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1-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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January 4, 2023 6:05 am

1-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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January 4, 2023 6:05 am

Amy celebrates 10-years at CBS Sports Radio! | QB News | Ask Amy Anything!


It is the first hump show of the new year.

We dub it thus because it is the middle show of the work week and it's something that I've done going back to, gosh, probably the first year of us starting the five night a week schedule. I can't believe that I'm now into year number nine. Want to hear something funny? Well, year number nine of me doing this schedule.

This is now year 11, as we jump into 2023, it's year 11 for CBS Sports Radio. But do you want to hear something funny? When I got this job, meaning this five night a week, Sunday through Thursday nights, or for those of you who are in Eastern and Central time zones, Monday through Friday mornings, I said to myself, five years, I'll go five years on the overnights.

Yes, that is a fake laugh, but also there is some irony there. Now, I have had opportunities to change time zones, time zones, haha. I have it up, yes, that too. I have an opportunity to change time slots and I've chosen not to. So every now and then I'll get these pity tweets or pity Facebook messages.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Doing the overnights, only truckers listen to you and oh, I wish you were in prime time. All right, I don't even bother to respond anymore because it's a waste of space. If I didn't want to do the overnights, I wouldn't still be doing them. That's the beauty of working in the United States of America and in having as much experience as I do in this business. There are other gigs out there.

There are other jobs out there for those of you who would desperately like to think this is the only job and the only show that I could possibly do. Anyway, I've chosen to stay here where I am and I would say probably three times, three, four times, but three legitimate opportunities where I could have changed time slots. But this has been the best for me. It's been the best for my life. It's been the best for commuting into New York City, which I do not love.

It's been the best for my dog and it's been the best for travel and it's been the best for you actually as well. And so I've chosen to stay here, but yeah, kind of funny and I laugh at myself when I think back. Five years was what I was going to give these overnights and then I was going to move on to something different. So here we are marking 10 years as a network and I've mentioned I've mentioned this before.

I don't think this is something that is a huge surprise. A lot has changed since the network started and has now marked 10 years. One of those factors being that both of the original bosses of CBS Sports Radio, Mark Turnoff and Eric Spitz, who together were really the architects of launching this new network. They were the men responsible for hiring me. I'll never forget when Mark Turnoff called me and called me cold. I didn't, I have no idea how he got my number. I never really asked him, but he called me and he said my name is Mark Turnoff. I'm calling from New York City. I have two questions for you.

What is your status with your current network and are you interested in coming to work for me? I didn't know who he was at all. He's a legend in the business. I had no idea who he was and so that was the call I got from Mark Turnoff in September of 2012. He invited me to come to the New York City headquarters for our future network and meet him and Eric Spitz in person.

Now Eric has since admitted he was not familiar, as familiar with my work as Mark, but the amazing thing about Mark is that he keeps crazy hours. He would wake up three o'clock in the morning and run at 3 30 every single morning. I don't think he does that anymore. He's now a cancer survivor and his schedule because he is no longer here at the network and at WFAN or New York Affiliate. It's changed a little bit, but he still does wake up at insanely crazy hours. I would rather work all night than wake up when he does or when our morning show crew does. Anyway, because of the fact that he would work early and wake up early to run, he would hear me hosting in the early morning hours and overnights on my other network, my previous network. That's how he became a fan, at least that's what he tells me. That he used to listen to me all the time and that I was one of his first choices when he and Eric decided that they would launch the network and when they were given the ability to hire, which I now know is one of the most incredible compliments I ever could have received. I never did tell him that I wasn't familiar with him or his legacy in the business. I just pretend like I knew all about it because I'm a total idiot. Anyway, so Marc Turnoff called me.

I came down here. I had not just an interview but an audition and at the time I met Eric Spitz, who is now with Sirius XM radio and he's in charge of all of their sports channels. The two of them offered me the job.

