate and Play Animal Axel Who Was Favored to Win in Nevada Now.

It's Basically Dead, He Could Still Do It Momentum Lost. That's the Narrative from the Mass Media Who Are Flat Our Routing to Block You Soon Bread Wave Will Examine the Reality and the Numbers As the Midterm Starts to Move Forward in Earnest Were about 70 Days out Was Turned to Scott Man.

If You Watch Enough Oxidation. You Probably See Him. Scott Welcome What Were You Doing before the Pull Out Of Afghanistan. I Was Work Well. I Have a Leadership Company That I Teach Human Connection Skills I Learned to Greenbrae, but Also We Were about to Launch Our Play Last out Elegy of a Green Beret That I Wrote and and Performed into Complete My Midlife Crisis but We Were Launching It on Amazon Prime. We Were Getting Ready to Put It out. We Had Worked for Years on This Thing.

We Toured the Country with It to Stage Play As a Stage Play and the Whole Idea Was to Help Americans Understand the Cost of Modern War and the Impact on Our Families and so We Used Veterans to Tell the Story from the State. Very Powerful Play Covert Shut It down.

So We Turn It into a Film over Get My Logic and You Get Relaunch It and Then All Of A Sudden You Start Seeing This Afghanistan Deal Caught during the Trump Years, but to Me, Especially to Do My Research Is No Way Would've Unfolded like This, Brian. I Got That. But Having Said That, When You Start Realizing That the African Armies. I Can Understand That They Got Hanni Might Not Be the Leader We Thought Were You Thinking I Was Hearing from the Psalm and Other Friends of Mine Who Masson Was a Afghan Commando and Afghan Special Forces in CO That I'd Known since 2010 Who Was in the Rest in Afghanistan. He Was Trying to Get out Being Hunted by the Taliban and Receiving Text Messages and He Started Contacting Me in Early Summer Saying That Things Are Falling Apart Province after Province Was Falling like Dominoes and He Said I Think the Country's Gonna Flip in a Month and He Was like Two Days off so A Lot Of Us in the SF Community. The Special Ops Community. We Were Already Looking at This Thing Going. It's Going to Fall. It's Going to Fall and We Were Mobilizing Trying to Get Involved with Our Partners Back a Little Bit When Did You Get Involved in in the Armed Forces. I Joined the Army in 1991 I Always I Grew up in a Logging Town in Mount Arkansas and Met a Green Beret When I Was 14 and When I Met That Guy I Knew Right Then That's What I Was Going to Do You Join I Did When, How Soon to You Were Special Forces. I Took about Five Years.

It's about a Five Year Weight You Have To. They Don't Have As an Officer Right You Have To Be a First Lieutenant Promotable so I Did a Tour of Duty Done in Panama and Then When I Was Eligible to Try out. It Was 1995 Was about a Five Year Wait a Minute, but a 18 Month Pipeline to Go through That to Get Your Greenbrae Will You 9/11. I Was Actually Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Seventh Special Forces Group and on My Way to Fort Pickett, Virginia, When the Towers Were Hit. We Did a You Know You Turn in the Median and Went and Watched the Rest of the Group Headquarters and We All Knew As a Special Forces Regiment in Our Lives to Change Forever. And Where Would You Go Well First of All Mike My Ranger Buddy Cliff Was Killed in the Pentagon on 9/11. He Was My First Friend to Lose in the War Out Of 23 and It Really Hit Me Right Out Of the Gate and but Seventh Group Was Actually Held and Strategic Reserve for the First Couple of Years.

The War for Group 1 and First and Third and Seventh Grade Finally Got the Nod and Enforcer.

My First Appointment and Afghanistan of Several Was Starting in 045 Imu Situation on the Ground up.

At That Point It Was, You Know Was Really Going on. The Rack Was Already Going on. It Was an Indian Really Was the Weight of Effort. The United States at That Point, the Bulk of the War Assets and and and Material Was There. Afghanistan Was a Backwater but It Was Certainly It Had It Had Subsided Somewhat. But What We Saw When I Got There in 04 Was Instilled Afghan Army Was Fledgling Was Just Getting Started.

There Had Not Been an Afghan Army since like 1978 and so We Were Working with Mostly Malicious and and Local Groups, but the Afghan Army Was Just Getting Underway, and That's What I Found Myself Doing a Four Was Helping Them Stand up.

