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2-3-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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February 3, 2023 6:03 am

2-3-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 3, 2023 6:03 am

Former NFL WR & ViSN Network analyst Mke Pritchard joins the show | Patrick Mahomes says he didn't flop in AFC Championship game | DeMeco Ryans introduced as Texans HC.


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Learn more at today. Just over a week until Super Bowl 57, and on Thursday we heard from both quarterbacks who are still standing. After a grueling 2022 that took down a lot of QBs because of injuries or ineptitude, even as we talk more and more about what the off-season could look like with a quarterback chessboard, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are headed to Glendale soon with their offenses, and of course the two defenses for the Chiefs and the Eagles, very different but also very accomplished and confident in their own rights. So, excited to hear from them a little bit, also Nick Saban talking about Jalen Hurts, and then D'Meko Ryans introduced in Houston.

If anybody can change the culture there, it feels like the buzz and the electricity, the excitement around him going back to the Texans, this could be finally the right hire for Nick Casario and the McNair family. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks for hanging out with us. Final show of the work week.

I hope that you have some fun plans for the weekend, whatever it is that you need. No football games. No football games for the first time in months since September.

And if you count preseason going back to mid-August, what? It's going to be strange? I suppose I'll survive with a movie night and some popcorn. So on Twitter, ALawRadio, what are you doing this weekend? I'd love to know. Also on our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Right now to Vegas we go, the home of this weekend's Pro Bowl festivities and of course the Super Bowl next year. This is where we find Mike Pritchard. Mike's a Las Vegas native but also works there now with Visa Network. He is the lead NFL analyst, a former NFL wide receiver himself, also a member of the Colorado Athletic Hall of Fame, which is one of the reasons why we've connected with him.

Mike, thanks so much for a couple of minutes. I actually want to start with the NFL because even though there are no games this weekend, we had some big news. Last 48 hours dominated by the Tom Brady retirement conversation. When you think of him down the road, what will come to mind about the way he played the position and who he is to the league?

Ultimate competitor, Amy. I played with some great competitors and obviously played against some great competitors. My era, we had the great Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steve Young, John Elway, Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, all these Hall of Famers. But I've never seen or witnessed from a fan's perspective like I was since I've been retired the drive that this man has had his entire career. It's like he was chasing something or something to prove each and every year. His will to win was at the top. That's what's made him the GOAT. His drive and initiative to fine-tune his body, to fine-tune his mechanics, to just turn himself into the best player possible. I think I have not seen an athlete get to that level. Playing against the great Jerry Rice or playing with the great Deion Sanders.

All those guys have those abilities and had those abilities, obviously. But there was something about Tom Brady and his more than two-decade career that just defied the odds and just defied father time. He kept playing at a high level of excellence.

That's what comes to mind for me. Incredible, incredible career and a guy that just raised the level of the people around him. I think as a quarterback, as a leader, that's exactly what you want for your legacy. In addition to raising the level of play of those who are on the field with him or even trying to play against him, it feels as though he's raised the bar for the quarterback position as a whole. The way the rules have changed and a lot of people lament the fact that the playing field is now tilted in the favor of the offense drastically. Even quarterbacks will tell you that. I hear Kurt Warner say it all the time.

How has it changed the most at your position over the past couple decades? I think quarterbacks are specialized now. When I was playing, we had our athletic quarterbacks.

They were accurate and they were playmakers in their own right and great playmakers. But I think quarterbacks today, they start getting groomed right before high school or even during high school. They go to the Pete Manning camps and they get all these personal coaches.

They're not playing multiple sports. They become specialized at what they do. Then all of a sudden they get to college and they fine tune that as well. We're seeing the elite players leave college early now. After the three years, you're eligible to get to the National Football League via the draft.

