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11-1-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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November 1, 2022 6:09 am

11-1-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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November 1, 2022 6:09 am

Green Bay Packers insider Andy Herman joins the show | Boomer Esiason's appearance on "The Manning Cast" | Vote NOW for the After Hours "TD of the Week!"


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The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team. Your station, your shows. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real-time updates on everything you care about. Miss your show?

Jump back with our awesome re-wide feature. The Odyssey app is NFL football. Live and on demand. Wherever you are, whenever you want. And do we mention it's all free?

Download the Odyssey app today. We're going to visit again anytime soon. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on the show. Thanks for hanging out with us on CBS Sports Radio. We've still got our pull-up, the most miserable and mortified teams on Monday.

Because I love alliterations, so check that out on Twitter, Alaw Radio, or on our Facebook page. And then we've also got our double feature. I'm sporting orange. First, our Halloween candy, which I think that works so well in the week after Halloween. Maybe the weeks after Halloween, depending upon how much of a haul the kids came back with. You're going to have candy coming out your noses, out your ears. So maybe a good time to take a few steps on our stairway to seven and rank your Halloween candy. And then also our pumpkin carving just because.

And what are you going to do with all those leftover pumpkins now? We had that choice. We had to make it. So on either Twitter or Facebook, plus our YouTube channel, I hope that you enjoyed your Monday. You survived your Monday. You did not leave cash in the machine at the grocery store and then walk away. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. Aaron Rodgers looks over the defense, puts Aaron Jones in motion. He wants to throw it. His pass is tipped and it is picked off. Intercepted by Matt Milano at the 44-yard line. It is Buffalo ball. The pass was tipped as soon as it came out of the hands of Aaron Rodgers.

Well, it was the capper. It was the Sunday Night Football game in Orchard Park, New York, that I suppose could have gone worse. But people did not have a lot of hope for the Packers. And as it turned out, they trailed early. They trailed often, were never really a threat against the Bills.

And it turned into their fourth consecutive loss. That's Jim Murphy, John Murphy, sorry, on Bills Radio. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. We're pleased to welcome Andy Herman of the Packer Report and Pack a Day Podcast. Man, there's a lot to flesh out with these Green Bay Packers who are now at 3 and 5.

And I thought about this for a while, Andy, wondering how we could start this conversation. So here it goes. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put the level of concern after these four consecutive weeks of losses for Green Bay? Yeah, I would say it's probably somewhere around eight or nine. And I think this week against Detroit, going to the Lions and playing a team that's also struggling has the ability to potentially bring that to a 10. This is the first must-win game Green Bay's had in a very long time outside of obviously a playoff game, which makes it automatically a must-win game. But this is a must-win game for Green Bay, and they go in to their fifth stadium in five weeks, their third consecutive road game. They have a four-game losing streak. They had never lost back-to-back regular season games in Matt LeFlore's tenure before this. And now they've lost four in a row. And they were just playing Buffalo and Buffalo and were down 24-7 in that game.

And while they kind of kept it a little bit close at the end, maybe made it a little bit more respectable, it was still a very easy Buffalo victory. So Green Bay is very much searching for answers. Rob Domovsky of ESPN just put out an article stating that there is, you know, the players are starting to lose faith in the defensive scheme and are asking questions and if it's the right play call and things like that. So it's maybe not like you said completely panic hour, but it's getting very near close to that.

And I would put it at an eight or a nine right now. Before we start to dissect the problems, looking back at their four consecutive losses, Giants, Jets, Commanders, Bills, I kind of worried that they would be a sacrificial lamb there in Orchard Park. Which of these losses do you think has been the worst one? I think Washington really felt that way because I think that's a game that everyone expected them to bounce back and sort of right the ship. And they just didn't. And they never really looked like themselves at all in that game. Like you said, Buffalo is sort of a sacrificial lamb and they never really were expected to win that game. But I think Packer fans are also sort of smart enough and aware enough to be like, you know, what, if this was a good brand of football, you know, through eight games and they just happened to lose a whole flute games here or there and they were somehow three and five.

Yeah, I think there would probably be a little bit more faith where this team is at. But it was, it's never really been about the record. Even when they were, you know, three, you had their three wins early in the season. They get crushed by Minnesota basically in that first game or kind of no show that game. The Chicago game was OK. They played fine. They beat a team in Chicago that wasn't playing very good football at that time either.

