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Hold the Line

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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June 7, 2021 8:00 am

Hold the Line

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Beautifying the bride and that's what first and second to make is about matter fact that's with the purpose of God is about a matter fact that's what all the Scriptures are about God's chief primary work is building his church for his own glory and Paul's writing to Timothy from prison awaiting his soon execution really sets the context to second Timothy in one sense he's pastoring the church through Timothy just keeps outlining do this do that function this way organize this.

That way, so that he might work through Timothy to beautify the local church.

There is far to its four-minute splash in and will get to second Timothy Paul spends significant energy just trying to keep Timothy on track Nothing Timothy's rebellious or anything but he just knows there's difficult days coming. Paul knows there's warfare in strife and undermining and slanderous will come against Timothy so he's again as we pick up the text today trying to hold Timothy up and strengthen him a fresh and I'll just want to be honest with you don't.

Amen. Here but I have too much outline. I have too many notes I just wrestled this text got me a headlock and help me on the ground all day yesterday I had study and done but it just it was just challenging.

So I pray that my feeble efforts to outline the text I mean that genuinely in no way hinder the glorious truth that God wants us to receive support writing second Timothy chapter 2 beginning in verse 13 and going down to the end of the chapter verse 18. He writes Timothy retained the standard of sound words, which you've heard from me in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

The treasure which is been entrusted to you.

You are aware the fact that all who are in Asia turned away from me, among whom are five jealous and Hermogenes. The Lord grant mercy to the house of a nest for us, for he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains. But when he was enrolled.

He eagerly searched for me and found me.

The Lord grant to him to find mercy from the Lord all that day and you know very well what services he rendered at Ephesus as we unpack this exposition.

I've entitled it hold the line, hold the line for pastors or church leaders are just heads of households are any Christian. That's an important charge annex rotation to remember because there's going to be constantly efforts to undermine you is forest your faith in your walk with Christ in a particular course. Here he sang Tiffany hold the line when the pressures come and you want to quit. Are you want to compromise. You want to be in the ages own truth a little bit to get along better with the culture of the day.

Timothy don't do it Timothy hold the line. Three major points. Let's look at first of all hold the line concerning doctrine and message doctrine and methods. Look at verse 13 again. He says retained the standard of sound words of the word standardbearer could easily be translated pattern form or structure. Matter fact in Philippians 317 this exact same Greek word is translated pattern. So I agree, John Calvin, who says that though doctrine is emphasized. Pierce retained the standard of sound words doctrine. It's more than just the cold Dr. Nona profession of faith sheet. Let's say it means the things I taught you about how to live out the doctrine and teach and preach and administer the doctorate hold all of it is something we are very committed to and anchored in truth ministries in the pastors training Institute when we support these guys and help them get out on the field and Implanted church revile as a church. We want a commitment that you got a hold to sound doctrine and disseminate essential biblical methodologies. That's exactly what this word means. So let's unpack it from there for thoughts here about holding the line on concerning doctrine and methods a secure them. First of all, I've given them to you.

Paul said to Timothy not hold them search secure them, he uses the word retained here, retained these methods of and sound words now course sound words must include the body of doctrine that Paul imparted to Timothy God gave it to Paul. Paul gave it to Timothy into other faithful brethren, I didn't Timothy in second Timothy 22 is to take those doctrines, not new ones not know spends all meal doctrine does sound words and teach it yet to other faithful men. And so, in God's local churches. This pattern continues on and on down to Grace live church muscle Shoals, and Grace live church Hastings, Nebraska. Amen. Brunch at. That's our job. Take that doctrine once for all delivered to the saints and pass it all secure it so you can reproduce it. We have a statement of faith. Grace live church and for anchored in truth ministries and it's built off of what's called the New Hampshire confession of faith which was the first prominent statement of faith among Baptist in America.

It has several articles where bowel men have tried to take the systematic balance of true Bible doctrine and organize it in the articles are areas. For example, our doctrine has an article on the Scriptures, an article on the true God. An article on the fall of man the way of salvation, justification and article on the freeness of salvation and article on grace in regeneration and article about what is repentance and faith and article on God's purpose of grace and article on sanctification and article on the perseverance of the saints, and article on the harmony of the law and the gospel an article on the gospel church only ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper on the Christian Sabbath civil government on the righteous and the wicked in the coming judgment and the world become an article in the family and human sexuality. These are sound words, we hold to something new comes along our new idea comes along, we open that old statement up in sight. Does it work with this statement Timothy hold the standard.

