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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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October 18, 2023 6:09 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 18, 2023 6:09 am

When you get so mad you do something stupid... | The Phillies' home dominance continues | Your "TD of the Week" reveal! 


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For important information, visit slash disclosures. Was it Martine Grammatica who injured himself celebrating a game-winning field goal? Is that name forever etched in the brain of sports fans?

Martine Grammatica. Didn't he tear an ACL or some ligament celebrating a game-winning field goal going back years? I could guess when that was, but I probably wouldn't guess accurately. I'll say early 2000s, but I don't remember. I'll have to look it up. But before I look it up, Jay, do you remember the name Martine Grammatica? Instantly thought about the guy who heard himself celebrating when I heard Martine Grammatica. I haven't heard that name in a long time. Oh my gosh, me either, but it doesn't come up except for when we're talking about quirky or freak injuries or when we're talking about athletes, coaches who hurt themselves, but not in the heat of the moment more because there was heat after a moment.

Goodness, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We were also earlier talking about the international component on NFL rosters, and there are only a few dozen players in the NFL that do not hail from the United States, right? So it's very different than the NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball, MLS. For obvious reasons, the NFL is an American-born sport, and it's for better or for worse, our obsession. There aren't that many from other countries who also play in the NFL, and so it's funny that we mention that because I bring up Martine Grammatica for the injury, and yet I just remembered he's actually Argentine-born. He was not a US-born player, but yeah, very few, and the reason why we were talking about that is because all kinds of NFL players now are campaigning to rep the red, white, and blue in flag football at the 2028 Olympic Games. It's just been added as an Olympic sport, but I don't feel like that would be even remotely equitable as much as I'm happy to see another gold medal for the United States always unabashedly repping the red, white, and blue.

The problem is no other country has the quality of football player, the level of football, forget flag or any other football, but the level of athlete, the level of skill as American players do. It would be worse, or I shouldn't say worse, because I loved the 1992 Dream Team from the NBA. I mean, I'm a huge Larry Bird fan, obviously Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, blah, blah, blah. We could go on and on about that Dream Team.

If you've never seen the documentary, please go watch it. I kind of feel bad for you sad saps who never saw Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan play, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, my personal favorite John Elway, Wayne Gretzky. Oh dear, Jay, you missed out on the golden age in sports. I saw Wayne live actually when I was, I guess, six or seven years old.

Uh-huh. End of his career. He was with the Kings? No, he was with the Rangers. It was 97, I believe. Even worse.

Not worse, sorry, even later. He was glorious. Yes, he is in fact glorious. Anyway, Martin Gromatika doesn't really fit into that category, but people remember him because of his celebration.

He injured himself in the most, in the most ludicrous way. And can you imagine how much, well, I mean, isn't that exactly what happened to, oh gosh, the Mets closer, Edwin Diaz? Yes. Celebrating at the World Baseball Classic?

Yeah, they was celebrating on the mound with his team after closing and they were jumping around. There's two, there's two examples of what we're talking about. Do you need a third to go along with tonight's show question, or sorry, this morning's show question for those of you who are waking up on your Wednesday? Did you hear this confession from South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer? Broke my foot on Saturday, so I'd rather just get it out there and say it and not have y'all speculating. And then after the game on Saturday in Missouri, you ask, I called Coach Tanner, told him, make sure he was okay with it.

And he died laughing when I told him. So obviously there's not a lot of empathy from him. It was after the game and certainly that was a gut-wrenching emotional loss. And I was frustrated and kicked something that I shouldn't have kicked and I thought I was okay, but journaling of the game wore off.

And before anybody starts the narrative, like the head football coach is frustrated and lost his poise and all that. No, I care. And I care about these kids. And I was really upset on Saturday night because I didn't do enough to help them get over the hump and win the football game. So don't think I have to have surgery, but there is a broken bone in my foot.

It hurts like you know what, but I've got to show I've got to show toughness and fight through it. Hmm. So Shane Beamer, I just, by the way, looked up the Grammaticas. There was a sec. Remember there was a second Grammatica. One of them had a knee injury. One of them didn't, but they both got hurt. Oh shoot.

Celebrating field goals. Just two Grammaticas. Well, two Grammaticas that I remember with the injuries. Yeah.

