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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 18, 2022 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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October 18, 2022 6:05 am

Chargers defeat the Broncos in OT on MNF | Dustin Hopkins plays hero in Chargers win | Tom Brady on the Bucs' offensive struggles.

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I mean, for a second there, I had some really high hopes about Monday Night Football. I was all jazzed up. The fact that we were going to have a game with offense on national TV and it wasn't the Bills or the Chiefs.

Really, I was psyched. I was thinking this was the opportunity for the Broncos to redeem themselves. When they marched down the field and were able to move the ball, they were able to pass it through the air, they mixed in the run game, and there was a touchdown.

Oh, the heavens opened up. The Chargers did the same thing. They also had a touchdown.

It was amazing. I'm thinking Monday Night Football is about to redeem all of the national games that have been A. Snoozefest, although that doesn't really matter because I still have to watch them anyway, B. Reason and source for all of you peeps to complain about how terrible it is, and maybe just C. The kind of offense we haven't seen across the board in the NFL so far this season. Survey says, it only lasted for about a quarter and a half. And then, if you like kicks, if you like field goals, you get your kicks on Route 66.

I mean, this was all the way at the end of it in Los Angeles, but for a second there, I was really excited. That's what it's come down to, right? Have you noticed that offense is not as prolific in the first six weeks of the regular season. We might need to figure out what is going on. What's happening? Now, does it change the ratings?

Of course not. We are still all about our NFL and the ratings are, they are what they are. In fact, in most cases, they're up across the board. But it's definitely been a slow start to the season when it comes to offense. Even those quarterbacks who have been in their systems for multiple years, even those quarterbacks who are future Hall of Famers, even those teams that have a ton of weapons. Come on, be honest. You did not think that Minnesota would be one of the top teams in the NFC. They've got weapons, of course. But people poo-poo Kirk Cousins, even though he's relatively solid.

But he's not flashy. He kind of figures out what works for him and he sticks to that come hell or high water. But they've won four in a row because they're solid. They're not turning the ball over as much.

They're protecting the home field. The Eagles, of course, the Eagles, the Bills, we definitely should put the Chiefs in that conversation. Those are the teams that are showing us some pretty dynamic offense. And yes, lots of teams flash the bling for a couple of seconds here or there. But the lack of consistency, especially from teams where we expected them to kind of pick up where they left off last season, the Rams being another example of that. Where, oh, where are you, offense?

What has happened? Wherefore art thou, offense? I know I make myself laugh.

If I don't make you laugh, it's totally fine to throw something at the radio. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. You can find me on Twitter, Alal Radio, if you haven't yet voted for Monday mortification. Miserable and mortified on a Monday. Oh, how did my photo pop up on Twitter? All right, so I was going to wait for a second, but I'll just tell you I have a guest here in studio. And I'll let her introduce herself coming up a little bit later on.

Sorry, Casey, you have to wait till we get through the football. But it's fun to have someone here, except it's a little strange because they're eyeballs staring at me. I ignore producer Jay most of the time because he doesn't listen anyway. And so it doesn't matter really that Jay is looking at me.

Well, he's not really looking at me, but the Jay's on the other side of the double pane glass. Because again, most of the producers, they like tune me out after two months. It's just a thing.

It happens. But to have someone in studio with me, especially because she thinks it's super cool here. And I keep trying to tell her, I don't know. She works in TV, so I can't imagine why she thinks this is super cool. However, we do have something, I would say, a fun surprise for you coming up a little bit later on.

But yeah, we'll introduce our guest here in studio in a bit. But pretty much everything has to fall in line behind football around here. You know, that's how it goes. The NFL is a jealous lover. They get all upset and nervous when you start paying too much attention somewhere else. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Eyeballs staring at me. And so yes, Twitter or Facebook, easy to find us. And if you haven't yet voted in our poll, it is there on both of our social media sites.

Our phone number, 855-212-4227. Producer J, do you want to tell the peeps what we have coming up? Or, generally you ruin surprises, but I'm actually asking you now to break the news to the peeps.

Because you did a great job showing up here early to make sure that we had everything in place. And that it didn't really work. But still, the thought was there. It's the thought that counts.

