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A Battle You Cannot Win - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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September 25, 2021 8:00 pm

A Battle You Cannot Win - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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September 25, 2021 8:00 pm

"God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble..."

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The Baptist Bible. Lord, no comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior will and this share. Bradley Junior inviting you to stay tuned for another message of God's sovereign grace. He will will and will and will be and will and will today will be continuing the message entitled, you cannot win if you'd like to get the complete message on CD request when writing Shannon, if you ask for it. We will also send you a sample copy of our publication. The Baptist witness. Our address is the Baptist Bible. Our box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217. The text of this message is the book of first Peter chapter 5 in verse five it says God resistance the proud and give us grace to the humble.

We first noted that a warning is delivered. God resists the proud, then we talked about the fact that there is a description given traits of the proud are clearly made evident in God's word and we continue there today and the evidence of prideful heart is always cheap plane that was all that in the case of salt he was going to blame the people not taking full responsibility himself to start a long time ago back in the garden of the Lord came in the garden and hidden himself. He protected of the forbidden fruit can have all this one is to say that you gave me.

She disliked God in his life the same time and she's the one that has enticed me to a particular provision for words responsible, but he will.

God held him accountable.

How many times is her tendency to make and I daresay I can hit everybody here this morning with this including myself.

We would like to point to somebody else and being the source of our problem if we have failed in some have seen that sometimes in accounts and situation where man would finally confess well yes I did just right but what she did I say everything I said is all what you say you just know how unreasonable and overbearing and my parents are high, just like some of the rules because there are too hard to too many to blame shifting the blame and then the proud find fault with others while minimizing their own sin. We see that Jesus mentions it in the sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 7 verse three and why the whole list now. The mode that is him by others and considers not the beam that is in thine mode being a little small speck in the beam actually have reference to all. Can you imagine if somebody got up down here and their neighbors on a farm speck and I got a big wall coming out of their own.

This is the absurdity of that kind. Jesus speaks of our how wilt thou say to thy brother, let me pull out the mote divine I have the whole beam is and I know not how first cast out the beam out of 909 and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote, but who is it that is to sleep in the back kind of an attitude because of our forwards very critical of other people constantly seeing their false sometimes talking about their false other people with those not for you maybe talking about the false to the husband and wife are constantly looking at each other's faults and constantly picking at each other well limited what you did limiting what you did that and then want to get them to bring up something five years ago are in the midst of the main conflict with my tenure here and pick at fault in somebody's the proud are contentious and envious. Proverbs chapter 13 verse 10 says only by pride cometh contention, but with the well advised is wisdom contentious person is a person whose constantly picking, constantly raising issues constantly criticize. Second, I can never be content. I would love the look of James chapter 3 verse 14 but if you have bitter envying, and strife in your hearts glory and not against the truth.

This wisdom descendents, not from above, but is earthly, essential, devilish from where envying, and strife is, there is confusion and every evil contentious and envious. Envious of what somebody else envious of their possessions in this other position increasing their looks. A lot of things are in the comes in the play in the Scripture say that envy is as cruel as the great and then the proud feels that he is wiser than anybody else and consequently refuses to learn can tell them anything and everything all straightening the mind of exactly what he believes. Finally where to go about what I'm doing. Jeremiah chapter 8 and eight verse how do you say we are why is the law of the Lord is with us most certainly in vain. Maybe it the pin that the scribe is inviting is as the right of the law is vain for these individuals described down. It's it it's of no use because they say we are why that Isaiah chapter 26 verse 10 favorably show to the wicked. Yet he will not learn righteousness like flavor, grace, gracious to somebody you're kind of them click. Grace be shown but they will not learn in the land of uprightness will he do you unjustly and will not hold the majesty of the person that is full of prime doesn't even recognize it when they been with on the principle of grace.

I feel like I'm entitled to it and probably think they're entitled the Lord. Proverbs chapter 10 verse 17 he is in the way of life that keep with instruction but he that refuse a reproof aircraft person that will not be reporting to try to talk to somebody and it may be that you approach them at a time spirit your concern for their spiritual welfare with this individual will not receive that in the body need to approach me and tell me about my friends and I think it's Proverbs 29 verse one event being often reproved part of his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that with out somebody might have seen some situations where somebody seemingly had a lot of pride and they were very arrogant in their approach to life.

