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6-2-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 2, 2023 6:08 am

6-2-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 2, 2023 6:08 am

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks on a Ja Morant punishment | Former NBA Big-Man & current Nuggets TV analyst Scott Hastings joins the show | Tom Brady says again he is NOT returning to football.


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Visit people say to me, even sometimes when I walk in the door downstairs, the security guards will say to me, good morning. It's, I don't know, 12, 15 Eastern time. Good morning.

What? I haven't slept yet. It's not morning.

It's pitch black outside. I mean, I would rather see midnight from nighttime than from having it be my morning and waking up, if that makes sense. I'm not expressing myself particularly fluidly right now. But it's not my morning. I try to stay on West Coast hours, even though I live in the Eastern time zone.

It's because I have to. But the people who right now are listening to us, a lot of them, we have a variety of people, different cross sections, but a lot of people who are listening to us on the left half of the country or from the left half of the country are still awake on their Thursday night. I'm still awake on my Thursday night.

And so that's why it fits me. Now we'll continue through. And once all of our struggling time zones get into Friday, then we can officially say it. But my brother, this is a great example, actually, my brother and his family are all in Hawaii right now. They're finishing up their last few hours in Hawaii. And we do have a station in Honolulu. So we know people are listening in Honolulu. It's only nine o'clock p.m. on Thursday right now in Honolulu. They happen to be six hours behind Eastern time zone and three hours behind those of you in the Pacific time zone.

So for them, it would be ridiculous for me to say happy Friday, because it's not their Friday. I try to be mindful of all of our time zones. We obviously have people obviously have people who listen north of the border. We have people who listen internationally as well. But yeah, even those of you who are in California or you're in Washington or Oregon or Arizona, like I say, we have stations and affiliates all over the country. It would be weird for me to say good morning or happy Friday. So I'm trying to be mindful of you and my brother and sister-in-law.

Get this. I understand when you go east to west, you pick up the hours, right? So when they left from Washington D.C. on the Tuesday last week when they flew to Hawaii, they actually got to Hawaii at one o'clock in the afternoon. So they did the entire drive. They went to Seattle first, from D.C. to Seattle, and then from Seattle to Hawaii. And they were there by one o'clock in the afternoon. How crazy is that? So they took off at nine o'clock a.m. eastern time from D.C., went through Seattle, but got to Hawaii at one o'clock in the afternoon.

It's pretty sweet. That sounds like a long day. Yeah, that conversion of time. Well, right, they were in bed by 6 30 Hawaii time that night. But the point is you get there and you save all this time, right?

You essentially go back in time, which is kind of cool. But come in the other direction, they're leaving Hawaii at 10 30 Friday morning local time. They don't get back until early morning Saturday in D.C. So it's almost 24 hours of travel.

Now they do have a layover on the west coast, but still 24 hours of travel in the United States for heaven's sakes. You technically don't exist that day, right? I mean you exist and you're exhausted from all the traveling, but you lose a whole lot of time. So yeah, it sounds like a bore.

Well, it sounds like a bear actually. I am going to be heading to Hawaii sometime in the very near future. It's on the bucket list and so I'm going to have to be ready for that thinking a bunch of books because you know me, Jay, I cannot sleep on planes. I can't even when I went to Africa.

So the way to Africa, because we had a tailwind going west to east right across the Atlantic Ocean. We were in the tube, the giant metal tube that flies through the air. We were in the tube for 20 hours. I slept five minutes. I had even taken Tylenol PM and I did not sleep. That's how I just, I don't know what it is about my mind. I can't sleep sitting up and I really don't sleep well when there's people all around me and it's noisy, right?

Even if you wear headphones, it's still, you're moving and anyway else. And I was in a middle seat, so it just, whoa, yeah, it just wasn't comfortable. I mean, I had people I knew on either side of me. It was a group of us that was going, but yeah, on the way back 24 hours in the tube, 24 hours in the tube, essentially 24 hours spent almost entirely in one seat. And you couldn't shave off any of that time sleeping? I, no, I slept no minutes on the way back.