It's like when someone gives you a terrible Christmas present. Well, it was the thought that counts. So anyway, we worked behind the scenes. The host was really nervous. But... We have quite the surprise coming up on this edition of the show. Oh, that's all you're going to say?

Well, that's a little tease into it. As we get into, we have Mr. Kurt Warner joining us tonight. Boom! Boom! So excited. You guys know I get really nervous for only about five people in the entire industry. But Kurt Warner is one of those.

Oh my gosh. So the whole Monday Night Football being on the West Coast just worked for us. And Kurt obviously is a Hall of Famer.

But he's also an NFL Network Analyst and a Westwood One Analyst with Kevin Harlan. Just got off the broadcast of Broncos and Chargers in L.A. And so we'll ask him six weeks in, what is going on with the offenses around the league? And did you all notice? Did you see it?

Did you hear it? Two more, we'll call them controversial. At the very least, head scratchers roughing the passer penalties. We've been asking people how to define it. We even threw that out to you last week.

How would you define it, if you could, if the competition committee asks you? So when you have a Hall of Fame quarterback, you ask these kinds of questions. You don't want to miss it. Coming up next hour here on CBS Sports Radio. Breathing. I actually told producer Jay that I was going to try Aaron Rodgers box breathing. I still have no idea what that means, but box breathing it is.

Box breathing. So do you think it's something along the lines of where you inhale for six? Hold for six? Exhale for six? And then a resting six? Can you even do that? That sounds like a lot of breathing.

It is. It's box breathing. It's so you slow and control your breathing. And that way you generally control everything.

Like everything else becomes a little less. I feel like that would stress me out even more trying to breathe like that. When was the last time you exercised? Oh, yikes. No, didn't you play basketball recently? Yeah, I did actually.

That's right. About two weeks ago. Two weeks ago. Do you know what my stress level would be like if I did not exercise for two weeks? You would not want to be around me.

I'm not sure you want to be around me now, but you definitely would not want to be around me if I didn't exercise for two weeks. Notice that Jay did not speak up. He just like shook his head. As in like, you're right.

I don't really want to be around you. Never said that. Is that false?

That is false. Okay, so as I say, I had such high hopes for the game after the few drives that we saw in the first quarter and then on into the second quarter. And then it really devolved into what we've seen for the most part from the Broncos and even the Chargers too. The fact that Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley have been together for a couple of years doesn't seem to matter early on. Although it really doesn't matter in the desert with Kyler Murray and I know they've got a lot of injuries they lost to Andrew Hopkins, but with Kyler Murray and Cliff Kingsbury.

And to that end, we'll talk a little bit about Arizona as well. But yeah, when the Broncos busted out with a big first quarter touchdown, I was thinking, giddy up! Mike Boone of the game to his right. Wilson steps up, floats to a wide open receiver, gets it to 15, 10, 5, touchdown!

Grant Dulcich! How about a welcome to the NFL drive for the rookie out of UCLA? That's Dave Logan on Broncos radio. And yeah, not that long after we saw the Chargers answer. Third down, long one, short two from the six handoff.

As Herbert got the snap, he gets to Rechler, they're shoving him in. Down the hash mark and in for the touchdown! Bulldozing, slug hammering, Heckler takes it in on a six yard touchdown run into the teeth of the Denver D. And the Chargers are on the board with a good looking drive.

Okay, so see what I mean? It was 10 to 10 at one point, I was really excited. And then, if you love kickers, the rest of the game was for you. Brandon McManus, he's a fantastic kicker.

Dustin Hopkins, he's a little injured, but he was out there grimacing and feeling the pain and still doing his best to gut it out. Hopkins to tie this game at 16 and the Chargers have never led. And the kick is good and we are tied with 3.58 to go in the game. Matt Smith, is it me or is he just, he's over it too? 3.58 to go. And the kick is good. Maybe that's not fair, maybe that is him really excited. And we are tied with...

Okay, I know I can be over the top with my excitement and my energy level. Not generally on Monday night, so no fear. But yeah, he sounds like he's done with it, except just like the Broncos and Colts a couple weeks ago, Jay literally told me that was the worst football game he's ever seen. Yeah, worst football game he's ever seen.