Right. Then, you know, they barely beat Bailey Zappi. And at the time it was making his first appearance as a backup quarterback in Green Bay. There was there was no point in this season where they played any game where you're like, yeah, that felt like a convincing Packers victory.

No, in fact, it's more than quarters. The second quarter of the game against Chicago, which was their home opener on Sunday night. They scored, if I remember correctly, three touchdowns. And it felt like that was a shift toward what you would expect from Packers football with Aaron Rodgers. But otherwise, it's been a series here, a series there. At no point has it felt like they put together a complete game that really showcases what this team can do.

No, completely in Tampa Bay, the same thing, right? They go touchdown on the first drive, touchdown on the second drive, take a commanding lead, have the opportunity to go down on their third drive and score again. And Aaron Jones fumbles on the goal line and then everything fell apart from there. And they were able to get out of that game with a win. But they didn't play anywhere near the level that they did in the second half, like they did with those first couple of drives and the scoring that they showed in that and just the ability to move down the field on those first three drives.

So you're absolutely right. There's been flashes on defense. There's been flashes on offense. There's been even flashes on special teams after their abysmal showing the season ago. But they've not come close to playing complementary football or putting together a full four-quarter game. And it really shows in not only the standings, but in the point production and just where this team is sort of at right now on the season. Andy Herman is with us from Green Bay after the Packers fall to three and five and now barely can see the Minnesota Vikings atop the NFC North standings.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. The obvious question is why, and I know that's not fair or a simple, easy answer, but why? Why has it gone so horribly wrong?

Yeah, there's a lot that goes into that. I think the first thing we just talked about, right, just not playing complementary football. It just feels like when this, you know, the defense is struggling, the offense immediately goes three and out and puts it right back in the defense's hands. You know, when the offense is finally getting some momentum, it's all of a sudden the defense allows a 10-play 80-yard drive for a touchdown and takes all that momentum away. And just when you think the special teams is maybe going to be trending in the right direction, they allow a blocked field goal. They allow a blocked punt return for a touchdown. Another low snap at the end of this game, which leads to a missed field goal. Just those sort of things have been really plaguing Green Bay.

And, you know, Aaron Rodgers has mentioned it on multiple occasions, and it's a million percent true. Just the margin right now is razor-thin for Green Bay. Everything needs to be sort of perfect for them to get any sort of momentum going to get anything going in the right direction. And they just haven't been able to do that with any level of consistency. The offensive line is performing far below expectations. Paciari's been in and out of the lineup with his, you know, kind of the recurring knee issue. Elton Jenkins was out again this week, and even when he's played, they've tried to move him to right tackle and left guard. Hasn't looked anything like the Pro Bowl caliber guard that he was prior to his ACL injury. And then guys like John Runney and Junior Josh Myers haven't developed the way that they expected him to.

So it really starts with fundamentals. They can't block up front. They can't tackle on defense. And when you're a team in the National Football League that can't block and can't tackle, it's not exactly a recipe for success. Well, and I know that Rodgers mentions his receiving core and the fact that they've had injuries almost every single time.

He talks about their challenges. So missing Alan Lazard, he's been in and out. Randall Cobb, he wasn't available for Buffalo either. Christian Watson goes out early because of concussion protocols. And so the two guys who catch touchdowns are both rookies. It's not just about Devontae Adams not being there anymore. It's about a lack of familiarity with a lot of guys who are on the field. Yeah, it's lack of familiarity and even some of the guys that are there again are coming off of injuries.

We talked about Bakhtiari. We talked about Jenkins, Robert Tunyon, another player who's coming off a torn ACL from a season ago. Kylan Hill, they're running back from last year, still out with an ACL from last year. So they have a lot of injuries that even the guys that are back are still sort of recovering from those injuries. We've got a Sammy Watkins who, while a veteran, is new to the team. You've got three rookie wide receivers.

You've got a Mari Rodgers who's playing, who really didn't play all that much a season ago at all. So you're still sort of integrating him into the offense. So, yeah, there's a lot of moving pieces. And then they basically completely reshuffled this offensive line, moved Yash and Iman to right tackle. They recently moved John Runyon from left guard to right guard, moved Elton Jenkins back to left guard.

