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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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February 24, 2023 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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February 24, 2023 6:05 am

Penny is a smart pup / Joel Corry conversation on quarterbacks / How much is too much for QBs?


You're listening to After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We are okay with you calling up and acting like a complete clown. On a more serious note, the Raiders... Oh, that wasn't serious? I'm sorry. I dared you not to laugh.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Some of you have sent in your suggestions, your song suggestions for Aaron Rodgers as he has emerged from the darkness. We may be a little late to the party though because apparently he emerged on Wednesday, snuck out under cover of Night. Oh dear, that wasn't even on purpose.

I swear that wasn't even on purpose. And so now we wait. There was no national media appearance. There was nothing on social, at least that I've seen.

I'm not on Insta, but I feel like people would have shared that on Twitter if in fact Rodgers had broken his silence. I don't know. I don't believe I buy into the darkness retreat anymore if there's a fireplace in the unit, which apparently there was a fireplace in his cabin. Also, people are coming and going. How can you remain in a meditative state when people are bringing you food? They're stoking the fireplace. They're probably cleaning the commode.

I mean, there's people in there. That would definitely interrupt my meditative state. Although I got to tell you, when I do yoga class and we're supposed to be in a meditative state, generally my mind wanders or I doze. If I was in some kind of a darkness retreat, especially if my dog was snoring, I'd be out. That'd be blissful. Are you allowed to take your dog into a darkness retreat?

Huh. Well then you wouldn't be able to leave to walk the dog, so someone else would have to walk the dog for you. Or in my case, I would just let Penny out, open the door, let Penny back in, open the door, let her out. She does her thing and she comes back in.

She's pretty good on her own. I'm continually amazed at how smart my dog is. She actually lifts her paws up for me to wipe them off because she knows when we come in from it being wet outside that she has to have her feet wiped off because mama doesn't want wet paw prints on the hardwood floors. Also, in the morning, so this is crazy, my dog is so smart, in the morning we never walk on leash because there's no one out and she doesn't go anywhere without me and it really, what's the point? So I've never, not I think since the first like seven or eight months I've got her and now I've had her for almost 11 years do I walk her on leash in the morning because it's pretty early and it's just not necessary. But in the afternoon, because we walk across a couple of streets that are a little busier, I do put her on a leash and she knows that. So in the morning she just walks out of the house and starts going and I catch up with her.

Maybe I have to throw something in the trash can or maybe I'm still putting on my hat, my gloves, whatever. She just kind of wanders away and I catch up with her down the sidewalk. But in the afternoons she stops at the edge of the property, waits for me to put her leash on, and then we walk.

Australian shepherds are so incredibly smart. She's a goof and now of course because she's half deaf. Now she can hear me when I yell. It's embarrassing when I have to yell at her outside because I can't get her attention. But when we're in the house she just she follows me and she watches me. She won't stay in a room where I'm not unless she's dead to the world. She won't stay in a room where I'm not because she knows she has to compensate for not being able to hear very well. So she follows me and she just she puts herself in a position where she can see what's happening. Dog she runs my life but it's okay because I love her dearly and we're coming up on 11 years that we've been a duo. A dynamic duo if you will my partner in crime.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I do also have a jealous cat who every time I talk to the dog the cat howls at me like hey what about me. Or if you haven't seen our Super Bowl edition of Ask Amy Anything the cat's always up in my grill so she made a cameo. I had no idea she was behind me on the chair flipping her tail in my hair.

Anyway so the zoo the zoo runs my life but Penny's needs are a little more pressing than the cat. The cat kind of does whatever I just I've given up on even telling the cat what to do it's it's pointless. Although one time the cat was howling at me as I'm getting ready to go to sleep she's standing she's like up in my grill on the bed she's standing near my pillows and I said to and I said to her sit. Do you know the cat sat down? First time in 14 years I've had the cat but still it happened one time. I'm pretty sure she knew what I was saying sit and the cat just sat right down.

