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6-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 6, 2023 5:52 am

6-6-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 6, 2023 5:52 am

Is Snap Chat still in? No? Yes? | Matthew Tkachuk levels Jack Eichel, but Knights dominate the Panthers in Game 2 | Jimmy Butler's mentality.


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That's slash positive. Did you survive your Monday? I survived mine, but barely. Actually, it was a Monday that I slept better than normally I do. Mondays are tough turnaround, but I actually slept pretty well. And I feel like I have a couple of cute stories to tell you.

So that's always fun when I can get through a Monday with a couple of cute stories to tell. Lots of traffic on social for one reason or another. Whether it's hockey, whether it's the Grand Canyon. Yep, I'll explain. Whether it's the whale video. Oh, the second whale video. Not the first whale video. There's a second whale video. So a lot of different directions, a lot of different tangents, a lot of different, we're gonna use the technical term for it, stuff.

That's the technical term. Because the spring smorgasbord is always varied and diverse. It's one of the reasons I love the spring. Remember last week we did the question where we asked you to rank your three top sports months on the calendar. And many of you went to football, which is understandable. But a lot of you also mixed in a spring month. So for me it was October, which is by far the busiest month of the year in sports.

All four major pro sports, plus the MLS, plus college football, plus just about everything else. So October was my number one, but May was my number two, is my number two. Because you get, it's not quite as frenetic and hectic as April where I feel like I can barely breathe and I don't have time to enjoy it. But in May there's still so much going on. Not to mention OTAs and a lot of chatter from the NFL offseason. We start to get the teams on the practice field, but yes the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as major league baseball. And it's not quite so early, so you don't have as many games getting cancelled or postponed because of weather.

Just a lot going on. One of the reasons too that you all mentioned May, college world series, we're building up toward that in the women's college world series. And now we have the championship set in the women's college world series. So we will hear from those two head coaches. Oklahoma's going for a three-peat and has now a 50 plus game win streak. I think it's 51, I think it's 51 games in a row that the Sooners have captured. Can they win a third consecutive title for Patty Gasso?

So that's one of the questions. We're also keeping our eyes on the French Open, which is taking place during their second week in Petty. And of course Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz, the top two men that are on a collision course in the semi-finals for the women. American Coco Goff, she has survived. I think she's taking some advice and some inspiration from the Miami Heat, of whom she is a huge fan.

And her friend Jimmy Butler, who was offering her tickets to the NBA finals even before the Heat made the playoffs. So there's a lot happening and I'm excited to connect with you on a Monday. Generally what happens on Sunday night, not everybody is into the work routine, right? So some people join us Monday night to kick off their work week or you're driving, you're hanging out because getting closer to the summertime, maybe your schedule's not quite as strict. Whatever it is, we're glad to have you with us. Some of you may already be on vacation actually. I had a friend who went to North Carolina last week for vacation.

So I feel like it's early for vacation weeks, but I suppose you get past Memorial Day weekend. Or then you could just be like producer Jay, who decides he'd rather stay at home and sleep. And so he calls out and decides, you know, I really could use a day to sleep.

So he does. Producer Jay shocked me on Monday with his new revelation. We'll get to that. We can't start with that because I feel like once I tell people that you have, you've had an epiphany. A little bit. Yes. Once I tell people about producer Jay's epiphany, you all will not be able to pay attention to anything else that's going on.

Like nothing. And so we can't go there first. Also, guess what Tuesday is, producer Jay? We kind of talked about it, although I may not have pinpointed the day, but we talked about it last week a little bit because I was finagling my approach to... I do remember. Okay.

So what is it? Bob's birthday. Bob's birthday on Tuesday. Yeah.

So it's Bob's birthday on Tuesday. And I had the cutest story about his mom and I really don't know what to do. You're going to laugh. I honest to God do not know what to do. So I need advice because you're much cooler than me.

And I'm wondering if potentially this is something... Should I just tell you now? All right. We're here. Shoot.

But he's going to be here again. Oh, well, I'll probably tell him anyway. So Bob's mom, she's a couple of years older than my mom. Okay.