So there have been a ton of moving pieces. The wide receivers have all basically been in and out of the lineup. Cards hurt. You know, Watkins has been in and out.

Cobs hurt. So, yeah, there hasn't been any sort of consistency with this offense. And I think even if everyone was, you know, entirely healthy, I think we would be seeing some of these consistency issues just moving on from Devontae Adams and playing, you know, a little bit of a new style of offense, but add in the injuries and the reshuffling and everything like that.

And you can just see this is an extremely disjointed offense at the moment. Randy Herman is the owner of Pack a Day podcast. And also with the Packer Report, it's a lot to talk about these days.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. So when you hear the rumblings from the defensive players or the reports of rumblings from defensive players, and Matt LaFleur actually says out loud, he doesn't anticipate any changes, you know that there's fire somewhere. When you look at the defensive side of the ball, what stands out to you?

This has been, you know, certainly, you know, often reported and often talked about on the broadcast as well. But this is a defense that is chock full of talent. And, you know, whether it's that the players aren't living up to expectations or maybe they signed or drafted the wrong guys, that's certainly within the realm of possibility as well. But this is first-round picks and high-priced free agents throughout the entirety of this defense. There is no, you know, random undrafted guy or no-name player that is at any of these positions. This is Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage first-round pick and free agent signing. This is Rizul Douglas, a guy they just put a big contract into. Jair Alexander, Eric Stokes first-round pick. Devandre Campbell, big free agent signing this past offseason. Koy Walker, first-round pick. Davante Wyatt, first-round pick. Kenny Clark, first-round pick. Rashawn Gary, first-round pick. Preston Smith, big free agent signing. Like you can go through the majority, like all of this team, and find big contracts or first-round picks on almost all of them.

And when you don't live up to expectations, when you put so many resources into this, you know, there's going to start being questions that are asked. You want the return on investment to all of those picks, all of that money, and right now they're not getting it. And I thought this game against Buffalo, I know Buffalo is a talented team, arguably the best team in all of football. That offense is so dangerous, but I thought this was also just on their own accord the worst game that they've played as a defense so far in a game that they had to have. There was a lot of jogging, a lot of missed tackles.

Darnell Savage, you know, trying to chicken wing a tackle on Josh Allen in the open field and completely misses him entirely. Those are the sort of things that we've just, you know, unfortunately seen far too often through, you know, eight weeks on this season. And it's definitely something that's going to have to, again, get corrected internally. I don't, as you said, with Matt LaFleur, I don't think they're looking to change defensive coordinators at this point. So it's just going to be up to everyone at 1265 to take more accountability and try to fix it.

And like I said, go back to the fundamentals that are sort of escaping them at the moment. Accountability, discipline, lack of fundamentals, disjointed performance, which is what we're seeing. A lot of times that goes back to the head coach, Andy.

I totally agree. And I think this is the first adversity that we've seen in the Matt LaFleur era. 13 wins seasons for the first three years of his career as a head coach.

And now, like I said, first time he's ever lost back-to-back games in a regular season, and now he's lost four in a row. So there's a lot of questions. And I think some of the things that are getting brought up as well are now some of the failures towards the end of seasons in his last few seasons, and specifically last year when you look at a special teams that was abysmal at the beginning of the season, in the middle of the season, at the end of the season, and it never got corrected and it cost them a game in the playoffs last year against San Francisco. The fact that that never got corrected and it cost them at the most inopportune time now is sort of starting to raise questions of, all right, now we've seen some of these tackling issues, the blocking issues, the disjointedness, all of those things, and now we're eight weeks into the season and we haven't seen those things start to correct themselves.

So I'm right there with you. That falls on the head coach. Matt LaFleur's the first to always take accountability, but you also need to see results and change, and so far that hasn't been the case.