The pattern of sound words cannot cannot use for just a practical expectation expectation to the church today. Look at the book of Jude because Jude gives us a keen insight into what it means and how important it is to hold to this sound doctrine in Jude chapter 1 verses three and four.

Beloved, while I was making every effort to write to you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earliest mystified like in a contest to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints. Then he goes on to say, because there are certain persons that are always trying to get us not to stand on the faith that was once for all handed down to the saints not be faith here does not mean belief. Sometimes, of course, most of the time in the New Testament talks about faith is talk about your personal belief or your personal faith in Jesus Christ, not here. This means the thing in which you place your faith, the thing in which you believe is called the faith. Like in Galatians 123 referring to Paul. It says he who once persecuted us, is now preaching the faith that body of doctrine we hold to Philippians 127 is another example. Striving with one mind for the faith of the gospel. So in our context here.

Among other things, Timothy hold the line and secure retained the faith. The sound words now we going down a little bit. Jude points out one of the reasons go back to Jude. If you would on the screen three and four that one of the reasons why it's good to be so hard to hold to the faith is because there are certain types of people that are incessantly. Barbara and vigorous to get you to change your conviction about sound doctrine and particularly says there are those who verse four. Turn the grace of God into lasciviousness is a Timothy with one of the most difficult groups who will be pounding on the door of the church to get you to compromise and change your convictions about the doctrines I gave you will be those people in the culture been given over to sexual immorality because once they walk in that there convicted their conscious condemns them and I don't want anybody else condemning them so they want you to move your teaching off of the holy doctrines of the faith and find something that will complement them in their sinful indulgence. He magnifies this in verse seven of Jude. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah in the cities around them since they, in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh and are exempted and his example and undergoing the punishment of eternal life. What's the context.

The context is these type people here specifically that have given themselves over to unnatural sexual immoralities will constantly be bombarding the church with you got to change. We don't want to feel guilty about this so church stop it. Hillary Clinton said when she was running for office while back. The church must change some of its teaching.

I got news for Henry Crown Clinton or anyone else. Paul told us the word of God tells us God tells us hold retained secure the sound word, no matter what they say or do or threaten and there certainly doing it to Jude points out of most previous and most flagrant or outrageous example of the type of people not the only ones but the some of the major people who try to undermine our doctrine impress on us to change Timothy there is every need for me to caution you, as I'm in prison facing monsoon execution. Whatever else you do, Timothy I gave you the truth don't tamper with it. Don't change it, secure it well. Secondly, not only would this text tell us to secure doctrine, sound methods, it would tell us to administer them to administer the no don't just hold it know what your profession of faith in the methods of Scripture be something that's on a piece of paper on a computer file back in some office somewhere make it shoe leather in your life.

Follow my example is what he saying here because the word again. The how does a word it verse 13. The standard, the pattern of sound words out when I think about the pattern that Paul would've been telling Timothy to maintain. I think the primary thing about saying it's everything we we don't know what we could take the balance of Paul's teachings and certainly glean some patterns but there's one consistent pattern that I think is overarching over everything else.

It ties into the first subpoint and that is it was Paul's pattern to administer the truth no matter the situation, if your counseling was someone we don't look to Freud, and we don't look to Skinner. We looked appalled and we look to John and we looked at Matthew.

We look to the word of God in anything and everything we go to the sound doctrines of the faith.

That's why when Paul was finishing up his ministry here in Ephesus you remember Timothy is pastoring or overseeing the church at Ephesus.

