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Passing on the Faith

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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May 15, 2022 8:00 am

Passing on the Faith

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Let's grab a Bible's list go back to second Timothy's were going through second Timothy this morning and where coming toward the middle last part of second Timothy Paul is incarcerated in a Roman prison.

The nose that his execution is imminent and he's writing these words to Timothy to, in effect, beautify the bride of Christ.

He's giving instructions on the form and the faction of the local church who is Christ's bride. And so we learn lots of practical things about local church life from these books. Today we come to second Timothy chapter 3 verses 10 and 11. He's already been writing and in chapter 3 about the vileness and the wickedness of false teachers other parts of the Scriptures call them wolves, even savage wolves.

And now he's going to turn is a bit Timothy that's not who you are, your different choices. In verses 10 and 11.

Second, to the chapter 3 now. You followed my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, patients love, perseverance, persecutions and sufferings, such as happened to me at Antioch, at diakonia men let Lysistrata what persecutions I endured, and out of them all the Lord rescued me. I'm in town this passing on the faith. Again Paul is writing from a Roman prison cell. He knows he doesn't have much longer to live. And it's as if you can see Paul reaching his arm out side of that prison down the emphasis that's work Timothy's pastoring and handing the baton off to Timothy because he knows Timothy's vixen to take up the mantle and continue on in this great work to pass the baton to you who influenced you to carry on in the faith, and who are you passing the baton on to today.

Certainly we should think about our children in this making sure that our children carry on in the faith and even our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Then of course our brothers and sisters in our fellowship sojourners in our local church we have responsibility there.

There could be others but do not wrap it up there as far as what the Bible says is your responsibility.

That is, to those to whom you want to pass on the faith and carried on.

Now here we have the unique system uniqueness of Paul the apostle who wrote mustered up much of the New Testament than Timothy. His understudy is the cycle that he's leaving in charge, at least of the church in Ephesus so that unique but nevertheless the principal, Paul brings out here of passing on the faith is foundational and we all have responsibility.

There the listen well, you will stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and perhaps the Lord will say your pastor taught you the best he knew how to restructure your church so that you would have the kind of organization where you could mentor, encourage model disciple one another.

Did you pass on the faith did you do it. What I find is a lot of you are indeed doing it in. You don't even recognize it and that's what's beautiful about it sometimes is, it's what you are. It's not just something you do this both but it is something we are and it's something we do, let's look at this together let's look at first about personal discipleship.

That's something he points out here to Timothy is that my personal discipleship of you. Timothy is foundational to what you are and who you are and how you're going to carry this baton forward as I'm passing it on to you. He says in verse 10, he said now you followed my teaching another contrast against here is to the false teachers who were following every other teaching, but Paul's teaching, i.e., true doctrine and true teaching. So he's wanting to form a real contrast. He's described in the earlier verses of this chapter, the device is the wickedness the character traits are lack of character you could say of the false teachers and the rebels and those who try to undermine the thing and now he says the Nativity you are in sharp contrast to that you've been well discipled by myself and you're on the right track in the truth he uses those words now. You followed my teaching. The idea follow there is to follow along side facing Timothy for many years we have walk lock step together are lies from the core of our being to the expression of our outer conduct has been radically different from the men who are only of this world and the men who follow. Only after this world.

So Paul led the discipled.

He called Timothy and Timothy proved to be a trusted devoted follower of Paul. Remember I had a friend many years ago in ministry and he had a little conference he used to do a little weekend seminar. You could say and east of the seminar was entitled, you follow Jesus by following men.

It is true, God has ordained that young lady should find godly older lady said and be mentored by them and follow them about following those older ladies directly following Christ and young men should five godly older men and by following those men they learn to follow Christ's apostles not setting himself up is perfect here, but he say you know that was the mark of my life to be devoted follower of Christ, and that you are following on after that.

But Paul again knows his time is not long. He will not that much longer be able to mentor and lead Timothy and Timothy being his longest and I believe most trusted associate. He wants to make sure Timothy stays the course so against Timothy non-particulars. You might call non-parts of this Christian walk.

