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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 12, 2024 6:10 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 12, 2024 6:10 am

Why did we even prep today? | A whip-around the night of MLB action | An exchange between a kid-reporter and Scottie Scheffler.


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And for trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. I give up Jay. I give up. Why do we spend hours preparing intelligent, interesting, in-depth sports topics and debates and why do we bother researching anything in sports when what people most want to hear about is the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

Why? Why do I bother? My husband just texted me. He had to take mom to the airport. So he's in the car at this hour and just texted me. He's so enjoying the hot dog conversation.

Are you kidding me? I work hard to make intelligent shows. I work hard to bring a depth of, just some depth to the show.

I work hard to come up with variety and diversity and different sports. I like to be well informed and then I make some ridiculous comment about a hot dog eating contest and how it's stupid that Nathan's is banning Joey Chestnut when he's endorsing a plant. He's not endorsing a hot dog. Just because they say it's a hot dog doesn't mean it's a hot dog. For instance, if I hold up this Sharpie and I tell you it's a pencil, it doesn't make it a Sharpie or a pencil. Wait, what did I say? If I hold up this Sharpie and I tell you it's a pencil, Jay, does it make it a pencil? No, not technically. Exactly, exactly. So if I am part of a Sharpie writing contest and I go and I endorse pencils and the Sharpie company gets really mad because I endorsed a pencil. How is that even remotely, no, no, no.

How is that remotely the same thing Jay wants to jump in so bad? I do not use Sharpies and pencils for the same thing. People who write with Sharpies on poster boards or on envelopes or for me, my notes, we're not also using pencils.

Sharpies and pencils are not the same thing. So if I am a lover of a Nathan's hot dog and I adore hot dogs, I go to the ballpark and eat hot dogs, I grill hot dogs and you know I'm talking to you peeps. Because in the United States of America, the stats come out every year. Jay, you can probably Google it. Every year on July 4th, billions, with a B, it's the B word, billions of hot dogs are consumed. Billions of all varieties and shapes and sizes. It's just any old wiener will do on July 4th. So if I love hot dogs and I eat hot dogs at the ballpark and in my backyard and when I go to a barbecue and when I go to a picnic all summer long, I look for hot dogs. I'm not the same person who's eating a plant just because it's dressed up to look like a hot dog. Just because Impossible Foods tells you it's a hot dog does not make it a hot dog.

No, they're not the same thing. But you're not sponsoring them. You're not sticking up. By Joey Chestnut taking Impossible Foods' endorsement, he is now saying that that is a hot dog, in his opinion. No, he's saying it's an alternative for people who don't eat hot dogs. Why can't he be inclusive? Isn't that a thing in our culture? We're all inclusive. Which I agree with. No, I don't agree with that.

I'm team Chestnut here. They're not the same product. It's like if he endorsed ice cream. Would they ban him because he endorsed ice cream? If they called it hot dog ice cream, yeah.

No, they would not. Instead it's an alternative to a hot dog. It's not. It's just if you want to eat a salad but you want it to look like a hot dog, here's what you eat. You eat a plant-based... No, I get it. Okay.

But that's more... Chase, why are you yelling at me? That's your opinion, though, because this Impossible Foods is quite literally saying this is a hot dog. It doesn't make it true, though. Irrelevant here.

I feel like Nathan's is being petty. It's relevant. If I hold up a football and tell you it's a baseball, it doesn't make it a football.

Unless they call it a baseball football, which is what the Impossible is doing. No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean... They're saying come play with this. It's more fun. That's exactly what the Impossible dog is doing to Nathan's. No, but it doesn't matter, though, because it's not real. If you tried to play football with a baseball, you wouldn't be playing football.

You'd be playing something else. If I tell you that you're going to a ballpark to eat a hot dog and then someone tries to fake you out with a plant-based thing that is just dressed up to look like a hot dog, it's not an actual hot dog. I think your bigger issue here is with Impossible Foods and what they're trying to sell off to the American public.