They Respond Initially, They Were Not a Great Fighting Force at All. In Fact I Would Say That the General Purpose Afghan Army in the General-Purpose Police Force Were a Paper Tiger Morale Was Terrible. Desertions Were Terrible.

They Were in the Lot of Corruption within the Officer Corps Was Too Big. We Tried to Build the Military. This Is What We Made A Lot Of Mistakes in Afghanistan across All the Administrations We Try to Build an Army in Our Image, We Try to Build a Western Army and They Were Nowhere near Capable of That, and Date They Couldn't Handle the Type of Requirements That It Takes to Sustain or Me like That in to Give You an Example like They They Require Precision Fires, Platforms, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Loose All Contractor Heavy. We Pulled All the Contractors out in June, with No Warning in the Army Just Collapsed. Right Now, That Was Crazy. They Said If We If We Kept Some Semblance. They Are the Native Was Willing to Stay yet and They Didn't Need Then to Find out through News Reports.

I Don't through Direct Contact Believing That We Burned Partnerships on so Many Levels with This Thing. But, but You Think about 20 Years. Really, Brian Starting in 2008 the Afghan State with the Special Forces in the Special Ops Community Really Started Putting Its Effort in Building Partner Capacity with Afghan Special Operators Commando Special Forces Your General Frank McKenzie. He's Income Connecticut 40.

We Believe That Kabul Would Fall If We Pull out Our Troops Just a Question Plan, or Fall and We Been Saying That Really since the Fall of the Year before That of Been a Consistent Position of Central Command. Our Subordinates in Afghanistan to If We Leave There in the Collapse and We Left, and They Did What You Think When You Hear That What Aggravates Me Because I Know That There Were Several General Officers That Gave That Warning You Know They They Blaming Miller, Who Quit Rather Than Preside over Miller McKenzie. I Think Millie Even Gave the Warnings Keno Candidly, but They Were Not Heated at All and the Other Thing, Though, That Kinda Bothers Me about That Whole Thing Is Dennis Is Just Me Personally Is. I Would Love to Have Seen Somebody Put Their Stars on the Table. As a Result of That Got 34 Years and Man. What Better Way to Make a Stand for the Military Community Rather Than in a like Those Kinds of Comments Are One Year Later, I Mean Throw It on the Table and Take a Stand and and and Maybe That Might Just Push This Back Right Here Here's More from McKenzie about What Went into That Decision to Stay or Go.

47 Selling Your Opinion, Was the Withdrawal a Mistake. I Advised against Withdrawing My Recommendation in My Opinion Nevermind so Today Was We Had the Opportunity to Remain in the Country with a Small Force. I Realize That Caliban Could Very Well Chosen to Attack Us. When I Do Not Believe Based on the Intelligence I Was Writing at the Time That We Would That We Would've Been Forced to Have More Forces in Order to Maintain a 2500 Force Level Afghanistan. We Are Couple That Force Level with an Aggressive Diplomatic Campaign against the Taliban and Probably More Aggressive Than the Delhi Agreement and Those Negotiations Would Have Been a Whole Government Effort Remains My Position That We Have the Opportunity to Study the Afghanistan Government of Afghanistan Running and When He Didn't. He Stayed and He Presided over the Collapse Right McKenzie Get to Call You Want to Keep You in a Kabul Is Now Empty. You Want to Take Kabul What You Want Me to from Al Barter and Al Barth Was Told We Just Want the Airport That Was at Decision Is Terrible. I Mean First of All the That the Way in Which This Went down. We Had Other on the Column a Pot but the Basically the Dirt There Large Bases That That Could've Facilitated a Much More Deliberate Withdrawal, Bob Air Force Base, Kandahar Air Force Base and and We Just Gave Those up, but Then Also to Just Give up Kabul and Then Try to Defend a Little Postage Stamp Lot like H Kia Just Friend for a Noncombatant Evacuation It Was. It Was a Recipe for Disaster Was You Who Was with Who's the Reality on the Ground.

How Many Guys and Many Families. We Look to Get out and When Did You Realize You Have To Do It Yourself. I Don't Think Any of Us Never A Lot Of Volunteer Efforts Underway. None of Us Knew the the True Magnitude of the Problem. What We Knew.

Here's What We Knew Brian. We Knew That These Special Operators Who We Had Helped Frame the Commandos, the Special Forces the KKK These Amazing Operators Were Our Best Bet to Keep Al Qaeda and Isis At Bay for the Long Term, and We Were about to Just Turn Them over.

