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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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February 17, 2023 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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February 17, 2023 6:06 am

Tiger Woods returns to competitive golf | What is your next BIG THING in sports? | RIP MLB broadcasting legend Tim McCarver.


Is baseball your next big thing? Spring training will soon be in full swing. We know managers have already arrived at their spring training sites and in many cases pitchers and catchers are there early fully reporting over the next couple days and obviously by early March we're talking full-blown spring training with opening day then on the horizon. So as we ask you post football what is your next big thing? I would love to hear from you on Twitter AMOL Radio we've got a post up there where you can reply or you can find us on our Facebook page and in case you want to mark your calendars March 30th is opening day for the 2023 season.

30 on 30. March 30th with all 30 teams scheduled to play unless of course there is a weather related postponement or delay. It's the first time since 1968 that every baseball team will open on the same day.

I love it. I think it's a lot of fun because it gives every fan something to look forward to and there's very passionate fan bases. Now certainly March 30th generally would be considered dicey in a lot of the cold weather cities the northern climes except a lot of them are experiencing record warm temperatures in February. I don't know what that means about March we'll see.

I'm still praying for snow but opening day is that for March 30th if you want to circle it with a bright red sharpie on your calendar. Do people still have calendars? My mom gave me this really cool planner notebook and I love this kind of stuff because I'm so anal retentive. I really enjoy writing everything out and kind of having little stickers on my calendar my planner. I have a lot going on. It's been sitting on my dining room table for the last six weeks and I haven't written one thing in it yet. So I missed all of January. It makes me so upset every day. I see it and I just I just need to grab it this weekend and start writing in what I've got coming up because I do have a lot of obligations but also a lot of fun activities scheduled in my next oh gosh my next two two three weeks and then vacation coming up in March and a short vacation in March not really vacation it's more just like a long weekend and then my actual vacation around my birthday in April and the start of my new class and I want all of it to be reflected in this planner because 2023 to me represents a new start and a chance to put some of the ick behind me in the rearview mirror but yeah for six weeks it's been sitting there and I haven't written a darn thing in it yet because that's what the football playoffs do that's what the craziness of Super Bowl week does and so I'm determined as we put football in the rearview mirror my next big thing is organizing my planner such a nerd maybe I'll do it while I'm watching Daytona on Sunday because that will definitely be my next big sports thing so whether for you it's baseball opening day whether it's Stanley Cup playoffs or the NBA all-star game or the NBA postseason which goes on forever maybe it's golf the Masters is not that far away and we have now seen a smiling Tiger Woods who got under 70 under par in his first PGA Tour round since last July since the open championship would love to hear from you what's your next big thing again on Twitter or on Facebook and then our phone number is toll-free 855-212-4CBS we've got a bunch of you are weighing in on both of our social media sites producer Jay is retweeting the ones on Twitter and then of course you can go and be part of the community on our Facebook page but why don't we hear from one Tiger Woods who was able to birdie his final three holes and if you saw any of the highlights or maybe you were watching the round itself well then you know he was flashing the pearly whites this is at the Genesis Invitational and by the way 10 30 Eastern so about 7 30 Riviera time 7 30 LA time is when this featured group will tee off in the morning they were in the afternoon on Thursday which means they flip and they will have an earlier tee time in the morning in fact one of the earliest but yes Tiger Woods was able to birdie the last three holes to pull within five strokes of the leaders Max Homa and Keith Mitchell and there are a lot of people that notice that big smile as he walked off the 18th green I think it's the group okay so you know JT hoops one in there and then we're always you know been beating us all day and you know he's nervous as can be because he didn't want to be the one to miss on 18 and I didn't want to be the the idiot host to miss it around in front of everybody after I just went birdie birdie so he's kind of joking fooling around there this is his Invitational benefits his foundation and his playing partners were Rory who loves orbiting the Sun that is Tiger Woods and JT as he calls him not Justin Timberlake though that would have been fun Justin Thomas and actually get this he was hitting the ball off the tee over 320 multiple drives went over 320 he even had a few drives go more than 330 and he was out driving Rory and Justin so as he makes his return seems like he's in a good spot a lot of joy on his face fans obviously really excited about seeing him out there and seeing him walk around and he is at this point anyway despite the ankle that he still has to deal with every time he golfs he appears to be in a good groove now it's just one round but it is great to see him back in a PGA Tour event for the first time in seven months I was able to simulate nerves at home