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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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May 11, 2023 6:14 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 11, 2023 6:14 am

Knicks stave-off elimination with Game 5 win at the Garden | Warriors flash Championship pedigree; stay alive vs Lakers | A whip-around the night of MLB action.


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That's slash positive. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on PBS Sports Radio. On Twitter, ALawRadio, our Facebook page too. And if you missed our conversation with one of the incredible female guests that had agreed to come on the show a second time, Ann Myers Drysdale. That'll be part of our podcast. She's a Basketball Hall of Famer. We had a chance to talk to her about the Suns and their task. Chris Paul and older athletes, the new ownership in Phoenix too, because if you remember, they recently had a change ownership and the culture change she said has been drastic. So good to get her thoughts on internally how different it is for her as a VP of the Suns and the Mercury, but also what the atmosphere is like with these new owners who are intent on winning. And we talked about Brittany Griner's return to the Mercury as well. So the insight that she offers, it's not just basketball, which is why I love having her on the show because of the wealth of knowledge and experience, really the wisdom that she brings to the table is having played basketball at the highest level and being the first female ever inducted into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame.

So man, what a resume she's got. And I would encourage you to go listen to the interview because it was a lot of fun, but also great insight. So that's part of our podcast.

Every weekday morning, we post it on Twitter after our CBS and also on our Facebook page. The basketball that we saw last night could have featured two series enders, and yet it did not. I made this reference earlier because I love The Amazing Race. These were non-elimination legs for both the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks. And I think for the Knicks, they played their best game of this series. The way that the Miami Heat played in the middle two quarters, really the first three quarters, if we're talking offensively, reminded me a lot of the regular season. That looked more like the Miami Heat, who at times in the regular season couldn't score to save their lives.

That's what it felt like to start. Now eventually they got some shots to drop, but this was their worst offensive game of the series. And we hadn't seen this a lot from Miami during the playoffs. Really, it's been the complete opposite of what we got from them during the regular season. They were one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA in the regular season. But they haven't been that way in eliminating Milwaukee and taking the lead they had over the New York Knicks. A little bit more of the form we saw in the regular season from Miami. No player over 20 points, including Jimmy Butler.

Poor guy had to answer questions about whether or not he scored enough for them to win. But they were held to 103 points. Now I would say you can credit the defense by the Knicks partly, but really there were some wide open shots that Miami missed. And still with all of that, the Heat nearly turned this into one of their greatest comebacks of the season. The Knicks led by 20 points in this one. They outscored the Heat by 20 in the second and third quarters.

And then the shots start dropping and all of a sudden it's a whole lot hotter under the collar. Duncan the drive. Kicks it out top to Lowry.

Pump fake. Back to Duncan. Stayed on the toe. They think he traveled.

He didn't. Got it to Burton. To Lowry for three.

Splash! Kyle Lowry. Pushing closer for Miami. The jumper from the bottom of the circle.

It's short. Bam gets his own rebound. Knocks it to Jimmy. To Duncan for three.

Got it! Duncan Robinson is here everybody. It's his neighborhood. Left side splashdown. Butler with a rock.

Working right side. Mid range. Jumper in nothing but net. Mr.

Mid range. Jimmy G. Buckets. It might be go time. Jason Jackson on Miami Heat Radio. And actually the Heat pulled within two of the Knicks late with some hot shooting. Now the Knicks were able to rely on multiple scoring options last night.

So they also looked different than what we've seen from them in the playoffs. Julius Randle with a really strong game. Didn't foul out in this one either.

Looked less frustrated. You also got another real strong scoring performance from RJ Barrett. I like the way that he's playing in this postseason. And then Jalen Brunson. Jalen Brunson. He was the catalyst.

He was also the closer. Brunson foul on floater. Gets the balance. Brunson with 37. Knicks by six. Four change to go. Randle. Eight to shoot. In the corner.

Couldn't get free. Bounce to Barrett. Four to shoot. Barrett up top. Two to shoot.

