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5-9-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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May 9, 2023 5:40 am

5-9-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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May 9, 2023 5:40 am

Miami Heat insider Wes Goldberg joins the show | Marco's NOT-so wonderful week of vacation | WVU men's basketball coach Bob Huggins uses homophobic slur during radio interview.


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Find out more at slash cy. That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. No team in any sport starts a season ready to win a championship. I don't care if you were the defending champs like the Golden State Warriors, it's still a process, it's still a journey.

There are always new pieces and there are always new circumstances. Even if the roster is exactly the same, which rarely happens, but think with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A couple years ago when they had won the Super Bowl, they brought back the exact same starting lineup. So every single one of the guys who started in the Super Bowl was part of their roster the next year, but that's just a starting lineup. You still have subs and reserves and depth of course that plays into it, but it's not just about you in sports. It's always about the teams that you are going toe to toe with in your division, in your conference, in your league, and ultimately in what would be a championship round. So no team ever starts the year ready to win a title.

Every journey is different, which is why it's extremely hard to repeat. As a champion, you are marked. As a team that has a lot of success, you've got a bullseye on your back and then you think about free agency and how often athletes move around.

They want to get paid. There's injuries of course every year that are the great equalizer. The idea of picking a team before a season begins as a favorite to win a championship always cracks me up. It's only on paper and paper means a whole lot of nothing once you get out there on the field, the court, the ice, and we're seeing some teams right now in both hoops and hockey who are defying the odds and defying logic and the Heat are one of those. Man, they were Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde all season long, but they've got a lot of experience and wisdom and they've had to fight and scratch and claw and they've got a fearless leader and a grizzled veteran as a coach and they've got a spirit and a chemistry about them that is rare in sports, which is why they are a tough out. And as Eric Spolster looks back on what's been a tumultuous and challenging season, he believes it's prepared them for this point. We've had to find different solutions to win tough regular season games and some of those have been offensive rebounding games, you know, where you got extra possessions. Sometimes they were games that we've just had to win in the mud with different guys stepping up. I think that that beauty and the struggle has given our group, you know, they just love to compete, you know, and they have an awareness that, you know, against a team like this you're just going to have to do a bunch of different things.

Each game has been a different story and that was probably 82 games for us. Eric Spolstra, I think one of the underappreciated coaches in the NBA. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You can find our show Twitter after hours, CBS or our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for the hundreds of comments that you've posted in both places over the last 48 hours. They mean a lot to me. We're keeping our attention on these Miami Heat who are one win away from returning to the Eastern Conference Finals. Now that they've got a 3-1 advantage on the New York Knicks, Wes Goldberg covers the NBA and the Heat joining us from Miami following game four at the Locked on Heat podcast and let's talk about this particular game. Wes, where did the Heat find an advantage that's given them this not quite insurmountable but pretty impressive lead in the series? Well, I think you got to start with the physicality, number one, which is kind of interesting only because the Knicks beat the Cavaliers using that strategy, right? The Knicks had found success all season long and then obviously in that first round series out rebounding the Cavaliers, getting the turnovers, winning those battles for the 50-50 balls, doing all the things that they wanted to do like a top divider team wants to do. And the Heat came into the series and they said, all right, bet. And they were like, we're going to out physical you guys.

And so far they have. They won the rebounding battle tonight. They kind of won every 50-50 ball that you could really think of, especially the important ones in that fourth quarter down the stretch. And after the game, even Julius Randle was like, I guess they just wanted it more.

And I guess that's just been the tipping point in this series. And, you know, obviously in the three games of the Heat have won through the four games so far and why they have a 3-1 lead in the series. Julius Randle enjoys stirring the pot a little bit. What's your reaction to hearing an opponent from another team say that the Heat wanted more? It's really interesting and it kind of dovetails with something that Mitchell Robinson said too about how, you know, he felt like he was the guy that's usually getting the rebounds.

