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The Firm Foundation of God Stands

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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March 7, 2021 7:00 am

The Firm Foundation of God Stands

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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Take your Bibles and let's go to second Timothy as we begin our study through second Timothy this morning we have a limit to say this, I think if the apostle Paul were riding at him to emphasize what he saying to Timothy in second Timothy that he would be a good one because it centered on the church in her supernatural element in the the blessed power and the creation of God that she is and how God will preserve her to the EN well that's part of what Paul is telling Timothy go to second Timothy chapter 2 verse 19 because chapter 2, verse 19. Actually the very first phrase is a fitting summary of what Paul is getting across to Timothy in this letter don't you listen carefully this morning. There's such weightiness, such gravity about what Paul is saying to Timothy as he is continuing to instruct him and how to pastor and oversee the church at Ephesus second Timothy chapter 2, verse 19, the first phrase. Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands. Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands now I'm titled the exposition of first Timothy beautifying the bride perform enter fashion because that's exactly what God was doing through Paul as he guides Timothy in structuring the surcharge that are formed and how the church should function. That's her fashion and asked the churches listen is structured God's way functions God's way is empowered with God's truth in God's power, then the church is be beautified bride and even more so when she matures until the day of our glorification will fondly bear forth our full beauty, and so that's what this is all about God giving glory to the church being the church.

So we talked about that. Actually, the theme verse for that. If you want to look, I think you to be on your screen. But first Timothy chapter 3, back when we were the first Timothy verses 14 and 15 was something of a statement of summary for that book he says in verses 14 and 15 for to be three I'm writing these things to you hoping to come to you before long, but in case some delayed I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and the support of the truth so we had that and then we come over to second Timothy now and God continues through Paul writing this letter to Timothy telling him how to could carry on full word is beautifying the bride in her form and in her fashion actually second Timothy is about five or maybe seven years later than the writing of first Timothy while he continues the instructions there's something more to bear here because now the apostle Paul is in his second Roman imprisonment and a very serious very difficult setting.

Paul knows for certain that his execution is imminent and so he's writes to Timothy in an effect tells Timothy no matter what happens, no matter what I have been through and Timothy no matter what you may go through. Please know this.

Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands in effect Timothy stay faithful to the end finish all the way out. Just like I because were about something that is of God, and it will stay in matter fact it will stand for all time and eternity.

The work is worth it. We are laboring in the building of God's house and it counts for all time and eternity. So stay faithful to the finish because the firm foundation of God stands is were going to be. As we look at second Timothy and go through it together. All right, now let's talk about the author of the book course we know that the author here the human author that is is the esteemed apostle Paul, the apostle Paul was a late addition to the apostolate band benefit. Paul was not converted or a follower of Christ. When Christ ministered on the earth. God came to him or Christ came to him after his ascension into heaven. Paul even referred to himself in first Corinthians as one untimely born of the apostles were born during Jesus ministry, Jesus came and got me.

Later on I am one on timely board remember the story from acts chapter 9.

The apostle Paul is is about the task of persecuting Christian and then we have annex 94 through six and he that Saul or the apostle Paul fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, Saul saw why are you persecuting me and he said who are you, Lord, if so if you get knocked down so hard for, from a lot from heaven.

You just going to say that's the Lord, that we who are you, Lord, and he said well I'm Jesus in your persecuting but get up and enter the city and it will be told you what you must do the how's that for sovereign election. I may not of malware, God intervened into the ground is humbled and broken. He looks up and the Lord says about tell you what you building from you have about it. When a committee meeting church did boat nothing happened. God just got pieces on one untimely born, so the author humanly speaking, is the esteemed apostle Paul. Now the audience. The audience, of course, is Timothy but it's also all the pastors of all the ages if we want to know how to beautify the bride, which by the way, if you don't know how to do that. You don't need to be in the ministry were about God's glory to his church were about God being pleased and being saying that his church being structured and functioning as he wanted to be structured in both function switch for all the pastor but it's also for the local church, a course, Timothy read this and discussed it with the local church family. Let's remind ourselves about Timothy. Timothy was Paul's younger understudy and he was a very devoted disciple of the apostle Paul, Timothy, was a native of either Derby Ernest or we can't be for sure Timothy to Timothy's mother, Eunice, and his grandmother Lois were devoted believers and of Jewish heritage. Timothy's father, however, was a Greek. Timothy was no doubt converted under the apostle Paul's preaching in his hometown area and then some time elapsed, and Timothy grew greatly in the Lord. He was a spiritual young man of God.