And it also falls on your two-time MVP long tenured quarterback too. Maybe that was what he did in his comments about how guys need to be replaced if they're not going to do it the right way. The personality to me doesn't seem like he's the one who can stir everybody up. Yeah, I don't think he wants to be that, you know, going back to some of the old Packer teams, the Reggie White, the Charles Woodson, the big emotional leader in the locker room. I think he's always available for players from all reports and all accords, but I don't think he wants to be that rah-rah guy. Now, he'll call players out. He'll certainly get upset when things go wrong, but I think he leads by example and he sort of demands a certain level of productivity and attention to detail, and when that doesn't happen, he's one to get upset with players, and sort of understandably so. That's where I think things are at, and I don't think that's going to change at this point in his career, and I think he's all of a sudden going to become the rah-rah cheerleader, you know, lift everyone up in the locker room sort of guy, but he's going to try to lead by example and try to play the best brand of football he can, and as you're mentioning, too, that's where some of the blame falls on Rodgers.

As I look at it, I evaluate it. I don't think Rodgers is the one to blame for the issues that are going on. However, what I will say is they are paying him to be the solution to the problems that are going on.

Yes. And that's what I don't see right now. I don't see him being the solution, and I don't see him elevating the players around him, which when you're back-to-back MVP and you get the biggest contract in league history when he's signed, that's what you're expected to do. So while I don't necessarily put the blame on him, I don't think that he gets, you know, I don't think he's done his job to elevate the team and solve those problems, which, again, is what he's responsible for doing when he gets that contract. If not Aaron for the emotional leader, Andy, then who?

That's a great question. And, you know, this is what Matt Loeffler wants to be is a player-led team, and they have veterans in every single one of these rooms, whether it's Rodgers at quarterback, whether it's Aaron Jones at running back, and we could go position by position with the Bakhtiari's and the Kenny Clark's, the Preston Smiths, the Amos's, et cetera. They have leaders in every single one of those rooms, and yet you don't see a true, cohesive, you know, leader that's stepping up to the plate and really getting guys going. I know there was reports that Dallin Levitt, of all people, was one of the ones that was really trying to get everyone fired up this past week prior to the Bills game and following the loss to Washington.

And, again, right now, I think everyone's sort of searching for solutions and trying to see who that guy's going to be, trying to find a galvanizing moment for this team. It's avoided them so far, and they desperately need to win in Detroit this week. It's not as though the schedule gets a heck of a lot easier, though. On the road at Detroit, then they've got the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans. Then it's on the road at the Eagles before they visit Chicago. This is a stacked schedule.

It does not get any easier. Yeah, and that's why I think this game against Detroit is clearly so important in a must-win game, because you lose to Detroit and you lose five in a row and then have to go Dallas, Tennessee, and Philadelphia in three consecutive games. Listen, the schedule maker, and this is not an excuse for Green Bay, but the schedule makers did Green Bay no favors with having to go to London and then basically coming back for one week, having a three-game road trip, then having Dallas at home, Tennessee at home, Philly on the road, Chicago on the road before finally getting a bye in week 14. That is a tough stretch of games, a lot of games on the road. They didn't really take advantage of what many would consider at the time, at least, and I know it looks a little bit differently now, but some winnable games against the Giants in a neutral-site game and Jets at home, they didn't take advantage of those, and now they have some really difficult games coming up, including Buffalo this past week where they already lost, and now you get one game against Detroit, which they've been pesky against everyone. They've been pesky against Matt Leflore in the past, and then you get, of course, again, Tennessee and Philadelphia, or Tennessee, Dallas, and Philadelphia right after that, so it's not going to get any easier, and Green Bay's going to have to find those answers sooner rather than later. Just in a moment of levity, I would love to know.

In fact, I might even pay money. If we could have the honest answer to Aaron Rodgers' reaction when Vaughn Miller asked them why they were running the ball on some of the plays late in the game against the Bills. I'm sort of surprised because everything that Rodgers says gets parsed with insane detail. I'm surprised because he made some comments, and almost no comments, in his post-game press conference of, you know, I ran the game plan that I was asked to run, and I'm obviously paraphrasing here, but like you wanted to take some more shots down the field, but that wasn't the opportunity that he was given. You could tell, I think, that he wanted to air the ball out a little bit more, and Green Bay stuck to the running game. I sort of agree with Matt Leflore to some extent of what they were trying to do, because all season, when they've been down in that situation, they've just sort of aired the ball out and took the ball away from Aaron Jones, and it has not worked at all. Buffalo was giving them, you know, good runs and good run looks, and they were trying to take advantage of it. It didn't work, but I think you could make a strong argument that if they just try to chuck the ball around in a Buffalo defense that was playing two shell and not giving them any passing lanes, I don't know that that game was actually going to go better.

