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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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October 13, 2022 6:06 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 13, 2022 6:06 am

Houston Astros radio voice Steve Sparks joins the show | Your After Hours "TD of the Week" reveal! | How did the Draymond Green punch video get leaked?


Some fans gear up for game day, but some fans follow their team every day. That's why the Locked On Podcast Network has a daily podcast for your favorite NBA team. Every trade, every overtime win, every game, our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day. Search Locked On plus your favorite NBA team on the Odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts. The Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day.

Some fans gear up for game day, but some fans follow their team every day. That's why the Locked On Podcast Network has a daily podcast for your favorite NBA team. Every trade, every overtime win, every game, our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day. Search Locked On plus your favorite NBA team on the Odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts.

The Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day. There was a goose at Dodger Stadium. Only in October. I'd rather see a goose at Dodger Stadium or a squirrel or a cat get loose in a ballpark than any streaker with his pink smoke bomb.

So bring on the geese. Although I always remember and feel badly for the animals because you know they're terrified. With all of those people with all of that noise, they're thinking how the hell did I end up here? How do I get out of here? Remember, they're always more afraid of us than we are of them.

I tell myself that whenever I encounter a spider who threatens to take my house from me. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're live of course from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rockets can. We will check on the health of the goose, the health and well-being of the goose at Dodger Stadium when we have the opportunity. But we talked about the two National League games that finally were played on Wednesday night. Both those series are even. The American League is back in the spotlight come Thursday and I'm wondering if we're going to get the same kind of fireworks that we had at Minute Maid Park in Houston to wrap game one between the Mariners and the Astros. The 0-1 and Alvarez belts it.

Deep to right field. Unbelievable. The Astros a walk-off win. And the Astros stunned the Mariners and gave one of the division series.

Incredible. The house of horrors for the Seattle Mariners continues as they mob Alvarez by home plate. A miraculous comeback for Houston.

The Astros win an 8-7. Well it was exciting all right and once we heard it and we played it multiple times because it was so entertaining and they put every ounce of energy they had into it. Obviously the the 41,000 plus fans at Minute Maid Park went completely nutso.

It was utter pandemonium. Perfect opportunity to grab a member of the Astros broadcast team Robert Ford and Steve Sparks. They're the play-by-play voices and I listen to them even in the dead of summer because I enjoy their their broadcast and I think that they're so much fun and obviously very competent too. And so we're pleased to welcome Steve Sparks even getting ready now for the road trip that's coming. Now still game two will be played in Houston on Thursday but then they have to travel so we're glad to grab a couple minutes with Steve who's also a former big league pitcher. So Steve you hear the call there what was that like for you to have that your Don Alvarez ball just get blasted and the whole stadium go crazy? I think it was just a build-up Amy more than anything else is we're anticipating the whole time okay you know we're telling the audience Altuve's batting third this inning and Altuve has 23 career postseason home runs. We just need a you know a guy or two to get on base find a way and David Hensley his first career postseason at bat he's finds a way to get on on base so Altuve's got a chance with the runner on. Altuve strikes out. Cania goes down two strikes and the slider's been killing him all year long and he's able to to keep his bat reach out and line a single up the middle and that whole time we were leading up we're saying your Don is on deck there's the shadow right there we see it right in front of us so he gets to the plate and then that's when the drama builds and his broadcasters Robert Ford and myself we're just going oh my gosh we've seen him come through so many times and then they bring in the lefty and it just doesn't matter with Kyle Tucker or your Don Alvarez it just doesn't matter if it's a righty or a lefty and if you make a bad pitch typically those guys make them pay you know and coming up in big moments and being able to to keep your pulse down the way he does it looks like such a a beautifully controlled swing we couldn't contain ourselves and Robert was out of his seat immediately his seat flies back against this refrigerator in our broadcast booth he's up in the air he's screaming I'm waiting you know we want to make sure that everybody can hear the crowd it breathes as much as we can but everybody wants to get their two cents in and uh we did our best we contained ourselves just enough uh for people to be able to understand at least what we were what we were watching could you even hear yourself think though because it certainly sounded like you felt like you were drowned out by the crowd yeah it there's just a vibe where we feel it on our desk there's a vibration you know everybody's out of their seats the inning percolated it was like a massive cup of coffee or a volcano uh waiting to erupt and uh we felt it you know and as we're going uh it's