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The Sovereign God of History - 14

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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June 27, 2021 7:00 pm

The Sovereign God of History - 14

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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June 27, 2021 7:00 pm

Pastor Mike Karns continues his teaching series in the book of Revelation.

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This morning we have come to one of the great chapters in the Bible. Chapter 4 of the book of the Revelation and why speak of great chapters of the Bible your mind.

Perhaps runs to Romans chapter 8 John chapter 3 Isaiah chapter 53 Hebrews chapter 11. Perhaps the four Christological passages of the New Testament Matthew chapter 1 there easy to remember because role chapter 1 Matthew chapter 1 Colossians chapter 1 Hebrews chapter 1 in John chapter 1, those great passages that set Christ before us.

What makes Revelation for great is that it is here, along with Revelation chapter 5 that we have the most informative extensive and the most detailed description of heaven found anywhere in the Bible John is transported to heaven in the spirit and is given a vision of the glories and the splendor of heaven, and he has permitted to give a detailed description of what he saw and what he heard and what he experienced no this is not the ordinary, common, everyday experience, there's only one other person in the New Testament, who also was taken to heaven.

That being the apostle Paul and likewise in a vision. He was transported he says into the third heaven, he says in second Corinthians chapter 12 in verse four, but unlike John, he was forbidden to speak of what he saw and what he heard so you may have been taken bit back when I said this is one of the great chapters of the Bible you may have thought well I never thought of Revelation fours one of the great perhaps you do know now you know why.

If we want to know what heaven is like we better go to the word of God and not go to the bestseller rack at the Christian bookstore and read about people who claim to have died and gone to heaven and saw this and saw that it's amazing to read some of those books and what people recount to have experienced and compare with what we find in the word of God be a bit troubling.

Several weeks ago, and perhaps maybe a month ago by now. I came to a settled piece about moving ahead. Our study of Revelation and I did not come to that settled piece very quickly nor easily, but I've committed myself as God wills in the coming weeks and months in God. Terry's is coming to preach through the book of Revelation, who much prayer and many considerations led to this decision. Your encouragements, your desire to hear an exposition of the book. So this morning and a way that's very out of the ordinary. I want to give a rather extended introduction and lay some groundwork and some markers and just some things that I think we need to keep in mind in order for the study to be helpful and profitable. I want to bring an orientation set before you mindset and remind you of some things that I trust will keep us anchored and focused so that our study together will be blessed of God and profitable, and fruitful. The first thing go back to the beginning of the book of the Revelation.

The first thing that we need to be reminded of and keep our self anchored to is that this book is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Notice the first words of chapter 1 verse one the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The entire book is written to unveil to reveal to display the person and work of Jesus Christ.

And we do not. In our study and our trek through the book Revelation, we do not want to lose sight of him. Revelation is the revealing of what Jesus Christ has accomplished and folks keying well save his people from their sins, he will bring it all to a glorious consummation and will see that as we move through the book of Revelation.

Revelation must not be disconnected from the rest of Scripture. It is a part of the whole. It is a part of the great drama of redemption. You know this. The Bible is a history book and when you take the words history.

It is his story. It is the history of God's dealings with humanity and it's a four-part story, we can summarize the entire Bible. Under these four heading.

There is what creation there is rebellion there is redemption and there is finally restoration in our focus in the book of the Revelation is on restoration. God is moving all things, and history toward a climax. God always finishes what he starts. God is working toward a determined end that is the restoration of a broken world marred by sin and rebellion, sometimes we lose sight of the big picture and we are so focused on the individual benefits that come to us in Christ that we forget that Jesus really did accomplish something through his death and his resurrection and the rest of history is the unfolding the revealing of what Jesus Christ has accomplished and there is a great restoration coming where and dwell at perfect righteousness. Sometimes we fail to re-re-realize that even creation will be redeemed that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and all things are marching toward that predetermined end. I want to assure you and maintain. I promise you that I will attempt to maintain a posture of humility we perceive on more than gripped by the reality that I do not have all the answers we will encounter some very perplexing things that will be hard for us to understand and I will refrain for the most part of being dogmatic. There are places where it will be appropriate to be dogmatic and I will be but in those places where great men, brilliant men, men smart, but much more studied much more. Learn much more brilliant that I am have studied and come to different conclusions. It demands that we keep a humble posture. We must resist the temptation and I'm asking you to resist the temptation to have your guard up to me would be sitting there and having your guard up in your waiting for me to say something and with that Philip my inbox with your reputation, I'm not.