Otherwise Sugar does whatever the heck she wants. All right you can find me on Twitter A Law Radio. People have been asking for photos of Sugar on on social yeah I mean whatever I guess fine at some point I'll post a photo of the cat. The dog is much more photogenic and then also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence if you missed any of our interviews this week we've had some real good ones. Mark Followell from Dallas long time TV play-by-play announcer to talk about the Mavericks and their stretch run but also about Dirk Nowitzki because he's a finalist for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and it was cool to hear what Mark had to say about the impact of Dirk on the Mavericks franchise and I actually stumped him for a second he was like oh wow and then if you miss my conversation with former sports agent and salary cap expert Joel Corey of CBS Sports we're going to bring back part of that because it was so good and as I posted the link on both Twitter and Facebook not only did I get a ton of reaction to it but people are saying to me wait what what they're asking questions that are actually answered in the interview and so I I've cut up a chunk of it which has to do with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens Daniel Jones and the Giants Joe Burrow Jalen Hurts their contract extensions and then the implication of those big contract extensions it's just an eight minute chunk we'll let you hear it coming up following this next break because those are the real pertinent questions but if you want to hear any of our interviews check out our podcast the link is posted every day on our website or you can find us on Twitter or Facebook because I always share either the entire podcast or a segment of the podcast in a link and when you open it up voila there's our full podcast page so easy to do our phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four CBS Ron Rivera introducing his new assistant head coach Eric B. enemy will also take over full control of the offense so he didn't have that in Kansas City not only is it more responsibility for him but he is now not going to have to hear that excuse for why he's not head coaching material because he doesn't call plays other coaches who've come out of Andy Reid's system have been given head coaching jobs even though they did not call plays and for some reason it was not a hindrance to them so here is Eric B. enemy he's got a new challenge he talked about how he's never backed down from a challenge there's more with him that I want to play through the next couple hours of the show because it was good to see him so excited he was very grateful for his time in Kansas City but also thrilled for a new opportunity and so there's there's a lot more there that will sprinkle in but he likes to talk about how I gotta be where my feet are I can't worry about things I can't control and he says all the right things can he now milk some positives out of an offense that's gone through so many iterations mostly because of quarterback but really they've changed running backs I mean scary terry might be the most stable piece of that offense and so here's Eric B. enemy facing this big challenge as I mentioned they've been bottom half of the NFL in points and passing yards going back now even before Ron Rivera and so it's a big deal but the fact that he's also been given the responsibility of being an associate head coach an assistant head coach is huge too and Ron Rivera indicated right away and this is even after he introduced Eric and gave the microphone over to Eric so he could answer questions he was speaking to a group of reporters following the press conference and what he said is that when Eric B. enemy walks into a room he instantly brings credibility from the time he played as a you know as a high school player collegiate player and NFL player he had success and then now you add upon that his growth and his development as a coach and then having success he had his instant credibility and I think that's one of the more important things for our guys is that they're looking at a guy that's been there that's done that that's had the success so when he speaks I emotionally know everybody's going to listen. I like that and some of the guys who were there included Terry McClure and we heard from him before the top of the hour running backs Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson think about what Brian's been through in the last year tight end Logan Thomas also there and then Sam Howell who spoke as well about the opportunity in front of him and in front of the commanders with EB. You know I'm super excited obviously I know there's a great opportunity here for me and so I'm just super excited just to you know work this obviously I've never had this much time off so just trying to work on myself as best as possible so I can come back here ready to go and and give this team a chance to win. He's gonna learn there's a lot of really accountable people here in this organization and this this group of guys here is really special it's a great group of guys who work super hard and we all just want to win and so we're we're all we're all ears to him and we're you know just super excited about the opportunity for to have them lead us. Bienenme multiple times highlighted the talent that was sitting in the front couple rows referring to the guys that were there in attendance. Now Washington interviewed seven different guys. Ron Rivera actually said this is kind of interesting