kind of a blackout feeling really Robert will probably tell you the same thing I think a lot of people watched and and heard Robert's call he was phenomenal and uh he got every bit of emotion out there that I think every Astros fan was feeling at the same time is it possible to encapsulate what you're done Alvarez means to this team no not really I mean you you've you've heard it for a long time and even some of the the veteran players you know Yuli Gurriel, Ledmez Diaz, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman these guys were saying a year or two ago this is the best hitter we've ever seen you know and I thought the same thing and I faced David Ortiz a lot throughout my career and I saw him with Minnesota and then of course went on to be an icon in Boston and that's what that's what Jordaan reminded me the very first time I saw him I mean his his body his frame uh his strike zone discipline the way he hits the ball off everything reminded me of big Poppy so uh you know now you start to hear and I'm talking to some of my compatriots guys that I played against you know uh they're saying the same thing that's big Poppy you know and be able to watch him at 25 years old uh to be able to command the stage the way he does it's pretty fun that is high praise and with the the body type and the size of both big Poppy and Jordaan it kind of feels like every time they connect with a pitch it should be out of the ballpark yeah it does I mean the active velocity is ridiculous I mean we'll see all these outs and just go well that's kind of a ho-hum play and you look at the stat cast is 111 miles per hour off his bat just uh just a ho-hum line out to right field he does that stuff all the time just glad he's playing baseball we're spending a few minutes with Steve Sparks who's one half of that Astros radio team Robert Ford the play-by-play Steve also a former big league pitcher so we get that expertise on the broadcast it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio uh I'd love to hear your insight on Justin Verlander what did you see with him yesterday just you know a little lack of command and you know that happens from time to time he was just but we saw it a couple times during the season it didn't happen very often he had a 1.75 ERA so very infrequently but he had one of those clunkers against Seattle earlier in the season I think May 27th gave up four homers gave up six runs in that game and uh next game actually faced Seattle and dominated so nobody redeems himself as well as the future hall of famer you know Verlander's I mean he's the marquee name on this team and everybody follows his lead and I think it's fun to to watch a lot of his interviews these days with Verlander he's talking about he's taking the blinders off he was out of the game for a couple of years and realized he wants to to soak it in and uh he said his routines embedded enough uh into his psyche where he can take those blinders off and and and be a resource for his teammates and he's enjoyed that he wants to be a mentor and a good friend and a good teammate and he feels like uh that little time off and having a baby and things of that nature have kind of uh opened his eyes a little bit so it's it's fun to have this version of him around considering his age could you imagine what he had to go through as a pitcher even if he is a freak athlete to be able to get to this point and have the season he did again after the injury and the time away you know what Amy I had a buddy of mine watch his showcase in December he's a scout for the Texas Rangers and he called me and just said hey man I saw I saw Verlander throw and keep in mind he was a free agent he's stolen for all these teams he said I don't think I've ever seen him better whoa you know and he this is a guy who you know played for quite a while in the big leagues and uh he knew what he was watching and he said it was the most impressive little showcase he'd ever been to so I knew I I you know I I knew not to doubt anything that was about to come our way and I knew that there was going to be no stone unturned as far as his his rehab went and how hard he was going to work I mean he's a freak in that way you know we see guys in different sports to Tiger Woods to Tom Brady's and such that play at a high level as they age and Verlander's you know that combination of great talent who's been able to take advantage of technology and who's very disciplined he's taken advantage of nutrition sleep and whatever it is to that to get a 39 year old to go out there every five or six days and dominate so it's Fromber Valdez in game number two coming up on Thursday how do you like the way this rotation could stack up considering the travel days but also the that kind of weird day off in between game one and two yeah you know if you look forward you know and you're thinking who can bounce back and pitch a game five if necessary Fromber's the one who is is the most likely to be able to do that he's very strong we saw the 25 consecutive quality starts which is a single set season major league record he set this year but he gets deep into the ball games and he bounces back very quickly so he's matured very much mentally in the last couple of years he's got a sports psychologist that's helped him through some of that and he's very difficult for for a manager Amy I would say we say this sometimes in the broadcast very hard to take out of a ball game and I think a lot of people understand he's the probably the best ground ball inducing pitcher we've seen since Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks probably 15-20 years ago 67 percent basically for for Fromber the last few years and it's hard to take a guy like that out of any game with any circumstance because he's just one pitch away from getting the ground ball double play so he'll get deeper into the ball games just for