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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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September 30, 2022 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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September 30, 2022 6:04 am

A scary scene on TNF with Tua Tagovailoa | Mike McDaniel facing a LOT of criticism | Dolphins reporter Josh Moser joins the show.

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Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
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Amy Lawrence Show
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The MLB aperture home for live baseball everywhere you go. The number one source of my baseball under Apple and android devices is the official Apple major league baseball demo the MLB out today on the Apple App Store or Google play may be required here up everything done daily and help me read every overtime win every game. Local experts cover stories around 14 every day on your favorite MLB… Network your team back along after you very scary moment with dopant quarterback to attend a below lying on the field and the video of his fingers and his limbs having seized up and and him being unable to open up his hands and flexed his fingers and potentially even having lost consciousness of that part. I don't know but after we watch that on Thursday night football to was released from the hospital.

He was taken to a level I trauma center by ambulance from the stadium so the highest level of care in that situation and after they checked them out. He was released from the hospital and got on the team plane that he flew home with the team working to let you hear from Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel immediately following this game, as you can imagine a very emotional night for Mike to starting quarterback is first time going through a situation like this as an NFL head coach.

But teammates to some of whom know him going back to their Alabama days.

If you're watching the broadcast on Amazon prime.

You maybe saw the concern and the fear on jail and waddle space jail and a former teammate in Tuscaloosa. The two of them getting they've known each other for years they played together now in multiple places. Tyree Kell and McDaniel walking off the field together talking McDaniel maybe two RCC. Maybe Tyree Kell both trying to support one another really hard to go back to football. Even as I was watching the game and maybe it was the same for you and like football mattered now it's the job and injuries are a part of football but when you can see the results of the scary hit too well flung to the ground and then the resulting head and neck injuries. Having such visible impact on him. Even now I'm watching it again on the screens in front of me. It's whipped around his head hits the turf and his fingers seized up in such awkward positions that you can't un-see it immediately. Even before Al Michael said anything I could tell. Maybe you could tell as well and I do appreciate that Al and the Amazon prime team quickly consulted with a doctor and they were able to pass along what that meant for his fingers in his hands to seize up like that.

What does that mean why did that happen, but it was scary because we could all see it and because initially, at least, again I don't know the answer to this question whether or not he lost consciousness but initially he appeared to be nothing if not dazed and confused than out and all we could see were his hands up in the air and he clearly had lost his his motor function at that moment definitely overshadowed the game and what was a massive crowd at Baker Stadium in Cincinnati to start off week number four now coming up in the hour so the next 30 minutes were were going to catch up with ATV sports anchor who is from Miami covers the Dolphins but will be joining us from the stadium in Cincinnati.

He still there and still working to ask him what's the latest and what did he see and hear. Even as the team was getting ready to depart and head back to South Florida. So that is coming up within the hour here on CBS sports radio.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence were live from the rocket mortgage Studios.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can a lot of people speculating and I understand it, it makes sense.

But when I say a lot of people speculating.

I mean former players. Members of the NFL fraternity analysts, TV, and sports radio host fans a lot of people taking to social media. In the aftermath of seeing to lying on the field and then stretch it off in a neck brace instantly. The Dolphins were under a microscope. It should be but instantly the questions about why to was playing whether to should have been cleared to play memory was day-to-day for most of this week with a back injury he was listed on the injury report.

Going back to last Sunday when he missed a couple snaps.

He was loose on the injury report is day-to-day with a back injury. We talked about this on Sunday night and through the week, to himself told us he was fine and explained that it was, not a concussion that he cleared all concussion protocols that in that bills game when he was shoved backward by Matt Milano, even though his head snapped back and hit the ground and he got up and was wobbly that it was not I. Head injury. It was a back injury that caused him to be wobbly and that he had been cleared through all concussion protocols which is why he was back out there on the field. The second half get repeating what we heard from Mike McDaniel from two from the Dolphins this week and still there was speculation that the Dolphins were lying that it wasn't a back injury that to had a concussion and shouldn't be allowed to participate in a Thursday night game that featured a very quick turnaround from Sunday I come.

I'm watching Matt Milano shove them to the ground right now. I'm sure you have seen the video over and over to his stands up. He tried to shake it off and then as he's walking back toward the Lotta scrimmage. He, his legs buckled underneath him to of his offense of lineman grabbing him and wrapped him up and hold him there until the training staff can get to him and then because it was late in the second quarter. He walked under his own power to the locker room and then surprise is back out there on the field after being evaluated for concussion half time of that game on Sunday. He's back out on the field seemingly having cleared concussion protocols and available to play and the Dolphins won that game against the bills in South Florida.