I think it still holds true. It's still two weeks later, it's the worst football game. I think so, that was that bad. It was, well, we got bonus of the worst football that you've ever seen and tonight, same thing. Now this wasn't awful, it's just that of course it was going to go into overtime, right?

Because it was a field goal fest and we had to show off our kickers even more. And honestly, even when the two teams had opportunities to end it early and nip it in the bud, it wasn't happening until we got one colossal mistake. And this is a big kick from Scott, fair catch signaled for. And it's on the ground, ball is on the ground. Ball is on the ground waiting for a signal as they pull bodies off, it's Charger football. All right, here we go from the left hash, 29 yarder for the win, Dustin Hopkins.

Snap, hold, kick is up and it is good. Chargers win. Well he had a little energy there.

All right, maybe he's just saving it up for the end of the broadcast. Matt Smith, he knew it was headed into overtime, Matt Smith on Chargers radio. So yes, they end up winning and it's because late in overtime the Broncos muff a punt. Now if you remember this play or if you happened to be listening on Westwood One, they were a little confused on both TV and radio because Montrell Washington had a teammate that got pushed into him. And his teammate actually bumped into him as the ball is coming down into his gut. And for that reason, the ball, not only did he not catch it, but the ball goes bounding away. Actually it doesn't really bound, it kind of twists, it turns.

Sometimes it rolls and bounces, it's a slippery little sucker. And so Montrell Washington can't catch it because his own teammate gets pushed into him. But there was no penalty flag. We actually got a clarification about it. His teammate is the one that hit him, which means that there's no penalty.

If his teammate was pushed into him, there's no penalty because it was a guy wearing the same uniform. And Montrell actually says it's on me to make sure that doesn't happen. It's my job for him to get out the way, like for me to get him out the way. So I just got to, I got to be louder. That's just all it is to it. I just got to be louder to help him out to where he can hear me. I know it was loud in there, but still, it's my job to be louder than what it is in there to help him out. So that's on me. You learn something new every day in the NFL.

I had no idea. I would have assumed that was some type of interference or it was still classified as running into the punter, not the punter, sorry, the returner or not giving him his bubble. There's some technical term for that. But instead, it was not a penalty at all because it was his own teammate. It's a little bit like when you have three outfielders or an infielder and two outfielders converging on a ball. And if they run into each other and they end up dropping the ball, well, hey, that's on them because they didn't communicate or the ball.

My favorite is when you've got three guys in a little triangle and any single one of them could reach their glove out and catch the ball and somehow it manages to drop right in between them. Yikes. Exactly. We'll get to the baseball, by the way. So, yes, eventually the Chargers won in overtime. We were subjected to an extra period of this. The offense just disappeared. Like I said, with my sound effects, so what happened after the opening quarter?

Really, that's the question. Latavious Murray, the Broncos offense, they looked to be in a groove and then it went horribly wrong. We came out, we started fast, but we just weren't able to sustain drives. So we just got to figure out a way to sustain drives, keep the ball moving, keep the defense off the field, and when we get down there, score touchdowns. Overall, we just got to find a way to score points and sustain drives.

So we just got to keep digging, keep finding ways to get better, and I think we can turn it around. I thought we started off great. I mean, everybody was catching the ball. Guys were making plays. We looked like how I feel like we should look like. We kept our tempo up and everything else. Adulters made a great touchdown.

The energy was high early on. It's a good football team out there, but we're just as good, if not better, than we feel like. We got to answer the call.

Adversity is challenging us right now, but the only way I know through it all is just to continue to work hard. He actually said we're just as good, if not better? Huh. Well, the Broncos are not in last place in the AFC West, but they are 2-3. The Chargers are now 3-2, and the Chiefs are at 4-2.

Wait, not 3-2. I'm sorry. I didn't refresh.

Duh. They didn't have their bye week yet. The Chargers are tied with the Chiefs.

That's actually kind of funny. They're tied with the Chiefs atop the AFC West. Broncos are 2-4, and the Raiders are the caboose in the AFC West. We knew it was going to be competitive because you've got such good teams and good defenses, but something still doesn't look quite right with the Chargers either, even though they have ended up with the four wins now, and they've won their last three in a row. You can find me on Twitter, A Law Radio. Should we do a fill in the blank?

