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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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November 17, 2023 6:03 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 17, 2023 6:03 am

Do you agree with Michigan & Jim Harbaugh accepting suspension? | Sports commentator Charissa Thompson says she fabricates sideline reports | Defense Wins Championships!

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Amy Lawrence Show
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For all terms and limitations, visit slash terms. She's so good to me. In addition to the kickoff to week 11 in the NFL and the run up to the start of the college football weekend, we also had some other major news coming from both college football as well as Major League Baseball. It was the end of the awards season. It went quickly. SZN. It was the end of awards.

SZN. I feel so hip when I understand what that means on social media. Just kidding. I don't ever feel hip.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Especially when I joke about that and my nieces, they get these awful frowns on their faces. Auntie Amy, don't ever say that.

Oh, okay. I won't ever say that. I can't be hip. I am so decidedly uncool. However, at least I can interpret and speak social media most of the time.

I will cop to having a Google search now and then about a couple of different abbreviations in the past that I didn't know what they meant. I've done that. Okay, good. Well, I mean, you are the cool one. If it's the two of us.

What if it's the two of us? I think you're cool, Jay. Thanks. I think you're cool. What? You're lying.

No. Jay does not think I'm cool. However, I did turn him into a Star Wars nerd, so now he's a little cooler than he was when he met me. Might be the coolest thing about me now. Oh. Why do you put me in these positions?

How am I supposed to respond to that and not lie? Go ahead. You also like to kayak. That's super cool. That is pretty cool. That is cool. And you like to bike? Yes. Also something that Jay needs to give me credit for. I got him started on exercise again.

Consistent exercise. Yeah. Thank you for that. You're welcome. Wow. This has been some kind of a productive relationship for you.

What do I get out of it? My pasta sauce back? No, not that. Oh, that's mine. Jay did actually volunteer to come over and help with the mess under the shed. If there were, what did you say, glowing green bugs of some sort that came out?

Well, it looked like it was a pet cemetery. Then I was just saying, hey, if you see any glowing, you know, insects or glowing and lawn creatures, garden creatures across your lawn today, just give me a call. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I bet you would have been first to the rescue. Older came. I don't know if I would have helped, but I wanted to see him.

You can see them safely from the second floor. I will, in fact, tell you what's under the shed coming up in 15 minutes. Also, it isn't a bizarre controversy in sports broadcasting, but maybe you heard about it on Thursday. So I do want to address it because I've done some sideline reporting in the past.

I've worked on game broadcasts a ton because I've done both play-by-play and color commentary, color analysis for the better part of 25 years for basketball as well as other sports. And I don't think that I should allow this opportunity to go by without weighing in. So I will.

I didn't do anything on social media because sometimes social media annoys me. But in this particular case, it is worth addressing here on the show. So we'll do that coming up in 15 minutes as well. Not sure which one of those things I'll do first.

Do you comment on a bizarre broadcasting controversy first and then talk about what's under your shed or you do the opposite? I don't actually know that. Oh my gosh. Thursday Night Football Ravens now have 27 straight games with 100 rushing yards. As you can imagine, that is the longest active streak in the NFL right now.

They move to eight and three on the season. If the Chiefs don't beat the Eagles on Monday Night Football, then the Ravens will have the best direct... Well, they'll have the most wins. Same number of losses as the Chiefs, but the most wins.

And so for that reason, I suppose better record because they've not yet taken their bye. Nobody's got it better than the Ravens. I do love John Harbaugh. We're gonna hear from John for a different reason though here in a second.

Speaking of bizarre turns, I was actually really surprised by what happened with Jim Harbaugh in Michigan. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio, and then on our Facebook page, you can use... Well, you can Google it and you can just scroll down the page, use the page to find the After Hours Game of the Week poll. And so we've got both options. We do get far more traffic on Facebook than we do on Twitter. It's really not a great gauge of the number of you that are listening because most people are passive listeners. It's a very small percentage of the listening audience that is actually on social media at the same time that they're listening. And so we recognize that not everybody participates, but it's kind of cool that we continue to see more of you engage with our two sites.

And then we also have a YouTube channel. We'll have a brand new video sometime before... Jay? Sometime before the first week of December is done?

That's what I was gonna say. All right, so how about by the time many of you put up your Christmas trees? I don't get one this year.