A lot of these guys are opting for that route. The type of player that we're going to start seeing coming into the National Football League is going to be completely different. Tom Brady, but I think Pete Manning and these type of Hall of Fame quarterbacks have really specialized that position now for a lot of young players. Mike Pritchard is a former NFL wide receiver with the Falcons, the Broncos, the Seahawks. He is now the lead NFL analyst at Visa Network based in Las Vegas, which is his hometown.

We're excited to have him for the first time here on After Hours on CBS Sports Radio. It is significant that we have a Super Bowl in which there are two African-American quarterbacks for the first time. Why does it matter, Mike?

You know what, Amy? It is important. I'm so supportive of the situation and the recognition of seeing two African-American quarterbacks start the Super Bowl. But I'm one, and I did this on Visa too when we first had the matchup. I mentioned that we have two air raid quarterbacks.

In other words, Texas Tech produced Patrick Mahomes and OU and certainly Alabama produced Jalen Hurts. And I didn't even think about color, right? And that's where I hope we can get to as a society where we're not recognizing the first African-American or the first any ethnicity being for the first time. I mean, it is monumental. I don't want to discount that. But I also want to get beyond color.

I just want to get beyond all that notion from the past and really concentrate on the progress that everybody has made. You spent some time in Denver, both as receiver as well as an analyst or as a reporter. Sean Payton may not have been the Broncos' first choice. I guess we may never know that.

But he's there now. How do you like the fit with A. Russell Wilson that, as you noted, has struggled and is coming off a tough season? For my Broncos, I don't know what's going to happen. I really don't, Amy. I hope for the best, but I know that you're right.

It has to be a good fit. I mean, Sean Payton, he's a brand name. He certainly is. And he's getting paid for that, right?

Close to $20 million a year. And then you have another brand name and Russell Wilson. But like Giannis Atetokounmpo said, the Greek freak, you know, your ego is your past, though, right? And that's what I think we're living off of, or at least the Broncos are living off of, is the past of Russell Wilson promising the future will be better. The same thing with Sean Payton. The past of Sean Payton hopefully is going to produce a better future.

But you have to let go of those egos. And I wonder if those two individuals are going to be able to do that, because I know Russell Wilson is setting his ways. And, you know, he's one of those quarterbacks that, you know, is he coachable at this point?

We're going to find out, because I think Sean Payton is going to challenge him on that. So if it works out, it's going to work out handsomely. It's going to be a great situation.

I don't know when that's going to come about, to be honest with you, Amy. But if it doesn't work out, it's going to be more of a disaster like we saw this past season. When it comes to that type of a marriage where they weren't necessarily selected together, who should have the final say? Should it be an experienced coach or should it be the guy who's on the field with the football? Well, the coach should have the final say. I mean, if you think about the way the league has really worked, I mean, even the great Tom Brady was always coachable. And he has been coachable. We've heard stories about how Bill Belichick treated everybody in his shame during those dynasty years of Tom Brady up there. And then certainly, I think to a certain extent, Tom Brady's first year in Tampa. But Russell has treated himself differently in terms of his new home and in terms of his old home. We've seen and read all the reports and heard all the reports about how Russell Wilson elevated himself out of that locker room.

And I get the sense that he's done that again in Denver. So you have to be a part of that team. That team has to believe in you 100 percent.

But more importantly, I think you've got to remain coachable. I mean, power struggles never work. And I don't sense that. I'm not going to even try to sense that's going to happen for this relationship.

But I know the last relationship, there was an issue there. So from the perspective of a former athlete and certainly for Russell Wilson, he was not the same player. His mechanics were different. He was not seeing the field like he once did. So again, he's got to let go of that pass and that ego and look out that front windshield with the new coach and help that new coach help him on the field as well. Mike Pritchard is an NFL vet, played with three different franchises in the league most recently, or I should say when he retired, he was with the Seattle Seahawks after four years. We're glad to have him with us here on After Hours CBS Sports Radio. I bring up the Seahawks because they were one of the cool surprises or cool storylines that kind of came out of nowhere in 2022. I kind of feel like Pete Carroll could coach a water bottle and a pair of socks, and he's proved that over and over again.

