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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 24, 2023 5:41 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 24, 2023 5:41 am

Amy gets attacked by a wild turkey | Was the turkey angry, or mating? | 33-year old Pirates prospect Drew Maggi gets 1st MLB call-up.


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Subscribe to NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast. And I do sincerely hope that they're okay and just sleeping different hours or not keeping up with the show anymore. But yeah, it's always good when we have someone calling who hasn't called in a while just to let us know that they're still hanging.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Good to have you with us if you're already awake on your Monday morning. Although I'm going to be feeling it a little bit later and probably will feel a little bit like you if you do in fact wake up or get to work even this early on a Monday morning. Well, you know, it can be tough to flip your schedule if on the weekends you keep more daytime hours. I actually this will be my first time of working overnight and then driving to Syracuse. So I've got two classes down, two classes to go.

The first two classes that I taught as part of my spring course. We're coming off of Sunday nights in which I was not working, so I was on vacation and kind of wrap my vacation around one week and then into the next Sunday night. So I didn't have to drive after doing the show, but that is not the case for the next two weeks. So when I get off the air here at 6 a.m. Eastern Time, I'll go home, get ready, take care of the pets, yada, yada, yada, make sure the house is ready for the dog sitter. And we'll hopefully get to bed around 9 a.m., catch a two hour nap and then have to drive to Syracuse. Don't ask me why. Well, it is a good idea.

I do want to teach. I'm going to have to suck it up. I can usually do the lack of sleep for a couple of days.

And so I'll catch a few naps here or there. So once I get to Syracuse, it's a three and a half hour drive. Once I get to Syracuse, then I've got the class, a couple of errands to run. It always seems like when I get on campus, I've got errands to run, whether it be meetings or whether it be paperwork.

Or last week it was about testing the ComRex, which is what we use to broadcast live from there. I will likely set it up ahead of time and do that on Monday afternoon. Also, my mom has sent me on an errand to buy her husband a Syracuse University T-shirt, so that falls on me. She could, of course, get it online, but she wants me to buy it at the actual bookstore.

So yes, I'll be doing that. I remember when I was a student there, as a grad student, my mom, for one of her gifts, got a bumper sticker, I bought it for her, that said, my daughter and my money go to Syracuse University. I actually think when we were going through a couple of tubs of old high school, actually it was elementary school, junior high, high school, and then college papers and awards and just memorabilia, we came across that bumper sticker. It might have been with my diploma, I'm not sure.

But yeah, it was funny. She had it the whole time that I was at Cuse. And then it did take me 20 years to pay off my loans that I borrowed just for the one year at Syracuse.

Totally worth it though, and now they're paying me, which is pretty sweet. So yes, mom has sent me on an errand to find the bookstore again. I'm still getting used to being back on campus.

I can remember the general layout, but they've changed a little bit. They've added buildings, they've expanded some other areas like the student center. So yeah, this past weekend, or past Monday, I went on a wild goose chase trying to find a particular building. Turns out it was right across the street from the one that I'm teaching in. In my defense, my boss, the sports director at Newhouse, she's the one that told me to go across campus. Oh, it's behind this building.

No, it was not. It was literally directly across the street from where she was, but I never did tell her. It was good for me to get some exercise after being in the car. So yeah, the good news is I am staying at a hotel that's right off campus. It's a block across the street from where I have to teach.

I can park my car there as well. But yeah, it will be a bit of a zombie driving. Thankfully I got a couple of phone calls scheduled, people that will help me stay awake. And then we'll teach the class, we'll prep for the show, host the show overnight again from Syracuse, sleep about five hours on Tuesday morning, wake up at noon because that's when checkout is.

Thankfully checkout is at noon from the hotel. And then I will get back on the road. So yeah, I got to do this two weeks in a row. If I make zero sense on Tuesday night show, well there you know. Except my friends tell me I'm way funnier when I'm tired.

