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Midterm mania begins, White House doubles down on MAGA "threat"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 8, 2022 1:03 pm

Midterm mania begins, White House doubles down on MAGA "threat"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 8, 2022 1:03 pm

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Thanks what you mean everybody is the right to me Joe 186640876692 very different guest coming up this hour I can't forget what they did. One is a great quarterback and the other was a great economist. I think you, the economist, even though her senior Draco Corvette on so I might call it. I got a lag in a really yell at my produced patient account of his work and a key advisor to Pres. Trump and we have a lot to discuss today including the watching the Queen South Queen Elizabeth, evidently putting some dollars on Fox and friends we do last half hour is all about the Queen South because he basically said there making her comfortable and 96 years old. After serving for 70 years they never make statements like that so it usually is grave that follows will cover that. So it's before you get to Stephen and talk about these Newark the economic data. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three was struggling to pay their bills to make ends meet. Food prices in the last year are up 13% across the United States. That's the fastest increase in food prices since 1979 that is sent to John Brosseau, the Republican, how is the economy treating used actual polls confirming Americans are feeling the squeeze everywhere on vacations, gas, groceries as your top concerned economy and inflation.

Democrats and Republicans are the same thing 1/3 of you don't have enough money to meet your family's basic needs.

That's Americans reality. At what point do we hold people accountable.

At what point do we help people behind bars and understand that locking them up in the private member being in the public is the best solution to the problem that is Brandon Tatum law enforcement expert crime killing America with you, Zero cash found unwillingness to lockup career criminals.

Our streets are overrun with thugs is looking to cover the New York Post look at which happen in Memphis again another shooting spree caught live on social media. When will safety and security be a priority again radical congresswomen opening up around shot at the presidency. But she says the country is too sexist for it to happen. My experience here is given me a front row seats have deeply and unconsciously as well as consciously. So many people in this country hate when yes exactly, Jesse, what is quoting AOC and GQ 2022 post debates and themes queued up and launched as we start our 60 day Sprint to the midterms as leader McCarthy lays out his version of the America contract with America want to become speaker. Will this help.

I know when Sen. Scott came out and put out his policies when he talked about re-examining and moving Social Security, Medicare was usually spun as he wants to destroy both programs was unhelpful to the Republican because I would be right now. As promised even more seem welcome hey Brian, great to be with you. So first off I when I saw this study, we thought about you immediately because it just looks as though this is considered talk about GDP and the and those interest rates want talk about the real economy and it turns out, most people are feeling the pinch, and according to a according to this study. In fact, it was just out they have inflation. Gallup survey found that the even even wealthy and middle-class families were feeling the pinch from inflation, forcing them to spend less on groceries and basic items 6% of Americans say inflation is causing financial hardship. 12% said they are experiencing severe hardship and 69, 69 million Americans are canceling vacations and changing the way they live.

56% Americans now say inflation is is something of great concern to them. So with that, the great concern why we focusing on anything else. Great point, and by and people should understand that what the match that lit this forest fire of runaway inflation was the $3 trillion of debt. Spending last year Brian and then we followed that up with another one to $2 trillion of new debt. Spending this year. By the way that's on top of the normal budget that we passed every year and when you print money like that you have inflation as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the West, and so they have the brightest solution seems to be spend more, more, borrow more, more, which is pouring gasoline on a fire forest fire, but he keeps saying why cut the deficit love that light. First of all, let's be very clear about this post. There is no president in the history of the United States that is more and more damage to America's fiscal future than Joe Biden and no one ever no one else even comes close. I mean, in 18 months. He is spent, borrowed and printed for trillion dollars that and so here's what he sang with Dimmick was in the back and we Artie had the vaccine going back to work we go back exactly economy would be booming if Trump were still present.

Now here's the thing. Here's where they get this a lot people understand how they use math and such a crazy way. So first comes in his first year he spends about 3 trillion emergency at the American recovery quote American recovery act, any of the quote infrastructure built and then he said all this year. I was only spending an extra trillion dollars. So I'm actually kind of church to ensure that's the folks at that. It makes no sense. So you up to how much I spent and you have as much spending and you seem so you you cut the Dennis exactly so right now when people would average everyday people feel the pinch it said. They say inflation is going down. It was at 9.2% now to the .5%, but if the average wage is going up 5% you see that America feels it already and you see that we've adjusted the driving which is help get gas prices down. But it's not a necessity, not necessarily responsibility, exactly.

So there's no question about it that this past summer that kind of summer season.

The just has come to an end. You had actually lower driving rates than you did in 2021, which was during the pandemic, which is pretty incredible.

And that's because people couldn't afford six dollar Castle and They Couldn't They Just Quit Did Not Have It in the Budget Not Good News and Bad News on the Economy Which You Want First the Good News. I Do Think Inflation Is Starting to Come down You Know You're Seeing the Gathering Place Come down so That Because the Interest Rates Are Going up It's Because It's Basically Because While Now That's the Bad News. Part of the Source of the United You Think You Can Inflation down to Maybe 5%. That's Still A Lot Of Inflation but Is Not Tent and Knighted Temperatures to 1 to 2% Exactly like the Fed's Target Is to Percent. So 5% Is Still a Long Way off from Where We Should Be.

Now Here's My Point.

Though You Asked Why Is the Inflation Rate Coming down the Economy, Not Just in the United States and the World Is Just Really Shutting down This Very Dangerous Time for. I Don't Want to Be a Debbie Downer, but You Know Every Indicator I'm Looking at Brian Manufacturing, Construction, Housing, Small Business Confidence There All Headed South Right Now.

I've Talked to a Major CO in the Last Couple Days and I Can Imagine His Name Because of a Private Conversation, but He Runs One of the Biggest Shipment Companies in the World and He Said There That Their Shipments Are down about 20%. That Means the Economy Is Really Hit a Brick Wall Because He's like One of the First Indicators so Were in for Some Tough Times Were Gonna Pay a High Price. Folks, This Modern Monetary Theory, Which Is What Democrat They They Really Believe Brian That They Can Spend and Spend and Spend and Borrow and Bow about by the Trillions of Dollars, and It's Not Can Have a Negative Effect. That's like Saying You Could Run up Your Credit Credit Card by Hundreds and Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars As I Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Course It Will Bills Have To Be Repaid. I Think Is True.

Also, the Fact Is I Think 30 Million Chinese Are Shut down Again Is the Zero Culvert Policy Limits You Manufacturing Jobs and Have American Companies. Is There a Contract with American Companies Positive China Is Not Doing Your Own Economy. If the Demand Drops and That's Part of the Reason You Tell Me You the Expedited the Guest Bicycle and yet Not like That's Absolutely True. But There's Another Part of This That He Bores Me More Than China Europe Is a Disaster. Total Disaster in Europe Is in a Severe Recession Already in in London Were Talking Off-Line People Pain 10 $11 a Gallon for Gas and the People Are Demanding Some Type of Supplement from State Government the Government to Give Him a Favor, and Then You've You're Looking at Electric Power Costs That Are Doubled in Your for the Average Family in in Countries like Spain, Italy and France and Germany and Its and Then You Wonder Why Is That Happening and Then Go Oh Yeah You Know What These Europeans Have Done for Last 10 Years They've Moved to This Green Energy Nonsense. It Just Doesn't Work.

It's Not Scalable.

You Can't Provide Enough Lecture Power with Windmills and so Now You Know This Is an Amazing Thing Bright People.

Arguably, This Is in There so Energy Starved Right Now and Some of the European Countries through Using Firewood to Heat Their Homes, A Lot Of People Buying the Stone Ages Were Living in the Letterhead. That's Good for the Environment but Also Is Not As Terrible nor Trim One. By the Way, Is Basically Going to Be Shut down but the European Survey Moves to Get Natural Gas to Maybe Get Them through the Winter. But I Think Long-Term Russian Made a Huge Mistake. You Know They Wipe out Their Great Customer in a Couple Years That Customer Will Never Come Back. If They're Smart Well Here's the Thing. The Guy Who Got This All Right Is Trump Was from and Remember That You Want to Achieve to Heat It, and He Also Was the One Wagged His Finger Remember That Famous Video That You Shown on Fox News Reese Waving His Fingers at the German St. Do Not Get Hooked on Russian Oil and Gas and They Laughed at Him. Merkel Laughed at Him and He Was Completely Set East German by Trade. Here's a Sen. John Thune on Something Else Gets under Your Skin and This Is Student Loan Forgiveness Cut 20 Present with a Stroke of the Pan with His Student Loan Forgiveness Program Literally Added. According to the Pan- Warden Budget Model $600 Billion-$1 Trillion to the Debt so so Much for Deficit Reduction and the Idea That This Is Actually Canceled or Forgiving Is a Misnomer.

This Is Simply Debt That Is Being Transferred from the 13% of the People in This Country Who Have Student Loans to the 87% of People in This Country Don't Have Student Loans Is a Slap in the Face to People Who Have Worked Hard to Pay Their Loans off People Who Did Have the Opportunity Go to College in the First Place. So He Sees a Report Was Not by the Way, That Was Sen. John Thune so We Don't Know This Guy Go through It Scare You That You Could Sue for That Sum Was Confined Standing to Sue What Is Congress Going to Challenge This Well First I Agree with Everything John. Saddam Said It Brilliantly.

It's It's Patently Unfair Transfer.

It's Nice, or Transfer Any O'Brien I Do Is As You Know Show on Not WABC in New York on Saturday Afternoons Cut We Got the More Money Showered and I Love to Take Callers You Know Because I Learned so Much from Just Hearing What People Are Thinking and the Last Couple Weeks Have Taken Callers on This Issue of the Posterior Loan Forgiveness and Not Only People Are Opposed to Their Angry about. Americans Hate This Idea.

It Just It's Just Fundamentally Unfair and so I I Have a Route Blocked. The Constitution Is Very Clear.

Brian, the Spending Power Rests with Who Congress Conference That the Prez Not the President Now Heat. Do You Know How He's Take He's Asserting the Authority to Do This through the Culvert Emergency Call Read Nothing and Companies over so It I Believe This Is Unconstitutional Power Grab by Pres. Biden, and I Think It's Would Be Overturned.