Zero minutes. It was the worst. So for that reason, when Bob says to me, because I think Bob would like to travel to Africa, he's done some work there. We both done humanitarian missions trips there. I think we would both like to go back, but seriously, it was awful. For three weeks, I was a total disaster from that trip. Anyway, the jet lag and the not sleeping. Yeah, no joke. Awake. I mean, now I'm used to it, right?

That was pre CBS sports radio. And I do these types of things where I'm up 30 plus hours at least once every six months, if not more frequently when I travel. But that's the issue is that I do not sleep on planes. So to go to Hawaii and come back movies, I guess, I guess books is what I'm thinking books and bother and bothering the people around me.

Yeah, that works too. Just kidding. No, I don't talk. I don't talk on planes. You think if you read enough, it'll like help you fall asleep or you'll start to daze.

Well, does he mean days to days out? Peace out, baby. Yes, I do think it helps and wearing headphones with music. There is some music. So for instance, Frank Sinatra, I can fall asleep to Frank Sinatra. I can doze to Frank Sinatra. It helps me. So that's one option. There are a couple of other artists where their music seems to be soothing, not elevator music.

Michael Buble is another one that really helps. I can fall asleep too. So yes, there is the option that I could read and kind of get my heavy eyelids and then hopefully doze. But it starts to become a mental thing. I get nervous, right?

It's in my head. It's like stepping up to the free throw line. And you know, you've practiced your free throws. You practice, you practice, but now everyone's staring at you.

Exactly. So yes, I do not sleep on planes, but Hawaii for sure. Hello, Hawaii. We're happy to have you with us.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Coming up in mere moments, Scott Hastings from Denver, former NBA big man himself. He's got a championship ring from his days with the bad boys. To me, that's just street cred right away. You played with the bad boys.

You have a ring with the bad boys. Anyway, he's been in Denver for years and years. Finished up his NBA career there and is now part of Altitude TV. And we'll talk to him about this first ever NBA Finals game in the Mile High City.

Adam Silver made his extensive state of the state comments to NBA fans and to reporters on Thursday. And we're going to drop some of this in throughout the course of the show. But one of the big topics right now is what to do with Ja Morant.

So that was a question that he was asked more than once. In assessing what discipline is appropriate, if that's the case, we look at both the history of prior acts, but then we look at the individual player's history as well. And the seriousness, of course, of the conduct.

So those are all things that get factored. It's not an exact science. It comes down to judgment at the end of the day on the part of me and my colleagues in the league office. In terms of the timing, we've uncovered a fair amount of additional information.

I think since I was still asked about the situation, I would say we probably could have brought it to a head now. But we made the decision, and I believe the Players Association agrees with us, that it would be unfair to these players and these teams in the middle of the series to announce the results of that investigation. And given that we're, of course, in the offseason, he has now been suspended by the Memphis Grizzlies indefinitely, and so nothing would have changed anyway in the next few weeks.

It seemed better to park that at the moment, at least any public announcement. And my sense now is that shortly after the conclusion of the Finals, we will announce the outcome of that investigation. Very deliberate language used by the Commissioner Adam Silver. In other words, they're not going to upstage the NBA Finals because they recognize what a big brouhaha this will be. Number two, they don't need to right now because he's already suspended by the Grizzlies, and so he's not with the team. They're not doing a lot right now anyway, but he's not with the team, and they are content with that. They don't think he should be around the team. They, at this point, they need him to not be partaking in anything to do with the league until they can make their final determination. But then you also hear him talk about the different evidence, the different information they've uncovered, and the fact that they want to make sure they've done everything they can. And even though it is a judgment call, that Adam Silver specifically speaks to colleagues and also the NBA Players Association, he mentions too.