And in this case a a pastor are church leaders wall that he wants Timothy to remember. He has been living those out and now Timothy keep on living these out in your life. Timothy not only followed alongside Paul in these non-particulars of serving Christ. He followed in these non-particulars. It would that Paul was living them and Timothy was just tagging.

Timothy joined with Paul and they embodied them together and walk the screws out together. He he he followed in them. He embraced them, he became convinced of them and then he lived these out. First, he heard them from Paul. The he saw the model are emulated in Paul's life and ministry. And then he embraced them in Corp. and incorporated them in his own life and ministry. So passing on the faith to pass on the faith and by the way can I say this loud and clear this morning that if churches had effectively passed all on the faith to the next generation and the next generation in this country of ours. We would not have the wild, weird, bizarre stuff going on in this country that were seeing going on today, there would be no debate about killing babies in the womb. All this is because the churches have not passed on the faith we've lost some generations in our goalie grace, like churches of the shows is to reestablish the standard to shine the light bright again. Call us back to the truths of God. But in this context. What Paul is saying is Timothy.

I talked to and modeled these things then you begin to embrace them and teach them and model them now, Timothy. Keep on going out just for practical application here on talk about three key areas. A person lives personal discipleship that must occur in the church.

The first one would be a leadership development have folks who can lead in the children's department. Remember, folks who can lead in the nursery area ever could have folks who can lead in helping us co-labor with our parents to reach and disciple are our young people are teenagers. Our college book.

If you have new leaders who can help lead the next generation of small group so that church members can love and bond and encourage each other. There's got to be leadership development and leadership development greatly depends on personal discipleship watching that leader as they model how they pray for their class or as a model how they share their faith or as a model how they treat their husbands or their wives teachings essentially nothing is more important than the foundation of the preaching of the word. But as we learn from the foundation of preaching that we live it out and personally help one another Libby that lived out that's what the church body is for you so you coming to hear me yell at you every week is more than just okay I can check that off like in some sort of Catholic sacrament. Know this is to the end of your personal ministry and that's what we have small groups on get way ahead of myself that was coming but in leadership development, we see the example, the illustration of personal discipleship in Jesus and his 12 disciples. When Luke was writing the book of acts.

He refers back to the gospel he wrote that he says and in acts 11.

The first account I compose Theophilus about all that Jesus began to do and T looks is I've been with this Lord and Savior. I thought along with him and I learned a lot from what he did and from what he taught modeling personal discipleship so a foundational there in Mark 314, the Bible says Jesus appointed these 12 that they might be with him. They needed to see him teach they needed to watch and pray they needed head to toe watching shows humility and meekness when offended, but also stand bold and strong, and rebuked the Pharisees. They learn from being with him personal discipleship and of course we have Paul again with Timothy here with Titus was Silas with Barnabas with acquittal and Priscilla and with many others. They literally traveled with Paul and learned by being with him. And now Paul's going to say to Timothy R. Hassett Re: at we've Artie studied through in second Timothy 22 the things which you've heard from me. I discipled you that is Timothy now in the presence of many witnesses entrust these to faithful men. I take what I gave you that you find the men who are the next leaders I think this is probably the first pastor training Institute in local church.

These are key men that will probably going to be preachers, not Timothy get them a small group in and train them and and mentor and model. This to them what a second key area not only for leadership training. But for every member. Discipleship and of course that's where we talk about our small groups and the wheel illustration is something we look to the hapless understanding, keep in our minds the areas we want to be active in a course you can say the, the upper right hand spoke every member ministry through small groups.

That is the arena where we can be involved in some form of personal discipleship one to another, and again it doesn't have to be this real structured thing just be real live for Christ reach the lost Assayed to be equipped and grow and the others in the class will follow along with those who are further down the road and we see this principle of right at the very beginning of the book of acts in acts chapter 2, verse 46 as 3000 people have been saved and they did meet in Solomon's portico as a congregation but also notice what it says there they were breaking bread from house to house a small groups getting together into smaller units in caring for each other and praying for one another in ministering one to another, from the very beginning we see a small group structure in God's local church is in small groups that bonding began GE.

