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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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September 19, 2022 5:50 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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September 19, 2022 5:50 am

Tua; Dolphins STUN Ravens in Baltimore | The Jets STUN the Browns in Cleveland! | Bengals, Steelers fall on Sunday.

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Fresh off Sunday Night Football at Lambeau Field at some point over the next couple hours.

It might even happen this hour, so stay tuned. My brain will continue to turn to mush and I might be completely delirious. No, deliriously happy to be back in Wisconsin. Delirious because I've been working. I've been wearing the same shoes and socks since, oh, 10 o'clock Central Time this morning.

So, I feel like they're molded to my feet, but it was good. I mean, everything worked out exactly the way that we needed it to. Gracious of this Green Bay affiliate, 107.5, the fans, not only host the show tonight, but to allow me to post up in their main studio for four hours. They even gave me the remote. I even had the remote. That only happens in your own house where you get control of the remote.

But I had control of the remote and I was able to set up my computer and have my notes and snacks even. And it's like I was in my living room and watch the games and make sure that I knew what was happening with the early round before I went over to Lambeau Field. And it was quite the scene. I've never seen so many chunks of cheese on people's heads in my life.

The cheese heads were everywhere, but it wasn't just cheese heads. There were plenty of Bears fans. Can I tell you what one of the exchanges I heard on the way out of Lambeau Field? There were some Bears fans and some Packers fans who were walking about the same pace and were happened to be near each other. And one of the women who was wearing a Packers jersey was getting heckled royally by a Bears fan who was obviously disappointed about the win, but also drunk. I could tell, by the way, he was slurring his speech, but he was heckling the Packers fan because she was wearing a Brett Favre jersey. Oh, no, I don't understand why you would wear a Brett Favre jersey to this Sunday Night Football game, considering the recent revelations, the allegations against Brett, his own damning text messages. By the way, Brett was not at Alumni Weekend.

I don't know if he was invited, uninvited, disinvited, not really sure, maybe didn't want to show up anyway, but he was definitely not part of the Alumni festivities. And so the Bears fan was using choice language to heckle the Packers fan who was maybe not so proudly sporting her Brett Favre jersey. Some of the words I can't repeat here on this family friendly radio show, but the Bears fan was getting his money's worth talking about Brett Favre and essentially the fraud and the criminal that this Bears fan believes him to be.

So that was interesting. Walking out, my friend that I went to the game with, she works for a local TV station here, Danielle, she almost stepped in puke on the sidewalks because there were some drunk people who could not hold their liquor apparently. So welcome back to an NFL game, Amy Lawrence.

It was all you could imagine and then some pretty crazy inside, crazy outside as well, but worth the experience. And as always, I appreciate the Packers and Katie, who takes care of me my second time with Katie. And she she's so funny. She took us down to the field at halftime because I was tracking down Leroy Butler and we're standing in the corner and she had to take a couple of other media members to the opposite end of the field. And it was really funny. She almost said to us like we were a couple of puppies.

I was with another member of the media. Just stay. Don't move. Stay right here.

Like I promise we're not going to get you fired. We're not going to go anywhere. Just stay, she said.

Can you just stay? And so we did. And we were right outside the tunnel where the Packers exited into the field, but also right outside the tunnel where they were introducing the alumni by era. Right. So the 2000s, the 1990s, 1980s.

Let me just tell you, the 90s and 80s got some pretty loud cheers and they saved the Hall of Famers, the three of them for last, including Leroy Butler. I did take a video about a minute long video. I haven't even given it to producer Jay yet. At some point I will and I'll put it up on our social. But if you haven't seen the photos, check it out on Twitter, a law radio and then on our Facebook page to look at you, Facebook.

I already put up a photo array on Facebook, even though sometimes it takes me weeks to do it. But I didn't forget you. I actually met. So this is kind of cool, Jay.

You'll love this. I was coming into the stadium and we had to go through the media entrance. And there was a man who was running the X-ray machine. And so I think I was speaking to Danielle and and I also said to him, do I need to put my phone in, you know, in a bucket or something? And he said, just hold on to your phone when you walk through. And I walked through and he said to me, wait, what's your name? And I said, my name's Amy Lawrence. Oh, I listen to you all the time.

I also am friends with you on Facebook. Oh, there you go. So not only that, but then you know how much I love the law enforcement who have the canines with them. And so there was a very large I mean, very large. I think he was a German shepherd, but he was almost all black. So maybe not a German shepherd, but he was one of those very large shepherds with the pointy ears. He was all black. He was paying zero attention to us. The poor thing was so hot.

