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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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May 21, 2024 5:53 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 21, 2024 5:53 am

Amy finds a family of creatures in her backyard | What is the proper protocol in this situation? | Your phone calls.

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Try their sheets with a 30-night guarantee, plus 15% off your first order at code ODYSSEY. Exclusions apply. See site for details. Only four teams in each of the last remaining sports here, the spring sports if you will, spring sports. They are now down to just four teams each that can win a championship. We've got a new poll up and it's been a while since we've done a poll. Which of these four playoff series, so eight total teams, four playoff series is the most scintillating, the most delicious, the most interesting man in the world?

No, not that. It's the most interesting series in the world. There's a lot of different ways that you can evaluate them of course. I'm hoping they're competitive and we have not seen the last of game sevens this spring season. So the poll is up on our show Twitter at Amy After Hours or on my Twitter.

And then also on our Facebook page, our phone number 855-212-4227. We were treated to three game sevens in this semi-final round. So we'll see about the conference finals.

But it fits so perfectly. Two hoops, two hockey. So Pacers and Celtics will tip off coming up on Tuesday. That's at Boston of course, the president's trophy winner. It's coming up at eight o'clock Boston time.

That's five o'clock Pacific time. And then Dallas and Minnesota, they'll tip off in Minneapolis on Wednesday and they will alternate days for a while. Did you know the NBA finals start on June 6th? That's the opener.

And so they do have to kind of hop to it. They can't be doing these crazy schedules in the conference finals where they take four days off in between games because they would never get done by June 6th. It is getting to the point where we're about into a holiday weekend, right? We're about into the unofficial start of summer, which blows me away. But in my neighborhood, we are expecting to have temps in the 90s. I know that's not a big deal to a lot of people in the south.

Of course, I get it. But in my New Jersey neighborhood, these will be the hottest days of the year so far. Have not yet turned on the AC, but it's getting kind of warm upstairs. I live in a cape and that means that the heat not only rises, but it's really hard to cool down the top floor of the house because of the roof and how it absorbs the sun. Anyway, so it becomes pretty warm up there. In fact, it's a good seven, eight degrees warmer upstairs a lot of the time than it is downstairs. I cannot sleep downstairs.

The dog and I, well, she naps with me for a while until she decides she wants to go hang out with her dad. So she and I will need some AC before long. Thinking maybe a couple more days, but that might be it because temps are supposed to be, as I say, with the heat index up into the low 90s into Thursday. And then we'll cool off with some what they're predicting could be violent thunderstorms, which makes me nervous because my peonies have just opened. And no, I do not want a violent, windy, rainy hail inducing thunderstorm right when my peonies have opened. You put like a tarp around them or something?

I could. The thing is when they get really wet, they get heavy and you have to be careful that they don't break. So mine are propped up on they're kind of mesh racks to keep them from leaning over from bowing over. But I don't know if you remember two years ago, they had just bloomed and we got an extremely violent thunderstorm and almost all of the peonies got knocked off their stems and that was it. I had them for two days and then they were gone. They've just started to open. I saw them on Monday afternoon when I woke up and then I quickly had to get to the backyard to finish mowing and you're not going to believe what I found in the backyard.

So I got distracted by that. But I will take a picture in the morning on Tuesday morning because many of you saw the buds that I had opened up in a photo that we put up on our social media over the weekend and a lot of you were asking for a photo as they're open. So now we've got three, four of them open and the others are about to.

So I'm so thrilled that they waited until we got back from Hawaii. But I guess I should have expected that because every year they bloom on my anniversary of signing the papers to become a homeowner and the date is Wednesday. So Wednesday is exactly four years. Uh huh. Count backwards. 2020. Spring of 2020. Buying a house and moving during a worldwide pandemic is as much fun as it sounds.

Yes. So four years ago Wednesday is when I became a homeowner for the first time and the peonies were blooming. Then I have a photo of me with the obligatory sold sign that I'm holding standing in front of my front door. And so so next to me are the bright pink peonies. They are gorgeous.

They're pretty in pink beauties. I'm telling you. So I will post a photo tomorrow, but I'm going to have to share a couple more photos with you before we even finish up this hour because you're not going to believe what I found in my backyard and anyone who has a experience with this or a bit of advice that you can offer me.