I'm really bummed. Actually, my mom will have hers up in Texas when we get there for a wedding weekend. But it's so funny because I said to mom today or Thursday, mom, what are we gonna do about Christmas? She said, I haven't even thought about it.

But that's the thing. With the wedding being the weekend before Christmas weekend, it is really hard to think about both. And as many of you know, weddings, they can, I mean, they literally can bankrupt you if you allow them to. And so, yeah, we're right now, we're all about wedding stuff. And for the first time in my entire life, Christmas may take a bit of a backseat.

I mean, I would say the wedding is the event that weekend, right? Do you know what I have said to Bob, and I really sincerely mean this, after all the, and it's controlled chaos, but it's hectic to think about not just a wedding, but all the people traveling in, we're traveling, then the move, merging households, we cannot wait for a quiet, I mean, quiet sit on our rear ends Christmas. And then after that, getting into the beginning of next year, mundane, routine, borderline boring, please just give us that. A little boring would be nice. Just a little boring, please. I can't remember the last time I was bored. Just a little boring would be nice.

Just coming out of the fulcrum, especially. Forget cinnamon in my coffee. I'll just take some boring in my coffee.

All right. So take our poll for the after hours game of the week, or pleasantly surprised that all four games have actually gotten votes. That's a dead giveaway.

You have to check it out. And we will get to Divans wins championships coming up at the back end of this hour because, well, Fred Warner, he's feeling it again. Von Miller. I think Von Miller might be my brother from another mother. Sometimes the way he talks makes me think he has a spaghetti plate for a brain. He cracks me up. And that's not an insult.

That's what I call my brain, a spaghetti plate for a brain because you twirl some spaghetti on the fork and you pull a couple strands off the plate and all kinds of other thoughts and feelings come flying off as well. He's a hoot. In addition, the hottest team in the NFL is the Vikings. And they've got a brand new, very old linebacker who has joined them. I should say brand new, very familiar linebacker who has joined them this week.

So a lot to get to on the defensive side of the ball. But first, I was actually caught off guard by the decision from the University of Michigan and head coach, head football coach, Jim Harbaugh, to accept the three game suspension and drop any litigation against the Big Ten. I don't get it. I really haven't seen what the about face was all about and why this transpired. Other than I can imagine, the Big Ten and maybe other schools in the Big Ten were putting pressure on Michigan because here they are going into, I mean they're not that far away from OSU Michigan, and then which is obviously the big game every year in the Big Ten, but also conference championships. And then there's a possibility that you could see two Big Ten teams in the college football playoff.

It's a possibility. The Big Ten also agreed to close its investigation so that I thought maybe that's the thing. Even though Jim Harbaugh was assessed a three game suspension, were they still looking into other allegations or still checking on maybe various implications under different policies in the Big Ten? So he was suspended under the sportsmanship policy, but because he agrees to the three game suspension, one of the games he's already served, the Big Ten will stop investigating any further allegations. Maybe it's because the Big Ten has video of these things going on and while they can't directly tie Jim Harbaugh to this employee, I mean he was a football employee who was buying tickets at other stadiums, but there's no direct link between, for instance, there's no email or text message. Could you imagine if Jim texted the guy like, hey can you head to Indiana this weekend and give us the scouting report? Okay, there's no paper trail, essentially, connecting Jim to this employee, who's a former employee, who's no longer with the team. And the idea would be, well, almost like the the Astros, where the front office was implicated simply because even if the GM didn't know and the manager didn't know, A.J.

Hinch didn't know what was happening, he should have. And I would say that's the case with Jim Harbaugh. I don't buy that he didn't know this was happening, but there's a chance that, let's say, his scout team, his scout coordinator, generally when it comes to teams, you have, in football, you have an entire scouting department that is advanced scouting and putting together tape of future opponents.

And then they hand out the game plan, there's video, all that jazz, you've got film to watch, yada yada yada. So it's possible that Jim had no idea, but it's also possible he not only instructed this former employee to do it, but at the very least knew it was happening and was okay with it. So yes, the Big Ten is done investigating, but Harbaugh is also done coaching through the end of the regular season because he's got two more games to go in his suspension.

