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Steve Largent|Pro Football Hall of Fame Reciever

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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February 9, 2024 5:54 am

Steve Largent|Pro Football Hall of Fame Reciever

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 9, 2024 5:54 am

Amy sits down with Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Largent. They discuss his career path after football. 

Discerning The Times
Brian Thomas
Discerning The Times
Brian Thomas
Discerning The Times
Brian Thomas
Discerning The Times
Brian Thomas

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If anyone needs anything, they can just redirect their questions to that one perfect coworker of yours. And food is enjoyed. Sullo Stove, the perfect flame for the big game. Steve Largent, he was the 1995 class, spent his entire career with the Seahawks, also the man of the year in 1988. And his career finished in the 70s and ran all the way through the 80s.

And along with the VP of Rudolph Foods, Mark Singleton, we sat down together. We were talking about the Gridiron Grates Assistance Fund and why it's so important. Because most fans believe your average player makes 10 million dollars per year, Steve, but it's really only the upper echelon of the league.

No one in the 70s and the 80s when you played. So what are fans missing as fans today? What do they not know? Well, what coach Mike Ditka saw in his playing days and in his coaching days and then after that is he saw a lot of his teammates and people that went before him that were really hurting. That didn't have the money or the resources to address a lot of the concerns that they have, whether that's, you know, clothes or cars or needing surgeries or whatever, medicine, and those guys were really hurting. And so he wanted to do something to try to help those guys and address those deficiencies that they had in their life. And so that's what he started the Gridiron Grates Assistance Fund. And that's what it exactly does. It assists the Gridiron Grates.

These guys were guys that, you know, the league was built on their shoulders and now they're, you know, they're out in the cold and they need help. And so Mike saw that and has addressed it. And, you know, it's not like, you know, Mike's charity helps everybody all the time because they just don't have enough money to do that.

But he's helping the most needy and I support him 100 percent. Yeah, the benefits, the medical care, the attention to concussions and other types of injuries. Now, the technology is so different than it was when you played. And I don't recall from your career if you ever had a serious concussion, but even just head injuries, the way they're treated now is so different. And I know a lot of former athletes are dealing with the ramifications of injuries they suffered decades ago. Yeah, I suffered multiple concussions and went back in the game and played most of the time. They didn't know about, you know, serious repercussions of possibly playing while you've had a concussion.

So anyway, that was yesterday. And there are a lot of guys that, you know, they played for pennies and were injured. And Mike's trying to address those guys.

I don't get awestruck very often, but I think Mike Ditko would do it. Oh, I got to tell you, the funniest thing he ever did was we were sitting at the party one night and we're drinking. And I said, Coach, my mother has been a fan forever when you were with the Cowboys, when you're with. And he goes, well, we should I should meet her someday. I said, let's FaceTime her right now. And he goes, let's FaceTime her.

What's FaceTime? And we FaceTime my mom and he was so delightful and so sweet and just such a you know, what you'll see is the players, the camaraderie, the band of brothers. That's been such a thrill for me to see Mel Renfro and Mel Blunt now Blunt, you know, rivals on the field, but tremendous friends off the field. And you know more about that than I do. But it really is a remarkable party and a remarkable brotherhood that you'll see firsthand.

You'll have a blast. And the food's great. And there's pork rinds there.

OK, good. I am so, so grateful that your company partners with us, Southern Recipe Pork Rinds. We've been dropping it all over Radio Row on our show at night. We're talking up. And so to the point where someone saw a photo of our table and the snacks and said, where are the pork rinds? And I said, oh, we ate them. Well, that's what I said. I was like, we downed them.

We ate them. But Steve Largent is wearing his Hall of Fame jacket. Is it a jacket? Coat? It would be a jacket. I don't want to disrespect it. OK. Hall of Fame jacket.

It's a special shade of gold. The announcement is coming up. There are men who will hear that same announcement, get the phone call, find out the way that you did. What do you remember about finding out yourself that you would be going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

You know what? I was at a church where my son was playing basketball and got a phone call. And they said, hey, we just want you to know you've been elected to the Hall of Fame. And you'll get more information from us. Congratulations.

Click. And then and then the Seahawks call me and they tell me the same thing. So then, you know, then they hung up. I turned to my wife. I said, you're not going to believe this. She said, what? I said, I was voted in the Hall of Fame.

She goes, you're kidding. You were. And so she got really excited. That made me more excited about it. And but, you know, it's still one of those kind of life experiences that you go, is this real or is this surreal? Because it was just awesome. I just got married seven weeks ago and people had told me for months, you won't remember a thing.

It's a blur. Now, I'm the opposite. I remember everything, including all the things that didn't go the way they were supposed to. Do you remember the enshrinement day as it happened and all the details of the people? I remember most of it. I don't remember all of it, especially the stuff after the enshrinement performance or whatever, because they had the party afterwards. And that's what I don't remember as much of. But there were a lot of people there and it was a lot of fun and we had a great time. And it was very, very memorable. Good.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio on Radio Row. And with the Seahawks, they've just changed coaches. Right. So Pete Carroll, he fought for his coaching job. He wanted to stay there, but they decided to go in a different direction. Younger trend.

Right. What do you think of the Seahawks and the way they're changing directions? I think it's good. I love Pete Carroll and I love what he did for the franchise.

I love the Seahawks and I always will. But, you know, I think that, you know, Pete's 72 years old. And not that that's the end of the world or anything like that. But I think it's time to have a younger coach in there and a guy that has a vision, a guy that can really produce. And I really think Mike McDonald can.

Now, I'm not going to say he's a guarantee. He's going to do it for sure, you know, because there's been a lot of guys not be able to coach that you thought could. But I think he can do it. And I think that he's a defensive coach and I think winning starts on defense always. But I think that he's going to do a great job.

And I'm looking forward to seeing his results. It's interesting the trend among both coaches and quarterbacks, right, where it's gotten younger. We had a retirement of a bunch of the Hall of Fame QBs. And now a lot of the more than a third of the league are in their like early to mid 20s starting.

But coaches now, same thing, right? So Andy Reid's the oldest. He's 65. Jim Harbaugh is, in fact, 60, though people don't think that. But it's a bunch of 30-somethings that are getting their first jobs ever as head coaches. What's your reaction to that? You know, I don't think you can judge how well they'll do.

We got to watch and see. But, you know, I don't know very many of them. I haven't studied very many of his background besides Mike McDonald's because he's with the Seahawks. But, you know, it's a different league now. It very much caters to a younger mindset. And so I hope they'll all be successful, but we'll see.

Yeah, it'll be fun. This question is one just because I don't do a lot in politics, but, you know, you hear about how it's pretty crazy on Capitol Hill, right? You spent how many years on Capitol Hill?

Eight years. So what is more nerve-wracking, staring down one of the best DBs in the league or standing there on Capitol Hill and having to address your colleagues in that respect? It was a little intimidating to address my colleagues as a member of Congress.

And so, but you get used to it. Are there any comparisons? Well, maybe none that I can repeat. Well, Mark and Steve Argin, thank you Southern Recipe Pork Rinds for sponsoring us here in Las Vegas. We've been friends for a long time. At least we're old, of course. But I'm old. You're not. We've had a good run this summer.

I mean, she's been on a roll. And, you know, the real important thing, you know, this is we're going to be celebrating the biggest pigskin holiday of the year., couple days left.

You can win $5,000, 15 months supply of pork rinds. There you go. And have a lot of fun. Yes.

I'm looking forward to it. Thank you. All right. Thank you. Thank you all.

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