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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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June 13, 2024 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 13, 2024 5:56 am

Which city/metro deserves the title of "IT" city in sports right now? | A look at the Rookie QB's at their first mandatory minicamps | It was "Tom Brady Day" in New England.


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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. What city or Metro deserves the title of it city in sports right now? I would have said Dallas last week actually, or maybe a week before that. Gosh, I can't believe we're into the second week of the NBA finals and we've only played three games.

But anyways, they could be over in four, maybe five and so I suppose spreading them out is a better option if you're the league. But when it was the Stars and the Mavericks plus the Rangers as defending World Series champions when it was those three and Dallas Cowboys, they did make the playoffs last year they did win their division. I was thinking the Dallas Fort Worth Metro the it city.

And now a little shine has gone off of that. Mavericks did make the finals likely to lose. Stars did not make it to the Stanley Cup final, so probably there's a case that could still be made for Dallas Fort Worth, but little bit of of my argument has been lopped off.

It's been truncated. I was thinking about some of the others that have had a presence in this spring season. Definitely the the. Boston fans usually have a case or the New England fans usually have a case and the Celtics are headed toward another championship. The Bruins made the playoffs, but the Patriots are in a rebuild and right now the most tears they're getting is celebrating Tom Brady's retirement was number retirement. We'll get to that here coming up. Red Sox are weather playing.

But then I think about and I'm starting East Coast and I'll work my way West. Thinking about the New York Metro, the Knicks. They didn't make it to the Eastern Conference Finals so that kind of puts a bit of a kibosh on that, even though the Yankees are the best team in the world right now, but the Mets are terrible. The Giants.

Yes, and the Jets are just hoping that Aaron Rodgers can be the savior in year number two at age 40. So that kind of I'm sorry that just kind of take some of the shine off of those major cities. Philadelphia Cricket World Cup is in the New York area as well as just another point there. There's I think there's buzz for the FIFA 2026 World Cup final, which is in the New Jersey, New York area, but it's it's in the US hosting, so it's everywhere. Yeah, true, but there's buzz in the area for the final for the cricket.

No, no, no, for the feet for the soccer. OK, but it's not for another few years or two years, I guess. If the New York Liberty, maybe the Connecticut Sun that could be New England.

Huh? Saratoga. OK, right now you could try to make a case for New York, but I'm not going to be on board with it.

Where else? So we're working our way because South Florida would have been probably a very impressive candidate a year ago, but the Heat, they weren't able to replicate their run as an eight seed. The Panthers, they could end up a Stanley Cup champions not over yet, but but they would possess the Cup for the first time in their franchise history. What do you guys think you can find us on Twix at Amy after hours? That's our show account.

I did retweet and then also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. Ben suggests Kansas City because the Chiefs are dominating and the Royals look like contenders as long as they're not facing the Yankees. They look like contenders. They are above 500, so I'll give you that, but they've dropped four in a row.

And then what else is there? There is a soccer team there. I think it's like FC Kansas City. Yeah, OK, I don't know if they're good or not, but I suppose last year we could have also added Messi into the mix, right?

They're the it city because Messi's there. He did say he's not going to participate in the Olympics because I can't do everything. OK, that's true. You are getting a little old.

Father time is undefeated. Hmm, maybe a year ago, even Philadelphia would have had a case for it, right? Because the Sixers were still in the process, so there's a case that could be made. The Phillies, they had made it to the World Series. No, a year ago.

Sorry, a year and a half ago, I guess it would be. And then obviously thinking about the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. So you had Eagles in the Super Bowl and then Phillies making the World Series, even though neither one of them won. But still, there was a lot of buzz around them. Houston. The Astros are currently below 500, so even though they've made seven consecutive American League Championship Series, they didn't get to the World Series last year.

And people hate them. But you do have the Texans as the defending AFC South champions. That was huge. CJ Stroud believes he is one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL.

I mean, he's entitled to his opinion. I think we missed an East Coast one, where maybe there's not a whole bunch. No, I feel like we're going to get accused of East Coast bias if we don't. Well, I think we missed one that could be on the list.