So seniors on social security. Okay. My mom is still teaching full time. I don't think his mom is working. She is very sweet. Bob's mom and I have started a texting conversation. I know it's cute enough, isn't it? So now it's even happening without Bob knowing, which I kind of think is adorable.

We become investees. Yeah. We can go back and forth about different things. So Bob's mom, apparently, according to Bob, has started stalking me on social media. Right. So it's fine. I'm okay with it. There's nothing on social media that I do not want Bob's mom to know about.

Okay. You know me. If I put it on social media, I'm prepared for the entire world to hear it.

In fact, that's one thing that I share with students at Syracuse, with the young people I mentor. Don't put Jack on social media until you are prepared for the entire bleeping world to read it. It may not happen, but it might. So be ready. And once it's out there, you can't take it back. So it's a warning that I give, a warning label that I put on social media. So I have no problems with her reading anything that I have on social. Now, some of the comments that come back at me, she may be taken aback a little bit, but I don't have any issues with her stalking me, but that's how he put it. She's stalking you on social media. She's interested in your life. Exactly. So thankfully, rather than go, and I don't know if she's on Facebook, he hasn't told me that part yet, but she landed on my blog. So she's been reading.

Again, no problems with any of that. Right. I think that's really cute. But guess what I just got in my email a couple hours ago. I don't even know what to do about this. You know how Snapchat sends you emails? Such and such followed you. Right. Oh yeah. His mom just followed me on Snapchat or sent a request. You sent a request on Snapchat?

Yeah. Snapchat thing. So the reason I ask is because two years ago in December, so December of 2020, I believe, or 21, I think it was 20, Snapchat was becoming toxic for me. I know people have like different social media sites where it just is a bad experience. I was finding myself that no matter where I went, I was worried about taking videos for Snapchat. It became so stupid and I just didn't like it. So for the month of November, it was around Thanksgiving, going into December, I decided I'm going to go a month without Snapchat just to see if I feel better because I honestly did feel pressure.

It sounds ridiculous. I know, but I felt pressure to constantly be getting videos on Snapchat. It wasn't enough to take photos. I really was feeling this pressure. So I decided that I would do a month away from it and see how I felt. So I did. And I never went back because once I got out from under it and stopped thinking about it all the time, I thought, you know what?

That was actually not a good situation for me. I was far too concerned about this ridiculous social media app. So I've never opened it up again, but now Bob's mom is following me. So now what do I do?

Now what do I do? I deleted it off my old phone. It's not on my new phone. Should I think there's pressure now to reactivate your account? But I'm wondering if maybe I go back to Snapchat. I will not quite have the same because it would be just for her.

But or do I just tell her or do I not? How often would a senior mom open Snapchat really? So you don't get notifications or anything. The app is totally off your phone at the moment. It's not even on my phone. Yeah, I don't have it on my new phone. Remember I had a phone death, like a bad phone death last fall and I lost everything. I had taken Snapchat off the old phone and I never put it on the new one anyway.

So I'm not even sure what my login is, which is probably a good thing. So do I, do I? So my only concern here is that if you don't tell her that she's going to start sending you Snapchat, she's going to be like, why is Amy ignoring me on Snapchat? But do I really want to communicate with Bob's mom on Snapchat? I mean, that's another question in itself, but if you're not comfortable using Snapchat, I think you just tell her, but I would tell her like, Hey, I actually, I don't, I saw you follow me on Snapchat, but I don't use that application anymore.

Let's stick to the ones that I do use. Or just, Hey, text me. Yeah, right.

Like I don't use Snapchat. That's the thing. That's the thing. Maybe if I explained to her in person. So I haven't met Bob's parents. That's coming up this summer, which will be great.

I look forward to it. She's very sweet. She's funny. I've talked to them.

I don't know if I told you this Jay, but over Easter, he said, Hey, let's do a video call with your parents. I was like, okay. So I stayed dressed up for the day. I kept my hair nice.