because I've come off layoffs before and I was a simulate that stuff but there's nothing like coming game time just the feeling of the butterflies and trying to calm all that stuff down the adrenaline the ball goes further even though it's cold out here it was going even further than I than we expected I had a dialogue back in Joey hadn't seen me hit a golf ball in a while and so obviously he's his feels are what we're trying to get you know the feels for out there and then the shots and the distances and we adapted very quickly he actually mentioned adrenaline in his post match press conference because of how the adrenaline was pumping he was even getting more distance off the tee and said he had to figure out which clubs to use now not when you're driving obviously but when you're not using your driver off the tee he had to adjust the club choice and he mentions his caddy there as well based on that adrenaline and the extra yardage that he that he was experiencing from the adrenaline he said even though it's cold out here the ball was going further than we expected I had to dial all that back in just trying to keep that adrenaline and those nerves and the butterflies as he put it in check it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio he got better as the round went on which is good because there was some talk that the back nine which is more difficult to walk and also would be coming when he's tired and when his ankle is tired and and then you kind of saw it at the turn he had bogeys on hole number 10 and hole number 12 but then rallied and steadied went three straight pars and three straight birdies to finish up and actually on the 18th hole it was an easy birdie was just six seven feet maybe so yeah you can tell that he's thrilled to be out there we're not talking about the pressure of a major but I can imagine that with Tiger anytime he can play around that's competitive that puts him in the mix and he can do it without experiencing a ton of pain or a noticeable limp or having to withdraw because he can't physically get through it all of those represent minor victories and together that means he's having a grand old time out there it was a great round having a flow of us kneeling each other encouraging each other and telling stories because I haven't been out here so I had missed some of the things that have transpired on tour which is kind of fun you know something else that he said that I thought was really intriguing and I don't really want to think too much into it cuz well just because he says my ankle is a lot smaller than it's been and he was talking about how the shape of his ankle as well as his shoe size and how his socks fit all of that is changing because of the surgeries and he has to keep in mind how much he's on his feet how much golf he plays how much how much he's able to work out otherwise sometimes the muscles need to rest sometimes his leg and his ankle need to rest but how do you stay ready how do you stay in rhythm if you don't put in the practice time if you know Tigers history you know that he was notorious for the time that he put in on the range certainly the time he put in on his short game but also how he worked out remember he once tore his ACL running before a US Open and then ended up playing the entire major on a torn ACL I think that was in 2008 the last major he won before the Masters a couple years ago so he used to be notorious with the weightlifting he was all about the muscles and being fit and and he changed the level of fitness in golf he set a tone that really required the rest of golf if you wanted to be serious you had to be as fit if you wanted to drive the ball off the tee like he did you had to be as fit and remember there was a a phenomenon going on in golf for a while called Tiger proofing courses they were lengthening courses and lengthening holes because Tiger was able to drive the green and they needed it to be more competitive so it used to be called Tiger proofing well if you're another golfer and you're not driving it as far as he is well then you're at a disadvantage and he changed the fitness in golf now I get it there are a lot of older golfers golfers that at the time were in their 40s and and were kind of late stages of their PGA careers so they weren't gonna change how they played the game of golf but the influx of young golfers the golfers even now that we see who grew up wanting to be Tiger Woods many of them are extremely fit not all of them but many of them have made fitness a huge part of their preparation and their training Rory McIlroy was there on the course with Tiger and JT as we heard and they again will tee off early on Friday so only a 14-hour turnaround there's a lot of people who are looking at that and and wondering how that might affect Tiger wondering if not having the opportunity to rest as much now you hope he was able to get to bed right away after a good meal and really get off that foot that ankle for quite a while to kind of give it a break but it is a very quick turnaround and so there are people who are gonna be watching every step that he takes every breath you take every step you make okay so you've got his playing partners who are kind of going back and forth with them Justin Thomas is a stroke better than Tiger so Tiger sitting at minus two Justin's at minus three Rory is at minus four the leaders are at minus seven now there's a lot of guys who are in that early or that those low rounds a lot of guys who are just right there in a big ol mix it's not an extremely difficult course and so the best of the best are gonna carve it up and that's what they're doing so when you think about Tiger being five strokes back it's not just that he's tied for 27 so there are dozens and dozens of golfers that are between him and the leaderboard one of those being Rory I'm not sure if you all have