They made it a full-time position. I guess there wasn't one. They created one for me, which I will forever be grateful about and I've said this before but I'll say it again. They didn't ever want me to be anyone but Amy. They never asked me to be more like the guys. They never asked me to do a show that was more like this or like that. They never questioned my credibility. They never questioned my personality or whether or not I was worthy of carrying a show solo.

In fact, they even told me we believe. So I auditioned with a couple of other potential hosts in late 2012 and they initially said to me we think you're better solo and of course there's always this part of you that thinks wait what does that mean but they recognized that with my personality I tend to facilitate meaning I'm the one who gets everyone involved and so when I'm working with other people I generally tend to subvert my opinions because I want the other people or other person to make sure that he or she has all the say that that they need right so I generally tend to kind of take a back seat when I'm with other people because I want them to make sure they've got the time to express themselves so they recognize right away that I not only would be a good solo host but that they didn't have any concerns about me being able to to entertain and to inform and to carry and propel a show. Now I would have told you that I believed that about myself but I had never had the opportunity to do it on a consistent basis five nights a week at the network level. I did it at the local level in multiple markets but not on a national stage and so I was I was buoyed and encouraged and supported and the fact that these two men who were giants in the business believed in me meant everything and so I miss them dearly they're no longer here Eric left to take the job with satellite radio we are still in touch we speak multiple times a year and in fact he sent me a text on Tuesday morning well I woke up to it on Tuesday afternoon but this is what it said I almost teared up considering what an emotional 24 hours it has been congrats on 10 years you are a big part of the network's success. Only Eric and Mark would say that to me right nobody else here would say that to me and that's okay because I'm not looking for validation but to know that they hired me and they still believe in me 10 years later even though they're not here there really are no words to express what a difference that has made to me in my life and in my career. Eric moved on, Mark also moved on not by choice so he was not retiring he he was he was a essentially a victim of a lot of changes at our company and a lot of changes in our industry they're both still very supportive and very proud of me and I think they consider me a personal success story meaning they're they take it personally that the show has continued on now and it's been 10 years of after hours so for Eric to remember that and to send me that text today especially when he has been through so much with me and has seen kind of the ups and downs and understands how hard the last several years have been and I'm not referring to the pandemic I'm really just referring to a lot of changes in our industry as well as in our company personally it's not the same anymore and I don't know that it will ever be the same I don't know that I will sign another contract with the company that's very much up in the air it remains to be seen I anticipate that there will probably be some changes in the next several years but to have spent 10 years here and to be now eight plus years in the same time slot is nearly unheard of for those of you who are familiar with sports radio or tv you know there's a lot of turnover and there's a lot of change and that was me for the first 12 years of my sports radio career I never stayed in one place or in one time slot longer than a year and a half and and so to have signed another contract a long-term contract and to still be here in this time slot again I don't need recognition I just need a paycheck that I can pay my mortgage I am content and satisfied doing what we do here on the show without anybody taking notice if I cared about being famous I wouldn't be in radio so those things don't matter to me there are some challenges you know to be honest and to you know to be open about it it's not easy it's never been easy but I am so so grateful for the two men who took a chance on me and who never asked me to be anything but who I am and who supported me and still support me even though they are not here after horror stories like boss horror stories just take my word for it or use your imagination as a female in what is a male-dominated industry I have the kind of stories that get people fired I don't want to I don't really care most of them have been fired anyway what goes around comes around but these two men they just wanted me to be Amy and it meant the world to me it's the best career move I ever made and I hope that they know how much I've tried to tell them but I hope they know how much they mean to me and their support has meant to me and the number of producers that I've had here on the show who've invested in me and in this time slot and making after hours the success but also you not that you all love me not that you all think this show is amazing it gets very little recognition anywhere outside of the studio and that's okay with me too because what matters to me is