I'm all ears because we want to do the right thing. So the yard had it was really wet the backyard and it had to be mowed with a higher setting just because it kept clogging up the mower. So it was taking me a long time. I did three hours of mowing on Saturday and didn't finish.

And this is a relatively small yard. So I had to go back and finish it on Monday. Figured that I'd give it a couple more days of dry weather and sunshine. So around six o'clock Eastern time on Monday evening, I get outside, I get the mower.

Bob is cooking on the grill, which is awesome. I get the mower and I fire it up and the dog is outside with us. Now she loves to play with her little Frisbee and her tennis ball.

Although I think her tennis ball might be under the shed, but she loves to play and to play fetch and to chase whatever will throw. So I was trying to get her to get out of the really tall grass. And when I say tall grass, it was eight to nine inches tall. I mean, this is three weeks of not mowing in the springtime. And it was a ton of rain while we were gone on our honeymoon. When we got back, we couldn't mow because it rained for four days. So I know, I know, I know. Don't lecture me on how I shouldn't let my yard get this tall.

In this particular case, it's actually a good thing. So I'm mowing and I stopped for the first time to empty out the bag and unclog the mower because it's wet and it clogged up after maybe two minutes of mowing. And I see the dog is rooting around in the grass. Now that's not unusual because she does that a lot.

She likes to root around like she's a little piggy. So she's rooting around in the grass and then I hear crying. Clearly the crying of an animal, but I don't know what kind. So I walk closer to where Daisy is sniffing around in the grass and the cries grow louder. Now I think it's a bird because it's down into the ground. I can't see what it is, but I can hear these cries and it sounds like the cheap, cheap, cheaping of a baby bird. So I yell, of course, Daisy, but get her out of there.

She doesn't want to. She wants to keep going back there and kind of sniffing around. And then I start yelling, babe, babe. So he must have been doing something in the sink because he comes out and his hands are all wet. There's something in the ground over there. Now I back up because I'm a little nervous about what he's going to find him.

You go ahead. Whatever's cheaping out of there. I don't want to get pecked by a bird or anything else. Animals. He goes over there and you're not going to believe what he found. It was a nest full of teeny tiny newborn baby bunnies. Oh my gosh, Jay, they're so little. Their eyes aren't even open yet. In fact, they were not there on Saturday.

That's how recent they were born. Because on Saturday I heard nothing. We were out there for two hours in the backyard.

The dog was not rooting around. I'm telling you, these bunnies were born in the last 24 hours and they are tiny. So here's what I had to do. They were getting nervous about the mower, as you can imagine. It's loud and it was getting close to their home. So Bob grabs, we have some cinder blocks left over from the shed that got torn down. He grabbed a cinder block and put it over the top of the nest. Just so that they wouldn't try to come out, right? And so that nothing could get in there and maybe it muted the noise a little bit. So we put a cinder block over the top of the nest.

I didn't hear them after that, but I had to finish mowing. But I left a perimeter around the nest. So our entire yard is now clean cut, clean shaven. And in the middle of it is this, I'm going to call it a foot by a foot. So maybe a one by one kind of square of nine inch high grass. And it's surrounding, it's a perimeter surrounding this little nest. Like their little oasis. Yeah. Well, we didn't want to mow any closer to them.

So we left it. Now we're a little bit nervous or we were a little bit nervous that the mama was not going to come back. So I finished mowing, we clean up, he removes the cinder block and they're squirming all around in there. At one point, and I don't know if this is a response to the light, we see all their faces are pointed up.

I'm telling you, their eyes aren't even open, Che. They're at least four, but I think there are a couple more underneath. So there may have been five or six of these teeny tiny little babies. The hole was no larger than my fist and it's lined with rabbit hair, right? So Bob did, and I hope he didn't make a mistake in doing this.

He kind of moved it out of the way just a little bit and he was not wearing gloves, so I'm a little bit nervous. Anyway, we go inside, we eat dinner. He goes back out right before dark and he swears that the mama came back because the hair was pulled over the nest again.

Yeah. Right, so hopefully she's okay with the fact that there was a human there and a dog was sniffing around too. And it does look like the hole was covered up with her hair, her fur again, I should say. Anyway, they were- It's back to the way she wanted it. Right, so we, as I spoke near the nest, I mean, I wasn't down. I did take a couple pictures, but I didn't speak until I was standing up again.

