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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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January 20, 2023 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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January 20, 2023 6:08 am

Firing your O.C. is the new trend around the NFL | Chiefs/Jaguars preview | Cowboys/49ers SNF preview.


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Learn more at today. Don't you hate when you try to peel an orange, or in my case, a clementine, which is supposed to be easier to peel, and it's all coming off in little bitty, eeny, teeny, weeny pieces. That's so annoying. It's the reason I don't actually eat full oranges, full-sized oranges, and generally only eat the clementines or the small tangerines, whatever they are.

Now I've got an orange rind underneath my fingernails, and I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to do it without a paper towel. So yeah, big ol' mess in here. But at least I didn't disrespect the Eagles like producer Jay. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, and we have seen a changing of the guard. The front runner in our Game of the Week poll, it's all new now. For the longest time, it was the Cowboys 49ers that was in front, and we have yet to preview that game. We will this hour along with the other AFC game. So if you've missed any part of the show, you're going to have to check out the podcast. We went in-depth on Bill's Bengals with special spotlight on DeMar Hamlin and a DeMar T. Higgins reunion.

We've also talked about the Giants and the Eagles, even though producer Jay was hoping we would just talk about the Giants and just focus on the Giants. It did not happen because I'm on to him. I know his wily tricks.

It's very crafty. Just, oh no, I can't find an Eagles highlight. Oh, shoot. Dang it.

Doesn't exist. Just what? Highlights? They only had 14 wins. They didn't have any highlights.

They only had the MVP candidate in the NFL until he got hurt. Highlights? Missed it. Yes. Wow.

Who exactly? So we still have yet to preview the Jaguars Chiefs, which we'll do in 18 minutes here on the show. And then back half of the hour, we will reserve not completely for Cowboys 49ers, but a good chunk of it.

So we promise you to preview every single one of the games. It's a little easier this week than it was last week when we had five over the weekend, plus the sixth on Monday. The NFL divisional round, my favorite weekend of football on the entire calendar. You can't say it all comes down to this, but we have just seven games left. And this is the power packed weekend. This is big dogs.

It's top seeds. It's going to be four incredible electric, obnoxious, raucous atmospheres. I'm so excited. I actually have planned my social life. I guess that's no different than what I do every single week, but plan my social life around this particular game schedule.

Right. So I have some friends who want to go to the Intrepid. For those of you who know anything about New York City or the Intrepid, it's on the Hudson River, a retired World War Two aircraft carrier. And I love history.

I love naval history and war history. And I'm a member of the Intrepid so I can get people in for free, me and other people. And so we're going to the Intrepid, but I told them this was the deal. We're going early. We're going to get there when it opens. And we have to leave by two o'clock Eastern time because I got to get home.

I got to take care of the dog and then I got to be in place for the start of the first game. I'm sure, pretty sure my friend thought I was a little bit obsessive, which I guess if the shoe fits. And then also I was asked for a coffee this weekend and it had to be Friday. There was no way it could be Saturday or Sunday.

I had another friend that asked me about attending kind of a fun conference, or I guess a conference you could say, at his church. Nope. Sorry. It's right in the middle of football. Can't do that either.

Yeah. I use football as an excuse for a lot of things, but this week it's legit. Football and my dog. Those are my two excuses when I need to get out of anything. Forget washing your hair.

Like what? I could wash my hair tomorrow. I don't care.

Dirty hair, so what? But if it's football, if it's the dog, you don't mess with those two things. They run my life. All consuming.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook, on our show Twitter After Hours, CBS, or on my Twitter, ALawRadio. It is a football Friday morning. Oh, and it's payday! Boom!

There's an early boom. It's funny because I forget until, I don't know, I start to see the morning crew come in, remind them that it's Friday, and I think, wait a minute, is this the other Friday? Is this the alternate Friday?

When did I last fill out my invoice? Okay. Yep.

I think it's it. I always have to confirm though, just in case. So yes, in fact, it's a football financial influx Friday. That's a lot of football. Yeah, right. We work in radio. You should know better than that. Jay, you of all people should know better than that. I forget it's payday because it doesn't really make a difference in my bank account or not. It's a free-for-all. It's a feel-good.