His tongue was hanging out of his mouth. He was laying on the cool floor there next to his handler. But his handler and I apologize for not getting his name is a member of law enforcement locally. He said the number of shows that I listen to you while I was working third shift. It's really cool to me to you kept me company. So that was really neat, too. So I unfortunately could not get the dog's attention. And you have to wait until the handler says, oh, you can pet the dog, which he did. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog. And I'm like, oh, you can pet the dog.

So whatever. But still, it was really neat to be able to meet a couple of the people locally who listen to the show. So that was cool. And now here we are in Green Bay, one of seven five. The fan also on a.m. fourteen hundred taking the show on the road for the first time in a long time.

I've done the show from mom's home, but I've not done the show from a visitor's studio. And here I am in Green Bay. It's great to be on the road again. We're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Rocket can. So, again, on Twitter, a law radio, our show Twitter is after hours, CBS and we've got a long way to go this week to here in the NFL. We talked about the Cardinals crazy comeback. You can imagine that the Raiders are mortified, but there's plenty of mortification to go around, actually. And I think we're going to put up a poll on our show Twitter after hours, CBS asking you who is most Monday mortified because there are some teams that deserve to feel the heat of humiliation that deserve to be.

Held up and embarrassed on Monday, you know, Monday morning quarterback and all that jazz. And one of those teams is definitely the Baltimore Ravens, though you wouldn't have known it earlier in the game, right? Because Baltimore started this game against Miami. Now, this game was in Baltimore.

It was in Maryland. The Ravens start out the game with a one hundred three yard kickoff return for a score by Devin Duvernay. Remember, he had two touchdowns last week and he starts off with one hundred three yard kickoff return and that just set the tone for a gaudy first half for Baltimore. Lamar had a perfect passer rating.

He had three touchdowns through the air, two hundred ten yards passing. Rashad Bateman holes in a seventy five yard strike and the Ravens are on cruise control. The only blip in that first half really is a fumble by Lamar on the one yard line on fourth down. So the Ravens are up twenty eight to seven at the half. You can see the Dolphins start to find a little momentum because there are a couple of two touchdown passes early in the second half, but they're sandwiched around what becomes a highlight even for Lamar's already storied career.

The Dolphins with six along the front. Jackson will keep it. He's got room. He's at the thirty.

It's a leg race. Forty. Lamar Jackson midfield and going forty.

One man to beat thirty. He's to the twenty. Ten hard touchdown with a tumble. And Lamar Jackson has pushed the Dolphins back into a deep hole. That was late third quarter.

I mean, twenty six seconds to go in the third quarter. And as you hear with Jerry Sandusky on Ravens radio, it put the Dolphins into a thirty five fourteen hole at the end of the third quarter. Longest touchdown run of Lamar's career. Seventy nine yards. By the way, this was my tweet at halftime.

Give Lamar the Offensive Player of the Week award in the AFC already. Not so fast, Amy. And not so fast, Baltimore.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. The game was not over and the Dolphins weren't even playing out the string. They weren't even playing to pad their stats or try to change the momentum a little bit. No, they were playing to win four straight touchdown drives by Miami.

And seriously, it was like a freight train. Sure. Phil Flank to the right. Back to throw. Looking wide open.

Oh, man. He had most of wide open. It's a great craft coming across to the touchdown. Chase Edmonds, the running back.

He gets it off. Goes deep downfield for Wilson. Got it. Touchdown. Tariq Hill.

Check it. Tariq Hill got behind everybody in Tua. Let it rip, man. That's all. That's all he had right there. Back to throw to a looking. Flips it downfield wide open. Touchdown Tariq Hill. Unbelievable. He beat him by seven or eight yards. Just flew by him for a second time. Tua knew where he was going right away.

Put the air under it. The dolphins are going to have a chance to tie this thing up. I mean, it's stunning to hear it, even though I watched it. Two long touchdown grabs by Tariq Hill, 48 yards and 60 yards. And if you thought Tariq was laying it on thick in the preseason in the summertime, talking about how Tua is the most accurate quarterback in the NFL. Exactly. Two of this, two of that. Get your popcorn ready. Yada, yada, yada.