I don't know if there's a whole lot in terms of things going on there, but what is going on there is good stuff. Baltimore. Ravens and the Orioles. Ravens were the top seed last year. Orioles are definitely a contender again, one over 100 games a year ago.

All right. Okay, there's one. I guess you could combine Baltimore and DC, but Baltimore doesn't like that.

And they are their own separate entity, though people will, you know, there's a nickname for the Metro, so some will kind of combine it. I'm trying to think if there's, I mean, we're talking about LA. The Lakers made the playoffs, but they refused to hire a coach. The Dodgers are the best team in the NL West again.

And they have Shohei Ohtani and Yamamoto and three MVPs at the top of their lineup. The Clippers also made the playoffs. I mean, neither team made any noise. The Rams made the playoffs. Both local, former Pac-12 college football teams are moving to a different conference. So maybe there's buzz around that, but it's going to be so different in LA when it comes to USC and UCLA. The Angels, I don't even know if they're still playing. They might have closed up shop. I definitely know that Mike Trout is not playing.

Why would he? But LA, maybe Jay. The Rams made the playoffs last year. I mean, the Chargers are still the Chargers, regardless of where they're in San Diego, if they're in LA. But could you make a case for LA more than the LA? Sparks are not, they're not great this year.

I'm trying to think what other city. The Kings did make the playoffs. Oh, the LA Kings.

All right. I mean, if we're talking about it, LA might have the most teams that are relevant, kind of. Relevant in terms of the postseason conversation. Milwaukee, the Brewers are leading the Central. The Bucks are keeping Duck Rivers and they've hired Darvin Ham back to their coaching staff. They did make the playoffs.

They do have Demian Lillard, but without Giannis, they were kind of sunk. I guess you could say Milwaukee. Most of them root for the Green Bay Packers, but they're hours apart. Wisconsin.

Just all of Wisconsin. If you ask me, maybe in like February, January, around that time, I probably would have said Las Vegas. Super Bowl had so much buzz in that city.

It did. We were there, of course, which is why. Well, not anytime soon, though. But there was the buzz around the new baseball team coming in. The Knights still were, they hadn't been dethroned yet, so they were still riding high on that championship. The NBA, it seems like, is going to get there within the next five years or so. Maybe what we're saying is there's a major void when it comes to an It city, which is good. It's good for fan interest around the country. It's good for different cities to have different strengths and for it to be a fluid situation.

I kind of like that, actually. But yeah, I would have said Dallas, and then it kind of dawned on me that there isn't an answer, which is why we're not getting many responses. We got more, more than enough, more responses than we could handle to our hot dog debate, but not a whole lot of answers to this one.

And I kind of feel like that's the reason why, is because there isn't an It city. It's a trick question. It's a trick question, Jay.

We finally stumped the masses. But if you had to, let's say, list three that you think could have potential, maybe could grow into that. I think I'd put LA on that list. I think I'd put New York on that list. And still, I'd probably put Dallas on that list, because their teams are still good. So you're taking Vegas out of it.

I'll take Vegas out of it for now, because Buzz has died a little bit. Right, the Golden Knights, they were the defending Stanley Cup champions. Although the NHL draft is going there this month, so that's another big thing for the city.

Yes, I mean, they do have the Aces, who are the two-time defending champs, though they've just lost three in a row. Baseball's not going to be there for a while, but they took down the Tropicana to put the stadium up there. Do they have any PGA or Liv events there? Oh yeah, Liv goes to Vegas. I'm not sure about PGA, but definitely Liv goes to Vegas. Also, the NASCAR went there this year.

Oh yeah, no, they've been in Vegas for a while. Alright, I like that. I like that we've got some options. And I think talking through it is kind of interesting, because what you realize is that we're spread out when it comes to cities and how they dominate and when they dominate and where they need to make up ground. No one's putting Denver in that conversation, so why do they know? Oh no, why? Rockies?