But what stands out to you from this job that he did with this group of guys? Oh, I love Pete Carroll. I mean, I had to force an opportunity to play against him when he was the coach of the Jets, I believe. Jets are the pages I'm trying to remember back then, but he is a phenomenal motivator.

I love his energy, you know, and I love the competition. I love the culture that he's created up there in Seattle, and they did surprise a lot of people this year. But I don't know if it was a surprise to Pete Carroll because he knows how to roll up his sleeves and he knows how to get the most out of his younger players. And that's exactly what Seattle did. They got a lot out of that rookie draft class. They got a lot of the newer players that they acquired because of the competitiveness, because of the competition and the culture that he's created. And nothing is given to you in a national football league.

We all now know that. But I think Pete Carroll and his staff really drive that home and really conveys that to the players. And they responded. I mean, you know, Smith, the season that he had. I mean, obviously, yeah, obviously a lot of those players responded in the right way. So it was a surprising year. At the same time, disappointing because, you know, once you get into the playoffs, you really want to proceed and grow and maybe make a run. But maybe that's an immediate future for the Seattle Seahawks. They have a great coach up there in Pete Carroll. Do you ever look at the NFL today and think how it's turned into a behemoth? NFL, we can never miss you if you don't go away.

It never goes away. And is that a bad thing? I mean, people really enjoy the league. It provides great entertainment. But my goodness, it really is a monstrosity.

No, it really is. I mean, I love the ownership situation in which the collective thought or or certainly from a business standpoint, they want to grow. I mean, next year, we're going to have so many international games. And certainly that's what a growth is going to be.

The streaming aspect of the National Football League from from their partners. I mean, that's going to grow. That's going to continue to grow in the National Football League and their philanthropic endeavors. That's that's still growing. We're going to have the Pro Bowl here in Las Vegas. And, you know, the great Warren Moon and Shannon Sharp and everybody, Charles Woodson is going to be here along with all the pro bowlers and and really giving back to the community of Las Vegas and the youth, the young athletes as well.

So looking forward to that. And that's what the league has been about. And I'm a card carrying member of this monstrosity. And I couldn't be more proud of it, really. I think it's a great product.

It's appealing to everybody. The competitiveness on the field and certainly what the NFL is about off the field as well. I love that you describe it that way, being part of something like the NFL that really was underscored and came to light more for fans over the course of that week when Damar Hamlin had suffered the cardiac arrest. And then for two days he was in the hospital.

We really didn't have much word. But the concern the entire NFL and really the league, as we just mentioned, doesn't shut down for anything. But for those couple of days and really for a good portion of that week, the NFL just stopped over concern for one of its own. And you could really feel the brotherhood, the fraternity that week.

Absolutely. I mean, I was done with the show and just went off air. Right when I saw the ambulance on the field there in Cincinnati. And, you know, you immediately started to try to find information as quickly as possible because you knew it wasn't a good situation for anybody.

And then you get the details. And you're right. I mean, it's it's it was a brotherhood from a former player's perspective. It put in the context something that I think I took for granted as a player. And that is when every time I went into a stadium for a game, it was there was a subtle reminder over in the corner of my eye as I walked into the locker room. But it wasn't that vivid reminder. And it was the ambulance. Right. I mean, every time you go into the locker room to get padded up and get taped up for a football game, there's an ambulance here.

And you don't really think about it. But what happened to Damar Hamlin and when you saw the ambulance on the field, you just pray to God everything was going to be OK. But also, you know, with the doctors also in attendance and the training staffs and the EMTs, you know, Damar was going to get the best possible help he could receive at that moment. So, yeah, just put it in the vivid nature, I think, for a lot of people, certainly as a former player did for me, but I think for all the current players as well. So we're highly thankful of everybody that's involved with our safety out there on the field each and every game day.