No, but I'm saying Nathan's is being ridiculous over this. He's not endorsing hot dogs. He's endorsing plants. Why can't he endorse plants for people who don't eat hot dogs? Because if they were called plants, then there wouldn't be a problem. There's two things. It's false advertising because you read something about pork. It's all called Impossible Pork, Impossible Brisket, Impossible... That's false advertising.

So that's my big problem. But also, I think Nathan's is worrying about something that's ridiculous because your competition is not people who eat plants. Your competition is people who eat other brands of hot dogs. If he was endorsing... It's not Under Armour. If he was endorsing...

Isn't there an Armour hot dog? Isn't there a ballpark? If he's endorsing ballpark, that's completely different. He's endorsing a product that a different group of people eat. It's not the same people. It's almost worse in that way because now they're trying to pilfer your base into theirs. It's a good word. It's a really good word. Pilfer.

Pillage and pilfer. That's what they're trying to do. I do like the analogy from a caller earlier about Liv versus PGA.

It's a little bit like this, right? Liv is not... Liv wasn't a major competitor of the PGA Tour when it started. But after they secured so many eaters, so to speak, to the Liv Tour, consumers to the Liv Tour, now they are an actual competition in some ways.

Not every way. So will eaters join Joey to the Impossible Hot Dog Tour? Well, I was thinking if Joey could lure a few people who want to pretend like they're eating hot dogs, even though they're not, then maybe, maybe Nathan's has a point. But right now I feel like Impossible Foods and all the plant-based options, if you haven't heard Impossible Foods type plants, their business is waning.

It's not growing anymore. People are not buying into the fact that these are meats because they're not. And so they're advertising or they're ploy to get people who love meat to eat their plants and pretend like they're meats.

It's not working. We're too smart for that. I mean, we're not smart when it comes to social media, but we're smart when it comes to our hot dogs. Don't mess with our hot dogs. I like to think I could tell the difference between meat and a plant. Oh, we should do a taste test.

Do you want to? I'll find a Nathan's hot dog and then I'll steal an Impossible. I'm not paying Impossible Foods.

Just kidding. What if I bring in Plant Isle? Like Home Depot to get it? They're in the produce section. I don't know. I think they have a special section at the grocery store for this stuff. Don't you think? Yeah, probably.

What do you think they bill it as? Vegan Isle? By the way, this is nothing against vegans. If you don't eat meat, I have no issues. My point is that you can't pretend like it's meat and sell it to people who are meat eaters when it's not meat. It's impossible. I'm just telling you, go to the website and you'll see. That was on purpose, wasn't it?

They have it. It says brisket, chicken, pulled pork, hot dogs. Those are lies.

All lies. That's where this is the real issue here. That's why I think Nathan shouldn't be able to ban him because they likely don't have it in the fine print. Hey, you can't endorse other foods that aren't actual meat. But why would he want to endorse a competitor? Because there are other people. It's not a competitor.

That's my point. If you eat hot dogs, you don't eat impossible foods. But if Nathan sees it as a competitor and he is a Nathan's guy, then drop the impossible foods.

They're paying him a million dollars. No, but that's the thing. If Nathan didn't write in the fine print, you cannot endorse plant-based, faux meats, then why is he not allowed to?

You can't change the rules right now. It's not a hot dog. It's a plant. I can't argue that because that's fact. It probably has food coloring to make it look more like a hot dog, but it's not. That's the point. You can't ban Joey Chestnut for endorsing pears, can you? If he's in a dull pair eating contest, then no, he can't eat another.

That's not what this is. You can't ban him for endorsing tomatoes. You can't ban him for endorsing salsa. Not a hot dog. You can't ban him for endorsing bratwurst, can you? It's not a hot dog.

That would be an interesting one. What about kielbasa? Can you ban him for endorsing kielbasa? Nope, probably not.

You can only ban him for endorsing another hot dog, and Impossible Foods does not make hot dogs. They say they do. They're lying, Jay. You know. You are a meat eater. You wouldn't even eat two pieces of broccoli when you lost a bet. You completely reneged. You cannot argue to me that Impossible Foods are hot dogs because you would not eat them.