I don't think that's a compliment actually. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks for hanging out with us on Twitter, ALawRadio. Also on our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Actually if you go to the photos on my Twitter page, I believe that I shared some from Syracuse not that long ago. Back in February when I had returned to campus for the first time in over a decade to be a guest speaker. And now it's pretty sweet that I'm just wandering the halls. Last week though I had to get one of the students in my class to tell me where the classroom was because I didn't know.

I was in the wrong building I think and he walked me there. So show went well last week. I'm going to invite students this week. But it's a first come first serve and I told them that they better complete their assignments. The first ones to complete their assignment. They would have dibs on being able to sit in on the show tomorrow.

Tomorrow night, excuse me. So looking forward to that, getting back to Syracuse. I really like this group of students. And then after I'm done I can reevaluate and hopefully they'll invite me back to expand the course coming up next year. Although I may have to look into flying because the driving is, they're paying my expenses which is awesome. But yeah, the driving is a lot. It's a seven hour round trip. And I think by the time I get out of the car on Monday afternoon. So when I start this drive on Monday, it's three and a half hours, I don't get out of the car. On the way there, three and a half hours, straight shot, I don't stop. Because I make sure that I use the bathroom before I get in the car and that my tank is filled up with gas. I've already done that so I will not have to stop on the way up. But after three and a half hours of sitting in one position, maybe I'll use cruise control so I can stretch my legs out.

I'm going to get out of the car and go, owwwwww. Because on Sunday evening I did my longest run since last year's half marathon which was about eight and a half, nine miles. And it needed to happen because I'm two weeks away from a half marathon. It could have been far worse though.

Instead of having sore legs, sore muscles, just generally the good kind of sore but the muscle ache. I could have had a very sore rear end because I got chased by a wild animal that nearly bit me in the butt. I am not kidding about this. So here's what happened. I do have a picture on my phone to prove it and maybe that's why I nearly got chased down by a wild turkey. No joke.

A wild turkey. Exactly. So here's what happened. I'm running through a town, it's a couple towns for me, right, so I need to stretch out my run. So I'm running through this town which I'm really familiar with and there's a traffic jam. And I don't, a lot of times you'll have deer that will walk across the street in my county just because there are deer everywhere. In fact I nearly, well there was one standing on the side of the road as I was leaving my neighborhood to come to work tonight. So there are frequently deer, fox, sometimes Canadian geese every now and then you see them. I actually ran by one yesterday and thought it was a decoy.

It wasn't actually real but then I realized it had moved and I was like oh man. So I could have gotten chased by a Canadian goose and a wild turkey. Anyway there's a traffic jam and this turkey is clearly annoyed by the fact that he's trying to get across the road and there are cars that are lined up on both sides of him. So he's literally standing on the double yellow in the middle of the road. And of course people are taking pictures but they're stopping, they're not sure what he's going to do. They don't want to hit him so they're just sitting there to the point where a couple of cars, drivers got really annoyed and did UEs in the middle of the road and turned around and went the other direction or took some side streets. So he's causing this traffic jam but he's standing in the middle of the road. He did not use a crosswalk. Once the traffic kind of parts and the cars go by him slowly, he's in the road by himself. Now this is when I come up on the turkey.

So I thinking well this will be fun to share on social or be fun to talk about or just to tell my family about. He had a really pretty blue head. I think I'll take his picture.

So I do. He's standing in the middle of the road. I take his picture.

He continues walking finally after the traffic parts and he comes over to my side of the road. Now I'm not standing right next to him. I was on a sidewalk about, I don't know, 10 feet away. 10 feet away!

The sidewalk kind of is indented there and curves away from the street. And so I was on a sidewalk probably 10 feet away. I stop and take his picture again because he had a really pretty blue head.

He was striking and it's April. I don't know why he's out in the middle of the road. I'm going to share this photo because it's pretty funny. So I take his photo and I start running again. Now I start slowly.

I kind of start jogging again and I'm going to get back into my rhythm. I hear this car honk coming up the street. I turn around to see what the car is honking at. The turkey is on my behind.

He's right there. He had chased me. He was running after me.