So that was one of the topics that came up for his State of the State address. Another one, and I appreciate that this also was addressed by Commissioner Silver, the experienced proven, in some cases, championship coaches who are getting fired, and if the mentality of what have you done for me lately, as in the last year, is too much of a burden to bear. Now think about it, and we'll hear from Nick Nurse as we head through the show, but Nick Nurse fired in Toronto. He's being hired in Philadelphia to replace Doc Rivers, who was fired in Philly. Mike Butenholzer is still out there.

He won a championship in Milwaukee. We know that Monty Williams just got another job in Detroit, so they're essentially getting recycled, which is crazy. And I know fresh starts, and depending upon what career you're in or what job field you're in, maybe this is your experience as well.

I know it is for me. I've been fired and rehired and fired and rehired, yada yada. But it's stark, the number of experienced coaches who have been fired, only to turn around and get hired somewhere else.

I wouldn't say it's concerned because when you look at the numbers, it's actually not that aberrational. You've been doing this a long time too, David, that there is that revolving door of coaches. What's interesting is some of those same championship coaches, of course, have already been hired. They've already been hired on another team.

So it's a marketplace. But again, I think that's something that ultimately has to be controlled by the teams. I am though, just personally, because I've been at this a long time and they're personal friends. And I think that sometimes I get it from a team or a fan standpoint, you're doing everything you can to win. But it's rough to get fired. It's rough on that coach's family.

It requires dislocation. It's embarrassing. But the good news is seemingly the great coaches, the ones that have proven track records, get rehired somewhere else. And it may just be not, and I don't think they go from being championship level coaches to bad coaches one or two seasons later. It's for whatever reason that sometimes change is just necessary, a different voice.

I mean, we all know how that works. But the good news is it seems that talent continues to get recognized and the great rehired somewhere else. A little bit from the commissioner Adam Silver, because there are some definite trends that you can see developing. Another one is rules changes that he'll talk about or we'll hear from him talk about.

But that was part of his State of the State address on Thursday. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Also, in addition, we've got Brad Stevens and the Celtics exit interviews too, and the determination of their coaching situation and what they'll do there.

And also a little bit about Jalen Brown. But before we take our break, and we've got our guests from Denver coming up next, I've been teasing you about a wacky show question. Are you ready? Roger Federer has been hired by Waze, the map app, to voice directions for drivers if they so choose. Listen to this.

Hello, it's Roger here. Come behind the scenes as we've just been shooting everything for Waze, all the different voices, English, French and German. So I'm going to try to get you from A to B as safely as possible, as quickly as possible. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you pick my voice and we'll have a good time doing it together as partners. Hazard reported ahead.

Let's look sharp. You're used to seeing me on the court, but now you can take a ride with me. Activate the Roger Federer experience on Waze.

Enjoy your next journey by my side. Roger Federer, courtesy of Waze. Now, I got to tell you, I love Roger Federer. He's one of my favorite athletes of all time. He's the GOAT. Well, OK, he's been passed in terms of his grand slams now by Rafa and Novak. But I still think of Roger Federer as the greatest men's tennis player ever, regardless. He sounds a little awkward as he's telling people that there's a hazard ahead.

Hazard reported ahead. But I love his voice and I would say that he's the GOAT. And I wouldn't mind listening to him give me directions. This is brilliant. This is brilliant by Waze. Jane, I think this is brilliant because I would go sign up for Waze if it was the voice of an athlete or celebrity or an entertainer that I wanted to hear. Could you imagine this could be a booming business? I'm sure they're paying him a buttload of money. Not that he needs it.

He's he's richer than rich. But I think this would draw a lot of people to the Waze app. So we're asking you, what athlete, celebrity or entertainer would you most like to hear give you directions on a map app, a driving app? Jay, have you thought about it?

Jay's going to put the post up on our show, Twitter, After Hours, CBS or on our Facebook page. I've actually thought about a couple. I do love the British accent. I was thinking maybe Harry Kane. That's a good one. English footballer.