seen the promos for the new Netflix Netflix series you probably will see it if you watch any of the coverage of the Genesis Invitational because they're promoting it really hard it's called full swing it's a golf documentary and there's a clip that's going around of Rory in his relationship with Tiger Woods and how Tiger is very supportive and honestly this reminds me of how Kobe Bryant was late in his career too this is a kinder gentler Tiger who wants to be a mentor who wants to coach and be benevolent and helpful to some of the younger guys who have come up behind him he's always the first always Tiger like he's like he'll text you like before the last pug drops always the first he's unreal got a busy day on my phone tomorrow pretty sweet oh dear that sounds very sappy it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio so we're glad to have you I can see a lot of you are already weighing in on Twitter a law radio or on our Facebook page producer Jay is busy retweeting and liking so that's good love this idea this concept we do it every single year move aside football at least for now and actually free agency doesn't start for a couple more weeks though Derek Carr is already free to negotiate with teams because of the way his contract was structured when he got released by the Raiders we know the coaching carousel for head coaches is done but not for coordinators there's still job openings out there so there's a lot of chatter there's a lot of talk the combine begins at the end of February so that's a big convention it's like the next big convention right they have a convention every month in football but it's certainly a showcase to help spring forward into draft season so there's plenty of football if you're jonesing for football don't worry there's plenty that's on the horizon and that we'll be talking about however the next big thing in terms of sporting event maybe it is the draft for you but there's a lot between now and then baseball opening day the Daytona 500 the Masters and and really the PGA Tour shifting to the East Coast and some of the warmer climbs in the southeast whether you're really into March Madness in college basketball or it's the all-star game for the NBA and then boom right into the final quarter of the season with the playoffs the Stanley Cup postseason too a lot of you are into the USFL and are really excited about that so love to hear from you and Mike I see we'll take your call here eight five five two one two four two two seven coming up as well the Philadelphia Eagles have their last couple exit interviews that includes Howie Roseman talking about Jalen Hertz and his contract extension and Nick Sirianni as well because Nick losing both of his coordinators to head coaching gigs NFL it's such a copycat league it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast bunker for what could be and should be the winning three points the ball is spotted the kick is up and the kick is good and the Chiefs lead 38 to 35 with eight seconds remaining this is after hours with Amy Lawrence that effectively ended the Super Bowl and the 2022 NFL season Mitch Holtus oh no that's Merrill Reese wait a minute what was that that was the field goal right okay but we're getting the Eagles version because that was very exciting so the Merrill Reese version sorry as I said that I was like that's not Mitch Holtus but I know I know that field goal I know that field goal so it effectively ended the 2022 season Chiefs are champions and I'm sure they're still cleaning up in downtown Kansas City let's hope that Patrick Mahomes has sobered up by now I know on the Kelsey brothers podcast it was recorded on Tuesday this is actually pre-parade Travis said he was still bleeping hammered so yeah lots of cleaning up and sobering up and just getting just getting post football and breathing and it's not just the players right it's the industry it's fans too and I know there's a letdown there are some withdrawals to be sure but sports never stop what is your next big thing lots of you weighing in already on Twitter after hours CBS on face that's Twitter and then on Facebook same thing named after the show and we'll get to some of your reaction coming up a no poll this year we generally do a poll but instead we're just keeping it as a wide open question so I say go and paint your blank canvas whatever it is that you want to whatever is that you want to fill your spring with the possibilities are endless when it comes to sports eight five five two one two four two two seven Mike is in Baltimore Mike what do you think hello Amy hello gosh it's been an adventure I've been trying to get through to you since Tuesday I want to wish you a happy uh belated Valentine's Day oh that's kind of you thank you also you're my birthday to him oh that's right most April 7th as opposed to April 8th yes but uh my next big thing is basically the spring training with the Oreos and and the March Madness and that's basically what I'm looking forward to but I have one burning question I know this is not to ask Amy said section but last week I'm thinking I heard something or maybe I was just delirious because this time of night I'd be falling off but did I hear you say that you are waiting to listen to let's go by Gloria what was a glorella what did you say did you say last week it's real you were waiting to listen to the song let's go or was I just imagine I would say probably because I don't know exactly what you're talking about I would say that if I was referring to let's go that it was the podcast that Tom Brady does with Jim okay Jim great yeah so that's I was at least in my my current memory bank that's the only reference to let's go that I could think of all right because this time of night you know I'm normal whatever but I thought I heard you say something about you wanted to listen to the song let's