I wanted to look nice for them. Right. And then come to find out what he really meant was you talk to my parents on video call and I'll go sit over here.

So he wasn't even on the video. Yeah. So I was nervous, but now that we text back and forth, she's very sweet. I really like her a lot. And I just am going to have to figure out how to tell her that I don't use Snapchat.

Do you don't think I should open it up again just for her? I don't. I don't think so.

I don't. So I got to tell you what's happening in studio producer. Jay is of course always on the other side of the double pane glass. We have a guest in studio tonight. You can open up his mic if you want.

Okay. So Jacob is in studio. He was one of my students at Syracuse and I offered all of my students, there were eight of us right in the class.

Well, nine, including me. I offered all of my students the chance to come in and to sit in an actual show. Now, Jacob also sat in on a show at Syracuse, but this is different. This is our main studio here at CBS Sports Radio. And so Jacob is sitting next to me.

We're so glad to have you, Jacob. Your mic is on by the way, if you wanted to. Yes.

Okay. So there you are. Say hi.

Hello everyone. Jake has a podcast. He's planning.

He's working toward being a radio host and you're over there shaking your head. Yes. No. So you're far cooler than either me or Jay. I mean, so I'm not cool.

Jay is a modicum of cool. You're clearly far cooler than we are. And you think what?

You're over there shaking your head. I just don't think you should even talk. I don't think, I think you're off Snapchat, so just leave it. I don't think you should even address it. Don't even, just don't even think about it or talk about it.

Just act like I've ignored it. Yes. Just, I don't even know that it's happening. Okay. Is Snapchat still in? Yeah. Is it still cool?

Yes. Is it cooler than TikTok? It's just different.

It is different for sure. I just didn't know if it was still as popular as what it was before. Like friends of mine use Snapchat all day long. I don't really. Yeah.

They just have like streaks. They send photos back with each other, but. Right. Jay, don't you have snaps with your group? You have a group that you snap? I do. Yeah.

Yeah. How often do you open it up? My friends do it more than I do.

I'll check it like once or so a day. We actually, so when I go to dinner with my friends, we have like a group dinner night out like Snapchat where we all convene there and we have another one just with my friends, just random stuff. But yeah, they use it more than I do. But I mean, I get in there at least once a day. I just found that I was thinking way too much about it. And I do that obviously with our social media.

And I also found annoying. Jake, I don't know if this happens to you. I have friends that they have my number clearly. They know my, they know how my number and how to get in touch with me. And they only message through Snapchat. Like what I do or Facebook messenger, which is even worse. I don't even check that. Right.

So, Oh, I know we haven't turned off on our show Facebook page. I don't even want to see those messages, but yeah. Do you have friends who only like reply to you or get in touch with you through apps? Some people only want to use Snapchat text because the message deletes. Yep. That's a bit is sketchy, but that's what I said. Going back, say five years ago, Snapchat is the answer to people wanting to send things that are inappropriate or they don't want to get caught with. And the thing is when you screenshot it, the person knows, right?

Yes. It's all sketchy. Another reason why, cause I, and I will say there was one particular guy that I was talking to pre-Bob. Hi Bob. One particular guy.

No, I don't even remember his name, Bob. Anyway, he would only communicate through Snapchat and it was the most rich and I felt like it was totally inappropriate. That is inappropriate. I mean, there's a time and place and there's certain messages I can go through like quick little like quips or like do a video or a photo in there, but like you're trying to like actually have a conversation. You're not doing it through chat. No.

In fact, I felt like he didn't want anyone to know, which is why he was, if it's what they say about Las Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, that's kind of the idea behind Snapchat. What happens on Snapchat stays on snap.

I know most people call it snap. So yeah, I don't, I don't think so. I don't feel like she would want me to open up that toxic chapter of my life again. No, no. Okay. I feel better now. I need to get that off my chest.

Thank you both. Do we know if she's an avid user or? Oh, avid. What a great word. I'm going to have to work that into conversation tonight.