So for All of Us.

It Was How Do We Just Keep Them Alive Because Surely the Governments, Take This over Will Just Hand Them over to the Government and They'll Take It, but They Left the Embassy Just Let Think That Everyone Vacated up the New Embassy Was at Actually at H Kia Not Talk about That in the Book.

It Was Actually in the Former CIA Bar inside the It's on the Airfield but but Our Thought Was All Right Were Just We Know Who They Are. We Know Where They Are and They Trust Us, the Commandos Special Forces Working to Keep Them Safe Working Try to Move Them to Certain Points on the Gate Will Hand Them off to the 82nd to the Marines and Then Surely at Some Point. Special Operations Will Come Take Them from Us and We Can Hand Them over, but the Second Will Be a Second and Then Marines Know They Were All Pulling Security around the Perimeter. How Many Troops Today Get in There in a Matter of Weeks. It Was You but It Was a Couple Thousand I Think Was That I Totally Was a Small It Was a Small Contingent Was Enough to Hold the Airfield. But Remember, They Were Held Back.

They Were Not Allowed to Push beyond the Perimeter. So the Recovery of These High Value at Risk If You Guys It Was up It Was up to Them to Move Themselves There Guided by These Volunteer Groups and Worked the Sad Part about It Was We Were Only Able to Facilitate a Fraction of Those Who Really Should Have, and I Think Somewhere around 5 to 700 702 Announcing That's Amazing. When You Feel You Do More More Was Coming in the Moment. His Book Is Now out Operation Pineapple Express the Incredible Story of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honored a Promise in Afghanistan. My Words Because the Government Didn't Is Present Buying Chose Not to Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about a Door with Brian.

Kill Me Working to Do Everything in Our Power All Americans and Our Allies. Does That Mean Truthful, Stay beyond August 31 If Necessary Hands on Where We Are and Whether We Can Get These Numbers off to 5 to 7000 Day Coming out. If That's the Case Will Be Available Via like 10 to 15,000 Americans in the Country Right Now Right and Are You Committed to Making Sure That the Troop Stay until Every American Who Wants to Be a Yes out. Yes, Better Afghan Allies Does the Commitment Whole for Them As Well. Commitment Holes to Get Everyone out Fact We Can Get out and Run It Should Come out, and That's the Object That's What We're Doing Now.

That's the Path Ron I Think Will Get.

So He's Totally Did Not Tell the Truth. He Left Anyway and He Said Well I Never Had a Complete List of Who Zip Is a Never Reported to the Embassy When They Went to Afghanistan.

Scott Man Here, Author of Operation Pineapple Express Just Chronicles What He Did Putting Together a Group of Veterans to Help Get Our Afghan Allies and Americans Out Of Afghanistan Is Present Buying Wooden Your Reaction to That Exchange Was Just so Hard to Listen to It Just I Think It Is Conjures up so Many Moral Injuries That so Many in the Veteran Community Feel. I Mean First of All, for American Citizens. It Turns out There Were A Lot More of Them behind Enemy Lines, Then That Was Talked about, but Also from Afghan Commandos in the Special Forces. I'll Take This Brian Minister Has Seen a Softy Was the Minister for Women's Affairs.

She Was the Most Hunted Woman in Afghanistan Right She Was on the Run State Department Wouldn't Get Her out, They Would Not Open the Gates for Her. This Is the Minister for Women's Affairs Who Was Being Hunted by the Taliban for Standing up for Women's Rights. She Ended up Coming to the Pineapple Express Waiting through an Open Sewage Canal with Her Family and Pulled through a 4 Foot Hole in the Fence by 82nd Airborne First Sgt. That's How She Escaped Afghanistan the Most Hunted Woman in Afghanistan. So Where Was All of the Women's Advocacy during That Moment Where They Now and Where They Now and the Thing Is, so You Had a State Department Embassy That Was Built like a Fortress. I Wasn't There but You Were. I Guess That the Embassy Is Unbelievable in Afghanistan and They Just Abandon It Right Away I Guess Is a Fear of Being Other around Hostage Situation so They Left That All That Area and Their Paperwork to Grind It up so Do You Believe This Is the State. The Part the Art That the State Department Author. This Evacuation I Believe That the Displacement from the State Department and Other Buildings like That Was Was Part of the Neo, There Was Always This Plan to Collapse on the Airport Right.