go to this it's a nice little song with a hook to it let's go but if you google it you'll see I was like Amy listen little let's go but yeah but I'm glad finally I got got in touch with you and I'm almost birthday to another mother and nice to hear you too Mike well thank you for listening even in your delirium that's fine we'll keep you company since I don't know what song he's referring to I'm going to assume that I was talking about the let's go podcast since I have been talking a ton about podcasting these days oh my gosh between the Tom Brady podcast as he starts to exercise his broadcasting muscles I mean if you need some tips some pointers here and available to help also as I know I don't know everything you definitely do not know everything but you know a lot of things about football which will help then the Pat McAfee show with Aaron Rodgers the hour-long appearance that he does I felt like I needed to listen to all of it to really get the lay of the land with a Ron and and I believe he is either in his darkness or is headed to his darkness soon because he told us it was end of the week so yay I mean put that in your pipe and smoke it don't make it up okay okay I will try not to and then the two hours I spent listening to the Kelsey brothers with it which actually did me really well gave us a great broadcasting material and I'm not sure if you know this but the exchange between he and Jake well between Jason and Travis but the exchange between the two of them where they're talking about Jason seeing mom for the first time on the field mom Donna they called her a superstar for how she handled last week and how she crushed it that was the word that Travis said I wonder if mom's gonna make an appearance on SNL when Travis host coming up I think it's in April or something he's gonna be one of the guest hosts but the the clip with the two of them being completely reduced to tears that has gone viral I mean I heard it on Fox News yesterday so it's gone viral they those two and the way that they just were overwhelmed talking about mom talking about dad talking about their family being in the spotlight you'll hear it you'll see it yeah the Kelsey's have gone viral the moment I saw mom is when I got really emotional because man it was so awesome it was all right now yeah it was awesome for you know she was on top of the world for for a week she was the heavyweight champ man she was on top of it and she shined the whole time and that was that was the coolest part mom you absolutely killed it dad you've been killing it yep it was just so cool man to see you know her get to celebrate in that with us yeah I'm with you brother it was an awesome moment just so happy for her and so happy that you know she got her moment dad got his so yeah I was the only ironically you know if you lose the Super Bowl and you're you're crying after the game and they're not tears of sadness you know they're tears of joy listen to the two of them they're big lumps I love it another gigantic football players they're larger than life Travis Kelsey runs around quoting world world our WWE wrestlers worldwide wrestlers what is it what worldwide wrestling something with the East and for world wrestling entertainment I think oh okay he runs around quoting these big dudes who wrestle for fun and he's just a jabroni I mean he calls his mom a heavyweight champ I mean the two of them they're just they're so much fun most of the time they're pros most of the time but when it comes to mom just a big puddle and I absolutely love that and so all that to say my time this week listening to podcasts after podcast after podcast and two hours with the Kelsey brothers was time well spent I don't feel like it was time wasted I got a lot of biking done while I was listening to the Kelsey brothers I do feel like my entire week disappeared in football podcast but whatever and so so I just love that and I love the fact that their their podcast has become one of the top in the world actually it's top five with Apple and Spotify and that's all podcasts not just sports podcasts and I hope that their podcast continues to be what it is now which is authentic and fun and goofy and just the two of them and so yeah we'll hear a little bit more because we are going to do a QB news and B we're also going to hear from the Eagles their exit interviews because we had already heard from players but we had not heard from the coach and the general manager and now they've got some challenges in front of them even coming off their NFC championship so what did I say as much as we're looking ahead to the next big thing football never really goes away so we've got let's see producer Jay I never want to catch him off guard again ever because the last time I did it went horribly right well Jade a J's he's a producer he's got a lot happening back there and so I caught him off guard the other morning and he actually gave me a room he was kind of annoyed at me because he said like oh you were too you said I've kind of been busy back here that's what you said you said all the air go back and listen to the podcast so Marco's idiot Marco so you were already gone someone else had come in with someone else comes in to do the the update in our final hour and we're getting toward the top of the hour and I was asking Jay Jay do you remember what the category was it was it was to finish the sentence find someone who loves you as much as what and here I'm thinking well you know Jay and I talked about the topic before the show and we've had a few hours and so I thought wouldn't it be nice to include the producer and allow him to share his thoughts and he didn't really have any answer available and then I said well you've had a few hours you what have you come up with because he always has a list right and his response was I've been kind of busy back here oh it's so was