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10-5-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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October 5, 2022 6:09 am

10-5-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 5, 2022 6:09 am

The sports equinox is among us | NFL insider Armando Salguero joins the show | An extended conversation with Armando Salguero.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
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Operating system talking, not your computers or phones your internal human operating system. I'm feeling a little overloaded. Here's how you can ease my stress. Close your eyes are softly gaze at something in front of you.

Now inhale for four counts Excel for six keep repeating much better. Longer term, there's better help online therapy don't match us with a licensed therapist. We can connect with via video phone or chat visit better and save 10% on her first month it is our hope show middle show of the work week and I was telling producer J earlier, we just got to get the next 30 hours. Oh my gosh, we've got a lot about you planning we tried to allot space to do a couple of extra projects and interviews and some production and some extra prep to the show this weekend. If we need to do that we don't really need to, but we have some things that we want to do some extra elements and features that we would like to share with you back. I got a special gift like I get special gifts from listeners a lot, but I got a special gift from our friend LeRoy Butler. He actually sent me a side Hall of Fame jersey, the creator of the Lambeau leap.

It's pretty amazing. Now that I've met him in person. It was even cooler is to show it off yet because we been so busy and it's not going to get any less hectic or chaotic or frenetic my words.

I really only use in October. In the spring was about to be sports on speed, really, because in October.

There's no time to breathe.

I generally tell my family and friends. Please don't expect me to respond to anything in October and was at the weekend so sometimes on the weekends because were not working I'll actually be able to respond to text and email so that's that's reality. In October I become advisedly ghost people. It's terrible. I'd I feel awful. I try to to respond to text but those people who know me. Don't expect that of me if I can feed myself in October.

It's a good thing.

But if you lose weight because I will be eating as much, or have much to start this weekend with the wildcards series the new wildcard format the baseball where we've got these four theories that go best-of-three so just think about it for a second Sunday birthmothers again in London. The Packers will play in London coming up on Sunday morning so it's one of those quadruple header Sundays in the NFL.

Pretty brisk great. Thanks for weighing in Erin. We appreciate you and the peanut gallery. So yes we got Green Bay and the New York Giants across the pond. I totally didn't get to say last week right.

I guess I just didn't grab the opportunity and seize the day carpe diem so the Giants and the Packers start things off and then we got ready in just in case you're wondering, the bye weeks. Do not start this week we've got 123456789 in the early window that we've got three more games in the late afternoon window and finally Sunday Night Football that they quadruple header on Sunday. Nothing about it. All of the baseball theories go the distance. We can also have a quadruple header of baseball playoff games and they would all be winner take all. All of them would be you, where you go to TJ's face right now about no sports are so in-your-face in October. You really can't get away. That's just Sunday to Saturday math in college football day into October college football hit the fast lane in which you have a bunch of division matchups now conference matchups and you've got were getting closer to you got the jostling for the college football playoff rankings which really early. I don't mean a whole lot but they are talking points.

There are still 16 unbeaten in college football were to talk about it with our friend Josh Pate late kick Josh is what he goes by on Twitter because it's gotta a late kick podcast anyways on the show before. Really excited about talking college football with him will be our first college football interview going back to the draft and so it becomes October becomes a behemoth. October equals behemoth is gaudy. It's time to think about familiar words that you would use to describe jewelry or clothing or anything else like that worry just you can avoid it, just loud. It's very loud. October is so loud is a great word God. He's a good word obnoxious.

October is deftly obnoxious when it comes to sports of all of these are good things. It's great for business. Please don't even for a second think that I'm complaining. Were seeing so much more traffic on our social media were saying so much more traffic on our podcast and people who are fighting the show even for the first time so we are glad to have you, but October is literally the busiest month of the year in sports and I don't have a life. In October except for save couple of visits with friends here and there. I played play some golf all and get this this is pretty fun in late October.

I have tickets to see a performance by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

I love live music. I love orchestra music and they're playing the score of jaws wall.

The movie is airing on a massive screen in the auditorium.

I've never seen jaws.

I now don't that many tweets don't at me.