We Will See What No One Could Feel What You Hear This Soundbite from Mark Cuban on Stage One Box. Great Talking about His Anger at One Center in Particular Cut 21. I Don't Mind Being Taxed More of a Roadblock 20 Years Ago Saying This Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do after Military Services Pay Your Taxes Because That's What Allows Everybody You Know to to Live and to Prosper on but the Idea Just Soak the Rich Billionaire Tears Tears That Fill That Cup Screw You Elizabeth Warren. You're Everything Wrong with Politics.

Listen, I Agree. And Here's a Self-Made Success Stories Attire to Be the Bad Guy You Know.

Why Don't We Celebrate. You Know, Our Entrepreneurs Are Great People of Group Built Great Companies. Whether Mark Zuckerberg or Fred Smith of FedEx or Mark Cuban, nor in All of These Amazing Amazing Entrepreneurs and We Need to.

You Made This Point Earlier. In Fact, Some Friends and It's All Right.

We Need to Elevate and Celebrate Success in America Because the People Who Greet Build Great Companies Are the People Who Create so Many of the Jobs in This Country and I Hate This Idea. I Wrote This Read This Great Book Brian That I Want to Recommend to Your Listeners of the Myth of the Robber Barons Have Ever Heard of That Book Know It's a Fantastic Book and You Know There's This Mythology, Their Kids Are Learning in School. The People like Henry Ford Vanderbilt J.P. Morgan Rockefellers Were Quote Robber Barons Worked. They Built This Country. They Built This Country. They Built the Railroads. They Provided the Energy They Built the Banks of the Financial System and We These Historians Act As If Their Villains Know Them and Fill in the Night. Anything That I Was down in Detroit and the Henry Ford Museum, and a Chance to See Everything That He Built in the Ancient Healing Just Saved, Here's a Factory Go to Work Go Home. He Helped Build That Town Those Cities He Give Them Parks. He Gave Them Vacations Gave Them Weekends off to Give a Sense of Community and Guess What A Lot Of Those Families Stay There Forever Whose Kids Also Worked in the Area They Fell Apart Afford and That Generational Push Was Something That Henry Ford Created Not the Perfect First-Rate Great Story in the Wall Street Journal Yesterday about a Great American or Just Died. Herbert Kohler Kohler, the Kohler Company in the Middle Wisconsin Bill Every Toilet in the World Will Be HL You Yeah and and Innards. Amazing Story, This Entrepreneur in the Middle of Wisconsin. The Prairie You Know Built This Company and You Go Anywhere in the World and Sinks in and You Know I Think I Have a Kohler Sink Right Exactly. So This Family Bill. The Whole Thing. So If You Work for That Company You Hate the Fact That You Hate the Executive to Do As You Appreciate I Want Them to Be Rich.

I Want Them to Be Ridiculous, Richie.

Guess What the People to Support the Charities in This Country Are the People That Become Affluent If They Have a Heart Which 99.9% of Them Do They Feel Very Fortunate to Have Made It in Every People Deep.

You Know More Than I'll Ever Know That Make It and Give and Then There Is a Solution to This Problem.

It Is True That Some People Some Rich People Get Away with Paying No Taxes and No Solution That Is Something My Buddy Steve Forbes Is Talked about for 30 Year Tax to Get Rid of All the Deductions a Little Post. I Love This Idea, Biden Sank You Know All We Have All These Loopholes in the Tax Code.

One Child Who Put on Their Restaurant for a Year Ago. His Guy Got Bierman Was on the Train and into Even More.

Thanks Much. He Felt Heritage Ago, between Freedom Works Was Great to Talk to Steve Wooten We Get Your Show on Saturday Why It's Called the More Money Show MO All Re: Any Streams in WABC. It Does, and It Is on It at 1 PM and Brian, Thanks Again so Much RAM Is Been a Great Morning CCB Back in Moment and at 945 or 45 after Dan Marino Hall Of Famer Georges and Stewie Radio Show People for the Kill Made.

What Are Your Businesses Supply Chain Challenges Too Much Inventory Community Disruptions.

If You Have a Vision for Improvement Fastenal Pin Taylor Solution Help You Get There from Automated Bins That Monitor Your Inventory 24 Seven Defending Devices That Let You Control and Track the Products to Keep Your Business Running National Has the Ability and Experience to Help Your Supply Chain to See How They Do It. Go to If I Tired of Importing Fire Gels. The Value Stream Management Solution to Manage What You Value Most Means More Visibility. Not My Meetings Actionable Insights to Make Reporting Easier. One Platform for Everything Just to Support Your Job RLI. Everything Is More Value for You and Your Customer to Schedule a Free Demo Got It Back Is so Busy He'll Make Your Head Spin and Kill Me. This Is the Direction Moving Is Not Coming Pretty What He Said There Were so Semi-Incoherent about Republican and He Isn't Talking about Income Supported Me a Threat to the Country. Who Is He Talking about, but You Get the Idea. They Want down from's Name and Persona to Be Front and Center in the Selection. They Believe the Democrats It That Will Help Them Present Notices except You. And That's Where We Are in the Present and Former Pres. Trump. Of Course He Didn't Mind This at All. He Always Liked to Be the Center of Attention for Better for Worse and Right Side by Prison. Trump Is in the Middle There Will See, but I Don't Think It Can Last Number One That the Demurrer Lago Rate Is Supposed to Really Subside 60 Days before the Election Were at That Point You Not Supposed to Do Things. It Is Political. Leading up to the Election Is Christmas to Do the DOJ with the Big Group with Their Saying Is Will Present Biden Says Associate People Who Deny Elections Election Results and January 6 If Anyone Has Read with Karl Rove Is Written in Today's Editorial, the Wall Street Journal Goes Back to 2005 When People like John Conyers. People like James Clyburn. People like Now. Sen. Markey Said That and Try to Protest and Try to Flip the Electoral Votes in Ohio and for the John Kerry Which Would Give Him the Presidency and of Course It Wasn't True. There's Something Based on That. Also, There Was There Was a Lawmaker Who Question the Integrity of Voting Machines and Nancy Pelosi of All Things Said Hey You Know What It's Worth Investigating Is Not a Conspiracy Theory. We Just Want to Make Sure Democracy Is Working and She Certainly Changed Her to Write. I Don't Think That without Trump Did Was Right but I Think They've to Say the Last 15 Years, Democrats Have Not Gone Out Of Their Way to Challenge Every Election He Lost Is Also Wrong to Drive to Hannibal Missouri for Your Perfect Getaway Relaxation History Shopping Adventure to Find in Hannibal Explicates at Winding Passages Enjoy Great Sampling in Eastlake Downtown, Probably to My Claimant about Taking a Festival Back in Time at the Museums Plan Your Trip Now and Visit Visit Hannibal Produced in Cooperation with the Missouri Division of Tourism, Opening a Business Checking Account Shouldn't Be Harder Than Running Your Business.

So Why Do Most Banks Still Make You Go into a Branch with Live Oak Bank You Can Open an Account Online in Minutes. That's Because They Put You at the Center of Every Decision They Make. With Convenient Digital Access and Superior Customer Support That Small Business Checking Simplified Open the Business Checking Account checking information you want truth you demand. This is the variety show me show when he became president. I think people were so very shocked even considering the electoral college and that sort of thing. The assumption was at least mildly for myself that Russia must have been involved because we knew from the molar report that Russia had some involvement. Russia thought that think that they could benefit from a truck presidency, which it did by the way, but I remember calling him an illegitimate president and I should not said that because he was not an illegitimate but you felt you had to get it where I want to play that because the ballot that everybody thinks down from his one and only in a most clear. Clear thinking people don't that are ridiculously biased was the only one to protest election and as I said over and over again. Donald Trump's actions after the election results were his lowest point yet in their the January 6. Riots not in the way by the supports and nobody that I know supports him, but they want to characterize down Trump is the problem, and anyone who follows him is the issue and it's not the case.

We play the sunny hosting yesterday on I think it's a saving Austin on the view saying she was wrong to question the result of the 2016 election. That's would backstab if you will unify the country. That's were present. Biden should be saying hey I was Eli didn't like gobbling down a bunch of my people, my party when I was vice president and I think I was wrong would happen with Republicans this time calling on psychosynthesis year.

She's feeling of raising today on Fox and friends and that she felt herself and the weirdest week because of this one speech that was supposed to be. I guess the kickoff to him finally jumping fullbore into the midterm elections in delivering that message with red background. The red wave. You know that the buyer ministration would say okay here year for the ratings are finally taking up. This could be the moment that changes things for you and instead for the past week. They have been clarifying and walking back and inching forward any Hispanic eight totaled it has been a total disaster even know really what he's talking about because initially he makes a speech and people rightfully so criticizing that you just insulted half of the country that voted for your political opponent is that really how you feel better now I'm just talking that congressional leadership and then yesterday you get the further clarification that actually talking about only some people from Congress you listen to this.

Got to know all show get out. It's like okay so then what we really talking about a couple people within within the Republican Party are people you consider extreme. I mean note there is also that in the Democratic Party. Did we really need a full fledged presidential speech in terms of yet. Here's a little bit more attempted clarification of the worst presidential press secretary ever on whether Mitch McConnell is a right is a threat is he is he a mega Republican being that she got really speaking to them.

Do we have that one was gone on to go into specific name are people from here. What I will say is you when you go back to the speech speech last Thursday. You know people have talked about if it was defiant divisive. It wasn't divisive. Okay they got home so that you are wrong with misinterpreting you listening to it and insulted him some knowledge really is happening right now is that and it is interesting. If this is a smart strategy or not.

We don't know what you have to wait and see what Democrats the night in this nation are trying to do is play Republicans on the defense.

They're trying to put Trump on the ballet because Danielle died and been once and they say Trump is on the ballot in the forefront of independent signs that can work in our favor, even though he's not on the ballot and then were not talking about the issues and inflation in crime Allie.

I things that are really really hurting the American right so the chemical these can roll out his idea contract for America is going to call it commitment to America plan and entities going to break it down to four parties get an answer tomorrow in economy which is strong how you get it that way. Fixing the mood in the supply chains out of China into Asia and maybe Central America elation that safeties can focus on crime across the country. Get rid of these DAs when it comes to highlighting the migration policies US Mexican borders can bring up the wall and everything else goes along with it in the future. That is free outlining policies concerning public schools and the government that is accountable so you be able to take that money like Arizona go to private schools is that just sitting in a public school to his right if he could do that your needs units in the the Senate to write smart for him and that clinical position of power and anything to outline something very simple and say because a lot of reporters that are getting two weeks, two months from the midterm elections are an essay Democrats a lot.

