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Bodies In Christ - 5 Keys To Kingdom Health Part 5

Bodies in Christ / Micheal R James
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June 15, 2024 8:00 am

Bodies In Christ - 5 Keys To Kingdom Health Part 5

Bodies in Christ / Micheal R James

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June 15, 2024 8:00 am

Michael continues discussing the 5 Keys to Kingdom Health, and has a conversation with this week's guest, Dr. Gilmore from The Crawford Chiropractic Clinic. Bodies In Christ provides helpful understanding to get you back on the path to better health.

Bodies in Christ
Micheal R James

Hi, this is Roy Jones with ManTalk Radio Podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination. Your chosen Truth Radio Broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. This is Mike James with Bodies in Christ, a Kingdom Health transformation.

I hope everybody's doing well out there today. And so, we're going to get started. We have been going over the five keys to biblical health, or your best health ever. And so, we had gotten through some of the keys the past few weeks. Of course, one of the keys was having a vision for your health. That's one of the keys to making this all happen. And then, understanding God's plan for your health.

That was another key that's crucial and critical. And then, believing that plan enough to commit to it. So then, that's the question that comes up as far as what is the commitment level to the vision and to the plan that God has given you.

And then, start with for yourself, because a part of that plan is going to be what you decide to do with the plan that you have and the plan that God has given you for your health. So now, one of the areas where I talk a lot about, and I'm just going to get into this a little bit today, and then we're going to have a guest come on, somebody I'm looking forward to having a conversation with, one of our sponsors, that's also in the health and wellness space. And they're going to be able to share with us quite a bit of just some information, some great information. I'm going to learn a lot. Hopefully, you will learn a lot as well when we have our guest on here in a few minutes. The renewing of the mind is a key component of anything we're doing as we're growing in Christ or anything that we're trying to do to advance to another level. And it's the same thing as it relates to health. The renewing of the mind is a key ingredient because you cannot advance with the same mindset.

That's the main thing that has to change, is mindset. So now, one of the scriptures we know about renewing the mind is found in Romans 12, verse one and two. So I'm going to read that.

All of you all probably are familiar with it, but I'm going to read it. It says, Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship.

And then some translations will say this is your reasonable service. Don't be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is, his good, pleasing and perfect will. So as this relates to health, that's one of the key components. And what I do in my classes and other areas is challenge us to renew our minds around things as it relates to health, because what's normal and the world's way is not the way that's going to be best for your health and kingdom health as we talk about that.

So one of the things you can do is go to the number five keys, K e y s dot live, and you can download the rest of the keys as well as a workbook to kind of work through that. And it also give you access to our master class that we do. That's free to help you start your journey, because I know some people out there looking for weight loss transformation, looking for other things like, you know, just to be on top of the health game. They may have some issues you're dealing with, and that's what we're here for, really, to take you to that next level as it relates to your health. Now, speaking of health, there's a guest that we have with us today, and I'm excited to introduce them to the Light Church, as it's called, because they are a sponsor of the program here, and they felt like it was important to get the message out on health. And so they're in the health field, in the health space, and do a great job. I've been knowing Dr. Crawford with Crawford Chiropractic Clinic for almost the whole time he's been in the Greensboro area, so about 27 years. But also he has one of his doctors from his office that's joining us here today, Dr. Gilmore, so I'm going to introduce her to you all, and then we're going to have a conversation.

She's going to share a lot with us in reference to the chiropractic field and how it benefits our health, and I'm going to learn a lot today just like you are. So, Dr. Gilmore. All right, Dr. Gilmore. All right, just hold on one second here. All right. Okay. So we just have a little, just the technical difficulty here, but that's okay.

And we'll have Dr. Gilmore on in a couple of minutes here. But as I was saying in reference to renewing of your mind, that's one of the key components to transformation. And how do you renew your mind? You have to get new information. You have to get information that you haven't had before, or heard before, or haven't applied before, and that has to be the guidelines and the baseline for change. Because change will not happen if you're still operating off of old information. See, the same information that you're operating off of now cannot take you to another level.