And in this series, he just, he's like, I guess I'm just not doing it as well. And I don't want to go so far as to say that the Knicks are a broken team because they still have a chance in this series. They're obviously, you know, the Heat still need to get another win in this one to close it out. But this is a team that just doesn't feel like it's exuding confidence right now. You know, the Heat, I don't want to say that they're unbeatable because obviously they're, they're not, I don't think anybody's playoffs are unbeatable, but they just seem unshakable in a way that the Knicks feel like they might be a little shook right now.

Who knows what that means? They have another game coming up at MSG back at home for them. Anything, like one game can turn things around, but right now, like they are not feeling good with how they played. And I actually thought that this game was a lot closer than the quality of play might lead you to believe. I thought the Heat played a much more superior game all season, all game long.

I thought their process was better. I thought the Knicks made a bunch of tough shots and credit for them for doing that. But right now, the Heat's been winning like across the board and all the key facets of these games. Flipping it on its head, what you said, where does the steadiness and the confidence come from with the Miami Heat? They'll tell you that it comes from previous playoff runs and Jimmy Butler.

And it's sort of like those two things. And it's a great question, Amy. It's something that I've been sort of trying to figure out ever since they beat, like they were going to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round. I was like, where is this coming from? Because I hadn't seen this all regular season long.

Nobody did. Like this team barely got into the playoffs. Let's remember, they were a fourth quarter away against the Chicago Bulls in the play-in tournament from watching these playoffs from home. And so maybe there's something too like, okay, you know, that old cliche in sports where the playoffs start and everybody's 0-0 and nobody's got any shooting percentages, all this stuff.

I don't know. You kind of just hear those comments and you roll your eyes usually, but like so much of this stuff is mental. And what you and I are talking about are all like mental things. Maybe there is something to that for this team, but also, you know, you're talking to players in the locker room after the game tonight and they really think that last year's playoff run and losing the way that they did in game seven to the Celtics. And then this year, the regular season being as up and down as it was for them, dealing with all the injuries and all the things that they had to deal with, it kind of like forged them into like a stronger team, if that makes sense. I mean, that's what they keep talking about. And the closer you get to these teams and the more you talk to them, maybe there is something to it.

I don't know. The mental toughness is definitely there. And that's one area in which I feel they have an advantage over most teams out there because of everything that they've survived to get to this point. And certainly the disappointment of a year ago, as you mentioned, Wes Goldberg is with us from Miami after the Heat take a 3-1 lead over the Knicks. He's got the Locked on Heat podcast and covers the NBA.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. The injuries, I think, don't get enough attention with this team. And I know every team is dealing with injuries for them to lose what they have and to continue moving forward. What have you seen from the bench that's impressed you in the playoffs so far? Yeah, this is a bench that was one of the bottom 10 benches by point differential in the regular season. And in the playoffs, they've also flipped that on its head. They're one of the best benches in the playoffs and they're outscoring right now. The New York Knicks, who had the third best bench in the NBA during the regular season, they outscored them 32-10 tonight in this win.

And I think there's a couple of things from that. I think number one is Kyle Lowry. He moved Kyle Lowry to that sort of six-man role at the end of the year to manage his minutes. He was coming off of that injury.

He wasn't really sure what to make of Kyle Lowry or what to think of what he might look like when he came back. And they did a great job putting him on this maintenance program. And he looks really fresh for these playoffs. And let's remember, in the playoffs last year, he was not fresh.

He was very banged up. And that was a big reason why their offense got in the mud so many times in the playoffs last year. And ultimately, why didn't the baller basically have to save them in those Houston Conference Finals so many times.

And they wanted to avoid that in this postseason. So they managed his minutes, kind of kept him around 20 over the last month or so of the regular season. And now he's playing 25 very, very impactful minutes in each of these playoff games off the bench.