Barrett drives. One to shoot. The runner.

No. Slam follow. Isaiah Hardstein. Knicks by four with two away left. Robinson.

Short. Rebound. Knocked away by Randle. Lays it up.

Lays it in. He snatched it from Lowry with 17.8 to go. And they're going bonkers at the guard. That's Ed Cohen on Knicks radio. Yeah a lot of celebrities again at Madison Square Garden. Though I didn't notice if Aaron Rodgers was on camera. Maybe he's decided he's better off focusing on football. Or just his days of being a celebrity in the Big Apple. It's not as much fun after one or two games on the big screen.

People are coming here to play with me. Yeah. The Knicks really relied heavily on Jalen Brunson who played all 48 minutes. And when he wasn't scoring 38 points, he had nine rebounds. He had seven assists.

I was impressed with his control. When he's got the basketball, turnovers are unlikely. He had one in this game. He played 48 minutes and he had one turnover. Versus the seven assists. Now there were plenty of turnovers for the Knicks. They got a little sloppy there in the late stages and they paid for it. This, this, well I don't want to call it a stack because it's two stats.

But this particular element of the game jumped out at me and so I have to share it with you. The Knicks gave up 29 points off their turnovers. Meaning the Heat scored 29 points off the Knicks turnovers.

That is a lot of freaking points. But do you know where else 29 points came into play? The Knicks also made 29 free throws.

Isn't that odd? Totally cancel each other out. So they get 29 points at the free throw line. Oh my gosh, 29-40. They shot 40 free throws. That is too many for an NBA playoff game. But regardless, they made 29 free throws. But they also gave up 29 points off their turnovers. What's the point of working that hard?

Why bother? Anyway, Jalen Brunson, he's steady Eddie. He's got burst. He's got explosiveness. He obviously can score. Best game that he's had to this point.

And they needed every last bit of it to extend the series. What can you say about the guy? He's just incredible. All-around player.

Great leader. Great toughness. Mental toughness. Physical toughness. Ability to think on his feet. Ability to lead.

Just to have the wherewithal. Put a lot of heat on him. And he just makes the right play every time.

That's JB. That's what he's been doing all year. Ultimately, at the core of who he is, he's a competitor and he wants to win. He left it all out there tonight and carried us in a big way.

It takes everybody. He was big time though. Brunson is a great competitor. You have to respect that. We have great competitors in our locker room. This is what the playoffs are about.

It's pure competition. Eric Spolstra. Before that, Julius Randle, who himself also had a strong game. So yeah, if the Knicks can get this much offense from their triumvirate, can we call them the big three?

Everyone's a big three these days. If they can get 24 from Randle and they can get 26 from Barrett and then they can get 38 from Brunson, great. Except they still get very little from their bench. And this is not a formula that will win you a championship.

It's not. But on this night, the defense and the fact that Miami shot so poorly for the most part. The threes weren't really dropping. They didn't hit the open shots when they needed to. And by the time they dug out of a 20 point hole, it was really difficult just to get over that hump. The Knicks certainly had the edge.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Now, the crazy part. Well, there's so much crazy stuff going on these days in the playoffs. But the part that was kind of nutso is that Miami was locked in defensively in the first quarter, holding the Knicks to 14 points. But as much as it was the defense, because that's the calling card of the Heat, I kind of felt like the the Knicks were tight a little bit, maybe feeling the pressure, recognizing the magnitude.

They're on their own court. They're in front of these fans that have high expectations. To me, it felt like they were pressing a little bit. And so, yeah, they started slow, but were able to pick it up in the second and third quarters.

I don't want to say be easy into the game, but no, just things weren't going our way. And we were complaining as a team. And then we decided to just play through it.

And I got to just go through everything and not really worry about all that stuff. And we just found a way to keep sticking together. Jalen Brunson actually says they were complaining as a team.

