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Jim Harbaugh: Chargers Are A Very Talented Team

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 2, 2024 3:15 pm

Jim Harbaugh: Chargers Are A Very Talented Team

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 2, 2024 3:15 pm

2/2/24 - Hour 1

Rich reacts to Jim Harbaugh saying in his opening press conference that he wants to win multiple Super Bowls with the Los Angeles Chargers.

New Chargers HC Jim Harbaugh tells Rich why he left the University of Michigan to return to coaching in the NFL, if NIL’s impact on the college football landscape played a role in his decision, his plans to get the most out of Pro Bowl quarterback Justin Herbert, what winning a national championship for his alma mater means, and why he thinks J.J. McCarthy could be the first quarterback selected in this year’s NFL Draft.

Rich and the guys discuss the chances the Las Vegas Raiders move up in the NFL Draft to select USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Are you surprised Bill Belichick's not working as a head coach? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I am, but I'm also not. The Rich Eisen Show. How about Mike Vrabel not being a head coach right now?

Why? A lot of times people think billion dollar companies make no mistakes. And 32 of them made a mistake in the last couple of weeks. Today's guests, Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh, Michigan head coach Sharone Moore, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's right. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show.

844204 Rich being the number to dial. Jim Harbaugh is going to be zooming in in 20 minutes. And then an hour after that, the guy following in his spot at the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh and Sharone Moore on the same show, just like they were on the same sideline in Houston, Texas, just a little over a month ago to win the national championship against Washington. I don't know if you heard that, that Michigan won the national championship. But at any rate, Jim Harbaugh is now here in Southern California and we'll be talking with him about winning championships, multiple championships, as he mentioned in his introductory press conference yesterday. Sharone Moore will be joining us from the seat of a car. He is recruiting.

He is going on the trail to try and keep things still on the up and up at Michigan. And then in terms of the coaching carousel finally coming to a stop yesterday with the hiring of Dan Quinn and so much more to talk about in the National Football League with our friend Tom Pellicero. And now our number three, it's a Friday, which means it's what's more likely Friday. And as always, the phone lines are open.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on our program. We will announce our guest list for Las Vegas, Nevada Super Bowl 58 later on in this program. We're there in in the city of the Super Bowl and the home of the Raiders on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from Super Bowl experience next week.

It'll be outstanding. We'll run into you on the strip. Chris Brockman will buy a yard of a smoothie of whatever guys or gals are drinking out there on the street.

Right, Chris, you can buy it for people have pina coladas on me. There you go. It's like let's go.

It's like getting caught in the rain. Right, Mike? I had a blackjack. Let's see what else can I offer, Mike? OK, very good. Good to see you guys over there. What's up, man? How are you guys doing? I'm doing well, Rich.

Good morning. It's Friday. You're here. Yeah, I mean, it's a rare Friday, but it's the last one. You won't see me till it's like it's a groundhog. Don't get all excited. It is actually Groundhog Day.

It actually is. How about my apples? I did not see your shadow today, so there will be an early spring. OK, Punxsutawney, Mike did not see a shot. Punxsutawney, Mike. Redondo Beach, Mike. Redondo Beach, Mike did not see a shot. T.J. Jefferson, good to see you, sir. Mike just gave me an idea, like maybe we'll work on this throughout the show. What since this is Groundhog's Day, what's the sports memory that you wish you could relive over and over again?

Oh, well, the one that happened about a month ago. We knew your answer. I mean, did you not hear we have Jim Harbaugh and Sharon Moore on today's program? So we got your answer. Maybe the rest of us. I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know. Let's let's let's hit the pause button on that. How about we'll talk about it after Harbaugh? That's what I'm saying.

How about them apples? Just pocket Mikey D being here that you don't say a word during our show prep at all. And then we go on the air about two minutes in. You come up with a great idea. I know my role. OK, what does that mean?

I don't know what that means. I just know your role is to is to be collaborative. This is a collab. Don't don't put out anything out there that we're not a collaborative shop.

Nobody's thinking. OK, good. But anyway, good to see you.

Great idea. Thank you, sir. OK. And here's here's here's why you keep tuning in to this show.

Hopefully it's because stories evolve and opinions can somehow get changed right away by events. For instance, when Jim Jackson, our final guest of yesterday's program, was here right in this chair to my right. At the very end of Thursday's program, I ask him, what are the Lakers going to do? What what do you do if you're the Los Angeles Lakers looking the way that you look and playing the way that you play? And then tonight, taking on the league's best Boston Celtics without Anthony Davis and LeBron James, what are they going to do? Play the game and then beat the Boston Celtics without LeBron James and and Anthony Davis.

How did that one happen? Right. And and so Austin Reeves comes up with a 30 piece. Right. And five other players scoring double figures, too.

And the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics. And then Rich Paul sends a text, I guess, to ESPN today and says, LeBron's not requesting a trade, he's not going anywhere. So that's what's happening. Well, that's what's up.