So he's been a big part of that. Caleb Martin moving him to the bench after acquiring Kevin Love on the buyout market, that's been just a solid, reliable player off the bench. He's always good for a few rebounds and some points and some steals every game. And then every once in a while, he'll get some contributions from a Cody Zeller or Haywood Highsmith or something like that. But they basically took two guys who have started for them for most of the season, moved them to the bench, and they've created sort of this balance across the rotation in that way. Why Kevin Love in the starting lineup? What does he bring to the table since he signed with Miami?

A lot of outlet passes, number one. I mean, it's like every time you look up, there was one he added tonight where I was like, what happened? I was like typing something on my computer and then he did score it because he had an outlet pass off of the Knicks made three.

And I was like, I got to go back and see who scored, what happened? Those are the things that I think separate the regular season from the playoffs. In the regular season, you can kind of win just based on metrics, on numbers, on averages and percentages and all these things.

Take this many threes, play this kind of drop defense, force opponents into that many mid-range jumpers. And over the course of an 82-game season, the numbers will eventually kind of sway your way and you'll end up with a winning record for the most part. The playoffs are very different.

Every single one of these games, they're connected, but they're different. One game can change a series. One quarter can change a game can change a series. And a guy like Kevin Love, who has been through so many post-season runs, played in so many final series, is so good at finding advantages in those small little corners of a basketball game. That's the outlet passing, but it's also timely rebounds, timely offensive rebounds.

Don't want him to crash the boards. He's a great cutter off the ball. Knowing when to make that cut and just be an available pair of hands for Jimmy Butler when he's being double-teamed.

Even if he doesn't score on the play, just keeping the offense moving. And then eventually you go from a good shot to a great shot. Those are the kinds of things where he has that in common with Jimmy Butler, with Kyle Lowry. They just understand how to find those little points here and there, just to create points out of nothing. And those points can ultimately decide a game.

And like I said, that could be a whole series. Jimmy Butler is unique. His game, certainly. He's got this tenacity and this will that seems unmatched. What's it like to cover him?

What a great question. It's a mixed bag, you know, when things aren't going great. Jimmy Butler, he's never unfriendly with the media, but you could tell sometimes if things aren't going great the way that they're in the regular season, you're like, oh, I can kind of see how this guy would wear on teams like Minnesota and Philadelphia. I get it.

I could see it. But when they're winning, he is so much of a part of that and he really does have such a presence in that locker room. And Eric Folsom says this all the time, we are him and he is us, in terms of the Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat and that relationship. And I don't know that Jimmy's ever had that kind of relationship with the team, not even like the Chicago Bulls, who basically decided that they didn't want to pay him because they didn't think he was that superstar. So they traded him to Minnesota and then obviously didn't work out there and it didn't work out in Philly and he ends up in Miami.

And it just has been sort of a perfect fit. No matter some of the things that go on, whether he's trying to fight Eric Folsom, you know, has been the sideline last year or whatever, or some of the low moments of even this season and the frustrations that came with that, they are willing to deal with that because they know the kind of player Jimmy Butler becomes in the playoffs and what it is that he can do in terms of leading this team to what it is that they want to do. And I think a lot of teams and a lot of players say that they're all about winning and that's all they care about. And I don't know that that's true for a lot of teams that say that or players that say that for that matter.

But I think it's true for the Miami Heat and I think it's true for Jimmy Butler. It's an experience covering him. Like, you know, he's always good for a funny quote at the end of a game. He's very honest.

Even if you kind of will shake some questions with jokes, you will get honesty out of him. And refreshing doesn't sound like the right word to describe Jimmy Butler, but it is a little bit from a media perspective. Wes Goldberg is with us from Miami. The Heat one win away from getting back to the Eastern Conference Finals.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Also, I think about Eric Spolstra, one of the longest tenured coaches in the NBA. And I'm constantly calling him underappreciated. He's been there forever. The Heat are always a factor, no matter how many times they change their roster or the roster is changed for him. And the teams can be respected for their defense, for their intensity, and for the fact that they push their opponents to the limit. I'm just a big fan of what he's done over the course of his career there.