that that fact alone you mentioned manager and I'm glad you did because I was going to ask you about Dusty Baker I've asked other people like Jeff Blum I'm pretty sure I asked Robert about him too why has he been the right fit for the Astros to give them stability but not just that to keep them playing at the highest level right well the obvious answer is he came in right after the cheating scandal they need a they needed a respectable person at the front they needed a face for this organization that people respected and Dusty was the perfect fit for that beyond that I mean it's it's the the experience it's the culture that he he provides for the guys to be themselves he's continued a philosophy to let young guys feel at ease in a clubhouse and that usually well that wasn't the case you know 15-20 years ago and all the way back that you know if you fear a rookie you were to be seen not heard but it's not that way you know they make these guys feel comfortable and that way you get the the best version of those guys when they come to the big leagues and Jeremy Payne is a perfect example of that and he had big shoes to fill at the shortstop position for the Astros this year but everybody put their arm around him and and helped him through his first major league season and he did he did great I mean everything about him you know just exuded somebody who was very comfortable in that clubhouse and he appreciated it he's very humble kid anyway but that's the type of culture that Dusty has going on in that clubhouse and it's the freedom of the coaches to coach and the players to play and he's comfortable enough in his own skin to let that that play out I think similar to a Bryant Snitker that Dusty Baker would be a sentimental favorite to get that ring could you imagine after all these years to see him finally on the top would be amazing three-time manager of the years uh ninth in the all-time wins list he's done everything he was a great player I mean he can draw uh expertise from so many experiences he's had but he's just a great people person I'll tell you this the first year that Dusty was in spring training with the Astros they were playing in Jupiter I think they were playing the Marlins that day and there was a couple of guys that drove four hours across the state a couple of his former players I think it was Kirk Mann wearing and maybe an infielder that he had with San Francisco just to go and support Dusty for about 30 minutes during batting practice just to put their arms around him to say good luck and let everybody else there know that these are guys that played for Dusty 15 20 25 years ago that still made an impact in their lives and they were going to show uh him their support and that really struck me as like man he made an impression on those guys really good to spend a few minutes with Steve Sparks one half of the Astros radio team and a former big league pitcher himself it's after hours on CBS sports radio okay Steve tell me if this sounds crazy I actually feel like the Astros even with 106 wins the fact that they have led the American League west the whole season essentially I feel like they even then still flew under the radar is that possible yeah I think so you know they did it in a different fashion this year Amy I think most people remembered you know when they were really kind of dominating their division and they still dominated their division but they did it offensively and when you do it offensively then I think it stands out more but this team did of pitching and you had a six-man rotation and that allowed Verlander to recover and stay fresh throughout the season but they dominated pitching wise and the lineup's not quite as deep and relentless as it's been in years past but it's still potent you know we've talked ad nauseam about Jordan of course but they still got a lot of guys who can beat you in different but overall it's the pitching and a lot of times you know when you're talking about the seventh inning reliever or your fourth starting pitcher who's got an ERA under three that doesn't get the headlines like some of these power hitters like Aaron Judge yeah exactly yeah and you can't blame them those are the things that excite people but the Astros you know one through whatever one through 14 or whatever they they've pitched as well as anybody this year so Steve when you think about the Mariners and the way they got into the playoffs and ended their drought I mean it was back-to-back walk-offs late in the season they have a flair for the dramatic they've got this incredible young rookie with a megawatt smile and a game to match what impresses you about the Mariners you know I remember getting in the elevator about five years ago with Jerry DePoto after a game and the Astros throttled them in Seattle and you know we were done we were getting ready to go get on the bus but DePoto was going downstairs or he was on the elevator same time he looked at me he said you guys are just too fast for us we just got to get more athletic so he was you know that was the bar you know they were watching what do we have to do to win the division slowly but surely you know you start to see the guys that they brought in and they've gotten guys you know in the bullpen who get swing and miss you know a couple of guys in the rotation will see one of them in particular Luis Castillo tomorrow swing and miss you know some of the things that the Astros were looking for when they put together this roster the Mariners have done in matchup wise as far as athleticism I think they're on par I mean I think these both of these teams very very athletic now and I think the only thing that the Astros probably have over Seattle at this point is experience and when you have confidence and experience in something to draw on I think it matters sometimes and we saw that yesterday of course but that doesn't mean