You know how much I'm a wordsmith. I don't know. Bob may go and ask her actually now after hearing this. Bob actually works from home on Tuesday mornings and so that he doesn't have as much time to listen. So maybe he'll just ignore the show now. See, it's his birthday on Tuesday. So he'll want to know if I talked about him.

Yep. Good morning. Cause you'll be hearing this in like seven hours. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio. Jake, happy to have you.

Thank you for coming in to be here. I even gave Jake it out like, Hey, you don't just stay for the whole show. And he's like, Nope, I'm staying until 6am Eastern time. He's hardcore. And you're the only one who's asked to come in so far.

So also want to know something else about Jake? I offered, so their final project for the class, everybody had to do their own radio segment with varying degrees of success or, you know, different features and elements. I left it wide open. Do whatever it is that you want. You just have to have a radio segment prepared.

It has to feature a lot of what we've talked about in class. I took notes the whole time. Secret for Jake, don't tell anybody else. Partly because I didn't want to be staring at you all.

And so I was like, well, if I stare at my notes then, but also I took notes so that if the students wanted particular feedback that I wasn't going to give in class publicly, I would write it to them. Jake's the only one who asked. Really? The only one who asked. Bunch of people nodded like, yeah, yeah, I'd like that. But nobody else came to me and asked. So clearly Jake is my favorite. Yes.

No, he's going to get something out of it too. Cause you're the only one here and the only one that got the notes. So it's good stuff. Thank you for being interested in my feedback. No problem. No problem. All right. So it's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio.

You can find me not on Snapchat cause I won't respond. Not even to Bob's mom. And you can go to Twitter, ALawRadio or to our Facebook page. It's named after the show. Speaking of Vegas, I think that adage applies to everything except for sports, right? Because clearly what the Golden Knights have done in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas. They're going to take it on the road to South Florida. But boy, have they made a loud statement in the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final. That is Straight Ahead After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Shoot! He scores! Alec Martinez, two nothing Golden Knights, two minutes to go first period. Waugh run off by Verhage into the left corner. Waugh walks out in front and scores!

Nick Waugh! Three nothing Golden Knights, three minutes into the second period. First shot of the period. And the second goal of the Stanley Cup playoffs for Nicholas Waugh. Counting coming to center, finds Stevenson into the zone of Stone.

On the right wing, Stone. Now down the middle. Score! Howden! Brett Howden brings the crowd to its feet once again. Four nothing Knights, 13 minutes to play in the second period.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. You get the sense that the Vegas Golden Knights were able to pick up exactly where they left off in the opener of the Stanley Cup Final. Remember, the third period of the opener. They go into it, they're tied with the Panthers 2-2. And then boom! Three goals later, they have run away with that opener.

But it took them a little bit to create some separation. Well, in the first period of game two, tonight, two more goals. Second period, two more goals. Finally, the Panthers get on the board in the final period.

But three more goals from the Vegas Golden Knights. They were on a tear. They're on a bender, as I said.

I think some people say heater. I just thought it was funny to say they're on a bender. Although maybe if they were on a bender, they wouldn't be performing nearly as well. But still, they are honed in and there is no stopping them now.

They are men on a mission. Panthers are certainly used to being a team with the odds and the deck stacked against them, if you will. These games don't carry over. The goals don't carry over, even though they've now set a record for the most goals ever in two games of a Stanley Cup Final. So no team has ever scored a dozen goals in the first two of a Stanley Cup Final. And that's where the Golden Knights find themselves, now two games away from their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, Dan Duva with the calls on the Golden Knights radio network. How do they carry that momentum over? Well, at this point, you're talking about a bunch of veterans, right? You're talking about a lot of experience, adding Jack Eichel to the mix was, I mean, it was such a boost for them, especially considering that he was available and maybe a little tarnished. So the shine had gone off his star somewhat after the injuries, the exit with Buffalo, a lot of what was said kind of back and forth clandestinely, maybe leaked about Jack Eichel and how things were going in Buffalo. And yet, once he got healthy, and the Golden Knights were willing to wait, he's been incredible.