The offense in the NFL is what through six weeks? Juana, just for fun? Yeah, I like it. Should we tell people to be careful they don't use inappropriate language? It's going to be tough not to with that question, but yeah. Hey, use your words. Use your words. Use your words. Use your SAT words. You don't have to tell me twice.

Yes, so we'll do a fill in the blank. Offense in the NFL is what through six weeks? Got that, Producer J?

All right, J's going to put it up on our show Twitter account, After Hours CBS. We're going to hear from Brandon Staley, Justin Herbert, Nathaniel Hackett, and a win is a win is a win is a win, and the Chargers picked it up. The Broncos did not, and this is certainly not what Denver expected, bringing in Russell Wilson, bringing in weapons around him, and having it look like this. I did hear our guest, Kurt Warner, say on the broadcast that, and actually on NFL Network as well, that he thinks they look really uncomfortable. The Broncos look uncomfortable. So then how do you find that rhythm?

How do you find that comfort zone, that comfort level? So we'll talk to him top of the hour. Do you guys remember the last time he was on the show? If you didn't, it was two years ago, and I was giddy. I was laughing away because we teased him about the whole pork rinds thing. He used to be the spokesperson for Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds, and then they started asking me to do it, and after they started asking me to do it, he accused me of taking money out of his pocket.

And so don't we even open? Oh, yeah, so Producer J is going to have to bring that back just because I feel as though I've calmed down a lot in two years. Yes, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I've calmed down a lot in two years, and so I promise not to be giddy.

Oh, okay, I promise not to laugh like that too. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hour. Fantasy football leagues are one on the waiver wire, and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league. With eight episodes per week, Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit, grade the trade, fantasy cops to settle your league disputes, and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found. Fantasy football leagues are one on the waiver wire, and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league. With eight episodes per week, Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit, grade the trade, fantasy cops to settle your league disputes, and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found.

19 to 16. Off the field, on the money, and after hours, it's time to talk football with Amy Lawrence. Dave Logan on Broncos radio, we heard Matt Smith on Chargers radio, and top of the hour, a member of the Westwood One broadcast, so we got Monday Night Football covered. Didn't sustain the offense past really the first quarter and a half, and it's not just about the numbers, but the numbers certainly do tell part of the story. For instance, the Broncos were 0 for 1 in the red zone, so for as much as they were going up and down the field, they only got one official red zone trip, and they were 0 for 1. The Chargers were 1 for 4 in the red zone, and this is despite the fact that they were 11 of 22 on third down. That's a lot of freaking third downs. You don't often see that many opportunities in a single game for one team, but there were a lot of opportunities, and they were 50%, but they didn't get over 300 yards, and they were 1 for 4 in the red zone. Now, one more number that I will throw at you is 10. 10 Denver penalties for, get this, 151 yards. So they don't go over 400 yards of offense, actually I don't even think they went over 300 yards of offense total, and they had 151 yards of penalties.

Oh yeah, here we go. Here's the official number. 258 total yards of offense and 151 yards in penalties. You know what that is?

Gross and a waste. 151 yards? Didn't the Dallas Cowboys have 10 penalties on Sunday night against the Eagles?

I feel like they did. And they waste so many opportunities that way, not just with turnovers, which they had three of them, the Cooper Rush interceptions, but also with the penalties. One step forward, two steps back, the Broncos can't afford to lose 151 yards in penalties. And it's on both sides of the ball, right? Offense and defense.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We know that Dustin Hopkins, the kicker for the Chargers, got to be the star of the show. He had a hamstring, like kind of cramp strain, you know, just didn't feel right.

And so, you know, you can't say enough about him hanging in there, and then you can't say enough about J.K. Scott coming in and kicking off and doing an outstanding job kicking off for us so that Justin could save himself for field goals and PATs. It didn't matter. And I don't mean that like, I could have kicked it from wherever. That's not what I mean. It just meant if it was going to hurt, what's the difference if it's 20 or it's 55? You know, it was just like, well, give it a rip.