that anybody's going to take them for granted Seattle's a very very good team they've had a great season and they have hope you know you're down eight to one in that game against Toronto and you come back everybody in their dugout has that fresh in their memory and you know if they fall behind at any point the rest of this series they're always going to have hope and if you have hope you're going to always be very dangerous but even on top of hope they have a lot of talent they do what does it mean to a clubhouse to have an infusion of talent but also a personality like Julio Rodriguez right yeah it means everything you know and he's quickly become the face he's the face of that franchise he's the best player on their team there's no question about that and they're going to ride him for 15 years probably you know and you know if they can keep him on the field he's going to take them to where they want to go there's no doubt in my mind he's very special he's going to be one of the most talked about enigmatic players in the game for years to come before I let you go because I know that you do have game two coming up on Thursday when I think about this season the lockout is a distant memory kind of cast the shadow for months and it was a big talking point and there were people who swore off baseball and that was it I'm never going back and honestly it feels like all of that has faded almost as though it was a bad dream when you think about the state of baseball the health of baseball this season Steve what's your assessment well I was thinking about that during spring training I had an airbnb already lined up and I was there for I think three weeks before the lockout was settled so I was going to the ballpark and it was me Dusty Baker and Gary Pettis the Astros third base coach the ones that are watching the minor leaguers every day so we had a lot lot to talk about but we were drawing on the last strike and what that meant and what that hangover felt like and when we came back in 1995 after that long strike it was brutal I mean the fans you're talking about swearing off baseball there's still people that have sworn off baseball since then that haven't come back yet so it was a very difficult time the players felt it for a long time until really until Cal Ripken broke and broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive game streak there was nothing really to feel good about about baseball so that's what you were thinking about during that time this spring and we were hopeful we were hearing rumors this and that just like everybody else didn't really have the clear answers that we were hoping for but we were hopeful that we weren't going to go through something similar that we did 25 years ago yeah it certainly doesn't seem like it most the people that I've talked to almost don't remember that it ever happened which is a good thing for baseball great Steve Sparks one half of the Astros broadcast team I enjoy listening to you and Robert Ford even when it's dead of summer and I can be watching on tv you guys are a fun listen thank you so much for a couple of minutes it's great to catch up with you thanks for having me Amy always a pleasure they are good if you've never heard Robert and Steve they've been working together now for a decade so they have a great rapport and they're just fun you've got baseball announcers who know how to make it a fun listening experience even though I've used this stat before in a three-hour baseball game only six and a half minutes is actual play-by-play the rest is stories and stats and perspective and setup it's just it's not the same as basketball which is non-stop or football which at least has stretches of intensity even if there is more downtime too all right you can find us on twitter after our cbs we haven't yet revealed to you the td of the week we ran out of time last night so we didn't have a chance to do that also if you are ready for week number six well we've got the latest in qb news because a lot of the quarterbacks speak on wednesdays it's required by the nfl for certain players and obviously the coaches that have to speak on particular days coming out of one football weekend going into the next we've still got our sad sap of the week and the show question of the night i trust me you've not ever heard this one on our show before we like to keep you on your toes it's after hours with amy lauren some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite nba 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your perfect suit with indochino get 50 off any purchase of 399 dollars or more with promo code fall update at that's i n d o c h i n o dot com promo code fall update it's on cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast you're listening to after hours with amy lawrence firing for the end zone touchdown touchdown the people have spoken and one score stands above the rest here is your td of the week the buffalo builds snap josh handles it back to throw pocket collapsing fires a deep one down field looking for gabe davis makes the catch at midfield he's going to sail into the end zone gabe davis at the 20 at the 10 touchdown holy mackerel 98 yards touchdown gabe davis on third and ten at their own two that's the way to start holy mackerel obviously they uh on that first third down um they doubled both of them they both doubled steph and gabe from what i saw i saw the safety go this way saw two guys kind of sitting here playing the sticks a little bit and gabe just uh you know did his thing and ran and gave him a chance to go make a plane he did josh allen saw the opportunity and he seized the day first drive of the game for the bills against the steelers and that was just the beginning there was much more to come in fact they were up 31 to 3 at the half and gabe davis himself had was it like 200 yards uh receiving and had a couple of