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6-1-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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June 1, 2023 6:07 am

6-1-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 1, 2023 6:07 am

Which team/city do we NEED to see win a title next? | Mike Trout & Shohei Ohtani hit BOMBS in Angels win | Your phone calls.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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That's slash positive. As part of asking me anything, we had a listener who wanted to know the name of the voice God. You guys crack me up.

Of all the things in the world that you could ask, you want to know the name of the voice God. Someone else asked me if Bob and I are making wedding plans, or talking marriage I guess was the actual way that he put it. You guys are nosy too.

Nosy and random. But I did try to go back and answer as many of your ask Amy questions as I could. If your question did not get answered on Facebook or Twitter, well it's because I answered it on the air. Because producer Jay asked it as part of the hump show. So if you haven't gone back and looked, if you do see the answer to your question, well that means it did not make it on air more than likely.

If you don't see an answer, then I suggest you go back and grab the podcast. So, did you survive your hump day? I survived but barely because I had to go to the dentist. You know how the dentist is. It was just a cleaning but I never looked forward to them anyway. I actually think that the dentist has convinced me to go ahead and get an electric toothbrush.

I have no idea why I'm sharing that information with you just because it happened to be something that was on my mind today. So if you all have suggestions, I just know I've seen some pink ones. Who doesn't want, well, okay there's probably a lot of you who don't want a pink one. Girls out there, I feel as though it would be more fun to brush my teeth twice a day for two minutes each. That's the recommended brushing time. If I had a pink electric toothbrush to do it for me. Didn't we just talk about packaging last week? Producer J is big on packaging. If it were a Mets colored electric toothbrush, he would be all about it.

It would make it more fun, I agree. So I did go on Amazon and price electric toothbrushes but then I saw pink ones and I thought, well who cares what the price is? No I didn't.

I could paint it pink if I wanted to. No, there just happened to be pink ones which as I say would make it more fun to brush my teeth. So that was my big revelation on Wednesday.

Also did four different errands so I had four stops including the post office. Someone's birthday gift is on the way, not J's because he puts his in a closet and never uses it again. Don't give Producer J a birthday gift.

That's my advice to you. I'm a good gift receiver. No. No? No.

Why? I'm using it. It's in your closet. It's getting good use. I told you I'd love to look at it. How is it getting good use? It's decoration.

It looks phenomenal. In your closet? Yeah. How many people put decorations in their closets? That's smart ones. I don't know.

It's good to go open it up. Brightens the room. Now see he really does think I'm that dumb. That's the thing about Producer J. He really does think I'm that dumb. So no more gifts for Producer J unless it happens to be a pink electric toothbrush.

In that case, well, I would know that it would get great usage. That is a great gift. I went to the dentist. Now it's your turn to go to the dentist.

I should honestly. I'm surprised they weren't pushing the water pick. That seems to be the new style people are into to brush your teeth. What does it do? It's like just projects water and you plug it in and it's like electric and it shoots water and just kind of like gets all in there. I don't know. My parents started using it. It's really loud. Well if your parents started using it then I'm not using it. That's a next generation. I'm not using it.

Anyway, I'm good with my electric toothbrush because it's pink. So I think I'll order it. And then other errands and yard work. Oh my goodness. It was one of those evenings where I never even turned on the computer until about 8 o'clock and I still hadn't eaten dinner. So crammed it as much as I could because we're about to have a little many heat wave. I know many of you live in places where it's already hot but it's supposed to be up near 90, even higher than 90 on Friday. We desperately need rain so that's what I'm spending the next couple of days doing is the rain dance in the backyard. There's a seven foot high fence.

You can't see me. Actually the neighbor on my right side, her home is elevated, meaning they built it up instead of using the foundation that was already there. So they started over and built a different house on the property where the original home had been raised. Instead of using the foundation, they actually built it up into a mound and then put a basement on if that makes sense. So they built up a mound and then put the basement in the middle of the mound because the previous house did not have one so I don't have a basement. Mine's on a slab. Anyway because her house is built up on a mound and sitting on top of a basement that actually isn't completely buried, right, she can see into my windows from an angle and she can see into my backyard when she's standing on her back porch.