What is your plan to have you know a four point bullet point thing or whatever it is that he is in a release say this is exactly were focusing on. If you want Republican. This delivering to the table to be very easy for Republicans to then answer that question. It's couple things on the polls look was happening in Florida with so many affiliates in Florida you think dissenters have a double-digit lead over cog Charlie Crist is now in his third party from independent to Republican Gov. today was the Democratic governor is only a three point lead over Ron DeSantis in the latest ARP Paul say Marco Rubio's got a two point lead over Val Deming's whose groceries post be a tough race is she's got that law enforcement background.

But he's got the endorsement I think of 27 sheriffs and Horta. It will be interesting to see what happens at these individual Senate races and some of them are flipping a little bit better for Republicans others are overall, Brian. Interesting that you mention Florida and how you think that Marco Rubio and Santa should be up higher than yes and that's also it's happening and a lot of other races right now even in the house and a lot of it has to deal with suburban women in Roe versus Wade and that according to I believe it was a recent a people that they said that that issue is pulling even more important than any that's really really hurting some Republicans and a handsome Republican candidate to changing their 10 on their election websites and not saying things like their pro-life anymore.

They're saying that they don't want a full third trimester abortion while things are itching. Marco Rubio told us last week.

He said if I could paraphrase on pro-life but not everyone floors pro-life so very kinds and I can speak for all people and that so the compromise and run DeSantis's ringing on this either the compromises. I think 15 weeks is with her talking about and that's what Gov. Duncan said young leave that place. Which by the way, is insanely high.

Just no surprise in her life that how far unique site I could I could see that I could hear the baby's heartbeat 10 weeks, which is really eight weeks actually six weeks because they yeah not to talk, weeks, weeks, but they had two weeks to what you really are on six weeks. You can hear the heartbeat at 15 weeks, and 80 was already fully formed, could even hear your voice from inside your body. I mean it is unbelievable to me for thinking about it to New York itself of what my child for another Lexi on 818 1920 2123, 26 weeks while six weeks, take it. I know it's the best personal view of what you doing tomorrow I am yet.

Last Friday, right right are you doing to our factoring personal thoughts and friends first inkling back leaf. Alright I'll talk to you generously think you right now or I think deep tease for tomorrow. Tomorrow, okay, okay, really deep like Pacific Ocean it out of the ocean where the Titanic the covenant next Dan Marino very similar call Shimkus my Zach same question back in educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me. This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expands your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows.

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Dan Marino replaces David Woodley David Woodley didn't bring the cowboys excuse me that office insuperable. He did the year before.

Wow, yes, that was for the first job he let out was a Monday night football to and of course it was Frank Gifford for an hour.

Cosell thoughts when you hear that Dan Marino why we chose a rookie again is all yeah no love playing for sure if you remember she must've been a lawyer. I mean I felt pretty good about who I was at the time I played football fob of a good chance they have a nice career and in the mean you're always does get a little you know my anxious, nervous, and that's a good thing. No butterflies before game you it was hard to digest the playbook at that age. He keeps seeing how thick the playbooks are today.

You might be physically ready but did you understand the plays in week three of your rookie year. I had a pretty good idea. There was a times that I when I didn't like cold place right, would mess him up and I will not have one more veteran players like Tynan made if it was like Matt Moran said you called player translates onto Lisko's.

Oh yeah you is that I screwed up Coldplay sales low ME was that unusual for you mean for somebody to come in and just say listen, if you know the you know this better you call. I think it is unusual. I own a couple times though I understand I would talk out.

First off, I will is love seeing you and I know this is the party life. We get to relax and pick and choose what you endorse, have seen on television Nutrisystem of the last few years back, and why is your metabolism slows down especially get older I know that true and then you gotta make sure he will GE you have it. I have an unforgiving metabolism Nutrisystem for you has really been a help and now and you and your sign with them. Yes, yes, I've worked with the system for years and you have my knees done over a year ago because it was real.

I couldn't even hardly exercise her in trouble, walk up the steps. All those things in and I had I gained some weight side know find a way to lose it again and I just got back on Nutrisystem and and they have the it's been great for me in any left and I just recommend to know any any amendment to 10 lose some weight. It's the best thing is that is pretty simple and old simple comes right to your door.

Follow the system the program and you know the way comes off and it just makes you feel so much better. That's the whole pheasant work with your family, your silly like okay that's here today and you need something else. I understand so comes back it's where you go think you go to Nutrisystem. Why don't Nutrisystem for do know plug you right in Damon's deal you get 50% off plus $25 off your first visit just perfect right so you sign up, and made the thing about it is to still make you feel so much better, especially losing weight and self-esteem. All those things go sky high, absolutely certain that if I can get back to football for set. Yes, for just I want you to hear this.

Your coach talk about winning the 1984 AFC championship game had to be a gratifying there for only one morning all year long with one bathroom and drive off and thing of beauty, and then through the traffic light and got back in the ballgame but packing on offense and Marino make things happen.

We had a running game that helped us say in defense of the ballgame. I got back on.

We played last week by 20 to finally go to the Super Bowl this year. It's your thought that to hear that legendary coach well first of all, you know he's he passed away missing will miss him specially your dolphin fan tonsil fan but for me that was a big day because my dream was to go to Super Bowl in own plane Super Bowl and also we did that against Pittsburgh Steelers where I grew up in Pittsburgh and I loved know the Steelers and Jack Jack Lambert Donnie cell actually played my game you know they were to Super Bowl teams in Pittsburgh that was just a really good feeling and got very excited about no gold to play San Francisco. Unfortunately, we didn't win the 23 it was I was 23. It was a 22 three Arkansas number score. Think was like 3418 34 in Reno, setting some like that.

Alright so think of their own self insuperable. I think it was the first time the Dolphins lost the cowboys we got in there, but we your throat when you walked of the fields. I'll be back right over is no doubt know that I thought and I was younger I thought I'd be planning this game again for sharing and I know I would say I took it for granted but we played that game and I lost I was like okay that's something I would be able to do again. I will know what that feels like to win that game and never happen.

I want to have another great moment in your career. It was the Dolphins were the only team to beat the Bears in that famous defense in 1985 season. Here's how it sounded cut 39, whereby 3024 that is so fearsome to you, well you know what we had an offense the next time was set up perfectly.

Go against the defense because Berkeley Matt Moore Tony made the receivers we had and that was one of those nights the Orange bowl was just walking and we had a 72 team. The team that went undefeated was Dolphins yeah and a lot of those guys on the sideline and just the place was going crazy and we came out and was able to infer a few quick touchdowns and amendable in the game was a great great feeling. I remember watching the game. I will say this to our member that you and I thought they were invincible and I think the Krista Johnson ship ship came and destroyed New England in the in the Super Bowl. Dan for you. You believe with the current rules. Right now the way you played with quarterbacks as great as your stats were light years better.

Well trying to tell you it is changed and you see how much more to protect Iran's court about that. You can't candidate the quarterback man can below the knees, and I think in a way that's a good thing when it is a good thing because you gotta keep your star players healthy it's it's good for the league but it's the same time. Yes, I feel like I would've thrown for more yards were touchdowns in this standards.

Do you understand Dan Tom Brady's thirst to play a 45 still sure you remember you being 38 and wanting to play but your body would let you practice exactly that's it and that's what's amazing about Tom is how he's been able to keep his body in shape and 45 planet a high level. 38.

When I retired I had an issue with my neck and my arm and also will. My knees were were problem my legs little bit and felt like I probably could've played a couple more years, but the assistant healthwise and filled good about but a new right now you're able to walk around your added pain.

You're happier guy sure and Nutrisystem.

In particular, something you you like talk about as you live in it. Well yeah I know there's no doubt the one thing we say is, it just makes an impact on your life and you gotta make a decision and the best part is from fermented snow to convenience the fact that it just comes right to your door.

You eat the food lose the weight and feel good about yourself Nutrisystem for putting Dan's deal. You get 50% off a $25 off a visit that they succumb and I man I person I thank you so much that we have a rematch of the Super Bowl.

I hope okay got it all right here in Arizona that will be there allowing reasonable exercise of the football right by KPMG business build trust and move forward in a digital era. Angie can help by bringing together the right content technologies generating insights that opportunities to explore their thinking is that read.KPMG .us/opportunity process. It's a small word with think implications because whenever an idea starts the process gets done.

It's how big talk drives real action and people achieve their best work. That's my chief where in the process business lingo team for managers who love pulling in the right combination of data, tools, and people from across the company to make one platform every project any scan.

It doesn't get bigger than smart sheet power. Your process is it smart. your process is always seeking solutions for selling Brian Kelly thanks much for being here buddy is trying to lead coming to you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world by Sen. Ron Johnson standing by Wheelock to discuss.

Please help. Assuming an issue that made it an announcement, making it seem as though making her comfortable using words and verbiage as if she's not going to recover at the age of 96 years old thereby know she's had her health challenges. Some some just come with age. There might be something else going on just judging by the last half-hour Fox and friends of the reports were getting will keep you up-to-date on this. Keep in mind she's been in power. 70 years she served Winston Churchill in her 20s. If you call serve. She was queen of the time with Prime Minister 14 Prime Minister's overall so it's good to the victory.

The stories you need to know Brian's three number three was struggling to pay their bills to make ends meet.

Food prices in the last year are up 13% across the United States. That's the fastest increase in food prices since 1979. Yeah, that is Sen. John Brosseau, how is the economy treating you the statue opposed confirm Americans are feeling the squeeze everywhere holding off on vacations, gas and groceries as your top concerns of the economy and inflation. One third of Americans don't have enough money to meet their family needs. What is your reality.

At what point do we hold people accountable. At what point would we help people behind bars understand that locking them up in the private member being in the public is the best solution to the problem. They go Brandon Tatum crime killing America with your cop zero cash failed and unwillingness to lack of career criminals. Our streets are overrun with thugs. When will safety and security be a priority again radical Congress and then opening up on her own shot at the presidency. But she says the country is too sexist for it to happen.

My experience here is given me a front row seat to have deeply and unconsciously as well as consciously. So many people in this country hate when that is Jesse Waters reading the words of AOC in GQ 2022 post debates and themes queued up and launch as we serve a 60 day sprint to the midterms. We do McCarthy lays out his version of contract with America will give you a preview of it. The best we can and that's will begin a sinner. Ron Johnson joined yourself a center will welcome.