But there are others that I can think of too. So that's the question tonight. As Roger Federer teams up to give you or teams up with Waze to give you directions, what athlete or celebrity would you most like to hear guiding you through the streets? So funny. Hazard ahead.

But you could hear it in multiple languages. Hazard reported ahead. That's so sharp. All right, straight ahead. Speaking of ahead, we've got Scott Hastings in Denver following the Nuggets first ever NBA Finals game.

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Ditch the BS of biased rate shopping and visit to see today's straight up rates. Lauren's on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. The Koliokic triple-double. Nuggets win it by 11. 104 to 93.

Three more wins and you win the title. This is After Hours with Amy Warren. Jason Kosmicke on Denver Nuggets Radio.

We're gonna go a different direction for tonight's guest. He comes from Altitude TV, part of the family of broadcasters. One of the top analysts for Nuggets games on Altitude TV and a former NBA big man himself won a ring with Detroit going back to the late 80s and the early 90s. And so it's always our privilege to welcome Scott Hastings to the show.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I know you've done a bunch of interviews. You've been working getting ready for the NBA Finals after all this time and you spent a couple years of your career there in Denver to wrap up. After all this time waiting what was it like inside ball arena for the first Finals game in franchise history Scott?

Well Amy I'll tell you what. First of all the fans all play up long have just been unbelievable. As loud as I've ever seen it. It's like every game we said well it can't get any louder and somehow somehow it does. Tonight was was just stupid crazy to be honest with you.

They they were ready. I talked to a guy who was doing a stand up we do a pregame for Altitude so I'm outside with fans and so on and so forth. This guy comes by and he's you know kind of a just a little scooter like thing and he's been a season ticket holder for 40 years uh for 40 years and he was 90 years old.

So it's reached a whole new level. I mean this you know this team since you know goes all the way back to the ABA days and and one of the teams that came over in the merger so I mean this is 50 plus years in the in the making if you will and it was pretty special tonight and you know your first game in the playoffs you get your first win. Well you were part of the Detroit Pistons when they won in the late 80s so what does it mean to a franchise to win a championship? Well I I was fortunate enough to come up and carry a lot of players bags.

