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Gary Washburn | The Boston Globe NBA Insider

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September 27, 2022 6:06 am

Gary Washburn | The Boston Globe NBA Insider

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September 27, 2022 6:06 am

NBA Insider with The Boston Globe Gary Washburn joins the show to talk Boston Celtics media day and the handling of the Ime Udoka situation.

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Amy Lawrence Show
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I'm sure will be to situation and you know so things like hey I yeah like confusion. I don't really know what to say about my former coach of the unfortunate and outcome of coherent. When you say dismissal. Does that mean you don't believe he'll ever be back with the Celtics. I don't think personally coach to see what you think the bill, resolution at the end of the year or during this year, part ways, but I do think there there coming to grips with the fact that the longer the coach that drove coaching changes occur.

No idea what happened and why, what did you hear from the players about how they found out and what the reaction has been over the past couple of days and how they move forward. Although I found out through Twitter or through social leaving. My gosh got out about the initial meeting on Thursday with management to collectively know what was going on beside you will be affected.

You don't have a relationship. Social relationship with someone else in the organization.

They don't know much else why would this cause of your suspension detailed investigation, management ownership, no repairs, I came away I came away leaving overall confusion from the players are still like what's going on here. Okay you know coach will know how to relationship organization. Well, what happened you know what I'm boasting itself like they want to know little bit more before the termination think people are looking for them to condemn their culture and say all messed up a lot a lot of players like before I say that I want to know exactly what he did wrong?

You know you still love coaching targeting well but you know, most supportive statements made it seem like the players alike. You don't think so organization to have some type of meeting with the players offer some more clarity about it know how to feel no target will be angry or upset someone or you don't think less of someone you don't quite know what the.

I think that situation we have here spoken to know the only person who said he spoke with him was like walking through a players situation has occurred and I don't know told him not to speak with the players or all sound like a players that we heard from know it sounds like there bit late last like a lot of organization all the team trying to grow the hell happened a really good you want your players game. The coach, the whole thing is very ugly, interesting, sad, unfortunate you know a lot of things at this point were spending a few minutes with Gary Washburn who covers the NBA on a national scale, but was at Celtics media day on Monday for the Boston Globe after hours here on CBS sports radio Gary, why do you think the organization is keeping all of the details under wraps. Well, one day want to keep themselves out of any type of problem purple walls. The parties involved want to move on, you know, this is usually something like this happens, people are going to examine the entire organization as a whole. The organizational structure is the Boston Celtics organization, a safe place to work for women on is happening around the organization are you know your people dating their subordinates are subordinate. Being somewhat pressured into relationships and slapping around the toxic environment you notice all the issues a few years, but the Dallas Mavericks where velveteen president had lost in hopes to encompass leg and women you know because of his power, housecleaning, know the Celtics feel is the organization was a safe place to work. For like the one so they want to move forward with this encounter divulges less information as possible to protect all the parties and you know I guess their approach is kind of stuff you know we we know we going we met we we make this decision.

We have all the information to what to reason why make this decision. This is not some you don't have a ax to grind being a bloke is not just about workplace relationship that was consensual. This is about a lot more that occurred although they don't want to divulge information so these people to try to seek information just to listen to TMZ using all the work well with all the stuff about coming out so organization for the players there point you know who know how to figure out you have been in this business for a long time even a writer, a reporter, you covered the team any mention TMZ.

I even saw some information on ET ET online because of who email Joe because fiancÚ is there going to be other websites and outlets who are interested in her personal life, but from your perspective, even information that you would put out there the details, or would you rather someone else come out with it.

I think you're right about the product will help of exactly what happened.

You better be right situation know there's a lot of website.

Go out there because it's Tuesday and could be 75% like 50% white and I've read something that I know reporter that is not true so be careful of the situation people's lives are nothing know any part about this whole situation okay is the son who is now 11 years old right okay and that's old enough to remember digest a lot of what's going on.the reader to work.

You know he's not playing in the play.

Legos or whatever. 11. Okay, so he watches TV, read my cell phone. Whatever okay got it. No regrets about his father and his mother sad part about it. I'm sure you devastate. I'm sure a lot of people disappointedthought situation, NBA coach, you know, one of the top franchises all many movies very much no doors appreciated by you helping you members of the public.

You know well know you're going to have. You know all these little psychic sculpted spring inflation sprinkled out as a reporter, you just have to you have to be right about it. If not, you leave it alone is not sufficient.