So then he gets hurt. The hard-hit clearly head and neck impacted and affected when he slammed to the ground on a sack in the second quarter tonight and right away it's a flood of reaction and dare I say it hotcakes to a shouldn't have been playing the Dolphins are screwing him.

They don't care about is how they only care about being on the field. He obviously had a concussion.

What is he doing out there that social media but it was also coming from former players. It was scary. And in that moment. People react emotionally. I just want to remind you, and I'm not telling you the Dolphins followed the letter of the law because I wasn't there. I don't know but he cannot.

The Dolphins who cleared players to get back on the field. It's not a team doctor that runs a player through concussion protocols. When that happens it's an independent neurologist that has to clear a player and I know that there have been several situations over the last couple of years where like this. A player appeared to be impacted by a hit to the head or by his head snapping back.

Somehow he gets back on the field and it's obvious to all of the amateur doctors are paying attention that he should be out there okay so the NFL is run into a couple situations where a player did clear protocols or was declared clear and still didn't seem right back out on the field and the NFL has gone into investigations. All that to say the Dolphins have nothing to do with to a getting cleared. According to the rules it independent neurologist independent doctors and neither the Dolphins nor the league are supposed to be able to influence them or impact the decisions about players and I daresay these doctors would lose their jobs and and wouldn't be allowed to work again. If that happens. So yes it easy to point fingers at the Dolphins because of how it looks because of the optics and we just wanted to get all not telling you they didn't do anything wrong because I don't know but we heard from two during the week that it wasn't a head injury that he that it was a back injury he explained it he said he was clear through concussion protocols so nothing else to himself, saying it would mean essentially that the team could be held liable.ANOVA goes to that point, but I do know the NFL, PA is already investigating was investigating what happened last week and hadn't even gotten through that investigation before to suffers another injury and this one is in fact head and neck, and concussion protocols.

I will wait to hear the results of those tests, but the intervals of the system with independent neurologist and spotters who are independent who can pull a player off the field.

If they do not feel that he is okay if just by the eye test.

They don't think he's okay so was not Miami team doctors who put to a back on the field last week and it's not Miami team doctors that cleared him to play this week, at least as far as it comes to concussion protocols.

He has to be cleared by independent doctors.

It was certainly scary and again were to talk to a member of the Miami media who was still at the stadium and will join us inside of the next half hour to give us the very latest on to a who did get all the team plane and fly home. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio will get the highlights of this game coming up.

It was a Bengals when so now Cincinnati has two in a row, but Mike McDaniel speaking after the game about his quarterback was scary moment. He was evaluated for and for concussion is concussion protocol. He was use at the hospital I believe is about to get discharged is not part of the deal that anyone signs up for. Even though you you know it's a possibility of football. The have something we have to get taken off on the structures all of his teammates, myself.

We are all very very concerned as you can imagine, it was one of those moments that puts football so far on the back burner that it's almost hard to imagine taking the next snap Teddy Bridgewater having to come onto the field. They were still on offense.

So Tyree kill Jaelyn waddle the offense of line who would allow their quarterback to get thrown to the ground. They all had to take another snap at that think the series resulted in Ms. field goal though. I honestly don't remember a whole lot of the rest of the second quarter. The question immediately. Why was to cleared to play what happened. How do you get back out on the field a few days after the wobbly against the bills toward injury. This was the fool has those protocols and there's not like every single NFL game is played. There's an independent specialist that specializes in the specialty of brain matter so yeah for me, as long as I'm coaching here. If there is and you know much about fudge that whole the whole situation serves any any sort of inclination that someone has a concussion was going to cook concussion protocols very strict without so you have people don't vary or stray. We don't mess with never have about this awesome Coso will never be an issue that you just have to worry about Mike Lee Daniels new to the head-coaching thing we don't know him all that well I guess we can choose to believe in him or we cannot said that such a limited sample size, but he seemed just as shaken up as his team did.

He seemed not only emotional but shocked himself and he actually said after the game that had he not been required to continue coaching he would've gone with two and actually I read this to. I'm not sure if he said in his postgame press conference. Apparently, when to what was down on the ground to maybe didn't lose consciousness. He was conscious in the ambulance. We know that for sure, but apparently to a cold for him. That's what McDaniel said that when to was thrown to the ground was lying there.