It's a freak show. It's just Friday, baby. We live all week for Friday. I won't speak for you, but we live all week for Friday.

So our vote number 2855 212-4227, but what you're asking you is check out our social media and vote for the game of the week from the divisional round. Also, if you would like to see what producer Jay and I ate as a pregame snack. Now, see, here's the thing. I shared it with Jay. If I hadn't shared it with Jay, it would have been a meal.

But since I had to half it to share it with Jay, because I made the mistake of telling him when I came in, Jay, it was National Day, and so I brought some to share. I'm not going to tell you what the is. It does not sound very appetizing like that. I'm not going to tell you what it is because I want you to check out the photo. It's very artsy.

I kind of put a particular background behind it that would indicate where we are. Don't tell the boss we're not supposed to be eating that close to this particular piece of equipment. Those are food. Exactly.

Food is the key to my heart. So anyway, check it out on Twitter or on Facebook and you'll know what we were doing pre-show to give us some... Alright, it's not all fun and games, okay? Let's get serious here for a second.

We had a few cheeseburgers together. Try to get serious and you derail me every time. I suppose the next time I say we're going to get serious, you're going to trot out Joe Burrow's laughter. Just because.

Because that would be the trifecta. Also, I'm going to throw this half-peeled clementine at you because the skin is not coming off. The rind is not coming off and I either have to take a big chunk out of it or it might make a better pellet. I'm going to pellet it. It's going to pelt you with it.

What are you in there laughing at? Are you trying to come up with something that's going to derail me again? The second I start talking about something serious, you're going to play some piece of audio that sets me off on a tangent. So I'm waiting for it. Go ahead. Let's continue.

You can barely speak, but I don't trust you. You've already tried to disrespect the Eagles. He just somehow conveniently could not find an Eagles highlight when it was time. Couldn't find them. They were gone. They flew off.

Eagles fly. Love it. Let it free.

You better hope that they don't find out that you disrespected them. Alright, so here. I don't trust him. The second I start talking about anything serious, he's going to try to...

Door! See what I mean? This is what I have to work with. I mean, I try to give you a quality radio show and my own partner tries to upstage me. My own partner attempts to pull the rug out from underneath me. If you guys could see what I see right now, he's still in there shaking with laughter. Like he's shaking because he's laughing so hard.

Now what are you laughing at? He's shaking his head and his body's shaking. He's actually sitting down. So here's the thing about producer J. He never sits. He stands most of the time during the show. But for some reason either he's exhausted because you know his job is super hard.

Or he just can't stand up now because he's shaking so hard with laughter. Your face is red. It's as red as the bill of your hat. It's gotta be Friday. It's a football Friday. I'm excited. I'm nervous. A lot of things going on. Exciting nerves. Do you need to go to the bathroom?

Take a minute? No, I'm relieved. I'm relieved.

But I don't know. Are you done trying to derail my very serious analysis here? I'm done. Time to get serious. Let's lock in. That look on your face.

I still don't trust you. He's been eating too much candy. If you must know, he's on a sugar high like a five-year-old right now.

That might be it. The Swedish fish. He's got friends now.

I don't know. He's got Swedish fish that also have turtles and whales and dolphin friends. No whales yet. He hasn't made a whale friend.

Just dolphins and turtles. Oh, okay. The whale's coming.

It's definitely a big mess. Let's make some money, shall we? Okay. No, seriously. Like for serious for reals, we're gonna be serious. Because we're talking about people getting fired, so don't play anybody laughing right now. We're talking about people getting fired. If you hadn't heard, Byron Leftwich.

Done. Greg Roman in Baltimore agrees to resign and walk away. Do you guys remember when these were two of the hottest head coaching candidates in the NFL? Life comes at you fast in this league. It definitely does. Not for long is one of the phrases that people use or assign to the NFL as an acronym.

Well, it definitely applies. Whether you are an offensive coordinator, a head coach, maybe you're a quarterback, High Baker Mayfield, it's a league that turns over so quickly and you have to keep up or you're on the outside. Right now, roughly one-third of the league is looking for new offensive coordinators. You know why?