And Amy has never won a Coach of the Year award. It's insane. It's insane. I've said this for a very long time. I think he's the best coach in the NBA.

I don't think it's close. I think that so much of coaching, we don't see. In the media, we don't see it. Even if you're covering the team and you're there after practice, you're not in the practice, you're not in the locker room, you're not really there when most of this stuff is happening. Coaching is like an iceberg.

You don't see 90% of it. And I think a lot of coaches in the NBA get a lot of praise for drawing up an awesome out-of-timeouts play or sidelines play or whatever it is. And that stuff's important, no doubt about it.

And Eric Scholz has his fair share of great sideline out-of-bounds plays. But really what I think head coaching in the NBA comes down to is setting a tone, setting a culture for your organization. Just like a great CEO or boss sets the tone for his or her sales team, for instance.

This stuff really matters. And getting buy-in and relating to players in a way that makes them feel valued, even if they're not playing and when they're not playing. And I think that's a big part of it. And then just the coaching part of it too. And what I mean by that is not just getting star players and figuring out how to make them fit together, but taking players who might be undrafted, like the seven undrafted players at the Miami Heat have, and just coaching them up into being better players than they were when they got into the NBA.

Finding roles that fit for them, looking at what it is that they do positively, not necessarily negatively, and trying to find places where you could use those positive attributes. And Eric Scholz is as good as it is at doing that. I think it's really impressive. I don't know that there's anybody doing it quite like the Miami Heat in the NBA. I don't know that that means they're going to win a championship.

Who knows what ultimately happens at the end of this playoff run. But I know nobody else is doing it like them. And in a league that has been criticized of being sort of more and more kind of vanilla, more and more the same copy and paste, all right, everybody's taking threes and doing it this way. The Heat aren't doing it that way.

They're doing it their way. And that's pretty cool to watch. Now, 15 seasons with the Heat and more than 700 wins. So just out of curiosity, Wes, why do you think he doesn't get more attention for what he's accomplished and what the Heat have accomplished since he's been there? I think he has the attention and the respect from his peers. I think that there's a little bit of a lack of national media attention on the Miami Heat in general.

And so I don't know that that's specific because of Eric's bolster. I don't know that any coach is going to be the reason why the NBA schedules national games for a team, right? Nobody's really watching for the head coach on the sideline, right? And there's been a lot of years after the Big Three where that Big Three shine wears off. And so obviously you're on to the next thing, whether it's the Warriors, the Cavs, whatever.

So there's part of that. And then there was a long period where he did not have a star before Jimmy Butler arrived. I think he does get the respect from his peers, from other coaches in the NBA. You talk to other coaches all the time, whether they're visiting Miami or whatever it is, and you go into those press conferences. To a coach, all of them have nothing but praise for what it is that Eric's bolster does. And it's not fake praise, like, I respect my opponent, but not really kind of way.

Like, it is real legitimate praise. They view him, his peers, other coaches in the NBA, and other players, by the way. They look at Eric's bolster and say, yeah, that's the top of the class right there.

That's the guy. I don't know that Eric's bolster cares about the lack of national respect or the fact that he is on a coach here. Maybe he does.

I don't know. But I know for sure he feels the respect from his peers. It's also unique, too, that he's never coached anywhere else. An assistant coach in the late 90s and has remained there his entire tenure in the NBA, which is pretty incredible. West Goldberg is with us from Miami, and he's got the Locked on Heat podcast. We're not going to assume too much, but if they were to face a team in the finals, what's the better matchup for the Heat?

Is it the Sixers or is it the Celtics? James Harden and Joel Embiid versus Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Bam Adebayo is going to run a lot more interference on Joel Embiid than Embiid's seen in these playoffs so far. I thought Nick Laxton did a pretty good job, and now Orford obviously does a good job historically on him. But Bam's a different cat.