I agree. Again, you're right, but the point that this has anything to do with Joey Chestnut versus Nathan's. Nathan's eyes, the Impossible hot dog is a hot dog.

They are a direct competitor, and their cash cow is joining the competitor. But what about if in Joey Chestnut's eyes, these are plants? These are vegan foods. Joey Chestnut doesn't make the rules here. Nathan's does. Except that what he's saying in his tweet is that Nathan's is changing the rules. They've altered the deal. Pray I don't alter it further. I kind of feel like Nathan's is cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Or cutting off its...nevermind, nevermind. Nathan's is banning a 16-time champion when he's the one that brings the attention. I don't know.

If you're willing to ban your biggest star, there's people out there who are saying Nathan's are dead to me. So we're asking you to weigh in. That's what we're asking. It's our show question tonight.

Don't ask me how we stumbled on this, but apparently it's the best thing some of you have heard in sports radio in decades. Also, it'd be a little bit like saying...forget the Sharpie and the pencil and the pear and the hot dog. It'd be a little bit like saying that if you're eating pie, and I want to endorse a cake, that you can't do both. People can eat both. You could eat a salad. It's essentially a salad. It's wrapped up in a casing, but it's a salad. Cake and pie are similar family, but different.

So I wouldn't... I mean, there's a real good chance that if you actually broke down what's in the impossible food option, that it would be something you would use as a side next to your hot dog. Or topping. And still, when I read the statement from Impossible Foods, I know this is all them getting free publicity. That's what this is.

It's free publicity. Impossible Foods says they support Joey Chestnut in any contest he chooses that meat eaters, quote, shouldn't have to be exclusive to just one wiener. I don't know how you can take anything seriously after that, but we're asking you Team Joey or Team Nathan's. The poll is up on Twitter or Twix. We're talking about food.

At A Law Radio or our show account is Amy After Hours and then on our Facebook page. I just think Joey made his choice is all. David says on Facebook, Joey Chestnut and Caitlin Clark are both being screwed over.

So first and only time Caitlin and Joey have ever been in the same sentence together. I just feel as though Nathan's is changing the rules. They didn't put it in the fine print. They did not say he can endorse vegan products or their competitors can endorse vegan products.

And now they're just mad because Impossible is trying to pretend like they have a hot dog. That's not Joey Chestnut's problem. It's lack of loyalty from Joey Chestnut. It's a gross display of loyalty.

Should he have to be loyal? Yes. Then they should then they should endorse him.

They do. No, they pay him to. He is Nathan's. Was it Kobayashi?

Nathan's before Joey? Like 20 years ago. Okay, but still. Still.

Folksmen change. If they're not, they're only paying him to compete. They're not paying him to endorse. I think you win a small cash prize actually. Well not a small but like ten thousand dollars.

I mean what's small to us? Oh my gosh. Yeah, see I am blown away by the fact that Nathan's would take this step. But then we got a tweet that indicated this is probably a big publicity stunt. And I'm thinking Impossible Foods is absolutely thrilled with what's happening. They never got this much publicity in their entire company history. They're making out the best out of all this.

Yeah, they definitely are. Now I know what they sell, which I didn't before the show. Here's the question, Jay. If Impossible Foods tried to host a hot dog eating contest, it would be an oxymoron, correct? Impossible Foods doesn't make hot dogs. They can't sponsor a hot dog eating contest because nobody would take them seriously. It would be an impossible hot dog contest. It would be an impossible contest. It would be impossible. Anything's possible. Not in this case.

Alright, so vote in our poll. I'm feeling it. I'm feeling like I've made a very compelling argument. And that now as you weigh in, you're seeing the point of this. Nathan's can't just change the rules all of a sudden.

That's all. I think the players would side with Nathan's here. Malik would like us to try one. The Impossible Plant Dog.

That's what he called it. And that I would be surprised at the taste. No one's arguing taste.

No one's arguing taste. What we're arguing is it's not an actual hot dog, so Nathan's can't ban them for supporting a vegan product. That's all. That's all I'm saying.