And that was it. We've got so much respect for him. We know he's hurting. And, you know, that's the great part about the NFL is those guys, you know, they're committed to our team and he's tough. And that's all you can say about him for him to go out there and play and put up with some pain like that. It's great to see from him.

We have so much respect for those guys. Do you think that's true? Do you think quarterbacks do have a lot of respect for kickers? You're looking at me?

No. Well, just in general. When they make it.

When they make things. But when you don't, it's a very thin line of respect versus you're dead to me. Was it Parcells that said he's not a football player, he's just a kicker? I mean, that's pretty much, yeah. I don't need him to play. I need him to kick.

Do you remember the flap? Was it Matt Vanderjet? The Colts kicker? Idiot kicker? Yeah, the liquored up idiot kicker that Peyton Manning went after. I mean, he did something stupid. I don't think it was social media.

I think it was pre-social media. But he said something in an interview about Peyton Manning. And then Peyton fired back with, you're going to take the word of our liquored up idiot kicker. Pretty sure that was also after he missed like two or three kicks in 0-5 against the Steelers. That was right after that.

So yeah, it is a fine line. If you are able to make the kicks and you're doing it injured, well then the respect factor in the locker room grows. Brandon Staley and the Chargers are now at 4-2 in tie for first place with the Chiefs. This was a complete team win. It was a tough, rugged game. Outstanding defense over there and it was tough sledding in every way for all four quarters in overtime. And it was just a tough and rugged game and it took everybody in powder blue to win it.

Two years ago, maybe that's a different story. And for us to go out and close and finish and to get that turnover on special teams like that is huge for us. And just to stay in the fight, come back from 10-0 early on, you know, it says a lot about our team. So for Denver, while they did have a few positives, highlights, and did start out the way that they did with a 10-0 lead.

Not only the penalties but also the muffed punt, the turnover, and just the inability really to move the ball after that. So it started fast but it petered out. What's the old adage? It's not how you start, it's how you finish? Well in that case we should just forget about the start for the Denver Broncos because that's a distant memory now.

This is very disappointing. We need to have a lot more urgency across the board. Starts with me as a coach, going to all the other coaches and then to the players. Players need to be, you know, just more urgent. We had some opportunities there and we got to execute at a higher level. We got to come up with some better plays. We don't have division in our locker room. I mean you guys saw how hard we played for each other tonight. I mean everybody, it didn't go our way but everybody's fighting their butts off every day. The guys up front on the line, receivers, tight ends, running backs, the defense, the defensive line, linebackers.

Did he forget a unit? I mean everybody's playing for each other. We felt like we could have won the game. Here's what I don't love though about what's happening around Russell Wilson. It's definitely not the offense that Broncos fans or that the NFL was expecting when he took the job in Denver or got traded to Denver and then got the big contract.

I get that. There's a lot of disappointment. But all of a sudden if you notice how everyone's taking aim at him personally. He sucks in the locker room, his teammates don't like him, this, that. He's awkward.

Never used to really be an issue. I guess when you're winning nobody cares if you're an odd duck or if you happen to say something weird like Broncos country let's ride even after losses. All of a sudden now everyone is taking aim at him and I kind of feel like it devolves into lowest common denominator radio. I don't love it. I don't love the fact that people are criticizing him as a person when they've never really been in that locker room. But yeah it seems like all the juju around Russell Wilson now has just, it's turned personal and there's attacks and it's this and it's that. It's not really about the football right now. Yeah but also remember too, we heard a lot of this stuff.

The awkwardness, the weird and all that. Mr. Unlimited. People made fun of him then. Problem was he had a Super Bowl ring. And he had stock in Seattle.

You go to Denver, you get the big contract. No one has anything from you. You've done nothing for them. So when all of that comes through and then you lose, that comes out real fast.

Oh yeah. That's just the way it is. Amazing how in pro sports people will turn on you just like that. But in fairness they didn't really turn on him.

They had nothing to do with him. He just walked in. So he's goofy, he's awkward, he's weird.

He has no stock and he's done nothing before this. Okay but don't you remember how Denver was electric and buzzing and all excited and all pre-season all we heard was how much energy he's bringing to the building. And how psyched everybody is around the Broncos. This is our savior. How many times did I hear that word coming out of Denver?