He called for Mike McDaniel and that when Mike got to him. It was clear that something was wrong that you will was in himself. It wasn't the same quarterback that the same player the same person.

He's used to dealing with also scary. Imagine the vulnerability of two if he's conscious, but he can't get his fingers or his hands to work at and eat and they seized up how scary that is for him. So again, the good news is that he went home with the team on their plane headed from Cincinnati to Miami man what a week it's been for the Dolphins tool was evaluated at a local hospital in Cincinnati. He was conscious he had movement in all of his extremities. That was the report from the Dolphins.

Even before he was released and then he did get back to the stadium and go home on the team plane will at the very latest with Josh Mosher when he joins us from the stadium in Cincinnati in a few minutes it up. Coming up excuse, we will hear more from both the Dolphins as well as the bangles following Thursday night football. You can find me on Twitter a local radio also on her Facebook page. The different kind of start to one of our show is, but in a case like this football become secondary and there a lot of questions surrounding to and whether or not he should have been playing tonight our final show the work week is also the start of week number four will have the after-hours game of the week, pull once we decide what games to put into it. Thanks, baseball is everywhere you are this season. MLB enjoy the show from wherever you are. When you download the free MLB up to your mobile device. Never miss a second of the actual coverage of in game highlights pitch by pitch features select live broadcast coverage show support for your favorite team with customizable MLB) that icons exclusive premium content for every team in the league. MLB ticket to all things baseball all the time you get live notification sent to your phone watch and car so you're always up to date on the biggest breaking news scores and standards. MLB is your hope for live baseball everywhere you go. The number one source of baseball with Apple and android devices is the official level.

Major league baseball demo the MLB up today on the Apple App Store or Google play in Europe game day fans follow their team every day. I locked on daily and LVT have reached grade every overtime win every game. Local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything something in Europe game day fans follow their team everything I locked on Network daily and have reached grade every overtime win every game. Local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything or hang out with us at after hours here on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast is a love so that know me personally. That's you know if I didn't have a job to do for the organization. The rest of the players have the obligation, in my mind I would have to it's not something that is comfortable for anybody.

It was loose, not a situation that you want furniture, players or or your team in general. Scary stuff on the square of the work so use these after-hours with Amy Lawrence, a clearly shaken Mike McDaniel, even after the game was over and the game is secondary. Once you have an injury or a moment like that where a player clearly has a head injury of some sort and have to be taken to the hospital is after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio we will get the very latest with Josh Mozer from Paik or stadium and we got more from Mike McDaniel and the team because right now the Dolphins are under the microscope. How did to get cleared to play tonight at the question needs to be asked and needs to be answered. Oh it. It's easy to jump to conclusions, but I at least want to give the coach the benefit of the doubt because he clearly cares about his quarterback. He wouldn't want his quarterback to be out there and not in full possession of his senses or dealing with the effects of a concussion to get you care about anyone you would want to put them in that situation so to accuse Mike McDaniel of this of the Dolphins of throwing two out there when he is not ready or faking his concussion protocols would be to assume that he cares nothing about this young man and that I just can't jump to that I can't make that leap. Everything we know about McDaniel is that he does care about these players.

These players currently have developed a relationship with him.

Even in such a short time, so it's hard to jump to that conclusion.

For the sake of a win, right because that would mean the coach is in care how you feel about your friends or your family or teammates that you play with in the past you would want them to be in harms way and it's hard for me to make that leap. Again, these are independent doctors so I can understand why McDaniel gets emotional when he's asked if he has regrets about allowing to it to play again last week and him being cleared to play this week is absolute not absolute if if I would have. It would be responsible in the first place, shouldn't shouldn't be in this position. I do not have any light absolutely zero patience for or will ever put a put up was a player and positioned for them to be in harms way. That is like not what I'm about at all.

And no outcome of the game, whatever influence me being a responsible as the head coach of the football team I've seen and heard that soundbite from Mike McDaniel multiple times now absolutely not.

Absolutely not. I would never put a player in harms way simply to impact the outcome of a game and I do want to believe him again will talk with Josh Mozer from Cincinnati when he joins us following the update. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. Yes, there was a game.