it's so was producer Jay just admit it you were not happy with me and you thought I put you on the spot so no more putting Jay on the spot ever again like ever so Marco why don't we give Jay some time to think about it I would say I have to separate you two but there's glass so there is it's a good thing for him because sometimes I want to throw this sharpie at his head and so well I have but it always runs into the glass yeah so I mean it takes quite a boomerang bounce to off the glass and then I get mad because my sharpies on the floor that's really my own fault yes so right he's protected he's totally fine uh-huh you're gonna be lucky it's not a knife so anyway see what I mean Jay's still mad that I called him out and he wasn't ready so why don't we give Jay a minute or whatever and you can tell me as a sports fan what's your next big thing what are you most excited about as a fan oh yeah because this is kind of like a little bit of a lull period I would probably say that it would be the actual start of the baseball season spring training is nice and all that's great it's fun it's the talk hey look it's kind of yet when they actually start opening day get me to opening day because the spring training stuff it's great I love that everyone's in the best shape of their lives you know not Jacob deGrom can we just get me to opening day give me an opening day all right that's where I want March 30th how do you like the idea of 30 on the 30th 30 teams on the 30th I didn't think of it but sure yeah I can go with that whatever gets how my brain work whatever gets to throwing the first pitch and we can actually have baseball nightly I will be happy again hmm so last year it happened that we were in the lockout and then all of a sudden the lockout was done because they decided that's it they can't miss opening day fans were starting to turn on that member it was a week later starting yeah it was well let's be fair fans returned in droves like they're really it's almost as though the lockout is a distant memory and people don't even remember what happened and so they push back spring training or they I'm sorry they push back the start of the season and wouldn't you know I already had the day off or some some such nonsense so I missed opening day last year I wasn't even here so they better not move it because I'm actually going to be working on March 30th so let's see if they screw with me this year but yeah you're right spring training gets to be long and it's against my religion to give spring training scores because it's a dumb their exhibition games it's kind of like preseason football yeah no you actually better better off a preseason football than spring training games who played I don't know the bunch of guys they split the squad exactly that's not about it's just a question of who's actually you know ready and who's gonna be ready on opening day who's already pulled an oblique and you know a calf and a hamstring you know we find out about all that stuff March 30th is a Thursday in case you're wondering no 30th I didn't realize that I didn't know when the first weekend going into the first weekend of April that's again that's you know we talk about spring and eternal get me to opening day and then that kind of bleeds into everything else and then you're talking about NBA playoffs and everything I realized I skipped over March Madness I get it but that I didn't mean that on purpose but it's just a fan that what do you let's go into and and head towards the playoffs as well all right so that's his next big thing I'm a little bit nervous about asking producer J but he might give me the what's the that oh what's the name of that movie with Glenn Close where she's like that's what's the name of the movie yes it is psycho psycho but what's the movie where she's like Glenn Close is going at she goes completely nuts yeah Michael Douglas yeah what is the name of that movie that's driving me crazy I feel like she came after him with some with a knife too but eighties movies yeah that's psycho that's psycho psycho is the yeah the with Kathy Bates no no not that psycho no okay misery Oh maybe Kathy Bates was in misery I've never seen misery either I guess I just really I know let me watch those movies when I was a kid time has passed all right well true but don't you feel like it's super old now oh of course I don't want Star Wars don't do that come on just cuz the movies old doesn't mean it can't be watched something attraction fatal attraction attraction very good it could be trivia night that's the Glenn Close one yes okay so just I mixed it over Janet Lee by the way and for psycho it's all crazy women what Jay is trying to tell me psychos not a crazy woman what's that a crazy woman not unless you want to think of you know him as being his mother as being woman I didn't see that movie either psycho no I told you my mom would not let me watch those movies when I was a kid okay thank you you're growing up I know but I feel like there's other movies to watch do you go back and watch 80s movies 70s and 80s movies yeah do you that ones that I haven't seen of course I'm glad that I've already seen but I'm kind of a movie guy though I love 60 for God's sakes it's a classic yes fine assignment I've never seen any Alfred Hitchcock movies then because this last one I think was 1980 or 81 isn't the birds Alfred Hitchcock it is the birds okay but also freakin it was pretty scary it was just yeah I mean yeah it's I've never seen psycho let's see have I seen not all this stuff is scary what did you say Kathy Bates was in misery misery is 1990 yes we're James Caen maybe it's off of Stephen King novel yes yes I actually seen a lot more with James Caen's son now than I have with him but I don't know I'm just telling you when I was a kid I would be a kid then my mom didn't really let me watch again you're an