Because if it could, that's where you'll be at right now. So, one of the things about transformation, as I mentioned, is you have to operate off of new, and not just new information, but good information, and information that's beneficial for where you're trying to go. So, as we look at that, and I want you to think about this and ask yourself this question, how does your mind have to be transformed based on where you are right now? If you look at where you are health-wise, and again, some people out there in great health, you're in the best health you've ever been in, and I may not be talking to you. But if you're a listener out there, and you have thought about your health, or you're in a situation where you feel like there's some things you could do to improve your health, and it doesn't matter, whatever the area is, whether it's weight loss, I know that's a lot of people's concern, because the doctors will tell you, hey, if you lose a few pounds, then this will be better for you.

Or if you lose a few pounds, that will be better for you. So, you know, whatever that area is, you know, where's your mind around that right now? So again, hey, I'm going to shift gears right quick, because y'all know if you've been listening for a few weeks, I get into teaching mode, I can just keep going and lose track of time. We had a little technical difficulties, but I do believe I have Dr. Gilmour on now. So without any further delay, Dr. Gilmour? Yes. Hello, everyone. Can you hear me now? Yes.

Yes, we can hear you. How are you doing? I am doing fantastic. Great. That's wonderful. That's wonderful. I'm glad you were able to join us today. We had a little technical difficulty, but we're rolling right now. Yes. And I'm excited to be on today. Absolutely. Absolutely.

So what I'll do is I'll go ahead and I have a couple questions for you. One, I'm going to start with what was the reason or why did Crawford Chiropractic Clinic decide to partner with us with this initiative on health and wellness as it relates to the body of Christ? Well, most people, when you think of chiropractic, you typically think of just car accidents. And chiropractic is so much more than that.

As you were saying previously about renewing your mind, renewing your mind also means thinking outside of the box in terms of health and wellness. Many times you don't think about chiropractic, which helps with the nervous system, the skeletal system and the muscular system. And it's pivotal, especially the nervous system, because the nervous system controls every organ, muscle and tissue throughout the entire body.

And what protects it is the skull and the spinal column. So most people don't know that. So what we're trying to do at Crawford Chiropractic is to educate the community about the importance of having a healthy spine and nervous system. So that is one of the reasons why we're on this awesome radio station. And we just support what you are doing and the information that you are putting out to the community in terms of health and wellness.

And truly, what is wealth is your health. So that is one of the reasons why we partner with you, the primary reason. Because you basically, what we do is something that you're doing too. We're putting out information and then also we're backing it up when you come into the office. We back it up with making sure that you understand and educate you about chiropractic, even if you come in for a motor vehicle accident.

OK, awesome. Now, Dr. Gilmour, as I mentioned earlier, I've been knowing Dr. Crawford, I think since he came to Greensboro. So we go back a pretty good ways. But if you will, just share a little bit about yourself and your background and how long you've been here.

And also, after doing that, you can get into what you did, some of that. But explain exactly what chiropractic treatment is. First and foremost, let me just say this about Crawford Chiropractic and Dr. Anthony Crawford, who established Crawford Chiropractic in 1997. He was the first African-American chiropractor in Greensboro. So he's made history and he's been in a pillar of the community for the last 28 years, 27 years. And I, on the other hand, I have been in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had a practice in Charlotte for the last 26 years, going on 26 years.

And I've been knowing, Dr. Crawford and I have been knowing one another for a while. It's actually full circle because I'm an Aggie. I graduated from A&T Aggie Pride.

Aggie Pride. But my husband is from, he's actually from Greensboro. And we have been talking actually for the last 15 years about relocating here. And we've kind of been going back and forth.

And God has been opening up and leading me in a different direction. And I think that's one of the reasons why we're partnering my practice in Charlotte for 25 years, 26 years. Basically, I did a lot of nutrition as well as chiropractic and auto accidents and so on and so forth. But I recently written a book which, you know, I want to go global with educating people about the things that they should eat.

The name of the book is Should You Eat It? And it's a revolutionary tool to help your body choose the foods that it needs. So along with that, what we're doing is we are partnering together so that we can look at every single aspect of health to help our community through chiropractic care, through nutrition, and through our experience. You're talking over, you know, 60, almost 60 years of experience between the two of us.

Wow, yes. That's a lot of experience. Yeah, and we have a passion for our community. So yeah, so I love what I do. Dr. Crawford loves what he does.