the work that we do in the connection that we have with you and that really changed during the pandemic when I had to decide do I want to keep doing this because I don't know if I care about sports anymore I honestly had those conversations with myself and so two things changed number one I realized I love radio far more than I love sports that may sound sacrilegious but it became more about people and connections and relationships and hope during the pandemic when we did three and a half months of well actually four months of shows with no sport it became very apparent to me that I don't need sports to do a show I love sports I'm I'm glad that I have invested so much of my time in my career in the sports arena at the same time I don't know that the rest of my career will all be sports radio right so there's there's other adventures on the horizon and at this point I'm kind of thinking about them and wondering what the next phase of my career will bring so that really changed over the last couple of years recognizing that there are other ways that I can use my radio show to connect with people and hopefully to impact you in a positive way in a way that brings hope and and allows you a bit of a distraction if that's what you need but so many of you have encouraged me to continue to talk about my personal life or to talk about some of the crazy stuff that I go through in my life and think the more that I've done that the more I realize that that's where we have connections as human beings right talking about love and loss and joy and grief and some of the tough stuff we go through as humans individually but also as a society and and and that's kind of where I am now 10 years into this network but 20 years into my sports radio career I still have big dreams I still have goals that I'm chasing I hope that many of you do as well so even as some of you are asking me about my new year's resolutions I don't know about resolutions much but I do have new goals for 2023 and I'm working on a blog post it's kind of been derailed the last couple days just in my concern over damar and and everything else that's happening in our industry but it really is about processing 2022 and the disappointment and the closed doors and the loss and the grief and recognizing that as humans those are all very real parts of our experience how can I move forward and also how can I find the positives and that's kind of where I've been stuck the last couple weeks it's been hard I've done a lot of praying about it a lot of talking about it with friends I feel so stuck I feel like I can't get back to that place where I've got joy and I've got peace and so I'm working on it and writing is part of that and celebrating milestones like 10 years with the network and 20 years in sports radio those are also huge too so I'll share that blog post with when you with you when I can and video probably at some point too but again my congratulations to the originals the og's of cbs sports radio going back 10 years that includes da who follows us here on the network programming schedule shawn marash uh pete belati who are part of the morning show as well mike sampter who is uh mike sampter who is I think producing his fifth or sixth different show here on the network but is now with maggie and purloff trying to think some of the guys behind the scenes uh tom and tom who are my original producers they're now in different roles but still with the network billy and anthony who are working in our newsroom and they both produce as well at times trying to think if there's anybody else so some of our hosts just recently moved on like tiki and tearny who were part of the original lineup they're now with our new york affiliate i don't i'm not sure if we have any other well jim rohm jim of course he's never been here in new york he's always been based in la but he's definitely part of our network i think that's it i don't think there's uh i don't i could be missing one or two people but i don't think there's anybody else who started from the very beginning with us so yeah the the roster and the originals the ogs the numbers are dwindling um but it doesn't matter people come and go in this industry all the time and i'm grateful for the people that have had the chance to work with peter schwartz he was there at the beginning and marco belati he was in a different role but he was also here at the beginning too so i don't want to forget him uh rick ackerman rich wait rich rich ackerman who is another one of our anchors who's been tenured uh long time so yeah we've had a ton of of turnover though that's fairly standard um and and we've also had some some tough stretches as a network but here we are we're still churning out daily content 24 7 and we have affiliates who come and go listeners who come and go um but i know that that we're still strong our heartbeat is strong and i'm thankful for all of your support and your encouragement over the last 10 years all right you can find me on twitter alaw radio also on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence if you're interested in sending a question for asking me anything i think we're gonna do that uh coming up in 20 minutes if jay tells me with a thumbs up that he's got the right questions and that they're appropriate so we'll do that uh phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven straight ahead a little bit of qb news man they haven't done this in about