Well, I mean, there's a bunch of reasons, but overall, do you know why? Points are down. Passing yards are down. Owners don't like it when their teams score fewer points. Owners don't like it when their offense looks abysmal or when they're watching a ball control game. Yeah, there's a bunch of offensive coordinators, I imagine, that will walk away from one team and pop up somewhere else. I mean, think about it, and I'm just going to name off the top of my head, so if I miss a team, you know, don't yell at me, but Patriots looking for an O coordinator, Jets, Titans, Colts, Rams.

We just mentioned the Bucks and the Ravens, the Chargers. That's nine. I feel like I'm missing some, though. There's got to be something else in there. I'm probably missing. Yeah, but you're talking about teams that have had great success recently, and even playoff teams, and yet OCs right now not popular.

It might be contagious. You don't want to be an OC in this league, apparently. And a few defensive coordinators getting their walking papers as well. A lot of focus on Baltimore, of course, because not only is Greg Roman out the door, and I think whether he was made the fall guy or whether he just became the most expendable piece, definitely their offense is down, their offensive production is down from that 2019 season when Lamar Jackson was the MVP.

There's been a lot of grousing about their lack of red zone production, certainly so run heavy. We even heard Eric DaCosta talk about the fact that they need to lure in some big time wide receivers. They need to beef up that position, not just with experience, but with talent. I mean, there are some good young receivers that have come out of the draft and are immediately making an impact on their teams. It's a much more high profile and high marquee position because of what we saw last year with the numbers flying around. The fact that Greg Roman and the Ravens offense had continued to stay so run heavy is definitely part of the issue.

They want to be a more attractive destination for receivers. But is it all on Greg Roman? Lamar Jackson's finished the last two seasons hurt. You designed an offense around him. So it kind of begs the question, when you bring in an OC to replace Roman, I mean, Roman put the Baltimore Ravens in the best position to win with the tools they have.

He designed an offense that would fit Lamar's skills. Can he throw the ball? Yes.

Do they need to be less run heavy, more balanced? Sure. I mean, it's obvious what teams are doing in the red zone to be able to stop them and to limit them. But again, some of that's on Lamar. He's been hurt.

He's thrown interceptions in the red zone. So we'll see what they do and where they go. But it comes back to Lamar, right? Well, Eric DaCosta, general manager now for four years, he is supremely confident that they're moving forward with Lamar. Well, it certainly takes two to tango, but I think Lamar and I have a great relationship. I think we communicate quite often.

We spent some time together today, as a matter of fact. We've spoken throughout the season multiple times. And, you know, these negotiations, Jamison, they all happen differently.

Jamison? You know, Ronnie Stanley's contract took about a year and a half. Mark Andrews' contract took probably three or four days. You know, we did Roquan's contract over the span of six days, over the course of one month, basically, is what we did.

So they happen in different ways. I wouldn't characterize the percentages of getting any deal done or how long it's going to take, except to say that we'll communicate effectively. We'll be as fair as we can be.

And we'll try to hammer out a deal, and hopefully we can get to that point. Lamar Jackson is our quarterback. He's been our quarterback.

Everything we've done in terms of building our offense and building our team, how we think in terms of people and put people around him, is based on this incredible young man and his talent and his ability and his competitiveness. You know, the things about Lamar that, to me, stands out, he's an incredible competitor. I mean, Lamar Jackson, all he wants to do is win. They have been very consistent, very steadfast in saying that Lamar is their quarterback. They're not looking anywhere else. But you're starting to hear more rumblings around the NFL of if they can't get closer to a deal, if Lamar won't back off some of this demand for guaranteed money, which is what he wants.

I mean, that is reportedly the holdup. He wants a contract similar to what Deshaun Watson got in Cleveland. You know, this is why the owners despise that contract in Cleveland. And so Lamar is kind of holding true to that.

And the Ravens may not meet him there. So you're hearing more and more what if they tag him and then they trade him. So they tag him, franchise tag him, give themselves a little more time, but then decide this is not worth it.