Definitely saved Damar's life. That emergency action plan. I didn't even know it existed. But the NFL has it for every game in every city where they go. And thank goodness for that.

Mike Pritchard is with us from Las Vegas, now the lead NFL analyst at Vison. And here we go. We got, well, still about a week or so until the Super Bowl. But this is the game, the event of the year. So initial thoughts on the Eagles and the Chiefs and how they match up. Well, Amy, I think we got a great matchup from a betting perspective.

Certainly what we're doing at Vison, we're trying to cover all the angles and give everybody all the information necessary in which they can enjoy the game a little bit differently. From a wager standpoint. So I think we got a spread of one and a half right now with Philly as a favorite. Right. That line's come down a little bit as Patrick Mahomes gets healthier and healthier and certainly his receivers get healthier and healthier.

We'll see what that number does. But the NFC was so top heavy with Philly and San Francisco. And so those two teams duked it out in Philly, came out on top. It was unfortunate about Brock Purdy. But then in the AFC, I mean, you really had the quarterbacks were all in that conference in terms of the superstars, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen. So it came down to Joe Burrow and I call him PSM too, because we had PSM one, which was Peyton freaking Manning.

But now we have Patrick freaking Mahomes now. So that guy, what he did on that bum ankle, his will to win, it was incredible. It was absolutely incredible what he was able to accomplish out there for his football team.

So I think when you have a competitor like this, PSM too, against the Eagles who are highly dominant and certainly a great team, I think we're going to have an outstanding game. So, Mike, I was just thinking of this as you're talking about these two quarterbacks. Who are some of your favorite wide receivers in the NFL to watch today? I think I have love for Justin Jefferson's game. He is an incredible, incredible wide receiver. And, you know, I know he's going to get the respect. He's going to get honored this year.

And it's rightly so. Jamar Chase is incredible as well. Cooper Cup, you know, I don't think you can cover him. You know, when he's right, when he's healthy, there's there's a lot of great receivers. Yes.

DK Metcalf. I mean, just the speed, the catch radius, Mike Evans. I can go on and on. And that's the beauty of the National Football League right now. There's so many great athletes that are just making a difference. And it's spread across the league, too. And from a wide receiver standpoint, because you have guys six, four and they're running four, three. And again, they expand the catch radius and just are incredible, incredible players. I think Christian Watson as a young player is going to be phenomenal as he grows and matures up there in Green Bay. So at the top, I put Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase right there.

Cooper Cup in the top five. You know, like I mentioned, DK Metcalf as well. So there's there's an excellent an excellent group of receivers in the league right now. You crossed paths with Ed McCaffrey in Denver, right?

I did. We were roomies for a year in Denver. Now that his son is in the league and obviously has a home with San Francisco, nine straight games with a touchdown. His versatility blows me away, but it's kind of cool to see his son in the league now.

Right. It is incredible. It was a great athlete. And I know his wife, Lisa, was a great athlete, too. And, you know, they they have several great athletes, as some, as you know. But Christian, I was able to watch him in high school when I was out in Denver.

That's my second home. And he was phenomenal. And, you know, now that he's in the National Football League and doing great, great things. And he's with the right team right back out there in the Bay Area, not too far from Palo Alto, where he set records at Stanford. So, no, he was he was an excellent pick up for the forty niners. And, you know, from a running back standpoint, you hope that he can stay elusive and stay healthy because I still want to see him do some work for a lot of years up there in the Bay Area with San Francisco. All right.

So before I let you go, pivot a little bit. You were part of a national championship at Colorado in Boulder and also part of the CU Athletic Hall of Fame. Coming off of National Signing Day, Deion Sanders, the new coach, is touting this class. And certainly he he brings a lot of attention. He's been able to bring some high profile recruits. What do you think so far of Deion in Boulder? I love it. I love Coach Prime in Boulder.

He loves Boulder. I mean, that press conference. And that was genuine, too. I had the fortunate opportunity to play three years with Deion in Atlanta, Deion Sanders. And his work ethic was very strong then.