Well, just wait till you hear what he has to say after this game and when he does his next version of his own podcast. So the Dolphins chip away, chip away, chip away. And to me, as I mentioned about the Raiders, who could not do anything with the football, the really surprising part is that after the Ravens were able to do really whatever they wanted to offensively through three quarters, or the better part of three quarters, they could do nothing with the football. When this freight train was coming, they essentially got out of the way.

I'm not kidding. Here's what they did with the football. As the Dolphins are scoring on every possession touchdowns on every possession in the fourth quarter, the Ravens go five plays, 34 yards, punt, three plays, three yards, punt. They do manage a field goal, but they don't take enough time off the clock, and the ball goes back to the Miami Dolphins with 2.18 to go. And Tua was just waiting to get that ball back in his hands. Chase Edmonds the running back, second down and goal from the eight. We've got 19 seconds left. The Dolphins trail by three here in the fourth quarter. In Baltimore, Waddle in motion.

Pill flank to the right. Tua, shotgun, back to throw, looking, looking, looking, steps up, fires, touchdown Miami! It's Waddle! Touchdown!

Oh my gosh, Tua looked around and came back to Waddle. What a throwing catch! With 14 seconds left.

Oh. His sixth touchdown pass of the day. Tua told us in the huddle, man, it's us or them right now. So, you know, he called the play, we executed, and luckily we got the win. Dolphins radio is just as stunned as you and I were watching this. Yes, Jalen Waddle with 14 seconds to go and you hear him talk about what Tua said to them in the huddle.

I mean... That looked like money. If you didn't see it or you didn't see the box score or go back and watch the highlights, whatever it is, you almost wouldn't believe it. From the category of you can't make this stuff up, they're down 35-14 at the end of the third quarter and the Dolphins score four touchdowns on four straight drives and they get the game winner because the Ravens were powerless to stop it.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Obviously a very painful loss for the Ravens at home and you can hear it in Lamar's voice, not to mention John Harbaugh. Just got to finish. You know, came down to the fourth quarter. They were putting points on the ball, we wasn't.

Put three points on the ball, probably the fourth quarter. But we got to just finish. They played, they tail off though. You know, they didn't let that, what it was, we was up 21 or something like that.

They didn't let that define them. You know, they kept playing. Never did you think we're going to have that many balls thrown over our head. I mean, that just can't happen. That's not okay.

I don't care who's back there, what they're doing. Those are the plays it costs, you know, those plays will cost you a game when you've got a lead like that. So, you know, you can't have miscommunication. You can't have a guy running a post behind cover three.

Those kind of things can't happen. So you hear that John Harbaugh focuses on the defense, at least in that particular sound bite, whereas Lamar is thinking about the offense and how they did nothing with the football. But obviously the two units, the two parts of the game work in tangent and in concert and the Ravens, almost like they got smacked in the gut or punched in the gut. I guess you don't get smacked in the gut, right?

But you get smacked in the face, punched in the gut, and they never recovered. If they hold onto the ball for, I don't know, three minutes, four minutes, somehow, somehow give their defense a blow, then maybe what John Harbaugh is saying doesn't happen. But when you're an offense that can't keep the ball in your possession for longer than a three down three yards and your defense has just been on the field, running all over with Jalen Waddle and Tyreek Hill and trying to keep track of everything that's happening out there, they're gassed. In the fourth quarter they're gassed with four straight touchdown drives and very little time to recover, very little time to suck wind.

I mean, that's part of the issue. So, yes, I understand that you've got both the defense failing to come up with stops and the Ravens offense, but, man, the offense did the Baltimore defense no favors. They needed a break. They needed just a few minutes on the bench to recover and to be ready to get back out there.

And it became like a snowball effect or an avalanche, if you will. So Tua and Tyreek already a lethal combination, at least in this particular game, and I know Tyreek is going to continue to crow, but, man, we're seeing them form a connection. For me, I wanted big plays and big plays now, and so really second half we came in and played the way we wanted to. The offense, man, we was just riding off a high. We had scored two straight touchdowns, so it was feeling good.

So you hear both Tua and Tyreek and one of the new power couples in the NFL, and I guess Tyreek can say, I told you so. We've got a poll up on our show Twitter. After our CBS, we'll throw it up on Facebook, too, or, Jay, if it's up on Facebook, I guess you can let me know.

It is up on Facebook, thank you. So after hours with Amy Lawrence, we feel like there's plenty of mortification to go around on Monday. Which team should be the most mortified on Monday?