I don't mind receiving your emails and I don't mind discussing things with you but listen, none of us have arrived. None of us have perfect knowledge. When you begin to understand that great man and I am talking the pillars of the church across history have disagreed about eschatology right were not gonna have unanimity were not all going to agree were not all going to see everything the same as just the way it is a little uncommon for me to ask a question but I'm ask a question and get your response because I'm curious and after tonight I'll be preaching on Sunday night and I will get the opportunity to ask you and get your response. I want to do it this morning and that is how many of you in your exposure to the subject of eschatology that is the study of end times have been exposed to the premillennial pre-tribulation position. How many of you have been schooled. Learn sat under a study of eschatology of a different persuasion, we will seek to honor one great hermeneutical principle. Many other hermeneutical principles, but one that stands out because of what were going to do here this morning. Revelation chapter 4. And that is letting Scripture interpret Scripture you got to see things are going up images and symbols and pictures in your gonna weapon the world. These four living creatures with eyes before and behind.

If you're just left your own imagination. Can you imagine what you could come up with but we have the benefit of returning to other places in Scripture and finding what those creatures are God tells us, so we are going to try and honor that tried-and-true hermeneutical principle we will. I will avoid as much as possible, imposing the system of theology on the text and instead look to know the meaning of the text free as much as possible from my and your theological presupposition. Now that's easy to say and it's really hard to do because we bring a perspective whether we realize it and acknowledge it or whether we don't and it's going to be hard for some of us because we have come to settle positions on eschatology by reading and learning from other people from reading books and from perhaps a Sunday school teacher or pastor some other place in the be this consternation in us to hold onto what we've been taught and resist changing our mind simply because what's what I've always been told that's what someone some talk me and it'll feel almost like a betrayal like what if I change my mind. I see something different feel like I betrayed this person or this person that that taught me that I've loved and so on and so forth to listen to me if that person it is no longer here is in heaven.

Glory only tell you what they want for you, don't want you to know the truth as it is in Jesus. Okay, that will trump every other desire that will be far more important to them than your loyalty to what they taught you numb nuts saying with what they taught you was right or wrong. I'm just simply saying that we must understand that we hold onto things very very tenaciously because while I believe this for 35 years pocketed me any different. Perhaps it will help us to think about how some of us came to our understanding of the doctrines of grace when overcome a lot when overcome thoughts like will wait a minute you mean to tell me that the vast majority of people that I know who claim to be Christians are wrong about this. Could that possibly be. I grew up in a good church. I heard it and it was all you know the things you had overcome in your mind. Yes hard.

Let me remind you of something else that whatever study Bible you have, whether it is a Reformation study Bible, whether it is a MacArthur study Bible is good as those study notes might be they are not inspired right. The only thing inspired between the front.

The leather cover of your Bible, or whatever cover your Ms. made of is the word of God. Sometimes were reading the notes along with our study Bible and we think will that's got to be true.

That's got to be at well those are those are words put there by men and I promise you I can have one study Bible here in another study Bible here and they very much disagree in the study notes somebody's not right press about not right.

Okay. And again I'm just it just calls for you Millie humiliation, humbleness, teacher boldness, Revelation is a picture book. It's full of symbolic language and images. It is not a codebook. What I mean by that. It is not a codebook is not a codebook where those who are the smartest can crack the code and tell you and everyone else. The secret meaning now. My fear is that the book Revelation is been treated that way that it is a secret code and are few people that have the secret code and they go around the country and a whole prophecy seminars people flock to the seminars because they got the code they can unlock the mystery I'll know what the what the book of Revelation means now why we need to be careful with that, the book of the Revelation is assigned the genre of prophecy and you know your Bible is made up of various genres.

There's historical narrative and there's the wisdom literature's and poetry, there's the Gospels, the nurse, the epistles that explain the gospel. Then there are portions of the word of God that are those are designated the genre of prophecy. Daniel here Ezekiel here, the book of the Revelation. Now Revelation is prophecy that does not mean that it is future in the entirety of its book.