I know you're tough fight latest poll has you within two which always seemed to trail and pull this thing out in the end. First off, we know, and Rick Scott put out his plan is vision or if the Senate was taken by Republicans because some controversy as he moved some of the some of the social programs over to the nondiscretionary spending and Mitch McConnell thought it was a big mistake is Kevin McCarthy make a mistake laying out his plan should he become speaker telling voters your portable. Brian had already pretty basic, but we are being independent born prosecutors purposely driven up � energy we need to get deficit spending under control. That is the greatest threat to souls. Medicare benefit program you want me to recognize that fact need a competitive but hopefully a simpler, more rational tax system reasonable regulatory environment so the big things.

That's what Republicans ought to run on because bet works of the network solution for all the problems faced his nation's economic growth, we just experienced two quarters where he Economy shrunk because the Democrat governors because the Democrat policies so we can be telling people were forbidden� We all set to be taught running on the record, the disastrous record of bite open borders before your high inflation record gas prices rising crime baby formula document from our children. These are legitimate issues. These are concerning Americans returning without my prior Brian's arm run against the radical leftist hiding in sheep's clothing want to make sure you moderate the press doesn't expose himself to the public and you take a page out of Biden playbook.

You do not hide in the basement but you can hide a series of the present yesterday saying why don't see all Republicans are bad: the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump on the micro Republicans and that is a threat to this country and he went on to say will not all of them where you stand. When you think of you in the mega Republican bracket country realized something rare and precious and were losing it.

I get around they hate.

I mean, they hate the divisiveness the anger bite give the divider in chief. Now that it is not number one goal to unify and give the station he is done the exact opposite of this makes me feel it needs beautified Lincoln for a house divided cannot stand it emboldens our enemies but we got nation will fix these problems caused by Democrat governors. But no, but Biden is the most divisive growth in my lifetime. The most divisive speech, but the problem Brian is the mainstream media to back them up there advocate for the radical left themselves in their powerful force in finding Wisconsin you getting a fair shake locally. Not even close statement is been trying to take me out for years they've been lying about me babe and starting everything I say is that breather, actually be taken in twisting, distorted, end up being a true three day a bad unicycle so not the left dark money that they hate W get me over $50 million lying about me to start any fancy my character in the mainstream media is on their side, so that's priceless. What's been happening around here moneywise.

I know the pouring money against you. How close are you to matching their outside groups coming in and helping out again. You can't even begin to how much the impact of the news media being against you. Don't Ron Johnson If you are healthy, all life distortions and help save the benefits we can hold people accountable by mission is to tell the truth find and expose the truth of all the corruption of the data seems to hold people accountable. How much is it hurting your party this Rick Scott and Mitch McConnell seem to be a mini war helpful, but interesting directives that is writing a great job in innovative things. They came in early would work with what you want them to come in so much money spent the last couple months.

It ends up being noise from Highwood creature.

The fact that that Rick came in the NRC and that we did call hybrid ads, but he came in early to try and counter the life you start early on will people still might be paying attention thought I'm highly appreciative of the hard work that Rick is working his tail off helpless against the majority. Couple things going on right now one is this is the plan.

The McCarthy's laid out. He said the economy he's going to talk about the lack regulate that the regulation decrease. Yes, let's talk about moving the supply chains out of China and into Asia and maybe Central America nation that say focus on the DAs crime and punishment highlighting was happening at the US Mexican border which is corrupt. Basically criminal. It's unsustainable in a future that is free outlining policies concerning public schools and the government that is accountable you are in a purple state what elements I know would Ron Johnson my thing but you represent Wisconsin, which is 50-50 red and blue. How does that affect what policies you go to get behind, directly or there. I laid out what we have to grow our economy so we are focused on the elements that help us grow our economy or government. W. Given the way habitat for somebody should be simple, should be rational to be competitive Regulations but Got to Be Fair They Should Be over Burdensome Need Be Energy Independent. There Is Certainly Product Manufactured in the US Semiconductors Pharmaceuticals. There A Lot Of Things That We Allowed to Get Manufacture.

We Have To Bring Back That Everything Not High Labor Content Product. Right Now We Have a Labor Shortage Need to Be Smart about This, but We Have To Get Deficit Spending under Control Because That's What Crushing Things on a Fixed Income Is Tracking Everybody Brian Dollard You Held Start Biting the Street Is Only Worth 88.3 Cents That Is Crushing Seniors Is Crushing Everybody Spreading Inflation Is the Greatest Threat to Whatever Government Program You You Rely on so We Gotta Get Deficit Spending Out Of Control. Prison Says I Cut I Took on Big Pharma and One Now. Gonna Let Medicare to Deal Directly to Buy Drugs to Go to Let the Government Negotiate the Price of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. Is There a Downside to That. Yeah, Lack of Drug Development Medicare Part D Drug Prices so Soft Democrat Solutions. They Sound Good to Have a Pretty Name like the Inflation Reduction Act Was to Do Nothing of the Sort or the Patient Protection for the Care at Tech Basically Law. Laid off the Doctors They Want Their Healthcare Plan to Increase Dramatically. The Cost of the Total Market so the Same Thing with the Drugs You Will Have Less Investment in New Life Saving Drugs. I Don't Think That's a Good Thing They Say Right Now.

The Dakota Great American Squeeze in Today's Daily Mail 69 Million Households Are Now Canceling the Case in Striving Lesson Cutting Grocery Bills Due To Inflation 2012% Said They Were Expressing Severe Hardship on a Regular Basis and They Say, Even the Wealthy and Middle Class Have Talked about Sacrificing Gas Travel and Vacations You Will Coincide Those Numbers You Started Working Class You Dipping a Self-Made Success Story Very Successful Business Person You Hit Cycles like This You You Came up in the 70s Just Remind You of That for over Year Price Increases Were Just Expected and Accepted Readily. The Third Year like Pulling Teeth, Getting a Price Increase after the Cold Recession Coming Out Of That We Are in That Same Situation Where Price Increases Were Expected and Accepted a Very Dangerous Place. Trust Me, Knowing That so Wage Price Spiral Very Difficult to Break. But Again Inflation Crushes People Realized Is No Agreement That Inflation Is Always and Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon Were Pretty Way. $20 Deficit Spending Is Killing Us. The Benefit May Sound Good but Really Good, but What It Is Doing in Terms of Mortgage Your Kids Future Harming Our Economy, Harming Economic Growth, Harming Seniors on Fixed Income People Glory in Construction, but Crushes Everybody. It Is Inflation Democrat On All Questions. Talk to Send Ron Johnson Center. The Word Is I Guess It Going to You Aggressively about 12 FBI Agents Have Been Whistleblowers to Talk about the Bias in the Media Would Have with Hunter Biden Story, and What Might Be Happening Today.

Could You Tell Her Audience Well There Is Corruption at the Highest Levels of Law Enforcement That Regrettable but Good News Is, Most People These Are People of Integrity and They Start to Come Forward Tells the Truth That the Only Way to Restore Credibility Integrity.

We Expose the Truth and Hold People Accountable, but That Was More Struck Rafe's Office Told Him That You Had Even August 2020 to Downplay the Grantor Information of Hunter Biden to Deep Six Investigation the Same Month When for Example You Give That Briefing Was Unsolicited to Set up Weekly Ron to Smear Me Going to the FBI by Downplaying the Hunter Biden Computer, Laptop and Misinformation Impact 2020 Election, Their Impact and Wisconsin That Election in 2022. Because Some People Are Buying the Fact That What I'm up to Russia. There Is Corrupt yet Be Rooted out. We Found out with. It Once Again Parted by Laptop in December 2019. They Were Told. You Will Not Look at That Computer and Get Guys Back and Change the Outcome of This Election Again Parted Factors in the FBI There Shouldn't Be, They Need to Be Exposed in Held Accountable Team T-Ball Left Just Because 25 Years Are up in Your View, No I Think the Doors to Serigraph's Office and He Expose That the Letter That Writer Prompted You to His Retirement or Mutual Termination. It's Hard to Say We Need to Talk with People on the Record Transcribed Interview He Could Make Himself Available to the Public. He Spoke It Gave the Spend Some Quality Time with You Ginny Yeah My Standpoint. Now I'd like to Get This Quite Honestly, the FBI and I Told Her Time You Go to the FBI. From What I Know Back in October, October, 2020. Going to Blackhole and Will Never Hear about It.

That's Exactly What Happened.

They Haven't Called the Grand Jury They Haven't Talked to Him a Happy New Year Utilize the Information He Gave the Deep Six That Was That What Their Goal Was and so I Hope God Bless People Come in for Transcribed Interview to My Office and We Need to Expose What Truth He Is Willing to Reveal He Spoke of Five Hours to Them.

But One Thing He Did Say Is That Cell Phone Number. He Was Given His Appointments of the Investigation Is a Team T-Ball's That Surprised Talk to Brian That Everything One I Direct This Briefing More Than Two Years Later We Written Three Public Letter Demanding to Know Who Directed That Briefing That Was a Set up That Was Used To Smear Me. We Still Don't Know the Deep Statement Not Given Secrets up Very Easily. What Reason Side-By-Side Run Again As I Want Expose the Corruption I Want Expose the Truth, I Will Hold People Accountable. Sen. Ron Johnson. If You Decide to Keep That Sense, Eat, and If If That's He Goes down to the One in Pennsylvania. It Looks Kinda Grim That Republicans Would Have To Take Would Be Able to Take the Majority Is Going up against Mandela Barnes and Lastly I Saw 538 to 70% Chance the Democrats Hold on to Their Advantage in the Senate.

Your Thoughts Real Quick. These That's All Right You Make a Big Majority Say Goodbye. The Filibuster Say Hello to National Math like They Are Election Mail Balloting Opening It up to Fraud in One Party Controls We're Going to History Sen. Ron Johnson Thank You out There Hassling Goals, Career, Friends, Fitness Is Unlocked and You Are Pressing to Keep on Keeping on Holly's Got You Think Supports Daily Energy and Laser Focused Vitamins and Supplements to Keep You on the Count. Find Your New Go to Connie This Episode Is Brought to You by Sleep Number It's Summertime Where Long Days and Hot Nights Make It Harder to Get the Quality Sleep You Need Sleep. IQ Data Shows Sleepers Who Use Their Sleep Number 360 Smartphone Technology Get Almost 30 Minutes More Restful Sleep per Night. That's up to 170 Hours per Year.

