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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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June 13, 2024 5:41 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 13, 2024 5:41 am

How will this NBA Finals be remembered in history? | Do not buy-in to the Jaylen Brown/Jayson Tatum drama narrative | The Celtics are just a better team.


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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. Yeah, yeah, NBA Finals. And we have a hot dog update.

I know that that's what you care about now. After last night's experience, first time, long time, I only called in because you were talking about hot dogs. And I've decided I'm just going to show up, not worry about sports at all, talk about food, especially if it happens to be controversial, like hot dogs versus fake plant-based false advertising meat. I still can't believe, I cannot believe we did three hours essentially on Impossible Foods. And once we saw their statement about the hot dog eating contest, we were stuck.

We just had to keep going. And yet you all did not get tired of it because we got bombarded on social media. And I know that's just a small cross section of those of you who listen. Um, but people I know like family members and friends were letting me know they enjoyed the hot dog conversation. Someone sent me the link to the song actually. Jay is so creative when it comes to the music. I didn't even know there was a hot dog song. Now it's kind of stuck in my head.

One of my students from Syracuse, he was on the train on his way to work on Wednesday morning. And he told me he heard it, heard me talking about it while he was on the train and had to text me about the hot dogs. Great. I'm telling you, it is pointless for me to come up with the most brilliant sports opinions, perspectives, analysis. I don't even know why I bother because hot dogs. So there's an update. We're going to get to it.

Very excited, very excited about this. I have never watched a hot dog eating contest in my life. Not because I don't understand the value of eating competitions, but because I just can't watch bun come out of someone's nose. I can't do it. I can't see projectile pieces of a hot dog.

I would up chuck myself. So I can't do it, but I'll take your word for it that it's amazing or something. Uh, and I will potentially, maybe I'll listen to it except I think listening to people gagging on hot dogs is probably worse than watching them projectile vomit the bun out of their noses. I want to promise you that I will watch because of all the brouhaha, but I don't know. I'm not sure I can make that promise.

Although when Joe, Joe, when I don't know where I got Joe from Joe, Joey Chestnut, when Jay promises to eat broccoli and doesn't, I kind of feel like I still get a mulligan myself when it comes to making promises. So you did eat it. Yes. One piece. You ate one piece. That was it.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm glad you enjoyed the hot dog fodder. There was plenty of it for conversation purposes, debate, dialogue, very intelligent, respectful discussion about all manner of major league eating and hot dog competitions. I can't do another three hours on it.

She says with a face that's not serious. I don't anticipate us doing three more hours on hot dogs, but I am pretty excited that we can offer you an update on this edition of the show. Also on this edition of the show, we're going to get to some of the material we didn't get to last night because we were busy talking about hot dogs. Oh, by the way, if you haven't taken our poll, it's still available. Are you ready?

Join the masses. Hundreds of you. Couple hours left. Whose side are you on? Nathan's or Joey Chestnut's?

I kind of feel like it should have been Nathan's or Joey's just to see whether or not the name recognition was out there. Whose side are you on? I'm going to retweet because, as I say, there's still two hours to go. We're going to need you all to weigh in. Those of you who didn't have a chance to do the poll last night because we didn't put it up until after you were done, but if this is normally when you listen, well, you got to hop in. Hop in and cast your vote. Yep, I just retweeted. Very proud. So this might be one of my finest moments as a talk show host. So take the poll.

We will give you the update. We didn't get to golf, US Open, Father's Day weekend because of hot dogs. Hot dogs right now, they are the reason for world hunger because at some point even people who are hungry, like me, I could not eat hot dogs. They don't, I don't know. At some point, Jay, don't you get tired of them? They are a food, I will say, that like you can only have so many. Like I don't know, they're like, they're very, they have a distinct taste that kind of gets in your soul after a while. It has an awful aftertaste. Yeah, kind of. It permeates your soul.

Wow, I wasn't going to go that deep with it, but I will agree with you that definitely there's an aftertaste and after a while it's just, it gets a little much. Yeah, so this is, yeah, this is what we're going to use to, for everything that goes wrong, to blame for absolutely everything that doesn't go perfectly on the show tonight that it's going to be the fault of hot dogs. So we did not get to the US Open, which is actually starting in mere hours in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It's a place where Tiger Woods is not only very familiar, but believes that he has a chance to win.