I hear your argument. I just don't think Nathan's agrees. Steve says, set a booth next to Nathan's and have Joey do his Impossible Wiener contest by himself.

Sounded odd. Meat eaters should not have to be exclusive to just one wiener. You know someone deserves a raise after that statement. Some social media intern needs a full time job. Seriously.

They need a raise. In fact, you get Impossible Plants for life. That's it. You get Impossible... Oh. Great.

855-212-4227. I swear to you, we were racked up with football sound. We were all excited. We were going to talk about quarterbacks and all their...

I don't even know what's going on with the quarterbacks. We were just going to talk about quarterbacks because we love quarterbacks. We did talk basketball. We talked some baseball.

Yeah, we were going to get into the U.S. Open. Tiger Woods. Scotty Sheffler.

Nope. He's hijacked by Impossible Plants versus Nathan's. Joey Chestnut. He's just caught in the middle. He's a casualty. He's a prisoner of war. I think he's the aggressor here, but... He's the aggressor. No.

That's Impossible Foods. I think it's Joey. I think Nathan's is worried about... Is making much ado about nothing. They're actually giving publicity to their competition. That they are doing. But I don't think Nathan's is worried about anything. That's why they're saying...

They're taking their champion and saying, we don't even need you. We're Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Like Marco said earlier, we've been here before and we'll be here after you. Huh.

We own you. Alright. We'll see. Who are you on? Or whose side are you on? Is it Nathan or is it Joey Chestnut? That's what we're asking.

Poll is up. Also some of your comments are cracking us up. Jay has not had a straight face for the last three hours. It's after hours. The Hump Show.

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Download Thumbtack and start a project today. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Here's Aaron Judge. Righty hitter swings and flies it. Left center field is Bell Beck on the run at the wall. It is gone. Goodbye.

Into the waterfall. Oh, Aaron Judge forgot about his manners. He bruised that baseball.

Two run blast, number 25. And the Yankees have a 9-0 lead. He's just, you know, obviously amazing physical talent and tools and ability. But now the experience that thousands of bats allow you to have, that gets applied with that great talent. And this is what you're seeing. Getting you to the good half of your week.

It's the Hunk Show on After Hours. A healthy Aaron Judge is not only good for the Yankees, Obvi, but also great for baseball. When he's smiling and he's roaming the outfield and he's interacting with fans and he's smashing baseballs, it's great for the game. So good for Aaron Judge, major league leading 25th home run of the season.

So I don't know, should we start counting now or projecting? I'm sure somewhere in Yankees kingdom they are doing exactly that, but that kind of thing bores me. The Yankees do have the best record in Major League Baseball, but it's June a lot can and will happen, though it's sort of funny.

I was out in the hallway earlier walking across our newsroom over to a side studio where I was doing some prep work. And I heard the host on our New York affiliate, because we share studio space with them, talking about how the number one storyline right now is the trade deadline. Oh, please stick a fork in my eye.

No, not right now. I mean, I'd rather talk about fake hot dogs every day from now until the trade deadline. Oh, my gosh, we're asking you to take our show poll.

We kind of stumbled on this. Are you team Nathan's or team Joey? And you're cracking me up, not to mention you're blowing up our social media. So see, you care far more about this than do you care about the trade deadline at this point.

We come out with a baseball headline or a baseball highlight, I should say, because when you go to a ballpark, you want to eat a hot dog. Many of you, not all of you. I will readily admit I don't eat hot dogs. I gave them up a few years ago because I don't like what's in them. It doesn't seem healthy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and eat an impossible plant based fake pork dog either.

I don't care what it tastes like. It's just the idea that you're marketing yourself as a meat. You're not a meat. I can market myself as a TV star. Here we go.

I can market myself as a supermodel. It does not make it so, Jay. Jay's like, I am not touching that with a dead football. No, again, I'm not arguing with your logic there in terms of it's not a hot dog, it is a plant, and Nathan's is a hot dog, it's a meat.