This is our savior. Out of Denver, out of fans. I didn't hear that out of the players. It's a difference. Oh I heard some players in pre-season not using the word savior but just how excited they were to have him in the building.

Yeah I'm sure. Again you get a good quarterback, everybody's excited until it doesn't work. And when it doesn't work and you act the way he acts. Look let's be fair. The guy's awkward. I don't think he means it.

I'm awkward. No, no, no, no. It's different. It really is.

It's unlimited. You don't do that stuff. Like who the hell does that? Everybody has to have an alter ego. Jay was trying to explain to me his Subway commercial.

That's what I'm saying. Who does the dangerous sandwich and talks to no one? Who the hell does this?

The danger witch? What did you call it Jay? He said it like two or three times to me and I couldn't. What are you talking about? I couldn't understand what he was talking about.

Yeah so you got the unlimited. You got the danger witch. I mean guys have already kind of said, I mean you heard the Richard Sherman talking to Marshawn Lynch. If you want to get in touch with Russell Wilson, even if you played with him, you got to go through his PR people. Like these are not good things. Okay so when you have those things and you kind of separate yourself and you know with Pete Carroll and the Seahawks back in the day everybody talked about the Legion of Boom and hey it was Russell Wilson, he's young, he's young, he's young. They're like the same age.

And at what point do you grow up? I mean you're 34 years old. You don't realize when you're talking to no one, talking about a danger witch and it's a spicy sandwich, someone's got to explain to you that this is strange? Well okay but if you could take a ribbing and you don't mind if your teammates make fun of you. I don't think it's a ribbing and I don't think he realizes. You don't think Tom Brady's teammates made fun of him for posing in GQ with a goat?

Yes. I think he knew he was doing something that was awkward. I don't think Russell Wilson knows.

I don't think he gets it. And then if you don't go out and throw for 385 yards and 3 touchdowns, you're going to hear it and more importantly they're going to talk to each other. I hate to say it but you're seeing it on the Denver sideline. Guys are looking at each other going what the hell is going on? Oh you know it's definitely gotten messy. And that's the biggest problem. You can't have the whispers and the whispers are not whispers anymore. They're like talking in front of his face.

Which is why Russ is answering questions about how we're not splitting up and the locker room is still on the same page. So I'm gonna live it. Maybe you start with get rid of the Let's Ride. Can you stop with your brand for like 5 minutes?

I hate that. Is that his brand? I thought it was a nod to Bronco's Country and the fact that they're horses? Kind of? Stallions?

When you start. When you lose, do you really have to end the press conference with Let's Ride? No I agree it's very awkward when they lose. It's on brand for him though and I think he's way too worried about his brand. Stop with that nonsense.

Get to know your teammates. The best was after their, was it the colt floss? When he's standing in front of it and he goes Bronco's Country and he walks off and you hear the distance. It gets more and more. It's under his breath. It's mumbled but he has to say it because he has to say it. Well I have to show the confidence that I'm going to say this every time.

I was not confident. We saw the back of your, your back. We saw your back.

We saw the back of you when you were walking away. You know what? You obviously got a lot of PR people around you.

Can you get some that are not kissing your rear end and actually tell you the truth? That's a good idea. Because that would really help.

Yes. In fact I wonder that sometimes about stars. Even stars need to have people around them that will be honest with them and will tell them when this is not a good idea. I don't get, look I get it that people don't like to hear negative. That doesn't compute in my brain. To me if you don't hear a negative like how do you get better? So that I don't get that part of it. But that's their mentality.

Unfortunately people also have to take care of their livelihood. And if you tell somebody like a Russell Wilson apparently for what it seems on the outside, something negative, you just don't work there anymore. Speaking of negative, the Buccaneers offense is brutal right now. 20th in the NFL.

Barely 20 points per game. And Tom Brady was addressing that on his podcast and also had a special guest who actually likes the fact that he yells at his linemen on the sidelines. So we'll hear that coming up. We're asking you to fill in the blank. And we put the post up on Twitter after our CBS.

Emojis are welcome I suppose. But here's the question. It's not a question. Here's the statement. The offense around the NFL this season has been what? So that's on Twitter or you can, did you put it up on Facebook?