What's the market like? So that's the rumbling for various TV and radio outlets and analysts and insiders. The question was posed to DaCosta. What about a trade? You know, that's something that we're not going to talk about at this point. And our focus right now is really to get a long term deal done. That's our singular focus at this point. It's going to take some time. It's going to take some effort. It's going to take great communication, give and take. But I'm confident that we'll be on the right path to get that done. I've loved Lamar.

Eric loves Lamar. And it's not going to change in the future. So, you know, I don't know anything about the details of the whole thing, but I know one thing. I'm like all the fans out there and everybody else. You know, I'll have my fingers crossed and my toes crossed and I'll be saying prayers. And I have every faith that it's going to get done.

And we've got the best people in the world doing it. How many people do you know can cross their toes? I cannot. I do not have that skill. But I can't roll my tongue either. So I'm clearly not one of the cool people.

Well, we've already known that. Can you cross your toes? Yeah, I can cross. I'm doing it right now. My big toe and like my second toe. Actually cross them over like you can your fingers or just touch them together.

I think I'm there crossing. I don't want to know. I'm not going to investigate just to give you all the actual, I don't even know what you would call it. I can't even come up with a word for that. Also, my stomach is growling and so the pregame snack has worn off.

And when my stomach starts growling, my brain gets a little fuzzy. I'm not going to give you the official validation of whether or not producer Jay is able to cross his toes. That is one thing I never want to see. Ever.

As in negative ghostwriter. I've got to take my shoe and sock off at the break. Check it out. Ew. Don't you dare. That's as bad as the intern not wearing pants a couple years ago.

No, it's not as bad. You do not take your shoes and socks off at work? Just for a second to see if I can cross my toes. No.

Absolutely not. And if you do, you do it in the bathroom or in a break room. You do not take your shoes off in that control room. Science experiment. That's just at work? Gaining knowledge here.

Why would you be doing a science experiment at work? Because the question was posed and now I'm curious. I better not see it. I mean.

No, I better not see it. What are you, Aaron Rodgers, lifting up your toe to a camera? Oh my gosh. You're right. You're absolutely right.

Seriously, what you and Aaron Rodgers have in common. No, that's just as bad as wearing boxer shorts to work. Negative. You don't take your shoe. Are you one of those people that takes your shoes off on the plane?

Ew. Then why would you do it at work? I'm not like walking around like stomping. I'm taking it off for two seconds.

There are people who want to fall asleep on the plane like on a long flight. They'll take their shoes off. Yeah, don't do that. Okay, then don't do it at work because I will be scarred for life. I have nice feet. I don't care if you have million dollar feet. I don't care if your feet are in TV commercials. No, I do not want to see your feet at work. They're nice feet, but. It doesn't matter what kind of feet. They could be webbed feet and I still would not want to see them. Really?

If I had webbed feet, you wouldn't want to see it? No. Negative. No. I disagree. We're not that kind of colleagues. No. I mean, that's just fascinating. Ew.

No. Okay, I got to get back to football because you once again have tried to derail and undermine these playoff previews. He refused to play an Eagles highlight. What is happening? Producer Jay all of a sudden is too big for his britches. At least he's wearing them, though. I can confirm that.

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Simply start with bite sized steps. Like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Mmm.

Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie. Taste your goals. Learn more at today. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them. The trick?

Simply start with bite sized steps. Like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Mmm.

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Learn more at today. Free receivers and a triangle to the left side. Mahomes hands it off to McKinnon trying to dart left. 25-20 down field block. 10-5 touchdown.

Kansas City. Terrific run by Jerick McKinnon to win the game in overtime on a 26-yard run. And the Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West for a seventh consecutive year.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The Chiefs have not only won seven consecutive division titles in the West, but they've also reached four straight AFC championship games. You know who else did that? The Bills going back to the 90s when they lost four straight Super Bowls.

But otherwise this is unheard of. And it's not only impressive, but then you add in the fact that they've never played a postseason game away from Arrowhead Stadium until the Super Bowl, and you are talking about a next level. So you hear with Mitch Holtus, them clinching, that goes back to what, week 15? Week 15! And then they had to wait until the end to be able to grab the top seed, but another 14-3 campaign, and yet ho-hum, right? How is it that the Chiefs are flying under the radar? But they are. And I look at our Game of the Week poll, which you all are taking.