touchdowns and both of them fairly acrobatic it was an overwhelming choice by you for td of the week on both of our social media sites as always our polls originate from our show twitter account after our cbs and if you haven't seen the phenomenal defense the leather being flashed by dns b swanson and austin riley of the braves two separate videos we've got them up on our show twitter and our facebook page too after hours with amy lawrence so i thought since we're really quick here and also since we have marco uh marco and i are about the same age i think we talked about this before but we're we're the same jen i think so yes j is not the same jen as us i don't think so so j are you technically a millennial i think so yeah oh dear okay well yeah no he's there there went a beautiful relationship okay so i was yeah i know i'm pretty sure millennials are ruining the world but i'm teasing oh my god i'm with you jay i'm just an old man but i'm with you so it wasn't that long ago that j and i somehow ended up in this discussion about how people respond to text messages with or or and it could be a facebook message i don't use facebook message much but people respond to dms that kind of thing with a thumbs up emoji right like that's that that to me seems so dismissive and rude and also it could be interpreted a bunch of different ways but sometimes that's all people say that i'll send them a big long text message and i just get a thumbs up and response and it's not just men i mean that would be stereotypical but i think more men probably do it than women but i even get that from my female a couple of female friends now and then and i just it annoys the crap out of me by the way i just want you all to know that after i talked about this on the air a bunch of my friends who i didn't previously realize listen to the show sent me they hahaha with the thumbs up emoji because they were listening anyway there's a new study that was done among thousands of young people between 16 and 29 so j that doesn't even include you anymore sorry a bunch of young people between ages 16 and 29 and that would be gen z that's what you are you're gen z apparently the younger generation also thinks the thumbs up emoji is rude and passive aggressive so so a couple of other things well some of these users are saying because it's confusing it could mean a number of different things it could be a yes it could just be hey i got your message whatever i mean i just think it's an it's annoying if that's all you have to say as a response to a message it just seems very dismissive in my opinion is hey this conversation's over kind of a thing uh it doesn't bother me i don't use emojis of any kind that's just no no she's not you're missing out yeah it's not lots of animal emojis so much fun yeah smiley faces and all that nonsense i don't i don't do that stuff that's that's me that's me that's because you don't smile uh rarely uh so but i wouldn't if i had a lot of people give me the thumb i don't i don't i i usually admit it's something where the the conversation is pretty much done it's almost like instead of saying got it they're just giving you a thumbs up i'm it doesn't bother me well it bothers gen z that gets their feelings hurt over everything ages 16 to 29 this is they're very sensitive uh and so they they apparently think it's passive aggressive but also it's rude now listen to this emojis probably won't surprise you are more likely to be used by those over 35 okay so that would include both marco and i we're both over 35 jay's not but i will just say for jay he well did you tell me that you use more emojis when you text with me because because i do it or no i tend i use them i won't lie you use them yeah with your other friends yeah i use them who are a lot of guys not all guys but a lot of guys yeah maybe not as much but i do use them all right so jay also uses emojis even though he's not quite 35 but apparently these young people also think that if you use them in the workplace that you are it's very alienating they don't feel included if you use emojis in a workplace which i the only people i use would be with with jay but we're friends in addition to being like you i feel like i've probably used a couple emojis and text to you probably but you have a flip phone though don't you or did you finally get a smartphone no i don't have okay but you used to when i first met you 10 years ago yes it did yes okay so anyway there's more though and this is the part that i find highly amusing this won't apply to marco since he's already indicated he does not use emojis but producer jay are you ready the top 10 most offensive emojis according to young people the ones that indicate that you're old essentially so this is again according to thousands of young people ages 16 to 29 these are the emojis that they said a mean that you're old because our generation doesn't use them and b that they find to be offensive and i i don't know why because i'm not a 16 year old but you know what i said about them so these are these are some of the ones that they they feel like indicate that you're not part of their generation the thumbs up emoji which we just talked about the red heart emoji okay that's one of my favorites that's in my top three i use the red heart emoji all the time i'm clearly old i've already told you all that the okay hand i've never once used either the thumbs up or the okay symbol either jay uses the okay symbol every now and then yeah but only to when i'm describing something as like being perfect or being like really good never just use that as like a okay like conversation entered so i would always be in context for like oh like very nice like emphasis on the nice what's the green tick i don't know what that is the check mark is it a check mark oh yeah probably my gosh that's so hard to find in my list of emojis it's not even one