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Timothy... Keep the Charge

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit
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October 4, 2020 1:00 am

Timothy... Keep the Charge

Anchored In Truth / Jeff Noblit

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First Timothy chapter 6 Determine Their Pl. were coming to this end of the book and we have something of a doxology here will at that moment, not just real quickly and will leave a lot of things out. But here Paul is talk about Tom will beautifying the broadest the title we give to the exposition of this book and Paul is instructing Timothy how to get things in order of the fashion in the function of the church so that she might be the beautiful bride of Christ, that we might be the beautiful bride of Christ, that God has called us to billion all the different things he's mentioned here and you have to remind yourself that this is a letter. It was an actual letter a personal letter written to a person Paul to Timothy, but it is inspired truth for all ages, but you you must never lose the fact that it's a letter so it flows like a letter. In other words, is not neatly organize necessarily the CERT department is like you would do if you're writing a letter to a beloved one.

You just talk about different things as they came to your heart and mind.

So he talks about a lot of things. He's given lots of instructions to Timothy about Paul's teaching and false teachers.

He talks about prayer in the church. Some things we should pray for and I really the context of the next. When I think really is imported in view of Timothy's natural timidity that he's probably carries more insecurity than the average guy because he had women in the church we were getting allowed to decide if they knew what was right by knew how to run things and do things and so Paul addresses how to keep the ladies where they need to be in by the way, given in mature church. Women will control it and run it if they're allowed to sit in mature women are mostly led more than men.

That means they have strengths.

Men don't have that have weaknesses and contrast the men also. And I've seen it over and over and over again where carnal Paul calls them silly women cause trouble will he. Anyway, Paul tells Timothy make sure you get all of that back in line. Then you guess with leadership. He deals with pastor elders and he deals with deacons in this great strong emphasis on character trait and true calling is brought out there.

He talks about the centerpiece of God's glory is the local church. Chapter 40 here, he rebukes false teaching again last part of chapter 4 he deals with worldliness versus godliness and how godliness is a greatest prophet of course he deals with genders in the church.

How you deal with older men and younger men, older women and younger women in the church that he deals with widows, particularly in how to care for them that he does again with women and some of the problems they can call sometimes they need just with honoring pastors. He deals with slaves first part of verse six he deals with the propensity of some to try to cause actions and divisions. We have our group were going in this direction we have our group were going in that direction. You're not. You're going to boy the elders direct under the word of God. That's a way to keep you jerk and then now we come to this final aspect any deals with riches and wealth and you hit all that again but now we come to this last third about chapter 6 and he's talked about Timothy don't quit now we come to verses 12 through 16 of chapter 6. Let's read it together. I'm sorry 13 through 16, not 12. I got it both ways. In my notes 13 through 16. Paul writes, I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus who testified the good confession before Pontius Pilate that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach into the appearing of our Lord Jesus, which he will bring about the proper time. He who is the blessed and only sovereign the King of Kings and Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, to whom no man has seen or can see him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen not believe child verses 13 through 16, all contain this extolling an exultation of God. We call it a doxology.

It's a statement of praise to God. But it's interesting. It's a doxology with a personal charge to Timothy woven in their and so that's why it's difficult for me to unpack and if I should unpack, so it's a.doxology with a charge woven and then it's a chart to Timothy, the man is functioning as pastor of the local church at Ephesus was a charge to all pastors today and all Christians today. It applies to all of us. So I think we would be good to keep in mind when we see a doxology like this in Scripture there's a three things about it number one it pleases God. It's good to praise God. According to who he is. My bike is not only good, it's essential. It pleases God to extol him or who years. Secondly, it motivates Timothy R. Pastors. Pastors need to be reminded the awesomeness the wonder of the glory of this one they serve the King of Kings and Lord of lords.