You can find it on Twitter, ALawRadio, and on Facebook. And that game, according to you, at least those of you who are weighing in so far, doesn't really move the needles. Chiefs, Jaguars, first game of the playoffs. We're talking about Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce. I don't know about you, but there aren't many players that I would sign up to watch before Patrick Mahomes.

Always comes up with something new. Mahomes Magic! I want you to know we're not disrespecting the Chiefs. We actually did an interview in Kansas City with Cody Tapp, who does the midday show on our affiliate 610 Sports Radio KC, so you can catch that on our podcast.

Do you know they're having the debate in Kansas City? Who would you rather play in the AFC Championship? The Bengals at Arrowhead, because the Bengals have got your number lately, or the Bills at a neutral site, which would be Atlanta. So you know, they are definitely counting their Jaguars before they are defeated.

Frank Franci on Jags Radio, third largest playoff comeback in the history of the NFL. Can we all agree on one thing? Thumbs up right now if you agree with this statement. If the Jaguars turn the ball over five times against the Chiefs at Arrowhead on Saturday, they will lose, badly.

They're not going to come back against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium if they turn the ball over and get into a 27-point hole. Can we all agree on that? Thumbs up. Thumbs up on that. We're snapping, like you're a... Everybody agrees, we're snapping.

We're snapping at that. All right, so let's talk about this game just a little bit. Certainly the Jaguars are on fire right now. They're feeling confident because of the playoff wins they've had. Was it eight of their last ten they've won?

So they're, again, really nice streak that they're on. But Doug Peterson, Super Bowl-winning coach, knows what they're in for when they head to Arrowhead. He certainly recognized that this is a unique place to play. And Trevor was not disrespecting Arrowhead.

I just don't think that you need to give the fans in KC any reason to be even louder, as in epically loud. But Doug understands what's at stake, so I'm sure he's got his team ready. Also, think about that streak, four consecutive conference championship games. That's pretty incredible when you think about it.

And yeah, he and Trevor Lawrence would like to get to that point. I don't think people understand quite how hard that is. And for us that are in it, how appreciative we are of that feat of what Tom has done and what the Chiefs have done and some of these teams that are there every year.

I mean, that's a difficult thing. And the amount of playoff games that Tom Brady's been in and played in and won, I mean, it's incredible. It's a couple of seasons' worth of games. And that's what we're striving to do here.

And that's what Trevor wants to do, is you want to win postseason games and give yourself an opportunity to play in the final game. But we got a good one this weekend. That was a great job by them, Jacksonville. So our guys, they're obviously aware of that, the four quarters of football. You get to this round and these games are normally separated by one score traditionally.

So you got to play for four quarters absolutely. They're a talented team. I knew that the first time we played them. You could see the talent that they had.

They were flying around to the football. They made a few mistakes here and there, and that's why we kind of got the win the first time. But we understand how good this football team is and how much of a challenge it's going to be for us to go out there and try to find a way to get a win. And so we're trying to prepare ourselves the best way possible that we can find a way to win it there on Saturday. Now, I wouldn't be jumping the gun and automatically booking travel plans for the AFC championship.

I don't think it's that cut and dried. If the Chiefs turn the ball over, they are just as susceptible. And we have seen them turn the ball over in the games that they've lost.

It's just that they will take advantage. Patrick Mahomes and his offense will make you pay. And I kind of think that's something that's overlooked with this team. Do you know they led the league in points and passing yards this year despite losing Tyreek Hill? Despite seeing that wide receiver room almost completely turn over other than Mikko Hardman.

So yes, Travis Kelce, he's Patrick's other half in security blanket. But the wide receiver room, it turned over. And they didn't have any receiver that went 1,000 yards, 15 yards, 1,700 yards like Tyreek Hill.