Oh well. I mean it's not like I'm doing crazy stuff out there in the backyard but if I was doing a rain dance I suppose that would catch her attention. We need some rain. My neighborhood, the grass is already starting to turn brown so I need some rain badly. Also gotta plant some grass seed.

Thank you for caring. It's the first, it's the first morning of June for those of you who are on the east coast or for those of you who are in the central time zone. You stragglers, you're celebrating your last few hours of May in the other time zones in the United States and if you haven't seen, I actually took some photos of flowers today because well that's what I do this time of the year. If you haven't seen the flowers that are right now in my front yard, my front flower beds, oh my goodness they're so pretty. The last of the peonies and then I have a lavender plant that's gorgeous and then there's another little flower that I have no idea what it is. Honestly I swear I do not but the flowers are tiny and intricate and this particular plant, it's a bush actually and for the first two years it did nothing. There were no flowers, there was really no new growth, it appeared to be dying. So last fall I took the loppers and just clipped it right at the stem, well almost at the very base. I just clipped it and didn't know whether or not it was going to die and I could just pull it out of the ground or if it was going to come back. Well this spring not only has it come back and it started to grow at the base but there are these gorgeous pink flowers.

They're delicate and they're tiny and I have no idea what they are so if anybody wants to help me identify the flowers that are growing in my front flower bed along with the peonies and the lavender well please I could use the help and I know there are apps for that but I don't have the app. So on Twitter A Law Radio and Producer J will you put the flowers up and happy end of May, beginning of June peeps. That's really exciting. I actually love the month of June because the weather is awesome in the Northeast generally because the flowers are still real pretty and because it's not super hot yet but also because we get to the point in the sports season where we can breathe. I know it's not all about me but we get to the sports season where not only do we have champions in hoops and hockey that we will crown very soon, college world series, women's college world series. So we'll get champions in all four of those sports and then we have the US Open in golf on the horizon. We've got the French Open going on now in tennis.

It's an opportunity to kind of get off the beaten path a little bit. Yes football still practicing actually wait till you hear the latest on one Brock Purdy. John Lynch is raving about his soon to be second year QB. So we will do some QB news.

There's plenty of baseball to keep his company. Not quite the boys of summer have a few weeks to go until then but it is the second quarter of the season and we're seeing more and more of the themes and the trends that take shape. So there's a lot of breathing time in June and yet there's still so much to talk about. The NBA draft comes up later this month. The NHL draft as well. It's a month that doesn't require us to be, and by us I really mean us as in producer Jay and I, but you too if you're all in sports fans, it doesn't require us to be a slave to the events, the games and the events themselves. We could get a little bit more topical which is nice. We can do more show questions like we did last night asking you your top sports months of the calendar.

I want to get back to that because I kind of threw mine out there at the very end. I was still going back and forth and just not sure which I wanted to include as my third favorite sports month of the year. I started with October. I love October.

It's hectic and chaotic and all-consuming but it's also extremely rewarding. NFL, which theoretically by that time they're playing better football, NFL, college football, in addition to that we get the baseball postseason, plus you've got the start of hoops in hockey. There's a lot going on in October usually and it's there's so much on the line too which I love. I was going to include November but a friend said to me, are you sure that's not just because you love Thanksgiving?

It might be. But I went with May as my second favorite sports month, the one that we just completed I love. Great hoops in hockey and you're kind of weeded out to the point where not only do you get the conference semis but then into the conference finals which have so little margin for error most of the time, not this year if you're playing the Nuggets or if the Lakers are playing the Nuggets. But then we also get baseball in warmer weather, the start of the WNBA. Of course in May we get golf and NASCAR and tennis. So yeah I do love May and I'm going back and forth on my third month. January was the one that I picked as we were getting off the show a few hours ago. I might stick with January, I might flip flop.

Am I allowed to flip flop if it's my question? Say so. You went October, you cheater. No that's true, actually not true, you went first so you went before me. But Jay does like to tell me he is clairvoyant and he can read my mind. True, you tell me that all the time. Accurate, accurate.