I Don't Think That Was the Right Play. I Think We Should've Should've Thought to Hold Kabul in a More Expansive Way Because Here's the Thing We Could Not Recover the American Citizens.

We Could Not Recover the Green Card Holders. We Could Not Recover the at Risk Afghans Because We Run a Soul Defensive Part' Airfield and We Lost Momentum We Lost the Initiative Right and How Music Planes Ended up Leaving Afghanistan Empty. I Don't Know the Number of That. Another A Lot and Then I Also Know That like You Know It's Called the Most Successful Airlift in American History. And Here's Where I Have a Problem with That. I Believe the US Forces That Went into H Kia Did What They Did Are to Be Commended Sure They Did They Did Yeoman's Work, but That Setting of the End of the Hundred Thousand Plus That Came out Only a Fraction like Lot but Maybe 1% Word. The SI Special Immigration Visas. The at Risk Afghans.

The Rest Were Not. And so It Was, That's Where I I Have a Real Problem with How This Went down Scott Man Here Is the One of the Founders Operation Pineapple Express. You Need to Third Countries to Cooperate. Getting Planes in the Get People out.

And You Couldn't Get the State Department or an Ambassador to Pick up the Phone Today. We Could Just Accept These American Allies and Americans Yeah It's It's It's Really Been Frustrating At Least from My Vantage Point on the Level of Support with Not Just the State Department DoD in Terms of Getting These At-Risk Allies out Now.

Some Groups Have Had More Success Than Others, but What I Will Tell You Is That This Private Public Partnership That Really Is What This Was. These Were Private Groups Working with the Government Really Did a Heavy Lift to Present Responsibly. These Highly Vetted Individuals to Me. The Government Has Not Really Acknowledged the Role of These Groups. Even to This Day It Is and Now One Year from Today. Are You Surprised so Little Has Been Mentioned about This Withdrawal.

I Was Talking to Sac One of Our Pineapple Conductors and He Said That This Anniversary Is Actually Harder Than the Actual Collapse Because It Just Feels like No One Has Done Anything. 73% of Our Veterans Feel Betrayed 67% Feel Humiliated Because of This Withdrawal and They Shouldn't Be Because They Fought so Brilliantly and Adapted to a Very Complex Battlefield for 4 to 20 Years. Give People a Chance at a Good Life. Operation Pineapple Express to Great Things Go out Think of Lieut. Col. Scott Man's Book Scott, Great Talking to. Thank You, Brian, Frank Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show the Map Here Is Just so Sgt. George Even with That Victory in the Special Election.

Republicans Still Leave the Flip Only Five Democratic Seats This Fall. Most of the Battleground Continues to Be Democratic-Controlled Seats.

What Has Changed.

George Even If Most Democrats Still Don't Believe That They Will Control the House. Some Are Starting to Think They Might Be Able to Minimize the Losses That Take Some Marginal Seats off the Table.

Given Some of the Other Dynamics at Play. Right Now, and Their Hope at This Point Is That Even If the Republicans Do End up Controlling the House. It Might Be a Very Narrow Majority Will We Know That Was That Was Recline Often on with Bread Often Only Bread. She Put Gregor Fox News He Was Breaking down Things for ABC Yesterday Bread Beer Joint Just Now Bred to You since You Buying into the Whole Momentum Shifting. That Was the Theme of the Sunday Shows. It Seems I Know and Are Really Hurting in Our Basic Math Hasn't Changed in That It's Really Hard to Imagine the House. It Does Not Change Hands with Maybe 1012 20 Seats in the Majority for Republicans Because You Just Look at the Country and the Redistricting You Look at the Only Five Seats Bent to Pick up and Just in the Current Environment You Can Do That Now. What They May Have Stopped for the Short Term Lease Right Now Is the Bloodbath That Was Looking like 3040 Seats at One Time Now with a Couple of Pieces of Legislation Which Will Be Where You Will Return with Some Some Momentum on the Left and A Few Circles.

They Are like to Say That They May Have Stopped That Major Major Loss Right Will Just Have To See and How You Handle It at Those Interesting That Rich Lowry over the Weekend Who You Know, Obviously Pro-Life Very Conservative Guy Writes, Editor of Nash Review Said Republicans Have To Respond to That. Hoping the Issue Goes Away or Not Having Answer Is Not Good Enough. Here's What He Said How They Should Handle a Cut 11.