So we're going to get to US Open. I'm pretty sure that I could spend at least one segment an hour on all of the NFL storylines and audio. I might just narrow it down to quarterbacks and we still would have to do it once an hour.

But yeah, it's kind of interesting to hear from some of these guys now, what they're going through, what they've been going through. While I do that, I'm going to get to the NFL. While I do think it's a big deal that Aaron Rodgers is not at OTAs, I do not think it's the end of the world. If he's willing to pay the fine, who cares? But I'm not as fired up about it as a lot of peeps in New York, whether it be fans of the Jets who just want to get started now after they feel like they got ripped off last year, or, four plays in, or it's talk show hosts who are trying to make this a much bigger deal. It's June. I can't.

I can't get fired up about anything that happens in the NFL in June. Right. So we'll let you hear from Robert Sala. So he had an event he needed to go to.

Maybe it was something like a wedding or I don't know, maybe he was in a wedding or it was someone important to him who had a charitable event. He's 40. He's not going to forget how to throw the football. So anyway, I think he'll be at some of the OTAs moving forward.

I just am not thinking it's the big controversy. I'm actually far more interested in Russell Wilson saying that he's so rejuvenated and it's a fresh start for him two years after another fresh start for him. Really am excited to hear from Travis Kelce when people are prying about his relationship with Taylor Swift and also Dan Campbell every day all day. Joe Burrow, by the way, fairly serious about how this last injury affected him and I couldn't help but think of Andrew Luck. I hope there are no similarities between their two paths in the NFL other than the fact that they've had to deal with some injuries. I sincerely hope that Joe Burrow keeps pushing through and I wish we'd had more of Andrew Luck. I could understand after a while how it just weighed on him and it felt like he was never going to get healthy and it wasn't worth it anymore. I don't know why I had that flash. I sincerely hope that Joe Burrow can stay healthy from this point forward.

I know Steph Curry, for instance, had injury issues early in his career and was able to get to a point where he was much more durable over the course of an extended season. So we've got a lot to do. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On our show Twix, yes we actually did have Twix before the show. Now I managed to limit myself to a couple of bites. Jay decided he needed to eat the other Twix and a half.

Of course he did buy it so I suppose that's his prerogative but yeah after all this talk about Twix he had to. I just saw it there and it was in the chocolate mood. You don't think it was power of suggestion? It might have been.

It's been on my mind I think. It's already gone. Yeah I ate the whole thing. No I ate part of it. Yeah you ate that. So we'll get to your show Twix at Amy After Hours.

That's where you can find us and then also on our Facebook page. Don't forget take the poll and just weigh in. We'll put something else out there. I kind of resist the idea that these NBA Finals won't be notable 10 years down the road, 20 years down the road, that they won't be memorable because the Celtics have a 3-0 lead on the Mavericks.

I think that's short-changing. A, the fan base who finally will have another NBA championship. These are not the Patriots. These are not the Bruins. These are not the Red Sox. These are the Celtics.

They've come close and have been denied multiple times since 2008 and this particular group of Celtics has had some very loud failures. So I don't think the fan base is going to think less of their team or less of the championship because it may or may not end in a sweep. I'm sure there are many fans that would like actually to see it go five games so that the clinter could be on the guarding court.

But take New England out of it. Take the Celtics fan base out of it. A sweep in the NBA Finals. I mean, isn't that what the Denver Nuggets did last year or did they lose one game? No, they beat the Heat in four, didn't they? Yeah, so they swept last year and nobody's talking about how the Denver Nuggets are not memorable as first time champions. It was 4-1? 1-0, 1-1 and then the Nuggets won the next three.

Gotcha, okay. So they did drop one and the Celtics may very well drop one. I think all it does, both in Denver's case as well as in Boston's case, however they finish up and a team that's built a 3-0 lead in a best of seven has never not closed it out. Remember the Celtics were in this position last year in the Eastern Conference Finals and managed to force a game seven. This Boston team deserves to be lauded for how dominant they are. Their ninth straight road win in the playoffs. This is their longest postseason winning streak in the franchise's history. Think about the amazing Hall of Famers, the champions who came before this group and no team that's ever worn the green and white has won as many games in a row in a postseason as this group has even if they don't close it out in a sweep. This has been an historic season for the Celtics and it needs to be preserved and remembered that way regardless of whether or not the finals is interesting and I still think it has plenty of star power not to mention the Mavericks have been close just like the Pacers.