No, negative Ghost Rider. We're going to do some NFL mandatory minicamps, because they're mandatory, coming up the second half of the show. And we'd love to hear from you if you can make a case for a city or a metro in the US that deserves the title of It's City in sports right now, but it's clear that you are still consumed by hot dog conversation. We're still getting those responses.

The rest of sports is irrelevant at this current time. Hot dogs, hot dogs, watch them eat a mob. Hot dogs, hot dogs, get me straight with soda pop. Uh huh, oh. Where did you find that, Jay? Oh, the powers of YouTube.

That's just wrong. Well, it's Pinehurst, North Carolina, that thriving metropolis that is hosting the US Open. And Tiger Woods, he's a three-time US Open champion, last time in 2008, I'm not sure if you guys remember that, but he was playing on a torn ACL, and it was the final round that featured the putt on 16 that he chipped up above the hole, and it turned and took, well, depending on which way you're looking at it, it turned and went down the hill, left or right again, depending upon your perspective, and it hung on the rim of the hole, the rim of the cup, and then dropped through, and the place shook. It shook. Now, that was not at Pinehurst, but that was Torrey Pines actually, so similar, but it was at Torrey Pines in 2008 that he won that last US Open.

I'll never forget it. He had to have surgery to repair a torn ACL right after that. And then, of course, he was out of the sport for quite a while because of his personal issues. He won the Masters a couple years ago.

And at this point, we're really only getting him in majors, maybe, as well as, he says, a tournament once a month, higher profile tournaments, tournaments that he sponsors, or where he has a relationship with the sponsor. But despite all of that, he believes that he can still win, even now. I do feel like I have the strength to be able to do it. It's just a matter of doing it. This golf course is going to test every single aspect of your game, especially mentally, and just the mental discipline that it takes to play this particular golf course.

And it's going to take a lot. And we've been working on that and making sure that I understand the game plan and be ready in two more days. Great to be back. I love US Opens. I love the test of US Opens. And I've had a little bit of success here back in 99 in 2005.

So I'm looking forward to this week and getting underway. He was a near miss in both of those tournaments that were previously held at Pinehurst No. 2. And they tee off in about two and a half hours. So you'll get the first golfers on the course and both the first tee and the 10th tee, right?

Because they do both. They have to straddle it. There are some pretty high profile groups as well. You've got Russell Henley, Patrick Cantlay, Brooks Koepka, which should be fun. You've got Colin Morikawa, also teeing off at the same time. Phil Mickelson, Tony Finau, and Dustin Johnson.

Kind of interesting that they're putting guys together that are Liv guys, right? I mean, not Finau, but Johnson and DJ and Phil Mickelson. Rory McIlroy, right on target. Rory McIlroy is chasing his fifth major win. And what we talked about with Matt Adams going back to the PGA Championship. Actually, right about the time that Scottie Scheffler was getting arrested, we were actually talking to our Golf Channel and Fairways of Life insider, Matt Adams, at the exact same time.

We just didn't know it was happening. And he was trying to explain why the waning interest, why the TV ratings are so far down this year. And what he said was, it's a combination of things. Golf is lacking a lot of star power right now. The whole Liv versus PGA, that's become a major distraction. But he did say, of all the tournaments, the one event that managed to pique the interest of fans was one in which Rory McIlroy won. That he was good for a 35% increase in ratings just because he was in the final group and just because he was challenging for a win. He's still the guy. He still has, oh, what we're talking about, it factor.

He still has the it factor. And man, if he could win at the US Open, kind of punch through again after these years of coming so close, it might just be the spike and the spark that golf desperately needs right now. I still feel like being the most successful European in the game is within my reach. You know, I've got obviously Seve and Nick Faldo to pass there in terms of major wins. But, you know, I'm really proud of my body of work over the past 15 years and everything that I have achieved, whether it be season long titles or individual tournaments or majors.

Obviously, getting my hands on a fifth major has taken quite a while, but I'm, you know, I'm more confident than ever that I'm right there, that I'm as close as I've ever been. It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years, actually more than 10 years since McIlroy last won a major title. But over the past 10 majors, so this is talking about a couple of years time, over the past 10 majors, seven top 10s, two runners up. He's been close.