Clearly It's an Important Change That I Think of Health That's Realized They Can't Run and Hide in This Issue Try to That's Not Working and Get the Finding That in a Way or Not Enough like and You Can't. Most Places Adopt a Maximalist Position. So I Think They Need to Do a Version What Rubio Did Say I Want Protect Every Unborn Child Eventually Got A Lot Of Work to Do Persuasion on That. In the Meantime, Here's a Limit. I Support That Actually Is Defensible and Has Public Support and Then Point at the Other Side to Be Extremist for Supporting Abortion and Every Circumstance with Federal Funding. So That There's Got to Be Some Type Initiated Avoiding It Is Not Good Work Marco Rubio Already Said I'm Pro-Life but My Neighbors Not Have To Respect That.

If I Represent Them That Their Point of View Matters.

Essentially, I Think the Interesting Way to Do It. I Think That Takes Away Some Sting.

I Also Think That Turning the Tables and Asking the Question about Where the Limitations Is Very Politically Powerful and Very Politically Damaging to Some of Those Swing State Democrats. You Know You Look at Ryan in Ohio You Look at Kelly in Arizona You Start Painting Asking Questions about What Week Number Are You for Putting Limitations on Abortion. That Question Gets Very Sticky Because the Progressive Left Doesn't Want Any Limitation and If You Look across the World Even Progressive Your Most Countries Are at 15 Weeks, so You Know That That Issue Does Turn but At Least Right Now at the Beginning of It. It Seems like Republicans Have Been a Shift Away from Little Bit and They Say, Mostly with White Suburban Women Mother Was Going to Make Gains but Was Interesting Is Don't Even Talk about Hispanic Vote in That Massive Switch That's Taken Place. Nobody Wants to Report That and That Is I Think This Can Be an Overwhelming Factor, but Jamie Harrison Weighed in on the President's New Stance Is Stance of Basically Saying Mager Republicans Are Dangerous and Semifascist Jamie Harrison to DNC Chair. Do You Think You Look to Walk That Backup for What Is Not about Me Embracing Its Calling What What What It Is What It Is. In the End of the Day. We Are Country Built on Freedom and When You Chip Away at That When You See the Bullying That Takes Place in Place like Florida with the Santos When You See Them Chip Away at Privacy Rights When They Try to Demonize the Other That the Attacks on Transgender Kids and Their Families. The Attacks on Marriage Equality That We Are Hearing from the Supreme Court. This Is Not Who America Is Where about Freedom and Rights for All of America's People, Not Just a Select Few but the Republicans Are Turning a Blind Eye.

This Extreme Agenda Is Not Backing off from Using over the Place on That but All Going down a Bunch of Roads There, but I Gotta Agree with You That I Think That Comment Is Going to Be Problematic for the President and the Party. It Is like Basket of Portables in a Way Hillary Clinton's Famous Phrase and You Know There Are A Lot Of People Millions and Millions of People Who like Comp Policies Don't Necessarily Love Know Everything the Man Does, but They like Comp Policies and to Be Called Semifascist or Fascist in Any Way He Can Be Semi-Is Is Really Quite Something. And If You Listen to the Exclamation of the Lack of Privacy and Freedom. I Mean There Are Conservatives Who Could Argue the Exact Same Is Happening on the Other Side with Some of the Things That Are the Administrations Trying to Do Amazing Little. It's up to the Two What's Going on with the DOJ Imprison Trumpet Merrill Lago This Is What Jonathan Calls Reporting and Wonder If You Have the Same Cut 17 Publicly What They're Saying Is This Is Rallying Republicans to Trumps Defense. This Makes It More Likely That He Will Run for President. More Likely That He Will Win the Republican Nomination Campaigning against This Political Action by the FBI and the DOJ.

Privately They Are Really Concerned. One of the Big Concerns. Here's the Trump Is Nobody Defending Him.

If You Look at His Legal Team Is Comically Inapt and Inexperienced. All of the Big Names Who Defended Him for the First Two Impeachments through the Molar Investigation They Are Gone. There Is Real Concern That He Needs to Bring in a Heavy Hitting Attorney Asking Jim Trustee and Ed Corcoran, Is That the Sense You Get Jim Trustee Is Been around the Block.