And thirdly another visit please God, and it motivates Timothy and pastors. It motivates the rest of us. And so as we go through this together. I want to remind you that tell whereabouts something worth giving our all to whereabouts something bigger than the ends of this world and the ends of time and that's what doxology does it takes us out of this temporal fall and corrupted RAM not going to last helps us to wrap our hearts and minds are rounded to treasure again. The glorious eternal God that we belong to and to whom we serve. Now I will buy the lab entitled this Timothy keep the charge Timothy keep the chart audit I is the charge.

Let's look at the charge and glad to pull this out of two different birches because in my opinion, he will ease the doxology around the charge look it if you would if you will, in verse 13, I charge you in the presence of God… Verse 14 that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach. That's basically the charge. I charge you that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach.

Another word charge in verse 13 has the idea of a command he could've said I command you. He could've said I order you, but I agree with the new American Standard translators and charges just really fitting in this context, I charge you because he's writing to a person. He has authority over commanded to do anything but the closeness may be charges better is all the same emphasis without some of the mighty coldness of command or order. And again, the charge begins in 13 it continues on in verse 14.

This is I charge you that you keep the in here sniffing word. The commandment interesting also deposit you keep the commandment and the honest. All the scholars and translators struggle with that right there because it has varying meanings depending on the context released that word does in which it is used. One thing he's not sitting here I'm not saying to you. Keep this new law. I've given you publicizing to Timothy, okay, you have the 10 Commandments and I will give you number 11 it's a new one is not an add-on to the law. Some of our good friends are in so-called Christian denominations that teach that the New Testament is just a new set of laws repeat. You gotta keep this law and you gotta keep this law, you gotta be baptized you gonna do this you gonna do that and and and you check out those eight or 10 things he pretty comfortable. You might get to heaven one day. That's not what he saying is I say there's a new law.

Our new list of laws are new commandment whereby you have to observe the get into heaven but that WE vines in his some commentary on this said, it's really the idea of a religious precept, Timothy. I've given you a new concept if you will only precept that overrules everything else just a little background on this and bought I don't get too tangled up here okay so promise me when I mentioned this. You don't get too tangled up on our Martin in verse five.

Jesus is dealing with divorce and Moses had allowed the Hebrew men the Israeli men to divorce their wives if they would if he would if they would give their wives a certificate of divorce and are asking Jesus about that he said you got understand something. That's not the way God designed it to be. That's not the way it's supposed to work but because of you Israelite men, you're so carnal you're so sinful you're so MR all that you so abandon God's original law of one man and one woman for one lifetime… Death of one of the two that Moses allowed this certificate of divorce to prevent steel greater evil. In other words, women in this day left without a husband were really destitute. I many of them would perish if they were just left out there and and not given a certificate of divorce. No other man could take on that would be adultery in their definition of a point being, Moses gave them a new precept it. What an absolute law. It's not the way it's supposed to work but in a fallen wicked world.

Sometimes the dominoes of the evil fall so far yet to pick something in a way that might not be God's best, but is just where we find ourselves, but God one to grace a man because the on the. The idea of the original intent has been marred and marred and marred again. So anyway, here's my point. When when when when Jesus said this is why Moses gave you this commandment.

He, Jesus was not think this is a new part of Canada. This is absolute moral law. Now that's not what you say he means this is a new precept in the present context to prevent this worse evil that's happening to these ladies because you committed evil against them is not, maybe not a good parallel but Tom, the idea of killing someone in self-defense. That's not God's idea, God is not one is killing people, but in an evil world in certain circumstances, you may have to do so to protect yourself or your family is on a fallen world. It didn't all fall into perfect precise black-and-white all the time.

