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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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April 19, 2023 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 19, 2023 6:06 am

QB News | Allen Robinson traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers | Ask Amy Anything!


I'm JR of the JR Sport Reef show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm also the host of the new podcast, Agents of Inclusion. We talk to a different Special Olympics athlete every week to learn how sports can bring us together. We're bringing both the disability and non-disability community to one community, all one people, one family. It took me a little while, but I decided to claim autism as my superpower.

When you hear the word autism, don't let that hinder you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. That's what Special Olympics tells you. You get involved in sports, but then you take it from the playing field out into real life. Family means to me community, acceptance, love, embracing a person just as they are. That's what Special Olympics did for me. It's all about family.

Subscribe to Agents of Inclusion on the free Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Halfway through, in fact dead center of the work week right now and halfway through our hump show. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. As I say, really good to see DeMar Hamlin. He looks healthy.

He looks happy. He looks ready to go and what an inspiration for his team, but also what an inspiration for all of the millions and millions of Americans who followed his story. Not only his cardiac arrest on the field on national TV, but also followed his two and a half days in the hospital or two days in the hospital too. We heard that he was awake, staying there in Cincinnati, finally getting transported back to the Buffalo area.

His parents with him. We were hearing from family members, but waiting with bated breath and really for two consecutive days following that Monday night game that was cancelled at the time postponed, but ultimately cancelled. We saw what we never see, which is the NFL come to a grinding halt because the health, the safety, the well-being of one of their members, but also the emotional impact on everyone who saw it and considered his own health, but considered that the game that he loves can ultimately be one that is harsh and cruel and violent.

In this case, nearly took a life. All of that is jarring and there's no way to avoid all those emotions. The negative, the scary, the uncertain, the anxious, if you do play football for a living, but I think more than that, what I really appreciated was hearing how many of the NFL's players and then athletes and other leagues as well talked about faith and prayer and coming together and friendship and support and encouragement of one another.

Those conversations were also going on in the locker rooms around the country. So what may initially have seemed as though it was dark and it was scary, really scary doesn't cut it. It was terrifying.

It was a near miss. It became a story of healing and recovery and hope. And Demar has been so good at spreading hope. According to Demar, the mental part of all of this and the rollercoaster of emotions is quote the hardest hurdle. And so that's why the Buffalo Bills are going out of their way to not only have a separate trainer travel with him everywhere he goes, but offering him whatever mental health support that he needs. Sean McDermott moving forward one step at a time here.

That's what he said. That's one way to mitigate the fear and the uncertainty, one step at a time. During the pandemic, I, and I know this is a cliche, but it really became a mantra for me, one day at a time, one show at a time. I'm not generally a person who lives like that because I love to look ahead. Looking ahead to things that I'm excited about helps me to get through some of the more mundane routine and also the disappointments. It gives me something to look forward to, have that anticipation kind of help me get through something to look forward to, have that anticipation kind of helps with the rest of my life. But during the pandemic, one day at a time, one show at a time, that was it.

That was as far as I could look ahead. I love the wisdom from Demar and I know he's inspiring a lot of people. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Because this is the third hour of the hump show, it means we are so close to asking Amy anything. You are so close or Jay really is so close to asking Amy anything, courtesy of your questions.

So check out Twitter After Hours CBS, also our Facebook page. I didn't even pose this question to you, but some of you are answering after I told you about the assignment that I asked my students to do, which is pick a sports figure and prepare for an interview. Some of you have written in with your sports figures that you would interview if you had the opportunity to pick anyone and then prepare for that interview. I was tough on them though. I actually, I didn't push back in terms of the the topics because I felt like they were pretty well prepared. What I did push back on is where do you start? You don't start with the really tough questions. You don't start with, so one of the students wanted to interview Mark Cuban and instantly wanted to go right to the moves that he's made and the the Kyrie issue blah blah whatever and I said you can't start there. You have to build up a bit of a rapport with Mark Cuban. What's just happened with with the Mavericks and after a bit of a hemming and hawing and he said well they missed the playoffs. Exactly. That's where you start.