There's a transparency that can develop and brother and with brother and sister was sister in Christ, can start filling the openness to share burdens and needs, and weaknesses as well as strengths and things that God bless them with so bonding in transparency and that builds up an environment for modeling true discipleship. One to another and then thirdly another arena not only for leadership development anomaly for every member discipleship but also whole life discipleship in her home's what place to make sure that you are personally discipling those in your family know again I'm sitting several times and forgive my voice of an out the weeds in the bushes and the dust in the dirt and it makes my throat close up but anyway in our homes.

We want to make sure our children are picking up on the things of Christ. Surely, surely you haven't been a part of grace live very long and you think that my home could be just like the average secular home as well as I get my kids to a good church like Grace lecture. Surely you don't think that my point is, with all of our flaws and failures and weaknesses and inconsistencies. We need to make sure our children our spouses know it's real at home we go by the book at home.

God's word is our standard home and therefore modeling for children what we call home life discipleship, Deuteronomy 6, six and seven says these words, which I'm commanding today, shall be on your heart and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and you should talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up. Notice not know us formal cold classroom in the household not say you should never have a class a study that I'm not condemning that. But more than anything your children need to see in the everyday parts of life it's real is real. I could my daughters are not here.

They've already taken off and I will take off to where they are later today and if they were here. They could very quickly list for you.

My weaknesses in my failures in my home, but if there's something that God let me hit on that I believe he used in their lives. It was that I tried to humble myself before them and ask their forgiveness. When I blew it and I would always say you see daddy needs a savior to that's home life discipleship. That's modeling that we all serve a real Savior, because we all need a real Savior and contrary dads to what the world and Satan in your flesh may tell you that kind of humility strengthens your family's love and respect for you, doesn't diminish.

So, in whatever ways and I mean this honestly I think many of our younger families are doing a lot better job than Pam and I did praise the Lord for that. I think my children are doing better job than I did hope my children's children do a better job than they did. That's a place for discipleship, personal discipleship on the scooter number two I'm going to get think is one way the other just just part of my discipleship and the particulars of discipleship.

Supposed now going to list nine items nine particulars that in effect he saying I told you these you embrace them and we've lived them together.

Timothy, here's a point so don't stop now.

Keep on going with what you learn from your father in the ministry. The first one he mentions is that you followed my teachings, teachings, and literally there's a definite pronoun here my teaching the course. He saying that, in contrast all this nutty crazy stuff. Timothy that the world teaches the Greek and Roman philosophers teach the Gnostics teach of the Judaizers takes no Timothy you have been discipled in the truth I've given you the true doctrine's. I think this must include preaching and teaching settings where Timothy literally sat under the voice of policy preached and taught in. This is a foundational thing. I give you a quick illustration for my past them when I was newly converted young minister discipleship groups were very popular that they don't seem to be popular anymore, but there was some Christian ministries and their whole purpose was to form men discipling men and women discipling women and that was good and there was bad the gun was churches were very weak and anemic and they were not too many real mature disciples and churches so these grapes started up essay will get this done. But that was also there downfall. They separated their ministry from the local church and as I studied the Bible. I thought this is wrong. The church should be doing this. This should be a part of the ministry of a local church and thus came our accountability notebook that we use for many years. Some of you still using just a tool to help us 101 discipling one another using true disciples cannot be properly made or matured without being in a local church and primarily under the Spirit empowered preaching of the word of God.

You can't just meet on Thursday and quote the Bible to one another do a Bible study as good as that is separate from the totality of local church life and primarily the preaching of the word in the local church. With these groups had. I think with good intentions, left that out is because like you can be a real disciple and not really be centered in the local church. You and I exist to say no.

The biblical model is right. It's wise and it's best. This should be done in local churches for the glory got one key factor.

There, if you're the discipleship group outside of the authority of your local church, and shall I say it. Some of the worst examples out there.

Some of these ladies.