Lambier let me carry the bag in the airport. So I was on the second of the back to back and it was I mean it was special I mean until you as a player until you kind of live in that moment until you get into a game and realize I got in and got to play in game three in Portland it's just different um and it's the game that you played you know when I played in the playoffs my birthday was game seven of the Easter conference playoffs that I turned 30 and that was the Scottie Pippen migraine day and so I'm 30 year old playing in my first finals my only finals after a while I mean at first you know you might be dribbling down your leg a little bit but then all of a sudden you realize it's just basketball it's no different than junction city Kansas playing in the state championship but it's intense every play seems to matter I think these guys figure that out this this is a focused basketball team I can tell you that I know a lot of people these guys don't get to see it much but this is a really talented focused basketball team you know your your best player Nicole Jokic you'll turn 28 in the season Jamal Murray you're you know an all-star caliber player is 27 Michael Porter is 24 Christian Brown played tonight as the rookie I think he's 22 this is a focused good team and they're also young. When you think about all the different pieces that had to fall into place for this team to not only win the top scene but to run through the playoffs the way that they have why is this the year in which it seemingly is coming together for them or at least enough for them to get to the finals? Well I'm not sure and I think this is probably good for everybody I think COVID slowed everybody's progress down a little bit they did play in the western conference finals in the bubble and you know everybody who said he was down there was it you know we started a conversation you're not you're not having a crowd like we saw tonight in the bubble or like we'll see next week in Miami I mean they started to do something then but then all of a sudden you know the next year Jamal Murray late in the season and you're rolling I mean it looks like hey here's your chance maybe you do something special this year uh and Jamal Murray tears the ACL late in the season um and then you get you know so he's out the whole next year Porter plays nine games and and has to get out as another back surgery so it was it's just it's they're healthy to be honest with you that's first and foremost Gordon's playing dividends and that was a trade they they they had a few years ago the year that Murray gets hurt and that was the place to play against the big fours that they were going to play like of the Lakers and the Clippers but then your next year without Murray you're playing you're playing Steph Curry in Golden State and you know a whole lot different I mean it's not any easier but it's a whole lot different chasing Kawhi when you're similar sized and then chasing Steph Curry so so then you get back Murray comes back he's getting more healthy and then the management adds you know contagious Caldwell Pope who's been a godsend in a trade and then somehow and I think Amy to be honest with you you can look this up I'm not sure the most most positive most maybe I think it's the best free agent pick up as far as helping the team win uh with Bruce Brown getting him getting him on the market and and getting him fairly cheap you know an NBA standards I mean I'll take a six million dollar salary if someone wants to give me one now all of a sudden guess what Gordon could go guard the bigger guys and you've got JCP and Bruce Brown and a rookie and Christian Brown that now you can slot you know all three of them good guard you know basically one one to four we're so excited to have Scott Hastings with us from Denver after the Nuggets first NBA Finals game in franchise history he's part of Altitude TV spent some time interviewing players after the game and is jumping on with us here after our CBS Sports Radio former big man himself in the league what did the players have to say about a couple of things number one waiting nearly 10 days to get back on the court because that's a long time and it's out of routine but also about getting a chance to participate in essentially this promised land where every NBA player wants to go you know I almost like the 10 days now especially the way they they kind of came out and really through three quarters you know took it to Miami I think it helped them if Nicola had been fighting most playoffs with the with the sore wrist Murray ain't having get you know an ACL even though he's had all year just more rest because I thought there was a time his legs were getting a little tired in that Phoenix series he got rest KCPs banged up a little bit so I think from that standpoint it was good and then I I watched maybe you guys could go back and look at it Jamal Murray had a press conference I think it was yesterday and I watched him speak and listen I I've covered all their 82 of their games this year so I'm around them a lot and I watched him talking about oh god they're focused um there wasn't a you know read our press clippings be satisfied with what we did uh through these first three rounds and so on and so forth and I'm like oh oh listen I I got a chance to cover um the Denver Broncos their first two Super Bowl wins I was a color analyst on radio for that wow and and I remember that team the Broncos finally winning their first um Super Bowl and and being around those guys the week before the the Super Bowl that was the focus I'd ever seen them and it's very similar it reminds me a little bit of what this team is going on right now I love though that Jamal Murray still has the emotion that's associated with it too telling a story about doing NBA final shots at his driveway when he was a kid for the championship but also the fact that he did have to sit out and didn't have an opportunity to get back to the postseason until now and how much it means to him to be healthy and and of course out there shooting the lights out he's unbelievable I've always said it and I said it the the year he and he was rolling the year he tore his ACL before he tore his ACL up Nicole Yogić is Denver's best player