three weeks because i was out and then jay was out and so we're getting back into it as we think about tentatively week 18 and some of the big games and the big news still though is damar hamlin and his health and the nfl coming to a halt to support the second year safety for the buffalo bills it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast touchdown kansas city no herbert keeps it in so touchdown charges herbert with his second of the day here's the snap josh going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone touchdown buffalo josh allen nine yard touchdown run the bills respond and then some it's time for qb news on after hours we haven't done a qb news in a while so let's see what we can squeeze in i wasn't sure that aaron rogers was making his weekly appearance on the pat mccaffee show but he did and he was very open there is a heart in there i'm i'm teasing rogers has got a lot of heart he's very smart and he certainly does care about his teammates even though we don't always get that part of him or it gets wrapped up in some zen thinking but he was watching the damar hamlin injury and and following the coverage the same as the rest of us were hoping for some type of a positive update and he shared that with pat and he was also really complementary of what he saw in the leadership specifically the captains and the coaches on monday in cincinnati one person who deserves a lot of credit in the situation is coach taylor i saw him walk across the field and just the empathy that i saw in his face and the way he handled that thing and then obviously because coach mcdermott i mean like this is your guy right like and he was going through it but just the way that he it wasn't even a question no we're not going to play this game what are you talking about do you need more time do you need any time you won't even play i mean i felt like that was a conversation right there so big kudos to zach for not saying oh hey let's no we're gonna play this you got five minutes okay i know it's you know you're you know the there could have been so many insensitive you know obviously in the moment and also hindsight for sure moments uh that that could have been had right there but i thought he handled that thing the exact right way zach taylor and shawn mcdermott and the compassion that was exchanged between the two of them the care the concern not just for damar but for the mental health of the athletes that were there on the field and now the debate is continued about whether or not the nfl did in fact give the two sides a five-minute warning troy vincent says that's ridiculous there's no way that they ever expected those athletes to get back on the field in five minutes and i would say this point was made by cadre ismael when he joined us last hour i think it's a brilliant point this is the league that played through a pandemic and did not miss a single game and made it very clear to the teams we're not missing a game but in this particular case is responding and reacting to what it's hearing from its players from the nflpa from the leadership we need to pause damar hamlin and what his teammates have gone through what the rest of the league is feeling and experiencing we need to pause and to that end we don't have an update on when or if bills and bangles will be made up and and yet in light of this moment you're hearing people question why play football at all what is the point why do guys go out there when it can be this dangerous and this scary we know that we are the modern day gladiators right we are providing entertainment for the masses and doing something we love but we're also putting our bodies and our future health on the line and i think that's one thread that connects all of us that we have a respect for what it takes to go out on the field and play and the the attention to this being a 365 day a year job and the stresses of physical health and mental health and emotional health that it puts on us and then we put our bodies on the line because we love doing it because we love competing and we enjoy providing entertainment for people but at the end of the day you don't think these type of things are going to happen and when it does happen everything gets thrown out erin rogers with pat mccaffee on tuesday and the reason we share that cut is because it's this the same word that boomer isisin used on his morning show in new york on tuesday i heard it multiple times from boomer we're gladiators we're in this arena this is our version of war and we do put our our our health and our well-being on the line now i get it we're not talking about the war in afghanistan and most of the time we're not talking about life or death but the reason they do it is a because they love it but also because this is the commitment that they've made to the guy on the guy on their left and the guy on their right and there's solace and there's brotherhood and there's community in it and so i appreciate that we're hearing from so many guys that they care not just about their own teammates in their own locker room but they care about the others who step into that same arena it's after hours here on cbs sports radio of course the packers have put themselves in a win and you're into the playoffs situation after a four and eight start to the season when they were essentially buried here they are week 18 if they beat detroit on sunday night football they will in fact extend their