He didn't take a rep off. It showed as he turned himself into the best of all time at his position, hands down the first ballot Hall of Famer. But his commitment to young men, his commitment to the process in instilling the work ethic or the knowledge that these young men are going to need to succeed. His commitment is at a fever pitch now. It's never been at a higher level.

I don't believe so. I think all that is awesome. And it's been a great beginning to what I believe is going to be impactful for CU and the football program and institution as well. I mean, I think the state I mean, the culture of college football, everybody is looking at CU right now. And everybody wants to be a part of it all because of Coach Prime. So he knows how to create attention.

He knows how to handle attention like this on the big stage. And certainly he knows how to get results. So I think we're heading in the right direction. I cannot wait until spring ball a little bit later on in the year.

And it's certainly when we kick it off for real later on in the fall. Did you ever have to match up with him in practice? I did.

I did. We used to fight physically. We would we would try to negotiate the front of the line for one-on-ones when to go up against primetime or Dion.

Right. Because you knew you were going to get better. And, you know, at that time it was Andre Risen and Michael Haynes and me and and a few other receivers, Drew Hill. And and so we used to try to maneuver and, you know, would tie our shoe. If somebody, oh, I can't go this way.

You got to go. And we would try to we would try to time it to where we could go up against Dion because, you know, he was going to make it better. So absolutely, absolutely was able to sharpen my sharpen my game going up against great Dion Sanders in practice.

That is absolutely what you love. And also, I feel like you were quite the name dropper, Mike. All of these people that you played with or against that.

This is when I cut my teeth on the NFL. So this this is super cool to be able to connect with you. I tell you what, it's not bad to name drop some of those players, though, when you played with them. Right. There's incredible, incredible players to be.

And that was my opportunity and and certainly the time that I enjoyed in the league. A nine year NFL vet who played in three different places and was a wide receiver who gets to name drop some of quarterbacks and then some corner bags. And now is with these in as their lead NFL analyst. You'll hear him on the pro football blitz on the weekends.

But then also part of the other shows as we get closer to the Super Bowl on Twitter at M.I. Pritchard. So M, make sure you get the lie in there. M.I.

Pritchard. It is great to connect with you. You're welcome on the show any time. Thank you so much for a couple of minutes. Amy, it was my pleasure. I love the invite. And absolutely, I look forward to doing this again. Right. Twenty three minutes, twenty four minutes, whatever it was since the top of the hour. That flew by being able to talk to Mike about not just who he played with, but who he played against.

And the situation in Denver with the Broncos and pointed comments about Russell Wilson and the fact that there better not be a power struggle there because it won't help. And love what he had to say about Dion at his alma mater. All of our guests podcasted separately on the After Hours with Amy Lawrence podcast. And you'll see the link on both our Facebook and Twitter sites every weekday morning.

And then generally I go back and I share the link to our guests a little bit later in the day when I wake up. So we kind of double team you, Jay early, me late. I did ask him about two African-American quarterbacks in the NFL. In his premier game for the first time, Patrick Mahomes was also asked about that on this Thursday. As we cruise forward toward a Friday and put a post up on our Facebook page with no real football this weekend for the first time since August. How will you fill your time?

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Learn more at today. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Mitch Holtis on Kansas City Chiefs Radio. That ultimate moment, actually the penultimate moment that led to the ultimate moment. Which was the field goal by Harrison Butker to down the Bengals 23-20. And yes, it was a late hit. We know everything that unfolded the criticism of the referees. There was also criticism of Patrick Mahomes. People, I saw former NFL players accusing him of flopping, which I could not believe. Now I didn't see any former offensive players accusing him of flopping. I only saw defensive players accusing him of that. But Joseph Asai and his emotion and the Bengals stepping up and trying to take care of their 22-year-old who was so torn up over that hit. And really with 12 seconds to go in the game, there was no recovery for the Bengals.