No, they're spreading the ball around, which is what makes it even more impressive. So yeah, most points and most passing yards this season despite losing Tyreek Hill. And so if you're looking at it from a defensive perspective, like say a Justin Reed, a safety, I mean what more could you ask from his quarterback than to spread the ball around and share the wealth? Pat sees defenses well before they show it. So pre-snap, he's got a good idea of what they want to do. He's watched every clip of every play that they've played the last two years. So he sees it. And I think sometimes he does a great job of instead of taking a chance downfield, he'll take the sure throw for a solid game and let the receivers run with it.

So I think he's done a great job of just finding the open guy and putting a ball on him that can catch a run. I think all the guys understood that whenever they sign with his team is that we want to win the Super Bowl. And if we don't, we feel like it's not where we should be at.

They want to go to five consecutive AFC championships. So if they get there this time and it's against Buffalo, of course, they will be at a neutral site. But it's still on the road.

It's not your own place. You still have to travel. Granted, both those fan bases would be on the road with them. It would not be a neutral site game per se in terms of the noise. We're not talking about a Super Bowl here, right? We're talking about fans who will make the trip. So there is that element to it.

I don't know. I think it's, I can't decide which matchup would be tougher for them. I just know this for sure. If they turn the ball over, they leave their six exposed. And if they would give an opening, meaning this game is kind of, it's still hanging in the balance there late in the fourth quarter. We know what Trevor Lawrence has done against good defenses. I mean, the Dallas Cowboys is a great example of a game in which they came back. You put the ball in their hands late and they absolutely can generate points. So there's a dangerous element to this.

Plus, here's the other piece of it. The Chiefs have all the pressure. The Jaguars have zero pressure. The Chiefs are expected to win. It'll be a huge failure for them if they don't. Patrick Mahomes just said losing is not an option. That's not what we do. We win Super Bowls around here.

At least we give it the old college try. I mean, Jacksonville is going in there with zero pressure whatsoever. So there's also that piece of it.

Something that analytics can't measure. And Zay Jones, among those Chiefs who are talking confidently. The Chiefs are who they are, coached well. Great football players across the board. Can't speak highly enough about them. And so we know that we have our hands full, especially on defense with the pass rush that they have.

Linebackers fly around. They've got a young core of DBs, but they're aggressive, they're physical, and they play very well. So just they've excelled as well. I don't think they're the same team in Week 10 as they were now. And I don't think that we're the same team. So it should be a good matchup moving forward.

No, definitely not. And I like the matchups that we have, for sure. Sorry about that. Of course I meant the Jags. The Jags' chances against the Chiefs.

One of the confident guys there. Yeah, that was a stunning game. It was an historic game for the Jaguars. They certainly didn't want to be behind by 28 points. But the more you find yourself in those situations, and the more you're able to come back, kind of dig out of holes.

The more you know that you're never dead and buried. And isn't that where the Chiefs have been? Remember their run to the Super Bowl? Every single game, they trail by double figures.

And in the Super Bowl, they trail by double figures against San Francisco in the fourth quarter. So yeah, you've got two confident teams, pressure on the other. I like this dynamic, even though a lot of people are expecting a blowout. I say this time of the year, nah, not with the coaches that they've got. Jacksonville.

I still say this is going to be a really good battle. Because the Jags can play fast and loose. Just not with the football. Not with the football. Alright, it's After Hours on CBS Sports Radio.

What is the game of the week? We've seen a changing of the guard at the top, so you're going to have to check out our poll on Twitter. Also, I just got this tweet from Mac. Hey Amy, please give producer James a pass on taking his shoes off. Ew. While driving a truck on long trips, I do drive without shoes or house shoes sometimes.

Okay, Mac, I do appreciate that, but your office is mobile. And you are driving it. And no one else is with you.

And if they are with you, they're probably related to you, which is completely different. No one is having a problem with you driving in your own vehicle in your socks or in your bare feet. I have driven with socks or bare feet before. Completely different than taking off your shoes at work. Jay, did you defy my instructions?

That sounds so bitchy. You didn't see it, so... So you're not going to answer then? I'll leave it to your imagination. Ew, no, I do not want to imaginate. See, all flustered thinking about your feet. I do not want to imagine whether... I have that effect. No, your feet have that effect.