But they respond to my voice so they can hear, but they cannot see yet. And we're just going to leave it overnight, but I'm not really sure what we should do. Bob is hoping that she will move them, that she'll pick them up under cover of night and move them. But I don't know if that's what this mama rabbit will do if she feels like they're safer there and the fact that they're in this kind of protected grass oasis. I'm not sure.

I don't know. How long do baby rabbits nest for? I don't know, but I'm telling you they're brand new because their eyes aren't even open and they weren't there Saturday.

No, yeah, they must have just gotten there. Right, so she's tending back to them like they're brand new babies. So I don't, she's probably going out to find food and then coming back. And since we were out in the backyard and there's a dog in the backyard, I'm first of all really surprised that a rabbit made a nest there, except I guess the grass is eight inches high.

So maybe she felt safe. But generally we don't, remember we used to have groundhogs in the backyard? But we don't anymore because not only was Penny using the backyard when she couldn't walk as well, but now Daisy plays and runs all over the backyard and obviously pees in the backyard. And so that is a sign to these animals not to come in.

Now we do still have squirrels, but I hadn't seen rabbits in quite a while. So I'm a little surprised since they know a dog is there that she laid her eggs, that she had her babies in that nest. Maybe she was fixing it while we were gone, right? Because the grass was getting tall and she felt safe in there. Right. And now that we've mowed, well, now the babies are in there.

And so I don't know if she'll move them or what, but yeah, there's at least four, but I think there's five or six. They were so tiny. We do see their little ears. Oh, what a cute little bunny rabbit. I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him. One of them George at least. We're not keeping the baby rabbits, Jay. So Bob initially said something about calling animal control. And then I thought, shoot, aren't they just going to get rid of them? There's rabbits everywhere. They're not going to want rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks threaten to take over the world, at least the Northeast. So I don't know what animal control would do. And I'm not inclined to mess with them unless it becomes clear that the mom has abandoned them. But I don't know how we would know that.

I guess you'd have to check it kind of maybe tomorrow afternoon around the same time that you checked it earlier in the day and scout the scene. It's become like, kind of, I don't know. It's not your responsibility per se. Well, it's in my yard.

Yeah. The thing is, if mama doesn't come back and feed them, they're going to die. And I'm not going to feed baby rabbits.

I don't know the first thing about take grubs. Well, I think they probably their mom probably feeds them first. But yeah, what do they eat after that?

Lettuce, lettuce, grass. Anyway, they're constantly rooting around. They used to be constantly rooting around in the yard. So I guess we would take them to the vet. I know that the vet that I have taken my pets to for years, they actually get rescues all the time. They've told me that people bring in wild animals all the time.

And they do that as a service to the community. So they do rehab animals. I would feel better about that than taking them to animal control. Because again, I can't imagine animal control is going to... Find them a home and care for them. Right.

There's no way. And I don't mean to accuse them of being cruel or anything like that. But there are so many wild animals out there and rabbits are everywhere. What do they care if there's five baby rabbits that don't make it? But we both love animals and wouldn't feel right about that.

So I'm not exactly sure what to do. So yeah. I think it's flattering that they found a home in your home. Do you also think it's awesome that there is a nine inch perimeter of grass around their nest? Not as awesome, but it's awesome of you to leave that nest there. Well, yeah, we weren't going to scare them anymore. So I did take some photos.

I'll put them up on Twitter and then Jay can transfer them to Facebook. I'm not kidding. In the last couple photos, as I say, he walked out there and we were talking. They were responding to our voices. And so a few of them came up to the surface kind of underneath the layer of fur that she had combed. It's almost like she matted it down over the hole.

Pretty interesting, right? I'm assuming that's her own fur. So I hope so. Yeah. So I think that that's supposed to keep them safe and keep them like it probably smells like her. Right, right. It feels like she's there when she's not there. Exactly.

To comfort them and to make sure that they know she's not leaving them. And as we were talking, all of them kind of rose up to the surface and poked their heads through. And you can see their little ears.

Oh my gosh. I've never seen baby rabbits this small before. I've seen a bunch of crazy baby bunnies just hopping all over the neighborhood. But I've never seen newborn babies.

These were just born. Oh, they are tiny. You will not believe how little their ears are. Maybe half the size of my pinky fingernail.