But I just looked it up so that I could make sure that I had the right one. It was Bill Grammatica who tore his ACL. Bill was hurt celebrating. Bill was the one, well, I think they were both hurt celebrating, but Bill was the one who had the knee injury tore his ACL. I remember a Grammatica celebrating and getting hurt. So why are we laughing?

It's awful, right? Well, his, I remember it like in the situation, it wasn't even like a game-winning field goal or anything if I'm correct. It was just like a regular first quarter just field goal. And he just really got excited about it. Tore his ACL on his plant leg. Oh, that's the worst.

Stop getting excited, right? There have been many examples. You hear Shane Beamer kicked something. There have been many examples of athletes who've had a hard time channeling their anger and they've taken it out on the Gatorade cooler or a wall or other articles in a dugout or on the sidelines. And infamously, there are also athletes who are known for getting injured in those situations. I mean, I can think of a bunch of different athletes who hurt themselves punching walls.

I mean, they're, yeah, all you do is Google it. Athletes who hurt themselves punching walls or punching things and you definitely can see a long list. And remember last week we had someone mention Nate Burleson who crashed his car because he was trying to keep a pizza box from sliding off the passenger seat. That's not really what we're talking about.

We're more talking about the emotion and guys injuring themselves because they were angry about a loss or frustrated with their own performance. So yeah, there's a bunch of those. I guess the Grammaticas wouldn't quite fit, but still it's in the line of duty, right? Does that count as workman's comp? Sure, yeah.

If you're yourself celebrating. You mentioned Sammy Sosa injured himself by sneezing earlier before. That's confirmed.

It is confirmed. You looked it up. He sprained a ligament in his back after sneezing. I actually have heard of people who've thrown their backs out by sneezing or tweaked their backs by sneezing. You do know that it's scientifically proven you can't keep your eyes closed when you sneeze, right? I'm sorry, you can't keep your eyes open when you sneeze.

Now I don't know if this is true or not. Maybe a doctor out there can tell me whether or not this is a folklore or urban legend. I've heard, maybe this is my mom who told me, that if you don't close your eyes, so it's an automatic reaction when you sneeze, you don't have to think about it. It's like you don't think about breathing. Your body just does it for you.

It's an automatic reaction when you sneeze that your eyes close because if you don't, your eyeballs will come flying out with the force of the sneeze. But do you think that's real? Well it's funny you say that because when I was younger, I don't know maybe like 10 or so, my sister told me that little fun fact and it kind of freaked my head out and like then of course I was like oh I could do it. Like I could try, I could sneeze with my eyes open and then it was. Did you try? Of course I tried, not possible. Did it work? No, but like if it worked my eyes would be out of my head.

I'd be dead. But that's what I'm asking. Is that true or it's just an urban legend? I think it's true. You think it is? I'm gonna go with true. I couldn't do it so I'm gonna think it's true.

Go ahead and google it and see what the internet says about it. On Twitter, A Law Radio, on our Facebook page too, what's an injury that you can remember among athletes or coaches? Either crazy or funny where you can't believe they got hurt doing what they did but we're kind of talking about the heat of the moment, the anger, the emotion of the moment and taking it out of the poor water cooler. Who was it not that long ago?

This has been within the last 10-12 years. It might have been Bryce Harper. He's been angry a lot.

Right, he does get angry. Remember there was a player, again it might have been Bryce Harper, who was angry at an at bat and got back to the dugout and smashed his bat against the dugout wall only to have it bounce back into his face and hit him in the face. Who was that? Was it Bryce? Sounds like a Bryce thing. It does but I don't know if it was Bryce Harper.

I'm gonna google that and wrecking the phone. I remember that. But this was one where it was a young player, maybe it was just a guy who had been called up recently, he was a rookie and he smashes a bat against the dugout wall only to have it bounce back and hit him in the face and actually leave him with a bruise. Yes it was Bryce Harper. Oh okay, now see I got the wrong grammatica, at least for the knee injury, but I remembered Bryce Harper. 2012.

What is it about my brain that remembers the strangest, most obscure pieces of information but I can't remember how many yards a guy ran for last week. Nationals manager Davey Johnson said the barrel of the bat bounced off the wall and hit Harper next to the left eye causing a gash and a welt. Yep.