I Jesus gives instruction to John in chapter 1 in verse 19 about what is to do with what he hears and sees. This is what we find in Revelation 1 verse 19 this is Jesus telling John the apostle, write the things which you have seen, past tense and the things which are present tense and the things which will take place after this future tense, so anybody who tells you that the book of Revelation is entirely future is not because there are things here that are present there are things here that are passed, and there are things and a lot of the things are yet. Be careful of those who tell you that the book of the Revelation is mainly history. Most of what you read is already taken place. I believe that to be wrong as well. Not to say that on some things that are already taken place, because that's what Jesus told John write the things which have which you have seen in the things which are, so there's some things that are given to John the knees to record that are past tense, even from his perspective. So, in summary, the book of the Revelation encompasses reality from the perspective of the past or present in the future. I say reality.

I do know what comes to your mind when you think of vision times we think well if someone has a vision that it's kinda mixed with their imagination and how trustworthy is it in how real is it in. Listen, the visions are recorded for us. Here are reality.

This is more real than anything that we know and can experience in this life. This is reality. It is inspired text.

What John is privileged to see and hear and experience.

By way vision is recorded for us and it's inspired by God and is for our benefit must be reminded of one more thing that is written in chapter 1 in verse three it says blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this process of prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near.

Did you hear that there is blessing promised and met for those who read this book and for those who here the words of this prophecy. So in other words, this is supposed to bless you this study that we have embarked on it and are going to continue on is Matt and intended to bless you. It is not meant to produce fear and you is not meant to make you argumentative, it is not meant to divide us and be some test of fellowship if you don't see it my way.

I want anything to do with you, I listen if blessing is promised to those who read it and those who hear it. What blessing you think now's not written here, but I'm just thinking do you think God has a blessing reserved for those who study it and trust the Holy Spirit for to illuminate their minds that they might understand it a right.

I think yes when Mark Webb was here for spring Bible conference. We were talking and he was asking me about my preaching and I told them where I was where I was gone and he said, oh boy here a courageous man here going where angels fear to tread and he relayed the conversation he had with a man who was of the millennial dispensational view and that he just in a casual conversation.

He said to the man. He said we do, you do know that in Revelation chapter 4 verse one that that it was John.

John was called up, not the church that was called and he said the man got hot under the collar and that was in the conversation. I said that's sad as well. Look at that in a moment I was going to show you what it says so that the subject here the subject of eschatology is very polarizing and it has the potential to create heat and division and I'm not interested in that. I'm really not. And we come to the book of the Revelation you say you know what I have as many questions as I had before.

I do know this and I and I learned this and that that may be where we where we come down. I've never done what I'm doing.

I read lots of material lots of books, took classes in Bible college and seminary, but I've never preached to the book of the Revelation so it's an adventure for me and again I promise you that I will work hard. I will pray I will study. I will depend on God and will see where this study takes us because there's no way I could tell you where we were going to lead us. That took me 20 minutes. I knew it would. Someone to take the last 25 minutes to turn you to the text of Scripture. Revelation chapter 4. Notice with me. The opening words of verse one that says after these things after these things.

We will look and take note of those words as we make our way through the book they mark transitions. This is marking a new vision that John received. If you're interested in your taken notes give you those other references were those same words are found. You see it, not exactly these words, but in Revelation 1 verse nine chapter 4 verse 7:01 verse nine chapter 15 verse five chapter 18 verse one chapter 19 verse one those of the ones that I've identified in my study your member the first vision, the John had. He was privileged to see and record his vision of the glorified Christ and that begins in chapter 1 verse nine.

In what follows are the vision what follows the vision of the words of Christ to John my Bible's red letter from Lowe's a few words.

One chapter 1 verse eight chapter 1 verse 11 but beginning a chapter 1 verse 17 in the middle all the way to the end of chapter 3. My Bible's red letter. These are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Revelation the John receive came directly from Jesus Christ.

So were at a transition point here is another vision. John is going to receive revelation, but is now the receive revelation through a vision so what I want you to see is the first thing that John saw this after these things I looked, and behold what did he see a door, he saw a door what you notice about the door. What we told about the door is a door open or closed. It's an open door and where does that door lead at least to heaven. Behold, a door standing open in heaven. Notice secondly with me what he heard, what did he hear he says I look to behold, a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me now those words had to remind John of what preceded the first vision he had back in chapter 1 in verse nine. These are John's words, I John, both your brother and companion in the tribulation and the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was on the island that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day and get this, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet, saying same thing that same thing. In Revelation 4 like a trumpet speaking with me, so he heard I think John had to draw the conclusion. This is this is the Lord Jesus Christ speaking to me. I've heard this before a trumpet speaking with me saying what Diddy what is it say notice 1/3 thing in this opening verse here is a personal singular summons a personal singular summons directed to John, here that's the summons and what seems to be implied was the John was just there was some hesitancy in him. This is out of the ordinary. He stand in there before this open door that leads to heaven, and he doesn't know what to do, and if you came upon a placer up and there's an open door you to say is that meant for me to go through.