It's not accurate but you do try to tell me that. Anyway, he said October, May and February. February. Alright so he went October, May, February. I might go October, May, January or I might go October, May. What else would I do? April's a real good month but the thing is April's so crazy that I almost feel like we can't enjoy it.

In this business it's so insane, it's total insanity that I almost feel like you're treading water the whole time and you really can't enjoy it. That's part of the issue. September I haven't heard much. Oh there's plenty of September on our social media.

Start a football, you got the baseball, playoff races starting to take shape, wildcard races are always fun. That's a good month. September could be a good month. Do you like fall? I do, I like fall weather.

I love fall as well. Yeah I'm still waffling but I do love a bunch of your answers. We retweeted them from our show account after our CBS. Also we continue to see your response to the whale video.

How many views have they had? That might be the biggest topic that we've had on the show, well on social media. We've talked about it here on the show though but you can't, I can't describe to you the whale video in well in enough detail that you would really understand it. You actually have to go and watch it on social but yeah Jay I think we've gotten more responses to the whale video than anything I've said about game seven, about the best sports months on the calendar. What does that, seriously what does that mean about the show?

Story of the week has become the whale video. Right but what does that mean about the show is what I'm saying. Does that mean that nothing else that I say is compelling but if I start talking about animal videos all of a sudden it's one hell of a show?

It's good interaction. Jay doesn't have an answer. He might actually believe that it's better for us to talk about animals than it is to talk about sports. Jay and I were once talking about what would we do if we left here and his response was we're just going to do dog radio. That's it. That's it just dog radio. Going back to the classic dog show from one of my first weeks or first month on this show.

Was it really that far back? Yeah. National dog day which it turned out to be after the fact we learned and didn't even realize that it was. Must be because you're clairvoyant.

Another point. So anyway we bid farewell to May which is my second favorite month. I would love to hear from you on Twitter or on our Facebook page if you want to continue sending us your favorite sports months. But in addition to that we're going to throw out a new question tonight because I actually as I was watching the Angels bash the baseball in Chicago south side. As I was watching Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout hit 3 of I think there were 4 home runs in the game for the Angels.

Long home runs. As I was watching them I was thinking man I don't know what the future holds for Shohei Ohtani but I know it's time for the Angels to get back on the post season stage. What will it take for the Angels to get back on the post season stage? I can imagine for Angels fans you're almost afraid to hope anymore. That's the case for a lot of different fan bases out there. You're almost afraid to hope anymore because it feels like you're wasting or the Angels are wasting Trout's best years.

Now let's be fair. He's a big reason why. He's had some pretty significant injuries the last few years and it's almost become a punchline when you talk about the Angels.

Now it's not just him. They've spent some money on guys that did not pan out. Anthony Rendon the first year.

Is he playing now? The first year of that contract was just a waste and they've had some poor pitching moves to put it mildly and so they haven't made the best free agent decisions. They've overpaid for guys that didn't pan out. However Mike Trout is still one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball. One of the best players in the game all around.

Five tool guy. But the Angels have not been in the post season in ten years. Not since 2013.

You can fact check me if you like Producer J. But the Angels have only been to the post season one time, if I remember it correctly, one time since Trout became part of the franchise. And I'm pretty sure they were swept. They didn't even win in his post season debut.

But we're going to go back and check just to be fair and accurate. Because as I was thinking about the Angels and of course wondering, well if they don't make the playoffs we keep hearing over and over that Shohei Ohtani is not likely to stay. He wouldn't be interested in staying.

Right? So they have extra incentive now to make the post season. Not only could it really be the difference between them keeping Shohei Ohtani and not, but it also could be the difference in what happens moving forward.

How do you, whether we're talking about ownership or manager or whether we're talking about attracting other free agents. 2014. It was 2014. I looked it up while I was talking to you.

How about that? They were swept in the American League Division Series in 2014 by the Royals. They have not made the playoffs since then. So it's been nine years, not quite a decade. I was close. Jay even looked it up.