I thought that it never occurred to him that Bienenme might be available until that rumor that speculation started circulating because remember there were was there a third of the offensive coordinator jobs in the NFL that were open so you knew there were going to be a bunch of guys who were moving around maybe changing systems or feeling like they could be in a better position where they might have upward mobility and so he interviewed a bunch of other guys and then had to wait until the chief season was done which didn't end until February 12th. Well if you think about the victory parade 12th with a Sunday it wasn't until Wednesday the following week that he was available and so he interviewed him I think it was four days after the Super Bowl which would have been following the victory parade so yeah a big deal that he waited that long to be able to talk to Eric Bienenme even though sometimes there's this sense of urgency I got to get this done I got to get it done right away but if you looked around the league you could recognize that there were certainly other places where the jobs were still open in fact two head coaching jobs didn't get filled until the Super Bowl was done because both the Eagles coordinators left and went to Indianapolis and Phoenix it's after hours here on CBS sports radio the other big news surrounding the commanders on Thursday is that Jeff Bezos who is the is the founder of Amazon he's the CEO of Amazon he's the whatever whatever of Amazon he's the big dog of Amazon uh that he is trying to at least investigate he's investigating he's trying to buy the commanders or at least look at the possibility um and I I don't know why this pops into my brain but I feel like we at some point heard from Daniel Snyder or people around Daniel Snyder that he wasn't interested in selling to Jeff Bezos at the same time if Bezos and his family or his his company is willing to to put down six million or six sorry not million six billion I mean we're talking about a lot of money here right so I don't know if you're if you're the Snyder family if you would even you would turn down the highest bidder simply because it's someone that you don't want to uh that you don't want to sell to that seems ridiculous especially since he's um at this point I think fortunate to not at least be in jail or at the very least facing charges uh so looking back on the Denver Broncos sale that was the most recent one and actually the investment firm or the firm that he's working with um is the same firm that was instrumental in the Broncos sale right so the last two sales were orchestrated by this particular firm that Bezos is working with now that he's hired um the most recent were the Broncos 4.65 billion again the it's the b-word and then before that it was David Tepper remember who bought the Carolina Panthers so those are your most recent NFL sales and now the commanders and the price is expected to be upwards of six billion dollars now I know the Broncos have a storied history they've got three Super Bowl wins they've got five other losses in their history in the Super Bowl they've had some of the best quarterbacks ever to come through the NFL in John Elway and Peyton Manning yada yada yada but Washington is on the east coast and you want to talk about a tradition uh it's an old franchise it's an iconic franchise I know they've had some really tough years but they've also got Super Bowl history and they've got a fan base that stretches back for decades a passionate fan base that really is reserved the right to be disgusted lately I understand that um but I feel like you can expect this franchise will go for greater than six billion dollars for so many reasons and they're near the nation's capital there's the possibility of a new stadium and there's all these types of elements that that go into it but we're talking about one of the oldest and most storied franchises in the NFL and a lot of fans clamoring for new leadership for new ownership and feeling like once the Snyder family is out of control or has sold the team that they will enter a new era where some of that stink can come off because the last few years a lot of the news around Daniel Snyder a lot of the reports around Snyder even his own public reaction to to the speculation and some of the accusations levied against him have been pretty gross just inappropriate and and gross and I know a lot of fans are put off by that and so if you think about the infusion of cash that Bezos could bring in it's a big deal and to have first the Walton Penner family who have money hand over fist in fact they have so much money they don't even need to know how to pronounce Roger Goodell's name remember when when so it's the heir to the Walmart fortune right it's uh I think it's two siblings and a a sibling-in-law right so it's a married couple and then another sibling um and they're the heirs to the Walmart fortune and one of them called him one of them I think it was Walton called Roger Roger Goodall I mean you're so you're so rich that you don't even know who the NFL commissioner is um it took to be able to bring that infusion of cash and and equity but then to think about Bezos and my goodness Amazon is running the world you know now Amazon is what Facebook aspires to be Facebook has been replaced Facebook is the devil but it's also been replaced it's not the media conglomerate that it it wanted to be this whole meta thing is just it's weird and really hasn't taken off uh and so Amazon now runs the world and you I mean you think