"A high esteem among the local churches in that region, which led to Paul choosing Timothy to be his companion and his close associate and we know of all the companions of Paul. Paul pointed out that Timothy was his top God.

Matter fact he said this in Philippians chapter 2 verses 19 through 22 buses, but I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly so that I also may be encouraged when I learned of your condition.

Notice this for I have no one else of kindred spirit who would genuinely be concerned for your welfare, but they all seek after their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus you know of his proven worth that he served with me in the furtherance of the gospel like a child serving his father, apostle Paul says to me that he is the best God. God they actually ministered together for about 17 years from A.D. 51 to 8068 that we do know that Timothy had some physical limitations, some perhaps you would say emotional weaknesses. He seemed to be stressed allotted seem to struggle with anxiety and I like the back of in salad or pastor who is trying to do it right. He didn't do some of that myself.

So I sympathize with instructing some of those things and talk to him about taking care of himself himself rather, it's probable that Timothy was more fitted for the associate role then for the primary role in ministry leadership. So now let's come to the day when did the apostle Paul write this most likely about 67 A.D. perhaps 58 Cantina down exactly but that's very close. Now we come to the last area that I'll spend the bulk of our time on the setting and the purpose setting the purpose again Timothy saying stay faithful to the finish because the firm foundation of God's plan. So, we remind ourselves this morning that the apostle Paul spent a good deal of time in Roman prisons. He wrote first Timothy most likely did Titus Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians from the prison house in Rome.

I don't know if the Lord was speaking to me benefit so many people encourage me to put some things in writing and I never have time I thought was God will put me in jail to get me to do some writing. I will be the writing Paul did. He was inspired to write holy Scripture, but it did come to my mind. Now he's writing to Timothy what we call second Timothy and this is during Paul's second imprisonment and just before Paul's martyrdom by execution. Second Timothy has a much different tone than the book of first Timothy during the first imprisonment when he probably wrote first Timothy Paul was under something of a house arrest he he he was anticipating his soon release he could go out and visit with all the brethren and visit the churches and preach the gospel more and travel.

But now in this second imprisonment he says nothing about being released, he says nothing about future ministry in the earth. In this second book to Timothy. He speaks about the completion of his earthly ministry he writes about the reward that awaits him in heaven.

We do know for fact that the second imprisonment was far more difficult. As I said the first imprisonment was like a house arrest he could he could stay in the corners he was renting. He had crowds that would call me good, preach the people and lots of visitors coming and going. The second imprisonment was much more restrictive and much more severe. He was in much like a solitary confinement. One occasion he said quote I'm treated like an evildoer." Paul's in a place now were literally it's difficult to find them and also very dangerous to be seen associating with them. You might find persecution for yourself.

If you were known to be associated with them. Paul talks of how many abandon him during this period.

In second Timothy 416 as he went before the judge. He says that my first defense. No one supported me, but all deserted me that not be counted against them. He lifted the horrors of one planned execution that was stated already and seemingly that was a last minute thing in second Timothy 417, he said, but the Lord stood with me and strengthen me so that through me. The proclamation might be fully accomplished and that all the Gentiles might hear and I was rescued out of the lion's mouth that has to refer to.

I was close to martyrdom. Somehow God gave you grace and it didn't happen at that time, but now he certain again that his execution is all and it will be very soon to write second Timothy with no hope of being delivered. This time he writes from the perspective that my persecutors are going to have their way with me in unjust and violent death is now inevitable. Let's back up for a moment and think about the cultural historical context of all this going on. New row is the Roman Emperor at this time.

New row is a vile and a cruel man and he especially hated this new little religious movement called Christianity. For example, Nero had many Christians crucified.

Nero had Christians covered in animal skins and had dogs hunt them to their death.

Nero would dip Christians and all y'all and suspend them on poles and light them to lighten the streets at night. One historian writes of how Nero would dip Christians in all put them on poles and set them aflame and had them placed around his palace gardens as he through masquerade parties and drunkenness and rebel. That's Nero. So Paul is imprisoned under Nero's charge probably two specific charges were against Paul.

At this point. Number one he was guilty of leaving a novel illegal religion and number two, they found him guilty of leading a conspiracy to burn down Rome. We do know it's a historical fact that in this day a great fire was set in Rome and burn a lot of the city down to the ground and Nero conveniently blamed it on Christians. But history also records that Nero had been trying for some time to tear down much of the city and rebuild these colossal buildings in his own honor their policy was going to collect for his own fame and glory, and so the rumor is that Nero probably set the fire himself so he could rebid by rebuild what he wanted because the Senate would not let them do it. He conveniently though, may Christians the scapegoat Nero was a cruel man. The apostle Paul is in his prison for being a Christian pastor and teacher, a leader of this new in according to Rome elicit an illegal religion. The apostle Paul probably identify with the words of Martin Luther, who in the 15th and 16th century led something of the Protestant revolution out of Roman Catholicism back to the Bible, Martin Luther wrote, let goods and kindred go, this mortal life. Also, the body they may kill God's truth. The body of steel.