That's a different kind of assignment. We saw it last year in the playoffs. He's known. Embiid was a little banged up. I think Bam could limit Embiid as much as anybody can limit the MVP of the league, right? And then Jimmy Butler will take this matchup very personally. Obviously, we know his history with the Philadelphia 76ers.

It's hard to imagine him not leaving everything out there to make sure that he doesn't lose against Philadelphia. When you get to those next layers of a team like the Celtics who are so deep, that's where I think you start to worry if you're the Heat. How does your depth match up with the Celtics' depth? So I would say probably Philadelphia, but then again, Embiid and Harden, they were clicking on Sunday. That's something to monitor, I think, if I'm a Heat fan. It's like, all right, what's that really look like, and who's the better team looking like in the second part of the Celtics' Sixers series?

So I'd have to say the Sixers for right now, but we'll see. Considering everything they've been through, it's pretty incredible that the Heat are on the cusp of returning to the East Finals. I mean, it would be three out of four years.

Right? True. You don't really think about the Miami Heat as that sort of dominant of a team that's winning like that, but I don't think there's another team that can claim three out of the last four years, right? Even the Warriors had two bad seasons in there where they were in the lottery. So this is a team, I don't know if they're ever going to win a championship.

Nobody knows, right? But they have wrung everything out of these rosters possible. I know it's like rings are bust in today's NBA, but I do think that you deserve a lot of credit and a lot of respect for doing that. Agreed. The fact that they never go quietly either.

They're such a tough out. You can find Wes on Twitter at WCGoldberg, covers the NBA, both writing and podcasting. You can check him out with the Locked on Heat podcast also.

See his byline in the Miami Herald and other places like Fansided and Real GM. We are pleased to have you on the show for the first time. Wes, you're welcome back anytime. Thank you so much for a couple of minutes.

Thanks, Amy. Good information, good intel on the Miami Heat and their journey to this point and that was really what I was saying at the beginning of this hour before we welcomed Wes is that he did not start the year ready to win a championship, nor did the Lakers for heaven's sakes. Their journey has been so varied and they've had injuries and they've had roster changes. Same thing with Miami. Think about the Phoenix Suns too and the iterations that we've seen with their roster and the injuries that they've had and guys on and off.

The Denver Nuggets too, though largely theirs has remained intact, but these Heat, because of what they've been through, are a more serious contender and a tougher out. All right, find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Tony says, playoff Jimmy, the most clutch playoff performer in sports. And then our Facebook page too. We're glad to connect with you. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Amy's taking your calls at 855-212-4CBS. Good morning, Amy. Thanks for taking my call.

I love your show. You help keep me awake and alert. Hey, Amy. How are you doing? Good morning. Good morning. I'd like to congratulate you by the way that you have been the program tonight.

I woke up about one something. I've been with you ever since. Hey, God bless you, Amy. Good morning. How are you? I'm great. Hey, Amy.

I love listening to you. Hello. Hello. Hey, Amy. How are you doing?

First time caller. Happy show. Love you.

Wonderful. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Coming up, Lamar Jackson explains why he asked the Ravens for a trade. Not sure if you heard, this is a Ravens team podcast and he was in a jovial mood to be sure. It's called The Lounge and he talked about what he was doing behind the scenes even as he and the team were in limbo for a contract extension and also why he requested a trade from Baltimore. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Still Bryce Young to come too and I love the dynamic of him, the Panthers, number one overall draft pick, talking to an undrafted former Panthers quarterback that helped to lead the team to its first ever Super Bowl appearance. Kind of an interesting dynamic. So Bryce Young along with Jake Delone will do a little bit of QB news coming up before the next hour is done either on Twitter or Facebook.

We're glad to connect with you. A little bit of hoops, a little bit of hockey, a little bit of football. Oh the NFL schedule release comes up on Thursday and I normally don't care. I'll be honest, I normally don't care at all but this year for some reason I do. I'm not sure why. I think it's probably because I want my question answered of how many nationally televised games are in the Jets future are in our future but also some of these international games and I don't know just the various matchups we could look forward to. For some reason I normally am, actually I'm normally on vacation the second week in May. For the first time in a long time I actually did a vacation in April this year so that means I'm around for the schedule release so maybe that's why. Uh and also did you guys see this lawsuit but the account of Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend?