Maybe. I mean, they're teeny. How did you even see them? Well, as I say, the dog found them. And so that I could hear them, but the dog found them.

And so Bob came out and is starting to... I could see the hole. I was nervous about what it was. Tarantulas.

Yeah, I didn't want to touch it. And so he's kind of digging around in there like a true Texas man, a tough Texas man, and figures out that they're bunnies. We weren't sure if they were chipmunks initially or squirrels. But yeah, I don't know that they have their nests in the... Well, I'm not sure where they have their nests. I guess they could all use holes.

Yeah, I think so. Seems like chipmunks, though, wouldn't do that out in the middle of a yard. They'd be more inclined to hide in a rock or something. Yeah, they're just so tiny. They like their own space. They keep to themselves. No, they're tiny and they can go anywhere. They can fit into spaces like a mouse can. All right, so I'll post the photos.

Anybody who has any ideas, please let me know. But for now, we're just going to leave them and hope that mama tends to them or maybe that she moves them. And here's the funny part. We're going to be gone over Memorial Day weekend. Bob is heading back to Texas on Wednesday.

I'm going Friday because we've got a family wedding. So by the time we came back, if we didn't touch the grass, by the time we came back, that patch of grass will be two feet tall. I have three more families of monkeys in there by then. Come on in.

The water's fine. Just what I always want to get my own little bummy rabbit. Oh, my gosh.

Is this crazy? These are little wild rabbits. Should we just... I don't know. I can't.

They're babies. It's fun. Fun? Yeah. Okay.

I mean, we don't necessarily... A project. We don't necessarily want an entire army of rabbits in our backyard. Could you imagine? Poor Daisy. Yeah, she would not like that. They were getting fights.

She was headed right for them again after dinner. So we have to be really careful. Yeah, we don't want mama to abandon them.

So I'm gonna have to read up on baby rabbits. I'm very curious for an update here later. Are you? Okay. Well, to let you know on Tuesday.

But I'm going to post the photos here on Twitter. You could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever. Or you could conquer the weekend in the all new Hyundai Santa Fe. Visit for more details. Hyundai.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It's not Easter, you goof. And these baby bunnies miss the Easter boat, I suppose. Maybe that's good. It's like a turkey who gets through Thanksgiving, survives Thanksgiving. He and his turkey family, then they can celebrate.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I did put the photos up on Twitter, A Law Radio. They are so tiny. I've never seen ears that little on a bunny before. And as I say, they're no more than two days old. But we were out in the yard Sunday too.

In fact, Bob grilled on both Sunday and Monday, so didn't hear anything. But how could you, I suppose, with the eight inches of grass blanketing any sound coming from underneath the ground? You can see their ears. They're so cute.

Oh my gosh. But their eyes are closed. And I try to be a little quieter and also to be careful because I'm sure they're terrified. You could imagine that they're just, or maybe they don't know how to be terrified. No, I would think that would be an animal instinct that they would. I think so. Yeah.

So if you have any advice, don't know what to do now. We're going to leave the nest with its nine inches of grass around it in a square foot perimeter and hope that mama takes care of them or maybe that she moves them. But they are so little, so adorable. 855-212-4227, Percy is in Oakland. Percy, what do you know about bunnies? I don't know a whole lot about bunnies, but but I think you could call the closest zoo to you and they might rescue it for you.

Who? A zoo. A zoo? Huh? I don't think there's a zoo in my neighborhood, but maybe a vet.

Like we might have to reach in and put them into a little. I know you mentioned that, but I think if you can call whatever the closest zoo is, they might send somebody your way because they're wild bunnies. They're not domesticated. That's true. That's very true. I actually have an aunt who loves bunnies and has had, in fact, she still has two rabbits that she keeps inside the house.

They have more room in the living room than she and her husband do, than my aunt and uncle do, which is kind of funny. So some people love rabbits. They don't have a long lifespan though. Right. Yeah. Okay. Cool. All right. Thanks, Percy. I appreciate the fun. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, four years. This is my happy anniversary present, a nest of baby rabbits.

So that's Percy in Oakland. Again, the photos are up. Jade, you put them on Facebook? It is up. Okay.