post-season streak eight and eight and controlling our own destiny like nobody would have thought that five weeks ago it was just you know nobody would have thought that no i had a glimmer of hope and i've mentioned it you know thinking we could run the table and win the last five for sure but there wasn't many people that gave us any shot and and even still you know there was a lot of things that happened washington had to lose a bunch of games and see how to lose a couple and detroit lose another one and everything just kind of fell into place now we're sitting here going shoot we're hosting the playoff game obviously we're a big draw you saw the numbers on christmas so they put us in the prime times slot even though some other games out there that can be to both teams can can maybe have win in their end now if seattle ends up losing at the 325 slot then obviously that game will be a playing game for both of us if they don't then they'll just try and play spoiler but uh but yeah we'll be ready to play i love the character of our team we really come together from four and eight to a game that puts them into the postseason and obviously in this situation whether you're a betting sports fan or not you have to like the position the packers are in because they've been in these these types of games over and over the last few years remember this is the first season in the last four in which they've not won at least 13 games it's after hours with amy lawrence yes as you hear aaron say i'm pat mccaffee that is the sunday night game if seattle loses earlier in the day to the rams it becomes a play-in game for either detroit or green bay so if seattle loses detroit then can beat the packers in lambo on sunday night and get into the playoffs so that is crazy tom brady and the bucketeers finally punch their ticket to the postseason as the nfc south champs and on his let's go podcast earlier in the week he could barely speak his voice has taken a beating but he was talking about the clincher against the panthers felt great um really proud of our guys and everyone on the team coaches we battled through a lot of tough things this year and happy to win the division it's always tough to to do it because nfl games are tough to win and you know we um always figure out a way to keep them somehow exciting wish they wouldn't be as exciting as we've made them but um happy we got the win and happy so many guys contributed defense came up big for us mike came up big chris did so um nice to qualify still got one tough game to go try to finish strong and uh we know that we got a few extra at least one extra bonus game and we'll try to you know prepare as hard as we can this week and see how things go we got to see flashes of that brady mike evans connection with the three touchdowns and the 200 plus yards for mike evans another banner performance for him and i know it's not always been an incredible connection a productive connection this season but yeah it was important in that moment when they rallied past carolina mike played awesome like he always does you know i love playing out there with him and he's an amazing player i've missed him too many times this year so it was nice to connect with him and hopefully we can keep that going i think we will that's tom brady on let's go on serious xm nfl radio to be fair mike dropped his share of passes from tom brady this year too but yes the bucks are in and will host a playoff game come wild card weekend all right a couple of more to our qb news here before we move on a lot of questions about tuatango valoa the miami dolphins and him being concussion protocol head coach mike mcdaniel looking ahead to a game that matters for the dolphins they still have a chance for the playoffs but who will be his quarterback on sunday right now i'm preparing um for both skylar and teddy i think it's too soon to know anything about teddy um and uh you know with with two of the uh like i've said i haven't even thought about playing status it is about him getting um healthy each and every day and so i can't really even factor him into any sort of equation um and until we're ready to broach that you know so um it's just really uh a situation of at this point in the week um monday and tuesday in game prep i'll be preparing for both skylar and teddy skylar thompson is the rookie the seventh round pick who finished the game on sunday teddy bridgewater was the starter but he had to leave because he had an injury to his pinky finger on his right hand so that was against the patriots in week 17 there's really been no talk of tua um he remains in concussion protocol this was his second documented concussion maybe his third that was undocumented and man what a tough situation for mike mcdaniel to navigate in his first year but it's been a roller coaster ride they win their first three games they lose their next three games they win five in a row when tua returns from his initial concussion protocol now they've lost five in a row they've fallen behind the patriots in the afce standings so they so they don't control their own playoff path though they are still alive and they've got a game this week right and and yet they don't actually know which team or which quarterback they'll they will have out there on the field um even as they think about game prep which is again something that he's had to navigate the dolphins take on the jets this weekend they were officially eliminated