Weirdly enough that series was entertaining three of the four games I thought it was great. Three times the Pacers had the Celtics on the ropes and couldn't close it out. Well we're seeing the Mavericks squander their opportunities as well. They come out hot in this game three and they're able to build their largest lead in the series. Coming out of the corner as Luke a baseline right to inbound the ball drop it in Kyrie catches in the lane with the left hand over Derek White to score. Cross court chest pass now played by Tatum and Lively splits the pick gets the ribs score it with a foul on Horford and a chance at a three-point play. Rebound Celtics gonna get this one Derek White they've got five seconds to go Derek White lobs it ahead Tatum is waiting he's all alone and he slams it home with two hands. Now to try to take the lead for the first time Pritchard against Hardaway shuttles it to Houser right side here's the entry Al Horford against the smaller Kyrie Irving. Al into the shot clock finds the cutter Jaylen Brown to the right hand lays it up and in and the Celtics had their first lead of game three.

Chuck Cooperstein who's going to join us a little bit later on he's the longtime radio voice of the Dallas Mavericks and Sean Grandy on Celtics radio has actually followed a similar prototype to game two when the Mavericks led for the first quarter and a half. Now they didn't lead by as much as they did in this game they were ahead by 13 in the first quarter but the Celtics answered back. Remember the Celtics started out 0 for 11 from downtown in game two well they were scuffling from beyond the arc in this one as well and that is a major weapon maybe the biggest weapon they have as a three-point shooting team. So once they find that rhythm Jason Tatum hit a few well they were able to fight Scratch Claw get back into the lead. Then you kind of see the potential and what they can do when the shots are dropping and the Celtics are playing lockdown defense. Holiday for Derek White straight away up top still just going methodically now Derek White just calls his own number and he banks in a three.

Oh you'll take it lucky turkey lucky turkey. Sean Grady and Cedric Maxwell alongside yeah Jalen Brown he's had these stretches where he has been dominant and that dunk as he goes down the lane and and you could see him elevate you can see him in his eyes and lets out a big roar as he jams at home it was an exclamation point it was powerful it was explosive and it got the entire Celtics bench uh whipped into a frenzy including Jason Tatum who just happened to be on the bench at the time. A 20 to 5 run and just like that the Celtics were up 21. You could see it on social it's kind of funny to watch it how social reacts to this commenting about how quickly it happened how the the Mavericks were buried how this was it how they weren't going to be able to recover and the Celtics were just what at this point maybe 60 minutes away from a title. Spins knocked away by Donch it's picked up by Lively here comes a sidestep left pull up three short rebound white he got fouled he got fouled he's going to shoot three times oh they went underneath him three fouls on true holiday three fouls on the Celtics he hits them all it's a 20 to 2 maverick run three point game midway in the fourth quarter and the place which was dead about five minutes ago is very very much alive.