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This Is Brian Kill Me Show They Welcome Back Everybody Better. Moments Later Time Right Here One a Little Bit Longer.

Sen. Johnson Will Have A Lot to Discuss His Hunter Biden Story Is so Much Bigger Than Even the Russian Investigation Because of so Much Tangible There. The Rush Investigation Go.

Why Was This Meeting Happen.

Why That Meeting at What This Person Meet This Person Wanted to Say This Is This Is Email. This Is Correspondence's Sworn Testimony of Credible People Who Keep Saying That the Prisons Directly Involved in. They Just Won't Look. It's like Saying the Answer to a Test That You Are Going to Be Graded on Is in That Notebook and Opened It up. You Can Use It and Then Refusing to Use It and That's What so Maddening Admitting That the Information Will Help like They Did Year and Half Ago That It Was Authentic and Then Knowing That This Testimony Move Everything Forward. They Just Don't Know One of the Answers. What Does Width of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden Particular How Did He Get the Loyalty of These Law-Enforcement Areas. Not All of Them up at the FBI and the Higher-Ups. I'm Not Sure Because He's Never Been Promilitary. I Don't Remember Him Ever Being Pro-Law Enforcement.

The 80s 70s. He Got in the 90s. He Came and Did Something on with Criminals.

Basins Want to Back That Was a Big Mistake since That Time He's Done Nothing but Vilify Law Enforcement Every Chance He Got until He Saw His Poll Numbers We Come Back and Take Your Calls. 1-866-408-7669 Listen to the Brain to Meet You Face Person Is America's Letter to Follow Your Fox Weather Updates throughout Your Busy Day Subscribe and Listen Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Podcast Fox News Contests Network and on the Next Fox News Contributor Daily Newsletter. I'm Inviting You to Join a Conversation Every Week Is the Ben Dominance Podcast. Listen Now by Doing Fox News Radio Show like No Other. You Said You Believe That Russia's Interference Will Be Only One I Go to the State of North Carolina.

Mine Is an Illegitimate President. Do You Believe Tom Is Legitimate and That the Outcome of This Election Was Affected by the Russian Interference That Is Just a Little of the Montage of People Who Said the Last Election Was Corrupt, 26 NW. Second W. Was Corrupt and for Prison and Actually the Former First Lady Michelle Obama Yesterday Commands.

It's Important for a Transfer of Power Peaceful Transfer of Power in the Question Result Election.

I Thought It Was so That's Interesting. Will Don't Trump Actually Did That but You Can't Pretend Those Are Just Five or Six Lawmakers to Come out and Question the Result to 2016 I Think Is Totally Unhealthy for the Country. That's Why, If Present, but It Was a True Leader. If There Are True Leaders out There Leading Companies Leading Teams Leading Families Live Leading Schools.

You Don't See Democratic Probably Say What's Better for This Entity Was Better for the Entity in This Country Would Be to Say Listen, My Speech Would've Been like This. Of Independence Hall over the Last 20 Years We've Constantly Had a Problem Almost Consistently Had a Problem with More Elections and Not with Outcomes Election Is Those People That Lose Have a Hard Time Understanding Why They're so Close Is Number One, Number Two Other so Much Scrutiny. People Just Have To Learn to Lose a Giving Example and You Rolled through Some of the People What They Said. For Example, after the John Kerry Lost to George W. Bush.

It Was Brought up. It Was Written up in Today's Wall Street Journal Column with Karl Rove and Said James Clyburn Came out and Questioned the Tallies in Ohio and Believed the Electoral College Is Frigid to Encourage Electoral College Delegates to Switch over John Kerry Would've Delivered Him. The Election Unjustly Because Ojai Was Clearly One by George W. Bush Was Questioned by John Conyers to As Well As Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi Said It in in That Same Election That Those People Who Are Questioning the Election Devices Election Systems They Don't Feel Called a Conspiracy Theory That's Part of Democracy It's It's It's Fundamental to Democracy to Question and Secure These Things Will in 2016. You Just Heard Some of It. So Here's More Democrats Questioning Elections. You Can Run the Best Campaign You Can Even Become the Nominee, and You Can Have the Election Stolen from You, We Were Rightly Credited and Really Went so You When You Present Julie My Vice President. I Found in the Election Laws Election but in All Terms Now Is an Illegitimate Pres. Pres. Elect of the Legally Elected President Is Present.

We Say That the Last Guy Was John Lewis, the Icon the Civil Rights Figure Didn't Really Do Much As Garnishment. I Could Tell Hillary Clinton, Charlemagne, the God Talking to the Future VP Me, If You've Truly the Present United States You Say I Have a Problem with Some of the Most High Rub Hired High-Profile Democrats Who Question 2016. Some That Went Out Of Their Way to Question George W. Bush Beating John Kerry in Ohio. Others Then Never Accepted George W. Bush. The First Time Because of the 500 Votes in Florida and Gov. Floor Was Jeb Bush Went Out Of Their Way to Say Present. George W. Bush Was Illegitimate, Which Meant That the Reelection Was so concerning for Him and so Crucial for Him to Prove That There Was First Summer I Was No Fluke. And If You're Presently Sam Very Upset at Donald Trump for Doing It Last Time and Then People Got so Intensely Storm the Capital and You Might Even with Type I Don't Think Chuck Don't Trump on the Capital Storm. No, but We Got People so Incensed about the Election and Did the Way Active Last Three Weeks. This Was Come to and Hopefully We Were at the Ledge Edge There.

Now We All Back off from Here on in.

We Do the Best We Can to Get the Best of Most Most Fair Election Starting Your State, Your City or County from Here on in.

We Make It Far and Few Times in Which We Challenge the Results of an Election Go Challenge Legally Go to the Right Passages and What the Chips Fall Where They May.

But the Speeches in Which You Say Are Electoral Systems Failed to Make Field People Feel the Country's Failing Now That Is Different in St. George W. Bush When One by a Wide Margin Had This DWI Thing Not Come Out Of the Last Minute and Who Put That out Who Put out the Donald Trump Tape with You with with Billy Bush That Was Devastating Almost Destroyed Donald Trump Who Put Data You Question That It Was behind That Is Anything Wrong with Sainted Pfizer Holdback the Vaccine Because They Want to Make Sure the Trumped and Win Because of Actually Giving People the Ability to Think That Maybe the Pandemic Wasn't Done so Poorly for a by Donald Trump and Obvious to the Hunter by Destroying the Buried That's Legitimate Safety Stories Weren't Buried by Legal Authorities or by Others Who Have Leaked out There That Time.

That's Called the Debate, but to the Actual System Say Things Are Fixed Is Terrible and a Real Leader Sees It Says Okay Was Better for My Party Is to Vilify down from over the Country As a Donald Trump to Go to for My Party Laid the Groundwork for 2004 and They Went Way over the Top in 2016 and It Hurt the Country, Let Alone Russian US Relations's and I Despise Russian Cannot Stand Vladimir Putin What You Actually Said That He Manipulated Election for Donald Trump and That Never Happened. So You Poison the Well on Relations Worsened. Vladimir Putin Could Do for No Reason.

Not for Something He Did like to Crimea under Obama, like Take Portions of Georgia Which He Still Occupies under 40, Bush 43, but for Something He Actually Didn't Do and without Trump Walked out so's I Talked to My Don't You Know I Don't Usually behind a Substantial Hit on Our Election Is Different. Here's Katie Pavlik Cut Nine While Ranting Sex on the White House Being Asked about This so It's Been a Bit of a Distraction from Maybe Some Successes They Would like to Talk about and They're Trying to Do Two Things Are Try on One Hand to Say That the President Did a Good Job That His Speech Is Not Defensive about the Same Time Kind of Trying to Walk Back the Tone of the Speech Because He Was Very Clear When He Said That He Believes Not the Republicans but I Can't Define What That Actually Means Are a Threat to the Republic While He Had Two Marines Standing behind Him and and the Red Imagery There but the Truth Is That Joe Biden Would Rather Be Talking about Donald Trump What He Sees Is Not Republicans Instead of the Issues like Inflation and Especially When It Comes to Things That Democrats Are Running Away from Him on like the Student Debt Bailout That We Saw As Candidates Are Trying to Push Back on the White House.

So That's Very True.

I Mean, I'm Not Sure I'm of Two Minds Were Talking about Joe Biden Magdalena Ridiculous the Comments Were Inflammatory and Responsible.

Not Talking about Inflation When I Talk about His Ridiculous Spending Packages Were Not Talking about His Switch to Comedy Gender.

The to $350 Billion That Technology Is Not There Infrastructure Doesn't Exist and Might Not Exist on the Planet Will Be Capable of, We We Are Not Talking about Anything Else and He Thinks Her Success with the Breakdown of the Border Were Certainly Not Talk about That When I Talk about All Year in A Few Weeks past Afghanistan When I Talk about That Devastating Report That Showed That the Refugees He Came into Our Country Were Not Properly Screened at All in These Third-Party Countries Weather Was Caught, or Oman or Anywhere Else. When We Brought Them out. We Do Know Who Was on the Plane and We Drop Them off Me, Because We Still Did Know Was on the Plane. That's a 36 Page Report Makes the Bite Administration. The State Department Actually off When I Talk about That Sooner Way Than One. The Other Way Is He Looks Unhinged. He Looks Distracted. The Fact That He Says He Had All These Great Things That He Accomplished but Wants to Make Maggot. The Big Story Chose to How Desperate He Is and the Fact Is That These Candidates and Hard Winds to Hard to Win States like Ohio, like Pennsylvania Want No Part of Them. Gov. Chris Wants to See Joe Biden of Florida Former Gov. Crist James R, You're in Florida.

Welcome Good with Anyone about Something When It Returns to His Rightful Place As President. When We See Its Role Are People Going to Jail or Are We Going to Hear More Talking Point Where People Should Go to Jail. Your Democrat for Trump Ought to Know Right Now Wife Watch My Party Affiliation Change Because like You Said It Shouldn't Be Seen As You Democrat I Am and As I Believe the Thing Is to Turn Election Rigging with the Reason My Reagan Romped Was Because They Would Do. Reagan Still Democrats for Reagan so Call Reagan Democrats.