There is some gray here and there. Well, you'd Artie gone too far on this thinking too much about all I want to point out was the word commandment doesn't mean a new law every time it means a new viewpoint, a new precept. What's this new precept he's talking about. Well the word commandment Paul uses in first Timothy chapter 6, verse 13 means I've given you this new idea. This new gospel precept. That's the real true final precept, the gospel truth. You see the gospel now that it has come to us. The gospel fulfills all law and all commandments and it supersedes all law and all commandment to Timothy, keep that commandment. The new gospel truth. That's what you must embrace. That's what you must defend that's what you must hold to. No matter what because everything I love the phrase in in the new American Standard in the book of Hebrews were talks about the great ceremonial laws of Israel and then the writer to the Hebrew Christian says, and now those are obsolete. Not that they were wrong they been fulfilled in Christ and the gospel. So now we don't overlook to commandments we don't overlook total loss defined our forgiveness, our cleansing and defined a right standing before the holy God know that now comes in is only ever, through the gospel. So Timothy hold this hold to the gospel truth. I charge you that you keep the commandment you keep this gospel true. Now he had strength to it in verse 14.

This is continuing the charge not only hold to the gospel truth. This new precept. I taught you pieces also verse 14 and that you do it without staying or reproach.

Now that add strength to the command and again this this is a word. The word stain can be translated spot has has varying shades of meaning, depending on the context of the New Testament. I'm convinced here like in many places it doesn't mean you just got a spot on you as you are traveling along it means a set in staying you ladies know very well. The difference between a little splatter that will come off and I grounded in staying.

There's a real difference.

I think that's what he is talking about here. He's talking about gospel doctrine gospel truth. You must hold to it and deliver beer from it that makes perfect sense because he talks so much about the false teachers and the false teachings that are constantly coming in at the church so Timothy you don't be misled by any of this. I mean don't walk over there and stepping it to where your message and the doctrine you hold now become soil actually to the idea but is now the file because, by the way, all good gospel teachers and all good gospel preachers could look back over their ministries and find some spots here and there are not long ago, the esteemed Dr. John MacArthur author the author of the MacArthur study Bible and many books of most of us are familiar with.

He had explained some things in the exposition of some sermons that he probably should explained exactly that way. It was early in his ministry as time goes on. I mean, the book the balance of his work clearly shows he's not within a million miles of heresy or false teacher but some people do about those old old notes and found a spot or two and try to say he's a false teacher that's ridiculous.

Please don't go dig up some of my earliest expositions their Dalmatian and install their spots all and as you grow on if you learn you clean those things up, but that's not a set in ground in Spain was a spot along the way.

That's the ideal that Tom Paul told Timothy when he talked about the elders who see and he said the elder in the Greek literally means this can who continues in sin. Not a spot if all the elders couldn't see, and we all need to resign right now.

Anyone who has this pattern of life that's obviously has a defilement are staying east to be dealt with to reprove that person in the presence of all the rest may be fearful of sinning. He said not to me to do this I command you hold to the gospel truth keep sound doctrine is huge, said the doctor lesson that was once listen to me once for all delivered to the site.

That means brothers and sisters. The gospel has not changed and cannot change all these guys are come up with new twist. Sometimes I just ignored it were just playing with the methods a little bit but methods matter.

When the message is the gospel. Be careful we don't change what God's established once and for all, is the only thing that will save men's souls. Will Timothy hold that and do it without tripping up and falling into some of these traps of these false teachers whereby you might be embracing our teaching something that is defiled or sustained in its nature stay true to the pure gospel and then uses the word reproach without staying or reproach. We've seen this work before it's the same word that was used for the qualification of an elder that he had to be a man of above reproach doesn't mean a man above C and there's no such of man sit for Jesus Christ, but it means he does not have a pattern of behavior that's observable to all that clearly is obviously out of line with purity and honoring of God. Now, I don't think in any way.

This particular text is talking about Timothy's personal moral character of Paul has dealt with that already needs dealt with it in and some extent, but in the context here. I think he's only talking about the gospel and gospel integrity and purity skews me here now, here's what I would like to say though, concerning personal moral character and sound doctrine. It seems like you'll find throughout the Scriptures, and it certainly been my experience that personal immorality and false doctrines seem to always run together when you find guys to begin to beer off from the gospel truth. They begin to flirt and embrace all over and over new trends, new ways, new styles, so much so that it begins the flavor. What the gospel even is. It's not unusual to find moral failure in their lives not saying that is an absolute understanding those go together medevac. Paul points that out. New Testament says that in many different ways, these men are involved in immoralities and their doctrine of Christ and the gospel is Martin defiled also so they kind of go together personal immorality and false doctrine, and also can see since already dealt with that aspect very thoroughly. I don't think it's being talked about at this point and he's talking about the commandment that be the third thing the gospel truth.