So Mahomes was asked about it Thursday as he met with the media. Did you exaggerate the late hit? The most pain I had was stopping. So once he pushed me, it would have been hard to put my foot in the ground and try to stop. So I kind of just rolled through it.

And you get over there with the heaters and the benches and people. That's where a lot of times people get hurt. And I think that's the reason there's a flag for getting pushed out of bounds like that late.

And so once I got pushed, I just tried to roll and try to not hurt people and not hurt myself. And the flag was caught. I mean, I was pretty far out of bounds. It was probably the furthest I've been out of bounds before I've been hit. So I just rolled through it. The flag was thrown the right way. And it got us in the field goal range. Yeah, that was my first thought.

And if you don't believe me, you can check out the timestamp on Twitter. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that hit was, holy crap, that was dangerous. Because Mahomes rolled O'Sai himself ended up smashing into the bench. There was a guy sitting over there. And very often, yet slippery on those surfaces off of the side of the field. So it's super dumb.

There's no way that he flopped like he's a soccer player or an NBA player. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. I just had the chance to ask former NFL wide receiver Mike Pritchard about the significance of two African-American quarterbacks meeting in the Super Bowl against each other. And Patrick, as well as Jalen Hurts, also spoke about this occasion on Thursday.

I think it's special. And I've learned more and more about the history of the black quarterback since I've been in this league. And the guys that came before me and Jalen set the stage for this. And now I'm just glad that we can kind of set the stage for guys that are kids that are coming up now. And so it'll be a great game against two great teams and it gets another great quarterback.

So I'm excited to go out there and try to do what we can to win against a great team. It is history. You know, it's come a long way. I think there's only been seven African-American quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl. So to be the first for some is pretty cool.

So I know to be a good one. Patrick and Jalen both speaking about this moment. Andy Reid has talked about it as well. What I did not realize, Jalen says, now I didn't confirm the number, but still, it's a limited number of black quarterbacks ever to play in a Super Bowl. And so I was thinking about it.

Marco and I are going to see if we can figure him out because I gave him a heads up when we were in break. So obviously, well, I remember Doug Williams because that that was the Redskins. It happened against the Denver Broncos.

It was one of my earliest painful football memories. So Doug Williams, to be sure. And then I came up with right away Patrick Mahomes, obviously, because he played in two other ones. And then Donovan McNabb played in the Super Bowl for Philadelphia in 04.

So that would have been another one of their appearances. Who else did we come up with? Well, I can tell you Steve McNair. Steve McNair. Now that was was it Houston? Tennessee.

Titans against the Rams in St. Louis. That's right. That's right. OK. Russell Wilson.

Obviously. Right. Russell Wilson. Colin Kaepernick. 2013.

So that would have been our first Super Bowl here on CBS Sports Radio because that was Ravens and Niners. Right. What are we up to? Is that six or seven? I don't remember. Let's see.

I'd go by here. Doug, Steve, Colin. Are we missing one? Wait, I feel like we said more than that.

Russ, we did. Russ, Pat, Steve, Donovan, Russ, Pat, Steve, Colin, Donovan and Doug Williams. That's six. So is he including himself? No, I don't know. But I mean, to go through the years, see, in ninety nine.

Honestly, I go, well, you said Doug Williams, obviously the first one. So we know that's eighty seven. So eighty eight it wasn't. That was Boomer in Montana. Eighty nine. I could do the Elway in Montana. Ninety was Hostetler in Kelly.

Ninety one Ripon in Kelly. Kelly and Makin twice. Cowboys, Niners. They didn't have black quarterbacks. That's Steve Young and Stan Humphreys. Then you got Aikman and Neal O'Donnell. Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe. Brett Favre and John Elway. Elway and Chris Chandler.

You are an encyclopedia. Carrie Collins and Trent Dilfer in two thousand one. You got Brainerd and Brady.