Start with the simple, build a rapport with your guest as much as you can in a couple of minutes and then you jump into some of the the topics in the deep end of the pool. I just want him to be okay and have peace. Kyrie wants everyone to have peace.

Problem is when Kyrie's around there's not as much peace. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS porch radio. The holmes fires for the end zone. Touchdown Kansas City. And off the back door again.

No Herbert keeps it in so touched up charges. Herbert with his second of the day. Here's the snap. Josh going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone. Touchdown Buffalo. Josh Allen nine yard touchdown run. The Bills respond and then some. It's time for QB news on after hours. We're talking about the Buffalo Bills and DeMar Hamlin making his return to voluntary OTAs being cleared to resume football activities.

That is music to the ears of Josh Allen. I haven't gotten to see him since I saw the news. We kind of work out at different times. Defense goes a little earlier.

We go later and switch off for meetings. So I haven't been able to give him a big old hug yet but it's been it's been good to see him in the building. You know right when this thing happened that was his mindset from the very start was I'm I'm gonna play again and you know you're never gonna doubt a guy like that who's had a lot of adversity in his life and he's continued to find ways and this is just another obstacle that he's been able to get around and push forward and super excited for him super excited for our team. You know he's a he's a heck of a football player and we love having him back. Josh Allen getting set for his sixth season in the NFL and he acknowledges a couple things and this this I really like that his playing style maybe needs to change a bit. He can't be quite as physical and as aggressive the older he gets if he wants to have a long and productive NFL career. So he acknowledges that maybe he has to change his style a little bit meaning you can't bowl guys over. He loves the contact he doesn't shy away from the contact however not only can you get bagged up that way you can also cut short your football life if you are a quarterback who often leads your team in running.

So let's not do that he says it sounds crazy but I'm getting older the ripe old age of 26. Yes he says I know when I'm using my youth I feel like I can run but over the course of my career I'm going to have to learn to adapt and change. Also going to have to heal that shoulder injury that limited him a little bit what was it past week nine if I remember correctly that he was dealing with it the rest of the way.