It might be a beat. It's just not what's at the bait here, I don't think, between Joey and Nathan's. Because Nathan's is under the 100% total belief that Impossible is a hot dog, they brand his hot dogs, they're a competitor. And Joey's their guy and now he's going to wear an Impossible t-shirt and that doesn't fly with them and I understand that.

Now that would be wrong. You can't allow a competitor to wear a t-shirt from another company. I don't care what kind of company it is, any kind of food, you can't allow him to wear that because on that day you belong to Nathan's. But my point is that if Nathan's didn't write it in the fine print of the contract and say you cannot endorse hot dogs, kielbasa, Italian sausage. They thought Joey would know that. You can't endorse brats, you can't endorse fake hot dogs either. That's all I'm saying is that maybe they didn't cover that in their contract which means Joey thought he was well within.

This just got lost in translation somewhere in the contract. People are so mad at me because I'm calling these vegan, I don't care, it's not my department. Someone else is mad at me because I said they're tofu. I don't know what they're made of, don't care.

Probably brussels sprouts, what is the difference? Why is that something to get angry at? No, because it's social media. Is this your first day? It's not your first day.

It's not your first rodeo, Jay. I don't care. It doesn't matter to me what they're made of, I just know they're not pork. They're not meat. No, they say it's not, no.

Exactly, that's the whole point. This is intense. It's intense.

What are the chances they let him back in? Right now, today? Ten. Yeah, it's all publicity.

I'm on that train actually now. It's all about them getting publicity. I don't know, I think Joey looks bad here.

I still do. He's trying to give people who love him his fanbase, his audience, an alternative. He's trying to be even more gluttonous than eating the 72 hot dogs. By eating those and getting his 1.2 million endorsement check with a competing hot dog brand.

I feel like he's kind of lost his reputation though, because if you claim to be a lover of hot dogs, which I guess you don't have to be a lover of hot dogs to enter the eating contest, but if you claim to be a major league eater and on the side you're eating impossible foods, then yeah. I wonder if he's lost some of his cache with his fanbase. How old is he now?

I'm gonna go 38. I don't know. I feel like he's older than that. Really? Wow. At some point, Father Time's gonna catch up with him.

And all of a sudden, all that metabolism, it's all gonna stick. Well, that's why I'm saying maybe he's switching to the plant-based Impossible Burgers. That would be cheating. That would be cheating.

Forty. Huh. Yeah, I'm thinking that at some point it's all just gonna sit right in his belly. You might be right.

He might be trying to, on the DL, switch to plant-based, because it goes through your body in a different way. I'm trying to be very delicate here. This is a family show. Let's talk to AJ, who's in Ohio. AJ, whose side are you on? I'm kind of like in the middle, Amy.

I love your show, but I'm a little confused. Are you arguing that Impossible or Nathan's or Joey Chestnut's product is not a hot dog? It's a hot dog, whether it's made of a plant or beef or pork or chicken. Yeah, see, that's where we disagree.

I disagree. It's a hot dog. No, it's not meat. A hot dog is meat. Okay, what are they actually eating in the contest? A beef hot dog? Yeah, they're eating Nathan's hot dogs. Is that a beef? Well, it could be beef, it could be pork, it could be a combo. And most hot dogs are like a combination of the leftover meat, which is kind of gross, actually. Okay, but your argument is that, I'm still trying to figure out what your argument is.

Just because Impossible Food says it's a hot dog does not make it a hot dog. You don't think Joey Chestnut should be allowed to be in the contest? No, I do think he should. I think he's got a major beef, haha. I think that he should be allowed to compete because what he's endorsing is not in direct competition with Nathan's. That's what I think.

They're a completely different target audience, okay? Okay. Who's the governing, who's actually got the final say-so?

Well, that's what we're trying to figure out. Because if Nathan's didn't put it in the contract, in the fine print, then maybe Joey has a beef. Sorry, again, he could go to a court and get an injunction and a stay and it would have to get appealed and all that jazz. Because if they didn't write it in the contract, then how can they tell him he can't endorse a plant-based product, like salad? Can he endorse spinach? Okay, he's not in any way, shape, or form trying to use his plant hot dog in the contest. See, it's an oxymoron. Just saying, AJ. He's like, I'm confused. Yes, we are too, AJ, but it's what makes it fun. Well, it's been a crazy show, a great topic.