That includes Patrick Mahomes and his wife who were their court side in Dallas so about as quickly as the Celtics go on their big run the Mavericks answer a 22 to 2 stretch they chopped 20 points off that lead and then did you notice they just sat there 93 to 90 that was the score for three and a half minutes 93 to 90. There are a few missed shots there were some turnovers just couldn't get anything to fall it felt like a bit of a stalemate but man there was a moment late in the fourth quarter that definitely changed a whole lot. Here is Brown out of control going to the ground a blocking foul on Donch he's done with 4-12 remaining Luka Donch has fouled out of game three in the NBA finals. Chuck Cooperstein and the Mavericks radio network so with over four minutes to go all Luka could do was watch even though Jason Kidd challenged it and was hoping against hope that they would somehow get that call reversed. I was stuck I had to challenge it so I had to challenge because it was you know a close call but the referee called it a foul just you got to move on move forward. We couldn't play physical so I don't know I don't want to say nothing but you know six foul in the NBA finals where I basically I'm like this come on man better than that. We had a good chance you know we were close just didn't get it I wish I was out there. So for Luka that had to be painful for him to get the ball back in the first half of the season so for Luka that had to be painful to sit and watch the final four minutes of the game because he fouled out he has first time ever fouling out in a playoff game you can say what you want there definitely were a couple of calls that hurt the Mavericks in that stretch before the Celtics found their footing again and without Luka Doncic it's a molehill that turns into a mountain it's a three-point deficit that turns into what feels like a 15 or 20 point deficit because so much of the offense runs through him but also he attracts so much of the attention and yeah for the Celtics they're able to pull away and while there wasn't nearly as much scoring through the end of the game there were a couple of big blocks there was some great rebounding and the Celtics kept up their intensity all the way through so they withstood the best shot the Mavericks have thrown at them their best punch their best uppercut that they've seen in these NBA Finals and it wasn't enough how do they package that and get a whole game at that level I mean the intensity that the Mavericks had on defense as they were reeling the Celtics in early in that fourth quarter it was palpable you could see how different it was do they have that kind of energy that they can do it all the way through game four because that's what it takes it takes an effort like that not just for six or seven minutes but for the entire game they had it to start and the Celtics were also missing shots but the Celtics don't have to play at their best to be the best team on the court they don't have Kristaps Porzingis they didn't get a lot from their bench and Al Horvat started again didn't score in double figures it really didn't have a whole lot outside of Derek White who had 16 to go along with the 30 each for Tatum and Brown nobody else was in double figures and yet they defend they obviously share the basketball the Celtics are a better team doesn't always mean you win the series but the Mavericks have got to put together an effort like that that we saw in the fourth quarter they've got to be able to do that for four quarters and I don't know if they can I'm not sure if they have the energy I don't know if they have the manpower I'm not sure they have the willpower we just haven't seen it yet we've just seen the Mavericks in spurts in stretches so we'll get the reaction from both the Celtics and the Mavericks locker rooms a lot being made of the embrace between Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown at center court when this game was over I've seen the bird's eye view yeah it's a pretty significant moment you can tell this was significant for both of them as they stand one win away from their first title and the Celtics 18th in franchise history our phone number is 855-212-4227 on Twix A-LOL radio on our Facebook page too we're glad to have you with us following game three of the finals it's after hours with Amy Lawrence 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bounded by hardaway comes across that board white pounding over the right hand hardaway on his left shoulder 12 in the shot clock entry is a bad one but it gets the tater he spins away and ducks over kyrie irvin derek white ambles out sets the screen jaylen moves to his right against hardaway switches to the left hand pulls up at 19 got it big shot after big shot after big shot by jaylen brown here in game three this is after hours with amy lawrence sean grandy on the celtics radio network but coming up top of the hour we'll get the maverick's perspective with a guy who's been calling their games for the radio oh gosh 20 years now i've known chuck cooperstein going back to my previous network and i respect his work so much he is the consummate professional so we look forward to having him on the show how do the mavericks extend this series i haven't seen them put a full game together yet how do they do it it's after hours with amy lawrence the big third quarter run for the celtics was the difference even though the mavericks were able to pull within three boston did not to give up the lead so what about it you got to stick with it over the course of the entire game i thought in the third quarter we found the right uh spacing we found the right frequency and we made like that we made the right read six straight times which got us those shots and uh they were able to fall i think it just says a lot about them the guys understand the game they understand why we do what we do and they work to execute it as best as they can now apparently joe mazula gets some type of a thrill out of these types of games where his team is down is not playing its best basketball falls behind an opponent in this case by 13 and has to dig its way out of a hole he actually prefers these types of games according to the guys who are sitting with him post game joe is consistent the whole time and um i mean he's probably so happy that that it happened like that so he can um just continue to tell us that and uh but he just stays consistent he just makes the right um calls and we just trust him completely so uh but yeah it seemed pretty true seems pretty true today he's a sicko so probably a reporter asked if he's enjoying it and derek white responds he's a sicko so probably higher degree of