that pops up right away so it my smartphone my galaxy s10e has no joke thousands of emojis and if you have to search through the emojis i give up green tick that's weird okay i'm just taking a guess here that that makes sense to me all right be the check mark i think that's right here's more the 10 most offensive emojis which is really funny the ones that uh mean that you're old the monkey covering his eyes i've used that one before but i wouldn't say it's in my top three but i have used it before um the clapping hands i've never used that one is that the one that has the like parentheses that one's aggressive yeah i don't like that one at all i think that was stupid i don't know that one so it the way that it indicates motion is it's got those two kind of almost like parentheses on the side you know how it indicates motion kind of like i'm gonna get your ass in gear like now when i see that one oh really that's what you think i just thought it was like applause no i see it as like like get you know pick it up this is one that i've never used in my life and i wouldn't because i would agree that it's way too extra and aggressive the lipstick kiss mark yeah no that's that's yeah that's weird no that is weird okay so maybe i'm not quite as old as i thought the grimacing face which one is that one is that the one with the we're showing all of his teeth no that's a smiley one i mean it's a huge that's like smiling with all your teeth like a smirking one grimacing face i don't know what i'm not sure exactly what that one is uh i do i i do love the eye roll emoji so i hope it's not that one uh okay here's another one that makes you look old are you googling it so we know which one is the grimacing face it comes up as the one with the teeth one of my actual favorite ones which is oh dear we're gonna have to we're gonna have to pivot j uh the loud crying face so not the one with the teardrop but the one where you've got like tears streaming down your face oh i've definitely used that one i don't know if it's in my top three but i've used that a lot i'm so old now are you ready there's more there's more this is i don't know why this makes people old but did you know the well it's the emoji that looks like chocolate ice cream but it's not chocolate ice cream with the eyeballs the poop essentially it's poop with eyeballs okay just wait until your son gets a phone that's gonna be his favorite we have that as a pillow in the house why i don't know i saw it on the couch once i was like why does this here did you know where it came from you knew it was an emoji yeah i've seen it i don't use them have i seen them sure people send me stuff all the time but i just don't go to these things i mean according to thousands of young people if you use this the the poop emoji you're old yeah look look being old i'll say this but i'm around enough young people if you will me too anything that you do makes you old so it's cool like it's just it just take it it is what it is you if you're older than them they look at you as old so anything that you say or do makes you old that's own it interesting so again this is a poll of gen zers and they listed these 10 emojis as the one that the ones that make you look old and out of touch that part makes that's even funnier you're out of touch if you use the poop emoji do you know i once sat in my elementary school classroom at church and asked the kiddos we had well they brought it up we had a whole conversation about whether or not that was ice cream or poop they were sure it was poop so if a first grader knows all about that why does that make us old and out of touch and by us i don't mean you i just mean anyone throw me in there i'm cool i see again own it you know like i i don't know i i will say this though it's it's always funny to me like you know offensive or what like we really have to like study like the the emojis that come back and the text who's got time for this kind of stuff i think it's offensive to call for gen z to call people out of touch right i thought it was all let everyone do what they want to do now you call people out of touch do anything that makes you happy that's apparently apparently not gen z didn't get that memo so in light of all of that now this doesn't apply to marco and actually j and i took the quiz earlier uh meaning like i had to identify his top three emojis and he had to identify mine which was actually kind of funny um but we want to know the top three emojis that you use and if it makes you old then whatevs that's our question for tonight own it yeah exactly own it i'm gonna i'm gonna reply because i know my top three emojis uh one of them's not even on there i'm kind of proud of that anyway what are the top three emojis that you use in conversation and if you're a gen zer well you know what emojis are okay if it makes you happy you can use an emoji we're okay with it i show crow but i would say this what makes me really old is i'm the one that actually uses commas and periods oh me too yeah see what's that apparently using emojis or not knowing how to spell using acronyms for everything because gen z that's your bleeping problem you can't spell anything oh my gosh the acronyms i i won't say that makes me i just confused i don't know all of them so when i get them back i'm always kind of like wait which one is this j's happy to help he's constantly telling me what his acronyms mean because i'm so old and dumb i'll be fair there's a lot of time if i don't understand it there's a good chance i'm not responding to you just because i don't i don't care enough to ask you what it is and i don't know what it is yeah you're not gonna get that either yeah i know there's a good chance you're not gonna get a response at that point then if you come back to me it's like all right what do you want like what do you need because i don't know what this means i don't