I think things could have actually gotten worse. With the Packers, there just don't seem to be a lot of answers right now. Totally agree, and that's where Matt Leflore is at, and where this coaching staff and this offense, and Aaron Rodgers and everyone is at, is they're just trying to find some sort of formula to take advantage of it. And you can see this past week, they clearly had an intention to run the ball and try to have probably a ball control offense and try to keep Josh Allen off the field. You know, defensively, they've changed things up at the beginning of the season. They were playing a ton of zone. After that, they went a ton of press man to man, moved Jair in the slot, put Resul Douglas back on the outside. This past week, they went back to zone, understandably, because it's almost impossible to play man consistently against the Bills. And on special teams, they're still changing things up. The offensive line, as mentioned earlier, they were completely reshuffled. They are trying things. They're throwing things at the wall to see what can stick. This is not for lack of effort or lack of ingenuity or creativity or trying. Some of the answers have been too late and probably been a bit too reactive instead of proactive, but they've been trying things.

And as of this point, they have not found a formula that has come close to success. It's a good time to subscribe to Andy Herman's Pack a Day podcast and also catch his musings and his thoughts on the Packer report. So on Twitter, at AndyHermanNFL from Green Bay, where the Packers are in an unfamiliar position, at least in the Matt LaFleur era. Andy, thank you so much for a couple of minutes. It's great to catch up with you. Yeah, likewise. These are always amazing, Amy.

Thanks so much. Andy puts the level of concern for the Packers at an eight to nine. So we'll call it an eight and a half. That's on a scale of one to 10.

Pretty hefty. And I don't think there's a hot seat under Matt LaFleur yet, but I do believe that discipline, accountability, lack of consistency, the overall tone definitely goes back to the head coach. And then the quarterback, who's not the emotional leader, the raw, raw guy, like we see with Tom Brady.

Well, then if not him, who? And I love the answer that Andy Herman gave. So that'll be part of our podcast after hours, Maybe we'll bring back part of it a little bit later in the show. We're now through week eight of the NFL season. Can you believe that week eight?

What do you think? We're not quite at the midway point though. We're getting there and we're bidding farewell to October in these next few hours on Twitter, Alaw Radio, also on our Facebook page. Boomeris Thiessen, our friend Booms, a guest with Peyton and Eli on Monday night mannings. And I was laughing out loud in my living room.

I told him that. Well, here's some of these clips. Things about Boomer, I never do.

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Now at Is that really emblematic of all of Cleveland you expect the worst to happen? Pretty much. Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks. Are the people in Cleveland on drugs?

I'm sure not all of them. Steve is listening in Cleveland. We have a real nice way of getting across. Well, that's very sweet. Any compliment I ever get coming from Cleveland means more to me. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. On Monday night on Halloween night, Cleveland is definitely rocking as the Browns end a four game losing skid and they're able to do it inside the AFC North division. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Really funny earlier because I tweeted about the first half of the game and essentially said it was near perfect from the defense for the Browns.

A pair of takeaways, no points. They only give up 100 total yards to the Bengals in that first half. Exactly what the Browns needed. So that was my tweeted halftime.

And a guy writes back to me and says, thank you for showing some love to Northeast Ohio. Well, I didn't have the heart to respond and say, you know, that's not what I'm doing, right? I'm merely commenting on the first half of a football game. This has nothing to do with the Browns, whether I love them or hate them.

Neither one is true. It has nothing to do with giving love to a particular region of the country. People take it and run with it and turn it into something it's not and it makes me laugh. Though I suppose it's better than me criticizing a team and having people write back and say, oh, you hate that team.

Nope. I'm just responding to what I see. So, yeah, you can't really win a conversation like that. So I don't even generally respond anymore. But it is funny that people will take a tweet about the first half of a football game and turn it into me showing love for an entire region of the country. Also, I don't show love or give love or hate or anything else like that. I just talk about sports for a living.

It has nothing to do with what I like, what I don't like personally. It's just my job. And I tweet what I see. And a lot of times I tweet so that I'll remember what I'm thinking in that moment.