difficulty the higher the degree of difficulty the better for one joe mazula and he's all business right now i'm not sure i've seen him smile it's a little bit like mike malone when the nuggets were cruising toward their first nba title in franchise history soft he was cranky all the time stupid ass questions he was gonna leave his pedal to the metal and anybody in in the wake was gonna get run over he was all right with that what a bad press room by the way see what i'm saying don't criticize his mvp either because then you're really in his crosshairs uh jason tatum jaylen brown 61 points combined and the experience you can see it even as far back as the pacer series you can see how this experience helps them in situations where they face a modicum of adversity it's not like these celtics have faced a ton of it but in this particular game or in the pacer series when they were down by double figures a couple times and had to come back you can see how that experience helps the game of basketball is about runs uh and this is at the highest level that's you know the best team in the west at this point in the time so uh they're gonna make shots they're gonna go on a run things happen um it's never gonna go how you expect it and we talk about that all the time but if you want to be a champion you have to be resilient in those moments and uh you know we showed that tonight we was able to make plays and find a way to win and uh we've been in those positions and we've we've lost so it was great to to overcome that um with my brother jason and the rest of our team that was that was special i've never been a believer in any of the rumors the speculation about the relationship between jt and jb uh jason tatum and jaylen brown and the fact that they don't get along there's friction between the two stars in boston i know what creates friction in the locker room and anybody who's been in the locker room you get this losing creates friction doesn't have to be about personalities it can just be about the fact that losing sucks sometimes and they've had some very public and high profile failures both of them have two years ago when they fell short against the golden state warriors in the finals jason tatum led the entire nba nba in playoff turnovers he was number one last year against the heat well in game seven specifically think how bad jaylen brown played what did he have more turnovers than field goals at one point in that game it was awful they both have fallen flat on their faces and yet the two of them make each other better i mean jaylen brown is having his best year which is why it's sort of comical that he's not all nba of course he's really turned it on in the playoffs those all league designations are made during the regular season i guess extra motivation for him he's been terrific on both ends of the court and i wouldn't be surprised if he won nba finals mvp because right now he's the mvp of the series jason didn't shoot well the first couple games but he had a dozen he had a dozen assists in game two finds his stroke in this one the way the two of them not only play off each other but the way that the two of them make the other better it's like any other duo in sports that has had a bunch of time to play together they're productive they're prolific really the only thing that's missing is the championship and they're close it's after hours with amy lawrence a big i will call it a buzz a buzz on social media after the two of them found each other at center court in dallas following the final buzzer and had what i would call an emotional hug and it was interesting too if you look at the bird's eye view jason had the ball he was on one of the baselines and as he kind of turns and goes toward the logo at center court jaylen's coming from the other corner right so he's on the opposite side of the court jason passes drew gives him a high five and then you can see jaylen is kind of saying hey come here come here with his two hands a little bit like what we see with patrick mahomes with the you know and he like waving you in waving you in let's go let's get to play and so they found each other and there's mavericks running around and there's staff on the court and they find each other at center court it's almost like the hug that you would expect after they won the title but this is yeah this is a lot of work a lot of blood sweat tears a lot of failure a lot of heartache a lot of disappointment a lot of success that didn't result in a title and so you can understand all of the emotion that went into it and jason was asked about it when he got to the press room excited tired that you know after the game uh you know it was just we're not necessarily saying like one more um or anything like that we just say however long it takes nobody's relaxed nobody is satisfied uh but you know just at that moment uh uh you know just telling him i told him i was proud of him and he said the same thing and that we gotta keep fighting definitely are a formidable duo in the nba and even as i'm talking about them right now i just saw the stat pop up on twix this is from adam himelsbach who covers the celtics for the boston globe jaylen brown has shot 50 or better from the field meaning he's made at least half of his shots in seven straight games and nine of the last ten so all that talk about how he can't perform on the game's biggest stages under the white hot spotlight when the pressure's on that's out the window and i kind of like that redemption story for jaylen not to mention of course the the celtics have come close before and have come up empty so on the 13th anniversary of the mavericks winning their title in 2011 they are now on the brink and we'll hear from their locker room a little bit from doncic after that foul out of course but kyrie's got he wants you to know it's an analogy it's a metaphor but he's got a plan for game number four are you team joey or team nathan you can still take that poll though there is a twist oh there's a twist we'll have to get to it next hour with marco bloody because he's here i i mean if you're shoving it shoveling it into your trap in an eating contest you don't actually get to taste it so mac jones quick what team is mac jones on now jaguars jaguars how many people have forgotten that it's been a few months i don't know how i got that off the top my head it was really imagine the softest sheets you've ever felt now imagine them getting even softer over time that's what you'll feel with bowl and branches organic cotton sheets in a recent customer survey 96 replied that bowl and branches sheets get softer with every wash start getting your best night's 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when