There's plenty of mortification to go around, and we've given you four options. The Colts, who didn't come back, didn't even show a pulse, really. They're on life support already at 0-2 against the Jaguars. Where have we heard that before, right? Maybe the quarterback wasn't the problem.

I'm just saying. The Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns, the Las Vegas Raiders, or the Baltimore Ravens. So that poll up, again, on our social media. We're going to get to the Browns and the Jets next, because honestly, this one, these others are stunners. They're surprises.

They're unlikely and improbable, but I still can't believe what happened with the Cleveland Browns in their own stadium. So I guess the AFC North, not a whole lot to write home about on this Sunday, week number two. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence from Green Bay, 107.5, the fan, our local affiliate here on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

It's a football feeding frenzy. After Hours with Amy Lawrence. From our Green Bay affiliate, 107.5, the fan. It's great to be on the road again. I'm not going to break out and sing, but it's pretty cool. A little out of my comfort zone, though.

I was just saying to Producer J during a recent break that it's odd. It feels like I haven't put on this particular pair of pants in quite a while. Actually, speaking of pants, because I was packing in a bit of a stupor on Friday night, it just was a nutty week last week, and I had some other stuff I'd take care of appointments.

Penny was getting groomed, so I really didn't sleep on Friday at all much, and I'm packing. It's about 11 o'clock at night, and I suddenly realize, oh, shoot, I almost left the house without my pants. So at least I have pants. I did wear pants to Lambeau. But, I mean, this is what I feel like. I forgot my pants or something.

It's a little bit outside my comfort zone here. But it's good to be on the road, and I appreciate the program director, Jimmy, for making sure I had everything I needed. All day on Sunday, kind of camped out in his main studio before I went over to Lambeau Field. Lots of pictures up on Twitter, A Law Radio, and also on our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting those posted before the first hour of the show was done. We've got a poll up now as well, and you're already blowing it up with your responses on both of our social media sites. So After Hours, CBS on Twitter, or there on Facebook, we're asking you who should be the most mortified on Monday when they wake up.

And there is plenty of Monday mortification to go around, to be sure. So we've hit the Cardinals rally to force overtime and then beat the Raiders in Las Vegas. We just talked about the wild affair that was Tua Tango Veloa and six touchdown passes, including four straight in the fourth quarter, to, I mean, to just completely dismantle the Ravens, both offensively and defensively. The fourth quarter was as lopsided as you can possibly get. So that's a stunner as the Dolphins move to 2-0.

But I'm still saying that the comeback that is the craziest is the one that happened in Cleveland. By the way, producer Jay and I were eliminated from the office survivor pool because of the Cleveland Browns. But we thought we had it when the Browns were up. Two touchdowns with one 55 to go. No joke, I was, I shouldn't even tell you what I was doing. Jay, it's not my fault.

I swear that there's no such thing as jinxes. But I was putting together my Nick Chubb tweet with one 55 to go. And I was about to send it about how the Browns had moved to 2-0. But I thought, you know what, of course, I got to wait until the game's over.

Because you don't ever want to do that, right? But I'm thinking the Browns are golden. And you and I are golden. And we're moving on to week three in our office survivor pool.

Doh! Not so fast. So, okay, let's backpedal a little bit on this game just so we can kind of set the scene for you. It was actually 14-14 between the Jets and Browns at halftime. There were three really long drives, extended drives between the two teams of at least ten plays. Nick Chubb gets into the end zone.

Amari Cooper for Cleveland. And then we saw Joe Flacco hook up with the rookie, Garrett Wilson, for his first career touchdown. So you kind of see both offenses finding a little bit of a rhythm. Well, touchdown again. Joe Flacco leads the drive in the final minute with Breece Hall to tie the game.

And so in that first half, the two teams were combined 4 for 5 in the red zone. So if you liked offense, you got it from the Browns with Jacoby Brissett and Nick Chubb. And you got it with Joe Flacco. And he's getting adjusted to these new receivers.

Even though I've heard talk that we could see Zach Wilson back on the field pretty quickly. Anyway, early in the fourth quarter, there's a 75-yard drive by the Cleveland Browns. And Nick Chubb gets his second touchdown, right?

So there's 921 to go at that point. And it's 24 to 17. But Nick Chubb's not done. Cleveland goes up by two touchdowns when he gets into the end zone for a third time with under two minutes to play. Under two minutes to play.

