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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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March 20, 2023 6:12 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 20, 2023 6:12 am

A Whip-around the weekend of March Madness | Looking ahead to the Sweet 16 | How legit is UConn?


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That's positive. The iconic music of March Madness on CBS Sports. TNT, TBS, TruTV rounding out the quad of networks. Now it'll start to get a little more narrow and focused. Fewer games not on CBS as we head through this next week and obviously count down to the Sweet 16 that comes up on Thursday.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Good morning to you from CBS Sports Radio. We are also counting down the final few hours of winter. Old Man or Old Woman winter, whichever you prefer. Definitely the last few weeks for some parts of the country have been more wintry than the bulk of the three previous months and I know there are parts of the country who've dealt with a ton of snow and a ton of winter weather. New England and parts of upstate New York and more of the Northeast getting blasted with it in the last few weeks. I actually have friends in New England where I grew up in New Hampshire who had no snow all winter until the last couple of weeks they've had like two and a half feet. I'm jealous because we didn't get much at all. That whole nor'easter last week it snowed all day in my neighborhood. Very little stuck but 10 miles to the west of me they got nine inches.

I was so mad. No! I just have lived in a pocket of brown grass all winter and now actually there's yard work on tap for this week because not only are my crocuses already up and bloomed and done now the daffodils are blooming and they are gorgeous. If you haven't seen my daffodils I have a pair of twin daffodils on my twitter that I put up on Friday so you can check it out A-Law Radio and I actually have a clump, two clumps of daffodils that were blooming gloriously in my backyard because they spread. It's amazing you could have double the number of crocuses and daffodils from one year to the next and tulips as well because somehow these flowers that are in bulbs, the flowers a lot of times that are in bulbs and some of these other wildflowers they continue to spread and so it's always a lot of fun in the spring to see where they're popping up. I don't know how they move.

They jump, they move, they dance, they crawl. Don't ask me but the bulbs they multiply and so I don't have tulips yet but I do have daffodils and in my backyard I swear they're double the number that I had last year but my concern is that it's still only mid-March. Monday afternoon is when we mark the official beginning of spring, 5 24 eastern time so we're just over 12 hours away wherever you are whether you're in the Pacific time zone and it's 2 a.m. you're still just over 12 hours away to the start of spring so you've got I've got a bunch of stuff growing and my dead stuff hasn't been trimmed and cut out yet so it's time it's time to get all the plants trimmed up and it's I can't complain at all about yard work because I've had the reprieve of the last few months there's been very little to do outside and really no snow to shovel and so for that uh it's it's just I have to remind myself and I'm reminding you that yard work counts as exercise it does it absolutely does so hang out with us here on this this final hour of the show and then you're launched forward into your Monday I hope it's not a Monday full of madness because we had plenty of that over the weekend we still have a 15 seed dancing into the sweet 16 Princeton with a banner run for not just the school itself but for the ivy league Princeton taking out Missouri on Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday sorry they all blend together now we told you this last week Mitch Henderson was on the team the Princeton team in 1996 that beat the two seed UCLA now he's the head coach and he saw his sharpshooter Blake Peters can five triples in the second half his team went 12 of 33 from beyond the arc against Missouri this wasn't even a close second half this turned into a blowout for Princeton we are so thrilled to be going in sweet 16 um it is a it is an absolute pleasure being around these guys they um they just grit their teeth and they do it obviously being here is pretty surreal um we're coming into this tournament I think we this is what we all wanted we're not done yet we got a bunch of games left hopefully but uh um yeah it's like Toson said it's hard to put into words it's just we're all so excited and uh we're ready to get after the next one Toson had nine points nine rebounds Ryan Langborg who you hear right there had 22 points yeah to a man this is amazing this is surreal not that we didn't believe in ourselves but to actually see it happen to know we're going to be playing into the second weekend as a 15 seed out of an ivy league where they don't give athletic scholarships I mean it's it's awesome when awesome when we see true cinderella's continue to dance because their joy it their joy is so contagious but it's also so pure not hey been there done that expect to be there they could say that but you know it's still it's still a 15 seed into the round of 16. I can't really put the feeling into words right now to be honest um it's just an unreal feeling to to do this with you know my guys and my teammates the coaching staff and like coach said it's it's been a few years in the in the making I think and uh we just have such a close group and we love to work with work with each other we love to push each other and you know it's it's showing so congratulations to Princeton the lowest remaining seed but it's actually the third year in a row in which we've had a 15 seed reach the second week so this year Princeton last year St Peters how about that another New Jersey school and then