Oh my gosh. And as I start to, so I turn around and I go, ah! Like the turkey is right by me.

So as I turn around, I step quickly. Do you know the turkey ran after me? I got chased by a turkey.

A wild turkey. He ran after me. Do you think it was your sudden movements that spooked him? I think he didn't like having his photo taken. He was very photogenic though. He was one of those members of the celebrity crowd that say no paparazzi and if you take photos, they come after you?

Or they send their bodyguards after you? Well, I mean, he's got to know that he wasn't where he was supposed to be. How does he have to know that? He's got to know that.

No, he doesn't. He's not in his natural habitat. He's a turkey out in the loose in the middle of the road.

He's going to be photos taken. There's green grass around. I mean, the turkey just thought he was crossing the road to go to some more green grass. So anyway, as I turn around, I go, ah! I see the turkey. At this point, he's not even six inches from my butt.

His beak is right on my butt. And I start to run and he comes after me and I'm thinking, holy crap, is this turkey going to follow me? And so I start to run faster and eventually, after a few steps, the turkey stops. But yeah, I mean, I got chased. It wasn't just like he was walking toward me. No, I got chased. I turn around and the turkey is on my butt. And then as I start to run, he runs too. Did you know turkeys are fast? Actually, if you Google it, turkeys can run pretty fast over land.

I'm not kidding. I thought if he had lunged at me, he would have gotten me because I was right there. I think maybe my scared the turkey. But clearly, he looked to be a juvenile. As a juvenile Tom turkey, he took the photos as a challenge. He decided that, first of all, he needed to knock the film out of my camera, proverbially, of course, there was no film on my phone. But he decided that he was going to make sure those photos never reached print. Also, I guess he thought I wasn't running that fast, so he figured he could catch up with me.

Which he did. If that car hadn't have honked, I would have had no idea the turkey was on my butt. And I would have just continued on my merry way. Probably the turkey would have attacked me. What do turkeys do besides peck you? I think just aggressively peck. Maybe you get there with the talons a little bit. You think?

Yeah, I could see a turkey kind of like scratching at you with a talon. Well, how would he do that? He's only got two feet. I mean, it would be on the human or you, the defendant, to kind of like kick him off.

The defendant? You know, however you wanted to handle him. How would he scratch me, though? Kind of like a drop kick form, I'm thinking. Like a little jump up.

Okay, now you're just making things up. Like this karate kid or something. Like he's a crane. Well, they don't fly, so he would do like a little flutter, which would like spook you. A flutter. I've never seen a turkey flutter. Again, you're just making things up now.

He's going to do a hi-yah, like Miss Piggy or something. No. But anyway, did you look up how fast turkeys can run? Let's see.

I looked up that they have war calls, so they definitely are known to fight. He didn't say anything to me. He didn't? He wasn't aggressive that way?

He did not warn me that he was coming. Turkeys can clock 18 miles per hour. See? That's way faster than me.

In fact, that might be even faster than me on my bike. Scotty sends us this tweet, A-Law Radio. It's the turkey mating season. Oh, well. Great. Uh. Oh.

Does that mean I was the object of his desire? I mean, is that as good as I can do? A turkey? Oh, wow. A spooked turkey can run up to 20 miles an hour.

All right. No. I mean, I was D.O.A. If that turkey caught me, I was D.O.A. There would have been one pet to the rear end. I would have shrieked again, and I'm telling you, I wouldn't have stood a chance against the turkey.

But, yeah, no joke. As I started to, like, because I turned kind of sideways to see what the, what the, it's just so funny. I'm glad there were no cameras, because I turned sideways to see why the guy was honking.

It was like, ah! The turkey was running by. He was trying to sneak up. No, he ran. He must have run, because there's no way he could have caught up with me just walking or strutting. Turkey strut. So I missed him running initially, because I turned around and I'm like, ah! The turkey! But then I'm telling you, as I turned and my first instinct was to sprint, the turkey took a few quick steps right after me.