I Do Think That They Slow Start. Some Filings Early on Needed like Filing 101 Judge Bentley but I Don't Get That Center Do I Do Get the Sense That World Is Not As Bullish about the Political Indications of All of This Drags on, You Know, I Think There Is a Powerful Side to It about You Know the Overshooting, but I Think There Are People Looking at It That Both Sides Handled Things Kind of Sloppy, Either in the Initial Handling of the Documents, How They Dealt with the National Archives and the Back-And-Forth Negotiations and Then the Actual Search of Grade You Know I Think Both Sides Could Be at Fault of Going over the Top Now Will See How It Plays out What the Actual Facts Turn out to Be, As We Learn More. We Did Learn A Lot from That Judge Consensus Take That Special Master I Might Do That and We Might Have an Announcement by Thursday so That'll Bring Somebody That the Judge Says Is Neutral and Then to Look at the Documents That They Took in the More Than the Documents Everything They Took Her Everything and Figure out What Falls under Executive Privilege Part Is That They Were through These Documents for Now and If There Was Something That Was Executive Privilege That Could Affect Some Future Case They've Artie Looked at It and and Kind of Already Been through, I Would Thank I Don't Think That the Documents You Sent Someplace without Being Examined. During This Time, but Yes, That Person However That It Is Likely the Judge Is Going to Go through and See What's Income People Say That the Present Want Documents Back What Falls under NARA National Archives and Then Make a Determination in the Washington Post Today. The D's Talked about the Try to Reconstruct in Amazing People I Don't Want to Leave. They Certainly Get A Lot Of Information, but the Washing Process Basically Did National Archives Was Sparring with the Trump Ministration While He Was in Office and When He Left, and They Took the 15 Boxes Back They Saw Some Important Stuff in It and They Made the Extraordinary Moved to Call the Department Of Justice about It Is Almost As If We Were Talking and Also You Call the Cops and the Department of Justice Made the Move to Get Involved in. That's Wide so Many in the Trump Relate Excuse Me. How Did This Come to This When Negotiating I Want Some of These Documents for Whatever Reason You Want These Back for Whatever Reason You Say This Classified Here Take Some Back Lock It up into We Decided Mixing Know There's a Nine-Hour Raid and That Doubt That by the Archives to Take Action Is Really Brought This Thing in Disproportionate Attention Know If You Agree and We Don't Know Is What Was Somebody Who Was Completely Anti-Drunk. You Know Emotional Feelings about It or That They Have Some Evidence That That There Was Something That Was Egregious That Needed to Be Dealt with Right Away and the Trumpet Will Give Them the Heisman Award to Form and and They Just Got Frustrated. I Mean, I Agree That Is the Hinge Point at Which This Thing Goes from Negotiating and Getting Documents Back to This Big Thing Now That You See What Happens with Its Bright You Had Some Good Personal Family News That You Put out a Media Tell Us about How Much Son Called One of the Big Hurricane Tour like Instrument and I Walked within the First 18 on Saturday and Dad on Sunday, His Mom Walking 75 Last Round of 11. The Term and so That's His First First When Shared on That Is Awesome and Crazy and Here's Tenant Do Not Send It to a Golf in High School Here for the Varsity Team.

The Article Is a Middle School Now, but Yeah so You Know You Know the Back Story of Everything We Been through It Is Hell. This Chemical Is Hard to Have the Have All of This You Upset Many Hospital Rooms at Children's National Thinking about That Day, so That's Cool. You Beat Me for the First Time Last Week to Show That's a Sad and Happy That Your a Game Now and Annie 62 so I Mean It's like Taller Than Me Excuses All She Is What You Taller. I Don't Think That Good Luck Tonight.

Congratulations to Paul, It's Awesome Bread.

We Come Back We'll Finish up Your Calls. 1-866-408-7669 about a Way I Will Be on Jesse to Be Hosting Will Prime Time with Jesse Waters but I'll Be Myself, and I'll Be Tossing the Bread Tonight When I Because We Would Not Know He Tosses to Me.

Yes, Monday, Tuesday, Listen to I Should Put This up Bread Monday, Tuesday, Tosses to Me Wednesday, Thursday, I'm Part of the Group to Tosses Him on the Five See You Just Connect with Brett Is Not the Rasco New Ways to Toss, Which I Going to My Talk to Mitzi the Army Air or Tossing to Him to Be on There. I Thank You Mom Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me Breaking Loose Unique Opinions.

All Brian Kill Me Show You How Do We Go from Obama's Yeah Well Even Obama Said It like Obama Was Famously Quoted As Saying Joe Is an Amazing Capacity.

I Mean He Was a Dumb Guy When He Was Okay Using Is Never a Bright Guy Mean He's Very Well Known As a Liar, like There's There's All These Videos of Him Lying about His Education Record Lying about so Many Different Accomplishments since He's Achieved in His Life.