before that Oral Roberts who was a 12 seed this year but ended up getting bounced by Duke in the opening round all right speaking of Duke Tennessee makes quick ah quick work I mean let's say it was quick work but Tennessee is able to get by Duke I don't want to minimize it by indicating that it's anything easy because these teams work so hard and they pour so much into it but Tennessee was in control in this game and so you've got the volunteers over Duke it's a great mix we talked about Kansas the defending champion Jayhawks losing to Arkansas just last hour you can always grab our podcast if we don't if you don't hear us talk about your team or your favorite storyline you can always grab the podcast but with Kansas out and then Purdue losing to Fairleigh Dickinson the 16 seed going back to Friday we are now left with just two top seeds and I get it it's rare that all four top seeds survive to the sweet 16 it's extremely rare that you've got only chalk once you get to the elite eight or the final four but I think it's still jarring to see these top seeds go down but I love what we've seen from the teams that are still playing the variety like a Houston and a Michigan state who really thrive on defense and making your opponent look haphazard and scattered on offense making mistakes because of if it's not even full court pressure just the pressure you put on them in the half court defense Michigan state is masters at that Houston too physical tough tenacious committed to defense there's a nice mix in terms of conferences I've already heard from some big 10 fans so Indiana falling on Sunday you just still have Michigan state state got a couple of teams in there from the big 12 in Texas and Kansas state UCLA represents the Pac-12 three teams from the big east which is impressive Florida Atlantic may not be a high seed I always get it backwards high seed low seed may not be a double digit seed is what I should have stuck with Florida Atlantic may not be a double digit seed but still quite a feat to survive to what is now the sweet 16 is a nine especially considering that had things gone true to form you're talking about facing Purdue instead of Fairleigh Dickinson and as it was even on Sunday Florida Atlantic and Fairleigh Dickinson quite a battle going to work against Almenor spins the dish into the left corner driving baseline all the way to the rim no Rosano with the rebound pushes it up that won't go it pops to Davis hook shot good and a foul third times the charm for John L Davis and the owls with a five-point lead 69-64 quickly up the floor Roberts in traffic lost the handle on the basketball Boyd will push it up the floor ahead to Davis for the two-hand flush oh the owls are flying now 10-point advantage with 1 16 to play I for one adore the idea of owls in the sweet 16 now there are the temple owls as well these are the Florida Atlantic owls John L Davis with 29 points this took place in Columbus Kevin Coogler with the call on the Westwood one NCAA radio network a nine seed and they had to use everything in their arsenal to be able to get by the Knights of Fairleigh Dickinson who of course is the team that stunned Purdue became the second 16 ever to beat a one but also the nation's smallest team how about that the nation's smallest team and they beat Purdue who's got Zach Edie seven foot four is what he's listed as so congratulations to Fairleigh Dickinson at this point they've lived it anything can happen so the world is their oyster now I don't know if owls eat oysters but my point is that if you can reach the sweet 16 can reach the sweet 16 if you didn't really truly believe before now you're talking about only 16 teams left for that championship and your path looks a whole lot different you start to gain confidence it adds to it when there's less pressure so as a lower seed the idea that there's less pressure is appealing Cinderella's are fun and certainly in our brackets we may choose Cinderella's as upset picks but for the most part the pressure is on the higher seed especially when that higher seed comes from a power conference and so for Florida Atlantic versus Fairleigh Dickinson great story you almost wish that both could have advanced but it's the owls moving on and they're not done according to Dusty May we're picked fifth in our league pre-conference so yeah there's been a lot of moments but I think as we won our work ethic our work capacity increased instead of feeling too good about ourselves and I think that's the biggest that's a testament to our character character that's something that helps you a lot when you get to the stage it's after hours here on CBS sports radio someday we'll get a 16 in the sweet 16 someday it will happen it came we came perilously close we came that close but think about it for decades and decades the history of the entire tournament we never saw a 16 topple a one until 2018 five years ago now it's happened twice in five years it's the thrill of victory in the agony of defeat I love this format I love this tournament I love that in four days you go from 64 teams down to 16 the field is cut by three quarters and yes there are still some blue bloods remaining I don't know that you'd call Alabama a blue blood in basketball but definitely the overall top seed as I mentioned Houston's also still there and Houston made the final four a year ago the ucla Bruins will take on Gonzaga in the sweet 16 you want to talk about a match-up of blue bloods though ucla does have the hardware and the champions Gonzaga has drew Timmy Watson fires underneath Timmy low right pump fake goes up scores and a foul counted for Timmy he's got 24 70 to 64 Gonzaga getting it into Hickman they're going to trap him fires to Bolton to get it across the timeline left baseline Watson soars to the rim and flushes it and the lead is nine the largest of the game inside 20 on the shot clock they back off and just let the ball handler Hickman have handled it near mid-court now uses a Timmy screen