He was protecting his territory. Apparently they can, I didn't know they could fly at all. Apparently they can soar for, like, up to a mile. They usually do it for, like, 100-yard spurts if they do do it. And they can do that at 55 to 60 miles an hour.

We just, yeah, you're spreading false information here. First of all, turkeys don't do hi-yah kicks. And second of all, they can fly, as Twitter has now informed me.

I knew that too, but I didn't really want to. Well, I mean, they're not like... That's not, that's a moot point, because I wasn't flying, so why would he be flying? I don't... They, like, they hover, really, is what they do. Hover?

Yeah. Like a drone? They hover? They have, like, spurts of hovering. They don't, like, fly, like, eagles.

You need to stop, you need to stop saying anything. I mean, it's not like I see a turkey, like, a plane in the air. It's just, like, it can get off the ground for, like, a second, but... A second? They don't fly. They can't cover a mile in a second. Not like aerial. Well, they are, but... Yes, they are aerial, and they obviously can fly and get off the ground, otherwise they wouldn't be able to go a mile. Everything you said there is wrong, but okay.

All right. I guess any flying is better than no flying, but if you're talking, like, birds, they're not, like, up there with the eagles. He wasn't, duh. He wasn't flying, though. He was running after me, and yeah, his, the look on his face, I'll never forget those eyes.

He didn't get me back? He was an angry turkey. Well, actually, that was my outbound run, and so on my inbound run, I got a little nervous running by this same area. I actually was, I had an escape route, just in case the turkey was still in this grassy knoll between the street and the indented sidewalk, so I was looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found, but I was prepared to sprint to the other side of the road to sacrifice life and, ahem, limb, to be able to get away from this turkey. I'm telling you, he sent me a very clear message that I should not be anywhere near him, either that or he thought I was going to be his new mate. Do you want to hear something a little unsettling?

More than the story I'm telling right now, about how I got chased by a turkey? Okay. I have an uncanny and somewhat scary ability to recognize our voices and appearances. So in other words, not only did he decide that I was a menace to him and his society, he's probably told all of his family and friends, and now they're coming after me. Yes. Great. So now he knows who you are, he knows your voice, he knows your face, and he's telling everybody.

Corey says they most certainly will spur you. That's how they fight each other. Turkey for male dominance. Well, A, I'm not a male. How does the turkey not know that? And B, I'm not a turkey. So why is he trying to fight me?

No, I'm telling you, he was just trying to, he was trying to scare the crap out of me and tell me to leave, leave the area for good. Apparently they don't have good memories though, so. How would anyone know whether or not a turkey has a good memory? You need to stop reading the internet. Are you on Wikipedia? I'm on just Google turkey facts right now.

Okay. I do love turkeys and I do actually think wild turkeys, a group of them around Thanksgiving, they're really cool. They're clearly on the move, they're trying to escape those people who would mean to do them harm. I meant to do him no harm and somehow I still got chased. I'm not joking. The look in his eyes and the fact that he high stepped it after me, even when I realized he was right behind me, I was scared.

My heart rate got a major jolt, but I escaped with my life and all my limbs and I did not encounter the turkey again on my return route. Would you like to see the photo? No?

Yes? The photo that's, it's up, right? I didn't post the photo. Oh no. Should I post the photo? I think so. Okay.

Huh? I mean, people are going to laugh at me, but he, I stopped to take his picture. That was my fault. If I just kept running, we wouldn't have this problem.

He thought I was the paparazzi and he was not having it, but he had a pretty blue head and I, and I just was fascinated by the fact that he was right there. Why didn't no one come out to help is also my question. What are they going to do exactly? Throw a rock at the turkey? Yeah, I mean. No. Stop.

We don't want to hurt the turkey. He's coming after you. He was, but I didn't. Gobbling. I had no, no, he wasn't.

There's no tomorrow. No, he wasn't gobbling. There was no noise. I can't hear him. It's even a little scarier. It's like a Jaws.

He was on the quiet warpath. No joke. I turned around. I'm like, I started running and the turkey takes a few steps after it. It's horrifying.