Oh my gosh it sounds like something that you would get out of a salacious soap opera for heaven's sakes but yeah it's become a he said she said and maybe shades of the past with Tiger Woods too because we know non-disclosure agreements are certainly a part of his life. Marco Balletti is here in studio. Where were you last week? Missed you. Were you taking a vacation? Yeah terrible one. It was awesome. Oh no a terrible one. I had to stay home. I had some work done on my bathroom so I had to be there so that's why I was not here. It was just to watch and try to overlook some of that and. A staycation.

Yeah but it was worse than that. But do you know what people call that these days? What's that? Working from home or as one of our managers not mine but the manager for well actually he might be your manager one of our managers likes to put in the subject heading of an email WFH. They don't even bother to spell it out anymore it's just WFH working from home.

So these days our bosses and it it happens rather frequently have appointments or have some work being done at their house and what do they do? They WFH. So you could have WFH'd.

No not really no I mean kind of hard to be on the air and do that and it's a little different. Being sarcastic. Yeah so again. It's kind of hard to get work done when you're also monitoring a project being done at your house but what passes for work these days? I'm not getting into that.

Yeah no you don't have to I do. But yeah so that's done kind of and yeah there was some some issues and some problems so they'll in about eight weeks or so they'll come back and finish it. Oh no what's not done? Tell me the toilet's working. No no no no no they're both both bathrooms are one's actually completely done one is functionable and and can be done can be done however the uh they're not technically tiles but whatever it is like that you put up on like the bathroom the they call tiles although it's not actually tiles it's the wrong color. So they put it up because they had to leave us a functioning bathroom but they had to reorder the right color and they're gonna have to come back and demo it.

Meaning it doesn't match the rest? Right which is why my wife wasn't gonna let it go because she's like I she picked out all the other aspects of it and she picked out all the other stuff like they were just putting in the bathtub which was the wrong one. Oh my gosh.

Yeah it was a mess. How does that happen? I don't know. So she has she picked out the vanity and the like she did all that stuff on her own and she's like all of it matches with the tile that I picked. This is not the color I picked it doesn't match with everything else. So as much as they were trying to get her like oh we'll give you a thousand dollars off she's like I don't care about the thousand dollars I care about my bathroom. It wasn't awful but it doesn't match and that I mean coming from me what do I know and I didn't care either way but I could tell I was like yeah I could see why you don't like it. And what about the bathtub?

Uh it's the wrong one. It was just I forget what it was she wanted the winged or whatever and this was like the standard so yeah. They're gonna fix that too? No she let that one go she let it go because that would have been another there was a fight because technically it wasn't on the contract because she called and ordered it and it wasn't written so they're blaming her she's blaming them but it was the idea that like even if you said well they were like well you ordered it too late well you could have told us that this was eight weeks in production you could have told us you were coming with the wrong one you don't just show up and put it in and then we find out later like just give us a call tell us and we'll figure it out from there either we tell you let's push back or we're cool they didn't give us an option they just shoved it in and it was like oh and then well why did you stop them I'm sorry am I in the bathroom working with the three guys like I got things to do look are you kidding me like I'm not sitting there looking at them I'm just in the house. Well would you have known if they were putting in the wrong tub yes she would have known. I wouldn't I wouldn't have known I didn't know any of the stuff I'll be fair no my job was to you know just make sure everything was all right and and in case they needed stuff I mean into the garage or whatever like you know I was there for that kind of stuff so not really doing much. Sounds like a fun week.