He will miss Saturday's game at Maryland. That's Boomer's alma mater. But as a side note, Jay and I were minding our own business a couple mornings ago. Boomer's a hoot. Sometimes he's so tired in the mornings that he's barely vocal until he walks into the studio for his New York radio show, which is a studio right next to ours here in lower Manhattan. Some mornings, though, he's louder than heck, and he's got that big booming voice. That's not why he's named Boomer, but he's got that big booming voice and he comes out of his arms, and he's got that big booming voice, and he's got that big booming voice, and he comes out of his office, and he always calls me Sunshine.

Good morning, Sunshine. And I said, Good morning, Booms. And he said something about being happy. And I was like, Yeah, only a month to go until I didn't even say I just had a month to go. And he said, got me off guard. I can't believe you didn't ask me to be your maid of honor.

Chase face. He said it. I said you'd have to wear purple. That's our primary color. And he yells back.

Purple is my best color. He said it. He almost legitimately seemed offended for a second. You didn't ask him. I can't believe you didn't ask me to be your maid of honor. I thought he was going to say, I can't believe you didn't ask me to come to the wedding, which of course he couldn't because it's an NFL Sunday and he's got NFL today. So there was no way he could have anyway, but I haven't invited any colleagues, not even Jay. It's just a very small group of people from each side.

It's not even 60 people. It's all family and friends, but regardless, he couldn't make it. And so I can't believe you didn't ask me to be your maid of honor. He wanted more. Yeah. He wanted to be a real part of that. He's a man who's clearly okay with himself. He's comfortable in his own skin. So yeah, would have worn purple. He loves purple.

Actually, I've seen him on TV. He very often has purple ties or any people like the maid of honor. If he wore it to be now, he'd be called the man of honor.

Is that what it is? Well, I don't know, but that's what I would call him. I mean, I have heard of weddings where the, the bride has a male stand up next to her, whether it's her brother or a male best friend, something like that. I don't, it's not called a maid of honor. No, I would think it'd be called best man or a man of honor, man of honor, I think maybe, but maybe I just made that up and it's not called a man of honor, honorable man, honorable mention. You're the runner up in the wedding, but see when it's a married person, which boomer is, it would be called matron of honor, which I hate that word. My sister-in-law she's standing next to me, but she's my bridesmaid. I don't have a maid of honor because I could not call my sister-in-law my matron of honor.

I didn't realize that. Yeah, when you're married, it's, it's a new, it's, it's an old fashioned kind of thing and maybe it's new information here, but yeah, you're called the matron. It's just, it's such an, yeah, it's just such an icky term. Matron.

It just makes a person feel old because you're married, you're a matron. Yeah. Yeah.

I get it. And, and they're not my maids in any case, but, but they are my bridesmaids. So I have three bridesmaids and this is really cute. Can I tell you the story really quick and then we'll get back to the other stuff?

My younger niece is a little shy and she doesn't, she doesn't have any issues if she's in her comfort zone, but once she's asked to do something that she's not familiar with or has never done before, she'll get a little shy. So she said to me when I was at their house last weekend for essentially what was our little bridesmaids weekend, they threw a tea party for me. Oh my gosh, it was delicious food, really good tea. They were so proud of themselves. It was a big secret. I wasn't allowed to come downstairs until they had the whole table set up. Purple tablecloth, flowers. It was, it was really sweet.

Anyway, really unique food. My, my younger niece says to me, can I walk down the aisle with, with Deanna? So Lauren is her name. Can I walk down the aisle with Deanna? No, honey, that's not how it works. I said, no, you're going to have to walk down by yourself. You're, you're smart. You're bold. You can do this, but she's, she's nervous because she thinks everybody in the church will be staring at her.

Well, which is true for all of five or seven seconds. You're just walking to the stage. You're just walking, right? If I was like, no, it's not about you. Get over yourself. I didn't know. I did not say that, but my older niece, she's classic millennial.

Do what makes you happy. Bold, brash millennials run the world. She runs her boyfriend. Like she just, yeah, she runs everyone. She's super smart. She's a, she's a, and she's an engineer.

She works in unmanned flight. I mean, she, yeah, no, she's, she's on it. She's a classic older child type A, but her personality is such that she's fearless. She's not like in your face loud like I am, but she just, she doesn't care. No, she's smart. She kicks butt and takes names.