I've never think jaws J is just he's incredulous. Still, that I've never seen jaws I think is amazing is the concert is in the orchestra played music the same time, you just strip. Enjoy the movie itself. Also, you seem like the movies on the top five are not on it comfortable have not seen any of it except for maybe a couple of trailers here. There, the shark isn't real right know he's not real short movies and can we can we remake the movie with a real shark we could try.

We get all those sharks on shark week. The front of the deep they tried to renew jaws couple to remit with individuals truly made a jaws.


That's dumb.

I won the original jaws the iconic jaws with a real shark. How hard can it be yeah I'm honestly not to train the shark if we can train Schiavo.

How can we not train the shark sharks actually can be domesticated for the weather not in aquariums or anything like that.

There are sharks and aquariums all over the country like great great Weitzner jumping specifically can't be in captivity Roseville by so well Dyer though eat everything a little guy like really depressed images, stop doing nothing.

They get depressed.

Do you know this about great white sharks was a big shark regard grown-up. Oh, and you just remember that great white sharks get depressed in captivity. It could be both short also but deftly great Weitzner's this is coming from a guy who thought Lavender was a color but taking is a color but that's not where it originated, to take his word for it. He's now googling it. Just trust me he's googling it right. Yes, you are to you liar. I know you too well. By the way, did you share the video on our social media of the dog who caught the home run ball that was was. He was wearing Metzger well on this is our words about sharks and this comes courtesy producer J this I nothing to do with as I stumbled into this blindly so after three days of floating around listlessly and ramming his head into the walls of the tank if you put a great white in captivity great white shark building will just die of so they get depressed and I just brought into the wall in the majors but through the conduit need space to need to keep moving. Did they test this theory, yes this actually happened in Japan in 2016.

Is it just one chart disable sizes one shot seven or eight sharks. I'm not suggesting we want them to die.

But how do you know what every shark does that if just one shark is no and I guess I'm sure there's another test. I think this was just the last one after this doing all right. Let's is this where you got your tidbit from probably assumes about the time where I was a short project, learn this knowledge you the things that you learn on the show. Did you happen to see the video of the sharks swimming down the street in Florida. I don't remember what town it was it was Fort Myers but it was toward the beginning of hurricane Ian and obviously the water was coming in from the surf and from the beach and there was a shark that was swimming down the middle of the street.

I did see that thousands. Imagine trying to get out of your car in the car in floodwaters in the middle of the street to grab something trapped what on court yard. There was I don't know how much warning that the storm was coming. There should be nobody just out randomly driving around with storms are not of driving just like a driveway after it's something's happening does not worry about sharks so so another words you don't think you would've evacuated, I probably would have, but I know not everyone did so yeah I can imagine shark swimming down the street next to my house but I would hope that nobody was in the house to see the shark swimming down the street but somebody clearly took a video so we know the weather Channel and local forecasters are out there risking their lives. We actually saw a liquid.

No joke. I was watching it live when Jim came, Tori got swept off the street corner by a gust of wind and if not he actually went down on on one knee. If not for grabbing a signpost for athletic group grabbing a signpost he would've been swept out of the middle of the street with the shark is not shark but not exactly a big branch, to write before you grab onto you put himself out there is crazy he is. But my motto is find people in life are your kinda crazy and I'm pretty sure he's my kind of crazy old-timers in that video clip he's just going on fondling Jim in your writings, I'm fine, I'm fine. All good on farms can blown away by 130 monaural and the straw, he knows how to position himself so that his weight is leaning into the store is a practice that they teach you that a meteorology school. I lean into the wind.

You can good seriously injured or killed out their visas know he's doing is better than the thunderstorm video is under snow video that's good but I don't want him to be in a position where he is in danger. So yes, I would face a safe under snow for which Jim K Tori has been inducted into the after hours all aflame.