Discipleship breaks in the community. Let me ask you something you're sitting under some lady in some discipleship. Great meeting at some rest are some home who's overseeing that lady who's making sure she's living right as godly conduct and believes true in sound doctrine. Using your sheltered under your elders.

God ordained that you just get Joe blow or Jane blow out there now get together. I'm not saying it's all evil. I'm saying though it is dangerous the feet of our ladies do that or not. And I'm not saying you should quit tomorrow. Wait a month and then quit if I was a needy category five say what godly proven local church elder bodies overseeing this study, so I know I'm trusting in here that year that what godly proven elder bodies overseeing this this ministry. There's no ministry in the New Testament. That's not under the authority of local church.

You show it to me and I'll get up here and change my tone, I'm chasing a rabbit and I've got to get off. I don't have the voice to chase rabbits this morning Timothy the first critically followed my teaching, my doctrine and it's changed your life. One thing I would point out and there were some good men in these discipleship ministries about the wow thank God for the good that was done, but you know I think all of those that were Dr. Seale, you remember that were real popular when we were in our early 20s they don't exist anymore. But you know what this local church is everywhere. Amen.

All of the ministries come and go.

Real discipleship needs to be anchored in the local church is God going to have his local churches until he returns. That's his ordained means now. Secondly, he mentions conduct we got a hurry he said he saying Timothy you know I lived out what I talked Paul's not saying imperfection, but he saying from a heart conviction that the doctor in the teaching I taught was true and from the heart, embracing the adoring and transferring of the doctrine I talked, you know my conduct exemplified my teaching in first Corinthians 2 for he writes to the Corinthian church, and by the way, the Corinthians were constantly plagued by false teachers creeping in and teaching well is that I put a spin on Paul's doctrine.

They put a twist on the things Paul taught and try to get the Corinthians off track and so Paul would write to the Corinthians, and try to get him back on track and here's one of the ways he did that my message and my teaching and i.e. in contrast to the nonsense you've been taught by some people who crept in while I was out of town my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom using the ancient Greek culture rhetoric and oratory skills were held in high premium and if you could dazzle with your words and with your charisma. People just swooned.

He was a great leader apostate.

I made sure what I came to you I wouldn't sleep sharp, polished anything else should I tell you what I did have a Clarissa verse, but in demonstration of the spirit and power. Here's what Paul saying your laughs have been changed your hearts been changed the way you treat your spouse is been changed. The balls of your life is being cleaned up.

Here's what Paul saying when I came to you with the true doctrine conduct chain. You didn't just get somebody to wow you intellectually and enthrall your emotions you changed, because my message has the power of God. It was my point Timothy, you knew my conduct Timothy you know your conduct. You know God's truth is changed us in the were not perfect.

We tried to live this thing out. The Holy Spirit that works in our hearts and convinces us of the truth of God's word is also the Holy Spirit that convicts us and guides us to a new kind of living that exemplifies the doctrine we embrace the new birth creates a new heart, a new heart with new affections and a new heart with new affections and a brand-new purpose of life and that creates a new conduct, nothing more than I remember so distinctly my life.

I was converted driving my car back to college one Sunday nights. You know, it changed in my life. I started going to church that wanted that Sherry because I changed things just started changing my friends begin the I wouldn't. I did make a little camel change all the same to show everybody. My conduct different know my affections change the things I long for, and look to him were mostly drawn to Che when normally my teaching Timothy you've received. Did you know it in your walking you that not only are conduct in our lives are different than the world and different than they used to be thoroughly Timothy, our purposes, Che is 1/3 when you third, Romans 828. The key to this.

Romans 828 reminds us, God causes all things to work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. That's what happens when God changes us. We go from living for our purpose with God tacked onto that. You know that that's the bad to sway over the last hundred years or so, you keep your life and say a sinner's prayer so you can tacked on to free a journey to heaven when you die.

Know your purpose. Changes this is this is God's purpose. What happened was God's purpose became Paul's purpose and Paul discipling Timothy to became Timothy's purpose and pausing Timothy even walking this out with me for years in combat to be called the Timothy if you can't quit. The purpose were about his right don't shrink back in in in in my letter years of ministry here with you none not play don't hate it up anytime soon but I don't know that I got 47 years left either.