Like she, she does not care. So I texted her this week and I said, hey, sweetheart, can you do me a favor? I have an idea.

I need you to do something for me. Sure Auntie Amy, do you mind walking down the aisle first so that your sister, your younger sister can see you up there, see you go first, know that no one's going to bite you or trip you or stare at you. And that way she'll be walking to you and she won't be the first one up there.

She won't think she doesn't know what to do or, or, right. So anyway. That's a good call. Yeah. So Deanna's response was, sure, I'll do it. All right.

That's a good call from you though. Then she can just look at her and not worry about it. That means the younger one just has to walk up there by herself. Actually, I don't know if I told you this, but I've told them they can pick their own music to walk down the aisle. Wow, that's nice of you.

My mother thinks that's a really bad idea. She said, what kind of music? I said, well, they love symphony music. They have a favorite composer.

He does Japanese anime. So it's probably going to be something along those lines. So yeah, they're, they get to pick their own music. I said, we're not talking about pop music here. This is not K-pop music.

No, it has to be symphony music or orchestra music, but you can pick your own. What about JT? No, JT. No, no one's upstaging the bride. No, the bride is, is not going to walk down the aisle after JT has resonated through the chapel.

That's not happening. Anyway. So yeah, there we've got, we're mixing up the order. There's no maid of honor. There's no matron of honor. There's no boomer. There's only bridesmaids.

And now the older one is walking down before the younger one. So we're just, whatever, who cares? As long as everyone's happy. I told them they can pick whatever dress they want.

As long as the right color. I don't care. I'm not a bridezilla. I just want to get down the aisle. Okay.

Just go shoot. Boomer just wants to be invited. Yes. Boomer wants it. Could you imagine speaking of upstaging the bride? He's so big.

I would, I would be like a little shadow next to him. Where'd the bride go? Who gives the bride away?

Could you imagine Boomer being like, I do. Oh goodness. It's all right.

I didn't even get to what I wanted to do. Okay. Really quick back to Michigan. So Jim Harbaugh is going to go ahead and serve the final two games. The reason I got on Boomer is because Boomer went to Maryland. So I was thinking about his, his alma mater. So Harbaugh will not coach on Saturday at Maryland or against Ohio State, which that's your punishment right there. If you were in fact usurping the rules, you big fat cheater, then you deserve to miss Ohio State. But if not, ouch.

That's, that's punitive. Anyway, we thought it was interesting earlier in the week when Jim said, hey, I'm going to talk, you know, I can't wait to defend myself, blah, blah, and then does the about face. But his brother, John, had no problem defending Jim. I'm proud as heck of him. I'm really impressed with the way he's handled himself through all this. I mean, it's been a long run and about everything, everything can be done to, you know, his phones, his computers, and all that stuff have been looked at. And he's come through this thing with flying colors.

And they really have, you know, I don't know what they trying to get, but they don't have anything of substance. And I just think I'm proud of them. I think it's a real compliment to our family and to him, something for us to be proud of because, as kids can see this, you know, you get kind of in this kind of a situation where you become, you come under fire for whatever reasons, and you come out in a really good place doing the right thing.

Whatever reasons. And I'm really proud of that. And I think it's great for our family and kids.

And it's just a great blessing in that sense. He's a great man. He's a great coach. His players love him. His coaches love him.

And he stands tall through all this. See, we all need a brother like that. Dang it, my brother would do the same exact thing. Come hell or high water, right or wrong, he would absolutely be on my side, which is cool. I have newfound respect for the Harbaugh brothers. It's funny too, because they really actually sound alike and their mannerisms are very similar. So yeah, John defending his brother, where Jim really wouldn't say a whole lot, just that he wanted to defend himself. It sounds like the university convinced him that this was an easier route. But ouch, you missed the game against Ohio State.