He Axley joined us live for his induction here in the show for the greatest moments of my entire radio career to find a reason to induct him again. Maybe. Maybe we'll find the video that move where he grabbed onto the signpost to avoid getting swept out to sea or something like that. We are live from the rocket mortgage studios do need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family rocket can coming up were really excited to welcome back Armando Salgado from out cake and Fox he's a longtime NFL insider and he's based in Florida used to cover the Dolphins on the extensive basis has been all over this to a story and the NFL and NFL PA investigations. We will get to that I we got an extensive addition of QB news on the way on the show and you can send your questions were asked Amy anything so to our show Twitter after our CBS or also on her Facebook page. I would just suggest that you come up with questions for which you don't already know where to find the answer. For instance, I'm sorry I just I'm cheating a little bit because I just I just looked onto her Facebook page and someone want to know if producer J and they don't spell out J a Y just producer J the J is producer J have a boat car, boat, car like duck boats in Boston. Yeah, I highly doubt that's what he meant. I have no idea what a boat car is but do you have one I would be kinda cool but I don't unfortunately. Okay. So you gotta get that out of the way.

Someone actually I'm pretty sure he was being snarky last week on social said have you ever thought about doing ask Jay anything will first of all know it doesn't it's the alliteration is does not work, and second of all we actually did a YouTube video going back to last October.

Rights would be about a year ago and Jay got to answer 10 questions for me. He got to push J became a YouTube star in that moment.

And so now when I bring up YouTube and ask it why are we doing on YouTube. I'm just kind of astonished because he was the YouTube star and was the one that was to be driving it forward and now here we are. Are you going to ask me this question. J ready thoughts on Aaron judges 62nd home run tonight, someone would like my thoughts. So peers are also not I'm I'm assuming that that person who's curious on my thoughts on Aaron judges home run did not listen to the first hour. The show, I know I just don't understand what is going through the heads in the minds of people in my the only one my own my own hero. Fortunately not don't understand. I try really hard but I don't understand. Alright, so we've got a lot to get to with Armando as they say he's been covering the two investigation extensively and so will hear from him about where the NFL and the NFL PA might move forward from here but also a quarterback change in Pittsburgh as well as say were first month of the season.

I think I'll share a couple of my surprises is an overused word like unexpected outcomes from month number one there you go. Let's be creative and maybe ask him as well. Armando some ghetto is coming up next year on her home show after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio you are usually if you're feeling down and having trouble getting up in the morning.

Here's a tip. Brush your teeth had said often when we wake up our brains go into planning mode which leads to overthinking and stress beforehand. Even leads the pillow something simple like brushing your teeth can break that cycle and jumpstart your day. This tip was brought to you by better help online therapy which connects you with a licensed therapist via video phone or online chat, visit better and save 10% on your first month after hours podcast process and really everything involved with how we approach the medical situation still very confident in how we did the race after hours with Lawrence, Mike, Daniel has been consistent in his responses about how the Dolphins handled to entangle below was back injury, and then his concussion against the bangles going back now, almost a week ago as well as what they heard from the doctors and in saying that he wouldn't change anything, and yet it is absolutely the biggest story to come out of week four in the NFL. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio.

Thanks much for hanging out with us during our home show. You can find us on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page and while you're there.

Send your questions were asked Amy anything which comes up just over an hour from now, we are pleased to welcome Armando Salgado who is a longtime NFL insider from out kick and Fox news and Armando. I'm actually interested in moving the story forward a little bit.

We know the NFL, PA is investigating what happened with two and and investigated whether or not his health was compromised. The NFL is doing its own due diligence.

What outcome do you think might be a positive step to ensure this whole situation isn't a waste that it didn't play out for nothing right so clearly when people hear Amy there is an investigation and a joint investigation by the NFL and the NFL. There thinking someone is going to get fired.

People are going. You know, teams are in trouble, players are in trouble. Staff is in trouble and I don't believe that to be the case.

Obviously, it was announced over the weekend that the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant was fired that person that is chosen Bible, the NFL and the PA players Association to be the independent person in the room and have no agenda and to be the one that could say independently. You Go back into again because you're displaying concussion symptoms. Well, apparently that person you know didn't meet the requisite of whatever the PA and FL looking to accomplish. Obviously, because by law went into halftime of the Buffalo game could be examined for head trauma, head injury, and came out with a back injury, though that was problematic for everyone who saw the optic thing about it is that I mean the Miami Dolphins from what I can see are very comfortable with having followed. You know all the rules and having followed the guideline and like what Mike McDaniel has said so we follow the guidelines we do with the doctors hello and you're going to somehow think that were in the wrong that's not how it works and they realize that the optics are bad and they realize that they got really bad when they played that a single N2O suffered a concussion and so he's not playing against the jet on Sunday I wouldn't be surprised that the couple again leave an investigation goes forward, but as far as you know, quieting the team and things like that. I don't think that the result I have a hard time believing as much.