All right now the main thing Timothy is to keep the main thing the main thing I charge. Let not any staying or reproach beyond you in this race, Timothy holding strong to the gospel truth is you said which was once for all delivered to the saints. Is it not amazing that in this day that generally speaking, bad distant evangelicals are drawn to those teachers who are clever and creative and relevant to the world instead of being drawn to those preachers who are rigidly committed to maintaining gospel truth.

It's an indictment on the shallowness and worldliness and carnality of the church today. Well that is the charge now going to go to point number two which I struggle with the wording here, let me say that up front, but I'm calling it the doxology behind the chart. I struggle because a doxology is worthy of being articulated and proclaimed and gloried over all by itself just with no added Bob teaching to it. Just the glory of God in and a man may take distinction just pull out these glorious statements of God and just preach all that anonymous thing that's wrong that's not the context in the in the midst of this glorious doxology he weaves in here, not Timothy. Keep the chart so what's Paul's point of Paul's point is when you consider our God as I extol him in this doxology, the statement of praise them Timothy.

That autumn motivates you to stay faithful to the end is what he say stay faithful to this God because locale glorious he is not just going on. Practice a phrase at a time and will look at it together as behind the charge that is given Timothy is this glorious doxology that extols our God, and therefore motivates Timothy and us to stay the course for the glory of God. Verse 13 he says I charge you the presence of God hears the first race who gives life to all things Timothy do not realize you serve the God who is the source of life. The scholars tell us the older manuscripts use a little bit different phrase here that means he's the God who preserves the life of all things is not only the giver of life. He's the preserver of life. He has the power in his hands to hold live or tight life away. It is God's present preserving power that keeps you, Timothy, and that string she's ugly.

That's where you going. He's the one who gave life to the first creation, remind yourself God's involved into creation. He is the first creation lease when he made the heavens and the earth, and he made Adam and Eve and placed them on the earth in the Garden of Eden and so the first creation is centered around the first Adam who see and then fail. The Bible talks about a new creation. God is doing which centers around the second Adam, Jesus Christ, and that once just now getting going Dodge right now beginning to build that second creation by saving those who believe in Jesus Christ and there added to the new family that now exist in local churches and one day an eternal state. All that will be left is the new creation, but in the first creation, lessor talking about now.

What did God do Genesis 27 then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth notice and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being the element of life came forth from God and animated the first creation here specifically man and God sustains that life until he gives the order that it be removed. The Bible says he has the keys in Revelation.

He has the keys of death and Hades. Jesus himself holds the keys of life and death for time and for eternity. So is writing to Timothy new waves in this charge is a Timothy remind yourself do you not understand the phrase that best God we serve is the God who has the power of life and death, and Timothy.

He is sustaining you in this work. Keep faithful the immovable one. The all-powerful one who holds you, who sustains you to own command can remove the life of any of those who disturb you Timothy or persecute you. It's all in his hands.

Timothy to keep the charge don't back up don't slack off again.

We remind ourselves the text. This text and other text bears out Timothy may have been the kind of God that would help little too much, but at least be tempted to give up on the tile is not going to work. They don't like me nobody listens. Nobody wants my message and so maybe Paul's laying on the strong doxology to undergird him evermore. You stay at Exxon and in verse 13 and of Christ Jesus who testified the good confession before Pontius Pilate.

This confession that Jesus now testifies was a true and a faithful confession in this. This also includes not only was he faithful in a confession.