I would say LeBron and AD are the problem. They're holding back the young kids. I was literally going to ask if there was anybody that had that take today. Well, you should know.

That's you, huh? So get rid of them. How else how can you draw any other conclusion than the fact that they're the ones who are screwing it up? The two best players, they're holding the top 10 players in the NBA right now. After last night, Chris believes that it's Austin Reeves' world. It's Austin Reeves' team. And the Celtics should trade for us.

Actually, Boston should just trade Tatum for Reeves straight up. Straight up. OK, by the way, that's for a Monday show. It's what's more likely Friday. Every time I say something like that, people are like, it's not Monday. Not overreaction Friday and what's more likely Monday.

Got my days. But when we record the overreaction Monday pod and as a Super Bowl preview, feel free to throw that one in there. I'll push back if you'd like. What's the pushback?

There's literally concrete evidence. You know, if I get O'Shea on, it's with no, it's with no it's with a nay saying like that, that in-season tournament banners don't get home. You know what I'm saying? Literally just two games, little in Las Vegas. Yeah, just two games in Vegas, like changes. We got three shows in Vegas. You got two games in Vegas. You know, go figure, man. Any given Thursday, such a shame that happened last night.

Such a shame. But LeBron's not going anywhere. So we're not going to be in Vegas next week.

And we're not going to sit there during the Super Bowl shows. And LeBron James is getting traded. Well, he's the GM. Is he going to trade himself? Well, he's saying that he's not going to the quote from Rich Paul.

Let me get it exactly for you. Telling ESPN, LeBron won't be traded and we aren't asking to be. That's it. There you go.

So he's not going anywhere. The question is, what are they going to do as the Los Angeles Lakers coming up with that W last night? They are now let me get this correct. They're ninth. There you go. They're ninth. So they're they're doing a playing game with the Utah Jazz, if everything.

If everything ended today. Now, are we sure that was Rich Paul's Twitter or X and not like Rick Paul? Like, no, no, no, no, no.

This is the Rand Paul. This has got to be true because it's at the top of the ESPN News stack. I mean, they could get got to those all of them say.

I was literally going to say my whole point of just bringing all this up is just to show that's why you got to keep watching. What are the Lakers going to do, especially without LeBron and Anthony Davis in Boston? How about play some great defense? Hold the Celtics to damn near almost all, you know, less than 100. Well, they shot terrible, terrible from three. I mean, that's kind of been the Celtics ammo the last few years. If the threes are dropping, look out. You're going to get blown out. But they all play, but it's played out there. I know just a dumb stinker. Yeah, there you go, February, you just throw it out.

Just don't have those in May. So LeBron's not going anywhere. Also, allegedly, let's set this up before Jim Harbaugh joins us.

He had his introductory press conference yesterday. And listen, I'm going to be chipper. If I'm the head coach of a national champion. Program, and it's my alma mater. Look how chipper I've been telling you to this very day to drink men to this very day, we are three days into two days into February now, right, February 2nd. It's Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day. So I, I, I, I'm still smelling the air fresher. Poured a glass of wine last night. Man, it tasted so good.

Was it redder? Oh, yeah. It's just so great. The reds. Life's great.

It's awesome. And then, you know, let's just say I coach that team and then an organization says, how about you like to move to Southern California? We'll pay you 16 million dollars a year. I'll be very chipper.

I'll be very, very chipper. Yeah. And Jim Harbaugh was exactly that. I bet yesterday and gave a straight up answer about why he's why he did this. Now, obviously, there's 60 million reasons a year to do something like that. And I have a feeling Michigan was in that neighborhood, the very respectable neighborhood, to use the midnight run phrase. And so I don't think money would have been an issue for Jim Harbaugh to stay at at it in Michigan. 16 million, though, is a significant dollar amount. And that's the reported amount. As as we all know, terms are not disclosed. And as Dan Patrick always says, we're not around to pry. And so we don't know.

But that's what we're hearing. And he's wearing a beautiful new suit. What looks like also it looks like a new suit with a tie.

It's very it's very similar to the Michigan color scheme. It's not that far off. That's why I could be an old suit, but these last several years when Jim was kicking tires on the Vikings and then the Broncos and, you know, the number of times I would go to a combine and I'd hear, you know, your coach is calling around schools. Calling around programs around here, he's calling around NFL programs, not schools, he was calling NFL programs. I was hearing all the time.

Who knows if it's true or not? But in the back of your mind, it's like he's going to go to the NFL one day and I just want him to win a championship before it goes to the NFL. Then he does it.

And I have no problem. This is outstanding. I love seeing him happy. Sharone Moore is going to be joining us in our number two. I fully believe I've got full faith in his ability to keep this thing on an upward trend. Outstanding.

Can't wait for the football season to hit this fall. But Jim Harbaugh was asked about why he's doing it and 100 percent. 100 percent. Just take the money out of it, because I know a lot of people, oh, of course, he's going to say this because about the charges, because they're paying him a lot of money.

