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The Good of Affliction - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 20, 2020 12:00 am

The Good of Affliction - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 20, 2020 12:00 am

“It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes” (Psalm 119:71).

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Will you will apply, this is Mr. Bradley Junior will commute to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible. Our I'm glad that you've joined us today.

I hope you Joe tell some of your friends and neighbors about this program were they to can be listening to messages from the word of God. I would appreciate it if you were right, or similar so that you've listened. Our address is the Baptist Bible.

Our box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217. I know this is a difficult time for many. From a financial standpoint because people been laid off from work for their hours cut back so we don't want this program. The support of it to be a burden to anybody. But if you are able to help the need is particularly great right now and we do want to keep broadcast on the air. Our address is the Baptist Bible.

Our box 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217. If the requested passenger copy of our publication which has articles that I believe will be of comfort to you in these difficult times. Sometimes it appears that wherever we turn there's trouble, I'm sure the being a minister in particular one speaking regularly on the radio that I probably hear more about people's trials and problems and maybe others might be exposed to think about in recent times between phone calls if come letters people to punch me in my travels or somebody says please pray for my daughter. I don't know what's happened to her. She seemed to be very stable individual and suddenly she just decided she was starting marriage is left.

Her husband left her children sister tragic scene. Please pray for and pray for us that we can deal with and respond properly. Another person says by phone or have lost my job as his most difficult situation ever FaceTime tried very diligently to find something that a family to support backs against the wall and depressed but L says I followed one they been in the dark, so long they seem always to be in the midst of conflict and struggle of some kind seem that their spirit is depressed. Pray for them, sometimes purchasing pray for me that's my condition I been down for so long in the pit. It seems to see how to get out soever we turn there's trouble, your heart may be aching when you see somebody's marriage falling apart. You may be extremely frustrated by the actions of your own children or some other member of your family.

It may seem to you when you get up in the morning you feel the pressure just as soon as you're awake. All these troubles just crowding in on you and say, go to get through the day. You know that there is a tremendous amount of frustration in our society today. How much talking here about stress people talk about being stressed out. Some recommend take a break, take a vacation getaway from it all so that you can relieve the stress somebody else's. You gotta take particular kind of vitamins is going to help you deal with stress. Well, as we look at all these situations around us and many times attempt to cope with the troubles in our own life. There are many questions arranged.

People often say what if God is a God of love, why does he suffer all this to be what is and he immediately bring to any and all the Hardy called the suffering is so prevalent in this world, but L says I've always tried to walk by faith and trust God.

But where is God now seems that he's left me saying that he's recycling but a man interviewed on the radio in Georgia on Friday. They were talking about the terrible heat that has been so devastating in many places in says basically my whole crop is gone and they asked him further. Will you have any comment he said well yes it just seemed like the good Lord has forgotten all about us is forgotten all about us well. The questions that are raised in one's mind trying to start a light output together can't understand is not involved. If so, to what degree. What should my reaction be about some circumstances am I not justified to be terribly upset in some case where a person has harmed me blindly defame me and my not entitled to try to retaliate.

You see how the grab and hurt terribly been wrong. Helen just have been treated is not right that I should seek revenge spinal. The Bible says something is wrong to the Lord. But look at this unique set of circumstances am I not justified with this attitude that I have developed about obviously in one discourse.

I cannot possibly deal with all the subject matter related to this theme. The whole question of why the righteous suffer is one that is dealt with repeatedly in the Scripture. All of this is mightily connected to the sovereignty of God, which is the subject in and of itself, but I do want the time that we have together to speak to you today on the subject. The good of affliction. The good of affliction, we turn to the longest of the Psalms. Psalm 119 verse 71 Psalm 119 verse 71 it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn by statutes, but you might say, the psalmist must not have experience what I'm experiencing is burden was not as heavy as mine.

His grief was not so intense. His pain was not unbearable like mine is.