adult now you're allowed to do what I am you can stay up late and eat candy too if you'd like and you could stay right by the TV does and you can watch TV three feet away from the screen if you want you're an adult now you could do what you want and you're allowed it's true I do most of the time just I don't know these movies give me nightmare sometimes so what I okay you say scary movies I mean yeah okay we talked about name I just saw Jaws for the first time this year okay or last year great movie 1975 is amazing I can't wait to go back and watch it again tremendous now again that's a classic we're talking about classic movies okay psycho is definitely got a scary element but I wouldn't it's not like I saw a poltergeist when I was a kid that's why I could never watch anything like that I mean that's horror psycho is not in a in the horror category it's more thriller yeah yeah okay I like thrillers yeah I mean I can't tell you what to do but to me it's silly silly to disregard something because it's older well I'm older silly and no one disregards well people do disregard me but at your own peril I get disregarded not because of my age it's just it's the idea that it's it's it's still class good okay good is good which one though misery or psycho I don't know what you prefer I don't know what kind of which one is your of the two out of those two psychos not even close okay but misery is a great movie don't get me wrong okay I'll figure it out I can do this I have a long weekend if you're worried about contemporary yes misery is a lot more contemporary than psycho I mean you'll see a lot of the differences of 1960s you know I still have never watched the Godfather for heaven's sake so yeah I know Jay's gonna get mad at us because we're running late so you didn't see Citizen Kane then either I'm assuming you haven't seen the Godfather I've seen Citizen Kane yes that was a school assignment at some point yeah see I can that's nice and all but this is not about homework this is about enjoying things you don't have to like Citizen Kane but you know I just wanted to know what you for the right reasons not because you gotta write Jaws it was a classic I was back and watched it I also went back and watched the original Space Jam a few years ago I'd never seen that it was also great now one of my favorite movie soundtracks I'm getting there at least I've seen The Sound of Music that's a classic Wizard of Oz I went from Psycho well I'm just saying the Godfather I'm just trying to get credit for seeing older movies all right you've done your job Marco yes it's after hours with Amy Lawrence and a very condescending Marco Belletti and Jay never did get to tell us his next big thing we spared him you are listening to the after hours podcast the one problem is Rivera throws inside the left-handers and left-handers get a lot of broken bad hits in the shallow outfield the shallow part of the outfield that's the danger in bringing the infield in with a guy like Rivera on the mound this is after hours with Amy Lawrence you may remember where you were that was more than 20 years ago but Luis Gonzalez for the Arizona Diamondbacks with the walk-off hit it was a screamer over the second base a shortstop over yeah over shortstop and so it went out into shallow left field and the Diamondbacks were able to walk off it was one of the classic moments you see the highlights every year in October as the Diamondbacks stunned the Yankees and Mariano Rivera and Tim McCarver was on the call of that World Series for Fox more than 20 World Series to his credit a two-time World Series champion part of the Cardinals Hall of Fame and that was where he most recently was calling games and so stepped away before the pandemic and then didn't ever come back to a full-time schedule but Tim McCarver passing away on Thursday to a mountain of tributes from the baseball world and from the broadcasting world passing away at 81 it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Gary Cohen worked with Tim McCarver for years and Cohen as the TV voice of the Mets paid tribute to his partner Tim McCarver very simply revolutionized what it meant to be a color analyst on a major league sports broadcast really baseball or any other sport some people had laid the groundwork earlier guys like Tony Kubek but nobody brought the insight and honesty and the granular nature of the game and nobody did it with more enthusiasm than Timmy did he was a great player in his own right having played in four decades but he he was able to see things he was a great observer and he was able to relate those things to non-baseball people in a way that allowed us to better enjoy the games that we already loved not to mention he had a great sense of humor a great playfulness and he just he enjoyed life he was great fan of the musical theater he thought Mandy Patinkin was the greatest performer of all time Timmy was one of a kind and he will be greatly missed he definitely is well known to the current generation as a broadcaster but he was an all-star catcher and a hall of famer and a man who spanned multiple eras not sure if you know this but along with all of his accolades on the field he was among the very few players to ever appear in games in four different decades you want to talk about longevity especially at the catcher position with how much wear and tear there is for guys who are consistently behind the plate and so yeah he goes back to working with Bob Gibson and won a pair of World Series with the Cardinals and then switched to television after he retired and was part of 24 World Series mode most notably on Fox alongside Joe Buck so plenty of tributes for Tim McCarver who passed away on Thursday at the age of 81 with his family around him it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio
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