As this was the narrative that Mike McDaniel would put his star quarterback at risk.

He genuinely seems to care. I can be na´ve sometimes and take people at their word. But it doesn't seem like this was something that he conspired to do so, then, does that mean the independent neurologist did this on his own or she was somehow convinced him that he was fine. That's crazy because he also stands to lose a job right. I don't think we will try to of anything other than you know. Go ahead and I don't know exactly what they were made by the unaffiliated consultant because the Association and the NFL have not outlined the but as far as Mike McDaniel, you know, so history has sort of a way of predicting what's going to come in the future, the Miami Dolphins have a player on the concussion protocol is deep and Carter and tied in and he suffered a concussion in the first game and he hasn't played so this guy, this coach has a history of when there is something tangible and medically provable that the player has a concussion. The players and that's what you done with the pride and that's what you quarterback. Not one of those situations where pushing anybody to get back in again and and and what's really weird is that what seems to be an otherwise tight fraternity go to the next go to a lot of these guys are coming after McDaniel, for whatever reason when their history of handling concussion in the concussion protocol is questionable in it of itself.

I saw Claude's in which you describe the Dolphins as having made themselves an easy target right so the reason I Dalton very targeted contract. Third, involving the NFL or the LPA or both in the lab, you know like what they were investigated this year for pampering and in the lot eight month years as well with Tom Brady and Shawn Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints and they were found guilty of pampering and widespread pampering to the point where the owner, even raw, splendid. They had to yield a first-round draft pick. As a result, and they were also investigated Hankey in 2019, which by the way, from all visual evidence they did some of the recording that I did back then they absolutely do, but they were exonerated for that by the concussion protocol investigation is there for you in recent memory. And oh by the way there be generalized former coach Brian Florida for you know, racial discrimination is also suing multiple other teams and the NFL. The point that I'm making is when you have new coach without huge reputation. When you have a recent history of being investigated, and maybe running afoul of some rules you yourself, you lose the benefit of the doubt yes and I think that's what's happening to some degree with the dolphin now were so excited to have Armando Siano back on the show was thoughts from out kick and Fox he's a senior NFL writer and insider and I whenever we can snag a few minutes. It's awesome. After hours here on CBS sports radio out-of-the-box and she did play in Tampa.

The Buccaneers defense maybe displaced a little bit.course that's what happens a lot of time when you face a locked-in Patrick Holmes want to ask you about the Buccaneers offense. The little bit I they do have playmakers.

I know they've had guys on and off the field. Still they have plenty of playmakers around Tom Brady and yet they have struggled to put the ball in the end zone and this past week only bothered to try to run the ball six times what's going on there. Armando well.

So part of it to the game and opening kickoff a bumblebee opening kickoff rights and so you go home and went on a 20 yard drive for a cut down and their leading and great but now you're playing catch up if you're the Buccaneers and the Chiefs were in think and lock it into stopping Leonard Cornett and the running game. I think they rush reminded regard. Meanwhile, Tom Brady threw for 385 right so it was a combination of use playing great upfront.

The situation of the game and the book needed yeah but needing to play from behind the defense to help out.

Really either so the tears fall into into it pretty much feels like most of the NFL is right there at two into or within the game so or through a month were seeing quarterback changes because of injuries or ineptitude to get to that coming up next Armando Salgado about kick hang on with us enjoying would say not just the information that we always appreciate but the unique perspective, which is what this is operating system talking, not your computers or phones your internal human operating system. I'm feeling a little overloaded.

Here's how you can ease my stress.

Close your eyes are soft wikis at something in front of you. Now inhale for four counts exhale for six keep repeating much better longer-term is better help online therapy still not just with a licensed therapist. We can connect with via video phone or chat. Is it better and save 10% on your first month is one of our favorites is after hours with Amy Lawrence. You are listening to the after-hours podcast for the first time after hours with Lawrence in Pittsburgh.