No, thank you. Oh, I can't wait till you leave work. Oh my gosh, I'm running from here in case you're not wearing your shoes anymore. Alright, we've saved. I hope it's the best for last, but we've definitely saved two incredible, buzz-worthy teams clashing for last. Hopefully it is the last game of the weekend. So, one more.

Niners and Cowboys straight ahead. Brad Heller is with us. I really hope he's wearing his shoes since he's also in the office.

Where do you fall on that, Brad? Yay or nay on taking off your shoes at the office? Here's what I would say. If you're just sitting at your desk and your feet are underneath your desk, if your shoes are off, nobody knows. Now, if you're going to walk around and put your shoes on, that's what I would say. Alright, okay. Are you the kind of person that takes your shoes off on a plane?

Yes, but I put them back on if I'm going to get up and walk down to the bathroom or something. Okay, alright. I mean, I guess I'll take that.

I feel like I'm slightly outnumbered. Okay. So, you've never taken your shoes off on planes? You do? Not generally.

I have on what was a transatlantic flight where I was in the plane for 24 hours. Yes. I've never taken my shoes, well, I've never taken my socks off at work. That, yeah, I mean, barefoot, yeah, that's, I don't know.

I think you're crossing an invisible line that you shouldn't be crossing. Thank you. Thank you.

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Learn more at today. Cast. The Dallas Cowboys. Empty gun. Second down. Snap back.

Well protected. Now he escapes out to his left. Good block, Tyler Smith.

Pumps. Throws it in the end zone. Touchdown.

Colton shoots for the second time tonight. The San Francisco 49ers. We're already going to throw back middle. Wide open Deebo Samuel. Down the sideline. 50, 40, Deebo 30, Deebo 20, Deebo 10, Deebo. Touchdown. San Francisco.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. This is going to be fun. It was the Niners who eliminated the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in the wild card round a year ago. And they have not forgotten it. We heard from John Machoda, Cowboys insider with the athletic earlier in the week. That one of the ways that Mike McCarthy is getting his team ready for this playoffs. Even before they knew if they would face the Niners.

He showed them press conference video from last January when they were eliminated. Their body language. Their faces.

How painful it was as an extra motivation. So they want the Niners. They want this matchup as an opportunity for payback. For revenge of sorts. But for redemption to be sure.

They get one huge monkey off their backs. And that's first road playoff win in 30 years. But can they make it 2 for 2? You've got to go through the hottest team in the league. 11 consecutive wins. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio, Greg Papa on Niners Radio, Brad Sham on Cowboys Radio. Man, we've got so much great audio leading into this game. And you know there's two really good defenses here. So the idea that the Cowboys are running into a buzzsaw in the Niners defense. Well yeah, there's that.

But hey, you ask Micah Parsons. The Niners, they've got to play against that Cowboys D that's led the league in takeaways the last two seasons. I don't think they're facing nobody like us this year either. It's really matchup against matchup.

I don't think across the board. People always talk about what they're facing. What about what they're facing? They're thinking how we're going to stop them.

And I think we're pretty hard to stop ourselves. So that's what we've got to focus on, not beat ourselves. Just the next step of the Super Bowl journey. I mean, yeah, we're definitely ready to play these guys.

It's definitely going to be a good test. And you know, I think we're ready. You definitely got to bring last year, which you got to bring that feeling that we felt.

But it's a new year. Just got to go out there and do what we do, play our ball. I think we're ready for this one.

Ezekiel Elliott, we're going to hear from him again in a second. His assessment of the Brett Maher situation is priceless. Leave it to your teammate, to your brother to tell it like it is. So what will make the difference, CD Lamb? Physicality and poise. Yeah, it's a lot of talent out there, offensively and defensively. So it's about who can be poise, who can do their job the best and do it the most consistent. And I feel like we do that for the all. I mean, regardless of who does it, do it for all four quarters.

It's going to be a good game. Yeah, you want to talk about poise. Well, there's been no lack of that with the rookie quarterback Brock Purdy. No longer referred to as Mr.

Irrelevant because that is ridiculous. Though he was drafted dead last in the spring, last spring. But the way that he has handled every challenge thrown at him. And last weekend, four total touchdowns in a game in which the Niners actually trailed at home at halftime against their division rival, Seattle.