It really is. Can you imagine only worse now that it's flashing through my brain, what if I had tripped and fallen? Oh, that would be it. The turkey would have been on me in a heartbeat. That would be the end of my life. I would have lost my eyes and just had all kinds of battle scars.

Phew. I mean, I'm not very graceful. In fact, on my Wednesday run last week, I tripped over two sidewalk pieces.

One was much higher than the other. I usually look, but I wasn't looking down. My grandfather taught me to always look where you're going.

Look down when you're walking or running so you don't trip. But the sidewalk, the one piece of the sidewalk, the cement block had pulled up underneath the ground. The ground had puffed it up, puffed it up.

You know what I mean. The ground had forced it up. I tripped over it. I did not fall, but I did do a major save. So could you imagine now, this is even worse now, thinking about the fact that I could have tripped and fallen and my life would now be over.

I think this is a making of a horror movie. Not one I'm going to be in. It's a good thing I'm not an actress. If you fell.

No, no. Thankfully. I feel like people would have stopped then or would they have just rolled down their windows and taken more photos? Or provoking the turkey even further. Provoking the turkey and not coming to my rescue. Or maybe the turkey just thought I was going to be his new mate. We'll go with that.

Maybe it wasn't a look of anger in his eyes, it was a look of intense love and devotion because he realized I saved him from all the cars that were, or he thought I saved him from all the cars that nearly hit him. Bob's got some competition. Maybe I could adopt a wild turkey. Do you think Bob would care? I'm going to go back and search for the turkey and see if I can take him in.

Maybe. Maybe I'll tell him I'll preserve you from Thanksgiving. He'd have no choice. I'll save you from Thanksgiving.

I'll give you a home. It'd be very noble. Could you imagine Penny and Sugar with a turkey? I don't think they'd like him. No. No. No. They would not like him. Sugar would give him a run for his money though.

She doesn't back down. Would you let him in the house? Hell no. Turkeys smell. I do love turkeys though. I love to eat turkey and in this particular case, I've now learned my lesson.

No more turkey photos because it almost led to a near death experience. Everyone's got to learn that lesson at some point. Really? Have you learned that lesson yet?

Or are you just going to learn it vicariously through me? It'll happen. Right. Turkey mating season. You all think that's funny. I'm glad to hear. All right.

On Twitter, ALawRadio, on our Facebook page, maybe, just maybe I'll share the photo. I'm feeling a little foolish, but mostly the fact that I survived to tell the story and didn't follow my rear and I outrun the turkey. I mean, it's, those are all positives.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. It could have sounded like that. Thankfully, the turkey made nary a sound.

That was a turkey fight call sound apparently. No, he wasn't doing that. I was, I was obviously the one he wanted to mate with for life. That was it.

That's what it was. He saw me. He was instantly in love. It was love at first sight and he was chasing down his future betrothed love at first gobble. It was love at first. Well, he didn't gobble though. That's what I mean.

He just, he just saw me and he came after me. Yep. Poetry.

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I mean not quite as fast as I should have been. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

Walter's in Maryland. Hi, Walter. Well, hello, pretty lady.

How you doing? Great. Amy, you represent class, intelligence and personality and that's everything I want in a park show. Oh, she has the whole Cameron Diaz thing going on.

You're beautiful, girl. You're on television. I'm saying, wow. She's on radio? What the hell is she doing on radio?

I don't want to do TV. There's not enough air time for me. They only gave me five minutes on CBS this morning. I was like, hey, where's my radio show? I got more to say.

Here's Amy Lawrence. Well, apparently you all have been completely and utterly distracted from sports conversation because now what you want to talk about is turkeys and it's fine. I'll talk about animals any day of the week and certainly at night we do love to highlight animal stories. So Jeff is listening in Michigan, is going to drop some turkey knowledge on us. Jeff, what do you got for me? How you doing? I'm good, sir. Thank you.