Here's what I meant to say you Bryce lectured the purpose I've laid out for you from the blog is a right it's true we can't shrink back now.

That's what Paul to Timothy that we may polish it in adjusted as we are. Learn more deeply the word and were not going to it based on what the culture says we ought to be able to base it on the book, but the purpose probably meant remains the same. The word purpose here that Paul uses is the word that means to set forth our place.

One thing in front of you.

Philippians 313 says I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet but one thing I do, thought inside these 12 things I do. He said there's one thing I do, yes, I'm going to raise my children are going to make sure they get a good education. By the way, when you talk about that.

Not this morning. The next 20 years the true church is going not to think about where we send our kids to be instructed and trained. All I can say is thank God for teachers in our schools that love Jesus and love the truth that the only salvation we got right now because the federal government's not going to relent on their there passion to teach our children feel thin ungodliness with a raise her children got to work at our jobs we do a lot of things but back of all of that needs to be one thing. We exist that God might be glorified in primary through his churches and I'll monitor and sharpen and decrease or increase. All this other stuff that makes up my life to make sure that on purpose is maintained. That's just not for us preachers. That's for us. You have a different role, but that's us Paul's strategy for living out this purpose was very clear, will limit backup.

Ephesians 321 again. If there's a summary of what I would call biblical theology, and it is not a complete when I understand that but is about as complete as any one verse can get. I think in a summary of what our purpose should be pages 321 and a summary of what Paul's purpose was Ephesians 321 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever know the words. This last probably time in this last for all eternity is your driving purpose something that last for time and eternity. Why would you do that if it's not, why would you do that. Why would you send her my preaching and give your life to submit back when you leave this are why would you do that that's thing you're doing that on the sink. You are why would you do that now. Paul's strategy was very simple relations, 116, that I might preach him among the Gentiles. Paul tried to preaching when the Jews God close that door than God sitting to the Gentiles, preached preaching the word, i.e. preaching the gospel. Colossians 128 29 and we proclaim him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, that we not present every man complete in Christ and for this purpose. Also I labor this purpose, striving toward his pie was mightily worked with me about Castro not called to preach, yes, but your call to the church and there's a junior boy you can help disciple the young girl you can help influence there's a man in your class. It's a newer Christian that you can love and encourage, and model a bit for and there were all together in this purpose.

Can I get an amen there five puerile keep on keeping all nonclinical me. I'm not saying any of you have. I'm to send out is what Paul's telling Timothy.

He's not rebuking Timothy for not doing it.

He just activity. Just keep on doing with this was Paul's purpose.

This was Timothy's purpose is the purpose of every biblical pastor and every true Christian.

Since this time will the next one. Faith ST is at the fourth particular the fourth particular aspect the faith of this could be faithfulness but that's not what I think it means in this context I think it means one's personal faith once personal trust in Christ. We think Timothy you so my personal faith and trust in Christ.

My love for him by treasuring a famine in Timothy I've seen your personal faith in Christ. Your love for him and your treasuring of him Timothy. Likewise, let's continue on being those kind of men will this reminds me of fresh that if a man's going to be a pastor. He first must be converted, he must have experienced the new birth, he must be born again. We got too many guys in our pulpits who are maybe loving and her personality are kind and their demeanor are caring of people naturally. That doesn't matter if they're not if they're not saved, then patients patients to wait when nothing's happening. Oh my goodness, how many times Paul preached nothing happen many times did Paul preach in the church would drift away from sound doctrine. He try to get him back on patients. He said Timothy you saying my patient ill in our early earlier years of reforming this church. Not much was happening amid being at a board meeting with Aiken and truth Borden board members and pastor. Nothing's happening not be discouraged us a note that a lot much is happening, we didn't quit quit today. We got more people wanting to connect with this contactless minister with us that we can get to but it took some years of patients mom and dad all of your family may not yet know the Lord. Some of them may be way away in Moab sojourning in a foreign land. Don't quit. Keep all believe both on the tile patients.