Yeah, it's work. It's not personal. But I didn't write back to him. So if he thinks I'm giving love to Northeast Ohio, then yay me. I do obviously have a ton of family in Northeast Ohio. I don't know if they're still into the Browns or not. Some of them were into the Steelers. Some were into the Browns.

It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. I do know that I was very distracted in the first half of this football game. I kept having to rewind and watch plays again because Boomer Esiason was a guest with Peyton and Eli on the Monday Night Manings on ESPN2. And there were moments that I was laughing out loud in my living room because there were things I found out about our friend Boomer Esiason that I never knew before. I remember watching Boomer play. I remember watching Boomer play in the Super Bowl. I remember his time with the Bengals. I sort of remember his time with the Jets. I don't know that I watched a lot of Jets football before I was in this business. But I certainly remember his larger-than-life personality, the blonde hair, the NFL MVP, the bright orange that he would wear. All of those things about Boomer Esiason. I did not know that he was in an underwear commercial. Maybe I just never... As a kid, you don't really pay attention to who's hanging out in their underwear on TV.

And I definitely did not know that he was a businessman. This conversation unfolded with Peyton and Eli because they were talking about Joe Burrow and his impressions of Cincinnati and why there's so much time to focus on football there. All right, Boomer.

We kind of teased it earlier, right? Last season, Joe Burrow said the Bengals were playing so well because there was nothing to do in Cincinnati. Were things a little livelier in Cincinnati when you played specifically? Because back then, you co-owned the nightclub with Collins Ward that was named...

I'm not making this up. Laboom? Yes, Laboom is right, and it was a part of the waterfront. We had a general partner whose name was Jeff Ruby. During the 1987 player strike, I woke up one morning, picked up the Cincinnati Inquirer, and Jeff Ruby banned the entire team from the waterfront, the restaurant that Collinsworth and I owned. And I remember saying to Chris, I called him up and said, Chris, did Jeff actually ban us as well because if he did, I'm taking my money out of the restaurant.

But he banned the whole entire team because we got into a couple fights in the bar with, I think, a movie crew that was usually shooting fresh horses. Yes. As you should, yeah.

As you should. Brilliant. I guess Joe might have to get his own nightclub.

Yeah. What do you say? Would that be your advice to Joe?

He's got to create his own nightclub there in Cincinnati. Do you have a little fun? Joe's doing fine. Joe's doing fine. You know what? I would not recommend that to Joe, no.

There were a lot of headaches, and there were a lot of unpaid bills by teammates. For sure. For sure. Oh, so good.

So funny. I had no idea that Boomer was a businessman who was co-owner of a nightclub with Chris Collinsworth called Laboom. What a name.

There are so many connotations in Laboom. Also, as I say, I do not remember that Boomer was an underwear model. I do remember, as I say, the blonde hair and the fact that he was big time, and he was an NFL MVP, and he was a quarterback, and yada, yada, yada. And so, of course, he was very popular when he played.

But somehow, this part escaped me. Boomer, I don't know if you know this or not, but Peyton likes to endorse and do a lot of commercials. And I think he also is thinking about rating other players when they're in a commercial and how well they do. Back in the day, you did some commercials for Haynes. Was this underrated acting right here?

What do you think? I was all about the beefcake boys. Oh, my gosh.

Sorry about that. We've got to cut that, Jay. My underwear commercial. Have you guys ever done an underwear commercial? Never been asked.

Never been asked. I think I would audible out. I think I would Omaha out of that one if they asked me for sure.

Yes, you would be. Omaha, Omaha. Yes. Omaha. Real fast.

OK, so we could put it. It's on YouTube, this exchange between Boomer and Peyton Eli with his commercial. I thought about turning my head, my eyes. I'm seeing one of my coworkers is in his undies and his tighty whiteys. And so you hear the music and he's laying on a couch and his Newfoundland dogs come jumping up onto the couch where he's just lounging in his underwear. And once the dogs get down, Boomer very suggestively turns his butt to the camera and his butt with his tighty white.

He's just pointing at the camera. This feels all wrong. I cannot believe I'm talking about this boomer a size that boom. Anyway, it was.