But 100 percent, this guy wants to win Lombardi trophies. Plural. Give a listen. The opportunity was presented and.

It. I felt that they the Spanish family, the charger organization. They made it clear that they liked what I did and how I did it. And and that's all you all you can ever want from a from somebody that's employing you.

So, yeah, love of Michigan, beloved the NFL. And, you know, this this opportunity, as my dad would say, who's got it better than us? It just it was it was time.

I got so many and I said this the other day, but I only got so many hour sands left in the hourglass and and I want another shot. I want another shot at to be simply known as world champions. The Lombardi Trophy, you know, that's that's my mission. How about that?

Hmm. The Los Angeles Chargers head coach is coming to win a championship. For. For the lightning bolts.

Show me your lightning bolt. I'm I'm I'll say it again. Listen, I've lived it for the last, what, eight, nine years at Michigan. The NFL world is just going to get that much more interesting with Jim Harbaugh in it. Chargers, Ravens in particular, right?

Next year, when it's the brothers going at it. Chargers against the Chiefs twice a year. Chargers against the Broncos who wanted Harbaugh to be their head coach.

Wait till those stories pop up. In the week before he takes on the Broncos for the first time. The Raiders, who Harbaugh.

Had a gig with his first professional NFL professional coaching gig with the Raiders back in the day. And then any time he makes the playoffs, which we're all assuming should be this very fall because the team is very talented and all he's got to do, one thing I can't wait to ask him when he joins us in about seven minutes time is his his first conversations with Justin Herbert. And and how what he does is he brings credibility to the equation here.

And what? We see from his teams are being dominant at the line of scrimmage. And what they're going to do offensively is going to be a smash mouth.

And I'm just wondering if Justin Herbert's going to help lead the smash. Similar to Josh Allen. Because he can run it, too, you know.

Hmm. He can run it, too. He's got no fear either. And the number of times the Chargers take the field next year, all the times they took the field this coming year was all about what happened in Jacksonville. And prior to that, it's like what happened in the last game of the previous season when all the head coach needed to do is go for Ty and both teams make the playoffs instead, he doesn't and the Raiders decide to just knock out the Chargers and go to the playoffs. And almost, by the way, beat Joe Boro in Cincinnati. And it's just always about what happened that gutted the team and the fan base and also just erodes any confidence that you have in their ability to change anything up.

And the Spanos is ponied up. They put the money on the table because if they didn't and didn't show Jim, hey, we like what you do and the way you do it. But he'd probably still be in Michigan or maybe Atlanta would have a different head coach or who the hell knows? Because as I've heard so many times when it comes to Jim, Jim with Jim, you never know. But now we do know this stuff about how he's always been tilting at that windmill of trying to win another Lombardi Trophy. It's true. You heard it.

That's what he said. He wants to win multiple ones while apparently living in an RV like Jim Rockford as the Chargers spend their last two months in their old facility before they move across the street here. Again, the NFL world is just that much more interesting with Jim Harbaugh in it, and that would, I imagine, mean to cascade onto this program because Jim's about to join us in less than five minutes. And then Sharon Moore, the new head coach at Michigan, will join us in the middle of hour number two.

What's more likely? We also have Tom Pelissero and hour number three to tell us why all these teams made the decisions they made. But the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, my head coach and national champion head coach Jim Harbaugh coming up. I'm Kevin Carr. I'm Archie Zaraleta. Concise, accurate and fresh each day.

America in the morning. The podcast available wherever you listen. On the Bigger Pockets real estate podcast, co-host David Green and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures and hard earned lessons. Joined by author Dave Meyer, who wrote a book. I did write a book. It seems like you're coming out with a book every four minutes. You are one to talk. You've released two books this year.

I've done half as many as you. It is more about strategy than it is about just finding whatever the new buzzword happens to be. Bigger Pockets real estate podcast on YouTube or wherever you listen. OK, Jim Harbaugh about to join us with the Chargers on a zoom. And when I said that the NFL is a more interesting world with heart, Jim Harbaugh in it can't say Harbaugh because John's already in it. Makes it very interesting here.

This sound bites a perfect example. Here's Jim talking about getting acquainted to Southern California. OK, so I want to I want to drive my RV out. I want to drive my RV out and and and go to a trailer park, you know, like down by the water or by Disneyland.

There'll be two that I've researched that are close to the facility. And I want to Jim Rockford it for the for the next couple of months until we move to the new facility. That's.

I have that thought going through my head. Come on. Right. I mean, he almost went van down by the river. These RV down by the water, right, almost went that almost went that way. But he's got I mean, he's got an RV.

He's got chickens in the backyard. You can literally fill in the blank with anything and I believe you. Right. Exactly right. Nothing is off off the realm. Right.