Probably not what you want to be doing when you're facing elimination. I love the addition that he's been to the Knicks for a lot of reasons, but a steady guy. Right. The ability to control the basketball, to control the flow.

And he hasn't had any trouble adjusting to the New York stage. Miami still has major advantage. I would expect that they're going to be better offensively coming up at home. But for now, Knicks live to fight another day, as do the Golden State Warriors. And we'll get to that coming up.

Since I mentioned this earlier, I definitely want you to hear it. Jimmy Butler was asked whether or not he scored enough for them to win. Kind of an odd question. They didn't win. So the answer is no. But is it all on him? Is it up to Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler is the reason that they're still alive in the playoffs at all, actually. But yeah, it's just a seemingly odd question since nobody on the Heat was over 20 points. It doesn't matter if I score 40 or 50, 19 or 9. We always have enough to win. And if I score 10 points next game and we win, that won't be an issue and it won't be a question and I will continue to play the right way. I was making all the right plays. I'm not a scorer anyways.

I had 19 or something like that. That's enough for us to win if we make a couple more shots. I don't think that question is asked the exact same way.

I agree with him in this particular question. Of course it was enough for them to win. What about all the other people that missed shots?

Just weird. But as he points out, they pulled within two there in the fourth quarter. I think my favorite part of it though was I'm not really a scorer anyway. What?

Interesting. I'm not a scorer anyways. I don't care if you're not a scorer. Doesn't mean it's your number one focus or you're the best in the league at it, but you sure the heck are a scorer.

Reluctantly. Gosh. Oh, that's why it's triggering my brain. Do you remember when Albert Pujols tried to convince people he was the line drive hitter and not a home run hitter?

It was back a few years, so I realize it's been a while and maybe people don't remember it, but I remember it because I joked about it on the air. Albert Pujols told us he's not a home run hitter. He's a line drive hitter. Now granted, some of his line drives were home runs, but the man has 700 home runs. He's already hit 1,400.

He was a home run hitter? That's what I thought of when Jimmy said, I'm not really a scorer anyway. I'm not a scorer anyways. It just happens. I got the basketball. My hand's a bunch, so it happens.

Without his scoring, Miami wouldn't still be alive or on the cusp of advancing to a third Eastern Conference Finals in four years. All right. On Twitter, ALawRadio, our Facebook page too. Good to have you with us. It's a Thursday morning.

Wowzers. We can almost say happy almost Friday. Almost.

Not yet. Jay and I don't say it until we get to the afternoon and one of us wakes up first and texts the other one. It's usually me, just so you know. Usually. Jay doesn't have a dog and a cat waking him up. And actually, if the dog tried to wake him up, he would just ignore the dog. Yeah, close the door immediately. Must be nice. Must be really nice to have no responsibilities. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Chris Haynes is reporting that Anthony Davis has been escorted away in a wheelchair for further evaluation. Obviously, he must have had a concussion or something, so he got hit in the head that way. Obviously, it wasn't just a poke in the eye. He did get hit in the head really hard, so it could be a concussion. You need to see that kind of a blow to the head. And he has 36, 48-some hours to get ready for Friday if he can play. Obviously, everyone saw he took a shot to the head, but he just checked in on him. He seems to be doing really good already, so that's just where it's at. That's the status of it right now.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The report from Chris B. Haynes after the game between the Lakers and the Warriors. Even though Anthony Davis did leave the arena in a wheelchair, that on Lakers radio with John Ireland and Michael Thompson, he appears to have avoided a concussion. That's what Chris Haynes reported.

Not exactly sure where it came from. His sources were telling him that Anthony Davis appears to have avoided a concussion. But no doubt they're going to put him through the various testing in advance of game number six in Los Angeles to be sure that he is cleared to play and he can move forward and does not have a concussion. It would obviously be a major blow to the Lakers, but more importantly, got to be sure that he's okay to be out there. And what is a contact sport sometimes?