goes to his right Watson up top trying to get it to the high post left for Timmy drives in low right Timmy's shot is good the lead back to five 75 70 man he earned it he really earned it he had to work really hard for that shot and the clock was running down oh drew Timmy is no stranger to contact or hard work or putting a team if not on his back then at least putting a team on his hmm what do I want to say but not on his back putting a team right behind him and dragging them along that was a poor metaphor generally I'm pretty good at metaphors that was not very good I'm not even sure that was a metaphor it was expected to be a mental picture it did not work out I should have just gone with the put the team on his back except Timmy actually bulks at that even with 28 points at eight rebounds his ninth consecutive tournament game with at least 20 points I mean both of both elements of that are so impressive the fact that he's had nine NCAA tournament games but also the fact that he comes through in the clutch over and over drags the team along with him when they're out of rhythm when they can't hit shots he even hit a triple on Sunday for the first time in three months so before Christmas was the last time he hit a triple this game taking place in Denver was the last one of the the first weekend and it was a 13-0 run in the second half that helped the Zags pull away from TCU this was quite a battle in fact Gonzaga was trailing for a good portion of the early stages the beauty about this program is it's not one player that makes this program work it's not five guys it's not 10 guys it's the whole program as a whole I mean without coach and the staff believing in each and every one of us we wouldn't have the confidence to come out here and fight back when we get knocked down you know there's games he plays bad I play bad everyone plays bad and our teammates are always there to pick us up and they have the utmost confidence in us so while coach brings in great players he brings in people that fit the his ideal of what a team should be and I think we all feed into that culture and that and it's more about the culture and that and it's more about the culture rather than the individual players I'd say as a group we just we ride with each other till the end and I think that's what makes each of us special individually is how we unite together we beat a really really really good uh uh TCU team tonight they are athletic they're strong they're quick they're smart they really move the ball extremely well uh they're very very well coached so it's just a heck of a win and we're just I mean I'm ecstatic for these guys uh you know get to another sweet 16 that's eight in a row which is just a wow I mean an incredible uh testament by our program of what we've been able to do these last eight years eight sweet 16s in a row now they still have been unable to capture the elusive prize and truly have a one shining moment have their one shining moment but battle tested they are they've got Drew Timmy who has risen to the occasion over and over in March and they've got the poise and the calm it was really interesting to talk to Justin Michael from Denver so he joined us earlier on the show actually first hour of the show because he had just finished up covering the Denver pod so Gonzaga on the Creighton win over Baylor earlier in the day and he made the great point of how poised Mark Few is and how calm he remains and yeah he's got moments where he's on the bench and he's screaming and his face gets red but for the most part his calm which is born from experience from years of being in these positions and building a culture that has turned into one of the blue bloods in college basketball that filters down to the guys he recruits and the guys who stick around in school the guys who stay because they want to be part of this pursuit of a championship I don't know if this is the year I do believe at some point it will happen but 23 years in a row in the tournament for Mark Few's Bulldogs and now eight consecutive sweet 16s but is March Madness the best postseason in sports that is the question Jay and I actually going to record a new YouTube video in which we tell you our favorite post seasons and sports that'll be available this week we're gonna have props and everything we're asking you on Twitter A Law Radio plus our Facebook page it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the last year you may have made some smart decisions and you may have made some smart decisions and you may have made some not so smart decisions like maybe you had a little too much confidence in that one crypto exchange the good news is making smart financial decisions is easier than you think nerd wallets smart money podcast has the weekly know-how you need to get ahead Sean and Sarah the hosts of smart money break down the latest financial news and give you honest objective money advice subscribe to nerd wallets smart money podcast today it's March that can mean only one thing the madness is here not in front of a tv on game day listen to every round of ncaa march madness live from westwood one free in the odyssey app catch all the biggest moments of the tournament no matter where you are from cinderella's a 15 seed we'll head to the elite eights to buzzer beaters Atkinson scores 1.4 seconds left 1.4 seconds left to champions for the fourth time search for ncaa march madness right here in the odyssey app to get started after hours podcast on the inbound they get it into the big man and O'Mear tries to bring it across half court now gets it to pack who does break the stripe up ahead Wong slams it home for miami a little bit of a fire drill but a 10-point lead again for miami shot is up shot is no good here you go moving ahead indiana still with life down by 12 they got to move quickly three-pointer but chavino no good rebound tap into the hands of nigel back all the way ahead to miller who slams it home and puts an exclamation point on it