And in the US Open specifically, he was runner up last year and he's had five straight top 10s. So he has been kicking at the door, hasn't been able to get it open yet, but he's been kicking at it. And he'd say right now, patience is the key.

I'm embracing patience. And again, he would be a winner that would raise the roof for golf because people show up to watch him play. People head to their TVs. They'll make it a point to watch Rory, which I think is big. And obviously, if Tiger makes the cut, but if Tiger makes the cut and he's one of the earliest groups on the tee Saturday or Sunday, it's a little bit different because sometimes those aren't even on TV.

The earliest holes, the earliest groups, they're already done by the time the TV coverage begins in the afternoon. So I might have to start rooting for Rory just so that golf can have some buzz. As much as Scottie Scheffler is brilliant right now, and he is an overwhelming favorite at the US Open, he's won five tournaments already this season.

And he's been arrested and he's had a baby. He says he doesn't feel any pressure. But he is obviously the golfer to beat. I still don't feel like there's much of a target on my back. Like I said, when we start the tournament week, we're all at even par.

And it's not like anybody's out there playing defense. When I play with Xander and Rory here on Thursday and Friday, they're not going to be saying weird stuff to me out on the golf course or trying to block my putt from going in the hole. We all kind of got to go out there and play our game. And so, as far as a target on my back, even if there was, there's not really much that we can do in the game of golf. Most of it is against the golf course and playing against yourself.

I like that. But he's really good at it. As we heard following a question from Titus, little Titus, who wanted to know how he could triple bogey a hole at his last event and somehow not get frustrated and continue on and close out the win. Remember, he actually didn't finish below par at the Memorial. Instead, he kind of scuffled on the final day and yet still won. Question I'd like to ask is, last weekend when you triple bogeyed that hole, you seemed to stay a little bit calm.

How did you keep from getting frustrated from your bad shots? That's Titus. Hello, my name is Titus. Why can't we have him as a correspondent here on After Hours?

Can we find Titus? I don't know any young children that I could rope into this position. Actually, my husband has a niece who's pretty young.

Maybe too young right now. She's quite the firecracker. She's so much fun. At the family wedding we went to, she was, yeah, she was the belle of the ball, dancing up a storm.

It was amazing. So maybe if she's a few years older, right now I think she's four, five, she gets to be a few years older. We might be able to work her as a correspondent. Six or seven, yeah. I don't know, how old is Titus? Eight, nine? Yeah, maybe eight, I'd go with.

Hmm, I think a little bit older, only because I teach fourth and fifth graders and not all of them can speak that well. Hello, my name is Titus. Question I'd like to ask is, last weekend when you triple bogeyed that hole, you seemed to stay a little bit calm.

How did you keep from getting frustrated from your bad shots? So great. I think he wrote that. And Scotty, I think he wrote it down. Yeah, I mean, he had to come up with some questions, right? So that's really neat for an opportunity. And Scotty was so gracious to me. He laughed, first of all. You're right.

And said it was a great question, then answered it. So that was kind of cool. Looking forward to the U.S. Open. It always wraps up on Father's Day weekend. And this is it. Here we go, teeing off in mere hours. All right, coming up this hour, Tom Brady gets his number retired in a ceremony at Foxborough that included Jay-Z, Mike Tirico, Drew Bledsoe, Peyton Manning, Bill Belichick, Bob Kraft, some of Brady's longtime teammates, who essentially are a crew. Rob Gronkowski telling stories. And a surprise announcement in front of 60,000 plus at Gillette Stadium. So we'll get to that before the back end of the hour. And also just we have so much football sound and not really any major humongous stories and yet just fun stuff to drop in.

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See site for details. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. I ain't a star quarterback yet.

I got along with it. I'm a rookie. Coming out here and just being able to experience different things, like that was my first time, throwing out a first pitch, that was my first time going to a soccer game and just seeing the atmosphere, seeing different sports, and being able to just go out there and support them, you know, coming into a new town, a new community, and being able to go out there and support, you know, showing them love. So when our season come around, you know, the players at the Nationals game are, you know, people on the team USA for soccer want to come to a game, you know, they can and they can come show love, too. Off the field, on the money, and after hours, it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. I like the way Jayden Daniels answers the question about being the big star in town.