How could he possibly say it is good for me that I had been afflicted that we time though to trace the experience of the inspired writer. I think we could soon convince you that his troubles were not minimal. He had been through some very deep cold chilling water's. He knew what trouble was about but whether the psalmist was personally acquainted with all of the aspects of suffering, with which you have become acquainted in your experience, the fact remains, this truth is given us divine inspiration, and if the psalmist didn't fully understand, and if the minister that stands in the pulpit does not fully understand. You can rest assured God and God directed this writer to say it is good that I have been afflicted. Obviously, when we think about affliction which speaks of pain being in the stress actually being closed in being under such pressure that there seems to be no escape, no way out to if it was just a minor inconvenience. If you could figure out there is a solution that really wouldn't be affliction, but affliction is when you're up against the wall hands tied you like to change things and is an impossibility.

It seems well. Now obviously there are some troubles that come to us that are self-made, we must recognize that there are consequences to sinful behavior and so when we have sin when we have ignored the word of God turn from God's counsel and going our own way and we are disturbed were upset were to brash our life is falling apart. We need not be surprised. God's word makes it clear that's going to be the consequence. Now, many times the reaction is.

I feel all this pain so I need to have something that will enable me to quit making it. I don't hurt anymore, and you imagine going to the doctors, a doctor, I got a real problem.

Every time I touch a hot stove.

It hurts.

I wonder if you could desensitize my hand because it's very inconvenient. There times.

I like to lay on a hot stove so could you please do something so it don't hurt. Now isn't the Lord good to have created you in such a way that when you lay your hand on the sock hot stove. There is a instant message that says get it all.

In fact, you don't have to sit there and think about the issue was a I wonder if this is really the right course of action. I wonder if it would be my best interest to remove my hand. Now maybe I need to read a book, find out whether this would be the best course of action are asked the Council and advisor to three people is what this would be best for the Lord has created you in such a way that you get an instant signal get your hand off the stone vehicle just comes off the later very long even have Friday and maybe lay there long enough you'll hand so the Lord is good to bless you to respond in that manner and when you're going down the wrong path you're sitting you say I'm miserable, you're supposed to be arranged so nothing's all right that sets the consequence now is about as much a bridge onto a unbundling some things that diver. But just what you can't. So I guess the Bible is clear on some list but you know it's switch the path I have chosen life and I don't particularly work. Nothing, nothing bad happened to me. Scripture say that some man sins are judged immediately. Some before and some follow after payday doesn't always come on the same day, forever center but it does come, it does come, but there is discomfort, pain, hurt and heartache that we can certainly experience as a result of our election and even in that category we can say that it is good for me that I have been afflicted. But when we look at this text itself.

He says it is good for me that I've been afflicted that I might learn by statutes, so that's the first thing that we want to ponder in this matter of trying to figure out how affliction can be good. It is good but I might learn by statutes to see when trouble comes when there's pressure and stress and hurt and disappointment and things are falling apart.

Look for some answers.

What do I do next. What about options. How should I react what should be my attitude. If you are in tune with the Lord and the word of Christ is dwelling in your heart richly. You're also immediately concerned with the question of how can I honor God in the midst of this difficult situation.

You've already grown cold spiritually and wandered from the Lord that may not cross your mind first. But if you are feeding on God's word and you have been taught and are growing in grace that comes one of the first and primary concerns how can I honor God in this time of difficulty. So you're looking for answers now we go to the 24th verse of Psalm 119 and here the writer says via testimonies also are my delight and my counselors when I go to get the answers to the questions via testimonies that I word the Scriptures the inspired word of God, sometimes big sale that I've read the Bible, but it doesn't deal with this particular problem. It doesn't spell it out in detail. I'm not saying that every intricate detail of the decision-making process is to be found there.

The basic underlying principles that will give you direction and guidance as to how various issues may be tested and explored is clearly in God's word via testimonies are my counselors where you go for counseling looking for an answer. You're perplexed, you will know how to respond. What can I do but my limitations.

How far can I go to correct this matter.