And that is when all hell breaks loose. Flacco in the shotgun. Takes the snap. Drops back. At the jet 25-yard line. Looks downfield. Heaves a bomb down the right sideline. Cory Davis behind the defense. He's going to score at the 20-10-5 touchdown. Here is the jet onside kick drive.

Braden Mann. Once it left, it takes a hop. Gets to the sideline.

It's loose. There's a scramble for it. The Jets think they have it.

They do. The Jets recover the onside kick in front of their bench at the 48-yard line of New York. I cannot believe it. This game was over when Nick Chubb went into the end zone. And instead of kneeling at about the two-yard line, and Nick Chubb putting the Browns in a position where they could simply take a knee, he scored, and the Jets recover the onside kick. The ball at the Browns 15-yard line. Third down and ten.

25 seconds to go. The Jets down by six. Flacco takes the shotgun snap and drops. Looks up the seam.

Fires. Caught. Touchdown. Garret Wilson scores.

The Jets are a point after away from taking the lead with 22 seconds to go. A miracle here in Cleveland. I can't believe it.

Well, that's one word for it. And how many times did you hear Bob was shoes and say, I can't believe it. I can't believe it. This game was over, he said, with 155 to go.

Now, here's something that I didn't mention. That third Nick Chubb touchdown that got them inside the two-minute warning also featured a missed point after by the rookie kicker Cade York. Remember the same one that hit the, what was it, a 58-yarder to win the game in week one in Carolina? Missed a point after attempt. So, welcome to the NFL rookie.

I can't believe it. Joe Flacco throws a 66-yard touchdown strike to Corey Davis. And so they score quickly and then recover the onside kick. And in a minute, nine plays, 53 yards, Joe's fourth touchdown pass of the game to Garret Wilson, who, of course, as the rookie, is catching his second. And because the Jets do not miss the point after attempt, 31 to 30. And, I mean, this was a cast and character of thousands, right, from the elder statesman in Joe Flacco to the rookie in Garret Wilson and everything in between. But you can imagine they were euphoric following this rally. You've got to give credit to the guys on the sideline, the guys that were in this game. I mean, the fact that they just kept believing and kept just doing their job and this is what happens.

You know, sometimes you just worry about what's in front of you and all that you can control. And next thing you know, the outcome is what it is. I went crazy.

I'm sure there'll be a TV player. I went absolutely crazy on the sideline. Just another thing, I didn't want my job to be the reason why we lost the game.

And defense kept coming through, making plays, and that was huge. We're off the snide. We just got to love the way this feels. Got to find a way to stack them up. A lot of stuff that we got to clean up. But just proud of the guys because we didn't quit.

And that's probably the biggest thing I'll take away from them. I've won on Hail Marys. I've lost on Hail Marys. I've won in the last second game.

At this point in my life, I've experienced all of it. So I'm never surprised what the league has to offer, but that roller coaster never changes. Robert Sala, Jets head coach. Wasn't he keeping receipts or keeping notes of those who were not just doubting but ripping on the New York Jets after their season-opening loss?

Well, it's a completely different narrative. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Meanwhile, for Kevin Stefanski and the Cleveland Browns, this one has got to sting. We win as a team. We lose as a team. We lost. We got beat.

Didn't play a 60-minute game. It's really frustrating. Frustrating to me, to our players in that locker room. I'm sure to our fans. It's not how we play. We have to finish and do the things that allowed to win games.

And we didn't do that. Everybody's going to want to point fingers and say, whose fault was this? Put on everybody. It's all of us. Me, coaches, players.

It's everybody. We own it. What we can't do is let this linger because we got a game Thursday night against a division opponent right back here. So we got to real quickly move on from this one. And that was my message to the team. And it's frustrating. And I know you guys got to ask the questions and I'll try my best to answer them.

But it's frustrating for everybody. Kevin Stefanski, the Cleveland Browns were one minute and fifty-five seconds away from being 2-0. I was going to have to look back and find out the last time the Browns were 2-0, but I don't now.

And here's what I have to say to you, Browns fans. Don't you dare blame Elfie or I'm sorry, Brownie the Elf. Not Elfie.

I like Elfie. Sorry. That was not a purpose. That was just me with too much information stuffed in my brain. I was about to tweet that you were 2-0 and Nick Chubb had three touchdowns. Jay, don't even try to blame this on me. I mean, I've already apologized because I convinced you to go with the Browns in the survivor pool.