Off the table. Is he a donkey like Arnold Schwarzenegger? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe now that I mean, you're seeing where they could be neighbors with Arnold. Are they checking in from offices or from where are they checking in from? We're the background is like a kind of an aerial night shot of SoFi. OK, so.

I don't know where they are. That could be anywhere. And, you know, 60 million will buy a lot of livestock, fellas. So you can get donkeys and chickens and horses and nervous birds. That's true. Get some chimpanzees and things of that nature.

I want to know some livestock, but goats. That's how you come over. He might move in next to Herbert, for all we know. You know, I mean, like so he can have constant eyes. Yeah, I know. Also, back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you. Call click Ranger Dotcom or just stop by Jim Harbaugh said he wanted to drive his RV out and then live in an RV near the facility. It's a really good place right here on the beach.

Gardner. Well, I mean, he wants to live in the RV while they're down in their their current spot, which is way down the four or five. They're about to live. I mean, you're not about to have them as a neighbor just yet. We're they're moving El Segundo in a couple of months, I guess.

Yeah, right. Right next door. And Gardner Minshew told us when he was when we were chatting with him before the Colts Patriots game in Germany, that he he lives in an RV or lived in an RV outside his gym. So he would just live in his RV and he'd go in the gym.

And then and then he would play pickleball against some of the retirees in the area. And it's kind of funny, like we were we were we were talking. I forget who it was. Was it? I think it might have been Sarah Wall.

She was part of the crew or I forget who was doing the the sideline for the Colts. But we were going through what is the verbiage that, you know, because you only have like 30 seconds to make the to tell the story. Right.

You have to tell it between snaps and stuff like that. It's just like you couldn't say that he OK, so he's living in an RV. Then he'd go work out and then he goes to beat these old ladies in in a pickleball. You know, you had to come up with the term to, you know, to do that sort of thing. I bet you the old ladies were working.

I remember when T.J. White gardeners ago played pickleball against an older woman. He said that he just smoked them. All right. I believe our guest is sitting down in a second. All right. Very good.

Trying to figure out whether he's ready to to roll right here. We show their test and their connection over there. All right. Yeah. Gardner Minshew is quite an interesting guy. Yeah.

Yeah. He's currently at the Pro Bowl right now, which is this weekend. And then we can't wait to go to the dodgeball last night. Did you guys watch any of the games? I don't even know ball games go on until it was over.

I missed all of it. Bless you for having time to watch television, which is like, what? I guess it's what happens when you've got one kid. I don't think it's if I watch TV, please, please come over and see what's going on at my house.

This was in the middle of getting beat up with boxing gloves and rolling around on the ground and then trying to get some dinner inside. Right. It's a literally background noise.

OK, you had a rough one, Chris. And it's just every day. It's just background. It's background noise. But I saw Stefan Diggs like they threw it to him.

I think it was CD lamb. And he tried to catch it and he dropped it. And I was like, oh, shocking. Where have I seen that? Wow. See, that's unnecessary, bro. That's unnecessary. No, no, no. I feel you.

I feel you. Yeah. I was making a Stefan Diggs joke. OK, I got it. Yeah, I got it right there. I mean, you got it. OK. TJ, you you knew what I was doing. I yeah. Yeah, I got you. It was rude.

It was fun. Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, I wasn't going to be in the up and up. I'm just saying, I mean, I just realized that the reason he parked outside the gym is to use the shower. Oh, yeah. That might be. Oh, yeah. So you park out there. Oh, I get it. You're by the gym.

You got to work on it. I believe our our our our communication issues have been worked out. Hey, and he is the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. There he is.

There is my coach, Jim Harbaugh. Good to see you. How are you, Jim?

Mr. Eisen. Great to see you. Look at us. We're practically neighbors. We're practically neighbors. We're practically neighbors. Oh, my gosh. Congratulations. Couple of Michigan lads out here in the West.

That's right. Love and just love watching the sunset. Just kicking back, having a good time. Congrats on everything going on with you. Well, thanks.

Thanks. It was a fairy tale ending there at Michigan. And it's really been a fairy tale ending or beginning here.

And now just trying to make sure it's a fairy tale ending here. That's right. Exactly. You're going about your business. So let me just let me just hit you up on on on the transition and and the thought process you you went through to take the gig out here in Southern California.

What was that? Absolutely. Just great about it, you know, taking the taking taking instruction from the Holy Spirit, I found that when I since I've been when I just throughout my life, whenever I do that, things work out. And when I try to do things of my own thinking, my own planning, planning, then they don't work out so good. So why did you eventually come to the conclusion to take the job? Yeah, just meeting with the the Chargers, the Spanos family. As you know, my priorities are faith, family, football, this this vision that the that the family had.

And so many people here that I when I played, there was a real emotional connection. I mean, going back to, for example, last game, I played with the Chargers. Junior Seau and I exchanged jerseys the last game and he signed it.