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find it on twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page got a youtube channel named after the show as well and that's kind of the extent of our social media that's what we do around here which is the two of us it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on cbs sports radio we'll get to defense wins championships it's true it's true and actually maybe truer than true in 2023 with all the quarterbacks who are either dealing with significant injuries or are already lost for the season because of injury so yeah run game and defense they become even more paramount if you got them if you got them you better flaunt them speaking of flaunting there was a huge uproar in response to some comments that Carissa Thompson made on Thursday or in a recent podcast she did with pardon my take and I bring it up because it's not the first time she's told the story for those of you who know Carissa she is the anchor for the amazon prime coverage of the NFL on Thursday nights she's been in the business a long time and she used to be a sideline reporter she also has a podcast with Aaron Andrews so the two of them I don't know how often they release it but the two of them have a podcast together and she's told a similar story on the podcast for whatever reason it didn't really make waves then but her comments made waves on Thursday when she admitted that she had in the past fabricated sideline reports meaning she did not have the information that she professed to have and more specifically she didn't get an interview with a coach who was coming out of the tunnel after halftime so an NFL coach or college coach whatever one who was exiting the tunnel after halftime to get back on the sidelines and she either didn't have a chance to get him or he wouldn't say anything or the timing didn't work out whatever it was and so she admits that she just kind of made it up and she went with generalizations about the game and attributed those to a coach whether or not her analysis is accurate I was actually mortified for her not not because I think no one's ever lied in this business for heaven's sakes people lie all the time that's actually most of what you get on social media is just fat out fabrication but I was mortified for her for this reason all of the coaches who've spoken to her in the past or coaches who didn't speak to her but then saw her sideline reports on tv after the fact so a lot of times coaches will go back and they'll watch the tv tape sometimes it's the quickest thing they can get their hands on and they want to watch a tape right after a broadcast is done or a game is over and so they'll grab the tv tape they'll say to their their tape op hey just you know give me the tv copy I have very often had coaches come to me and mention something they heard me say on a broadcast so I was thinking about what Karissa said that she made up reports and I thought oh my gosh that's so embarrassing think about the number of times that coaches went back and watched a broadcast and saw her heard her attribute quotes to them that weren't actually quotes from them now I don't know how many times she made up reports she didn't indicate that and I hope it wasn't every time I hope that she actually was doing the job that she was paid to do she's a successful broadcaster so there's no reason to think that this was the norm for her but by even admitting it one time or two times or whatever the case I'm embarrassed for her because she's lost credibility with the coaches that she covers sure she can make generalizations and yes every team needs to be better on third down every team needs to limit turnovers every team needs to watch their penalty flags every team needs to blah needs to blah blah blah blah there are some general principles about football that will make you a better team duh that part's not rocket science but to attribute those to a particular coach is the part that's embarrassing not the making up the analysis or not giving your general view of what's happening on the field but you should bill it that way you should say hey I didn't have a chance to catch up with the coach and I know that's your job but sometimes it doesn't work out or you go to a different coach you grab the oc you grab the quarterbacks coach you grab the defensive coordinator whatever it is grab a player grab someone and if you can't and you've tried then you tell your producer or you tell your they're called stage managers who are generally monitoring you babysitting you while you're doing your job in tv you tell your stage manager I didn't have a chance to catch up with the coach he ran right by me he said no better yet you go on camera and you say the coach refused to talk but here's what I see here's what I've heard on the sidelines I didn't speak to the coach directly but this is what I heard them chattering about as they walk by me I mean there's so many other things you can say where you you're not putting your credibility on the line the issue is not the analysis because there's a bazillion voices who are analyzing every game and there's a lot of voices on every broadcast the issue is that you went on tv and you attribute attributed those things to a man who didn't say them which means that coach when he sees you say hey John Harbaugh told me this as he ran out of the huddle and he knows damn well he didn't say that why would he ever trust you again or why would he ever bother with you again forget whether or not he trusts you or not he trusts you but isn't that what a lot of coaches athletes GMs think of media people I wouldn't say it's the truth most of the time but they often believe that we're just making stuff up we're running with rumors we're we're going with what sources tell us and they're not accurate and here you are feeding into that idea that media people can't be trusted because they're just making crap up I almost said a different word that's the problem is you lose credibility with the people you're