That feels really good um threw a couple times and again no issues so you know just getting back on track um obviously within this first phase and a little bit into the second phase not a whole lot of throwing here in the building but trying to find other outlets to be able to get guys moving around getting the ball in the air so stuff we're still working around and um that's that's the rules we have to work with and it is what it is but we'll find ways where we can still get some work done. I love this quote from Allen as well I do want to be the smartest quarterback with the football in my hands. Well smart means not only self-preservation it also means the more risks you take as a runner the more chance they're going to be turnovers right because defensive players are hawking that ball and they're going to come after him so it's not just the hits it's also the risk and I do believe he's a really smart guy and I still say the Buffalo Bills are going to break through this glass ceiling at some point they will be a sentimental favorite when that happens.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Bills rule the roost in the AFC East. Bill O'Brien though taking over the offense for the Patriots what about Mac Jones how good can this young QB be be be be be be? I think the big thing for us right now is is everybody's starting with a clean slate you know I think that every year is different I think this year is no different than any other year relative to each year in the NFL is different right so what you did in the past or whether it's a player or coach or anybody in the organization really has no bearing on what happens moving forward. Sounds like Bill Belichick doesn't he that's funny uh so yes a disappointing offensive season for Mac Jones as well as for the Patriots in 22 but Bill O'Brien is saying fresh start I'm not bringing any of Mac's past history into this instead we're going to move forward and we're going to start fresh and it's a clean slate and yeah the the Patriots specifically Belichick are counting on O'Brien to be able to find the best in Mac Jones and also pair that skill set and his strengths with the weapons that they've got on the field and here's the connection with Alabama. Mac of course went to Alabama as a Heisman Trophy candidate and then for Bill O'Brien he was the offensive coordinator just as Mac's college career was ending right so they've got that Alabama tie we know that Nick Saban and Bill Belichick mutually exclusive club there where they have this utmost respect for one another so I believe that Bill O'Brien can be really good for he can be really good for Mac Jones he can be really good of course for the Patriots they really need some actual offensive coaches that are running the offense now let me see if I have that right yeah so he moved to Alabama for what the 21 I think it was 21 season right I think they crossed paths there I think Mac was in the draft as he was taking over at Alabama's was a brief cross it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio in the NFC East Daniel Jones is facing at least a spring without his star running back Saquon Barkley who at this point is not going to sign the franchise tender you know everyone's got their own situation and I'll keep you know the conversations we had you know those are personal conversations and obviously he's a good friend of mine good teammate and I'm hoping you know for the best for him and you know like like I said there's a business side to all this he's a great teammate great friend everyone in the in the building knows that and and I'll support him yeah support him through it all I know he wants a long term deal I am hoping for Saquon that he recognizes the wisdom in signing the tender you still get paid a lot of money it may not be the long-term deal the job security that you want but ultimately there's no real job security in the NFL anyway I signed the tender go be on your playoff team go prove yourself but also don't take a year off because that never goes well for players it just doesn't especially not at the running back position where they cycle through so quickly he has such a limited window in which he can earn money go earn the contract it's really more timing not that the Giants don't value him it's the timing they had to pay Daniel Jones this season as well all right moving forward Jared Goff oh speaking of getting paid is Jared Goff gonna have another season like last year he may very well end up getting paid again right now the Lions are so happy with them they weren't even interested in Lamar Jackson and Jared Goff says coming off of the Lions finished last year the second half in which they surged to within playoff contention it's a different feeling in the Lions facilities there's a vibe there's a feeling you have um nothing truly tangible you know like I said we lost guys we gained guys and it's a whole new set of guys we lost coaches we gained coaches and um it's always brand new but but there is a uh there's an overwhelming uh feeling of of optimism and um excitement for what we think we can do we keep hearing that right we keep hearing that from various members of the Lions or remember was Marvin Jones who couldn't wait to get back to Detroit a place that he had played previously and now he says it's so much different here everything is so much different I swear to god I'm not a lunatic I don't believe you but I actually like the fact that you are a lunatic Dan Campbell so what are the expectations going into this next season how can the Lions build Jared Goff I think the the standards and expectations will continue to rise and um I think the urgency in the building will continue to rise and I think it has already and um you know I think all the way from the top down through us is uh you know ready to go and ready to get after this year there's a lot of work to do and a lot of time till we can actually get on the field and put this stuff in action but we're excited they ended up winning eight of their last 10 and of course the triumphant regular season finale