And that's still proudly displayed in my home. The the the team, Justin, Justin Herbert. I mean, I think he's a a shining star, one of the real gems in the National Football League over and over. Mike's Mikey Spanos, who I coached at Stanford, Nicholas Rule, part of the family here, coached him at Stanford. There was just so many, so many, so many things that just aligned. And and that's what I wanted to do. Plus, plus the NFL. Plus, I love the NFL. I love Michigan. I love the NFL. Chance to win the Super Bowl trophy.

I want to take another crack at that. Rich. So a lot of a lot of a lot of reasons. Hey, listen, the number of folks that, you know, I know fellow wolverines, Jim, that were like in any way, shape or form talking about this, which is all the time over the last three weeks. It's like, hey, the Lombardi Trophy is not handed out in college. That is truly the one thing Michigan could not offer you. Jim Harbaugh. And so I'm wondering how much that has been playing in the back of your head over the last several years while you were up there in Ann Arbor doing what you eventually led to do for all of us.

You know, so many so many sands left in the hourglass, you know, rich and you know, picking another crack at it. You know, that definitely is something that something that was something was something was huge in factoring into the decision. And then, you know, Michigan is I mean, cherish the relationships there and passing the baton to Sharon Moore, I mean, somebody who's who's who's just so good and is going to take that program, keep it keep keep it right up there with the elite programs.

I mean, I know it's in good hands. There's an old saying my dad used to tell me, you know, nobody's ever really happy when a when a coach leaves a college program. Either the coach is upset because they fired him or, you know, the program's upset because he left.

The only way is if the coach dies. And I'm glad that this was a situation where I didn't have to die. But we all felt like we haven't gone to heaven.

You know what I'm saying? Like that is that is a fairy tale. It's a fairy tale ending at Michigan.

And it's a it's a new fairy tale beginning for her coach. Moore, Donovan Edwards, Jayden Dennigle or Alex Orgy, you know, Jayden Davis. You know, it's like it's like the baton passing from J.J. McCarthy, you know, to one of those two young men. Imagine the excitement that they have. I watched him the day after J.J. declared for the draft. Jayden Dennigle and Alex Orgy are out on they're out in the field.

They're in Glick. You know, they got receivers out there. And there's a there's a new bounce in the step. And I I see that with with Sherone Moore.

I mean, we've been talking about every every day, every other day. And, you know, he's out out on the recruiting trail. There's a real passing of the torch there. So it's cool. It's it was earned.

It was earned by by, you know, each of those individuals. And and and now, you know, this is a new journey for me. Couldn't be more excited about it. And hiring the staff, getting things going. I mean, just just working every day, you know. Like I said yesterday, it every day that I've I've awoken in the morning, it's why I got to be good.

I got to bring it. You know, this is this quarterback here. These players, I mean, there's they're pros, pros. And so, yeah, it's it's been incredible.

Rich, you know, this this beginning here and, you know, can't wait to can't wait to make it a great day today. Before we we I turn to to the Chargers in your current situation. One more on on the the gig you just left in any way, shape or form your decision formed by what college football currently is. And by that, I mean, for instance, Boston College's head coach left to be a defensive coordinator for the Packers. Chip Kelly has been interviewing to be an offensive coordinator in the NFL. And the general sense from those in our world is that you by leaving college, you go to the pros, you're going to a spot where there are actual rules around free agency, where you know what the rules are in terms of keeping players and paying players. There's a union. And in college, you've been very vocal about how the way things go should be players making all this from their opportunity.

But the question is, is what are the rules? And it's much easier, if you will, to be in the NFL than try and figuring out the puzzle of the new changing world in college football. Is that accurate in any way, shape or form for you, Jim? The accurate piece is that I was I really love the direction that it's going in college football, the name image and likeness, right? Yeah, it's about time there needs to be revenue sharing.

That's long overdue. You can't just keep not paying the talent that because that's the way it's always been done. The direction of the portal completely found that to be a positive, a lot more than it was a negative, at least with our players at Michigan. So I think the direction is good. There's a lot more that needs to be done.

But in no way is it accurate that I left because of NIL or the transfer portal. I think those are it's going in a good direction. But like you said earlier, I mean, there's there's not a Lombardi Trophy and I want to take another crack at that. OK, and in terms of that, what is what are you willing to share or can you share about your conversations initially with Justin Herbert and your plans for him?

You know, just Justin. And. Darn, every player had communication with, you know, the feedback has been, hey, we want to want to get back to work, we want to work, we want to win. You know, what can we do this to to help to support?

And and that's where I'm at. I'm happy to be on the team. And when you look at a talent like Justin Herbert, we're going to have to bring it. I got to hire a staff that is an all star staff worthy of, you know, a quarterback like this and worthy of the the players that are on this team. Rashad Slater, Zion Johnson, guys, Keenan Allen, Derwin James, Joey Bosa, Cleo Mack.

I mean, this is a this is a very, very talented team training. Ben Herbert is joining our staff. He is he is. I stand on the table, you know, 100 percent.