Likewise, it means he was faithful to the commission he made the confession before Pontius Pilate. But in his life he lived up perfectly. The commission of his father's will, or his life if you don't live out your confession in your lifestyle than your confession of course is a fraud with Jesus was no fraud. He made the confession he lived the commission. Jim Jesus is our example, he faced the most severe persecution and he remained faithful to his confession and to his office. John 17 four Jesus said, I glorified you on the earth, having accomplished the work which you've given me to do. I've accomplished the work. I fulfilled the commission you've given me to do pilot was the governor Jesus went before who had him crucified and governor pilot under the sovereignty of God in that day held in his hand the power of life and death and Jesus faced him, and without flinching, knowing it would cost him his life gave the good confession we see it in Matthew 27 verse 11 that Jesus stood before the governor and the governor questioned him, saying, are you the king of the Jews and Jesus said to him, it is as you say yes I am now pilot knew that Jesus meant more than I'm just King of the Jews because Jesus was more than just King of the Jews. He is King of the Jews, but more than that. He's the one true King of the one true kingdom, and thus Jesus was in fact saying pilot you've been demoted. The king is here now pilot the real king is here. He didn't back up he gave the good confession our Lord help the good confession and the good commission.

The Lord gave him to the very end.

And so the point is writing this to Timothy in this conductivity.

So, what must we peas our example, he lived this out before us. We must stay faithful to the end.

Also, you see, Jesus is the King of conquest. He vanquishes all who oppose him piece the great finisher.

The victor and he was faithful to his confession and the commission.

The father gave him well another phrase here done in verse 14 wrapped around this charge last part of verse 14 until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ Timothy stay faithful to the charge now with no salient stains or real reproach of all elements in your character and your doctor need your teaching until the Lord returned to see he is the returning Lord have you forgotten that he is the returning Lord. He went away that he not come again. He's going to appear to all of us are commission Timothy's commission my commission your commission is it a fact until the Lord comes again. That's the point he's making first Corinthians 1558, in the context of the end times in the resurrection. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that you're told is not in vain in the Lord cannot charge you grace like Church of the shows cannot charge your precedent to be always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that that toil.

Other totals might be in vain. But that toy old is not in vain.

Mom what are you toiling about today that what you toiling over today young person what you toiling to accomplish today.

Make sure the centerpiece of your life and purpose is the work of the Lord will give what exactly does that mean we you know what I'm going to say it's super super easy. His faithfulness to God's work in your local church, God would leave you out there just wonder around you go off the TVA trail and you can't get in a communion with God what is God's you to do and you finally get this wavelength in North that is that stupid superstition. This book is told us what to do. God has centered his work around local churches whereby you function under the authority of Scripture as guided and overseen by God called pastors and you pour your life in the back and by the what you have to do that.

There's no option. So you better find the best and godliness church. You can find if you go to give your all to be faithful in this toil, Timothy because it's not in vain. We toil not in vain and we toil for God in a godless world until the toil is turned to endless joy at his appearing. That's what he said to be honest with you I been pastoring a few years now, it's not all joy. I can tell you this to say this because while pastors listen to our broadcast, I'm telling you feel, stay faithful seasons will come of great joy. Great joy. Once the sheep start outnumbering the goats in the church, the joy factor begins. The increase time now.

Then the sheep can extract, go dish, go to the girl go to these really if you got one out really mean that one. Another phrase here in verse 15, as he extols God in this doxology as a motivation to keep Timothy and energized steadfast and finish strong. Verse 15 which he will bring about at the proper time. The words Jesus coming back at the proper time you would want Jesus to come back in your time noise coming back at the proper time.

The father's time scholars point out the word time here is actually a plural towards God's doing things according to the times God had something he was doing at this time and any change in he was doing something different this time the change and then there came the time about times when Jesus came, went to the cross purchase. The children sealed every good show and hide in the glass begin to be preached in local churches were established and that's what the Bible calls the last day of the words where in the last epoch of time before God return in Jesus Christ. This is that you are not in the last days and then got done everything according to its proper time. God said everything on schedule, Timothy. He's coming when it's right. You stay faithful to gets here, we must stay faithful to gets here.