Mike Trout, three for 12 with a single home run. All right, so it's been a lot of bleak years. Most of the years since then they did win the AOS that year. Most of the season since then they finished in fourth place in the AOS. Couple of times they've been in third, one time in second.

But it's been a lot of bleak years. They need to get back on the post season stage for a lot of reasons. We need Mike Trout in October. We need Shohei Ohtani in October. Even the World Baseball Classic was enough to get me geeked up for the Angels on the playoff stage.

So stick with me here. As I was watching them and as I was thinking about how long it's been since the Angels have been part of the post season conversation, I thought, you know what? In hoops and hockey, we have three franchises who've never won a championship. We have three franchises who are standing on the cusp of a moment that can change their course for the near future but forever. Once you win a championship, so much changes. It changes your earnings power to be sure. It's a heck of a lot more revenue.

Your fans are engaged. The expectations go up. You are considered more of a destination for free agents, for coaches.

There's just so much that's wrapped up into a title, not to mention what it could potentially mean for your facilities. How you're able to pay your athletes. So when it comes to championships, we're looking at the Vegas Golden Knights, a young franchise, second Stanley Cup final, haven't won yet. All right, they're pretty young. No one's crying for the Golden Knights. Florida Panthers haven't made the Stanley Cup final since 1996.

Here they are as an eight seed. I don't necessarily believe in Team of Destiny. I think the team that wins it every year is the Team of Destiny. That's just how it goes. It was your destiny.

But you don't necessarily know that until the end. But what a run they've had. And what a year of redemption they've had. After being the President's Trophy winners in 2022, they weren't able to capitalize.

So here they are, wanting to win their first franchise. They've been around a lot longer. The Denver Nuggets have never even made an NBA finals before now. I kind of think it's because of some of their ugly uniforms. But they've been the joke of the NBA for years.

Not more recently, right? Because of Jokic and Jamal Murray and of course Mike Malone. But this is not a team or franchise that the NBA fan base would ever consider legit to win a title.

Even now, I think there's people that doubt the Nuggets until they do it. Three franchises out of the four. The Heat have two titles going back to the LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh triumvirate.

But it's been a while since they've won two. Either way, we've got three franchises that are in line to win their first ever championship. So I was thinking, what other teams, what other franchises need to get to that point? Who's next?

I guess is the question. Who's next? Who would you like to see next?

Whether it's football, whether it's baseball, whether it's hoops hockey. It's going to be a while. Who is it? Who do we need to see finally cash in next? Right away, I think Buffalo Bills. I desperately need them to get to a Super Bowl. What an amazing story that would be. Going back to the days when I was a kid and watched them lose in four consecutive Super Bowls.

And of course, I know I'm not the only one. Lots of Bills Mafia. You all remember that. Could you imagine the redemption finally for that franchise? But think how happy Jim Kelly would be and that group of Hall of Famers that was denied multiple years in a row. So I think the Buffalo Bills to be sure. But that's the question for tonight. Who's next? Who needs to win a championship next?

You can go city, but I prefer you go franchise and team. It's time. In other words, it's time. So you can find us on Twitter after our CBS. And then also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence.

Our Facebook page too. Wait, I already say that. I might have said that already. Sometimes I'm thinking about one thing and saying something else.

Our phone number is 855-212-4227. So speaking of those home runs, get to hear him from the Angels. It's come to this. The Braves are talking about avoiding a sweep in Oakland.

Oh dear. And George Kirby curbing the offensive attack of the New York Yankees. So a little bit of baseball coming up. We've got preview for the NBA finals.

And per the usual, I'm sure we'll get into some mischief. What else is the radio show good for? What you watch depends on what kind of mood you're in. Sometimes you're craving comedies like Friends or South Park, and sometimes you're more into dramas like HBO's Succession and House of the Dragon.

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You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Five of his last seven games, swings at that one and drills the ball deep out into left center field and that one is way trout out of here. He just drilled it out.

That one went out in a hurry. That was a missile right there. Mike Trout, they're saying the tail of the tape on that one 476. I believe that from the standpoint of where this pitch was, this is a sweeper at 82 and it is in the middle of the plate as you could possibly put a ball. Mike Trout, full extension, that short compact swing and that ball was launched.