Oh, thank you. I'm just going to stop prepping sports. There's no need to anymore. We're just going to do stuff like this.

What's the point of prepping for actual sports? When is the contest? Is it this Saturday? No, it's July 4th. That's the funny part.

Oh, July 4th, my bad. Yeah. Yeah, so there's a lot of time yet and I think Joey's going to be in the contest. Yeah, I think they're going to cave. I think Nathan's is going to cave. He has to.

I mean, it's not going to be worth watching for a lot of people if he's not in there. Although, people said that about Kobayashi and then after he tried to bum rush the stage and he got arrested or whatever else happened, he got banned from all competitive eating. The sport went on with Adam. Oh, wow. Okay. AJ's getting in on the ground level. Alright, AJ, that was fun.

Thank you for calling. Bye. Let's talk to Mike who's in Boston. Mike, team Joey or team Nathan? I am definitely team Joey. I'll never pick a company of that magnitude over the individual.

Never. There you go. He's an athlete in my eyes. An athlete. I'm going for Joey.

An athlete. He's my respect. Oh, yeah.

He's my respect when that guy tried rushing the stage and he roughed him up. I loved it. I'm from Boston, you know. We love that stuff.

Right, so here's a question, Mike, though. You go to Fenway Park, right? I'm assuming you've been to Fenway Park. Oh, yeah. Glad you have. Okay, well, if you're going to Fenway Park like I have been and you want a dog, it doesn't matter what Impossible Foods is offering.

You're eating a hot dog. Oh, absolutely. Joey's not endorsing the competition. Joey's the man. I'm going to endorse Cumbie's right now because I got a coffee.

Oh, that's so mean. I love Cumbie's. It's my favorite coffee and it's so cheap.

It's the last cheap affordable thing left on the planet. Oh, I'm telling you right now, Amy, it saves me every morning. Oh, man. I love Cumbie's.

It's one of my favorite things about New England, about growing up in New Hampshire. Absolutely, but listen, I got to give it to Joey. This is his chance to shine. This is his chance to go against a giant company and say, hey, you're trying to pick on the little guy. Right, that's right.

Little guy's going to win. I'm team Joey all the way, but listen, thank Amy for the call. You're welcome. Have a great day in Boston. All right, one more before we take our break. C Note. Is that like a hundred dollar bill? Yes, ma'am. In Chicago, which team are you on?

I am a long time first time. Oh, sweet. Thanks for listening. Absolutely. What's the name of the competition? It's not competition. That's my point. Well, it's Nathan's Hot Dogs, right? Yes.

Well, that's the name of the actual sponsor of the contest. Okay, well then you eat Nathan's Hot Dogs. You don't eat another company's plant based hot dogs. Ever?

Like ever? No, not in the competition. Well, no, he's not eating them in the competition. He's just saying here's another alternative if you don't want to eat real meat. Right, but he's not going to be in the hot dog competition.

Well, they've banned him, but I feel like he could probably go to court and get that overturned. You know, honestly, I mean, if it's Nathan's Hot Dogs, then that's what you eat is Nathan's Hot Dogs. It's not you eat any hot dog that you might ask to Mario or whatever. You eat their hot dog and that's what the competition is. But do you honestly think he's never had anything else except for Nathan's? Oh, absolutely not.

I believe they have 100%. But when it comes to competition, it's competition. I mean, I know I got to eat Nathan's Hot Dogs.

I know what I got to do. See, my point is that if they didn't specify that he also can't endorse a vegetarian option or a salad option... That's a great sticking point because if nobody ever thought of that happening, what if a vegan dog comes in competition? Exactly, because there's no competition.

It's a completely different target market. Exactly. Thank you C-Note. That was worth a C-Note.

Thank you. Do you think his real name was like one that he... Oh, maybe he's an FBI agent. Secret Service.