God knows what he's doing Timothy Timothy your struggles not unnoticed, and his return is not being delayed.

We do not speak like pagans, who in course unbelief is recorded in second Peter 34 said where is the promise of his coming. We trust God's perfect timing so you Timothy. You do the next thing you heard me say that before you troubled your distress, you have anxiety you don't. What do you do next thing ladies. That means if it's past noon you get supper ready for the glory of God.

Amen if you got supper ready.

You're anxious and you don't know what to do then you get ready for bed.

That's the next thing you get up in the morning to seek God in a quiet time you devote yourself Avenue the work faithfully like unto the Lord. The Bible says that's the next thing you keep doing the next thing for God until he returned and I like when you come Sunday, you get God's church. That's the next day I noticed dear brothers and sisters who should not be here and they're concerned about the virus. I respect that I support them.

There's a few of the brethren. I'm not the scope with answer door say were as a know you been the ballpark leaving the restaurant leaving Walmart, shall I say more. You do what your commission to do until Jesus comes back to me. Don't quit keep the charge stay faithful. He's going to come and return at the prompt, proper time. He's not forgotten about you. And when he returns brothers and sisters, we will be relieved of the toil of our duty at that perfect time and we will then move into the glory of worshiping him forever personally with glorified bodies.

Then he continues on this doxology were in verse 15 he says he who is the blessed and only sovereign blessed means he and he alone is the one blessed of the father.

You could say approved of the father.

Jesus is the one approved of God the father in both his person and in his work. Matthew 17 five. Jesus transfigured and Moses and Elijah appeared Bible says while he was still speaking, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and behold a voice came out of the cloud, and said this is my beloved son, you could say my blessed one. My one and only, with whom I am well please listen to him as a member. Peter said well it's my got a little tabernacle for LiveJournal and one for Moses and one for Jesus and the fobs of what what time out your very you're very mistake Moses is rightfully honored, and the stained is a great lawgiver and prophet Elijah. Properly honoring the state is the right time for the Old Testament but nothing compared to this one is different please my blessed one, my beloved son he's one to whom Moses and Elijah bow down and worship Timothy, you understand.

He's the one we start this blessed one, the one true son of the living God, the one and only the blessed of the father, the one the only one approved of the father and accepted of the father.

We serve such a one muscle pastor practiced only one approved of Millwood accepted what about us. You can only be accepted in Christ you're accepted if you're in him. If you believed on him if he's your ward. If he is your Savior. So we serve such a one, we cannot quit. We must keep the charge true gospel and press on finishes in verse 15, not only the one blessed but the only sovereign you know what the word sovereign means.

It means a great authority are my it can be translated potentate is where the Roman Catholic Church gets its idea of the pope from which is a very very very bad idea. We always say we love our Catholic friends with the theology of the Catholic Church is wrong is how does the verse say it here.

He is the blessed and all only potentate there is no other head of the church other than Jesus Christ, their pastor teachers in the church there are those in the office of deacon in the church their members in the church was only one potentate, one Almighty sovereign and that's Jesus Christ.

Christ has all authority has all might and this is both inherent in him exactly when when he said in John 858, before Abraham was born, I for Abraham to see the Jews highly esteemed father Abraham and for Jesus to say before which means I'm greater on the source of Abraham. That means in my inherent being his sovereignty supremacy. I am God. So, so his sovereignty is inherent in him, but is also sovereignty that he achieved sometimes we talk about back in the old days when absolute monarchs ruled countries and 11 monarchy would use his armed forces in and destroy another and reclaim the land for anything. I'm sovereign over all of this new land because he achieved it.

Jesus is also achieved sovereignty. Revelation 5135+ on the right hand of human settlement thrown a book written inside and on the back and soon it was seven sealed I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, who is worthy to open the book and to break it seals and no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able they could achieve it to open the book or look into it by the window seals of the is the title deed of the world of the title deed of been sold. Verse four. Then I begin to weep greatly because no one was found worthy to open the book or look into it and one of the elders said to me, stop weeping, behold, the lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has overcome.