about the money that they put into these Thursday night football games on Amazon Prime I mean billions and billions of dollars already sunk into having exclusive rights to Thursday night football outside of the local markets I'm pretty sure the other NFL owners would love to have another colleague an owner a fellow owner who had this kind of money this kind of capital this kind of cachet again outside of the NFL world people know who Jeff Bezos is outside of the NFL world uh people know who the Walton Penner family is it's just it brings a different level of well cash to be sure but brings a different level of notoriety when you've got an owner like that so we'll see what happens but that's also another potential development this season with the Washington commanders so lots of flux uh Ron Rivera has essentially told his players it has nothing to do with you it's an interesting story but we play football for a living we just work here in other words all right so coming up I still want you to hear from LaShawn McCoy who has been the harshest critic of Eric Bienemey but also Bienemey's response to LaShawn McCoy and not just Bienemey's response but the response of fellow chiefs and former chiefs who clap back at LaShawn just so you get both sides of the story but straight ahead he is a former player rep as well as a salary cap expert and Joel Corey hit it out of the park I learned so much from him when he joined us on our last show wanted to bring back a portion of that conversation because quarterbacks because quarterbacks it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast next Jackson will keep it on the read option jukes a man stumbles to the one dives in for the touchdown Lamar Jackson extends the ravens lead with the first rushing touchdown and the first touchdown of the game takes the snap back to throw fires it left wide open down the left sideline and Saquon Barkley in the Vikings territory and chased to the giant bench at the Minnesota 44 yard line you're listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio on the ravens and giants radio networks two major question marks about quarterbacks in this off season Lamar Jackson and the ravens that did an interview in Baltimore on Thursday morning and I was surprised to find that the local radio host it's the big bad morning show on our affiliate 105.7 the fan they actually are resigned to the fact they believe I shouldn't say it's a fact they're resigned to the idea that Lamar and the ravens are not going to find common ground and they're now thinking about what next I was a bit of a surprise to me but also Daniel Jones will he get franchised and what are the giants willing to pay him after his first year under Brian Debal it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio had a chance to catch up with former player rep and now salary cap expert Joel Corey of CBS sports really great conversation about a lot of the financial question marks as we head into the new NFL league year we pulled a chunk of it and it starts with Lamar the ravens what's the best course of action moving forward Steve Basci the owner was very critical of Deshaun Watson getting a fully guaranteed contract last March right Lamar has been adamant about a fully guaranteed contract somebody has to cave to get this deal done the Lamar missing games at the end of the regular season for a second straight year does not help in his quest to get a fully guaranteed contract the ravens probably are less inclined to do it this year as opposed to last year now Lamar has made a lot of money in terms of being patient not having an agent if he had an agent he probably gets done after his third year probably shortly after Josh Allen maybe he's on the same six-year deal extension Josh Allen is maybe he's at 43 and a half million by waiting the market changed dramatically so it's benefited him now what I would do in situation if I represented Lamar I would go in position that I want the fully guaranteed contract but I but right before the March 7th deadline to place the designation on any player I would start trying to extract major concessions for things structurally I would want from the ravens and the reason I would be looking to do that is I don't think anyone's going to help Lamar get a fully guaranteed contract if you look at the quarterbacks who are going to get paid this off season Jalen Hurts the Eagles aren't going to give him one the Bengals are going to pay Joe Burrow but this is a team that has been in the dark ages structurally with their contracts the only guaranteed money in vetting contracts assigning bonus they're not going to go from zero to 100 to not even doing conventional guarantees to skipping that step to a fully guaranteed contract they'll have to do conventional guarantees to get Burrow done I don't think Justin Herbert if they do him this summer gets one they didn't even give him his full his signing bonus and a lump sum they deferred some of it so I don't see a team which is deferring signing bonus going to go from that to a fully guaranteed contract so I don't think anyone's going to help support Lamar's case and in knowing that going in that's why I'd be willing to trade the fully guaranteed contract for things that I find meaningful that I would want in the contract to make it very player friendly it doesn't seem to be any type of a disconnect between the Giants and Daniel Jones the way that there has been or the way that it's been reported it's starting to feel like with the ravens so why would the Giants