I Have Not Heard Too Many Democrats for Donald Trump at the Thing That Would Change the Calculus and Get Them over 42% Which Means to Win with Son Because like You You You Need Democrat to Say Listen I Just Can't Take This Anymore. Even with the Crazy Tweets in the Inopportune Statements I Much Rather Have Low Regulations. I Much Rather Have Border Security Much Rather Have a Strong Defense That I Don't Use. I Love to Continue with These Trade Deals. I like to Continue the Abraham Accords I Want to Continue to Isolate Iran.

I Want to Be the Answer to the Problems That Europe's Having with Natural Gas and Frak in My Country in Order to Help out Our Allies Because Russia Is Trying to Starve Them. That's What I Hope Other People Will Do, Because the Policies the Country Was Much Better off. The Question Is Reagan Had This Great Personality, Wonderful Speaker, Bob Jolie, Traditional Politician That Actually Said Things Would Consider Much More Radical They Think Donald Trump Ever Said at the Time and Effective Now but Then They Thought Oh My Goodness Is Guys Crazy. He Could Never Get the Nomination, He'll Never Win the Presidency but Would Have What I Would Love to See His Account Run for Office, Who Would You Really Want the Other Party to Vote for Ice or Two Things Happen over the Last Week That Stunned Me. Gov. Chris Saying If Your Rhonda Said to Supporter Your Heater. I Don't Want You to Vote for Me in Gov. Hogle of New York State, Virtually the Same Thing If You're a Republican or Conservative Go to Florida. I Never Heard a Politician Take Don't Vote for Me but That's What I Heard Those Two Times. I Know People That Save Your Democrat or Republican. I Don't Hang out with You If You're out with That My Party and I Want to Take Your Phone Calls but a Politician. I Never Thought Would Have To Be More Discriminant Than That, but Not so Fast We Come Back I'll Take More Your Calls but More Importantly I'll Find out There's Need. There Is a Need to Know More Diving into Today's Top Stories Fry until Made Fox News Contests Network in These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Time Listening Download Now and Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Contest Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business.

Subscribe and Listen. Fox News Contests the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Bright until Made. Those of Us Lucky Enough to Serve Work As Barack Said As Hard As We Can for As Long As We Can, As Long As the People Choose to Keep Us Here and Once Our Time Is up.

We Move on and All That Remains in This Hallowed Place Our Efforts and These Portraits Right Time to Move on. But Why Just a Washington and Be Such a Player. Most People Think They're Still Playing a Huge Role in the Party in the Presidency That Michelle Obama Getting a Portrait Elected Not to Get It from Donald Trump.

I'm Sure Would've Eight More Years before She Came Back Again Because I'm Sure the Trump Should Never Be Acceptable to the Obama's, and She Got Yesterday. Give a Great Speech, but Once She Shows Once He Obama Show up on the Biden's Go Invisible. I'm Just Wondering If There's Even More to Know.

I Cannot Wait for Tonight Not Only Be in Forearm to Be Busy 8 O'clock on the to Be at the Egg in Albany. There Are a Couple of Tickets Left There A Few Tickets Left so Come out and Join Me Bring to Meantime, There's a Game Tonight NFL Football Rams the World Champions Hose the Buffalo Bills.

A Team That Many People Think Will Be a World Champion This Year Will Be at Sophia Stadium. This Will Be the 2022 Kickoff Game. This Is Considered the Best Stadium Rams Were the Best Team I Really Believe This to Be Special. The Cowboys Will Open up on Sunday Night Football Tom Brady and Tempe Boxes on a Plane for Two Weeks. My Goodness, What If That's Enough Time and Money. A Football Game of the Week Will Be a Homecoming of the Ages, Russell Wilson and the Broncos Had the Pacific Northwest to Play Wilson's Old Team the Seattle Seahawks Will See How That Goes. Next, Why Financials Apologetic to a Young Girl This Corporate Visual Because This Guy Walked up This Chrome and Stole a Base for Those Going Right into Our Hands after the Outfield Equip Circulator on Twitter Finding a Fan Throw a Warm up Fall before Beginning Began Depicted out a Good Young Girl with Her Glove Already. All Already Made to to Make the Catch Was Perfectly Thrown. The Only Problem Is This Man Just Walked up with a Juan Soto Jersey and Scooped It up and Took It Walked Away Because Mother Take the Nationals on Twitter and Asked If Our Daughter Could Have Assigned Joey Manasses Ball after What Happened Team Responded and They Gave Him That so Will See What Happens. I Saw the Video I Mean Looked Out Of the Guy's Are but Will Say He Can't Really See the Guys Face Was to Be Vilified around the World. Must Produce Twitter Whistleblower in His Trial to Get Out Of His $44 Billion Deal to Buy the Twitter Platform. The Judge Rules the Case Won't Be Delayed to Avoid Stock-Price Fighting Further so Here It Is.

The Judge, However, Rejected Must Bid to Delay the Case by Four Weeks They Would Risk Further Harm to Twitter the High-Stakes Trial Set to Begin on October 17 in Delaware Must Included Evidence in His His Trial from Whistleblower in the Trial to Get His $44 Billion Deal Done Taken Back by the Security Chief Peter Sacco Will Appear for Deposition to Discuss the Allegations. The Twitter Misled the Mosque about the Spam Accounts on the Site. Next Is He Did Not Purchase Twitter Because a Substantial Portion of Its Users Were Not Real Entertainment Giant Former Chief Executive Said Yangzhou Comes As Elon Musk Is Attempting to Buy Twitter You Just Heard Why Twitter Would Have Been a Global Description Platform for Disney. If the Company Could Have Purchased in 2016 with a Plan to for the World to Change Fast in the Same Time, We Heard the Twitter Was Kind Appointing a Sale That According to Bob Iger That's I Can Help. Elon Musk Next Man More Likely to Have a Financial Risk and Gamble after Getting Good News from a Fortuneteller I've Been Saying This for the Longest Time. Yes Three Experiments Show the Impact of Superstition, Even among Men Who Claim to Be Nonbelievers Revealing That These Superstitions Believers Affect Males Far More Than Females. Men Received a Positive Fortune-Telling.

I Would Posit Tell You Just Post to Your Future Rather Than a Neutral or Negative One Were More Inclined to Take Risks with Their Money. Have You Guys Ever Take onto a Soothsayer. I Have Not.

But Now I Have To I Guess Right.

Would You Be More Reckless If Someone Said to Be Going Your Way Money Is Going to Fall into Your Lap, More Mediums, More Gambling, That's All You Need, You Would Do That As a Man May Be of Depend on the Medium. I Guess Next, No Signal, No Problem.

Apple Debuts Inflation Busting $799 IPhone 13 That Sends Emergency SOS Via Satellite and Calls 911 If You Are in a Crash. The Tech Giant Unveils a Slew of New Price Including Apple Watch Ultra the Extreme Athletes Apples Annual Product Event Unveiled Several New Technologies and Quickly-14, 6 Inch Display and Improve Camera, the Keeping of His Camera Better and Better with Just We Just Average People. We Don't Need the Best Ever in the World.

It Is Apples First Hansen Capable of Connecting to Satellite Internet, Which Can Be Used To Remote Areas Where There Is No Phone Service That Enough of the Game to Go Turning Your Phone. If I Get an Accident 010 People to Call Me.

I'm Wondering How It's Going to Know You're Actually in an Accident Are You to Move Your Phone in a Weird Night out and It's Configuring a Max of Right in My Unconscious Is Getting Hit by the Airbag with the Deal. How Serious Is It Former White House Prosecutor Jen Saki Said Wednesday That She Hopes to Bring Her Passion for Debunking and Calling FBS to Her Upcoming MSNBC Show He Says.

First of All, My Business Is Not Rage When I Called to Do Is Bring the Passion for Explaining Things, Debunking Things Going FBS When You See It As My Neck That's I Cinematic Shop Following BS Is Anything That You Don't Agree with. I Think It's a Little Bit Differently: It out.

My Hunch Is See Jen Saki Don't Help You Guys Are Being Too Tough on Donald Trump. Republicans Really Deserve a Second Look inside the Circle Back with the Fastest-Growing Radio Talk Show Kill Me. Thank You Much for Being Here, but If the Brain Can Only Show 1-866-408-7669 Probably Be Coming to You from 40th and 60 Midtown Manhattan but around the Country Heard around the World Will Talk to the Former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under Prison. Trump Talk about Gavin Newsom's Folly of Converting His State California into a Green State While Also Telling People Don't Use Your Dryer. Don't Use Your Air Conditioner. Get Ready for Rolling Blackouts Talk about Limiting People What We in the 1930s. Anyway, If We Had a Fan Will Be Able to Plug It in. This Technology Is Not Ready and It's Emblematic of That. I Don't Care What Your Intention Is You Need the All of the above Strategy Oil and Gas Is Necessary.

Marti's in a Matter of Moments.

It's One of the Hallmark Issues of Our Future That Affects Everything We Do Victory the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Was Struggling to Pay Their Bills to Make Ends Meet. Food Prices in the Last Year Are up 13% across the United States. That's the Fastest Increase in Food Prices since 1979. Pretty Impressive Center Breast so How Is the Economy Treating You Statue Opals Confirm Americans Are Feeling the Squeeze Everywhere Holding off on Vacations, Gas and Groceries.

What Is Your Economic Reality. Share It with Us at What Point Do We Hold People Accountable. At What Point Will We Help People behind Bars and Understand That Locking Them up in the Private Member Being in the Public Is the Best Solution to the Problem Crime Killing America with Your Gob Zero Cash Bail and Unwillingness to Lockup Career Criminals or Streets Are Overrun with Thugs. When Will Safety and Security Be a Priority Again Radical Congress and Then Opening up around Shot at the Presidency.

But She Says the Country Is to Sexist for It to Happen.

My Experience Here Is Given Me a Front Row Seats Have Deeply and Unconsciously As Well As Consciously. So Many People in This Country Hate Women Exactly That His and Jesse Waters Talk about His Inner Child That Is a Child Speaking out AOC to GQ Saying a Woman Will Get Elected Because Men Hate Women in This Country. What Country Is She from What Country Is She Serving, While the Midterms Went to Sprint As Leader McCarthy Lays out His Plan Should He Be Speaker. Is This a Wise Move. Joining Us down. Marti Sue Knows All about Politics, Security and Everything Else That Will Watch a Post Columnist and Deep Thinker Fox News Mark, First off, We Saw the Sinner Rick Scott Put Some Things in His Vision for the Senate, Should They Get the Majority That Ended up Being Tough Politically.