So they're on Facebook as well. I'm just so grateful that I heard them. And here's the deal, because the grass is so thick and it was still really wet in this part of the yard, I had to stop the mower every 90 seconds to empty it. It was spitting up grass and that drives me crazy. So I kept stopping to empty it.

And when I stopped it the first time, I heard them right away. I knew something was going on, not to mention Daisy was rooting around in there. In fact, we could almost lose Daisy in that part of the yard, because she's a mini Aussie. And they're definitely... She's a runt too. They're definitely not big dogs.

And so the grass is almost up to her back. Let's go to the San Diego Zoo bunny enclosure. I do love the San Diego Zoo, but I don't recall being in the rabbit enclosure. Oh, you're making fun. A little bit.

Oh, got you. It doesn't sound like much of a zoo animal, if you ask me. No, but they do have some animals that are... Is there a rabbit at the zoo? I feel like you see close family members of rabbits, no? You'll see moles or you'll see ferrets. Yeah, but a rabbit will just go in your backyard. You never know, they might have a rehab program.

Okay, here's a tweet. At A Law Radio, within two weeks, they'll be on their own, just keep them safe. Mom won't move them and should be okay with humans touching them.

They grow fast. Actually, I do not want to touch them. I don't want to freak them out. So I won't be doing that, but I'm glad to know that she's not afraid. I hope she won't abandon them. John on Twitter, I had a nest like that in my yard. They're so adorable at that size, right? But that's not helpful. What do I do? Let's see, another tweet.

This comes from Vegas, it looks like. The mom rabbit stays away from her kits. I mean, baby bunnies is what I was calling him. He says they're kits. So as not to draw attention to them, she visits them to feed them every day. Unless you disturb them, then she may abandon them.

No, no, no, no, we're not disturbing them. So yeah, if you have any advice about the rabbit's nest, not hornet's nest, or rabbit's nest. Kits?

Kits. Yeah, I've heard that before. Really? Right.

If you have any advice or if you have any experience with it, please let me know. JB is in Michigan. JB, any advice about the baby rabbits? I got a few things you might be interested in. Okay. The way you find out if mom's around, put a whole carrot, because a baby rabbit can't even think about eating solid food until they're three weeks old. Right. Put a whole carrot right next to the nest. Okay. Wash the carrot and don't touch it.

Use a paper towel so your human scent is not on the carrot. Got it. Check it the next day. If it's been chewed on, mom's around. Okay, good. Glad to hear it. And my husband's pretty sure that she came back at some point in the evening because he had kind of left, I mean, there was a ring of her fur around the hole, but it certainly looked like it covered the hole more when he went back out there just before dark.

So hopefully she came back to check on them. Yeah, they need food at the most every 24 hours. Gotcha.

Really should be eight hours. Okay, gotcha. Well, hopefully we're just going to leave her alone or leave them alone then. So they'll not be real rabbits until they're five months old. So you're stuck with them for a while. Real rabbits.

What does that mean? Well, they can be on their own. Oh, wow. So mama's going to take care of them.

Mama's going to take care of them for a while. Yeah. Do you know what that patch of grass would look like if I left it for another three weeks?

Forget three months. No joke. I hope they don't stay in the nest that long.

Well, I had seven of them one time. Wow. And they, they're right there with mom.

They're not going nowhere till at least three months. Okay. Well, as long as they're not still in the nest, I wouldn't be able to mow. Yeah.

Well, they'll follow mom around. Oh my gosh. So cute.

I can't wait. I think there's probably five or six of them. They're all piled on top of each other.

I had seven. Oh, so adorable. But I don't want to touch them. I won't touch them. All right, GB. Thank you so much for the insight. You have a good evening. Thank you.

855-212-4227. If you haven't seen the pictures, they're now up on Twitter, A Law Radio, and also on our Facebook page. And they are tiny.

Marco Belletti's here in studio. Do you have a yard? Okay. So have you ever had a rabbit's nest in your yard? The nest I never noticed, but I do have a bunny family that lives next to the gopher family underneath the deck. Oh, gotcha.

Okay. So when I was mowing on Monday afternoon, I heard crying. Dog was over rooting in an area in some really tall grass.

Don't judge me. The grass is not inches tall. We were gone for two weeks, then it rained for a week. So anyway, they were hidden in there and I hear the crying and my husband comes out and he's kind of gently looking in the grass and realizes it is a nest of newborns. Their eyes aren't even open. You have to check out the photos on Twitter. They're like teeny little ears.