Nothing is well say it's going to happen today or tomorrow, but when it happened. It will be sudden. Suddenly they will be cut off at that without written another characteristic of the individual that is proud, they fail to recognize their own weakness, first with his 1017 says wherefore let him. But think of the standard take heed lest he fall.

Personages can handle in particular where I would advise as to what the Scripture says evil communications corrupt good manners that says you're not tough enough on your own to stand against temptation. If you're traveling with the wrong people.

People who are already on the wrong road go down that same path. The go to the same sin suffer the same consequences home. No, I can't think about my friends when young man, which met the night in jail because his friend was seven brothers and I didn't have any drug that in taking a drive only when I was with him and so once I got arrested and I spent the night in jail. I'm telling you, if you don't give up friends, including this one will continue to go down the wrong phone always to get a great friend introduced you to spend the night in jail, but my account, people close their eyes to the truth, what God says he that think they stand. If you think that you're tough, you can stand against temptation your head for doubtful that him that think that the standard take heed lest people so that our text says. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, a change is needed for some wonderful promises in Scripture to the humble. Matthew chapter 23 verse 12 and whosoever shall exalt himself to be a base black. He that shall humble himself shall be exalted, exalt yourself, you continue to walk in pride to continue to be self will selfish focusing on the things you other than forgetting God forgetting God's word mark on the battle that you cannot win. But on the other hand, the one that humbles himself shall be exalted. Isaiah chapter 57 wonderful promises in this book concerning those who are walking humble before God. Verse 15 for thus saith the high and lofty one that inhabit the eternity, whose name is holy, I will dwell in the high and holy place with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contract.

Although God dwells behind lofty place in this individual is one who has a fumble spirit humble and broken. A contrite spirit changes are needed promised then that God makes is that you humble yourself and he will exalt you to exalt yourself people exalted in his way and it is time and is glory. The question may come to mind. How do I humble myself personally need to pray for the Lord to search your heart and help you to know you made parties this morning. Think the list must have a thing with me no pride in my heart I have no problem with you deafening to pray. You need to pray this prayer. Psalm 139 verse 23 search me oh God, and no try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.

Sometimes after pray that prayer you might wish I had because the Lord shows you more than you care to see. The fact is amazing what I know my heart when you cause Scripture says the heart is deceitful above all things that you can't pray Lord search tribe. Make no, he may begin to reveal some attitudes and some thoughts something in your spirit. You didn't even recognize a lot of pride that influences you in many areas of life, you need to pray for the Lord to search a secondly you need to consider the greatness of God when he said, consider how great we consider how great God is saying that there is no place for you to boast and to walk in front, Isaiah chapter 40 verse 12 says, who have measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth and the measure and weighed the mountains and the scales and the hills and the balance seeing the greatness of God with whom to keep counsel who instructed him in talking with the path of righteousness and taught him knowledge, and showed to him the way of understanding and he says he takes up all the nations of the earth there counted as a drop of the book in less than nothing. So anytime you get to feel really important somebody special.

I just testing how to be getting a lot more that I have time tomorrow.

This standard what God looks on all the nations of the earth. He says they are altogether reviewed nothing work that you, as long little insignificant he would be much overdrive think that's healthy. I think people are leaving talked to esteem themselves and think for themselves. At bottom I hope that's not the teaching of Scripture.

I know that's the concept of culture which would limit what what's needed today is not self-esteem but price testing. You see him as the one in whom you trust and who have confidence so you consider the greatness of God and then you confess your sins when you see your private confession, Lord, I have to admit I've tried to keep I recognized for having admitted but high-technology that I have seen because pride is the underlying basis of almost every city in the Lord become like the prodigal. The practical was full of pride. I want my inheritance. I'm tired of living of my father's house. I don't like the rings was here like the rules you want to go out alone spin assumptions and riotously that were anything but the Phillies but of the hospital to find it easy to arrive. My father is a father I've seen and I decided I'm not going to be called service. What a different spirit is there an attitude with what you got. Lord, I have seen I have strayed. I have undertaken the battle that I could not win because I have tried to fight against the things that you expect of me and command in the text says we are to submit submit yourself to the Lord says the governor should submit themselves to the elder and it says that you should beat subject one to another, and that you are to submit under the mighty hand of God and then think about the blessings that will be enjoyed when you humble yourself. First of all it says God will lift you up.