Yes, the Cincinnati Bengals came away with the when Zach Taylor and his bangles on a quick turnaround after last Sunday we agreed to follow the stream over the bottom. They didn't hesitate for one second enough the first two weeks from all the noise aloud about the expectations of good and what that affect them for one second just cannot turn into the bold responded to consecutive weeks short prodigal mother stated you can set too much order for Baltimore logjams and I just love the real Harold every moment this game exactly how expressions are graph turnovers capitalizing on turnovers and touchdowns special-teams stuff and updated and coaches reword one of the offense were refining our strut differences been great all year were starting to click on Olson's owners and key did better on offense under his spell offered to Jim Rector points on the board but we responded well to depressed people are set for two losses to rooms storm.

Susan got along was to go does many things wrong these next 13 game so this one good point. Enjoy the long weekend, record your next Jonesboro 20 of 31 tonight for 287 yards and a couple of touchdowns.

He only got that one time.

So that's noteworthy because in the first two games. Borough was sacked a total of 13 times behind a new newly constructed, newly rebuilt offense of line and so here the bangles who won back-to-back games and we know the ASU North is going to be over competitive he was able to allow the place to unfold allow his receivers to get downfield T Higgins hauled in a 59 yarder among his seven catches Jabar Chase a 36 yarder Tyler Boyd 43 yards downfield. There were multiple chunk plays between Borough having time to throw and his receivers having room to operate. Joe Mixon also picked up his first touchdown of the season so you could now see and be reminded of the number of playmakers, the bangles have but when Jonesboro does not have the time to stay there in the pocket and go through his progressions and allow his receivers to get downfield because he is under siege will bet you don't get to use all these playmakers so this is more like the bangles that we saw from the end of last season, the playoffs and then obviously on into the Super Bowl.

Dolphins may well sever their first loss of the game and working to get the very latest on two coming up in moments you can find me on Twitter a low radio also on her Facebook page. The final show, the workweek I can't decide this week went fast or dragged. It's just all a big blur, but we are into something in your upper game day fans follow their team every day why the loft on Network daily podcast and see average grade every overtime win every game are local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything something in your upper game day fans follow their team every day why the loft on network daily and see average grade every overtime win every game are local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything something in your upper game day fans follow their team every day why the loft on network daily and see average grade every overtime win every game are local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything to week number four you are listening to the after-hours podcast loss tonight and special circumstances seem to coach about the status of forces seeing him fly back home in a moment. So I will set about two things Leader does have some use after-hours with baby Lawrence Boyd, Teddy Bridgewater following the dolphins first loss of the season but concerned about starting quarterback to a tiger below who was taken to the hospital when his head hit the ground again and he had to be carried off on a stretcher that head and neck injuries. The Dolphins announced, though he was released from the hospital to fly home on the team plane. That much we know we want to get more details.

Now it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio from Cincinnati and pay core stadium Josh Mozer is joining us and he is for news reporters or dolphins reporter for WSB and their main sports anchor with the team on the road in Cincinnati. Josh, what is the latest for two essence obvious that the biggest story to come out of tonight will be able to come back after being released from the hospital governmental scrub and a neck brace.

He was joking, jovial Velcro look like her to be very, very normal. What were your parents work here at the game to watch, and wired.

They were able to get hospital be there with him and will is able to fly back with the on going cricket mom and dad goodbye before he got on white peers. As of now will okay permit a normal partner perspective.

Now the question of when will the cauldron be ready to play football again you get a little bit of the many by week here for the doctor that got the jet coming up and we confided does he remember what happened did he say anything about getting sacked how he did not. It was very brief, hey Richard good and I would lose no official media there, everyone took their way would be able to repent for a quick hello and that was that. Amazing that he was joking and smiling and able to walk around under his own power. Considering he was down on the field for almost 10 minutes.

The big question of course is about whether he should have been playing now that we know he's okay.

What Dolphins it specifically Mike McDaniel say after the game will be like without directly. Point blank would've done anything differently about what following the creek last week against the bill by linebacker Matt Alano looked really bad on you quickly can ground it looked like it had hit her.

Pete got up with very woozy appeared. Dalton came out that that was a back injury to look at it with a back injury, and there was nothing involved with the head will grant me an appropriate came out that everyone started investigation into the Mike McDaniel was asked about the following tonight's game and he said absolutely not. You wouldn't do anything differently last week knowing what happened tonight requires help with the utmost Orton and we follow the protocols and wouldn't of changed anything, but it's a part of the van when you look fingers on TV cringe. The way that they did after taking that hit the visually creek last week is that the terrible coincidence, but luckily he was able could get released from hospital and fly back with what you know coach McDaniel and I know it's only been a few months do you believe I give you a reason not to. And he basically third-party followed all the medical care that people contribute by the medical people by duct if there were to be talking going on.