And as you know, it's very hard sometimes to find the right person to work with or that's on the right, you know, you're moving in the right direction at the right time. And so I think now just everything just kind of fell in place, fell into place. My husband wanting to move back to Greensboro and Dr. Crawford, you know, wanting to add to his practice additional things and us knowing one another prior to, everything just kind of worked out, you know. And I'm bringing nutrition as well to the chiropractic office here.

And so that's pretty much it. So like I said, I'm originally from New Jersey. I'm an A&T graduate. I've been living in Charlotte for the last 25 years, 25 and a half years in lecture and altar.

We're going to go to a break right quick here, but hey, we're not going anywhere because this information is wonderful. So when we come back, we're going to pick right up and get into more of Crawford Chiropractic Clinic in Dr. Gilmour. If you or your loved one are facing challenges of intellectual development of disabilities or mental health diagnosis, Choice Behavioral Health and Consultative Services understand, and they're here for you. Crystal Nickerson, owner and director, has been called by God into the role of pastoral counseling. She believes that the right relationship with God can transform lives, fostering right relationships with one another.

Call her today at 336-218-5176, where faith meets compassionate care. If you're in need of relaxation, rejuvenation, we'll look no further than Gifted Healing Massage and Body Work. Owned by Angerica Artis, a licensed massage therapist since 2021.

She sees her abilities as a gift from God that's meant to be used for healing and edification. Experience the benefits of consistent massage therapy, reduce stress, relieve pain and support the body's natural healing processes. Call Angerica Artis at 336-448-3511. Kingdom Builders Associates KBA was established in 2018 out of a heart to build trust and value for each client's experience and with the mission to advance the kingdom of God. One reason KBA exists is to set a precedent for and create the standard of excellence in the construction industry. That's excellent customer service through excellent craftsmanship by skilled craftsmen managed by highly qualified professional project managers. Visit them online at If you're tired of living with pain, Crawford Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Greensboro community for 30 years helping patients recover from accidents and promoting overall health. Their compassionate team is there to support you and your journey to wellness. With Crawford Chiropractic, you're not just a patient, you're family. Remember at Crawford Chiropractic Clinic, they've got your back.

Visit them and experience the difference. Call 336-373-8344 and online at All right, we're back here live in the studio. And again, I have a special guest online with me, Dr. Gilmour from Crawford Chiropractic Clinic. So we're going to get back into this, Dr. Gilmour.

So you were talking about, you know, being here from Greensboro, but also at another question I want to ask you. So a lot of people don't know the difference, but how does chiropractic differ from traditional medical treatments? The difference is as a chiropractor, one of the things at Crawford Chiropractic, what we like to do is get to the root cause of whatever your issue is. So when you come into the office, one of the things that we do is we, you know, do the normal vital signs, motor tests, orthopedic tests.

We do also x-rays. And once we determine that, we come up with a treatment plan that fits. Once we determine what your chief complaint and what your issue is, we come up with a treatment plan to resolve, to get to the root cause of your issue. So through, and we do that through chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments is actually the alignment. So when the vertebra go out of alignment, and the vertebra can become misaligned due to things like poor posture, stress, and of course any kind of traumas.

Traumas could be slip and falls, athletic injuries, and motor vehicle accidents. When the bones become misaligned, you have improper biomechanics, right? And then you also can have inflammation as well as muscle tightness and fixations and nerve impingement. So the chiropractic, once we determine what vertebra are out of alignment, the chiropractor does what is called a chiropractic adjustment. You also may hear it as manipulation or alignment. And when we align it, align the bones, what it does is it removes any type of nerve impingement. It also releases any kind of nerve impingement, releases any kind of fixations. In addition to alignment of the spine, we also adjust extremities.

Extremities is anything from shoulders, knees, wrists, ankles. We adjust that as well. And what we find a lot of times when people have aches and pains, like in their neck or their lower back or headaches and so on and so forth, it could be due to misalignments. And most of the time we don't think about that. We have a tendency to take some type of medication to block the pain, and we don't get to the root cause.

So, yes. I'm sorry, I was going to just follow up a question on. Now when you say nerve impingement, what exactly is that and what type of issues can stem from nerve impingement? Okay, so when you think of your nervous system, think of your brain, your spinal cord, and your spinal cord has branches of nerves off of your spinal cord. And those branches of nerves actually are correlated to each of the vertebra. So you have your neck, which you have seven vertebra in your spine, and each of those vertebra on each side, the right and left side, has nerves that actually branch off of them.