supposed to be talking to so the next time you cover John Harbaugh and you ask him for a quote or you ask him what's going on why would he tell you as a sideline reporter or any reporter not only have I done sidelines but I've done color analysis where I sit with coaches the day before games whether tv or radio I would do pre-game interviews with coaches if they hear you repeat something back that you didn't say they're not going to tell you anything it's embarrassing is what it is I'm embarrassed for her whether or not she's getting all this pub because she's Carissa Thompson and she's a high profile anchor slash tv commentator it's embarrassing to think that you were on tv attributing quotes to a coach and he's listening to you say it and he knows damn well he didn't say it I mean that to me is mortifying and I I can't imagine that the majority of sports fans out there think oh that's what everyone does no I mean the majority of us do not do that because it's dishonest and it's it's unprofessional and at the extreme it's unethical and you lack integrity when you do it now I don't know what the extreme was I don't know whether or not she was fudging but she did say this happened more than once and she did say she would take liberty with the coaches quotes the part that is mortifying to me is that they of course know that what you said was not true so then you're shooting yourself on the foot because why would they tell you anything after that if you're just going to if you're just going to say whatever you want there's no incentive for them to tell you the truth not just that but very often these conversations that broadcasters have with coaches or athletes there's a lot of stuff in there that's considered off the record if you really want an athlete or a coach to open up to you you need to be authentic you need to be genuine and you need to be trustworthy they're not going to tell you crap if they think you're going to tell someone else or you're going to be a source or you're going to use it on your broadcast again this takes time to build up a rapport with a coach to gain the respect of an athlete so that they actually tell you stuff that helps you when you're broadcast even though you can't repeat it verbatim or you can't repeat it on the air it still helps you as you are commenting or as you're calling a game and to lose that trust to lose that relationship or those relationships once you get a reputation as someone who can't be trusted in this business you're sol now it may not matter to her anymore because she's not a sideline reporter but it makes the job harder for other people and and mostly i just i think it's embarrassing that she'll admit to that and the coaches that she was quoting they knew she was they knew she was lying to me that's the most embarrassing thing when i go on the show i know there are coaches and athletes who catch it because of our time slots i know there are other broadcasters who hear it i never want to misrepresent them because then why would they trust me and why would they listen so that's the part that's embarrassing for her is that she tells the story as though it's funny and it's her loss of credibility and it's athletes and coaches not trusting her because they know there's a chance she's not going to tell the truth just limits her ability to do her job but also it feeds into the idea that media just make up what they want and that's not true of the vast majority of us that is not true we work hard to get the truth we work hard to be accurate we work hard to have relationships with athletes and coaches where they can open up to us to know that they can trust us it's not an easy thing to do you can understand why athletes and coaches close ranks a lot of times and this does not help again she's very successful she's a lot richer than i am she's a lot more popular than i am she's got a great gig but this was it's cringe-worthy i'm i'm cringe cringe-worthy and cringy for her it's after hours with amy lawrence i got other stuff to do so i gotta move on you know sometimes i get passionate about things and i i run past my my stop sign or my blinking yellow light so we'll get to defense well we'll get to week 11 through the eyes of the defense that's coming up next and then i promise the shed at some point it's after hours with amy lawrence you are get the best workout with the best kept secret in fitness hydro the state-of-the-art at-home rower hydro engages 86 of your muscles delivering the ultimate full body workout in just 20 minutes from advanced to beginner hydro has over 4 000 classes that are shot all over the world and are taught by olympians and world-class athletes for a 30-day risk-free trial with free standard shipping go to and use code fit 500 to save up to 500 that's code fit 500 uh why does this room look amazing what'd you change oh i just got these custom shades from it's all online so it's really easy great price too ugh i remember shopping for 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their finances at principal we help you invest in your people because investing in your people is investing in your business learn more at benefits products and services offered by member companies of the principal financial group Des Moines Iowa for important information visit disclosures listening to the after hours podcast defensemen's championships defense wins championships i wanted this so bad i dreamed this man i don't know who the tackle is and i'm going against but i'm gonna kill him no no i check all the boxes late rush he throws it down at the 30 25 20 Patrick goes into the end zone defense defense defense that's dangerous more and more with the loss of starting quarterbacks or with quarterbacks who are on the shelf at least temporarily starting quarterbacks that are also rookies yeah defense is paramount defense and the run game run the ball stop the run that's what's required of you to win in the NFL and maybe never more so than right now Denzel Ward of that Cleveland Browns defense have