He's lived up to the reputation that he had, even when he got into the NHL. So they've got a bunch of stars, they've got fire power, fireworks, really, whenever they get on the ice and they're locked in. Panthers have had one of the best goaltenders to this point in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but Sergei Bobrovsky was chased midway through the second period.

So now there's an interesting question about who will start game three when they get back to South Florida. But first for the Golden Knights, to be able to carry that forward, Mark Stone has got his team locked in. Just kind of sticking to it. There's momentum swings in games, right? These guys are trying to jab at us, get us on the game. But with the leadership on the back end that we have, we're rolling four lines deep, and we're getting big saves from our goalies.

We're just sticking to the course, playing our game, not getting frustrated with anything that they're doing. Did someone say goalie? Aidan Hill, a revelation for these Vegas Golden Knights, and he's made dynamic save after jaw dropping save. Everything that comes to him seemingly, and he's not been impenetrable, but the way that he has been able to get to some of the pucks and the shots that you were sure were headed for the back of the net.

And who is this guy anyway? Aidan Hill. We're not talking about a highly decorated keeper. Instead, we're talking about a guy that has started, gosh, a couple dozen games for the Golden Knights. Bruce Cassidy, thrilled with what he's getting from his young goalie. 29 more saved tonight.

He's stopping everything he's seeing, right? Which is great for us and great for him. That can be a real advantage.

If you ask Florida, I didn't see every game of their previous series, but it sounds like their guy was playing unbelievable too, right? It can give your team a huge lift. It's probably been the most fun I've ever had playing hockey. Just enjoying it, cherishing every day, and just kind of taking it one day at a time. Just kind of living in the moment, and it's been fun. It's been awesome to be a part of this journey with this team. The chanting from the crowd.

You hear the noise, but you're not really kind of listening along, but it's been fun. Getting that second win tonight is huge, and I'm just hoping we can keep that momentum going into Florida. And then, of course, you have in front of the keeper, in front of Hill, you've got the explosive power. Jack Eichel, we'll talk about a little bit more in a second, but Jonathan Marcheso now has a dozen goals, which is a franchise record in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. If you were still watching toward the end of the second period, well, you saw what was a bone shattering, not literally figuratively. It felt bone shattering to me, though.

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That's Kill yourself in your own body. Steal for the Panthers. Drop pass, Duclair hands it off. Orsling centered. Up the slot.

Eclat finds it and centers. Tip. Oh, great stuff by Hill. He got the right pad over. Tuck it in the corner and the Knights get it there. Eichel looks ahead. Backhand. Oh, he's decked hard. Helmet pops off. Gloves are dropped. Eichel is skating over to the bench. I just came off the bench and saw him in the middle of the ice with his head down.

It doesn't matter who you are. You shouldn't be going through the middle with your head down. You're going to get hit. I would get hit too if I had my head down in the middle.

It's nothing, not a big deal. He's a really good player. Really good players can get hit too.

I just went to the bench just thinking, get some rest before a power play, but have us sent off. Actually, I would say that really good players get hit probably more. And Matthew Kuchuk, who delivered what felt like a bone shattering hit on Jack Eichel, he actually ended up fighting, right? So he thought, well, we thought, as you look back at the hit, it wasn't dirty. As it turned out, Eichel started to lose his balance and was falling forward.

And we'll hear from him in a second. He's falling forward. So as he's doing that, the hit by Kuchuk thankfully mostly smashed into his shoulder, but his head snapped back a little bit because of the fact that he had lowered it as he was falling forward. Kuchuk didn't do anything wrong. The hit itself was completely clean. We're not talking about a Jamie Benn hit here on, that was also on Mark Stone, wasn't it?

Or it was on Mark Stone. He didn't do anything outside the rules or something that would need to put him in the penalty box. But then there was a fight after that. So the whole problem got compounded because the Golden Knights took exception to Kuchuk's hit. And then he and a member of the Golden Knights, can't remember which one, they both end up serving these major penalties. He also got another one in the third period, another 10 minute penalty in the third period. So it was not a good night for Matthew Kuchuk and probably the game is out of reach there. But on this particular hit, it's one of those that reminds you how fast and how powerful the game of hockey.