I just thought it was like Chris. He's CIA. He can't let us know.

That's what the C stands for, actually. CIA Note. We figured him out. He's compromised. That's it.

That's right. First time, long time. He's been listening on the down low. Jay, he's been listening for a really long time. It took this debate over hot dogs to get him to call.

Do you know we've had a bunch of first-time callers tonight over hot dogs? Why? Why do I bother? Who cares what happened at the basketball game?

Why do I bother? Tomorrow's National Peanut Butter Cookie Day. What can we do on that? Stop it. Alright. I shouldn't ask that, actually. Don't ask that.

Oh my gosh. I'm hungry now, are you? But not for a hot dog. Jay, are you going to go home and eat a hot dog?

You are, aren't you? I'm thinking about it. Jay, at any given point in his life, is never more than two days away from a hot dog or a chicken roll. Either one of those things. Chicken roll sounds good to me. Or tacos. All three, honestly, sound good.

Or... I think I have some ballparks, actually, in the freezer right now. Not Nathan's. I feel like I have your entire weekly menu down pat.

That was pretty accurate. Burgers. In some sort of order there. They're not impossible burgers, correct? Oh no. Because that's not a real burger.

Real burgers. Exactly. Thank you. Take the poll. I don't even know what my life is about anymore.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. What happened to us, Jay? What happened? Here's our latest sports update.

Should I even show my face? Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children.

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Hello, my name is Titus. Question I'd like to ask is, last weekend when you triple bogeyed that hole, you seemed to stay a little bit calm. How did you keep from getting frustrated from your bad shots?

That's a good question. I was very frustrated. So I'm glad you couldn't tell. But, you know, I think I think I've learned over the course of my career to stay as patient as possible. And when I made a triple on that hole, I really didn't hit that bad of a shot. It just hit a tree and went out of bounds. And, you know, I kind of reminded myself that I was playing good golf. And as long as I kept a good head on my shoulders, I could continue to kind of go about my day and was able to bounce back nicely.

And I think that's something that you just learn playing more and more golf. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Scottie Scheffler getting a very smart question from Titus. A young man that I wish I knew more about because I would love, love to have him on the show. Some of our favorite callers ever have been either young listeners. We have, was it Jordan? 13-year-old Jordan, who was an eighth grader.

He's probably a ninth grader now, but he was an eighth grader. And he called us multiple times during the winter. Couldn't sleep. Knew he had to be quiet because his mom was sleeping across the hall and would have been really upset if she'd known he was awake listening to sports radio and calling in Portland, Oregon. We have had some teenage listeners who called in the past.

And we also had a bunch of high schoolers, college students. Amazing. Where is Titus when we need him?

Hello, my name is Titus. Can you play the part again where you ask the question and Scottie Scheffler laughs? I just loved his reaction and then he answered it, of course. Question I'd like to ask is last weekend when you triple bogeyed that hole, you seemed to stay a little bit calm. How did you keep from getting frustrated from your bad shots? So cute.

I love it so much. Scottie Scheffler in the spotlight, of course, because the U.S. Open almost said tips off. Nope, that'd be basketball that tips off tonight. U.S. Open tees off on Thursday at Pinehurst.

Tiger Woods has a history there. I fully intended for us to talk about the U.S. Open and quarterbacks and mandatory OTAs and all types of things. No. Instead, we spent the whole time on plant based salad options next to your hot dog versus an actual Nathan's hot dog. Some of your responses on our social media are really funny. And this has got to be my favorite one. Julez.

I'm going to go Jules. Not understanding your point. In a Nathan's hot dog eating competition, you have to eat Nathan's hot dogs. What am I missing? It's too much to explain. Just go back and get the podcast.

I'm sorry. I'm telling you, this is all for Impossible Foods to get free publicity. No doubt they are giggling.

They're up all night listening to our show, laughing all the way to the bank. And I say this in earnest because I did hear a report a couple of months ago that actually some of these plant based options are actually they're either declaring bankruptcy or they're finding that their profits are way down because it was kind of a flash in the pan. It's not working at fast food restaurants, for instance. Well, that kind of feels like the same thing you could say about ballparks or Fourth of July picnics and barbecues. Yeah, people won't eat a hot dog. They're going to eat a hot dog.