He's achieved so as to the open the book and its seven sealed. He achieved he won the Victor he completed the conquest that conquest, which was assigned to him of the father. The save the children and bring them all safely home. Revelation 59 reminds us, and they sang a new song worthy are you to take the booking to break it seals, for you were slain and purchased fasting for seasoning purchased for God with your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. He has inherent sovereignty. He has achieved sovereignty, so by virtue of his very person and by virtue of his perfect work.

He is in every way, the one and only sovereign Timothy it is he that we serve is for him that we labor. He gave us life and breath and it is for him that we live and breathe. He suffered and died for us to purchase our redemption.

We are now his prized possession and we serve him as glad and loyal subjects. Timothy keep the charge. You can't stop now grasp the fresh studios we belong to and who it is we serve will the apostle Paul spinning this letter, and he seemed lucky he got stuck on the glories of God can't get off. By the way, that's a good place to get stuck. He continues in verse 15, the king of kings and the Lord of lords. There are kings and there are lords both in the earth and in the spirit rail. But wherever there are any kings, and wherever there are any lords. He is the king of those kings and he is the Lord of those Lord, even Satan himself who is the greatest of the Angels and angels have might greater than any of us anymore human being as did Satan himself has to calm and violence complete submission to the Lord God Almighty, we see a glimpse of this in Luke 2231 Jesus is the Peter Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to see if you like wheat. Remember in the book of Job that Satan had to come and get permission from God to afflict Job the Bible so lays out this truth that Martin Luther, the great reformer said that the devil is God's devil that minis of God. But he's not able to say he can't do anything that all God does not prescribe and allow King of Kings and Lord of lords. There's no one that can possibly stay his hand.

He's he is greatest of all he has authority and power over all he welds the divine scepter of omnipotence over heaven and earth and nothing can stay his hand. This Timothy is the Christ we serve. We are his people, his accuracy is called out local churches.

We are his servants keep the charge Timothy. We can't quit now over 16, who alone possesses immortality. All you got some essay about God's greatness and glory. I said I'm not done. He possesses immortality in seat immortality is something that is inherent in him all other immortal beings are given their immortality by him, but only he possesses immortality mappings eternal, but he him and lessee gifts some immortality to some of his creatures, praise God, he does he get to us, his children, he is imperishable by nature, and he gives to us his children. This glorious imperishable nature. You see, you have now in you listen to me you have the germ the seed of immortality in one day God's will strip all the more loss and he's going to energize the immortality and you and you will be glorified and be like Jesus and live forever. First Corinthians 1553 and 54 for this perishable. This present body were housed in most put on the imperishable, and this mortal must put on immortality. But when this perishable will I put on the imperishable, and this mortal had put on immortality that will come up and saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory. All of this is because of our vital union to him. He is immortality. He is true life.

He is eternal life. As John said in John 525 through 27th. Truly, truly, I say to you, Jesus, is being quoted in an hour is coming and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live just as the father has life in himself. Even so, he gave to the son also to have life in himself. That means Jesus in his incarnate state carried with him the divine, eternal life.

In verse 27 he gave him Jesus authority to execute judgment, because he is the son of man, Jesus in his incarnate state has eternal life, immortality. So now friends in mortality dwells in a human being. Jesus Christ, aren't you glad he's the first of many brethren. The words were going to be like him, not in authority.

We don't were not Mormons will become gods with him. We are like him and that we share his eternal immortality well 16 verse 16 he dwells in unapproachable life like brother whom no man has seen or can see his very being is of such transcendent glory that intimating from his being is such pure and holy lie that mortal eyes cannot be allowed to see it. If they do see it they will perish instantly. Exodus 3322 22 God sister Mosby said you cannot see my face for no man can see me and live in the Lord's behold there's a place by me, and you shall stand there on the rock that will come about that while my glorious passing bow that I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with my hand until I passed by those you don't understand. You might get a glimpse of my back, but that's all you had. My glory is that brilliant powerful that all-consuming. I was home by myself and it was morning and I had moved my study to the den on the couch because I keep my bedroom at about 20 below zero in the night. It is hard to study and that study of mine is on the same air conditioner unit with my bedroom. So I move into the den and I got these big plateglass windows.