Okay so it'll go up on Facebook very soon. Top of the hour, Kurt Warner. You are listening. Fantasy Football Leagues are one on the waiver wire. And with trades. And with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league. With eight episodes per week, Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit.

Grade the trade. Fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found.

Into the After Hours podcast. And the Buccaneers are going to go for two. Two point try.

Buccaneers. Bucks are one for two on two point efforts. In this season. Two points to tie the ball game.

It's 20 to 18. Brady's shotgun looking left, looking left. There's a shot.

Oh it's incomplete. Knocked out. Tried to get it to Chris Godwin at the goal line. They did a good job. You know the guys that were in there did a good job for them. They tackled well and limited some run after catch. Just missed too many opportunities in the red area and you know it's a game of scoring points and just didn't do well enough on third down and in short yardage situations and certainly not well enough in the red area.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. That is the voice of Tom Brady. And before that. Well you hear it. A lot of empty possessions, futility. It is not just Tom Brady. It's not just the Buccaneers offense but you would think after this point with a great quarterback like Brady and even the Packers with a great quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. That there would be some type of rhythm and flow and yet it's still a lot of stop and start. It's still very disjointed.

That's the word that comes to mind. It's really disconnected. And I've said this about the Buccaneers. Sometimes it looks like they're stuck. They're just mired in the muck. And other times it looks like they're out there all running 11 individual offenses and not on the same page. So all of that to say that it's not clicking yet and yet that's fairly standard around the NFL right now where we don't really have a lot of great offenses six weeks in. So we're asking you to fill in the blank on Twitter and Facebook. The offense around the NFL this season has been what?

Fill in the blank. So on Twitter A-Law Radio or on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence at our phone number 855-212-4227. Tom Brady hosts his Let's Go podcast slash radio show on Sirius XM with Jim Gray every Monday.

And a lot of times I go back and listen to it in its entirety on Tuesdays when I have the opportunity. It's a Tom Brady that you do not hear in press conferences and I'm hoping this is the Tom Brady minus the swear words that we will hear on Fox when he finally takes over in the number one booth along with Kevin Burkhart. But yeah he was going to have to address the offensive struggles of the Buccaneers to this point. We're not scoring enough points. We're not playing well in the red area. We've been very inconsistent on third down. The game is about points. You know it's not about yard time possession all those things factor in. But the deciding factor in every game and this is to point out the complete obvious is points.

Did you score more points than the other team. And in three games we have another three games we haven't even in the three games we won we haven't played the way we're capable certainly offensively. So you know we've all are kind of licking our wounds looking at the last six weeks and trying to do a lot better having more communication about things that we think we need to do moving forward. And it's going to be a big challenge. You know we have a big challenge ahead of us. They don't things don't magically just solve themselves. You know things have to become solved.

You have to put the right time and emphasis into the things in order to improve them. And we've got a lot of work to do. Tom Brady on the Let's Go podcast with Jim Gray and a special guest.

This is kind of interesting. Kevin Durant joined them on the Let's Go podcast and the timing seems to work right. It's the last free night that Kevin Durant has for a while because the NBA season kicks off. No not kicks.

I mean if you're kicking you're like Draymond Green. It tips off on Tuesday and there are a couple of games. I'm just not in hoops and hockey mode yet but I think it's kind of cool that the Golden State Warriors will raise the banner and will host the Lakers on their first night and then Boston man. This is the team that of course was the surprise representation of the East in the NBA Finals and man how things have changed. But it's Philadelphia and it's Boston in the early part of that double header. And so nationally televised games all excited blah blah blah. It just it's such a crazy offseason in the NBA.

Remember when Kevin Durant tried to be traded and then he tried to get his owner the team owner to fire the coach in the GM and now he's back and acting like everything's wonderful. Remember that. Who cares. Yeah right. We all care.

You know you care. His power play didn't work but I don't suppose anybody's going to remind him of that right. Anyway he was on probably not Tom Brady.