But I mean, they had it. You didn't hit send, so I won't put the blame on you for this one. I just composed the tweet.

That's right. I didn't actually post it and then have to take it down. I mean, I'm assuming Browns fans are just as stunned. And it's not on Cade York either. I mean, they would have been tied and would have gone into overtime. Who knows what would have happened there. Oh, unless Robert Sola decided to go for two instead of going for the tie with the born after attempt.

Who knows then. Both these teams now at one and one. And this is I mean, you mentioned this before, Jay, but this has got to be the third year out of the last four. The Jets have knocked me out of the survivor pool. It's crazy. It's I don't know what's going on in the universe, but I just can't pick against the Jets, I guess.

Yeah, although to be fair, if we had gone with your pick, we would have been knocked out as well. And so we'll get to the Bengals who actually are 0 and 2 and the Browns next opponent, which is the Steelers on Thursday night football. That's coming up quick. So the AFC North with a rough week two, to be honest, who had the most embarrassing, humiliating Sunday to the point where Monday is full of mortification.

We've got to pull up on Twitter a law radio, also some photos. Plus on Facebook, we are rocking and I'm trying to say anything completely stupid from Green Bay affiliate 1 0 7 5 the fan. It is just week two and it's already well, it's back. The NFL is back to reminding us that when you make predictions, we laugh in your face.

You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Second and seven rush play fake bootleg to the right. Looking to throw it in the end zone. Leaping catch.

That is Noah Brown with his first ever NFL touchdown. Linebacker Luke Gifford is going to be the fullback here in front of Pollard. First and goal at the one.

Everybody in tight. No wide receivers. And the ball goes to Pollard and he dives in for the touchdown.

Three fifty seven to go. The Bengals trailing by eight. Burrow waiting back at the ten for the snap from Harris. Joe has the ball looking left.

Scans to the right. Joe can run, but he throws into the end zone. Caught by T Higgins for the touchdown. And the Bengals are a two-point conversion away from tying this game.

It's time to pull on the pads and hit somebody. On After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. Another week two shocker.

Dallas without Dak Prescott. Cooper Rush making his second career start and yet giving the Cincinnati Bengals the reigning AFC champions all they can handle. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence from Green Bay and our Green Bay affiliate 107.5 the fan. I know we have a lot of football fans listening after Sunday Night Football between the Packers and the Bears.

And there are not only photos up on Twitter, ALaw Radio, but also on Facebook After Hours with Amy Lawrence. And we'll get back to that game at some point, but trying to make our way through what was a frenetic and fantastic week two Sunday in the NFL. So on Cowboys Radio with Brad Sham and then also on Bengals Radio with Dan Horton, Dave Lapham. You got to hear where this game comes to a head. But honestly, Cooper Rush stole the show early on. He starts out by directing back to back touchdown drives. You got the Noah Catch TD grab for nine yards and then Tony Pollard, a one yard rush. And the Cowboys are up 14 to three. Now we hit a stretch where both offenses kind of run into a brick wall. There's lots of punts and then there's a field goal until early in the fourth quarter. And this is where the tide really turned. I'm not making this up, nor am I reading it wrong.

I swear to you, I checked it multiple times to be sure it wasn't a typo. 19 plays. You remember that extended drive by Cincinnati, 19 plays, 83 yard march by the Bengals. It takes nearly nine minutes off the clock and is capped by Joe Burrow finding T Higgins for five yards. And then the two point conversion, which ties this game at 17.

And what have we been talking about? The other teams that saw these incredible rallies and comebacks and were stunned and surprised could do nothing with the football themselves. If you hold on to the football for, I don't know, a couple of first downs, a couple of minutes. Not only do you give your defense a blow, but you kind of stop the momentum, stall the momentum of the team that's charging like a freight train. But Dallas stalls. Cincinnati then goes three and out, right? So you kind of see the back and forth quick and the defenses are really shuffling on and off the field.

And it's up to Cooper Rush to do something, anything, because Dak Prescott can only stand on the sidelines and cheer. And so Dallas has three straight completions and boom into field goal range. And this is not field goal range like Monday Night Football. No, this is field goal range at Arlington Stadium for Brett Maher. Smack on the 40 yard line is where anger will put it down. Maher from 50 for the win with three seconds showing.

Snap, hold, kick from 50. Maher! Cowboys win!

Brett Maher walk off! It's an excellent win. It's an excellent home win. You know, obviously we were disappointed by last week, but last week it was a learning experience. That was a big one for us. You know, you don't want to fall down 0-2.