I'd dive off of that table. I'd follow Ben Herbert, you know, to hell and back wherever he is. He is leading us. I know that's going to be a huge piece, but just in particular got protected. I mean, protect them on the field, you know, his environment. You know, he's going to touch the ball every single play. And, you know, this is a, you know. This is a seminal moment. I mean, that's he's he's a crown jewel of players in the National Football League. Easily one of the top top three, five quarterbacks in the league, and so you can see the challenge there.

I mean, do not want to screw this up. I feel confident that, you know, we're going to put him in the position to, you know, to help our team get to where it wants to go. And then just again, what what what do you see in him specifically that you believe you can even enhance?

What do you think? Well, so so much good. I think, you know, the footwork, the the arm talent, the decision making all at a really high level protecting him, you know. We need a run game. We need to be able to be balanced that he doesn't have to be Superman every every single play and. The the health, you know, of him, he's such a tremendous athlete, I mean, I watch him, you watch these snaps and you watch these these games. I mean, this guy isn't is an all out type of player. I mean, some guys hit him and, you know, they bounce off. You know, he's the way he sees the field like footwork. He's been coached well. He's he's got receivers right now that can get open.

Maybe, you know, we just know more of a, you know, you know, across the board, inside, outside. But like Vince Lombardi, we say blocking. We got to we got to protect him and add some add the play action game, which comes off of a really good running game.

I mean, we were we were in the 20s run game, but we got to we got to get better in the run game. Well, you know, coach, I just want to take a last couple minutes to have with you here to thank you. I'm not kidding.

Seriously, on behalf of of everybody that you you've been around and, you know, and and Maize and Blue and everything. And you were so kind to me in 2016 to invite me on your sideline into the school. I'm still top five. You're still top five, top three.

Let's go top three. OK, OK. Talking to the Michigan football team. I mean, you had guys wanting to run through a wall. You know, I had to bring it. You know, certainly you were telling me here something. By the way, I don't recall a single thing you were telling me here right now. I was just on a different planet right there on the sideline when you were telling me that stuff.

But I just had to bring my idea ripped. It's the clothes that make you know, but it was just it was just an incredible memory to be there. That and you were you were just, you know, sharing the sideline and sharing.

I think it was Team 137 back in the day. Honor, honor to share a sideline with you, you know, and I can't thank you enough what you did to with the program. And it was just a wild year. I mean, when you look back on on this year, Jim, and leaving the program in the manner in which it is. I mean, what do you think of when you're you're watching the clock tick down and you are, in fact, a national champion, your family's there, you've accomplished the mission, you went back to Michigan to do what was going through your head at that minute? Just how good I felt for the players to know for them to know what it was like to be champions, to know what it was like for the parents of those players to know what it was like to have a son who was a champion. For my own wife to have a husband who was a national champion, my kids, their dads, a national champion, my my parents know that there's their son. I mean, now I can join my dad as a national champion and John, who's a Super Bowl champion, that that felt good personally. But, you know, just just to cherish relationships that we have with with everybody that was connected to our our team and, you know, the accountability to our alumni and to all the great Michigan fans, I mean, yourself included, who you know, stuck with us through, you know, through good times and bad times for for all to that. Just put a punctuation mark on O'Shanbeckler's statement. Those who stay will be champions, exclamation point.

Boom. And and just for us to know, you know, just just inside to know. I mean, we're you know, we have that. And I what I told the guys back in Ann Arbor, I told the guys back in Ann Arbor, you know, don't lose it. It'll be it'll be in the walk, you know. And when people stop talking about it, you know, we can still we can still look each other in the eye and just a nod, don't have to take a deep, long bow.

But it just be a just be a head nod. We know. And now you're going to see a lot of them at the combine. And obviously, maybe even on your team, you know, you never know.

Right. You can't wait. I mean, I watch watching Roman Wilson dazzle down at the Senior Bowl. And, you know, all the guys are going to do great. Blake, Blake Korm, A.J. Barner, Chris Jenkins, Junior Colson. Wait till I mean, wait till everybody gets a load of J.J. McCarthy and what he can do.

Yeah, I mean, I'd love to just give your what just before I let you go. Your opinion of J.J. at the next level. Obviously, we saw what he could do.

And you were kind of a spirit animal and vice versa out there. I mean, clearly you're not in the market for a quarterback. So you've you've got the floor for J.J. McCarthy.

And what's going to happen in the league? Pound the table here. Yeah. Yeah.

Let me let me let me let me make a prediction. It's going to be it's don't be surprised if he goes all the way to number one quarterback off the board where people see him throw in person, you know, when they when they watch him run, they see the athleticism when they do the interviews and and they really start digging into, you know, how this how this young man is wired. And he's only 21.

He just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. Mark my words. Don't be surprised when he when he may be the number one quarterback off the board. OK, fantastic. And I can't wait to see you at the combine. And in in before all that, you know, my show studio, you've been here before. We're in El Segundo.