Yes, definitely love boom. It was out there for the world to see. So I suppose if you wanted to retweet the commercial from our show account after our CBS, I cannot, of course, be associated with retweeting a commercial with Boomers. Boomers, tighty whiteys. It's just very wrong for me to even be thinking about this. Someone's going to call HR or PR or something. We didn't ask for this.

No, we did not ask to be subjected to this. My eyes. Anyway, Boomer was amazing. He was so funny. I texted him and told him that I was laughing out loud in my living room and he sent me back a bunch of emojis. Boomer does love his emojis.

So, yes, it was a 1990 Haynes commercial and who knew that at some point I'd be working with Boomer and have the chance to tease him about. Yeah, you know what? Never mind. I'm not going to bring it up. I think I might blush. He probably wouldn't, but I think I would blush asking Boomer about his underwear commercial that just got splashed all over TV and Internet for the world to see again. I told Jay. Jay asked me when is Boomer on and I told him that I would text him. I texted Jay. He's on now. He's on now. And of course he looks perfect because that's Boomer.

It's like 40 years later. The man still looks absolutely perfect. He looks good. He's flawless.

Seriously. And he had a good setting there. I know he was worried about his Zoom connection and whether or not it was going to be like off mic. And so he wanted it to be a good connection. And I think the guys really enjoyed it.

They kept him on for most of the first quarter and second quarter. And then at the end, Peyton was like, you are awesome. Boom.

You are awesome, which is really cool. I'm proud of Boomer. I just don't know how I feel about seeing an underwear. I don't know how I feel about seeing Boomer in an underwear commercial. I was all about the beefcake boys. Oh my God. That's true about Boomer.

I'm pretty sure. Wait, there's the the best part is the the next like little kick when he's like not about the acting. I was all about the beefcake boys. Not about the acting. I was all about the beefcake boys. I wasn't about the acting. So Boomer.

Okay, big man on campus. Still the NFL MVP, the blonde quarterback. Just admit it, Jay. You were jealous of beefcake Boomer. I mean, it looked good. Oh my.

Wait, in the underwear commercial or on the Zoom call? Oh, you know, give or take. So funny. All right. Check out our show Twitter after our CBS. I can't wait till Boomer gets to work in the morning. See you out today. See you out today. The Odyssey app today. Find your perfect fall suit with Induchino.

Customize every detail of their seasonal designs for a one of a kind look at a great price and get $50 off purchases of $399 or more at promo code fall update. You are listening to the after hours podcast. It's a touchdown Tuesday on after hours to cast your vote for the TV of the week. Head to at after hours CBS on Twitter or give us a call at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7.

The Dallas Cowboys. So it's third and 16 at the Chicago 19 fields in the gun. Back to throw Parsons coming. He flushes out left.

He stops. He dumps it short to the 25. Still moving Montgomery. He's still running. He's still moving with the ball to the 10 to the 5 to the goal line. Parsons recovered a fumble and brought it all the way back. The San Francisco 49ers.

Kettle in seas inside of IU right. They motion McCaffrey backwards pass to McCaffrey and he's going to throw down field wide open. Bring it on you. Touchdown San Fran Cisco. He can run. He can get on fire. Christian McCaffrey can throw the Seattle Seahawks. You're going to throw again on first down pump. They're going to throw deep.

Got a man in the corner. Touchdown Seahawks. What a drive led by Gino Smith. The Carolina Panthers.

Walker remains in the gun. Three man rush. Takes the snap. Drops back. Rolls to his left.

He's flushed. Loads up. Airs it deep downfield for DJ Moore. Behind his man. Oh my God.

Yeah. He caught the ball. DJ Moore caught the ball.

How did that happen? Oh my goodness. Touchdown Carolina.

This is amazing. Man, there are so many touchdowns that we had to eliminate from our TD of the week contest. In fact, we left out two game winning touchdowns. Taylor Heineke with the one yard QB sneak in the final seconds of the commander's rally past the Colts. And really the big shot was the 33 yarder to scary Terry with 40 seconds to go.

But obviously Heineke still had to get into the end zone. So we left out that commander's TD. We also left out the Broncos and Latavius Murray getting into the end zone to cap that long drive late in the game against the Jaguars in London.