Yeah. Two thousand two. You got Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson. Oh, three. You've got Brady and you've got Jake Delone. Then Brady and McNabb, which we said, we said McNabb. Oh, five. You got brought this burger and Hasselback.

Oh, six. You've got Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman. I can't remember what like three years ago, the Super Bowl.

I don't know what I had for breakfast, but this I know. Eli Manning and Brady in 07. Roethlisberger and Warner in 08. Nine was Breeze and Manning. Ten was Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. Eleven was Manning and Brady again. Twelve was Kaepernick and Flacco. Thirteen was Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning. Fourteen is Brady and Russell Wilson. Fifteen, Cam Newton.

Cam Newton. That's right. I'm an idiot. That was against my Broncos. There you go. That was the one we missed.

That's the one. He was the MVP that year, obviously. MVP that year. And then Von Miller obviously gets the MVP in the Super Bowl. And then that would take a sixteen is then back to Matt Rhine and Tom Brady. Seventeen. He's going to finish.

He has to finish now. Is Nick Foles and Brady. Eighteen. Eighteen is Jared Goff and Brady. Nineteen is Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo. And then you've got twenty. You've got Brady and Mahomes and then Stafford last year.

I was in the Super Bowl last year. See? That's what I'm talking about. Don't tell him.

Don't tell him. Nope. You've got to finish.

Who was in the Super Bowl last year? Thank you. Oh my gosh.

I was half kidding. That was beautiful. That was incredible.

Round of applause for Marco Belletti. I tell you all the time he's a football encyclopedia when it comes to these minute types of lineups or history like this. He can tell you the Giants offensive line in 1984 or some such nonsense. Anyway.

Yeah. So how can I forget Cam Newton? Don't tell Broncos nation that I forgot about Cam because he caused me headaches. Probably once you forget that game. Well, I mean, Von Miller did get the best of him. That's for sure. The Broncos defense was otherworldly.

All right. So just to recap, McNair, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Mahomes, Doug Williams. We were just talking about Cam Newton.

And see, now I'm missing one. Russell Wilson, I think. No, I said Russ. Oh, Doug Williams? Donovan and Doug. Oh, Donovan McNair and Doug Williams. So that's seven. Wow.

That I mean, it's not that I didn't believe Jalen. I just thought that I mean, that's crazy in the history of the Super Bowl. We're going into fifty seven. And Pat was a repeat, obviously.

And now he's going to be in it for a third time. But well, again, I mean, it's it's we've come a long way, but not far enough, because obviously, I mean, this didn't start until 1987. I mean, think about the the idea and the distinction and all the everything that came against it and all that. They're not smart.

All the nonsense that you've heard for so many stupid years. So it's only been 30 odd years, which is insanity. Right. Well, and think about where we are now and the number of great quarterbacks that we could see extending this.

Right. And Patrick Mahomes is not going away anytime soon. We know Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are built to stick around. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. They were a double figure win team this year as well. Lamar Jackson may or may not have a new home, but he's won playoff games as well. Deshaun Watson now with the Cleveland Browns and of course was with Houston. I mean, they were an AFC championships. They just never got over. Yeah, they went to AFC. No, the Texans did not get to an AFC championship. They fell shy. Patriots blocked them multiple times.

And so, yeah, you've got one. Russ is in Denver now. You've got some really good young quarterbacks that we could see make some noise.

Justin Fields, could the Bears potentially put pieces around him? I think it's just the idea that hopefully we've gotten past this stigma and we're looking at talent and the athlete and the person. As simple as that.

And, you know, are you good enough? There you go. And it gets to the point where we stop looking at this stuff because we've grown accustomed because it happens so often. That would be the hope. And that's what Mike Pritchard said. That's what others have said. But there's no denying that it's worth mentioning it.

It needs to be highlighted. And my point is only in saying that we've got so many good young quarterbacks now that it shouldn't be one of those phenomena that we only see once in a blue moon or whatever else. But I think it's neat that it's two young men who represent the sport so well, too. They're very well thought of. They're obviously very professional and classy and they take care of their business. They're wonderful leaders. They're great ambassadors for the NFL.

