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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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May 15, 2023 5:56 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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May 15, 2023 5:56 am

Is Doc Rivers' job safe in Philly? | Lakers take-out the defending Champ Warriors. Has the window for Steph, Draymond & Klay come to an end? | The Miami Heat advance to the ECF.


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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The Philadelphia 76ers are out once again in the second round of the NBA playoffs, and we're down to the Final Four. And weirdly enough, or quirky enough, it's the same group, same four teams that were in the East and West Finals back in the bubble in Orlando. So make of that what you will, but sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. There is something to be said for teams that keep their core guys together, okay? So not necessarily zero roster changes, but core guys and core leadership. That's why thinking about the Celtics arc over the last year is pretty incredible, because they changed coaches and brought in a guy who had zero head coaching experience to take over when Imei Udonko was suspended last summer. When we welcome Steve Hewitt of the Boston Herald, we'll ask him about that arc because, yeah, it's fascinating.

And yet they're in the same place. Will they also return to the NBA Finals in back-to-back years? Losing to the Warriors who are now out. We're going to talk Warriors and Lakers moving forward. The West Finals tip off in Denver coming up on Tuesday East. We'll have to wait until Wednesday. So Monday is a dark night in the NBA.

No games on the hard court, though there is a game seven on the ice. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for hanging out with us.

You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. We're asking you if the Sixers come to you and say we desperately need your advice. What do you tell them about moving forward this offseason? Fire the coach, blow up the team, don't do anything. I feel like the post that producer Jay put up on Twitter is fairly leading.

He doesn't give you the option of not doing anything. At this point, no significant changes are made, though the questions loom over the Sixers. Doc Rivers being asked whether or not he believes that he'll be the coach of the Sixers moving forward and what about his future?

Yeah, I think I got two years left. Given the tenor of what you've seen happen in the last two or three days where coaches of the year, guys with titles... Yeah, no one's safe in our business, you know, and I get that. No one is safe in our business and I get that. Monty Williams saw his entire roster, okay, most of it, saw most of his roster turn over at the deadline and Chris Paul once again not available for the playoff series when they need him the most and they get blown out in their building in game number six by the Denver Nuggets. On that last embarrassing note, he gets fired. Now I gotta tell you, I'm not sure there's a classier act in the NBA than Monty Williams. I was, I wouldn't say stunned by this move because I agree with Doc Rivers, no one is safe in our building, but four seasons, four seasons for Monty Williams in Phoenix and they were a championship contender. Did they win the title? No, they didn't win their first championship in franchise history, I get that, but honestly I think sometimes it's the last sample size, the last exhibit that we get of a team, the last brutal taste for the fans and the new Suns owner. Remember there's a brand new owner we just talked to, Ann Myers Drysdale, who's in the front office of the Suns the night before they get blown out in game number six and I asked her about the new culture and she said it's positive, it's upbeat, it's all about winning. So here's new Suns owner Matt Ishbia, who made headlines himself in that series, he wants to win and Monty Williams was not his hire.

So there's something to be said for that aspect as well when a coach or even football, a quarterback predates a new owner or a new general manager, very often they want to pick their own people. So he made the decision, the new Suns owner makes the decision to dismiss Monty immediately after game six, it happened right away. And he made the GM do the dirty work, that was the report out there, it was actually the GM James Jones who called Monty over the weekend to deliver the news that he'd been fired. I mean this is after he wins an NBA coach of the year award and gets the Suns to the NBA finals. I mean the Suns were a punch line for jokes in the NBA in the Western Conference but they become or they did become one of the top teams in the West and again they retool their lineup and then lose Kevin Durant for a good portion of that first what was it month before they finally get him on the court. Chris Paul's heard again how is that Monty's problem, well it's Monty's problem, it's not Monty's fault. But according to the reports out there the owner Matt Ishbia really wasn't a fan of Monty Williams and didn't need a whole lot of persuading game six and the abysmal performance on their own court was enough. So we'll see what happens for Phoenix moving forward.

Remember DeAndre Ayton didn't play in game six either. But as Doc Rivers points out, while he may have two years left on his contract, no one is safe in this business. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

I firmly believe Monty Williams will have a new job quickly. His resume and his track record with players speaks for itself. But as for the Sixers, I want you to hear it again. Joel Embiid didn't call out his coach.