Need that first win. Defense obviously kept us in tonight and then Brett at the end doing his job. It's not as though this game is one in which Cooper Rush is going to win Offensive Player of the Week in the NFC.

That's not what we're talking about. The fact that he was out there on the field early on steadied the offense. Steadied the offense.

How critical was that, right? And you remember last week the Cowboys were the only team in the NFL that didn't score a touchdown. They really look lost and like they're finding this identity on offense because of all the transition. Yes, Jack, but offensive line with guys who are on and off and they're shuffling around.

And then C.D. Lamb, the one familiar receiver. And you've got a bunch of other guys that are trying to work into the offense. And so here comes Cooper Rush who's just steady and he's stable.

And he moves the football and he delivers the football and they get over 100 yards rushing. Ultimately, I think you've got to give Cooper a ton of credit, but also the defense that put pressure on Joe Burrow. Now, there were no takeaways for the Dallas defense, but six more sacks of Joe Burrow. What do you have, seven last week in two games?

The man's already been sacked 13 times. But even if you don't care about that number and the bumps and bruises, how about the Bengals falling into an 0-2 hole? 0-2 is tough, but there's no panic. We've lost two games in a row before. We lost two games in a row several times last year. A lot of football left to play. We've got a great coaching staff that I know will make the corrections for us and tell us what we need to do to get better.

We've got the players to go and make it happen. Did I make it up? I could have sworn that the Bengals were working on the offensive line. I mean, did I imagine that?

Did I misremember? Because that offensive line has been a disaster early on. I mean, it takes some time to find cohesion.

It takes some time to find consistency. But it's been a major source of consternation for the Bengals early on. And to see your quarterback who already has recovered from a torn ACL in his short NFL career, this is not what you want. So the Bengals are 0-2. But there's plenty of misery to go around in the AFC North.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I suppose we could have put the Bengals in our Monday mortification poll after losing to Cooper Rush and the Cowboys. Probably could have put the Steelers in there as well.

They were hosting the New England Patriots. And it's not like Mac Jones and the Pats were lighting it up offensively, but able to go into Pittsburgh and grind it out. Jones takes the snap on third down and three. Dances in the pocket. Throws the long ball right. With some contact on the corner. Inside the five. And in for the score.

Aguilar! Touchdown Patriots! Jordan Humphreys on the right wing outside of Johnny Smith. Henry hand down.

Glad I left. Two backs. It gives Damian Harris a blast right in the middle. And he's in. To the goal line. He's in for the touchdown. Patriots add to their lead.

It is now, in fact, a third and a long two short three. From the Steelers, 20. Pittsburgh spending its final timeout.

1.51 to go. Harris the single back. Smith, Humphreys, Myers tied to the right. A give again to Harris.

What is it left? And a dive to the 15-yard line. And that's the first down for New England.

And no more timeouts for the Steelers. It was a good team win for us. Really proud of the way the guys competed here.

This is a great football city, football environment. A lot of energy in the stadium today. And I thought our guys responded to it well. We played hard. I thought they played tough. It wasn't perfect, but we competed well.

And did enough good things in all three areas to win. So hopefully we can build on that and try to keep improving next week. Couple of moments that stand out from this game. There's a muffed punt by Gunnar Olszewski, who used to be a Patriot. It leads to a Damian Harris touchdown run.

You hear that with Bob Socey on Patriots radio. But also, the Patriots keep the ball for the final six and a half minutes of this game. They do not give the ball back to allow the Steelers another opportunity to score. And so it's not as though the offense, as they say, was lighting it up.

You're not looking at the numbers thinking, wow, that's really amazing. You just know the Patriots did exactly what they had to do to win. And when they're only up by three, they keep the ball the final six and a half minutes and convert four first downs to make sure the Steelers never touch the ball again. Mac Jones, 21 of 35 for 252 yards, a touchdown. He does have an interception.

It wasn't pretty, but you know what's pretty? A victory. And the Patriots needed that because last week they were blown out by the Miami Dolphins. So Pats move to one and one. The Steelers fall to one and one. And if you're checking out the AFC North right now, it's Steelers Ravens Browns all at one and one with the Bengals at 0 and 2. And that's going to be some delicious drama in that AFC North. Who is suffering the most mortification on a Monday? You can find the poll on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page. I'm in Green Bay. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio.
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