Do I stay out Dwight you know that's what's going on with John and is summoned, here come up here. Now I'm emphasizing the personal singular nature of the summons for a reason. In my very early days as a Christian and I mean early days, months, I've been a Christian for months in the church back home on Sunday night. There was a study launched on the book of the Revelation. I was told and taught that here is where the church is called out here is where the church the rapture of the church takes place, and everything that follows his future and everything that follows. Chapter 4 verse one is moving toward God, unleashing his wrath on an unbelieving wicked world have you been taught that by the way, if you read that if you believe that remember my warning.

What was my warning. One of the warnings was be careful of taking a system of theology and imposing it on the text and making the text say what you wanted to say because I'm just asking you to look at that in an and help me if I'm missing something you you talk to me afterwards all the churches right there. The church is been called away, charge, if that's what you see help me see, because that is directed singularly to John, here, and I will show you things which must take place after this. I listen to what John MacArthur says in his commentary quote some see in this command, a reference to the rapture of the church. However, this verse does not describe the church ascending in heaven and resurrection glorification, but John going to heaven to receive revelation. End of quote. So says John MacArthur, John. Is someone to come up here and for what purpose for what purpose will were told what purpose I will show you things which may last take place after this. So what John saw and was privileged to see and is recorded for us was future from where from his vantage point I'm going to ask a lot of questions in this study and many of the questions that I ask.

I'm not going to answer because they're meant to probe your thinking and get you thinking. Here's my question. We are to millennium removed from John's encounter is what he describes still future. From our vantage point, or is it a present reality. Well, you say before I can answer that I have to hear what he saw.

Okay, fair enough.

What is the first thing he saw the first thing he saw in verse two, he says immediately. I was in the spirit, and behold, a throne, the first thing John saw when he entered through that door into heaven through and he saw more than throne when he saw throne. What else did he see on what else did he see beside the throne. He saw somebody sitting on the throne. I was in the spirit, and behold, a throne set in heaven and on sat on the throne question is that future wars at a present reality that something that the church is hoping for, anticipating, looking for longing for oars that are present reality. Is there any throne in heaven.

Yes. Is it occupied or unoccupied. It's occupy and is occupied by home God.

All right, this is reality.

Folks, this is reality and for every son and daughter of God.

There will come a day. If Jesus, Terry's is coming that we will close our eyes death and we will open our eyes. There and we will see what John sees. I understand a little bit about why Paul was told by pulses like I can I can talk about what I saw a email saying I don't have words to describe what I saw. It's too overwhelming for me to describe her know. But when you begin to get your mind around what's going on here in chapter chapter 5 we been by the bedside of loved ones and they begin to sometimes say things like I see this I see that and if there conscious and we can converse with them.

We said we seek to talk to me more and what what John experience is in part what and in some respects what we will experience when John John's body was still on the island of fat.

Okay, but his spirit was transported to heaven.

Any saw this envisioned. So we had an out of body experience, not what we made up or constituted with body and soul, so when we die our body stays here are solely and I guided I've got to believe that the there's a bit of a transition that takes place here between the being here and being there you say will help me with that. Will the Bible tells us that though the outer man be wasting away the inner man is being renewed day by day. I and when we leave this world. We have been trying to understand God in the things of God through a veil through my faith. But when we leave this world. Faith is going to give way to what site and I wonder if in those hours prior to the departure of our spirit to heaven whether there is in the beginning the beginning of clarification with our ability to see that the things that were cloudy and misty and and behind shadows in this life begin the clouds begin to to dissipate and we begin to see and hear people say all I see this and I see that I wonder if that's what's going on now. John said this didn't happen over.

Time this happened immediately. He says in verse two immediately I was in the spirit, and behold, a throne in heaven, and one sat on the throne. I want you to see a vital connection between what he said about the future and the one who sits on the throne you say will women witty to say about the future is what he said about the future he heard the voice of Jesus say, peer, and I will show you things which must take place after this. That's what he was told about the future and then the next thing he sees is a throne in heaven occupied by the sovereign God now God's throne dominates chapters 4 and five affected dominates the whole book of the Revelation.