In fact, I would say this is not only throwing his teammates under the bus but maybe this raises a red flag for the front office since he's complaining about the guy around him and James. You can't win alone. I can't win alone. Me and James we just can't win alone. You know that's why basketball is played five on five so you know we just need everybody to just you know try to keep finding ways to get better and you know we'll be fine. I can't, I can't, I can't get over that. And yes I did say that three times on purpose.

I literally cannot get over that. You and James who are trying to win alone had nine turnovers while you were trying to win alone. As I say P.J. Tucker once he he nearly airballed his first three-point actually he may have airballed his first three-pointer attempt but then he has 11 points in the first quarter while you two are not hitting anything. Then when Al Horford is shutting you down still you've got Tobias Harris who scores 19.

Tyrese Maxey throws in another 17. He didn't shoot well but he's so active he's all over the court. Not a whole lot of help off the bench in this one.

It was really and this is even in a blowout it was really sixers starters or bust but the Celtics defense should get some credit. And I'm stunned that Joel pointed the fingers at everyone else and didn't take responsibility for what he did wrong in this series. As I say he shot poorly on Sunday.

Goes 0 for 4 from downtown. Some of those three-pointers he never should have taken. It's a lot of shots a lot of wide open ones of all game long. You know a lot of guys on this team that fought the whole year and I appreciate appreciate them for that and you know we all fought. I thought for the most part you know we play hard and you know we all cared about winning. You know that probably that's the best team in the league.

You know they're so talented and you know they and and they got they got a lot of guys you know that can play. Is it possible that we're taking it out of context? I mean he said it more than once. I can't win alone.

Me and James we can't win alone. Is that a signal to the front office that James Harden needs to be resigned? Because there is a decision looming about him in the future as well. So for Doc Rivers, for James Harden, for Joel Embiid, for the Sixers front office which by the way has that tie to James Harden. That's why he wanted to play there. The GM is his former GM in Houston.

What a mess. But I still can't believe he said that publicly. In fact I can't imagine he said it in his locker room. Could you imagine standing in front of your locker room after a game seven loss and saying, hey James and I need more help.

But you know what if you would say it behind my back you better say it to my face. And I can imagine his teammates are not thrilled with that. Again Tyrese Maxey, he was brilliant in these, well four weeks I guess. My gosh the NBA playoffs literally tipped off four weeks ago. We're only two rounds in.

Great. Tyrese Maxey, multiple games over 30. He's been amazing. He's been a third option. Tobias Harris, he's played extremely hard. He's had some tough defensive matchups.

PJ Tucker when we know what he does he's a dog as he likes to tell us. I can't believe that that was Joel's go-to. His teammates just gave him a group hug and embraced him as he's finding out he wins the MVP for the first time in his career. He's crying. They're hugging him. They're so proud of him and this is how he repays them for their dedication and the number of times they brought up MVP for him all season long.

I'm really stunned. Jason Tatum, he had nice things to say about Joel Embiid. Apparently they've got a relationship that extends beyond the rivalries that at this point are fairly lopsided in favor of Boston.

It was a lot of fun. I've played against him in the playoffs three times now and I think we play him four times a year in the regular season so I've had a lot of battles and that's somebody I'm really close with and extremely happy for. Seeing him win MVP, his reaction and a lot of you guys know we train in the offseason together. I see him all the time in LA and I've seen him develop. I've seen the things that he's worked on and I've seen the hard work that went into winning MVP.

I even talked to him on facetime that night just telling him congrats and I was truly happy for him. It'll be interesting to see the reaction Monday, Tuesday depending on if there are changes made in Philadelphia to what Joel Embiid said. He's generally pretty popular in the NBA as well as among media folk and I would say as much as he can be a headline, he doesn't mind stirring the pot, he may regret the words that he said following game seven. There's a lot of frustration there no doubt but the first place, the first place that he should be pointing fingers is himself.