Paul is writing to Timothy to help him along and that, but when Paul was with this church. He was there for three years and as he was wrapping up his ministry know that in prison, knowing that imprisonment and probably death was ahead for him. The last thing go missing one of the very last thing she said to those elders and X 2027. Rod did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God. That was Paul's method. That was Paul's pattern. Timothy now you administered make this the pattern of your ministry you administered also in all of your counseling in teaching expectation and reproving it personally. Ministry and public ministry, the people of God. The whole counsel of God. These are the sound words including the pattern you to follow follow my example in these things to me. Thirdly, the doctrine and the methods that were to hold the line on hold the line by treasuring them, treasuring them scholars cut all over the place on this next phrase in basically because none of us can say dogmatically what exactly it means, except I know I found out what me. I will say this. If that's not specifically what it means what I'm going to tell you is thoroughly taught in the balance of Scriptures are not teaching heresy. The last phrase in verse 13 he says 02 retained the standard of sound words you've heard it from me in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. I'm convinced will not the conclusion I'm going to share with you is the missing link in so many churches and so many ministries today. That is, there is a lack of treasuring the truths of God the Lord. I think what Paul saying is Paul saying you know what I like the Judaizers when I like the old Jewish legalist are our religion is not called orthodoxy. Timothy, how are our faith. We hold to is not rigid.

Legalism's is not just the letter of the law we function out of my faith and love that are in crunchies this flavors. It gives the home to what everything everything rather that we are about in God's work in his church, you see. Paul walked in the reality that John walked in and talked so much about in his epistle. First John 419 reminds us he first loved us first John 410 says not that we loved God, but he loved us and sent his son to be a propitiation for our sins. So when where teachers and preachers small group leaders are just Christians helping each other when more teaching God's truth.

It comes from a heart that's never gotten over the love of God think that's what Paul is bringing out Timothy don't just teach the doctrine of door. The doctrine because it's the doctrine of our got you seek sound doctrine is the very expression of the wisdom and character of our God and you can't love one another love the other, you always love them both. You see, he loved me first, and he loves me most. He lay down his life for us so I'm now in learning to love him first and now I'm learning to love him most, more than any other. Our hearts are to be aflame with the love and faith of our Savior, so I likewise will love the doctrine which is the very wisdom and character of my Savior put forth in words and writing. The polished thing afresh the timid. Here's another pattern gives another example to follow. You got it for me. Look at your heart just doing stuff. Try to be quote successful billing at the numbers of the church or whatever. No Timothy that's not what we do we teach the truth out of a rich viral love Christ is changed as he's given us that part of love.

Sometimes I use the phrase don't just love true doctrine, but love the God of true doctrine can't love one without the other.

If a given application because this is kinda been a hot issue in bed this life lately were not to settle for loving any concept or teaching of God that is less or that contradicts sound doctrine. There's a lot of this mud channel you see it.

We all see it, there's a lot of this must-see sentimentality about Jesus and we have a very prominent woman, teacher, preacher in America today and she's wonderfully talented in her verbal skills is a good orator. She's clever with her words. She has much passion and emotionalism emotionalism and zeal in her teaching that draws people especially silly women. We talk a lot about silly women and principled women. But when you study what she says. It's like she has a schoolgirl crush on her overall romanticized image of Jesus if the Jesus is not really the Jesus of Scripture. Either it's a mildly biblical view of him are an un-biblical view of him. We don't get caught on that that's not holding to sound doctrine is be careful folks everything that's taught from a professing preacher or teacher that has Jesus slathered on, it moves us with emotion and maybe even tears may not be of God tested by the sound words once for all delivered to the saints. So Paul is kinda saying Timothy keep this balance hold rigidly to sound doctrine never changes but with a warm heart heartfelt treasuring of Christ, Timothy, that was my pattern. You keep it going Timothy secure it.

Administer it. Treasure it and thirdly concerning doctrine and sound methods energize them. He said this in one way, already earlier in the chapter. Look at verse 14. In continuing the flow. He says guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in you Timothy but us. The treasure could translate treasure deposit. It means a good thing. There's been a good thing deposited in you the treasure which has been entrusted to you. Now, in a Special Way, Timothy as a pastor had a car responsibility than the average Christian to treasure and hold to and energize these things, but it is true for all Christians. You know why you're here on Sunday morning you here to get reenergized.

