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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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September 20, 2022 6:05 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 20, 2022 6:05 am

Bills, Eagles impress in MNF double-dip | Mike Evans suspended one-game for brawl on Sunday | What is the After Hours "TD of the Week?"

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Good morning to you. It's Tuesday. It's Tuesday, September 20th which means that we are not even 48 hours away or I guess roughly 48 hours from the beginning of fall officially the start of autumn season. That's happening this week and I don't know where you are or what the weather's like where you are but definitely the places that I've been in the last couple weeks have felt a little more like fall which is nice.

Now it's not cold by any stretch of the imagination but I've had the air condition off more than I've had it on at my house over the last couple of weeks which is a start. It was a long hot dry summer in my neighborhood and I'm ready for some actual real tangible fall though I have cheated. I already have pumpkin munchkin creamer from Duncan in my fridge. It's been in there since August actually and I've had pumpkin coffee multiple times in the past week so I am all things pumpkin in the fall and I didn't even wait until the actual fall to get to that point.

I cheated but it's been a tough summer you know what so cut me some slack. I don't mind if you want to dive in and and dress up like a pumpkin or some people decorate their yards like decked out gaudy for Halloween and it's not even the last week of September yet so let's not judge all pumpkin everything. Touching the pumpkin. Here we go oh no until Kyrie Irving ruins it for me. Stop talking about touching pumpkins.