First time call, listen to you every day on the way into work. Thank you. Well, yes, there's, that was probably a jake turkey, which is a young turkey. They have a beard if you look at the, I haven't seen the picture, but there's a feather that comes out of the chest area and the larger the feather, the more dominant the turkey per se. I'm assuming. He does have a feather. Yeah. How long?

How big is it? I mean, it's coming out of his chest, right? Like it's a feather. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Way to go, Jeff.

I would say it's about three, four inches long. Yeah. That's just, that's just a jake.

It's a young turkey. Oh, great. He probably got, he probably got kicked out of his area by a dominant Tom. Oh, now I feel bad. Okay. And yes, it is breeding season and he was looking at you too, mate, but you got to watch out for the spurs. Where are the spurs?

The spurs are on the backside of the leg and on dominant Toms, those can get to like an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half long and they can do very bad damage there. Oh. They're like spikes.

Oh yeah. I see them. In fact, I've seen them before on turkeys, but I didn't really know what they were for or about turkeys are usually more afraid of people. And usually when they see people that take off, except for this time of year, not so much, not this one, but just never turn your back on a turkey or any other animal. Well, okay. But it's right. It's a Turkey though. I just wasn't.

I wasn't thinking, but I'm glad you survived. Yeah. Phew. My gosh.

With my life. He has a blue head too. Yes. I don't know if that has to do with his age.

Yeah. That's why I thought he was very handsome. So here I am taking it. Maybe that's why he knew he thought I was taking his photo because he was handsome.

And so he believed that was his invitation to mate for life. I guess I missed my opportunity. So Jeff, thank you for sharing that knowledge crazy that I can see that feather that's coming out of his chest. My pleasure. Wow. You have a good evening. Yeah. Good to talk to you, sir. Have a great Monday. Oh my gosh.

Okay. More Turkey info than I ever thought I needed, but you all are now blowing up our Twitter and Facebook page as well with your Turkey stories. I got to share a couple of these now. These do not come from me, but I just want you to know that on our Facebook page, people are they're musing about turkeys. Let's see, Mike says a couple of weeks ago, a mail carrier was attacked by a wild Turkey to the point the mail carrier needed hip surgery. What? No, come on.

That can't even be like real. Can you Google that and see if Google mail carrier, wild Turkey attack. I mean, what's worse getting attacked by a dog or getting attacked by a Turkey.

That's a hundred percent accurate. Okay. Read it.

What's it say? Two turkeys attacked us postal service mail carrier in Cambridge, Massachusetts last month. And this was article was April 3rd. According to the man who had to have his hip replaced the neighbors who helped shoo the birds away. The mail carrier is recovering, but he says the aggressive behavior is becoming a problem. A big problem.

Wow. Can't do his job because there's aggressive turkeys everywhere. Kathy says on Facebook, watch out for their feet. They can fly at you, huh?

Sandy says on Facebook, they're everywhere in my neighborhood from time to time, packs of 10 or more. Everyone has to wait for them to cross the street and they roam into all the driveways. They're stupid and mean. My uncle used to raise them, said they're the dumbest creatures God ever made. And then some of you are just sending me all kinds of funny Turkey photos. I mean, I suggest you be careful when you take these photos. Tim says wild turkeys can be real mean.

Yeah, I learned that the hard way actually. Bob wants to know if my dog was with me. No Penny's too old to run.

She's 13 and a half. She used to run with me everywhere off leash. We've now, we actually got attacked by a mama deer on vacation in South Carolina. It was this island where I like to go and visit and the deer are protected there. And so because they're protected and they know that they rule the roost, I'm not sure if you've ever seen does, they actually are really aggressive.

They're nasty to each other when they don't want to share food. And so Penny and I were walking by this group of deer and this herd of deer and there were a couple of babies there. And even though we did nothing aggressive at all, this mama deer charges at Penny.

And so we had to run real quickly. Well, Penny no longer accompanies me on hikes or runs, so no, she was not there to save me from the deer, the deer, sorry, the turkey. But trust me when I say that she would, because even now as old as she is, she doesn't exhibit a lot of energy on our walk. She'll trot for a few steps, but mostly it's slow. We actually encountered a fairly aggressive younger dog. Now the dog was in the leash, but this weekend, this younger dog was sniffing Penny initially.