He was very frustrated that he was not centering on the ball and that's what ball players do. Now see I feel like I've just redeemed myself with the grammaticas and the wrong grammatica. I feel like I've redeemed myself now. It's okay right?

I get some, I kind of even it out in the wash. You've got to be impressed with me. Oh that was good. And I said in the last 10 to 12 years boom oh boom I feel so much better. That's it. Your host is back on it.

It's after hours here on CBS Portradio. Yeah I did feel worse for a second. Wait you don't have an answer to what? Well it's even worse now because it's so I looked up is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open and the first answer I get same screen right here it says it's impossible to keep your eyes open when sneezing the reason being that they would indeed pop out of their sockets right not even the next click bottom yes you can sneeze with your eyes open and no the schoolyard legend if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyeballs will pop out is not true. Who do I believe? Well I don't know are these is this just some blogs that was this on Reddit where people are just is this Wikipedia? One is The Guardian and the other one is Healthline so I don't know completely different. Everybody's a doctor on the internet so I don't know I have a family member who wants self-diagnosed a hernia based on something he read on the internet it was not at all a hernia. Beware of telemedicine and beware of self-diagnosis on the internet.

Oh goodness we just went down some crazy rabbit holes right there producer Jay. I still choose to sneeze with my eyes closed because I don't want my eyeballs to go flowing across the room. I just like to know if I had a choice or not in the matter which I still don't know. But you said you tried and you failed. Right but could I just been young and not ready for the moment or I don't know anymore practice. Freak injuries is what we're asking about and Jay had one of those earlier in his life too when he thought it would be a good idea to perform a skateboard trick with his shoelaces tied together.

Yes. It didn't go so well for him. I thought it was a good idea. Did you also have a welt and a gash on your face from where you smashed it into the skateboard? Not my face luckily but my arm was pretty chewed up. Knees scraped up. His friends laughed. Don't you worry Jay I would have first asked if you were okay and if there was there was blood and then I might have laughed.

Yeah if I was okay or not was irrelevant at the time. Boys boys are crazy. It's After Hours on our Facebook page also on our YouTube channel and then of course on Twitter After Hours CBS. If you too would like to share about some crazy injuries I think some of you are making it up. Some of the responses I've seen on Twitter and Facebook I honestly believe that you are making it up.

But whatever if that's what floats your boat I suppose again we should only believe half of what we read on the internet maybe not even that much. But always believe the radio host because she never gets it wrong. Do you think at the end of each show now we should start adding what was the show where they had the errors? Was it PTI? Yeah PTI.

In the end they would have it used to it started out being Tony Reality right and they would have him correct any errors and it was like the the greatest day when they had no errors. Should we do that? No.

No. We should just let it slide if it's an error oh well we'll let the Twitter police correct us. Yeah I guess so.

Maybe we should. You know that we want to be accurate. So I'd have to tally those all the whole time?

What what do you mean? Are you suggesting that I make so many errors in a show that you have to tally them? What is this like using the it's not what are those called? The shoot it's not roman numerals.

Is it simple as that? No no it's not they've got a name but yeah how you count in fives are you suggesting that you would have to keep a flow chart of the number of mistakes I make and that you'd have to tally them up at the end of a show? No every show. Wow oh no that's not true I make a lot of mistakes and I try to not only own up to them but correct them. Some of them are mindless. I get a guy's name wrong because I'm thinking about a different guy.

There's a lot of athletes who shared the same name so sometimes I'll just I'll confuse those. Every now and then you know I'll say something that's just flat out wrong because I I'm wrong. Most of the time it's just remembering things wrong because there's so much my god useless information stuffed into this brain of mine and I've told you before my brain is like a plate of spaghetti. You twirl a couple strands onto a fork and all of a sudden a whole bunch of other strands of spaghetti slash pieces of information and stories come falling off the plate. It's just I do not compartmentalize. It's all in there mushed together but I do like spaghetti.

That's all right. Could you imagine a science experiment or when you were a kid do you ever go to a haunted house this is perfect for halloween and they told you to stick your hand into something? Were you brave enough to stick your hand into it?