And so it's neat that it's these two guys. All right. That was fun.

I mean, fun to listen to Marco Belletti be the smartest guy in the room. Sorry. Why are you sorry?

That was great. I can't remember literally three years ago and you're like rattling off from 1987 or whatever it was. Yeah. Again, that stuff that that's that's easy. That's the stuff I know. Once you get into like, you know, what happened, you know, three hours ago.

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You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. I'm just going to miss his smile every day, his positivity and just his knowledge of the game. It was a perfect match honestly given where I was coming from out of BYU, out of position list I guess you could say. Being asked to play the mic position and a guy who played it at a high level and knew what it took to play at a high level to help develop me.

And you know, I'm not the player I am today without him. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. A pair of San Francisco 49ers who lose their defensive coordinator. First you hear the voice of Nick Bosa and then you hear the voice of Fred Warner who was very complimentary in talking about how D'Amico was so instrumental in his development as a player.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. To hear D'Amico speak is to know that he commands a room. It's to know that he is ready with the energy, with the football knowledge, with the determination. All of that he brings to the table now has a resume as well as a D coordinator at the highest level in the NFL. And he was thrilled actually. Dream job is what we've heard about D'Amico back to Houston.

I'm here at home in H-Town. It's a dream job. I get to work with Nick, with Kyle to build this team the right way. We have a young team. We have a lot of draft capital. We're excited to add even more talent to the team that we have.

It's a dream job because we can win here and we're going to win here by collaborating, working together, building it the right way with the right people. We can win here. That's got to be music to the fans of the Texans who have gone through some rough stages. Four consecutive head coaches in four consecutive seasons. That's four different head coaches in four consecutive seasons.

That's really hard to, first of all, build anything. Have any consistency. Win, of course, because constant change equals constant losing in sports.

And then think about how you have to, you're on this carousel that's spinning faster and faster and then bam, slam on the brakes and you just have to start where you are. Thankfully, they did get someone who was in high demand actually. D'Amico Ryans, he could have had his pick anywhere else.

I'm thankful for the Denver Broncos and we had great interviews there, great people there. But when it came down to it, there is no place I wanted to be any more than H-Town. So it was an easy, it was an easy pick for me as a no brainer to be here.

I'd be home. It was a no brainer. So it wasn't a difficult decision at all.

It was very easy. So former Pro Bowl linebacker there with the Texans and then also played with the Eagles. We actually heard Jason Kelsey on, well, I heard, sorry, Jason Kelsey on the podcast that I spent 90 minutes, 90 plus minutes of my life listening to between Travis and Jason this week. They were doing the podcast when the news broke about D'Amico and so Jason was referring to him as my former teammate and how he's going to crush it there.

And same thing that Travis was saying, too. But what exactly is the plan for the Houston Texans? We want players to have a special work ethic and a relentless mindset in everything that they do. That's how that's what you're going to see from Texas football. Are you going to see fast? You're going to see physical. You're going to see toughness.

Mostly we want smart players who truly are dedicated to be the best that they want to be and guys who are coachable and guys who want to go win. I love this. I love this snag.

I love this. I would say almost a coup by the Houston Texans because there were other potentially more attractive jobs, but not in Houston. And he says we're home. His family wanted to move back to Houston. So a lot of times we will talk about in pro sports where it's the money. It's always about the money or it's, you know, the most high profile job for a lot of athletes. Sometimes they want to go into the big cities, blah, blah, blah.

For D'Amico Ryans, there's a personal element to it. His family, they wanted to be back in Houston. And so there are these other factors that come into play a little bit like what people were saying with Tom Brady. The reports from Jeff Darlington and others that he was only ever going to play in Tampa or he was going to retire.

And, you know, speculation is, well, his kids are in Florida. And so there are things that are more important to Tom Brady than football. We're halfway through.

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