franchise tag Daniel Jones instead of just give him a contract well you have until March 7th so there's still plenty of time and the best offer that Daniel Jones is going to get is probably going to come March 6 or before that 4 p.m eastern deadline now the the interesting thing to me was Daniel Jones switched agents that came out I think yesterday or the day before and then there was a report that he's looking for 45 million per year I'm not paying Daniel Jones 45 million per year let's not forget that they turned down the fifth year option on him and if I'm the Giants I'm thinking you've been good for 15 minutes before we the new regime took over Brian Deval you were headed towards potentially being a backup of things didn't go well yes you played well down the stretch you established yourself as one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL we know you don't have receivers we think that the skies we have a lot of upside but if you're 45 million per year and you don't have a lot of flexibility on that we'll just have you playing the tag and if you do it again and maybe you get your 45 million per year or more they got to get somebody done say Quan Barkley or Daniel Jones because they don't want to have both those guys hit the open market one gets tagged and hopefully they get one done on a long-term deal Joel Corey is a former agent now studies contracts and his salary cap expert for CBS Sports it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio looking at the average annual value for quarterbacks Joel Aaron Rodgers of course who is the only one in the league for now who averages more than 50 million per year but Russell Wilson not far behind him Kyler Murray with his new deal is 46 million we know about Deshaun Watson and that fully guaranteed deal with the Browns but you mentioned both Joe Burrow as well as Jalen Hurts for the Eagles now who's coming off his best career game in the Super Bowl what type of AAV are we talking about for those two guys when Joe Burrow signs his deal it's going to make him the highest paid player in the league there's already a track record for Cincinnati doing that um once upon a time they did have a quarterback they took the first overall pick in Carson Palmer um towards the end of the 2005 regular season they made him the highest paid player in the league so the agent knows this Brian Irock who is a very sharp agent someone who drives a hard bargain any deal Joe Burrow does will reset the market from an average standpoint now Hurts is a little bit more interesting this time last year there were question marks about him and people are wondering whether he could be the uh long-term answer Jeffrey were the owner uh unequivocally said that he was after the year he had now they made Carson Wentz who he ended up replacing the fourth highest paid player in the league um so to me that's a floor but what I'm really looking at is 50 million per year for him is what I would want if I represented him and I'm looking at another quarterback taking the same year as Carson Wentz and Jared Goff MVP candidate in his third year in 2018 Rams get to the Super Bowl he suffers a late season slump doesn't play well in the Super Bowl and nonetheless before the regular season starts signs a contract tying him in the second highest paid player in the league with Aaron Rodgers now Hurts better third year than Goff second highest paid player right now is Russell Wilson so to me I would try to use that as ammunition to get 50 million per year it is crazy Patrick Mahomes at 45 million a year or a Josh Allen at 43 million a year can now be considered and I'm using my air quotations but cheaper Joel there's a lot of interesting takes about the Mahomes deal one I hear a lot of media people advocating that Burroughs should do a Mahomes type deal one thing you got to keep in mind about that is he really moved the bar from an average standpoint contracts way too long for my liking but at the time Russell Wilson was high-paid player at 35 million he's at 45 million that's 28.6 percent more so if I'm Joe Burrow you want me to even consider that I have to be 28 30 percent more than Aaron Rodgers that's putting me at 65 million per year well two I don't like the way the cash flow was in the Mahomes deal it's very back-loaded that he didn't get much more cash over the first couple of years and if he'd done nothing or played on the franchise tags I guarantee you that you may never hear Patrick Mahomes say this publicly but as more and more quarterbacks go past him they're already four there could be as many as eight by the time the regular season starts he's not going to be happy about that since he's the best player in the league and he signed a 10-year extension of two years left on his rookie contract so at some point the Chiefs are going to have to look at that contract as it becomes much greater for them in terms of the the bargain they're getting because you can't have an unhappy Patrick Mahomes when there's a 60 million dollar per year quarterback I'm not sure what year that happens it is coming and he's at 45 and if he's still the best player in the league and one of the top three quarterbacks in the league and he's at 45 and guys who aren't him are at 60 you got a problem just a taste of the conversation with Joel Corey he's a former player rep so he certainly understands negotiations and being in the room and we talked more about repping players and some of his strategy but also looking at salary caps and last but not least in that conversation