I hate it but I did it. Right well a lot of times what can be what can feel like blood and a brain or a body part an organ that's been ripped open I know that's kind of for a Wednesday morning but it's spaghetti. Just so you know it's spaghetti and it's pasta sauce and you reach in and it feels like you're you're touching mushed brains or mushed intestines and they're all bloody. Lovely. So if you need some halloween ideas for your haunted house well there you go. I haven't been to a good haunted house in a while or any haunted house really I should say.

Putting a couple bad ones. Oh goodness that actually reminds us Daniel Jones was talking about how he dressed for halloween one year and Jay grabbed the cut for me this is really funny. He told Kay Adams on her show about his best halloween costume ever.

I was Steve Smith one year when I was a kid and growing up in Charlotte I was a big panthers fan a big Steve Smith fan so I had the had the helmet had the shoulder pads the whole deal. Does he know this? I know he knows you're a fan of his but does he know that story? I don't know if I've told him that one um yeah he knows I was a big big fan of his growing up. I mean every little kid has quirky halloween costumes right? I've told you mine before when I was in third or fourth grade if you haven't heard the story I'll save it for halloween but yeah we all got funny ones and Daniel Jones dressed up as Steve Smith.

Could you imagine he's only about oh seven eight inches taller than Steve Smith but I'm sure he looks just like him. That's good I love it all right that's up and Adams with Kay Adams and Daniel Jones. We'll do a halloween flare later in this month. On twitter on Facebook what about some crazy athlete injuries? I'm so proud of myself for remembering Bryce Harper smacking himself in the face with a bat that is classic but many of you are sending yours too and speaking of Bryce Harper he and the segue he and the Phillies were aiming to build a 2-0 lead on the Arizona Diamondbacks. I told you the Phillies are loud I can relate. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence our hump show here on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. 0-1 count and Kelly delivers the pitch swung on hit deep left center field and that one's going to go and Trey Turner gives the Phillies a 1-0 lead. Third home run of the postseason for Trey Turner.

This place is crazy. 1-0 and he swings and lines one deep to right this one's got a chance Carol turns and he looks up and it's gone it does clear over the out-of-town scoreboard. A low line drive for Kyle Swarmer and it's two nothing Phillies.