Same thing with the thoracic spine, which is the mid-back. You have 12 vertebra there, and then you have nerves on each side that branch off. And if any of those vertebra become misaligned, it's possible that that misalignment could cause the bone of the vertebra can cause pressure on the nerve. So when we say nerve impingement, we mean pressure on that nerve.

So wherever that nerve is sending the signal to, whatever part of the body, it can cause pain or irritation or it could affect the function of that particular organ or gland which that nerve is supplying. So nerve impingement means that the nerve is being irritated or pinched, and it could be pinched either through the vertebra or also the disc. And the disc is the cushion in between each of the vertebra, okay? The disc is the cartilage.

You have to have something between each bone, otherwise it would, you know, you would have bone on bone. So the cartilage is in between there, and you may hear sometimes there's a herniated disc or a bulging disc. Well, sometimes when you have trauma, those discs can become swollen or they can actually slip out of place, and that can also impinge the nerve too.

So then, you know, there's other type of modalities in addition to, that we do in the office in addition to the adjustment that we do to decrease the inflammation and to help facilitate in getting the disc back into proper place as well. So now those things can, I mean, it can affect overall health in some other areas as well, I assume. Yes, absolutely, because the nervous system supplies all 11 systems of the body. So a lot, if you have, say, a nerve impingement, like in the neck, not only does that nerve affect the neck, but it also may supply the eyes, it may supply the brain, it may supply the signs, it supplies different areas.

So we sometimes focus on, you know, every person, like many people that come into the office, they'll say, oh, I have sciatica when they have lower back pain, everybody has sciatica. It's funny because you hear that terminology, but that nerve coming from the lumbar spine or the lower back, what other organs or glands does it supply? Does it also supply the intestines? Does it supply the stomach? Where does it supply besides just the legs and the lower back? So we have to think of the nervous system supplying everything. It's the most important system of the body. So when we adjust you, not only are we helping your lower back, but we're also helping other organs and glands within the body.

So now let me ask you this, and this has gone by far too quickly, but let me ask you this question. So how can chiropractic care be used as a preventive measure rather than just receiving reactive treatment? Well, anyone can come in to chiropractic where if you're interested in just getting an examination, just in x-rays, just to see how healthy your spine is, to see whether or not, you know, we have patients that come in for motor vehicle accidents. We have people that come in because they have arthritis and they have other issues. And we have some patients that come in just because they want to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. And that's what we want to educate the community to let them know it's not just about aches and pains, you know, it's about being healthy.

And just like if you, let me give an example. Let's talk about your car, right? So you get your tires aligned and, you know, you get your oil changed, you do all of these different things as prevention.

A lot of times you don't wait until, you know, the oil light comes on, you're going to change it every 3,000 miles, right, just so that you can prevent. So it's the same thing with your spine because there's so much stress these days, the posture, you know. We're constantly looking at these electronic devices and our heads are in downward positions and we're leaning over and that's causing sprain of the muscles and tissues of the neck.

And next thing you know, you have stiff neck and you're having issues, things are out of alignment in the cervical spine or in the neck. So why not come in and just get an assessment? And also, you know, I feel like we need to have a health team. So we need someone to help us maintain a healthy nervous system, a healthy spine. We need someone to help maintain a healthy teeth so we have our dentist. We need someone to, you know, get our lab work so we have our regular MD that we go to to make sure our numbers.

But we always forget the aspect of the healthy spine and nervous system and that's the chiropractor. That's part of the team that everybody needs, the member of the team that the community needs to add to their health and wellness. Awesome. That's awesome. Dr. Gilmore, we're going to have to do a part two. This has been so interesting and we're up against the clock right now, but this has been very interesting and informative. I'm learning a lot from this, so I'm sure our listening audience is as well. And so I want to thank you for coming in today, but we will definitely have to schedule a part two. Absolutely.

Absolutely. So again, OK, can I say something before we leave? I just wanted to put this out there. If you want additional information, you can go to Crawford Cairo dot com. That's C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D Cairo C-I-R-O dot com. And then our telephone number is three three six three seven three eight three four four. We would love if you have any questions, you know, give us a call. We are here for you. This is the Truth Network.
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