the questions persist for robert salla the second year head coach about zack wilson their number two overall pick in 21. i do have conviction i do believe i do believe in people especially if people work and especially when it's as important to people as football and they work as hard as a guy like zach does um there's so many more examples in the league where if you love ball and you're and you're really uh willing to work at it relentlessly then odds are you're gonna make it a very nondescript and vague answer about zack wilson in the future but the reports are that the jets are ready to part ways with him and the the body language i think he's grown up a lot it's been a humbling experience for him this year but the body language on the sidelines is it's very separate he's very separated from his teammates probably embarrassed probably frustrated and and really as a young man doesn't yet know exactly what to do with that i don't blame him it's not entirely his fault but he has had opportunities and he's not capitalized on them and and mike white i don't know that that's the answer either but the jets now have time to figure it out we've got a lot of business all season business that is already underway and that includes the potential vetting and offering and maybe hiring of a former nfl head coach who has been in college for quite a lengthy sabbatical but appears to be the hottest candidate out there we'll explain that coming up before the end of this show but straight ahead your opportunity to ask amy anything for the first time in 2023 so on our show twitter after hours cbs or on our facebook page we're glad to connect with you i know that jay is looking through your questions and that is straight ahead you are listening to the after hours podcast podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence time to ask amy anything sort of all right this is going to be weird first of all i don't have my chapstick this is me i was in a rush to get out of the house and the dog took forever oh my gosh she stands at the top of the stairs and looks at me while i'm calling her and i know she can see my mouth moving even if she can't hear me and she just looks at me and refuses to come down the stairs because she's too tired and doesn't want to go out anyway i was dealing with that nonsense and i had left two tubes of chapstick on my bathroom counter what i couldn't have grabbed either one when i was getting dressed and so now i have none and now it's really hard to answer questions just take my word for it it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio we are doing our first maybe truncated edition but still ask amy anything in 2023 even without the chapstick we're gonna get through it i don't know if we are uh we'll start it off sherry wants to know when do you take down your christmas decorations not yet no they're definitely not yeah i have some friends who are maniacal about it my one friend she insists that on december 26th everything's packed up and put away i don't have time are you kidding me anyway my tree still looks good it doesn't smell as furry as it did at the beginning and i will likely take the ornaments down and some of the other like random christmas decorations down this weekend around football but the tree is going to stay up for a couple more weeks just because i was gone for two weeks and i love the tree and i love christmas lights so i not only will have the lights on the tree i have the lights around my bay window in my living room and then i also have lights that are hanging up around a window frame of my bedroom and so those will stay up for a bit but by the end of january everything will be put away and and the tree will be outside and i will miss it here's a 2023 look ahead question tom wants to know are you excited to start or continue any new shows in 2023 tv shows well i'm trying to put off the last four episode four no excuse me last three episodes of jack ryan as long as possible season three of jack ryan on amazon prime is it's crushing it i love john krasinski in this role so i was binging it when i got back after christmas and now there's only three episodes left it's not a real long season it's only eight eps so that's kind of a bummer i do intend at some point to start the mandalorian i've never watched the mandalorian uh on star war with star wars series uh but also watching tales of the jedi which is a short series too but animated um let's oh fire country which is a new series this year but apparently very popular with cbs and paramount plus and i haven't yet caught up on yellowstone so no one yell at me don't give any spoilers i'm actually still in the middle of season four season four of yellowstone i haven't yet finished that one and then i will start the current season so yeah i got a lot of different series i want to watch and i'm actually i'm cleaning up my dvr it's instead of being 100 full it's only 80 full right now hey let's get it to start yeah it's an investment uh david asks what would be your personal theme song so if you could pick like a song to play as you're just walking down the street stop right there terry clark emotional girl that's the song i mean there are other songs that fit my life for instance billy joel you may be right i may be crazy it just may be a lunatic you're looking for that one also fits me but terry clark it's a country song she's a country singer emotional girl going back to