The outfielders didn't even move. That ball was out of there so fast. Here's the pitch and Shohei swings it.

That one drives the ball deep into center field and that one is way out of here. Another home run for Shohei. Back to back games. That's a two run shot. Otani's club high 14th of the season. Another full count here for Lance Lynn as he works against Otani and here's the 3-2.

Shohei with a swing and a ball that's hit high and deep out into right and that one is gone. Double showtime today in Chicago. Angels now on top in this ball game. It is 8-1.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Well it's no accident when the Angels get home runs from both Mike Trout and Shohei Otani, they are undefeated. Now 5-0 including this victory on Wednesday over the White Sox in Chicago and get this Trout hit a home run 461 feet. Shohei Otani blasted one that didn't even require the pitcher Lance Lynn to turn around.

He didn't even bother. 459 feet which is let's see I think they said it was his longest in the major. So longest since he joined our baseball league. 15 home runs for Shohei and 13 home runs for Mike Trout so when those two guys are both clicking obviously it's a boost for the team and that offense can be contagious though I'm not even sure you need more offense than them. It's more of a mindset for the guys you know what I mean when those two guys are rolling like that and you have a game where they both get one out of there Shohei two of them. The dugout atmosphere is just different and just the way it is.

I mean those are your guys you lean on and we're gonna need them a lot and games like today are you know why they are who they are and they can certainly put teams on their back and carry us. Phil Nevin has got his Angels three games above 500 now the Texas Rangers are still setting the pace in the AO West. The Astros have creeped in there. Crept. The Astros have crept.

They're creeping. The Astros are creeping. So they're starting to play better now the defending World Series champions and then the Angels who are still above 500 as are the Mariners actually. So four of the five teams are really count Oakland. Although Oakland did take two of three from Atlanta in their recent series.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I think the Angels need to get back to the postseason stage. Not only do I want to see Mike Trout in October but Shohei Ohtani deserves that stage. He's 5-1 on the pitching mound as well. We need to see him regardless of whether or not he stays in Anaheim.

We need to see him in October. It feels as though there's a void there's something missing without those two and it's been nine seasons so it's time. I'm thinking the Angels they need to be worming their way in there but we're asking you in light of three of the four in hoops in hockey. Three of the four that are still standing still alive for championships. They've never won titles in their franchise history. Who's next?

I got a tweet already A-Law Radio. I like this one. Jacksonville Jaguars.

I mean why not? I think Trevor Lawrence and Doug Peterson and now Calvin Ridley. I mean there's a lot of talent on that Jaguars team and for Doug Peterson to get fired by the Eagles and then go to Jacksonville and win a Super Bowl would be amazing.

As in up your nose with a rubber hose amazing. Okay let's talk to Nick who's in Pittsburgh. Nick welcome to After Hours CBS Sports Radio. Wow can't believe I'm talking to the Amy Lawrence. Well I can't believe I'm talking to the Nick from Pittsburgh. It's funny because I know you but you don't know me.

Anyway let's get down to business. It is the Pittsburgh Pirates. The city of Pittsburgh is one of the best sports cities in the nation. PNC Park where the Pirates play. My favorite. It's my favorite park in the major.

Yeah it's my favorite park in the majors for sure. But you know what it is the owner Bob Nutting that is holding us back. But you know what. He's turned his corner. They've they've put time into a rebuild and the time is almost here. I mean they're almost a year or two ahead of the rebuild just being relatively good and giving the Brewers a run for their money this year. But before I go Sidney Crosby is definitely going to get another and don't blink because Kenny Pickett is going to be holding that Lombardi way before Trevor Lawrence. Bet on that. Love you Amy.

All right Nick good to talk to you. I like the Pittsburgh Prouds there. Last World Series for the Pirates 1979. So it's been a while. I could understand that would be a revelation considering their M.O. and the way they've done business the last couple of decades. I mean they did have a few let's see a couple of wildcard appearances if I remember correctly going back I don't know eight nine years ago.