It would come from the medical card, but I would be a huge no accusation though. I think we'll have to wait and see what the article PA find out in their investigation. The there was actual proper protocol relate the bill game. You look bad because of the bank effect with the butt.

I don't think he would have any reason to buy you hope my position would not live but I are you Mike.

I would say that yet. Article Josh Mozer is with us from the stadium in Cincinnati. Following Thursday night football and a scary moment was to entangle below as though I he spoke to them after the game and he was able to fly home with the team on their plane at Josh's with W SVN out of Miami is after hours here on CBS sports radio obviously lots of ties on the Dolphins team to to even prior to him getting into the NFL did his teammates have to say about those few minutes when he was lying on the field doing model was really dirty. About you to go back to Alabama and you know talking to him and a lot of the other unit. They haven't been on the field.

Record all you're doing with the head and neck rendered dealing with that of what happened what happened with roughly remaining in the second quarter with able to peek out of the locker room Acquired on the Plot. They Were Rubbing Their Dogs.

Really Good, like What Happened. What Do We Do Now in the Coaching Staff Would Look around You and You Know That the Show Must Go on. Terrible Is Backloaded and You and You Could Tell the Players Were Really Feeling Bad for You Especially Want the Convoy Started Thunder and You like What a Quarterback like That and Then You Go Back on the Reply You Got the Ball a Bit Quickly Took on the Ball but the Back with Back and You Never Want Your Quarterback Go down like That and I Think Now in the Day the Especially Twitter of the Reaction from All the Other Players Never Wanted to Stop and the Players Got Locker with All of That and I Think It Really Hit Them.

They Said That the Game Was Very Not Tertiary to Help in His Well-Being with the Family, Got Married Other People Employee Now As They Relate to a Normal Life outside of Football That Was Really the Message from the Locker Room and Then They Found out That He Was Going to Be Able to Fly Home on the Plane for like the Plane Ride At Least a Great Gone Where He Can Interact and Be around Them and Hopefully Prepare Your We Will Find out What the Next Upstart. That's What Struck Me, Josh, Is That Regardless of Whether or Not the Dolphins Are Telling the Truth and Actually Did Go through the Proper Channels and the Concussion Protocols an End to It Was Cleared Independently Last Week against the Bills. The Tide on Social Media from Former Players from People Who Work in the Business and from Fans. It's Overwhelming Already Assuming the Dolphins Did This to Two and Didn't Take Care Of His Health and Didn't Pay Attention to the Signs and Allowed Him to Play Even Though He Clearly Wasn't Right. It Seems like I Was a Social Media Theme Look at the Battle, They Can't When They've Already Been Branded As a Team That Threw Him out There without Any Regard for His Well-Being Directly to You. When You Look at the Video, Typically in the Timing of the Port Haven't Been Back to Back Week Happened on Sunday so Really, Really Quick Turnaround Here Though Were Talking, Not Even a Week, and the Wobbly near to the Build Play Now Play with and A Lot Of People Think Something like That for Your Line Should Be or Come to Mind, and Tweeting about and Luckily Got the University Medical Center Here at the Trauma One Center, but the Higher Public You're Thankful for That Affect Others, but yet They Go to Media Your LPN for Your Proven Basically and It Caught. I Don't Know from a PR Perspective. You Know What the Mood of Your Regular Doctor Arguably Want the Protocol. All You Can Correct but Will We Ever Know You Hopefully Know the Real Fun Pumping out but to Pass the Initial Concussion That Left the Bill Tonight. We Haven't Been Given the Result of What You Would Figure out like and Pray That They Cut Everything off of What about the One Thing That I Did Mention a Couple Dirty off Everything Scrub in the Neck and I Was Walking and Was Jovial and Look like It Could've Been A Lot Working Okay to Release Their Josh Mozer Is with Us from Cincinnati's Main Sports Anchor for W SVN in Miami Is after Hours Here on CBS Sports Radio. What Was It like When 20 Was down on the Field and They Were Bringing the Stretcher out on Really the Only Word That Comes to Mind. You Worst-Case Scenario Thinking Oh My God. Never Walk Again.