got extra pressure on them so what is the mindset against Pittsburgh after losing Deshaun Watson it's tough i mean Deshaun he's a key piece obviously uh to our team but um like i said we just got to refocus on the assignment at hand and that's a final way to go one and oh each week still though if the defense can limit the Steelers which a lot of times they don't score till the fourth quarter you can do that while you give your run game Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt the offensive line and then DTR a chance to win got to keep it close though and that's the same thing for San Francisco a vaunted defense that prides itself on keeping games close and also creating takeaways last week only allowing three points against the red hot Jacksonville Jaguars Fred Warner right in the middle of everything so was that the best you can play felt like it looked like it i was confident heading into the game with um you know just kind of the self-reflection through through the bye week of where we needed to be in terms of play style um i think coach Wilkes called a perfect game you know i feel like we made his we made Trevor Lawrence life hard all game long we feel that and when we're playing hard and that's what it looks like Trevor Lawrence definitely admitted that that was not a game that they were proud about or happy about so when you're talking about that game now you're going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they also had a really strong game last week they ended up limiting their opponent to just six points right that was the Tennessee Titans though a little bit different here against San Francisco and it's more than just Christian McCaffrey according to Antoine Winfield he's tough um and it's not only him he has weapons all around him and so um trying to you know put a hat on the hat with those guys it's tough matchup everywhere what makes him so good though uh Christian yeah um his versatility um him being able to you know obviously run the ball but also being used as a wide receiver and pretty much everywhere in their system nobody but me thinks this should have been a game of the week candidate the Bucks at the Niners remember the Niners just stopped their three-game losing skid the Bucks had a four-game losing skid so both these teams want to continue their momentum so that's definitely one to watch it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio defense does in fact win championships just ask Aaron Donald recent Super Bowl winner with the Rams and oh yeah that defense was the the side of the ball that left a mark right well back in the division you've got the Rams going up against the Seahawks and for Aaron Donald he thinks that now is where the season really starts to take off everybody's fresh um eight games left a lot of football left um we control how the rest of the season go you know obviously we got to go out there and trying to play consistent football this week um trying to find a way to um beat a good football team a team that we know to play twice a year so um you just gotta go out there do a job and um one week at a time so main focus is trying to find a way to be saddled this weekend and worry about the you know the week the next week when it's here the Rams are in the same place the Niners were they've dropped three in a row but I like that Aaron Donald is not giving up on the season Miami not known for its defense because the offense puts up so many points but this week can the Dolphins limit the Raiders who are suddenly surging here's Christian Wilkins I think I'm most kind of proud of her that we're trying to focus on and encouraging as the defense is getting better each day I don't look at the big picture things like oh this or that no like just focus on the steady improvement each and every day being your best every day bringing it out there I will look up at the end of the year um you know even to this point we've made I feel like we made improvements each week um each day we've had that mindset so we'll continue that mindset and um like I'm saying at the end of the season we'll look up and see see where we're at the Miami defense can be sneaky good uh certainly giving the ball back to the offense is never a bad play so Miami same division as Buffalo right well the Bills they're sitting at five and five they're looking up at the Dolphins but Von Miller he is eternally optimistic I'm just the type of guy um if the ship is going down I'm still at the I'm still at the front saying we we can get this name together like everybody could be abandoned ship like what is that Titanic where the captain was still you know and uh at the what is they call it the the uh roll what was the thing called were you spitting the thing it's got like the little knobs on it he was still standing there the wheel he was still steering the ship and everybody had abandoned ship and he was just still standing there like the ship wasn't going down that's that's me the point is taken the point is well made even though he got stuck on the wheel you know and uh at the what is it called the the roll what was the thing called that's classic Von Miller he's so funny so yes the defense for the Buffalo Bills definitely can leave a mark like we're talking about some of these other defenses right in the AFC maybe that's what separates these teams if you still have your starting quarterback and you have a strong defense so the Bills are five and five same record as the Colts and now same record as the Bengals but Josh Allen he can get hot as quickly as he's not and the Bills defense without two of their starters still packs a punch week 11 you guys it's after hours TBS sports radio this episode is brought to you by FX's a murder at the end of the world starring Emma Corrin Clive Owen and Britt Marling Emma plays Darby Hart a sleuth and tech savvy hacker she joins an exclusive group invited to a retreat when one of the guests is found dead Darby must prove it was murder 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