and it's not close especially when you I mean if you're really honest he probably is the best player in the world right now but Jamal Murray is Denver's heart and soul he's he he is Denver's emotion um he's the guy that that the crowd is just waiting for him to for him to give them a glance so they can just explode when he's in that zone making shots and all of a sudden that confidence goes you know from a a cub lion to a full-grown timbers daddy lion it becomes pretty special Scott Hastings is with us from Denver following game one of the NBA Finals yes a double figure win though as you point out they were up by 20 something and the heat made a run there in the fourth it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio Nicole Yogić he definitely is a guy who can dominate in many facets and he had double figure assists in the first half of this game long before he ever took a shot and yet there are some who would say he really just fills up a stat sheet he's not that good you see him all the time what makes him so effective and so good on the court Scott is intelligent level is off the chain um if you go back to the first part of the game on Miami is playing him and you got to choose what you're going to do with him and that's why he's so good do you want to you know let him score then lock everybody down well fine then he'll get 53 or 54 points on you do you want to double keep him away from scoring then you better be you better be good on the weak side because he's going to find people he's the only star I've ever been around I've been around a lot of them that honestly doesn't care if Denver would have won today and he had eight points 10 or 12 rebounds and 10 or 12 assists he'd have been just as happy as anybody you know in the world and it's not there's no phony to him numbers don't mean a thing to him it's coming out you know the ledger says a w a lot of guys say that Amy uh and you've been around a lot of them that you know and I know you you get off the interview and go well that was a crock of you know what um that that ain't joker joker joker doesn't care about anything except winning but now he's also 7-1 and 280 points 180 pounds he's got the hands of and the vision of a Magic Johnson he's got a Tim Duncan touch around the basket he can shoot it but his form looks a little bit like Larry Bird at times does he just there's nothing phony about this cat there he's not phony um and anybody don't think he's any good and it's all about stats then you really not watched him play as we've heard more and more from Michael Malone because he's been in the spotlight more and more two things have impressed me about the coach number one he is the first guy to say if we don't win a title all of this is wasted all of this was for nothing we're not happy with just getting the one seed we're not happy with just getting to the west finals or the NBA finals so I really like that about him but also the fact that he is salty now he's got this chip on his shoulder in part because of Nikola Jokic and the fact that he doesn't get the respect that Mike thinks he deserves but also he's finding bulletin board material everywhere Scott it cracks me up this guy he'll use any tool available right now well and sitting there in New York somewhere is his dad who you know has got 20 plus years 30 years coaching in the NBA so I'm sure I'm sure there are some information being passed around but but I you know what we've seen people and teams use this no one respects us Tom Brady used it in Tampa Bay the year they won a Super Bowl and I'm like you're Tom Brady no no one disrespects you or or makes you an underdog no one no one but they use it if you go back and remember they they use it that year for motivation so Denver has a legitimate case I and I won't say his name but he writes for a major publication that just had a swimsuit issue come out and he's sitting there talking about Nikola and why he didn't vote he goes well you know I watched him play you know I checked in the last month of the season well last month's season was April they'd already basically clinched the western conference and and basically didn't play anybody their last five games they played nobody I mean we're getting Peyton Watson who was a one of their draft picks this year had been down the G league you know he's ball and he actually played pretty good in fact I think it upped his stock for next year but they played absolutely nobody well that's the only time you watch these guys or you watch Nikola play you know 14 minutes in a game and think well what's so special then you know you've done him a service it was the same guy that in January was the player of the month and the same guy in February that was the player of the month he didn't take time to watch that part so and I think that there's a legit storm about it uh Lisa Salter after their first game against the Laker she was on a podcast yeah I haven't seen those the nuggets play they're they're they're as good as people say you know what even if I even if that were true about me I would never admit it never ever because we got experience and I said on the radio said even that's the truth you never say thank you all right Scott before I let you go though just one game in there's obviously a long way to go we know what Miami is capable of they are resilient they're tough they will find a way to recalibrate what do the nuggets need to do to win the series what are some of the keys I think they got to play fast I think they're a better team player fast um Miami ended up changing the game in that second half in the fourth quarter anyway um and and slowed the game down and kind of got it grinding the game up and got back in it that's how they can win the the game or I don't think they're gonna win a series but I think they can win a game or so but if Denver plays quick and they get they get Miami moving they don't have enough size I think it's shocked Miami tonight because Eric Gordon's been kind of quiet offensively through this whole series and they said well okay some guard is going to have to guard Eric Gordon who's a grown man and and Eric Gordon was just destroying people in that first quarter yes um so I I think they got to play quick I