in which they were at Green Bay knocked the Packers out of the playoffs who says we can't get flexed oh and they finally got flexed for the first time all season I love Dan Campbell it's after hours CBS sports radio no getting flexed for the Browns unless it was flexed out of national tv no playoffs for them either but Deshaun Watson's got a full off season and then training camp in front of him and he's got goals I tell you biggest thing is to win a lot of games have this city rocking and um by Jim said you know in his press conference you know one of the biggest things that the city want is to be able to have that parade at the end of the year so that's the ultimate goal but we have steps and and things and work to put in before we get there you're right that is the goal is to win a lot of games and have a parade at the end of the season can Deshaun Watson be the solution and not the problem we shall see oh speaking of problems the Carolina Panthers have had so many quarterback problems over the last few years I mean I could go on and on about the number of guys they've cycled through from the end of Ron Rivera through Matt Ruhle and now of course it's Frank Reich the overall number one pick yeah Baker Mayfield someone else's problem now same division though actually he's going to be in the same division so he will be the panthers problem too you know that he they're going to have to tell him to dial it down dial it down take a breath dial it down anyway the panthers now have the number one pick in the draft Scott Federer as the GM made that trade gave up a lot to the Chicago Bears but they want to be able to select their franchise quarterback number one overall so it's a nice problem to have you know this is an exciting time for the organization you know to have the number one pick is a big thing but I do think it's about the whole weekend it's about you know all the picks throughout this draft it's about the college free agency this is just a great time for our team to get better but it is fun to have the number one pick uh you know obviously on tv a lot there's a lot of talk about it but uh guys have done a ton of work on it and we're prepared there were these rumors vicious rumors I tell you floating around about how Federer actually told Bryce Young of Alabama that he will be the top pick the panthers will select him number one overall Federer says that is not the case so he refutes that it's draft time so beware be very careful take everything with a grain of salt believe half of what you read and probably not even half of what you hear don't fall for the clickbait like I did with Giselle Bunchton anyway do the panthers know who they're taking at the top of the draft we're still going through the process you know obviously through the this hole since February the combine everything else there's been some clarity but we've made a conscious effort to keep an open mind about this be continuous throughout the process we have our the last kind of group in today we have the coaches you know Wednesday and Thursday of this week and at that point we'll get together and kind of make that decision but there we've got some clarity through this process all right so Scott Federer playing those cards close to the vest they will take a quarterback that much we know but which one will it be Bryce Young or CJ Stroud or potentially off the beaten path they have said the issue that many people are pointing to which is Bryce Young's height is not a problem for them and actually Federer has a track record here right because he was in Seattle going back a decade ago when the Seahawks selected Russell Wilson who's shy of six feet and so if you're thinking about shorter quarterbacks with the footballs they get batted down at the line of scrimmage that's not been a huge problem for Russell Wilson or it wasn't at Wisconsin for sure and it's not a it's not been a hallmark of his career Bryce Young he is a guy that has made do he's got no choice not going to wear platform shoes out there it's different though when you get to the NFL and the defensive linemen are so much bigger so much taller and their paws are gigantic so we'll see Bryce Young CJ Stroud or other that that draft is coming up quick actually it's a week from Thursday the first round so we'll be here that night to to review the first round of the decisions that were made straight ahead well not straight ahead but 15 minutes from now ask Amy anything so get your questions submitted now on Twitter A Law Radio or on our Facebook page uh coming up next what do I want to do coming up next let's see I'm looking I'm looking I'm thinking I'm deciding I don't know no just teasing it's a secret I'm not telling you but get your questions in that's a tease right there isn't it get your questions in uh so that you have the opportunity to put them in front of Jay's face before we get there it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence our hump show here on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the After Hours podcast first and goal from the five Matthew Stafford under center Daryl Henderson the tailback behind him he stands up throws left side Alan Robinson airborne high points the football touchdown LA this is After Hours with Amy Lawrence Alan Robinson on the move he was a member of the Los Angeles Rams however as the Rams continue to divest themselves of veteran pieces the Steelers are expected to make that trade official coming up on Wednesday Robinson's scheduled to undergo a physical in Pittsburgh today and the Rams are actually picking up it's about 75 percent of his salary that he's supposed to make in 2023 rams are going to pay more than 10 million dollars of what is a 15 and a quarter million dollar guaranteed salary for next season so the Steelers are getting him for a relatively bargain basement price of five million dollars as well as Pittsburgh's seventh round pick all right so they're exchanging seventh round picks it's really not that much to give up so big pickup here for the Steelers and Mike Tomlin is laughing all the