for miami 83 to 69 55 seconds left to go we played a great game tonight and i really felt we would because of the way we played on friday night against drake i think our guys were a little disappointed we didn't handle that that defense very well and we've been a very good offensive team all season long sometimes we haven't been quite as good at the defensive end but we ended up out rebounding them 48 31 and it's been my experience that every time we out rebound an opponent we normally win this is after hours with amy lawrence miami head coach jim laryngaga i know people say laryngaga but after asking him specifically in the story he told me about the tilde and the nuns and all that jazz when he was growing up now i want to say it the right way jim laryngaga isaiah wong the conference player of the year in the acc only he only had five points in that first round win over drake but had 27 points eight rebounds for the canes against indiana who really pull away in the second half with a kind of extra gear if you will that's what i saw with gonzaga as well in the second half against tcu it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio miami has a five seed now takes on a one seed and interestingly enough i find these little quirks in the midwest and the south the only two places where the one seeds have survived they take on five seeds so not the four seeds in the next round so both four seeds taken out and what we get is a 1-5 between houston miami and then a 1-5 between alabama and san diego state it's heady to be able to put together two wins and as coach talks about to be able to play not only your great offense but to limit your opponent on defense when sometimes that is a weakness confidence builds at this point but i think there's something to be said too for a team like a houston who's not playing at full strength and yet has also survived because of their grittiness their toughness their defense their physical play so you can draw confidence from both heck if you're one of the last 16 teams standing 16 teams standing you should be confident because you are in the minority and the infinite possibility stretch ahead of you it would be kind of interesting if we ended up with and i'm not saying it's going to happen but houston and texas then we're assured of in the elite eight then we're assured of at least one lone star school ending up in a final four that is in houston the last time it was there i was there one of the greatest moments i've ever seen in person in sports villanova chris jenkins game winning three at the buzzer came right at me i was right off the corner of the court it was online i didn't know if it was deep enough until it went through but it was definitely online nrg stadium went crazy as in a roar that i'll never forget and here's the funny part i mention this every now and then because it's so funny i was down not quite on the floor the student section was in front of me but i was on a stage that was built just off of the floor and because i was at the bottom of the stadium so to speak as the cacophony of sound is descending it's like it's dropping down on us like a blanket almost the sound the noise was so incredible what else was dropping though not quite like a blanket more like pollen that flies all over this time of the year i'm trying to use a spring analogy seat cushions flying everywhere and because they're lightweight they really do they they get picked up by air currents and and when you try to chuck them like a frisbee they don't generally fly in a straight line or a straight trajectory and so there are seat cushions because people are flinging them up in the air in the upper decks and they're they're flying all over the place i got hit with multiple seat cushions i brought one home with me from the final four in houston a couple of years ago would have been 2017 so yeah i have a seat cushion to show for it no the the bruises have long since cleared up no i'm just kidding there were no bruises but it really was funny first you heard the noise and that's all you heard was the noise the roar and and i won't forget either how it followed a moment of almost silence it felt like forever when christian gets released that shot the three-pointer from the right wing it was left to me because it was coming right at me but his right wing as he releases the three against north carolina it's almost as though time stopped and the whole place went silent and then the second that ball goes through the buzzer sounds too almost simultaneously and the roar so as i say the noise plus seat cushions you take a seat cushion to the head or to the body part after that i'm walking home with that oh no it was amazing it was absolutely amazing and it wasn't one it was two i got hit with two seat cushions that's dangerous no no no it was awesome it's the story i tell every time the noise and the seat cushions and the fact that the shot came right at me i could see it so clearly so yes we're in for i would say quite a show in houston it's wide open so keep the madness coming texas did survive against penn state and and i feel like it's worth pointing out even as we head to our break rodney terry is not the coach who started the season in charge of the longhorns now he took over when their coach got fired and it just so happened that the team responded they've got guys who were able to stay locked in and stay focused they played hard sometimes adversity brings out the best in athletes well in humans but in this case we're talking about sports and so against penn state they go on a nice stretch nice surge in the second half and they are able to flex their muscles yet again we got in the hole and i just said hey guys you know what we've been here before there's nothing we hadn't faced this year uh we played the toughest league in the country um let's go out right now we got to put it on our defense right now we've done it all year long we've got to get a stop score and put some stops together