know what this means all right so that was fun top three emojis that you use and there's no judgment here if if you some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite nba team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite nba team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite nba team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite nba team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day appear to be old or out of touch i mean you're right in lockstep with me you are listening to the after hours podcast so it's the nba professional sports these things happen nobody likes it um we don't condone it but it happened uh dreamland apologized to the team this morning jordan was there in the room we were i was there in the room the team the coaches the players this is after hours with amy lawrence the voice of bob meyers general manager of the golden state warriors and no i'm i'm not going to break down the warriors chances of repeating as nba title holders i'm not going to talk about preseason action but i do think it's fascinating the way that teams have to close ranks or have to be careful of even their own internal video and audio in 2022 and this is just an example it's not the only example i will and this is not an indictment or an excuse for rachel nichols but she was also exposed by a member of her own company right so you no longer can trust everyone even inside your own building again i'm not saying that it excuses people who do things or say things that are inflammatory or deserve to be disciplined but it should still be internal that's the part that bothers me the most about this warrior situation if you've ever played sports and i don't mean sports at the professional level but certainly there are people out there who've played sports at the professional level tempers run hot especially in the pre-season and and i can draw my own experience here because i can tell you the number of times that my teammates and i in college were so flipping tired of playing against one another and the worst thing about say two a days or long preseason stretches where you're only battling against your own teammates is that they all know the plays too and so they cheat or it's impossible to be successful because you're playing against people who already know what's coming but just at the end of a preseason which is where the warriors are they've already traveled to the far east they've been together for quite a while they're just tired of facing against each other battling against each other they're tired of seeing each other you want to see somebody else you don't want to see your own teammates you want to see somebody else you don't want to see your own teammates both jordan pool and draymond green are fiery i'm not excusing draymond i haven't even watched the video because that's how strongly i feel about a video being leaked internally i don't want to see it i don't want to contribute to that i'm not telling you that draymond green didn't do anything wrong i generally don't believe it's ever a good idea to be punching people especially not those who are on your side and he's been away from the team since this altercation with jordan pool that goes back now a week and we hear from steve kerr that they did not suspend draymond and actually as he comes back to the team they're ready to clear the air we feel like this is the best way after assessing everything for us to move forward um it's never easy no matter what decision you make in a situation like this um it's not going to be perfect this is the biggest crisis that we've ever had um since i've been coach here it's really serious stuff we would hope that we've developed enough equity you know with um the experience we have with our fan base um with the people watching over the last decade that um people can trust us that we've we've really put a lot of thought into this decision and as i said we feel like this is the the best way for us to move forward jordan and draymond got together and had um a great discussion that i think will help us move forward they are finding him they're not suspending him jordan wants to move forward steff curry has been vital in the process of communication and trying to keep everybody together again i'm not excusing draymond's behavior we know that this is the potential for him when when he runs hot same as aaron donald though in the joint practice where the video was out there and i know the media had access to it but in this case we're talking about an internal practice there should have been no outsiders there should have been no eyeballs there should have been no one who sent this to tmz that actually bothers me more than an incident between two players that they handle internally and that i believe is going to make them stronger as a team it's just there's nothing sacred now anymore because if people can sell a video and make a buck that's what they're going to do and teams have to know it it's after hours on cbs sports radio some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite nba team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite nba team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day some fans gear up for game day but some fans follow their team every day that's why the locked on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite nba team every trade every overtime win every game our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day search locked on plus your favorite nba team on the odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts the locked on podcast network your team every day find your perfect fall suit with indochino customize every detail of their seasonal designs for a one-of-a-kind look at a great price and get 50 off purchases of 399 or more at promo code fall update
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