So here you go. This is now start number seven for him, second in the playoffs. He's appeared in the last eight games, took over for Jimmy Garoppolo. What was it, first quarter of the game in which he got hurt. And it's been the type of trajectory for the Niners that in your wildest dreams you wouldn't script as a fan.

And yet here they are and they haven't lost since he took over. It's just been football, man. I don't try to make it more than it is. I'm a faith-based guy, so that's how I stay grounded. I don't look at football like it's literally everything.

It's do or die or anything like that. It's a game and it's my job for sure, and I take it very seriously. But at the end of the day, I know that I'm not defined by the wins or losses as a person. That's not who I am. I'm not a quarterback. I wasn't born just to be a quarterback and play football and that's it.

I have a life and everything like that, and I remember that. But at the same time, man, I'm a competitor. I love to compete.

I want to win at all costs. And so I've been enjoying that as well. That's where I'm at. That's how I stay grounded with it all.

But I'm definitely thankful and blessed to be here for sure. I don't care how old you are, how young you are, each game there's a big chunk of confidence, as Coach McCarthy says, that you get to take with you individually and just as a team. Obviously, him and his guys have been able to do that, but we're a confident group over here too. It's not just Brock. Just like it's not only Dak who's responsible for the success of an offense. It's the incredible weapons that Brock has got around him and really relying on that.

And I've been impressed by that first and foremost with Brock. Yes, he delivers. He can make the throws. He's mobile. He'll move. He seems to have a really good head on his shoulders.

The moment's not too big for him. But what I love is that he's content to let his playmakers do their thing. You had a Christian McCaffrey. You better use him.

I don't care if you've been in the league 40 years. Forget four months or whatever it's been for Brock Purdy. And so I love that he's content to let Deebo Samuel and Brandon Iuke and even Juwan Jennings and Christian McCaffrey, obviously.

Elijah Mitchell. These are the guys that he can rely on because you're better when you're spreading the ball around. And yeah, 11-game winning streak is extremely impressive no matter what time of the year it is because the guys will tell you it's hard to win one game in the NFL. And so there's a lot of buildup, a lot of buzz.

It's different when you've got these two teams on the same field, certainly different when the Cowboys are successful. I love the question for Mike McCarthy of whether or not he's excited. I didn't shave today. I didn't sleep much. But yeah, we're excited. Is that TMI? Is that like producer Jay telling you that he's taking his shoes and socks off?

We're excited. I didn't shave today. I didn't sleep much.

But I mean both those things I guess could apply to me sometimes when I'm focused in. Mike McCarthy's the best. I'm really rooting for him. Just one more only because we've been talking about the coaching carousel. D'Amico Ryans, he's a very hot candidate right now and is expected to have a pick of maybe a couple different jobs but also trying to balance the task at hand.

With everything that you do as a coach, it's a lot of, you're trying to crunch a lot of things in, you're trying to really dissect a lot of information in a certain manner of time. So time management is a very crucial thing to have and I know how to make the main thing the main thing and the main thing this week is the Cowboys. Let's see whether or not Brett Maher has an opportunity to be the main thing in this game moving forward. Ezekiel Elliott, he's got his back but he's got some advice. We got trust in him, we got faith in him. That's our brother, we're not going to turn our back on him.

Last week we didn't really need him but this week we probably will. Let's s*** together. Jay I need you to say that to me when I suck on the radio. Can you get your bleep together please? Can you get it together? Can you figure it out and get it together? I got your back but can you get your bleep together please? We got you but. But get your bleep together.

Figure it out. Good stuff. Can't wait to see DeMar Hamlin this weekend hoping for that even as he continues his road to recovery. Also if you're a big tennis fan root for the red, white and blue.

Coco Goff, Jessica Begula, daughter of the Bills owners. They've moved into the fourth round. It's going to be a football weekend though. Enjoy it.

We'll talk to you Sunday night here after hours CBS Sports Radio. Boom! Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them. The trick?

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Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie. Taste your goals. Learn more at today. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them. The trick?

Simply start with bite size steps. Like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind.

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