way to the facilities it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio I like this for a couple of reasons number one we can talk about Alan Robinson and the Steelers offense and thinking about the fact that they are trying to put pieces good solid pieces pieces that can make plays for Kenny Pickett there's not a lot of chatter around the Pittsburgh Steelers for obvious reasons when you're kind of middle of the road when you're stable you're not making a ton of ways well then people aren't necessarily talking about your team but here's the deal and obviously in the AFC North you've got much greater dramatic storylines around Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens but also you've got the question mark of Joe Burrow with the Cincinnati Bengals and what he's going what he's going to make especially now that the Jalen Hurts contract has dropped you've also got the Cleveland Browns and we know there's there's always something to ask some question that's unanswered about the Cleveland Browns so that kind of means the Pittsburgh Steelers with what was an eight and eight record eight eight and one last year I think something like that maybe it was I think it was what wasn't a losing season we know that to be sure but I think it they they were right at 500 actually um and so they kind of flying under the radar because they're middle of the road so we bring them up because they're not getting a lot of attention and yet they are working diligently to bring in different veterans who can help them get back to that next level in 2020 2023 um and they've got another they've got a different general manager now remember there's a brand new guy who's at the helm that's Omar Khan and he signed guys like Patrick Peterson I forgot about I just love Pat P. I forgot about Tom Legoli and Pat P. Honestly I swear I totally forgot about that I remember that they'd signed Peterson but I forgot all about the Pat P. We love Pat P. I love me some Pat P. I feel like that's what Mike Tomlin said. I just love Pat P. I just love Mike Tomlin and there is the other part of this I am unabashedly a fan of anything that Mike Tomlin has to say sometimes I don't even understand it I'm still a fan of it the way he phrases himself the fact that there is no one who talks like him and gives you that tingling. I said to producer J pull out the Mike Tomlin drops because that's it I'm talking about Alan Robinson so we can hear Mike Tomlin. Actually this is kind of interesting too just as a side note about the Steelers I didn't realize this until I was doing some research but Alan Robinson at 29 years old okay he's 29 years old he's not even the ripe old age of 30 yet oh he's younger than producer J anyway Robinson becomes the third most experienced member of the Steelers roster how about that now they're not rebuilding I wouldn't say a rebuild necessarily but in the wake of the Ben Roethlisberger retirement in the wake of some of these other free agents or veteran players who've dispersed or or have looked for their money elsewhere they have gotten a lot younger Alan Robinson at 29 years old is the third most experienced member of the Steelers roster as it stands right now Pat P is one of the others and he's brand new too do you know the only other player on the Steelers roster who has more experience than those two guys in the league actually I shouldn't say that I should say has as much experience Cam Hayward now he's played his entire career in Pittsburgh so he's a captain he's gonna have to show these young guys the ropes Robinson and Peterson can't do that but what they can do is bring experience bring professionalism and set an example for the locker room but doesn't that blow you away I have great faith in Mike Tomlin as a coach and I like the moves so far that Khan is making as the new GM but it blew it like seriously blew my mind when I read that two brand new guys who are just joining the team in 23 and Cam Hayward those are your three most experienced veterans on the Steelers roster so as the Rams divest themselves of pieces the Steelers become a beneficiary and Robinson was only there for one season it's not like he was part of a whole lot in fact he joined them after their Super Bowl win and really got the worst of the Rams in 2022 didn't even oh well he had Baker Mayfield for a time didn't even get to spend an entire season with Matthew Stafford and so he had three touchdowns only played 10 games it I wouldn't say it was a failed experience if you get paid for playing football but it wasn't a winning season nor was it a positive experience more than likely he wasn't worth the fifth round picking fantasy I'll tell you that much oh somebody's bitter thanks Alan thanks so much don't be one of those people don't you're better than that producer Jay that was a joke you're better than that producer Jay you don't like Aaron for your first fantasy well but I kept him I kept him I picked him in the seventh round though I didn't pick him in the fifth round and I say repeatedly that I won my fantasy football championship who haven't said it for a while won my fantasy football championship in spite of Aaron Rodgers as my quarterback but I was loyal to him I kept him all season long you were you did I don't know why but you did well he was throwing the ball to Christian Watson so I was needing him to continue continue to right continue to feed my actually it was my late season pickup that helped me to win yeah championship move thank you Jay all of that money then went to my dog having a surgery it's amazing the money's gone I didn't even have it for two weeks before I had to pay the vet bill I love you Penny actually want to hear something kind of it was I I felt bad for her uh she was sick while I was gone she got I don't it seems as though the older she gets and she's now 13 and a half when I'm gone even if she's with people that she knows she's more and more anxious and so I gotta be very judicious about my traveling and who watches her while I'm gone because sweet girl she was sick for a couple days she's