Now instead, he says, I ain't a star. I'm still a rookie. I'm busy figuring out DC, connecting with other athletes, and I hope that they return the favor when it's our turn.

That's awesome. Perfect answer from the number two overall draft pick going back a couple weeks ago. I like how he talks about throwing his first pass in a camp. Mandatory mini camps. That includes you rookies.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Don't expect any special treatment just because you were drafted super high. For instance, your coach Dan Quinn, Jayden Daniels? Who?

I'm just kidding. Here's what I say. This guy came in with really excellent football characteristics in terms of command and huddle and vision to go. I think probably what you don't see is the amount of offense and defense that the coach has put in. And so for him to absolutely nail that and to go early to say, I have that, I have it, there was a lot of work put in from the studying spot. So I would say not only does the physical trait show up, it's the work ethic, I think, that goes behind. I think through the years and through the season, you guys will feel that and see that.

This is a guy that really puts it in. So he was selected number two overall. Brand new coach there as well. We know that Washington is in a rebuild situation, as is the team that selected third overall. So they went quarterbacks.

Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake May, number three, went to the Patriots. Have you guys seen the video of Drake May and a bunch of other Patriots playing dodgeball with kids? Probably some charity event.

I'd have to go look it up and I could do that. He was pelting children with a dodgeball. He was going after them and cackling. It was so cute. The kids were so excited.

He was not taking it easy on them. He looked like an overgrown child himself out there throwing the dodgeball as hard as he could at kids on the other side of the line. It was awesome. I miss dodgeball. Oh, I know. I love dodgeball.

I'll have to look it up just so I can give proper credit. But yeah, it was really cute to see that video. Well, Jacoby Brissett is the veteran presumed starter right now for Jerrod Mayo's first season or his first offseason. But what does Jacoby notice about Drake May? Every day he's gotten better. The good thing about it is it's not like, oh, I got it right now and I'm not thinking about it. He's just constantly trying to find ways to get better, making some nice throws out there.

And you're seeing his progression come alive. That's good. What you want is just for these guys to be soaking up info and intel like a sponge. You don't want them to go into the start of their first training camp and not have a clue what's happening.

You're trying to get them as acclimated as possible. Now, the speed is going to be drastic for them, of course. They're not going to get a ton of reps unless they are the presumed starter.

For instance, Caleb Williams, he's getting all the reps right now. They're going into game one with him as their QB one. But that's probably not the case with the New England Patriots. And actually, what we've heard is it's not the case with the Minnesota Vikings. J.J. McCarthy, who they selected number 10 overall right now, is number two on the depth chart behind Sam Darnold.

So that's been the announcement, so to speak, from Kevin O'Connell. Even though they do love what they see in J.J. and they expect him to be the starter at some point taking over, right now it's Sam Darnold who's listed at number one. Sam would be the guy I would look to based upon the spring he's had and really where he's at in his career and his quarterback journey and what he's been able to do coming in and really hit the ground running and really kind of take advantage of a competitive situation. But at the same time, J.J.'s really improved. Nick Mullins has had a great spring and Jaron has also improved. So I've told all four of those guys, look, you know, depth charts are great and it's great to understand where I'm at currently today, but that'll mean really nothing.

So generous of Kevin O'Connell. Nick Mullins and Jaron Hall have also looked great. I mean, it's easier to look great when you're running routes on air, right, when there's not a whole lot of contact.

It's a little easier to look great. But at this point, Sam Darnold is number one. Now, Kevin O'Connell does have high praise for the rookie and he was talking about him on the Rich Eisen Show. Listen as Selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter. I definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons, the diseases that I am protecting my child against.