You're Thinking That You Have a Normal Life. It Was Awful. I Would Be Larger Crowd Ever Will. And Walk in and You Can Curate and Drop Them out Okay and No One Would It Work Strictly.

Please Show Some Kind of Movement and White Movie and Then Luckily, Popular Extremity and Then You Could Acquire One You Have a Couple of the Guys That Are Really Close by Language.

There Think of Anything like That and Then Prevented How to Continue and That Was One of the Art Walk Bridgewater Back of Each from South Florida. The Dalton Outgoing Dollars the Computer Back up Back at the Maleic behind Your Upload Is Now Starting to Doubt Though You Know They Believe Their Own Birthplace of the Division Which Occurred They Were Talking about When a Couple of Injury. The Other Thought of How You Look at It. Unit 505 Whiting and Now It Was on Social Media.

Welcome to the on Prime Time in 2022.

Football Is Secondary. On This Night, and I Don't Really Want to Talk Much about the Games It's Hard to Separate the Dolphins from to His Injury and How They Played after the Fact. They Are a Month into Their Season Joshua before Let You Go.

How Would You Evaluate This First Month. What Stands out to You A Lot Of Top of Mind How Much the Players Have Come Together under New Head Coach Mike Daniel People No Idea yet, but Will One Guy Was Good or Come out That You Know Sean Payton Was Being Quick to Come Take over the and He Has Really Brought the Thing Together. He's Very Very Quirky Great Football Mind and They Really Liked Playing Form a True Player Coach Really Fit the Mold and Euchre True Authentic Self and the Players Are Buying the Beginning When You Look at the Gauntlet of What the First Four-Week Work for the FEMA 31 Record People out Who Went to It, but Fill with Law.

You're a Pretty Good Thing That They're Still Pretty Wonderful Birthplace of the Division. You Beat the Bill. Haven't Beaten You People Mark Jackson and MBP Form Again and You Beat Bill Belichick. I Mean People but No Way That Would Happen.

So I Think Those Are Probably the Biggest Take Away Could Get Better. They Got There Corner Byron Joan to Come Back off the Public but Got a Good Baby in Our Healthy and Good Luck Tackle Toronto Healthy Again Shoe on Your Mother: Draco Bill at the Longer You Can Put the First Quarter to Go Three and One No I Think Will Take It. But If You Want to Make a File Not Only Want to Laugh and Want to Play Okay (120 Years. What Else Could Happen This Week Really the Hurricane Going through Fortino Miami Missed A Lot Of It.

But Still, the Dolphins Being on the Road While Someone Else Is Using Their Practice Facility Thursday Night Game on a Quick Turnaround. The Questions about to Anyway. Then His Injury Having to Play Game Me the Dolphins Have Pretty Busy and Crazy Last Four Days to Put in Perspective.

You Have Their Turn on the Template You Will Go There Dealing with It. You Got the Pampered Hockey Team Starting up but Got There. Miami Quietly Becoming a Pretty Good Little Port down You Know Not Allow People from Their Work.

You Have Other Interests of the Court, but A Lot Is Happening. And yet We Wishing Everyone Who Reported While Put Things in Perspective. One or You Able to Cut Back a Little Bit Definitely Does Josh Mozer from W SVN in South Florida There in Cincinnati Can Find Them on Twitter at the Moe's Nose to Really Good to Talk to. Thank You so Much for a Couple Minutes.

I Know It's Been Really Busy and Emotional Evening but We Appreciate It and and Safe Travels.

Thank You Very Much Josh Mozer Joining Us from Pay Course Stadium in Cincinnati so Still There Finishing up His Work, but the Very Latest. If You Missed the Beginning of Our Conversation. He Spoke to Two up to Always There. Back at the Stadium with His Parents.

He Had a Neck Brace on. He Was Joining the Team to Get on the Bus to Go to the Team Plane and Fly Home to South Florida with His Teammates Forget He Spoke to to What He Was Jovial, He Was Laughing and I Know, Appearances Can Be Deceiving. But According to Josh She Seem like the Same Old 20 Which Is Great News. It's after Hours on CBS Sports Radio Homes Walk Jaw-Dropping Best Place of the Home to Your Favorite Players from the City's Is the Hope of Streaming Baseball Get Your Ticket to Out Of Market Games Live on Demand across All Your Favorite Supported Devices Overweight You All the MLB Action This Season and Gain Access to Exclusive Content. MLB Beginning Brings Fans a Special Live.

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