When God lift you up. That's a lot different than lifting yourself, lift yourself up in your ready for doubtful but you won't hold before God and would heal if you wish you the way you never have imagined you give you joints of the world could never give you opportunities to minister in his service, that you would wish the Lord will lift you up in first Peter chapter 5 verse five. The last part of verse and also in verse 10 he says he will give you grace.

He will give you more grace if you come to see your unworthiness as you want to see if you understand I can't come to God expecting that even a reward for me I don't I don't deserve anything I'm coming because I see that I am a rebel by nature are the center.

I walked in the passion for forgiveness. What I need is grace and that's what he has promised to give the will give you the grace the help that you need come boldly to the throne of grace, that you may obtain mercy and find grace in time of the human course of action in your life where you have been self-righteous judgmental of others. Discontent ignoring some of the plain teaching of God's word you embark on a course that leads to destruction.

You engage in the battle that you cannot win. But when God gives you the grace and help you need to face the trials of every single day that you want to place no longer walk with God no longer at war with yourself and the longer at war with other people, there is peace to be enjoyed and there are those who in their pride deny the very existence of God.

Generally, there is lady came to the classroom there was referring to the dead.

Been visiting in Kentucky have Bible reading. One lady told the teacher said I just believe in God but I will read the Bible, so I cannot be effective in the Bible, but I don't think they do it anyway just like a book of poetry so that people say I don't believe in God. I don't need, I don't care anything about God declares that he has given clear evidence of his existence. He talks about those who suppress seek to suppress the truth of God and the basic underlying reason is they don't want to be accountable to anybody on the only person I can live like I want to live. I can do what I want to do. I don't want to be account but he goes on to say that not only has God revealed himself in his handiwork and pointing is done by his creation.

He is also putting in the conscience of human beings to know that there is a God there is rejection because man is full of pride. Psalm 10 verses four and six, the wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God. God is not in all his thoughts. He had said in his heart shall not be moved.

For I shall never see University's individual says I can handle whatever comes my way. I don't expect any trouble tenderly expected diversity. I don't need God, he will not seek after God because of his pride not fear the Lord. Yet the fact is angry felt every human being on this earth is known to God.

If you have any an individual struggle with this idea thinking, not sure that there is this, that every action every fall in promoting everything about you. Your past, your present even your future. God got there things that you have thought things that you have done more than anybody else.

God knows is an example of how we really do not fear God. The fact that he done something wrong. The type covered up so somebody doesn't find that and get God is a just and holy God, and he commands that men with pant acknowledge the same humble themselves before him, the proud man who says who is God that I should obey him. It wasn't long ago. He's embarked on a course that leads to final destruction. There is coming a judgment Psalm nine verse 17 says the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that get rich, the time that it will bring me shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord you today but you humble yourself before the Lord and acknowledge Lord will wait with us or for everyone here today who was spread over the whole idea about whether there is a God and you may have said, I really don't think that there is but you recognize today that there is the sovereign creator of heaven and earth, before whom we all stand and you would either stand there in the day of judgment to be cast from his presence to suffer because of your skin forever or have you complete your case, Jesus Christ the righteous and stand close in the registers that he provide the proud, humble themselves, proud, self-righteous sinners for profit at the feet of Jesus. God be merciful to me sooner and will and will the Scriptures are clear, God commands all men everywhere to repent. Those who are proud, boastful, and see no need of a Savior and failed to humble themselves will ultimately come in to God gives grace to the humble. But he resists the proud, may we indeed walk humbly before our God the glory and praise of our Savior Jesus Christ hope that you will write us this weekend until next week. At the same time with the Lord richly bless you all and in and will and will and will the Baptist Bible hour is come to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior address all mailed to the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217. That's the Baptist Bible Lord Cincinnati, OH 45217 and in will and will

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