You came in here with the gold drops came in here with sleepy spirituality because you stayed up too late last night, drinking in the things of the world, not necessarily evil things with them are the things of God you come in here and expect me an hour to shout that out of you and get you reenergized. I need some help but to charge you again to find a point on Saturday. Now you say that televisions going off the computers going up the steps going off, and were going to get in the word. Nothing legalistic about it now to seek God for we go to bed so we can wake up better able to get recharged on Sunday morning.

Is that is not what Paul is saying when he says guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us this this guarding by the agency of the Holy Spirit in us I think is parallel with what he said in verse six. Look up earlier in the chapter.

For this reason I remind you to Kindle afresh the gift the charisma of God which is in you through the laying out of my hands so early in verse six he said like a bellows is blown on the blacksmith's fire to keep the flame full Timothy also guard through the Holy Spirit in you what's there, keep it energized. Keep it going to listen to me. Verse six he says to rekindle it in your verse 14 he says guard and directly to sides of the same coin. If you're guarding it your energizing and for energizing your guard the best way to guard your faith is to keep it reenergized by sitting under sound preaching and fellowship in a local church, a solid believer you guarding and reenergizing the always go together, Timothy.

Be faithful and that practice verse 14 he said this is been entrusted to you. Timothy is been deposited in you and it is a treasure again that it means it's a good thing I love what some scholars say this.

It's an honorable thing to me think we live in a God dishonoring world. But there's been placed in you something of the highest honorable nature spirit of God energize that guard that and keep it energized in another place Paul is going to tell Timothy to fight the good fight that part of that fight. The foundation stone we might save that fight is to keep the energizing work of the spirit in our hearts going again your reenergized by the Holy Spirit when you get into the word after Tom and the word after Tom and the word how your morning times with God. What verse at least one verse did you memorize this week and you're meditating on just to stay energize God didn't mean for me to do all this for you.

I went on to do span the flame that you been kindling all week.

Do you faithfully receive the preaching of the word of God not enough. I didn't say did you attend the church meeting is radically different than the coming here say God I'm ready to repent. I'm ready to thrash where my thinking in my motions have been off of the truth and retain Nevada get my heart in my motions back in line with the truth of the word of God is what every Christian does every Sunday if they're receiving the preaching of the word. You know how much I have to repent preparing to preach to you that you could make it even in repent while I'm preaching to you and I mean that honestly is just as your stuff is just Mason. Oh dear God make this true in me as I'm preparing to preach to you. It's us together. Amen. Fight for Holy Spirit power in your life you know I'm not talking about some of the excesses we see. That's called Holy Spirit power, but there is wonderful truth in that old old song all self consumer all see and destroy with the earnest zeal into each waiting heart to work for the old Lord, our faith renewed sin. The old-time power the Pentecostal power by floodgates of blessing on all us through open wide Lord's in the old-time power.

The Pentecostal power centers be converted in that name glorified think that's what Paul saying here is treasure these things administer these things follow these pattern's well not only hold the line with doctrine and methods. Secondly, hold the line Timothy.

When there are deserters that discourage Timothy hold the line when there are deserters that discourage look at verse 15, Paul gives us very personal and to the point here Timothy here where the fact that all who are in Asia turned away from me, among whom are the jealous and Hermogenes.

Now, first of all a mini turn away if you're a true man of God.

True woman of God and the church that striving to be a true Church of God, you will experience over time, many turning away. There is no exception. Well I believe there's one exception. If you have the unusual fortune to follow a very faithful pastor before you. You may not experience much of this with the overwhelming settings that are out there. The churches are in such condition, you can have what Paul experienced many turning away pieces of verse 15 all turned away from me in Asia Asia in this day is not the Asia of today is a very small piece of land, geographically speaking, and emphasis was the capital and Paul as I told you spent more time there than anywhere else inside Paul's ministry had a great impact on the whole area of Asia listen to what Demetrius does or says as he accuses Paul in acts 1926 you see and hear that, not only in Ephesus but in almost all of Asia, this Paul has persuaded and turned away. A considerable number of people saying that God's made with hands or no gods at all this. This metalworker who made a fortune off of idols made idols and people by these idols and worship them.

Paul went to the whole land preaching against that we lock us preaching on biblical morality in our culture today, and this guy says this Paul shaking up people all over the Asian province. So he's had a big impact. So when he says, at this point he's in prison on death row exist. Timothy all have turned away.