They were sniffing each other, both tails are wagging, which is a good sign. And then this dog just hauls off and starts growling and like lunges at Penny barking and Penn barked right back. I never hear Penn bark anymore.

Yeah, no, Penn protects, Aussies are very protective of their people. So they, they're instant, instantly their instincts are to, you know, to stand their ground and protect their people and Penny, I haven't heard Penny bark or growl in a really long time. But when that dog hauled off and did that, she got really loud and kind of lunged back and she's got some long teeth. I'm always amazed at how large my dog's teeth are well.

And then when, when she accidentally bites my finger, cause she's taking a tree out of my hand. Well then I get firsthand knowledge. So yeah, no Penny with me.

So the turkey decided that I was, I was free game. You want to hear from the mail carrier? Yes. Wait, do I want to hear from him? He says he was horrified.

You actually have an audio, like a soundbite? Oh yes, please. Let's hear from the mail carrier that needed hip surgery after getting attacked by turkeys. I could not stand up.

I just couldn't, I couldn't feel anything. And he says the aggressive behavior from the birds is one a lot of his coworkers are dealing with. Oh no. He went viral on TikTok earlier this year of a turkey terrorizing another mailman, also in Cambridge. Terrorizing? They chase our trucks, they peck at the wheels of our trucks.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service says turkey encounters with carriers are common, but they don't usually result in injury. Mitchell says he does plan to come back after recovery, but he will be on guard. I'll be watchful.

She's so dramatic. I might drive around the neighborhood and see if I see him first. Yeah, I would too. I wouldn't get out of my mail, my letter carrier vehicle. This is a real issue. My postal truck, my letter truck. I wouldn't get out of my truck if there were turkeys anywhere. Although they don't have doors.

Well maybe the door slides, but a lot of times the mail carriers are driving with the doors open. Oh, that's a recipe for disaster. The turkey just hopped right in, especially during mating season. I'm telling you, Tom was after me. I never knew this was like plaguing our country right now. This is an issue.

This is a thing. I mean, I see them around Thanksgiving. They're on the move a lot, but I've never been attacked by one. Thank goodness I didn't fall. I'm telling you, I'm mortified now thinking about the possibility of what would have happened if I had fallen. Just kind of got to get that thought out of your head because next time that the encounter happens, that's all you'll be thinking about. So no, you're better than one. You beat the turkey. You're better than the turkey. But I think the turkey liked me. That's the thing. I'm always being aggressive, but I think the turkey liked me. You all are goofy. All of your crazy turkey gifts and memes now.

And then another listener who says, Amy, no joke. My youngest son's nickname is Turkey. Let's hope he's not as menacing as the turkey I encountered on my run. All right. Can we be done talking about turkeys now?

Because I'm kind of embarrassed, actually. I nearly got attacked by a turkey. It seems to be a thing.

Well, I know, but. You're a survivor, if anything. I was nearly a victim of a turkey attack. Do you think? I don't think I would tell that story on the air if it got worse, like if it was actually worse than I got attacked by a turkey. If you got like eight to ten stitches.

Yeah. No, there's no way I would share that story. That's not something I'd be proud of. I'm not proud of this. I just I was innocently taking the bird's photo.

I didn't know he was going to react in such a manner. Huh? I don't know. I might tell the story if a turkey gave me eight to ten stitches. You'd be out of commission for like a month if the turkey gave you eight to ten stitches. Nah.

A month and a half. See what I mean? Jay does not run, so he would be ill-equipped to face a turkey. Me, I ran away. Fleet of foot I was. True.

I need to better my cardio for turkey attacks, though. All right. The Lions see a bunch of guys suspended for gambling, a commander as well, five guys in a Friday news dump by the NFL. Do you care? Do you think it's a problem?