And I would say this one translated on TV. You know now and then when I talk about the NHL, even the NHL as fast as it is, it doesn't translate well on a TV screen. You really don't understand the speed or the power of this, or the skill really, of the teams that are on the ice, especially the best skaters. You don't get it until you see it in person. This was absolutely a hit that demonstrates the speed and the power.

It was two bodies coming together at high speed and boom, their inertia just slams right into each other. So right away, as you hear on Knights Radio, Jack Eichel heads off. I look up and he's on my TV screen.

This always happens. So there was a lot of concern for him because of his past injury with the neck, but he was able to talk to reporters afterwards. Kind of toe picked a little bit and you know saw him at the last minute. He finishes a hard, you know, what I saw was a clean check on me and it's a physical game. You're going to get hit sometimes.

So you just kind of move on, you know. How quickly did you know you're okay? You know, it was a physical, it was a big hit, but I came back in here, regrouped and, you know, it's fine.

I was a little bit surprised by it. I didn't, I went to the bench getting ready for a power play, but yeah, I mean, I think one of those misconducts I deserve, but I don't know about the other one, but at the end of the day, it's, you know, they might've thought that game was a little bit out of reach maybe in the second period, but we certainly didn't. We scored seven goals in a period before, so never known playoffs. Matthew Kuchuk thinking the first game misconduct was deserving or maybe the second.

He just said one of those I didn't think was necessary. One of those I didn't think was deserving, but he did, he did at least deliver a hit and maybe then the Panthers can rally from that point because they did score in the third period. So I don't know if it's maybe it's a turning point for them in terms of getting into it. One thing you noticed about this game, if you're watching it, I think the announcer has commented on it too, the Golden Knights are skating around the hits as much as possible. So they're not as physical as the Florida Panthers. They don't want to mix it up with the Florida Panthers. They would rather have the space.

They'd rather kind of go around it, even if it means taking their circuitous route. So they're avoiding hits as much as possible so they can keep the flow going so they can use their speed and man we have certainly seen the way that their fast breaks, if you will, get organized so quickly. They come together so quickly. The Panthers would like to be able to muck it up with more hits and so they've been accused a little bit of being a dirty team. They absolutely push back on that and it's kind of this clashing of styles and Bruce Cassidy is thrilled with his team.