Getting you to the good half of your week it's the Hump Show on After Hours. The Phillies are at it again wash rinse repeat. I suppose if you are trying to count the runs on your two hands well you're in luck because they only scored 10 runs in game two of the NLCS. The 2-1 swung out hit in the air right center field that one is walloped it is gone into the Phillies bullpen. Second home run of the night for Kyle Swarmer it's another solo shot and the Phillies are on top three to nothing. Three balls two strikes the pitch swing and a line drive out toward left center field that's going to split the gap and it's going to go to the State Farm sign. Two runs will score as Turner crosses the plate with Bryson Stott about five feet behind him onto second base with a stand-up two-run double as JT and the Phillies have busted this game open. Swung online inside the third base bag down the left field line off the half wall. Real mutual will score easily going to second is Marsh to third Castellanos it's an RBI double and Brandon Marsh rips off his helmet and tells the crowd to get on their feet and they don't need anybody to tell them that right now it's six nothing bills. A landslide a veritable landslide 10 runs on 11 hits they get the early solo home runs off Merrill Kelly the Diamondback starter but then chase him with four runs in the sixth four. Kyle Swarber with two more dingers one of them was a line drive one of them was a like a rope and the other one is though he golfed it not a line drive but a drive off the tee. It's it really is a line drive it's it really unbelievable the kind of groove they're locked in 10 runs on 11 hits which is economical they had another four spot in the seventh inning and they've been hitting the snot out of the ball it's contagious I was talking earlier about how their chemistry as a team makes them better than their individual parts it's because they care not just about their own goals and achievements their own hits their own highlight reel moments now they care about winning for the guy to the left and the guy to the right and that's powerful and you can see it chemistry is an intangible to be sure but you know it when a team has it and the Phillies they definitely have it and Kyle Swarber as much as this was a big night for him he tied Reggie Jackson with 18 18 postseason home runs by a lefty but mostly he's just real proud of a special team we want to do this for the city but when you have a bond like we all have in the clubhouse it's so tight and you know that's all you're thinking about inside is just trying to do it for these guys and you know that's what we all think about each other how about that and you can tell you can tell that they're all in as a group as a unit the fans feed off of it I mean even going back I was talking about this earlier when Trey Turner was really scuffling at the plate and it was the fans and his teammates who picked him up and essentially took the pressure off hey we love you anyway we love you even before you produce he was probably pressing probably feeling like he was letting his team down after the big contract he signed but it was feeling the love from the people who were from the people in philly that helped him to bust loose so they are now two wins away from a repeat trip to the world series this series is a long ways from being over that's a really good ball club over there that we got to go into their stadium and play now so we just got to try to keep the momentum on our side continue to play good baseball continue to put together good at bats and attack the strike zone if if we keep playing this brand of baseball we feel pretty good about our chances but it's it's far from over jt real muto also the big another big hit in game number two so yeah the phillies if you didn't know this have the best home record in the postseason in baseball history 28 and 11 if I remember the numbers correctly but and this is with a minimum of 20 games is how baseball calculates it but they not only protect that home field but they reward the fans who show up with such passion philly sports fans get a bad rap i think you should pay attention to what's happening at citizens bank park on a nightly basis and maybe give a little more credit to the philadelphia sports fans because they are definitely part of what has been an incredible run two seasons in a row now can they take care of the unfinished business that remains to be seen but not if tori lavello has anything to say about it or at least it won't be as easy as a 10-0 shutout everybody's talking about coming into this environment um and i don't care like we got to play better baseball everybody's got to be better you start with the manager and then trickle all the way down through the entire entire team we got we got to play diamondback baseball we watched out there was was not anything that we have done for a long period of time diamondback baseball is grinding out at bats having mature at bats driving up pitch counts catching pop-ups picking up the baseball um you know the the the the pitching and defense goes hand in hand and we we find a way to score five runs or more and win a baseball game they didn't even have five hits in game number two so lavello is laying down the gauntlet this is not diamondback baseball well it's really not the kind of baseball they played to get them into the postseason or the kind of baseball they played to eliminate first the brewers and then the dodgers but have they run into a buzzsaw a red and white buzzsaw jay what's their hashtag on twitter red october is that what it is oh i love that that's a great movie a classic movie and also an incredible tom clancy book nice i don't believe in teams of destiny but i do believe the phillies are carving out their own destiny and our control of their own path all right that brings us to wednesday which is it's not a doubleheader it's just the american league right alcs and this one is in arlington so the rangers already have a 2-0 lead but they're trying to add to it with their first home game of the alcs on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page i just saw this question from ask amy anything which of the new olympic sports would you not want to cover as a journalist well i don't know that i'd be all that good at covering squash cricket has been reinstituted i do think it's fascinating but i swear to you jay if they add pickleball to the olympics i i'm not even acknowledging it pickleball that's are you kidding me no there's no pickleball there will be i don't even love the idea of flag football since that's what