His kingdom is forever, so that's something of the contextual surrounding Paul and even Timothy finds himself in real policies writing this knowing his execution is just at hand has to be wondering, is Timothy going to be next. And so he writes to him, insist, Timothy is worth it. Stay faithful to Timothy because the firm foundation of God stand now something of the theme are the purpose we talked about this quite a bit already because I couldn't help but say it, but will state again, Timothy I want you to be faithful. That's the purpose of the book Timothy, I want you to stay with it, Timothy.

I want you to finish out well and you gotta wrap this and all the apostle Paul is presently dealing with in all that he has built with we considered the frailty and the weakness of our fallen state. When we consider our physical and emotional being when we consider the trials of this present sinful world. The apostle Paul suffered through storms and bad weather. He suffered with disease and all the myriads of discomfort and pain that accompanied this life in this ministry. When we consider the blunders and the failures of even ministers who were given at the very best I have, we consider the unrelenting attacks of the enemy to discourage us and destroy us and possible the apostle Paul's case. He's considering the soon and certain execution. He will experience though he is an innocent man. Considering that in these final days on the earth. The apostle Paul is imprisoned in squalor and most of his associates have forsaken him and actually in a human perspective. His numbers aren't good. His ministry could be considered a failure. But considering all policies Timothy stay with it like stayed with it.

Timothy because the farm foundation of God stand by the way is the only thing that will stand now, this firm foundation of second Timothy chapter 2 verse 19 is the church and for time and space history before we get to our glorified stay. It's the local churches of God. Paul tells the church at Corinth, for example, in first Corinthians 310 I laid a foundation, and another is building upon what did Napoleon Corinth in the city of Corinth. He started the church is God's church. Then in the next verse first Corinthians 311 Jesus for no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

So one case clearly, the churches emphasize now Jesus Christ is emphasized as the foundation.

So yes in question will is Christ, the foundation or is it the church. Yes, the church is his body, the church's head is Christ but go together. The church is his work and he embodies his work. First Peter 24 through six comes to mind and coming to him as a living stone, which is been rejected by men but his choice and precious in the sight of God. Think about that just for moment. All of these Roman leaders in the culture culture in general looked upon these ragtag outcasts but she is just sort of a sector beauty is in the call themselves Christians just kinda nobodies but God looks at him and said no but there precious stone building something the natural can't see at the judgment day they'll see it brothers and sisters they can't see what God's building yet verse five of first Timothy to you.

Also, as living stones, Christ is choice and precious, but there's living stones. That's us are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable God the Jesus Christ of this is contained in Scripture.

Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious cornerstone, and he who believes in him will not be disappointed in the foundation work God's doing right now in the world. Jesus is the cornerstone of everything square him, but the rest of us who know him are the living stones in the foundation's local church.

Of course we do know that Christ technically speaking is separate from his church. But listen, Christ cannot be separated from his church. Technically speaking, we know the church is separate from Christ, but the true church cannot be separated from Jesus Christ. He is the foundation's church is the foundation is the firm foundation that Paul tells Timothy Timothy stay with it. Don't quit no matter what happens to me. Stay faithful because the firm foundation of God will stand is the only thing that's going to stand is the only thing that's going to be left when he returns and establishes his glorious eternal kingdom. Have you ever thought about that God's good return.

Jesus Christ is returning and be all right saying that we know now that will be here when you retire. Is the church is this of God. He's laid a foundation and he's laid this foundation of the earth, and he calls it his new creation, the foundation of the new creation is already starting this sinless eternal glorious new creation is being planted in the earth as local churches are planted in the earth, and they will stand for time and for eternity. No matter what we think about no matter what. Let's think a little bit about the man writing this letter to Timothy and what no matter what mint from his perspective. I can't cover all of it bungle to take the apostle Paul's wording to give you something of an outline of what he went through, and yet he pins.