He Was Always of Artist and Not Just a Spell like a Liar like a Flat out Lie. I Graduated Top of My Class Not Know You Didn't Is True We Are Mean Everything. Joe Hogan Said He Was Just Really Does Mean and Aaron Rodgers. This Is Just Right yet He's Right. Think about Is like If You Finish Saying 20th but When You Claim Is Not Syracuse. He Was Caught Cheating and He We Know That He Was He Was Lifting Excerpts from a British Right British Politicians Speech Is When He Started Running the First Time around.

And We Also Know to That He Makes up Half the Story Said That He Comes up with. It Will Prove to Be Correct That Story about the Train and the Conductor and the Guy Came up to the Guy's Been Dead in Woodville. If the Timeline Was Played out. That Was Even Alive at the Time and Keep Repeating the Same Story. For Example, He Was Arrested Protesting Nelson Mandela's of a Release. Not That He Was Released That He Wasn't Released. Not True. He Was Never Arrested. Keep Saying the Same Thing over and over Again What What Work We Do We Do That Alecto That Would Help. It Is at This Popular Hillary Clinton That She Said She Was under Fire When She at One Time Getting on Land Denies That You and She Was with Sinbad Who Never Turned on That Sinbad the Comedian Yes Pleading Should They Would Never Fight Him with Me.

By the Way You Fired Somebody Seem to Be the First Cities like 69542 Windchill Documents.

Yeah Let's Find Others Even More in an Oven That No NASA Described Their Launch of a New Moon Rocket That Happened on Fox and Friends Today There All Pumped up to Do This at 830 This Morning. They Said the Bill If There's a Little Bit of a Delay or Whether Probably 1030.

If There's a Mechanical Problem.

It Will Be a Week. Let's Wait a Week so They'll Find out What Went Wrong. I Believe Something with Hydrogen.

I'll Work on It Later Today after I Get Ready for Prime Time with Jesse Waters Next Question Commanders Running Back Brian Robinson Was Shot during Attempted Carjacking. You Believe This Should Because It's Washington DC. They Control Rivera Twitter the Update Last Sunday That He's Doing Okay Is in Good Spirits. Quote I Just Got Done Visiting with Brian Rivera Said His Coat Is in Good Spirits. Want Me to Thank Everyone for Their Thoughts and Prayers before the Shooting, Robinson Expected to Split Backfill Duties in Washington with Antonio Gibson and JD McKissick by He Was Taken to the Third Round of the 2022. Draft of Police Have Identified Two Male Suspects in the Shooting. Both Remain at Large. Have a Nice Car. I Guess You Should Be Willing to Carjack Next Tele Swift Takes Top Prize of the MTV Video Music Awards. So Finally She Went Something. It's Been about Five Minutes and She One Swift Took Home the Top Prize for Best I Guess. Who Watches Videos and Yanni I Found. I Bet You All Your Children Have Never Seen a Video on MTV Yeah Donnelly Started Her Announcement Came at the End of Her Abolishing Us His New Album Called Midnight Sure to Be Successful Teaching Turn Things around for Next Coming Programs Gives Poor Performing Recruits a Second Chance of the Program, Which Began in August Is One Way That the Army Is Hoping to Fill the Ranks of the Struggles with Recruiting Goal. So If You Fell at the First Test in Basic Don't You Do It Again. So What Are You Supposed to Do. Military Officials Who Spoke on Condition of Anonymity Because the Totals Are Primary and Could Change to the Initial Recruiting Goal Is about As Much Is 60,000 This Year. More Realistic Expectations Later Printed 55 with One Month to Go into Officials Are Predicting They'll Come out at 45,000 Unbelievable Next Texas Democrat Peter Rooks Got a Bacteria Infection Stays Going to Take Time off the Trail. Also the Ashes of Love Star Trek Actress Nicole Nichols Will Be Launched into Space. That's a Relief. Rory McElroy Wins Tour Championship. The FedEx Cup.

Congratulations He Had to Come Back to Do It. He Won by a Stroke at 2104 against Get Scheffler Scotty Scheffler Comes in Second Congratulations Him Right Back Right Now Is More FedEx Championships in Tiger Woods I'm Trying Kill Me Make Sure Watchmen Jesse Tonight at Seven Eastern over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources. A Fox Box Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber List of Malik Fox News or Wherever You

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