And certainly they're known for having some incredible young talent and then allowing them to walk not wanting to pay the talent. So the start they've had this season has been great. I'll get on board with the Pittsburgh Pirates. That would be fun. I don't think the Penguins or the Steelers need another Super Bowl but I could get on board with the Pirates.

Dexter Henry is with us here in studio. Can you think of a franchise a fan base that needs to win it's a chip. You said it needs to win a chip.

I'm trying to be cool here. Does it need to be their first chip? No it doesn't need to be their first chip but it needs to be their first one in a long time.

For instance. Okay there's one and actually on the day that Joe Namath turns 80 right? Yep. That seems fitting. Definitely think the Buffalo Bills and their Mafia need a chip. They need one.

I feel like such a weirdo saying chip. They need a title. They need a ring. They need the Vince Lombardi.

Yeah so we're going with who's next. I like it. I like the the kind of fan bases that are starved and are desperate.

Those make better stories. I agree. Although do we think the Florida Panthers fan base is desperate? I don't know how much they're really behind this but it'll be nice to see them win. Are you rooting for them? I am rooting always for the best stories.

I don't really care who wins as long as it's a great story. Golden Knights have not suffered very long. They've been to two Stanley Cup finals now in what their five-year franchise history. Eh yeah. How about pay your dues first?

Yeah. But I would love it for the Panthers. I would love it for the Nuggets too. That would be amazing. Denver's got great sports fans. Yes I think it would be amazing for the Nuggets.

I think it would be absolutely amazing. I mean they've been the punchline for a lot of NBA jokes for years. They're awful uniforms and they really did welcome that. Remember the multicolored uniforms that they had in the 80s.

Multicolored and short shorts. No I'm good. Alright we'll get to your calls.

855-212-4227. Who's next? Which fan bases, which franchises out there desperately need to win? It's time.

Angels you just need to get your asses back to the playoffs. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It's After Hours on our Wednesday night into a Thursday morning so we're bidding farewell to the month of May and moving into June. It seems kind of crazy to say but the last two months have definitely gone by in a spring sports sprint. So I'm alright with some time to breathe. Although I wasn't expecting this much time to breathe, our guest has stood us up. So we do not have our guest planned for tonight unless somehow he discovers his huge mistake and recognizes that he owes us. Otherwise it's just me and you and the lamppost. That's alright.

I have no trouble talking for four hours, ever. You all know that. On Twitter, ALawRadio, that's enough said. On our Facebook page named after the show, After Hours with Amy Lawrence, what we're asking you is who's next?

Who needs to be next? And is it ship or chip? That's the thing. Is it chip or ship?

Because championship, it would make sense. But I feel like ship is what people use for relationship. And so I don't know that I can call it ship. I think it's supposed to be chip. We're headed to the ship.

We're headed to the chip. Yeah. But I am not cool. I am the opposite of cool.

And so don't take anything I say in the cool category for gospel. Alright, so our show question night with three of the final four teams in hoops and hockey, having never won a championship in their franchise history. I'm gonna go with the entire word. Who's next? Who do we need to see knocking on that door next? I'm going Buffalo Bills. We've already heard Pittsburgh Pirates.

I love the Jacksonville Jaguars answer. That's kind of fun. Who else out there? I could give you a list of what I'd like to see because I am the queen of a great redemption story. I'm just the queen of a good story. Love to tell stories, but I don't want to steal your thunder. So on our Facebook or Twitter pages and then 855-212-4227, let's talk to Mark, who's in Nashville. Mark, welcome to after hours. Yeah, how you doing? I haven't talked to you in a long time.

I got the best story of the night though, and I can't take your guest place for the night, but I'm gonna go with something. I'm gonna go with the Cincinnati Reds. That's my baseball team. That's a great baseball town.

It's a lot of great history. And if you ever remember, I don't know if you ever remember the pirates and the Reds was one of the best robberies in all the baseball back at one time. So I think the Cincinnati Reds, I think the city of Cincinnati is really starving for just the playoffs right now, just getting into the playoffs. They got a lot of pretty good talent. His bird's probably ahead of them, but I would love to see the Big Red Machine get back to where they once were. Well, would you take a Bengal Super Bowl in lieu of that?