here and try to finish this game out and i thought our guys did that went out and did that at a very high level yeah so athletic uh we had talked to kiante georgia baylor and i know they're out now but he had talked about how much it's really a war every night in the big 12 the physical play prepares you now uh texas did not shoot well uh from beyond the arc they were one of 13 but when they went with the mid-range dumpers and they looked for the points in the paint and they were patient they were able to get the ball inside for the higher percentage shots they shot 31 of 61 overall so 50 essentially from the floor but not from beyond the arc limited free throws and actually i feel like that's a trend i've seen that in this this tournament where there's not been i won't say no games were decided by free throws or free throws that haven't been critical in any of the games that's not true but i like the fact that what we're seeing is clean defense and we're we're seeing officials allow these guys to play as opposed to non-stop whistles and games in the final five minutes or so it's all free throws that annoys annoys me so much so yeah congratulations to texas rodney terry but also uh just the guys who've been through so much this season uh like jabari rice and he says they're locked in now and they're a team on a mission we know a time and place when to play and when not to and i think it's a sense of urgency and seriousness when it comes to like playing these type of games and obviously every team has a sense of urgency and seriousness because it's do or die but i think with with us since the beginning of the season we had a goal you know what is just incredible to me is that they only had five turnovers in this game that's a low number for an nba team for a college team now it it also can be about the type of defense you're playing but just regardless to be on the stage and have only five turnovers when he as he points out it's a sense of urgency and everything is on the line huge sir jabari rice a senior so brings that veteran leadership what is the best postseason in sports as i knew we would we're getting a variety of answers so on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page good morning to you it's the first day of spring that not yet not yet we're inside of 12 hours until spring officially begins but we made it you are listening to the after hours podcast sonogo spins on his man saxon trying to work him sonogo a fake layup oh man was that pretty he just tortured the defender saxon that time 20 points for the big guy looks for a screen high heads back to his right he's doubled to the moment keeps it outside the arc and an open man crossover move into the paint over johnson hey laid it in what a play tristan newton's got 13 he went one on one and he converted off the glass off the glass this is after hours with amy lawrence yukon used the same pattern in reaching the sweet 16 we saw them go toe to toe with iona and then st mary's in their games over the weekend only to find an extra gear in the second half and adama sonogo with a great performance for the huskies they've got an awesome basketball tradition they've gone through some transition obviously uh jim calhoun being their former hall of fame coach they didn't get the first hire right after so there's been uh a new culture and i would say a couple attempts at rebuilding but finally to get dan hurley in there who himself played in the big east going back to the days at seton hall he was brought on board in 2018 and from that point it's been a much steadier rise and steadier progress but it's been almost a decade since the huskies on the men's side we know the women are perennially a championship contender but on the men's side they last breached the second weekend of the tournament in 2014 but they've got four national titles a tradition that went quiet for a bit but it has certainly been revived and they are a danger and don't have to go through kansas because arkansas takes out kansas and next up it's uconn versus arkansas although arkansas has got some great experience too and this is their third straight sweet 16. sonogo did what he set out to do which is to make sure he lived his best life on the court for the huskies for us to win today i had to be on my bed that was my mindset like be on my be my be on my best today so i didn't think like i was not i was not thinking like that but i was definitely looking for the ball every time it feels like we're unbeatable i mean the last two games in the second half we just took off um i mean i mean when we're playing like that i think we have a really good chance when we also uh we're gonna continue to do that put that together for two halves sonogo is the inside presence 24 points eight rebounds and then also you hear from jordan hawkins the way we're playing right now tough out tough out 12 points for him and goes four or five from beyond the ark yeah there's a lot of great stories a lot of really enticing matchups as we look ahead to next week or this week sorry next weekend is what i think and then i kind of stopped right in the middle was like wait a minute it's not the weekend it's also not next week so good way good way to end their aim way to go it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio we'll talk more about these matchups and and look ahead of the sweet 16 when it gets closer but we did just find out that we'll have a chance to talk to a princeton tiger later on monday that's awesome so make sure you don't miss that conversation which will be part of our next show here on cbs sports radio we've got characters long time coaches hall of fame coaches in the likes of tom is oh mark few and even doug mcdermott with creighton has been there for a long time and so a little bit of everything calvin samson who was at oklahoma the last time they made a final four in men's basketball then of course had a stint at indiana went to the nba was kind of disgraced in college