Then he says love is the word agape. It's that lively bit in this context, and almost every cannot every but almost every context when agape is used it means that unique love capacity that comes in us in the new birth is not natural is not the kind love the world understands the unique love for Saul gives us a great love for all men. We have a great love for mankind capacity to pity them and feel sorry for them when they do their wicked deeds.

But it's also that deep rich abiding love for the brethren. First Thessalonians 49 now as to the love of the brethren, you have no need for anyone to write you for your sins are taught by God to love one another was false. Like he said he was in you by God God the Holy Spirit came and brought this in the use of you real had to be taught anything about this, it's better because your born-again that you have to develop that you need somebody to model it so you not express it better but it's there if you're God's that's what keeps us together here. Grace, like church because God put something in me that loves you and God put something in you that loves each other here in a unique way in this reciprocal and can I say this to you if that's not the glue that's holding us together we will not be held together Timothy out you you seen this love in my life and I've seen it now in your life.

In Timothy, keep on walking and it then perseverance.

Perseverance, keep pressing forward regardless of the headwinds bear up under the load.

Timothy we been through this and first and second Timothy over and over and over. He talks about the hardships the under minors the false teachers.

The usurpers etc. etc. what he means. Timothy you don't quit, you keep all you saw me keep on going and medevac Paul's locked in prison awaiting his execution he still discipling Timothy in stock perseverance, persecutions, means various and sundry oppositions to our faith and practice.

Timothy, you saw the persecutions and connected that the last of the night from sufferings and he talks about in verse 11.

Look at their verse 11.

Persecutions and suffering such as happen to be at Antioch and I called him and Lysistrata Lister was Timothy's hometown.

I think he specifically mentions Antioch Coney amid Lister because that was his first missionary journey.

It could have been when Timothy met Paul. It could have been when Timothy was converted under Paul's ministry and so Timothy would've remembered these these episodes like when when when the stoning he endured at Lister Timothy perhaps even saw some of that I Coney and the Jews poison the minds of the Gentiles against Paul there and a mob of them attacked him and they tried to stone him.

I say they didn't stone him and I Coney him and then the one I just mentioned at Lister the Jews from Antioch followed independent Lysistrata and influence a mob to attack Paul to get it interesting that mob rule is been around forever and that's what a lot of Baptist churches function you get a mob together, they built something in her outright run up and down there and get the mob to get the wins well. Paul had his mobs. He had a mob it at Lister and they stoned him and I thought he was dead and they dragged him back to the city elected like a dead dog on the southern route, but he would dead God just provided for him to be.

I guess knocked out so that he didn't and maybe endure the torment of seeing all those stones coming on so saying Timothy you you lived in that area you saw all these things and now you walk with me in many of these things, so don't let this type of thing startle you, Timothy, and don't let this type of thing stall you keep on keeping on hold to the teaching practice. The conduct stay focused on the purpose walking that faith of your treasuring and adoring try to have patients in and press forth in the persecutions and the sufferings and always have that love and that perseverance now. The brief III here God's great rescue pastor. If we stay true to the faith in this culture we stand on the truth were unashamed of it.

We must face in tough times, yes, but our God is the God of great rescues.

He's the God who always comes through. He says in verse 11. Little part what persecutions I endured since I got through.

I endured them and out of them all the Lord rescued me by God's enabling grace. Paul is saying. I kept serving Christ Preaching the gospel. I did it before the persecution and suffering. I did it during the persecution and suffering in Timothy you can to an extra Timothy you have already and you need to keep on doing it.

That phrase of the solar capital that phrases I close that phrase in verse 11 out of them all the Lord rescued or delivered the Lord's rescue of Paul.

I think that's what is getting to me. He had a splash that suffering that Timothy most likely witnessed and I Coney him in Lysistrata and Antioch keep a splash that out there should cops cut havoc by drafting a vivid memory in Timothy's mind and really all about. So that graphic impacting memory says but the Lord rescued me out of the mouth.

As far as that was as ugly often as I was God's rescue was greater.