Not only because you're the MVP, you're the leader, that's what leaders do. How often do we hear quarterbacks, I'll just name one but it's pretty standard with top flight NFL QBs, Josh Allen. How often do we hear Josh Allen blame himself for what goes wrong on the football field when his team loses and yes while he's involved. We know that even when a quarterback like him says it's on me, it's all me, I gotta do better, that he's deflecting for his teammates. Heck in the NBA how many times do we hear Jalen Brunson this playoff run say this is on me, I was garbage, this was my fault. That's what leaders do.

And while there is value to being honest, this isn't even honesty, it's not even true. I'm sorry I just don't look at this Sixers team and I watch as much basketball as anybody, actually some guy on our Facebook page during the game posts, I hope you are watching Celtics and Sixers game seven, you hope I am? If I'm not watching it I shouldn't be doing this job, haha.

Still no matter how many years I do there's such a misconception among fans that as hosts we just watch whatever we feel like watching, we don't actually keep up with stuff that we don't necessarily have an interest in. Just whatever, I hope you're having a great day but I also hope you're watching some basketball. Oh yeah game seven that was today.

Whoa how did I miss that? You watch these playoffs and yeah while Joel and James had some big games, James is he's hit or miss, it's one amazing game, two poor games, one amazing game and then the disappearing act the rest of the series. That's who you're going to put in the same category as you but even so, Joel Embiid played really poorly in the last five quarters of the Sixers season. One for five from beyond the arc for James Harden, 0 for 4 for Joel Embiid on Sunday, the two of them combined for nine turnovers of the 12 total for Philadelphia, nine. Actually, Doc Rivers what happened in the third quarter in Boston? I think it was three or four turnovers in a row, one was a flagrant and then I think Joe turned it over then James had a layup that the boss kind of slipped out of his hand that led to a flagrant. You know I think we go up 10 on that and after that we never played right again.

He's pointing to a couple of turning points. Remember James Harden was going for a layup, he missed it but because he was up high enough his elbow catches, was it the lip of Jaylen Brown or maybe the nose? I remember he was bleeding, it might have been his lip and his nose.

He had blood stoppers, maybe it's just tissue but he had the two thingies up his nose but he also had a bloody lip if I remember correctly or maybe that was blood bleeding down. He got clocked in the face and ends up earning the flagrant foul and then remember Jaylen was also falling into the Sixers bench. Now he had fouled James Harden, he had grabbed him, they're both going for a loose ball right in front of the Sixers bench. Jaylen has grabbed Harden and tries, he's got a handful of jersey and tries to pull him back. Harden hits the deck, Brown goes flying into the Sixers bench, was it George Yang who grabbed his leg I think and actually tried to trip him but then Jaylen has some choice words for the bench and so both Yang and Brown get the technical fouls and then you have the flagrant on James Harden.

Not intentional but it happens, I mean there are way too many flagrant fouls in these playoffs. The turnovers were brutal even as you've got Jason Tatum and the Celtics heating up. You see that the the Sixers are wilting, they're wilting. By the way our favorite NBA analyst, Damian Lillard, using his Twitter with this reaction. Okay so one more time let's hear what Joel Embiid had to say and then I'll give you Dame's reaction. Joel not showing his teammates the same courtesy that they showed him all year. You can't win alone, I can't win alone.