He was on with Brady and Jim Gray and actually Durant likes the fact that Brady was expressing his displeasure with the offensive line Sunday. It happens especially in the heat of the moment. I mean you want to you want to find a solution fast. You know sometimes well the best way to do it is to you know handle it in a moment. So you let it simmer until halftime or to the next time out then you might be in our case down 10 12 points. You know so we want to correct something as soon as it happened. You know so you've seen that like you've seen that yesterday. You see that all around. And that's why I like when they show so much access to the sideline because you stop play to think about the next play you know the whole game. So you always got to be in constant communication and that's how I feel.

We've got to be on the basketball court too. So it's pretty cool saying that. KD and Brady also talked about being older athletes which I thought was funny since Kevin Durant's 34. Tom Brady's 55 and plays a violent collision sport and KD is 34 but he's had a lot more injuries than Brady has.

Brady stayed relatively healthy throughout the course of his career. Oh okay I'll do that. How about you take your own advice. That would be some kind of interview if Kevin Durant ever agreed. Instead in lieu of Kevin Durant I'd rather have the Hall of Famer Kurt Warner top of the hour joining us from Los Angeles after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. But I told you we have a guest in studio. Her name is Casey. You can decide if you want people to know your last name.

That's totally up to you. Oh I think you're gonna have to turn on your mic. So Casey actually works in broadcasting but you wouldn't even know it by the fact that she did not turn on her mic. Is it on now?

Yes it is. We could have producer Jay control the mic if you want. Could you like go around the room you know when you are in some kind of a new setting.

Go around the room and introduce yourself. Casey is on the other side of the country so here in New York City. She normally works in the central coast of California as a TV sports anchor. There can't be that many actually sports director.

There can't be that many females in the entire country who are sports directors at their TV stations so that's amazing. Thank you Amy. I appreciate it.

You're welcome. So I asked Casey earlier what's your favorite thing that you've done so far in New York City. Did you tell me something about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge that's what you said? I love Dumbo.

So I think Dumbo every time I see that cute little blue bridge it's my favorite part. But you know this is the most packed I've ever seen the Brooklyn Bridge. I think I just went at the worst time of the day.

That I didn't love so much. Well welcome back to New York City. It's packed everywhere you go and it smells like pot everywhere you go. Yeah it smells bad pretty much everywhere. Yes it does.

It's either trash or pot one or the other. Yeah there's definitely a lot of downsides can't lie about that but there's a lot of upsides too. Okay if you say so. No I mean we're here so yeah so there's upsides and in your market what's what would be the top sport that you would cover in your market? Slow. Well Cal Poly baseball is pretty huge so I talk a lot about Cal Poly baseball.

We had three. Do you surf in your area? You know I really should cover some more surfing. You should. I am terrified of that.

And find some hot guy to teach you how to surf. Yeah that'd be great. That's a good idea.

That'd be great for sure. No that's it? Cal Poly baseball? Yeah Cal Poly baseball the football team has one win so we talk about them but it's a little rough.

High school football is huge actually. It reminds me a lot of West Texas which is really shocking. So if you can't tell Casey has a Texas accent. You think so? I do. Which is totally cool lots of cool. We have many affiliates in Texas.

Dallas of course one of five three the fan. Do you want to say something to your dad in case he happens to be listening? Oh my gosh hey dad how's it going? My dad my dad is so excited about me knowing Amy I think he's your biggest fan I think. He's one of them. Bigger than my mom? My uncle is a pretty big fan too.

Nice. My whole family is a huge fan of me. There's three of them. And your mom. My favorite part is that Casey told me tonight that your dad's actually the one who encouraged you to reach out.

He did. When he found out that you went to Syracuse he's like you have to reach out to Amy Lawrence. She is the most knowledgeable person that I listen to. That's really cool. That's why I said person not woman.

Person okay. Any chance you ever want to do radio? It's fun. We have more fun on this side. I think I love the fact that I'm in tennis shoes right now and sweatpants and no one knows. That's the greatest part. It's beautiful. It is really nice. You still get dressed up. Well dressed up.

I just don't want to look like a slob. I mean that's a pretty low standard right now. All right. Kurt Warner is coming up next. Casey is hanging out with us here. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We'll be right back. Grade the trade fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more. Check out fantasy football today anywhere podcasts are found.
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