Leave my pumpkins alone. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. It won't be long actually until we have to hear from Kyrie on a much more regular basis. It won't be long until NBA and NHL teams are into their training camps. We're starting to see more and more of that buzz around those two I guess what are technically winter sports but you know how that goes. So yeah October is coming and October is the one month in the year when all four major team sports are playing games that count and it's also the time when we can mix in MLS and we've got do we still have golf I guess we have golf it's not really that big of a deal then but we've got the World Cup on the horizon and soccer too so there's a lot happening this fall yet another reason to hasten it's on set and hasten it's opening day it's opening day for fall oh that's cute I like that I might use that more we're live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it rocket can I'm a spaz on this Tuesday morning because it's been three days of kind of being upside down upside down and a lot of travel and a bunch of work mixed in there but also some family time and so if I entertain you on this Tuesday morning well then yay my friends always tell me that I'm far funnier when I'm tired I'm just going to try not to say anything stupid in this last hour because I don't want to embarrass my hosts the the kind people here at Green Bay 107.5 the fan they've actually given me the run of the place the last several hours there's no one here to monitor no one here to babysit it's just me so if something goes wrong well then it's producer jay's fault no no no I wouldn't do that that's right I get that a lot no it's not stop it you do not you do not get that from me that is not true who else blames you for everything that goes wrong yeah we don't have to get into it that's not true I don't blame producer jay for much at all I do blame him when he don't he doesn't bring the right snacks then when he brings too much candy and I can't be eating as much candy as producer jay that's nothing wrong with the candy but not bringing the right snacks that's a fair criticism so I'm here in Green Bay for one more hour and then heading not quite directly to the airport but pretty darn close but I appreciate all of your tweets and your Facebook messages you've been very kind and it's been a really good visit it's been good to be here both personally and professionally so on Twitter a law radio on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence and we're gonna recap and and go back over what stands out to me from Monday Night Football the double header but if you missed either one of our guests we actually had two guests which was cool we were able to connect with Ross Tucker who is not only part of Westwood One but does games on CBS Sports and he was in his car driving home from Orchard Park he had quite a long drive and so we were able to catch up with him in the first hour of the show and talk to him about the game that he had just seen the teams that he had just seen the Bills and the Titans in Orchard Park and then we were able to catch up with Luke Braun who is our Vikings insider has the Locked on Vikings podcast he joined us in the second hour so a double dip and for the Vikings I have no idea who they are either way you can get both of those interviews on our podcast after hours so real good insight there into each of these games as well as the two teams that came out victorious and are now 2-0 and I say if you look around the NFL even teams that are 2-0 aren't necessarily real good teams yet I don't think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are real good yet they've scored two touchdowns in two weeks two offensive touchdowns in two weeks their defense is very strong and is a force to be reckoned with but that offense is a disaster to the point where you've got Tom Brady chucking things and picking fights that his wide receivers then have to clean up sorry it's not funny Mike Evans is not laughing at all I wonder if Tom Brady apologized to Mike Evans or told him thank you for coming to my aid anyway Tom's he's a little cranky these days and he wants to hit someone and so he started that kind of he incited it to be sure anyway see what I mean cranky is all get out the Bills are 2-0 but they're not the same 2-0 as the Bucks right the Eagles are 2-0 but they're not the same 2-0 as the Giants let's be fair it's been more chaos really than consistency in the first two weeks but there are a couple of teams who have flexed their muscles a bit and at least have shown us they're ahead of the curve when it comes to that race for consistency and definitely the Bills are in that category it's a limited category there's not many teams in it but what we've seen from the Bills to start the season has been dynamic and dominant Josh takes a snap play action short pass caught by Reggie Gilliam dodges one tackle still on his feet at the 10 at the 5 at the 5 hand into the end zone touchdown Buffalo touchdown Reggie Gilliam he fought off two tackles and fought his way into the end zone the Bills are on the board takes the snap fakes the hand off Josh rolling to his left looks back throws the other way to his right in his clock in the end zone touchdown Buffalo Stephon Diggs touchdown Buffalo. Ken Hill takes his time waiting for the snap there it is back to throw pocket collapsing he's going to be dumped he is set back in the 28 yard line Ryan Tannehill paid the price back at the 29 yard line Josh will take another shotgun snap takes fakes a hand off going to throw it looks downfield looks downfield fires downfield looking for Diggs inside the five dives for it makes the catch and it is caught touchdown Buffalo Josh Allen to Stephon Diggs touchdown Bills a 46 yard completion. There was plenty of that it was offense it was defense it was pretty much relentless for the first three quarters by the fourth quarter we didn't have Josh Allen anymore and we didn't have Ryan Tannehill anymore because the route was firmly in place the route was on if you will John Murphy on Bills radio it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio so Buffalo was able to put together long extended drives they were able to come up with huge chunk plays like the 46 yard touchdown to Stephon Diggs that you hear it was a 12 catch night for Diggs three going for touchdowns Josh Allen in three quarters has 317 yards and four scores but there was also defense Jordan Poyer with an interception that actually was tipped up in the air multiple times before he was able to grab it and a dagger pick six by Matt Milano that wrapped up the third quarter and so the Bills against the Rams had their way we saw them find that rhythm right away against the Super Bowl champions and now against the reeling Titans also leaving no room for doubt so yeah there must be something still that the Buffalo Bills have to work on but at this point they are head and shoulders above most of the league both coaching staffs with uh with the defense offense special teams they did a great job good game plans players executed thought it was good fundamental football I thought we were a little maybe erratic early you know and we settled in and started playing good good disciplined football for the most part I should say fundamentally strong football we still need to add some discipline into into what we do there Sean McDermott always has to be somewhat reserved because it's never perfect and obviously in pro sports there's very few moments or very few games that are completely perfect but over 100 yards rushing and Josh Allen was not their leading rusher which to me is always a huge positive for that offense um yes Josh was locked in on the majority of his throws and he was able to spread the ball around a ton too it wasn't just to Fon Diggs uh though they do have a special connection and that's one of the things I talked about with Ross Tucker when he joined us earlier on the show as for the Titans um two official sacks of Ryan Tannehill but then a handful of other hits and and even if it wasn't an official registered hit of Tannehill there were moments where he was pressured and where guys were in his face and he's not a mobile quarterback right so times when he was rushing to throw and a couple of turnovers in there as well and so the the Titans at this point have lost a couple of games in decidedly different fashion but they get punched in the mouth against Buffalo and as for Josh Allen well he's not going to give you any bulletin board material um but for for the the high expectations the Bills have set for themselves I mean this is a really quality start to the season that's a good team that we just played you know having a long week to prepare you know we had a we had a good game plan going in uh Dorsey trusted what he was calling we went out there and executed on offense defense made some huge stops some huge plays gave some short fields um good complementary team win tonight so but anytime anytime you beat a good team it's hard to win this league so we'll we'll enjoy this one and turn our focus to the Dolphins tomorrow it's week two um it was the most important week for us since it was the next one so like I said we'll enjoy it but turn our focus towards the Dolphins tomorrow and that'll be the biggest biggest game for us because it's the next one I know the Bills have looked good but come on now it's week two we don't need to be talking about how this is the Super Bowl favorite any more than we needed to be talking about how Rams Bills was a potential Super Bowl preview boy please poke me in the eye with a fork or not literally but figuratively uh even Von Miller who's got Super Bowl rings is not in a position where he wants to be talking about Super Bowl in September he just played a game you know whenever you start thinking about Super Bowls man it's like it's like drinking from a fire hydrant man like you know you just got to take it you know one play at a time it's seven it's 17 weeks and um you know football is a humbling sport you know you're gonna be met with adversity at some point and we just keep preparing for that adversity we're not playing the game to just win the game we playing the game to dominate the game and we got a team full of kill team full of killers man and it's led by you know our quarterback you know our head coach you know the leadership on this team you know from Brandon being all the way down to the janitors and the infrastructure of this team I seriously love Von Miller there are not too many characters in professional sports that I appreciate more than him so for the Bills it's all coming up a sunshine and roses as much as you might tell people to tap the brakes I mean two weeks in that's the only sample size there is as for the titans for Mike Vrabel for Ryan Tannehill you can hear it you can see it these two weeks demoralizing you know in this league nobody's going to feel sorry for you we understand that we don't we don't expect that we don't want anybody to we have to get things fixed we have to figure out how to win a game get back home and get back to work we got our asses kicked plain and simple they out coached us they outplayed us and and that's the definition of it and so we're going to get back to work and we're going to figure out a way to win a football game this one's tough to swallow but we can't sit around and and you know have the woe is me attitude from they believe in each other you know we're two games into a long season obviously not the start we want not to start we expected but a lot of football out in front of us and a lot of confidence that we're going to get this thing going in the right direction so the Buffalo Bills are 2-0 and they've looked good doing it the Tennessee Titans fall to 0-2 and they've lost two very different games but 0-2 is 0-2 you are what your record says you are it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio no it's not the end of your season yes there's a long way to go but still two losses that you now have to try and make up for Bills have looked great I think the Chiefs have looked fairly consistent but I talked about this earlier in the show the fact that they've got the AFC West and we know these teams are going to batter and bruise each other.
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