That means a lot of folks.

Some were favorable to Paul. But what really believers, but this must include some true believers at least four season have grown timid but we know that earlier in the chapter timid and cowardly for turned away from supporting Paul, but the words turn away in verse 15 is the heiress tense. It means I one time action in their continuing in that condition, but turned away and they're staying in it turned away condition, the Lord Jesus reminded us that under severe persecution. This was going to happen. Matthew 2412 because lawlessness is increased.

Most people's love most people's love professing believers and those who are not believers but were at one time favorable to the church.

Most of that much their love will grow cold so houses Timothy got a hold I'm here in prison right now nobody is with me right now nobody supporting me. Many will turn white. Paul's secondly I will admit there is some speculation here think on the ground with the balance of biblical truth be prominent leaders will turn away he says in verse 15 among all those who turned away five jealous and Hermogenes are two individuals that turned away will Paul just stood out there. Did so I've got a list here of all of those who've left us over the years without biblical brown's son will read their names. Are you ready I believe a John Calvin who writes in his commentary that the reason Paul singled these two guys out but jealous and Hermogenes was because they were going around slandering Paul going around saying we are the righteous and piles lost the faith where holy ones. You know Paul was in prison because he's messed up they were going around the framing called to defend their apostasy is what they were doing. You'll pray for Ms. Pam because she usually hears my sermons twice, once at home, and once when she gets here and I was sharing this part of the sermon about five jealous and Hermogenes. In Calvin's view, which is my view, these guys were particularly grievous in the way they turned away. She said oh that's like. They asked for your W-2 form when you try to join the church.

She said that's like I was at the emergency room hospital and I saw Ms. Pam coming to Jeff and beat her up. Did you know those rumors were out there. Were you known Ella spread further.

Five jealous and lodging. These are still around today trying to defame the church or the men of God that they might defend their own turning away. So really what Paul is doing here. He say I want to get this out Timothy because it may come back to you and it may be unsettling to you or some in the congregation there.

I want to set the record straight on these guys.

I'm not the problem. They are that's what policy now. I don't think Paul would be arrogant about this saw all of the challenges and troubles in splits and divisions in warfare's I've been through we've been through here. There were things for me to learn and things for me to repent about and thanks me to grow through God uses everything a man I what guilty of some of the nonsense that was out there, but maybe things in my own personal wall, thinking whatever it was, there's always room for us to repent. When difficulty comes our way. Even if we may be fully innocent of the very issue. They're blaming you but I guarantee you there something you'd repent of. You can grow yourself to get a man there yeah but my wife yeah I know she's probably not right.

What about you you have a modest, but I know what about you God is teaching you something to well this is been going on forever. Cora of the Old Testament rose up against Moses and against God's will core the Bible says was a man of renown. He was prominent probably was better gifted, better able to Layton Moses saw a lot of people followed Kara when he rose up against Moses. There's just one problem with that. God said Moses is going not about gifts, charisma talents, it's did. I suppose Moses so you know how the story goes, if you come up against a real man of God. Be careful if he gets on his knees. This is God. I will do that to Scott, you may be in big trouble. You may be in big trouble when Moses went to God.

God opened up the ground and swallowed up Cora and all of his family and all those who stood with him, Moses said, Artie buddy ask any questions about who God has chosen to lead the study casino. Moses didn't sign up for it that God just said, you will complete my people, I can come here Moses and his own thinking. Lord, now you know I didn't sign up for this.

I was minding my business, keeping my father lost sheep in the median desert in this Bush catches on fire. And here I am God fix this mess because you got me into this will anyway number three Timothy hold the line on doctrine and on sound methods Timothy hold the line when there are disorders deserters rather than discourage and Timothy hold the line because there will always be a faithful remnant that remains and refreshes. We pastors and church leaders can be locked the guy who was had a lot of ponds on his farm in the pond for foldable frolics. They said, man. I've got so many bullfrogs around here so we went down to the local seafood restaurant and said Sir I'd like to sell you some frog legs for your seafood buffet on Friday.