He only played the second half against the Jets and the Steelers lost. However, Kenny Pickett has been named the starter moving forward for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio spending a few more minutes with NFL insider and rider Armando Salgado about kick and Fox News. Armando received a bunch of moving parts of our the first month, but this one may be anticipated not just by Steelers fans but also by NFL analysts around the country. Hearing about Kenny Pickett. This rookie who is first game and had two touchdowns, but also has three interception what you hearing about his opportunity to take over for the Steelers wore the opportunity.

I think that Mike Tomlin is looking for something to light, light up a little bit. They especially on often lack the energy of a black Shirley like point, but it hasn't felt like there's urgency and a high degree of you know motivation and so I think that what one is looking for is for Kenny Pickett who you hometown. You know, hero, kinda guy the fans love only played it.

So they love. Is there some other rhythm and it really kind of work in the Jets game because they were just kind of slogging along and Pickett comes in the game and they scored a couple of touchdown. He scored a couple of touchdowns running the ball so there was life injected in there and I think that's what Tomlin has been looking for now have to live with the decision and the entrance to as well because you don't put in the rookie and then decide you're going to put out the rookie is one there. You don't want to mess with her head in and go back and forth.

You don't want make decisions as the wind blows quote Tomlin so he's going to get his chance to grow a little bit and we'll see where that goes. It's one thing to have a game and hold in front of your amazing fans who obviously went crazy when he came on the field in the second half is entirely another thing to head into Orchard Park and take on the bills who have one of the best defenses in the NFL entirely like night and day and night coming young Pickett, but I would say that you know the bill have been kind of like an interesting situation as well.

I you know I found them in a game where their entire secondary was injured and out, and the law.

You know the results or not as the result but they lost to the golf and obviously if your entire secondary is out, you're likely to lose it in the past, happy NFL, but there often little out of whack a little bit. It just hasn't been right. It had been cohesive you. You watch the Maybelline on Josh Allen and well they should make you think any great, but they have no running back. Other or running game rather other than Josh out and that's not good Josh Allen in my exclamation should be.

In addition, an addition to the running game shouldn't be running game exactly and yet that's what he's been the last couple weeks and feels weird and I feel dangerous because eventually if you're expecting Josh Allen to carry the ball 810 times the game and be that that guy you know are teeing off on Josh Allen and I know that he's big.

I know that a strong nobody spat, but I also know that he's human yes Armando Salgado is with us after hours here on CBS sports radio okay quickly. I'll just tell you couple of unexpected storylines that I have appreciated from the first month, first of all, Cooper rush taking over for Jack and know there's no quarterback controversy, but the fact that the Cowboys have won every game that Cooper started is pretty amazing.

The defense is been great and I love the turnaround in Jacksonville with Doug Peterson and the Jaguars. So what are couple of unexpected headlines for you Armando. After the first month of the season right by the way doing a great job you really need a better code now than he was 21: if you can believe that you understand. I visited with him during the preseason during training And he understands that he is not a complete teeing yet. It's not up a ready program yet, but they've made stride and a couple more strides in there going to be a team to be reckoned with in in that vision. As far as the prizes this year. I expected more from Matt Ryan in the coal.

You know, I think they've been kind of what what I don't know what would what the problem is there. Matt Ryan Atlanta Matt Ryan even last year on a middling team is way better than you now with the Colts and he didn't fumble nearly as much and how to know that that feels weird to me. I'm surprised that Justin Herbert is playing with you know a fractured rib cartilage because 10 fractured rib cartilage is saying until two weeks ago I tractor structured Cartledge number two. I realize that it's painful to the point were at one point it hurt him to call out the signal line of scrimmage and yet you fall in so God bless him for that. That's a little bit surprising to me you go.

You are a pro football Hall of Fame voter obviously Brett Favre is already in the Hall of Fame. He went in back in 2016. So it's been a few years but in light of some of the accusations against him.

I'm interested in your reaction because you're one of the members of the voters that protects that institution.