Me and James we just can't win alone you know that's why basketball is played 5 on 5 so you know we just need everybody to just you know try to keep finding ways to get better and you know we'll be fine. Damian Lillard who has 3.2 million followers by the way, remember he was the one who was so quick to react when shoot who was it that got fired that he was so quick to react to we out here firing championship coaches on the field. Oh my gosh who was that? Yes Mike Budenholzer, thank you producer J. So coach Bud gets fired in Milwaukee after they are out in the first round regardless of whether or not they had the best record in the NBA this season that doesn't matter or they're two years removed from a championship right who cares. Damian Lillard says we're out here firing championship coaches and then today as he hears that from Joelle Embiid, Damian Lillard's response is huh question mark. Oh my goodness I appreciate that I'm not sure Ryan calling my attention to Dame's reaction I hadn't seen it before that so thank you Ryan for listening and passing it along gross like the whole thing is just gross doubling down Joelle Embiid sucking it up in this game and then doubling down on it. On Twitter A-Law Radio also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence both the Heat and the Lakers move on Friday we knew the Nuggets were already there so a little bit from those two winning teams later you'll hear what Steve Kerr had to say about the Warriors who are not going to repeat as champions though they gave it a good run there for a bit also we got a game seven on Monday on the ice meanwhile the Vegas Golden Knights have returned to the conference final so a lot happening love to hear from you can answer our Sixers question on Twitter after hours CBS or on our Facebook page top of the hour Steve Hewitt from the Boston Herald crazy to think about everything the Celtics have gone through in the last year and yet they're back in the East Finals experience matters and there is no shortcut to it I am firmly convinced all the sports I've watched and covered over the last 20 years experience does matter it's cliches you know that sounds what I mean thank you it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast a brawn back to fruit scooter driving down the middle runner in the lane no good tipped in by ad laker lead is 15 66 to 51 driving down the middle runner to ad slammed up and ad steals the inbounds fast and they foul him oh the Lakers feel it now LeBron dribbling towards the basket got to the rim lays it up and in plus a foul the Lakers are up 15 lawyers are the defending champs and now they are officially out game over series over Lakers winning 122 to 101 this is after hours with Amy Lawrence going back to Friday night the Los Angeles Lakers champions in 2020 they end up back in the Western Conference Finals with a decisive victory over the Golden State Warriors so the defending champions are done in this game LeBron James with 30 points nine rebounds nine assists so typical of a guy who's got a ton of championship heart and metal and experience obviously he wasn't the only one Anthony Davis while he didn't shoot he didn't shoot the way that he can depending upon the shots that he takes he only actually had nine field goal attempts but he had 17 points and 20 rebounds 20 rebounds and while he was on the court because of his defense and the Lakers had really tried to highlight that over the course of the series the team was plus 31 when he was on the court that was the highest plus minus number of any of the Lakers in that game including LeBron James it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio it's the Lakers and it's the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals it's the one seed and the seven seed I think the Lakers turned out to be the seven seed right you certainly will get to see LeBron and Anthony Davis try to use their experience but the Nuggets while it hasn't been in the NBA Finals or with the result of a ring they've got a lot of playoff games logged now too and the way that Jamal Murray is playing the way that Nicola Jokic is playing with three triple doubles in their victory over the Suns he's going to be a load he's going to be a load so that series tips off on Tuesday for LeBron to be able to shoot as well as he did in front of the crowd there in Los Angeles to not have to go back to Golden State for game seven who all of this not only giving them a couple of extra days off but man what a statement nothing but my utmost respect for their organization but as far as the players you know Steph, Draymond and Klay those are the guys I've had the most battles with those are the guys that I've been in the foxhole with in a war I'm sorry with or against and nothing but respect for them obviously for the franchise as well and for us as a franchise I mean it's you know tonight in general it was it was great to be able to play one of our most efficient games one of our best games of the series and and it started because of the defensive matchup that we had we defended at a high level and and when we do that then we can be extremely extremely good and I thought we was locked in as close to 40 minutes as possible tonight. So LeBron James Anthony Davis the new look Lakers remember this is a team that also turned over a good portion of their lineup at the trade deadline and yet somehow after starting two and ten this season and having to win eight of their last ten just to make it into the play-in tournament they are still standing. That's what real men do. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio. As for Steve Kerr some pointed comments I don't think they were meant to be critical actually meant to be a compliment for the Golden State Warriors the returning core of course they also were missing major pieces Andrew Wiggins was out for a good chunk of the season when they were trying to make that push remember he had a personal affair that kept him away from the team Gary Payton Jr didn't play for most of the season they traded away James Wiseman so that experience or the experiment excuse me went by the wayside I mean they they also had around the championship core new guys and the biggest challenge for them as much as Steve's comments I think were meant to be more complimentary of their effort to get at least to this point in the postseason they sucked on the road they were brutal away from Chase Center winning eight games all year the entire regular season in which there are 41 road games they won eight of them they were eight and 33 away from the Bay Area that's why they ended up as a sixth seed that's why they had to fight and scratch and claw for the playoffs now give them credit for eliminating Sacramento a lot of that was probably the experience and Steph Curry for sure Curry for sure but this formula with them definitely requires tweaking so you'll hear what Steve Kerr had to say plus Jimmy Butler does it again also the Golden Knights well in their short franchise history they've got a lot of success the Edmonton Oilers running into another bus on another early exit I sure believe Maple Leafs fans can empathize so we'll get to more playoff results from the weekend top of the hour Steve Hewitt of the Boston Herald who was there for game seven in Boston and wait until I tell you what happened to mom on Mother's Day oh my goodness and also why my car smells like gas on the inside yep on the inside poor Princess Leia she doesn't deserve this it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast Jimmy dribbles right double team top jump pass the game bounce pass the bam bam gets it throws it down as the entire defense was up top inbound the street he gets it defensive he'll dribble it down the floor no foul call the eastern conference semi-final between the Knicks and Miami belongs to the heat this is after hours with Amy Lauren Jason Jackson on Miami Heat radio as it's yet another rally and another Jimmy Butler memorable performance to eliminate the Knicks in what was game number six and they get to do it in front of the home crowd similar to the Lakers formula right both these teams avoiding a game seven on the road it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio asking you the question of what to do now about the Sixers if the front office comes to you and is seeking some counsel this tweet a law radio get rid of doc and get better off the bench players I'd keep Embiid, Maxie, Melton, House and McClung I do think there'll be much consternation criticism criticism crying in Philadelphia over the Sixers but no doubt this Joelle Embiid comment will be the number one headline Ken says on Twitter will this latest collapse for the Sixers cost Doc Rivers his job I wouldn't call it a collapse the Celtics were the better team by record they were the home team they were the higher seed I don't think you can call it a collapse the Sixers won game four in overtime they got blown out in well the Celtics in game number five did not protect their home court the Sixers end up in game number six they're in the fourth quarter except their office does a great disappearing act and Jason Tatum rises and then in game seven they get blown out I'm not sure I would call that a collapse even Tatum said we were on the ropes in game number six so you can find us on Twitter or on Facebook and I look forward to reading more of your comments Jimmy Butler he is a beast Butler the beast I don't know if playoff Jimmy is a thing but man do I love to watch him perform this time of the year it means we are one step closer to our goal which we already knew that we were capable of from home from the jump when you talk about from the beginning of this season we got a more to get like I always say we always gonna be in this thing together I'm so so proud of all of my guys for playing as hard as we did today and um like I said we got a more when you get to one step like this you just you have great gratitude because there's a lot of teams that would love to be in this position um and we've had to fight and uh claw you know to earn everything that we've gotten um in this postseason that is so true I love that wisdom from Eric Spoelstra and he's actually admitted earlier in this postseason that the adversity they faced having to play their arses off having to find some will digging down deep the grit the toughness the adversity of barely making the playoffs having to go through that play in tournament nearly getting eliminated by Chicago we could be looking at a completely different situation now and then the way that they have used their defense and they're rebounding they're causing their opponents to just get all out of sorts they're physical they're in your face they're aggressive and yes there's Jimmy Butler who had 24 points eight rebounds four assists in the closeout game but yeah this is knockdown drag out this reminds me more of the late 80s early 90s basketball and Eric Spoelstra calls it old school that was the modern day shoot 63s score 140 flying up and down the court aesthetically beautiful they'll definitely take it there's been nothing easy about this uh season this year and um that proved to be true in our in our closeout game that was just an absolute grind as for the New York Knicks Jaylen Brunson who's blamed himself for a lot of what's gone wrong even though he's the reason they were still alive at a game six his tenacity and his leadership really impressed me as the man in this series right so Julius Randle maybe the more decorated player I guess if you look all stars yada yada didn't he win an award last year which one was he oh this year this year too yeah he just won a all-nba third team okay but like wasn't there an individual honor last year no the year before it was the year before that he was brilliant right last year he struggled okay well anyway he's maybe the more decorated player overall but Jaylen Brunson the driving force and he was sick over them coming up short we did a lot of great things this season uh we obviously want to continue to keep playing and uh have the opportunity to um it stings a little bit and uh it's definitely a learning experience but uh if you don't win you lose incredible wisdom right there if you don't win you lose baby you're out it's after hours here on CBS sports radio now the Warriors so again these were Friday night games