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Download Thumbtack and start a project today. He's had a great spring. He's off to a really good start, you know, transitioning into a new offense, a bunch of new teammates, new players. He gets, you know, he gets a ton of work throughout, you know, routes on air and even in seven on seven, you know, where we were going full speed on all that stuff with some of the first group throughout the spring. So JJ has gotten a good acclimation to, you know, what our offense is really all about.

See what I'm saying? Routes on air. We're not talking about huge pass rushers bearing down on you. A little bit easier to look seamless and to make a throw when no one's screaming and running at you and about to drop you on your rear end.

You know, routes on air. Except these days you actually can't do that to quarterbacks, so never mind. Strike that from the record. But it's good at least that they're upright and healthy.

How about that? That's the first thing. Get them through training camp, upright and healthy. So then you've got the Broncos. Bo Nix right now is a guy that they drafted, but they don't expect to start this year. At least that's what I've heard coming out of Denver.

They're all orphan dogs. They're in a total rebuild. I mean, they break it down. Sean Payton's in the process of breaking it all until he builds it back up again. Right. I can't even say this with a straight face. But right now, Zach Wilson is reportedly leading the QB competition.

My mouth is agape. Sean Payton calls them all orphan dogs. Really, what else does Sean Payton have to say that could be anything better than that?

Tender, tender loving. Seriously, give me something real from Sean Payton. Can I have Mike Tomlin as the head coach of the Denver Broncos?

Just got extended. So it's Davis Webb, who's the quarterback's coach, member former Giant Davis Webb. Quarterback's coach. What does he see in Bo Nix? Bo's a great kid. He's been really good out here. All of them have done a good job. I think they've all had really good days. And there's still some rookie moments, but that's every single rookie in the league.

And I think he's coming along just nicely. In other words, as you hear, a lot of what these guys have to say, it's all the same. It's exactly the same because they're rookies. They've had maybe three camps.

They're now working with the veterans because it's mandatory. But rookies giveth and they taketh away and nobody has high expectations for them much. Except in Chicago. I mean, there's some sky high expectations for Caleb Williams in Chicago.

Otherwise, I would say probably not as much. But we'll see. How many rookies? I'm going to have to look it up. There were so many different rookie quarterbacks the last couple of years that got starts because of all the injuries and the turnover.

It was pretty incredible. So the idea is you've got to get them ready. Even if you don't plan on starting them, you've got to get them ready.

Because you never know when they're going to be forced into a game at a moment's notice. Jay, he's googling something. He's giving me the finger. Not that finger. He's giving me the finger to wait.

Because you want to tell me? I think I'm at nine right now of rookie quarterbacks who've played just last season. Yeah. Danny DeVito. Jaron Hall. Clayton Toon.

Will Levis. Tyson Bajant. Aiden O'Connell. Dorian Thompson Robinson. Anthony Richardson. CJ Stroud.

Bryce Young. Wow. Holy crap. It's more than I remembered.

I knew it was seven, eight, nine. It's a lot. It is.

It is. It's crazy. Again, get your rookies ready to go.

Get them ready to rumble. On Twitter. At A Law Radio. Also on our Facebook page.

After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Coming up next, Tom Brady honored. And not just one surprise, but two, three, four, five, six. Lots of surprises for 60,000 people at Gillette Stadium.

I just want to like laugh. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. We're all in this journey and this game of life. And are we trying to be undefeated? It's impossibly undefeated in life. It's nearly impossible to be undefeated in sports. But what we can do is approach every day with a good attitude, with the right, you know, set of actions that reflect our priorities. And we try to make the best of every situation.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Very soon, we will be hearing those types of wise, experienced nuggets from Tom Brady when he takes over as the number one analyst alongside Kevin Burkhardt for the NFL on Fox this fall. I know that is bothersome to many people, but they're paying him to be number one.