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. This is a game in which I wondered if it was going to happen again. If the Warriors were going to build a double-figure lead and then poof, it was going to disappear. Whether because their shooting went cold or because they were turning the ball over.

But the difference in this game for the Warriors is that it wasn't the Splash Brothers. It was the Steph Curry who was providing all of the offense. No, in fact, Steph and Klay did not shoot well. Steph did have, well, Steph shot 50% from inside, most of that from inside the arc though.

From deep, he did not shoot well. He had a couple of critical threes. One of them was a 30-footer that beat the buzzer before halftime. He had another one late in which he was in the corner and kind of fell, almost fell out of bounds. But he only hit three of his, I think he took 11 or 12 of them.

Klay once again had another tough shooting night. So it wasn't those two and the classic bombs away mentality that have made the Warriors real popular. No, actually, this was Draymond Green and it was Andrew Wiggins and it was Gary Payton. It was the other guys, if you will, who made the greatest impact and who did it early on. And remember, all five of these guys, now we know about the core, of course, but even Gary and Andrew, those guys were part of their championship run a year ago. Curry dribbles on Truder.

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The old term, the cat burglar. That's what special players do. Curry pump fake.

Looney gets it. Hands off back to Curry. Curry trapped in the corner, has Reeves on his back.

Nowhere to go. Shot clock at three up top to Clay. Triple drive by Clay over to Draymond. He'll take a jumper.

It's up and good. Draymond knocked it down. He's got 20 points. So the Draymond Green aspect of this was humongous. Not only was he active playing defense, really being a pain in the side of the Lakers, but he actually contributed a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Andrew Wiggins had 25 and 7. And the confidence that makes this team the toughest out in sports, well, them and the Kansas City Chiefs. I could say the same thing about Kansas City. They're such a tough out because they're impervious to pressure and because they have not and will not face any situation on the basketball court that they haven't dealt with 100 times before.

I mean, there's no shortcut to experience. These guys have so much. And actually Draymond was feeling generous about his coach following the game when he was asked about their confidence in facing elimination. Number one, we have a coach who's one of the greatest winners in NBA history, and you lean on him in situations like this. His calmness, everyone feels that. And then it starts up top, right?

Steph's calmness. And it goes on down the line. And I think for us, any time it's kind of going astray, you just always lean back on what you know that works on your foundation. And for us, it's just getting back to the basics, but most importantly competing at the highest level that we can compete at. And we trust and believe in ourselves.

And as far as win one, we did that. I was calm mostly just because you remember just to have fun and enjoy this experience and the opportunity that we have to play at this level. We're competitors, and you hate to lose, and you're doing everything you can to avoid that feeling. And even down 3-1, you understand what's at stake and what the consequences are if you lose another game. We're still living in that, but it's still reminding yourself to enjoy this, enjoy the competition, enjoy the work that goes into preparing yourself mentally and physically for each game.

And then you allow yourself to get lost in the game that way. I think that's the best way to kind of approach it based on all the experiences that we've had. So we have a lot of confidence that we can come back in this series.

And so otherwise, we stay in that kind of mindset. Yeah, they've got so much of it. Now, LeBron does, too, though. LeBron and Anthony Davis, both champions, and LeBron's got multiple rings, so he's in the same situation where these types of games, not a closeout for the Lakers, but it is one of those where the pressure's a little different.

If you don't close out Game 6 at home, well, then you have to go back to the Chase Center. And whether or not you have Anthony Davis, nobody's going to feel sorry for you, right? So I do love the fact that these two teams have the championship pedigree, both of them, or at least their core players do. We have another opportunity. Obviously, they played exceptionally well here tonight, and we had some good moments, but not as close to 48 minutes as we needed to be.