you'd have to go get the podcast we debunked the myth that you cannot pay a quarterback 45 to 50 million dollars a year and still field a winning team he debunks that myth so definitely check it out I recently tweeted the link actually I'll retweet here but Joel Corey he's with CBS Sports he's great I always learn something from him and so I'd invite you to check it out but even now we're going into a break actually so you can listen to it during the break but there's more there about Lamar and the Ravens and then you hear him talk about Burrow and Hertz and also what could come down the pike for the guy named Patrick Mahomes who's now got two MVPs two Super Bowl MVPs and he's got two rings with the Chiefs so how does he if let's let's just say for the sake of argument Burrow and Hertz both get deals this off season which they likely will and then maybe Lamar gets one too although that's not set in stone but just two of the three even get new deals that put them above 45 million dollars per year which they should then Mahomes drops out of the top five highest paid players an average annual value and Josh Allen would be closer to number 10 tough business tough business to make 45 million dollars a year and not be even remotely the highest paid at your position it almost uh I mean I can't even keep a straight face sometimes talking about uh that type of money it's monopoly money it's almost comical and really almost impossible well it is impossible for me to identify with but you're worth whatever a team will pay you you're worth whatever your employer believes that you are worth and in a market where quarterbacks not only absorb so much of the credit but far too much of the blame and where it's necessary to have a quarterback if you're going to do anything in the NFL well you can understand why teams go all in this is this is market price right now for the best of the best it's after hours with Amy Lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence this is after hours with Amy Lawrence hola if you're waking up on your Friday well hello happy Friday to you I generally don't get too excited until we get to the final hour of the show and then I finally feel like I can turn the page on the day it's not quite over yet people ask me all the time what do you do what time do you go to bed when you're done with the show oh it's gonna be a few hours it'll probably be actually another four hours before I am asleep because of the commute home which is cray uh and then because of the dog and the zoo and breakfast and actually this morning I'm going grocery shopping uh thanks for caring and so it's gonna be actually maybe more than four hours before I get in bed but it's it's not too early to start hooting about a Friday after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio coming up top of the hour NBA is back in action post all-star break and we see the shuffling of rosters and so we'll let you know the latest only three guys have ever won three consecutive NBA MVP awards but that exclusive club may need to make room for one more if the jokage that we see coming out of the the all-star break is the one we see the rest of the way I don't think there's anybody who's going to overtake him for another MVP which is pretty impressive but all that top of the hour the top two seeds at least currently we're both in action and in addition we had a bunch of other storylines games that went down to the wire some fantastic finishes so you can find me on twitter a law radio also on our facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence eight five five two one two four two two seven mike is listening in Dallas mike what's up hey Amy uh so the other night I was at the bar and uh there was this group of girls and I was like okay I'm gonna go up there and talk to them so I'm like yeah y'all been listening to me long enough let me get you a drink well the one girl got the bud bite or just you know generic beer I was like okay but then her two friends were hanging out and I'm like well let me get y'all drink too you know I don't want y'all so lonely well her friends uh wanted me to get them a shot of tequila brand name of tequila well I'd never bought it before so I go up to the bar and I'm like okay let me get those shots of tequila for the girls for two shots it was thirty dollars fifteen dollars a shot I would have said never mind I'm good they're good yeah and I was like well let me get y'all what y'all were drinking before I showed up yeah I think they were using you men so how do you know when the women really do love you why are you asking me just because I happen to be a female you're asking me I wasn't there but you think they were using me I I think if they weren't drinking shots before you showed up and you offered to buy drinks uh yep you put yourself in that situation okay good glad we had that conversation let's talk to drew who's in Michigan drew you better not have a story like that I'm gonna hang up on you too uh good evening Amy how are you I'm fine thank you oh it sounds like he just left the bar yes probably you should have seen our producer he had his finger poised right above what we call our dump button which you know dumps us or dumps anybody off the air he was ready in case something really untoward came out of that but I think it was just goofy so yes you're you're here to write the situation go for former radio personality so I understand the dumb button uh here's my thought uh you you can't pay a quarterback 60 to 65 million dollars a year