When He Talked about Putting Some Automatic Withdrawals like Medicare and Medicare, Social Security, and Putting Them at Discretionary Spending. And That Became a Talking Point for the President Could Kevin McCarthy Be in Danger Doing That to His. He Outlines His Own Version of Contract with America.

By the Way, about Queen Elizabeth World Watching What Happening. I Remember on September 11, 2001 When When They When the Towers Came down. She Ordered Me Could Be of the Need Buckingham Palace Guard to Play the Star-Spangled Banner and Regard for the First Time in 600 Years. I'll Never Forget That Moment so Our Prayer under Question What Rick We Should Not Be Modeling Anything Were Doing and What Rick Scott Is Done in the Pentagram in the Senate. That Man Had He He Pulled in a Record Hall of over $180 and Spent It All, Promoting Himself and His Friend Hit to the Point That They're Now Pulling Add in Key Swing for $20 Million Cash Rick Scott You Know It Needs to Be an Investigation into Rick Scott Said He Spent Early Promoting His Hundred Hundred and $80 Million.

We Responded.

I Don't We Don't Know What's Disappear. I Got the Got with him as a front page story this week in the new york times about the water journal reported about it as well. so rick or any rick scott was out there doing that for himself in promoting the plan, but no other republican find on to knowing and and hander joe biden aa a lever with which to handle when no one is agreeing to plan and and there are Committee and mitch mcconnell of heaven to come in at the end and you think leadership candidate.

i hope donald trump is doing thinking a lot about it but he better be rapport and cash in the spotlight wasted 888 record hall in the i am the girl committed and absolute discretion, so rick scott should not be a model for anybody of anything if it's true that that they have the commitment but you can't lock them up for but you shouldn't be certain it should be done. the clinical credit and all of the leadership of that.

right. i sent ron johnson just praised him because he did help mount wisconsin so he is a different view as i know with the new york times reporting is not deftly i know he was asked that our channel yesterday. i'm just looking at what one would McCarthy are outlined here is roughly what is going to announce tomorrow. an economy that strong.

he's gonna focus on moving the supply chain set out of china into asia and into central america nation that say focus on crime and punishment.

i hope it's more than rhetoric always got a plan highlighting was going on the us-mexico border in the future that is free outlining the concerns of the public schools in the government that's accountable. hence, the fbi and some of the chicanery we been witnessing is that planned a dangerous americans need to hear reality we have. biden is the most unpopular president in the history of presidential polling going back to harry truman's crisscross he got critical he would talk a little bit depending on the day with the caveat to that china had every print even every press member of what was against him. he's got a press waiting for him to do something right. ignoring what he did things wrong, like afghanistan, not comparing them. we have lost inflation for the year were collapsing real wages and for decades the worst crime with the 1990 border crisis in american higher Price on record people as you click that 13% people in the country literally be forced to choose between If republican don't produce a red wave.

the selection that that sweeps the democrats out of power in the in the house that our party has taken a real hard look in the mirror. but what's wrong with us because there's only two. the protocol agreement number if possible. the polls are wrong wrong in 2015.

ron johnson is supposedly in the arctic. the average downpour for half-point he was down going into his election in the in 2013 and he won by no people could be wrong. susan collins was superb example of what happened last time� well, your you know i don't know you know now that there was a contractor and that in 2016 more people to come when they really did so well today, but i'll tell you something.

if republican don't win decisively. we figure really hard look at the party and why did it only two possibilities, a lot. while the older type unit people warm up joe biden which i think you and i would agree is not true or than looking at the alternative, the republican party of presenting and saying that no bank and i don't think that that the whole moral lago story has helped the republican party in any way because it's distracted from all bc it from all these issues that we should be talking about and be the democrats want to make the center of attention. there there that that's all you can go if you go to any democratic campaign in the country what it talked about donald trump. donald trump don't come back. donald trump party at mac at all the rest we got it we we we need to focus on that and we're focused on the serial disaster, the joe biden had had inflicted on this country and kevin mccarthy is right you got the right idea, which is we need to let we present an alternative to the american people that are serious and credible and attracted to them so that they don't look back.

i don't like biden, but i really don't like the republicans because that that's what tumblers are to swing bitterly meets wednesday afternoon just about on the poll question. i saw this: the ar people. i'm not sure how valid it is, but he only has to santos with three point lead over gov. crist rubio, the two point lead over val deming's the satin mesh with rejoicing all the cold everywhere type of voting site but you know i again to be wrong but but i believe it we need am worried that we have these races. we pick candidates that are not as strong as they could've been and that the former president was more focused on avenging his personal data from 2020. then he was on making sure the republican party picked up most of the best candidate in the bus when them and the most winnable in the most winnable races, but in this particular state, and welfare to work that are not part it will be the way dobb's decision and you know that you can't blame anyone that's maybe trump for putting conservative judges on but politically, it's challenging. fundamentally, it will republicans ran on for 50 years. figure it out yet and it is probably marginally help democrat democrats are often are bad or energized, but again, if that's the tipping point with all the things it would it would in a end with the worst inflation 44 year collapsing wages crime. the border crisis said that afghanistan all but we can't win in that environment and the abortion decision which is even even though it served as a top priority for a small number of very motivated likely voters then then we're in big trouble because there is no way back in dobb's decision probably could not come at a better time because in a. things were going well in the country that it could be the tipping point, but with all the bad things are happening. i want i don't hear anybody turn around. now we would've wanted what that bx here that we should we, there's no excuse for not winning and not wanting decisively to spiked up.but it made it a little bit of both of the steeper climb than it would've been otherwise. but it should of been, it should not be an issue with it because we picked the wrong candidate, and we didn't call and wait and wait for them to the wrong initiative to the wall across the board. some the key races before we move on sentiment. i think people can quickly get to do is define him as a deposing to tighten. dr. oz is trying is probably to get his debate. it looks like the on debate, but she is basically lower the bar to such a level may himself a sympathetic figure does it do you gotta be very subtle and have some finesse intake at his son. don't you agree. i remember clearly if you walk him compromised 100 and where you literally put it was painful to watch and you know most people look at that and they think while i feel really badly for that guy, but i don't want to be my friend right and then often campaign comes in and slowly. have you eaten a vegetable probably would have struck people looking for the one thing i think more than their more than eight mentally compromised senatorial candidate is a jerk right after who make fun of a guy who had a stroke. you can be really careful, especially in the debate because if sentiment starts stuttering, or stumbling back if peter for tax them back part, people and people don't like that.

you gotta be very careful, be gracious and let fetterman hang himself by his inability to function, not by attacking him very hot. when you submit happened the way that you know mark kirk who is the senator from illinois.

he he had a stroke in 2012 and ran debate and people felt sorry for him, but they ended up voting for somebody else and certainly capable of serving the benedetti let fetterman debate have to debate and and let him show that to the people without without being snarky.

the tweets were new freedom not sealed personally demeaning into sanding so they will go at oz personally to go back. adam not about understood couple things you know because i had a stroke i can't debate i've never heard that answer before you probably can't run. we we move on, it wouldn't be the one he would not be the most mentally compromised intellect with certainty that that's sad but true.

so strom thurmond ran for reelection at 93 i would bear i worked congratulations here is me so quick to recall rose come today in the wall street journal did not, so he talked about elections earlier right, but he talks about alexa denying putting perspective and he said listen, i do not remember this and which is a shame because i was probably covering it. john chided and i hadn't had a stroke so i have an excuse but this year had to be nice to me. so interests of john so did george of the bush wins reelection because he won ohio so james sieber was one of 31 democrats who wanted to deny ohio delegates the right to vote for george w. bush you want.

they want to deny it, they started protesting at conyers was also present in the case onto on behalf of kerry that the election machines were manipulated, backed up by nancy pelosi and says don't go to conspiracy theory: democracy, let alone this from 2016 cut for you can run the best campaign you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you, we were rightly credited, and it really went so you you present julie my vice president. i election laws election but in all russian mean this is out there in the real statesman ring set up and says we got a bad place in this country it happen a lot no weight happen even well for happened to way too much in 2016 and went over the top in 2020. we have to stop it.

that's what a leader does final thought leader, but we don't have what you think they all will not help with recruitment goals reelection and nothing more than a month teasing if you're interested in bryan's talking about it until me. i will bring to me. thanks much for listening. i hope everyone joins me in albany tonight. bpa famous egg capital of new york state. if you're in the area, pennsylvania, new jersey as well as upstate. if you take my website sold out on their website.

there are few seats left so the can't find seats on my site were ticketmaster i would be able to talk 1776, at 1619 give you an idea what's happening in the news and through history. now i was able to put together george larson secret six.

thomas jefferson, the tripoli pirates andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans, sam houston, the alamo avengers then president freedom fighter frederick douglas, abraham lincoln in the battle to save america so well is taking your questions. i want to give everybody a sense of the country therein, with a little bit more depth and texture because people getting he's seeing about statues being taken down tours of james madison's house in thomas jefferson's estate and hearing nothing but negative things about these founding fathers, and i want to push it back and also making a fun stage way the whole thing is fun. it's interactive in the vip opportunities where i can meet you before you got some friends in the area they're coming by that he paid the vip price, and then i'll be able to sign my books of the into and personalize them, whether it's christmas or a big event you have coming up so that sprang to or just go to the egg in albany and get tickets. there are thanks much for listening. don't go anywhere we come back what's going on with the green push in california. is he coming here will talk to them after the trip administration that knows all about it and what to worry about i give you a hint. technologies not there yet.

radio makes you think this is the brian kill me show we recognizably need more in terms of risking our transition to green energy don't think for a second will talk more about the moment that we are not doing anything except accelerating mention what were doing permitting and procurement accelerating that transition to low carbon renewable sources of energy.

yeah accelerating and guess what the california the people that are left there swearing that one of those beautiful states that, with the most potential, most natural resources, people running to the hills for the first time maybe ever.

certainly in my lifetime, but they are getting out and speakers. these retail a lot of s2s ridiculous energy proud these programs that we are not ready for neil chatterjee joins us now former chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission of the present trump you what your reaction to this move by the governor to ban combustion engines.