Yeah, the one so a couple of being Amy number one. We're told that what we should do and selectors to gauge a player or coach or contributors contribution on the field and in the locker room, you're not gauging his lifestyle gauging his you know you is record with the pulley or other law enforcement agencies were God's record with football rep okay so the records that were one of them were the other one not an you note number two.

I don't think we know everything that that needs to be known with the Brett Favre thing. I'm sure could get uglier and you know there is nothing that I know of that the Pro football Hall of Fame could do to change anything, you know that O.J. Simpson is the Pro football. Oh yes, it's not like were talking about all angels that you point out, though, that you are specifically instructed not to consider what they do away from football exactly so away from football is away from the lock. Well, there are some players who you know on the field did amazing things, and yet were kind of difficult. On 13 and ultimately, you know, a lot of things moved on from Mammon.

A lot of players had problems with them and even a lot of coaches had problems with them, but and that is indeed something that were allowed to think about what as far as you know trouble with the law trouble with law enforcement, moral stuff, that's a different matter. I always feel like the Hall of Fame voters in football take the not only the honor very seriously, but they take the process seriously.

With the number of rounds that you will go through.

I appreciate you sharing that insight you can find Armando Salgado on Twitter with exactly that. If you can spell it. You could let. It's easy and he's an NFL insider and writer without kick and Fox and we always enjoy snagging a couple of minutes. Glad that you made it safely through the hurricane and I know just so devastating. But we appreciate your insight Gadhafi is me out of Mauna Loa. Amy, thank you so much. He is one of our favorites because he always comes armed with information and because he is a great sense of humor. We love Armando the good to catch up with him for a couple minutes as he was there for bucks and she's had a front row seat for that is seen the Dolphins play a bunch of the bills, the Packers, the patriots eyes certainly got a high opinion of Justin Herbert how how can you not the Manas running around with fractured rib cartilage and still playing lights out so we are officially through week four of the NFL season, and very soon will be kicking off week number five and I was actually talking their producer Jay about games that I might, I know to do games I might pick for survivor islands, because I'm still alive there only a hand full of eyes, you better watch your back, you better watch your six because I am not above pushing you into shark infested waters. There are yeah there are games that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, and I almost feel bad now we get to the point where I'm picking just because I I don't know I don't talk I'm picking because I wanted team to win or lose.

Just because I need to serve so a couple of them that I'm at least thinking about and keeping in mind that I've already eliminated a few that I can't pick again.

I'm thinking about Buffalo against Pittsburgh.

That's the one that I could come back to. But what does that mean because in the past when it seems like the past four weeks. That always seems like the lock of the week is I don't guarantee locks you that will send me text with the lock of Moji because your you're sure this is going to work out but I do think it's a massive challenge for a rookie quarterback to make his first start in Orchard Park against the bills who have a ferocious defense so that one game I'm thinking about. There are others, I suppose, like San Francisco on the road at Carolina is just that I don't love. I don't love picking Road team San Marcos try to talk me out of this before, but the favorite disco defense is also fierce and could make it a miserable day for Baker Mayfield and Krista McCaffrey actually because they're really good at stopping the run, see what they did against the Los Angeles Rams but is a quick turnaround. Nick poses little banged up cross-country flight okay yeah how about Tennessee at Washington there be be very few other situations in which I would pick Tennessee, Jacksonville and Houston got back to Jacksonville and Houston ever thinking that Jackson is survivor pool stuff is top division matchup project does look good and the Texans I'm okay.

I wouldn't call that will walk Kansas City over Vegas.

The chiefs are home, which is that that's an AFC West matchup Division I scare me do all the sharing. Yes, all of them. Tampa Bay Atlanta back to those feelers. Do you okay well I have that I have to get the pic before Thursday's game kicks off 5 PM kickoff. We got a budget QB news coming up next. What Mike Tomlin said about making a quarterback change plus Terry Jones is after our CBSSports radio. If you're feeling down and having trouble getting up in the morning.

Here's a tip.

Brush your teeth had said often when we wake up our brains go into planning mode which leads to overthinking and stress beforehand even meets the pillow something simple like brushing your teeth can break that cycle and jumpstart your day. This tip was brought to you by better help online therapy which connects you with a licensed therapist via video phone or online chat, visit better and say 10% on your first month

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