It was awesome awesome. My goodness okay well I guess coming back to work is a relief. Did you sleep more since you were off at least because I know you don't sleep much on this schedule. Yeah I don't know if I maybe a little bit um yeah not to get all that I also got sick during the week so like it was like it was a bit of a mess it was a bit of a mess oh so that's all right it's all right I'll get some time off. You should have used sick days instead of vacation days. Well we'll figure it out you know what I mean my wife's due basically any day so that I'll be gone with for a couple of weeks when that happens so you know with a newborn maybe I'll get some sleep so it'll be good. Yeah it sounds just exactly like what happens no not with your first two uh well they don't sleep now so never mind then so yeah well I mean look the baby gets it's actually to me it's a little easier with the newborn than it is when they get a little older the newborn they're going to be up every three hours but they don't do anything seriously you don't do anything they don't do anything they barely open their eyes you feed them you put them back down like they don't there's nothing there there's just kind of like a pile of goo so it's really not that big a deal as long as you can wake up every three hours which for me is not a difficult proposition I can go back to sleep after a couple not a big deal it's getting the other ones to just stay down for you know an entire day just don't come out of your room I don't know how many times I've had to tell it to my son I'm like you're almost nine just stay in here I don't care what happened it doesn't matter I don't care what you're doing you know bring it in there I leave the water to buy the bed like he always gets up my three-year-old is all over the place like what are you doing where you going what is there to do she always thinks there's like something she's wide awake like can we do this can we do that I'm like no can't do anything just go back in your room it's dark nobody cares just sit down I don't understand sit down just sit down just you know like you're a dog just sit down don't bother everybody else if you want to be awake just stay in your room all right but apparently that doesn't work I got the parenting tactic yeah it's lost on them it doesn't work it doesn't work it's not really a tactic it's you know chaos and hoping controlled is it controlled chaos no not really I have no control here's my control I'm not there at night anymore I'm usually here so that's good that's good I'm not there for the chaos all right well when we will you at least do me the courtesy or not really courtesy the honor of sending me a text message to let me know that next baby balletti was born and and then we can sure we can know not to expect you for a couple weeks sure okay I can do also mostly just because I'm going to be happy for you yeah I appreciate that all right cool well we'll miss you I yeah it's not the same when you're not here trust me for a bazillion reasons don't give me that you're welcome you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence appreciate you hanging out with us as we meander our way through another night saying see ya monday and heading into tuesday it's my first week post the insane month that was and it still feels a little nutty mostly because I'm trying to dig out so from april 7th which was my birthday it was a friday when my family showed up for that weekend and I had company for the next few days and then beginning what was a really nutty stretch with my syracuse class for mondays in a row the trip to arizona the total chaos of the early rounds of the hoops and hockey playoffs because you can have easily six seven games per night in those early days and then arizona and then getting back and trying to be in the flow and still manage the drive to syracuse and then training for a half marathon and keeping up with bob and the dog it's just a lot in the month of april so i'm really glad that from april 7th to may 7th i survived and and had a lot of firsts but it's also now in the rear view mirror but as i'm thinking about these next six weeks so six weeks from today until i travel again no place to go for six weeks i'm really pleased to be home for the next six weeks though there's a bunch of yard work staring me in the face that's actually the first thing i have to do now post marathon uh right now i couldn't do yard work if i tried my driveway is covered well half of it the half that's under the trees and the bushes is covered by the pollen and leaves and debris and i thought about how i need to coach my driveway and then i just thought there's no way right now i couldn't navigate that i couldn't bend down to pick up the debris and i couldn't sweep it into a i use a snow shovel a lot of times to sweep debris up into and then shovel it into a bin or a trash can anyway so yard work first but and this may be way too late and you you all may have done this already but starting this weekend spring cleaning and i've decided to take a page out of my best friend's plan hers was to clean to clean and purge one room a week in her house going back to march i'm gonna start with one room in a week and see if i managed to get through that room some rooms will be more challenging challenging than others but yes spring cleaning and purging i usually do this every few years and actually this month is three years that i bought my house and so it's a good time to go through and purge and make some room uh get rid of the last couple boxes