I just looked up and there's the hit again. Bruce Cassidy is thrilled with his team because they're not getting drawn into being chippy and I think the idea behind what Bruce has to say is that we don't want to get drawn into a physical game because it takes us out of our preferred style but if the Panthers use these hits and can get physical and we start trying to play their game then we get away from our own plan and our own execution and so he's proud of his guys for not getting drawn into a chippier game but I gotta say if you watched this game tonight there were plenty of moments where you had guys shoving after the whistle, you had guys getting each other's faces and there's a lot of tension out there too. Toughness you know that's uh it's it there's probably a lot of things that go into it the description of that taking a hit to make a play blocking shots it's not about fighting and uh winning your puck battles um to me discipline is more the mental toughness part of it right knowing that it's easy to retaliate and and get your sort of instant gratification but you know to hold it in takes a lot more and and try to pick your spot later especially if you feel you've been wronged out there and it's listen hockey can be a violent game so I mean that's why guys lose it their discipline sometimes and we get it but we've done a terrific job I think of getting it back if you know if there's pockets of the game that looks like it might disappear let's get it back. So you can clearly hear with Bruce Cassidy that their style their focus is to not get dragged into a game where they are retaliating or where they're taking penalties themselves because they're being chippier because the panthers kind of got inside their heads and they're trying to play physical or fight physical with physical. Yes it's violent but I like that he talks about the timing and the timing of the timing and this is the biggest piece of advice I give young people whether it's personally or professionally choose your battles choose your battles not every battle is worth your time your effort not every battle is worth fighting and it applies in sports too now if only Draymond Green could get to really understand that speaking of Dray we have he and his head coach remember how people talk about those two guys they don't see eye to eye no Draymond Green had Steve Kerr on his podcast called the volume and they were talking about Nicole Jokic and Jamal Murray and defending the Denver Nuggets following game number two so he was on the top of he was on top of mind which is why I bring it up so maybe we'll come back with a little bit of that as we have this break before game three of the NBA Finals which is Wednesday because that makes perfect sense perfect sense on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page too glad to have you with us we've taken more calls the last week which is fun eight five five some this is flea for this little light the podcast about falling in love with music I started a non-profit music school about 20 years ago called the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music the reason that I started doing this podcast was music education I'll be speaking with Rick Rubin Thundercat Stewart Copeland Margot Price Corey Henry Cynthia Erivo Sheila E and Patti Smith please listen and follow This Little Light a presentation of Cadence 13 on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts times eight five five two one two four two two seven you are listening to the After Hours Podcast Murray has the Rock slow making sure no fouls giving reaches but no foul called Murray to tie it it's out Heat wins it game two of the 2023 NBA Finals belongs to the Heat wow this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence Jason Jackson after a wild fourth quarter rally by the Miami Heat seventh time in these NBA playoffs they have come back from double figures down to win the game and every opponent they face to this point knows it and now that includes the Denver Nuggets what producer Jay missed last night when he was not here was the classic Jimmy Butler explaining why the Heat are so resilient it's got to be one of my favorite Jimmy Butler isms to this point he calls it the I don't give a damn factor Jay when you find it it should be in there Butler talking about why the team is so resilient are you ready okay let's let's see if this is the one Jimmy Butler was a was once again asked the question how do you guys keep coming back like this how do you keep rallying when it seems like you're on life support I just think nobody cares on our team we're not we're not worried about what anybody thinks we're so focused in on what we do well and who we are as a group that at the end of the day that's what we fall back on maker missed shots we're gonna be who we are because we're not worried about anybody else that's how it's been all year long you know that's not gonna change so that's what I think it is I think it's the I don't give a damn factor do we have that here on this show the I don't give a damn factor would you say that that's something that we possess here on after hours I would say it shows once in a while who gives less of a damn me or you I don't know well you know how much I believe Jimmy Butler and I are our brother from another mother sister sister and brother from another mother it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio yes that was actually a quote that I put out on Twitter just because I love it so much the I don't give a damn factor so speaking of Twitter love to have you find us there after hours CBS or on our Facebook page we do not use Snapchat I started that for a while with the show and just could not keep up with it we have a YouTube channel we have a Facebook page I have a Facebook page which I barely use anymore though I did share the link to my blog earlier on Monday but honestly sometimes I don't check my own Facebook page for for a good month in fact I use Jay's Facebook page that's the funniest part is that stupid Facebook or meta or whatever it is locked me out of my own show page and I've only asked for the code 80,000 times and they never give me a code they have my number of course because my numbers on record they never send me the code so we just decided screw that I don't care so I'm locked out of my own show page I am Amy Lawrence and I can't get onto the Amy Lawrence show page which is it's just asinine I don't get it so instead I use Jay's Facebook page to get into my own