I read things that I know personally from other websites are just untrue report. People are assuming that the dangerous part that's what got this whole people in trouble and people in hot water right in the first place Is Way, Twitter start research thinking greatly to find out what was with the woman start posting pictures of female employees for the Celtics, many of whom all but one obviously nothing to do with right after hours here on CBS sports radio Gary Washburn with us from Boston.

Let's pick it a little bit.

Who is Joe Missoula.

What we know about this guy, you know, for where played under Bob Huggins, Wesley Junior was a point garden and got into the old Division II head-coaching work his way up in coach but a black belt in 1934 years old.

Your man of faith. You know, Amy Gilkey has crafted 2009 battery charge.

We West Virginia that you Will explain for years.

Sounds like you didn't know coach Missoula that you got a complete 182 found God manifest a man who is called change license. So I know you know you dressed up today different parts of never been able to explain the situation about to get on NBA coaching staff now being MBA head-coaching also requested is well one really bad mistake one missed going that affect your entire career in college so all you have to debate that you know he was asked about that today and explained it. Some people are thinking of the bad luck to give him make him interim coach giving that got transgression happened 13 years ago. They think very highly of him becoming very highly of the man come and support of the players positively influence on culture summary people couple years ago so I think they feel like they're in good hands.

Although you know what no one knows how a 34-year-old with no no never played the ABA so head-coaching experience going to a fire like this. It was like a month ago he knew you could decode something new.

We don't know how going to translate actually was the subject of some trade rumors whether there was any substance behind the weather is just speculation, but what to say about maybe being flipped for Kevin Durrant at some point happy about it to move forward. We feel good about the organization, but I know I know he wasn't exactly pleased with it fully understand the reason being is a lot of pleasure contrary you know that got traded you know Kareem got treated with a lot of players will be a great great pleasure been training their career.

So I disrespect daily Brown to be in trade talk for Kevin Durrant but I think this whole thing go.

Can't overshadow that but I think you look at the jail and missing a man like you know you need you and you will see what happens. The jailer felt the coming years.

We look for extension and whether they can invest enough to bring him and make him long-term conduct more years of the contract with I think for now committed to each other and he's ready Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe is with us after our CBS sports radio lots information, lots of uncertainty, obviously moving forward but before I let you go Gary want to ask you about that story that you wrote in the wake of the news is at first coming out about eBay that you said that he was selfish and unprofessional, which makes sense, but he said that the Celtics needed to be blamed for this mass to how come you don't like the story was leaked. Someone who knew what was going on. A detailed story of the organization go relay information to someone who either licked it or someone from your patient with you Dr. I can't guarantee that you it was leaked by an organization, but someone knew something, and secondly to wait nearly 24 hours after the league to make a statement really put a lot of women in the work organization. The best spot particular short work is going to prevent speculation that could've done something all too presented to attempt to know some kind of statement some help. Some of what was going on and what was happening whether there they were investigating this point. Yet north of the comics you don't respond to these rumors get ahead of the story and try to protect women organization from the speculation about what worked for maybe not because I was Twitter Jenks is going to go to not be nonstop.

This could have nothing know no statement nothing till about 1030 10 o'clock 1030 the next night, I felt like was very inferior to the organization variance. The way you probably could work before I could've worded making no clear that you know how they feel when hey, we don't know what were looking into were investigating.

No further comment. You will comment was appropriate.

Something in the daytime cycle is charting were at work looking trying to figure out who it is what's going on respond somehow to try to protect organization protect people knowing what you know of these players because ultimately they're the ones who are on the court how confident are you that they can find their focus and move forward and be ready for the season after season isn't going to stop know this seems to championship aspirations. They still feel strongly about low trying to stop so they are going to have to get over is put on no of their adult no pants and move forward. And even those not to be easy and is talking things will be quick about the doctor. My eventually would practically give the ball is on the court in Geiser.

No working hard. A lot of the courts. Let me get back to what they do. I think you will slowly move will slowly move forward and get ready for this evening. A preseason game on Sunday. So why was no, there's no talk, there's no time to know a lament this in and cry over spilled milk. It happened it's done. They gotta move forward. You can find Gary on Twitter at G Washburn W ASHP URN Glover so covers the NBA today with Celtics media day for the Boston Globe and to Onyx what you can find a lot more information quote from the players as their now speaking out for the first time. Always good to connect to the I know it's been a really long day. So thank you for a few minutes.

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