So I expect that there will be fans who are upset and I certainly expect that there will be right in votes. But these are the four TDs that we chose for various reasons. The Micah Parsons touchdown where he recovers a fumble. Justin Fields hurdles over him. No one from the Bears touches him.

He gets up and weaves his way through traffic into the end zone. Yeah, that fumble recovery for a score. It's got to be one of the crazier moments of the entire week eight.

Brad Sham and Babe Lofenberg on Cowboys radio. Christian McCaffrey with his own unique piece of history as the Niners defeat the rival Rams in LA. And that was the first of his three touchdowns. Who knew Christian McCaffrey could throw like that? That's Greg Papa and Tim Rice on Niners radio as he tosses a long shot to Brandon Ayuk. Tyler Lockett. What a wild Sunday night he had.

Not Sunday night, sorry. What a wild Sunday he had. And we talked about it a bunch here on the show where he first fumbles a sure touchdown, has another touchdown pass, hit him in the face mask and go through his hands until finally he hauls in the game winner from Geno Smith in the fourth quarter. Steve Rabel on Seahawks radio and then the Hail Mary. The promise of what could have been PJ to DJ except that DJ took off his helmet so everybody could see who he was resulting in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a 15 yard pushback on the point after attempt which was then missed by Eddie Pinheiro sending them into overtime and you know the rest. The Falcons prevail in OT but still a Hail Mary deserves to go in our TD of the Week poll. So you can now vote on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page. And I just love the fact that we have more TDs than we can choose from.

That's the best part about it. And we'll reveal your choice come The Hump Show. 855-212-4227, that's our toll free line. I'll talk some week eight scraps. Now that the dust is settling on week eight, I have a lot of thoughts jumbled up in my head and look forward to talking about them with you.

So either find us on Twitter or Facebook. You can vote still for Mortified on Monday. Who's the most miserable and Mortified on Monday?

And then our TD of the Week. We've got more with Peyton and Eli and Boomer as we head through the show. Like I said, I'm not sure that I'm going to bring it up in person. Maybe I'll just pretend like I didn't know. Actually, he already knows that I know because I texted him about La Boom and Beefcake. And so he knows that I was watching. But it's just a little odd to be having a conversation with a coworker about his underwear commercial.

No? Is that a situation that males are comfortable in? I haven't found myself in that situation yet in my working career. But I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he comes in and brings it up himself. Well, on the radio show, he will.

Even in the newsroom out here. You think? He'll just be like, hey, everyone see me in the underwear commercial last night.

I can totally see that happen. I think that he would strut his stuff, but I don't think he would bring it up. I don't know. But I think he'll laugh if someone else brings it up. But as the only female who's here in the morning other than Ally, who does makeup for the New York morning show. I don't think she'll bring it up.

No, I don't. Well, she might. I mean, they're pretty good friends too. Or he'll bring it up. But either way, I'm not sure I will because I think I would blush. I don't want to be talking to Boomer a size in about an underwear commercial. What if you started off with like the Laboom club and then kind of eased into it? I might start it off with beefcake, huh? Well, yeah.

Then kind of ease into the underwear part. I'm all about the beefcake boys. What? That's so Boomer. If you know anything about him, he is definitely one of those guys who would drop the one liners when he has to remind people that he was an NFL MVP quarterback and apparently was all the rage in the underwear commercials. And the best thing that's so funny too is that Peyton and Eli, of course, have never been asked to be in underwear commercials and Peyton's like, I'd have to audible out of that. I'd have to call an Omaha real fast. It's a great line by Peyton. Yes. And I love that Boomer gave us the drop to Omaha.

Omaha. I mean, he's all about the beefcake boys. I wasn't about the acting. You can just hear the ego, just the ego coming through. It's dripping with ego right there. Very smug. You know, this was a big deal for a 61 year old Boomer asaias and who still is very relevant and is a great guy.

I tell, I tell people all the time. He's one of the nicest people I've met in my 10 years of CBS sports radio. He's very kind to me.

We, we are good friends. But he definitely has the NFL MVP swag about him. And this is just going to add to it. I'm all about the beefcake boys.

I'm not about the acting. Oh, it's after hours, CBS sports radio. Download the Odyssey app today. Or wherever you get your podcasts from football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team, your station, your shows, follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real time updates on everything you care about.

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