Not he's that's great having you give me said I'll get at least 500 pair. I mean I've got a bunch of peace and okay bring them in my social time fraud in I'll pay you for.

They worked out a deal.

The men showed up Friday about 2 o'clock in the afternoon he walked in, had a sheepish look on his face and rest on notice it was you got the frog legs.

He said I got him but only got 10 pair is a gift. You said you have at least 500 pair. He said man when I heard it sounded like 500 Bilotta Lodge and said nobody's left me got to know what you meant, there's always a remnant is always around it.

When I Amos went and preached. I guess you know that Israel and a compromised bail Jehovah worship called. They had started there. That was so wildly success little Amos country boy. Amos walks in there and announces the whole thing least the scholars. He had a small remnant that was with always be a remnant that remains and refreshes.

This is what we see in this for us will give her 16 the Lord grant mercy to the house of this trust, for he often refreshed me, and he was not ashamed of my change some quick subpoints your first ball on this.

This is true devotion we see is true devotion paucity was not ashamed of my change took size to that which is not to send my changing it literally.

Paul was chained in a dungeon or to a Roman soldier but figuratively that day. That phrase when used for a high statement of public dishonor and shame. I went up to great dishonor and shame, but it didn't affect on this for us. He still came and ministered to me but nobody else did.

It was a time when being associated with a man on death row was certainly publicly shaming to you if you did it.

Secondly was personally dangerous. Christianity was an outlaw on the call by the Roman Emperor to be associated with each main leader, Paul could mean you will be next didn't bother on this for us on this verse had a vibrant love for God. God's work and God's man and that enabled him to overcome the fear of man. I can hear Old Testament illness from assay call me what you like do to me what you will but I cannot and I will not separate from Paul PS God's man and I stand with him on this first name. Interestingly enough, means profit bearer. That certainly was true to Paul. He was a great prophet and help to the apostle Paul pauses in verse 16 he refreshed me on this first refreshed me and really literally means cooled me a cooling down on this first when he ministered to Paul when others had turned away brought a cooling refreshment to Paul when he was suffering under the heat of physical ailments and imprisonment, and suffering from the heartbreaking abandonment and the widespread public shame. True devotion. Secondly Trussell yes devotion. I mean all ministers, goodness, check a box and said okay I'm visiting. I've done my part not deadly checkboxes love throws his whole self into it. True ingenuous deposit in verse 17 Paul says he is a girly search for me and found me how many but a lot of energy and it didn't matter if he didn't calculated like extra bold if I perish, I perish. It was difficult to find Paul, but he did it. I mean we can only imagine that the Roman soldiers and Roman guards. He had to go through were likely very difficult. That's probably a great understatement. Not just difficult, it was dangerous again to be associated to find Paul reminds me of brother David Miller had this verse in his newsletter. Some of you probably got it. What pricked my heart a symbol that fits on this most openness for somebody use it. First Samuel 1026 and 27. Saul also went to his house that could be and this is after God made in King Saul what his house and tibia and the valiant men whose hearts God had lunch. Went with it. Not everybody did though verse 27 but certain worthless mention.

How can this will deliver us, and they despised him and did not bring him in the present but he kept silent. Som turned away from Saul, but there were men whose hearts God. It chat.

I pray you have me in grace line facing six constant start. They won't judge you and beat you up and look at your flaws. The site I'm standing with the man of God on this for us was a valiant man whose heart got a touchy kick. I can't go here without the picture in my mind of David King David, the Philistines had captured and occupied the promised land. David runs for his life and he's got a band of men with him. But the Bible calls David's mighty men. King David is hiding out in at 11 K is my demeanor there with him and he's pacing the floor, pleading with God when I go today, would you deliver us from this starch somehow in the course of praying and pleading with God. He dishonors out all that I drink the water from the springs in Bethlehem. Some of his body. Men heard looked at each other and said let's go. The Bible says they fall through the Philistine garrisons and Whitten got a cup of cold water of the spring to Bentley and felt their way back and brought it to King David. He said what is this you said you wanted water from the springs Bethlehem and we went and got cats on this press that's the spirit. When this for us. He's a part of the faithful remnant that remains and refreshes, just as your pastor this morning. I would be an error not to mention that I thought about so many of you modified on honest there's not one church member.