that have just been sitting there in the closets that i haven't gotten to since i moved in i'm actually looking forward to it i don't feel very cathartic very cleansing um but just mostly to have the time to do it is is nice too it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio thanks for hanging out thanks for finding us on social a law radio plus our facebook page next hour i promise i'm finally going to pay off on what i told you i would do yesterday actually going back to last week told you that we would unveil the latest inductee into the after hours hall of flame and so we will do that um and we're also going to work in a qb news because lamar well he's giddy i'm not sure who's giddier lamar jackson or aaron rogers they're both relatively giddy or maybe it's robert salla over having aaron rogers and then bryce young talking to a former panthers quarterback who has a super bowl on his resume it's may but it's kind of fun to hear from various new cubies and new places or in the case of lamar now that the saga is actually over by the way we got so much traffic on our conversation with andy herman so he has the pack a day podcast we talked to him late last week out of green bay we had so much traffic to the podcast people listening to it the conversation itself but also the number of people that were responding as i was asking how are green bay packers fans feeling in the wake of the aaron rogers departure in the wake of this long saga finally being put to bed and the answer is now being revealed a lot of packers fans who are responding and andy's really popular so a bunch of people uh we're checking out the podcast in his comments in the wake of his appearance here on the show so that was really cool there are still people who ask me every single day do you have a podcast or who tell me every single day i don't work the same shift as you anymore or i miss this part of the show or that part of the show because i only hear the last 30 minutes whatevs uh we have a podcast that's available all the time all day every day and the updated one is posted every weekday morning we actually share the link on both twitter and facebook every weekday morning and then i usually end up retweeting it later in the day so it's always out there for you again on twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page speaking of hall of flame uh this is the type of the type of comment that could land you in the after hours hall of flame though in the case of bob huggins who has been known to make anti inflammatory comments in the past i don't think i'd even touch this with a 10-foot pole so west virginia that's where he's the men's basketball coach the university is now reviewing this situation and the athletic department is part of the investigation because bob huggins and he's not a newbie i do not understand how he could make this type of a mistake or purposefully even worse purposefully make these types of comments on a radio show on a very popular and well trafficked radio station in cincinnati this is news radio 700 wlw it's the station i've listened to before i believe they're still the reds flagship but don't quote me on that i know in the past they were and he was doing an appearance with the bill cunningham show now he used to be the cincinnati coach meaning bob huggins so he's doing an interview with the cincinnati radio station on monday and he's asked about the rivalry between cincinnati and zavier okay so crosstown rivals it gets pretty divisive and he makes a comment about school any school that can throw rubber penises on the floor and then say they didn't do it they can get away with anything but then he goes on to say and i can't repeat the word he goes on to double down and he uses a slur twice it's an anti-gay slur and he uses it twice on the air and then he throws the catholic tag in there as well i'm i'm just i'm stunned i know again he's used anti-inflammatory language in the past and generally he would tell you he doesn't care about the media he doesn't care about this he doesn't care about what people think of him but this can get you fired whether or not he cares about his job i suppose is up to him but this makes west virginia look bad it forces the athletic department and the university to have to make statements to have to investigate he did apologize in a written statement later and called the comments insensitive and abhorrent and said there's no excuse for it well i don't understand what happens in his brain that he would even use those words publicly he had to know this is going to happen i'll bet he gets fired it's after hours here on cbs sports radio i'm jr of the jr sport reef show on cbs sports radio i'm also the host of the new podcast agents of inclusion we talk to a different special olympics athlete every week to learn how sports can bring us together we're bringing both the disability and non-disability community to one community all one people one family took me a little while but i decided to claim autism as my superpower when you hear the word autism don't let that hinder you from doing whatever it is that you want to do that's what special olympics tells you you get involved in sports but then you take it from the playing field out into real life family means to me community acceptance love embracing a person just as they are that's what special olympics did for me it's all about family subscribe to agents of inclusion on the free odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you
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