the nfl uses as its pro bowl now it feels a little more gimmicky but maybe it's designed to introduce more people to football around the world our football of course if you missed my conversation with cynthia freeland of nfl network she actually thinks it's a great way to get more women and young people involved in football and i guess with the trends tackle football and more and more concerns about head injuries and the violence of the game not to mention the nfl is attempting according to tom brady to make it flag football that's what he said he said it's turning into flag football so all of these nfl players are raving about the fact that the olympics will have flag football and tom brady is ticked off because he's worried that the nfl is going soft there's so many different violations in football i would actually like to see less violations called you know focus on the important ones and let some other things go i said dk metcalf got penalized for unnecessary roughness he's you know that it would i don't know there's unnecessary or not but all i know is the defender's got every right to you know push back on dk but he doesn't do it so dk throws them on the ground they throw a flag i'm like i don't understand what the flag is this is football you know this isn't touch football this is real football and i think the physicality which people really enjoy i certainly enjoyed i i love that physical element of the sport i don't think we should ever lose that you know there's so many people that are you know want it less and less physical it's it's it's more like flag football which is going to be in the olympics in 2028 you know maybe football goes to flag football over a period of time i don't think fans will like that that much then everyone should stop bitching about you know unnecessary roughness calls i agree with tom brady whose side are you on side of the olympics or the side of tom brady i'm on the side of tom brady i wish that they would it would be more physical but that's not the trend the nfl but that's not the trend the nfl wants to protect its quarterbacks of course because they're in some cases 50 million dollar a year investments the nfl wants to facilitate offense high flying potent so i wonder if it just is a source of consternation for the nfl offices that we've seen in the last year and a half the passing numbers come down unless you're the miami dolphins and the running games become more prominent interesting scoring was down last year running was up scoring was down flag football he says right as it becomes an olympic sport i refuse to cover pickleball though that's not happening jay we're just right now it's against my religion to give spring training baseball scores and it would be against my religion to talk about who won pickleball at the olympics have you ever played no no i'm not playing pickleball i've never played either but it's growing like crazy i see i see it it is all the time i know a lot of people do it in fact a lot of former athletes do it i just can't imagine watching people as cinthia pointed out can't imagine watching people play flag football i mean i'm sorry play uh pickleball she actually thinks it'd be fun to watch flag football i don't even know if i'd feel i didn't think it was all that interesting in the pro bowl it was the first time so okay but it wasn't it's like arguably fun to play like yeah i played it when i was on the recess on the playground when i was a kid well are we gonna bring back kickball dodgeball at the olympics no stop it all right on that note though what cricket is cool though well cricket's an actual professional sport dodgeball should not be a professional sport nor should cornhole cornhole should not be an olympic sport olympic cornhole yeah i'll pass on that i take olympic dodgeball that sounds cool oh my gosh only if we can have huh who's that line the office linebacker terry terry tate the office linebacker if we can have him playing office dodger olympic oh all right on twitter on facebook glad to have you with us by the way that was tom brady on his let's go podcast uh we don't hear from him nearly as much now that he's not playing every week it's it's different is the sports world passing him by maybe just maybe mica parsons though he's got my new favorite podcast wait until you hear what he has to say about the media calling out the cowboys but also the media busting on his quarterback he's not crying like to let me just tell you that you are listening to the after hours podcast you're listening to after hours with amy lawrence firing for the end zone touchdown touchdown touchdown the people have spoken and one score stands above the rest here is your td of the week the detroit lions lions send two receivers right two left golf works out of the gun on third and 13 from the tampa bay 27 play clock at four golf's got it back looking throws middle complete almond rod the 20 cutting across looking for a block gets one inside the 15 a big block to the 10 to the 5 to the end zone touchdown detroit lions oh baby you want to talk about teamwork almond rod with a catch craig reynolds with a big block to help springham and the lions find the end zone it's outstanding i mean it was outstanding you know that's what he does i mean that guy you talk about a guy who plays for the guys around him and just does things right you know he shows up in critical times uh when not everybody sees him and he honestly he does stuff like that all the time you know and uh and then for saint to use it he felt him and you saw him take that loop around and use that block and then find a way to take it in the end zone it's just huge that's that's couple players making plays for us is what that was dan campbell appreciates some of the work that goes into the product on the field the touchdowns that don't necessarily get registered on the stat sheet the call with dan miller on lions radio you all chose the almond raw st brown touchdown but it wouldn't have happened without the josh reynolds block greatly appreciated and if i'm not mistaken didn't you all choose was it almond raw st brown who won monday mvp my goodness a lion's sweep if you will the lions share the best record in the nfl at five and one and coming up this weekend another big test for them is it too early to start talking about the schedule for week seven it might be but but we're gonna do it anyway i feel wind underneath my freaking wings man i can't get over the fact that we are about to kick off week number seven coming seven coming up tomorrow detroit on the road at baltimore another stiff test well i guess