You're about to have your offices in El Segundo right across the street. Want to meet for coffee, whatever you want. I'll be my guy. My guy. Appreciate that. Thank you, Rich.

You got to go blue. And in in in and I will leave you with this. We saw that you might be bringing your RV out here in the in the meantime.

And you mentioned you wanted a Jim Rockford it. We made that we made this up for you right there. I love it. I love it. That's it's it's it's going through the head.

And, you know, people say, you know, here's another quirky thing or another bizarre thing. It's been done. It's been done.

I've known players who've done that, coaches who've done that and, you know, be right be right close to the facility. But when you have a Pacific Ocean, that big blue staring at you. I mean, that would be that would be wouldn't be a bad. It's not that logical. Yeah. And I'm assuming the Harbaugh RV looks a little bit better than the Rockford RV. You know, I'm just I'm just going to go out on that limb. I mean, I would I would love to get an RV like like in the accountant. Oh, OK. Sure. You like that one?

I love that a little bit. That's why I didn't I didn't I didn't spend the money to get it. Well, listen, coach, appreciate the time always. And congrats on on the move. Good luck doing what you want to do next. And thank you for leaving the banner behind, sir. Thank you. Appreciate it, Rich.

Thanks a lot. Right back at you. That's Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, right here on the Rich Ison Show on Sharone Moore is coming up.

Hey, how about that? He is going to be on and he's on the recruiting trail. He's going to be on in about 40 minutes time. Look at us.

We turn pages. Right here on the show. All right, let's take a break. Lots to chew on right there, including Chris Brockman's look when he heard J.J. McCarthy is going to go number one.

That's next. This is the Rich Ison Show. The first quarterback of my Michigan fandom, the coach of my team, the man who gave me the honor of representing the team as an honorary captain and a man who would tell me to attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to the man, common man. Is there who's got it better than me? But Jim Harbaugh is on the Rich Ison Show, aren't you there, Jim?

I'm here, Rich. Happy birthday. Monday, 50th. Big five. Oh, wow. Awesome.

Big five. I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be at your surprise party Saturday night. I heard that story.

But you got caught up with being a family man, which is. Yeah. Yeah, I got my daughter's graduation party was that Saturday night. Her graduation was Thursday.

It's all good. Party was Saturday. So are you going to have more honorary captains? Are you still doing that?

Yeah, we're still doing that. We're going to honor the sixty nine team. OK, so that means Deardorff comes back. Deardorff says, well, he's already there. He'll be in the radio booth. So, yeah, Ty Law, Ty Law is going into the Hall of Fame.

Yes. If you need me to let them know how high the bar is set in terms of speechifying, just give them my number. I'll tell them that the how high the bar is set. Jim, you know, I mean, that's I will tell them that. I will let them know that I'm going to let them know. That's what we do. That's how we do it. You know, listen, you're going to be honorary caps.

You got to talk to the team. Yes. Again, you got to watch this.

You got to watch this clip from Rich Eisen. And this is how it's done. This is how you do it. Hey, Jim, thanks for calling in. Really means a lot. You are you're you're one of my all time favorites for many, many reasons.

So thanks for taking the time. You're enjoying your joy. You're you're continuing 50. It just doesn't sound like it's just one day. It sounds like it's a eyes and palooza. It goes on for weeks.

Eyes and palooza is one of my favorite words of all time. Very, very back on The Rich Eisen Show. I want to let you know that you can stream the Super Bowl on Westwood one for free, sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You've hopefully been listening to every Westwood one broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports or on your Westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms. And you can do that for the big game with Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on the microphone for free and get in the zone with AutoZone.

AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone. AutoZone restrictions apply. We'll announce our guest list for our Vegas shows later on in the program. Trust me, we're very proud of it. That's why I'm promoting it as if it's worthy of promotion.

That's later on. Very proud of our guest list. And we're still potentially adding to it as well. How about them apples? JJ McCarthy is going to be the number one overall pick. You just heard that from Jim Harbaugh. I would be shocked. I would be shocked, too. But first round, for sure, I think it's going to happen. Let me tell you.

If anybody wants to identify. The Jordan love in this draft. Which is draft them.

You want to give them some seasoning if that if you feel that's necessary. I think that's JJ McCarthy. If you want to identify a CJ Stroud in this draft, as in coming straight out of college, played some big games, played in some playoff games already. And he can dominate. I think it's JJ McCarthy, too, but I am biased. I I've we've only chatted with him a couple of times on the show. And I'm I just see what he can do.

And. I can't wait to see where he winds up. Every mock draft I see has him in the what? Late teens, first round, something like that. Am I seeing that? Yeah, I've seen I've seen as high as the teens.

I've seen as low as the 40s. So I mean, if he goes to the four, I would be kind of shocked if he goes mid-second round. How about one thing that Jim just said about him? The fact about him. 21 years old, just turned 21.