better now she's much better now that mama's home back following mama all around the house it seems like when you go away people get sick huh who else is that who else is let me guess it's Brad Marchand it's Brad Marchand yes stop it stop it it drives me crazy again I say it you're better than that producer Jay I have higher expectations for you Robert Sala like he's gonna have a spinach salad yes Robert salad all right coming up next ask Amy anything so get your questions in pronto you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with Amy Lawrence time to ask Amy anything sort of way hey hey CBS Sports Radio Minute in the books so that means I can focus on you your questions producer j posing your questions some of you are asking me questions that you actually could get answered on social media but it's fine don't do your homework we'll just make this easy for you thank you as always for finding us on twitter after hours cbs and on our facebook page I do go back during the day on wednesday afternoon actually have a long training run I have to do this wednesday afternoon but it's after that I'll get to your questions the ones that I can answer succinctly on social for now though it's all about producer j well I mean he likes to think it is all about producer j on CBS Sports Radio all right well the first few of these of course are going to be heavily themed on your vacation because everyone's dying to know so we got to start here everyone's dying to know what just how it went well your thoughts your views you've told some stories but there's still some questions let's do it let's do it but we'll start with that boy and he asks do you like to talk a lot while you're hiking or you more of a listen to the nature kind of person I do both I can get very introverted and can get very introspective but when I'm hiking with someone else which was the case with an inexperienced hiker so my friend Casey had never done a hike like this in fact she doesn't really hike at all so I had been coaching her and kind of helping her bring the right supplies and because of that I was encouraging her most of the time and then when I wasn't encouraging her we would be passing people on the trail I always say hello I'm friendly I say good morning I told you last night I was far more chipper on the way down than I was on the way up far more conversational but I always speak to other people I like to be friendly and then the other thing is I kept looking up and exclaiming over what I was seeing as we descended further and further into the canyon so my primary responsibility was making sure Casey was okay because again she'd never done anything like this before and so I did a lot of encouraging her we stopped for pictures and so yeah there was more talking on this hike than I would say one that I would do with my family who is much more comfortable in hiking yeah that's a serious hike that's nice of you to coach her through it well it was amazing of her to offer to go with me she was she was all in because of me she wanted me to experience it and I needed her to go with me nice so Stephen wants to know while you were in the Grand Canyon did you see any animals we actually saw caribou so yeah it was kind of fun you know the caribou butt the white butt so we did see some caribou at the Grand Canyon and then there were a lot of we they look like squirrels but more like burros they were running all over the place chasing each other lots of birds of course we saw caterpillars which is a good sign of spring so yeah there were there was a fair amount of wildlife primarily though I was focused on the the green everywhere so the deeper we got in the canyon the more the trees were in bloom the purple flowers the emerald green trees it was it was gorgeous so more more fauna no more flora than fauna in the Grand Canyon did you see any donkeys riding down no we only saw well I smell the mules we only saw mule dung on the path but we did not I did not actually encounter any of the animals there was a big uh corral of horses and mules at the top at what they call bright angel lodge so this was the bright angel trail and bright angel trail head and I'll put some of those photos in my blog but yeah they have a lodge there where people stay and there you can ride horses or ride mules so I did see a group of them in a corral at the top but did not see any on the trail but I did smell them because we were down at the bottom at the Navajo campground we were where they housed the mules so they keep them down there would you do that oh yeah no originally that was my bucket list was riding a mule or a horse into the Grand Canyon but then once I discovered you could hike it I said well I'm gonna do the hiking instead but yes Bob and I actually he's been to the Grand Canyon but has never been in it our bucket list item together is to ride horses into the canyon that's awesome it scares me a little bit though going down you have to put all your trust in that mule yeah but he's more sure-footed than you are probably yeah no absolutely he is and he mules can pack they can pack so much they're so strong all right so we're talking about the views so Teresa asks what did the sky look like from the Grand Canyon oh it was beautiful we initially got there it was more cloud covered just because it was early morning but as the clouds burned off the sky was a bold blue a deep blue and you know me I love to take photos of clouds so again I will be sharing more photos on my blog and social but Teresa if you go to Twitter or Facebook you'll see just a couple of the photos I took from the canyon floor and they have the gorgeous clouds overhead in these photos so yeah white puffy clouds gorgeous white puffy clouds and a bold blue sky and Paul just wants to know what was your favorite part about the whole vacation well it was definitely experiencing the Grand Canyon in a way that I never anticipated it was the friendship of course Casey and I slogging through this together it was being able to take the pictures but really it's just an unforgettable experience