think that's their best and then with Miami you can't turn it over if possession whoever wins the possession battle I think you know is going to win you watch Boston those games that they beat Boston they they they outshot them from three and they they turned them over if Denver keeps their turnovers down they've been a good three-point shooting team all year they were top five all year I think their top three uh during the postseason if they continue to shoot and don't turn the ball over I think it's gonna be rough for for Miami Denver off to a good start with a double figure win and their first NBA Finals game in franchise history there in the Mile High City Scott Hastings part of Altitude TV as an analyst covering the team all year long former NBA big man himself with a ring it's always good to catch up with you thank you so much for a couple of minutes you know what anytime maybe good to talk to you again definitely Scott losing his voice a little bit but we're happy to have him it's a long time to time to be talking not through the game around the game to uh players after before and after the game so good stuff too and always funny I love when he drops stories from his time in the association all right we're asking you in light of oh hiccup sorry wowsers good thing that didn't happen during the conversation uh in light of Roger Federer teaming up with ways to voice directions for average drivers around the globe in multiple different languages we want to know which athlete entertainer celebrity would you most like to give you directions which voice do you want guiding you through the streets through the fierce streets so that's on twitter after our cbs or my twitter a law radio and then also on our facebook page still have our poll up chipper ship chipper ship uh some other reactions from you all are cracking me up between that and whether or not the whale video is real we struck it rich with some different goofy stuff this week happy almost friday to you or if you're into your friday morning boom baby you are listening to the after hours podcast morning guys I'll get to the point right away I'm retiring for good I know the process was a pretty big deal last time so when I woke up this morning I figured I just pressed record and let you guys know first and I could go on forever there's too many thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream I wouldn't change the thing love you all this is after hours with Amy Lawrence well that was then and this is now Tom Brady did this to us before so should we believe him when he gives us a second retirement announcement not everybody does believe him actually if you pay attention to some of the NFL network shows or some of the NFL chatter out there or you happen to catch Troy Aikman doing interviews not that he professes to have any inside information but you're saying there's a chance well at least some people are it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio Troy Aikman making an appearance on the Rich Eisen show and I will confess I did not hear the interview this is generally happening when I'm in bed but Rich brought up the possibility of Tom Brady returning to play for the Raiders for a couple of reasons number one he is buying into ownership and number two Jimmy Garoppolo just had a surgery when he signed with the Raiders and even though Josh McDaniels will tell anybody who listens he's not concerned he's not worried apparently it's great it's great hmm it's great fuel for the fire if people don't want to accept that Brady is retired I don't want to speak for Tom I wouldn't rule anything out he obviously you know has a relationship with the head coach he knows the offense he'll keep himself in great shape I'm a big Jimmy Garoppolo fan so I'm really pulling for him but I you know I would bet that just nothing's off the table as far as you know what may occur during the season or what Tom's role may be I think he's done playing but you just never know those things kind of just happen out of nowhere you don't really predict them or plan for them but I know he doesn't well I don't know but I'm sure he doesn't want to talk about those things right but everybody else can oh no he actually does want to talk about those things in fact in an interview with Sports Illustrated he was asked about the potential for him to return to a football field I'm certain I'm not playing again so I've tried to make that a clear and I hate to continue to profess that because I've already told people that lots of times but I'm looking forward to my my broadcasting job at Fox next year I'm looking forward to the opportunity ahead with the with the Raiders and we're in the process of that along with the other different things that I'm a part of professionally and in my personal life just spending as much time with my kids as I can and seeing them grow up and support the different things that they have going on and that's a very important job and I take them all pretty seriously. He did an interview with SI and mentioned he didn't like getting hit or didn't want to get hit anymore either 45 years old man there's a lot going on yeah he's got a lot of bleep going on and so he did tell I think it was ESPN initially that it's a dream come true for him to become a part-time NFL owner so he does want to remain in the league in a different sense can't imagine him coaching that's not his thing so it doesn't fit his personality so instead he will be a broadcaster and he will be a part-time NFL owner and I think it's interesting at least to my knowledge I could be totally wrong we've never had a part-time owner of an NFL team also serve as a broadcaster an in-game analyst heavens Amy get it together we've never had that is it a conflict of interest we've never had that conflagration okay so it's a good thing we're ending the hour because right now I can't seem to speak clearly talking is hard we've never had that conflagration there we go and so Tom Brady is a part-time owner will he not do Raiders games now we sometimes have former players who call games for their own team so I'm not sure if it's the same thing it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio
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