basketball for a bunch of recruiting violations but he's found a new home and a new purpose in houston i actually worked with him when i was in oklahoma so that was 20 years ago there's some really neat stories and then shirtless eric musselman because who doesn't want to see shirtless eric musselman for arkansas in case you don't know so yeah quite a weekend quite a weekend i gotta tell you even though it's the first day of spring i will will be it is wait can i say it is it is the first day of spring i guess not the first full day of spring but it is the first day in which spring is real it's the first day in which we actually experience spring just all of those just sound awkward but as i say it comes up about 11 and a half hours from now but crazy enough i looked at the temperature in my town right now it's 23 degrees and the wind chills make it feel like 18 that is not springy and my poor daffodils that all came out and opened up this weekend if you haven't seen the picture there's a glorious photo on twitter alaw radio it is so pretty and it's uh yeah it's maybe feels like a springy photo but it was super cold in my neighborhood yesterday the winds were blowing like nobody's business and then 18 degrees this morning i'm gonna have to go back to wearing two pairs of pants to walk the dog over to our two pairs of pants the daffodils were tricked oh go back go back inside not yet not yet so producer jay and i i was gonna say producer jay see i don't trust jay when we need to keep secrets jay's the wrong person to to to like bring on the show because he is notorious uh he's notorious with giving away our secrets i've been good you stumble into it too you don't even know it half the time when you give it away like the after hours swag yeah you gave that away yes and didn't even realize your misstep that was on me what was the other thing that you gave away that i was so frustrated about um i remember this way there was some other one i don't know i don't i don't know i try to forget it okay so when i ask you not to give anything away i tell the peeps that we're doing a video it's the latest in our stairway to seven series haven't done one in a while kind of took a break around super bowl i guess we did we did do one around no we didn't we ended up doing it ask amy anything around super bowl yeah we have like we rebranded a new series for super bowl we did yeah right our super six yes so stairway to seven has been well we've been stuck on the same stairway for quite a while so it's time it's time to to get to another stairway uh so we're gonna do best post seasons in sports that's it don't say anything i'm worried that even that's it is gonna give it away you should see his face go back to perusing the candy warehouse website will you please i mean don't tempt me with a good time isn't that how sad jay's life is that's what he considers exciting is looking at the candy warehouse website someone a friend of the show decided that we needed to replenish our candy stash and gifted us with 50 for the candy warehouse and once i told jay and he started looking on the website i'm pretty sure he's been distracted for the last several hours no joke his mouth was wide open as he's looking at the site his mouth just drops open at all the candy because apparently you can search by color oh i'm sorry what exactly so anyway uh we'll of course share the photos of the candy when we get it because because we have to replenish the stash that jay cost us but back to the video there'll be no candy in the video but there will be props of our various sports at our favorite post season so we're not allowed to give anything away that's why i can't tell you what our favorites are because we're going to do a countdown with the stairway to seven and give you our our favorite post seasons in sports so we've been asking you instead on twitter alaw radio on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence i do love it because there's such a great mix of answers and there is no wrong answer now there are stupid questions i need to remind you that what your kindergarten teacher told you is not true there is such a thing as a stupid question there absolutely is but there's no wrong answer here so at least there's that joe on twitter i'm biased being a football guy i mean aren't we all football guys and gals it's the most popular sport on the on the well in the united states i was gonna say in the world but that's not accurate it's the most popular sport in the us by far you don't have to what's the criteria to be a football guy i don't know maybe just to be a guy i guess but i like football i'm a guy am i a football guy am i a football guy yes you are a football guy i just looked at his bio and he used to be a sportscaster sports writer of the year finalist so okay so he works in the business but again i work in the business so does that make me a football girl yeah i guess you're a football girl i'm a football guy you can be the football girl i'll be the football guy fair enough he says i'm biased but it's the nfl one and done no five or save it seven game series everybody's season hanging in the balance all that hard work could go up in smoke with one bad bounce i don't necessarily agree with that but i do agree that the nfl postseason is delicious edgar on twitter best playoffs in march march madness no that's not the question why would you change the question duh it's the only postseason going on in march unless you count the wbc so obvi it's the best postseason in march do people not read do they just not read is that what happens i think he had a narrative and it needed to be fit jay on twitter nothing beats playoff hockey another one always in the hunt for a red october but here's the funny part i think he meant to use an emoji of a baseball instead it's the emoji of a volleyball i saw that confusing zip it it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio boom
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