because as I said multiple times to Casey girl we're not at the Grand Canyon we're in the Grand Canyon it's just oh it was so memorable I'm so grateful still all right so we'll move on a bit from the vacation and move on to whatever okay so Joe wants to know so far what's your favorite part of being an adjunct professor oh so cool I love being able to share the wisdom and the experience that I've accrued as a member of this media industry for years and years but honestly it's seeing them react right so I have them sit around a big long rectangle table in the middle of the room they're taking notes which I that's fine but seeing them react as I'm sharing some of these with you know some of these tips and the wisdom with them and seeing kind of the lights go on the light bulbs and also them engaging right because well I mean these are teenagers or early 20s in some cases and let's be frank like a lot of times if they don't feel like you're interesting or engaged then you can tell they're tuned out but they're engaged they're they're talking they're volunteering they're smiling they're laughing they're asking questions it's it's really neat to have a conversation with them so I'm actually glad the class is only eight students because I don't think I could I could do that with many more of them a little follow-up kinda Mike wants to know would you have wanted to teach really anywhere or are you more drawn to the idea because it was Syracuse where you know I actually designed the class and was going to pitch it locally in New Jersey and say junior colleges or try some New York City schools I had no clue I never thought Syracuse Syracuse wasn't even on my radar but Casey my friend who I went hiking with is also a young broadcaster that I mentor she graduated from the grad program just a few years ago and put me in touch with the sports director who then was able to hear my proposal so yeah I love Casey for a bazillion reasons but this was her connection she believed in me so yeah Syracuse was it was like out of my league I was going to be a brand new adjunct I had no clue that Syracuse would be the destination but now I feel like it's it's the standard it's going great yeah it is I hope no it no it is so uh well not not your job per se but it's school related Scott asks have you ever attended a class reunion no I refuse I'm sorry I'm just not one of those people oh I take that back my 10-year college reunion I was actually the organizer of a friend a friend and I we were the ones who put it together that's the only time in my life I've ever been to a high school or college reunion it's not my thing I don't want to reminisce about about the good old days I don't want to go back and see what people look like I know I I keep in touch with the people I care about I don't have any desire to go back and and be in that space again I'm one of those never look back people I just it's not my thing mine got cancelled and they're never redoing it so oh okay I have a choice well you can tell you talk about how how you have this incredible job with this I could have yeah with this national radio show not anymore no well yeah David wants to know if Ben and Jerry's were to name an ice cream flavor after you what would be in it oh let's see what would be in it well definitely chocolate chips because that is my favorite chocolate chips I'm going to go with some peanut butter uh how about some s'more well we could even do s'mores right that was my blizzard that I had as a reward for hiking the Grand Canyon but definitely chocolate chips some peanut butter in there as well I love love love coconut so those maybe would be three that I would say could go in it and on top I wouldn't mind a few gummy bears if we can do something on top do you have a name no ask Amy anything Amy's boom what no no I like asking me anything myself that's actually a pretty good name for it for an ice cream that is that's a good one uh Luis wants to know are you playing any slow pitch softball this summer I don't think so I'm gonna play some golf I'm actually joining a league this is my mom's birthday present to me is to pay for me to join a league so I don't think I'll be playing softball I miss it though and back to vacation a bit Connie wants to know what's the next bucket list trip oh good question that is a really good question I will venture a guess that it's Hawaii but that's just a guess don't ask me the occasion okay don't do that producer Jay but I would say Hawaii would likely be the next one well Jim wants to know is there a place that you would love to go hiking that you haven't yet well I still haven't hiked Mount Washington which is the the tallest peak east of the Mississippi from my state of New Hampshire I've been up to the top as you know a driver in a car multiple times as a kid as an adult because I grew up there but I've never hiked it that was gonna be my bucket list this year but I had to put it on hold for other circum extenuating circumstances that changed in my life Bob thanks Bob thanks Bob all right we'll end with some rapid fire field day or field trip oh no I freaking killed field day I won all the blue ribbons I was so stingy with the blue ribbons password or secret handshake secret handshake because I forget all my passwords the second I change them ketchup or ranch oh no I don't like ranch dressing gross ketchup on hot dogs and french fries that's it or burgers burgers what about guacamole or salsa guacamole but salsa is healthier for you now sauce on the side or sauce on top sauce on the side sauce gardener hang out with kids or hang out with elderly oh that's mean I love them both for different reasons but right now I do really enjoy hanging out with my fourth and fifth graders comedian in a serious film or a serious actor in a comedy film no no the opposite if you've got a great sense of comedic timing you can really break up a serious kind of more tense film last one here animals or people animals by far it's after hours with amy lawrence tbs sports radio
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