If you noticed that the that the fall sunshine has an intensity to it that you need knows that he kinda comes from a different horizontal are a more horizontal plane. And sometimes when you're driving in in the in the in the fall of the years just piercing. I'm sitting there and it was just on the you just couldn't help it. There was this brilliant brightness coming through the window over my shoulder and studying this text is unapproachable light and so I just kind of move my head very slowly and I could tell. The sun was almost at my side in real quick. I glanced at it and I couldn't sleep for five minutes just piercing the sky tiny speck of reflection of his unapproachable Timothy. Do you understand the God you serve Timothy grasp the French to the SP's are keep the charged. Keep on keeping on race like church all of you sitting here you understand anything about the God we serve this God of unapproachable light. Revelation 21 reminds us that in heaven when we get there in heaven will be no need of the sun. The Bible says will be no need of the son of the moon because God has only learned it in the lab, is the lamp therein. When God pulls back the veil when he's banished heaven and earth cannot chase this river for a moment, thereby talk about fixing the earth fix the earth fix the earth fix the earth fixed or fixed earth God's going to throw away the present heavens and the earth will pass away in a report about so be a little skeptical about all these movements in Christian fixed districts. This just is here to satiric fix tactics that certainly were for those things but those things had to be kept in the proper perspective and balance as children of God saves God of this world and I'm not real thing keen on making Satan a better world a better world for site there's a balance in this.

Don't misunderstand your pastor, I vote for people that I think would do the best for our country. According to the dictates of this book. Sometimes I vote for somebody that I don't want to vote for. But I go by the policies and the positions and who they answer to what their platform says because I don't have you figured out that it seems like I want to be judgmental here but it seems like most politicians lie so I go about who's going to hold their feet to the fire. Who are they obligated themselves to have a committed support these principles. That's a lot. I try to vote for.

So I am about helping the world be a better place when Jesus returns. He's going to say I'm not into fixing that stuff. I'm only part of what I've been re-creating the new creation.

Now go take my new creation.

People create a new heaven and read a new art and work at all well there and I liked when he gets it all together. The sun, the moon, stars commit every twinkling thing that exist will rise to lie and say were not needed unapproachable brilliance and holiness of God will move in Timothy. Do you understand God we serve.

One of unapproachable light, glory first Corinthians 15 says when we get in that new state.

Our new body is going to be powerful spiritual spiritual, rather an imperishable are glorified bodies. By the way will be fitted with new eyes. Eyes that can look on the glories the unapproachable illumination of God and not milked away. What happens when you get saved. God put salute bit of a contact in their and you start the able to see stuff didn't say before you say the Glass family is not super clear yet, but the preacher start preaching and all of a sudden something starts happening in your heart and your mind and your understanding and you begin to perceive a different world that your part, separate from this old physical material temporal corrupted passing away. Aren't you glad for that new contact one day will have all the glass see it all the way that it really is you think you know the word Revelation means unveiling it's all right there. You just can't see it. One day there's going to be glorious unveiling of God's glory was supported text Timothy, have you thought about this lately. I know Timothy your little bit timid. I know your stomach gets in knots and you drink the wine for your stomach is you don't taste toward up as your word and your anxiety prone and you feel like it's not worth Timothy keep the charge. This is the God to whom we belong. This is the one whose church we were to build keep charge less praise versus evaluate everything we've seen in verse 13 down to the last phrase of her sick thing is one sentence that runs on an old thesis.

To him be honor and eternal dominion grasp the fresh church Buddhist mixer and keep the charge

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