How long must I wait wait you going to go to the word of God via testimonies are my delight in my counselors. Not only do I go there for the information, but I don't like their delight in what I read, and what I find because it's God's will gets God's message and he's teaching me and applying it in my life.

I delight in via testimonies in verse 33 teach me the Lord the way of my statutes, and I shall keep it on to the end. That is a prayer Lord in this time of difficulty. I want to be taught by acknowledged. I don't know so much. I don't understand I don't understand all that not doing in this strict situation at the moment and so I'm praying teach me, Lord, teach me, give me understanding and I shall keep bylaw day I shall observe it with my whole heart make me to go in the path of thy commandments barbarian do I delight you got another commandment. You gotta know the Council, the word of God before you delight in it before even traveling.

You just pick something out of thin air is able to sounds good to me. I read this in the book. One time heard this on the radio the other day is all this on TV sound like a good concept to me some medicine to work for that work for them but work for me.

You may be following a path that is absolutely contrary to the principles of the word of God so in order to walk in those plans you got to know what they are. Incline my heart on that I testimonies and not to covetousness. I want to be greedy. I want to be self-seeking and want to be doing just what will make me comfortable. I want to do what stood by on or turn away mine eyes from the holding vanity and Quicken bow me in the highway establish thy word on device servant who is devoted to thy fear. Turn away my reproach which I fear for my judgments are good. The hold I have long after thy precepts Quicken me in my righteousness. You see how the reflection we are driven to the word of God and other times it may have seemed like a duty that was difficult to perform. So I know how to read the Bible more. But I have a hard time fitting it into my schedule.

I sometimes fall asleep.

I read things I just don't understand. But let me tell you when you are in trouble and you realize I desperately need God and his word.

You go to the Scriptures with a different attitude you're praying Lord speak to my heart. Guide me, help me to have understanding. Help me to know my truth. I needed desperately you're going with that desire to find the appropriate and right answers to how you might honor God and that in the 19th song, we see that it's not only a time of learning gaining information figuring out the solution the right attitude the right approach to the things that were experiencing Psalm 19 and the 10th verse says that speaking of the testimonies of the Lord of his word of the Scripture more to be desired are they than gold gave man much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb those seasons are indeed very very special in our lives when the burden has gotten so heavy we have to say in the Lord. I just can't. I just don't have the strength to go another step toward the witching, but I come to the promise that in your word, there's like there's instruction's counsel and I pray that you speak to my heart, then maybe you turn to a portion like Psalm 77. So often when somebody talks about being depressed and discouraged.

This is one of the passages that I refer them to so you think about in the darkness of your own experience. Maybe filled with deep emotion you turn to this song.

Psalm 77. I cried unto God with my voice even unto God with my voice, and he gave here unto me in the day of my trouble. I saw the Lord my soul ran in the night and she's not my soul refused to be comforted. I remembered God and was troubled. I complained in my spirit was overwhelmed.

Sheila did not really think about remembering God being lifted up thinking so Asus the writer here is a point that he says when I remembered God didn't find consolation, I was troubled to women. There is no Lord, but that's where I am. I see my own shortcomings, time, trouble Ramon sienna my own failures. I'm overwhelmed by holders mine eyes waking. I am so trouble but I cannot speak. I have considered the days of old. The years of ancient times I call to remembrance my Solomon I commune with my own heart of my spirit made diligent search Lord castoff forever and would be favorable toward his his mercy clean gone forever that this promise fail forevermore gotten to be gracious. Take the time those questions in your mind nor gotten all about gotten to be gracious, happy, and anger shut up his tender mercies. Sheila and I said this is my infirmity but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high will remember the works of the Lord, surely I will remember by wonders of all I will meditate. Also all my work and talk about doing what change for says when I recall the Lord I'm stricken with fear untroubled a final consolation, but when he recalled his song in the night and you look back on the path you traverse it. Well, that was a time that afflictions game troubles but sent me like it was of the nurses were not consumed, and so he says, as I recalled all about us and these words, I have initially spoken, I have said in my weakness. This is my infirmity but I recall my blessings and I remember the works of the Lord and I'll meditate on my work and then I'll talk about doing that you been there in one of those refreshing seasons when maybe you hadn't got far into that Psalm until the tears begin to flow and there was a tenderness of heart that you felt that you had an experience for a while and you had a sense that God is not forgotten. Even though my troubles are still just as big as they were before I started this reading.