38 times in the book there is a reference to God's throne. 17 of those times. It's in chapters 4 and five. Why does why does God start here.

Why does God show John the throne. Why that the first thing he sees no answering why questions often is difficult because your your your trying you trying to get to the motive questions and and again where we were moving in the area of speculation, but I don't think I'm doing too much speculation by answering that question.

Is he John's not the only one who saw the Lord on his throne. Think with me. Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah says, in the year can use iodide I saw the Lord, high and lifted up in his train filled the temple. Okay, Isaiah chapter 6 was a crisis going on in the nation, the king, a die, who's going to take his place.

If are things going to completely unravel. That's what was going on. Ezekiel chapter 1 similar experience. He saw this vision similar language. Where was he, Ezekiel when he records this final where he was when he recorded about what where was he when he had this experience. This vision was in battle and he was in Babylon.

Ezekiel I think needed reminded he needed comforted he needed encouraged by the fact that God is sovereign God is ruling from his throne not just in Jerusalem but right there in Babylon, and for John was living under the shadow of the Roman Empire persecution in trouble, and to molded come the other apostles have died. Many had died. The martyrs death. Paula been martyred. Peter according to church history event crucified upside down here. John himself is exiled on the island of Patmos. What must been going through his mind been given. Revelation John had been told in Revelation chapter 2 and verse 13. In the letter to the church at Pergamum's St. has a strong and perhaps the question in his mind was well who's in charge is Satan in charge on his strong or is not in charge on his throne hose throne is dictating the events of history.

That's a good question. What does he need to know what does he need to be reminded of what do we need to know what do we need to be reminded of this reality that all things are governed by the Lord who sitting on his throne.

He is not just a figurehead is not there, passively he is ruling and he is dictating and he is determining the course of history. Notice again what he was told, peer, and I will show you things which what might happen could happen. I will show you things which must take place after this not how can anyone foretell and determine and be dogmatic I want to tell you what must happen in the future will only the one who rules over history.

History is not the record of what may happen or what could happen, but what has happened and what must happen because there's a God who superintending all of history is governed. History is governed your personal history is governed by the eternal decrees and purposes of the sovereign God so at the center of this scene, the John is privileged to see by way of vision at the center of it all is a throne and one sitting on the throne.

And that's necessary because what's going to happen is there's judgment now. There's been a lot of things that have happened from John's perspective there's been persecution, there's been trials is been tribulation, but there's judgment coming. There's wrath coming were going to see the seals open were going to see the bulls and God's wrath poured out from those goals.

But guess what every time that's made mention of it all comes from the throne of God. God is ordering God is dispensing.

According to his decree. So units that you can laugh when I say this so the first great thing we see the first ballot that a lot of things but the first great thing we see here is the sovereign God. John is going to describe for us what is transpiring around the throne we read it. I don't have time to revisit it. But there is dazzling brilliance of light, refracting and reflecting off these precious stones and they speak of the splendor and the majesty and the Shekinah glory of God. There are 24 thrones, that he season. 24 elders sitting on those thrones and we say will who in the world are they in its amazing you read commentaries how people will wax eloquently while it means this means that what I say were going to let Scripture interpret Scripture right so here's what it says in verse four around the throne were 24 thrones, and on the thrones I saw 24 elders sitting in white cloak robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads. They have they are sitting, clothed in white robes set speaks of imputed righteousness crowns that sounds like something that is granted to the redeemed bliss in the Revelation chapter 21 in reference to that. That helps explain what's going on here. John's describing the great city of God coming down out of heaven, and he says concerning that great city verse 12 she had a great and high wall with 12 gates, and 12 angels at the gates, and names written on them, which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel, three gates on the east three gates on the north three gates on the south three gates on the west. Now the wall of the city had 12 foundations, and on them were the names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb. The foundation stones of this great city of God, the names of the 12 apostles on the gates the names of the tribe. 1212 tribes of Israel, 12 and 12, May 24 I believe that's who is being referred to here is the church.

The redeemed church representative of all the ages old covenant new covenant all redeemed, all who were saved under the old covenant to work looking anticipating the promise hoping in the promise of a Messiah.

And then there is the New Testament covenant community. Looking back in believing what Jesus is done and together they make up the one church. So here is the redeemed church.

John's privilege to see around the throne thought it was so ironic last night I been studying this all week thinking about rainbows because around his throne.