Nevertheless, even though all that's true in effect, it's worth it because quote the firm foundation of God stands matter fact God prescribed Paul's sufferings. God told Amanda Ananias to go get Paul and I said I don't want to go get this Saul of Tarsus. He's having Christians carted off in the prison. He's having Christians put to death. God has Ananias Nolan on changing things I'm about to show him how many things he must suffer for my site. I mean, right before Paul get his history, God said you gonna suffer greatly for me in the earth. Paul in second Corinthians 4, said he was often perplexed. He said he often despaired.

He said I'm often struck down and I'm always delivered to death for Jesus sake.

Second, to be three speaks of persecutions and afflictions in Antioch are coney amended list struck in first Corinthians 15. He says I'm in jeopardy every every hour and I have fall the second Corinthians 4. He says I'm hard-pressed from every side. Second Corinthians 6. He mentions tribulations, distresses, stripes, imprisonments, pleural tool malts, sleeplessness, and sorrowful in second Corinthians 12.

He mentions infirmities and second drink is 1217 and he talks about the thorn in his side with the which was either a person or a physical malady talks about reproaches and he talks about needs in Galatians 4 he mentions his physical infirmities and he says in Galatians 6 I bear in my body the marks of Christ in Romans chapter 9 he says I have great sorrow and continual grief is as I have stripes above measure he said I was 40 times hit -1.

I was shipwrecked and spend the night in a day in the deep three times I was beaten with rods and I was stoned. I was under the peril of robbers in the perils of the Jews and the Gentiles, and the perils among false brethren. I've no weakness and told everyone of these words are Paul's words, I was often in hunger and thirst, I was often code and naked even experience snakebite and then on top of it all Paul says in second Corinthians 11 I've always had the continual burden for all the churches. Some of you have a hard time making it the Sunday school on time. Shame on you. In Jesus name.

Some you ditties need errata draw a line in the same as to this household will be faithful to God not know you're not wicked, I know you're not evil, and I love you deeply because I know you love the Lord's's's worth is the firm foundation of God stand suffering all these and yet these difficulties. These trials these obstacles. These attacked never threatened to undermine God's true church membership.

The church is foundation never caused her to fall over didn't even cause her to lean our totter are to go wobbly, far from it sufferings the apostle Paul experienced in all who are godly and carry their cross in this antichrist world will experience are but new pillars being driven deep below the already immovable foundation to further anchor her to the bed rock of Jesus. Paul comes to the time for his execution and colic that you know because it the time of my departure all Roman guards. Mr. Riddick, you said I bet you but you got to get it son because the departures rod. He had love the way the Paul looks at Willie Pollock sent most have abandoned him. He's alone. His outward ministry numbers are not good. Caesar in the house of Rome are glad that they have disposed of him and destroyed his following yet. Paul said no you don't stay not just I'm just finishing my course yet altered what God was doing at all. And as I rinse through second Timothy several times and as I read through Paul's not sad. Paul's not disappointed.

Paul is not depressed.

Rome is convinced that he's through his little Christianity movement will die on the earth with him.

But Paul's not going to dine the earth is going to depart from this earth and be united with his Lord and Savior in heaven. Now there is something he's leaving behind in the earth gospel seed gospel seed.

Paul has faithfully planted precious gospel seed over the entire TMC users Empire and after his departure, Paul knows God's sovereign timing that God will spiritually water that seed and God will spiritually put paid on that seed Satan would terminate produced trade allied to the glory of God over the entire Roman Empire history records 238 years later and 38 Caesars later Christianity became the most prominent religion in the known world.

What I keep telling you church about our work with, anchored in truth it may look small and it may have not had the biggest bang to humanize what is true is traumatic can't be stopped or held back firm foundation of God stands so in this context. Again, Paul's writing to Timothy just before his execution is is Timothy. I've stayed with it and it's all worth it. I'm finishing out.

Well, Timothy, and so must you, Timothy. Stay faithful to your part of the work and laying God's foundation in the earth preaching the gospel planning New Testament church.

I told you in my first exposition first Timothy that the same would be beautifying the block brought her form and her function because Paul writes in verse 73, 14 and 15. I'm writing to you to know how we ought to conduct ourselves in the household of God. So I called it beautifying the brought her form and function. Now Paul's telling Timothy. I've done my part in beautifying the bride I've guided you in Timothy and how to do it also. Now finish out well Timothy remained faithful to this process of beautifying the local church beautifying the bride of Christ is the only thing that matters its eternal and is the only thing that lasts for time and eternity.

It's the firm foundation of God. Paul writes to Timothy, Timothy spot everything that's happened to me everything that is happening going to happen to you. Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God's and there we stand we stand on the foundation all the powers of Rome could conquer effective, try to put it down to just push the seed in the more fertile ground

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