show page because you're also an administrator yeah how I be how I became the sole lead admin of that page um I don't even know because I don't remember how I can't access it all I think Dave might have transferred it yeah Dave had to give you access to it we had to give you access and put you on the account because has to come from someone who runs the account which used to be me on my own page but not anymore because now I use your page well I said you couldn't like talk to my friends and stuff if you want no I know you told me to like go on a liking spree right and just start the funny part is too is that I will accidentally open up Jay's page and it doesn't open to our show page instead it opens up to your main news feed and since sometimes we follow we follow a lot of the same people like for instance John Kincaid I saw his post on your Facebook feed on Monday afternoon and I liked it because I figured you would like it so I liked it but but that was on purpose but there are times when I accidentally like things and I forget it's not my page no yeah but not people that I don't know so your friends I would never like something I didn't know but we have some same friends in common I don't even think you and I are Facebook friends I don't think so I don't think we've ever connected on Facebook no it's very we don't use it very often I don't use my personal Facebook I haven't used it in years I mean if I want to go to your Facebook and look at what you're doing I certainly can because I have your law in fact I even funnier I'm the one who changed Jay's password that's true that's true because we got to the point where I don't know what happened did we get hacked or you gotta know something happened we got locked out of the account out in too many tries and had to change the password so I Jay was sleeping Facebook's asking me for a new password and I just went ahead and changed it so I actually changed the password on Jay's Facebook account and then when I went to log back in on my phone I woke up to do normal things of her work I couldn't get in and I thought we got hacked and you're like oh no yeah don't worry I just changed I just changed the password yeah so the funny thing is I use Jay's Facebook more than he does if you I know that they keep track of all logins like meta keeps track of everything not to mention there's there's data on our phones of which sites we log into I'm on Jay's Facebook page more than I'm on mine I'm certainly on Jay's Facebook page more than he's on his own and I accidentally if I see something from say one of our colleagues here at work I forget that it's not mine so I'll like it we've got a rash of new babies here in the newsroom right so I've been like hey you like it you know what I'll take that because it makes me look good it looks like you are participating and you're being a good friend so I make you look much more like a good friend even though mostly he couldn't care less so then I go into our own show Facebook page so anyway show Facebook show Twitter personal Twitter personal Facebook which I don't use as much my own personal blog and then a YouTube channel plus our website which okay it's kind of dead now but we do have a podcast as well that we promote goodness that's that's more than enough social media for me I don't know how people also work in Insta and TikTok which the Chinese are stealing your information don't use TikTok and I'm trying to get my younger niece off TikTok because Lauren uses it she she tried to teach me about it during the pandemic I was like hun what's the difference between this and YouTube oh it's quicker it's shorter it's easier okay so can you search for things well yeah but mostly they send you things no right because it's an algorithm it's the Chinese spying on you they want to know as much about you as possible and I said to her you like it better because it's shorter well yes and they send me recommended videos which YouTube does as well oh no it's it's much shorter it's just quick and I said how long do you sit and stare at that thing oh I can do it for an hour easy okay yeah right no one yeah once you once you're in like that's why I haven't downloaded it once you're in you're not getting you're not gonna un-download it un-download it you're not gonna un-download it it would be disable it yeah or delete it delete it un-download it I like that better you like un-download it works I'll go delete it you're not gonna delete it because it's just so addicting and then once you have it how are you gonna go that's the thing the Chinese are brainwashing you well we all know that that's happening with TikTok they're not hiding it no they're not hiding it at all they're not even trying to who is Facebook partnered with because Facebook was also selling our info to the Chinese remember they got called oh see and YouTube and no Google's YouTube sorry okay Google is YouTube yes I will confess I'm a Google shill I do love Google it's not only my favorite search engine but I recently discovered Google sheets what is that Google sheets is their version of the Excel spreadsheet so they have their own spreadsheets but they have to call it Google sheets because it's not the same as Excel or a PDF but it's it's modeled after it's a revelation is it right I have Gmail multiple Gmail accounts actually our company now uses Gmail which is really interesting because you go to log into your own email and it sends you to Gmail and so we aren't yeah word we're entirely enveloped in the Google family a little bit scary because Google is also spying on us of course they really all are at this point want to hear something crazy well I'll save it for next hour just because we want to spread out the crazy I know we want to spread out the crazy though it's more fun that way uh speaking of crazy a crazy scoring fest with the Vegas Golden Knights through the first two games of the Stanley Cup final they have set a record for the number of goals they're on a they're on a heater they're on a tear they're locked in whatever cliche you prefer another loud statement in game two tonight in Las Vegas before they go cross-country to sunrise Florida can the Panthers rally how do the Panthers rally where the heck did Aiden Hill come from and the Golden Knights not the entire roster from 2018 how did they get from that Stanley Cup final to this one we'll talk to David we'll talk to David Pinota in Vegas next it's after hours CBS Sports Radio
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