Oh my gosh, they're not even as large as my pinky fingernail. And they're crying. And there's got to be four. We saw four, but it looked like there were two underneath as well. And so we left them alone. We kept the dog away.

And right now, I'm not kidding. There is a foot perimeter, so a square foot perimeter of really tall grass that I just left around the nest. But it's the funniest thing ever. The entire backyard is mowed now.

Finally, it only took three hours. And there's eight to nine inches of grass in a big perimeter around their nest. I think you have to leave that. Just leave it?

Well, I mean, it doesn't have to get 10 feet high. I mean, you can chop the top off. You don't need the, you know, I don't know if you've got a hatchet or anything, but you can cut the top. I've got some knives. You need to, I would say you would need to leave wherever the nest is.

Give them a little bit of room for however long that takes. Yeah. I never noticed. I don't know why, but I got a family of all kinds. We got the gophers. We got the rabbits. And there's a mother deer and two fawns that come. I swear, it's either the same deer or they tell each other because it's always a mother and two kids.

And they come and they eat from this certain bush that I have in the back of the yard. And it's every night. Yes. So yeah, well, once they know they're safe, they have a good routine.

Yeah, I know this is going on for a few years. So you don't have a dog, right? I do not.

I don't have any pets. So I think it's basically, yeah, kind of, yeah, kind of. They think you do. Yeah, they hang. So I've never seen a nest or anything, but yeah, if you're going to, yeah, I mean, it's nature.

You got to let them, it'll be okay. They'll come back. I used to have groundhogs and moles and they would dig holes in the yard, of course. And also tons of rabbits, birds.

I do have a couple of cardinal pears and a couple of blue jay pears, but they stopped coming around once Penny started using the backyard more often. Right. So now the groundhogs are gone.

They used to live under my shed and now they're gone. Yeah, that's the thing. I don't have any pets and I don't do anything. I mean, you want to, the deck is falling apart and you say, get changed. So it doesn't, you want to eat the deck? Eat the deck. What do I care?

Doesn't matter. You want to chew on the deck? Any termites around that would like to chew on the deck?

I don't have termites. That I made sure of and that I take care of. But I mean, what am I going to do?

I can't stop you and I'm not going to, we're going to pour stuff underneath. All right. Let's talk to Andrew who's in Cleveland and he works on a reserve. Andrew, what you got for me? Hey, I want to say congratulations on your wedding. Thank you. And this is Andrew and well, Mikey's not with me.

He's in Miami. We did the jingle for you some years ago. Oh my gosh. We love that.

In fact, I'm not even sure producer Jay has heard it. We need to bring it back for him. Awesome. Thank you again. Cool. I wanted to say, uh, as far as rabbits go, cause I, I, uh, have a little food truck and I have a little, uh, vegetable garden in the back.

Nice. But one thing I noticed with rabbits, uh, be wary of the large birds that will kind of pop up. Uh, definitely because they will come down and take care of business. So no way they'll eat them.

Yeah. Oh, are we talking about birds of prey? Like turkey vultures? Like, no, no, no. Like hawks and more like hawks and falcons.

Vultures eat dead things, but you want to definitely keep an eye out and see if any new nests pop up, like in the trees all of a sudden, because you know, they, they have like binocular vision, but definitely. Yeah, no, I definitely know that. Well, that's, that's good that I guess I left the tall grass around it so they can't see into that area. Good job. Good job. Thank you. Great job. Thank you. You have a good night. All right. Thank you, Andrew.

I appreciate the insight. Anybody else want to help? Joe in Michigan's on the phone.

We have to get to our break here, but 855-212-4227. In the meantime, we've got four series left in hoops and hockey. We're down to the final four in each of the sports. We're asking you which is the best of the final four playoff series. And if you got to win a game seven, this is one of those past or present questions, but if you've got to win a game seven, what athlete must you have on your roster? I am going Larry Bird, Steph Curry in basketball. I know super original, but those are my two. Past or present. Give me Jordan all day. That's true.

All day, every day. Jordan's freaking amazing. I feel like everyone was going to pick Michael Jordan, so that's why I didn't.

No, and that's fair. I mean, it's not like, I mean, how do you go wrong with Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? But, uh, yeah, I'm gonna, I'll take, I'll take my chances with Jordan.