Oh, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Pennix is 24. Bo Nix is 80, isn't he?

Bo Nix is collecting Social Security. He got his ARP card, didn't he? By the way, I don't know how old he is. It just feels like he's he's been in college football for six years.

He's played a lot of college football. Yeah, he's 23. He'll be 24. I actually be 24 in the same day as Cage. Oh, OK.

They share birthdays coming up, coming up a couple of weeks. But this is Caleb Williams' world, as we all know, and for paying rent in it right now. I saw a mock draft earlier. Washington trades up to number one for Caleb Williams. Well, you're already hearing what the folks in the town where we're heading is thinking right now, because it does appear the next offensive coordinator of the Las Vegas Raiders is Cliff Kingsbury. And you know what the Raiders need? Mm hmm.

Oh, yeah. It's somebody like Caleb Williams coming to Las Vegas, putting on the silver and black. And if he does believe, as he apparently was quoted as saying that his skill set, he thinks. What he's seeing out of Patrick Mahomes, that the comparison is 100 percent. Legit.

Now, I'm paraphrasing what he said, not saying I am Patrick Mahomes, but he did say that the skill set that he sees from Mahomes is something that's not unfamiliar. And it would cost, truly, I mean, what do you what do you have to offer the fountains? Right.

What else you got to offer up? I think a pirate ship, a free buffet. The Tigers, six feet of rice, Tigers or Island. Yeah. By the way, I don't think the Tigers exist. You keep on mentioning that act.

That's that's that's old acts. The Tigers are still there. The Tigers are still alive. Go see them. Well, I know. But just the Tigers, you know what I mean? OK. All right. Like all the paint that the blue man group use. All right.

Now you're getting more about that giant neon guitar at the hard rock. I want the Eiffel Tower. You're going to have to excuse me. You're going to have to offer the sphere, oh, which is not theirs to offer. You're going to have to make a deal with James Dolan, which is tough.

Dolan is a third man. And, you know, having the next be a third team in is very difficult. Yeah, it's not easy. But in all seriousness, Shadow Creek, you can take the you just know, you know what the Vegas Raider fans are going to be thinking right now. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, go up and get it.

Get it. And unfortunately, I think they're they're interim no longer in a head coach won too many games. Yeah, they're 13. That's a long way to travel. That's a long way to go. But you throw in the next three. That's one of those. Like it's it's it's it's like it's third and 13. And you just threw one behind the sticks.

And it's just like, oh, he's got a long way to go. Because it's special. I think we call that. Oh, man. Sorry.

I don't know why I'm in a mood today. I don't know what it is. What is what is Kirk Cousins going to catch?

Catch shrapnel. That's what he does. You know what I mean? No, he doesn't. He actually he's he's a chunk play guy.

All right. You like that. So I bet you what we'll hear that conversation next week. Hey, Cliff Kingsbury is here. We need a quarterback.

Let's go get. Well, Denver needs a quarterback. And could they move? Well, you're already hearing that as a hot rumor that the. The the Broncos are going to. Make this move, but the Bears. Might choose to do it themselves.

And I can't wait to have this conversation all spring long. How much pressure do you think the Bears are feeling, man? Because a ton. I mean, they got a chance of messing this up forces.

Or they're like, this is great. You know, makes diamonds. That's what I heard.

Yeah, but it also bust pipes. Sharon Moore, the new head coach of Michigan. We just talked to Jim Harbaugh, Sharon Moore, our two. Who's happier than rich this hour? Nobody. He's my neighbor, Jim Harbaugh.

He might he might be your neighbor soon, by the way. Can we throw up smitches work one more time? Excellent.

I text him last night. I'm like, you know, this is Mona Lisa. Is this is wonderful.

Look at this. That looks great. I mean, to put James Garner's Jim Garner's hair on Jim Harbaugh's head.

I actually looks great. I actually think Harbaugh, too, probably owns that exact outfit. That is, I would take that sport. Where is the sport code?

Is it in the Smithsonian? The car, Jim Rockford cars. What kind of car did he drive? Come on.

You guys have no idea. Trans Am. I've never seen this show. Oh, Firebird.

You're right on that trailer. Looks like you're in much better days, though. Pontiac 74 Pontiac Firebird. Mike, where is where is where is where is Jim Rockford's answering machine? Oh, that was. Yeah. Hi, Mike.

Is this on a streamer somewhere? Can I catch up on this? All I have to tell you is I just it's a fair warning to you.

All you got to do is hear the theme song once and it's in your head. The rest of my course. Yeah, it's my post. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's on. It's oh, there you go. But watch the Rockford files on the Roku channel. Look at your stumbling into a nice promo. I know what I'm doing this weekend here on the Roku channel this weekend. Watch the Harbaugh files on the Roku channel. David Chase, Rockford five. Yeah. I respect each other. I feel like no one respects me. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen.
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