like there there has to be that uh bubble burst and I think it has to be around 50 million dollars because you can't invest that much money in one position to try and build a team around it and I understand the Patrick Mahomes contract is friendly at this time but I mean Patrick's gonna come back here after next year especially if they win another Super Bowl hey man you gotta pay me some more money well okay hold on I would just say really quickly two things um first of all he's not even remotely the highest paid in terms of average annual value we talked about that uh with Joel that's Aaron Rodgers and he's over 50 million and no doubt we're gonna see Burrow and Hertz both go over 50 million uh but the the thing is people forget the salary cap is also increasing uh incrementally and and really a large increase from last year to this coming year because of the influx of money from Amazon that's a huge reason why and so right and so there is there's more I'm just for people who don't know there's a lot more room under the cap it's not like the cap is stationary and the quarterbacks are taking up more and more and more the cap is growing as well so with the with the 17 I think that's the number he used with Patrick Mahomes uh the Chiefs paid 17 percent of their salary cap to Mahomes and yet they just won another Super Bowl and they've gone to three in four years so it's not as impossible as people think yes I I 100 agree with Amy but you you have to look at it like you you cannot continually uh grow the salary cap how it's growing like there has to be a bubble burst here at some point so like who's the team that's going to be left out is I guess my question who's the team that's left out team that's left out paying that dumb salary to a quarterback well why is it dumb if you're winning and and Joe Burrow is the key to anything the Bengals want to do right now what what have they won what have they won anything they've won an AFC championship and they just went to another one true you asked me have they won anything they were the last team standing in the AFC last year and went to a Super Bowl in his second year and not to mention he had torn his ACL halfway through his first year this guy is a keeper you do not want to lose him no I understand what you're saying but but the point is that you have to have a quarterback that is the key to everything and I what so so what do you what do you pay Lamar Jackson then well Lamar's not in the same situation I'm sorry I hate to break this to people who are listening but the way that Joe Burrow finished and the Bengals finished they won what 10 games in a row until they got back maybe 11 until they got back to the AFC championship and he played his best Drew Drew Drew please wait thank you I'd like to have an intelligent discussion but we can't talk over each other so they played their best ball and he played his best ball at the end of the season and and they surged to another AFC championship right so he's only three years in then you think about Jalen Hurts also three years in and he just played his best game ever in the Super Bowl and he was also an MVP candidate as was Burrow I guess was a finalist so those two guys are on high notes Lamar Jackson the last two years has not been around in December and they didn't make the playoffs this year so it's a it's a not a great comparison right now because you they don't have the same they don't have the same cachet or his family doesn't have the same cachet when they go to negotiate 100 agree with with the with the Lamar Jackson take there so who do you pay more to do you pay uh Joe Burrow 60 million dollars a year coming up in a year and a half or do you pay Jalen Hurts 45 million dollars now well I don't think either one of them is is going to get to 60 I think what we're talking about what I talked about with Joel is that you're going to see it incrementally higher so maybe it's 52 it's going to get higher than Aaron Rodgers right so 51 52 maybe it goes up the contract's back loaded because that gives the team flexibility gives an opportunity to re to renegotiate or to uh kind of redo the contract when they get to the point where it's a humongous salary cap hit so yeah there's creative ways to do it there's ways that you can spread it out over the course of the years of the contract but definitely I I stake most of what I'm worth which is not a whole lot but that Burrow and Hurts are both going to go over 50 million per year because that's where we are right now they're both younger they're on high notes Aaron Rodgers didn't and the Packers didn't make the playoffs last year so I would think that's definitely the case you're going to see those two guys eclipse Rodgers so is Trevor Lawrence your 60 million dollar a year quarterback then he might be he might it depends on what happens in the next couple years he might be the next guy to go over that or maybe we see like Joel said uh we see Patrick Mahomes renegotiate so yeah I understand what you're saying but remember salary caps going up the owners have plenty of money they're they're not in a situation where they're not making money I didn't want you to hang up on him just to pot him down thank you Carlos it's the second time this week why do you keep hanging up on people okay anyway sorry about that drew I wanted you to hear what I had to say but yeah I mean it's it's the going rate for QBs and you have to have one it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio
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