I'll be fine there. All right. Considering you only played in two game sevens, if I'm, if I'm remembering right though, which is weird. That is weird.

It's pretty odd considering his legacy champion, obviously. Jay, what about you? Who are you taking in hoops? In hoops? Oh, it has to be hoops now? Well, just right now.

And I'm asking you, let's build some suspense for your hockey answer. Okay. Actually, I had a baseball answers where my mind went first, but weirdly enough, but hoops, how can I not go Jordan? All right. So two MJs.

I'm going off the beaten path with a Steph best three point shooter in the history of the game and then, uh, Larry Berg, cause he's my all time favorite basketball player. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7. If you want to see pictures of baby bunnies. Oh my gosh. They're so little. They were crying. It felt so bad, but we managed to leave them a perimeter and hopefully mama was take will take.

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That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. You can find that on both Twitter and Facebook. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We got a lot going on. We've got a question for tonight's show.

We've got a poll for tonight's show and we've got baby bunny photos. I've never seen them this tiny before. I just know they were not there on Saturday afternoon when I was laboring through three hours of yard work, didn't even get the whole backyard done, partly because it was so wet that we needed it to have two more days of drying out the lower point in the yard. And so I went out to finish the yard on Monday and I hear crying after one stint with the mower. I really only ran it for 90 seconds, but I heard crying. The dog was rooting around. I thought it might be birds.

It sounded a little bit like the high pitched cheap of a baby bird. And my husband comes out and starts kind of digging around. He was being pretty careful and realizes they're bunnies and they're tiny and their eyes are open and their ears are so cute.

They're bright white. In fact, you would almost think their ears are eyes on. I mean, they're smaller than the regular sized eyeball of a mama rabbit. So we think she came back on Monday evening because the fur covering the nest was moved. It was kind of spread out over the opening of the nest. When the bunnies heard us talking, they started stirring again. And they got a couple of really good photos of their tiny little faces in their ears.

So check them out on Twitter, A Law Radio, and then our Facebook page too. Goodness, between peonies opening and now a nine inch perimeter around the baby bunnies. And by nine inches, I mean, that's how tall the grass is. I left them a little fence, a grass fence, if you will, to try to protect them. So they, well, I didn't want to run the mower any closer either because I didn't want to freak them out. But let's see if mama comes back, if she moves them or if she just decides they're safe in that large oasis of grass in the middle of the yard. It's not like it's in the corner somewhere. Nope. It's right smack dab in the middle of the yard.

Nice. I bet that looks fun on Google Maps. You ever done Google Maps?

Yeah, she loves Google Maps. 855-212-4227 Twitter and Facebook. And I'm hoping that they're okay. They're not too scared.

We talked about animal control, but I don't really want my husband to call them because I'm worried they won't really care. And we'll just take the bunnies and then we'll let them pass away. And I just don't feel right about that. Let's talk to Joe, who's in Michigan. Joe, welcome to After Hours. Hey, Amy.

Hey, I just wanted to, it was probably about 10 years ago. We came home and I found little bunny parts all over my yard. Oh, no. We didn't even know the nest was there until my dog found it first. Oh, no. So I just kind of wanted to warn you about the dogs even.

And she was only two years old. You know, little Shih Tzu poodle and like this little thing. Huh.

Interesting. I didn't know that dogs would go after another animal like that. We had no idea. And, you know, I'm walking around the house and I just found pieces.

Oh, no. And it was, you know, we think she was just playing. She thought she was playing with them. Oh, that's probably the case.

Young daughters at the time and they were just devastated. Oh, I can imagine. I just kind of wanted to warn you about your dogs. Okay. Well, definitely be careful of her.

And we are. Daisy, once we figured out that that's what she was rooting around in, we made her go inside. She's actually afraid of the mower anyway, so she wouldn't want to stay outside much longer. But yeah, I'll definitely do that because I don't want them to be scared or afraid or anything like that. Yeah.

And she probably just thinks she's having some fun. You know, I know ours didn't realize it. So just wanted to kind of warn you about that. Thank you. I appreciate that, Joe. Oh, sure. Thank you for listening. Okay. Yup. Take care. Bye.