But we had another opportunity on Friday, and we look forward to the matchup again. Yeah, so it's got to be, I think, a confidence builder for the entire locker room that the Warriors didn't cough up another double-figure lead in this one. The Lakers never really threatened, and the fact that they got such a strong offensive push from an aggressive Draymond Green and from an Andrew Wiggins, who was so instrumental in their winning a title last year, but not just that, Gary Payton, who was in the starting lineup for defense. That's his forte with the steals and keeping his opponent in front of him, like DeAngelo Russell, and Lakers have got some really good guards. But yeah, when you get a 20-point game from Dray, when he's that aggressive, he was going down the lane.

He did take, I think he had one three, and it was early in the game. For the most part, though, he was seeking the rim. He was trying to get the high percentage shots and really force the issue at the Lakers. I told him every play he made tonight, I love that aggressive nature because it just keeps the defense honest, and he's capable of making plays. So the first three was big to kind of get everybody's morale up, the emotions high, but then he was assertive, getting into the paint, finishing at the rim. He had a big shot in the fourth off of kind of a late second broken play.

Timely baskets, and you have to keep the defense honest so they can't kind of load up other places. Friday night, game six in Los Angeles, and then if necessary, and I don't know if it will be necessary, but the NBA is playing fast and loose with their scheduling because there will be no games on Saturday regardless of what happens tonight, and so tonight we've got games in Philadelphia and Phoenix. Both the Nuggets and the Sixers could close out here. Of course, that was the case last night.

It didn't happen. But then there will be no games on Saturday. The NBA has scheduled three game sevens for Sunday if they're necessary.

Chances are they won't all be. But three of them on Sunday and then Heatniks not until Monday. I wonder if that will change if they don't end up with three game sevens on Sunday.

No, they wouldn't be able to do that. It's probably something to do with the arena. I wouldn't be surprised if it had to do with Madison Square Garden and whatever. Well, it's not the Rangers. Ouch. Is it too soon? No. It can't be too soon. It still hurts.

Okay, sorry about that. Maybe it's Taylor Swift. Maybe it is Taylor Swift. She is on her, I forgot the name of the Erez tour. Oh, I don't know.

Erez maybe. A friend of mine who, the one, actually the friend that I went to Arizona with to hike the Grand Canyon. She went on two consecutive weekends. First saw the one in Dallas where she lives. Oh, no, actually I think she went to Houston for it.

First went to Houston and then went to Atlanta the following weekend. She's a Swiftie? Well, she's... Sounds expensive. She's more than that.

Yeah, definitely does sound expensive. No way. Well, let's check. Let's see if we can Google Sunday night at Madison Square Garden and see what's going on.

I'll bet that's the reason. It is a little odd, though, to give them an extra day off. Yeah, we were talking about this earlier. The NFL, sorry, well, on the day the NFL releases its schedule and it's this made-for-TV event. The NBA has five weeks to play with between now and what could be a game seven in the NBA Finals. Okay, so they already know the dates for the NBA Finals and they've really put all the dates in place for conference finals as well. But it cracks me up that we're talking about now thinking if these series, these semifinals all end this weekend, which they would, either Sunday or Monday. Still, though, over a month to get through conference finals and then NBA Finals. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? They're about to stretch it out. It's not going to be every other day.

They've got a long way to go before June 18th, which is Father's Day and would be a game seven in the NBA Finals. What are you laughing at in there? Theo Vaughn, a comedian, has booted the Knicks from the Garden on Sunday night. Are you sure it's the actual Garden and not one of the ancillary theaters? You know, there are multiple theaters around Madison Square Garden, so maybe it's not the actual. You are absolutely right. I was going to say, I can't imagine a comedian being on stage at MSG, like in MSG.

That place is enormous. It's great for concerts like acoustics, but I can't imagine a comedian being. Adam Sandler will do it now and then. Yeah, he's done it. Dane Cook, I don't know if you know that name.

He's not that popular anymore, but he used to do it maybe about 10 years ago. A comedian would sell out 18,000 seats? Yeah, surprisingly. Wow. That's tough to do.