i thought the buccaneers would be a stiff test it didn't really work out that way because as baker mayfield told us i sucked we sucked we all sucked it all sucked everything sucked i sucked today we sucked today it was awful see what i mean on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence the ba the bounce back for the dallas cowboys defense that was evident against the chargers mica parsons had a huge sack on the second to last chargers offensive play of the game right about 90 seconds to go it was his sack on third down and then stefan gilmore with the interception on fourth down and mica's podcast called the edge with mica parsons is one of my favorites and yeah he was talking about that moment what was going through my mind so literally we was running four-man games obviously they would slide and chip and things like that and i was like man if we get an opportunity we should go to a five-man uh pressure and you can see jayron curse coming off the edge i knew i would end up getting a one-on-one with a guy that i knew i could beat i just hit it relentlessly they still try to come uh you know double teaming but i just was able to break through and get the crucial sack that we needed uh to end the help in the game because then of course my guy gillie lock the man the guy that came to help this when the super bowl came over and ended the game and that's what he do man gillie locks a legend hall of famer and you know he told me when he's at the coach he was thinking about coming over here i got excited um but man i'm so glad he came over here to wisdom uh the type of guy he is but i couldn't be more happy uh to play with a guy like that mica parsons does not hold back just him in front of a microphone but if you didn't see the clips of his podcast jay and i were laughing because we were doing our show prep on tuesday evening and behind him there is a justin herbert jersey hanging on the wall huh i'm gonna assume that wasn't a coinkydink oh look i found a justin herbert jersey yep right there in plain view do you think they exchanged jerseys after monday night's game no i would say no uh by the way by the way don't come after his quarterback he's had enough with people criticizing deck prescott i'm just calling out the bs because i'm tired of people trashing my quarterback i'm tired of people trashing my team and that's why i had nothing to say to me this week i just wanted us to say you won't hear me talk come to hear me talk on the edge monday night um and and that's just what it's going to be because i have nothing to say because if you're just going to take one game and say this is who i am then i have nothing to say to you because in life that's just not how it is see what i mean that's why it's highly entertaining now it it's not the same style that jerry jones presents on the radio uh but jerry also stumping for his quarterback on his weekly appearance on our dallas affiliate 105.3 the fan jerry too wants you to pay attention to what dak did in the last game i can't say enough about uh uh how he uh how he just played football out there as uh uh he certainly was able to get plays made that uh that were critical on time against a really good team and a defense that was playing you know playing really competitively in um in the chargers so bottom line is i thought it was tax came the year well i mean we're only six in so okay but yes he did definitely bounce back from what was a putrid performance against the san francisco 49ers not that he would be the only quarterback ever to look bad against the niners defense so here we are through six weeks will the real dallas cowboys please stand up will the real cincinnati bangles please stand up i'm confused about who they are too lot of inconsistency and this is a weird weekend do you know there are a half dozen teams on by it's gonna feel like we don't have nearly as many games as normal jay did you just do a fist bump there's a mini thumbs up only because it's a lot our sunday night shows into monday morning they are a lot all right gonna get to some of your responses here to the crazier funnier sports injuries athlete injuries we're kind of looking for some in the heat of emotion but i understand some of you are sending oh guitar hero who was that they got injured playing guitar hero joles amaya joles amaya injured playing guitar hero all right uh damien on twitter former bills kicker dan carpenter slammed his helmet on the ground it bounced up and hit him in the face not sure if it was injured if he was injured but it sure had to hurt get me some oxygen yeah yes definitely get you some oxygen uh let's see lots of responses here too and they do include some of the quirky injuries um but the the ones that you have to you can't believe are the ones that in a fit of rage someone punched something or in this case rob says heath schuler head butting a stadium wall celebrating a redskins touchdown and sustaining a concussion it's like oh man come on didn't you think of that about that before you did it let's see kendree morales oh remember kendree morales oh my gosh i forgot about this he broke his leg celebrating a grand slam cardinals right kendree morales i believe angels angels that's right oh my gosh i had the red that's crazy and remember tony finau someone else reminded us mike reminded us of tony finau a couple years ago it was the it wasn't the par three day of the masters and he hit a hole in one or something close to the pan i remember it was all in one and he's skipping or hopping down the fairway and he maps his angle he right he uh dislocated his ankle and then pops it back in while he's sitting right there and finish the round oh my god and then yeah played the entire masters insane yeah seriously gus ferat this comes from wall sheet gus ferat banged his head on the wall after a td and broke his neck oh my gosh uh robert vince mcmahon once tore both hamstrings running into the ring because of a blown finish to a match so he really hurt himself wow okay so those are pretty drastic um yeah we're we'll go through more of these as we get into our wednesday night show and then kicking off week seven in the nfl some of you are sending your own injuries gosh um ditka ray says on facebook ditka broke his hand punching a locker after a loss bears lamar houston tore his acl celebrating a sack and then rick chris sale punching the tv breaking his hand and he's listening in rhode island so he remembers it well all right on that positive note have a great wednesday it's after hours tbs sports radio boom you
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