I've been reminded that God is bigger than my trouble God's a lot bigger than I and he is my hope and he's my trust that I been so focused on trouble. I forgotten him. But now meditate on his work back and review all the great and mighty things of God is done for speak when times, but she said that's ancient history limited God's children never got tired of singing about the deliverance of the Red Sea, don't you know that when they recall that it was a reminder that God was able to deliver them. No matter how difficult the situation, no matter how powerful the enemy he was able to delivery sleep why they keep singing about manna from heaven. Water from the rock on the board.

He lived in Canaan for years, but it was a reminder when you're in the wilderness, place, and there is no dog can write it down from heaven when you're out of water and there is no way God can bring it out of the rock that followed. It was based in friendship. Parts of the fact that sustenance must come from Jesus Christ. He's the water of life of which we drink.

He's the brand upon which we see and we find the solution we find the answers. We find it in him to come away saying Lord.testimonies are sweeter than the honeycomb could get by without thank you Lord for blessing me in this time of trouble. To learn more about statutes. Secondly, it is good that we reflected, because in our affliction we learn dependence upon the Lord, that you would think if there was anybody that would be able to apply that truth it would be the apostle Paul. Because here's a man that was mightily used of God is that he knows a lot about God a lot more than I'll probably never know in my life.

You knew a lot about himself. He knew a lot about human nature.

He knew a lot about the tendency of human nature to be elevated in pride and so I'm sure he'll be able to keep it all under control. But God knew that he was just a man and he was able to do that to return the book of second crimp in chapter 1 we read in the eighth verse for we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were pressed out of measure, the sea were not talking about a minor disruption. We're not talking about a little insignificant inconvenience. Besides we were pressed out of major above strength, insomuch that we despaired even alive. Some have speculated that this is because there were those Jews that were seeking his life and that the sentence it already been passed that he was literally facing death. But there was some immediate danger. Whatever the given circumstance. Paul is not one given to playing speculations and wild imagination sometimes you may have been guilty of that where you have assumed that your troubles a lot bigger than it is. That was the case with Paul. He was literally press above measure having the sentence of death so that we despaired of life he saying it's all over ever been there.

You say you I've been for local printer but not quite there and hear somebody that's already been a point that it it's coming despaired even of life we had the sense of ourselves and what something look at it that we should not trust in our sales. That's for the benefits of affliction which I know that I read the Bible. I've heard preachers preach on that without the lien on the arm of the flesh and Shirley famous were deceased from man's brothers in his nostrils.

I know that you really know you don't really know that to get to the place that you see. Literally you can knock trusting yourself in the been times that you set back and you would say this out loud. It would sound good but you think about it you know I'm a pretty astute and I'm I'm to the point in life that I know how to handle things young people may have trouble with so you know I think I'm mature beyond my years, I see some of the things it my friends doing. I think some of their actions are preposterous, I know, but that I got it all under control. I can I can trust in myself because of my intellect, because my physical abilities because of my determination to stick to it.

Some of you later years by seven pretty good track record, I've been through some pretty tough times. I think I can handle it. But you see, the Lord is he works in our life through affliction is going to bring us to the point where we do not just say I can't trust myself. He's going to bring us to the situation where we cannot trust in ourselves, and we absolutely know the futility of it all. When we talk about good coming from affliction. It's very difficult for a person who is suffering greatly suffering physically or having great reversals from a financial standpoint understand how there can be anything good come out.

We must trust our God to see us through dark and difficult time knowing that he does use those experiences for our good and for his hope that you will write us to. We greet you next time. This is share Bradley Junior beating you goodbye and may God bless you and all in all

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