I think that's the point here Paul Paul's rescue was more awe-inspiring in impacting the persecution or suffering that was launched against him was the think about our Lord. Think about our Lord.

What's more powerful, the evil, suffering thrust upon our Lord before and during his crucifixion of the great rescue of God the father raising him from the dead, which is more impactful became for the lack glorified before his father.

You see the rescues of this life. During our service to Christ are powerfully impacting so much so that they can cause the suffering and pain of serving him in this wicked world to quickly diminish to remember that we are going through something because you're trying to stand for your faith and honor the Lord in is not fun anymore. We talked to a person just recently that in their organization they work for their their becoming quite woke and this person wouldn't welcome the four and they they saw the handwriting on the wall.

That's not easy when you speak your whole life with her a business or organization.

But God has a rescue plan and I found something much, much better when God open the much much better door. God's rescues are so impacting it makes up the heartbreak in the suffering of what you benefit for Christ, diminish Romans 818 pulses for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us that skulking about the ultimate rescue glorified with him. You ain't seen nothing yet you think all the stuff that here's the big deal is nothing compared with coming. Nothing is not worth pulses and rose. I didn't think it is not worthy to be compared take all the difficulty suffering persecutions calls and trials.

I just general sufferings if you will not even the city for your faith sometime just the heartache of this present life. Patient can even become tired with the glory. It's going to be revealed to us and in us.

You can take all the sufferings and persecutions of the most persecuted martyr for Christ multiplied 1000 times in one second in Christ presents one second clothing, his righteousness, one second, immersed in his glory will have a far greater impact than those thousand lifetimes or suffering is what pulsates not worthy to be compared. The songwriter said it will be worth it all. When we see Jesus first trials will seem so small when we see Christ one glimpse of his dear face all sorrows will race so gladly run the race to we see Christ by songwriter.conning saying it will be worth it all. He said you can compare is not that once this woman is turned pretty good bit higher.

You can compare the sufferings to the glory so it's not that it will be worth it. I'm not saying it's a bad song. By the time okay I just amplifying I'm not saying it's not really worth it all polish saying it's not even a fair comparison is not even worthy to compare the impact of life's trials with the impact of our glorification. There's nothing to compare two radically different things on the why the screen my mind but did. I was thinking on this text and I thought about when Pam and I were in Africa last time and we had been preaching at a Bible conference for Conrad and Bayway in they had told us you have to go to Victoria Falls if you're ever in South Africa cannot tell you something you have to go to Victoria Falls.

It's amazing that they took us a little boat out there and went to the little little island place on the edge of Victoria Falls were David Livingstone, the great missionary explore had stood there and looked over a vast valley out below that falls and he saw the smoke of a thousand villages declined him for the glory of Christ is powerful to be there. Think about the first Christian missionary to ever go to that region of the world does not want talk about. They took us out in that boat and I guess we saw 100 crocodiles is just the amount of leaving stuff out. There's horrifying almost thought if I drop in this water is over. I mean there's just they're just there stuff everywhere. Warhol's there was a giant bull elephant to standing out there just boiled water up in there like some you see it that the Disneyland uncle Disney World, but England's lots of music, but one thing that impacted me was over on the bank probably hundred and 50 yards away from us. Two female lions had come down the nips you have produced dusty and very few little bushes and make Donna were laying down beside two bushes. I thought boy I'm glad I'm not of that would not be good on the they were intimidating and then all of a sudden three or four massive African bull elephants came charging down the bank and those cats ran like their house is on fire you see all of your sufferings little kitty cats. Compared to the elephant of God's glory that's coming.

I mean those cats looked intimidating to the elephant showed up at our trials and are suffering in our difficulty seeing great by the way the tears don't surrender for something. Amen. There's tears there's heartache to remember the great elephant bull of God's glorious just coming around the corner and he'll blow all that stuff away.

It will be worthy to be configured so you know now that I see Jesus for this one second that stuff just exits nothing that is believed matter, Timothy I pass along the faith to you that you keep owning this passion owned others, even though to be tough at times, God will rescue us out of all the troubles

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