That's impressive. Theo is actually at the Beacon Theater. So we don't know what's happening at MSG. In terms of this website, which is MSG and all the affiliate theaters, there's nothing at the actual Garden on Sunday night.

Only Monday is scheduled next. Then maybe it's broadcasting. It's about their broadcast partners and how many games that they can manage in one day versus blah, blah, blah. Yeah, the NBA gets creative.

I'm telling you. We've got five weeks to go between now and what would be the end of the NBA finals. The next season is going to start before we lose this champion. All right, what else do we want to do? Well, a little bit of baseball. A milestone for one of the top closers in the game.

I should say one of the longest tenured closers in the game. And I hesitate to launch into any football because we don't have a ton of time. But Andy Reid was a guest on the New Heights podcast with Travis and Jason Kelce. And he had a couple of fun revelations.

So maybe we'll save some of it. But did you know that Andy Reid was a gymnast? No, really.

That's what he said. That was beautiful. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. What? I must have misheard that. Right. All right.

I screw up all the time on the air. So maybe that's what it was from John Sterling on the Yankees radio network. John Sterling's not the focus here. This is really about the rookie, Anthony Volpe, with a grand slam against the A's. His first career grand slam. Yankees piling on Oakland. Everyone piles on Oakland these days.

But what a neat moment for him. And the Yankees can use all of that. Whether rookie, whether Aaron Judge, who's back in the lineup. They need all the offense and then some. The way we've played last week has been way better than, I guess, it wasn't that little rough stretch. But when I saw the results, I mean, we're starting to kind of start trending towards better results per se. But I feel like if we keep playing this brand of baseball, we'll be just fine.

Well, why does it matter? Because they head into a four-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Best in baseball.

And here are the Yanks. They've got three consecutive wins for the first time this season. Certainly not the way they started out last year.

Completely the opposite. But there's a lot that's different from a year ago. For instance, well, the Mets have Justin Verlander. See, that's different. And he was on the mound last night and actually was able to pitch past the sixth inning.

And so a big deal for him. Pete Alonso, he now leads the majors. Or is it the league?

Which one? League majors. I don't keep track of numbers. It's early in the baseball season. But he's at least tops in the National League in home runs.

So the Mets would also like to be able to find a groove. My effort level was outstanding. Right, right. With my apologies to both of those guys, Pete and Justin. Also, certainly, Anthony Volpe with a kind of sound like Alowoji or whatever that was.

I don't know what that was. Anthony Volpe. Spectaculo Oji.

I still don't get it. Oji, I believe in Italian means today. So Anthony Volpe is spectacular today?

Is that what he's trying to say? Spectaculo? Is that spectacular in Italian? Italiano?

Yeah, that sounds about right. Spectaculo. Spectaculo, oh, oh, whatever. Okay.

Spectaculo Oji. All right. My apologies to John Sterling, too.

I think this story needs a lot more attention. Kyle Farmer, who's an infielder for the Twins. I don't know if you guys remember this. He took a fastball to his face going back in April. He's actually been activated off the 10-day injured list, but forget the 10 days. This was longer than 10 days.

This hurts me just thinking about it. He had a procedure to, Jay, are you ready, realign a bunch of the teeth in his bottom jaw. And then he, of course, had to get some sutures on his lower lip because it was split open. But in order to realign his bottom teeth, are you ready?

I'm sorry, this is awful for first thing in the morning, but I'm so impressed that Farmer's gone through this and is about to play baseball again. 35 stitches and I think I'd rather have 35 stitches than four root canals. Oh, my gosh. Which would you rather have, 35 stitches in your lip and your mouth or four root canals? The stitches. Four root canals is way too many. One root canal is way too many. Stitches I feel like would bother me in my mouth just personally. I feel like they would just drive me crazy.

The root canal is the least I can get it done and it's over with. But four is aggressive. So we maybe need to get, there's audio. He did audio with a local TV station for tomorrow.

I don't mean right now. But apparently he thought he was swallowing his bottom teeth. That's how, because his face got smashed in there and it felt like his teeth were shoved back into.