I know they were there a couple of years ago, but they still haven't won one. Yeah, I would take that too. I like Joe Burr in them, but I think the window may be open for maybe another year or two. They're going to have to pay Joe.

Of course. Will they lose T Higgins and you know, will they be able to pay Chase? They're going to have other players come up. I don't know, Amy, but I think the window is kind of closing on them here in about another year or two.

No, no, no, no. They're going to pay Joe and then Joe wants them to be able to pay the receivers too because he needs them similar to what Patrick Mahomes has managed with the Kansas City Chiefs. I think that's important to Joe. Oh yeah, but you know, and to you don't forget, they they are kind of living on the cheek with the defensive guys, so they may be. Yeah, they if they pay Joe, we can get his contract iron out, leave a little money for Chase and Higgins. You may be right. They may be around for a long time, but I definitely like to see the city of Cincinnati one way or the other.

The Red Machine or the Bengals win a championship. Alright, I like it Mark. Thanks so much for calling in Nashville. Have a good day.

You too. Looking at the Reds playoff history, they haven't won a game in the postseason since 2012, so they had a couple of wildcard appearances in both cases over the last decade. They were they were out without winning anything. Remember the wildcard in 2020? They had the option.

Well, there's best of three, right? But they lost both games, so you have to go back to 2012 and the NLDS when they played in a game five and loss and that was going back to the days of Dusty Baker. They have not won a World Series since 1990. The days of Lou Panella. Lou Panella. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Let's talk to Sean who's in Maryland.

What do you think, Sean? Who needs a championship? Well, I told him when I called that I said the Detroit Lions. They've got a championship.

Pre Super Bowl. They've got, you know, Bobby Lane back in the day. But they haven't done anything, but it looks like they're turning finally turning the corner.

Agreed. Yes, and and with their draft, their draft looks phenomenal. Now that with baseball, the fellas like the last guy, he was talking about the guy from Pittsburgh. The Pirates beat the Orioles in 79 in 1970. So the next time they play, it'll be against the Orioles next year. And the Orioles will get revenge in six games. Oh, but you're calling for 24, not 23.

I wish it was 23. But I mean, I look for them. They are right on the cusp. They need a little bit better pitching. And I go to like the minor league games and watch these prospects. I'm telling you, the Orioles are gonna be here for a while. And the Pirates, I can go watch them at their places, some of their facilities. They are looking real good.

Those two should be around for a while. And the great thing is, they are two of the cheapest franchises in baseball, and they are beating up on the big boys. Well, it's pretty interesting, the American League East and how it's playing out right now. As you point out, the Orioles don't spend a lot of money.

The Tampa Bay Rays spend the least amount of money. But right now, those two teams have more wins than almost any other teams in baseball, and actually have more wins than any team in the National League. So yeah, they're off to a torrid start. Let's see if they can keep it up. But I love the Detroit answer, and I think that's gonna be a popular one tonight, Sean. Yes, ma'am. For this year, Texas Rangers never had one.

Remember those couple of World Series II where they did get to it, but just couldn't capitalize. That's another good one. All right, Sean, thanks so much for your phone call. No problem.

You have a great one. 855-212-4227. We'll get back to your calls, but if I take you now, you'll have just 30 seconds.

And there's no one on this phone line who can just do 30 seconds. I think you all take after me. But looking at the Lions playoff history, just to review, there's a reason why this is gonna be a popular answer. Of course, they did make the playoffs a couple times during Matthew Stafford's tenure as the QB, going back to 16, and then to 14, even back to 11. They were wildcards in each of those years. They have made periodic appearances. They went, let's see, 12 seasons in between playoff appearances around the turn of the century.

But here's the gist. They haven't won a playoff game. The Detroit Lions haven't won a playoff game since 1991. That's how long it's been. So they've been to the postseason a few times as wildcards generally, but they haven't won a game in the postseason since 1991. So yes, we're on board with the Lions. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.
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