So he's going to be number one. Plus, he's Tom Brady. And as you saw last night, if you were able to catch any of the video or maybe the live stream, if you watched it on TV, saw pictures. 60,000 plus at Gillette Stadium to honor Tom Brady as his number was retired. And there were a bunch of surprises. A star-studded event, as you can imagine, not just former Patriots, but Bill Belichick. Peyton Manning, who showed up as a surprise to Tom Brady, didn't know he was going to be there. How about Kenny Chesney, who was performing? And then as you hear the music that we start this segment with, Jay-Z actually sang Public Service Announcement. That was the music to start it. Because that's the song that Brady used to run out onto the field later in his career with the Patriots. His family was there too. Still really neat, an emotional ceremony. And I like the fact that they did it in June because it needed to be its own night. Shouldn't have to share the spotlight with the next generation of Patriots. After his 20 years and everything, he meant not just to New England and to the organization, but to the NFL as a whole.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Yeah, as you can imagine, there were a lot of people with stories. He had a lot to say.

And every couple of seconds, the place would erupt in cheers. All right, everyone. Sit down. Patriot Nation, it feels good to be home. Tom, I want to say thanks. On behalf of all the players, all the coaches, all the staff, all the people, the hundreds of people that are here, and the thousands of fans that are here, thank you. And thank you for all that you've done for us. Thank you for all you've done for me. And thank you for the example and model that you've been for all of us on a daily basis for 20 years. You're unbelievable. Congratulations. There is only one iconic number that will always represent Tom Brady.

And tonight, I promise that it will never be worn again. As the number 12 is now officially retired. 60,000 plus there at Gillette Stadium. Kind of neat.

I don't know if you saw these videos. There were still photos too that hit social media. The garden was full of Celtics fans or sports fans who were cheering for the Celtics even though they were in Dallas. And then you had Gillette Stadium, it wasn't full, but they had the stage kind of at one end and the 60,000 fans. It was a pretty dramatic sight.

Neither one had an actual game going on and yet both of those venues were full. A listener pointed that out to me. I thought that was kind of a neat or a keen observation. So yeah, Tom Brady had a bunch of special guests including Peyton Manning. And remember, Tom was at Peyton's Hall of Fame induction.

No doubt Peyton will return the favor there. But it was a surprise when he walked out on the stage. He was introduced by Mike Tirico. I remember meeting Tom before the game and I just remember how kind of calm and cool and collected he was for a guy making his first NFL start.

It was a brief conversation and then things kind of went downhill for me after that. My timing that day was better to Otis Smith and Ty Law than it was to my own receivers. I think I might have thrown one to Willie.

I think Brewski might have got one. They were taking turns having interceptions on me. But like I said, I don't think anybody could have predicted what was coming. But to see the composure and just how calm and cool he was in the pocket that day, that was very impressive to me for a guy making his first NFL start. It was a bright red jacket for Tom Brady as his number was retired. And actually, Bob Kraft dropped this little nugget.

There will be a 12-foot-tall statue, 12-foot-tall statue of Tom Brady that will be erected at some point. And the fans loved that, of course. It was a three-hour program and he spoke, of course. He was fiery. He was emotional. He took turns being funny. They all have to tell stories. And I think we'll get a mix of inspirational quotes and examples and wisdom from his career when he does take over on Fox as well. I mean, there's more.

Go check it out. There were stories from Rob Gronkowski and the crew that he is tightest with, like Julian Edelman and others. But mostly this was about Tom Brady and celebrating his career that may never be replicated.

I am Tom Brady and I am a patriot. I didn't have a chance to watch the whole thing because the finals was taking place, but I enjoyed the moments that I saw and the interaction, too. There's a lot of cell phone video out there, if you can imagine, different people who were up close to the stage. Either they were special guests or they paid a pretty penny to be right up front, so on the field, essentially, to be right up front and be part of all of this. And Brady's family was there, his parents, his sisters. He was really emotional. There were times when he cried. So we'll get a much more buttoned up Tom Brady when he gets back on his podcast on Sirius XM and also has his number one chair for the Fox games this year.

But kind of neat that he was there and Belichick and Kraft, and for one night at least, they were back together as one big, happy family. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Start your summer road trip at Midas and get up to $30 off your next repair service. Plus, get a free Closer Look vehicle check to make sure you're road trip ready. So if you need a brake service and alignment check or tune up, hit up Midas for up to $30 off.

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