jayla brown and jason tatum both scored 30 and they have done it in game three tonight there's 31 for tatum they head for the exits at the american airline center this is after hours with amy lawrence the score was stagnant it did not change for three plus minutes in the fourth quarter that's actually hard to do over the course of a high intensity playoff game with a ton of urgency right the mavericks were working at it they had expended a ton of energy to chip 20 points off that lead they pulled back into a one possession game but luka fouled out and they're just not getting that same firepower as are the celtics not that there's any shame in that because that's pretty much the case for most teams that have matched up with the celtics in this 23-24 season it's after hours with amy lawrence glad to have you with us on twix at a law radio and also on our facebook page i was wondering how people were managing the tom brady hall of fame ceremony that was taking place at Gillette stadium 60 000 people on hand if you haven't seen the photos and and i mean the photos looking back from the stage it's pretty incredible not to mention the star power he walked out to jay-z singing public service announcement he also had a cast and crew of celebrities on him mike terrico was the mc uh payton manning made a surprise appearance apparently tom brady didn't even know about it you also had bill belicheck who got a huge ovation a lot of his former teammates including his crew and we'll talk a little bit more about it but the humor the tears his family was there just an amazing night and patriots fans who are also celtics fans kind of had to make a choice or go back and forth i'm sure that it's out there on youtube the entire thing now or it will be if it isn't already so there's plenty of chance to go back that's the beauty of dvr but i'm sure there are a lot of people that wanted to see it live to just a star studded event at Gillette while the celtics were in dallas and game four is coming up in dallas on friday night so it's an opportunity for the celtics to close out that banner but dallas of course would like to extend the series and force it back to the garden coming up next week so now what jason kid jason kid who was the starting point guard for the mavericks championship exactly 13 years ago this wednesday night i think that's what we talked about this evening after the game was you know just one possession at a time we'll we'll watch film tomorrow and um and get ready for friday it's not over till it's over so we just gotta believe believe uh like i always say it's first to four uh we're gonna stay together uh we lose together we win together so we gotta stay together you know this is a metaphor here so uh just be ready just go home get the ammo ready get the bazooka get the 50 cal ready you know get everything ready because it's you know when we come into game four we know that we gotta shoot our gun we gotta shoot our shots i like how he first said shoot our gun and then he said shoot our shots shots although i understand the metaphor he wasn't saying literally i'm bringing a bazooka to game number bazooka yeah that's not what he was saying so that's why he clarified it and i appreciate that he did but it's kind of sad that he actually had to that people can't recognize it's a metaphor or a way just a way to kind of use how often do we hear war analogies when it comes to sports which is not anything like war of course eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four two two seven is our toll-free line uh top of the hour we'll switch gears a little bit but i had toyed with this question i threw it out rhetorically didn't actually make it a show question but i think this is a good time to do it it is actually more challenging to answer it now that the stars are no longer part of the equation in the dallas fort worth metro when the stars and mavericks were both in the western conference finals for their respective sport the rangers defending their first world series title in franchise history the dallas cowboys are the defending champions of the nfc east though they had a playoff flop to put it mildly but i was wondering is dallas the it well we have to say dallas fort worth is the dallas fort worth metro the it city in sports now the mavericks are likely going to lose the nba finals again in 156 tries no team has ever rallied to win the championship never rallied to win after being down 0-3 in an nba series it's happened a couple times in the the nhl it's never happened it's obviously happened in baseball it's never happened in basketball 156 times a team has built a 3-0 lead and including last year's miami heat every single one of those teams has protected that lead and gone on to either win the title or advance to the next series so the the odds are not ever in the maverick's favor but the mavericks are in the nba finals the stars were in the western conference finals so they're in the final four in hockey still the defending champions for the rangers they've got a couple of great golf tournaments in the area the memorial was uh no not the memorial the colonial a couple weeks ago right in the fort worth area is dallas the dallas fort worth the it city in sports or is there another one and i don't really want to phrase the question right now we can just open it up or i shouldn't say phrase the question that way right now because it's no longer an open and shut case i would have said it was if the stars had moved into the staley cup final it was south florida or the miami area last year right heat and the panthers both went to the finals uh-huh and the dolphins did they make the playoffs they did they didn't was hurt that first right they just didn't win it but they did make the playoffs the marlins well you know they made the playoffs too actually oh that's true they did yeah but no one takes them seriously anyway it would have been miami miami metro south florida who should wear the title of the it city in sports right now it changes so often but which one is the itch the itch nope not the itch who's the it city or where is the it city how would you say it who should bear the title of it city in sports or it's sports city no it sounds funny it's also funny if you read it and don't hear me say it you have to put it it in quotation marks who's the it city who should bear the title but see a city can't be a who that's i'm kind of running into the grammatical brick wall here which city should bear the title of it city in sports its spot no not the spot all right we'll work it out we'll figure it out it's after hours with amy lawrence
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