So anyway, we'll see whether or not they get a bump in sales from all this free publicity. But their whole point is meat eaters should not have to be exclusive to just one wiener. This is treason from Joey Chestnut. Yeah, actually someone on our Facebook page called him a traitor. Really?

I don't see it any other way. He says that's it. He's going back to being a Kobayashi guy, although I think he's retired. Matt Stonie. This is his chance to regain the mustard belt.

Matt Stonie? Yes. It's actually called the mustard belt. The mustard belt. Does it have mustard on it?

It's yellow. Okay. Can you tell I've never won?

This is more time that I've spent on a hot dog eating contest than every other minute of my life combined. I think we should go. Only if we're not in the, what do you call it? The splash zone?

I'm not going to the splash zone. We would probably need like a 5 a.m. Eastern time train to get in order to be able to have a view. Maybe 4 a.m. Eastern.

So just let me know. You're going to get our tickets? Oh, you just walk in. You just got to get there early. That's why. Do you get free hot dogs?

No, you got to buy those. But they're around. That's ridiculous. You go to the Nathan's. The original Coney Alley Nathan's. I'm sure the line there is really short. Millions of people. Everybody's moved over to Impossible Foods.

That booth is across the street. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Twitter at ALawRadio. You can take our poll. And if you would like to yell at me on Facebook, you can do that too.

It's named after the show. People get very fired up about this, which cracks me up. Anyway, I've enjoyed the debate. It's been a lively debate.

Coming up later on, let's hope. By the way, the U.S. Women's Basketball Selection Committee has never been more thrilled to have this become the top story in sports. But come tonight, we'll be talking about the NBA, I'm assuming.

You've got the Mavericks who are back home, but they're now down 0-2. You want to know what happened exactly 13 years ago today? Jay, would you like to know? What happened exactly 13 years ago on June 12th? I don't know.

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship exactly 13 years ago today. So how do they get back into it, Luka Doncic? I'm just trying to keep getting open looks. I think our defense has not been bad, but we can't really score. That's our main problem right now. But I think we're getting some great looks. And like I said, we have confidence that everybody can make a shot at shooting the ball in our team.

So we've just got to keep believing it. Adjustments that we have to make out there on the floor, just as players. The coaching staff is doing a great job repairing us. But it's our job as players to make those adjustments and play even harder, especially when the game's getting a little out of balance or we have a lead and we want to extend it a little bit. So a lot of it is just a learning curve for myself, for my teammates, and also a peace of mind that we give each other that we want to give ourselves a chance by leaving it all out there on the floor and playing our best and preparing the best way we can. So that's literally been the focus since game two ended, was just putting our best foot forward, coming back home, feeling good, feeling familiar, and our game speaks for itself. For me, it's almost like you got to trick your mind, almost in a sense. You almost got to play like you down, O2, rather than up. And that's hard to do, but you got to go into that mind frame, that focus.

It's like, nah, we are playing like that. Rather than you let comfort, you let some of those things kind of seep in. So you just try to stay focused and try to harness the mind as much as you can, because the mind is a powerful thing.

It's hard to grasp some of those things as you are in taking them, but if you can kind of focus your mind on what you wanted to focus on, you'll be surprised at what you can do. I like it. Jalen Brown with a little pep talk about the mental edge.

It is kind of funny, though, Jay. Mavericks want to go into this game feeling like they're confident. They're so close. They just have to make shots, right? So they can actually pretend they're 2-0. They're up two games. Jalen wants the Celtics to pretend like they're down O2, and that's how you train your mind. So it's alternate reality, really. It's impossible meets.

That's what it is. We'll talk to you tonight. Have a great Wednesday.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Boom! Here's why April chose to vaccinate her child. I think actually meeting someone who was not vaccinated and now has a lifelong struggle with a childhood disease really cemented for me that it's super important that we as parents continue to vaccinate our children.

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