It says around the throne of lessee verse three and he was set on the on on the throne was like Jasper and Sgt. Stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald rainbow last night and are community there was a rainbow while what a reminder. What is the rainbow. The rainbow was given by God is assigned to Noah and his covenant with Noah that he would never ever destroy the earth lifeline. It's a promise of God's covenant faithfulness to his people. We don't have time to go further here and talk about the four living creatures, and that's the good thing about expositional preaching will pick up where we leave off, but if if God redeemed this the most important thing to reveal to John in that situation. John was his age exiled on the island. No doubt thinking about life and the his experience and what it happened with those that he knew and loved and cared about the Lord Jesus and the other apostles and what's going on in the church and what he told get ready for persecution is coming. It's here if that's what John needed. You think that's what we need today. We need reminded that God is sovereign and he's on his throne that he's ordering all things after the counsel of his own will. The daughters for cities, not against us. Sometimes in life when things get hard and troubles, we begin to wonder this is hard where are you, what you doing and if we can keep in our minds. The God already proved his love for us. He gave his son to die for us. He's redeemed that he's made us his own and is ordering all things and what he's doing is for our good, one that'll help us keep our bearings and keep our moorings and this is the reference point we need in life close by saying this. I don't know what your reference point is in life. I do know where you're getting your satisfaction. I don't know where your identity. What is I tied to weathered your job, your accomplishments weathered your family. Weathered your belongings.

Whatever is your position at work whatever it is, if your reference point. Isn't this if you don't understand you been created for this. What is the chief aim of man.

It is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. If that's not your reference point. If your life isn't being built upon that. I promise you, any other reference point will disappoint you. It will disappoint you, because it won't satisfy God is put a call in your heart that only he can satisfy. So we got to get our life oriented around this. This can't just be well is something I do on Sunday I got life to do on Monday through Saturday and get our clothes on and get cleaned up, get to church and then leave after Sunday go to art. No. No, this is this is what life should be about because this is what life is going to be about for all eternity. This is what will be doing, because what of those 24 elders doing later on in the chapter, one of those for created beings. And again, I'll just say this and and will close as I don't want to create. You'd be like what what in the world of those created beings 101 my head like a lion and a lamina calf and like a man go back to Ezekiel chapter 1 read what is your read language in Ezekiel chapter 1 and Ezekiel chapter 10 that mirror what John experienced in Ezekiel will tell you what these four living creatures are, they are the cherubim of God created beings created to guard the throne of God created to worship God. So here we are around this throne and if you can get this picture. This is what John saw John saw at at the center of throne and him who sat on the throne around that throne are four living creatures, the cherubim of God, what are they doing there. There there angels there there messengers their guardians they aid in worship.

So here they are a concentric circle around the throne and around that is another circle.

And around that are 24 thrones, and 24 elders and water. What they all doing what they doing at the end of the chapter before verse eight, the four living creatures, each having six wings, were full eyes around within and do not rest day and night saying, holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty was and is and is to come. What about the 24 elders.

They fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne saying you are worthy, oh Lord, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created. That's the chief end of man. That's what we been created for worship God, and it shouldn't surprise us that when we get a glimpse into heaven, and we have somebody telling us what heaven is like this is what it is.

This is what will be going so it shouldn't be all that surprising why this is souls so soul satisfying here. I love going to church while singing their hands while bearing in the warship because that's what you were created for God has put his life in you created you for this wonderful visit. Yes, and I think I was able to avoid anything overly controversial. My goal was to lift your heart and soul in worship and praise and adoration and say God you are so you are worthy. I can't wait to join the millions upon millions around the throne in enter into what they're doing but were here for now. So let me pray will sing father how we thank you for your word and how riveting it is and how soul Exuma rating. It is Lord, we pray that you would fill our hearts with joy and desire refuel and fan the flames of our devotion to you that we might long for this and engage in it when the opportunity is given here on this earth. Even with clouded eyes and faith. It's staying with doubt and fear and hearts that are still struggling with sin, competing desires. Oh God, what will it be like in heaven, freed from all the hindrances of this world be in your presence and offer you the warship it's doing to you Lord by your spirit. Help us even as we close the service and prayer to do that very thing with and I toured with the hope toward with an anticipation toward that day when we will join those we know those we love those who are gathered around your throne and we will do with them what they are presently doing. We pray in Jesus name, amen

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