Miami Heat advanced back to the eastern conference finals we know they'll play Boston the Lakers avoided game seven by trouncing the Warriors and after LeBron has 30 Anthony Davis has 17 points 20 rebounds they don't even force a game seven some reflective I would say pensive comments now Steve Kerr is always very thoughtful but obviously he's had all season to think about the conundrum that is this Warriors team to be fair I think um this team probably you know ultimately um maxed out maxed out um I think uh you know we were barely in the playoff picture for most of the year so to to make that push to get there uh to win an epic first round series and then you know to give the Lakers um you know a a fight in this series and have our chances um that puts us in the top among the top you know eight teams in the league that's uh that's probably where where we should be this is not a championship team you know that's if we were we'd be moving on so you can you can look at the year and in in total and and see all the ups and downs and there was all kinds of stuff that went on and and adversity that that hit but our group stayed together and and competed till the end and and made a pretty good run I think this group definitely maxed out what we could do um you know it wasn't a championship team we didn't win it so uh sucks but that's our reality um that doesn't mean our court changes that doesn't mean our core can't do it again like I mean they said we couldn't do it again last year we did it they said we missed the playoffs this year we did it but guess what we don't we don't do more victories so we lost um and this was not a championship group um as it stands and but we have champions and we're made up of champions and when you are a champion uh when you have that mindset you just go back to the drawing board retool refigure it out and go do it again and that's that's that's what will be our focus but it wasn't a championship group um as we can see we're sitting here and the season's over i mean we lost so it's like a hard truth at the end of the journey it's not anything you allow yourself to no no competitor believes that until you're proven that you're not a championship team that's what you know getting beaten in the playoff series means basketball is over for this year so felt it in the fourth quarter about seven minutes left um you know just really never heard that from us before in terms of trying to make sense of you know losing a series like we did unless uh you know it's been in the final so gotta accept it move on and you're gonna try to be better next year you hear the comments of first steve curr who uses the phrase maxed out and and that went viral there were a lot of headlines that revolved around steve curr's use of this group has maxed out his point is hey we were barely in the playoffs for a good portion of the season we were underperforming so i give us credit for getting here and yes once you get in the playoffs this group is a tough out but in terms of their talent and what they accomplished all season uh the expectations were pretty low now draymond green agrees with steve curr as does steph curry they weren't a championship team because they're done they're not saying hey we were we weren't a championship caliber team and we underperformed or we maxed out what they're saying is well we're not a championship team because we're not still playing so that's the obvious answer it'll be interesting to see what they do around their core i mean they have committed to this group i i can't imagine i would be stunned if either draymond steph or clay finished their careers anywhere else i would be stunned by that the warriors owe their current popularity to that group they've made more money for that franchise than you would have ever thought possible i mean four championships in a decade actually under a decade but the profile of that franchise will never be higher it's it's amazing and again i don't think this group will ever split up i could be horribly wrong maybe much later in their careers but what will the warriors do around steph clay draymond this stings real bad it's gonna sting all summer but uh i mean the first time in a long time that dray steph and i were healthy and not making the finals so it's rare to be off during this time of year but uh i can tell you we gave it everything we had and just stings but i mean i believe that we have greatness in our future still i believe that we have greatness in our future still love that team and that core for reminding me why i fell for basketball in the first place why i fell in love with the nba in the first place there's a lot of things i don't love about today's nba but there are teams out there that i really enjoy watching still sure they all shoot a ton of threes but in the warriors case they share the basketball now they play on the edge so they can get fast and loose when it comes to turnovers but yes steph curry clay thompson the splash brothers are worth the price of admission but the way they share the basketball the way they can run the court it's just fun it's fun to watch the warriors when they're playing well it can be infuriating the way they turn the ball over but it's a lot of fun i enjoy watching the miami heat i know it's not necessarily picasso on a hard court but i like the the physical tough aggressive defense we saw that from the celtics in game six and seven as they close out the sixers and come back from the point of elimination so straight ahead steve huett of the boston herald about what the heck happened in boston on sunday afternoon it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio your points are worth more than you think this first class flight to tokyo you can book it in your credit card portal for 1.4 million points yowzers with point me you could redeem just 120 000 points for that same flight now that's more like it point me gets you six to twelve times the value for your points your credit card points are worth more than you think point me better flights fewer points get started today at that's this is flea for this little light the podcast about falling in 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