Oh, seriously, there's no man tougher on the planet right now than Kyle Farmer. He could have choked on his own teeth. He could have choked on his own teeth. I don't know, what would happen, would they pump his stomach to get his teeth? I don't know. What would happen to the teeth? Would you, would they come out the other end? Probably, I guess.

Intact? Why are we having this conversation right now? I'm sorry. Besides Aaron. Kyle, no, it's not like Aaron. This man nearly died with a fastball to the face and had to have four root canals and 35 stitches. And you're comparing him to Aaron Rodgers in the darkness retreat? A little bit.

Knock it off. I'm so impressed with Kyle Farmer. We need to get this audio from him for tomorrow's show. That would be really amazing. Also, he's really amazing.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, just goodness. I'm not even sure how to move forward from that. I don't know what to do now. Except think about how I'd rather have 35 stitches.

Oh, you already grabbed it? Okay, producer Jay, he grabs some Kyle Farmer for us. I'm feeling good physically and emotionally. You know, I kind of feel like I'm making my debut again. I'm excited to get back out there with the guys and have fun and hopefully win some ball games. What have the last couple of weeks been like for you in terms of balancing the reality of what happened with your desire to come back to the sport? There was some frustration, but knowing that it was out of my control is what helped me the most.

I have a great support system with my wife and my son at home and my parents back at home in Atlanta. They would always check in on me. And guys on the team would always check in on me too. So it was like I never left the team. So that's what helped out a lot.

Coming back is just an easy clubhouse to come back to. So it's very nice. Is that K-A-R-E TV Channel 11? So that was actually on Bally Sports North. Oh, okay, sorry.

My fault. He also spoke to a local TV station. So Bally Sports North, thank you producer Jay for grabbing that.

Kyle Farmer is my new hero. We'll see if we can get more about the actual experience because he does describe it. Again, we'll do that on our next show, but yeah, wowzers. It's after hours on CBS Sports Radio. I don't know, should we even, can we talk Andy Reid in gymnastics after that?

Okay, we're gonna just because I need to finish on a high note. That was tough. So Andy Reid was on the New Heights podcast with his tight end, Travis Kelce, along with his brother Jason. And don't ask me how this came up, but they asked him whether or not he's ever done a backflip in his life.

Believe it or not, I took gymnastic class. What? I knew it. I did.

How long? Yeah, that was about how high I got. Yeah, it was good. You know, we did the trampoline and the backflips and then did it into the pit. Yeah.

That's when you started off? Yeah, so I'm in college and, you know, all the pretty girls were on the gymnastics team. I had to do it right in front of them.

You know, they were working out. Did you nail it? I kind of did. Yeah.

I was not surprised. Yeah. Yeah. This guy's done backflips before. Those days are over though.

Okay. Now, do you guys remember the video, they trotted out every so often, of Andy Reid participating in the punt pass and kick. And he was 13 years old and he was a giant among small children, right? A giant. That's why they show this video over and over again because he was so much bigger than all the other kids, all the other early teens. Could you imagine that guy in college doing a backflip or participating in gymnastics?

Beautiful. He said all the pretty girls were gymnasts in college. But at 13 he was already Goliath. But I love Andy Reid so much, but that does not compute. No.

You know how like some bigger guys are like really nimble and like graceful? He does not strike me as one of them. Well, okay.

Andy Reid is what? In his 60s now? I mean, but that picture you're talking about, that old video.

He was gigantic in that. Hey, be nice. Don't be a bully. He would have been my friend. I was going to say, I would have been his friend.

I was friend with all the people that didn't fit into any other groups because I didn't fit into any group. Still though, backflips? Andy Reid impressing the female gymnasts in college? And punt pass and kick. All of that on the New Heights podcast.

Just a winner. All right, we'll do more football schedule release coming up this morning. So we'll talk to you tonight. It's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. Boom!
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