gosh the 90s i guess one of my first jobs and in radio i was dating a country music programmer kicked him to the curb but kept the love for country music that song is me it's me just go listen to it youtube it here's a food question of course carol wants to know do you like toast and if so what do you put on your toast do people not like toast i didn't know that was a thing i thought everyone thought i don't eat a lot of bread just because when i decided to be a little healthier it was bread one of the elements that came out of my diet but i love bread uh generally i'll eat whole wheat because it's it's not the white starch but i love sourdough bread of sourdough toast i have some fresh sourdough bread in honor of the new year makes sense to me in my bread basket right now and i also really love ciabatta i could eat ciabatta rolls every day again not not fair for me to do to myself but i love toast with and i mean lathered with butter real butter not the fake crap that sticks to your insides but real butter and then some real preserves so cherry preserves is one of my favorite i love blueberry i love blackberry also peanut butter yeah wow now that's what i'm gonna have to eat for breakfast when i get home this morning crunchy follow-up um either one but generally creamy it's not called smooth you goofball it's called called creamy peanut butter you call it smooth peanut butter yeah i do is it really good is it no one ever calls it smooth that's just me i've never heard anyone but you call it that because on the jar it says creamy peanut butter interesting we'll keep it food here for a sec definitely interesting donathan s do you like wings and if so in what sauce and flat your drums well i'm a buffalo wing girl so i prefer the traditional buffalo wing sauce with the blue cheese yes wait i don't what's flats are the ones that are the shoe i don't know what that means not the not the one that you could hold and have like you know the drum is like the drumstick i prefer the drums but i also will go boneless i know that's not true wings but i don't mind fake chicken wings that are boneless so i can eat the whole thing but yes i do prefer the drums boneless are good underrated paul wants to know what were some highlights of your vacation time during the holidays well the time with my nieces to be sure um watching my younger niece graduate from college was such a privilege she was so happy when my brother and i my sister-in-law my older niece a few other family members we made so much noise when her name was called and when she walked across the stage that this gigantic smile broke out across her face and she was so good about stopping and taking pictures and waving at us uh in the we were at the auditorium there in blacksburg virginia at virginia tech so really proud of her and that was a lot of fun we played a lot of cards for those of you who play cards in your family we ended up playing oh gosh five or six nights of five crowns if you don't know that card game it's a lot of fun lots of trash talking and lots of desserts they ate all almost all the desserts that i took i also made a fresh apple crisp when i was there on christmas night uh yeah i was still getting over a cold which is a pain in the rear end um but it was really good to really have no place to go my mom and i with one of my nieces went out to a one store a couple days before christmas but otherwise oh we watched top gun maverick which was fun um and we watched a couple of other movies and just kind of hung out really didn't have a whole lot of other plans outside of just being together which was great last one here before hold on though the driving two thousand miles was not a highlight two thousand miles in two weeks and no i'm not kidding i'm not exaggerating two thousand miles in two weeks last one here before rapid fire tony asks is it fun to teach sunday school i like it because the kids always keep you on your toes and i will say something else too it helps me be a better radio host to teach right now what i teach our fourth and fifth graders so nine and ten year olds sometimes an 11 year old if you can explain it to a 9 10 or 11 year old in plain english in a way that you're sure they're under they can understand well then you can do that with sports fans as well so it challenges me to explain life and different bible lessons to these kids because then it also helps me to explain sports or a football play or something i see uh on the baseball diamond so yeah it's a good tool i like that rapid fire here to close this out ice cream cone or cup never a cone i'm not a cone person no why waste calories on a cone i'd rather eat more ice cream in a dish airplane or helicopter i've never been on a helicopter but it's on my bucket list tractor or hovercraft i'm i'm not getting on a hovercraft give me a good old-fashioned john deere any day window seat or aisle window i don't want people walking down the aisle touching me chandler or ross ross he's a total nerd also chandler apparently was an addict so yeah yeah i've heard that last one here the book or the movie adaptation no always the book always the book i am a bookworm a book nerd i've been that way since i was a kid and while there are some movies that are close to their books i prefer the book and the extensive version every time all right that was fairly painless it's after hours on cbs sports radio
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