the sale of combustion engine cars by 2035. two days later he told everyone don't plug in your electric car and don't use your air conditioner for your dryer. this is what happens when you have politicians and not engineers making decisions about something is critical as energy policy and when i served at the federal energy regulatory commission for your listeners to explain why it's important if the agency that's responsible for making sure that one american hit the switch.

the light come on walt californians are in a situation this week where the light are always coming on largely because of these policies that the politicians in california been promote got to a point that was 17 states are following the way to california considering doing the same program you know right now neil. when a ready we will close to getting to mars and we are by running on windmills and solar panels and battery and battery-operated cores. most of the reimburse is located in china were controlled by china where we have in the earth, will and gas gas. the burns clean as well in nuclear technology that is still providing some energy for many states, including california look a lot of exciting possibilities with clean energy and work in the midst of an energy transition and that's a good thing. but the problem is you've got folks like gov. newsom and other state that one of the transition part of the energy transition. we need to have an orderly transition which means were gonna need colleen us natural gas american produced oil to get us through this energy transition.

in this idea that we just wish that tomorrow we can forswear all fossil fuel and moved to hundred percent clean energy is just not realistic if not smart. it's not affordable but most importantly it threatens reliability and something that we take for granite the light come on we hit the switch we may lose that if were not smart you.

it's amazing. i love the all the above strategy. i'm all for moving to a clear environment just to see yourself in some looking up my own country. what would that mean for my security until we found a way to make these batteries without using china find a way to get rid of these batteries without using china or find a way we can have no way of getting were to solar panels even windmill blades. there is, you can't just pretend want to go to this and get some votes to win over the green community when the technology is not there don't you believe that this is against our national interest happening across the atlantic right now to our european allies. they put situation look at germany terminated or taken after the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan move away from nuclear power to meet their carbon goal that they were no longer going to burn coal, they put themselves in a position where they became totally dependent on russia for their natural gas while they moved to accelerate the deployment of renewable they find themselves in a situation now. no nuclear power no call renewable are in a position yet to completely fulfill their energy needs further totally dependent on russia.

we do not, as americans will be affected. robot all of the above energy availability energy dominance really here in the us we could never find ourselves in a situation that our european allies currently are in you suggesting is i spoke to a gas at a family-owned gas company the other day with old offenders. there and i got such an education on the intricacies of that business, and other being vilified unjustly while really driving this country and it really more responsible than anybody else for industrial revolution to be this economic superpower. there we are today and politicians are trying to make gains by ripping into them and they said listen world for renewables were putting money into technology but there's a push to divest from their companies because of this woke this in these investment corporations did you see that happening during the trump years, i renew it so interesting and ironic and ironic. the wrong word, maddening. you hear people talk about using about the end of the energy infrastructure in america today i met with my regular counterparts around the world energy system is the envy of the world.

the rest of the world want to learn from how we can provide portable, reliable, and clean energy and yet you hear policymakers, lawmakers, leaders in our country and they talk about our energy, as it were, like a banana republic visa were not helping your most defining way to start building lng terminals to get them natural gas we could be the number one customer type. this is capitalism and its cool friendship, being allies instead you got germany begging tyler to pick up the pace and they said no.

what is so bad about natural gas maddening when i was it for commission meeting sec. rick perry with the department energy. people make fun of us because we use the term freedom because we are trying to make the case that clean us lng natalie is good for the economy here at home. not only is beneficial geopolitically to giving our allies an alternative to russia.

it also good to the environment clean us lng knocking out dirty russian gas actually help lower pollution and climate change. i don't understand why the for 50 complex decision for the biden administration to make the win win win and they're trying to placate their environmentalist base by slowing down the knee of the permitting and regulation around elegy export at a time when it would help our economy would help our ally and the environment is your guest will be chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission of the present from so i guess is this fossil fuels kisses from the ground and the just symbolism, but unfortunately i think the average american wants to flip was put their hand on the switch. flip it up and have the lights go on, i think the average american wants miller walk into their bedroom and put the air conditioner.

we are used to that you we are used to be able to go tape a little bit too much for guest meal at a guess of our cars but now to be harder to find a gas station and is going to be will going to get used to regulations and mornings like this. listen to gavin newsom earlier this week to californians cut 31. everyone has to do their part to help step up for just a few more days individuals. the state industries business all doing their part to help reduce strain on the grid they hear specifically what you can do in the early morning hours particular. tomorrow the next day or so, pretty cool your home run air-conditioning earlier in the day when more power is available. we encourage you close your windows and blinds to keep your home cool as well and today and tomorrow afternoon after 4 pm. in particular, 4 pm please turn your thermostat up to 70� or higher, and avoid to the extent possible, using any really large appliances since world war ii. you know what is going on here is just the depression by good and i totting california youth. now you to make those adjustments and you act like you showing leadership you did this time, but that totally jimmy carter called put on a sweater. pretty cool your house is 78� hundred and five outside untenable and the reality is he's not admitting to his constituents, hands, policy decisions that put them in the he and him and and and politicians in california decided to retire, natural gas plants which are now saving them while they still needed them. they were trying to retire a nuclear plant which is critical to keeping the lights on their network person course. on that because they haven't been listening to the engineers they've been making political decisions to a pay appease a political base, not focusing on what it takes to keep the lights on for california is in so my shellenberger democrat two was on target last night and he's been all over this. he's also using the term maddening in the past saying where's the logic aren't you working for the people cut 35 people that move away from traditional religion.

they basically turn nature into a new god, a new victim god that that one have a want to take orders from men on the other hand they want to harmonize with her renewables, but the problem is the weather doesn't cooperate.

so we haven't had as much water for hydroelectricity direction getting 10% less electricity from carbon free sources today than we were 10 years ago and now you have people burning wood using coal. congratulations. so since the thing meal. sometimes in life you could tell people things over and over again, but until they do it, and fail.

that's the only were there. learn to i mean, since we don't we don't seem to get european newspaper. i do not know this to paying $11 a gallon for gas into it. until we understand insert experiencing the pain and the folly of the policies not the circumstances. the policies then nothing changes for people to wake up and recognize the flawed approach and it shouldn't come to that the power going out dangerous. let's not kid ourselves. we take for granted the reliability that we have in this country that one is really really hot we can turn on the ac and what is really really cold. we can heat our home and think about where we would be if we didn't have that reliable delivery of electricity. i don't want to find out about you know that the disaster that will emanate from these bad policies preemptively just be smart about that again. this great opportunity. nuclear energy. don't get me wrong, i'm excited about the future possibilities of solar and origins of the technology, but while we feel that let's not put ourselves in the dangerous position by taking political stances against fossil fuels that have enabled our economy to grow to this point and enter keeping like this if you allow terminals be billed by states and then you sigh. well you know when i can have enough power to charge a test or your fault. you could actually control the terminal and he said tell people i'm asking not to drive. you could tell them when i can be used to dress and we can also heal that day when you have the smart homes he walking is a put on the lights, locked the door when you say put on the air conditioner and it says no.

i mean you can at the state level have your house and your car, turn on you right horrifying thought that something like that which is not there yet.

neil all of the above strategy in a kind Of the society i come in with a hybrid car.

this can you get me more miles to the gallon to the burn clean and be competitive moneywise. i'm getting which, if you can make me get a hybrid car will give me $25,000 for the taxpayer money to get a car that when i can't get another one visit to get my first one and then my battery technology. you tell me it's in a cost me the same amount to get a car $20,000 to get a new battery is supposed to last between five and 10 years, but nobody really knows and that's the life that joe biden is jamming down our throats. i am beyond outraged just final thought on advice to people listening. let the markets work.

government get out of the way and many years in the economy and free market determine our energy future politician meddling all you're doing is creating problems neil, thanks so much.

thank you for having 1-866-408-7669 member will be in albany tonight you tickets left.

don't go to my website it looks like it sold out there some tickets left on the egg in albany and then i'll see you tonight live in about seven hours will be on stage. talk about the news talk about red white and blue were also following the queens health. they had the family scrabbling to the hospital.

doesn't look good for the 96-year-old more we come back trying to meet you learning something new every day, for i am kill ratio breaking loose unique opinions. all brian kill me show so it is no exact is funny i listen, composure, and the tenancy was terrible and he knows it. and you know the first way is a great speaker and they totally outshine present biden and you almost feel bad for her present biden present obama shows up. peter was on wabc new jersey hey peter, brian person know little while ago maybe half energy sec. and going through a loose things about why republicans don't win or whatever and then he picked marti's and i'm sorry you picked up on what he said the system disparaging about the person that's no ill. you notice that we have to. when i say we repress is so one-sided. of course you have your show time shows but they're not the sunday shows it's not pdf it's not abc seven bc. you know there's like a million of those shows will have on anybody that says trumps that this or said that biden consumer say anything like that about megan woodruff. trump said that about democrats using pride being panels all over the place on every channel. see it's not that way with the republicans they have to put 2 feet and schuller favored that expression about everything.

therefore there fighting from behind all the time because of the press if the press was ever fair. it's more like propaganda. i swear it is getting worse as these do you hear people in our channel all time going after st. trump was wrong about this trouble, the investigation trauma and people go crazy in asia. what are you doing now. it's like he just got a call what you might agree with term policies. but think what you take the paperwork back to malaga.

you'll never hear that another channel you go the overall price they could get away with not know you were saying this person said about the with dr. i said about the other person was disparaging right by the rest of them are disparaging every minute of social media and in bodily nonstop to trump.

i just think the attacks they have on ozzie want to make him unworthy actually in the season qualify woody mimi's unqualified old to be a politician, never supposed to be a professional politician, the benjamin franklin to the world was supposed to put their careers on hold and say i gotta serve it on to serve as vice president rather run a college that said thomas jefferson you like i'm in a service secretary state i would do too long. washington want to stay retired and want to be a politician because i put a business memory. my father go back now is the original intent so ben carson says he ill and prayed surgically back to the country. i think a pretty smart guy, i will be d hud sec. charlie present to be well-rounded demos as to ringback businessman herschel walker want to be for the center. what's wrong with that. that's cuddling supposed to be, as opposed to this dose is 61 years might have a better campaign speech over 100 meteorologists and land resources. a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber. listen now if fox is not or wherever you get your

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