Rajeev is in California. Rajeev, what do you think about the bunnies? Hey, first of all, adorable pictures. Absolutely adorable. Aren't they so cute?

They are so cute. I was curious if you had any. You mentioned about the sounds that I made. I only wonder if you had any video that you could post because that would be really cool to sort of hear that because I've never heard baby bunnies.

I hadn't either. That's a good idea. No, in that moment, I didn't do a video, but I could because I'm sure we're going to go out and check on them.

The other suggestion I have is I know the other person suggested zoo, which is kind of hard to come by, but you can also check with, like, if you have a local wildlife rescue organization, call them and get opinions about that. And when you first mentioned nest, I thought you were going to say birds or something down on the ground. But when you mentioned bunnies, I was like, Oh my God, that's so adorable. Yeah. They're really teeny. Their ears. Oh my goodness. They're the size of your pinky.

Not half of my pinky fingernail. Yeah. So bunny.

No, no. I mean, the ears are so tiny. Yeah. They almost look like the tip of a Q-tip.

That's maybe how big the ears are. Yeah. Oh, that's so adorable. Yeah. They're really sweet. Yeah.

I know it's too bad. You don't have like one of those like wildlife, like motion sensor cameras or like a ring camera or something set up in your backyard. So you could sort of like check out to see like when the bunny mama bunny comes. When she shows up or a motion sensor light. Exactly. Well, even just the activated camera, right?

Without the light. But yeah. I mean, it definitely looks like that from the third picture with the hair sort of covering it back to the mama sort of come back for it. I hope so.

I hope she's not as easily scared because that would be really sad if she abandoned them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

But it's adorable. So thank you for sharing that with us. Of course. Thanks for listening as always.

Hey, take care. Clint is in Dallas. Clint before the top of the hour.

Welcome to After Hours. Uh, yeah. I wanted to kind of switch a little to the subject for hockey. I would probably want one of these big time goalies. Maybe Patrick Ward. Dominic Hasik. Because you know, when you guys like that can just pitch that shutout and never have to worry about it right in basketball. It's interesting. You guys bring up Michael.

I'm sure that Michael will get a lot of votes. The thing was, he was so damn good. He never played in game seven. He never allowed you to get to game seven on him.

Yeah. So I'll go Kobe. I'll vote Kobe. I'll take Kobe Bryant.

Yes, the killer instinct. And I want to get your opinion. A lot of talk on podcasts from a lot of these, a lot of NBA guys about how possibly a lot of the non-American born players are getting a little disrespected, especially Jokic and Luca. And they feel like a lot of guys are giving the opinion of that X NBA players who are American born are getting a little, and even maybe some of the players in the league currently are kind of get like, man, this was our sport. And these guys around the world are kind of taken over. Because really, if you look at it, possibly the top four players in the league right now are all non-American born players. I know SGA is Canadian, but the other three Giannis, Luca and Jokic are from Europe.

Or even further of being, you know, Russia. So I was curious, because I mean, like, when you watch the TNT, like when Kenny Smith was like, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, and they all look and say, Luca doesn't make your first team NBA? And he goes, no, 30 point triple double this year. That's a little strange. And I feel like there might be something to it. And I'll hang up the place. All right. Thank you, Clint.

I appreciate your phone call. I would definitely believe there's some territorial element to this. Not that basketball is an American sport, because it's not. It's a worldwide sport. And a lot of times these players that are so young, like Luca, he came in as a teenager, when be as a teenager, right? They come in because in their world, in their countries, you're not only playing, maybe you're playing pro ball, but you're playing with your teams, your national teams, going back to when you're much younger. And there are fewer guys to choose from. And so for that reason, a lot of these guys are groomed from a much younger age, so they're more pro ready.

I understand why there would be, again, jealousy, maybe a little territorial element to it. But here's what I say. If you don't want the best players in the league to come from another country, well, then play better yourself. I think it's only better for the NBA. And it's not just NBA, it's NHL. Think about Major League Baseball and the number of star players now that come from either Latin American countries or Central American countries. And so you're talking about global sports now. Even in the NFL, you've got a few that come from outside the United States. Though, Roger Goodell, the NFL, football, it's still our sport.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Heck, with three rows and best in class rear cargo space, I can pack the whole family in with all our gear. We've got available dual wireless charging for our phone, so we'll never lose touch with civilization.

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