Not one church member in this church that anyway.

Reminds me of the GLS farm Hermogenes, but you have something of the aloneness for us. But I know there's some pastors that listen to my messages and maybe this is a good one to listen to, but let me say something to you, brothers, you don't get rid of all five jealous no Hermogenes to three decades. Sometimes the balance of staying with it over the long haul this soon you go to church this dominated by mistresses. What a man true and lasting devotion that the third some point because here it was lasting one just a hit and miss thing with on this for us in verse 16 he says he often refreshed me often. Refreshment was not ashamed of my change that in verse 18 the Lord grant him to find mercy from the Lord on that day, for you have very well what services plural. He rendered it ethicist file sync from the first time on this verse was converted since it Paul, I want to go with you and help you taste good and faithful faithful the Lord will how blessed I am. I mean my staff counts their time with me in decades. Most of so many of you been around for so long and you've been like this.

A lasting devotion.

It is hard for pastor to say this but is false humility and really atop a product we don't say it. If your pastor has proven faithful you be on the mistress, and you are is then God says, I will hold you accountable to the judgment bar God at the church in route I'll hold him because you wanted but if you're against them, and he's trying to do right. You may be in big trouble. How I regularly think of media view couples marriages homes households and honestly it is a continual flow of the heart of God. Thank you for the December, 40th anniversary such kindness.

Such gratitude such suite missed shown to Pam and on our family and I just think about you not just keeps and God bless God help from God, thank you for them.

God encourage them. Jesus said in Matthew 25 again the context of severe persecution. He said this, even something as small as a cold couple water.

One of my suffering children. Our market and won't forget being on this fresh work of God in the man of God. This will be transparent. I lack nothing. There's nothing else you need to do for me.

My elders are wonderful. I'm on this first full understand, but that's the testimony of God's grace. Amen.

God's grace. Amen. Grace you're only still here because Bryce would let you go nowhere else.

Trust me, I'm only still here but had nowhere else to go and I was grace its grace upon grace upon grace.

Can I am less point, less a point here that Timothy hold the line because there's will be a faithful remnant who refreshed you the tender affection and blessing toward the faithful Paul says in verse 16 grant mercy to his house, set not just on this for us. His whole house so that word all costs. House household names, his family, his extended family probably met servant's slaves maybe work associates, even if it could be a lot of folks, and here's the powerful thing here merely listening to how solid are you listening God. God's church and God's man, there's a sense in which the blessing comes all-male and slashes out to all the rest of the folks in your house. Also, no mercy for the whole household will dismiss. Are you the kind of man that God's control blessings out of the splatter all over whole household. The kind of woman as in this verse spirit in your heart. God brings blessings to you if Jesus said if you just give a cup of water to the one who suffering for my namesake on the home market remembered.

Bless you Fort reward you for how much more if your local mistress and you've exhibited true devotion silliest devotion and lasting devotion. Look at verse 18 the Lord grant to him to find mercy from the Lord on that day.

I don't know what that means.

I just don't know exactly what that means, because if you're God's child, you will have mercy on that David or something of us specialness about these long term aloneness must type servant, but in that day there going to be blasted. Think about it. Here Paul is in his ministry praising God lifting up the name of a mistress asking God to bring special mercies and blessings on this for us. While I don't know what that means. I know that's much much much much much much better than being remembered by the men of God, the way Paul remembered Alexander the coppersmith second Timothy 414 God lists my brother Paul remembers Alexander the coppersmith saying he did much harm to me. And the Lord will repay him. You don't matter God remembering you that way before God. Trust me, I would prefer having God's preacher thanking God for me asking God to bless me because I been a blessing to him and God's man saying God. He hurt me badly as I was trying to serve you and I asking God to repay which one are you which one will you commit to be from this day forward, jealous Hermogenes or mistress pulses Timothy hold the line, son hold the line in both the doctrines I've given you in the methods I taught you hold the line Timothy hold the line when deserters come go discourage Timothy hold the line because there's always going to be a faithful remnant that will refresh up and if this over 40 years and I've always had in your them all God's people said but you love the word of God's office of the God powerful stuff

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