Should the NFL continue to crack down, or do you think it's disingenuous? Those are all questions we've thrown out there for you on Twitter, ALawRadio. I haven't yet. It's more than just your lawn.

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On the web at Tear the picture of the turkey, I will. Also on our Facebook page. Good Monday morning to you. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. That's what I'm talking about.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I really do like turkeys. I always thought they were interesting birds, but now I get to see those birds differently. I can't whistle. Whoa, is that like taunting me? Turkey whistling? Is it the turkey whistling? Or a guy whistling to a turkey?

Are they like dogs? They respond to whistles? See, I can't whistle.

It's a little-known fact about Amy Lawrence. I cannot wink, and I cannot whistle. So if I wink, it looks like I have a twitch.

So you don't never want me to wink at you ever, which is a good thing it's radio, because I can't do it. But I also can't whistle. Jay tells me that there are videos on YouTube that will help me whistle.

Absolutely. That doesn't explain my incapacity. It's not that I don't know how to whistle, it's that nothing comes out. Listen. See? That was... Jay, shut up. Not so bad. Shut up.

Oh my gosh. That was like a faint... You couldn't hear it if I wasn't in front of a microphone. Yeah, it's better than like... No, it's too breathy. It's not a whistle. So I actually went on YouTube and tried to learn how to whistle not that long ago, actually. But it was the one where you put your, you know, the really loud whistle. You put like, people put their finger in their mouth and like...

I think that's outlawed since the pandemic. You cannot put your fingers in your mouth. Well, I couldn't do it. So I tried to learn on YouTube how to whistle. I still learned how to do it.

Still couldn't get it to sound. We're gonna have to go on YouTube and watch what to do if a turkey attacks me. But thank you for all your recommendations. Okay, we're gonna pivot quickly before the top of the hour because I love, love, love this story. Favorite story of the weekend. If you, and I, you can be completely excused if you've never heard of 33 year old Drew Maggi. I had not heard of 33 year old Drew Maggi until this weekend from AA Altoona, which is the Pittsburgh Pirates AA Club. He finally, finally, after 4,494 minor league plate appearances, gets called up to participate with the big league club, be part of the big league club on Sunday.

This is incredible. The video of him getting the news in his minor league clubhouse. We talked about three words. We talked about perspective.

We talked about choice. We talked about grit. We also talked about how that can be a really important springboard for this group as we went into the season with the natural difficulties of baseball and also life, right? And so baseball is like this wonderful microcosm to everything that we do and the reason why we navigate every single day. So the one thing I forgot to talk about was all of that was in an effort to not only win, but give yourselves one plus day in a major league, right? And some of us have had the chance to be in the major leagues and it was for one day. And there's going to be some of us going to get a chance to take that one day and turn it into a one plus. And so it is with great pleasure that I get to promote my first person to the major leagues and someone that is tremendously important to this group and someone that exemplifies grit, a choice to continue to fight for what he wants in life.

And a lot of that is having the right perspective. And so, Maji, we're going to get an opportunity to rock. It was a little bit of me that was like, you know what, you love playing baseball, keep going no matter where you're at.

And you know, crazy things happen. So you know, I'm very thankful that, you know, I'm here and I get to enjoy this and I'm excited for the day. Drew, when did you get in last night and did you sleep at all last night? I got in probably around like seven-ish to the Fairmont and no, it was a lot of staring at the roof. You know, just kind of, you know, a lot of thought, a lot of thinking about, you know, just different moments and you know how crazy it is, you know, from my hotel room I could see the stadium.

So, you know, a lot of just sitting in the chair looking out and just being like, wow, you know, I'm here. Congratulations to Drew Maji, 33 years old, and he did not get into the game on Sunday, but he got to be there with the Pirates as they swept the Cincinnati Reds 1155 games across 13 minor league seasons. He got selected by the Minnesota Twins on September 18th, 2021, but never appeared in a game. So congratulations to Drew. It's one of those types of stories that makes you believe that if you work hard enough and stick long enough, dreams do come true. It's After Hours, CBS Sports Radio.
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